It’s a Cardi Party!
February 2, 2024

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: It's a Cardi Party!

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this image of Allison for your chance to win a $50 Silver Icing Gift Card!

Enter your suggestion with your best caption by Sunday, February 4th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 140
Congratulations to Cherie I., the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Did you hear? It's going to be an Early Spring!"

Embracing the beauty within!
Claudine B.
 [02/04 8:16:46AM]

Peace out ??
Tara M.
 [02/03 11:38:13PM]

Heeee haaahh spring has sprung
Aylene s.
 [02/03 11:24:59PM]

Hats off to spring!
MaryAnn N.
 [02/03 9:30:35PM]

Yeehawww Bring it on
 [02/03 9:17:23PM]

Spring Fling
Lonna G.
 [02/03 8:17:20PM]

“I did it! More Silver Icing clothing coming my way.”
Angela Q.
 [02/03 3:38:02PM]

Embracing the beauty within!!
Claudine B.
 [02/03 3:36:46PM]

Spring Incoming!
Jess B.
 [02/03 3:23:41PM]

Silver icing girl
Barb D.
 [02/03 3:09:42PM]

Flipping out on fun!
Shauna B.
 [02/03 1:39:53PM]

Boots On, Hats Off
Cheryl P.
 [02/03 12:21:45PM]

Embracing the beauty within!
Claudine B.
 [02/03 11:53:46AM]

Embracing the beauty within!
Claudine B.
 [02/03 11:37:17AM]

Let's Go Girls!!
Tasha A.
 [02/03 10:28:36AM]

Hats off for Spring
Kimberly H.
 [02/03 10:26:14AM]

Woohoo, summer is coming!
Kathy W.
 [02/03 10:05:39AM]

Toss in your own style
Amanda E.
 [02/03 8:36:16AM]

Hat and a smile, check!
Summer M.
 [02/03 7:40:50AM]

Ready for whatever comes my way
Summer M.
 [02/03 7:40:08AM]

Don't wait! Create your own spring!
Summer M.
 [02/03 7:35:53AM]

Hats off to this outfit!
Tracy J.
 [02/03 5:47:48AM]

Hi there gang
Marie w.
 [02/03 5:31:09AM]

Spring Fling?
Jane j.
 [02/03 3:33:02AM]

Spring Fling?
Jane j.
 [02/03 3:32:44AM]

Howdy Spring!
Romy C.
 [02/02 11:56:42PM]

"Cute outfit: 1, Gravity: 0 – Hat toss level: Expert!"
Stephanie P.
 [02/02 11:18:23PM]

Hats Off! Cardi In!
Samantha S.
 [02/02 9:46:33PM]

Look what I can do! I bet you cannot do that ;)
Samantha S.
 [02/02 9:43:05PM]

Up up and away kinda day
Susan A.
 [02/02 8:40:36PM]

Peace out
Alanna M.
 [02/02 8:24:12PM]

Jazz hands
Dianne A.
 [02/02 6:42:51PM]

Some giddy up in my get up.
Karen G.
 [02/02 6:19:46PM]

This babes hat trick!
Skye G.
 [02/02 6:15:00PM]

Presto! I’m fabulous!
Skye G.
 [02/02 6:14:14PM]

Practically perfect in every way
Skye G.
 [02/02 6:13:50PM]

And for my next trick…
Skye G.
 [02/02 6:13:20PM]

Fuc*k it, it’s Friday!
Skye (.
 [02/02 6:12:50PM]

Hats off to finally having sun
Angela R.
 [02/02 6:07:23PM]

Flippn' my lid over Silver Icing!
Amy H.
 [02/02 5:35:08PM]

Flippn' Out for the Cardi Party!
Amy H.
 [02/02 5:33:48PM]

I've got Spring Fever!
Amy H.
 [02/02 5:30:14PM]

Hardy Cardi
Wendy H.
 [02/02 5:24:44PM]

Giddy with glee!
Amy H.
 [02/02 5:23:28PM]

Gotta Attitude of Gratitude!!!
Paula W.
 [02/02 4:47:37PM]

I want it my way Cardi
Diane S.
 [02/02 4:30:47PM]

It’s Spring Y’all, Fancy Free, Catch and Release Me
Maria B.
 [02/02 3:42:49PM]

I got my peaches out at Silver Icing!
Kathleen P.
 [02/02 3:41:18PM]

Hats off, Spring is on its way!!!
Amy S.
 [02/02 2:55:42PM]

City Chic
Melissa M.
 [02/02 2:49:17PM]

Country Charm
Melissa M.
 [02/02 2:48:14PM]

Don't "miss" this hat trick!
Nicole R.
 [02/02 2:45:31PM]

"Did you hear? It's going to be an Early Spring!"
Cherie I.
 [02/02 2:42:22PM]

Yahoo! Hats off to new spring arrivals!
Lisa C.
 [02/02 2:38:01PM]

It’s Fri-Yay! Bring on the weekend steals!
Nicolle P.
 [02/02 2:37:42PM]

Woot won't!!
Denielle V.
 [02/02 2:30:19PM]

Charlene M.
 [02/02 2:30:14PM]

Foot loose and fancy free
Andrea M.
 [02/02 2:27:16PM]

Cheers to Peace & Silver Icing Fashions!
Sharon F.
 [02/02 1:25:15PM]

Excitement in the air!
Julie b.
 [02/02 1:21:43PM]

Excitement in the air!
Julie b.
 [02/02 1:20:44PM]

I only take my hat off for one thing and one thing only…a good SI presale!
Krista W.
 [02/02 1:19:11PM]

Hat’s off to PEACE, COMFORT, and JOY!
Lily P.
 [02/02 1:13:08PM]

Time for a Spring Fling!
Sharon K.
 [02/02 1:08:50PM]

No shadow seen! Hello Spring!
Heather C.
 [02/02 1:04:42PM]

Let’s get this party cardi started!!
Dana Z.
 [02/02 12:01:21PM]

Let’s get this party cardi started!!
Dana Z.
 [02/02 12:01:00PM]

Hat's off! Party time!!!
Terri M.
 [02/02 11:58:46AM]

It’s Friday ‘Silver Sisters’ ??
Heather E.
 [02/02 11:58:36AM]

May your hat fly as high as your dreams!
Meaghan O.
 [02/02 11:49:13AM]

Ye haw let go! Ride em cowboy!
Cheryl M.
 [02/02 11:26:03AM]

Yee haw ?
Paulette W.
 [02/02 11:20:23AM]

Yippee-ki-yay Spring is on the way!
Haley B.
 [02/02 10:59:22AM]

Spring Fling
Kerri B.
 [02/02 10:55:46AM]

Inspiration T, Spring Smiles with ME!
Audra F.
 [02/02 10:54:12AM]

Tracy R.
 [02/02 10:54:04AM]

I’m a silver icing customer, I always have fun while looking stylish
Laurel W.
 [02/02 10:50:59AM]

Are you ready for it?
Sandie G.
 [02/02 10:50:39AM]

It’s Gonna Be A “Hot” Hat!
Sharon D.
 [02/02 10:47:44AM]

How Cool Am I?
Sharon D.
 [02/02 10:44:51AM]

Weekend vibe check!
Chelsea W.
 [02/02 10:36:33AM]

Someone didn't see their shadow!!!!
Angela M.
 [02/02 10:34:07AM]

Groundhog saw it's shadow, spring is near!
Angela M.
 [02/02 10:33:28AM]

Hats off it’s Friday!
Kristen H.
 [02/02 10:26:09AM]

Ahhhhh! My Silver Icing delivery is here!!!!
Leah R.
 [02/02 10:20:41AM]

Hello spring!
Lindsay R.
 [02/02 10:14:50AM]

Peace out and Cardi-on !
Eva V.
 [02/02 10:14:47AM]

Rachel F.
 [02/02 10:12:48AM]

Hat's off to fun fashion!
Brenna M.
 [02/02 10:12:22AM]

Life's too short to go unstyled!
Brenna M.
 [02/02 10:11:13AM]

Spring Hay Day
Ashleigh T.
 [02/02 10:06:40AM]

Mad hatter
Keree L.
 [02/02 10:00:28AM]

Shout out Spring Fling
maria m.
 [02/02 9:53:15AM]

Southwest Party threads
Nicole G.
 [02/02 9:48:23AM]

Hip Hat Hooray
 [02/02 9:39:24AM]

With or Without ?
Geraldine T.
 [02/02 9:38:15AM]

Hats on the Go
Geraldine T.
 [02/02 9:37:01AM]

Geraldine T.
 [02/02 9:36:16AM]

Yee Haw partners, it's a cardi kinda day.
Janet G.
 [02/02 9:29:38AM]

I got my giddy up on
Janet G.
 [02/02 9:26:17AM]

The Spring tip off!
Melissa C.
 [02/02 9:16:41AM]

Cheers to spring arrival.
Kathi H.
 [02/02 9:14:21AM]

Natasha L.
 [02/02 9:11:54AM]

mazel tov!
Natasha L.
 [02/02 9:11:29AM]

Yay -hats off - I smell spring in the air
Glenda D.
 [02/02 9:08:17AM]

Howdy Partner
Ashlie M.
 [02/02 9:05:22AM]

Yahoo it’s Friday!!!
Leslie W.
 [02/02 9:04:07AM]

What goes up must come down
Kristy S.
 [02/02 9:00:34AM]

Eeeee! Too excited for sunshine and sun hats!!
Stephanie p.
 [02/02 8:59:14AM]

Hat's Off to Spring!!
Lee-Anne M.
 [02/02 8:54:24AM]

Giddy up! Let’s ride into Spring!
Erin E.
 [02/02 8:54:07AM]

Hats off to Cardigans
Trudy D.
 [02/02 8:53:18AM]

Hats off to Spring Y'all!!
Rachelle D.
 [02/02 8:45:03AM]

Despite the forecast, it looks like spring!
Whitney D.
 [02/02 8:41:21AM]

Heads up, spring is on its way!
Whitney D.
 [02/02 8:39:12AM]

Throw your hats up, Spring is on it's way!
Whitney D.
 [02/02 8:38:24AM]

WooooHooo The Groundhog Said We Can Ditch The Toques!
Haley C.
 [02/02 8:38:11AM]

Early Spring, here we come!!
Rachel F.
 [02/02 8:34:16AM]

Cardi-YES to this cozy look
Jenna D.
 [02/02 8:31:21AM]

Hee Haw! Let’s cardi party!
Maria L.
 [02/02 8:31:15AM]

Felt cute. Might wear this cardi forever
Jenna D.
 [02/02 8:29:25AM]

Self love is wearing your favorite cardi
Jenna D.
 [02/02 8:27:49AM]

Hey Girlfriends!
Nadia O.
 [02/02 8:27:46AM]

Hey Besties!
Nadia O.
 [02/02 8:27:08AM]

Elevating the cardigan game
Jenna D.
 [02/02 8:27:00AM]

Hello spring! I see you!
Megan W.
 [02/02 8:20:38AM]

Hats off to all the stylists winning in style!!
Chelsea H.
 [02/02 8:19:46AM]

Only 47 days till spring!! Eeeekkk!!!
Sarah R.
 [02/02 8:14:56AM]

Only 47 Days till Spring!! Woohoo ?
Sarah R.
 [02/02 8:13:59AM]

Sarah R.
 [02/02 8:11:54AM]

New Spring Styles Dropping Soon
Tesa S.
 [02/02 8:11:44AM]

Groundhog didn't see his shadow
Natasha M.
 [02/02 8:11:16AM]

Groundhog was right!!
Pam W.
 [02/02 8:10:48AM]

Boots coming off next
Natasha M.
 [02/02 8:10:15AM]

Hats off for spring!!
Pam W.
 [02/02 8:09:31AM]

Hats off to a great outfit
Liz R.
 [02/02 8:04:06AM]

Hats off to an early spring!
Veronica K.
 [02/02 8:03:33AM]

Hats off to Spring
Tesa S.
 [02/02 8:03:02AM]

This is what happens when I try to be spontaneous.
Alyssa F.
 [02/02 8:02:40AM]

Hats off to an early spring!
Veronica K.
 [02/02 8:02:11AM]

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