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Tunic Hoodie
September 9, 2022

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Total of 513 Entries
Congratulations to Angela Smiley, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Total Softie Tunic Hoodie

Tune me up,
Angela Yamaoka
 [09/11 9:00:14AM] Pink M

Fall frolic hoodie
Julie Potts
 [09/11 8:54:19AM] Medium Black

Slouchy Hoodnic
Brandy Trueman
 [09/11 8:53:42AM] Black/L

Laid-back Lounger
Michelle Colvey
 [09/11 8:51:37AM] Muted lilac M (unless sizing runs large - then S)

Comfy Do Do Do Do
Mary Peterson
 [09/11 8:46:34AM] Lilac M

That hood life hoodie
Heather Stanley
 [09/11 8:32:13AM] XXL lilac

Longing for fall hoodie
Alison Korte
 [09/11 8:27:41AM] Small black

Hello Fall Sweater
Molly steffler
 [09/11 8:26:26AM] Black XXL

The leaves are falling sweater
 [09/11 8:25:44AM] Black XXL

Fall Cuddle Tunic
Cheryl Garant
 [09/11 8:23:41AM] XXXL, Muted Lilac

Tune up the fall hoody
Cathy Pike
 [09/11 8:19:19AM] Size L Muted Lilac

Love me lounge time
Laura Galbraith
 [09/11 8:18:24AM] Black, small

Pink A'la Tunic
Pamela Mesic
 [09/11 8:17:55AM] 1XL& PINK

Sweater Weather
Tamara Schmidt
 [09/11 8:16:56AM] Pink size small

Live-in hoodie, snuggle up tunic sweater, live in a dream tunic hoodie
Katherine McCarthy
 [09/11 8:16:26AM] Medium/Black

Cover all hoodie
Charlotte Bazylewski
 [09/11 8:15:54AM] 1X muted lilac

Snug and cute days ahead
Shannon ridding
 [09/11 8:10:00AM] Mutes lilac xl

Comfy all around
 [09/11 8:07:14AM] Pink purple and size small

Comfort Supreme Hoodie
Susan Raymond
 [09/11 8:06:20AM] Size XL Color Muted Lilac

Kangaroo hoodie, kanga hoodie or Joey hoodie. (I was thinking Kangaroo when I seen it)
Brooke DeMille
 [09/11 8:03:39AM] XL in muted lilac.

In the Long Run, Long Game Hoody, Long Time Gone Hoody, Longing For You, Walk With Me Hoody,
Laurie Sterling
 [09/11 7:47:03AM] Black Small

Tunicn’t Be Better Hoodie
patricia roppel-keeling
 [09/11 6:52:17AM] Small

My Best Friends Hoodie
patricia roppel-keeling
 [09/11 6:49:51AM] Small

Fall into Fall Hoodie
Nancy Dunphy
 [09/11 6:36:01AM] Medium in black

Lovely and Long hooded tunic
Meghan Boast
 [09/11 5:13:29AM] Medium muted lilac

Kanga Around Hoodie
Josée Poirier
 [09/11 5:08:14AM] XL muted Lilac

Tunic To Fall
Tracey Bridge
 [09/11 4:43:27AM] Small - Black

Fall time hoodie or falling in love hoodie
Trudy Casey
 [09/11 12:58:38AM] Xxl black

Life Is Good In The Hood
Vherra Salikin
 [09/11 12:33:36AM] XXL - Muted Lilac

Life in the Hood
Vherra Salikin
 [09/11 12:33:02AM] XXL - Muted Lilac

Call in sick tunic
Melissa Fisher
 [09/10 11:48:27PM] Small, muted lilac

Heavenly soft tunic, Soft and cozy tunic, Sent from above tunic
Patricia Merrick
 [09/10 11:33:51PM] Lilac, M

The Hood Life Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 11:03:44PM] Black L

Hood, Line, and Sinker Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:50:15PM] Black L

In a Hood Mood Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:47:39PM] Black L

Good Times Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:31:57PM] Black L

Hood Times Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:31:36PM] Black L

Coddled in Comfort Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:28:32PM] Black L

Win Me Over Tunic
Celeste Kallis
 [09/10 10:16:57PM] M lilac

What dreams are made of Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 10:04:57PM] Black L

Bring Me Home Tunic
Celeste Kallis
 [09/10 10:01:29PM] M lilac

Sweet Surrender Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 9:54:10PM] Black L

All Seasons Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 9:47:45PM] Black L

Lashes Lavender and Mistic Black
Julie Pilon
 [09/10 9:22:49PM] Large / Mistic Black

Kosy Kangaroo Hoodie
Karen Northey
 [09/10 9:19:05PM] Black/Medium

The thigh’s the limit Hoodie
Michelle Loch
 [09/10 8:57:41PM] Large, Muted Lilac

Truly Tunic
Any Graham
 [09/10 8:50:11PM] Xl black

Weekender Hoodie
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:47:54PM] Xl black

Pocketful of Sunshine Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:44:54PM] Black L

Cool comfort hoodie
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:44:14PM] Xl black

Sweater weather hoodie
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:42:32PM] Xl black

Sweater weather tunic
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:41:50PM] Xl black

Oh Hood Gracious Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:41:15PM] Black L

Oh Good Gracious Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:40:53PM] Black L

Fall Y'all Hoodie
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:39:39PM] Xl Black

Total comfort tunic
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:38:30PM] Black xl

SIsterHood Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:37:06PM] Black L

Homestyle hoodie
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:36:44PM] Black xl

Fall for you tunic
Amy Graham
 [09/10 8:35:57PM] Black xl

Good in the Hood Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:34:39PM] Black L

TWOnic looks in One
Suzanne Fraser
 [09/10 8:32:41PM] Black Large

Hood you be mine tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:31:35PM] Black L

Cordially Yours Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:22:49PM] Black L

Love layers
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:09:20PM] Xs black

Snuggle Bunny Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:09:06PM] Black L

Layered to perfection
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:08:40PM] Xs lilac

Comfortably cozy
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:07:57PM] Xs black

A day to relax
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:06:57PM] Xs black

Lap of Luxury Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:06:45PM] Black L

Fall for you
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:05:59PM] Xs lilac

Comfort Zone Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:05:15PM] Black L

Right side up
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:04:30PM] Xs black

Hugs and Kisses Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 8:04:15PM] Black L

One hand in my pocket
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/10 8:03:57PM] Xs black

Pocketful of Comfort.
Twyla Thomson
 [09/10 7:36:54PM] M-muted lilac

Long & Cozy warm tunic
Jodi Sturgill
 [09/10 7:31:45PM] XL Muted Lilac

Me Time Tunic
Jennifer Haviland
 [09/10 6:53:51PM] Lilac XXL

Cuddle me up Tunic Hoodie
Melissa Butt
 [09/10 6:20:58PM] XXXL Black

Cozy tunic
Chantell holm
 [09/10 6:14:54PM] Black 2xl

Day Off Babe
Charlene Little
 [09/10 6:02:36PM] Xxxl black

Cozy on up tunic, snuggle in tunic, comfort in style
Danielle Harris
 [09/10 5:46:33PM] Large muted lilac

Light n’ Leisure Tunic
Crystal Gelowitz
 [09/10 5:23:30PM] Small Muted Lilac

Cuddled up tunic
Shelly Bradley
 [09/10 4:33:20PM] Small muted lilac

-Longing for comfort, -Long lengths tunic hoodie,
Jackie Blackhall
 [09/10 4:01:56PM] Large, black

Pure coziness hoodie
Heidi dentremont
 [09/10 3:47:24PM] Medium pink

Snug as a bug
AnnaMay leason
 [09/10 2:47:22PM] Small muted lilac

Cozy Hug Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 2:42:41PM] XXL Black

Comfy Tunic Sweater
Annalisa Day
 [09/10 1:57:17PM] Black Medium

KangaRoo-me Tunic Hoodie
Gisele Nisbet
 [09/10 1:51:25PM] Pink/Lilac - Medium

Cozy Up Tunic Hoodie, Falling for You, Softest Dreams, Twice as Nice,
Angela Boss
 [09/10 1:18:15PM] XXL & Black

Oh so cozy
Patricia thompson
 [09/10 1:15:48PM] Lilac medium

Marianne Osborne
 [09/10 1:14:45PM] XL - Black

Lovely and light hoodie
Carolee Malley
 [09/10 1:11:46PM] XL in Muted Lilac

Marianne Osborne
 [09/10 1:08:03PM] XL Black

Hoodie Kangaroo Pockets Tunic
Darlene Ellis
 [09/10 1:06:51PM] Large Muted Lilac

Long and Lean hoodie
Jess Vallier
 [09/10 1:05:13PM] Lilac XS

Two-In-One Tunic
Sharon Franco
 [09/10 12:57:42PM] Muted Lilac, Size S

Fall for you tunic
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 12:45:04PM] Lilac, Large

Keepin' it real tunic
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 12:44:10PM] Lilac, Large

The Kanga Tunic
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 12:42:34PM] Lilac, Large

Take It Easy Tunic
Alona Dubitskaya
 [09/10 12:35:51PM] Lilac in Medium

Long Haul Hoodie
Susie Johnson
 [09/10 12:25:37PM] Medium black

Fall wrapped up in a tunic
Monique Friesen
 [09/10 12:22:04PM] Black xtra large

You, me & a chai tea
 [09/10 12:00:39PM] Size small, black colour

Cozy and Warm Long Tunic
Diane Kotylak
 [09/10 11:46:55AM] XXL Black

Cozy and Warm Long Tunic
Diane Kotylak
 [09/10 11:42:02AM] XXL Black

Cozy up tunic, fall into comfort tunic, sweater weather, curl up tunic, from comfort to chic tunic, lounge in comfort tunic, comfort in style tunic
Danielle Harris
 [09/10 11:30:14AM] Large lilac

Cool Nights & Fall Vibes Tunic
Crystal Wilson
 [09/10 11:28:02AM] Lilac, XL

Prolonged Lifestyle, Lengthy Journey, Comfort at Length
Melissa Martin
 [09/10 11:14:34AM] Large, Purple

In it for the long haul tunic, OR Dreaming of Down-Under Kangaroo Tunic
Michellene Hoey
 [09/10 11:02:22AM] XL-Muted Lilac

Cozy on down hoodie
Rachel Volk
 [09/10 11:01:12AM] Muted lilac, size small

Soft and Cozy Hug Hoodie
Danielle Brisson
 [09/10 10:51:56AM] Large muted lilac

Cozy Long Days Tunic
Nathalie Denicola
 [09/10 10:50:28AM] Small & lilac

Cozy Me Up
Laurie Jeffrey
 [09/10 10:27:17AM] 1XL - Mauve/Pink colour

Bunnyhug Tunic
Julia Graham
 [09/10 10:26:41AM] Black S/M

Bunnyhug Dress
Julia Graham
 [09/10 10:26:05AM] Black S/M

Kangaroo Bunny-Hug dress
Julia Graham
 [09/10 10:24:08AM] Black S/M

Longing for Frost
Sarah Cook
 [09/10 10:19:47AM] Lilac small

Tune-in Tunic
Meghan Aris
 [09/10 10:13:07AM] S muted lilac

Tune-in Hoodie
Meghan Aris
 [09/10 10:11:58AM] S muted lilac

Happy hoodiness
Leanne wayner
 [09/10 10:07:00AM] Black XXXL

Weekend wonderful hoodie
Cher Hinz
 [09/10 10:04:16AM] Lilac XL

Oh so cozy tunic hoodie
April Volk
 [09/10 10:00:38AM] Large any color

Snug Hug hoodie
Janice Robinson
 [09/10 9:56:10AM] Muted Lilac XL

Cozy weather sweater tunic
Melissa Seguin
 [09/10 9:55:14AM] Xs muted lilac

Kangaroo hoodie
Rhea Whitaker
 [09/10 9:53:57AM] Med muted lilac

September's solstice sweater
Amber Haacke
 [09/10 9:48:02AM] Medium black

Snuggle Up; Comfy Cozy Tunic; Fall’s Cozy Transition
Sharon Dickson
 [09/10 9:46:32AM] 2XL, Muted Lilac

Autumn Comfort Tunic Hoodie, All Over Autumn Tunic Hoodie, Crazy About Fall Tunic Hoodie, Fall Into Comfort Tunic Hoodie, Autumn Vibes Tunic Hoodie
Karie-Anne Thayer
 [09/10 9:37:53AM] XL Black

Heaven on me
Karen Grant
 [09/10 9:35:24AM] Lavender size XL

Cozy tunic dress
Tamara Lambregts
 [09/10 9:23:12AM] Muted Lilac s all

The long jump
Elizabeth Landry
 [09/10 9:14:43AM] Xl black

Heaven Sent hoodie; Heavenly Soft Hoodie
Trisha Eros
 [09/10 9:05:59AM] Medium; Lilac

Casey Cozy , Ada Girl ,Staying Cozy,, Cuddle Me Now , Snuggle Up , Divine Comfort , Body Cuddle ,
Marilyn Clark
 [09/10 9:01:54AM] Xl lavender

Kissed by a Cloud tunic; Angel Kisses
Trisha Eros
 [09/10 9:01:07AM] Medium; Lilac

Dream Away Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 8:59:44AM] XXL Black

Today’s the Day Tunic
Trisha Eros
 [09/10 8:58:36AM] Medium; Lilac

The weekender tunic
Courtney Thys
 [09/10 8:57:55AM] Black lrg

Fall cuddles
Sheila McIntosh
 [09/10 8:51:51AM] Muted Lilac L

Love Me Long Time Hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:51:32AM] Muted lilac 2Xl

Autumn Cloud Tunic Hoodie
Adele Farough
 [09/10 8:47:50AM] SIZE: M; COLOUR: Muted Lilac

Kozi Kanga
Nancy Keen
 [09/10 8:46:25AM] Size Large/Black

Maximum Comfort Hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:43:01AM] Muted lilac 2Xl

Fall so hard for me hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:38:55AM] Muted lilac 2Xl

Autumn is calling Hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:35:16AM] Muted lilac 2XL

Over it Tunic
Natalie Goudreau
 [09/10 8:33:52AM] Large muted lilac

Is it fall yet? Hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:33:30AM] Muted lilac 2Xl

Cuddle up cozy
Lori Stefanishion
 [09/10 8:31:33AM] Black xl

“In the hood” Tunic Top
Natalie Goudreau
 [09/10 8:30:16AM] Large muted lilac

Fall In Love Hoodie
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:28:42AM] Purple 2Xl

Cozy and chic tunic top
Amanda Proulx
 [09/10 8:27:13AM] Small black

Feelin’ Cozy hoodie
Anita Lee
 [09/10 8:26:22AM] XL Muted Lilac

The feather light cozy tunic, the transition tunic, the perfect for fall tunic, summer is ending tunic, cozy fall tunic
Christina mavritsakis
 [09/10 8:26:10AM] L, black

Snuggle me cozy
Vanessa Kupser
 [09/10 8:22:54AM] Purple & 2x

Long Shot Hoodie
Lisa Butler
 [09/10 8:12:14AM] XXL purple

Cover Me Softly
Sheri Kauhausen
 [09/10 8:09:55AM] Small music lilac

Snuggly adventures
Jessica Leone
 [09/10 8:08:40AM] L lilac

Long shot sweater
Sharlene Desbiens
 [09/10 8:07:06AM] Large black

Warm hugs
Treena Itterman
 [09/10 8:04:53AM] XXXL black ?

Sassy In Comfort
Heather Moskal
 [09/10 7:54:46AM] Medium or LG? Muted Lilac

Oversized comfy fall hoodie
Jenny higgins
 [09/10 7:50:05AM] Xxxl lilac

The Weekender
Samantha Aicken
 [09/10 7:41:58AM] Medium Lilac

The Sweater Dress
Jessica Colwell
 [09/10 7:34:23AM] 2XL Black

Snuggle Up Hoodie
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 7:13:24AM] xxxl black

So comfy Hoodie
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 7:12:50AM] xxxl black

Only Comfort Hoodie
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 7:11:55AM] xxxl black

Ultimate Comfort Hoodie
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 7:11:13AM] xxxl black

Long and Lanky tunic
 [09/10 7:06:20AM] Large black

My boyfriends back hoodie
Debbie Warman
 [09/10 7:06:20AM] Black L

Warm hug
Jodie Ewasiuk
 [09/10 6:47:58AM] M muted lilac

Slouchy Sweater, Fall Vibes Tunic, Cozy Down Hoodie
Cindy Bennett
 [09/10 6:37:40AM] Black XL

Keepin it Cozy Hoodie
Kayla George
 [09/10 6:31:21AM] Med Purple

Long in Love
Tanya Rehula
 [09/10 6:27:26AM] Black, xxl

Wear it Any Way Hoodie
Lina Sylvie Deslauriers
 [09/10 6:27:19AM] Large Black

The cozy one
Lisa Brownrigg
 [09/10 5:49:52AM] XXL black

The Cozy-Up Tunic!
Jennifer Flannery
 [09/10 5:28:38AM] Lilac - large

Comfy Time tunic
Anita Pekelny
 [09/10 5:24:50AM] XXXL muted lilac

True happiness hoodie
Lee Hanna
 [09/10 5:22:07AM] M lilac

Long daze
Victoria aquilina
 [09/10 5:20:42AM] Xl lilac

Long Love Hoodie
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/10 5:13:33AM] Lilac Small

Tunic to me tonight
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/10 5:12:29AM] Lilac Small

As Long as I takes Hoodie
Sandy Reely
 [09/10 4:52:12AM] Muted lilac 2xl

Long Winter's night tunic hoodie
Tammy Morgan
 [09/10 4:48:21AM] Size XL Muted Lilac

Love me long time
Ashley Funk
 [09/10 4:36:14AM] Medium, black

Fall for me tunic hoodie
Melanie Gravelle
 [09/10 4:33:52AM] XL, Muted Lilac

Hoodie by a cozy fire
Marlene Brazeau
 [09/09 11:39:15PM] Size L color lilac

Snuggle me tender
Brenda Tough
 [09/09 11:26:39PM] Lilac large

longing for you tunic
sara doolittle
 [09/09 10:54:33PM] Black L

You had me at everything hoodie
Pam Galloway
 [09/09 10:50:16PM] Medium Black

Cover your bum comfy hoodie
Pam Galloway
 [09/09 10:44:52PM] Medium black

Short days long nights tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 10:36:06PM] Medium muted lilac

All around tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 10:35:15PM] Medium, muted lilac

Kangaroo Tunic
Kristy Stebbings
 [09/09 10:24:44PM] L black

Cozy on in hoodie
Connie Failler
 [09/09 10:15:56PM] Black xxl

Warm and Cozy Long Tunic
Diane Kotylak
 [09/09 10:13:40PM] XXL Black

Warm and Cozy Long Tunic
Diane Kotylak
 [09/09 10:11:04PM] XXL Muted Lilac

Baby its cold outside
Diliah Quigley
 [09/09 9:51:10PM] Dark blue or black large

Love me lots. Hoodie
Cher Hinz
 [09/09 9:32:11PM] Lilac XL

Snuggle bunz tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:31:41PM] Medium, muted lilac

Snug as a bug hoodie
Tamara Prevost
 [09/09 9:30:16PM] Lilac medium

Fuzzy wuzzy tunic, long days cold nights tunic, all around tunic, long and strong tunic, long and lean tunic, glorious and gorgeous tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:26:56PM] Medium, muted lilac

Long night tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:23:39PM] Medium, muted lilac

Smiles for miles tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:22:53PM] Medium, muted lilac

Fall in love tunic, falling for me tunic, fall fabulous tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:21:27PM] Medium, muted lilac

Snug as a bug tunic, long days haze tunic, fall fabulous tunic, Ada girl tunic, cozy transition tunic
Kathleen Quibell
 [09/09 9:19:56PM] Medium, muted lilac

Fall tunic fanatic, cozy bunz tunic, warm buns tunic, fall along tunic,
Kathleen quibell
 [09/09 9:16:43PM] Medium muted lilac

Warm as a hug hoodie
Angela Goerz
 [09/09 9:12:34PM] XXL in muted lilac

All day long hoodie.
Wendy Dolton
 [09/09 9:03:56PM] Dusty brick XL

Cozy night in
Jenn Gibbons
 [09/09 8:44:19PM] Xl, muted lilac

Camp fire toasty tunic
Megan Schultz
 [09/09 8:03:24PM] Black large

Tunic to be true hoodie
Megan Schultz
 [09/09 8:02:39PM] Black large

Long on love tunic
Megan Schultz
 [09/09 8:01:19PM] Black large

The fall for all tunic
Bonnie Kiriazopoulos
 [09/09 7:59:31PM] Xlg black

Jodiene Schaber
 [09/09 7:36:01PM] Medium, black

Sing me a tunic
Jennifer owen
 [09/09 7:16:46PM] Black xl

Tushie Warmer Tunic Hoodie
Barbara Quibell
 [09/09 7:13:59PM] Xl Black

Fall Fanny Warmer Hoodie
Barbara Quibell
 [09/09 7:08:18PM] Xl Black

Long Lounge Tunic
Lea Lianza
 [09/09 7:07:38PM] Medium Black

Curb the Chill Hoodie
Barbara Quibell
 [09/09 7:05:08PM] Xl Black

Cozy Hug Hoodie
Barbara Quibell
 [09/09 7:00:00PM] Xl Black

Bunny Hug
Kathi Francis
 [09/09 6:53:14PM] XXXL Black

Keep it Cozy hoodie, Total Softy hoodie
Angela Smiley
 [09/09 6:47:43PM] Lilac xl

Hit the spot tunic, comfy fall vibes, your going to love it tunic, tunic or not to tunic, only best tunic
 [09/09 6:46:42PM] Black large

Call me cozy
Kim Gowan
 [09/09 6:42:33PM] Black large

In For The Long Haul Hoodie, In for The Long Fall Hoodie
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/09 6:41:15PM] Small & Black

Too Long Tunic Hoodie, At Last Long Tunic Hoodie
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/09 6:37:09PM] Small & Black

Snuggle Tunic
Shelley Mihalco
 [09/09 6:36:50PM] Large black

on cloud nine, long and cozy, tunic loven, heavenly soft, soft and cozy love, cozy and soft loven, nothing but softness, fall into the softness tunic
Tanis Smith
 [09/09 6:36:03PM] L Muted Lilac

Forever Long Hoodie, Long Life Hoodie,
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/09 6:34:40PM] Small & Black

The Toudie(tunic hoodie) of thoudie
Jamie Santano
 [09/09 6:32:18PM] Large lilac

Slip into comfort
Andrea Chung
 [09/09 6:21:10PM] Large - Muted lilac

Colour me cozy, day date tunic hoodie,
Natasha moore
 [09/09 6:14:01PM] Black XL

Long Way To The Top Tunic, Shook Me All Night Long Tunic, Long December Tunic, Cover It All Tunic, The Goodie Hoodie
Cherie Inwood
 [09/09 6:11:01PM] XL Black

The cozy season tunic hoodie, Netflix and beat the chill tunic hoodie, fleecy on fleek tunic hoodie, pour me a latte tunic hoodie, basic and bougie,
Natasha moore
 [09/09 6:08:34PM] Black XL

Hold on to it Hoodie
Jenn DeBlock
 [09/09 6:06:37PM] Black xxl

Traipsing into Fall Tunic
Erika Crowley
 [09/09 6:03:16PM] Black, small

Fall so hard tunic
Stephanie Horlings
 [09/09 6:03:11PM] Large, Muted lilac

Snuggle sweater
Erika Crowley
 [09/09 5:58:09PM] Black, small

Dressed for fall tunic
Steph dunn
 [09/09 5:53:15PM] Small black

Fall vibes tunic
Steph Dunn
 [09/09 5:52:02PM] Black small

I think I love you hoodie
Jennifer Greco
 [09/09 5:51:52PM] Lilac, large

Weekend fun, Fall so soft, Tune me Up ,
Michelle Evans
 [09/09 5:35:18PM] Lilac xxl

Long and Lush
Maria Foglia
 [09/09 5:25:44PM] Xl black

Wrapped in comfort hoodie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/09 5:21:15PM] XXL black

Soft So Long Hooded Tunic
Kathryn Coyle
 [09/09 5:16:02PM] M black

Love a latte tunic
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [09/09 5:15:50PM] Muted lilac large

Anytime cozy
Jennifer jones
 [09/09 5:13:17PM] Medium muted lilac

Fall into comfort
Jaycee w
 [09/09 5:07:11PM] Xl Lilac

Fall into comfort hoodie
Steph Dunn
 [09/09 5:06:14PM] Small black

Longing for fall tunic
Steph Dunn
 [09/09 5:04:16PM] Black small

Fall into me tunic
Stephanie Chojnowski
 [09/09 5:02:52PM] Black small

Cover up Mama, Keep ya self Warm sweater, Stand Tall keep low sweater, kangaroo Mama
Jacinda kirkness
 [09/09 5:01:38PM] Medium black

Cover up Mama, Keep ya self Warm sweater, Stand Tall keep low sweater, kangaroo Mama
Jacinda kirkness
 [09/09 5:01:20PM] Medium black

Tuned into you
Meghan Schuler
 [09/09 4:46:40PM] Black , medium

Comfort all night long hoodie, Tunic for what hoodie, Tunic or not Tunic—that is the question?, Fall intunic love, tunics for fall-fall for tunics
Sonja Bullerwell
 [09/09 4:43:22PM] XL Muted Lilac

Long Line Sweatshirt
Sandi McLeod
 [09/09 4:34:23PM] XL Lavender

All Day Long
Erin Julihn
 [09/09 4:33:02PM] Muted Lilac M

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Meaghan Norton
 [09/09 4:25:45PM] XL Black

Autumn Nights
Charlene Swanton
 [09/09 4:23:01PM] M Muted lilac

Tunic to Love
Jenny Presta
 [09/09 4:19:16PM] Small Lilac

All the Right Places Tunic
Kailyn Clouthier
 [09/09 4:10:29PM] Black & Small

All about the slouch
Colette Francis
 [09/09 4:08:40PM] Med in lilac

All About the Slouch
Colette Francis
 [09/09 4:06:36PM] Medium in Muted Lilac

Fall Into You Hoodie
Shianne Kauhausen
 [09/09 3:56:45PM] Muted Lilac M

Fall In Love
Shianne Kauhausen
 [09/09 3:52:05PM] Muted Lilac M

Pouch pocket Hoodie
Lindy Thom
 [09/09 3:36:18PM] Muted Lilac size small

Cozy weekend hoodie
Julie Hoar
 [09/09 3:18:27PM] Lilac xl

Long fall nights
Julie Hoar
 [09/09 3:17:44PM] Lilac xl

Fall Into Winter Hoodies!
Sandra Devost
 [09/09 3:14:50PM] Muted Lilac size L

Love me long time tunic
Jade Melander
 [09/09 3:13:07PM] Black, small

Soft and Cozy at Its Best!
Sandra Devost
 [09/09 3:11:21PM] Muted Lilac size L

Girl Friday Tunic
Lisa Eckert
 [09/09 3:09:12PM] XL muted lilac

Wear me everywhere tunic / transitional tunic/ falling into comfort tunic
Angela Mitres
 [09/09 3:04:27PM] Lilac small

In Tunic Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 2:59:37PM] Xl Black

All Over Me Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 2:58:47PM] Xl Black

Dancing to the Tunic
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 2:56:12PM] Xl Black

Autumn Bliss hoodie
Matina Stamadianos
 [09/09 2:53:27PM] Muted lilac S

Wrapped in love tunic
Kimberley banga
 [09/09 2:52:26PM] Large muted lilac

Falling into comfort
Hollie Zinnick
 [09/09 2:45:26PM] Black large

Fall into Warmth Hoodie
Cassandra Endicott
 [09/09 2:38:21PM] M, Muted Lilac

Tunic good to be true hoodie
Kristy Johansen
 [09/09 2:33:51PM] Muted Lilac and size xl

Megan Tunic
Megan Stokley
 [09/09 2:27:39PM] Black size L

Long time love
Charlene Brown
 [09/09 2:23:30PM] Muted Lilac size small

Cosy Up Hoodie
Amanda Ranger
 [09/09 2:20:38PM] Muted Lilac Small

Long Way Down Tunic Hoodie
Michelle Provenza
 [09/09 2:14:29PM] Large, Lilac

Cozy Comfy Cool Tunic Hoodie
Michelle Provenza
 [09/09 2:12:53PM] Large, lilac

Gin and Tunic
Lisa cornell
 [09/09 2:09:22PM] Large Black

Cover me in Cozy!
Brandy Bayley
 [09/09 2:07:02PM] Medium purple or black

Tunic hoodie
Su’ad Abdillahi
 [09/09 2:06:47PM] Pink, size medium

Two Cozy Tunic
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [09/09 1:52:38PM] Black L

Call me anytime tunic, made for you tunic
Amanda grant
 [09/09 1:51:30PM] Muted lilac Medium

Fall in Love tunic
Jenn Cox
 [09/09 1:47:03PM] Black Small

Long weekend hoodie
Katelyn felbel
 [09/09 1:43:19PM] Pink medium

Daydreamer Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/09 1:43:19PM] XXL Black

Feeling the autumn vibes hoodie
Melanie Rumley
 [09/09 1:40:47PM] XS black

Let's get in tunic
Yvonne Habchi
 [09/09 1:40:36PM] XL muted lilac

Long weekend hoodie
Isabelle Brulotte
 [09/09 1:39:17PM] Black Medium

In Transit - Tunic Hoodie
Renee Benoit
 [09/09 1:38:37PM] Black XL

Forever Comfort
Rayel Mosher
 [09/09 1:28:24PM] M , muted lilac

All Cozied Up Hoodie
Kelly Woon
 [09/09 1:26:14PM] Muted Lilac XXL

Heavenly comfort hoodie
Jackie gilbert
 [09/09 1:16:07PM] Black large

Hugs from Ada Hoodie, Got You Covered Hoodie, Cocooning Hoodie, Wrap Me Up Hoodie
Diana Stephens
 [09/09 1:09:02PM] L Muted Lilac

The Queen of Hoodies
Lily Parrouty
 [09/09 1:08:42PM] XL BLACK

Oversized Hoodie Dress
Jenna Kroh
 [09/09 1:00:39PM] Large, Black

Warming hearts tunic, falling in comfort tunic, cuddles and comfort tunic
Tiana Phillips
 [09/09 1:00:37PM] Lilac large

The Blissful and Snuggly Tunic Too
Tracy du Feu
 [09/09 12:53:18PM] Black Medium

Cozy is calling
Crystal Mackie
 [09/09 12:51:46PM] Small black

Huggles Me Down Tunic ( Hug & Snuggles)
Lenny Horton
 [09/09 12:46:40PM] L & Lilac

Comfy, cozy shirt!
Jackie mcintyre
 [09/09 12:43:17PM] Large, pink

Hold Me Tight Hoodie
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/09 12:42:40PM] Small & Black

Cold Weather Comfort
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/09 12:40:43PM] Small & Black

 [09/09 12:39:52PM] Black size Large

Fire pit ready
Debbie Mercer
 [09/09 12:26:43PM] Size M in lilac

Fall-ing for Fleece
Cathie Pardy
 [09/09 12:15:52PM] Xl muted lilac

Live-In Cozy Tunic
Erin Peech
 [09/09 12:10:15PM] Black XL

Love Me Long Time
Carissa Hermary
 [09/09 12:08:03PM] Black and Large

Forever Longing
Kelly Gallagher
 [09/09 12:05:54PM] Black, xs

Forever Longing
Kelly Gallagher
 [09/09 12:04:48PM] Xs black

Love me long time
Carissa Hermary
 [09/09 12:03:56PM] L and black

Wrapped in a hug hoodie
Stephanie adkins
 [09/09 12:00:39PM] XXL muted Lilac

Just right tunicand hoodie
Kerri Maunula
 [09/09 11:57:45AM] Muted Lilac XXXL

Longing for comfort hoodie
Mary Lynne Siren
 [09/09 11:54:06AM] Medium Lilac

Tuned into Fall Tunic
Riekje van Delst
 [09/09 11:50:37AM] Large in Lilac

Keep me cozy, opposite of cropped hoodie, love it long hoodie, long love hoodie,
Paige desjarlais
 [09/09 11:44:49AM] Xl black

Tell me s’more
Nicole Hammond
 [09/09 11:42:40AM] Pink, small

Hooded tunic to the rescue
Tamara Cooper
 [09/09 11:37:26AM] Lilac and xxl

Lazy Days Tunic
Angelee Mora
 [09/09 11:35:44AM] S Black

Legs For Days Tunic
Angelee Mora
 [09/09 11:34:11AM] S Black

Tootsie Tunic Hoodie
Sheila Morais
 [09/09 11:31:12AM] Large black

Tootsie Hoodie
Sheila Morais
 [09/09 11:29:55AM] Large Black

Too Nice Tunic
Jasmine Lee
 [09/09 11:27:37AM] Lilac Large

Snuggle Me
Candace Walker
 [09/09 11:26:22AM] Black XL

Just in the tunic of time!
Shauna Brady
 [09/09 11:24:46AM] Medium lilac

Long Way to the Top
Murray Saal
 [09/09 11:18:37AM] M Black

Tu-nice and easy Fall Tunic, Autumn Leaves and Winter Breeze Tunic, Brace for the Chill Tunic, Shift in Time Tunic.
Danyell Ochocki
 [09/09 11:14:10AM] Large, Black

Take the Long Way Home
Charlotte Saal
 [09/09 11:13:40AM] Small Muted Lilac

Comfort’s In.
Marlene Belliveau
 [09/09 11:12:55AM] Lg Muted lilac

Endless Poise Tunic Hoodie
Emily Goto
 [09/09 11:09:26AM] Large, Black

Tune Into This Tunic Hoodie
Alicia Anderson
 [09/09 11:08:07AM] XXXL Muted Lilac

Delightfully Cozy Hoodie
Emily Goto
 [09/09 11:05:31AM] Black and Large

Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 11:03:04AM] Xs black

Layered with love
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 11:02:06AM] Xs lilac

Layered love
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 11:01:26AM] Xs black

Cozy vibes tunic
Stacey Webb
 [09/09 11:01:07AM] Large lilac

The Weekend Cuddle-up with your Coffee Hoodie
Tavia Hryhor
 [09/09 11:00:00AM] Medium/ Black

Cozy As Can Be
Terri Corbett
 [09/09 10:59:44AM] Medium. Pink

Fall Into Leaves ? Hoodie
Catherine Smith
 [09/09 10:59:05AM] Muted Lilac XXL

Cozy As Can Be
Terri Corbett
 [09/09 10:58:28AM] Medium. Pink

Fall Into Leaves ? Hoodie
Catherine Smith
 [09/09 10:56:33AM] XXL Muted Lilac

True to Life Hoodie
Catina Bowditch
 [09/09 10:56:23AM] XL, lilac

Sweet Nothings Tunic Hoody
Brittany Sargent
 [09/09 10:54:51AM] Medium & Muted Lilac

Dreams Come True Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/09 10:54:41AM] XXL Black

Weekend Comfort
Jill McMillan
 [09/09 10:54:40AM] Large pink

Fall Into Leaves ? Hoodie
Catherine Smith
 [09/09 10:54:18AM] XXL

Falling For You Tunic Hoody
Brittany Sargent
 [09/09 10:49:18AM] Medium & Muted lilac

harvest hoodie. / Harvest Hybrid Hoodie
Erika Woytkiw
 [09/09 10:47:30AM] Xl black

Fall into me tunic, changing seasons tunic, seasons change tunic, I’ve got length hoodie, take the chill out hoodie, cozy - not chilly hoodie, warm me up tunic hoodie
Shannon Davies
 [09/09 10:46:02AM] Lilac xxl

Fall in love Tunic
Verona Jungling
 [09/09 10:45:34AM] Lilac size m

All day, everyday tunic hoodie
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:45:29AM] S Lilac

Tunic and Go
Verona Jungling
 [09/09 10:44:00AM] Lilac size m

All the feels tunic hoodie
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:43:33AM] S Lilac

In the Tunic Time
Yea Li Sim
 [09/09 10:43:04AM] Muted Lilac - S

Gotta have it Tunic
Verona Jungling
 [09/09 10:42:24AM] Lilac size m

Leggings, Lattes and lounging Hoodie
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:42:08AM] S Lilac

Ada Girl loves a tunic
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:39:30AM] S Lilac

You had me at pocket tunic hoodie
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:36:46AM] S Lilac

‘Fall’ in love tunic hoodie
Robyn Anders
 [09/09 10:34:59AM] S lilac

Cute & Cozy Tunic
Peggy young
 [09/09 10:34:49AM] Black xl

Cozy Up Tunic
Peggy Young
 [09/09 10:34:08AM] Black xl

Hooded and tucked
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 10:28:51AM] Xs lilac

Oh Me So Comfy Tunic
April Coombs
 [09/09 10:28:04AM] Xs lilac

Snuggle up cozy
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 10:27:05AM] Xs black

Tunic-ally awesome
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 10:25:52AM] Xs black

Tune into fun
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 10:25:03AM] Xs lilac

Tune into fun
Rebecca armstrong
 [09/09 10:24:11AM] Xs lilac

This is Perfection
Jenn Dilfer
 [09/09 10:20:44AM] Lilac XXL

Name that Tunic
Kari Lewis
 [09/09 10:20:10AM] black large

Snug Me Up Tunic
 [09/09 10:20:04AM] Med Lavendar

Daydreamer Tunic
Jenn Dilfer
 [09/09 10:19:44AM] Lilac XXL

Snuggle Up Tunic
Jenn Dilfer
 [09/09 10:19:11AM] Lilac XXL

Gotchya Covered
Brenda Cooke
 [09/09 10:19:07AM] XXL Lilac or Black

Too Nice Tunic, To hood or not to hood tunic
Jenn Dilfer
 [09/09 10:18:45AM] Lilac Xxl

Snug as a Bug tunic
Kim Freeman
 [09/09 10:16:59AM] black, S

Cozy up Tunic, you had me at 'tunic', cozy vibes tunic,
samantha krump
 [09/09 10:14:36AM] xl black

"Hood" into Fall Hoodie
Thelma Giotis
 [09/09 10:12:21AM] Lilac - Large

Tuned in Tunic
Nicole Gregg
 [09/09 10:11:12AM] Large muted lilac

Fall into cozy tunic
Maria Lento
 [09/09 9:57:20AM] Lilac small

Follow Your Dreams Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/09 9:57:15AM] XXL Black

HOODIC (hoodie/tunic)
Eva Gerus
 [09/09 9:52:48AM] Medium Lilac

Love me!; Badass mode; Lover; Cuddle me tight; Hold me
Vicky Grewal
 [09/09 9:50:55AM] Large & black

Bunny hugs tunic.
Tamara scutt
 [09/09 9:49:46AM] Black xxl

Take Me Out Tunic!
Bridget Anderson
 [09/09 9:49:02AM] Black Xl

Dress It Up Tunic
Angela Mifflin
 [09/09 9:34:43AM] Black Med

Snuggly Saturday Tunic
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/09 9:34:01AM] Medium lilac

You Had Me At Ada
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/09 9:33:16AM] Medium lilac

Falling Slowly tunic
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/09 9:32:24AM] Medium lilac

Cozy Pockets
Patricia Matheson
 [09/09 9:28:07AM] L...Black

Snug Hug hoodie
Janice Robinson
 [09/09 9:27:48AM] Muted Lilac XL

Snug hug hoodie
Janice Robinson
 [09/09 9:26:07AM] Muted Lilac XL

The Snuggly yet Sassy Tunic
Teri Clarke
 [09/09 9:25:59AM] Medium in Muted Lilac

Fall days ahood tunic
Lori Fallen
 [09/09 9:25:24AM] Medium lilac

Here for the good times
Sarah Rice
 [09/09 9:25:17AM] Black XL

I’ve got you
Sarah Rice
 [09/09 9:24:51AM] Lilac XL

Stay Snuggly Tunic
Teri Clarke
 [09/09 9:24:14AM] Medium in Muted Lilac

I’ll be your comfort
Sarah Rice
 [09/09 9:23:44AM] Black XL

All the hugs hoody, or wrapped in love hoody
Erin Howell
 [09/09 9:22:49AM] XXL

Kangaroo hug
Alison murdoch
 [09/09 9:22:46AM] Large black

Fall days ahood
Lori Fallen
 [09/09 9:21:11AM] Medium Muted lilac

Hip Huggin’ tunic hoodie
Stacey Garton
 [09/09 9:19:54AM] XS black

Cover me cozy
Brenda Sheen
 [09/09 9:19:41AM] Medium, muted lilac

Cozy’n Casual
Shelly Dodgson
 [09/09 9:19:08AM] Lilac xxxl

Fall around me Tunic, Cozy up Time Hoodie, Chill Gone Tunic, Fall Time Comfy Tunic, Layer me up,
Glenda Desaulniers
 [09/09 9:16:09AM] Large-Black

Long Game Tunic Hoodie, Chicago and Cozy Sweatshirt, Great Lengths Hoodie
Heather Dixon
 [09/09 9:15:16AM] Black XL

Feeling the Love Tunic Hoodie
Jennifer Gordon
 [09/09 9:12:49AM] L lilac

Day to Night Hoodie, Warm Hug Tunic, Fall in Love Tunic, Warm Winter Breeze Hoodie, This is Fall Hoodie
Tanya Nemeth
 [09/09 9:11:39AM] XL Muted Lilac

Into fall hoody
Jennifer Demontigny
 [09/09 9:10:37AM] Lilac in large

Saturday Softness Tunic
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/09 9:09:33AM] Medium lilac

Warm n Cozy
Debi Probst
 [09/09 9:08:23AM] XL Muted Lilac

Leave it to Fall Tunic Hoodie
Emily Langman
 [09/09 9:08:09AM] XL black

Twilight Moments Tunic
Emily Langman
 [09/09 9:05:27AM] XL Black

Cozy afternoon hoodie, snuggle up hoodie, fall vibes hoodie,
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/09 9:04:46AM] Muted Lilac, XXL

Cozy Up Tunic
Katie Dolan
 [09/09 9:01:54AM] Small lilac

Turn it up Tunic
Alyson Cranshaw
 [09/09 9:01:05AM] Xxl, lilac

Living in a cloud
Jane Sanson
 [09/09 8:58:24AM] Black medium

Falling Softly Tunic
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/09 8:58:12AM] Medium lilac

She's a Beaut Tunic Hoodie
Emily Langman
 [09/09 8:55:41AM] XL black

I’m over my head
Natalie Goudreau
 [09/09 8:53:31AM] L- muted lilac

Goodbye Summer Tunic!
Tammy MacMillan
 [09/09 8:52:47AM] Medium, Muted Lilac

Long Way Down Hoodie
Marlise Nordstrom
 [09/09 8:51:41AM] Medium Black

The ‘Oh Goodie’ Hoodie
Sunni Coolin
 [09/09 8:50:42AM] Small Muted Lilac

Too Nicely Cozy
Lynette Elder
 [09/09 8:50:14AM] 2xl pink

Cozy Cottage Hoodie
Anna MacEachern
 [09/09 8:50:05AM] Black-medium

Fall Breeze Hoodie!
Tammy MacMillan
 [09/09 8:49:50AM] Medium, Muted Lilac

Down Below Tunic
Emily Buss
 [09/09 8:49:46AM] XL lilac

Long Time Coming Tunic
Jenny Payne
 [09/09 8:49:44AM] Small - Black

Cozy down tunic
Kristy Poulin
 [09/09 8:49:38AM] xl Black

Long and In Charge
Nikki Joyce
 [09/09 8:49:05AM] Small purple

Falling into cozy
Shelley lynch
 [09/09 8:48:16AM] XL Black

"Cover Me Comfort " Tunic Hoodie
Sheryl Sloboda
 [09/09 8:44:15AM] XXL

Trekking Along
Christine Polak
 [09/09 8:43:09AM] Lilac large

Easy Going Hoodie
Courtney Bidwell
 [09/09 8:41:53AM] xl pink

Warm all over tunic
Nancy Wardell
 [09/09 8:40:26AM] Xl lilac

Cozy up for coffee tunic
Nancy wardell
 [09/09 8:40:03AM] Xl lilac

Fall Feels Hoodie
Courtney Bidwell
 [09/09 8:39:49AM] xl pink

Autumn Breeze Tunic Hoodie
Sherry Van Der Heyden
 [09/09 8:39:30AM] Muted Lilac XXXL

Comfy Cozy Hoodie
Courtney Bidwell
 [09/09 8:38:48AM] pink xl

Dream On Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/09 8:37:05AM] XXL Black

Cozy Comfort
Gisele Tilson
 [09/09 8:35:56AM] XXL Muted Lilac

Fall Into Me Tunic
Angela Farrell
 [09/09 8:35:18AM] XL & Black

Cozy Campfire Hoodie
Erin Foster
 [09/09 8:35:01AM] XXXL Black

Kangaroo Hug Tunic
Ann Timm
 [09/09 8:34:33AM] XS- Muted Lilac

Kangaroo Comfy Tunic
Linda Marion
 [09/09 8:33:36AM] Medium, Muted Lilac

The Casey warm tushie hoodie
Vickie Kudelis
 [09/09 8:33:18AM] Xl pink

Lazy Like Sunday Morning
Rose Gilberg
 [09/09 8:33:09AM] XL Muted Lilac

Hug a Bunny
Joelle Bakker
 [09/09 8:31:40AM] Black, M

You know you love me hoodie
Gloria Ryan
 [09/09 8:31:14AM] Gray size large

Pocketful Of Sunshine Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:29:46AM] Xl Black

Longing For You Hoodie
Kalli Ingram
 [09/09 8:29:08AM] Black medium

Take a me Away Tunic Hoodie
Nikki Weightman
 [09/09 8:28:31AM] Muted lilac small

One Hand In my Pocket Tunic
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:28:06AM] Xl Black

A Long Hug Tunic Hoodie
Nikki Weightman
 [09/09 8:27:17AM] Muted Lilac small

Dance to the Tunic Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:27:10AM] Xl Black

Lengthy Love
Amy Brophy
 [09/09 8:26:26AM] Muted lilac size large

Lazy day sweater
Shirley Arbuckle
 [09/09 8:25:53AM] Xl lilac

Cover me butt hoodie
Willie Wainwright
 [09/09 8:25:35AM] Large lilac

Getting In Tunic Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:25:32AM] Xl Black

Fall in Love Tunic
Shannon Biette
 [09/09 8:24:37AM] Black XXL

It's All Hood Now Tunic
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:23:56AM] Xl Black

Enveloped comfort
Rebecca Pattison
 [09/09 8:23:20AM] Black XL

Cozy Dream Tunic
Karen Carvell
 [09/09 8:23:09AM] XXL Black

Nothin But Love
Charlene Racine
 [09/09 8:22:21AM] XL Black

Girls In the Hoodie
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:21:59AM] Xl Black

The solstice sweater
Amber Haacke
 [09/09 8:21:43AM] Black in medium

On hand In my Pocket Hoodie tunic
Rachel Brescia
 [09/09 8:21:09AM] Xl Black

A Warm Fall Hug
Lisa Cleveland
 [09/09 8:20:06AM] Lilac XXL

Pullover duster
Meaghan Selin
 [09/09 8:20:01AM] Purple and xl

Solstice (that's what they call the transition between seasons)
Amber Haacke
 [09/09 8:18:21AM] Medium in black

Changing seasons tunic
Jina Clarke
 [09/09 8:18:04AM] Black XL

Candy floss comfort
Charlene Hebden
 [09/09 8:17:41AM] Large …. Lilac please

Kangaroo Tunic
Jenn Smith
 [09/09 8:16:21AM] Black XL

Fall Into It Tunic Hoodie
Jodie Cooper
 [09/09 8:16:02AM] Black XXXL

Cozy Love Tunic Sweater
caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:15:13AM] Black xl

Daily snuggles
Jane Connelly
 [09/09 8:15:01AM] Lilac XL

Warm Walks
Crystal Kobe
 [09/09 8:14:53AM] L, muted Lilac

Cozy Live Tunic Sweater
caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:14:36AM] Black Xl

Hooded Blis
 [09/09 8:14:31AM] Black Size Large

Dream catcher
Cheryl Bertoia
 [09/09 8:14:19AM] Muted lilac and xlarge

Love You Long Time Tunic Sweater
caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:14:08AM] Black xl

Long Game Tunic sweater
caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:13:13AM] Black Xl

Livin in the Hood
Tesa Steinke
 [09/09 8:13:11AM] Black 2X

Love Me Long Time Tunic
caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:12:13AM] Black Xl

You Know You Need Me Hoodie
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/09 8:11:36AM] Xs black

Kozy Kanga
Linda Stansell
 [09/09 8:11:33AM] Medium lilac

Bum warmer 101
Charlotte Bazylewski
 [09/09 8:11:29AM] 1x Black

Layers of Love Tunic Sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:10:51AM] Black XL

Wrap me up Tunic
Anita Sampson
 [09/09 8:10:47AM] Lilac, L

All Good in the Hood
Lisa Cornell
 [09/09 8:10:42AM] Large Black

Shannon Campbell
 [09/09 8:10:29AM] XL. muted lilac

Bunny Hug Tunic
Brittaney Nicole Pregizer
 [09/09 8:09:49AM] L Muted Lilac

Long Game Tunic Sweater
CAitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:09:36AM] Black XL

Ready for the Weekend/The Weekender
Brit White
 [09/09 8:08:49AM] Mutled Lilac and L please!

Snuggles and comfort hoodie
Kim Luciuk
 [09/09 8:06:32AM] XXL, Lilac

Keep it in the Hood
Tanja Kankaansyrja
 [09/09 8:05:56AM] Lilac, xl

Haven Tunic
Rachelle Douglas
 [09/09 8:05:52AM] Large Muted Lilac

Dream time tunic
Bette Zacharias
 [09/09 8:05:38AM] Black xxl

Love Me Cozy Tunic Hoodie or You Love Me Cozy Tunic Hoodie
Sara Lawson
 [09/09 8:05:31AM] Small Black

Love you Long Time Tunic Sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:05:07AM] Black Xl

Tune into fall, tunic around
Veronica kish
 [09/09 8:04:58AM] Xs, muted lilac.

Bring it on tunic hoodie
Lizanne Roy
 [09/09 8:04:45AM] Lavender large

Comfortably Me Tunic
Sheryl Kuiper
 [09/09 8:04:44AM] S Black

Just the right way hoodie
Autumn Nicole Lillejord
 [09/09 8:04:42AM] Large muted violet

Toasty Tunic
Diana Diggle
 [09/09 8:04:11AM] Black. Large

Long Game Tunic
Caitlin krekoski
 [09/09 8:04:01AM] Black XL

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