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Sandy Shore Slides
$84.95 CAD  
Pink Multi Metallic
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    • Slide-style sandals
    • Cushioned sole
    • Round toe
    • Vegan leather

    Sandy Shore Slides are the ultimate companion for sunny day escapades! These slide-style kicks are all about the little details that make a big splash. Featuring twisted multi-strap detailing, they add a chic flair to your summer look. Plus, who can resist that comfy BLOOM foam cushioned sole? It's like walking on clouds, giving you that extra pep in your step to keep exploring from sunrise to sunset! With a round toe for wiggle room and made from premium vegan leather, these slides are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Whether you're hitting the boardwalk or soaking up some sun, step into relaxation mode with these beauties!

    Okay how cute are these! They are Blowfish so you know the quality is outstanding! The inner footbed is so comfortable! I am wearing my true size 8 and they fit great. They worked well for my wider feet too!

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