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Sayulita Slides
$119.95 CAD  
Pink Leather
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    • Slide style sandals
    • Genuine leather
    • Cushioned footbed
    • Lightweight

    Say hello to your feet's new best friend: Sayulita Slides! Made with genuine leather, these beauties offer a touch of luxury for those who appreciate quality. With their lightweight build and plush cushioned footbed, it's like walking on clouds with every step. Plus, they're fabulously versatile, pairing perfectly with shorts, skirts, dresses, denim - you name it! Whether you're exploring a summer fair, tackling your to-do list, or lounging by the pool, these stylish slides effortlessly combine comfort and elegance!

    Perfect for casual outings and relaxed weekends, they can easily transition into various occasions. Whether paired with denim shorts for a beach day or styled with a sundress for a brunch date, these slides effortlessly adapt to any look. The wide strap provides a secure fit making them your new favorite walking sandal! I'm wearing my usual size and find them to be tts.

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