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E-Gift Card $10
$10.00 CAD
E-Gift Card $10
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  • tis the season
  • lets be merry
  • happy holidays

Give the gift of Silver Icing this holiday season with a Christmas themed e-gift card! We know they'll feel great from head to toe after shopping with Silver Icing! E-gift cards can be purchased in various increments and can be used online after purchase.


• Within a few minutes after purchasing a printable E-Gift Card will be emailed to you.
• E-Gift Cards may be redeemed for products available on the Silver Icing website.
• The person who redeems the E-Gift Card will need to enter the e-gift card code on the checkout page of the Silver Icing website.
• Partially used E-Gift Card amounts will remain available on a customer account and may be applied to future purchases.