Behind the Scenes: Kenzley Makeup Photoshoot
February 8, 2019

Join us behind the scenes on one of our photoshoots at the Silver Icing head office. This is where the magic happens!
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be at a Silver Icing photo shoot? Typically for our Spotlight posts, we show you the final, edited photos, but you don’t get to see everything that goes into these all-day shoots. Now is your chance to take a peek behind the scenes!

We have a lot of fun on all of our photo shoots, but this one was particularly exciting. This photo shoot was all about KENZLEY, our high-quality line of makeup products. We all had such a great time trying out all of the shades of lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, blush and more – on three different women.

For this shoot, Brooke, our talented photographer, worked with our lovely models, Lauren, Ramita, and Celeste. Our skillful makeup artist, Kristina, used our KENZLEY makeup line to create multiple beautiful looks for each woman. The KENZLEY makeup line is long-lasting, pigment rich, and comes in a diverse range of colours for all complexions. Everyone found the perfect colours to complement their skin tone, eyes and hair.

Now it’s your turn! Find the perfect shades for you. Check out the featured products below and see photos of each lipstick and lip gloss on one of these three beautiful women.

Discover the beauty of KENZLEY makeup!

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