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Ribbed Pullover
August 5, 2022

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight:  Ribbed Pullover

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Set the story! What are Kim & Allison laughing at? Give us your best caption for this collage of photos for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting by Sunday, August 7th at 9AM PST.

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight:  Ribbed Pullover

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Total Entries: 168
Congratulations to Emily Buss, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "I screamed at the bird, but it was only a leaf. "

 [08/08 5:35:36AM]

 [08/08 3:28:19AM]

 [08/08 3:12:13AM]

 [08/08 2:52:48AM]

Between the Lines
Michelle Gallant
 [08/07 8:52:13AM]

And they said it couldn’t be done.
Melita Doell
 [08/07 8:39:58AM]

"and then she said, you don't need that sweater in both colours"
Catherine Dixon
 [08/07 8:37:20AM]

Beautiful laughter
Cathy Pike
 [08/07 8:28:04AM]

Telling joke
Claudette Dumas
 [08/07 8:11:33AM]

Getting whistled at! Cuz we’re dead sexy in our sweaters lol
Jana Mottl
 [08/06 8:44:48PM]

Did you see that? Yes omg, did you? Lol what?
Jana Mottl
 [08/06 8:43:12PM]

Ribbed pullover so comfortable I'm grabbing two, no one needs to know... Shhhh
Serena Bennett
 [08/06 8:10:10PM]

Friendship thru clothing
Lindsay Hamilton
 [08/06 7:55:32PM]

… I finished my story and asked his thoughts and he says “what”?!
Shauna Brady
 [08/06 7:33:06PM]

"...and then he asked me if I needed anything from the mall!" Never step foot in a mall again, SI takes care of it all so I have more time for other things like walks at the beach with my bestie.
Suzanne Murti
 [08/06 7:32:29PM]

“That’s what she said!”
France Bouvier
 [08/06 6:19:51PM]

“When you look this good you can’t help but feel good”! “Best Friend, Silver Icing and Laughing so hard your belly hurts…Could life be any sweeter?” “The most important things a girl needs in her life, Best Friend, Silver Icing and Laughing till it hurts”
Danielle Rusk
 [08/06 6:13:56PM]

Maybe they're born with it, maybe it's Silver Icing
Jennifer Pugh
 [08/06 6:10:21PM]

Did you see his face when he found out he was dating best friends!
Sandra Devost
 [08/06 6:03:13PM]

Who tooted?!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [08/06 6:02:25PM]

Glad they are alright, but tripped while looking at how gorgeous we look!!
Annalisa Day
 [08/06 5:09:16PM]

Look at us don’t we look great?
Diane Kotylak
 [08/06 2:46:01PM]

My customer said no more.... then the sneak peek dropped!
Steph adkins
 [08/06 2:30:22PM]

Time spent with friends is time spent in Heaven.
Kathy Santrock
 [08/06 1:36:07PM]

“If I take any more steps back, I will be wishing I was modelling a bathing suit.”
Karen Turnbull
 [08/06 1:21:33PM]

"Inside" Jokes with your girlfriends are always the best (and even better when twinning in your SI sweaters)!
Sharon Franco
 [08/06 12:40:52PM]

I’m Never Buying Silver Icing again! As if!
Katie Russell
 [08/06 11:46:31AM]

Sorry not sorry! It’s sweater weather!
Amanda Proulx
 [08/06 11:08:34AM]

St. Patrick’s day shenanigans
Jennifer Leaman
 [08/06 11:07:48AM]

Life in the sun, Livin’ the life, I’m not kidding
Melody Habibulayev
 [08/06 10:36:13AM]

Ribs of laughter/ Laugh till your ribs hurt! / Rib it up!
Heather Stanley
 [08/06 10:28:14AM]

I am sweating so bad under this, me too like running down my back, 30 degrees and we are wearing sweaters, just smile.... lol
Haley Crofton-Sleigh
 [08/06 10:17:58AM]

Live laugh love
Christine Godby
 [08/06 10:13:53AM]

Did you hear the one about the man who said no more Silver Icing?
Barbara Quibell
 [08/06 9:36:48AM]

Rib Tickling Pullover
Barbara Quibell
 [08/06 9:35:15AM]

Should we go jogging?
Carol Smith
 [08/06 8:55:37AM]

Getting ready for a serious picture and someone "tooted"
Karen Spencer-Miller
 [08/06 8:48:33AM]

Live, Laugh, Love
Nathalie Denicola
 [08/06 8:35:30AM]

Ribbed for a good time!
Sarah Berting
 [08/06 8:34:59AM]

This is the last thing I’m buying from Silver Icing!
Patti Walton
 [08/06 8:22:20AM]

The girls are laughing because they met up wearing the same sweater just different colour.
Christine Buckell
 [08/06 8:14:16AM]

I’m going to wear this white outfit all year. Even AFTER Labor Day!
Tara Miller
 [08/06 8:08:55AM]

Sailors top take me away
Pamela MacDonald
 [08/06 7:27:29AM]

And he said I didn't need anymore Silver Icing!
Trisha Danyliw
 [08/06 7:16:26AM]

Another SI purchase that I will have to hide from my husband!
Trisha Danyliw
 [08/06 7:15:35AM]

Haha and they said they weren't going to buy any silver icing today!
Trisha Danyliw
 [08/06 7:03:08AM]

Wait, what! That wasn’t me that was a ship horn!
Karen Lang
 [08/06 6:19:23AM]

My husband said my New Years resolution should be to shop less!
Dana Bellagamba
 [08/06 4:17:50AM]

Hey….we totally look like Starlight Mints!
Lily Parrouty
 [08/06 12:14:22AM]

When you’re challenged to go a month without wine
Kate Abraham
 [08/05 10:41:59PM]

Brain. What are we doing tonight? Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Take over the world.
Shannon Smith
 [08/05 10:07:32PM]

And then they said I didn’t need both colours!
Heather Norrish
 [08/05 9:54:40PM]

I can't believe it that we wore the same top from SI!
Wendy Dolton
 [08/05 8:26:23PM]

This top is ribbed for pleasure!
Karen Gurney
 [08/05 8:16:25PM]

And then he said this is the last pullover you buy
Sarah Joy
 [08/05 7:57:08PM]

Ribbed for her pleasure
Jessica Combdon
 [08/05 7:49:44PM]

No, it isn’t exclusive boutique. It’s Silver Icing!
Geraldene Geysen
 [08/05 7:02:32PM]

Ribbed in comfort pull over
Jennifer Love
 [08/05 6:49:09PM]

When summer is almost over, but fall styles are just around the corner!
Mandy Hickson
 [08/05 6:37:02PM]

When summer is almost over, but fall styles are just around the corner!
Mandy Hickson
 [08/05 6:37:02PM]

Enjoying Life
Debbie Methven
 [08/05 6:30:04PM]

My partner suggested I'd only need this in one colour!
Jenn Faccin
 [08/05 6:24:10PM]

When your husband asks you to stop spending money but silver icing’s August long weekend sale just started!
Amber Cooze
 [08/05 6:24:09PM]

Can you believe it? It’s almost pumpkin spice latte season
Valerie Herring
 [08/05 6:21:42PM]

"When your husband thinks he's getting laid after doing the 1 chore you asked him to do 3 times"
Vanessa Hall
 [08/05 5:34:38PM]

Ribbed for her pleasure ?
Kim Bessette
 [08/05 5:33:15PM]

Girls just wanna have fun in their Silver Icing
Judy Milford
 [08/05 5:30:22PM]

Kim say Restock, Presale, Flash Sale, Saturday Steal 5x fast!
Melissa McCracken
 [08/05 5:14:03PM]

Both pregnant ?
Susan Derksen
 [08/05 4:46:20PM]

Does this Top Look as Good On Me as it does on you! Well of Course!
Sandra Devost
 [08/05 4:28:13PM]

in a Nut Shell top
Renae Friesen
 [08/05 4:12:27PM]

So we are twins
Donna Richards
 [08/05 4:08:45PM]

You've Got To Be Ribbing Me!!
Candice Ens
 [08/05 4:08:00PM]

Show your stripes
Julie Rodger
 [08/05 3:51:13PM]

Kim "pulled" one "over" on Allison with a "rib"-tickling joke!
Carrie Sjolander
 [08/05 3:50:04PM]

That's what she said!
Colleen Reid
 [08/05 3:40:18PM]

So then, I told my husband that I left the Silver Icing Facebook group...?
Megan Miller
 [08/05 3:31:22PM]

“My Husband said I didn’t need another pullover”
Jennifer Raffard
 [08/05 3:27:27PM]

They are laughing at a soon to be new mom who says “oh my kid will never do that” ? goodluck lmaooo
Melissa Jones
 [08/05 3:19:35PM]

When The Laugh is Funnier Than The Joke
Ann Timm
 [08/05 3:05:36PM]

…and then he said I had too much Silver Icing!
Janine Phaneuf
 [08/05 3:02:32PM]

When asked how many SI pieces we own!?!?!
Angela Mitres
 [08/05 2:55:25PM]

Oops! Excuse me....well that was awkward!
Cherie Inwood
 [08/05 2:31:23PM]

"I said they were for customers...and he believed me!"
Cherie Inwood
 [08/05 2:30:06PM]

Secrets between friends.
Robyn schroedl
 [08/05 2:12:40PM]

When your sense of humour a-lines
Candice Daniels
 [08/05 2:11:30PM]

When your sense of humour a-linge
Candice Daniels
 [08/05 2:10:20PM]

Girl’s weekend! We forgot wine?! ?
Carolyn kenney
 [08/05 1:54:11PM]

Ribbed for her pleasure pullover
Angelique houlihan
 [08/05 1:40:38PM]

And they think we pay full price for our SI items!
Yvonne. Ernst
 [08/05 1:02:17PM]

When someone says that they aren't excited for sweater weather.
Erika Just
 [08/05 12:50:19PM]

“ my spouse said I didn’t need any more SILVER ICING LOL “
Lori Magee
 [08/05 12:49:04PM]

The Ribbin is Get Ya
Tesa Steinke
 [08/05 12:44:57PM]

Ribbed to meet you
Allison Keen
 [08/05 12:43:47PM]

Do you remember the night that we……….
Debora Geick
 [08/05 12:42:30PM]

My Husband told me I have enough Silver Icing!
Lisa Guimond
 [08/05 12:22:29PM]

When you realize you’ve left the house with 2 different color shoes on!
Melissa Benson
 [08/05 12:20:05PM]

Friends that laugh together, stay together!
Kari Lewis
 [08/05 12:19:35PM]

Omg did you fart ?
Emily Menear
 [08/05 12:14:08PM]

Allison just told Kim a dad joke: what kind of tea can be both bitter and sweet? Real-itea
Terri Hansen
 [08/05 12:05:13PM]

Why did the chicken cross the road? To chase after Kim ?
Antionette Payne
 [08/05 12:04:49PM]

Our next photo shoot will be at an aviary.
Antionette Payne
 [08/05 12:02:42PM]

"I heard her say she wasn't going to buy anything else"
Kerry Verhulst
 [08/05 12:01:38PM]

Remember that time I tried bangs again!
Antionette Payne
 [08/05 11:59:33AM]

No TikTok’s allowed at the new warehouse
Antionette Payne
 [08/05 11:58:02AM]

That’s what she said!
Antionette Payne
 [08/05 11:53:28AM]

SI Customers are in for a treat! Fall collection is so good we will have them laughing but their wallets crying!
Melissa Price
 [08/05 11:37:26AM]

It's Friday, let's skip work for the rest of the afternoon and celebrate the weekend
Riekje van Delst
 [08/05 11:32:43AM]

You're right, we don't need another Silver Icing sweater, we have enough!
Robin McGurk
 [08/05 11:27:19AM]

My husband told me I couldn’t buy anymore Silver Icing
Heather Esau
 [08/05 11:25:16AM]

And then they said ‘Don’t you have enough SI?’
Marsie Fisk
 [08/05 11:23:03AM]

I have enough shoes
Sandra Kelly
 [08/05 11:17:48AM]

When the hubby tells you that you don’t need anymore Silver Icing
Megan Graham
 [08/05 11:15:59AM]

How much Silver Icing is too much Silver Icing?? Asking for a friend…
Lori Campbell
 [08/05 11:08:33AM]

Did you see that....!!!!!! OMG that's awesome and well so are these sweaters
Shannon roberts
 [08/05 10:54:45AM]

"Did you see the name of this pullover??" "It's Ribbed!!!"
Rebecca Lozon
 [08/05 10:49:36AM]

Did you see Christina's face when we said we weren't going to help with the big move?? If looks could kill...good thing we told her we were joking?
Shelley Stefanowich
 [08/05 10:41:42AM]

Did you see Christina's face when we said we weren't going to help with the big move?? If looks could kill...good thing we told her we were joking?
Shelley Stefanowich
 [08/05 10:41:22AM]

“Only Ribbing You”
Sandra Hanson
 [08/05 10:34:09AM]

Oh my gawd, we wore the same thing……again!!!
Heather Andries
 [08/05 10:30:41AM]

“…and then she told me how small it was!”
Stephanie Robinson
 [08/05 10:29:04AM]

creme de menthe at the beach
Erin Talbot
 [08/05 10:22:46AM]

Inside joke. Only for BFF.
Ashley Warkentin
 [08/05 10:13:33AM]

Each other
Ashley Warkentin
 [08/05 10:11:46AM]

Radiantly Ribbed
Chrissy Louvelle -Ward
 [08/05 10:05:58AM]

Summer Bliss
Vicky Bogstie
 [08/05 10:02:32AM]

If they only knew the comfort...the style...that we know!
Lisa Gibson
 [08/05 10:01:32AM]

You bought it in that colour???
Christine Bartsoff
 [08/05 9:59:11AM]

Do you really think we can get away with it?
Amanda Madill
 [08/05 9:56:44AM]

And then I said “ This is my last purchase!!”
Alyssa Fahie
 [08/05 9:54:53AM]

Haha Ribbed!!
Ashley Kowalenko
 [08/05 9:43:36AM]

Fall Follies
Charlene Braun
 [08/05 9:36:54AM]

You’re Rib-diculous!!
Jennifer Simpson
 [08/05 9:25:33AM]

Stylish yet comfortable you forget your in public, you laugh like no one is round about the dog that just tripped over their toy.
Victoria Beal
 [08/05 9:20:59AM]

I told my husband that this was a free shirt with credits....he can't know how much silver icing I actually buy!
Lia Abbott
 [08/05 9:20:06AM]

Just one more picture…..this ribbed pullover is so soft.
Christine Wilkinson
 [08/05 9:17:51AM]

And then I said “It’s not an addiction, I’m supporting small businesses”
Amy Vanderlende
 [08/05 9:08:34AM]

Christina doesn't know we are skipping work! ;)
Rachelle Douglas
 [08/05 9:07:15AM]

My husband has no idea I bought more Silver Icing
Kim Luciuk
 [08/05 9:06:29AM]

Nothing compares to the stomach ache you get from laughing together.
Sheryl Kuiper
 [08/05 9:05:20AM]

My husband said I didn’t need anymore Silver Icing
Kelly Beaumont
 [08/05 9:03:03AM]

Laughing that they have the same shirt in different colors
Jackie mcintyre
 [08/05 9:03:02AM]

When they ask if you're wearing something other than Silver Icing
Tracy Fisher
 [08/05 9:01:57AM]

That dog does not like those booties...that crow hop though!
Cara pfeifer
 [08/05 8:58:37AM]

Ribbed for her pleasure
Melissa Goldie
 [08/05 8:57:05AM]

And then he said he was going to clean the house!
Melissa Crerar
 [08/05 8:55:14AM]

Stripes of Joy Pullover
Jodi Pearson
 [08/05 8:50:38AM]

Laughin' Our Way into Fall!
Candice Ward
 [08/05 8:48:40AM]

And she said I don’t need one in every colour
Tiana Phillips
 [08/05 8:48:16AM]

Tickle your ribbed top
Julie Borst
 [08/05 8:44:30AM]

Tickle you robbed top
Julie Borst
 [08/05 8:43:48AM]

When someone asks “don’t you think you’ve bought enough Silver Icing?”
Jessica Frias
 [08/05 8:42:32AM]

Seagull chased them
Karen Mccarville
 [08/05 8:41:32AM]

When you husband wonders why you need more fall clothes when you bought some last year.
Meghan Newton
 [08/05 8:30:22AM]

Ribbed tickling fun
Shauna Boyd
 [08/05 8:22:13AM]

Kim let one go (farted)
Tammy Paquette
 [08/05 8:20:59AM]

Simply silly stripes
Linda Stansell
 [08/05 8:17:09AM]

The best weekend ever..and that waiter last night…so much fun
Christine Thelker
 [08/05 8:14:28AM]

The Kids Are Back in School and Moms are Excited
Linda van Barneveld
 [08/05 8:13:53AM]

and she said she wouldn’t buy anymore
Marysia waritsky
 [08/05 8:12:55AM]

Did you see her walk into the light post? She bounced off just like in the comics!!!! (True story, it was me)
Megan Kelso
 [08/05 8:10:35AM]

I screamed at the bird, but it was only a leaf.
Emily Buss
 [08/05 8:10:08AM]

When your massive Echo box arrives and your spouse thinks it’s ALL for customers…?
Caitlin Gillis
 [08/05 8:10:08AM]

When your spouse/partner sees your overflowing closet and thinks you have enough clothes that you won’t be buying anything for Fall/Winter
Caitlin Gillis
 [08/05 8:09:24AM]

Omg, stop making me laugh … my ribs hurt!! Get it ?
Monique Gagnier
 [08/05 8:06:17AM]

What are we even laughing at? I don’t know but I almost peed my pants ?
Trish Fraser
 [08/05 8:05:49AM]

Relaxed Living Ribbed Pullover
Annalisa Day
 [08/05 8:05:39AM]

Crystal told me to!
Carly OHandley
 [08/05 8:03:59AM]

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