Printed Midi Dress
May 20, 2022

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Total of 680 Entries
Congratulations to Caitlin Gillis, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Meet Me in the Midi Dress!

Sunny Days and Nights
Leah Lunz
 [05/23 8:35:08AM] Large - mint floral

Sweet Sunshine Dreams
Linda McLay
 [05/23 7:28:46AM] Navy XXL

Easy Breezy Dresses
Linda Mclay
 [05/23 7:22:35AM] Navy 3x

Welcome To The Party
Fran Switzer
 [05/23 7:01:57AM] medium Mint Floral

Mid Summer Dream
Michelle Groeger
 [05/23 6:57:40AM] Medium Navy Floral

Welcome to summer
Maizy alexander
 [05/23 6:49:00AM] Medium navy floral

Easy Breezy Floral Midi Dress
Laura Harkema
 [05/23 6:14:52AM] XXL Red

Those Sum-midi nights!, Sum-midi to love
Stephanie Jones
 [05/23 6:08:09AM] 2xl navy

Fancy first tier midi, foremost floral, splash into summer,
JoAnne McLean
 [05/23 4:47:14AM] Mint XL

Summer Haze, boardwalk midi, flower power midi, sweet summer dress ,
Rana Thomas
 [05/23 4:06:38AM] Navy. Size small

Summer Glow
Kim Thompson
 [05/23 3:57:09AM] Size large, Mint Floral

Summer loving dress
April Jonasson
 [05/22 10:33:28PM] Large navy and pink

Dainty and Nice Midi Dress
Dianne Jackson
 [05/22 10:27:40PM] small

Terry Hunka
 [05/22 9:55:23PM] L navy floral

'Enjoy the sun' dresses / 'Keeping cool' sun dress
Rebecca Fraser
 [05/22 9:53:02PM] XL - Navy Floral

Summer Lovin'
Shannon Teichroeb
 [05/22 8:19:15PM] LG Mint

Meet me in the Midi
Alisha Hall
 [05/22 8:08:39PM] Mint M

On the Town
Chandra Stromberg
 [05/22 8:07:54PM] Medium Navy Floral

Wild & Free Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/22 8:05:58PM] Large Mint Floral

Summer’s Here
Sharon Nameth
 [05/22 7:49:17PM] Mint floral in large

Sucker for happiness
Jennifer owen
 [05/22 7:41:25PM] Navy floral-XL

Go for a Strut MIDI Dress
Rachelle Bell
 [05/22 7:35:33PM] Green - Medium

Floral Midi Flock, Picnic ready sundress, Sunshine Blooms, Sweet tea Midi
Sara Doolittle
 [05/22 7:20:28PM] Navy Floral L

MIDI to Midnight; All in a MIDI Summer’s Dream
Sandra Lillejord
 [05/22 6:58:45PM] Large; Mint Green

Summer Breezes
Sandra Lillejord
 [05/22 6:51:23PM] Large; navy

Easy Breezy
Melody Habibulayev
 [05/22 6:44:56PM] Rex, xxl

Floral Fantasy
Stephanie Woodward
 [05/22 6:40:49PM] 3xl

Breezy Floral Bliss
Amanda Lloyd
 [05/22 6:37:08PM] Mint XXL

You belong among the Wildflowers dress
 [05/22 6:33:23PM] Small mint green.

"fleur des champs"
 [05/22 6:31:52PM] Small mint green

French countryside floral
 [05/22 6:30:35PM] S mint green

Fleur de soleil dress
 [05/22 6:30:09PM] Small mint green

Sunny Side Up Summer Dress, Frilly and Fancy Free Floral Dress, Summer Lovin' Dress, Sunshine Funtime Dress
Kelly Cribb
 [05/22 6:26:30PM] Medum green

Floral and Flirty Dress, Floral and Fabulous Dress, Flowy floral Dress, Flowers for Days, Spring into Florals Dress, Summer Vibes Dress
Jessica Armenti
 [05/22 6:23:37PM] XL, Mint Floral

Summer floral midi
 [05/22 6:15:02PM] Large , black

Summer Frills MIDI Dress / Summer Midi had me a blast/
Lynn McNiven
 [05/22 6:10:47PM] Large - Navy

Floral Flirt
Natasha Clarke
 [05/22 5:53:36PM] Red print - medium

Y2K midi / You’re 2 kute! (they remind me of the dresses that were popular in that time.)
 [05/22 5:53:14PM] L, navy

Free to be Floral, Flowers n Frills, Blooming Breeze
Dawn Jempson
 [05/22 5:26:57PM] Mint large

Holy Smokes summer dress
Lindsay Thompson
 [05/22 5:26:22PM] Red small

Summer Fancy Dress
Pat Chubb
 [05/22 5:20:56PM] Mint Green in xl

MIDI Days Flower Dress
Kathy Santrock
 [05/22 4:51:49PM] Mint XXL

Colour me floral
Tara Coughlan
 [05/22 4:17:05PM] M, Mint

Flirty Free Dress: Flirty Friday dress: My Hot Mess Dress
Nyla LePine
 [05/22 4:15:47PM] Navy blue XL

Summer Frills
Christina Furlan
 [05/22 3:45:26PM] Red medium

Meet me in the midi,
Caitlin Gillis
 [05/22 3:36:43PM] XL, navy floral

Summer Frilling Dress
Stephanie St Pierre
 [05/22 3:27:39PM] Medium-Red

Summer Fun
Valerie Partridge
 [05/22 2:50:30PM] Large Navy floral

Floral Flow MIDI Dress
Julie Secord
 [05/22 2:39:36PM] Small Mint Floral

Frilly big deal dress
Jacqueline Beveridge
 [05/22 2:26:50PM] mint floral medium

On Top of the World
Sue Brown
 [05/22 2:11:21PM] Medium, navy floral

Après Midi
Sue Brown
 [05/22 2:10:35PM] Medium, navy floral

Sun kissed dress
Anna Spiliotopoulos
 [05/22 2:08:18PM] Lg - navy blue

Summer Breeze dress
Anna Spiliotopoulos
 [05/22 1:47:29PM] Size LG colour navy blue

Garden delight, garden breeze, secret garden
Deborah May-Broekema
 [05/22 12:55:12PM] Large red please and thank you.

Summer's dream dress
Brenda Pawluk
 [05/22 12:43:25PM] Xxl navy

Midi parti
Charlene Baran
 [05/22 12:18:20PM] Mint floral medium

Sweet summer sun dress
Bonnie Reid
 [05/22 11:58:08AM] Medium and Orange one

All You Need is Prints, Pretty in Prints Dress, Print Me Happy, Enjoy Every Print Dress, Life is Best in Prints
Michelle MacDonald
 [05/22 11:40:55AM] Small, navy floral

At Your Sunny Best Dress
Heather Masters
 [05/22 11:24:32AM] L Navy Floral Print

Scrunchy Summer Dress
Rosemary Hogg
 [05/22 10:44:08AM] Red print large or xl

Dress above the rest
Melanie Erickson
 [05/22 10:40:10AM] Navy floral xlg

Flower Power
Shauna Mychalyshyn
 [05/22 10:34:21AM] Red large

Stop and smell the roses
Annette Kirnbauer
 [05/22 10:22:10AM] Red print, lg

Schmoking waterfall dress
Cheryl Horrigan
 [05/22 10:21:52AM] Large navy floral

Easy breezy, swing into summer, easy wear , your one time favourite dress
Lori Williamson
 [05/22 10:19:15AM] Navy large or xl

“Lasagna Straps & Flowing Flowers” to cover up your brassiere straps and waterfall down your body with flowing flowers to keep you cool this summer.
Jacqueline MacKenzie van der Hoeven
 [05/22 10:07:26AM] Navy XXL

Lazy hazy summer days / feeling frilly / walking on sunshine
Pam Preibisch
 [05/22 10:06:53AM] Medium

Garden party dress
Elisabeth Lewis
 [05/22 10:04:06AM] Red print xl

Summer lovin’ Pretty as a picture Calm,cool,collected. Like a dream
Jody Ergang
 [05/22 9:59:42AM] XL mint floral

Don’t Mock my Smock
Peggy Young
 [05/22 9:57:08AM] Large navy floral

Wild flower midi dress, garden party dress,
Randi Draycott
 [05/22 9:45:52AM] Navy floral size small

Hawaiian Breeze
Colleen Dhami
 [05/22 9:37:37AM] Medium, Navy Floral

Flow-er power dress
heather fortin
 [05/22 9:34:49AM] Xxl mint floral

Summer elegance
Jessica smith
 [05/22 9:27:16AM] Xl dark with pink floral

Among the flowers
Jennifer Sotelo
 [05/22 9:26:09AM] Medium Black

Light and Breezy
Michele Brenneman
 [05/22 9:25:41AM] XL - Navy

Secret Garden
Jennifer Sotelo
 [05/22 9:25:38AM] Green Medium

Country Breeze midi dress
Kerrie Magee
 [05/22 9:24:31AM] XXL mint floral

Pretty Flowers Beach day dress
Valerie Dietrich
 [05/22 9:14:39AM] M- red

Fun in floral
Michaela Ferris Hesselden
 [05/22 9:04:06AM] Small, green

Hip to be square summer midi
Trisha Ciarlo
 [05/22 9:02:16AM] Small green

Summer breeze
Rhea Whitaker
 [05/22 8:52:13AM] Navy floral size m

Go with the floral flow
Melissa Soutter
 [05/22 8:50:03AM] Xl, red

Spring fling
Melissa Soutter
 [05/22 8:49:00AM] Xl, green

Summertime fun
Melissa Soutter
 [05/22 8:47:22AM] Xl, green

Patio Party Midi
Kirsten Jensen
 [05/22 8:46:00AM] XXL mint floral

Hip To Be Square Halter Summer Midi Dress; Hip To Be Square Halter Midi
Trisha Ciarlo
 [05/22 8:44:34AM] Small green

Spring it up, Decadent dresses
Sherry Weidinger
 [05/22 8:42:52AM] Mint floral XXL

Summer Lovin
Debbie Murray
 [05/22 8:42:13AM] XL mint floral

Flower Power
Genevieve Dumont
 [05/22 8:39:26AM] XL, navy floral

Breezy Carefree Summer
Allison Steeves
 [05/22 8:37:37AM] Medium mint

Frilled into summer, breezy summer nights, frilly floral summer, sunset walks
Aylene stang
 [05/22 8:37:21AM] Small green

Garden Party
Cindy Lundy
 [05/22 8:36:52AM] M mint

Walking on Sunshine
Allison Steeves
 [05/22 8:36:08AM] Medium Mint

Summertime Fun Floral , Sunshine grown Sundress, Take me Out Sundress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/22 8:36:07AM] Navy XL

Breath of Sunshine
Allison Steeves
 [05/22 8:34:24AM] Medium Orange

Summer Shift, Sunny Days, Sol Summer, Simply Sun,
Cathie Pardy
 [05/22 8:32:04AM] XL navy

Easy Breezy midi dress, walk-in’ on sunshine made do dress, livin’ the dream midi dress, nothing better midi dress, summer lovin’ midi dress
Robyn Adams
 [05/22 8:31:55AM] Navy floral size large please

Just Breeze eazy with me
Tracey Godin
 [05/22 8:31:25AM] Large red print

Floral Fantasy, an ode to spring, first love
Jackie Wong
 [05/22 8:30:31AM] Medium or large, mint floral

Paradise Floral Garden dress
Anne Farkas
 [05/22 8:30:21AM] Black large

Garden Goddess Summer Dress
Kristie Borne
 [05/22 8:26:33AM] XS, navy floral

Breath of Fresh Air Dress
Juliet Johnson
 [05/22 8:26:11AM] XL Mint

Sophie Lafleur
 [05/22 8:25:56AM] Mint floral XL

Wedding season dress
Tanya Thibeault
 [05/22 8:23:55AM] Large and surprise me colour

Fabulous Flowy MIdi Dress
Kim MacLennan
 [05/22 8:23:38AM] navy floral Large

Sunset Dreams
Nadia Olheiser
 [05/22 8:18:20AM] Blue Xxl

Sassy girl dress
Debbie Mundy
 [05/22 8:18:20AM] Blue/flower print & Medium

Sunset Breeze
Nadia Olheiser
 [05/22 8:17:06AM] Mint Xxl

(Come away with me dress), (Vacay getaway dress)
Jennifer vandenbogaerde
 [05/22 8:15:52AM] XL, navy floral

Garden Party Sundress
Barb McCoy
 [05/22 8:13:46AM] Medium Red Print

Meadow Dreams
Tara McDonald
 [05/22 8:10:07AM] 1X Navy

Fancy in Floral Dress
Donna Clipperton
 [05/22 8:09:18AM] Mint floral XL

Summer Daze Dress
Bonnie Nagel
 [05/22 8:09:03AM] L or XL navy

Beach Day Dress, Vacation awaits Maxi, The perfect summer dress, Waiting for Summer, All Occasions Covered Maxi, Beauty and Luxury
Carey Dingsdale
 [05/22 8:02:41AM] Red and White size small

A frilly affair
Andrea Mackay
 [05/22 7:33:30AM] Navy Floral M

Come Into Bloom Midi Dress, In Full Bloom Midi Dress, Be in Blossom Midi Dress, Blossom Forth Midi Dress
Virginia Campiglia-Bruce
 [05/22 7:25:32AM] M Navy Floral

Breezy Feels
Lisa Serdachny
 [05/22 7:11:11AM] Mint floral - L

Slow Down Summer
 [05/22 7:09:26AM] Mint floral - L

Summer Perfection Dress
 [05/22 6:29:42AM] Navy Floral XL

Summer Breeze
Tienna Rowley
 [05/22 6:26:37AM] M navy

Midi Summer Sway Dress
Stacey Halliday
 [05/22 5:46:30AM] Xl navy floral

I’m floral for you
 [05/22 4:12:54AM] Mint large

Floral Frenzy
Trudy MacDougall
 [05/22 3:42:26AM] Navy, large

Waverley vine midi sundress
Janet Dyck
 [05/22 1:50:40AM] Green and xlarge

No modern Love song dress, flowers forever, the tire swing dress, enchanted florist, dreams of yesterday, some say it's love dress,Pride & PrejudressorPride & Prejudice Dress, Summer Lovin' Dress, flowered up your day, Mad Tea Party dress, ring around the roses
Mandy Kowal
 [05/22 12:36:11AM] Mint Large

One with nature, flowers in the wilderness , Always So Sweet Floral Smocked Dress, Summertime Romance Dress, falling for you floral, kissed my a rose, pretty in petals, home is where the heart is, spring date dress, secret garden, he loves me dress, dress me up in your love
Mandy Kowal
 [05/22 12:22:47AM] Mint Large

Feeling flirty in floral dress
Sharmayne Colvin
 [05/21 10:55:10PM] XL, mint floral

Maxi dress
Ruby Sidhu
 [05/21 10:21:40PM] Blue medium

MIDI-morning tea, floral favourite, midi-summer fling, sweet summer midi
Stephanie Beacon
 [05/21 9:49:38PM] XXL mint floral

Summer Fling
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/21 9:36:04PM] L & Mint Floral

Smocked Summer Midi
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/21 9:24:42PM] L & Mint Floral

Poplin in the Sun
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/21 9:24:06PM] L & Mint Floral

Floralista Midi
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/21 9:23:27PM] L & Mint Floral

Summers calling
Kristy DelGrosso
 [05/21 9:11:53PM] Red xs

A Perfect Day Dress, Summer Sunset Dress, Summer Solstice Dress
Michelle Cowan
 [05/21 8:40:29PM] Medium Navy

Spring into Summer Blooms
Debbie Slater
 [05/21 7:53:02PM] Green global xl

She’s so fancy
Lynne motkoski
 [05/21 7:49:13PM] Xl mint

Southern Belle
Amanda Kelln
 [05/21 7:33:55PM] xxl mint

Fun In The sun Dress
Sarah fillier
 [05/21 7:23:41PM] Size XL mint floral

Layers of flowers ahead, Botanical Casual, Pick me up flower
Chantal Gosselin
 [05/21 7:16:01PM] Large, Mint floral

Fun in the Sun
Diane Kotylak
 [05/21 7:02:32PM] XXL ANY ONE (love them all)

Kicking Country
Rachelle Schill
 [05/21 5:45:31PM] Large navy

Daydreaming Dress
Stephanie Whitson
 [05/21 5:29:57PM] Mint small

Vacation Vibin'
Stephanie Whitson
 [05/21 5:29:12PM] Mint small

Aloha vibes
Shandi Colton
 [05/21 5:12:29PM] Xl navy floral

summer lovin dress
Shana Crossley
 [05/21 5:07:02PM] minty green lg

For the frill of it
Andrea Mackay
 [05/21 4:54:40PM] Blue M (or small if they fit large ?)

I got sunshine
Christine McLean-Sleger
 [05/21 4:53:58PM] Black 2xl

Flirting with floral
Rae-Lyn Lefebvre
 [05/21 4:02:29PM] Green XL

Smock it to you dress
Melissa Stallaert
 [05/21 3:10:52PM] XXL red print

Garden tea party
Tina Spector
 [05/21 3:09:36PM] Green size large

Summer Breeze
Lori Sawatzky
 [05/21 2:56:28PM] Red print -small

MIDI Flower Power
Tammy Psiurski
 [05/21 2:53:00PM] XXL and Navy

Midi Summer’s Night Dream Dress
Raelene Pearson
 [05/21 2:43:32PM] Navy floral XL

It's Summer Time, Summer Chic Dress, 5 o'Clock Summer Wear, Pretty & Free, Perfect Getaway Dress
Michelle MacDonald
 [05/21 2:38:26PM] Small, Navy Floral

Farmers Market Dress, Portofino Dress, Thrills & Frills Dress
Amanda Stein
 [05/21 2:23:11PM] Medium in red print

Afternoon Delight Midi Dress
Jenn Haviland
 [05/21 2:10:59PM] Black XXL

Summer Sun
Leesa Ferguson
 [05/21 2:05:38PM] Mint xxl

Caught the bouquet Midi Dress
Carrie Coon
 [05/21 1:46:53PM] Medium Navy Floral

Summer All Day MIDI Dress
Terra McLean
 [05/21 1:02:36PM] Mint Floral 2X

Midsummer’s Night
Amber Tyrrell
 [05/21 12:22:16PM] S Navy Floral

Summer Splash
Judy Dielschneider
 [05/21 12:15:42PM] Love them all .. Size L

Ooo La La Time
Rita Young
 [05/21 12:14:24PM] Size XXL Mint Floral

Soak Up the Sundress
Dels Morin
 [05/21 11:58:27AM] Blue - M

"CANT STEAL my sunshine" sundress
Shanna Painter
 [05/21 11:43:00AM] Xl navy

Summer fair dress
Sarah O’Neil
 [05/21 11:40:04AM] Black large

Mama Midi Summer Dress
Renee Michelle Mealing
 [05/21 11:38:27AM] XS Navy

A splash of fun
Jackie Penney
 [05/21 11:37:15AM] XL /blue

Flor’e All Day
Debra Thomson
 [05/21 11:32:18AM] Large in Blue Floral

Flor’e All Day
Debra Thomson
 [05/21 11:29:23AM] Large in Blue Floral

Fleur de midi
Dawn Shivak Kweens
 [05/21 11:27:07AM] Navy large

Summer Breeze
Melanie Davis
 [05/21 11:24:29AM] XL Black,white and pink

Halter dress
Corinne Mcdonald
 [05/21 11:21:45AM] Large red

Midi Summer floral dress
Julie Borst
 [05/21 11:10:59AM] Large, navy floral

Beverley Ann Botanical Dress
Renee Mealing
 [05/21 11:10:39AM] XS navy

Seaside Dreams dress
Matina Stamadianos
 [05/21 11:10:35AM] Size S Mint Floral

Country Lovin’ & Livin’
Peggy Slykhuis
 [05/21 11:06:50AM] 3xl the green one

Summer Loving Midi Dress
Stephanie Cormier
 [05/21 11:00:24AM] Medium - Navy Floral

The Ditsy Do MIDI
Renee Michelle Mealing
 [05/21 11:00:14AM] XS Navy and pink

All things flowers ?
Natalie Giroux
 [05/21 11:00:12AM] Mint ?

Haddie Jane Ditsy MIDI dress, or just The Haddie Jane Summer Dress or Little Miss Sunshine Or Botanical MIDI
Renee Michelle Mealing
 [05/21 10:58:37AM] XS Navy and Pink

Feelin' the Florals Dress
Erin Shantz
 [05/21 10:48:45AM] Medium, mint floral

Bouquet of Flowers
Beth Guenther
 [05/21 10:35:11AM] Large, Red Print

MIDI Summers dream
Alison Brown
 [05/21 10:20:49AM] Small, mint floral

Color me summer!
Rhonda Brown
 [05/21 9:57:01AM] XL Navy

All Things Good Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:49:05AM] L mint

Summer breeze
Claudine gagnon
 [05/21 9:48:47AM] Red

Easy Come Easy Go Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:47:22AM] L mint

Flower Power!!
Maeva Rhyason
 [05/21 9:46:11AM] Navy xxl

Take Me Away dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:45:47AM] L mint

Go With The Flow Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:43:36AM] L mint

Easy Breezy Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:41:26AM] L mint

Tea Party Dress
Gina Hildebrand
 [05/21 9:39:07AM] Large, Mint Floral

Summer Midi Time Dress
Janine Taylor
 [05/21 9:36:55AM] Large Mint Floral

Go With the Flow Summer Midi Dress
Lori Colley
 [05/21 9:33:01AM] XL green

Flow with me
Wanda Wdwards
 [05/21 9:30:58AM] Medium navy

Daydreams come true
Jamie Schlapbach
 [05/21 9:25:33AM] Mint flower medium

Vacation Dreams Midi Dress
Deanna Orlowski
 [05/21 9:24:32AM] Navy Floral medium

Fun in the Sun dress
Nicole Peever
 [05/21 9:22:39AM] Large navy floral

Easy Breezy Dress
Tanna Young
 [05/21 9:15:17AM] Large and mint green

Floral me around,
Christine Wilkinson
 [05/21 9:14:14AM] XS navy floral

Floral Melody
Debbie Potts
 [05/21 9:03:40AM] XL green

Feeling Breezy Dress
Holly Baker
 [05/21 8:59:00AM] Medium red print

Pretty in Print
Danielle Bruno
 [05/21 8:57:38AM] Navy medium

Secret Garden
Adrienne Elain
 [05/21 8:54:46AM] Navy floral - large

Dress to impress floral
Sierra McBeth
 [05/21 8:49:14AM] Large navy floral

Flirty and carefree
Shelley Turnbull
 [05/21 8:48:13AM] XS

Midi of the week maxi
Heather Stanley
 [05/21 8:47:31AM] XXL green

Boardwalk Beauty
Koreena Gallant
 [05/21 8:46:35AM] Large Navy Floral

Summer Bliss
Barbara macisaac
 [05/21 8:46:26AM] med navy floral

Lorrel McInnes
 [05/21 8:44:01AM] Navy floral medium

Garden of Eden
Trudy MacDougall
 [05/21 8:38:48AM] Navy, large

Bring on Summer midi dress
Kathy Munts
 [05/21 8:33:25AM] XL red print

Garden Party
Emma Aspinall
 [05/21 8:30:01AM] XL green

Floral Fun-Tas-Tic!
Irene Morrison
 [05/21 8:28:13AM] Xxl green

Summer Breeze Midi Dress
Shelly Chubb
 [05/21 8:26:33AM] M Navy floral

Spring into summer
Tanya Ferguson
 [05/21 8:25:24AM] Xl blue

Light, Fancy and Free
Linda Honeychurch
 [05/21 8:24:23AM] Navy floral xxl

Floral Delight
Darcy Bannister
 [05/21 8:23:59AM] XXL Mint Floral

Flowing Days Midi Dress
Clancie Leach
 [05/21 8:22:41AM] Large, navy floral

Brunch bouquet midi dress
Amy Vanderlende
 [05/21 8:21:54AM] Navy floral L

Floral fantasy
Paula owens
 [05/21 8:20:17AM] Med navy floral

Pretty smocked
Cathy Pike
 [05/21 8:17:12AM] Mint floral size L

Floral me fancy
Sonja Richards
 [05/21 8:15:51AM] XL Mint floral

Spring into Summer Midi Dress
Svetlana Ruiz
 [05/21 8:14:50AM] Large black floral

Fit, Flare & Floral Midi Dress
Heather Carver
 [05/21 8:13:21AM] Large Navy Print

Summer Me Midi
Julie Dubé
 [05/21 8:12:21AM] Navy XL

Flirty floral Midi Dress
Lisa Kelly
 [05/21 8:11:17AM] Small and navy floral

Midi Vibes Dress
Patricia Merrick
 [05/21 8:10:53AM] Mint floral, M

Perfect Sunny Day
Shelly Finch
 [05/21 8:09:38AM] Navy floral Large

Gather together summer dress
Paula McCaffrey
 [05/21 8:06:14AM] Navy floral medium

Sleeveless long sensational summer dress
Roxanne Dutchak
 [05/21 8:05:57AM] L navy floral

The Everything Dress
Cheryl Bertoia
 [05/21 8:05:32AM] XL navy floral

Florally Free
Jenn Zanidean
 [05/21 8:05:03AM] Green xxl

Print me pretty
Josee Leduc
 [05/21 8:03:24AM] Xl in green print

Flirty & Free
Carrie Vajda-Stewart
 [05/21 7:57:46AM] Medium in light green

Flowy Days are Coming Midi
Amanda Ranger
 [05/21 7:54:29AM] Small & Mint

Take me back Sundress
Janet Phoenix
 [05/21 7:36:36AM] Navy floral medium

Feeling Frilly Midi Dress; Vineyard Frills Midi Dress
Jessica Kaun
 [05/21 7:24:24AM] Size small; Navy Floral

Sweet Summer Sundress
Norma-Jean Paananen
 [05/21 7:19:09AM] Red print size small

The Ashley
Kelly MacQuarrie
 [05/21 7:02:07AM] Large red

Frilly by nature
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [05/21 7:01:30AM] Large red print

Summer Breeze
Eileen Sanderson
 [05/21 6:54:53AM] XXl and navy floral

Easy Breezy
Lisa Ann Langille
 [05/21 6:35:37AM] Large, Navy

All in the details midi dress
Jennifer pugh
 [05/21 6:34:17AM] Medium mint floral

Val midi dress
Chantal Lindsay
 [05/21 6:17:39AM] Blue in med

Smocked and Loaded Midi Dress
Sheryl Kuiper
 [05/21 5:58:23AM] Navy L

Heat it up sundress
Diana Gowanlock
 [05/21 5:55:05AM] XL in the mint green colour

Glory Days Midi Dress
Tammy MacMillan
 [05/21 5:19:08AM] Size Medium, colour Navy Floral

Summer coolness
Sherry sproul
 [05/21 5:10:36AM] Medium navy floral

Summer Dreams midi dress
Kate Rosenthal
 [05/21 4:45:24AM] Medium red

Midi you in the middle
Kate Rosenthal
 [05/21 4:43:23AM] Medium red

Spring flare
Robin Buschman
 [05/21 4:42:29AM] Red print Medium

Sunshine on my mind
Kate Rosenthal
 [05/21 4:42:16AM] Medium red

Garden Party Mini
Sarah Varty
 [05/21 3:58:34AM] Navy small

Express yourself dress
Cindy Phillips
 [05/21 2:57:28AM] Blue xl

Tahitian Breeze Midi Dress
Lisa Sahli
 [05/21 1:19:38AM] Large Navy Floral

Vacay Vibes
Lisa Sahli
 [05/21 1:18:46AM] Large Navy Floral

Hot Girl Summer Dress
Lisa Sahli
 [05/21 1:17:09AM] Large, Navy Floral

Peaches and dream valley dress
Maria Pucci
 [05/21 1:08:40AM] Small mint

Printed for me dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:58:03AM] Mint m

Gathering in line dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:56:54AM] Mint m

Starting line dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:56:20AM] Mint m

Naughtiness in a dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:55:36AM] Mint m

Slim shady midi dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:53:50AM] Mint m

Dress the West, western comfort dress, northern spring dress
Catherine Dixon
 [05/21 12:42:45AM] Mint floral xxl

Feel the vibe dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:28:31AM] Mint m

Sharing the vibe dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:27:52AM] Mint m

Aloha dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:26:33AM] Mint m

Aloha midi dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:26:09AM] Mint m

elastic princess dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:24:32AM] Mint m

perfectly e-lastic dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:23:15AM] Mint m

Gathered perfectly dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:22:28AM] Mint m

Look at mine dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:21:28AM] Mint m

Tight night dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:20:55AM] Mint m

Tripping daisy dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:18:14AM] Mint m

Walking in the Garden dress!
 [05/21 12:17:48AM] 2XL Navy

Everyone gather around dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:17:41AM] Mint m

Bright til night dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:17:07AM] Mint m

Flare and stare dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:15:41AM] Mint m

dress me up or down
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:14:36AM] Mint m

Thank you next dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:13:55AM] Mint m

Showing of the beauty dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:13:30AM] Mint m

Tiara dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:12:26AM] Mint m

Print for me dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:11:19AM] Mint m

Printed paradise dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:10:41AM] Mint m

Printed on luxury dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:10:04AM] Mint m

Printed for perfection dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:09:19AM] Mint m

Show off your beauty dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:08:09AM] Mint m

Gathered for the outing dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:07:13AM] Mint m

Kick start to summer dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/21 12:05:05AM] Mint m

Midi tier dress
Marysia Waritsky
 [05/20 10:36:10PM] Mint floral xl

My garden angel dress
Danielle Durocher
 [05/20 10:14:59PM] Large mint

Everything is gonna be bouquet
Danielle Durocher
 [05/20 10:13:51PM] Large mint

Festival Ruffle Midi Dress
Kym Readman
 [05/20 10:13:37PM] Size XL, Color Mint Floral

Take Me Back Floral
Amy Fraser
 [05/20 10:02:28PM] Navy Floral M

Driving Miss daisy dress, spring air dress, swing into summer dress, May flowers dress, perfect pedal dress,
Kristin Frombach
 [05/20 9:53:54PM] Navy Lg

Smocking Hot dress
Jana Mottl
 [05/20 9:30:05PM] Mint Floral, L

Garden party printed midi
Ally Singleton
 [05/20 9:14:30PM] Xl lime green

Prints charming midi dress
Mandy Hickson
 [05/20 9:13:55PM] M in mint

Summer Bouquet Dress
Joy McLean
 [05/20 9:12:56PM] Size M Navy

Denise Harvey
 [05/20 8:59:44PM] Medium - Mint floral

Meet Me At Midi Dress
Cheryl Guerriero
 [05/20 8:56:16PM] xxl navy

Watch Me Blossom
Marcy Andersen
 [05/20 8:53:51PM] Small Red Print

Watch Me Blossom Sundress
Marcy Andersen
 [05/20 8:50:01PM] Small Red Print

Swingtime stretch floral midi
Tara Antinori
 [05/20 8:44:24PM] XXL mint floral

Garden party midi
Amanda Desrochers
 [05/20 8:43:20PM] Medium navy floral

Garden Party Chic , or Say Yes To Summer or
Stacey Deslauriers
 [05/20 8:32:44PM] Large-Mint

Frill to Perfection
Ann Timm
 [05/20 8:30:38PM] XS Navy Floral

Free and Flow
Kylie Etmanskie
 [05/20 8:28:07PM] XL navy

Cooli breeze
Celeste Bridgeman
 [05/20 8:19:18PM] Navy 14

Cool flow
Celeste Bridgeman
 [05/20 8:18:26PM] 14

Shoulder Shimmy Midi Summer Dress
Dana Hendry
 [05/20 8:15:46PM] XL Mint

Shoulder Shimmy Midi Summer Dress
Dana Hendry
 [05/20 8:09:38PM] Mint XL

Prairie days
Crystal Harnum
 [05/20 8:09:06PM] Green / small

Breezy Comfy Stylist Dress
Peggy Williams
 [05/20 8:03:07PM] XL Navy floral

Blossom for days Midi
 [05/20 8:03:03PM] 2xl

Beautiful bouquet dress
Autumn Dornian
 [05/20 7:59:53PM] XL navy floral

It’s a Beautiful Day maxi
Julie Odia
 [05/20 7:45:16PM] Red xxl

Feeling Floral Midi
Jenna Carruthers
 [05/20 7:44:04PM] Navy, small

She’s a Wildflower
Julie Odia
 [05/20 7:42:36PM] Red XXL

Botanical Bliss Midi
Jenna Carruthers
 [05/20 7:41:01PM] Navy, small

Feel the swing dress
Dee Hunter
 [05/20 7:40:06PM] Green - small

Midi in mind dress
Megan Schultz
 [05/20 7:39:29PM] Mint large

Start of something beautiful
Julie Odia
 [05/20 7:38:36PM] Mint xxl

Flow freely
Stacey Vaughn
 [05/20 7:38:35PM] L. Navy floral

Go with the flow
Megan Schultz
 [05/20 7:37:55PM] Mint large

Feeling Vine Dress
Jenna Carruthers
 [05/20 7:36:09PM] Navy small

Ready to Blossom maxi
Julie Odia
 [05/20 7:35:22PM] Red 2xl

Ruffle my feathers dress
Ashleigh Thompson
 [05/20 7:15:08PM] Mint in a medium

Midi Summer Night's Eve Dress
Tahni Fortin
 [05/20 7:08:05PM] Large navy floral

Floral Romance Ruffle Dress
Ursula Nilsson
 [05/20 7:06:13PM] Medium red and white

Power of flowers dress
Kathy Brideau
 [05/20 6:44:43PM] Small green

Sweet and sassy
Karen Mccarville
 [05/20 6:43:26PM] Xl red

Garden Glam Dress
Angele Gauthier
 [05/20 6:40:54PM] Size medium, I love both so surprise me!

Classic sunshine dress, dreaming of Anne dress, boardwalk dress
Caitlin Sigouin
 [05/20 6:37:19PM] Small red

Day to Night, Summer Dream, The Breeze,
Karen Burgess
 [05/20 6:36:24PM] Navy Flower XL

Flower Me in Sunshine
Martine Brousseau
 [05/20 6:30:05PM] Large & Mint Floral

Flora and fauna
Heather McCabe
 [05/20 6:24:40PM] Mint L

Fresh & strappy
Sharlene Bagshaw
 [05/20 6:23:22PM] M green

Fantastic Florals, Floral Frenzy
Tamara Fisher
 [05/20 6:22:48PM] L & Navy Floral

It's a breezy life dress, The Free Flowing Dress, The Maxi Dream Dress
Jennifer Barone
 [05/20 6:17:50PM] Navy Floral size M

Smocking Hot
Meghan Schuler
 [05/20 6:16:18PM] M, red

Shirred Bet midi dress
Carol-Ann Loeppky
 [05/20 6:12:39PM] L Navy Floral

Fiore d'estate
Roberta anzellini
 [05/20 6:10:58PM] L -navy

Floral Dream
Eva Short
 [05/20 6:06:15PM] Small navy

Meant to be Summer !
Sheila McIntosh
 [05/20 5:49:52PM] Large Light green

Summer Love’n Printed Dress
Melanie King
 [05/20 5:47:08PM] Small mint floral

Summers never ending , floral dream dress , summer flowers dress
Dianna thebeau
 [05/20 5:42:06PM] Small & mint

Southern Charm Smocked Midi Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/20 5:39:30PM] Navy small

Garden Goddess; Easy Breezy; Flower Hour; Grow with the Flow
Emilie Nelson
 [05/20 5:28:50PM] Medium navy floral

Beach Day Midi Dress, Floral Frill Midi Dress, Feelin' Free and Floral Dress, Fun and Frilly Midi Dress, Friday Fun and Frill Dress
Sarah Armstrong
 [05/20 5:23:53PM] M, Black Floral

Frilling Pretty
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/20 5:21:04PM] L & Mint Floral

Midi Moments Dress
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/20 5:19:29PM] L & Mint Floral

Life’s a breeze
Sheri Beaulieu
 [05/20 5:17:57PM] Navy - small

Frilling the Vibe
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/20 5:17:05PM] L & Mint Floral

Midi-Summer Night's Dream
Mary-Anne Richardson
 [05/20 5:15:48PM] L & Mint Floral

Pixie Midi dress
Karine Baldwin
 [05/20 5:14:18PM] Large mint floral

Summer day stunner dress
Collene Thomas
 [05/20 4:48:18PM] L Navy

Loving Summer MIDI Dress
Angela Quaglia
 [05/20 4:44:42PM] Blue dress, Size - Small

Spring Fling/ summer daze
Michaela Cromwell
 [05/20 4:39:28PM] Xl mint

Frillin’ Fine Midi Dress
Kathryn Sheridan
 [05/20 4:32:58PM] Medium - Mint Floral

Fleur de Lys Midi Dress, Lily of the Garden Midi Dress
Tiffany Payne
 [05/20 4:32:45PM] Medium Navy

Pretty Smoked Dress
Alisha Tatlock
 [05/20 4:29:08PM] L Mint Floral

Strollin’ on the Boulevard
Karen Svensson
 [05/20 4:28:20PM] Navy floral, size M

Fancy Free Dress
Stephanie Maxwell
 [05/20 4:06:06PM] Navy Large

Garden gracious dress
Carolee Malley
 [05/20 3:45:30PM] Size xxl, in Navy floral

Summer boquet
Kari Lewis
 [05/20 3:44:53PM] Mint small

Midi Day & Night
Lacey burgess
 [05/20 3:43:40PM] M Navy floral

Stop and smell the flowers
Kari Lewis
 [05/20 3:43:32PM] Mint small

Midi Day & Night
Lacey burgess
 [05/20 3:43:16PM] M Navy floral

Garden Party
Kathryn Goodale
 [05/20 3:34:40PM] S & Navy

Summer Lovin'
Crystal White
 [05/20 3:30:01PM] L - Black

Flower power
Tara Thompson
 [05/20 3:27:27PM] Medium. black

Blowing in the Wind MIDI Dress, Gleaming in the Sun MIDI Dress, Mystical Garden MIDI Dress, Summer Days MIDI Dress
Aimee Pawsey
 [05/20 3:23:51PM] Navy large

Swing into summer dress
Robin McGurk
 [05/20 3:14:21PM] Mint floral size large

So Breezy
Tanya Goertzen
 [05/20 3:04:44PM] XL Mint Floral

Pretty Little Dress, Garden Party dress
Elisabeth Lewis
 [05/20 3:04:24PM] Xl red print

Oh So Summer
Alison Valcamp
 [05/20 3:03:55PM] Medium Navy Blue

Summer Breezes
Adrienne Finlay
 [05/20 3:03:23PM] Mint Floral XL

Flower Child Summer Dress
Mallory emond
 [05/20 2:57:25PM] Navy floral in large

Rebellious Floral
Patricia Thompson
 [05/20 2:56:43PM] XL Navey Florel

Summer Breeze
Kate Mitchell
 [05/20 2:47:35PM] Large navy

Looking Lovely Printed Midi Dress
Shelley Hlewka
 [05/20 2:36:54PM] Large Mint Floral

Fun and Fancy Floral Dress
Stephanie Gemmell
 [05/20 2:35:03PM] Xs navy floral

Picnic me up dress
Sandra walker
 [05/20 2:35:02PM] Navy floral medium

Hola midi dress
Angele Edwards
 [05/20 2:34:03PM] XXL mint green

Flower me impressed dress
Emily Frances Earl
 [05/20 2:28:24PM] Navy floral - M

Walking on Sunshine Dress
Sarah Canney
 [05/20 2:27:15PM] Small Navy Floral

Let the party begin
Diane Kotylak
 [05/20 2:20:38PM] 2XL LOVE ALL OF THEM

Flowing Flowers Dress
Megan Schultz
 [05/20 2:11:17PM] Mint floral large

Tiered and true dress; floral tiered dress; tier into floral dress,
N Dunlop
 [05/20 2:03:17PM] Mint & medium

Grace and Frills Dress
Tracey Pauls
 [05/20 2:02:56PM] Medium

Are you frill real dress
N Dunlop
 [05/20 1:55:26PM] Mint & medium

Flo Rida Dress
Vanessa Rathgeber
 [05/20 1:53:44PM] Navy large

High Tea midi dress
Allison keen
 [05/20 1:46:09PM] Mint, small

Floral Bound
Florence Salwach
 [05/20 1:44:37PM] navy floral-L

Fashion Flower Show
Teryl Cocks
 [05/20 1:40:49PM] XL. Red Print

Ruffle me Dress
Shirley dunn
 [05/20 1:40:46PM] Small nave floral.

Fall to the Floral dress
Brittany maracle
 [05/20 1:40:38PM] XL, mint floral

Yolo dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:39:40PM] Mint m

Destinanation dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:38:54PM] Mint m

Destiny dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:38:10PM] Mint m

Smock it to me dress
Samantha haines
 [05/20 1:37:22PM] L navy

Gather the girls dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:37:12PM] Mint m

Gather your thoughts dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:36:10PM] Mint m

Country Charm
Dalyce Percy
 [05/20 1:35:47PM] XXL mint floral

Here comes the Sun Dress
Rachel Brescia
 [05/20 1:35:27PM] Navy xl

time For fun dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:34:55PM] Mint m

Living in florals
Crystal Mackie
 [05/20 1:34:54PM] Small navy

Garden party dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/20 1:34:28PM] Small navy

Sometimes you feel the breeze dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:34:13PM] Mint m

Cool breeze dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:33:33PM] Mint m

Soak up the Sun Dress
Rachel Brescia
 [05/20 1:33:16PM] Navy xl

I adore you dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:32:51PM] Mint m

A Place in the Sun dress
Rachel Brescia
 [05/20 1:32:25PM] Navy xl

Great vibes dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:32:05PM] Mint m

Garden party dress
Crystal mackie
 [05/20 1:31:53PM] Small navy

Cover me in sunshine dress
Crystal mackie
 [05/20 1:31:24PM] Small navy

Bring on summer dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:31:18PM] Mint m

Sunshine On My Shoulders
Rachel Brescia
 [05/20 1:31:12PM] Navy xl

Cover me in sunshine dress
Crystal mackie
 [05/20 1:30:56PM] Navy small

getting hot dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 1:30:15PM] Mint m

Sunshine soulshine midi
Leanne Stanway
 [05/20 1:27:46PM] XL navy

Soulshine midi
Leanne Stanway
 [05/20 1:25:37PM] XL Navy floral

Magzie dress
Debbie May-Broekema
 [05/20 1:25:36PM] L red

Be Summer Ready
Lisa Cleveland
 [05/20 1:25:22PM] Mint green XL

Summer lovin dress, living La vida sunshine, livin La vida summer
Emily MacDonald
 [05/20 1:20:05PM] Mint in medium

Floral mural
Shauna Brady
 [05/20 1:17:10PM] Medium mint floral

Summer Vibes, Bring on the Sun, Cool Midi for Summer Days, Meet me at the Beach, Cool Summer Vibes,
Eleanor Harvey
 [05/20 1:11:38PM] Navy floral

Fun in the sun dress
Bailee Weigelt
 [05/20 1:09:33PM] Large, navy floral

Flower Power, Beautiful Blooms dress, Room to Bloom dress, Favourite Floral dress, Dress to Impress, Date Night dress
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/20 1:09:28PM] Medium red print

1)Springing in to Summer sundress. 2) flirty in floral dress 3)garden party sundress.
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [05/20 1:07:20PM] Mint floral large

Summer Time fun
Anna Gordon
 [05/20 1:06:56PM] XL Mint Floral

1)Springing in to Summer sundress. 2) flirty in floral dress 3)garden party sundress.
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [05/20 1:06:35PM] Mint floral large

70's - free fallin
susan chan
 [05/20 1:06:19PM] mint, medium

Ruching into Summer Midi Dress
Basia Downs
 [05/20 1:01:19PM] Red print xsmall

Summer Breeze dress, or, Walking on Sunshine dress
Emily dyck
 [05/20 12:54:17PM] Small, navy floral

Blowing in the Breeze midi dress
Sherry MacMunn
 [05/20 12:54:14PM] Large and navy floral

Swing into Summer
Dorothy Mercier
 [05/20 12:48:52PM] XL navy

Sheer Beauty
Dorothy Mercier
 [05/20 12:46:48PM] XL mint green

Cayman Dress
Rachel Friesen
 [05/20 12:43:56PM] Red print lg

Summer Delight
Laura Silvers
 [05/20 12:43:23PM] Black xl

Golden Hour Dress
Rachel Friesen
 [05/20 12:42:52PM] Red print lg please

Summer Night's Dream Dream Dress
Anna C
 [05/20 12:41:46PM] XXL Navy floral

Blooms away, secret garden midi dress,
Kristen mullally
 [05/20 12:36:27PM] Medium black

Stop and smell the roses
Kristen mullally
 [05/20 12:35:24PM] Small black

Feels like sun dress
Angela Eaves
 [05/20 12:34:32PM] Medium red

fun flowers dress
Donna Hart
 [05/20 12:30:10PM] xl Mint Floral

Finally out dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 12:28:40PM] Mint m

Perfection made perfect dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 12:28:13PM] Mint m

Meet me in The Summer dress, Swing with me Midi Dress, Sun and fun dress, Midi in the Summer dress,. Vintage Vibes Midi Dress
Lyndsay Russell
 [05/20 12:22:47PM] Blue floral XL

Colour me in Sunshine - Colour me in floral - Groove is in dress - The Groove Midi
Whitney Dillon
 [05/20 12:20:54PM] Navy - XXL

Feel the Breeze Midi dress
Ashley McGregor
 [05/20 12:13:42PM] M light green

Summer Breeze
Lynn McCormick
 [05/20 12:12:14PM] Navy Floral XXL

Summer Fantasy
Brenda Bortoluss
 [05/20 12:09:23PM] Navy floral large

Maui feels dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 12:04:32PM] Mint m

Maui time dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 12:03:08PM] Mint m

Fantasy in the Sun
Brenda Bortoluss
 [05/20 12:03:03PM] Navy floral large

Fantasy in the Sun
Brenda Bortoluss
 [05/20 12:02:25PM] Navy floral large

Fantasy in the Sun
Brenda Bortoluss
 [05/20 12:01:49PM] Navy floral large

Made for Summer Dress
Cassandra Tavares
 [05/20 12:00:36PM] S, mint

Made for Summer Dress
Cassandra Tavares
 [05/20 12:00:11PM] S, mint

Hot Town, Summer in the Midi
Melissa Di Persio
 [05/20 11:56:22AM] Medium mint floral

Pretty in petals
Tanis Hayward
 [05/20 11:55:56AM] Navy Floral Medium

Floral and Fancy Free
Jessica Stacy
 [05/20 11:51:37AM] Mint Flora XL

Oh What A Frill
Melissa Di Persio
 [05/20 11:51:25AM] Medium mint floral

Floral Fantasy, Floral Fantasia, Sweet Tea Afternoon, Pretty Petals, Sweet as Pie, Sweet Petals, flowers of love, Sweet as Tea,
Lisa Noonan
 [05/20 11:50:32AM] Navy in 3XL

Free feeling midi
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/20 11:50:15AM] Sm red

Midi La Vida Loca
Melissa Di Persio
 [05/20 11:50:03AM] Medium mint floral

Adore You Midi Dress
Shannon Reynolds
 [05/20 11:46:52AM] Medium red print

Feeling Flirty Midi Dress
Shannon Reynolds
 [05/20 11:45:02AM] Red print medium

Ever so hot
Danielle Maerz
 [05/20 11:45:01AM] Green xl

Field of dreams midi
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/20 11:44:56AM] Small red

Sun's Out
Mary Clarl
 [05/20 11:43:11AM] Mint floral XL

Frolicking fun midi
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/20 11:41:52AM] Small red

Flower power
Kerri Maunula
 [05/20 11:35:15AM] XXL mint floral

Swingin into summer Midi dress
Allison Davis
 [05/20 11:34:39AM] xxl and navy

Printy Fresh Midi Dress
Diana Stephens
 [05/20 11:30:48AM] L mint

Summer dream dress
Terry Williams
 [05/20 11:28:04AM] 8 pale lilac2x

Full Hustle dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 11:27:28AM] Mint m

Energize dress
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 11:26:31AM] Mint m

Dress up ,dress down, fits perfect all around
Andrea Marshall
 [05/20 11:25:42AM] Mint m

Simple Summer Style midi; Dress Me Up Dress
Brianna McRae
 [05/20 11:25:28AM] Red...XL please

Like a Summer Breeze Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/20 11:25:00AM] Mint Floral XXL

Summer Dreamin’ Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/20 11:22:37AM] Mint Floral XXL

Country Sunshine Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/20 11:21:23AM] Mint Floral XXL

Flirt with Summer
Linda van Barneveld
 [05/20 11:19:53AM] Large, red

Breezy Me
Isabelle Brulotte
 [05/20 11:19:39AM] Navy floral Medium

Swing summer dress
Deborah Hayes
 [05/20 11:17:29AM] L and peach

Chillin and Frillin Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:15:59AM] Navy Floral, XXL

Frills and Chills Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:15:20AM] Navy Floral, XXL

Fields of Beauty
Jennifer Love
 [05/20 11:13:58AM] Orange xl

Fun and Fancy Floral
Tracey Kaiser
 [05/20 11:13:55AM] M, navy floral

Summer Frills Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:13:53AM] Navy Floral, XXL

Bloomin beauty
Charlene Brown
 [05/20 11:13:29AM] Size small - Navy Floral

Time Traveller's Wife Midi Dress: Time Travellers Midi Dress: Yesteryears Beauty Midi Dress: Forever Young Midi Dress Loves Me Lots Midi Dress: Tale’s Old As Time Midi Dress: Beauty and The Beach Midi Dress
April Hunt
 [05/20 11:13:15AM] Mint Floral (whatever size Kim is wearing, small? Thanks)

Frill Life Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:11:24AM] Navy Floral, XXL

Frillin Good Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:10:50AM] Navy Floral, XXL

Are You For Frill Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:09:58AM] Navy Floral, XXL

A Little Bit Of Frill Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/20 11:09:16AM] Navy Floral XXL

Floral and Flirty
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [05/20 11:03:14AM] Navy XL

Floral and flirty
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [05/20 11:02:05AM] Navy XL

Floral and flirty
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [05/20 11:01:39AM] Navy XL

Freedom Feeling Mindi Dress : Summer’s Arrival Midi Dress : Get On The Dance Floor Dress : Sandy Beaches Midi Dress : Tickles of Summer Midi Dress : Take Me Away Midi Dress : Generations in Bloom Midi Dress : Take Me With You Midi Dress : Time Traveller's Midi Dress : Back in Time Midi Dress : The Past in Bloom Midi Dress : Wrinkles in Time Midi Dress : Today’s Forecast Midi Dress : Strolling Through Midi Dress
Jay Hunt
 [05/20 10:55:04AM] Navy Floral / Small

Summer Breeze
Joanne Pauls
 [05/20 10:52:10AM] Mint XL

Summers Window Midi Dress : Tide’s of Time Midi Dress : It’s About Bloomin’ Time Midi Dress : The Dolly and Mine Midi Dress : Blooming Doll’s Dress : The Blooming Dolly Midi Dress : Time Traveller's Bride Midi Dress : Bloom Everywhere Midi Dress : You Can Bloom Every Wear Midi Dress : You Can Blossom Anywhere Midi Dress : Blossom and Bloom Midi Dress :
Ashley Joy
 [05/20 10:50:36AM] Navy Floral in Size Small

Sunshine on my bod
Tina Tucker
 [05/20 10:47:21AM] Mint print xsmall

Bloom Where it Takes You Midi Dress : Blooming in Love Midi Dress : Dolly’s Dress : Mrs. Dolly Midi Dress : All Dolled Up Midi Dress : My Favourite Dolls Dress : The Dolly Dress : Make Believe Midi Dress : Just Like A Doll Midi Dress : Like a Doll Dress : Not Your Dolls Wardrobe : Darling Doll Midi Dress : Darling In Bloom : Soft as a Petal Midi Dress : Dress For The Beach Maxi : A Walk on the Beach Midi Dress : Dreams Come True Midi Dress
Jay Hunt
 [05/20 10:41:03AM] Blue floral / Small

Fun Flower Midi
Barb Hauk
 [05/20 10:37:49AM] large mint floral

Mystical Midi Dress
Laura Stanton
 [05/20 10:36:51AM] Large, black w/pink flowers

Floral Frills midi dress
Anita Wilson
 [05/20 10:36:22AM] M, navy

Fun Flower Midi
Barb Hauk
 [05/20 10:35:15AM] Large mint floral

All the summer feels
Jenna pearce
 [05/20 10:32:17AM] Green and xl

Summer is Shirr Breezy
Peggy Young
 [05/20 10:28:40AM] Large navy floral

Summer's Day Dress
Emily Buss
 [05/20 10:28:00AM] Black floral xl

Mid Summer Midi, Prairie Perfection, Fields of Summer,
Gina Bolton
 [05/20 10:27:03AM] Red L

Mid Summer Midi, Prairie Perfection, Fields of Summer,
Gina Bolton
 [05/20 10:26:38AM] Red L

Midi-Day Dress
Jessica Fellin
 [05/20 10:25:44AM] S Navy

Flowing through summer midi dress, you are my sunshine midi dress, colours of the wind midi dress, walking on sunshine midi dress
Kayleigh Croker
 [05/20 10:19:26AM] Navy floral, xl

Forever Young Midi Dress
Tesa Steinke
 [05/20 10:17:34AM] Mint XL

Country girl
Amanda Dykstra
 [05/20 10:17:08AM] L Navy floral

Twirly Girl Midi Dresz
Tesa Steinke
 [05/20 10:16:54AM] Mint XL

Printed pretty
Rebecca armstrong
 [05/20 10:16:35AM] Xs red

Printed Mini Dress
Lisa Tymkow
 [05/20 10:15:42AM] XXL. MINT FLORAL

Tropical Tea Party Dress
Tesa Steinke
 [05/20 10:14:38AM] Mint XL

Midi Memories Sundress
Tesa Steinke
 [05/20 10:13:54AM] Mint XL

Ray of Sundress
Stephanie Roberts
 [05/20 10:11:22AM] Navy in L

Let it flow, express yourself, favourite dress
Jamie Bishop
 [05/20 10:11:21AM] Navy blue xl

Saturday in the park
Ashley whitcroft
 [05/20 10:10:39AM] Large mint floral

Prints Charming Dress / Picnic Chic Dress / Beaming Head to Toe Dress / Ultraviolets Dress
Erika Just
 [05/20 10:09:38AM] XL Navy Floral

Midi May Sun Dress
Wendy Kettle
 [05/20 10:07:34AM] L red print

The Pretty Perfect Dress
Anna Cameron
 [05/20 10:06:20AM] M ; Navy Floral

Ripple breeze dress
Julie hoar
 [05/20 10:05:39AM] Xl mint

Mid summer dream dress
Julie hoar
 [05/20 10:04:59AM] L mint

Printed pretty
Rebecca armstrong
 [05/20 10:04:36AM] Xs red

Mid day breeze dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/20 10:04:25AM] L mint

Mid Summer Floral
 [05/20 10:02:23AM] Medium navy or gree

Squeeze me With Sunshine Dress
Heather Trotz
 [05/20 10:01:29AM] Navy LG

Squarely Summer
Isabelle Brulotte
 [05/20 9:54:41AM] Navy floral Medium

Flowing Dream
Nancy Fleming
 [05/20 9:54:25AM] Mint Green, size Large

Right Strap at You
Anne Waters
 [05/20 9:54:08AM] Navy Floral XXL

Riddle Me This Midi Dress *: Free & Breezy Midi Dress *: Frilling Fine Midi Dress *: Masks Off and Dance Maxi Dress*: Masks Off Ahhh Ha Dancing Dress *: And I’m Frilling Good Midi Dress *: Summer Walks Midi Dress *: Summertime Blooms Midi Dress *: Wind in Your Flare Midi Dress *: Something About Mary Summer Maxi *: Something About Mary Midi Dress *: Pretty Ladies in Bloom Midi Dress *: Pretty Lady Midi Dress *: Excuse My Bloomin Dress *: Afternoon Delight Midi Dress *: But First We Dance Midi Dress *: A Night to Blossom Midi Dress *:
April Hunt
 [05/20 9:52:43AM] Floral Navy Blue in size small (? whatever Kim wears ;) )

Midi on my mind dress
Nicole Gregg
 [05/20 9:51:52AM] Large Navy Floral

Fly Away With Me
Wendeline Chan
 [05/20 9:48:46AM] L - Navy Floral

Fresh Summer Dress
 [05/20 9:47:59AM] M. red print

It's a Spring Thing, Frill the Fun of It
Emily Hadary
 [05/20 9:46:52AM] Not sure yet

Chasing the Sun Dress
Nina Perazzo
 [05/20 9:46:12AM] Mint, Small

Got Sun?
Peggy Young
 [05/20 9:44:43AM] Large navy floral

Your Favourite Summer Dress
Liz Roy
 [05/20 9:44:22AM] Large red print

Falling for you, floral dress
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:44:06AM] Extra small navy

Cover me in sunshine dress
Shelley Fehr
 [05/20 9:43:16AM] Coral/medium

Summer Lovin’
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:42:54AM] Extra small mint

You are my sunshine midi summer dress
Tracey Ray
 [05/20 9:42:15AM] Large mint floral

For the frill of it all!!!
Shelley Fehr
 [05/20 9:42:03AM] Coral/medium

Summertime sunshine dress
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:41:11AM] Extra small red

Under the boardwalk midi summer dress
Tracey Ray
 [05/20 9:41:08AM] Large navy floral

The Sweet Summer Galore Dress
Leora Ashdown
 [05/20 9:40:16AM] Navy Floral Small

Wrap me in sunshine
Sarah Chapman
 [05/20 9:39:59AM] Navy- size Small

Beautiful Botanical Babe
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:39:53AM] Extra small navy

Cover me in summer dress
Megan Sparks
 [05/20 9:39:42AM] Small red print

Summer Breeze Sundress
Peggy Young
 [05/20 9:39:14AM] Large Navy Floral

Blossom into summer
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:38:03AM] Extra small red

Island Time
Natalie Mann
 [05/20 9:37:59AM] Navy floral - XL

Floral on the shoulder
Crystal Skinner
 [05/20 9:37:36AM] Extra small navy

Summer lovin’ dress
Maria Lento
 [05/20 9:37:15AM] Navy floral medium

Flower Child
 [05/20 9:35:48AM] Extra small red

Tea Party dress
Sheena Carter
 [05/20 9:35:48AM] Large, Navy

Floral fun
 [05/20 9:35:06AM] Extra small mint

One fine day dress; dash of spring dress; blooming and beautiful dress
Jennifer Maniezzo
 [05/20 9:34:14AM] Navy, small

Just Like That dress
Rachelle Douglas
 [05/20 9:32:36AM] Navy XL

Making Memories midi summer dress
Tracey Ray
 [05/20 9:32:03AM] Large mint floral

Andrea Meredith
 [05/20 9:30:53AM] Red print medium

Summer Daze
Charlene Swanton
 [05/20 9:30:27AM] M Navy Floral

Garden Party Dress, Garden of Eden Dress, summer breeze dress, a beach life dress, ladies who lunch dress
Nicolle Parsons
 [05/20 9:30:26AM] Mint Floral, XXL

Pure Sunshine
Shelly Dodgson
 [05/20 9:30:21AM] Xl black floral

"Summer Meadows" Midi Dress
Bev Hanes
 [05/20 9:29:39AM] XL Navy Floral

Summer fun dress
Sherry Christensen
 [05/20 9:28:09AM] L XL Navy

For the Frill of It
Anita Wilson
 [05/20 9:27:48AM] M, navy floral

Bandeau Midi Dress
Ina Hammer
 [05/20 9:27:05AM] xs mint floral

Garden party dress , afternoon tea dress, tea party dress
Jennifer Bien
 [05/20 9:26:54AM] Navy floral, large

I feel the need for Breeze Dress
Paula Fulthorpe
 [05/20 9:26:30AM] Navy XXL

Sun goddess
Erin Crossley
 [05/20 9:23:53AM] 3xl navy floral

Out of the Office Midi Dress: Heavenly Happenstances Maxi Dress
Ashley Joy
 [05/20 9:23:42AM] Navy Floral —Size Small

Paradise Awaits Dress
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/20 9:21:43AM] Navy xs

The Frill of Summer Dress
Natasha Lloyd
 [05/20 9:21:25AM] Large Navy

A Breath Of Fresh Air Midi Dress
Ina Hammer
 [05/20 9:21:12AM] xs mint floral

Frill this
Katie Bragnalo
 [05/20 9:21:01AM] Navy

Summer fields
Tiina Keetch
 [05/20 9:20:57AM] Large, navy floral

Swingin Ruffels
Kim Wakelin
 [05/20 9:20:00AM] Xl navy blue

Painted in petals
Tiina Keetch
 [05/20 9:19:59AM] Large, navy floral

All the Feels Summer Maxi Dress : All the Feels : All About Eve Midi Dress: All About Summer Midi
Ashley Joy
 [05/20 9:18:40AM] Navy Floral —Size Small

A Country Summer midi, Country Girl midi
Janice Robinson
 [05/20 9:17:56AM] XXL Navy

Just a warm day Floral dress
Valerie Dietrich
 [05/20 9:17:50AM] M, mint green

Beach babe
Barbara Tuttle
 [05/20 9:17:24AM] Xl navy

MIDI summer nights dream
 [05/20 9:15:23AM] Medium mint

Fab Fun Floral
Lea Lianza
 [05/20 9:14:12AM] Navy Floral - Medium

Flower power
Jane McCormick
 [05/20 9:13:15AM] Green medium

Fab Fun Floral Dress
Lea Lianza
 [05/20 9:13:07AM] Navy Floral - m

Flower power
Jane McCormick
 [05/20 9:12:42AM] Green medium

Falling Petals, Summer Bloom, In a Field of Flowers, Morning Glory, Beautiful Garden
Samantha Alexandra
 [05/20 9:11:26AM] L, Navy

Prairie garden
Tracey Kotyk
 [05/20 9:10:18AM] L navy

Everything Whimsical dress, soft and whimsical dress, savouring the summer dress,
Andrea Zacharias
 [05/20 9:09:16AM] Mint floral, small

Fresh Floral Midi Dress
Christine Rutherford
 [05/20 9:09:13AM] Large - black

Everything Whimsical dress, soft and whimsical dress, savouring the summer dress,
Andrea Zacharias
 [05/20 9:08:27AM] Mint floral, small

Field of Flowers
Veronique Dube
 [05/20 9:07:55AM] Navy - Large pls

Secret Garden Dress
Raina Brugger
 [05/20 9:05:01AM] XS, mint

Call Me Baby Midi Dress
Nicole Wiltse
 [05/20 9:02:07AM] 2XL Green floral

Always Flourishing
 [05/20 8:59:13AM] Green, S

Soak up the Sun Dress
Kimberley Jones
 [05/20 8:59:00AM] Large Navy Floral

Spring Fling
Sherri Graham
 [05/20 8:55:50AM] Large Navy

Seasons in the Sun Dress
Rachel Brescia
 [05/20 8:54:51AM] Navy Floral Xl

Island Breeze
Elaine Tinebra
 [05/20 8:53:04AM] Mint Size XL

Square Dance Party Dress; Square Dance Dress; Country Square Dance Dress
Laurena Klassen
 [05/20 8:53:02AM] Mint floral XL

Little miss sunshine or My girl
 [05/20 8:52:35AM] L navy

Beautiful Blooms Dress
Lilliane Hradecki
 [05/20 8:52:35AM] Small Navy Floral

Run through the wildflowers midi dress
Rochelle Garratt
 [05/20 8:50:43AM] Navy floral, xs

Smock it Like it’s Hot Dress
Toni Nameth
 [05/20 8:49:41AM] S red

The mid-day midi!
Heather Stanley
 [05/20 8:49:01AM] Navy or green XXL

Spring Fling Dress
Stacy Nisbet
 [05/20 8:48:20AM] Small, Mint

Midday Dream
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [05/20 8:47:53AM] Navy large

Southern Belle; Southern Charm; Country Charm
Megan Bulford
 [05/20 8:46:41AM] Navy Floral-XL

Flirty Floral Dress, Summer Lovin’ Dress
Paula Potts
 [05/20 8:46:40AM] Large navy floral

Dainty and Fresh for Summer Dress
Dianne Jackson
 [05/20 8:46:35AM] Size Medium in Mint Floral please

Hip to be Square Spring Dress
Jennifer Hickey
 [05/20 8:45:52AM] XXL, red print

Southern Charm, Country Belle, Southern Belle
Megan Bulford
 [05/20 8:45:48AM] Navy Floral-XL

Southern Belle; Country Belle; Southern Charm
Megan Bulford
 [05/20 8:43:14AM] Navy Floral XL

Garden Party Midi
Sharon Franco
 [05/20 8:40:55AM] Red Print in size Medium

Summer Fling
Jaime didychuk
 [05/20 8:40:15AM] Xs red

Getaway Dress
Erika Fediuk
 [05/20 8:39:09AM] XL & Navy Floral

Summer in breeze time
Patty Werbicki
 [05/20 8:36:48AM] Mint floral size large

My little girl dress
Crystal McConnell
 [05/20 8:35:21AM] Red s/m

Summer bouquet midi dress
Teresa lyne dziedzic
 [05/20 8:33:24AM] S red print

Flower Power
Teresa Fast
 [05/20 8:32:56AM] Large and the blue or orange

Secret Garden Midi Dress
Gina Caron
 [05/20 8:31:47AM] Medium, Mint Floral

Floral Rompress (Romper/dress)
Amy Bateman
 [05/20 8:31:16AM] XL Navy

Don’t be a square midi dress
Ashley domagala
 [05/20 8:30:33AM] L red

Take Me Away
Gina Caron
 [05/20 8:28:23AM] Medium, Navy Floral

Feels Like Summer midi dress, Those Summer nights midi dress, Going Daisy for you midi dress,
Angela Smiley
 [05/20 8:28:12AM] Navy XL

Stuck in the midi with you dress
Jina Clarke
 [05/20 8:27:37AM] Red print - XL

Summer Loving Dress
Bonnie Scott
 [05/20 8:27:14AM] Green xxl

Midi Summers Night Dream dress
Alyssa Fahie
 [05/20 8:25:12AM] Xs red

I never promised you a rose garden
Denise Danielsson
 [05/20 8:24:48AM] Size M in black

Hostess with the Mostest Midi Dress
 [05/20 8:24:33AM] Navy print in Large

Clover field dress
Alyssa Fahie
 [05/20 8:24:23AM] Xs red

Summer Classic!
Tammy MacMillan
 [05/20 8:22:58AM] Size Medium, Navy Floral

Cover me in ruffles
Ashley wonnacott
 [05/20 8:22:48AM] Navy floral xl

Bloom away, ruffle on, keep ruffling,
Ashley wonnacott
 [05/20 8:22:24AM] Navy floral xl

A Day in the Ray's Dress
Caitlyn Bowker
 [05/20 8:22:03AM] Small in Navy Floral

Floral in love
Andrea Nelson
 [05/20 8:20:56AM] Green Large

Ruffle Lovin
Natasha MacKinnon
 [05/20 8:20:25AM] M green

Totally tank dress
Helen Marche
 [05/20 8:20:23AM] Green xl

The summer lovin’ midi dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/20 8:20:21AM] Navy XL

Layered Petals Dress
Shaylan Bubinas
 [05/20 8:19:05AM] Navy floral large

There’s just something about her
Vickie Healy
 [05/20 8:18:41AM] Large. Navy

Summer Nostalgia
Natasha MacKinnon
 [05/20 8:18:30AM] Green m

Sweet silhouette midi dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/20 8:18:18AM] Navy XL

Spring into Summer (reason: dresses are spring like with floral design)
Janice Seath
 [05/20 8:18:14AM] Medium light green

Ruche'n Around Midi Dress
Sherry van der Heyden
 [05/20 8:17:36AM] XXL Red Print

All the right places midi dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/20 8:17:16AM] Navy XL

The Day Tripper
Kymm Kelly
 [05/20 8:16:42AM] XL Mint Floral

Garden Of Flowers Midi Dress
Linda Cassista
 [05/20 8:16:20AM] Size xl. Mint floral

Feelin the breeze dress
Colleen Carlson
 [05/20 8:15:51AM] Black or green in medium

The summer lovin’ dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/20 8:15:34AM] Navy XL

Floral Frills Dress
Jodie Cooper
 [05/20 8:15:26AM] Red 2XL

Garden Shop Dress
Teal Hallaby
 [05/20 8:14:09AM] XS Navy

Sunrise classic midi dress
Daniela Cook
 [05/20 8:13:54AM] Xl mint floral or navy floral

Garden Party Dress, Garden Glam Dress, Wallflower Dress,Falling for you floral dress, pretty in pedals dress, walk in the garden dress,
Cory Burt
 [05/20 8:13:42AM] XL, Navy (1st choice) Green (2nd choice)

Bring on summer
Amanda Sedore
 [05/20 8:12:32AM] Med. Black

Fun in the sun floral midi dress, take me away midi dress, vacay today midi dress,
Ashley Domagala
 [05/20 8:12:11AM] Red floral large

Ruffle to the max-i
Brittani Paquette
 [05/20 8:10:13AM] Large mint

Fields of floral midi dress
Stephanie paquette
 [05/20 8:08:28AM] Blue, XL

Flowers abound!!
Lori A. Baine
 [05/20 8:08:23AM] Blue in xxl

Mid summer dream, the one I want dress , isn’t she lovely dress
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/20 8:08:16AM] Navy floral M

The Patron Dress - Cover Me In Floral Dress - The Midi of Summer Dress - The Dolly Dress - Kick Up Your Boots Dress - Kick the Dust Up Dress - When the Sun Goes Down dress
Whitney Dillon
 [05/20 8:06:55AM] Navy - XXL

Box-y cleopatra dress
Ashley kehoe
 [05/20 8:06:21AM] Xs mint

Garden View Dress, Market Worthy Dress, Market Love Dress, Sunday Brunch Dress
Brayell Dengler
 [05/20 8:06:20AM] Navy Small

Boxy cleopatra dress
Ashley Kehoe
 [05/20 8:02:12AM] Mint / xs please

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