Dreaming of Cozy Heart Sweaters
December 29, 2023

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Dreaming of Cozy Heart Sweaters

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this image of Allison for your chance to win a $50 Silver Icing Gift Card!

Enter your suggestion by commenting with your best caption by Monday, January 1 at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 353
Congratulations to Angela S., the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Just hanging around playing ‘heart’ to get!"

My Heart Beats for You!
Kim S.
 [12/31 7:01:49PM]

Hearts of Joy
Michelina C.
 [12/31 5:36:39PM]

So This Is Love!
Nicole G.
 [12/31 4:51:18PM]

Heart on your sleeve literally
Manon R.
 [12/31 2:03:34PM]

For the Love of Comfort
Sarah H.
 [12/31 1:36:49PM]

In love
Siea M.
 [12/31 12:27:42PM]

Carry Joy in your Heart
Rebecca R.
 [12/31 11:12:43AM]

“My Heart Belongs To Daddy”
Mary C.
 [12/31 10:23:45AM]

“My Heart Belongs To Poppy”
Mary C.
 [12/31 10:13:19AM]

“Hearts Are Made To Love”
Mary C.
 [12/31 10:07:45AM]

Wear Your Hearts On Your Sleeves Sweater
Janelle E.
 [12/31 9:59:14AM]

Friday I’m in Love!
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:50:17AM]

What’s love got to do with it!
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:47:03AM]

Love me tender, love me sweet!
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:44:58AM]

Heather C.
 [12/31 9:40:25AM]

The only thing that I’m missing is champagne and cupcakes.
Danielle L.
 [12/31 9:38:49AM]

Can’t help falling in love with you
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:35:42AM]

Vision of Love
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:32:06AM]

Wrapped with Love
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:25:34AM]

My Funny Valentine
Heather C.
 [12/31 9:22:56AM]

Love Conquers All Heart sweater
Heather R.
 [12/31 9:16:08AM]

Rainbow Hearts On My Sleeve
Amy H.
 [12/31 9:06:32AM]

Hearts Club Band
Amy H.
 [12/31 9:05:32AM]

Heart Be Mine
Amy H.
 [12/31 9:04:15AM]

Hearts Full of Hope
Amy H.
 [12/31 9:03:24AM]

Queen of hearts club!
Dana Z.
 [12/31 8:44:22AM]

Wrapped in hearts!
Dana Z.
 [12/31 8:43:27AM]

I have my heart on my sleeves!
Dana Z.
 [12/31 8:42:53AM]

Who needs a Valentine? I love ME!! ?
Sara-Lynn F.
 [12/31 8:38:35AM]

Happy Thoughts
Kathy H.
 [12/31 8:23:17AM]

Love me, love me not
Tanya C.
 [12/31 8:16:36AM]

Cuddle yourself with love
Brandy A.
 [12/31 7:52:33AM]

Oh my hearts!
Ginette G.
 [12/31 7:28:57AM]

Heart on my sleeve sweater
Lana K.
 [12/31 6:52:42AM]

This Hearts for You
Angela B.
 [12/31 2:46:53AM]

On Cloud 9
Jana M.
 [12/30 8:26:39PM]

Sweet On You, Sweet About Me, Hearts Delight, Hearts Content, Thinking of You XO
Jana M.
 [12/30 8:25:52PM]

That look you get when you see the new sneak peak and already have your heart set on it
Sarah J.
 [12/30 7:21:44PM]

Loving every moment
Erin T.
 [12/30 7:11:38PM]

On Clouds of Love
Angela B.
 [12/30 5:49:34PM]

On A Cloud of Hearts
Angela B.
 [12/30 5:49:01PM]

I am beautiful, I am loved, I am grateful
Leanne S.
 [12/30 5:21:27PM]

Don’t make me blush
Leanne S.
 [12/30 5:20:33PM]

I will love you for Hearternity
Leanne S.
 [12/30 5:19:41PM]

For hearternity
Leanne S.
 [12/30 5:18:53PM]

Hearts ablaze
Leanne S.
 [12/30 5:17:23PM]

Colour My Heart Happy
Angela B.
 [12/30 5:16:34PM]

Hours of Heartwarming Hugs ?
Brandy S.
 [12/30 5:05:21PM]

Heartfelt For This Cozy Sweater!
Arlene C.
 [12/30 4:45:16PM]

Heart on my sleeve
Jaime G.
 [12/30 4:39:09PM]

Love at first sight
Jaime G.
 [12/30 4:37:47PM]

All the heart eyes
Jaime G.
 [12/30 4:37:27PM]

Love is everywhere! Even down to the floor!
Shelley S.
 [12/30 4:03:36PM]

To the moon and back
Brittani P.
 [12/30 3:53:49PM]

Warmed with love
Kate b.
 [12/30 3:38:48PM]

Warm your heart cardi
Kate B.
 [12/30 3:38:32PM]

Love your Cardi
Kate b.
 [12/30 3:37:24PM]

Love you forever Cardi
Kate b.
 [12/30 3:36:48PM]

Love you forever
Kate b.
 [12/30 3:36:27PM]

Make "more self-love" your New Year's Resolution
Jennifer G.
 [12/30 3:33:12PM]

Cozy heart warmth sweater
Danielle M.
 [12/30 2:55:39PM]

Smile my dear and do whatever makes your heart happy.
Chelsea H.
 [12/30 2:20:12PM]

From My Heart to Yours
Angela B.
 [12/30 2:09:08PM]

Hearts on display
Angela B.
 [12/30 2:07:39PM]

Be My Sweet Valentine Sweater
Nancy B.
 [12/30 12:49:16PM]

I I will cherish you in my heart forever and always
Debbie N.
 [12/30 12:34:18PM]

Love Enchanting
Alicia J.
 [12/30 12:03:25PM]

Listen to my Heart, Totally Heartfelt
Valerie S.
 [12/30 11:45:27AM]

Queen of Hearts
Valerie S.
 [12/30 11:42:35AM]

Heart on
Mariannna M.
 [12/30 11:32:43AM]

Hearts on Fire
Marianna M.
 [12/30 11:32:24AM]

New Dreams, Fresh Start, Living The Dream, Love Me Softly,
Maria B.
 [12/30 11:27:20AM]

Enjoying the heart life
Jennifer y.
 [12/30 11:20:38AM]

Wrapped in fuzzy hearts
Alissa M.
 [12/30 11:04:19AM]

Knit Me a Hug
Sarah V.
 [12/30 10:54:59AM]

All encombassing hearts
Bobbie T.
 [12/30 10:54:07AM]

Oh my Soft and sweet sweater
Bobbie E.
 [12/30 10:50:59AM]

Heartfelt Thoughts
Sharon F.
 [12/30 10:46:26AM]

Sweet Heart sweater
Tamara L.
 [12/30 10:32:32AM]

Daydreaming in hearts ?
Sandra W.
 [12/30 9:53:50AM]

Dream of Hearts
Marsha F.
 [12/30 9:46:01AM]

Be Mine
Kathy B.
 [12/30 9:45:43AM]

Cozy & comfy Sweater
Marsha F.
 [12/30 9:45:22AM]

Happy Heart
Wendy G.
 [12/30 9:39:43AM]

Floating blissfully on a cloud of happiness ?
Brenda H.
 [12/30 9:39:41AM]

Be Still My Heart
Wendy G.
 [12/30 9:38:32AM]

Hearts on Me
Leah V.
 [12/30 9:34:23AM]

After My Own Heart
Julie M.
 [12/30 9:04:23AM]

After My Heart
Julie M.
 [12/30 9:03:48AM]

After My Own Heart
Julie M.
 [12/30 9:02:18AM]

Silver Icing…My Heart’s Desire
Lisa C.
 [12/30 8:55:54AM]

Playful hearts
Rebecca s.
 [12/30 8:43:48AM]

Dreaming of love
Sherry M.
 [12/30 8:41:33AM]

Falling in love all over again
Mary-Ellen A.
 [12/30 8:38:37AM]

Put a little love in your heart sweater
Cat A.
 [12/30 8:34:13AM]

Day dreaming
Leah A.
 [12/30 8:32:57AM]

Cozy love sweater
Sandra S.
 [12/30 8:23:37AM]

Falling in love with myself
Julie H.
 [12/30 8:21:09AM]

Self Love
Susan F.
 [12/30 8:16:52AM]

My Funny Valentine
Leah T.
 [12/30 8:15:47AM]

Hearts and Hugs Sweater
Robyn P.
 [12/30 8:14:14AM]

I heart moments!
Melissa C.
 [12/30 7:31:15AM]

Me Time
Laura T.
 [12/30 7:21:12AM]

Me time
Laura T.
 [12/30 7:20:26AM]

Follow your heart sweater
Gina B.
 [12/30 7:11:32AM]

Such pure love and bliss.
Aylene s.
 [12/30 6:52:58AM]

Pretty in Pink
Jody N.
 [12/30 6:24:48AM]

Hearts Aglow
Jody N.
 [12/30 6:23:21AM]

“My Heart Belongs To You”
Mary C.
 [12/30 4:33:07AM]

Be still my heart!
Jennifer S.
 [12/30 2:21:38AM]

Fall in love with Silver Icing.
Nathalie D.
 [12/30 12:12:40AM]

Joy to the heart
Andrea S.
 [12/29 11:29:16PM]

Tammy B.
 [12/29 10:05:16PM]

She Believed She Could and She Did
Sylvia Y.
 [12/29 9:55:56PM]

Dreaming the dream love! ??
Michelle M.
 [12/29 9:21:05PM]

My heart is full.
Tara S.
 [12/29 9:04:08PM]

Loving the life
Judy T.
 [12/29 8:39:18PM]

Dream heart
Ann V.
 [12/29 8:37:08PM]

In my pink heart era!
Janel M.
 [12/29 8:10:56PM]

Cozied up in love
Christina G.
 [12/29 8:05:20PM]

Full of Love
Laura P.
 [12/29 8:02:36PM]

I wear my heart on my sleeve
Taylor S.
 [12/29 8:00:30PM]

Soft Hearted
Jennifer B.
 [12/29 7:59:07PM]

In love with love, and lousy poetry
Skye G.
 [12/29 7:58:48PM]

My first true love: me, myself, & I
Skye G.
 [12/29 7:58:10PM]

Love yourself first
Skye G.
 [12/29 7:57:36PM]

I can buy myself flowers
Skye G.
 [12/29 7:55:28PM]

I love me!
Skye G.
 [12/29 7:54:41PM]

Happiness is found with cozy hearts
Crystal-Rae R.
 [12/29 7:54:31PM]

All of me, loves all of this sweater.
Carrie R.
 [12/29 7:38:26PM]

On cloud nine with this cozy sweater
Carrie R.
 [12/29 7:33:50PM]

All you need is love, and this cozy sweater
Carrie R.
 [12/29 7:33:10PM]

Coziest at it's best!
Mary M.
 [12/29 7:08:25PM]

Love yourself
Rosanna f.
 [12/29 7:03:21PM]

The Heart of the Sweater
Sharon H.
 [12/29 6:43:29PM]

The Heart of the Sweater
Sharon H.
 [12/29 6:40:25PM]

My heart is full
Miriam R.
 [12/29 6:35:51PM]

Hearts of Comfort
Edna S.
 [12/29 6:10:59PM]

Waiting for Valentines day
Nadine S.
 [12/29 6:08:26PM]

Hearts on her sleeve
Deanna S.
 [12/29 6:01:33PM]

SI and all my hearts desire
Lori F.
 [12/29 5:55:40PM]

Lounging in Love
Kayla C.
 [12/29 5:50:36PM]

Heart and Soul
Angela M.
 [12/29 5:26:40PM]

Just a girl wearing her heart on her sleeve.
Brittaney P.
 [12/29 5:22:00PM]

Daydream believer
Michelle P.
 [12/29 5:19:15PM]

Day dreams and cozy nights, sigh!
Kate L.
 [12/29 5:14:28PM]

Cozy hearts equals cozy afternoons.
Kimberly M.
 [12/29 5:11:31PM]

Comfy and Cozy!
Valerie B.
 [12/29 5:05:29PM]

Cosy Hearts
Diane P.
 [12/29 5:04:04PM]

Cosy hearts
Plane P.
 [12/29 5:02:45PM]

Cosy hearts
Diane p.
 [12/29 5:01:22PM]

Cosy ' hearts
Diane P.
 [12/29 4:59:44PM]

Cuddled in Hearts
Maureen M.
 [12/29 4:54:00PM]

Feeling the love from my head to my toes!
Tonya V.
 [12/29 4:53:03PM]

Let's get lost in a world of cozy?
Gayle R.
 [12/29 4:50:38PM]

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Wearing my heart on my sleeve. Head over ‘Heart’ for you. Falling ‘Head Over ‘Heart’ for you
Angelee M.
 [12/29 4:25:36PM]

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Wearing my heart on my sleeve. Head over ‘Heart’ for you. Falling ‘Head Over ‘Heart’ for you
Angelee M.
 [12/29 4:25:09PM]

Be Still My Cozy Heart
Virginia C.
 [12/29 3:56:15PM]

Love Warms The Heart Sweater
Hasana L.
 [12/29 3:54:57PM]

Dreaming of the one who stole my heart
Angela M.
 [12/29 3:46:04PM]

Hearts and Happiness
Katherine R.
 [12/29 3:31:04PM]

Smitten for My sweater
Amber J.
 [12/29 3:29:34PM]

Comfy in Love
Jessica E.
 [12/29 3:23:42PM]

I heart her
Tammy H.
 [12/29 3:23:17PM]

Home is where the heart is
Tammy H.
 [12/29 3:22:12PM]

Happy Hearts
Tammy H.
 [12/29 3:21:13PM]

My heart belongs to you!
Jocelyn D.
 [12/29 3:16:23PM]

Twist my Heart
Tanya K.
 [12/29 3:13:59PM]

Twist my Heart
Tanya K.
 [12/29 3:12:46PM]

Planning to take out the carpet and install heart-wood floors.
Jennifer H.
 [12/29 3:10:28PM]

Hearts in the clouds
Tanya K.
 [12/29 3:10:09PM]

Heart and Soul Cardigan
Kathy S.
 [12/29 3:06:34PM]

Cozy Hearts Cardigan
Kathy S.
 [12/29 3:05:41PM]

Stay Cozy Cardigan
Kathy S.
 [12/29 3:04:40PM]

Cozy Love
Kathy S.
 [12/29 3:02:30PM]

Cross my heart
Beth T.
 [12/29 2:48:17PM]

Love is in the air, hearts are everywhere!
Krista W.
 [12/29 2:41:38PM]

Hearts a Glow
Michelle M.
 [12/29 2:40:13PM]

This is my Happy Place
Susan B.
 [12/29 2:27:02PM]

“ Come Out, come out wherever you are “
Bonnie S.
 [12/29 2:23:21PM]

My heart is full!!
Sasha C.
 [12/29 2:02:05PM]

Valentine dreams
Lori d.
 [12/29 1:54:30PM]

Who needs a Valentine when you’ve got your favourite SI sweater?
Carolyn S.
 [12/29 1:53:07PM]

Cozy in love Sweater
Rebecca S.
 [12/29 1:50:52PM]

I can buy myself flowers :)
Shannon G.
 [12/29 1:32:28PM]

Youthful Elegance
Roxanne T.
 [12/29 1:27:06PM]

Cozy in love
Lavern P.
 [12/29 1:23:36PM]

Wrap yourself in love
Tina c.
 [12/29 1:20:45PM]

Give yourself all the love you need
tina c.
 [12/29 1:20:07PM]

..when you find all the love you one sweater
 [12/29 1:18:54PM]

When you find all the love you one sweater??
Tina c.
 [12/29 1:18:11PM]

..when that Cardi gives you all the love you need ??
Tina c.
 [12/29 1:12:33PM]

I’m dreaming of my Valentine! ?
Andrea W.
 [12/29 1:09:15PM]

Oh my heart!
 [12/29 1:05:22PM]

I heart you sweater
Maria L.
 [12/29 1:03:31PM]

I LOVE my cosy sweater!
Annalisa D.
 [12/29 12:53:36PM]

Thinking of all the things to be greatful in my heart sweater
Mary S.
 [12/29 12:49:17PM]

Cozy Korner
Debbie W.
 [12/29 12:43:55PM]

Warmth with Love
Debbie W.
 [12/29 12:42:49PM]

It's a Love Story Sweater
Monika Z.
 [12/29 12:42:29PM]

Covered in love in 2024
Melissa M.
 [12/29 12:37:01PM]

Love is all around
Michelle H.
 [12/29 12:24:08PM]

I can buy myself flowers and love me better than you can!
Yea S.
 [12/29 12:21:17PM]

Comfort is love
Kaitlinn K.
 [12/29 12:17:49PM]

Self love
Tracy S.
 [12/29 12:07:29PM]

Sweet self-love
Lisa T.
 [12/29 12:01:38PM]

Wear Mt heart on my sleeve
Jen c.
 [12/29 12:00:10PM]

I've got a whole lotta love in my heart!
Leslie W.
 [12/29 11:58:28AM]

Cozy hearts
Sabrina R.
 [12/29 11:56:29AM]

Feel the Love Sweater
Angie A.
 [12/29 11:55:53AM]

True Love Sweater
Angie A.
 [12/29 11:54:56AM]

Must Be Love
Angie A.
 [12/29 11:53:38AM]

Must Be Love Sweater
Angie A.
 [12/29 11:52:44AM]

All I need is self-love
Lynne B.
 [12/29 11:47:50AM]

The Queen of Hearts
Whitney D.
 [12/29 11:44:58AM]

Crazy in love
Laura P.
 [12/29 11:42:55AM]

“My heart is all a flutter, dreaming of all the new SI coming!”
Nicolle P.
 [12/29 11:42:39AM]

Wearing her heart on her sleeve
Laura P.
 [12/29 11:42:24AM]

Thinking of you
Brenda B.
 [12/29 11:42:07AM]

Heart in the clouds
Melissa S.
 [12/29 11:41:10AM]

Cold Weather Warm Heart Sweater
Emma H.
 [12/29 11:39:22AM]

In your wildest dreams
Whitney D.
 [12/29 11:39:17AM]

Feel the Love!
Madelaine M.
 [12/29 11:34:06AM]

Day Dreaming of Love Sweater
Nicole B.
 [12/29 11:30:28AM]

So Cozy In Love Sweater
Valerie D.
 [12/29 11:24:25AM]

Hearts are FULL
Michelle W.
 [12/29 11:22:37AM]

Wrapped in Self Love Sweater
Sherry G.
 [12/29 11:21:44AM]

The Cozy Love sweater
Ashlie g.
 [12/29 11:20:55AM]

Keep smiling, now can I open my eyes yet!
Jody M.
 [12/29 11:20:14AM]

A Dream Is a Wish Your (Cozy) Heart Makes
Melissa P.
 [12/29 11:14:15AM]

Heartfelt Hugs Cardigan
Gisele G.
 [12/29 11:12:59AM]

Happiness is cozy hearts
Darlene E.
 [12/29 11:11:26AM]

My heart is full
Pam P.
 [12/29 11:08:35AM]

Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
Melissa P.
 [12/29 11:02:42AM]

Love me tender, love me true. All my dreams fulfill ??
Tracey D.
 [12/29 11:02:12AM]

Cozy and cute sweater
Terri C.
 [12/29 11:01:53AM]

LOVE Being Cozy
Amy D.
 [12/29 11:01:19AM]

Just a girl dreaming of love, Dreaming of my sweetheart, Feeling the love
Tracey D.
 [12/29 10:58:41AM]

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Wear your heart on your sleeve
Angelee M.
 [12/29 10:58:14AM]

Romance Novel
Mandy H.
 [12/29 10:57:51AM]

Love is in the air
Susie L.
 [12/29 10:56:36AM]

It’s all heart eyes for Silver Icing!
Erika K.
 [12/29 10:56:19AM]

Love is in the air
Susie L.
 [12/29 10:56:10AM]

I’m all heart
Janice S.
 [12/29 10:55:21AM]

Hearts is what I love
Eva V.
 [12/29 10:54:27AM]

In The CoraZone
Melissa P.
 [12/29 10:54:08AM]

Daydreaming about my forever Valentine <3
Caitlin G.
 [12/29 10:53:52AM]

Warm Heart Sweater
Tara S.
 [12/29 10:53:11AM]

This Little Heart of Mine
Tara L.
 [12/29 10:52:42AM]

warm touch to my heart
Natalie L.
 [12/29 10:51:55AM]

my heart is full of love for you!
Jana M.
 [12/29 10:51:35AM]

Love is all around.
Janet P.
 [12/29 10:50:55AM]

Love Softens the Heart
Danielle M.
 [12/29 10:45:07AM]

Simply love, love simply
Joanne B.
 [12/29 10:43:52AM]

My heart’s desire; This heart’s desire; Heart of the matter
Cat A.
 [12/29 10:42:43AM]

My Heart is full
Verona J.
 [12/29 10:36:56AM]

Flollow your heart cozy sweater
Angela O.
 [12/29 10:35:41AM]

My hearts chillin’
Denise T.
 [12/29 10:35:29AM]

I can buy myself flowers ? ?
Brooke G.
 [12/29 10:28:08AM]

Dream Lover Come Rescue Me
Haley C.
 [12/29 10:27:55AM]

Hearts on fire
Barb D.
 [12/29 10:22:27AM]

Take Heart Sweater
Caralyn H.
 [12/29 10:21:25AM]

Tell It To My Heart
Kim A.
 [12/29 10:18:43AM]

Wrapped Up In Love
Samantha S.
 [12/29 10:17:22AM]

I dream to be ?
Connie P.
 [12/29 10:16:14AM]

Live Dream Laugh
Samantha S.
 [12/29 10:14:47AM]

Cuddly Heart Sweater
Somer D.
 [12/29 10:14:14AM]

Cuddly Heart Sweater
Somer D.
 [12/29 10:13:13AM]

Cuddly Heart Sweater
Somer D.
 [12/29 10:12:42AM]

Cuddly Heart Sweater
Somer D.
 [12/29 10:11:53AM]

Happiness is being cozy
Amanda M.
 [12/29 10:09:06AM]

Heart of my heart
Beth M.
 [12/29 10:08:15AM]

Live,Laugh, Dream of my Cozy Heart Sweaters
Erin G.
 [12/29 10:05:17AM]

You got me so Cozy in love
Kristi e.
 [12/29 10:05:15AM]

Heart felt
Cathy M.
 [12/29 10:00:43AM]

Love is in the air
Cathy M.
 [12/29 9:58:12AM]

A Queen in Hearts
Ashley d.
 [12/29 9:55:57AM]

Crazy in Love
Amanda F.
 [12/29 9:52:02AM]

With hearts in her eyes…
Megan W.
 [12/29 9:51:48AM]

Hearts full of love
Heather R.
 [12/29 9:50:58AM]

Proposal of love
Shauna B.
 [12/29 9:48:33AM]

Warm my heart sweater
Stephanie B.
 [12/29 9:45:28AM]

Cozy sweater dreams: where comfort meets style in the perfect embrace!
Teresa E.
 [12/29 9:44:54AM]

Have a Heart
Rebecca A.
 [12/29 9:44:49AM]

Warm love
Wendy H.
 [12/29 9:44:24AM]

Love is all around
Robyn S.
 [12/29 9:40:48AM]

Wrapped up in Love
Clarice P.
 [12/29 9:39:38AM]

Love is in the air
Robyn S.
 [12/29 9:37:33AM]

Heart Full of Coziness
Dolores W.
 [12/29 9:36:39AM]

Hearts in the clouds
Carmen D.
 [12/29 9:36:26AM]

LOVEly Saturday morning
Sheila H.
 [12/29 9:34:42AM]

Heart Happy
Carmen D.
 [12/29 9:33:58AM]

I love me!
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:29:32AM]

Life is short add a little love to it
Thelma L.
 [12/29 9:28:47AM]

Cozy days are ahead
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:28:41AM]

Let’s just cuddle
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:28:01AM]

Lazy days in love are the best!
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:27:16AM]

I love LOVE
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:26:28AM]

Daydreaming daze
Julie b.
 [12/29 9:25:47AM]

When’s the last time this floor was washed?
Kristy S.
 [12/29 9:24:30AM]

Irresistibly cuddly in the cozy hearts sweater
Stephanie L.
 [12/29 9:23:29AM]

Love is in the air
Christina F.
 [12/29 9:21:50AM]

Self Love, mentally making my list for my next silver icing order.
Jodi W.
 [12/29 9:18:42AM]

Wearing her heart all over, Allison dreams of our upcoming presales.
Jenn D.
 [12/29 9:18:06AM]

Dreaming about our amazing February heart lineup!
Jenn D.
 [12/29 9:16:58AM]

Oh my heart, we have some great stuff coming for Valentines Day!
Jenn D.
 [12/29 9:16:04AM]

Pre sales make my heart happy!
Karen C.
 [12/29 9:14:15AM]

Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland
Rebecca M.
 [12/29 9:13:57AM]

Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland
Rebecca M.
 [12/29 9:13:11AM]

Blissfully in love (with silver icing)
Carly k.
 [12/29 9:12:37AM]

Floating hearts
Lia S.
 [12/29 9:12:37AM]

Dreaming of Romance
Robyn L.
 [12/29 9:12:34AM]

Thinking about my Valentine!
Rachelle D.
 [12/29 9:12:12AM]

Alison is the Queen of our Hearts
Tesa S.
 [12/29 9:11:18AM]

Heartfelt love sweater
Brenda D.
 [12/29 9:07:28AM]

When sweet daydreams become reality!
Natasha M.
 [12/29 9:07:21AM]

Heartfelt love sweater
Brenda D.
 [12/29 9:05:59AM]

Loving Dreams
Candace M.
 [12/29 9:04:37AM]

Falling in Love
Julia L.
 [12/29 9:04:24AM]

Forever falling in love with SI!
Kristina E.
 [12/29 9:00:31AM]

Silver Icing until your Hearts Content
Ashley Y.
 [12/29 8:57:17AM]

I’m dreaming of a closet full of Silver Icing
Jina C.
 [12/29 8:53:16AM]

Am I not just the cutest!
Natalie M.
 [12/29 8:52:43AM]

All for Love Sweater
Wendy S.
 [12/29 8:52:22AM]

I’m so in love
Sarah R.
 [12/29 8:52:00AM]

He loves me, he loves me not
Sarah R.
 [12/29 8:51:01AM]

I love how cozy Silver Icing clothes are!
Carolee M.
 [12/29 8:45:35AM]

Will you be mine? Love like crazy, Dreaming of hearts, Hearts of Love Sweater
Christine W.
 [12/29 8:40:24AM]

Just waiting for 2024 to arrive
Margo N.
 [12/29 8:40:14AM]

Sweet Hearts Cozy Cadigan
Sara S.
 [12/29 8:37:55AM]

All Shades of Love
Tracy G.
 [12/29 8:36:42AM]

Full of Love Sweater
Sharon K.
 [12/29 8:35:59AM]

Roses are red violets are blue, how cute are these socks and this sweater too!
Jess V.
 [12/29 8:33:34AM]

Is it too soon to be dressed for Valentine's Day!
Melissa M.
 [12/29 8:33:04AM]

Cold days & warm hearts
Shantel H.
 [12/29 8:29:02AM]

Today my heart turned pink
Suzy T.
 [12/29 8:28:12AM]

Today my heart turned pink ?
Suzy T.
 [12/29 8:27:14AM]

Visions of hearts danced in her head
Nichole C.
 [12/29 8:24:07AM]

So “love”ly
Lana C.
 [12/29 8:20:52AM]

All the love cozy cardigan
Sabrina J.
 [12/29 8:18:46AM]

Cozy Hearts
Chelcy G.
 [12/29 8:18:25AM]

Lovin and Livin my best life
Linda C.
 [12/29 8:12:50AM]

All you need is love... and Silver Icing.. which is kinda the same thing
Selinda L.
 [12/29 8:11:02AM]

Wrapped up in Love
Linda C.
 [12/29 8:10:58AM]

Wrapped in Love
Cheryl R.
 [12/29 8:09:57AM]

Blissful Hearts Sweater
Jodie C.
 [12/29 8:09:48AM]

Just hanging around playing ‘heart’ to get.
Angela S.
 [12/29 8:08:56AM]

Queen of Hearts Sweater
Jill C.
 [12/29 8:08:36AM]

A moment of R&R before Kimberly comes and brings the energy!
Selinda L.
 [12/29 8:07:45AM]

All you need is love
Angela S.
 [12/29 8:06:24AM]

Living life full of love, kindness, and gratitude
Selinda L.
 [12/29 8:06:22AM]

Daydreaming of the sunshiney days ahead
Selinda L.
 [12/29 8:05:39AM]

Who will my Valentine be???
Pam W.
 [12/29 8:02:38AM]

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