This is Your Sign
June 21, 2024

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: This is your Sign

Give us your best caption for Racheal’s sign for your chance to win a $50 Silver Icing Gift Card!

Enter your suggestion by commenting with your best caption by Sunday, June 23 at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 110
Congratulations to Jess V., the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Honk if you love my outfit!"

Silver Icing Great finds great pricing
Aylene s.
 [06/23 8:28:15AM]

Silver Icing will never smudge! You will always shine bright
Judy H.
 [06/23 7:57:00AM]

I finally Did It
 [06/23 3:29:13AM]

Anywhere Please!
Karen C.
 [06/22 7:48:27PM]

Spreading the news! Silver Icing is the best!
Lisa C.
 [06/22 6:41:29PM]

Show Me The Money!
Tobi W.
 [06/22 6:38:35PM]

Honk if you like what I’m wearing
Gail B.
 [06/22 6:29:46PM]

Run… don’t walk!! Silver icing has a sale on!!
Patty J.
 [06/22 4:39:22PM]

Your dream closet this way!
Veronica K.
 [06/22 2:51:12PM]

Stop to see the next Silver Icing Pre-Sale!
Susan B.
 [06/22 2:45:11PM]

This is a sign you need more SI!
Karen C.
 [06/22 2:22:54PM]

Honk if you love Silver Icing!
Karen C.
 [06/22 2:16:31PM]

Hi ho Siver Icing !!!
Ethel C.
 [06/22 2:09:06PM]

This is the way to Silver Icing heaven, honk if you love new clothes!
Jennifer B.
 [06/22 1:15:25PM]

Make someone smile today!
Shauna B.
 [06/22 12:09:52PM]

GO OILERS!!! ? ?????
Patricia M.
 [06/22 11:33:17AM]

Summer vibing right here
Wendy R.
 [06/22 11:21:28AM]

Honk! If you love striped tees
Ashley M.
 [06/22 11:15:05AM]

Be kind
Lorene C.
 [06/22 9:01:21AM]

Sale time at SI! Yahoo!
Brandy B.
 [06/22 8:50:48AM]

Quick I need a ride to Silver Icing!!!
Julie H.
 [06/22 8:36:41AM]

Silver icing to the win so comfortable so affordable
Stephanie M.
 [06/22 7:17:33AM]

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it!
Angela S.
 [06/22 7:17:32AM]

We Want the Cup
Patty H.
 [06/22 6:02:36AM]

Debora R.
 [06/22 3:27:31AM]

Chase your dreams!
Veronica K.
 [06/21 10:26:09PM]

Watch out for the squirrel!
Patricia M.
 [06/21 9:49:08PM]

Honk if you love fashion
Patricia M.
 [06/21 9:43:26PM]

You really do need the weekend steal!
Autumn L.
 [06/21 9:32:21PM]

Will work for Silver Icing
Kayla L.
 [06/21 7:57:04PM]

Taking SI coast to coast!!!
Sabrina B.
 [06/21 7:35:22PM]

If you’re not happy, of course you need this SI fit!
Jill C.
 [06/21 6:26:44PM]

Stop trying to make FETCH happen!
Victoria F.
 [06/21 6:11:25PM]

Whatever you are, be a good one
Rachel H.
 [06/21 5:13:24PM]

Laughing loudly and loving life!
Rachel H.
 [06/21 5:05:03PM]

"Honk if you're lost too—I could use the company!"
Rachel H.
 [06/21 5:03:53PM]

If you can read this, bring coffee
Rachel H.
 [06/21 5:03:33PM]

This is Your Sign to Shop Silver Icing!
Julie D.
 [06/21 4:53:01PM]

Summer is here!
caitlin k.
 [06/21 4:42:45PM]

Shop with Silver Icing for EVERY occasion
Amanda G.
 [06/21 4:36:43PM]

STOP-SHOP & ROLL in fashion!
Heather E.
 [06/21 4:01:06PM]

This is your sign! Shop SI
Heather E.
 [06/21 3:59:31PM]

Schools out! Tag parents, you’re it!
Eryn O.
 [06/21 3:17:18PM]

Honk if you love Silver Icing
Danielle C.
 [06/21 3:15:24PM]

Die hard is NOT a Christmas movie
Krystina’s S.
 [06/21 2:58:29PM]

Husband refuses to enable. Need to get to Silver Icing Headquarters for a shopping fix!
Barbara G.
 [06/21 2:55:32PM]

Yes, princess Thea, you need another pink item of clothing!
Thea M.
 [06/21 2:55:00PM]

Silver Icing, on the cake #buythedress
Lana G.
 [06/21 2:48:47PM]

Always Be Kind #SIcommunity
Lana G.
 [06/21 2:47:53PM]

“Help! Get me to the Oiler game on time!”
Janice A.
 [06/21 2:43:26PM]

Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie.
Krystina S.
 [06/21 2:22:37PM]

Change your closet, change your world
Naomi T.
 [06/21 2:11:16PM]

Shopping Silver Icing is my happy place
Debbie P.
 [06/21 2:00:55PM]

Dream Shop Conquer
Debbie P.
 [06/21 1:58:24PM]

Honk for Silver Icing !
Brenda G.
 [06/21 1:36:07PM]

Attention, Free Smiles
Jayne S.
 [06/21 1:07:08PM]

Hello it’s silver icing you’re looking for!
Crystal J.
 [06/21 1:06:01PM]

Summer by Silver Icing
Ellen S.
 [06/21 1:01:39PM]

Will work for SI!
Shannon G.
 [06/21 12:30:09PM]

Need a confidence booster?? Shop Silver Icing!
Melissa C.
 [06/21 12:29:05PM]

Summer Style this way
Jinnell G.
 [06/21 12:25:52PM]

Ride needed: I left my husband for Silver Icing
Rosanna F.
 [06/21 11:57:53AM]

Ride in style with Silver Icing
Rosanna F.
 [06/21 11:56:25AM]

Silver Icing: My Ride or Die
Rosanna F.
 [06/21 11:55:52AM]

Silver icing Addict
Barb K.
 [06/21 11:36:10AM]

You are beautiful just the way you are.
Tasha M.
 [06/21 11:08:24AM]

You are most beautiful when you love yourself.
Tasha M.
 [06/21 11:07:36AM]

You are confident, you are strong!
Tasha M.
 [06/21 11:06:46AM]

Honk for Silver Icing!
Donna R.
 [06/21 10:58:14AM]

Happiness is...Silver Icing
Donna R.
 [06/21 10:55:09AM]

Sunday Funday
Darlene E.
 [06/21 10:44:40AM]

"Trying to see if this marketing technique works...honk if you read this sign..."
Thelma G.
 [06/21 10:35:15AM]

If you're waiting for a sign this is it
Kimberley G.
 [06/21 10:35:02AM]

We Dragged Them Back to Alberta!
Candice W.
 [06/21 10:28:40AM]

"Clothes are here" (in a Jersey accent)
Satu S.
 [06/21 10:18:18AM]

Go Oilers Go!!
Michelle W.
 [06/21 10:15:31AM]

Honk if you love Silver Icing!
Monica D.
 [06/21 10:09:42AM]

Earn points on every purchase!
Shannon R.
 [06/21 10:07:07AM]

Honk ,for Summer with SI
Jenna P.
 [06/21 10:02:07AM]

Start the car! I got a steal!
Maria L.
 [06/21 9:49:34AM]

Come and Get it, All the good SI stuff you want ??
Valerie D.
 [06/21 9:49:26AM]

I feel pretty
Julie M.
 [06/21 9:47:30AM]

I need a ride to the Silver ICING Head Office!
Rachelle D.
 [06/21 9:42:38AM]

School’s Out For Summer!
Brandy S.
 [06/21 9:41:07AM]

Your closet will thank you…. ??SI
Heather K.
 [06/21 9:36:06AM]

I said "YES" to Silver Icing
Robin M.
 [06/21 9:33:18AM]

Silver Icing Summer Sale
Angela R.
 [06/21 9:21:36AM]

Your husband said, Buy more Silver Icing!
Christine B.
 [06/21 9:10:10AM]

"Honk if you love a good presale deal!"
Nicolle P.
 [06/21 8:50:52AM]

Take me to California
Alicia A.
 [06/21 8:48:18AM]

Take me to the beach
Alicia A.
 [06/21 8:47:58AM]

Take me with you
Alicia A.
 [06/21 8:47:41AM]

Honk if you love coffee!
Veronica K.
 [06/21 8:40:07AM]

Oilers in game 7!
Veronica K.
 [06/21 8:39:32AM]

Be your own kind of beautiful!
Sheryl K.
 [06/21 8:35:30AM]

Will Work For SI
Haley C.
 [06/21 8:31:29AM]

SI is the Best! CHANGE MY MIND
Rachel B.
 [06/21 8:19:57AM]

Honk for Free Fashion Advice!
Amanda H.
 [06/21 8:19:36AM]

Honk if you love my outfit!
Jess V.
 [06/21 8:15:51AM]

Summer is coming!! Do you know Silver Icing? Presale and be saved!
Kate L.
 [06/21 8:15:00AM]

Let’s go Oiler’s!
Liz R.
 [06/21 8:12:51AM]

Your smile is your most beautiful accessory
Steph P.
 [06/21 8:12:39AM]

It’s a great day to have a great day!!
Steph p.
 [06/21 8:11:21AM]

Self confidence is the best outfit. Rock it & own it!
Mandi K.
 [06/21 8:09:57AM]

If your happy and you know it honk your horn
Ashley w.
 [06/21 8:08:47AM]

Honk if you love silver icing
Ashley w.
 [06/21 8:08:19AM]

P.S. I hope you feel beautiful today
Mandi K.
 [06/21 8:08:14AM]

Julie-Ann B.
 [06/21 8:03:06AM]

Road trip ready
Candace C.
 [06/21 8:03:01AM]

Your not sad, you just need new clothes!
Lisa M.
 [06/21 8:02:53AM]

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