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Tie Dye Tank
June 19, 2020

Silver Icing Tie Dye Tank

You know what time it is…it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for this tie dye tank! This medium weight tank is super soft and features a chest pocket and a bright, unique tie dye print!

Silver Icing Name It to Win It Spotlight: Tie Dye Tank

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, June 21 at 9AM (PST).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It Spotlight: Tie Dye Tank

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week! The winner will receive their size of choice! (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL). This tank will Presale for $44.99 (Retail $49.95). Good luck! ❤️

Silver Icing Name It to Win It Spotlight: Tie Dye Tank

*Christina is wearing the size S*

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Total of 3,526 Entries
Congratulations to Jasmine Gibson, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Peace of the Rainbow Tank
That 70ies Shirt
Lynne Pinfold
 [06/21 9:40:45AM] Med

That 70ies Shirt
Lynne Punfold
 [06/21 9:39:15AM] Med

Michelle Evans
 [06/21 9:00:14AM] L

Live and Let Tie Dye
Natalie Gouin
 [06/21 9:00:07AM] Medium

 [06/21 8:59:43AM] L

Chilling Summer vibes
Joanne Corbett
 [06/21 8:57:29AM] XL

Brighter days tank
ANITA Hopton
 [06/21 8:56:44AM] M

1. Groovy (Baby) Tank 2. I’d tie dye for you (Tank) 3. Fun in the Sun (Tank)4.You make me happy (Tank
Melanie Boyd
 [06/21 8:55:24AM] Large

Colour Me Hippie Tank
Diana Stephens
 [06/21 8:53:18AM] L

To Dye for tank
Ashlee Gobbs
 [06/21 8:52:30AM] M

Pandemic Psychedelic tank
Shauna Laird
 [06/21 8:49:02AM] M

A tank “tye dye” for!
Shauna Laird
 [06/21 8:47:55AM] M

Dying to Try
Sara Bietz
 [06/21 8:46:45AM] L

Cynthia Merriman
 [06/21 8:45:01AM] 2XL

Peace tank, Flower Child tank, Firework tank, Watercolour tank
Christel Whittaker
 [06/21 8:44:13AM] M

50 Shades of Colour Tank
Jenn Dilfer
 [06/21 8:44:05AM] XL

Tootie Frutie Tank, colour me all over tank, light Bright Tank, bold and beautiful Tank, Tied and Gone to Heaven Tank,
Jenn Dilfer
 [06/21 8:42:36AM] Xl

“TDT” or “ Cotton Candy Swirl”
Helen Burch
 [06/21 8:35:34AM] Large

You Bright Up My Life
Tammy Lopez
 [06/21 8:22:54AM] Small

Nicole colby
 [06/21 8:19:26AM] Large

All tyed up
Pamela Jack
 [06/21 8:17:58AM] Small

Tie Dye for tank!
Shannon Earley
 [06/21 8:16:54AM] Xl

The Unicorn’s Eye Tank, or The Nothing Beats Tye Dye Tank, or The Peace, Love, and Tye Dye Tank
Jasmine Vandale
 [06/21 8:16:29AM] 3XL

Rays of Sun tank, Loving Bright tank, Rays of Summer, Bright Rays, Brights Rays of Summer
Nerissa Smith
 [06/21 8:16:19AM] Small

Freedom Tank
Jennifer Angove
 [06/21 8:14:52AM] M

Shine Tank
Nerissa Smith
 [06/21 8:13:48AM] Small

Tied to the 90’s
Lisa Smit
 [06/21 8:12:03AM] XL

Amanda Mahar
 [06/21 8:11:40AM] Large

Shades of the 60’s
Brenda Lang
 [06/21 8:10:33AM] XL

Galaxy tank
Brocklyn Edwards
 [06/21 8:09:33AM] XL

Summer Samba
Sandra Hamilton
 [06/21 8:08:56AM] S

To dye for tank
Shandy Kerik
 [06/21 8:07:12AM] XL

All Tied up Tank
Carol Eason
 [06/21 8:04:51AM] L

Tied and True
Teri Pound
 [06/21 8:04:26AM] 2xl

A Ray of Sunshine
Charmaine Heide
 [06/21 8:04:10AM] Medium

Vibrant days
April Brown
 [06/21 7:47:40AM] L

Tutee fruity
Pat pape
 [06/21 7:47:20AM] Xl

Dying for this tank
Mandy Falardeau
 [06/21 7:30:08AM] 2x

Retro Chic
Barb Kolkman
 [06/21 7:30:01AM] M

Retro Chic
Barb Kolkman
 [06/21 7:29:43AM] M

Happy Go Lucky
Lori Biggs
 [06/21 7:27:57AM] 2xl

All dyes on you — Fit to be dyed — Lady Dye
Ruth Francis
 [06/21 7:27:02AM] S

Summer vibes tank
Melanie Brandt
 [06/21 7:22:05AM] Medium

Retro Chic
Barb Kolkman
 [06/21 6:53:35AM] M

Retro Chic
Barb Kolkman
 [06/21 6:52:02AM] M

Summer splash tank
 [06/21 6:44:30AM] Med

Summer splash tank
 [06/21 6:44:10AM] Med

Tie it up!
Nicole Waldner
 [06/21 6:40:55AM] Medium

Summer Lovin’
Melissa Best
 [06/21 6:34:52AM] M

Groovy time tank
Josée Bazinet
 [06/21 6:11:55AM] Large

Groovy time tank
Josée Bazinet
 [06/21 6:11:39AM] Large

Spring Fresh
Barb Edwards
 [06/21 6:02:58AM] Medium

Let’s Groove
Katie lavergne
 [06/21 5:56:38AM] Small

Rainbow of sunshine
Chantal Theriault
 [06/21 5:36:14AM] Medium

Summer Lights
Julene Roen
 [06/21 5:35:46AM] Large

Summer Lights
Julene Roen
 [06/21 5:35:08AM] Large

Celestial Tank
Alaina Alexander
 [06/21 4:52:37AM] Large

Sundance Sky Tank
Giovanna Carini
 [06/21 3:49:47AM] S

Neon lights top
Roxane Nicholson
 [06/21 3:07:20AM] Med

Claudia Andrews
 [06/21 1:56:59AM] 1X

Rainbow Parade
Sharon Duffy
 [06/21 12:58:37AM] Large

The Future is Bright the dye tank
Penelope Hacker
 [06/21 12:34:56AM] XL

It's a trip! Tank, prism break tank
Jacqueline Penner
 [06/21 12:23:15AM] Small

To Dye for Tank
Susan Robins
 [06/21 12:15:23AM] 3XL

Tie dyed and true tank
Susan Robins
 [06/21 12:13:00AM] 3XL

Tie Bright Tank
Paige Kirkham
 [06/21 12:08:08AM] Medium

Fabulously Funky Tank
Donna Leslie
 [06/20 11:46:32PM] XL

Blast from the past
Sarah Bendk
 [06/20 11:38:49PM] Medium

Revamped Summer, Summer Reflection Tie Dye Tank, Memory Lane Tie Dye Tank,
Sarah Schinnour
 [06/20 11:31:11PM] Small

Dipped in Dreams Tye Die Tank
Krista Burrows
 [06/20 11:22:52PM] M

Peace & happiness
leona marsden
 [06/20 11:20:05PM] 3x

To Dye for Tank!!
Lori Ferguson
 [06/20 11:18:04PM] Xlg

Summer of Love?
Linda Gustafson
 [06/20 11:11:41PM] MEDIUM

Colour wonder, Raden retro, happy hippy, hippie dippy tie dye,
Megan Winia
 [06/20 11:10:31PM] 2x

Groovy Rainbow
Julie Rayner
 [06/20 10:47:12PM] Large

All You Need Is Love Tank
Mindy Livingston
 [06/20 10:35:56PM] 3XL

Wavy Gravy Flower Power Tank
Mindy Livingston
 [06/20 10:35:14PM] 3XL

Tie it up
Leanne Rowe
 [06/20 10:09:50PM] Xs

Summer lovin'
Susan Kendrick
 [06/20 10:05:05PM] M

All Tied Up Tank
Stephanie Polhill
 [06/20 10:00:57PM] 2XL

All Tied Up Tank
Stephanie Polhill
 [06/20 10:00:02PM] 2XL

Throw Back Tank
Jackie Hardy
 [06/20 9:58:04PM] XXL

Tie Dye For tank
Lesia Koski
 [06/20 9:56:28PM] L

Nifty Neon Tank
Sheree Langille
 [06/20 9:50:39PM] L

The free and flashy tank, the dynamite tank, twisted sister tank, the funky free tank, retro reflection tank
Danielle Ashworth
 [06/20 9:37:50PM] 3xl

The “live free or tie dye hard” tank
Danielle Ashworth
 [06/20 9:33:30PM] 3xl

Highlighter, Higher than Life, A Tie-Dye High, Dye-abolic Tank Top, Summer Waves
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 9:28:47PM] Medium

Summer Sky
Lisa Dowling
 [06/20 9:27:11PM] XL

Tie Escape Tank, Swizzle and Swirl Tank, Twisted, Frozen Lemonade Tank
Elizabeth Lefebvre
 [06/20 9:26:24PM] Large

Altogether Tie-Dye, Summer Connection, Retro Connection, Summer Peace
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 9:22:06PM] Medium

Brighter Days, Bit of Retro, Sun Luvin’, Retro Beach Babe
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 9:17:32PM] Medium

Sunshine Vibes, Summer Illusion, Neon Heatwave, Summer Ovation, Tie-Dye Elevation, Summer Glow Up
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 9:14:16PM] MEDIUM

Tie-Dye For
Lindsay Fader
 [06/20 9:12:40PM] S

Fly tie dye
Mandy Burton
 [06/20 9:09:25PM] XL

Neon Dreams, Neon Reflections, Neon Sass, Raise the Sun
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 9:08:26PM] Medium

Summer blast from the past
Robin rasmussen
 [06/20 9:07:41PM] M

Soul Flower
Kimberlee Huculak
 [06/20 9:04:48PM] xl

Rainbow tie dye tank
Kim Waldroff
 [06/20 9:01:11PM] m

Kendra Wegener
 [06/20 9:00:41PM] Small

Vintage vibes
Robin rasmussen
 [06/20 9:00:31PM] M

Retro love
Robin rasmussen
 [06/20 8:58:45PM] M

Dipped spot light
Kim Waldroff
 [06/20 8:57:09PM] m

Unicorn tye dye
Jennifer Maslow
 [06/20 8:51:16PM] Small

Unicorn the dye
Jennifer Maslow
 [06/20 8:50:36PM] Small

Flower Power T
Elizabeth Loeppky
 [06/20 8:49:31PM] Large

Flower Power T
Elizabeth Loeppky
 [06/20 8:47:10PM] Large

It’s A Vibe Tank
 [06/20 8:45:23PM] XL

A Vibe tank
 [06/20 8:43:49PM] XL

Tied & Dyed Tank, Sun Dyed Tank, My Sun-Dye Tank,
Melissa Morrison
 [06/20 8:41:39PM] 2XL

Summer solstice
Naida Miller
 [06/20 8:40:25PM] Ex large

Rainbow swirl, Colour explosion, tanks for the memories, retro rainbow
Tammy Desharnais
 [06/20 8:39:38PM] L

Fun dip tank
Lisa Betts
 [06/20 8:36:42PM] L

Tie-Dye For Tank; Colourful Cutoff Tank; Cotton Candy Casual Tank;
Sara Lotter
 [06/20 8:28:13PM] XL

Summer plunge, Splashing into Summer, Plunging into Summer, Summer sky, Sky of Summer, be fruity, Fruity Plunge, Fruit of Summer Tank,
Taylor Fraser
 [06/20 8:21:42PM] Medium

Bohemian Joy
Sharon Pepper
 [06/20 8:16:49PM] Medium

Neon summer
Sarah Popowich
 [06/20 8:14:23PM] S

Neon summer
Sarah Popowich
 [06/20 8:13:53PM] 3

Back to the Seventies
Marleen Foulds
 [06/20 8:13:12PM] 3x

To dye for Tank
Angèle Lajeunesse
 [06/20 8:02:47PM] Xs

Kaleidoscope summer
 [06/20 7:55:24PM] Small

Unicorn dust
Casandra Chambers
 [06/20 7:50:40PM] L

Summer neon burst
Pam Rousseau
 [06/20 7:43:19PM] Lg

Rainbow bright tye dye
Liz de Jong
 [06/20 7:39:14PM] Large

Dynamite Tank
Denise Kostesky
 [06/20 7:37:18PM] Medium

Kolidescope Kraze
Roxanne Schnurr
 [06/20 7:34:39PM] Small

Colour me wonderful tank
Lianne healey
 [06/20 7:30:02PM] 2xl or 3xl

Colour me wonderful tank
Lianne healey
 [06/20 7:28:49PM] 2xl or 3xl

All you need is Love
Michelle Boxum
 [06/20 7:26:13PM] M

All Tied Up Tank
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:21:07PM] S

Girls just wanna have fun tank
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:19:30PM] S

Take me Back Tank
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:18:58PM] S

Peace, love and sleeveless
Darci Kostiuk
 [06/20 7:15:01PM] XL

Kaleidoscope Tank
Amy Leifer
 [06/20 7:10:54PM] Large

Kaleidoscope tank
Amy Leifer
 [06/20 7:10:15PM] Large

Barb Kolkman
 [06/20 7:07:29PM] M

To Tie-die For Tank
Lianne Nugent
 [06/20 7:06:19PM] Large

Bright as daylight
Ashley Valad
 [06/20 7:02:54PM] XL

Unicorn dreams
Nikki Tucker
 [06/20 7:02:44PM] Xl

Krystal Thorhaug
 [06/20 6:58:37PM] XL

Water of paradise
Victoria brown
 [06/20 6:55:13PM] Xl

Berry Sunshine or Raspberry Sunshine
Kelly B
 [06/20 6:54:25PM] Large

Cosmic glow tank
Josie Barnes
 [06/20 6:54:06PM] lg

Linda Genaille
 [06/20 6:49:19PM] 3xL

Shine Bright
Kyilee Turre
 [06/20 6:36:42PM] m

Shine Bright
Kyilee Turre
 [06/20 6:36:18PM] m

Berry blast
Pam Ashdown
 [06/20 6:35:01PM] S

Tie dye tango tank top
Pam Danells
 [06/20 6:34:51PM] XL

Electric summer
 [06/20 6:33:37PM] Large

Lady Dye tank
Karla dekerf
 [06/20 6:16:40PM] Xl

Hippie Pride
Beckie Walker
 [06/20 6:10:36PM] 2xl

Tie Dye For Tank
Susan Moeller
 [06/20 6:08:28PM] XL

The unicorn
Theresa Hafeli
 [06/20 6:04:31PM] L

Cotton Candy Dream Tank
Kate Shuker
 [06/20 6:00:52PM] XL

Hippy dippy explosion tank
Leah Kraushaar
 [06/20 5:57:09PM] Xl

Dyed and gone to heaven
 [06/20 5:52:50PM] S

Super Sonic Tye Dye
Crystal Chartier
 [06/20 5:52:46PM] M

Pastel Perfection
Tammy Warren
 [06/20 5:50:28PM] Small

Meet Me in Tahiti Tank
Judy Robichaud
 [06/20 5:44:06PM] XL

Brighten your day!
Sharon Howson
 [06/20 5:43:58PM] Medium

Tie dye days, summer nights
Jessica Hill
 [06/20 5:41:18PM] Large

Psychedelic Burst
Sarah Hunt
 [06/20 5:38:40PM] Large

To Dye For Tank
Brenda Brabander
 [06/20 5:36:39PM] L

Tied for Fun Tank
Brenda Brabander
 [06/20 5:35:14PM] L

We are one
Ally Marcotte
 [06/20 5:33:52PM] Small

Tied & dyed Prism tank
 [06/20 5:30:51PM] S

Wild child tank
Rae-Anne Gall
 [06/20 5:23:27PM] 2xl

More peace
Tricia Diemert
 [06/20 5:19:24PM] Small

Tyed in a knot tank
Jenn Richardson
 [06/20 5:19:24PM] XL

Flower child tank
Jenna Nichols
 [06/20 5:18:08PM] Large

Love rebellion or rebellion of love
Ali O'Neill
 [06/20 5:08:25PM] M

Chalk Talk
 [06/20 5:06:28PM] Medium

All my swirls
Noni Rolston
 [06/20 5:05:08PM] M

Kalaidescope tank
Chelsea Elliott
 [06/20 4:52:58PM] Medium

Free Spirit Tank ; Beatnik Tie-Dye tank
Stephanie Maxwell
 [06/20 4:52:54PM] Large

Cotton Candy Smash
Tara Twidale
 [06/20 4:52:48PM] Large

Fit to be Tied
Lucy Reid
 [06/20 4:50:47PM] S

Tie tee tank
Karen Pettigrew
 [06/20 4:45:19PM] Large

Color me silly!!
Shelley Nobes
 [06/20 4:44:52PM] L

Tie Dye For
Ashlynn Jentzsch
 [06/20 4:43:09PM] Medium

Tie breaker tank
Karine Diane Hébert
 [06/20 4:39:31PM] S

I’ve got my dye on you tank
Christine Ramage
 [06/20 4:36:00PM] M

Dying for this Bold Tank
Cathy Sherlock
 [06/20 4:35:56PM] Small

I’ve got my dye on you tank
Christine Ramage
 [06/20 4:35:25PM] M

The tie-dye for tank
Christine Ramage
 [06/20 4:34:52PM] m

To Dye For Tank
Mindy Taylor
 [06/20 4:33:57PM] Large

Groovy Tank
Barb Kolkman
 [06/20 4:33:55PM] M

Unicorn tears
Gina Bergman
 [06/20 4:33:52PM] Medium

Summer splash
Gina Bergman
 [06/20 4:33:21PM] Medium

Tie Dye Tonic Tank Top
Pamela Danells
 [06/20 4:32:08PM] Xl

A ray of sunshine
Lisa davis
 [06/20 4:31:28PM] 3xl

Totally Trippy Tank
Sheila Haaksma
 [06/20 4:26:56PM] Large

Dye-namite Tank
Chris Hemingway
 [06/20 4:26:42PM] large

WanaDye Tank, Summer Dye Tank
 [06/20 4:25:36PM] XL

Sweet Tie Dye Lemonade Tank
Pamela Danells
 [06/20 4:23:44PM] XL

Unicorn wings
Alison finstad
 [06/20 4:22:20PM] M

Neon love
Jenna Myllyniemi
 [06/20 4:17:29PM] XL

Summer Lov’in
Shauna Budden
 [06/20 4:12:52PM] M

Tie Dye for
Nicole Gulutzan
 [06/20 4:12:32PM] Xl

Pastel Rainbow Tie Tank
Grace Dehn
 [06/20 4:11:38PM] S

Sorbet Splash
Shirley Friesen
 [06/20 4:02:40PM] 2x

The funky T
Debora Currie
 [06/20 3:58:59PM] Large

Pastel Rainbow Tie Tank
Grace Dehn
 [06/20 3:58:24PM] S

Woodstock Wonder
Breanna Kolkman
 [06/20 3:54:49PM] M

Unicorn Dreams
Teri Flemming
 [06/20 3:46:19PM] Large

Groovy tank
 [06/20 3:43:55PM] Large

Retro Times Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/20 3:38:42PM] 2XL

Flower Power Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/20 3:38:00PM] 2XL

Tie Dyed and Fancy-Free
Alesha Hill
 [06/20 3:37:03PM] M

Bahama blues
Jan rutten
 [06/20 3:29:17PM] L

Bright Love
 [06/20 3:19:17PM] M

Colour me Right
Donna J Hancock
 [06/20 3:17:32PM] M

Tie Dye Pride
Jen Skogland
 [06/20 3:13:07PM] M

Pocket full of rainbowz
Alicia Smallwood
 [06/20 3:10:03PM] 2x

Unicorn tank
Danielle Legacy
 [06/20 3:10:00PM] Medium

Sunshine Coast Tank
Kayla Myllyniemi
 [06/20 3:03:53PM] large or xl

Cotton candy rainbow
Pataches Desrochers
 [06/20 3:00:49PM] L

Beautiful and dynamic tank
Elissa Hart
 [06/20 3:00:43PM] M

Tyed up
Brianna forrest
 [06/20 2:59:24PM] m

Zoe Urquhart
 [06/20 2:59:01PM] Small

Pocket Full of Rainbows, Pocket Full of Sunshine
Lea Warkentin
 [06/20 2:58:41PM] L

Pastel Pride
Inga Calvert
 [06/20 2:54:45PM] XL

Summer psychedelic
Heather Heffernan
 [06/20 2:51:16PM] M

Shades of Summer, Shades of Neon, Spin-It, Pocket Full of Summer, Neon Coast, Tie-Dye Twister, Sun-Psychedelic, Rays of Neon, Neon Dreams, Summertime Love, Coastin’ Vibes
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 2:48:38PM] Medium

Shades of Summer, Shades of Neon, Spin-It, Pocket Full of Summer, Neon Coast, Tie-Dye Twister, Sun-Psychedelic, Rays of Neon, Neon Dreams, Summertime Love, Coastin’ Vibes
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 2:47:21PM] M

Shades of Summer, Shades of Neon, Spin-It, Pocket Full of Summer, Neon Coast, Tie-Dye Twister, Sun-Psychedelic, Rays of Neon, Neon Dreams, Summertime Love, Coastin’ Vibes
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 2:46:30PM] M

Shades of Summer, Shades of Neon, Spin-It, Pocket Full of Summer, Neon Coast, Tie-Dye Twister, Sun-Psychedelic, Rays of Neon, Neon Dreams, Summertime Love, Coastin’ Vibes
Kristi Pianka
 [06/20 2:45:52PM] M

Jennifer Sjuberg
 [06/20 2:32:10PM] M

Tie Dye Delight
Amanda Beier
 [06/20 2:31:45PM] Large

Color Burst
Kari Fouillard
 [06/20 2:31:42PM] Medium

Tie Dye Delight
Amanda Beier
 [06/20 2:31:21PM] Large

Slip under the rainbow!!
Gloria Jensen
 [06/20 2:29:30PM] M

Pocket Full of Sunshine T-shirt
Andrea Graham
 [06/20 2:25:17PM] L

Tie Dye For Tank
Amelia Hillier
 [06/20 2:25:06PM] 2XL

Fun in the sun tie die
Jaime Chappell
 [06/20 2:20:19PM] Large

SPOT Light
Anita Watton
 [06/20 2:18:01PM] Large

Sorbet or sherbert
Sherry Blanton
 [06/20 2:15:22PM] Large

Cotton Candy sky
Krista Veenstra
 [06/20 2:14:03PM] Xxl

To dye for
Linda White
 [06/20 2:00:17PM] Small

Alyxandria Cunningham
 [06/20 1:57:35PM] M

Rain?No! Tee, high fly tie dye tee, to die for tie dye tee, high flying tie dye tee,
Heather Chambers
 [06/20 1:57:25PM] Medium

Rainbow delight
Tonya Lynn Vis
 [06/20 1:55:54PM] Medium

Psychedelic Summer Tank
Lisa Spurrell
 [06/20 1:51:17PM] L/XL

Sunburst Haze
 [06/20 1:50:05PM] 2XL

Summer fun
Sharon Anderson
 [06/20 1:46:12PM] M/L

To Dye For Tank
Jody Nordman
 [06/20 1:44:30PM] L

Tie dye all summer long tank
Christine Pellerine
 [06/20 1:43:47PM] Medium

Pride of Place
Kathleen MacLeod
 [06/20 1:41:41PM] XL

Tie me bright tank, Can't take my eyes off you tank, Spin me bright tank.
Leanne Dyck
 [06/20 1:39:17PM] Small

Diamond dye top
Fiona Hetherington
 [06/20 1:37:14PM] Small

Melissa Austin
 [06/20 1:36:14PM] Large

Neon knott tank
Carolyn Gill
 [06/20 1:34:55PM] Small

a play on "tried & true" = "tie dyed & true"
Andrea Bevis
 [06/20 1:32:54PM] M?

To tie dye for
Mackenzie Madison Schidlowsky
 [06/20 1:32:36PM] Large

Tie Dye-Namite Tank
Jenn wasney
 [06/20 1:32:12PM] M

To tie dye for
Mackenzie Madison Schidlowsky
 [06/20 1:32:04PM] Large

Carole Westman
 [06/20 1:30:37PM] 1x

vibes for the summer
Teresa McCurdy
 [06/20 1:28:45PM] large

Unicorn Swirl
Stephanie Patrie-Quinlan
 [06/20 1:28:44PM] 3xl

To Dye For Tank
Janelle Puetz
 [06/20 1:28:08PM] Small

Colour My World
Stephanie Patrie-Quinlan
 [06/20 1:27:42PM] 3xl

Alright alright alright tank
Tricia Diemert
 [06/20 1:26:09PM] Small

Take a Trip on the Tye Dye Side, Wonderland Babe, touch of Colour Tank, Bright Side, Bright Babe, Total Tye Dye Takeover,
Amanda Fawcett
 [06/20 1:25:11PM] Small

Tie it Up
Susan Robins
 [06/20 1:22:21PM] 3XL

Hippie love
Tricia Diemert
 [06/20 1:21:16PM] Small

Palette of Colours: Colour Palette Tank
Marg Harper
 [06/20 1:19:45PM] Xl

Cotton candy love
Charlene Janzen
 [06/20 1:19:15PM] Medium

Palette of Colours: Colour Palette Tank
 [06/20 1:16:58PM] Xl

The Effervescent Tank
Erika Schmidt
 [06/20 1:15:54PM] Large

Ta dye for tank
Brooke camick
 [06/20 1:12:48PM] Large

Chroma Pop Tank
Erika Schmidt
 [06/20 1:12:17PM] Large

Tie Dyed and Gone To Heaven
Tara Stelter
 [06/20 1:07:03PM] Medium

Summer Lovin
Julie Dickison
 [06/20 1:06:58PM] 1xl

Rainbow Tank
Georgia Buyukakarsu
 [06/20 1:06:18PM] xl

Tie Dye is the New Black
Courtney Gilbert
 [06/20 12:59:31PM] S

To Dye For Tank
Jennifer Perozak
 [06/20 12:59:13PM] L

To dye for twist tank
Courtney Gilbert
 [06/20 12:58:39PM] S

Sunshine and Lollipops
Courtney Gilbert
 [06/20 12:55:39PM] S

Blast of summer!
Colleen Mullen
 [06/20 12:51:06PM] XL

Hello Summer Tank
Sara Gyger
 [06/20 12:43:19PM] XL

Life in colour tank
Kim Seifert
 [06/20 12:42:48PM] S

The 70ies shirt, Hippie Shirt, Take me back
Lynne Pinfold
 [06/20 12:40:13PM] Med

Tie Dye Twist Tank
Randa Derkson
 [06/20 12:26:54PM] s

Peaceful,easy feeling
Zorda Williams
 [06/20 12:24:23PM] Lg

Summer Daze Twnk
Jessica Williamson
 [06/20 12:24:03PM] Large

Cool fresh tank
Laurene Marsh
 [06/20 12:23:09PM] Large

Pocket full of sunshine tank
Ashley Stein
 [06/20 12:16:47PM] Small

Explosions of colour Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 12:15:01PM] 3xl

Psychedelic supernova tank
Lauren Steele
 [06/20 12:12:38PM] 3x

The Kristan Tank (Kristan Leonard looooves neon!)
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 12:12:16PM] lg

Color explosion
Sharon Nameth
 [06/20 12:08:06PM] Large

Neon Skies Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 12:06:22PM] lg

Summer splash
Wendy Newman
 [06/20 12:05:31PM] Xl

Splash of Colour
Terri Lynn Bellwood
 [06/20 12:05:29PM] L

Serendipity Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 12:05:02PM] lg

Trippy Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 12:03:57PM] xl

Confetti Splash
Terri Lynn Bellwood
 [06/20 12:03:52PM] L

Summer Fun Tie Dye Tank
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [06/20 12:03:34PM] XL

To Tie Dye For
Jaime Ansell
 [06/20 12:03:25PM] Large

Twist & Shout Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 12:03:19PM] xl

Colour burst Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 12:02:29PM] 3xl

Neon Lights Summer Nights Tank
Breanne Marie McClellan
 [06/20 12:02:08PM] 3X

Cotton candy Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 12:01:44PM] 3xl

Everything Goes; Summer Mist; Summer Splash;
Susan Constantine
 [06/20 12:00:19PM] 2XL

Twisted tie dye tank
Lauren Craig
 [06/20 11:58:33AM] M

Tie Game for the Win Tank
Holly Gudmundson
 [06/20 11:58:09AM] Medium

Spumante Tank or Spumone Ice Cream Tank
Nicole Torgalson
 [06/20 11:57:55AM] Medium

All dyed up tank
Ashley Stein
 [06/20 11:55:27AM] Small

Terri Lynn Bellwood
 [06/20 11:54:37AM] L

Terri Lynn Bellwood
 [06/20 11:53:27AM] L

Sun Dye Tank
Shannon Buell
 [06/20 11:52:54AM] large

Eclectic Summer Tank
Trisha Eros
 [06/20 11:50:20AM] M

Electric Summer Tank
Trisha Eros
 [06/20 11:49:19AM] M

Electric Avenue Tank
Trisha Eros
 [06/20 11:47:32AM] M

Neon Summer
Trisha Eros
 [06/20 11:46:19AM] M

To dye for tank
Lisa deptuck
 [06/20 11:46:10AM] 2xl

Sorbet Tank
Janice King
 [06/20 11:46:01AM] M

Unicorn Tie Tye Tank
Kim Denton Moore
 [06/20 11:43:22AM] Large

Rainbow Tank
Kim Denton Moore
 [06/20 11:40:38AM] Large

Michelle Basran
 [06/20 11:36:16AM] Xl

Spectrum; Kaleidoscope; Prisim
Heather McGhie
 [06/20 11:36:11AM] XL

Peace Vibe Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 11:34:46AM] lg

Anomaly Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 11:33:57AM] lg

Summer Explosion Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 11:32:11AM] xl

To Dye for Tank
Vicky Harrison
 [06/20 11:32:05AM] Medium

Cotton Candy Swirl, Confetti diamonds splash
Ryanne Eyre
 [06/20 11:31:17AM] XL

Fun Friday Tank
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 11:30:59AM] xl

Tie rrific tank
Deanna Murray
 [06/20 11:27:32AM] Xl

Not Your Mama’s Tie Dye
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/20 11:25:46AM] S

Sun-Buzzed, Buzzed on Sunshine
Kim Susheski
 [06/20 11:25:07AM] S/m

Tide's In!
Trish Bichon
 [06/20 11:21:21AM] 2x

Dye-ing for Summer
Shannon Barkhouse
 [06/20 11:20:30AM] 2XL

Tide's in Again !!
Trish Bichon
 [06/20 11:20:22AM] 2x

Psychedelic Sweetheart
Angela Prokop
 [06/20 11:18:35AM] XL

Summer nights
Christin Broere
 [06/20 11:18:27AM] L

Spotlight Dream
Julie Parsons
 [06/20 11:12:25AM] M

To Dye For Tank
Kelsea Dale
 [06/20 11:10:43AM] 3XL

Tie Dye For
Kelsea Dale
 [06/20 11:10:05AM] 3XL

Dye Happy Tank
Elaine Weis
 [06/20 11:08:47AM] M

Tie Dye Crush
Sherri Bruun
 [06/20 11:08:25AM] M

Simple days Tank
 [06/20 11:07:57AM] L

True Colours Tank
Brooke Derksen
 [06/20 11:06:24AM] 2XL

True Colours Tank
Brooke Derksen
 [06/20 11:06:05AM] 2XL

Lady Dye Tank
 [06/20 11:04:58AM] M

Celebrate Summer
Kim Booth
 [06/20 11:04:46AM] S

All Tyed Up
Carrie-Anne George
 [06/20 11:04:42AM] L

Dyeing For It, All Tied Up, To Dye For, Do or Dye
Maria Craig
 [06/20 11:03:02AM] Small

What a Long Strange Tank it’s Been
Heather Dzioba
 [06/20 11:02:31AM] M

Color Me Happy
Carrie-Anne George
 [06/20 11:00:55AM] L

Rainbow Summer
Janet Price
 [06/20 11:00:20AM] 2XL

Tied up / tied with love
 [06/20 11:00:08AM] L

Colour me Rainbow tank
Ashley Gosselin
 [06/20 10:57:28AM] Large

Colour me Rainbow tank
Ashley Gosselin
 [06/20 10:56:39AM] Large

“Just Dye It” Tank
 [06/20 10:56:04AM] L

Whimsical dream
Susana Froese
 [06/20 10:54:48AM] M

Summer Skies Tank
Leann Kopytko
 [06/20 10:54:16AM] Small

Pocket full of sunshine
Stephanie fidler
 [06/20 10:53:57AM] Medium

Monique Gosselin
 [06/20 10:53:49AM] Medium

All colours matter Tank
Caro Block
 [06/20 10:53:22AM] Small

Color Me Bliss
Jenna Hillmer
 [06/20 10:49:11AM] L

Tank Tye
Caro Block
 [06/20 10:49:09AM] Small

Tie-Dye for Tank
 [06/20 10:49:07AM] m

Tied with Pride
Donna Stadnyk
 [06/20 10:46:32AM] Small or med

Goes with everything Top
 [06/20 10:39:10AM] XL

To Dye For Tank
Trina Espinosa
 [06/20 10:38:34AM] Large

Cosmic burst
Rachelle Dordu
 [06/20 10:35:15AM] 2XL or maybe 3XL if a tighter fit

Aurora Borealis
Sharon Dixon
 [06/20 10:34:12AM] XL

Galaxies collide tank or Cotton Candy explosion tank
Lisa Cote
 [06/20 10:23:28AM] 2xl

Wild summers tank
Dana Burke
 [06/20 10:14:50AM] Lg

Summer of 69
Erica Lucas
 [06/20 10:13:55AM] L

Color Me Happy
Carrie-Anne George
 [06/20 10:13:13AM] L

Color Me Happy
Carrie-Anne George
 [06/20 10:11:35AM] L

Pretty Perfect Tie Dye Tank
Sheila Konecsni
 [06/20 10:08:46AM] L

Ashley Friesen
 [06/20 10:04:11AM] Small

why wait when you can do it tye-die
Christine Cullen
 [06/20 10:04:06AM] XL

Tie Dye for Tank
Shanda Vitt
 [06/20 10:04:00AM] Small

Why wait when you can do it tye-due
Christine Cullen
 [06/20 10:02:27AM] XL

Unicorn Shine
Melissa Gilchuk
 [06/20 10:00:11AM] S

Tie the Sunshine
Melanie Sera
 [06/20 9:59:21AM] Medium

All tied up
Sandy Dors
 [06/20 9:58:09AM] XL

Michele Vanderleest
 [06/20 9:56:08AM] XL

Endless summer
Nicole Pike Young
 [06/20 9:55:37AM] Large

Tyed up
Adrianna Kovacs
 [06/20 9:53:54AM] Medium

Splash of Summer
 [06/20 9:50:10AM] M

Good Vibes Tank/Chromatic Tank/Dying for Colour
Carla Jefferies
 [06/20 9:49:51AM] M

Denise Poettcker
 [06/20 9:46:11AM] M

Cotton Candy Classic Tank
Debbie Jensen
 [06/20 9:44:43AM] small

Unicorn tank
Frances mundy
 [06/20 9:44:39AM] Large

Tied or Dye Tank
Trish Muir
 [06/20 9:43:38AM] XL

Bursting rainbow
Julie Hoar
 [06/20 9:41:35AM] Xl

Bursts of colour
Julie Hoar
 [06/20 9:40:59AM] Xl

Confetti tank top, starburst tank top, stand out, throw back tank top, tank top, call me summer tank top, back then tank to dye for
Gugu Maponga
 [06/20 9:40:49AM] Medium

Tie One On Tank
Lisa Whent
 [06/20 9:37:36AM] S

Sundazed, Tied up in Twists, Cali Vibes
Kim Susheski
 [06/20 9:37:26AM] S/m

Tie to dye for tank top, colour your summer tank top, colourful summer tank top, brighten my world tank top
Gugu Maponga
 [06/20 9:37:10AM] Medium

That 70’s Tank
Lisa Whent
 [06/20 9:36:34AM] S

To dye for
Christy King
 [06/20 9:36:31AM] L

A little touch of rainbow
Suzanne Mceachern
 [06/20 9:36:15AM] 2x

Unicorn Tank
Chaelynn Boutin
 [06/20 9:32:23AM] L

Starburst summer tank
Crystal Wilson
 [06/20 9:30:41AM] XL

Tie me up and tie me down, Colourful twist ties, All dyes are on you, Fitted to be you,
Christine Wilkinson
 [06/20 9:25:30AM] S

To Dye For Tank
Larraine Elcock
 [06/20 9:25:28AM] L

Pocket full of sunshine tank
Shohreh Burchell
 [06/20 9:25:17AM] Small

Summer Tides n Vibes Tie Dye Tank
Samantha Wong
 [06/20 9:24:41AM] M

Wild Soul Tank
Crystal Wilson
 [06/20 9:24:38AM] XL

Shades of Summer
Beverley Campbell
 [06/20 9:24:37AM] XL

Brighten it up tank!
Leila Roberts
 [06/20 9:24:37AM] XL

Tie Dye For Tank
 [06/20 9:23:53AM] 3xl

Cotton Candy Dream
Sarah Dauphinais
 [06/20 9:23:52AM] Large

Summer soul tank
Crystal Wilson
 [06/20 9:23:00AM] XL

Wild one tank
Crystal Wilson
 [06/20 9:21:44AM] XL

Tie One On
 [06/20 9:21:19AM] S

Knotty tie
Ashley Rock
 [06/20 9:19:03AM] Large

Groovy Girl, Summer of 69, Far out, Flower girl, Happy Hippie, Hippie Vibes, Hip Happening, Rainbow Whirls, Groovy Kind of Love, Happy Daze, Peace and Love, Bright Babe,
Laura Carlson
 [06/20 9:18:16AM] L

Color Run Tank
Marlene Rathgeber
 [06/20 9:17:14AM] M

Summer Vibes Tie-dye Tank
Cristy Evers
 [06/20 9:16:46AM] Large

Seventies Vibes thank
Kristen Berardi
 [06/20 9:15:05AM] Medium

We Love To Clash Tank
CJ Johnson
 [06/20 9:14:29AM] XL

Colour me happy tank
Teresa Dekker
 [06/20 9:14:10AM] XL

All Tie-d up tank
Danielle Clark
 [06/20 9:13:34AM] XL

Whimsical sunshine tie dye tank
Kaylene Chudley
 [06/20 9:12:54AM] L

Free & Playful
Shelley Turnbull
 [06/20 9:11:15AM] S

Neon Splash Tank, colour me neon tank, hot flash tank
Tammy Mutch
 [06/20 9:10:46AM] Xl

Take me back in time tie dye tank
CJ Johnson
 [06/20 9:10:30AM] XL

Ties for Dayz
Stephanie Costanzo
 [06/20 9:09:48AM] S

Good Weather Tank
Catrina Clarke
 [06/20 9:09:32AM] Medium

Whimsical freedom
Shelley Turnbull
 [06/20 9:09:24AM] S

Color me wild
Shirley Dunn
 [06/20 9:08:56AM] Small

That 70’s Tank
Kimberly Pierro
 [06/20 9:08:52AM] Medium

Hippy at Heart Tank
Kimberly Pierro
 [06/20 9:07:25AM] Medium

Whimsical beach tank
Shelley Turnbull
 [06/20 9:06:17AM] S

To Dye For
Emma Matusiak
 [06/20 9:05:44AM] Medium

Spirit tank, 2020 explosion
 [06/20 9:05:15AM] Small

To Dye For
Emma Matusiak
 [06/20 9:05:10AM] Medium

Woodstock jock
Katie hanna
 [06/20 9:03:37AM] Large

Pixie Dust Tank
Laura Moore
 [06/20 9:02:59AM] Small

Spot of Sunshine Tank, Ray of Sunshine Tank
Jill L Hackney
 [06/20 9:01:45AM] XL

Summer Burst Tank
Tammy Binder
 [06/20 9:01:03AM] XL

80s Kaleidoscope Tank
Ericka McKinnon
 [06/20 9:00:21AM] Small

Colors Matter
Sherry Knight
 [06/20 8:59:37AM] Large OR XLarge

Dream in colours
Fay jacobs
 [06/20 8:59:25AM] lg

Tying it all together
Charlie Fraser
 [06/20 8:58:18AM] XL

Dream in colours
Fay jacobs
 [06/20 8:58:17AM] lg

Seize the dye tank!
Donna Tamm
 [06/20 8:57:44AM] Small

To dye for tank
Michelle Yvette langevin
 [06/20 8:57:44AM] Small

To dye for tank
Camille Yip-Hoi
 [06/20 8:55:32AM] M

Do or Dye tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:55:16AM] Small

Do or Dye tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:54:57AM] Small

Color Me Groovy
Linda Robertson
 [06/20 8:54:38AM] XL

Cotton Candy or Summer Lovin’,
Amy Badger
 [06/20 8:54:17AM] 3XL

The throwback tank; the groovy tank
Monica Germain
 [06/20 8:53:17AM] S

Woodstock Tank
Taylor Pike
 [06/20 8:53:03AM] L

Dye of the Beholder tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:52:23AM] Small

Tie dye for rainbow tank!
Chantal Lortie
 [06/20 8:51:27AM] L

Live free Dye Hard Tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:51:00AM] Small

Wild n Reckless
Michelle Hardie
 [06/20 8:50:59AM] Small

Cotton Candy Suprise
Bev Erickson
 [06/20 8:50:40AM] Large

Neon skies, Brighter Days ahead
Sherry Knight
 [06/20 8:50:04AM] Large OR XLarge

Whimsical Dreams
Annmarie Wicks
 [06/20 8:49:56AM] S

Prism Perfection Tank
Becky Harnett
 [06/20 8:49:51AM] 2XL

Radiant Summer Tank
Stephanie Davisson
 [06/20 8:49:30AM] M

“Tie Dye” For Tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:48:56AM] Small

To Dye For Tank
Katie Nowry
 [06/20 8:48:38AM] Medium

girl with the kaleidoscope eyes Tank
Julia coleman
 [06/20 8:48:24AM] M

Trip Me Up Tank
Sharlene Lamblin
 [06/20 8:48:19AM] Large

Summer skies
Amanda Engstrom
 [06/20 8:48:07AM] XL

“Tie Dye” For Tank
Kristin Alexander
 [06/20 8:47:59AM] Small

Marianne Langevin
 [06/20 8:47:42AM] Large

Kaleidoscope Flurry
Sherry Knight
 [06/20 8:47:38AM] Large OR XLarge

Tyriffic Tank
Kathy Phillips
 [06/20 8:47:19AM] Small

Dazed n Confused
Sharlene Lamblin
 [06/20 8:47:10AM] L

Hippie soul tank
Brandie Clyne
 [06/20 8:46:23AM] Medium

Kaylen Bevan
 [06/20 8:46:01AM] L

Ignited in Color Summer Tank
Michelle Blackburn
 [06/20 8:45:40AM] Medium

Multi tank, pink multi tank, groovy tank, galaxy tank top, hippie tank top
Crystal Lynn mather
 [06/20 8:45:03AM] Small

Psychedelic Dreaming
Alysse Champion
 [06/20 8:43:28AM] L

Tie Dynamite Tank
Jessica Thiessen
 [06/20 8:43:14AM] Large

Love the Rainbow Tank
Val Roulston
 [06/20 8:41:30AM] L

Lob the Rainbow Tank
Val Roulston
 [06/20 8:41:13AM] L

Groovy Garb
Reiland pool
 [06/20 8:40:52AM] Xl

Tropic like it's hot
Carrie Ronnie
 [06/20 8:39:35AM] M

Tie’d to my heart
Shelby Dushanek
 [06/20 8:37:59AM] 2XL

Tie’d to my heart
Shelby Dushanek
 [06/20 8:37:42AM] 2XL

Tinted Tank
Corinne Hendry
 [06/20 8:37:20AM] Medium

Colour Burst
Michelle Williams
 [06/20 8:37:09AM] L

Razzle-Dazzle Tank
Corinne Hendry
 [06/20 8:36:40AM] Medium

Ye Tied one on!
Kelly stevens
 [06/20 8:36:07AM] 3x

Dye-for-you tank, Summer Sorbet tank
Christine Kerr
 [06/20 8:34:09AM] Large

Ice cream Sundays tank
Allison Pasitney
 [06/20 8:33:38AM] Small

Neon Rainbows
Kelli-Lynn Wilson
 [06/20 8:33:35AM] M

Scattered Light Tank
Christina Struik
 [06/20 8:33:21AM] S

Color splash tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:32:35AM] Small

Hippy chic tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:31:26AM] Small

Festivities tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:30:30AM] Small

Electric Soul
Rosetta Chow
 [06/20 8:30:25AM] Small

“Tie Dye for” tank
Shannon McLachlan
 [06/20 8:30:20AM] Medium

Back in the day tank
Janet Zurba
 [06/20 8:29:42AM] XL

To Dye for Tank
Joan Olson
 [06/20 8:29:21AM] small

colour me beautiful
Jill Macnab
 [06/20 8:29:20AM] medium

Twisted colors comfort tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:29:16AM] Small

Elizabeth Stauffer
 [06/20 8:28:32AM] Large

Rainbow explosions tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:28:22AM] Small

Tied Up in Color
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [06/20 8:28:03AM] S

Tank to dye for
Lyn Gilmartin
 [06/20 8:27:38AM] Xl

Zoe Megan Rosebrugh
 [06/20 8:27:29AM] M

All colour matters
Tina Welch
 [06/20 8:27:25AM] Small

Fireworks tank
Josee Zimmer
 [06/20 8:27:12AM] Small

Sunshine tank
Sheri (Sharon) Thompson
 [06/20 8:27:03AM] Medium

Colourwaves, Colour me right
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [06/20 8:26:31AM] S

Hippie Chic
Martha van Dyke
 [06/20 8:25:57AM] 2XL

Summer vibe
Jihane Hoummady
 [06/20 8:24:09AM] M

Into the Sun Tank
Jaimee love
 [06/20 8:23:39AM] Medium

Summer Complexion Tank
Jaimee love
 [06/20 8:22:02AM] Medium

Tie Me Up
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [06/20 8:19:54AM] Large

Paradis sunset tank
Nicole johnson
 [06/20 8:19:53AM] Xl

Paradis sunset tank
Nicole johnson
 [06/20 8:19:16AM] Xl

Sea Zelda
Corina Westerager
 [06/20 8:18:39AM] S

To Dye For
Karen Carter
 [06/20 8:17:04AM] Xl

Dye-namite Tank
Kim Third
 [06/20 8:16:12AM] Small

Freedom Tank
Debbie Hill
 [06/20 8:15:21AM] L

Burst of happiness
Lisa Sylvester
 [06/20 8:15:09AM] Med

Sage Perry
 [06/20 8:14:50AM] Small

Unicorn Dreams Tank, Brightly Pastelled, I’m Pastelled and I know it, I’m colourful and I know it, Bright Pastels, Colourful Pastels, We all need a little colour tank, we all need pastels tank, Dreaming of Pastels, chasing the pastels, chasing pastels tank, Tie Dye Passion Tank, Pastels Passion Tank, Passionate for Pastels Tank, Tie Dye Pastels, Pastelicious Tank, You making me Pastelicious Tank, Pastelicious Tank, Pastel-icious Tank, Tie Dye Passion Tank, Somewhere over the rainbow tank, Tie Dye Fun tank, It’s all about the Tie dye tank, Pastel Dreams, Pastel-er-iffic tank, Totally Pastel, Totally pastel-er-iffic tank, The Pasteleriffic Tank, Colour me Pastel Tank, Pastel Nights,
Kim Oliver
 [06/20 8:14:06AM] Small

Cotton Candy
Marie Wormald
 [06/20 8:13:47AM] XL

Fun in the Sun
Marsha Jodrell
 [06/20 8:13:16AM] M

Tie Dye Fever
Michelle Warga
 [06/20 8:10:37AM] Small

1. Summer of ‘69. 2. Ride the wave.
Jackie Christensen
 [06/20 8:10:33AM] S

Smile and Shine
Brittany Schmidt
 [06/20 8:10:25AM] Large

Fit to be tied
lana neufeld
 [06/20 8:10:13AM] xl

Forever Colorful
Alexis Warga
 [06/20 8:08:55AM] Small

Wanderlust tank
Lindsey Hayes
 [06/20 8:08:05AM] S

Burst of Summer
Jen Mathews
 [06/20 8:07:58AM] Large

Sun bright vibe tie dye
Priscilla mabon
 [06/20 8:07:32AM] L

Tied In Love
Robin Colvin
 [06/20 8:07:30AM] 2x

Rainbow kisses
Loreen May
 [06/20 8:06:21AM] S/m

Tye-Dye For!
Lindsey Hayes
 [06/20 8:05:53AM] S

Kate Caron
 [06/20 8:05:37AM] Large

Tie dye tank
Gloria Zenuk
 [06/20 8:04:23AM] Xl

Dyed And Went to Heaven
Cheryl Larcombe
 [06/20 8:01:45AM] 3Xl

Summer breeze
Dianne Fetting
 [06/20 8:01:40AM] Small

Oh My! Tie Dye!
Kallyn strichen
 [06/20 8:01:38AM] Large

Lea Polkinghorne
 [06/20 8:00:57AM] Xl

Wild child
 [06/20 7:59:41AM] Xl

Oh my tie dye!
Kallyn strichen
 [06/20 7:59:21AM] Large

Color me rad/color me cute
Kara Nordstrom
 [06/20 7:58:53AM] L

Color me tank/color me cute/color me rad tank
Kara Nordstrom
 [06/20 7:57:45AM] L

Rainbow twist
Jennifer cumming
 [06/20 7:57:19AM] Xl

Angels & Icecream
Meredith Bauman
 [06/20 7:55:28AM] Medium

Shawna Davis
 [06/20 7:54:45AM] Medium

Neon Namaste
Meredith Bauman
 [06/20 7:51:59AM] Medium

Deja vu splash
Lori Toms
 [06/20 7:51:11AM] M

One Love tank, colourliscious tank, dyed with love tank, colour obsession tank
Tanya Nascimento
 [06/20 7:48:39AM] Small

Shake Your Groove Thing Tank, Summer Groove Tank, Remember When Tank, Zack Attack Tank (lol saved by the bell)
Laurie Sterling
 [06/20 7:47:27AM] Small

Make me happy tank or above the clouds tank
Carrie brooks
 [06/20 7:47:05AM] Xl or xxl

Groovy Girl Tank
Desiree Girardin
 [06/20 7:46:37AM] Large

Tie Dye For tank
Andrea King
 [06/20 7:42:11AM] L

paint ball Summer
Ann DesRoches
 [06/20 7:38:22AM] XL

Blast from the Past tank
Alanna Hermans
 [06/20 7:38:10AM] XL

Summer Lovin’ tank
Alanna Hermans
 [06/20 7:36:40AM] XL

Summer loving tank
Terri Ordinelli
 [06/20 7:35:33AM] L

Retro chic tank
Alanna Hermans
 [06/20 7:35:00AM] XL

Unicorn Tank
Heidi Hunt
 [06/20 7:33:03AM] Medium

Groovy Vibes tank
Janice Burton
 [06/20 7:30:32AM] L or XL

On Fridays- we wear tie dye!
Katie Banera
 [06/20 7:30:18AM] Medium

Electric Summer Tank
Janice Burton
 [06/20 7:29:24AM] L or XL

Fit to be Tied Top
Kaitlin Pelletier
 [06/20 7:28:27AM] Large

Lady 'Tie' Dye' or To 'tie-dye' for Tank
Courtenay Bondarchuk
 [06/20 7:27:17AM] xl

Electric Vibe Tank
Jan Halushka
 [06/20 7:27:02AM] Small

Fit to be Tied Top
Kaitlin Pelletier
 [06/20 7:26:59AM] Large

Tie Dye For
Tara Ryan
 [06/20 7:26:52AM] Small

Splash of Colour Tank
Lisa Schruder
 [06/20 7:26:27AM] XL

Good Vibes
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:25:41AM] Large

Psychedelic Sweetheart
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:25:11AM] Large

Hip To The Grove
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:24:34AM] Large

Trendy To Dye for Tank
Tracey Dunlop
 [06/20 7:23:54AM] xl

Splash of Fun
Kimberley Page
 [06/20 7:23:12AM] S

Hip To The Grove
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:20:20AM] Large

psychedelic sweetheart
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:18:50AM] Large

Summer splash
Nicole curry
 [06/20 7:18:23AM] Small

Good Vibes Tank
Samantha Howl
 [06/20 7:14:26AM] Large

Color me happy tank
Teri Sawatsky
 [06/20 7:13:36AM] Large

The Savvy Tie Dye Tank
Melissa Moore
 [06/20 7:13:13AM] S

Tied, Tested and True Tank
Tracey Dunlop
 [06/20 7:07:35AM] xl

90s Girl, Unicorn Splash, Ray of Colorful sunshine
Mary-Anne Vollman
 [06/20 7:07:01AM] L

Dye Happy Tank
Stefanie Godfrey
 [06/20 7:06:45AM] Large

All tie dyed up
Leanne Willshear
 [06/20 7:06:43AM] Xl

“Tie Dye For”
Kim Nezezon
 [06/20 7:06:10AM] XL

50 shades of tie dye
Stefanie Godfrey
 [06/20 7:05:29AM] Large

Lady Dye
Stefanie Godfrey
 [06/20 7:04:08AM] Large

Retro Chic Tank
Laura Penny
 [06/20 7:03:22AM] L

Dippity Do Dye Tank
Stefanie godfrey
 [06/20 7:03:08AM] Large

Straight Dope Tank
Stefanie Godfrey
 [06/20 7:01:06AM] Large

Summer Groove Tank
Michelle Mulder
 [06/20 6:57:49AM] S

Retro Happiness Tank
Michelle Mulder
 [06/20 6:56:29AM] Small

Maureen Newton
 [06/20 6:56:09AM] L

The Wonder Years Tank
Stefanie Godfrey
 [06/20 6:55:18AM] large

Ice Cream Dreams tank
Brenda Davis
 [06/20 6:55:03AM] XL

Ice Cream Dreams tank
Brenda Davis
 [06/20 6:54:46AM] XL

To Dye For Tank
Brenda Davis
 [06/20 6:52:23AM] XL

Sunny daze
Stephanie arndt
 [06/20 6:50:00AM] M

Rainbow splash
Terri Dilollo
 [06/20 6:47:38AM] Xl

Unicorn Tank
Sarah fennell
 [06/20 6:46:02AM] Small

Tie Dye For
Tracey Dunlop
 [06/20 6:45:49AM] xl

Bohemian Dyed
Ashley Lynn Fowler
 [06/20 6:45:28AM] Large

This Tank is Tie Dye For
Tracey Dunlop
 [06/20 6:42:45AM] xl

Hippie Chic
Martha van Dyke
 [06/20 6:42:33AM] 2XL

Amazing Starburst
Debbie Roth
 [06/20 6:41:53AM] large

Beautiful rainbow Art
Debbie Roth
 [06/20 6:39:26AM] large

To Dye For Tank / Tie Dye For Tank
Chelsea Rathgeber
 [06/20 6:37:15AM] Medium

Tie dye lovin tank
Marnie allen
 [06/20 6:36:04AM] Medium

Terrific Tie dye Tank
Evelyn Mckim
 [06/20 6:35:27AM] M

Rainbow tank
Crystal Holst
 [06/20 6:34:18AM] medium

Tye Dye for Tank
Emmanuella Bigras
 [06/20 6:32:22AM] Large

All summer long tank
Tracy guilarte
 [06/20 6:32:16AM] M

Julie Marchioli
 [06/20 6:31:56AM] small

Hip everyday tank
Tracy guilarte
 [06/20 6:27:02AM] S

Hip everyday tank
Tracy guilarte
 [06/20 6:26:37AM] M

Twilight zone or touch of splash
Tracy guilarte
 [06/20 6:24:58AM] M

Twilight zone or touch of splash
Tracy guilarte
 [06/20 6:24:43AM] M

Ray of Sunshine Tank
Lori McKenzie
 [06/20 6:19:21AM] Xl

To dye for Tank
Kelly chambers
 [06/20 6:17:09AM] Xl

Dazed and Confused Tank; Summer Blast Tank; Catch Some Rays Tank; Free Spirit Tank
Skye Goulbourne
 [06/20 6:16:30AM] S

Color me rad, splash of color, for a bright day
Catelin Beacock
 [06/20 6:14:11AM] L

SunBeam Tie Dye T
Amy Berry
 [06/20 6:13:35AM] Large

Lollipop rainbow
Helen Pereira
 [06/20 6:11:11AM] Medium

Lady sorbet
 [06/20 6:08:46AM] Xxl

Sassy Psychedelic
Lisa Mair
 [06/20 6:06:39AM] Xl

Take me back Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 6:06:17AM] 3xl

Neat and Tye Dye; Tye Dye Up my Friend List
Skye Goulbourne
 [06/20 6:04:38AM] S

It’s Hip To Be Cool Tank
Cherie Myles
 [06/20 6:03:44AM] Small

Colour Burst
Shevawn Storey
 [06/20 5:58:54AM] M

Groove Time Tank
Christine Newcombe
 [06/20 5:57:45AM] M

SunBeam Tie Dye T
Amy Berry
 [06/20 5:57:32AM] Large

Summer lovin, Mermaids and unicorns tank, Pocket full of sun, pocket full of color,
Carrie Bell
 [06/20 5:56:53AM] Large

Splash into Summer
Jennifer Watson
 [06/20 5:53:12AM] S

Downtown Dye
Anna Pascuzzo
 [06/20 5:52:43AM] Xs

Rainbows & Butterflies Tank
Karen Carvell
 [06/20 5:50:01AM] 2XL

Pocket Like it's Hot, To Dye For Tank, Summer Lovin
Sandy Reely
 [06/20 5:49:50AM] XL

Kaleidoscope of colour Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 5:49:47AM] 3xl

Summer Sunset
Tanya Nicholson
 [06/20 5:48:07AM] M

Freedom Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 5:46:34AM] 3xl

Happiness is Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 5:45:24AM] 3xl

Retro Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 5:44:29AM] 3xl

Tied up in Tie Dye Tank
Lynoya Henderson
 [06/20 5:44:07AM] Large

Tie Dye For! (To die for!)
Shay Cherepuschak
 [06/20 5:36:37AM] XL

Shades of the 60's
Cathryn Cull
 [06/20 5:34:41AM] 2xl

Aurora Borealis
Brittany McEown
 [06/20 5:27:50AM] Medium

Citrus Splash Color Tank
Crystal Cresswell
 [06/20 5:26:42AM] Xl

Dyed and Gone to Heaven
Nadine Salmers
 [06/20 5:25:20AM] M

Tye Me Down Tank
Janet House
 [06/20 5:22:59AM] 3xl

Colour beam
Jaclyn Baker
 [06/20 5:22:27AM] S

Rainbow beam
Jaclyn Baker
 [06/20 5:22:05AM] S

Jaclyn Baker
 [06/20 5:21:00AM] S

Jaclyn Baker
 [06/20 5:20:28AM] S

Cotton Candy Swirl Tank
Crystal Cresswell
 [06/20 5:18:29AM] Xl

Cotton Candy Swirl Tank
Crystal Cresswell
 [06/20 5:16:19AM] Xl

Splash On
Roxann Holmwood
 [06/20 5:13:56AM] XL

summer delight
Sarah Chrysler
 [06/20 5:08:19AM] M

Summer Dream / Summer Delight
Sarah Chrysler
 [06/20 5:06:02AM] M

The Go Getter Tank
Alicia Trumble
 [06/20 5:05:32AM] L

Ride the Tide Tank
Candace Peters
 [06/20 5:05:25AM] M

Passion Power
Cheryl Morrison
 [06/20 4:51:31AM] L

Julie Pitre
 [06/20 4:51:06AM] Large

Tie Dye Me Crazy Tank
Virginia Mielke
 [06/20 4:45:50AM] S

Dyed and True tank
Holly veenstra
 [06/20 4:41:19AM] 2xl

Butterfly kisses
Jessica avati
 [06/20 4:41:18AM] Large

Northern Lights
Holly Veenstra
 [06/20 4:39:01AM] 2xl

To Dye For
Holly Veenstra
 [06/20 4:36:51AM] 2xl

Star struck tank
Stephanie ploughman
 [06/20 4:28:51AM] 3 xl

Perfect sunlight tank
Janette Kendrick
 [06/20 4:16:13AM] Medium

To dye for tank
Kristina Kelly
 [06/20 4:13:16AM] Large- if it is true to size

True Colours Tank
Kristina Kelly
 [06/20 4:11:54AM] Large - if it is true to size

Morning Glory, Morning Sunrise, Evening Sun, Sunset, sunrise
Jeri-Lynn Brainard
 [06/20 4:11:40AM] L

Joan Agius
 [06/20 4:08:53AM] L

Tied with love
Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown
 [06/20 4:05:16AM] XL

Mix it up tank, swirl tank, groovy swirls tank, summer swirls tank,
Julie Gilbert
 [06/20 3:50:02AM] Small

Neon fireworks
Nicole LeGrow
 [06/20 3:48:09AM] Xl

Neon Firecracker
Nicole LeGrow
 [06/20 3:47:11AM] XL

Street cred tank
Kim Perry
 [06/20 3:33:54AM] M

Brighten me up
Rita Mazzaferro
 [06/20 3:26:38AM] M

Carmen Shiplack
 [06/20 3:26:25AM] XL

 [06/20 3:22:32AM] XL

Splash of colour
Ellen Vaneyk
 [06/20 3:15:21AM] L

Tye Dye Fun
Natalité Monette
 [06/20 2:47:11AM] Large

Candy twist tank
Kristen Head
 [06/20 2:46:37AM] Large

Let your light shine tank
Amanda Harding
 [06/20 2:41:22AM] Xl

Burst of Sunshine
Julie Conklin
 [06/20 2:19:40AM] Sm.

Melanie Field
 [06/20 1:57:00AM] L

Hawaiian Punch
Amanda Sidener
 [06/20 1:53:05AM] XL

Dying to have it tank, Dying to wear it tank
Melissa McIntyre
 [06/20 1:32:26AM] Lg

Tied in Love
Stephanie Van Beek
 [06/20 1:19:03AM] medium

Cosmic Top
Darling Hamguien
 [06/20 1:09:37AM] M

Groovy moves
Ashlie garrett
 [06/20 1:02:45AM] Xxl

The groovy summer tank
Ashlie Garrett
 [06/20 1:02:16AM] Xxl

Easy Breezy tank
Ashlie garrett
 [06/20 12:59:11AM] Xxl

Splash of summer
Maria Nicole Tremblett
 [06/20 12:55:27AM] M

The Galaxy
Darling Hamguien
 [06/20 12:50:14AM] M

Kaleidoscope Tank
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [06/20 12:39:46AM] Large

Kaleidoscope tee,
Stephanie Spani
 [06/20 12:32:56AM] M

Dyed Perfect
Laura Nash
 [06/20 12:20:57AM] M

Bright beauty, For the love of dye tank, Dye me pocket tank, Bring me back tank, Find my way pocket tank, Turn back time pocket tank, Tied and dyed,
Gennie Walters
 [06/20 12:14:36AM] Med

Good for the Hippy Soul Tank Or Hippy Soul Tank
Amanda Priddle
 [06/20 12:14:25AM] Medium

Lemon squeeze Tie dye tank
Heather Laker
 [06/20 12:07:13AM] L

Tie dye for tank
Laurie Vaughan
 [06/20 12:06:25AM] Xl

50 shades of Tye-Dye, Twisted Hues, Lady Dye,
Lisa Hamelin
 [06/20 12:00:22AM] 2xl

Cora Hamelin
 [06/19 11:55:04PM] Medium

Cora Hamelin
 [06/19 11:53:38PM] Medium

Groove Thang!
Tasha Frechette
 [06/19 11:47:14PM] Small

Elevate Tank
Richelle Morose
 [06/19 11:45:31PM] 2XL

neon dreams tank
KIm Geurtsen
 [06/19 11:45:27PM] 2X

Summer psychedelic tank
Kim Geurtsen
 [06/19 11:44:34PM] 2X

Candy Burst
Jenn schaff
 [06/19 11:41:23PM] Medium

Sharon F Martin
 [06/19 11:35:24PM] Medium

Let the light in
Mary Groeneveld
 [06/19 11:34:57PM] xl

The Summer Solstice Tank
lisa bastien
 [06/19 11:30:26PM] small

Can’t TieDye Me Down tank
Christine Findlay
 [06/19 11:28:21PM] XS

Tie-dye for, tank-dyed, dyed and gone to heaven, summer lovin',
Leanne brown
 [06/19 11:28:16PM] S

Fasttimes tank, all eyes on me tank, all dyes on me tank
Victoria Curran
 [06/19 11:19:04PM] L

Tie dye for tank
Selinda Lye
 [06/19 11:18:27PM] 2XL

Kaleidoscopic Tank
Kristi Blouin
 [06/19 11:17:55PM] Medium

Lemony Sherbert Tank
Laura Moore
 [06/19 11:07:28PM] Small

Pastel dreams
Stephanie Brignolio
 [06/19 11:05:12PM] 3xl

Cosmic cutie
Victoria Curran
 [06/19 11:03:55PM] L

Alana Gusikoski
 [06/19 11:02:33PM] Medium

Aurora Tank
Carolyn Kenney
 [06/19 11:01:47PM] M

Dipped in ink
Chantelle Chandra
 [06/19 10:55:38PM] Small

Dye’ing for summer
Chantelle Chandra
 [06/19 10:54:25PM] Small

Rainbow Connection tank
Melissa LaPlante
 [06/19 10:53:52PM] Either XL or 2XL

Dye another day tank
Tiffany gibson
 [06/19 10:48:03PM] Small

To Dye For Tank
Jennifer klassen
 [06/19 10:44:45PM] Xl

90s baby. Tye-Dye Dream. To TyeDye For. Tye-day Tank. Anything but blank tank. Fanatic Fun. Dear Diary.
Meagan Breckner
 [06/19 10:44:24PM] Medium

To Dye For Tank
Jennifer klassen
 [06/19 10:44:23PM] Xl

Ablaze tank, Sunburst Tie Dye, Galaxy Dreamscape, ColorRush Tank, CottonCandy Bliss, Color Explosion Tank, Radiance of Color
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [06/19 10:39:06PM] M

Good Vibe Tye Dye Tank
Riley Easton
 [06/19 10:37:17PM] Large

Opal Dreams Tank
Tracy Oliver
 [06/19 10:36:42PM] Extra large

Summer Soft Tank
Theresa Solomon
 [06/19 10:31:25PM] medium

Tie Dye for tank
Lindsay Fedorowicz
 [06/19 10:29:20PM] 2xl

Rainbow Blitz
Carolyn Zadnik
 [06/19 10:28:57PM] S

For the love of Tie Dye top, splashes of colour top
Amy Boughen
 [06/19 10:27:34PM] XL

Tied & True Top
Jessalyn Brickner
 [06/19 10:26:58PM] Small

Ink splatter
Chantelle Chandra
 [06/19 10:26:47PM] Small

Ink spill
Chantelle Chandra
 [06/19 10:26:01PM] Small

Tie Dye For Tank
Andrea Wilm
 [06/19 10:25:11PM] M

Fit to be tied(yed)
Melissa Wasilow
 [06/19 10:18:46PM] S

Summer skies tank
Vina Turner
 [06/19 10:18:40PM] Xl or xxl

Tie dye for
Katy Gildart
 [06/19 10:18:30PM] M

The Jewel
Monica Rosman
 [06/19 10:17:42PM] XL

Creamsicle dream tank
Michelle Cristante
 [06/19 10:15:08PM] M

Dreamsicle tank
Michelle Cristante
 [06/19 10:13:57PM] M

Unicorn Candy
Debra Beare
 [06/19 10:11:23PM] XL

Colour me beautiful
Diana Beglaw
 [06/19 10:10:58PM] XL

Fit to be dyed, Ties to dye for, Lady dye, I only have dyes for you, Dye Hard, All Dyes on You, Dippity Do Dye, Dyes that Bind, Purely Tie Dye, True Colors
Elizabeth Lefebvre
 [06/19 10:10:38PM] Large

Tank to Dye for
Jan LaFleche
 [06/19 10:09:47PM] Medium

Forever young tank
Charlene Gilchrist
 [06/19 10:08:27PM] M

Dying for summer tank
Michele Meier
 [06/19 10:07:57PM] Xl

Lindsey Toews
 [06/19 10:05:26PM] S

The Tie Dye For Tank!
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/19 10:03:32PM] 2x

Dawn is Breaking
Stephanie Monfort
 [06/19 10:02:27PM] Small

Rising Rainbow, Brite Right, rainbow bright, Rainbow Tie, Tie Dye treasure, Brilliant Dye, Striking Shirt, Summer Daze, Sunshine Daze, Color me wonderful, California dreaming, staring at the sun, Unicorn giggles, not another black shirt,
Tonya Mayo
 [06/19 10:01:50PM] 3xl

Coral Reef
Stephanie Monfort
 [06/19 10:01:38PM] Small

Tie-dye for
Lydia Burgemaster
 [06/19 9:59:25PM] Small

Pocket full of rainbows
Tara Leslie
 [06/19 9:59:16PM] S

Pocket full of rainbows
Tara Leslie
 [06/19 9:58:56PM] S

Daylight Breaks
Stephanie Monfort
 [06/19 9:55:21PM] Small

Covid Affair
JAMIE tardif
 [06/19 9:52:46PM] L

Hélène Gagnon
 [06/19 9:51:41PM] M

Covid Affair
JAMIE Tardif
 [06/19 9:51:17PM] L

Hippie Soul
Melanie Anderson
 [06/19 9:51:12PM] 2XL

Summer Swirl, Summer Swizzle
Jackie Sanford
 [06/19 9:48:54PM] XL

Happy Days Tank
Deja Coupe
 [06/19 9:47:53PM] XL

Sunshine for Days Tank
Deja Coupe
 [06/19 9:47:14PM] XL

Hippy Soul
Melanie Anderson
 [06/19 9:46:37PM] 2XL

Splash of Life Tank
Shannon Edmonds
 [06/19 9:45:53PM] L

Cotton Candy Bliss
Jade Lampp
 [06/19 9:44:55PM] Large

Splash of Life tank ; Rainbow Bright tank; Brighten your day tank
Shannon Edmonds
 [06/19 9:44:53PM] L

Rainbow Connection Tank
Deja Coupe
 [06/19 9:44:50PM] XL

Groovy tie dye tank
Janine Hurtubise
 [06/19 9:44:35PM] M

Over the Rainbow Tank
Deja Coupe
 [06/19 9:44:19PM] XL

Living the Highlife tank
Deja Coupe
 [06/19 9:43:30PM] XL

Unicorn Swirl
Manpreet Sharma
 [06/19 9:39:36PM] Large

The Tie Dye For Tank
Nadine Hiebert
 [06/19 9:37:46PM] 3XL

Good vibes tank
Jenny kotch
 [06/19 9:36:27PM] Small

Good vibes tank ?
Jenny kotch
 [06/19 9:35:27PM] S

Brighter DayZ
Crystal Scheelar
 [06/19 9:34:40PM] Medium.

To Dye for Tank
Harmony Wilson
 [06/19 9:34:31PM] 2XL

Melted ice cream
Renee Normandeau
 [06/19 9:32:13PM] Large

peace of me tank
Tasha Erickson
 [06/19 9:32:03PM] S

Bright Dyed & Beautiful Tank
Anika Guthrie
 [06/19 9:31:28PM] Medium

Dude where’s my Tank
Angela Jeet
 [06/19 9:31:05PM] Xl

Psychedelic summerdaze tank
kylea plouffe
 [06/19 9:30:46PM] S

Ta-Da Tie Dye Tank
Leah Marcher
 [06/19 9:30:20PM] xs

Fun In The Sun Tank
Danielle Rusk
 [06/19 9:28:02PM] S

Peaceful Vibrations
Jessica Kohnke
 [06/19 9:27:52PM] X- Large

Stay Wild
Katrina Davidchuk Loo
 [06/19 9:27:24PM] 3xl

Tye It Up Tank
Danielle Rusk
 [06/19 9:25:35PM] S

Northern Lights
Bonny Graham
 [06/19 9:25:31PM] 3XL

Stay Wild !
Katrina Davidchuk Loo
 [06/19 9:25:29PM] 3XL

To Dye For Tank
Anika Guthrie
 [06/19 9:23:48PM] Medium

Katrina Davidchuk Loo
 [06/19 9:23:47PM] 3xl

Brighter Days Tank Top
Danielle Rusk
 [06/19 9:23:16PM] S

Katrina Davidchuk Loo
 [06/19 9:22:33PM] 3XL

Dye One On Tank
Angela McLellan
 [06/19 9:21:24PM] small

Just Tankin Around
Lori Wlos
 [06/19 9:20:40PM] Medium

Tie One On Tank
Angela McLellan
 [06/19 9:19:49PM] small

Tie and bright tank
Laurette Chaplin
 [06/19 9:18:35PM] 2x

Retro tank
Melanie Finner
 [06/19 9:18:09PM] Large

Over The Rainbow Tank
Jasmine Corbeil
 [06/19 9:18:08PM] XL

Just Tankin Around
Lori Wlos
 [06/19 9:17:04PM] Medium

Tie dye for tank
Linda Hess
 [06/19 9:16:26PM] Medium

Can't tie me down
Rachel Jordan
 [06/19 9:16:13PM] M

Melanie Finner
 [06/19 9:15:37PM] L

Shine like Neon
Lori Martin
 [06/19 9:15:12PM] Medium

Star gazer, neon universe
Brandy Bulycz
 [06/19 9:13:14PM] xl

Soulful Tropics
Sheila Duclos
 [06/19 9:12:18PM] Small

Aurora sky tank
Virginia Kirchner
 [06/19 9:12:12PM] Lg

Do or dye Tank
April Foster
 [06/19 9:10:38PM] Large

the Psychedelic beauty
Alison Bissell
 [06/19 9:10:17PM] Large

Whimsical Tank
Laura Moore
 [06/19 9:08:27PM] Small

Psychedelic dreams
candice berger
 [06/19 9:07:51PM] m

Sparkle Bright
Patricia Clifford
 [06/19 9:04:56PM] Small

Galaxy tank
Virginia Kirchner
 [06/19 9:04:10PM] Lg

Whimsical tank
Laura Moore
 [06/19 9:03:42PM] Small

Desiree Cabalfin
 [06/19 9:03:26PM] Small or medium

On the bright side tank
Alison Bissell
 [06/19 9:03:23PM] Large

Hippy dippy tank
Patti sexton
 [06/19 9:03:09PM] Xl

Color me Bad? Tank
Beverly Lewis
 [06/19 9:02:55PM] S

Galaxy Tie Dye Tank
Claire Freer
 [06/19 9:01:40PM] M

Tyed Up Tank, Splash of Colour Tank, Dying to Meet You Tank, Kaleidoscope Tank, Dye Job Tank, Dyed and Tied tank
Jennifer Daeninck
 [06/19 9:01:30PM] 2xl

Fit to be Tie Dyed Tank
Alison Bissell
 [06/19 9:00:34PM] Large

Keep On Keepin On Tank, Mondo Cool Tank, Outta Sight Tank, Betty Tye Dye Tank,
Alexandra Lydestad
 [06/19 8:59:38PM] XL

Tie Dye Dreams
Natalie Baikie
 [06/19 8:57:27PM] Large

Northern Lights Tank
Shannon Linnen
 [06/19 8:57:14PM] Large

Tie Dye For Tank
Giannetta Hall
 [06/19 8:56:40PM] S

Cosmic Crush
Joanne Wisener
 [06/19 8:53:49PM] Xl

'Tie dye for' tank
Jessica Langlais
 [06/19 8:53:46PM] S

Kaleidoscope Tank
Candice Ens
 [06/19 8:53:40PM] XL

Tie Dye For Tank
Candice Ens
 [06/19 8:53:05PM] XL

Dye happy tank; Flower Child tank
Alanna Hermans
 [06/19 8:52:58PM] XL

Cosmic Crush
Joanne Wisener
 [06/19 8:52:37PM] XL

Rainbow Road Tank
Candice Ens
 [06/19 8:52:24PM] XL

Hip To The Groove
Alexandra Lydestad
 [06/19 8:52:11PM] XL

Psychedelic color blast
Rosanne Forseille
 [06/19 8:52:08PM] 2xl

Bodacious Tie Dye Tank
Kim Reed
 [06/19 8:50:59PM] 2XL

Dream On
Alexandra Lydestad
 [06/19 8:50:28PM] XL

Radical Tie Dye Tank
Kim Reed
 [06/19 8:50:07PM] 2XL

Hazy dayz tank : woodstock glow tank : reminiscent tank
Nicole Nelson
 [06/19 8:49:17PM] Medium

Splash of summer
Michelle Molyneux
 [06/19 8:48:34PM] Medium

To Dye For!
Megan Haeusler
 [06/19 8:48:13PM] Small

The Popsicle Top
 [06/19 8:47:27PM] xl

“You know I’m all about that blend” tank
Angela Woods
 [06/19 8:46:19PM] XL

Good Vibes
Alexandra Lydestad
 [06/19 8:45:54PM] XL

Spray dye Tank
Jenna Orman
 [06/19 8:45:11PM] Xl

Colour Me Fancy
Alysha Belton
 [06/19 8:44:50PM] Large

Suns Out Guns Out Tank
Janelle Donhauser
 [06/19 8:44:37PM] Medium

BeauTieful Tank
Nevada Hewitt
 [06/19 8:43:13PM] Small

Fun in the Sun Tank
Lisa Lynch
 [06/19 8:42:40PM] [email protected]

Tied up in you, groovy tank, feeling bright tank
Heather Brown
 [06/19 8:40:16PM] Large

To Dye For Tank Top
Melanie Kramer
 [06/19 8:37:49PM] S

Tie Dye’N for Summer
Clara Gann
 [06/19 8:36:55PM] L

Colorsplash Tank
Linda Purcell
 [06/19 8:36:37PM] M

Sunshine bright
Tanya Barry
 [06/19 8:35:48PM] Large

Mai Tai’d Up! (Mai Tai-d Up!)
Erin Talbot
 [06/19 8:35:20PM] L

Splash of Color Tank Top
Melanie Kramer
 [06/19 8:35:12PM] S

To Totally Dye for Tank
Theresa Trotter
 [06/19 8:35:04PM] 2XL

Living Life the Bright Way
Lindsey Stanway
 [06/19 8:34:58PM] Large

Burst of colours
Melinda Pelletier
 [06/19 8:32:59PM] 2 XL

Aurora Borealis Tank
Kailee Rouse
 [06/19 8:32:55PM] small

Tie Dye For Tank
Michelle Banks
 [06/19 8:30:46PM] S

The colour effect
Karla Gonzalez
 [06/19 8:30:22PM] 2X

Love burst Tank
Devon Anderson
 [06/19 8:28:45PM] XL

Life is a Canvas Tank
Karen Stewart
 [06/19 8:24:40PM] small

Psychedelic tank
Michelle Neufeldt
 [06/19 8:24:19PM] Large

Space Dye Tank, Intergalactic tank
Gagan Gill
 [06/19 8:24:03PM] medium

Fluorescently fun tank, Neon blast tank, neon galaxy tank
Carla Beaulac
 [06/19 8:23:56PM] XL

Pastel Starburst Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/19 8:23:13PM] 2XL

Pink and Blue Melody Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/19 8:22:17PM] 2XL

Alicia Bentz
 [06/19 8:21:59PM] XL

Can’t tie me down tank
Melissa Carleton
 [06/19 8:21:38PM] Small

Swirls of Pink and Blue Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/19 8:21:35PM] 2XL

Pink and Blue Splash Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/19 8:20:36PM] 2XL

Sunshine in a tank
Brandee Valcourt
 [06/19 8:20:27PM] Large

Pink and Blue Pop Tank
Sharon Rathbone
 [06/19 8:18:59PM] 2XL

Far Out Tank
Jeanette Laurin
 [06/19 8:18:36PM] Small

Tyed for love
Karen Mccarville
 [06/19 8:16:27PM] Xl

Color me happy
shelley Bodt
 [06/19 8:16:20PM] Large

Psychedelic Love
Alana Sandberg
 [06/19 8:15:55PM] Small

Free love tank
Jody Geistlinger
 [06/19 8:15:41PM] Large

The trippin' tank
Keely Cross
 [06/19 8:15:08PM] Xl

Pretty fly for a tie dye
Shanda Vitt
 [06/19 8:14:12PM] Small

Over the Rainbow
Kathryn Crystal
 [06/19 8:14:11PM] Medium

Colour Me Fun
Jill Currie
 [06/19 8:13:58PM] Large

Flashback Tank
Vayia Platko
 [06/19 8:13:17PM] medium

Cotton Candy
Mattie Murareanu
 [06/19 8:13:08PM] Xl

TieDye For Tank
Jill Dyer
 [06/19 8:12:45PM] XL

It’s a 70’s Thing
Janet Reichert
 [06/19 8:12:22PM] L

Can’t Dye Me Love Tank
Elaine DeRosario
 [06/19 8:12:18PM] S

Pastel passion tank
Jeanette Laurin
 [06/19 8:12:03PM] Small

Dye Hard Tank
Elaine DeRosario
 [06/19 8:11:05PM] S

Psychedelic Tank
Daphne Nichols
 [06/19 8:10:31PM] M

Vibe high with Tie Dye
Melissa Warden
 [06/19 8:10:24PM] S

To-dye-for tank
Sara White
 [06/19 8:09:50PM] 2XL

Kiki tank
Kristi Fedorowicz
 [06/19 8:09:42PM] Medium

Free spirited tank
Melissa McCrea
 [06/19 8:09:08PM] S

Twisted Rays of Sun tank; Twisted Sunshine Tank; All Dyed Up Tank; Summer Candy Tank; Psychadel-Chic Tank; Chic-a-delic
Vayia Platko
 [06/19 8:08:56PM] medium

Summer Haze
Annie Cook
 [06/19 8:08:15PM] Xl

Sunshine in my pocket tank
Jennifer Nagel
 [06/19 8:06:37PM] Large

Notice Me Neon
Brittany Sheldon
 [06/19 8:06:16PM] Small

Cotton Candy
Jeanette Laurin
 [06/19 8:06:03PM] Small

Sunshower tank
Jennifer Nagel
 [06/19 8:06:00PM] Large

Rainbow Ice Cream tank
Donna Norcott
 [06/19 8:04:24PM] Small

Not So Neon Tie Dye Tank
Lyndsey Weat
 [06/19 8:04:00PM] L

Cotton Candy
Jeanette Laurin
 [06/19 8:03:56PM] Small

Brighter Days
Stephanie Monforr
 [06/19 8:02:44PM] Small

Summer tie Dye
Jennifer Daley
 [06/19 8:02:31PM] L

You had me at tyed; all tyed up;
Diana brown
 [06/19 8:02:22PM] Medium

Twisted Tee
Pat McPherson
 [06/19 8:02:03PM] L

Kaleidoscope Tank
Carrie Maclellan
 [06/19 8:01:58PM] Large

Dyve into Summer Tank
Carrie Maclellan
 [06/19 8:01:11PM] Large

Tie-d over tank
Laura Eberle
 [06/19 8:00:19PM] Medium

Tye Dye for
Carrie Maclellan
 [06/19 8:00:17PM] Large

Radical Tie Tank
Jenna Gregoire
 [06/19 7:59:46PM] S

Totally tubular tank
Nicole Savage
 [06/19 7:57:31PM] 3xl

Pocket full of sunshine
Cari hemphill
 [06/19 7:55:08PM] 3x

Summer Colours Tie Dye Tank
Angela Skoreiko
 [06/19 7:54:58PM] XL

Splash of Color Tank
Linda Purcell
 [06/19 7:54:50PM] M

Summer Colours Tie Dye Tank
Angela Skoreiko
 [06/19 7:53:45PM] XL