Ada Casey Sweater
September 15, 2023

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Total of 317 Entries
Congratulations to Lisa P., the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Fall In Love Sweater!

Shrug me tender, shrug me true..
Jenn G.
 [09/17 11:07:22PM] XL in Rust

Cuddle Me Closely
Elisabeth C.
 [09/17 3:44:21PM] L Rust

Spice of life sweater
Nicole G.
 [09/17 1:02:50PM] Large Rust

Fall-ing off the shoulder sweater
Brittany P.
 [09/17 9:42:48AM] XXL Oat

Love This Pumpkin Spice Sweater Just In Time For Halloween!
Mary C.
 [09/17 9:25:44AM] Size M Colour Rust

P.S. I love you sweater (P = pumpkin S =Spice)
Ashley T.
 [09/17 9:13:03AM] Small Orange sweater

Falling in love Sweater
Michelle G.
 [09/17 9:09:56AM] Rust large

Fall Sophistication, Autumn Sophistication, Autumn Comfort
Jennifer H.
 [09/17 9:05:27AM] XS, rust

FALL-ing for you
Barbie G.
 [09/17 9:04:12AM] XL OAT

Fall In For You Babe!
Melanie D.
 [09/17 9:01:34AM] Rust XL

Pumpkin Spice You’re So Nice!
Melanie D.
 [09/17 9:00:09AM] Rust XL

Autumn Delight
Melanie D.
 [09/17 8:55:50AM] Rust XL

Off to the pumpkin patch, fallin’ into autumn, slouch n cozy sweater, Ode to Autumn
Kristie S.
 [09/17 8:45:09AM] Rust & medium

Fall Y'all sweater
Melanie M.
 [09/17 8:31:03AM] L Rust

Soft and slouchy sweater
Melanie M.
 [09/17 8:29:58AM] L Rust

Shrug it off
Molly M.
 [09/17 8:11:11AM] XL rust

Best of fall
Beverly S.
 [09/17 7:53:31AM] Xl rust

Off The Chain
Bita D.
 [09/17 7:40:23AM] size XXL in Rust

Enchanting Sweater, Pale Amber Sweater, Heart of Autumn Sweater, Fall So Hard Sweater
Heather F.
 [09/17 7:05:55AM] Rust size medium

Side Swept Sweater, Shoulder Serenade Sweater
Candice D.
 [09/17 6:43:41AM] Rust Large

Peek-A-Boo Sweater
Chrystelle C.
 [09/17 4:06:36AM] Orange XL

Cool Breeze Sweater
Carole G.
 [09/16 11:49:20PM] Med Rust

Everything is better in a sweater ; I’m fall-ing for you; Sweater Weather is better together.
Ella M.
 [09/16 9:21:10PM] L , rust

Fallin’ for you sweater
Reanna r.
 [09/16 8:51:38PM] Med & rust

Fall Love
Irene S.
 [09/16 8:37:42PM] Rust XXl

Shrug Hug Sweater
Melissa M.
 [09/16 8:19:27PM] Large Oat

Ain’t No Slouch/Don’t Be a Slouch
Tara C.
 [09/16 6:06:36PM] 3X rust

Tickle me Ribs Sweater
Tara B.
 [09/16 5:49:41PM] L Rust

Fall for me Sweater
Nathalie D.
 [09/16 5:49:09PM] Size small & oat

You're Ribbing Me Sweater
Tara B.
 [09/16 5:44:44PM] L Oat

Good Ribbing
Tara B.
 [09/16 5:43:10PM] Rust size Large

Shrug off summer
Brenda H.
 [09/16 5:15:57PM] L beige

Fall out
Brenda H.
 [09/16 5:14:16PM] L brown

Harvest time fun!!
Annalisa D.
 [09/16 5:09:21PM] Small, Rust

Cosey Casey Sweater
Mary D.
 [09/16 3:38:39PM] Medium, Rust

Cozy up with me
Angela G.
 [09/16 3:13:15PM] XL rust

Shrug It Off Sweater / I've Been "Pumpkin"-king About You Sweater / Chill In The Air Sweater / Autumn Morning Sweater / Fall Breeze Sweater
Erika K.
 [09/16 2:40:09PM] XXL Rust

Pretty princess
Brenda N.
 [09/16 2:19:46PM] XXL BEIGE

Autumn Morning Snug
heather t.
 [09/16 2:16:20PM] Xl- Rust

Fall into me
Lisa H.
 [09/16 2:12:52PM] L Rust

You Autumn Know Sweater
Jenn H.
 [09/16 1:40:56PM] Rust XL

Pumpkin Spice Girls Sweater
Jenn H.
 [09/16 1:40:15PM] Rust XL

Autumn dream
Jennifer o.
 [09/16 1:20:37PM] XL

Fall into love sweater
Jennifer o.
 [09/16 1:19:01PM] XL

Warm Hug
Brenda B.
 [09/16 12:25:18PM] Rust xxl

Fall off the shoulder
Shelly b.
 [09/16 12:02:13PM] Medium oat

Fall into elegance
Carmen D.
 [09/16 11:58:19AM] 3xl Rust

Perfect Fall Latté sweater
Isabelle B.
 [09/16 10:24:27AM] Rust, medium

Sweet shoulder roll
Isabelle B.
 [09/16 10:22:38AM] Rust Medium

Ainsley top
Erin H.
 [09/16 10:18:49AM] Rust Xl

Cozy love off the shoulder sweater
Maurita H.
 [09/16 10:15:54AM] Rust in medium

Pumpkin Spice Fall Love
Karen S.
 [09/16 9:59:45AM] Orange xl

Fall Into You
Ashley B.
 [09/16 9:38:36AM] Medium Oat

Fall into You
Ashley B.
 [09/16 9:38:10AM] Medium / Oat

Fallutiful sweater (combo of Fall and Beautiful)
Jennifer B.
 [09/16 9:30:55AM] orange size M

Fall and Flirty sweater, Falleautiful sweater (combo of Fall and Beautiful)
Jennifer B.
 [09/16 9:29:35AM] Size M in orange

Cozy Up To Me
Christina M.
 [09/16 9:24:27AM] XXL OAT

Everything nice sweater
Dhanell T.
 [09/16 9:24:06AM] Small & pumpkin

Let's fall away
Miranda D.
 [09/16 9:21:51AM] Small rust

Autumn Allure, Falling into You, Spiced Up,
Maria B.
 [09/16 9:21:17AM] Either in medium

Fall into me
Christina M.
 [09/16 9:19:15AM] XXL OAT

Cold shoulder slouchy sweater
Melanie R.
 [09/16 9:14:01AM] S, oat

Dip into Fall
Nora W.
 [09/16 9:11:35AM] Rust XL

Off to a great start sweater
Angela M.
 [09/16 9:09:02AM] Small orange

Off shoulder fall top
Gail B.
 [09/16 8:58:11AM] XL Rust

Embracing autumn ribbed sweater
Debbie P.
 [09/16 8:35:00AM] XL oat

Autumn Bountiful Sweater
Sherry C.
 [09/16 8:34:57AM] XL Oat

Fallin for You Sweater
Velma D.
 [09/16 8:34:26AM] Size L Rust

Fall Top it Off Right Sweater
Sherry C.
 [09/16 8:31:43AM] XL OAT

Autumn Bliss Sweater
Sherry C.
 [09/16 8:30:00AM] XL Oat

Beauty-Fall off my shoulder perfect sweater!
Lois T.
 [09/16 8:23:42AM] Rust, size large

FALL is dropping off the shoulder sweater
Debbie P.
 [09/16 8:18:30AM] XL oat

Amazing Autumn Ada
Laura M.
 [09/16 8:17:26AM] Rust Xs

Shoulder spice sweater
Cynthia L.
 [09/16 7:38:55AM] Small cream

Shoulder Season
Val W.
 [09/16 7:33:22AM] Beige Small

Everything nice fall sweater
Natalie C.
 [09/16 7:25:22AM] Orange M

Cozy Classic
Suze J.
 [09/16 7:08:29AM] Rust small

Fall Flirt
Karel M.
 [09/16 7:00:02AM] Large, Rust

Furrow into Fall, Descend into Fall, Flirty for Fall, Flirting into Fall, Loll into Fall, Changing into Fall, Fall Harvest, Harvesting Fall Vibes, Falling for Ada
Erin G.
 [09/16 6:29:30AM] XL in Rust Please

Midnight Rain sweater, Fall for Cozy sweater
Caitlin G.
 [09/16 6:05:12AM] XXL, oat

Quality Fall Sweater at its Best!
Sandra D.
 [09/16 5:56:25AM] Rust size L

FALLing for you , Monday must-have, free to be top, stardom staple,
Jenessa T.
 [09/16 5:36:14AM] Oat, medium

Fall, y’all
Lenora B.
 [09/16 4:45:13AM] Large, rust

Fall into Winter Sweater
Brett E.
 [09/16 4:37:58AM] 3Xl Rust

Cozy meets chic
Sarah t.
 [09/16 4:20:09AM] XXL Rust

Cozy meets chic
Sarah t.
 [09/16 4:19:47AM] XXL Rudy

Fall Kiss
Shari L.
 [09/16 4:08:09AM] Rust and XXL

Spice Dreams Sweater
Sarah G.
 [09/16 2:25:05AM] Small Oat

Spice Dreams Sweater
Sarah G.
 [09/16 2:20:24AM] Small Oat

Caseying my dream , falling with style sweater,
 [09/15 10:58:29PM] S, rusr

Fallen for Sophistication
Joanne P.
 [09/15 10:34:22PM] Small / rust

Relaxed can be so sophisticated
Joanne P.
 [09/15 10:32:32PM] Small / Rust

It’s Fall, y’all
Sarah B.
 [09/15 10:24:10PM] LM, rust

The swoop
Lynn N.
 [09/15 10:03:46PM] Rust xl

A Latte Fun
Shannon P.
 [09/15 9:53:57PM] Xl rust

A latte fun
Shannon P.
 [09/15 9:52:12PM] Xl rust

Don’t Be So Slouchy
Amanda B.
 [09/15 9:43:47PM] L-Oat

Flirting with Fall
Angelique H.
 [09/15 9:35:55PM] Rust 3x

Fall in love sweater
Stephanie H.
 [09/15 9:31:45PM] M Rust

Fabulous Fall Autumn Vibes
Brenda A.
 [09/15 9:08:11PM] XL - Rust

Fall Into Me
Becky W.
 [09/15 9:03:41PM] Medium oat

Fall's eye Candy sweater
Brenda B.
 [09/15 8:51:45PM] XL Oat

Crisp and Comfort Sweater (crisp fall colors that are comfortable)
Brenda B.
 [09/15 8:50:37PM] XL Rust

Sweet and spicy fall sweater
Emma W.
 [09/15 8:46:47PM] Rust size L

The fresh Outside shine
Jodi S.
 [09/15 8:40:49PM] XL rust

Falling Leaves
Diane P.
 [09/15 8:40:14PM] Large Rust

FALLing for you. Cold shoulder. Shrug it off.
Jade L.
 [09/15 8:34:59PM] Xl, Oat

Ribbed harvest sweater
Kim B.
 [09/15 8:25:14PM] Orange xl

Dream a little dream sweater
Angela S.
 [09/15 8:09:51PM] Rust xl

Hey pumpkin sweater, Snug as a Hug sweater, Cozy does it sweater
Angela S.
 [09/15 8:04:26PM] Rust xl

Tamim (Hebrew for perfect)
Jaclyn S.
 [09/15 7:52:37PM] XL Rust

Fall into me sweater
Laurel C.
 [09/15 7:49:41PM] M, cream

Vibing for fall, falling into you sweater, cool days warm hearts
Jen G.
 [09/15 7:48:38PM] Small oat

Fallen For You sweater
Debbie S.
 [09/15 7:11:51PM] Sz xl rust

Here's to Fall Sweater
Tara B.
 [09/15 7:11:23PM] L Rust

Keep Dreaming Sweater
Tara B.
 [09/15 7:10:59PM] L Oat

Leaves of Fun
Geraldene G.
 [09/15 7:01:39PM] L rust

Nothing to Slouch About
Tara B.
 [09/15 7:00:06PM] L Rust

It’s all in the slouch sweater
Diana H.
 [09/15 6:44:26PM] Lrg rust

She’s shouldering it all sweater
Jessica B.
 [09/15 6:43:41PM] Oat, L

It’s all in the slouch sweater
Diana H.
 [09/15 6:42:58PM] Lrg rust

It’s all in the slouch sweater
Diana H.
 [09/15 6:40:20PM] Lrg rust

Roadside Harvest Sweater
Alisha B.
 [09/15 6:31:04PM] XL rust

Falling for you sweater
 [09/15 6:15:52PM] Size Medium don’t matter colour :)

Skintimate shoulder sweater
Rosanna F.
 [09/15 6:14:19PM] Rust xs

Peek for you sweater
Rosanna f.
 [09/15 6:12:57PM] Xs rust

Fall-abulous Day sweater
Uyen V.
 [09/15 6:11:58PM] XS - Rust

Falling ? for you
Shannon B.
 [09/15 6:02:34PM] Oat XL

Falling for me
Rosanna F.
 [09/15 6:00:35PM] Xs rust (my fav colour!!)

Fall in style.
Margaret L.
 [09/15 5:55:13PM] Rust xl

Tickle me Ribbs
Dawna T.
 [09/15 5:33:01PM] Rust XS

Fall-ing in love sweater
Jenn R.
 [09/15 5:29:11PM] XxL Rust

Make a Wish sweater, Cozy Dreams Sweater, Making New Dreams sweater, Another Wish sweater, Another Dream sweater,
Angela S.
 [09/15 5:17:01PM] Rust xl

Tracy G.
 [09/15 5:10:55PM] Médium, Beige

Just Gourdgeous sweater
Meghan S.
 [09/15 5:09:03PM] Rust, large

Grateful Hearts sweater
Meghan S.
 [09/15 5:06:31PM] Rust, large

Give Me the Cold Shoulder Sweater
Hasana L.
 [09/15 4:41:19PM] Rust in medium

Sweater Weather
Susan B.
 [09/15 4:40:00PM] Oat 3x

Fall Beauty
Lorraine R.
 [09/15 4:05:17PM] Lg/ Rust

Comfy Class
Debbie Y.
 [09/15 4:03:18PM] M Rust

Keeping it flirty
Deborah S.
 [09/15 4:00:06PM] Rust

Shoulder Chic-a-Boo Sweater
Bettina A.
 [09/15 3:52:55PM] XL, Rust

Knit to Remember Sweater
 [09/15 3:50:07PM] XL, Rust

Fall Away
Trudy D.
 [09/15 3:47:49PM] Rust xl

Sugar & Spice, Fall Into Autumn
Samantha S.
 [09/15 3:47:48PM] L, Oat

The Slouch & Snuggle Chic Sweater
Bettina A.
 [09/15 3:44:44PM] XL, Rust

Autumn Embrace Sweater
Bettina A.
 [09/15 3:38:43PM] XL, Rust

Autumn Ease Sweater
Lynsey L.
 [09/15 3:37:14PM] Xs either color :)

Falling for You Sweater
Jill C.
 [09/15 3:36:41PM] Medium, Oat

Behold her!
Shauna B.
 [09/15 3:26:56PM] Small rust

Fall Groovin’ Sweater, Groovin’ for Fall, Falling for You Sweater
Shawna L.
 [09/15 3:23:56PM] M, oat

She’s no slouch
Cindy H.
 [09/15 3:12:50PM] 3x. Rust

everything nice?
 [09/15 3:06:45PM] S

Shawl We See, Our Fall Shawl, Ada Ca-see sweater, Fall into Knit.
Tammy H.
 [09/15 3:04:03PM] XL, orange

Fall wear sweater, falling for you sweater, dropping into fall sweater
Candice B.
 [09/15 2:53:35PM] Med rust

Shoulder shrug
Alicia T.
 [09/15 2:45:45PM] XXL orange

Fall into Fall Sweater
Cass T.
 [09/15 2:38:54PM] Rust, small

Picture Perfect
Julie D.
 [09/15 2:38:51PM] Orange XL

Autumn comfort
Jayne s.
 [09/15 2:12:11PM] Medium /rust

“She ain’t no slouch”
Megan D.
 [09/15 2:10:16PM] Small rust

Shoulder Smoulder Sweater
Karen F.
 [09/15 1:59:40PM] Oat, Medium

Oh-so-Awesome -Autumn-sweater
Julie n.
 [09/15 1:53:46PM] Orange -size M

Oh-so-Awesome -Autumn-sweater
Julie n.
 [09/15 1:51:40PM] Orange -size M

Falling in Love
Joelle B.
 [09/15 1:51:29PM] Oat, M

essence of autumn sweater
Danna T.
 [09/15 1:45:22PM] rust, medium

Feeling fall fabulous
Tamara B.
 [09/15 1:41:54PM] Orange 2XL

Orange you glad it’s fall!
Catherine W.
 [09/15 1:35:38PM] M orange

Pumpkin ‘n Oats
Lily P.
 [09/15 1:35:29PM] Rust XL

Falling off the Shoulder into Autumn
Lisa C.
 [09/15 1:35:28PM] Oat XL

When You Wish Upon Fall Sweater
Stephanie P.
 [09/15 1:26:53PM] Rust L

Oh my gourd fall sweater!
Jenn G.
 [09/15 1:26:49PM] Rust in XL

Rib me soft and slouchy
Maria L.
 [09/15 1:20:41PM] Rust small

Casey’s got you covered sweater
Krystal S.
 [09/15 1:17:26PM] Rust XL

Slouch a little
Jenn G.
 [09/15 1:16:20PM] Rust in xl

A Touch of Fall
Charlene S.
 [09/15 1:13:55PM] M Rust

Cozy ribbed off me sweater
Diane K.
 [09/15 1:07:25PM] XL & oat

Fall-in for you
Marielle W.
 [09/15 1:07:05PM] Small Oat

Free Fall Sweater, Free Fallin' Sweater, Autumn Sunsets Sweater, Leaves Me Cozy Sweater
Vanessa W.
 [09/15 1:04:10PM] Medium Oat

The Casual
Ashley B.
 [09/15 12:58:01PM] Xsmall-small - Rust

Autumn Daze
Jamie a.
 [09/15 12:57:00PM] Xl oat

Autumn Breeze Sweater
Taunya K.
 [09/15 12:46:33PM] Large : orange

Falling For You Sweater, Sugar & Spice, Autumn's Embrace, Cozytown
Jana M.
 [09/15 12:42:52PM] Rust in Large

Weekend Kosy Swing Sweater
Michelle W.
 [09/15 12:41:02PM] XL OAT

Spice of Life Sweater
Melissa L.
 [09/15 12:36:23PM] Rust, Large

Crisp breeze sweater; autumn breeze sweater; fall memories sweater; crunchy leaves sweater; cool and cozy days sweater; wrapped in the moment sweater
Jennifer M.
 [09/15 12:28:58PM] Small, rust

Warm Shoulder
Cheryl M.
 [09/15 12:27:28PM] Rust XXL

Sweet Dreams; Wish Upon A Star; Wish You The Best; Thank You, Next
Nikki G.
 [09/15 12:25:16PM] Oat, XL

Sss sweater ( slouchy,soft, shoulder )
Wendy p.
 [09/15 12:18:08PM] Xxl oat

Fall for you sweater
Dana A.
 [09/15 12:15:44PM] Rust XL

Cold shoulder sweater or chip off the shoulder sweater or ada girl sweater
Christine P.
 [09/15 12:13:12PM] Size S in rust

Thought You Should Know Sweater
Whitney D.
 [09/15 12:02:42PM] Rust 3XL

Starr’s First Peak
Doreen S.
 [09/15 12:01:07PM] Medium- Oat

Shake It Off Sweater
Whitney D.
 [09/15 11:59:49AM] Rust 3XL

Harvest Wishes Sweater
Leslie W.
 [09/15 11:57:26AM] Orange size small

Fall is coming
Karen B.
 [09/15 11:47:14AM] Oat, xl

Leaves me breathless sweater
Catina B.
 [09/15 11:37:24AM] Large Rust

All Things Nice Sweater, "Fall" in love sweater, "Fall" off the shoulder sweater,
Catina B.
 [09/15 11:36:04AM] Large rust

I fall for you
Denise T.
 [09/15 11:35:01AM] Med in orange

She’s No Slouch Sweater
Brittany S.
 [09/15 11:29:20AM] Oat & Medium

Perfectly ribbed top, ribbed to perfection top
Laurisa B.
 [09/15 11:28:10AM] XS oat colour

Fall into comfort
Sheryl H.
 [09/15 11:26:10AM] XL Rust

You Really Autumn Know Sweater ; Beautifall / Beauti-fall Sweater ; Falling In Love Sweater
Haley B.
 [09/15 11:25:23AM] XL Rust

Fall In Love, Drop of Autumn, Crisp&Cozy
Samantha A.
 [09/15 11:24:39AM] L, Oat

Crisp and Golden Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:23:58AM] rust, size small

Birch me crazy
Lyndsey D.
 [09/15 11:23:45AM] Rust - XL

Pumpkin spice and everything nice sweater
Taylor s.
 [09/15 11:23:38AM] XL & Oat

Leaping Into Leaves
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:22:08AM] rust, size small

Darling Fall Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:21:20AM] rust, size small

Quiet and Mellow Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:20:21AM] rust, size small

Ripe for Fall Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:19:17AM] rust, size small

The Wonderfall Sweater
Lisa R.
 [09/15 11:18:38AM] Rust. Xs

Peek a Boo Seeater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:15:27AM] rust, size small

Sun-Kissed Off-the-Shoulder Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:14:51AM] rust, size small

Showing some shoulder sweater
Shannon G.
 [09/15 11:14:07AM] Oat, medium

To Fall for Sweater
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:13:45AM] rust, size small

Ina H.
 [09/15 11:12:43AM] rust, size small

Falling For Fall
Ina H.
 [09/15 11:11:59AM] rust, size small

Pumpkin chic
Kerri M.
 [09/15 11:05:56AM] Rust XXL

Fall For You Sweater
Raena P.
 [09/15 11:01:03AM] Oat.medium

Fall Me Crazy Sweater
Marie V.
 [09/15 11:00:59AM] Oat, Medium

Ada’s Sexy Shoulder Sweater
Tammy P.
 [09/15 11:00:42AM] L Oat

Ada’s Sexy Shoulder Sweater
Tammy P.
 [09/15 10:59:38AM]

Autumn to you sweater
Valerie D.
 [09/15 10:53:58AM] M-rust

Falling For You sweater
Amanda G.
 [09/15 10:52:35AM] Rust (Medium)

Dare to Bare It Sweater
Sandra H.
 [09/15 10:44:36AM] Oat M

Slouchassic, Slouchastic, Slouchtastic
Gerri T.
 [09/15 10:44:14AM] Rust xxl

It's fall y'all sweater
Autumn L.
 [09/15 10:39:17AM] Orange Large

Snuggly Sweet fall slouch sweater
Tessa H.
 [09/15 10:38:51AM] Medium Rust

Fall is in the air sweater
Crystal M.
 [09/15 10:38:11AM] Rust small

Cooler day dreams
Crystal M.
 [09/15 10:37:01AM] Orange small

Cozy Up Sweater
Jenny B.
 [09/15 10:26:06AM] Rust large

Cozy Up Sweater
Jenny B.
 [09/15 10:24:34AM] Rust large

FALL in love sweater
Riana H.
 [09/15 10:22:00AM] XL rust

A+ Sweater, Sweater Weather Sweater, Autumn Leaves Sweater, Colours of Fall Sweater
 [09/15 10:21:33AM] Small Oat

Dreaming of Fall, Fall Into Me, Leaf Peeping, Softness and Soul, Take Me Anywhere, Cold Shoulder Casey, Cold Case
Jennifer G.
 [09/15 10:17:35AM] XL ORANGE

Bare Necessities sweater, All the Feels Sweater
Natasha M.
 [09/15 10:15:42AM] Large oat

Cozy for fall
Shea U.
 [09/15 10:08:04AM] Medium burnt orange

Falling for You Sweater, fall in Love, shoulder Season sweater
Lisa P.
 [09/15 10:07:51AM] Oat medium

Autumn Bliss sweater
Gwen N.
 [09/15 10:05:02AM] L burnt orange

Sassy and Classy
Verona J.
 [09/15 10:01:20AM] Large rust

Not to keep you hanging
Filomena H.
 [09/15 10:01:01AM] Orange and Large please

Sassy and Classy
Verona J.
 [09/15 10:00:46AM] Large rust

Desire To Have You Sweater
Nikki J.
 [09/15 9:59:03AM] Size small rust

Falling for Ada
Vayia P.
 [09/15 9:58:53AM] M beige

Universal Shoulder sweater
Nicole G.
 [09/15 9:58:22AM] Large Rust

Breezy Casey
Vayia P.
 [09/15 9:57:39AM] M Rust

Shoulder weather sweater
Nicole G.
 [09/15 9:57:21AM] Large Rust

You had me at slouched
Jennifer D.
 [09/15 9:53:40AM] Rust xxl

Smooth as Slouch
Jennifer D.
 [09/15 9:53:18AM] Rust xxl

Fall into Fashion Sweater, Warming Up to You Sweater, Apres Ski Sweater, Ain't No Slouch Sweater, Chic Chalet Sweater
Monique N.
 [09/15 9:50:27AM] Medium Rust

Shoulder Exposer Sweater, A touch of skin Sweater, Cozy Exposer Sweater, Elegance Exposed Sweater, Off the Shoulder Drop Sweater, Exposed shoulder drop, Soft Shoulder Drop, The right temperature Sweater, Peek a boo shoulder, elegance exposed, A touch of skin
Ashley C.
 [09/15 9:43:14AM] XS - Rust

It's an Ada Shoulder reveal
Dolores W.
 [09/15 9:39:36AM] Orange lg if it's oversize xl if it's a tight fit

Fall Into It Slouchy Sweater
Leah M.
 [09/15 9:35:34AM] Large /Oat

Autumn Vibes Sweater
Wendy S.
 [09/15 9:33:33AM] Rust Medium

Fall Over You
Angie A.
 [09/15 9:31:24AM] Small rust

Snug Into This Soft Cosy Sweather!
Mary C.
 [09/15 9:29:56AM] Size M Colour Rust

She’s Got Fall Flare Sweater
Linda C.
 [09/15 9:29:55AM] Rust size XL

FALL off the shoulder collection: Pumpkin patch, Hay ride
Ashley L.
 [09/15 9:29:50AM] M, either colour

Marie M.
 [09/15 9:29:48AM] Size M rust

Peak of perfection
Melissa M.
 [09/15 9:29:10AM] Xl rust

Fall Chic, Autumn Charm, Cozy Into Fall, Autumn On My Mind, Autumn Splendor, Visions of Autumn
Melissa K.
 [09/15 9:29:07AM] L - Rust

Just Wing it, Fall into you Sweater, Just Winging it
Jana M.
 [09/15 9:27:16AM] XL Oat

I love you a latte sweater
Sarah R.
 [09/15 9:24:37AM] Rust XL

Pumpkin Spice sweater
Sarah R.
 [09/15 9:24:09AM] Rust XL

Off and Running Sweater, Off the Rails Sweater, Falling into Fun Sweater,
Nicolle P.
 [09/15 9:22:46AM] XL Rust

Fall hopes come true
Lori F.
 [09/15 9:21:30AM] Rust size medium

Falling for you sweater
Sarah R.
 [09/15 9:20:37AM] Rust xl

Fall away with me sweater
Megan S.
 [09/15 9:18:21AM] Oat large

No chip on my shoulder sweater
Megan S.
 [09/15 9:17:48AM] Oat large

Fall Vibes
Brittaney P.
 [09/15 9:17:40AM] XL Oat

Soft n’ Sassy!
Randall A.
 [09/15 9:17:25AM] Gift

FALLing for you
Andrea K.
 [09/15 9:17:18AM] L rust

Dream Boat Sweater
Megan S.
 [09/15 9:16:09AM] Oat large

Cozy Casey Sweater
Tesa S.
 [09/15 9:12:41AM] Rust XL

Slouchy Days, Dreaming of Autumn,
Natalie M.
 [09/15 9:12:38AM] xs rust

Casey's Comfort Sweater
Tesa S.
 [09/15 9:12:15AM] Rust XL

Easy To Love Sweater
Karli O.
 [09/15 9:12:03AM] Xs oat

Sugar and Spice Sweater
Christy F.
 [09/15 9:12:03AM] 3xl Oat

Fireside Fashion Sweater
Tesa S.
 [09/15 9:10:09AM] Rust XL

Free fallin’ sweater , shrug it off sweater, fallin for you A.C.
Stephanie P.
 [09/15 9:08:23AM] Rust, medium

For the love of fall
Natasha L.
 [09/15 9:07:58AM] Large rust

Leaf me in autumn
Natasha L.
 [09/15 9:05:42AM] Large oat

Dance into Autumn pullover
Deborah M.
 [09/15 9:02:54AM] Rust M

Autumn inspiration
Kim M.
 [09/15 9:01:36AM] Rust M

Shrug it Off Sweater
Tesa S.
 [09/15 9:01:34AM] Rust XL

Wish For Me sweater
Alyssa F.
 [09/15 8:59:27AM] Xs oat

Fall is in the air
Julie B.
 [09/15 8:57:59AM] Cream large

Fall into you
Julie B.
 [09/15 8:57:27AM] Cream large

Fallin’ For You Sweater
Shannon R.
 [09/15 8:56:43AM] Medium Oat

Shoulder Smoulder Top
Teryl C.
 [09/15 8:56:00AM] Rust L

Slipping into dreams sweater
Marysia W.
 [09/15 8:54:22AM] Oat XL

Fallin’ For You Top
Shannon R.
 [09/15 8:53:57AM] Medium Oat

Cool Air, Don’t Care Sweater
Kate L.
 [09/15 8:53:39AM] M Rust

Desire Come True Sweater
Rachel F.
 [09/15 8:53:06AM] Small oat

Picture Perfect Sweater, Photo Finish Sweater
Heather H.
 [09/15 8:51:36AM] Oat, Medium

Cool Air, Don’t Care Sweater
Kate L.
 [09/15 8:50:58AM] M rust

The Slouchy off the Shoulder Sweater
Lisa W.
 [09/15 8:46:35AM] Medium & Rust

Fall into autumn
Melissa G.
 [09/15 8:45:09AM] Cream large

Time for Change Sweater, Embracing the Change of Seasons Sweater, Falling for You Sweater
Kari L.
 [09/15 8:42:55AM] small rust

Autumn Charm
Debbie d.
 [09/15 8:42:30AM] Medium , Rust please

Autumn love
Kara M.
 [09/15 8:38:57AM] XL oat

Shoulder Spotlight
Jody B.
 [09/15 8:37:22AM] Rust XL

A-DAy in a dream top
Fiona H.
 [09/15 8:37:14AM] Small oat

Falling into Place
Kate R.
 [09/15 8:36:18AM] Medium rust

Falling in Love Sweater
Kate R.
 [09/15 8:35:39AM] Medium rust

Sophistication sweater. Fall flair sweater.
Angela Y.
 [09/15 8:35:35AM] M rust

Ola shoulder !
Linda h.
 [09/15 8:33:20AM] Medium orangr

Fall into me sweater
Karen A.
 [09/15 8:32:24AM] Xl oat

Love This Soft Cosy Sweater!
Mary C.
 [09/15 8:29:59AM] Size M Colour Rust

Maeve or Maeve Eloise
Amy L.
 [09/15 8:26:57AM] Medium Rust

Spring into Fall Sweater.
Mary C.
 [09/15 8:24:29AM] Size M Colour Rust

Fall for a Hug Sweater
Rebecca k.
 [09/15 8:23:09AM] S, ORANGE

Better than your ottoman sweater
Tanya L.
 [09/15 8:16:05AM] Biege xxl

Fall Into Me Sweater, Not So Cold Shoulder Sweater
Rachelle D.
 [09/15 8:15:59AM] Large rust

Fawesome Fall Sweater
Tesa S.
 [09/15 8:12:10AM] Rust XL

Love to Fall for You Sweater
Beth T.
 [09/15 8:11:52AM] Large Rust

Goals Come True Sweater
Laurin L.
 [09/15 8:10:01AM] Large Oat

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