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Boody Midi Brief Underwear
$17.95 CAD  
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    • Soft, flat-ribbed waistband
    • Mid rise
    • Full coverage
    • Side seamfree
    • Fabric 80% Viscose bamboo, 13% nylon, 7% spandex

    Boody Midi Brief Underwear is the perfect combo of comfort and coverage, with a mid-rise that sits just right and gives you that cozy feeling all day long! The softness is next level – made from bamboo viscose, these undies are like a gentle hug. The full coverage ensures you're confidently covered, and the flat-ribbed waistband? Pure genius. It stays in place without digging in, so you can say goodbye to the dreaded waistband roll. Soft, breathable, and seriously comfy – these wonders are here to make your underwear drawer the envy of all your other undergarments!


    Pieces made from bamboo are skin friendly and are made from natural fibers. Clothing made from bamboo have natural bacteriostatic activity meaning they are moisture wicking, have natural UV protection, deodorization and anti-bacterial properties and are extremely soft!