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Eco-friendly Chic V-Neck Sweater
February 5, 2018

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Total of 556 Entries
Congratulations to Amber Gibson, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the See Through the Lines Sweater!

V nature, Natural fibre, simplicity V, simplify, simpleeV, Path to nature, simply eco, V-simplicity, Simply V
Celeste Kallis
 [02/06 8:53:34AM]

Casual camie
Mélissa murphy
 [02/06 8:29:53AM]

Bring me back to nature, natural choice, mother nurture, gift of nature, natural flow, nature’s flow, one step closer (to nature), back to basics, back to nature, back to beauty, flow of nature, walking with nature,
Celeste Kallis
 [02/06 8:23:04AM]

Sophisticated love
Romana kausar
 [02/06 8:23:00AM]

Charismatica ????
Romana kausar
 [02/06 8:20:21AM]

Cozy Chic
Krista Kelly
 [02/06 7:54:14AM]

Lorraine Gail Webber
 [02/06 7:51:05AM]

V the Difference
Ashley Lindbo
 [02/06 7:46:19AM]

cozy days and cozy nights
Barbara Goddard
 [02/06 7:38:08AM]

Sheer Delight
Tracy Pallister
 [02/06 7:23:01AM]

Peek a boo sweater
Dominique vandyk
 [02/06 7:15:39AM]

Sheer delight
Dominique vandyk
 [02/06 7:14:12AM]

Vera'Appeal, Kurb Appeal, Kotton Moda, Cocoon, Kocoon, Vera Kotton, In the Moda, Kotton Appeal, Au'natural
Agatha Schlamp
 [02/06 7:09:31AM]

Ingrid J St Cyr
 [02/06 6:58:25AM]

Aware me gently or aware me softly
Line Heuston hanley
 [02/06 6:52:34AM]

I see you
Ann Mayner
 [02/06 6:49:26AM]

Comfy Cozy V
Alissa Matheson
 [02/06 6:49:17AM]

Everyday cozy Vee
Megan Booi
 [02/06 6:47:11AM]

Spring Fever
Lisa Smit
 [02/06 6:45:54AM]

Sheer Knit-cessity
Lisa Smit
 [02/06 6:44:19AM]

V-eautiful Top
Amanda Rogers
 [02/06 6:43:46AM]

Deep V-in Knit
Lisa Smit
 [02/06 6:42:33AM]

Knitty and Nice
Lisa Smit
 [02/06 6:41:28AM]

Knit to a V
Teri Penner
 [02/06 6:36:25AM]

Just Between Us
Ingrid J St Cyr
 [02/06 6:22:59AM]

Sweet Dreaming
Ingrid St Cyr
 [02/06 6:20:54AM]

Cozy Retreat Sweater
Taryn Tuttle
 [02/06 6:16:51AM]

Peekaboo softness
Gisele Boudreau
 [02/06 6:03:14AM]

Kind and Cozy sweater
Michaela Barcena
 [02/06 5:55:04AM]

C'est la V
Lesley Norman
 [02/06 5:41:12AM]

Beauty In Awareness or Always Aware
Chantal LaRochr
 [02/06 5:41:01AM]

My Go To
Janet McCormack
 [02/06 5:32:10AM]

Just V-cause
Carrie-Anne Lunn
 [02/06 5:31:34AM]

C'est La 'V' Sweater
Cara Scholl
 [02/06 5:21:50AM]

You see right through me
Mary Ellen Walker
 [02/06 5:18:28AM]

Now You V Me
Claire Buys
 [02/06 5:17:22AM]

Top of the line
Christine Sandilands
 [02/06 5:13:50AM]

Courtney Christie
 [02/06 4:39:06AM]

Will You V Mine??
Nancy Twist
 [02/06 3:44:44AM]

Olympic Dreams
Nancy Twist
 [02/06 3:43:49AM]

Weekends are for waffles sweater
Celia Kearn
 [02/06 3:36:44AM]

You had me at brunch sweater
Celia Kearn
 [02/06 3:31:51AM]

Now you see me, now you don’t - sweater
Dayna Ouellette
 [02/06 2:57:28AM]

Let us V subtle
Julie Leepart
 [02/06 12:10:35AM]

Sheer bliss
Julie Leepart
 [02/05 11:37:01PM]

Sneak peek
Julie Leepart
 [02/05 11:16:37PM]

Flirt with Spring
Christel Delainey
 [02/05 10:58:28PM]

Spring tease sweater
Christel Delainey
 [02/05 10:57:28PM]

Knitted Bliss
Melissa Van
 [02/05 10:41:58PM]

Pure EnVee Sweater
Judy Conrad
 [02/05 10:34:06PM]

Lorna Mullett
 [02/05 10:22:34PM]

Enlighten Me Vneck
Olivia Coffyne
 [02/05 10:13:18PM]

Sheer en-vee
Jamie allport
 [02/05 9:51:27PM]

Coralie Wheler
 [02/05 9:45:49PM]

Knit Wit Sweater
Mandy Sharples
 [02/05 9:40:32PM]

Naturally Gifted Vee Please (Thinking coffee...vee, and black or cream and both can be naturally organic ;) )
 [02/05 9:27:43PM]

Vee it to believe it sweater
Lindsay Zaik
 [02/05 9:24:52PM]

The OC Sweater
sheelah tomljanovich
 [02/05 9:23:33PM]

HeaVen on Earth
sheelah tomljanovich
 [02/05 9:18:25PM]

Wouldn’t It Vee Nice
 [02/05 9:17:43PM]

Wouldn’t It ‘V’ Nice
 [02/05 9:09:45PM]

Back to the Earth Sweater
 [02/05 9:06:06PM]

EnVee Sweater! (Envy)
Judy Vonrad
 [02/05 9:05:45PM]

Earthbound Sweater
Tasneem Saloojee
 [02/05 9:05:16PM]

Meet Me On The Beach
 [02/05 9:04:05PM]

Beverly Proulx Bentley
 [02/05 8:41:18PM]

This is so me sweater, Whispy Embrace Top
Weronika Dubois
 [02/05 8:27:44PM]

Wouldn’t Knit Be Nice
 [02/05 8:26:58PM]

Angel Feathers Sweater
Mandy Rauch
 [02/05 8:21:11PM]

See the Vee
Lynne motkoski
 [02/05 8:18:08PM]

Purely Transparent V-Neck
Breanna Hudson
 [02/05 8:15:35PM]

Sustainably Chic Pullover
Crystal Loden
 [02/05 8:09:56PM]

Simply Stated Sweater, Holey Wonder Sweater, Oh Knit You Didn’t Sweater
Stephanie Enright
 [02/05 8:02:13PM]

Eco-v sweater
Amanda hamelin
 [02/05 7:55:31PM]

V-me up scotty sweater
Amanda Hamelin
 [02/05 7:53:37PM]

Dare to Aware V
Tania Banks
 [02/05 7:53:03PM]

Organieco sweater
Amanda Hamelin
 [02/05 7:52:47PM]

Let's waffle over knit
Shannon arnaud
 [02/05 7:50:13PM]

Sheer Bliss, V Oh So Comfy, Vivacious V
Kayla Westerby
 [02/05 7:50:10PM]

The Vera May
Chrystal Bymak
 [02/05 7:49:26PM]

Weekend wear sweater
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [02/05 7:47:51PM]

Stick To Your Ribs Sweater
Stephanie Horne
 [02/05 7:42:50PM]

Snuggle With Vee
 [02/05 7:42:47PM]

Eco Sleek, Put it on V, Uptown V,
Melissa Koski
 [02/05 7:39:22PM]

Free V
Lindsay Yahn
 [02/05 7:30:57PM]

Deep "V"eelings Sweater .... For those who are passionate about eco-friendly material.
Cindy Sketcher
 [02/05 7:30:31PM]

Seriously Organic Sweater - Sheer Organic Bliss - Heaven can wait - Sheer Iconic Sweater - Ready for my close up Sweater
Michelle McCarthy
 [02/05 7:25:22PM]

And All That V, Ain't it V-onderful, Oh So V
Shannon Kristinnson
 [02/05 7:23:28PM]

EnVy Pullover
Kim Freeman
 [02/05 7:21:54PM]

Pure Bliss Sweater
Sarah Skillen
 [02/05 7:16:56PM]

V Your Organic Self
Raeann Rivard
 [02/05 7:12:59PM]

Spring splash V-neck
Bev Smith
 [02/05 7:11:48PM]

V for virtuous sweater
Jennifer gregor
 [02/05 7:05:50PM]

My favourite V
Janet Walker
 [02/05 7:05:29PM]

Every day is Sunday
Maria Penner
 [02/05 7:04:38PM]

For the love of V
Janet Walker
 [02/05 7:03:49PM]

V-aware sweater
Jennifer gregor
 [02/05 7:01:38PM]

Knit in peace, knitty natural, knitty pleasure
Tamarra moore
 [02/05 6:55:05PM]

Sneak a peek sweater
Heidi Neels
 [02/05 6:50:02PM]

Breezy fit
Stacey koutsiouris
 [02/05 6:49:27PM]

Meagan O'Connell
 [02/05 6:46:19PM]

Self embracing
Bonnie Wiebe
 [02/05 6:44:32PM]

Vee Yourself
Jennifer Durasin
 [02/05 6:40:45PM]

Elemental Chic V-neck
Brianne Hunter
 [02/05 6:37:38PM]

She’s a natural
Becky Fortney
 [02/05 6:31:16PM]

The All Natural V
Becky Fortney
 [02/05 6:30:31PM]

Natural beauty V-neck
Becky Fortney
 [02/05 6:29:53PM]

Earth en-V, Stitch en-V
Christina Dymond
 [02/05 6:29:09PM]

The Wanderer V sweater
Renee Deleseleuc
 [02/05 6:27:26PM]

Naturally Obsessed V-Neck
Becky Fortney
 [02/05 6:27:11PM]

Very Vexy sweater ?
Barb courteen-Nurse
 [02/05 6:27:02PM]

Up in the clouds sweater
Lisa Ginn
 [02/05 6:25:21PM]

The Darling Sweater
Natasha Haseloh
 [02/05 6:24:37PM]

Anna Pascuzzo
 [02/05 6:24:18PM]

Cozy up sweather
Renee de Léséleuc
 [02/05 6:24:17PM]

All about the back, no trouble
Crystal Zimmermann
 [02/05 6:19:12PM]

Sweet Honey V sweater, lovely lines sweater,
Anne Marie Pardy
 [02/05 6:17:25PM]

Country Comfort
Tracey hayden
 [02/05 6:15:21PM]

ComfVee sweater
Suzanne Reinhart
 [02/05 6:14:12PM]

Breathe easy sweater
Sara McLean
 [02/05 6:13:34PM]

 [02/05 6:12:30PM]

The Maryn Sweater (Note: the name Maryn means “lover of the sea” ??)
Sarah Andre
 [02/05 6:07:21PM]

Tree hugger Vee neck
Kristen Kolenski
 [02/05 6:06:15PM]

Holy pleasure
Kristen Kolenski
 [02/05 6:04:49PM]

V neck wonder sweater
 [02/05 6:04:45PM]

Angela pratola
 [02/05 6:04:05PM]

Deeply in Love or Truly Madly Deep V
Amanda Driscoll
 [02/05 6:01:35PM]

Clear - Cut, Aura, A Fine Line, Open Hearted
Shannon Fisher
 [02/05 5:57:23PM]

Take the plunge
Brenda Wood
 [02/05 5:53:27PM]

Casual Harmony Sweater
Melissa Appave
 [02/05 5:53:16PM]

Spring it on sweater
Jennifer Shaw
 [02/05 5:50:51PM]

Spring is in the Air
Brenna hrycyshyn
 [02/05 5:48:34PM]

Valara Falls
 [02/05 5:46:05PM]

Vee Please!
Sarah Snable
 [02/05 5:43:38PM]

Freedom Air Top
 [02/05 5:43:30PM]

A Little Bit of V-ness
 [02/05 5:37:03PM]

Va va vroom vneck
Teniele Moore
 [02/05 5:35:26PM]

cuddle me chic
Kayla Guckert
 [02/05 5:32:57PM]

Simple Elegance V-Neck Sweater
Jodie Hannam
 [02/05 5:29:57PM]

In too deep V Sweater
Erika Carley
 [02/05 5:26:12PM]

V what I mean?
Michelle Berezowski
 [02/05 5:24:03PM]

Earths Friend V-Neck sweater
Lesley Skinner
 [02/05 5:23:58PM]

See The Light V-Neck Sweater
Jodie Hannam
 [02/05 5:21:05PM]

Cozy cuddly v-neck sweater
Valerie Foley
 [02/05 5:19:18PM]

V-eam Me Up Scottie
Carol Paskemin
 [02/05 5:17:47PM]

Sheer Beauty
Jodie Hannam
 [02/05 5:16:06PM]

Cotton Dreams
Vanessa Mann
 [02/05 5:07:44PM]

Emily Mudry
 [02/05 5:00:56PM]

Cozy Comfy
Joanne Rorquist
 [02/05 4:57:08PM]

Vee Chic Organic
Sara Vigh
 [02/05 4:56:06PM]

The Fair Knit Sweater, the mindful V sweater
Victoria Snable
 [02/05 4:52:10PM]

Nautical Knit
Andrina Matthie
 [02/05 4:45:55PM]

Feel the breeze
Melissa butler
 [02/05 4:35:37PM]

V awesome
Diane Vandoorn
 [02/05 4:35:23PM]

Sneak peek V sweater, V necks and good vibes
Kelly Pchajek
 [02/05 4:33:43PM]

Chrissy Stevens
 [02/05 4:31:53PM]

Sheer comfort
Jody Wieler
 [02/05 4:31:24PM]

Everyday Comfort. Easy Days.
Tina Bussey
 [02/05 4:29:47PM]

Naturally Effortless Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [02/05 4:21:15PM]

Mindful moda
Joy smith
 [02/05 4:20:14PM]

Sheer Attitude
Karen McGrath
 [02/05 4:19:54PM]

Always V Your Better Self
 [02/05 4:18:51PM]

Thoughtful Vee
Carrie Knox
 [02/05 4:18:45PM]

Amy elliott
 [02/05 4:14:39PM]

anything but basic
Carla giblin
 [02/05 4:02:50PM]

Read V-tween the Lines sweater
Angela Grocholski
 [02/05 4:02:46PM]

One Touch of V-ness
 [02/05 4:00:34PM]

catching the breeze
Carla giblin
 [02/05 3:59:48PM]

Heather MacDonald
 [02/05 3:56:09PM]

V-ness Goddess of Love
 [02/05 3:55:39PM]

Layer slayer
Heather Wilhelm
 [02/05 3:52:31PM]

Deep V Love
Sharon MacKenzie
 [02/05 3:50:27PM]

I ‘V’ Sweet and Simple Sweater
Natalie Smith
 [02/05 3:49:00PM]

Plaknit Earth
 [02/05 3:45:59PM]

Plaknit Of Love
 [02/05 3:42:58PM]

Shadow Dancer
Catherine Dixon
 [02/05 3:42:54PM]

Vertical V, spring V, va va vee, spring fever, happy hour,
Gina bergman
 [02/05 3:40:31PM]

Sheer Impact
 [02/05 3:39:11PM]

Easy Breezy
lyndsay ward
 [02/05 3:36:51PM]

What Plaknit Are You On?
 [02/05 3:31:40PM]

vee heavenly sweather
crystal gagnon
 [02/05 3:25:25PM]

See through me sweater
Michelle fowler
 [02/05 3:22:54PM]

Vee Light
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 3:17:21PM]

Cozy Cure
Mandi Chantelle Desbiens
 [02/05 3:15:02PM]

Causal Chic
Amanda Sauve
 [02/05 3:14:50PM]

To V or Not to V
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 3:10:35PM]

Down To Earth
 [02/05 3:07:14PM]

“Sunday Morning” looks like something I’d wear while having brunch with friends.
Enza Notte
 [02/05 3:06:23PM]

The kind classic
Marie-Lou Alarie
 [02/05 3:05:55PM]

World View
 [02/05 3:04:08PM]

Earth Angel Sweater
Pamela Wood
 [02/05 3:03:26PM]

Super V and Chic
Charlotte MacKenzie
 [02/05 3:03:09PM]

Sweet vanity
Marie-Lou Alarie
 [02/05 3:02:44PM]

Save the Earth Sweater
Darrelyn Snider
 [02/05 3:01:47PM]

See through me sweater, back to basics sweater
Amanda Don
 [02/05 3:00:15PM]

Spring Fever Sweater
Pamela Wood
 [02/05 3:00:07PM]

Tickle the Ribs Sweater
Darrelyn Snider
 [02/05 2:59:57PM]

Mindful V or Mindful knit
Jennifer Thomas
 [02/05 2:57:25PM]

Natures comfort
Shelagh Peterson
 [02/05 2:56:06PM]

Tee Vee Tuesdays
Rachelle Beaulieu
 [02/05 2:51:50PM]

Mother Earth Sweater
Bree Mcmullen
 [02/05 2:49:25PM]

Naturally chic
Vicky McCahon
 [02/05 2:48:28PM]

weekend desire
 [02/05 2:48:25PM]

V-Mine Eco Knit Sweater
Lenore Warner
 [02/05 2:46:43PM]

Sheer Determination
 [02/05 2:43:04PM]

Yin Yang Sweater
Brandy MacDonald
 [02/05 2:39:29PM]

The Not So Casual Knit
Candace Ghostkeeper
 [02/05 2:38:40PM]

Kick Start My Cart Sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:30:16PM]

The Go Getter Sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:28:52PM]

Choices are Better sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:27:49PM]

Doing Better Sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:27:01PM]

All Things Weathered Sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:26:01PM]

20/20 sweater (as in clear vision of goals and future)
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:24:55PM]

Goal Setter Sweater
April Bruce
 [02/05 2:23:15PM]

Cotton Candy
Shirley Bruce
 [02/05 2:21:35PM]

Staple Sweater
Stacy Price
 [02/05 2:20:10PM]

Divine Lines Sweater
Adrienne van Dyke
 [02/05 2:17:52PM]

Living within the lines sweater
Adrienne van Dyke
 [02/05 2:16:43PM]

Easy Breezy Top
Vanessa David
 [02/05 2:16:28PM]

Boyfriend Sweater
Danna Harvey
 [02/05 2:15:25PM]

vertical vibes sweater
Nicole skibo
 [02/05 2:06:24PM]

You Hold The V To My Heart
 [02/05 2:00:36PM]

V my Valentine
Tanya Kierstead
 [02/05 1:56:35PM]

Ribbed for her pleasure
Tanya Kierstead
 [02/05 1:54:20PM]

You Are The V To My Heart
 [02/05 1:54:05PM]

You Have The V To My Heart
 [02/05 1:51:37PM]

Sheer delight
Rona Tepper
 [02/05 1:47:52PM]

V-eer into comfort, Sweet Sixteen, Cozy Valley, ,
Lizann Schultz
 [02/05 1:43:16PM]

Spring Breeze
Walterine lukeman
 [02/05 1:40:49PM]

Meshing with Nature Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [02/05 1:35:08PM]

Sheerly Eco Sweater
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [02/05 1:31:11PM]

Environmentally Inspired Sweater
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [02/05 1:29:24PM]

Vee Mine Forever
 [02/05 1:28:44PM]

Will you V mine?
Lori Martin
 [02/05 1:26:54PM]

Friends for life Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [02/05 1:22:37PM]

Eco Echo
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [02/05 1:21:30PM]

Environ-Ment for me Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [02/05 1:19:34PM]

Sheer Comfort
Jennifer Kerr
 [02/05 1:16:15PM]

Costal chic
Julia Schellenberg
 [02/05 1:16:13PM]

It’s in my nature sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [02/05 1:15:58PM]

Let me V
Katlyn Bennett
 [02/05 1:14:15PM]

Deep Breathes, Deep Down, Oh so right,
Victoria Harrison
 [02/05 1:14:07PM]

Sheer Pleasure Sweater
Stephanie Jordan
 [02/05 1:12:53PM]

Sheer madness
B lodewyks
 [02/05 1:08:59PM]

Easy Breazy top
Heather Wallace
 [02/05 1:08:57PM]

Terri Horan
 [02/05 1:03:24PM]

The "All That" sweater
Jaylene Wiebe
 [02/05 1:02:18PM]

Be The Change You Want To See
 [02/05 1:01:17PM]

Waterfall sweater
Laura Hevia
 [02/05 1:01:03PM]

Rainforest sweater
Laura Hevia
 [02/05 12:59:59PM]

Sheer Love V neck sweater
Lori Martin
 [02/05 12:56:52PM]

Melt away the snow
Kayli gagnon
 [02/05 12:56:46PM]

Visibly vexing v neck
Anna Sutton
 [02/05 12:55:41PM]

Sheer perfection,
Sarah Kilmartin
 [02/05 12:54:31PM]

I VEE you beautiful
Diana Mazzuca
 [02/05 12:53:35PM]

Shakira sweater
Calyssa Skeggs
 [02/05 12:53:32PM]

Chic love
Cheryl Holly
 [02/05 12:49:56PM]

Francine fowler
 [02/05 12:49:24PM]

Linde. Name = soft & gentle person with an extremely friendly personality
Laurey Hern
 [02/05 12:48:53PM]

Cotton Candy
 [02/05 12:47:10PM]

Feel good about it sweater
Heather Kropodra
 [02/05 12:42:08PM]

I See right Through You
Condie Grohs
 [02/05 12:41:25PM]

Casual Friday
 [02/05 12:41:12PM]

Anything is Posh-ible
Shari Maclellan
 [02/05 12:38:57PM]

Sweet Simplicity Sweater, Cozy and Chic Knit, Deception V-neck, Facade, Illusion sweater
Jennifer Parks
 [02/05 12:38:30PM]

Eco me breezy
Cassandra massicotte
 [02/05 12:34:38PM]

Afternoon Delight
Shari MacLellan
 [02/05 12:34:13PM]

Love At First Sight
 [02/05 12:33:21PM]

Sweet Tempered
Shari MacLellan
 [02/05 12:31:01PM]

Cozy Comfort Ecosweater
Jean Zariski
 [02/05 12:29:11PM]

Kiss my V-neck
Deanna White
 [02/05 12:26:56PM]

Laurey Hern
 [02/05 12:23:31PM]

Say La Vee
 [02/05 12:20:43PM]

Naturally Valiant Vee
Serina Silver
 [02/05 12:20:31PM]

Blissful knit
Amanda Simmerson
 [02/05 12:19:42PM]

C’est La Vie
 [02/05 12:19:00PM]

Eyes Wide Open Sweater
Kristina Sarafincian
 [02/05 12:18:04PM]

Eyes Wide Open Sweatwr
Kristina Sarafincian
 [02/05 12:17:13PM]

Snuggle With Me
 [02/05 12:16:41PM]

Sassy V Moda
 [02/05 12:16:11PM]

Aware of sheer comfort sweater
Jennifer Freamon
 [02/05 12:15:41PM]

Va Va Voom V-neck
Carla Caswell
 [02/05 12:14:03PM]

Sweet Boho Vneck Sweater
Taneill Selinger
 [02/05 12:13:44PM]

Celestial Pure V neck sweater
Angela Wood
 [02/05 12:13:07PM]

Shear delight
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [02/05 12:11:30PM]

VeeThrough Sweater
Kirsti MacLean
 [02/05 12:10:53PM]

sheer perfection
Ashley Burchell
 [02/05 12:07:53PM]

Sweet Comfort Sweater
Amanda Gryschuk
 [02/05 12:06:13PM]

Organically Beautiful Sweater/You Gotta Be Ribbing Me Sweater
Lee-Anne St. Pierre
 [02/05 12:05:31PM]

V-Aware Sweater
Jennifer Kutcher
 [02/05 12:04:51PM]

Good Natured Sweater
Melissa Gervais
 [02/05 12:04:36PM]

Lana Strachan
 [02/05 12:04:27PM]

The V Natural Sweater
Amy Romanuik
 [02/05 12:02:41PM]

V-ertical lines sweater
Nicole Skibo
 [02/05 12:01:25PM]

Ripple Effect
Wendy Lynn Lywak
 [02/05 12:00:50PM]

Peak a V
Erin Levesque
 [02/05 11:59:24AM]

She Can V-neck, Everyday Aware Sweater, Ability Sweater,
Dayna Cote
 [02/05 11:51:27AM]

sweet and subtle sweater, softly subtle sweater
Angela Yamaoka
 [02/05 11:47:29AM]

Eco-Trendy Sweater
Kaitlin Wouters
 [02/05 11:47:06AM]

V Trendy Knit Sweater
Kaitlin Wouters
 [02/05 11:46:09AM]

Vivacious Vibes
Jennifer Stafford
 [02/05 11:45:56AM]

Flirty V
Mekyssa alexandre
 [02/05 11:44:10AM]

Woven magic sweater
Alyssa Fahie
 [02/05 11:42:10AM]

Angelina sweater,
Angelina Trudel
 [02/05 11:42:08AM]

Love Is A Breeze, Breeze Into Summer
Marla Brackenridge
 [02/05 11:41:14AM]

Breeze into spring
Amber Gibson
 [02/05 11:41:14AM]

Vee Aware.
Kara Forest
 [02/05 11:40:17AM]

That’s a very sexy V neck
Stephanie Kambeitz
 [02/05 11:37:27AM]

Naturally You Sweater
Kelley Andrews-Klein
 [02/05 11:36:43AM]

Love is in the air
Amber Gibson
 [02/05 11:34:10AM]

Camp Days Wooly
Erin Harris
 [02/05 11:34:08AM]

V-ying For Your Love
Alicia Van Dyk
 [02/05 11:32:21AM]

Love your Mother Eco-V
Pam Clifford
 [02/05 11:32:14AM]

Into the deep V sweater
Elaine Lyle
 [02/05 11:31:46AM]

Dive Down Sweater
Anna Frost
 [02/05 11:31:13AM]

Sheer bliss cozy v sweater
Jessica macfadyen
 [02/05 11:29:39AM]

Earth, Wind and Inspire Sweater
Kristen Schiefke
 [02/05 11:29:19AM]

Vee-licious Sweater, Wind & Earth Sweater, Boho-eautiful Sweater
Kristen Schiefke
 [02/05 11:28:32AM]

Sheer it to believe it V sweater .
Jessica macfadyen
 [02/05 11:28:25AM]

The Deep "V"
Ariana Warner
 [02/05 11:27:59AM]

Barely-There V-neck
Tracey Marshall
 [02/05 11:27:36AM]

Serenity, The Social, or Sweet Comfort
Valerie Di Folca
 [02/05 11:25:44AM]

The Graceful Ellegance V- Neck
Annie Dupuis
 [02/05 11:25:37AM]

Be-aware of me sweater
Elizabeth Antao
 [02/05 11:22:25AM]

Watch out or lookout
Rae-Anne Gall
 [02/05 11:22:23AM]

Climate change sweater, organically you sweater, tree hugger sweater, earth vibe v-neck, Aware for you top
Lianne Healey
 [02/05 11:22:15AM]

Aware on Me
Jenny Owen-Paulus
 [02/05 11:19:14AM]

It's the Vibe
Samantha Baron
 [02/05 11:17:21AM]

Boyfriend Sweater
Kristin Kelly
 [02/05 11:14:54AM]

V mine or V my valentine
Sherri Budgen
 [02/05 11:14:39AM]

Stand Alone
Laura Lightheart
 [02/05 11:13:39AM]

Set sail in the wind
Genevieve Trudeau
 [02/05 11:13:19AM]

Earth-conscious v neck stunner
Michelle Noel
 [02/05 11:12:43AM]

V For...Not After
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 11:11:59AM]

Weevee, peek a vee
Gerri Toews
 [02/05 11:11:49AM]

I see you sweater
Erin Ginther
 [02/05 11:11:34AM]

Weave Vee
Gerri Toews
 [02/05 11:10:27AM]

Knotty or Nice
Genevieve Trudeau
 [02/05 11:09:30AM]

Let your dreams set sail
Genevieve Trudeau
 [02/05 11:08:33AM]

Sheerly aware, Sheerly organic, Sheerly beautiful, Sheer for me, Eco-V, V organic, V sheer
Emily Hadary
 [02/05 11:08:18AM]

Organic V-Neck
Ramona Holman
 [02/05 11:08:05AM]

Cozy comfort
Melissa lainey
 [02/05 11:07:01AM]

Perfect Peekaboo Sweater, Less is More Sweater
Gisele Picard
 [02/05 11:06:36AM]

Cozy cutie
Vickie Bailey
 [02/05 11:05:28AM]

Now You See Me Sweater
Justine Navarro
 [02/05 11:04:34AM]

Brenda Derochie
 [02/05 11:04:00AM]

Robyn Harvey
 [02/05 11:02:43AM]

Breath of fresh air, naturally beautiful
 [02/05 11:01:52AM]

See through the lines
Amber Gibson
 [02/05 11:01:33AM]

The flirt
 [02/05 10:58:03AM]

Let me V
Karen Benoit
 [02/05 10:57:53AM]

Anesi (Greek for comfort)
Richelle MacDonald
 [02/05 10:55:56AM]

V-neck vibe, livin' la v-neck,
Kaitlyn popert
 [02/05 10:55:15AM]

sheer perfection sweater, open knit ribbed sweater, cotton sense sweater, ribbed for her pleasure (had to do it lol)
Melissa Mohammed
 [02/05 10:51:48AM]

Graceful Ways
Jessica gale
 [02/05 10:51:29AM]

The bold and the bashful
Amber Gibson
 [02/05 10:50:59AM]

V mine
Shelly Thomas’s
 [02/05 10:50:43AM]

Naturally Beautiful V-Neck Sweater
Janice Murphy
 [02/05 10:50:33AM]

Tammy Kitzul
 [02/05 10:48:10AM]

V-Neck Delight, Vacation V-Neck, Adventures Await, Cotton V Delight, Unique Adventure V-Neck, Wild V Adventures.
Kierstan Pasychnyk
 [02/05 10:47:07AM]

Wear it anywhere sweater
Stephanie Ayers
 [02/05 10:46:35AM]

V between the lines
Janice McIntyre
 [02/05 10:46:06AM]

Eco sheer comfort pullover
Ashley Tardif
 [02/05 10:45:15AM]

Love our planet
Pauline Beaudet
 [02/05 10:44:55AM]

Gentle Breeze sweater
Lizanne Roy
 [02/05 10:43:35AM]

Urban Wind
Mimi Katsmar
 [02/05 10:43:30AM]

Floating in a Cloud
Lori Shewan
 [02/05 10:43:22AM]

The 'Repose' Sweater (repose means restful and calm. I will buy this gorgeous sweater and feel comfort & repose)
Wendy Unrau
 [02/05 10:42:48AM]

V-Form or V-Formation
Cara Scholl
 [02/05 10:42:47AM]

Not Your Grandma’s Sweater
Meagan Tremblay
 [02/05 10:42:34AM]

See the V knitt, See the V Sweater, Be Seen Sweater
Tara Collin
 [02/05 10:41:54AM]

V-ery into you
Penelope May Hacker
 [02/05 10:41:02AM]

Sheer bliss
Amanda Grant
 [02/05 10:40:45AM]

V-aware, Veco, Vero Aware
Chelsea Carter
 [02/05 10:37:58AM]

Ready for anything sweater
Cindy Bergamo
 [02/05 10:37:55AM]

Comfy causual
Myra Sambirsky
 [02/05 10:36:04AM]

Day And Night Delight, Wind At My Back
Marla Brackenridge
 [02/05 10:35:51AM]

Free to V
Cara Scholl
 [02/05 10:35:19AM]

Eco blend v neck sweater
Holly woods
 [02/05 10:34:59AM]

Spring into cotton
Tessa Fleck
 [02/05 10:33:50AM]

Sheer perfection sweater, blurred lines pullover, the HOLEy Grail of sweaters, just breathe sweater, airey delight sweater, perfect transition pullover, very versitile v neck, shy and sexy sweater
Courtney Barrett
 [02/05 10:33:43AM]

V’ed Up
Amanda Lewis
 [02/05 10:32:41AM]

Valentina V Neck (means healthy / strong and it’s valentines :)
Darsie Smith
 [02/05 10:32:16AM]

Between The V Lines
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 10:30:10AM]

Peek of Chic Sweater
Adriana Gaven
 [02/05 10:30:05AM]

Easy, V-eezy, Beautiful sweater
Cayla Solomon
 [02/05 10:29:33AM]

Jenn Moore
 [02/05 10:29:22AM]

Absolutely AWARE V-Neck Sweater; Interweave V-Neck Sweater;
Kelly Hagel
 [02/05 10:29:19AM]

V for Me sweater
Heather Mahood
 [02/05 10:28:52AM]

It's all about V!
Jenn Moore
 [02/05 10:28:44AM]

See through my beauty
Amber Gibson
 [02/05 10:27:12AM]

Obviously Chic V-Neck
Cheryl LeClair
 [02/05 10:26:34AM]

V (or vee?) to my heart sweater
Cayla Solomon
 [02/05 10:26:29AM]

Sheer comfort
 [02/05 10:23:04AM]

Eco Chic
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 10:22:12AM]

Eco-Friend-Vee; Eco-Chic; Pull-Vee-Over
Susan Constantine
 [02/05 10:17:00AM]

Dream Weaver Sweater
melissa kowalczyk
 [02/05 10:15:36AM]

Bare your Lines
Daina McGowan
 [02/05 10:14:52AM]

Earth Goddess
Natalie Baikie
 [02/05 10:14:37AM]

Organic Awareness
Karen Carvell
 [02/05 10:12:19AM]

Aware of life
Kelly Purvis
 [02/05 10:10:12AM]

Natural Lines
Kathy Pirone
 [02/05 10:10:08AM]

Pin Perfect
Teresa Grant
 [02/05 10:09:53AM]

Between the Lines Pullover
Kathy Pirone
 [02/05 10:09:10AM]

Easy breezy spring sweater
Heather Arstall
 [02/05 10:08:57AM]

V- Natural; Cotton-V-Light; Spring Aware; Sheer and Natural; Choose Wise Vee;
Susan Constantine
 [02/05 10:08:55AM]

“Pure as the Driven Snow”
Joanne Wardekker
 [02/05 10:08:48AM]

Beautiful symmetry, the mêi (beauty in Chinese)
Diana Brown
 [02/05 10:08:26AM]

Clean Lines Pullover
Kathy Pirone
 [02/05 10:08:13AM]

Sea breeze
Shawn Dorchak
 [02/05 10:07:11AM]

V seen and V heard sweater
Vicki Hanson
 [02/05 10:06:43AM]

Coastal Chic
Jen Pethick
 [02/05 10:06:26AM]

I Dream of V-Neck sweater
Heather Buzila
 [02/05 10:05:00AM]

Slick and Airy
Marla Brackenridge
 [02/05 10:04:57AM]

Go With The Flow, Just Go With It, Go For It
Carissa Arnold
 [02/05 10:04:40AM]

Silent statement sweater, Very necessary v-neck
Vicki Hanson
 [02/05 10:04:22AM]

Simple peekaboo line sweater
Lisa griko
 [02/05 10:03:10AM]

The V to my Heart Sweater
Erin Roussin
 [02/05 10:02:17AM]

Day and evening frolic
Christine Mclean
 [02/05 10:01:51AM]

V Aware
Jacqueline Dawe
 [02/05 10:01:15AM]

Eco Chic Sweater
Leanne Cottrell
 [02/05 10:01:13AM]

Amanda whelihan
 [02/05 10:00:22AM]

Sheer Comfort
Erin Houldsworth
 [02/05 9:59:58AM]

Lines of loVE
Sarah Kublanski
 [02/05 9:58:31AM]

The Gwyneth ( it's a chic, yet simple sweater, eco friendly, sure bet this health /planet aware guru actress (Paltrow) would absolutely wear it )
Marie-Lou Alarie
 [02/05 9:58:24AM]

Flatters from every angle, fashion faithfulness, true to you
Sheri-lee dembowski
 [02/05 9:58:11AM]

Conscious Comfort
Fleur Nelson
 [02/05 9:57:39AM]

I see you sweater, peek-a-boo sweater
Melanie Lee
 [02/05 9:57:21AM]

Vibe Tribe Sweater
Kerri Huculak
 [02/05 9:57:07AM]

Huggable sweater
Julie peters
 [02/05 9:56:54AM]

Sheer Force
Julianne Funk
 [02/05 9:54:56AM]

Aware it gently
Line heuston-hanley
 [02/05 9:53:38AM]

V Aware
Candice Crosby
 [02/05 9:52:31AM]

Vero chic
Jessica Joyce
 [02/05 9:52:21AM]

Simple Romance
Shannon Walsh
 [02/05 9:51:51AM]

V Free Sweater
Emily Buss
 [02/05 9:51:38AM]

I see you V
Christina Silvester
 [02/05 9:51:10AM]

Whether or not sweater
Kirsten Mogensen
 [02/05 9:50:31AM]

Light and Airy Pullover
Katherine Reilley
 [02/05 9:50:11AM]

Freely Aware
Danielle Brown
 [02/05 9:49:20AM]

Be My Valentine Sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:49:19AM]

Sheer Delight Sweater, World Renowned, Earth and Body (EB) Friendly,
Trish Schram
 [02/05 9:48:40AM]

Sheer Bliss Top
Candice Crosby
 [02/05 9:48:26AM]

The comfy essential
Amanda whelihan
 [02/05 9:48:15AM]

Aware it softly
Line heuston-hanley
 [02/05 9:47:18AM]

Love the Lines, Hold the Line, Take the Plunge, Deeply Yours
Lauren Horch
 [02/05 9:46:26AM]

The Versatile V
Abby Laity
 [02/05 9:46:24AM]

Sheer Joy
Shyla Unruh
 [02/05 9:46:13AM]

How I Love Vee
Leah Jones
 [02/05 9:45:31AM]

Just Breathe
Allisyn MacLean
 [02/05 9:45:27AM]

Cozy "V"ness
April Berry
 [02/05 9:45:26AM]

Sheer or Far, sheer as Day, shifting sheer, your best mesh, Mesh (v.), harmony top, Bobby Net Top,
Samantha Chartrand
 [02/05 9:45:19AM]

Vera nice sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:45:03AM]

Oh So Perfect
Carrie Bell
 [02/05 9:44:58AM]

Vera Chic Sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:44:27AM]

For the Love of V
Courtney Walsh
 [02/05 9:43:25AM]

Sheer me in the right direction, sheer spring, sheer excitement, sheer excited for spring, v for vendetta, v for a cause, 3R’s, Rx3 (reduce, reuse, recycle)
Jennifer schmick
 [02/05 9:42:59AM]

V.I.P Sweater, Va Va Voom sweater
Jacqueline Dawe
 [02/05 9:42:50AM]

Play all day top
Tiffany Crawford
 [02/05 9:42:14AM]

Dare to Dream
Marnie Willer
 [02/05 9:39:42AM]

Honest Play, Live the Line, Sheer Freedom, Freedom Seeker, Seeing Lines, Deep Seeker, Deep Thinker, Honestly Deep
Lauren Horch
 [02/05 9:39:13AM]

Simply V, casual V, Sexy V
Lee-Ann Therrien
 [02/05 9:38:36AM]

Peep Show Sweater
Lyndsie Smit
 [02/05 9:38:35AM]

V for Vivacious
Jacqueline Dawe
 [02/05 9:38:05AM]

Organicair sweater
Renee Piette
 [02/05 9:37:23AM]

Be My Valentine Sweater
Jennifer klassen
 [02/05 9:37:07AM]

Kerri-Anne Gundersen
 [02/05 9:35:03AM]

Peekaboo Pullover, Just a Glimpse V Neck Sweater, Shearly Beautiful Peekaboo Sweater, Light and Airy Eco Sweater, Sweetheart V Neck Pullover
Wendy Sargent
 [02/05 9:34:36AM]

Spring V
Sarina Gosse
 [02/05 9:34:15AM]

The sweet V
Melissa Day
 [02/05 9:34:07AM]

Sheer Class
Martha van Dyke
 [02/05 9:33:38AM]

Let's Vee Natural Sweater,Let's Vee Good to the Environment Sweater
June Weiss
 [02/05 9:33:23AM]

Natural Way Sweater, Cotton Comfort Sweater, V for Victorious Sweater
Jennifer Burkhart
 [02/05 9:32:58AM]

Sweet Silhouette
Sarah Kehler
 [02/05 9:32:53AM]

Casually Committed
Tara-Dawn Wark
 [02/05 9:32:49AM]

Between the lines sweater
Angela Kerluke
 [02/05 9:32:48AM]

Spring Fling
Kate Penney
 [02/05 9:32:05AM]

Vee-lightful sweater
Jessica Oldham
 [02/05 9:32:00AM]

Light as a feather sweater
Elyse Croome
 [02/05 9:31:44AM]

The Vogue V-Neck
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [02/05 9:31:20AM]

Through the Line, On the Line, Walk the Line, Sheer Lines, Deep Lines, Truly Madly Deeply, Deep Love
Lauren Horch
 [02/05 9:31:08AM]

Out 'n About
Kim p
 [02/05 9:30:53AM]

Reach for Lightness or Reach for Light
Kendra Fossheim
 [02/05 9:30:37AM]

V to the Orga-Knit
Dominique Hampton
 [02/05 9:30:29AM]

Vital Chic Sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:28:33AM]

Sheer Bliss
Jennifer Kammer
 [02/05 9:28:21AM]

Take the plunge knit
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [02/05 9:27:53AM]

All that I can V top
Jessica Oldham
 [02/05 9:27:44AM]

The Isabelle Sweater
Jacqueline Sawchuk
 [02/05 9:27:25AM]

Silhouette Sweater, Sultry Silhouette Sweater
Sarah Kehler
 [02/05 9:27:25AM]

Eco V sweater
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [02/05 9:27:09AM]

Eco Chic, Chic Sweater, Eco Sweater
Michelle Melsom
 [02/05 9:26:54AM]

Va Va VOOM Sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:26:50AM]

Cotton Breeze View V-Neck Sweater
sheelah tomljanovich
 [02/05 9:26:42AM]

You had me at hello sweater
Lacey roberts
 [02/05 9:26:22AM]

You Had Me at V Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:26:00AM]

Sheer joy
Brittaney Zukewich
 [02/05 9:25:45AM]

Kim Simmons
 [02/05 9:25:21AM]

One of a Kind Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:25:16AM]

Pun of a Kind Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:24:59AM]

You Sweater Believe it
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:23:53AM]

Body Beautiful V Neck sweater
Kirby Schulz
 [02/05 9:23:24AM]

cozy love sweater
haley weston
 [02/05 9:23:01AM]

nothing but smiles
haley weston
 [02/05 9:22:40AM]

Comfy Cozy Casual
 [02/05 9:21:51AM]

Oh be Mine Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:21:42AM]

See Right Threw Me
Laura Leblanc
 [02/05 9:20:47AM]

Nothing but a V thing
Candace Wigham
 [02/05 9:19:55AM]

Sea Island V-Neck (sea island cotton is so fresh, this sweater looks fresh and light and airy. That’s why I think that’s a perfect name!)
Natalie Brand
 [02/05 9:19:52AM]

V free
Laura King
 [02/05 9:19:38AM]

Light as Air , Sheer Perfection, Sheer Awareness
Melissa Short
 [02/05 9:19:35AM]

Carla Beaulac
 [02/05 9:19:31AM]

Because V love you
Melanie bennett
 [02/05 9:19:21AM]

Sneak a Peak Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:19:03AM]

“V” My Valentine Sweater
Angela Grocholski
 [02/05 9:18:59AM]

V Aware
Carly Gudjonson
 [02/05 9:18:24AM]

Stare a little longer sweater
Melanie Bennett
 [02/05 9:17:32AM]

Along these lines
Tanja Saario
 [02/05 9:17:13AM]

Standalone Sweater
Rebecca Stothart
 [02/05 9:17:09AM]

To V or not to V
Sheena Radojcic
 [02/05 9:16:27AM]

You Had Me at V Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:16:24AM]

Catch a Glimpse Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:15:59AM]

Sheer Beauty
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [02/05 9:15:53AM]

Oh So Dreamy Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/05 9:15:29AM]

Take me away sweater
Jennifer soares
 [02/05 9:14:39AM]

Vee Eco Essential
Nicole Johnston
 [02/05 9:14:33AM]

Cozy up sweater
Lynn Miller
 [02/05 9:14:30AM]

jenn swayze
 [02/05 9:14:09AM]

Sheer Delight sweater
Jaime Rubeniuk
 [02/05 9:14:08AM]

Eco Dream Sweater
Laurie Pampu
 [02/05 9:13:11AM]

Sheer Comfort
Krista Powell
 [02/05 9:12:37AM]

Eco chic sweater
Julia strickland
 [02/05 9:12:29AM]

The Aveeda
Veronica Keenan
 [02/05 9:12:26AM]

Living on Aware, V green , enViro neck sweater (notice the capital V)
Nicole Smith
 [02/05 9:12:15AM]

Ve Aware
Stephanie Maitlanf
 [02/05 9:11:33AM]

Organic dreams
Shannon arnaud
 [02/05 9:11:12AM]

Blurred Lines
Stephanie Maitland
 [02/05 9:10:20AM]

Spring fling
Shannon arnaud
 [02/05 9:09:56AM]

V is for Vixen
Carly Gallant
 [02/05 9:09:40AM]

Waffley comfortable
Nicole Sletto
 [02/05 9:09:38AM]

The Devine V ; The Essential Sweater ; Sheer Darling
Haley Boland
 [02/05 9:09:14AM]

Eco chic
Shannon arnaud
 [02/05 9:08:22AM]

Sweet V
Veronica Keenan
 [02/05 9:07:51AM]

Sarah Goetz
 [02/05 9:07:47AM]

Spring feels
Elizabeth Forrest
 [02/05 9:07:37AM]

Blurred lines
Michelle neuffer
 [02/05 9:07:35AM]

Sheer Heaven
April Kennedy
 [02/05 9:07:20AM]

Vee Chic
Veronica Keenan
 [02/05 9:06:50AM]

Ribbed effect sweater
Kelly McQuade
 [02/05 9:06:19AM]

Knit The Dot
Nichole lasalle
 [02/05 9:06:11AM]

Casually Yours
Pamela Valente
 [02/05 9:06:04AM]

Sheerful Delight
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [02/05 9:05:37AM]

All About the V
Jamie Sealy
 [02/05 9:05:12AM]

Lined and Loved Sweater
Jindy Popoff
 [02/05 9:03:19AM]

Sheer dream
Danielle Buress
 [02/05 9:02:48AM]

Sheer Goddess
Lara Beattie
 [02/05 9:01:52AM]

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