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Silver Icing

Subzero Fleece Lined Leggings
$99.95$29.97 CAD  
Walnut 9.5 inch rise
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    Please welcome the Subzero fleece lined leggings! Our signature subzero leggings are as smooth as our regular exclusives but now come fleece lined! A little bit thicker and a little bit warmer, these will keep you comfortable and warm all season long!

    With our Signature Muffin Top Free Extra High Waistband to keep you comfy, smooth and warm all day long, these leggings are absolutely epic!

    Here is our legging story. They have a no-show through transparency, that doesn't mean 100% opaqueness, but it does mean some incredible coverage! Leggings that SUPPORT you, COVER you, STRETCH with you and NEVER leave you exposed.

    We could have stopped there and had an exceptional legging. But hey, we are SILVER ICING and fashionistas at heart. We design, create, sample, scrutinize, revise and re-sample the leggings OVER AND OVER again until each DETAIL is worthy of the SILVER ICING brand.

    So there you have it. We've poured our heart and soul into these leggings so that we can call them SILVER ICING EXCLUSIVE. You literally cannot get them anywhere else.

    • Fleece-lined
    • Performance leggings
    • Signature Muffin Top Free Extra High Waistband on 12" rise
    • 9.5" or 12" rise waistband
    • 8 Way Stretch
    • Approx 27" inseam, unstretched
    • Fabric 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex
    • SI Exclusive
    • Made in USA

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