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Luxe Exclusives
October 23, 2020

It’s contest time again! Time to get cute and creative! Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, October 25th at 9AM PST.

You’re going to fall 🍂 for this new fabric! And so will your littles! Featuring a new matte finish, these leggings are going to be a new SI staple!

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Luxe Exclusives

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 542
Congratulations to Allison Pelletier, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "I build you up, you keep me grounded."

I’be got your back
Jamie Thorburn
 [10/25 8:18:59AM]

Wheelbarrow season!
Stefanie leBlanc
 [10/25 8:05:52AM]

Teeter totter
Michele S Latham
 [10/25 7:59:28AM]

Natures Twin, Yin 2 my Yang, Family MatteRs
Krystal Barber (Spencer)
 [10/25 7:42:07AM]

Pieces put together to make a great fit!
Amanda Beier
 [10/25 7:14:09AM]

I'll be your 'matte'! Mommy & Me
Trisha Ciarlo
 [10/25 4:41:56AM]

Mom is very supportive ??
Denise Sternastik
 [10/25 4:41:43AM]

Lean On Me Leggings
Janice Kean
 [10/25 4:36:09AM]

Monkey see Monkey Do
Jennifer Larocque
 [10/25 4:24:35AM]

Nerissa Hall
 [10/25 1:41:30AM]

I'll support you
Candice Kemper
 [10/24 10:15:39PM]

Nothing else "matte"rs when were together
Carolyn nicholson
 [10/24 9:20:26PM]

I build you up, you keep me grounded
Allison Pelletier
 [10/24 9:06:41PM]

Double trouble Luxe Strength Leggings
Krista murray
 [10/24 8:52:49PM]

Matchy Match Matte!
Charlotte Mitchell
 [10/24 8:20:27PM]

A mothers support
Lily artymko
 [10/24 7:46:30PM]

Limber Leggings Love Lotsa Legs!
Denise Gibson
 [10/24 7:18:39PM]

FALLow your mama luxe leggings
Erin Sigsworth
 [10/24 7:08:59PM]

Silver Icing's Fashion T-winning Planks
Melanie Bergeron
 [10/24 6:59:34PM]

Going Matte with my little mate
Yvonne Stewart
 [10/24 6:55:11PM]

Follow my lead little one
Robyn m
 [10/24 6:51:17PM]

Follow my lead
Robyn m
 [10/24 6:47:39PM]

Like Mother like Daughter
Nicole Gryde
 [10/24 5:59:21PM]

Mommy and me
Lorene Casemore
 [10/24 5:58:07PM]

Conquer the world
Angela Mitres
 [10/24 5:55:56PM]

This exercise, demonstrated here, is called the double push!
Brenda Bassett
 [10/24 5:18:49PM]

Like mother like daughter. I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else.
Kelly Hamer
 [10/24 5:04:23PM]

TFW your SI activewear just arrived... and you just have to plank!
Diana Stephens
 [10/24 4:51:47PM]

Fall in my foot steps exclusives
Autumn Shank
 [10/24 4:49:41PM]

Amazing Strength
Krista Rogers
 [10/24 4:36:43PM]

Amazing Strength ??
Krista Rogers
 [10/24 4:35:47PM]

Just planking around
Erin L Sigsworth
 [10/24 4:32:00PM]

Hold that Pose - Where'd you get those clothes?!
Rhonda Urfey
 [10/24 4:25:46PM]

I've got your back
Gwen Gamble
 [10/24 4:06:56PM]

She ain't heavy, she's my daughter
Gwen Gamble
 [10/24 4:06:27PM]

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else
Gwen Gamble
 [10/24 4:05:23PM]

Mother daughter goals
Michelle Hyatt
 [10/24 3:58:38PM]

Two planks are better than One!
Laura Dritsas
 [10/24 3:55:23PM]

Lean on me and I’ll always support you ??
Stacy Simington
 [10/24 3:44:48PM]

Aline and Soul
Erin Babcook
 [10/24 3:34:41PM]

Keeping in balance with these matte finish leggings
Amanda Zinn-White
 [10/24 3:15:56PM]

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Natalie Steeves
 [10/24 3:03:49PM]

Why can’t I ever do anything alone!
Jennifer Adams
 [10/24 3:02:18PM]

The Elephant Bow
Maria Suriek
 [10/24 2:31:49PM]

You MATTEr Leggings
Kathy Santrock
 [10/24 2:15:57PM]

I Plank for You
Lyndsay Russell
 [10/24 2:09:35PM]

Stretching with my bestie
Cheralee Filion
 [10/24 2:08:39PM]

You hold me up leggings.
Paula Woodfine
 [10/24 1:55:16PM]

Better together.
Courtney Schilling
 [10/24 1:47:58PM]

Balance MATTEers leggings
Karen Fantinic-Boyadjian
 [10/24 1:47:50PM]

Get a leg up leggings
Karen Fantinic-Boyadjian
 [10/24 1:47:05PM]

Made for Matte
Jessica Wright
 [10/24 1:43:03PM]

Time Well Spent Together
Kelly Lowson
 [10/24 1:37:45PM]

Stretch together, stay together ?
Monique Liggins
 [10/24 1:33:39PM]

Sharon Pepper
 [10/24 1:30:30PM]

Team unconditional
Robin geiger
 [10/24 1:25:28PM]

Comfort for the mat now in matte
Erica duggan
 [10/24 1:12:10PM]

Comfort for the mat now in matte ??
Erica Duggan
 [10/24 1:10:31PM]

Uppsie daisy
 [10/24 1:00:24PM]

Sometimes the Strength of Motherhood is greater than natural laws.
Alison Eastman
 [10/24 12:58:54PM]

Stretching duo
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [10/24 12:51:44PM]

“Stronger Together”
Julie McDougall
 [10/24 12:49:35PM]

No FALL support
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [10/24 12:49:10PM]

 [10/24 12:48:09PM]

Reach for the stars
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [10/24 12:47:57PM]

We've got this
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [10/24 12:47:01PM]

Hop On Board
Christine Drody
 [10/24 11:29:44AM]

Have The Strength and Courage to Elevate Others
Christine Drody
 [10/24 11:28:08AM]

Matte About Fall
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [10/24 11:09:06AM]

Team work makes the dream work
Eleese Scott
 [10/24 11:05:51AM]

I’ll always support You!
Sandra Devost
 [10/24 10:45:00AM]

Friends 'till the end leggings
Jaimee love
 [10/24 10:03:47AM]

Your vibe attracts your tribe
Jaimee love
 [10/24 10:03:27AM]

A true friend is one soul in two bodies
Jaimee love
 [10/24 10:03:11AM]

Love is beautiful, friendship is better.
Jaimee love
 [10/24 10:02:54AM]

Double strength fall leggings
Jaimee love
 [10/24 10:01:57AM]

You Raise Me Up
Tanya Vick
 [10/24 10:01:03AM]

Luxe Leisure
Ashley Bell
 [10/24 9:57:29AM]

Matte R of Time Leggings
Tracey Dunlop
 [10/24 9:46:33AM]

Be Balanced Matte Leggings
Tracey Dunlop
 [10/24 9:45:51AM]

Lean on Me Leggings
Tracey Dunlop
 [10/24 9:45:24AM]

She ain’t heavy - she’s my daughter
GWen Gamble
 [10/24 9:43:19AM]

Our clothes are unparalleled and so is the time that you spend in them!
 [10/24 9:42:33AM]

Lean on me
Sophie Des Rosiers
 [10/24 9:42:25AM]

Namaste right here on the matte
meagen pearson
 [10/24 9:38:49AM]

Twinning stretch legging
Ashley Warkentin
 [10/24 9:34:01AM]

Sweetheart, the best advice I can give you is that diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. Leggings are.
Manny Martins-Karman
 [10/24 9:28:54AM]

I've got your matte
Cheryl Roddis
 [10/24 9:16:34AM]

We’re in this together
Robynne Barone
 [10/24 9:12:37AM]

Family Matte(rs)
Bonnie Fouladi
 [10/24 8:59:52AM]

It Takes Two To Pull Off This Pose
Samantha S
 [10/24 8:51:41AM]

Silver Icing-Supporting women supporting little women<3
Tara Kennedy
 [10/24 8:51:31AM]

Fall into ME!
Lisa Marie Helm
 [10/24 8:51:09AM]

Silver Icing-Supporting women supporting little women??
Tara Kennedy
 [10/24 8:50:14AM]

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Season Pizzey
 [10/24 8:48:51AM]

A Beautiful Pair Stretching It Out
Samantha S
 [10/24 8:44:35AM]

A Beautiful Pair Stretching It Out
Samantha S
 [10/24 8:42:19AM]

The strongest bond
Catherine Cutler
 [10/24 8:41:51AM]

A Beautiful Pair Stretching It Out
Samantha S
 [10/24 8:39:04AM]

I will always have your back!
Jodie Ware
 [10/24 8:32:16AM]

setting a high plank in leggings!
Karen Lang
 [10/24 8:29:22AM]

"Falling" in Love
Brenda Meyer
 [10/24 8:23:20AM]

Beautiful Bonding
Brenda Meyer
 [10/24 8:22:06AM]

Balance is was we need with this covid
Nicole Nadeau
 [10/24 8:21:04AM]

Stronger Together
Michelle McAuley
 [10/24 8:20:42AM]

Let's get comfy
Brenda Meyer
 [10/24 8:19:28AM]

Totally Cozy
Brenda Meyer
 [10/24 8:17:23AM]

Perfect Pair
Brenda Meyer
 [10/24 8:15:42AM]

Head Over Heels
 [10/24 8:04:49AM]

"Plank You" Mom!
Lise Mitchler
 [10/24 7:57:50AM]

I got you babe
Lise Mitchler
 [10/24 7:55:19AM]

Mom and SI's here to support you ?
Jill Mcdonald
 [10/24 7:28:30AM]

She ain’t heavy - she’s my daughter
Gwen Gamble
 [10/24 7:25:00AM]

Legs of steel
Hawna Cooper
 [10/24 6:54:37AM]

Babes Uplifting Babes
Vanessa Kernel
 [10/24 6:49:52AM]

Workin' the Luxe legg8bfs
Denise Starling
 [10/24 6:46:33AM]

Empowering women
Corinne Hendry
 [10/24 6:46:07AM]

Workin' It leggings
 [10/24 6:45:45AM]

Challenge accepted
Alanna McLeod
 [10/24 6:34:01AM]

Climb into Comfort
Sandra Coker
 [10/24 6:05:31AM]

I always have your back
Jill Haber
 [10/24 5:35:41AM]

Ying yang mother daughter time ?
Nancy leblanc
 [10/24 5:31:02AM]

Your my Strength
Tatianna Hommy
 [10/24 5:20:52AM]

Yogi and me
Brittaney Pregizer
 [10/24 5:14:32AM]

Planning around
Jamie Cook
 [10/24 4:57:02AM]

Work Out Gal Pals
Connie Flaherty
 [10/24 4:42:27AM]

Matt-terial Girl Leggings
Connie Flaherty
 [10/24 4:40:04AM]

We’re In This Together!
Tracy Calver
 [10/24 4:35:54AM]

Family Flow
Wendy Page
 [10/24 4:31:20AM]

Leave other leggings with the leaves! Fall for these!
Jenny Abunassar
 [10/24 3:33:09AM]

Nothing MATTErs more than you
Alicia Anderson
 [10/24 12:22:04AM]

What a view
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:48:20PM]

Lovesick girl gang
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:46:45PM]

Girl power
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:46:13PM]

Love, Laughter and Memories
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:44:35PM]

Lots of Love
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:42:50PM]

Lovesick Laughter (they are at Lovesick Lake)
Antionette Payne
 [10/23 10:40:53PM]

Head to toe stretch.
Kelly Millar
 [10/23 10:17:52PM]

I was born to stand out.
 [10/23 10:10:35PM]

Plank me some stretch
Amber Hamm
 [10/23 10:04:03PM]

Plank me some stretch
Amber Hamm
 [10/23 10:01:28PM]

Plank me some stretch
Amber-Lee Hamm
 [10/23 10:00:45PM]

Behind every strong girl is a great mom
Cynthia Wahl
 [10/23 9:47:43PM]

Behind every great girl is a strong mom
Cynthia Wahl
 [10/23 9:46:12PM]

Behind every great girl...
Cynthia Wahl
 [10/23 9:45:20PM]

“Exclusively your mini me!”
Sharmayne Colvin
 [10/23 9:26:55PM]

Strong twins
Shirley Protheroe
 [10/23 9:25:33PM]

A mother’s love (and yoga bod) is stronger than the smell of yoga toes by your nose ??
Kara Robinson
 [10/23 9:14:37PM]

Yoga-na love our Matte-ching Mommy and me Matte Leggings! Fall in love, exclusively with SI
Hayley Friesen
 [10/23 9:12:14PM]

Opposites attract
Wendy Sharp
 [10/23 8:48:09PM]

Your yin is my yang
Wendy Sharp
 [10/23 8:47:23PM]

Plank partners in crime
Nicole Camara
 [10/23 8:46:33PM]

Falling Head over feet
Tammy Desharnais
 [10/23 8:44:23PM]

Double Double
Jenny Bardal
 [10/23 8:42:45PM]

Building a strong foundation
Sharon Pepper
 [10/23 8:34:15PM]

Koren Warford
 [10/23 8:30:39PM]

We’re in this together
Bridgette Rollins
 [10/23 8:28:44PM]

You and me baby, we're stuck like glue
Rachel Friesen
 [10/23 8:16:15PM]

I won’t let you fall
Shelby Elke
 [10/23 8:11:15PM]

Catch me on my toes
Shelby elke
 [10/23 8:10:47PM]

Mind, Body and SI
Tania Blackburn
 [10/23 8:02:37PM]

I have your back :)
Trina Metz
 [10/23 7:55:14PM]

Body, mind an SI
Tania Blackburn
 [10/23 7:49:51PM]

Olive win you over, Beyond the matte,
Jana Mottl
 [10/23 7:49:42PM]

Lean support of the minds
Tania blackburn
 [10/23 7:49:09PM]

Hey dad- look what we can do!
Michelle Baart
 [10/23 7:47:32PM]

Plank for the sky
Tania blackburn
 [10/23 7:46:48PM]

Big things come in small packages
Angela Fogarty
 [10/23 7:32:35PM]

"Plank" heaven for "Matte"
Carrie Anheliger
 [10/23 7:32:14PM]

The Strength in Supporting One Another!
Sandy Roberts
 [10/23 7:30:56PM]

Can you top this?
Wanda Swance
 [10/23 6:55:05PM]

Olive you leggings
Kimberley rietze
 [10/23 6:54:05PM]

Head over Heels. - or Tot on Mom
Eunice Puetz
 [10/23 6:53:12PM]

Mother daughter yoga time
Martine Venne
 [10/23 6:38:56PM]

nah-mom-stay yoga pose
Joleen Black
 [10/23 6:34:36PM]

Strong Women Raise Strong Woman SI
Julie Odia
 [10/23 6:29:18PM]

Hold You Up!
Frances Dey
 [10/23 6:13:29PM]

Fall favourite, sleek stance, figure vigor,
Gugu Maponga
 [10/23 6:09:25PM]

Who else loves “Matte-ching” with their mini me?!
Melissa LaPlante
 [10/23 6:05:46PM]

The ? Bow
Maria Suriek
 [10/23 6:03:49PM]

twisted sisters
 [10/23 5:58:58PM]

Stronger Women
Charlene Tolton
 [10/23 5:56:32PM]

Lindsay Swoboda
 [10/23 5:52:22PM]

Reach your potential
Angie Fogarty
 [10/23 5:51:06PM]

Matte but not flat leggings
Angie Fogarty
 [10/23 5:50:31PM]

Mother may I, be like you ?
Angie Fogarty
 [10/23 5:49:20PM]

Family touch
Angie Fogarty
 [10/23 5:48:44PM]

Stretched in love
Angie Fogarty
 [10/23 5:48:13PM]

Just like silver icing tights, your mother’s support is everlasting
Lacey Kuttnick
 [10/23 5:40:29PM]

Get into the new Fall “Matte”
Jelaney Derkach
 [10/23 5:40:19PM]

Work or play we do it together!
Julie Odia
 [10/23 5:25:53PM]

Monkey see monkey do, the power of two!
Kristy Goltes
 [10/23 5:23:27PM]

It takes two
Phillippa Venables
 [10/23 5:21:15PM]

I will ALWAYS SUPPORT you ??
Christina Furlan
 [10/23 5:18:47PM]

Double your Health with Silver Icing
Julie Odia
 [10/23 5:17:46PM]

Strong, supportive, and matte-ching
Alisha Patterson
 [10/23 5:09:49PM]

Strong, supportive, and Matte-ching ??
Alisha Patterson
 [10/23 5:05:31PM]

Is this how you do it? Nailed it!
Karli Owens
 [10/23 4:59:16PM]

Lean on me, push-up perfection, plank please, I’ve got you babe! , love knows no bounds
Jenessa Talbot
 [10/23 4:54:25PM]

Strong as a mother
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [10/23 4:50:38PM]

I've got your back, always.
Lacey Wagner
 [10/23 4:45:44PM]

Lean on me, build me up
Gail kieley
 [10/23 4:44:42PM]

Ying and yang
Dee Hunter
 [10/23 4:43:46PM]

Nose to Toes
Debbie Brown
 [10/23 4:43:16PM]

Matte time with Mum
Dianna Korol
 [10/23 4:43:11PM]

Strong and behold leggins
Natasha Vankoughnett
 [10/23 4:39:55PM]

I always got your back
Melissa Martineau
 [10/23 4:39:28PM]

Twining Tag Team
Melissa L Squarey
 [10/23 4:28:32PM]

Like Mother like daughter
Kristen Thiessen
 [10/23 4:26:14PM]

I Wanna Mamma leggings
Heather Trotz
 [10/23 4:19:45PM]

Bridge of Strength
Stephanie Cooney-Mann
 [10/23 4:19:19PM]

Got You No MATTEr What!
Jana Marnoch
 [10/23 4:18:03PM]

Building bonds one pair of leggings at a time
Courtney rehula
 [10/23 4:14:08PM]

Partner Yoga: the most important time to not relax EVERY muscle in your body for fear of things... getting smelly!
Rheanna Jensen-Guenter
 [10/23 4:13:38PM]

Level Up
Marie Laliberte
 [10/23 4:12:05PM]

Family Flex
Jenn Haviland
 [10/23 4:10:44PM]

Won’t let you down
 [10/23 4:06:10PM]

Ying and Yang
Fran Switzer
 [10/23 3:59:37PM]

Rise up and others will follow
Christine Drody
 [10/23 3:57:14PM]

Team work really works
Jennifer jones
 [10/23 3:53:32PM]

You bend, I will flex
Karen Bemister
 [10/23 3:52:30PM]

Strong like Mom!
Jerilyn Matlock
 [10/23 3:51:11PM]

Sylvie Daigle
 [10/23 3:50:55PM]

I'm Planking You
Terri Grey
 [10/23 3:49:47PM]

Stronger Together
Terri Grey
 [10/23 3:42:24PM]

Somebody to lean on; be that someone
Michelle poulin
 [10/23 3:40:32PM]

Play is powerful
Michelle poulin
 [10/23 3:37:59PM]

plank up
Sharon Roberts
 [10/23 3:37:23PM]

Heal the soul, spend time with children
Michelle poulin
 [10/23 3:34:09PM]

Momming, planking, laking
Christina Ward
 [10/23 3:33:16PM]

Be brave, be silly, be your own magic!
Michelle Poulin
 [10/23 3:31:35PM]

We Make Each Other Stronger
Lisa Kelly
 [10/23 3:29:20PM]

Stronger together
Serena boone
 [10/23 3:27:54PM]

Balancing each other out
Dawn Havanka
 [10/23 3:22:13PM]

Mandy Falardeau
 [10/23 3:20:05PM]

Yoga Pants and Fallen Leaves Perfect !!
Sandra Dunphy
 [10/23 3:19:50PM]

Building the Bridge to Success
Kristy Burden
 [10/23 3:19:33PM]

On top of the world
Stacey Koutsiouris
 [10/23 3:11:28PM]

Yin-Yang Twins Exclusives
Kim Susheski
 [10/23 3:08:00PM]

Build Luxe foundation
Stacey Garton
 [10/23 2:54:18PM]

The matte legging your littles will want. Mini see,Mini do, Mini want!
Misty reimer
 [10/23 2:53:21PM]

Double Trouble, Planked Out,
Jody Nordman
 [10/23 2:48:05PM]

Raise her up
Lesley Gilbert
 [10/23 2:45:03PM]

The isometric luxe
Stacey Garton
 [10/23 2:43:21PM]

Totally balanced
Gail Cruickshanks
 [10/23 2:42:45PM]

Double Dog Yoga anyone?
Sonja Richards
 [10/23 2:42:28PM]

Mom & Me Matte Time!
Susan Schmidt
 [10/23 2:42:27PM]

Luxe Legacy
Carrie Maclellan
 [10/23 2:37:00PM]

Luxe duo
Carrie Maclellan
 [10/23 2:36:07PM]

Matte Stacks
Carrie Maclellan
 [10/23 2:35:04PM]

Girl power
Lisa Atfield
 [10/23 2:27:51PM]

Icing on the Top!
Jenny Marseille
 [10/23 2:26:13PM]

Work’em Leggings
Cindy Lavender
 [10/23 2:23:31PM]

Everyday I’m stretchin’ ?
Kayla Deplonty
 [10/23 2:22:14PM]

Mom; just another name for superhero
Natalie Rains
 [10/23 2:18:16PM]

Mother first, best friend forever.
Natalie Rains
 [10/23 2:16:17PM]

Mother first, best friend forever.
Natalie Rains
 [10/23 2:15:34PM]

Head to tail!
Leslie Welch
 [10/23 2:12:41PM]

We are Luxe for Exclusives
Erin Agostini
 [10/23 2:12:20PM]

Tickling Toesies by my nosey
Karen McRae
 [10/23 2:08:58PM]

Tickling Toesies near my nosey
Karen McRae
 [10/23 2:04:29PM]

I was going to quit, but I remembered who my partner was.
Vikki Macmillan
 [10/23 2:02:04PM]

Twinning Teepee
Jenelle Millar
 [10/23 1:58:27PM]

Our Balance is on Point!
Erin Levesque
 [10/23 1:52:23PM]

Teeter Totter, Mother Daughter!
Karen Carvell
 [10/23 1:50:11PM]

Team work!
Carolyn Campbell-Sheen
 [10/23 1:48:55PM]

In Perfect Harmony
Lisa Ginn
 [10/23 1:45:11PM]

Got the head to toe feels!
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/23 1:44:00PM]

In perfect harmony
Lisa Ginn
 [10/23 1:43:27PM]

Kid I've got your back and you've got mine. Love, mom
Amber Fisher
 [10/23 1:41:14PM]

Stacked Beauty’s
Melissa Rice
 [10/23 1:37:10PM]

I'm booking us for pedicures, STAT!
Kelly Hunt
 [10/23 1:19:04PM]

Together no “matte”r what
Lauren Petersen
 [10/23 1:09:31PM]

Life balance
Sheila Hepburn
 [10/23 1:06:34PM]

Mom and Me Yoga Matte leggings
Brittany Hutzkal
 [10/23 1:04:38PM]

Yoga Matte
Brittany Hutzkal
 [10/23 1:03:42PM]

Double Plank
Laura Cole
 [10/23 1:01:51PM]

Together is better ??
 [10/23 1:00:39PM]

Like mother, like daughter!
Doreen Benoit
 [10/23 12:58:18PM]

Mini me & mom yoga time
Sarah anderson
 [10/23 12:43:09PM]

Twinning at it's finest. Namaste!
Angela Yung
 [10/23 12:38:38PM]

My mom always supports me!
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:36:20PM]

Planking through life together comfortably
Lorelei Bowes
 [10/23 12:30:58PM]

Matter effect I do love yoga, matter effect we’re stronger together, let’s hit the matte
Nikki robson
 [10/23 12:29:21PM]

Double SI plank in’
Chandra Madsen
 [10/23 12:28:12PM]

I want to teach my kiddos that the things that make us different, also make us superheroes...even if we just wear yoga pants and not a cape!
Heidi Mills
 [10/23 12:28:02PM]

You are my sunshine when world is GREY- leggings & shirt Set ??
 [10/23 12:26:08PM]

Together anything can happen.
Jane Sanson
 [10/23 12:25:15PM]

Strong mother's raise strong daughters
Monique Neufeld
 [10/23 12:23:33PM]

Momma will always lift you up when the world knocks you down
Amanda Grant
 [10/23 12:23:24PM]

See us stretch on the Matte in these OM-azing Leggings
Linsey Benson
 [10/23 12:23:12PM]

Yoga my back, and I've got yours!
Monique Neufeld
 [10/23 12:21:35PM]

Boss babes supporting boss babes.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:18:03PM]

Supporting the boss babes of tomorrow.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:17:18PM]

When I grow up, I want to be just like mommy.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:10:56PM]

The planks we lay today support the bridges of tomorrow.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:10:23PM]

Double Mint Mom and Me
Pamela Valente
 [10/23 12:08:52PM]

Rise up darlin' & others will follow
Whitney Dillon
 [10/23 12:07:12PM]

Building bridges today for the strong women of tomorrow.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:06:34PM]

Balance is the key to a successful life
Whitney Dillon
 [10/23 12:06:24PM]

Building bridges one strong woman at a time.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:05:08PM]

Rise up darkin' & others will follow
Whitney Dillon
 [10/23 12:04:35PM]

Anything you can do, "SI" can do better!
Katie Dwyer
 [10/23 12:03:56PM]

Super women raise super women.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:03:37PM]

Strong women raise strong women.
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 12:03:03PM]

Mama helped to make the bridge that built me
Deanna Wight
 [10/23 11:52:58AM]

Baby’s got my back!
Michelle anderson
 [10/23 11:39:37AM]

Life is a balancing act
Maria Finnegan
 [10/23 11:38:54AM]

Get planked
Lauren Pollock
 [10/23 11:38:32AM]

When women support each other, incredible things happen!
Mallory Fedirko
 [10/23 11:33:51AM]

Head over heels for Silver Icing
Amanda Simms
 [10/23 11:33:39AM]

Family yoga outside is a great idea
Daisy white
 [10/23 11:28:57AM]

I’m as strong as mommy!
Mimi Searls
 [10/23 11:24:18AM]

Yo-Go this
Melody O'Connor
 [10/23 11:22:57AM]

Plank with mini-me
Diana Chadha
 [10/23 11:21:07AM]

Mama n Me Togetherness Time
Alty Kanten
 [10/23 11:20:59AM]

Fall together. ParalleloGirl. PairAllelogram. Soft & sleek angles.
Breanne DeJong
 [10/23 11:20:26AM]

Being a mom is a blanching act!
Debra Asmussen
 [10/23 11:16:29AM]

Fall together. ParalleloGirl. You parallel me.
Breanne DeJong
 [10/23 11:16:24AM]

Wherever you go I go.
Gigi bachynski
 [10/23 11:09:28AM]

Balancing act
Shannon price
 [10/23 11:05:20AM]

Team work makes the dream work
Rachel Hotchkiss
 [10/23 11:03:45AM]

Two Book Ends
Amanda Simoes
 [10/23 11:03:11AM]

Women's world
Rachel Hotchkiss
 [10/23 11:02:16AM]

I will raise you up!
Sharon Pepper
 [10/23 11:01:38AM]

Raising women
Rachel Hotchkiss
 [10/23 11:01:20AM]

Girl Power!
Sharon Pepper
 [10/23 11:00:58AM]

It might be a stretch, but these could be our best leggings ever!!
Kalli Ingram
 [10/23 10:52:53AM]

Balancing Comfort & Style
Liz Davidson
 [10/23 10:47:36AM]

2020 we got this, be strong !
 [10/23 10:47:20AM]

"Helping Hands"
Monique Campbell
 [10/23 10:47:12AM]

You will fall head over heels or heels over head in love with these leggings!
Betty Stanley
 [10/23 10:47:08AM]

The ying to my yang
Sara Lawson
 [10/23 10:46:56AM]

When I said I wanted the kids to work out with me, this is not what I had in mind!
Kristy Stebbings
 [10/23 10:45:41AM]

These leggings take me from my morning workout to a date night out in style.
Ina Hammer
 [10/23 10:45:21AM]

2020 has got me working on my 2021 buttocks.
Ina Hammer
 [10/23 10:43:45AM]

Mother/ daughter power
Priska Geiger
 [10/23 10:41:57AM]

Life is brighter with you having my back
Ina Hammer
 [10/23 10:41:53AM]

Plank Off
Caitlyn Faucher
 [10/23 10:39:51AM]

It’s all about balance
Debbie Metchant
 [10/23 10:37:33AM]

Babes supporting babes, stronger together
Lauren James
 [10/23 10:36:15AM]

2020 the year the odds seemed stacked against us...but we iced it with style ?
Kristina Van Egmond
 [10/23 10:35:19AM]

Generations of strength
dianne bates
 [10/23 10:34:46AM]

Stronger together
April Berry
 [10/23 10:30:23AM]

Stronger Together
Sandra Bennett
 [10/23 10:27:59AM]

We can do this!
Hunter Gates
 [10/23 10:26:50AM]

I’ve got you!
Lisa Bietelspacher
 [10/23 10:25:55AM]

Strong Bond !
Jenni casler
 [10/23 10:24:42AM]

Show Me How Mommy??
Sherri Page
 [10/23 10:24:18AM]

Fit for Fall: Mommy & Me Edition
Michelle Allen
 [10/23 10:18:53AM]

Mommy and me bootcamp
Rachel Curran
 [10/23 10:16:43AM]

I got it from my mama
Kaleigh Simon
 [10/23 10:16:16AM]

Lift me up mom
Ann Cochrane
 [10/23 10:15:19AM]

Perfect “matte” and company for this workout!
Amanda Grant
 [10/23 10:08:53AM]

Mom level: expert
Amy Klauke
 [10/23 10:08:18AM]

Plank it til you make it
Jennifer Wourms
 [10/23 10:04:50AM]

Once in a leg time!
Rhianne lessard
 [10/23 10:02:58AM]

MoMA Raised me Strong., Girls just need there Moma, Pushing through.,
Tanya King
 [10/23 10:00:12AM]

Strong like a mother
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [10/23 9:59:00AM] how are we going to get out of this position!?
Tammy Peterson
 [10/23 9:58:03AM]

Mother daughter time
Christine Prezio
 [10/23 9:57:08AM]

The strength of a mother is like no other
Michelle Yeates
 [10/23 9:53:21AM]

Lisa yaroshuk
 [10/23 9:50:23AM]

Double Threat
Kim Latimer
 [10/23 9:47:40AM]

Love Can Build a Bridge
Liz Roy
 [10/23 9:47:30AM]

Plank on plank
Jasmin Cookman
 [10/23 9:45:45AM]

Just Like Mama
Ruth McCully
 [10/23 9:44:10AM]

I got it from my mama
Haley Boland
 [10/23 9:42:55AM]

#shared strength!
Debra Tatomir
 [10/23 9:42:13AM]

The perfect angle
Rebecca Armstrong
 [10/23 9:40:41AM]

Building babes together
Jacquie Middleton
 [10/23 9:40:28AM]

Strong like mom
Haley Boland
 [10/23 9:39:53AM]

Mandy Begall
 [10/23 9:39:21AM]

What matters the most
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/23 9:39:16AM]

I’ll hold you up
Cara Jones
 [10/23 9:38:15AM]

Balancing act
Rebecca Armstrong
 [10/23 9:36:57AM]

Strong like Mom ?
Stefanie Green
 [10/23 9:36:56AM]

Together in harmony
Rebecca Armstrong
 [10/23 9:36:22AM]

Together in harmony
Rebecca Armstrong
 [10/23 9:35:32AM]

Reluxe together
Shelley Stefanowich
 [10/23 9:35:30AM]

Twin for the win
Kristyn White
 [10/23 9:34:06AM]

Monkey see, monkey do!
Kass Sutton
 [10/23 9:32:42AM]

2gether we can
Serena Bennett
 [10/23 9:32:01AM]

Tasha Mark
 [10/23 9:31:19AM]

Exclusively balanced
Lacey bartholow
 [10/23 9:31:03AM]

Lift us up
Serena Bennett
 [10/23 9:30:54AM]

Close to you
 [10/23 9:29:40AM]

Yogi Bare Essentials
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [10/23 9:29:05AM]

Family Jenga #addthedad
 [10/23 9:28:44AM]

We’ve got your back
 [10/23 9:27:33AM]

Holding onto our youth
Traci denbrok
 [10/23 9:27:30AM]

All About Balance
Robyn Kelsey
 [10/23 9:27:09AM]

Double Decker
 [10/23 9:26:53AM]

Yoga with my best friend
Della durand
 [10/23 9:25:59AM]

Mom and I over/under exercising suits
Kelli Mowbray
 [10/23 9:25:05AM]

Love and strength in layers
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [10/23 9:23:44AM]

Better Together
Melissa Frank
 [10/23 9:22:15AM]

Raising our daughters up
Shantel murfitt
 [10/23 9:21:57AM]

Yoga got this
 [10/23 9:21:55AM]

Mommy + Me = all that ‘matte’Ta
Jacine Brown
 [10/23 9:21:31AM]

Social distancing at its legging!
Hillary Couzelis
 [10/23 9:21:10AM]

Mother Daughter Yoga time
 [10/23 9:20:49AM]

Mother Daughter Jenga
 [10/23 9:19:09AM]

 [10/23 9:18:33AM]

Mothers supporting daughters ??
Sian Lesueur
 [10/23 9:18:01AM]

Babes supporting babes
Melissa Mackell
 [10/23 9:16:40AM]

Rise up
Deanna Coombs
 [10/23 9:16:26AM]

Stronger together
Natasha Veerkamp
 [10/23 9:12:34AM]

Namaste carefree and comfy to get through 2020
Shayla Hilliard
 [10/23 9:10:40AM]

You lift me up
Deanna Coombs
 [10/23 9:10:36AM]

Outdoor Bliss
Shannon Edmonds
 [10/23 9:10:12AM]

Better Together
Natasha Veerkamp
 [10/23 9:09:55AM]

The Icing on the plank
Tamara Seib
 [10/23 9:09:54AM]

You lift me up
Deanna Coombs
 [10/23 9:09:19AM]

Like mother like daughter ?
Natasha Veerkamp
 [10/23 9:08:54AM]

Building blocks of life
 [10/23 9:08:53AM]

Work together to reach our goals with the opposite angles icings
Chrystal Bompas-Gillett
 [10/23 9:08:39AM]

Family Support!
Shandel Kerik
 [10/23 9:08:27AM]

Shes your biggest fan
Natasha Veerkamp
 [10/23 9:08:15AM]

I got you!
Deanna Coombs
 [10/23 9:07:43AM]

2020 is all about balance.
Halsi Sears
 [10/23 9:07:43AM]

Fall Yoga with Mom
Krista Grenier
 [10/23 9:07:39AM]

Uplift and insipre
Natasha Veerkamp
 [10/23 9:06:58AM]

Got your back
Deanna Coombs
 [10/23 9:06:51AM]

Forever Together
Kristy Anderson
 [10/23 9:05:57AM]

Daughter like Mother Yoga Time
BARBARA Wohlford
 [10/23 9:05:37AM]

Moms and daughters. Lift each other up always!!
Debbie yaniw
 [10/23 9:04:52AM]

Fusion Of Love
Kristy Anderson
 [10/23 9:04:39AM]

Got your back
Robyn M
 [10/23 9:04:11AM]

"Her toes are so cold! Keep it together"
Michelle Lockhart
 [10/23 9:03:35AM]

Head to toe comfort and style
Spring D'Lugos
 [10/23 9:03:03AM]

I’ve got U mom!
Kim Schramm
 [10/23 9:01:24AM]

Building her up
Hillary murphy
 [10/23 9:01:01AM]

Weekend Warrior
Karie-Anne Senft
 [10/23 9:00:17AM]

Head Over Heels In Love!
Jennifer Harrison
 [10/23 8:57:54AM]

Strong like mom: strong women raising strong girls
Louise vukas
 [10/23 8:56:48AM]

Social distancing, in comfort.
 [10/23 8:56:12AM]

We’ve got each other
Megan Fristak
 [10/23 8:55:06AM]

I got your back!
Melody Lever
 [10/23 8:54:26AM]

Head and Shoulders, Fall is Here!
Tina Keenan
 [10/23 8:53:13AM]

Let's stretch Fall out a little longer
Taylor Garnier
 [10/23 8:52:20AM]

We Autumn Fall together
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [10/23 8:51:58AM]

We've got this!
Tanya Godfrey
 [10/23 8:51:41AM]

Stronger Together
Tanya Godfrey
 [10/23 8:50:53AM]

A mother’s unconditional love gives her daughter the support and balance she needs to succeed ????
Dawn Coulter
 [10/23 8:49:52AM]

Like mother, like daughter
Amanda Whitmell
 [10/23 8:46:13AM]

Uplifting fun for mommy & me
Ashli Brook
 [10/23 8:46:04AM]

Always better together
Lynn Dyll
 [10/23 8:45:56AM]

We got this !!
Candice Bartlett
 [10/23 8:45:39AM]

Together Is always better
Candice Bartlett
 [10/23 8:44:53AM]

Stronger Than a Mother
Marci Dinenn
 [10/23 8:44:23AM]

Downward mon and me
Shannon Greene
 [10/23 8:43:20AM]

Strong women raise strong girls
Heather Vita
 [10/23 8:42:58AM]

I got you babe!
Dori symbalisty
 [10/23 8:42:11AM]

Two peas in a pod, monkey see monkey do, healthy mind and body X2,
Linsey DeMontigny
 [10/23 8:40:58AM]

Just a little mom and daughter bonding time
Alissa Matheson
 [10/23 8:40:49AM]

Together Strong
Amanda Arends
 [10/23 8:36:03AM]

Flatten the curve with our new matte leggings
Brenda Erlandson
 [10/23 8:35:29AM]

Ultimate family fitness goals
Caitlin Fox
 [10/23 8:35:19AM]

Team work makes Dream work,Nothing can stop us, Unbreakable,
Ashley Strome
 [10/23 8:33:43AM]

We’re Head Over Heels!
Amber Murdock
 [10/23 8:33:12AM]

Upper Hand
Genista Richards
 [10/23 8:33:06AM]

Silver Icing on the Cake
Tracy Fisher
 [10/23 8:33:05AM]

We’re in this Together?
Lori Schentag
 [10/23 8:32:28AM]

Workin' it in style, in a pretty pile
Jackie Barton
 [10/23 8:30:35AM]

Life balance
Melissa Carson
 [10/23 8:30:06AM]

The perfect pair
Rebecca Krutow
 [10/23 8:30:03AM]

Planking it
Robyn Sept
 [10/23 8:29:51AM]

Silver Icing gives us Strength
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:28:05AM]

You lift me up.
Ardith Derenowski
 [10/23 8:27:52AM]

Planking is OK when Silver Icing is in Play !
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:27:09AM]

Sometimes you need yoga. Sometimes you need comfort. Silver icing you get both.
Angela Smiley
 [10/23 8:26:56AM]

Yin to my Yang
Kallyn Strichen
 [10/23 8:25:57AM]

Mommy Mini and Matt
Stephanie Colpitts
 [10/23 8:25:29AM]

Ying to my yang
Kallyn Strichen
 [10/23 8:25:02AM]

Strong women
Jennifer Kowalsky
 [10/23 8:24:33AM]

M& M&M
Stephanie Colpitts
 [10/23 8:24:24AM]

I’ve got you babe
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/23 8:23:34AM]

Take a Chance on me
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:22:56AM]

Lean on me
 [10/23 8:22:39AM]

It’s all about balance ??
Tanya Souter
 [10/23 8:22:20AM]

Silver icing on the cake!
Darci Degen
 [10/23 8:22:07AM]

Matching fun in Mommy and Me.
Rebecca Archer
 [10/23 8:22:02AM]

Strong like mom
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:21:56AM]

All you need is love, and yoga pants!
Melissa Spetz
 [10/23 8:21:41AM]

Make each day your masterpiece ??
Renae Sharp
 [10/23 8:21:39AM]

Icing on the cake!
Darci Degen
 [10/23 8:21:03AM]

Strong like Silver Icing
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:20:58AM]

Stronger Together
Brooke Derksen
 [10/23 8:20:26AM]

Spending Quality Time with the Ones We Love!
 [10/23 8:20:21AM]

Mommy and me goals
Lisa Bowick
 [10/23 8:20:15AM]

Better Together
Brooke Derksen
 [10/23 8:20:11AM]

Exclusive planking
Arlene Quiogue Enriquez
 [10/23 8:20:07AM]

There’s Nothing We Can’t Do
Brooke Derksen
 [10/23 8:19:50AM]

" Don't worry my girl I've got you I'm wearing my silver icing!"
Erin S Green
 [10/23 8:19:47AM]

Planking around with mini me
Arlene Quiogue Enriquez
 [10/23 8:19:07AM]

Beyond the Matte
Melissa Spetz
 [10/23 8:18:51AM]

The perfectly imperfect pair
Kayla Erlandson
 [10/23 8:18:40AM]

Devine comfort
Kim Reisig
 [10/23 8:18:36AM]

SI - Raising Strong Women
Brooke Derksen
 [10/23 8:18:31AM]

Everyday Stretch
Jennifer MacLennan
 [10/23 8:17:46AM]

The perfect balance
Kayla Erlandson
 [10/23 8:17:45AM]

"I will catch you if you fall."-Yoga Matte
Melissa Spetz
 [10/23 8:17:36AM]

In this together
Crystal Jones
 [10/23 8:17:31AM]

Fall in love with family fitness
Tasha Mijinke
 [10/23 8:17:15AM]

Build her up
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:16:47AM]

Optimum matte leggings
Kim Reisig
 [10/23 8:16:33AM]

Boss babe training 101
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/23 8:15:53AM]

Strength, support, teamwork and FUN! Silver Icing empowers women of all ages!
Michelle Provenza
 [10/23 8:15:34AM]

We Got This
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/23 8:15:29AM]

When LUXE is enough
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:15:02AM]

Level Leg’it
Adanja Carr
 [10/23 8:14:56AM]

Monkey see monkey do
Gina bolton
 [10/23 8:14:35AM]

Yogini love these!
Melissa Spetz
 [10/23 8:14:19AM]

One leg at a time
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:13:53AM]

De”luxe” push up
Sarah Roberts
 [10/23 8:13:24AM]

Let's Hit the Matte!
Melissa Spetz
 [10/23 8:12:58AM]

Work hard, play hard
Lindsay Watkins
 [10/23 8:12:54AM]

Stretch your soul
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:11:34AM]

Monkey see monkey do
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [10/23 8:11:04AM]

Balance in motion
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:10:17AM]

Balance in motion
Nicole Kime
 [10/23 8:09:50AM]

At Peace
Adanja Carr
 [10/23 8:09:46AM]

Forever uplifting you because I love you
Cherilyn Misling
 [10/23 8:08:59AM]

Perfectly zen, in perfect harmony, fall into me,
Natasha mayes
 [10/23 8:08:53AM]

Forever uplifting you but I love you
Cherilyn Misling
 [10/23 8:08:34AM]

Yin and Yang
Lena Millar
 [10/23 8:07:56AM]

We sweat silver icing
Jaime davison
 [10/23 8:07:18AM]

Better together
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/23 8:07:02AM]

Building bridges mother daughter style
Christina Gauthier
 [10/23 8:06:53AM]

Working out on the Matte
Tesa Steinke
 [10/23 8:06:52AM]

Lean on me
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/23 8:05:56AM]

Flexible Fashion
Tesa Steinke
 [10/23 8:05:49AM]

Matte-ing around
Aleisha Barlow
 [10/23 8:05:45AM]

I’ve got you, you’ve got me
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/23 8:05:31AM]

I gotchur back!
Megan Power
 [10/23 8:05:05AM]

Mommy & Me - Ying and Yang
Tesa Steinke
 [10/23 8:05:03AM]

No pain, no gain mama!!
Megan Power
 [10/23 8:04:28AM]

Comfort in action
Riekje van Delst
 [10/23 8:04:19AM]

Mommy & Me Head To Toe
Kayla Way
 [10/23 8:04:09AM]

Flexy Fun
Megan Kelso
 [10/23 8:04:03AM]

Life is all about balance
Tesa Steinke
 [10/23 8:04:01AM]

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