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Best Tressed Headband
$19.95 CAD  

    • Flexible
    • Knot detail
    • Lightweight
    • Approx. 2.25" wide

    Looking for a simple yet stylish way to take your hair game up a notch? Try the Best Tressed Headband! This gem features a chic knot detail that adds extra oomph to your look. Flexible and lightweight, it adapts to your every move without sacrificing comfort. At approximately 2.25 inches wide, this headband is the Goldilocks of hair accessories – not too wide, not too narrow, just perfect for a sprinkle of flair!

    Oh you guys know I love me a cute little headband and this one does not disappoint! It's a super soft material with a comb-like band underneath which I love because it stays put in your hair perfectly!