Our Story
We are a fashion destination and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to find success on their own terms.
Silver Icing About Us: Our Story
Inspiring confidence
through fashion
Silver Icing Stylists make online shopping human again, offering real and relevant fit advice and recommendations by combining technology with genuine human interaction. What is created is a revolutionary one-on-one online shopping experience that you don't typically get while shopping online.

Silver Icing is dedicated to inspiring confidence through fashion and empowering women. It’s through our online Stylist program where we connect Silver Icing Stylist all across North America with tools to support their customers. Through our conversational and social selling model, innovative technology and continuous Head Office support, Stylists are able to effectively crowd-source fit advice and provide real and knowledgeable guidance for customers which creates a reliable and intimate customer experience. Silver Icing Stylists make shopping human again.