Dreams Come True Sweater
September 2, 2022

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Dreams Come True Sweater

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, Sept 4th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Dreams Come True Sweater

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Total Entries: 180
Congratulations to Becca Bolt, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Look! He actually believes I wouldn’t buy any more Silver Icing this month!"

Laughing In Style
Robyn Leech
 [09/04 8:57:02AM]

There’s nothing cozier than girlfriends
Jane Conrad
 [09/04 8:32:04AM]

Sweet moments & fall sweater vibes
Natasha Burian
 [09/04 8:30:50AM]

"It's a girl!"
Darlene Ostevik
 [09/04 8:30:44AM]

See... You really can put pumpkin spice in everything!
Kristina Barratt
 [09/04 8:22:21AM]

When your daughter chooses a Silver Icing outfit for her first day of school!
Miranda Phoenix
 [09/04 8:19:05AM]

Fall Colours, Summer vibes.
Donna Clipperton
 [09/04 8:11:47AM]

Look at how my husband thought watching the kids would be easy.
Nina Ritchie
 [09/04 8:10:16AM]

Check it out guys! She’s wearing it backwards!!
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [09/04 7:18:36AM]

Live in the moment with laughter and happiness
Julie Rankin
 [09/04 5:25:31AM]

What a great night last night! Look were all in Silvericing!!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/04 5:19:44AM]

This person thinks one cardigan is enough!
Traci Akierman
 [09/04 5:11:13AM]

“Ladies, have you seen this meme? I can’t stop laughing.”
Crystal Mackie
 [09/03 10:46:45PM]

Friends, Selfies and Sweaters!
Amy Yaskovitch
 [09/03 10:03:58PM]

Laughter is the best medicine
Yvonne Habchi
 [09/03 9:17:09PM]

“Can we talk about this selfie? We will need another one, look at your expression!”
Crystal Mackie
 [09/03 8:53:59PM]

“can you believe Halloween decorations are already out in store? It’s not even October yet!”
Crystal Mackie
 [09/03 8:51:41PM]

Oh my gosh I can’t believe we made the cover pic for SI!
Jen Gibson
 [09/03 8:42:29PM]

Omg my husband said I don’t need any more shoes! Who said anything about needing Lol!
Carrie Hubert
 [09/03 8:16:01PM]

True beauty!
Joanne Rittich
 [09/03 8:03:04PM]

Omg Becky I can’t believe she isn’t wearing silver icing !
Stefanie jean
 [09/03 7:38:56PM]

Tribe Vibes, dressed all in SI
sara doolittle
 [09/03 6:43:05PM]

OMG! Can you belive she isn't wearing SI?
Barbara Quibell
 [09/03 6:06:11PM]

Girls day trippin'
Crystal Wilson
 [09/03 4:52:30PM]

About lastnight ?
Crystal Wilson
 [09/03 4:51:03PM]

Omg she said it was too early for sweater weather!
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [09/03 4:49:20PM]

Belly laughing with besties
Sharon Kusiar
 [09/03 3:12:06PM]

A smile is the shortest distance between friends
Josée Poirier
 [09/03 3:09:16PM]

Fall with friends
Natasha Winship
 [09/03 2:55:18PM]

Girls just wanna have fall
Leanne Willshear
 [09/03 2:18:43PM]

Girls just wanna have fall
Leanne Willshear
 [09/03 2:18:01PM]

Fridays and Fall are for the Girls ;)
Denielle Vasiliou
 [09/03 2:16:58PM]

Yes, we did!
Trish Kirk
 [09/03 2:02:35PM]

He texted me "you can't buy anything else from Silver Icing"
Angela Branchaud
 [09/03 1:59:25PM]

Omg, LOL. She really needs to switch to SI!
Michelle Molyneaux
 [09/03 1:58:42PM]

Omg,lol, she should definitely switch to SI
Michelle Molyneux
 [09/03 1:46:02PM]

Only the girls know
Ronda Dickson
 [09/03 1:40:52PM]

Omg, lol , she should really switch to SI
Michelle Molyneux
 [09/03 1:39:37PM]

All the Fall Feels Sweater
Jennifer Peters
 [09/03 1:23:09PM]

These Comments are Hilarious!?
Sandra Devost
 [09/03 1:17:50PM]

Laughing so hard I'm gonna pee my pants
 [09/03 1:16:29PM]

Keep the chil away
 [09/03 1:15:06PM]

Rock it girl!!
Jessica leone
 [09/03 1:14:37PM]

Warmth around me
 [09/03 1:14:35PM]

Girls just wanna have fun
 [09/03 1:13:43PM]

“Bring on the Autumn!”
Sandra Devost
 [09/03 12:58:38PM]

Look at our bloopers ?
Kate Maitland
 [09/03 12:28:03PM]

Hello cozy sweater
Dawn Powell
 [09/03 12:27:05PM]

We love cute cat videos
Anna Gordon
 [09/03 12:25:25PM]

Look at these prices compared to the great deals with Silver Icing?! As IF!!
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/03 12:00:25PM]

Sweater weather … check it out
Kathleen Bilodeau
 [09/03 11:40:27AM]

Sweater weather … check it out
Kathleen Bilodeau
 [09/03 11:39:59AM]

Remember that day?! We looked so good!
Susan Byrne
 [09/03 11:36:27AM]

Fall called and said your looking hotter than a pumpkin spice latte
Krista Mclay
 [09/03 11:21:37AM]

Can you believe he actually thinks they package at the door is his?
Jessica Bradey
 [09/03 11:06:54AM]

It’s sugar and spice, and everything nice!
Dana Zieroth
 [09/03 10:53:04AM]

Fall sweater
Caroline Clarke
 [09/03 10:01:17AM]

OMGosh that’s us!
Deborah Foss
 [09/03 9:35:32AM]

Best Friends New Babe
Kathy Budzyn
 [09/03 8:32:04AM]

Girls! Look at our photo, I can’t believe we all wore the same sweater today!! Epic!
Sandra Carter
 [09/03 8:30:05AM]

Laugh in lounge
Sandra Carter
 [09/03 8:28:48AM]

That movie was sooooo funny!!?
Mary Martin
 [09/03 8:28:07AM]

“Seriously? He didn’t, did he?”
Bonnie St.Denis
 [09/03 8:18:56AM]

I’m just sure that one day someone is going to read the text messages we send each other and then offer us our own sitcom!
Tamara Schlueter
 [09/03 8:14:40AM]

Laughter is the best medicine
Carissa Hermary
 [09/03 8:06:54AM]

OMG girls check this out!
Angie hammond
 [09/03 8:06:19AM]

Autumn Laughter with Friends
Amanda Payne
 [09/03 7:56:18AM]

The ultimate sweater
Kara Colbourne
 [09/03 7:35:09AM]

Another sale on silver icing !
Deb arnett
 [09/02 11:28:03PM]

Look at us, this was the BEST night!
Kristi Kocherkewych
 [09/02 10:50:57PM]

Look at us, this was the BEST night!
Kristi Kocherkewych
 [09/02 10:50:41PM]

Best friends chilling an having fun
Cassie Martel
 [09/02 10:29:13PM]

Girls just hanging out
Kathleen Drysdale
 [09/02 10:12:31PM]

You’ve got to be kidding!
Jodiene Schaber
 [09/02 9:51:38PM]

Look at these pre-sales ladies!!! Eeeek how many should I order?? I just love these colors!
Christina Friesen
 [09/02 9:40:48PM]

I can't imagine a more beautiful thing. It's corn!!!
Kirsten Bonn
 [09/02 9:06:37PM]

Back to School Kiddos!!! Mama’s FREE!!
Tara McDonald
 [09/02 8:41:45PM]

Girls will be girls
 [09/02 6:52:30PM]

Let’s try that selfie of us again!
Anna MacEachern
 [09/02 6:42:03PM]

Of course we all show up with the same Silver Icing outfit to the party!
Annalisa Day
 [09/02 6:41:30PM]

He what?!?
Christine Polak
 [09/02 6:36:21PM]

The warmth of Autumn
Alty Tanis Kanten
 [09/02 6:22:33PM]

Oh my is that really him !!
Karen pettigrew
 [09/02 6:10:21PM]

Omg!! I just got 40% off silver icing !!!!
Jackie stanley
 [09/02 6:07:17PM]

You just Otto laugh!!
Natalie Campbell
 [09/02 5:48:27PM]

GALin’ around
Melissa Ellis
 [09/02 5:41:53PM]

Karen you have to get this sweater from Silver Icing!
 [09/02 5:36:44PM]

Fall in love sweater
Sarah Mcmanus
 [09/02 5:32:43PM]

I really went out in that?
Carla Fedchuk
 [09/02 4:55:50PM]

Girls Just Wanna have Fun!
Crystal Wilson
 [09/02 4:44:57PM]

And then this barista asked me if I wanted the short pumpkin spice latte
Amanda Eberhardt
 [09/02 4:39:02PM]

Autumn hug sweater
Chelsea murphy
 [09/02 4:07:56PM]

Keep me cozie sweater
Chelsea murphy
 [09/02 4:05:53PM]

Cozy up sweater
Chelsea murphy
 [09/02 4:05:11PM]

Look at all the back to school fashion fails.
Julie Hoar
 [09/02 3:46:11PM]

Oh my!!! We are the Sanderson sister twins
Julie Hoar
 [09/02 3:45:40PM]

She should have bought it from SI!
Kelly Ewart
 [09/02 3:43:02PM]

Look at them all going back to school, woohoo! Haha!
Monica A Dion
 [09/02 3:25:36PM]

“Check out this hilarious meme I just found”
Kaylee Moerman
 [09/02 3:07:44PM]

Can you beleive we used to buy off the rack? Look at those outfits we had.
Angela Hein
 [09/02 2:56:14PM]

Someone posted a photo of us and look at the hashtag… #matchingoutfitgoals
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/02 2:21:37PM]

Summers ending, but our styles are just beginning!
Shaylene Mancin
 [09/02 2:10:19PM]

Looking Fabulous while having Fun
Shaylene Mancin
 [09/02 2:09:10PM]

Smiling sweater squad
Sue howard
 [09/02 1:56:36PM]

Oh look!! The kids are back in school and it’s time for the moms to go shopping!!?
Trisha Skelton
 [09/02 1:52:09PM]

Fall Fun
Lisa Cleveland
 [09/02 1:34:03PM]

Omg!! That was our first selfie !!
 [09/02 1:33:25PM]

Lmao did he really just say that?
Raquel meecham
 [09/02 1:18:58PM]

Because Fall makes you want to have funnn ?
Kim Fennell
 [09/02 1:18:36PM]

Shades of Autumn 2 Fall 4
 [09/02 1:10:53PM]

All eyes on Autumn
 [09/02 1:07:05PM]

Happy looking well dress gals
Betty Bordage
 [09/02 1:05:53PM]

When someone tells you they've never ordered from.Silver Icing
Rosanna Fiorino
 [09/02 1:04:50PM]

Hahaha that will be awesome for Christmas
Diane Kotylak
 [09/02 12:39:24PM]

3 Seasons Sweater
Renae Friesen
 [09/02 12:37:27PM]

Wait!! Did you see that Fall has arrived?!
Christine Richardson
 [09/02 12:26:07PM]

And they say you can't buy gorgeous clothes online
Paula Fulthorpe
 [09/02 12:24:45PM]

When girls just want to have fun!
Angela Mitres
 [09/02 12:08:08PM]

When someone suggests that you missed a presale
Sabrina Bellows
 [09/02 11:57:41AM]

Look at them all going back to school, haha!
Monica Dion
 [09/02 11:55:38AM]

Now that’s a wrap!! Nope it’s a sweater LOL
Dawn Shivak Kweens
 [09/02 11:50:29AM]

Instagram influencers have the best job!
Tracy Dubois
 [09/02 11:49:27AM]

OMG what a trio of fun
Dawn Shivak Kweens
 [09/02 11:49:22AM]

Look at us a triple threat
Sawn Shivak Kweens
 [09/02 11:48:14AM]

OMG we look good!
Darlene Ellis
 [09/02 11:38:28AM]

Mom shops while Dad plays Mr. Mom
Kelly Bosch
 [09/02 11:37:40AM]

We have come so far!
Patty Rooker
 [09/02 11:28:08AM]

“ no way, she got one too”
Brandy Bayley
 [09/02 11:22:28AM]

Oh no he didn’t! Lol
Shannon DeCosse
 [09/02 11:20:33AM]

I remember that night!
Shauna Brady
 [09/02 11:11:34AM]

Look how small it is
Kelsey MacDonald
 [09/02 11:01:12AM]

That is our best selfie
Isabelle Brulotte
 [09/02 10:58:10AM]

Summer may be over, but you can still have fun in Fall!
Kira Paterson
 [09/02 10:55:25AM]

So I said, “Get something small from SI?! A gift card it is then!” ? ?
Ann Timm
 [09/02 10:47:03AM]

Belly laughs can cure the world woes
Katherine Henwood
 [09/02 10:30:49AM]

The best therapy is time spent laughing with good friends.
Katherine Henwood
 [09/02 10:27:52AM]

Laughter is the best with friends
Trudy Davis
 [09/02 10:20:57AM]

Stay Golden
Katherine Henwood
 [09/02 10:20:55AM]

Look at us twinning!
Katherine Henwood
 [09/02 10:18:34AM]

When your Husband texts you saying to have a great day thrift shopping with the girls!
Reanne Craven
 [09/02 9:52:04AM]

Create your own sunshine!
Michelle McFarlin
 [09/02 9:49:01AM]

Great things just keep on happening!
Faith Dion
 [09/02 9:48:03AM]

What was I doing?
Sonia Giampietro
 [09/02 9:44:29AM]

Socials look best in Silver!
Alicia Roddy
 [09/02 9:36:34AM]

Falling for cozy Fall fabulous fashion
Tamara Prevost
 [09/02 9:32:09AM]

When someone says you have too much silver icing…
Maggie Shamro
 [09/02 9:32:09AM]

Check out these back to school pics of my kids!!! ??
Jina Clarke
 [09/02 9:30:07AM]

Friend time is better in this awesome sweater!???
Patricia Matheson
 [09/02 9:26:31AM]

Fall vibes and joyful lives!
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [09/02 9:04:33AM]

I can't believe we all wore the same one!!! Serendipitous!
Rebecca Archer
 [09/02 9:04:19AM]

Love it. Laughter and friends.
Melita Doell
 [09/02 8:56:56AM]

look at you! Simply MARVELOUS !!
Mary Purnell
 [09/02 8:54:45AM]

OMG Facebook chose the worst still for our live video!!
Sarah Snable
 [09/02 8:50:31AM]

Did you see this squirrel chasing all these Silver Icing Stylists ?!?!
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/02 8:47:43AM]

Laughs with friends
Pam Galloway
 [09/02 8:46:46AM]

Otto Be Havin’ Some Fun, Otto Be a Good Time
Jade St.Amand
 [09/02 8:46:25AM]

Wait till you see this!
Michelle K
 [09/02 8:38:32AM]

Look at them all going back to school! Lol!!
Monica Dion
 [09/02 8:37:17AM]

No more Silver icing?? Boy bye!
Sara Mallory
 [09/02 8:37:10AM]

Omg girl he said what??
Sara Mallory
 [09/02 8:36:02AM]

Look at them all going back to school!!! Lol!
Monica Dion
 [09/02 8:35:23AM]

That is the funniest cat video I have ever seen!!
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [09/02 8:33:00AM]

OMG!! We look so good!!!
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [09/02 8:31:56AM]

Oh look! It's the whole crew!
Dolores Wilson
 [09/02 8:31:55AM]

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe ??
Darlene Nisbet
 [09/02 8:30:26AM]

OMG, this kitten is riding on the back of a DUCK!
Emily Buss
 [09/02 8:24:44AM]

Donna Weylie
 [09/02 8:22:11AM]

Laughing at your own “self”ie
Melissa Goldie
 [09/02 8:21:01AM]

Look! He actually believes I wouldn't buy any more Silver Icing this month!
Becca Bolt
 [09/02 8:19:10AM]

Look how young we were!!
Megan Baerg
 [09/02 8:18:38AM]

Where friendship is…laughter is always there
Shelley lynch
 [09/02 8:18:34AM]

"They said WHAT?" "Girls night pics" "check out this post" "girl time giggles"
Adrienne Lipp
 [09/02 8:18:08AM]

Fun with Friends
Charlene McCullough
 [09/02 8:17:54AM]

[Hubby sends photo of a broken closet rod and clothes all on the floor and this message] "I think you need to stop buying clothes."
Sheryl Kuiper
 [09/02 8:17:22AM]

Laugher is the the true happiness in friendship
Shelley lynch
 [09/02 8:17:15AM]

Laughter is the best medicine, Keep smiling, Laughter brings us together
Nikki Graveline
 [09/02 8:16:07AM]

He didn't even know I snapped this shot!
Rachelle Douglas
 [09/02 8:11:14AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Sarah Rice
 [09/02 8:06:24AM]

Live, Love, Laugh
Sarah Rice
 [09/02 8:06:02AM]

Those are actually back in style?!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/02 8:04:46AM]

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