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Faux Leather Jacket
February 19, 2021

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Total of 665 Entries
Congratulations to Tesa Steinke, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Go with the Faux Jacket!

Sway Cardy, Date Night
Kaitlin Robichaud
 [02/21 8:58:31AM] Xl Tan

Fancy faux
Karen Gallo
 [02/21 8:45:14AM] black/medium

you cant faux me
Melanie Gallo/Proulx
 [02/21 8:43:29AM] Black/large

Wear it right
Robyn Inglangasuk
 [02/21 8:42:57AM] Size: L colour: black

Coffee date jacket
Becky Cichon
 [02/21 8:39:59AM] Black 2xl

Swayed Chic
Karen Bemister
 [02/21 8:24:15AM] Taupe 2x

Sway'd in Love
Karen Bemister
 [02/21 8:21:03AM] Tan 2x

Sway'd with Style
Karen Bemister
 [02/21 8:19:25AM] Tan 2x

Sly Like a Faux
Tracy Fisher
 [02/21 8:10:38AM] Taupe - Small

Blaze the Day
Diane Smith
 [02/21 7:37:18AM] Black size M

To Sexy For My Jacket
Lorna Doiron
 [02/21 6:03:16AM] Taupe L

Too Sexy For My Jacket
Lorna Doiron
 [02/21 6:01:10AM] Taupe L

Classy Faux Leather Jacket
Nida Smits
 [02/21 5:49:57AM] Black S

Let it Feux Jacket
Sabrina Reece
 [02/21 4:38:26AM] Black 2xl

The New Chic Shawl Design
Dianna MacDougall
 [02/21 4:27:29AM] Taupe size large

Left undone
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 4:00:41AM] Back xsmall

Chasin Dreams
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:59:25AM] Black xsmall

Dressed Up & Down Jacket
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:56:12AM] Xsmall black

Faux the love of Jackets
 [02/21 3:55:49AM] Large black

Ice’d Out and Open
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:31:18AM] Black xsmall

Spring fling
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:27:43AM] Black xsmall

Blazin’ In Leather
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:23:08AM] Black xsmall

Blazin’ in style
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:21:28AM] Black xsmall

Open Minded Leather Blazer
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:18:10AM] Black xsmall

The Leather Blazer
Jamie Burns
 [02/21 3:14:35AM] Black xsmall

Jackie Haggarty
 [02/21 12:23:51AM] Small tan

Sugar and spice
Shandi Colton
 [02/20 11:04:50PM] black 2XL

Truth or dare jacket
Alyssa Quick
 [02/20 9:52:34PM] Black large

Faux of a kind
Mackenzie Papp
 [02/20 8:59:47PM] Black size large

Cozy Flare Blazer
 [02/20 8:57:07PM] Burgundy xs to xxL

Lapel of my eye
Karen Sim
 [02/20 8:31:25PM] Black S

Favorite Faux Feels
Katrina Sharpe
 [02/20 8:04:23PM] Black, 2xl

Danielle Arthur
 [02/20 7:41:11PM] Black and Large

The Soft Slice
Claudette McCartney
 [02/20 7:22:20PM] black & large

Fancy faux you
Shirley Little
 [02/20 7:15:48PM] Black

Light as a feather faux leather jacket
Tammy Sambrook
 [02/20 7:01:03PM] Black large

Fallen For You-faux leather jacket
Jaime Duckworth
 [02/20 6:48:35PM] Black ( large)

The Flapper
Diana Arends
 [02/20 6:48:31PM] S - Black

Always flying -faux leather jacket
Jaime Duckworth
 [02/20 6:43:30PM] Taupe (Large)

All Occasion Comfort
Maureen Owen
 [02/20 6:41:34PM] XL Black

The Nine to Fiver
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 6:20:49PM] Black; XL

The Weekender
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 6:20:20PM] Taupe; XL

Faux You Jacket
Renee Prevost
 [02/20 6:19:58PM] 2xl black

Day to Night
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 6:19:51PM] Taupe; XL

Take me away
Kerri Mercereau
 [02/20 6:09:18PM] Black. XL

Sweet and Sassy
Kerri Mercereau
 [02/20 6:07:41PM] Black XL

Brittany Villeneuve
 [02/20 6:02:32PM] Black xl

Soft flow
Michelle millen
 [02/20 5:40:50PM] Xs taupe

Soft attitude
Michelle millen
 [02/20 5:38:36PM] Xs taupe

Sassy and classy
Jen Gibson
 [02/20 5:35:18PM] Black small

Soft attitude
Michelle millen
 [02/20 5:27:07PM] Xs taupe

Chic Faux Sho!, FauxGet Me!, FauxGet Me Not!, Errands to Evening, You're BeautiFaux!, BeautiFaux Jacket!, Draped in Style
Tara Kennedy
 [02/20 5:26:21PM] Black & L

Friend or Faux Leather Jacket
Vanessa Dumesnil
 [02/20 4:49:47PM] Black, 2XL

Never A Faux Pas Jacket
Vanessa Dumesnil
 [02/20 4:45:25PM] Black, 2XL

Satisfaction faux leather jacket
Anna Young
 [02/20 4:17:23PM] Black 2xl

Soft and Sweet
Melissa Munch
 [02/20 4:09:46PM] Black small

Back to Basics
Melissa Munch
 [02/20 4:08:42PM] Black

Draped cropped jacket
Kathy McGill
 [02/20 4:05:37PM] Brown and Medium

Gillian’s Spring
Kaitlyn McKay
 [02/20 4:02:02PM] Small, taupe

Gillian’s Spring
Kaitlyn McKay
 [02/20 4:01:21PM] Small taupe

Flouncy FemFaux
Joanne Rose
 [02/20 3:51:22PM] Black, XL

Calling me softly jacket.
Valerie Rubletz
 [02/20 3:19:54PM] Taupe M

Fauxy lady
Jodi boyd
 [02/20 2:44:21PM] Black 2xl

Dress like a boss
Jennifer hawryluk
 [02/20 2:27:50PM] Medium, black

Go with the faux leather blazer
Jennifer Brown
 [02/20 2:16:43PM] Black, small

Flow to your own beat blazer
Jennifer Brown
 [02/20 2:15:25PM] Black, small

Day & Night Jacket, Slay All Day Jacket, Sugar & Spice Jacket, The Essential Jacket, Everyday Elegance Jacket
Sara Cunningham
 [02/20 2:07:33PM] Black XL

Tango, Frescaux (fresco with faux, because it's a fresh design), Staccato, Amiga(it'll be your best friend)
Lorrie Joron
 [02/20 1:52:55PM] Taupe L

Blanket Blazer
Carol Obayashi
 [02/20 1:47:57PM] M black

Fauxy Night out, Sleek Faux
Bianca Schiavone
 [02/20 1:47:32PM] L taupe

winx dream or city lights
Kaydence harris
 [02/20 1:41:20PM] M black

Sweet Desires
Bonnie Dale
 [02/20 1:28:33PM] Black size L

Per suede Me jacket
Joy Leachman
 [02/20 12:55:34PM] Black size small

Back to Business Jacket
 [02/20 12:50:24PM] Black XL

Rocking n styling jacket
Daisy Ng
 [02/20 12:47:18PM] Black XL

Just for you jacket
Daisy Ng
 [02/20 12:46:00PM] Black xl

Fleather for you jacket
Daisy Ng
 [02/20 12:45:23PM] Black xl

Hello Faux Moto
Jana Mottl
 [02/20 12:38:42PM] Black, XL

So Faux So Good
Stefania Rybak
 [02/20 12:19:17PM] Black XL

Kind Alternative or No Varmint Garment
Michele Botel
 [02/20 12:15:50PM] small taupe

Subtle Suede
Shirley Skrabek
 [02/20 11:51:50AM] xl black

Foulds of Suede
Shirley Skrabek
 [02/20 11:50:00AM] xl black

Faux-get me not jacket
Pam Walsh
 [02/20 11:34:10AM] Black, large

Faux better or worse jacket
Pam Walsh
 [02/20 11:32:13AM] Large black

Faux Better or worse jacket
Pam Walsh
 [02/20 11:28:30AM] Large- black

Get on Your Bikes & Ride Jacket
Sharie Rea
 [02/20 11:28:23AM] taupe; large

Strut your stuff
 [02/20 11:26:14AM] Black large

Faux Fabulous Jacket
Lesley Willford
 [02/20 10:56:49AM] Black 2XL

Forget Me Not Jacket
Natalie Malyk
 [02/20 10:16:20AM] Taupe, Medium

Stunning in Suede
Julianne Traczuk
 [02/20 9:59:34AM] Black size XL

Go with the Flow Jacket
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/20 9:37:28AM] Xl taupe

Faux Ever and Ever, Faux Ever More, Class Act Jacket,
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/20 9:36:47AM] Xl taupe

Soft n sexy
Lana Sarabun
 [02/20 9:30:09AM] Black 2xl

Flo and Go Blazer
Meredith Smith
 [02/20 9:27:11AM] Beige Large/XL

Chic Faux Jacket
Michelle Owen
 [02/20 9:15:42AM] Black LG But there's no size info so I don't know if L or M

Nicole Mckinnon
 [02/20 9:13:53AM] Black, xl

Leather Faux Life
Dana Zieroth
 [02/20 9:00:58AM] XL Taupe

Taking the Lead
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:59:28AM] Black; XL

Crowd Favourite
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:58:36AM] Black; XL

In Faux Fashion, Flow Fauwever
Julie Odia
 [02/20 8:58:12AM] XL taupe

Flowing with Ease
Francine Belanger
 [02/20 8:57:15AM] Black, Small

Just Fabulous Faux Leather Jacket
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:57:01AM] Brown;xl

Faux Fun, Faux keeps, InFaux Style
Julie Odia
 [02/20 8:53:20AM] Taupe XL

Go With The Faux Leather Jacket
Angele Lachance
 [02/20 8:50:52AM] XS Taupe

I Offer You My Dad’s Faux Leather Jacket
Katherine Dolan
 [02/20 8:50:06AM] Black medium

Leather adjacent jacket
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [02/20 8:48:31AM] Black small

Dressed for success or dressed to kill
Margaret Cameron
 [02/20 8:43:44AM] LG black

Girls night out jacket
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [02/20 8:41:32AM] Black small

Sleek n' chic jacket
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [02/20 8:40:46AM] Black Small

Chic and Unique Faux Leather Jacket
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/20 8:39:04AM] Xl taupe

glow in the faux...
Diana Violatzis
 [02/20 8:35:05AM] black in xl

Essential Faux Leather Jacket
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:30:46AM] Brown;xl

Friend or Faux
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:28:19AM] Brown;xl

Sassy but incredibly Classy
Robyn Hoffman
 [02/20 8:25:38AM] Black & Small

Boss Babe Faux Leather Jacket
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:24:40AM] Black; XL

Layer it leather
Jenn Perozak
 [02/20 8:23:21AM] Black large

Whistling Dixie Jacket
Brittany Sargent
 [02/20 8:22:59AM] Taupe size large

Sassy but incredibly classy
Robyn Hoffman
 [02/20 8:22:48AM] Black & Small

It’s a breeze jacket
Nicole Gregg
 [02/20 8:22:46AM] Taupe large

Don’t Faux Get Me Jacket
Wanda Helmeczi
 [02/20 8:22:42AM] Taupe xl

Lost in Conversation
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:22:08AM] Black; XL

Lead the Way
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:21:34AM] Black; XL

The Pleather is mine
Brenda Kutschinski
 [02/20 8:21:07AM] Taupe medium

Eager to Meet You
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:20:44AM] Black; XL

Let's Go Anywhere
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:20:29AM] Black; XL

Melt in my arms
Shelley Benson
 [02/20 8:20:08AM] Large

Faux fun jacket
Lindsay Whitteker
 [02/20 8:18:26AM] Large taupe

Faux Real Leather Jacket
Jamie Tates
 [02/20 8:17:23AM] Black; XL

Not too Shabby jacket
Lindsay W
 [02/20 8:17:09AM] Large taupe

Spring fauxtion
Suzane Braun Hanser
 [02/20 8:15:55AM] Beige large

Silver icing faux
Suzane Braun Hanser
 [02/20 8:14:24AM] Black l

Faux everywhere
Traci Linklater
 [02/20 8:12:32AM] Beige xl

Faux everything
Traci Linklater
 [02/20 8:12:06AM] Beige xl

Chasing Sunsets Jacket
Brittany Sargent
 [02/20 8:10:29AM] Taupe size large

Seductive Suede
Gina Isaac
 [02/20 8:09:51AM] Black XL

It’s a good life jacket
Genista Richards
 [02/20 8:09:42AM] Black xl

Leather cascade
Jolene Robert
 [02/20 8:06:51AM] Black 2xl

Spring Fling Jacket
Brittany Sargent
 [02/20 7:54:38AM] Taupe size large

The sky is the limit
Tanya Van Oers
 [02/20 7:51:56AM] Black 2Xl

Faux or True, True or Faux, Stylin’ N Rollin’, The Classic Look, Reigning Fashion, Open Style Jacket
Samantha S
 [02/20 7:39:48AM] Black, L

Fashionably Me, No Monkey Business, Open Style Jacket, Stylin’ N Rollin’, True or Faux, The Classic
Samantha S
 [02/20 7:36:48AM] Black, L

Leather Faux You Jacket, Faux Show Leather Jacket,
Lisa Gibson
 [02/20 7:29:40AM] Black, 2XL

Faux Sure!
Julie Iwachniuk
 [02/20 7:29:00AM] Taupe 2XL

Faux flowing Fun Jacket
Julie Iwachniuk
 [02/20 7:28:26AM] Taupe 2XL

Faux flowing Fun Jacket
Julie Iwachniuk
 [02/20 7:27:05AM] Taupe 2XL

Better to leather
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:22:24AM] BLACK s

Faux the Love of it
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:21:31AM] Black S

Persuade me Not
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:20:36AM] Black S

Simply Poised
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:19:24AM] Black S

Flow and Free
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:18:40AM] Black S

Sway with me
Kali Bernst
 [02/20 7:16:02AM] Black S

Feelin’ Real Jacket
Anita Hopton
 [02/20 7:15:12AM] Taupe Medium

From zoom to vroom Jacket
Brandi Shiels
 [02/20 6:55:15AM] Black, large

“Hey Girl” Faux Leather Jacket
Brandi Dryburgh
 [02/20 6:45:47AM] Black large

True Class
Noella MacLean
 [02/20 6:28:27AM] Black and 2x

Snazzy all day
Abby Crain
 [02/20 6:09:56AM] Black, 2xl

Fearless in Faux
Rhonda Tucker
 [02/20 6:08:56AM] Black Large

On The Fly Jacket
Kim Schell
 [02/20 5:57:13AM] Black large

Can't Stop Me Faux Leather Jacket
Natalie Lauzon
 [02/20 5:00:26AM] Taupe - small

Cool days jacket
Cheryl Tibbo
 [02/20 4:31:25AM] Black size small

Spring Fling Fashion
Maria Montroy
 [02/20 4:28:47AM] Black XXL

Feeling Flirty Faux Leather Jacket
Kelsey Goldsmith
 [02/20 4:25:54AM] Black, 2XL

Hello Lovely faux leather jacket
Mattea Steacy
 [02/20 4:24:16AM] Taupe, 2X

Spread Your Wings faux leather jacket
Mattea Steacy
 [02/20 4:19:33AM] Taupe, 2X

Love me classy!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:11:28AM] Black medium

The business classy love jacket!
Sarah strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:10:30AM] Black medium

The classy look!!!
Sarah strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:09:26AM] Black medium

The classy look!
Sarah strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:08:49AM] Black medium

Lookin stylish jacket
Sarah strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:08:14AM] Black medium

Classy love!!!
Sarah strutzenberger
 [02/20 1:06:19AM] Black medium

Lorretta smith
 [02/19 11:58:55PM] Black 2xl

Faux pas leather cardi
Alyssa Quick
 [02/19 11:40:44PM] Black large

Sweet Luxury
Jenn T
 [02/19 11:25:05PM] Black XL

So luxe
Jenn T
 [02/19 11:23:48PM] Back XL

Faux Business
Alicia Anderson
 [02/19 11:03:28PM] Taupe 2XL

No business like faux business
Alicia Anderson
 [02/19 11:01:28PM] Taupe 2XL

Midnight Datenight Leather Coat , From Classy To Sassy Leather Coat, wind beneath your wings leather coat
Amanda Broad
 [02/19 10:58:48PM] Black XL

Faux the Love of Leather, How Suede it Is , Butter me up , Bombshell Butter , High Class faux leather jacket
Anita Wilson
 [02/19 10:22:14PM] Black Large

Go With The Faux Jacket, go with the flow jacket
Alanna Renwick
 [02/19 10:15:01PM] M

Faux Pause Jacket, Faux Pas Jacket, Faux Me Jacket, No Worries Jacket,
Alanna Renwick
 [02/19 10:12:43PM] M

Fun Faux Real Jacket
Lee-Anne Ray
 [02/19 9:57:05PM] Black, XL

Casual class jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:47:57PM] Black xl

Take a second look jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:47:17PM] Black xl

First class jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:45:20PM] Black xl

Day & Night jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:44:08PM] Black xl

Spring into action jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:43:14PM] Black xl

Timeless little black jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:42:19PM] Black xl

Falling for you jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:41:29PM] Black xl

Dont faux-get me jacket
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:40:34PM] Black XL

Pay to play
Kerri gillis
 [02/19 9:39:28PM] Black XL

The Effectual Faux Leather Jacket
Lee-Anne Ray
 [02/19 9:38:51PM] Taupe. XL

Work to Play Jacket
Kerri Gillis
 [02/19 9:35:18PM] Black XL

All dressed up jacket
Sheila lalonde
 [02/19 9:21:46PM] Xl tan

Walk With Me Now
Crystal Koscielniak
 [02/19 9:19:45PM] Black xs

Catch The Vibe Leather Jacket
Teal Hallaby
 [02/19 9:18:17PM] Black XS

Feeling Pretty Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:48:43PM] beige, small

Sassy Chic Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:47:29PM] beige, small

You Know Me Well Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:46:39PM] beige, small

Spread your Wings Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:45:55PM] beige, small

Faux Affairs Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:44:05PM] beige, small

Dare to Dream Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:43:35PM] beige, small

Truth or Dare Jacket
Ina Hammer
 [02/19 8:42:45PM] beige, small

"Faux the Love of Leather" , "How Suede it Is" , "Butter me up" faux leather jacket , "Bombshell Butter" , "High Class" faux leather jacket
Anita Wilson
 [02/19 8:36:38PM] Black, Lg

Flawless Jacket
Elizabeth Wynn
 [02/19 8:34:20PM] Taupe Medium

Faux Fun
Lindy Schneider
 [02/19 8:28:46PM] Taupe & Small

Spring Time Chic Jacket
Kim Smail
 [02/19 8:27:51PM] Black & Medium

Cha cha Chic
Annmarie fuchko
 [02/19 8:22:07PM] Black medium

"Faux the Love of Leather" / "How Suede it Is" / "Butter me up" faux leather jacket / "Buttery bombshell" / "High Class" faux leather jacket
Anita Wilson
 [02/19 8:21:46PM] Black, Lg

"Faux the Love of Leather" / "How Suede it Is" / "Butter me up" faux leather jacket / "Buttery bombshell" / "High Class" faux leather jacket
Anita Wilson
 [02/19 8:18:46PM] Black, Lg

Faux Real Jacket; Faux Real Chic Jacket; Just Faux You Jacket
Nicole Beare
 [02/19 8:18:44PM] Taupe; xs

Sassy chic faux jacket
Stacey gregorich
 [02/19 8:14:47PM] Xl black

Fauxy Lady Leather Jacket
Kayla Slind
 [02/19 8:14:15PM] Large; Black

FAUXne a friend; Leather Me Not; FAUX-rever Dreams; Sassy & Classy
Yolanda Galambos
 [02/19 8:12:30PM] Black XL

The Friyay! Freedom Jacket
Leanne Wolensky
 [02/19 7:53:14PM] XS or small black

“Hide” and Go Seek
Dana Bellagamba
 [02/19 7:51:52PM] XL-Taupe

Flippin Fauxy jacket
Sarah Bily
 [02/19 7:50:53PM] Black - Large

Flippin Fauxy jacket
Sarah Bily
 [02/19 7:49:44PM] Flipping Fauxy jacket

The Dandy Dapper Jacket
 [02/19 7:47:46PM] Tan - large

Multi taskers jacket
Maryann Allison
 [02/19 7:46:07PM] Xl black

In & Out Beauty
Lisa Van Wert
 [02/19 7:39:15PM] Black medium

All day All night
Tamara Taylor
 [02/19 7:38:40PM] Black, small

Short & Sassy
Natasha Fisher
 [02/19 7:34:31PM] Black 3xl

The Draper
Melissa Weger
 [02/19 7:27:00PM] Taupe & Small

Sophisticated whimsy
Harjit kandola
 [02/19 7:21:14PM] Black in medium

Like a Boss Jacket, Take That Jacket, Jacked Up Jacket, Watch Me Jacket
Heather McRae
 [02/19 7:20:08PM] Black Large

Sophisticated whimsy
Harjit kandola
 [02/19 7:18:39PM] Black in medium

Softness of the lamb
Nancy Haugland
 [02/19 7:11:52PM] L

Rock around the clock
Crystal mackie
 [02/19 7:09:39PM] Small black

Sassy but classy
Suzanne Kempton
 [02/19 7:07:32PM] Taupe small

City Vibes - Faux Leather Jacket
Christina Lenz-Campbell
 [02/19 7:05:04PM] Black Small

A Touch of Class, Classy & a Bit Sassy, All Dressed up and Nowhere to go,
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/19 7:01:03PM] Xl taupe

Chic magnet
Kayla davidchuk
 [02/19 6:58:11PM] Black & XL

Sass but class
Hayley Carroll
 [02/19 6:57:44PM] Black XL

"Foxy" Faux Leather Jacket
Kendall Schuster
 [02/19 6:52:15PM] Black Large

Rock it out jacket, Own it jacket
Melissa Hubert
 [02/19 6:34:01PM] XS black

Foxy Friday Night Jacket
Lisa Sears
 [02/19 6:22:21PM] Black, xl

Faux Fancy Jacket
Lisa Sears
 [02/19 6:21:40PM] Black, xl

Draped in Elegance Jacket, Wrapped in Elegance Jacket, The Confident Couture Jacket, Flaunt Your Fierce Jacket,
Annie Dupuis
 [02/19 6:11:57PM] Black, Large

Careless Whisper Faux Leather Jacket
Jennifer Lafrance
 [02/19 6:10:37PM] Taupe XL

Faux-get me not Jacket
Kim Freeman
 [02/19 6:09:11PM] Taupe medium

Careless Whisper Faux Leather Jacket
Jennifer Lafrance
 [02/19 6:06:55PM] Taupe XL

A little Naught n' Nice Faux leather jacket
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 6:00:26PM] Back 2xl

Sleek Chic, Street Chic, On the Town, Downtown Drape, Go with the Flow
Ashley Delaney
 [02/19 6:00:10PM] Black, Large

Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 5:59:28PM] Black 2xl

Water-faux dreams leather jacket
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 5:58:23PM] Black 2xl

Vixen's night out faux leather jacket
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 5:57:20PM] Black 2xl

Light weight Leather Jacket
Danielle McNamara
 [02/19 5:53:22PM] Black XL

Around the town jacket
Shannon Bowman
 [02/19 5:51:50PM] Black 2xl

Chic and sleek
Marina Slusar
 [02/19 5:46:43PM] Black and size small

Faux-get-me-not jacket
Jessica pringle
 [02/19 5:40:03PM] Black lg

Sleek n chic jacket
Chelsea westbury
 [02/19 5:39:34PM] Black xl

A girl's best friend
Catia Dias
 [02/19 5:38:26PM] Taupe, L

Dipped in bold
Catia Dias
 [02/19 5:37:37PM] Taupe, L

Go With the Faux
Kelsey Ewen
 [02/19 5:35:28PM] Taupe XL

Just a little bit rock n' roll
Catia Dias
 [02/19 5:35:11PM] Taupe, L

Catia Dias
 [02/19 5:30:21PM] Taupe, L

Chamois pour moi jacket
Susan chan
 [02/19 5:27:55PM] Med, blk

Soft Around the Edges Jacket, Sweet Side Jacket, Chasing Waterfalls Jacket, Sweet & Sassy Jacket, Sweet n Sassy Jacket
Cherie Inwood
 [02/19 5:24:26PM] Black XL

Lovin' Life faux suede jacket, Ready for Spring drape collar jacket, Flow with me jacket
Kaleigh Scissons
 [02/19 5:18:48PM] Black size small

Faux-ever Love Jacket
Erin Shantz
 [02/19 5:18:32PM] Taupe, medium

Don't Faux-get About Me Jacket
Erin Shantz
 [02/19 5:17:25PM] Taupe, medium

Faux Sho Me Blazer
Andrea Paradis
 [02/19 5:13:04PM] Black & Large

THE TONY- means stylish or luxurious.
Nicole Gerber
 [02/19 5:10:24PM] Black and size Small

Faux get me not Jacket
Amber Johnston
 [02/19 5:07:27PM] Taupe S

Fauxget me not, Forget me not leather-look blazer
Janelle Williamson
 [02/19 4:55:40PM] Black XL

Sweet rocker
Michelle millen
 [02/19 4:50:39PM] Xs taupe

Showing my softer side
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:38:54PM] Taupe L

admire me jacket
Filomena Hallett
 [02/19 4:36:49PM] L

Chic it up
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:34:59PM] Black L

Skip the coat check
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:34:19PM] Black L

Ready to go!
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:33:39PM] Black L

Fun for all seasons
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:33:14PM] Black L

Not easily persuaded
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:32:24PM] Taupe L

You Complete Me Jacket
Lisa Kelly
 [02/19 4:29:52PM] Taupe & small

Be chic, have fun, repeat
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:27:57PM] Black L

Not a chance of chill
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:27:10PM] Black L

I'm in!
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:25:32PM] Taupe L

Keep up with me
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:23:38PM] Taupe L

Wear everywhere
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:22:19PM] Black L

Let me grab a jacket..
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:18:43PM] Taupe L

Ready for anything
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:18:00PM] Taupe L

You had me at it's faux
Summer Manca
 [02/19 4:17:10PM] Black L

Swing line jacket
Brenda Toth
 [02/19 4:13:43PM] Taupe xl

Flirty Flapper Jacket
Kristy Anderson
 [02/19 4:12:48PM] Black in small

Foxy chic
Paula Owens
 [02/19 4:12:46PM] Black med

Wild flow
Michelle millen
 [02/19 4:06:37PM] Taupe xs

She's so chic
Tammy Snow
 [02/19 4:02:52PM] M

Blonde and black bombshell
Nicole Ball
 [02/19 4:02:36PM] Beige med

Cadiana leather jacket
Nadine Bennett
 [02/19 4:02:12PM] Black XL

Blonde and black bombshell
Nicole Ball
 [02/19 4:02:10PM] Beige med

Classy Little Number, Chic & Sleek Jacket, Love For Leather Jacket, Faux Pas Jacket,
Chelsea Fouillard
 [02/19 4:00:13PM] Taupe size XL

Flatter Me!
Shanie Rhodes
 [02/19 3:59:12PM] Taupe, M (please)

That Friday Feeling
Amy Moore
 [02/19 3:58:55PM] XS, black

Chris Grassing
 [02/19 3:57:55PM] beige XS

Go With the Flow
Kathy Donaldson
 [02/19 3:57:07PM] black medium

Cool and Collected Jacket
Jill Stewart
 [02/19 3:54:42PM] Taupe Small

Flatter Me Sophisticated Jacket
Lori Nolte
 [02/19 3:49:40PM] Medium/ black

Drapey Dream
Rachel K
 [02/19 3:30:41PM] Med Black

Feel the mood blazer, In the mood blazer
Stephanie Maxwell
 [02/19 3:28:58PM] Black medium

Feelin Fab jacket
Vanessa Carr
 [02/19 3:23:38PM] Black Large

Laid back jacket
Jennifer Haley
 [02/19 3:21:02PM] Black XL

Faux Chic
Deana Snowden
 [02/19 3:13:52PM] Black XL

Faux Fashion
Kinley Clease
 [02/19 3:11:50PM] Black XS

Faux Shore
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [02/19 3:09:52PM] Large Black

Faux show jacket, faux stopper jacket
Sarah mcduff
 [02/19 3:03:17PM] Small black

Too Chic Faux Jacket / Fabulous Faux Jacket / Fauxbulous Jacket / Drapped in Chicness
Angela Mitres
 [02/19 2:55:40PM] Black.small

Forever fauxy jacket
Deanna Goddard
 [02/19 2:53:05PM] Black in 2x

Luscious Lapel Jacket
Elizabeth Kirwan
 [02/19 2:51:15PM] XL Black

Moto chic
Jodi Dahle
 [02/19 2:48:43PM] Black 2XL

Famously Faux Wrap Up
Daniela Moore
 [02/19 2:46:18PM] Taupe L

Girl just wanna have fun jacket/Girls just want to have fun jacket
Erin Sigsworth
 [02/19 2:41:02PM] Black - medium

Faux the love of suede Jacket
Wendy Hanaka
 [02/19 2:40:59PM] Black small

Natalie Stratmoen
 [02/19 2:39:16PM] S Black Please.

Drapey Drupey Dream Jacket
Jan LaFleche
 [02/19 2:38:24PM] Taupe, Large

FriendFriend or Faux?
Trudi Goodfellow
 [02/19 2:38:20PM] Black Medium Sorry my cursor is not showing any letters as Itype

FriedFriFFriend or Faux?Friend or Faux
TTrudi Goodfellow
 [02/19 2:37:14PM] Black BBBlack size Med

Faux sho
Eva Gansauge
 [02/19 2:32:17PM] Taupe Lg

Ladies Night Faux Leather Jacket
Jessalyn nelson
 [02/19 2:32:01PM] Black & Small

Eva Gansauge
 [02/19 2:31:33PM] Taupe Lg

Luna Lapel Jacket
Pamela Valente
 [02/19 2:29:45PM] 2 XL Black

Chantale warrick
 [02/19 2:22:48PM] L

Oh so faux chic jacket!
Patti Leather
 [02/19 2:16:40PM] Taupe, 2xl

Claudette Dunster
 [02/19 2:16:04PM] Any colour Med

Leather or not
Brenda Dedrick
 [02/19 2:08:25PM] Black M

Draped in love, Faux ever in love, Wrap me in Leather
Deborah Partridge
 [02/19 2:08:13PM] XL black

You had me at suede, chic night out, all about that faux,
Bailey Andrusiak
 [02/19 2:07:34PM] Black small

Fun and Fanci-Faux Leather
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 2:06:51PM] 2XL Black

Casual Monday
Amanda phillips
 [02/19 2:05:20PM] Med black

Faux Real
Jamie Whitteker
 [02/19 2:04:38PM] S

You had me at suede,
Bailey Andrusiak
 [02/19 2:03:38PM] Black small

Hustle and Faux Leather
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 2:02:18PM] 2XL Black

Sassy in Suede
Brittaney Pregizer
 [02/19 2:00:01PM] 2xl black

Un-Faux-Gettable Faux
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 1:59:41PM] 2XL black

Some like it hot
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 1:57:06PM] 2xl black

Vixen Vibes
Nicole Guest
 [02/19 1:56:15PM] S

Chic drape jacket
Julie Hoar
 [02/19 1:55:06PM] Xl black

Chic fashion jacket
Julie Hoar
 [02/19 1:54:32PM] Xl black

Velvet Sky Jacket; Velvet Underground Jacket
Casey Collinge
 [02/19 1:51:54PM] Small Black

Waterfalls jacket
Angie Shea
 [02/19 1:48:00PM] M, black

Zara Chic Leather Jacket
Jenna Lucas
 [02/19 1:46:14PM] Black 2XL

Day & night
Shannon bishop
 [02/19 1:43:38PM] Either % large

Faux Flair
Pamela Wenger
 [02/19 1:41:10PM] L taupe or black

Fraud Flair
 [02/19 1:39:48PM] L

Faux chic anytime jacket
Wendy Dolton
 [02/19 1:39:04PM] Black XL

Flirty Casual Jacket
Allison Ussyk
 [02/19 1:37:49PM] Black XL

Tailored chic jacket
Wendy Dolton
 [02/19 1:37:21PM] Black XL

Fem Faux Leather Jacket
Bonnie Antal
 [02/19 1:35:46PM] Black large

Go with the faux!
Jessica Bethune
 [02/19 1:35:38PM] Black 2xl

Per Suede Me Jacket
Casey Collinge
 [02/19 1:33:50PM] Small Black

Kyra Wilhelms keen
 [02/19 1:32:54PM] Black and 2XL

Faux Rever Fun
Yolanda Galambos
 [02/19 1:32:40PM] Black XL

Sheek & Sleek
Rachelle McBride
 [02/19 1:29:40PM] Black medium

Fauxne a Friend
Yolanda Galambos
 [02/19 1:29:05PM] Black XL

Simply Sassy
Debbie Fabbro
 [02/19 1:27:31PM] Any color. Size M

Casual Leather shawl, draped collared shawl
Alexandra Horsfall
 [02/19 1:27:00PM] Black XL

Simply Sassy
Debbie Fabbro
 [02/19 1:26:08PM] Size M any color

Hang tight
Diana Allan
 [02/19 1:26:05PM] Black large

Draped to perfection
Bettina Cullum
 [02/19 1:25:28PM] Black, large

Collar me crazy jacket
Angie Harris
 [02/19 1:19:21PM] Black xl

Spring Chic Jacket
Kristin fisher
 [02/19 1:18:34PM] Black size small

Faux-get About It Jacket; TGIF Jacket; Night On the Town Jacket
Caitlin Flach
 [02/19 1:14:20PM] Large Black

Rock N' Faux leather jacket
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 1:13:05PM] 2XL Black

Fab in Faux leather jacket
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 1:11:34PM] 2XL black

Go with the Faux jacket
Courtney Eisel
 [02/19 1:10:41PM] 2XL black

This One's Faux You Babe!
Susan Foley
 [02/19 1:09:10PM] Black XL

Free Falling
Ashley Haining
 [02/19 1:07:14PM] Taupe Small

Go Faux It Jacket; Faux Day or Faux Night Jacket; Faux Day to Night Jacket; Faux Real Fun Jacket; It's Faux Real Jacket; Faux a good Time Jacket; Faux a Good time day or night; Faux Fun Day to Night; This One's Faux You!
Susan Foley
 [02/19 1:06:41PM] Black XL

Faux on the Go
Myrna Allison
 [02/19 12:58:10PM] 2XL Taupe

Faux-get Me Not
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [02/19 12:56:39PM] Black 2xl

Don’t Faux-get Me Suede Jacket
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [02/19 12:56:06PM] Black 2xl

casual chic weekender
Morgan John
 [02/19 12:55:37PM] Taupe, size small

Wings a Faux leather jacket
Stephanie Snider
 [02/19 12:55:11PM] 2XL Black

One Faux the Money Suede Jacket
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [02/19 12:52:59PM] Black 2xl

Here I Faux Again Suede Jacket
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [02/19 12:52:21PM] Black 2xl

Don’t Faux Chasing Waterfall Suede Jacket
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [02/19 12:51:37PM] 2xl Black

Faux leather sweater
Penny McMurrer
 [02/19 12:50:20PM] Taupe 2XL

Waterfall jacket
Nicole Gregg
 [02/19 12:48:20PM] Taupe size L

Suede with Me
Sarah Nuttall
 [02/19 12:47:47PM] Black, 2XL

Simply per-sueded
Nicole Burchell
 [02/19 12:47:08PM] Black m

Only Faux Me
Jessica Billey
 [02/19 12:43:35PM] Taupe Large

Fauxy Lady’s jacket
Kathy Martens
 [02/19 12:39:26PM] Medium Black

Faux Get It & Go
Shelley Smit
 [02/19 12:36:43PM] med or lrg (I'd have to check with my Rep)

Fast lane
Tara Holdsworth
 [02/19 12:35:03PM] 2xl black

Friday Feelin’ Leather Jacket
Autumn Hewitt
 [02/19 12:34:57PM] Black Large

Class Act
Jamie Roblin
 [02/19 12:32:49PM] Taupe, small

Sassy in seude
Lyndsey Baker
 [02/19 12:29:53PM] Black large

Chin Up, Shoulders back
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:26:22PM] L BLACK

Goal Getter
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:25:37PM] L black

Be Bold Faux Leather Jacket
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:21:09PM] L Black

Spring fling
Sandra walker
 [02/19 12:19:29PM] Black large

Sweet ‘n Sassy Jacket
Leslie Welch
 [02/19 12:18:11PM] Beige size small

Feel sexy faux leather jacket
Angelica omana
 [02/19 12:17:55PM] Black Small

Level up
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:17:51PM] L BLACK

Easily Pur'suede'd
Sarah Nuttall
 [02/19 12:17:47PM] Black, 2XL

Faux fabulous
Jen tyler
 [02/19 12:17:41PM] Black xl

Suede swagger jacket, sexy in suede jacket. Faux forever jacket
Kaycee Christiansen
 [02/19 12:17:33PM] Black, Small

Faux in love jacket
Tara Campbell
 [02/19 12:16:24PM] Taupe, M

Faux in love jacket
Tara Campbell
 [02/19 12:16:07PM] Taupe, M

Like a Boss - faux suede draped front Jacket
Jenna Young
 [02/19 12:14:04PM] S - black

Cool All Occasion jacket
Lisa Ruffell
 [02/19 12:12:47PM] Black, 2xl

Better Late than Leather, Good Faux-tunes Jacket, Chic to me
Nina Perazzo
 [02/19 12:12:39PM] Black small

Faux Real Jacket; Faux-y Lady Jacket; Faux the Win Jacket; Falling Faux You Jackey
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [02/19 12:12:33PM] Camel XL

The Suedescape
Fabyan Williams-Burke
 [02/19 12:12:31PM] Taupe-Large

Faux Leather Delight, Perfectly Draped - Vegan Chic leather
Jennifer Bayley
 [02/19 12:11:23PM] Black 2xl

Free Spirit
Kristy Laird
 [02/19 12:10:49PM] Black 2xl

Urban Chic
Tina Groszko
 [02/19 12:10:41PM] Black 2XL

On the Edge Jacket
Lindsay Rivet
 [02/19 12:10:34PM] Black S

Let it Faux
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:10:34PM] L black

Fauxs Best Friend
Joanna Lewis
 [02/19 12:10:09PM] L Black

Flow With Me
Kirsten Rafoss
 [02/19 12:08:49PM] Black size large

Jennifer Hardie
 [02/19 12:01:48PM] Taupe size Large

Wrapped and Ready
Sherilyn Henschell
 [02/19 11:58:20AM] Taupe medium

Faux It Til Ya Know It
Amanda Huebner
 [02/19 11:57:08AM] 2XL

I Can’t Be Suede Jacket
Tamara Morrison
 [02/19 11:55:04AM] 2x Taupe

Haute office chic
Natasha Horvat
 [02/19 11:54:39AM] Black 2X

Per-Suede Me Jacket
Tamara Morrison
 [02/19 11:54:27AM] 2x Taupe

All In A Days Suede
Tamara Morrison
 [02/19 11:54:01AM] 2x Taupe

I Suede You Not
Tamara Morrison
 [02/19 11:53:38AM] 2XL taupe

Faux Leather Flow Jacket
Raylene Vandebruinhorst
 [02/19 11:52:50AM] Beige Medium

Let It Flow Faux Leather Jacket
Marilyn Smailes
 [02/19 11:50:38AM] Size

Embrace the Journey Jacket
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [02/19 11:48:30AM] Black XL

Lovely in Leather
Leanne Wickenheiser
 [02/19 11:46:46AM] Black XL

Winged Warrior
Catherine McKenna
 [02/19 11:46:19AM] Black - L

Leather My Lady
Leanne Wickenheiser
 [02/19 11:45:53AM] Black XL

Foxy Faux Jacket
Maggi Bruce
 [02/19 11:40:41AM] Black Medium

Spring Fling
Jennifer Liebmann
 [02/19 11:39:34AM] Black XL

The Chic Fox Jacket - A Night To Remember Jacket - Outlaw Faux Jacket - The Outlaw - Sueded into Spring - Suede Me Softly - Easily PerSueded
Whitney Dillon
 [02/19 11:33:27AM] Black - 2XL

Luscious Leatherette, Pleather Please!, Leatherette Luxury, Pursuit of Pleather, Posh in Pleather, Piece of Fauxtune, Fauxlicity, Fauxtitude, Fauxdacious, Pleathera Faux Suede, Faux Show,
Kristin Renkas
 [02/19 11:32:01AM] Black 2XL

Free flow or day to night jacket
Janelle Hordos
 [02/19 11:31:26AM] Black XS

A lil’ sass and class
Jennifer koehler
 [02/19 11:30:15AM] Black medium

Foxy sheek jacket
Laurie sitch
 [02/19 11:29:55AM] Large

Per « suede » me jacket!
Michelle Shank
 [02/19 11:29:44AM] Black. -2XL

Flight of Fancy
Pamela MacDonald
 [02/19 11:27:31AM] Black....XL

Faux For You Jacket, Draped In Love Jacket
Simone King
 [02/19 11:24:42AM] Medium Taupe

Just Faux Me Jacket
Mindy Beckett
 [02/19 11:22:12AM] Black 2XL

Flare faux (for/fo’) fun
Jade St.Amand
 [02/19 11:17:05AM] Tan, Size Small

Punky princess
Heather McMeekin
 [02/19 11:16:41AM] Beige M

Uptown Funk, Motorcycle Mama
Maria Boonstra
 [02/19 11:14:17AM] Black medium

Feeling fly jacket
Amanda pion
 [02/19 11:14:00AM] Small or Medium black

Perfect Persuader Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:13:22AM] Black, S

PerSueded Jacket,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:13:01AM] Black, S

Fun Dumbo collar jacket
Lilliane Hradecki
 [02/19 11:12:49AM] Black small or medium

Classy and Cute Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:10:44AM] Black, S

Easily PerSueded Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:10:02AM] Black, S

PerSueded Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:09:41AM] Black S

Breeze wind
 [02/19 11:08:59AM] Black l

Folds of Suede Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:08:53AM] Black, S

Ride the Waves Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:07:27AM] Black, Small

Go with the Faux
Jessica Fox
 [02/19 11:06:46AM] Black and Size M

Girls night out jacket
Tara Markoski
 [02/19 11:06:30AM] Black small

Softly Formidable Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:05:28AM] Black, S

Go With the Flow Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/19 11:05:07AM] Black, S

Reverse City Jacket
Amber Evans
 [02/19 11:04:37AM] 2xl black

Up for Anything pleather Cardi
Kristy Ruggieri
 [02/19 11:01:55AM] Black Med

Spring time jacket
Amanda Madill
 [02/19 11:00:57AM] black, xs

Casual Confidence
Jessica Vallier
 [02/19 10:59:27AM] Black small

"Don't Need To Per-Suede Me" Jacket
Sarah Watts
 [02/19 10:56:24AM] 2XL black

Lillian blazer
Valarie Alliet
 [02/19 10:53:38AM] Black large

Faux-tastic Style Jacket
Brandie Fusaji
 [02/19 10:52:06AM] black and size Large

Faux Fawn Jacket
Cathy Rowan
 [02/19 10:50:38AM] Black Medium

Sway me Away
Sarah Settels
 [02/19 10:49:53AM] Black and large please

Dawna Murray
 [02/19 10:44:59AM] Black -Xl

Feeling bossy in leather
Melissa Favel
 [02/19 10:39:26AM] Black size large

Drape me softly
Sandy Reely
 [02/19 10:37:46AM] Black 2x

A draped up faux leather jacket
Lisa Leduc
 [02/19 10:35:03AM] Black size small

Second Skin
Darlene Wilson
 [02/19 10:31:09AM] M Taupe

Faux Real & Classy Jacket
Kelly Woon
 [02/19 10:29:35AM] Black 2X

The Flash and Dash Jacket
Riley Maksymuik
 [02/19 10:26:03AM] Medium black

Timeless Stylin' Leather Jacket
Monique LeCunff
 [02/19 10:24:06AM] Taupe & Small

It's "Suede" for me jacket; Suede 'n spring jacket;
Laura Higgins
 [02/19 10:23:42AM] XL black

Rockin it Out Jacket
 [02/19 10:22:37AM] Black medium

Ya, thats right jacket!
Jodie Johnson
 [02/19 10:22:03AM] Black large

Light & Leather
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [02/19 10:21:52AM] Black Large

Imperial Leading Lady Jacket / Leading Lady Jacket / Legend of the Leading Lady Jacket / Lady of the West Jacket / Ladies are Legends Jacket / Legendary Lady Jacket / Legendary Woman Jacket / Woman of Legend Jacket / Women of Legend Jacket
Natashia Liboiron
 [02/19 10:20:30AM] Size: Medium / Colour: Black

Easy Breezy leather Cardi
Amber MacEachern
 [02/19 10:20:20AM] Black 2xl

Posh and Sassy; Sassy Swish; Leather Surrender; Per"suede" Me; Better Late Than Leather; Happily Leather After; Leather Etiquette; Graceful a la mode
Vicki McFadyen
 [02/19 10:19:55AM] Black XL

Blazin’ and Persuedin’
Tabitha Brown
 [02/19 10:19:07AM] Black large

Friend or faux/City Girl/Going Out
Sara Walgren
 [02/19 10:18:27AM] Black Size Medium

Nothing Faux about it; faux fabulous; feeling fauxtastic
Louise vukaz
 [02/19 10:18:25AM] Taupe xs

Night out vixen
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 10:17:09AM] Black 2xl

Collar suede heart /call her sweetheart
Naomi FelixGaddes
 [02/19 10:16:24AM] Black medium

Draped & Dreamy
Samantha Cudney
 [02/19 10:15:49AM] Black Medium

Wings of Spring
Pamela MacCrostie
 [02/19 10:15:47AM] Taupe - XL

Girls Night Faux Leather Jacket, Around Town Faux Leather Jacket,
Katrina Bernardi
 [02/19 10:15:36AM] Black, medium

Classy Comfort.
Donna Majic
 [02/19 10:14:18AM] XL

Chic night out
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 10:14:14AM] Tan 2xl

Per- Saude Me Jacket
Brandy Attewell
 [02/19 10:13:47AM] Black 2xl

Waterfall dreams jacket
Amanda Westwell
 [02/19 10:13:33AM] Tan 2xl

Pleather Yourself
Amber Taylor
 [02/19 10:09:19AM] Medium black

Faux Real Classy Jacket
Ashley Babin
 [02/19 10:07:08AM] Black L

Free Flow Jacket
Crystal Duchcherer
 [02/19 10:05:37AM] Black XS

Faux Fabulous Jacket
Ashley Babin
 [02/19 10:04:37AM] Black L

Collar Me Happy jacket, Flowing Lines jacket
Diana Stephens
 [02/19 10:02:56AM] Black XL

Come Flow with Me Jacket or Let’s Fly Away — like Michael Buble’s “Come fly with me”
Jessica Sippert
 [02/19 10:02:18AM] Black. Large

Beautifaux leather jacket
Quersten Wilkinson
 [02/19 10:00:49AM] Black 2xl

Show stopper jacket
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:59:04AM] Large black

Classy in leather
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:58:38AM] Large black

Take a Chance Jacket
Michelle Lambert
 [02/19 9:58:04AM] Black, Size Medium

Weekend vibes
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:57:55AM] Black large

Hot and Fauxy
Lisa Hipwell
 [02/19 9:57:49AM] Taupe and Small

The Weekender
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:57:22AM] Large black

Elegance at its best
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:57:03AM] Large black

Bold and classy
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:56:36AM] Black large

Professionally ready
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:56:04AM] Black large

Faux & Fabulous
Angela Crevels
 [02/19 9:55:43AM] Beige large

Casual and fabulous
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [02/19 9:55:31AM] Black large

Faux it till you make it!
Katie Jones
 [02/19 9:54:45AM] Large

Angela Crevels
 [02/19 9:54:28AM] Beige large

Take on the Town Jacket
Kasey Brayman
 [02/19 9:53:55AM] M

Sassy and chic
Angela Crevels
 [02/19 9:53:22AM] Large

Made for me Faux jacket
Rebecca Welch
 [02/19 9:50:56AM] Black size large

Friday Faux Sure Jacket
Lindsay Relvas
 [02/19 9:50:48AM] Black, XL

Faux the Win
Brandie Fusaji
 [02/19 9:50:04AM] black and size Large

Timeless Jacket, out of town jacket, going places jacket
Trish Rhyno
 [02/19 9:49:41AM] Taupe Large

Go With the Flow
Shelley Young
 [02/19 9:49:27AM] Black XXL or 3XL

I’m bossy
Tandra Schopf
 [02/19 9:47:28AM] Black & Small

Miles of Style
Valery Knoop-Robinson
 [02/19 9:44:35AM] Black, small

Life of the Party Jacket, Livin’ It Up Jacket
Randi Maw
 [02/19 9:44:32AM] Black small

Swanky Nights Jacket
Lindsay Rivet
 [02/19 9:43:39AM] Black S

Rocker vibes
Amy Livingston
 [02/19 9:43:33AM] Large taupe

Fauxy Roller jacket
Tammy Brown
 [02/19 9:42:53AM] M taupe

Amy Livingston
 [02/19 9:42:50AM] Large black

Faux and Flirty
Tiffany Gurden
 [02/19 9:42:37AM] Black Medium

Ritz or Relax
Cindy Sattelberger
 [02/19 9:42:03AM] Taupe 2xl

Casual Chill Jacket
Tori Spanton
 [02/19 9:41:39AM] Bock Large

Cher Chic This jacket reminds me of the legend CHER
Christine Nitsa
 [02/19 9:41:12AM] Large, Black

Cowgirl Flare
Vera Snook
 [02/19 9:39:52AM] Black/Medium

Laid back anytime jacket
Sandy Trovato
 [02/19 9:39:47AM] Black & size small

Feeling chic
Karen Gurney
 [02/19 9:39:42AM] 2XL Black

The flapper jacket, All the right angles jacket, Flared in leather, Flaunting Fashion Jacket,
Brenda Beauchamp
 [02/19 9:39:34AM] tan medium

Fauxling in Love
Erin Green
 [02/19 9:39:07AM] Black large

Pleathered night out
Shannon Ryan
 [02/19 9:37:49AM] Taupe medium

Go with the flow
Karen Gurney
 [02/19 9:36:54AM] 2XL Taupe

Casual Faux Day Jacket
Stacy Vanier
 [02/19 9:36:13AM] Black Large

Summer Lovin' Jacket
Sabrina Fortier
 [02/19 9:35:18AM] Black XL

You’re the One Faux Leather Jacket, California dreams faux leather jacket, My Back Pocket Faux Leather Jacket
Cindy Bennett
 [02/19 9:34:17AM] Taupe L

Draped in style
Shannon Ryan
 [02/19 9:34:11AM] Taupe medium

Faux Luxe jacket
Dana Lean
 [02/19 9:33:48AM] Large taupe

Soft power blazer
Nicole johnson
 [02/19 9:33:06AM] Xl taupe

Drape me in cool
Lacey Bartholow
 [02/19 9:32:52AM] Black XL

Just Faux fun jacket
Jennifer Anne
 [02/19 9:32:51AM] Black small or medium depending on fit

Go with the flow
Carrie Lessing
 [02/19 9:32:03AM] 2xl black

Faux Real Leather jacket, Faux Foxy Lady jacket, Soft & Sexy Leather jacket, Free Flow Faux Jacket
Angie McCormick
 [02/19 9:30:59AM] 2XL TAUPE

Brenda Sheen
 [02/19 9:30:19AM] Large black

Easy Breezy Essential Jacket
Natasha Lloyd
 [02/19 9:27:31AM] Large Black

Draped in dreams jacket, draped in suede jacket, draped in love jacket
Desiree MacKay
 [02/19 9:27:21AM] Medium black

For the Love of Faux Jacket; So Faux So Good Jacket; Cute as a Faux Leather Jacket; Chic and the Faux Leather Jacket; Like a Boss Jacket ; She’s a Faux Leather Jacket
April Hunt
 [02/19 9:26:00AM] Taupe: small

Draped in (faux) Leather
Natasha Lloyd
 [02/19 9:25:30AM] Large Black

Be Fabulous jacket, Boho babe jacket
Natasha mayes
 [02/19 9:24:40AM] XLarge black

Savvy Suede
Maddison Barkley
 [02/19 9:22:39AM] Black, size small

Night Out in Berlin
Emily Lee
 [02/19 9:22:13AM] Black, Large

Fauxly Lady Jacket; Faux and The Leather Jacket
April Hunt
 [02/19 9:19:05AM] Size small/Taupe

Belle Faux
Traci Linklater
 [02/19 9:18:44AM] Beige xl

Day to Night
Cindy Lundy
 [02/19 9:18:41AM] Large beige

Forever Fun (faux leather jacket )
Andrea Pringle
 [02/19 9:17:29AM] Black 2XL

Friend or Faux
Bailey Graham
 [02/19 9:17:07AM] Black xl

A little Class, A little Sass
Sarah Rice
 [02/19 9:16:29AM] Black XL

Drop it Like it’s Hot, CowGirl meets City Girl, Casual and Fabulous
Teanda Kornum
 [02/19 9:16:05AM] Black Size XL

Secret Weapon
Heather McMeekin
 [02/19 9:14:55AM] Beige M

Bomber Babe
Rachel Kelly
 [02/19 9:14:46AM] M black

Heart of Glass
Heather McMeekin
 [02/19 9:14:21AM] Black M

Spring Swagger Jacket
Gina Bolton
 [02/19 9:13:06AM] 2xl

Rockin robin
Heather McMeekin
 [02/19 9:12:36AM] Black M

Ruby SoHo
Heather McMeekin
 [02/19 9:12:17AM] Black M

Free Flow Faux Jacket
Marieke Steenbeek
 [02/19 9:11:33AM] Small? Black!

Faux real
Traci Linklater
 [02/19 9:11:18AM] Beige xl

Not so faux
Traci Linklater
 [02/19 9:10:53AM] Beige xl

Free Flow Jacket
Kim Macpherson
 [02/19 9:09:34AM] Black, Small

Fall in Love Jacket
Natasha Burian
 [02/19 9:08:19AM] Taupe, XS or Small depending on sizing

Summer Nights, Late night Ride, Sandy’s Summer Love
Katie Jones
 [02/19 9:07:49AM] Large

Flirty Flow Jacket
Gillian Kalman
 [02/19 9:07:44AM] Black xs

No Faux Given, Fauxy Lady, I'm so Fauxy
Tracy Fisher
 [02/19 9:07:17AM] Taupe - small

The Amara Jacket
Amara Machado
 [02/19 9:06:57AM] Black, medium

City Chiq
Kim Macpherson
 [02/19 9:06:53AM] Black, Small

Spring snughle
 [02/19 9:04:14AM] Small blk for daughter

Waterfalls Jacket
Natasha Veerkamp
 [02/19 9:03:20AM] XL Taupe

Cool me down fall jacket
Natasha Vankoughnett
 [02/19 9:03:00AM] Brown, xl

Faux foxy
Brittany Hurlbert
 [02/19 9:01:58AM] Black L

Don’t go draping my heart jacket
Karime Thom
 [02/19 8:58:52AM] Black medium

Perfection chic, leather me up, fauxy lady, I’m fauxy and I know it
Lynnelle Friesen
 [02/19 8:56:23AM] Black, small

Wrap me in softness
Sherry sproul
 [02/19 8:56:08AM] Med black

The Audrey, The Adira, The Althea, The Amelia,The Jazmine,The Wellington, The Beatrix, The Sandra, The Jane, The Freya, The Dreamer
Lee-Ann Chin
 [02/19 8:55:46AM] Black size small.

Sweet Cascade, Chic Cascade, Chasing Waterfalls, Business Casual, Work and play, casual charm, anything goes, anywhere jacket, day and night, free falling, just charming, take me anywhere, Friday jacket, ,
Jessica McTavish
 [02/19 8:55:41AM] M taupe

All about the leather
Stephanie Coker
 [02/19 8:54:27AM] Taupe xl

It’s all about the leather
Stephanie Coker
 [02/19 8:53:06AM] Taupe xl

Sa Chic
Laurena Heigh
 [02/19 8:52:45AM] Taupe 2xl

It’s all about the leather
Stephanie coker
 [02/19 8:52:08AM] Xl taupe

Sass It Up Jacket
Trisha Tahouney
 [02/19 8:50:08AM] Medium black

Liquid Luxury
Leigh Griffin
 [02/19 8:50:05AM] Black 2XL

party in the front business in the back
Teia Bouchard
 [02/19 8:50:05AM] Black XL

Beauti-faux Drape Jacket
Sherri Reid
 [02/19 8:49:59AM] Large Tan

Country slick and delicious
Jane Wentzel
 [02/19 8:49:20AM] Black, large

Sleek and Sassy Blazer
Kristy Morro
 [02/19 8:49:18AM] Black XL

Go with the Faux
Tiffany Payne
 [02/19 8:48:11AM] Taupe, small

Beauti-Faux Drape Jacket
Sherri Reid
 [02/19 8:47:34AM] Large Tan

Biker casual coat
Melissa Goldie
 [02/19 8:47:23AM] Taupe xl

Get Down to Business
Tiffany Payne
 [02/19 8:47:18AM] Taupe, Small

Drape It Like It’s Hot
Jennifer Haviland
 [02/19 8:47:05AM] Black xl

Faux fetched
Kayla Rankin
 [02/19 8:46:58AM] M black

The One Jacket
Tracey Marcil
 [02/19 8:46:45AM] Black - L

Guilty Pleather Jacket
Sarah Boeker
 [02/19 8:46:33AM] Black medium

Short n’ Sassy
Carole Williams
 [02/19 8:46:26AM] Black - large

New Classic Jacket
Lena Millar
 [02/19 8:46:09AM] Black & Small

Chasing Waterfalls Jacket
Tracey Marcil
 [02/19 8:46:06AM] Black - L

Faux fetched
Kayla Rankin
 [02/19 8:45:35AM] M black

Chic in the City
Stephanie Pelland
 [02/19 8:44:42AM] XL black

Flowing breeze
Jacqui Randy Stanzel
 [02/19 8:43:17AM] Xl taupe

Faux-get Me Not Jacket
Haley Boland
 [02/19 8:43:04AM] Black, XL

Go With the Faux; Against The Faux; Leatherette And Go; Smooth Lines
Kaija Riabov
 [02/19 8:42:16AM] M Black

Free flow
Jacqui stanzel
 [02/19 8:42:06AM] Xl black

You’re the one faux me
Michelle McAleese
 [02/19 8:41:19AM] Taupe size S

PerSuade Me Jacket
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [02/19 8:39:54AM] Black M

Level Up
Kara Ameloot
 [02/19 8:39:03AM] Black small

Faux Flow
Lori Benko
 [02/19 8:36:14AM] tan & L

Sass and Class jacket
Tina MacDonald
 [02/19 8:35:59AM] Black med

Chic Chick OR Chic and Sassy
Jenny Lee Gauthier
 [02/19 8:33:07AM] Taupe 2XL

Blazin’ in style
Shea Staal
 [02/19 8:33:03AM] Black Large

Just a little bit country
Crystal Mackie
 [02/19 8:32:37AM] Black small

Faux Real
Kathryn Mitchell
 [02/19 8:32:10AM] Taupe L

All that Jazz faux leather jacket
Meghan Boast
 [02/19 8:31:56AM] Black XL

Angie Fogarty
 [02/19 8:30:07AM] Xl black

Out All Night Jacket, Clock Strikes Midnight Jacket, From Dawn till Dusk Jacket
Melissa Stevens
 [02/19 8:29:52AM] Black, Large

Blazing it
Michelle Langevin
 [02/19 8:29:45AM] Black medium

Angie Fogarty
 [02/19 8:29:31AM] Xl black

Blazin’ in Hot
Shea Staal
 [02/19 8:29:19AM] Black Large

Rodeo Drive Rebel Jacket
Sarah Rice
 [02/19 8:29:11AM] Black XL

Let’s Faux Leather Jacket
Megan Bulford
 [02/19 8:28:27AM] XL Taupe

A touch of class
Sarah Rice
 [02/19 8:28:02AM] Black XL

Cascade Jacket, Chic and Stylin' Jacket, WFH chic jacket, Take On the World Jacket
Nicole Barlow
 [02/19 8:27:53AM] Taupe, S

Sweet and Sassy jacket, Soft and Sassy jacket
Savanna Rave
 [02/19 8:26:51AM] M taupe

Here faux it
Erica French
 [02/19 8:26:44AM] Black XL

Girls night out
Sarah Rice
 [02/19 8:26:33AM] Black XL

Soft serenity
Brenda Reifferscheid
 [02/19 8:23:36AM] Beige XXL

Chic Vibes
Karen Stillman
 [02/19 8:22:50AM] Black size small

Faux Rebel jacket, Sweet Rebel jacket, Sweet and Spicy jacket
Savanna Rave
 [02/19 8:22:07AM] M cream

Easy Breezy Faux Leather Jacket
Lorie Stockall
 [02/19 8:21:15AM] Size XL Taupe color

Fake it until you make it jacket
Julia strickland
 [02/19 8:20:36AM] Small black

City Slicker Jacket, Friend AND Faux Jacket, Around the Town Jacket, Faux-mance Jacket, "Hyde" no more Jacket, Draped in Fun Jacket,
Nicolle Parsons
 [02/19 8:20:30AM] Black, 2XL

Weekend luxury
Andrea Cruise
 [02/19 8:19:53AM] Taupe size M

Drape and Go Jacket
Laura Axford
 [02/19 8:16:46AM] Medium black

Bring it On, Flow Rider
Rachelle Douglas
 [02/19 8:16:34AM] Black XL

Faux Flow jacket, Draped in Flow jacket, Feel the Flow jacket, Feeling Flowy jacket
Savanna Rave
 [02/19 8:16:26AM] M Black

Kaviera Jacket
Natasha Veerkamp
 [02/19 8:15:43AM] XL Taupe

Not a faux pas jacket, go with the faux jacket
Sarah Grayman
 [02/19 8:13:52AM] Black small

On point jacket, Easy Rider jacket, With Grace jacket, Free Flow jacket,
Savanna Rave
 [02/19 8:13:47AM] M Black

Fauxy jacket
Brittani Paquette
 [02/19 8:13:19AM] M black

Draped in fun, suede effects, light & leather free
Alycia Reynolds
 [02/19 8:13:06AM] Xl black

Sweet Heart Jacket
Natasha Veerkamp
 [02/19 8:12:55AM] XL Taupe

Brittani Paquette
 [02/19 8:12:50AM] M black

Faux ever chic
Angela Racco
 [02/19 8:11:57AM] Black Meduim

Go with the Faux
Tesa Steinke
 [02/19 8:10:50AM] Black 2X

Faux Sure Jacket
Angela Racco
 [02/19 8:10:29AM] Black Meduim

Friendly Faux Jacket
Carolyn Mathison
 [02/19 8:10:29AM] Black, S

Faux Potential
Tesa Steinke
 [02/19 8:10:13AM] 2X black

Go With the Flow Jacket
Natasha Veerkamp
 [02/19 8:09:09AM] XL Taupe

Peak-a-boo jacket, angel wing jacket, flow with the wind
Christine lenardon
 [02/19 8:09:04AM] Black medium

Faux Sure
Tesa Steinke
 [02/19 8:08:38AM] 2X black

Style me up city style
Danielle Snively
 [02/19 8:07:52AM] 2xl and black

Free Falling jacket
Savanna Rave
 [02/19 8:07:52AM] Black medium

Friend or Faux
Tesa Steinke
 [02/19 8:07:35AM] 2X black

Let’s Faux Jacket
Megan Bulford
 [02/19 8:07:21AM] XL Taupe

Pleather Me Sexy Jacket
Stacey Garton
 [02/19 8:06:03AM] Black small

Trail blaze’n it
Tatianna Hommy
 [02/19 8:05:23AM] Black size large

Pleather Waves Jacket
Stacey Garton
 [02/19 8:05:22AM] Black Small

Pleather Play Jacket
Stacey Garton
 [02/19 8:04:00AM] Black small

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