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Silver Icing

Quick Dry Hair Towel
$19.95 CAD  
Rose Pink

    The cool thing about hair wraps is that there's no hassle, they're lightweight, and dry quick. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the microfibres work to dry your hair quicker but also without stripping away the moisture that your hair should retain, like a normal towel would. We love how light they are so that they don't weigh down your head and are easy to pack with you. Ready to throw in the towel and try our Quick Dry Hair Towel?

    • Hair wrap towel
    • Quick dry
    • Shaped like a hood
    • Super soft
    • Button and elastic loop feature
    • 25" long

    These towels are so essential! The towel does double duty in keeping the hair out of your face and drying your tresses faster! The material is incredibly soft, feels so lovely and you know that it won't damage your hair! Needing something to make your morning routine easier? This is it!

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