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Be Square Sunglasses
$ 34.95 CAD
Clear Mint

    If you haven't considered a square lens before this, then you're about to! They feature a rimless lens and aren't too big for those with small faces. They're the ideal sunnies for any face shape—so flattering! They'll put the pep in your step and have you feeling confident and edgy. It's a good feeling to be on top of the world, eh?

    • UVA & UVB protection
    • Square lens
    • Rimless lens
    • Lightweight
    • 5.5" frame front, 5.5" arm

    Be there or be square folks.... Looks like I'll be both! I didn't actually think I would like these upon initially setting my eyes on them. However, the SI gods have spoken and decreed me a square-lens fan. I find that they flatter any face shape which is all the more reason to grab yourself a pair!

    I have been patiently waiting for these to launch!! I am loving this square frame with no rim! These sunglasses just give off an edgy vibe that I love! The frames are lightweight and very comfortable to wear! I know I will be reaching for this all summer long!