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Knitted Sweater
August 11, 2017

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Total of 973 Entries
Congratulations to Amy Holden, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Fall For You Sweater!

Hug me sweater
Angeline Schumaker
 [08/12 4:51:07PM]

"Flirty in Fall" sweater;
Heather Diewert
 [08/12 2:50:02PM]

Woven Comfort; Wendy Woven sweater; Sweater Weather
Kelly Hagel
 [08/12 2:31:08PM]

Knit Wit Sweater
Val Warkentin
 [08/12 2:31:00PM]

Embrace the Fall
Natasha Patterson
 [08/12 2:27:56PM]

Totally Autumn
Leanne Keen
 [08/12 2:23:10PM]

Cuddle Chic sweater
Shane Vanderark
 [08/12 2:21:44PM]

Just right cuddly knit tonight
Lisa Whelen
 [08/12 2:17:30PM]

Just right cuddly tonight!
Lisa Whelen
 [08/12 2:14:32PM]

Commit to the knit, knit kidding
 [08/12 2:11:05PM]

Fireside sweater
Monica cariou
 [08/12 2:05:32PM]

"Splendors of Autumn" sweater;"Colours of Autumn" sweater; "Step into Autumn" Sweater; "Finally Fall" Sweater;
Heather Diewert
 [08/12 2:01:15PM]

Autumn Sunrise
Allison Kendall
 [08/12 1:52:52PM]

Autumn Beauty
Tara Spekkens
 [08/12 1:52:41PM]

Fall into Winter Sweater. Call me Cozy.
Allison Kendall
 [08/12 1:51:10PM]

Autumn Jewel
Melissa Mohammed
 [08/12 1:43:32PM]

Bee hive
Maria bakos
 [08/12 1:40:19PM]

Purl Not Plain
Jessica Collins
 [08/12 1:31:55PM]

Woven Beauty
Tara Spekkens
 [08/12 1:30:38PM]

Not your grandma's sweater
Kristy Barton
 [08/12 1:29:02PM]

Open arms for autumn weave
Kathy Jones
 [08/12 1:24:54PM]

Bunny Hugs, Bear Hugs, I'm Lovin' Knit, Knit's Perfect, Sexy and I Know Knit, Knit's Just Right, Cloud Cuddles, Falling for Knit, Fall for Knit, Weave Gotta Love Knit, Woolly Hugs, Weave Got Hugs, Autumn Loves and Bunny Hugs
Laura Kusyk
 [08/12 1:21:58PM]

The Contrived Link
 [08/12 1:19:16PM]

Cindy Daniels
 [08/12 1:19:05PM]

Fall in Love with comfort
Kathy Jones
 [08/12 1:18:58PM]

Kozy Komfort Knit Sweater
Cindy Sijpheer
 [08/12 1:15:00PM]

Cuddle up sweater; cuddlesome comfort;
Susan Thompson
 [08/12 1:08:46PM]

Hello Gorgeous
Shari Maclellan
 [08/12 1:06:57PM]

Fall in love
Jennifer Zawadzki
 [08/12 1:05:53PM]

Autumn among Us Sweater
Jennifer Perkins
 [08/12 12:59:10PM]

Sugar Plum Sweater, Sweet as a Rose, Wooly Exquisite, Wooly Momma, Raine Knit Sweater (rayne), Exquisite Knit, RRR (my boys are all r names), Chartrand Sweater, Sammi Sweater, RRR Knit (triple r/rx3
Samantha Chartrand
 [08/12 12:54:51PM]

Fall for Me Sweater
Jennifer Perkins
 [08/12 12:53:00PM]

Knitted Elegance
Kristin Casebeer
 [08/12 12:51:15PM]

Fallin' For You Sweater
Abby Laity
 [08/12 12:50:31PM]

Cozy up sweater, it's autumn sweater, honeycomb sweater , snuggle me sweater , so cozy sweater, sweet and cozy sweater , ahh to autumn sweater
Shelley Roszell
 [08/12 12:47:21PM]

Sarah Canney
 [08/12 12:46:02PM]

By Candle Light
Kaitlyn Deg
 [08/12 12:38:46PM]

Sunday Morning Knit Sweater
Kaitlyn Deg
 [08/12 12:35:51PM]

Cozy up Fireside
Lauren lambert
 [08/12 12:35:49PM]

Late Night Cozy
Kaitlyn Deg
 [08/12 12:35:05PM]

Serendipity (Happy Chance) Sweater
Sarah Canney
 [08/12 12:34:27PM]

Weekend brunch sweater
Kalee Fogarty
 [08/12 12:32:46PM]

Cozy comfort
Ellen Noel
 [08/12 12:31:47PM]

Come cuddle me
Courtney zimmerman
 [08/12 12:26:12PM]

Honeycomb Heaven
Erika Pandke
 [08/12 12:20:27PM]

Cozy comfort, Fallin'for a cozy, heart warmer cozy
Sheila Piderman
 [08/12 12:18:05PM]

Cuddle me cozy
Erica Long
 [08/12 12:15:59PM]

Warm and Fuzzy
Joanne MacLellan
 [08/12 12:10:30PM]

Autumn Cozy, Country Bliss, Countryside Wonder, Country Knit
Alyssa Sitko
 [08/12 12:10:15PM]

Fall In Love Sweater
Terri Omani
 [08/12 12:09:03PM]

The Cottage Cozy Sweater
Nicki Fortin
 [08/12 12:08:31PM]

The warm fuzzies sweater for everyone
Penny jo FORD
 [08/12 12:08:26PM]

Autumn Frolic Sweater
Tracey McCaie
 [08/12 11:48:39AM]

Autumn Envy
Tanya Nascimento
 [08/12 11:48:24AM]

Knit pick
Megan kelsey
 [08/12 11:47:12AM]

Cozied Up
Brittany Doyle
 [08/12 11:39:39AM]

Fireside Cozy
Judy Thiessen
 [08/12 11:38:34AM]

Kozy Kabin sweater
Jennifer Boxshall
 [08/12 11:34:03AM]

homestyle charms
shirley koehler
 [08/12 11:32:11AM]

Knit Happens
Jennifer Williamson
 [08/12 11:27:57AM]

All You Knit is Love
Jennifer Williamson
 [08/12 11:27:01AM]

Jennifer Williamson
 [08/12 11:25:43AM]

A Cup of Hot Chocolate
Jennifer Williamson
 [08/12 11:21:28AM]

Harvest Harmony Sweater
Jennifer Shaw
 [08/12 11:15:16AM]

Fireside sweater
Lauren palmer
 [08/12 11:04:25AM]

My favourite sweater
Amy Graham
 [08/12 11:03:24AM]

Autumn on the horizon
Amy Graham
 [08/12 11:00:21AM]

When Autumn meets Winter
Kim LaSaga
 [08/12 10:53:55AM]

Just Right Sweater
Lindsay Sikora
 [08/12 10:53:26AM]

Cosy Automn Wave Sweater
France Roy
 [08/12 10:52:19AM]

Sweet texture sweater
Tanis brandner
 [08/12 10:51:48AM]

Anna Cargnelutti
 [08/12 10:50:37AM]

Desert Sands
 [08/12 10:46:35AM]

Simply me dream sweater
jerelene ong
 [08/12 10:40:50AM]

Snuggle me tender
Tina Basso
 [08/12 10:34:55AM]

Teddy Bear
Gwen Neudorf
 [08/12 10:32:49AM]

Teddy Bear
Gwen Neudorf
 [08/12 10:31:43AM]

Comfort of Fall; Fall of Comfort; Cozy Comfort;
Kristina Duffy
 [08/12 10:31:00AM]

Shades of Autumn, Autumn Hues, Fall into Winter,
Gerri Toews
 [08/12 10:28:41AM]

Fall For You
Susanne Villeneuve
 [08/12 10:27:31AM]

Knitted Elation Sweater
Karen Gabel
 [08/12 10:18:52AM]

Everyday fall fix
Miranda stebnicki
 [08/12 10:16:41AM]

Autumn Bliss, Serenity, Romance, Jennifer
Joy E. Watson
 [08/12 10:16:06AM]

Kozy knit
Ashley Monka
 [08/12 10:08:00AM]

Honeycomb Love
Stephanie Diamond
 [08/12 10:05:43AM]

Starry night comfort
Monique Friesen
 [08/12 10:03:33AM]

Comfort Clad Soft Stitch Classic Comfort Fate's Friend
Jenneke Schnee
 [08/12 9:57:28AM]

Bee's Knees (the weave reminds me of bee hives and it's sophisticated too hence the retro term "bee's knees")
Ida Hearder
 [08/12 9:55:40AM]

All that Weave
Celeste Kallis
 [08/12 9:39:18AM]

Knitted hugz
 [08/12 9:35:57AM]

Knitabulous (Oatmeal/Cranberry/Navy/Midnight)Sweater
Teresa Ansdell
 [08/12 9:32:19AM]

Everyday Cozy
Dezarae Dyke
 [08/12 9:31:44AM]

Oh So Knitty
Jodi Budde
 [08/12 9:30:52AM]

Weave Your Heart On Your Sleeve
 [08/12 9:30:27AM]

Light warmth
Lynn MacInnis
 [08/12 9:27:59AM]

Knits about Fall
Tovah Staudt
 [08/12 9:27:45AM]

Daytime Cozy
Dezarae Dyke
 [08/12 9:25:32AM]

Fall in Love Sweater
amanda krysa
 [08/12 9:24:19AM]

Dream Weave-r sweater
amanda krysa
 [08/12 9:23:47AM]

Plot Twist
 [08/12 9:23:22AM]

the I Love Warm Hugs sweater
Stephanie Jones
 [08/12 9:20:48AM]

Dream Weaver
Linda Thompson
 [08/12 9:20:48AM]

Fall in Love
Emma Enright
 [08/12 9:20:41AM]

Fall Cozy Fall Lush
Morgan Miner
 [08/12 9:19:41AM]

Knitted joy
Sandi Baker
 [08/12 9:18:06AM]

Soft and Suave.
Gisele Picard
 [08/12 9:18:00AM]

Weave Your Narrative
 [08/12 9:17:08AM]

Cuddle Bug
Sarah Adomako-Ansah
 [08/12 9:14:53AM]

Plot Twisted
 [08/12 9:13:00AM]

Falling In Love
Emma Enright
 [08/12 9:10:56AM]

Warm Wishes
Jaime Dubyna
 [08/12 9:10:30AM]

Yukon Autumn Cozy Weave Sweater
Amelia Andrews
 [08/12 9:10:05AM]

Weave Your Dreams
 [08/12 9:07:18AM]

Knit Your Dreams
 [08/12 9:05:55AM]

Weave Your Story
 [08/12 9:04:24AM]

Susan wagner
 [08/12 9:00:27AM]

Weave Your Dream
 [08/12 8:57:22AM]

Sweetheart Comfy Sweatee
Melissa Ball
 [08/12 8:56:34AM]

The Epic Cozy
Melissa Ball
 [08/12 8:55:05AM]

Seasons are Changing Sweater, Seasons of Change cable knit, wonderknit
Shayla Hilliard
 [08/12 8:53:44AM]

Comfort sweater
Jacqueline Gaudet
 [08/12 8:50:06AM]

cozy comfort
margaret mcmullin
 [08/12 8:47:11AM]

3 suggestions: 1. Cherish 2. Infinity 3. Call Me Cozy
Tanja Weiser
 [08/12 8:42:42AM]

Cuddle Me Softly, Fall in Love With Me,
Michelle McEachern
 [08/12 8:41:06AM]

Autumn Breeze
Laura Hevia
 [08/12 8:37:57AM]

Perfect Day Pullover
 [08/12 8:17:45AM]

Knitted Fall Fixation Sweater
Telayna Johnson
 [08/12 8:15:30AM]

Autumn Dreams
Peterena Lightburn
 [08/12 8:13:36AM]

Casual cozy sweater
Kate VandenBos
 [08/12 8:12:05AM]

Keep It Kozy Sweater
Christina Iliopulos
 [08/12 8:11:50AM]

Cozy fall
Beckie brawn
 [08/12 8:00:08AM]

Autumn Breeze
Ashley Burchell
 [08/12 7:56:29AM]

cuddle me cozy
Brielle Ross
 [08/12 7:54:02AM]

FALL In Love Sweater
Sarah Malcolm
 [08/12 7:52:29AM]

Not your granny's sweater!
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [08/12 7:47:04AM]

Cable Knit Cuddler or Cable Knit Cutie
Sheena Taylor
 [08/12 7:46:04AM]

Jeanine Biscaro
 [08/12 7:44:01AM]

The Kawartha sweater, Kawartha Lakes sweater (From the Kawartha Lakes? -means bright waters and happy lands)
Nancy Twist
 [08/12 7:43:45AM]

Warm hug sweater
Renate Barnard
 [08/12 7:42:35AM]

Colder weather sweater
Kristin heerema
 [08/12 7:41:58AM]

Cottage Country sweater
Nancy Twist
 [08/12 7:40:14AM]

Endless love sweater
Tasha Stang
 [08/12 7:37:25AM]

Hug me tender
Marnie Devoni
 [08/12 7:36:43AM]

Atomic love
Carmen Hala
 [08/12 7:31:45AM]

Cable dreaming
Janet cinnamon
 [08/12 7:29:31AM]

Fireside Sweater
Jill Marsh
 [08/12 7:27:57AM]

Joyful sweater
Jackeline Neves
 [08/12 7:21:15AM]

Comfy bae
Dena arsenault
 [08/12 7:15:25AM]

Just can't knit enough
Kathryn Graveline
 [08/12 7:09:21AM]

Not-Your-Grandpa's Sweater
Marci Halseth
 [08/12 7:08:35AM]

Kiss me goodnight sweater
Chiqueta Driedger-Klassen
 [08/12 7:06:56AM]

Comfy cozy
April Hillier
 [08/12 7:05:25AM]

Back roads sweaters
Chiqueta Driedger-Klassen
 [08/12 7:03:52AM]

Fall Daze Comfort Sweater
Anna Monteduro
 [08/12 7:00:47AM]

Heavenly Comfort
Brenda LeDrew
 [08/12 6:57:13AM]

Dream weave
Nathalie Rainville
 [08/12 6:52:05AM]

Fall For It sweater, Cozy Up sweater, Just Right sweater, Classic sweater.
Holly Beck
 [08/12 6:51:48AM]

A Knit to Remember
Lyndsy Wendorf
 [08/12 6:50:30AM]

Après Chic
Tracy Sturley
 [08/12 6:47:21AM]

Arms Wide Open Sweater
Jenna Hill
 [08/12 6:46:58AM]

Leave it to Weaver classic sweater
Melanie Sereda
 [08/12 6:40:04AM]

The 'weave me be' sweater
Melanie Sereda
 [08/12 6:39:11AM]

Snuggler snug a by. Snuggle me.
Karen larick
 [08/12 6:27:11AM]

In Stitches Over this Sweater
Anick Champagne
 [08/12 6:18:46AM]

"Closely-knit friends" sweater
Anick Champagne
 [08/12 6:16:21AM]

Honeycomb cozy
Julie Batten
 [08/12 6:11:40AM]

Beside The Campfire
Bree McMullen
 [08/12 6:03:06AM]

Snuggly sweater/. Snuggle me warm
Kathy tustin
 [08/12 5:58:42AM]

The Soft & Cozy Pullover
Candace Theberge
 [08/12 5:58:23AM]

Maritime Sweater, Coastal Sweater, Sweater by the Sea
Joanne Wilkins
 [08/12 5:53:49AM]

Cozy knit indulgence
Jessica short
 [08/12 5:53:32AM]

Lisa Stackhouse
 [08/12 5:49:03AM]

Wrap Me Softly
Heather Vita
 [08/12 5:46:30AM]

Trend Sweater
Christina Evans
 [08/12 5:45:00AM]

Cozy Cove Sweater
 [08/12 5:40:36AM]

Sweet Honey
Megan Moran
 [08/12 5:40:35AM]

Wonder Weave
Morgan Sider
 [08/12 5:36:44AM]

Purl me pretty, perfect purl, pretty in purl
Christie savioli
 [08/12 5:30:27AM]

Knit picky
Carrie Trownson
 [08/12 5:30:10AM]

Honeycomb velvet
Belinda Dunlop
 [08/12 5:24:42AM]

Take 5 Sweater, High 5 Sweater, ( sweater is cozy, comfy, cute, classic, and charming!)
Christie Savioli
 [08/12 5:19:02AM]

Cozy Corner, From Grandma with Love. Dock Sweater. Coffee Cozy, Crisp Fall (Autumn)
Jennifer Geier
 [08/12 5:05:01AM]

Just right sweater
Rachelle gaudet
 [08/12 5:00:32AM]

Mikayla Ablett, Alysha Fisher
Mikayla Ablett
 [08/12 4:59:55AM]

Knitted love
 [08/12 4:57:32AM]

My Bestfriend Sweater
Bronwen Watson
 [08/12 4:57:04AM]

Woffle Wooly
Joceline Michaud
 [08/12 4:49:43AM]

Amelia--- a classic name for a classic sweater
Amber fisher
 [08/12 4:47:56AM]

Cozy crush sweater
Krystle Collier
 [08/12 4:39:30AM]

Fall foliage hug me sweater
Jessi McGibbon
 [08/12 4:29:44AM]

Comfy and Crisp
carrie lindzon
 [08/12 4:20:16AM]

Fireside Sweater
Bree Lindsay
 [08/12 4:18:23AM]

"You've got to be knitting me right now."
Danielle Ethyl Leah Triolo
 [08/12 4:04:02AM]

Cozy chick
Tracey Antonioni
 [08/12 4:01:56AM]

Cozy cobblestone
Anita Totton
 [08/12 4:01:05AM]

Sunday fun day/Sunday on the porch
Amy Clarke
 [08/12 3:55:35AM]

Looks like Fall
Jennifer Little
 [08/12 3:42:18AM]

Cozy Up
Caitlin Rice
 [08/12 3:42:04AM]

Sweater Weather
Erin Giroux
 [08/12 3:38:02AM]

Bubble Bliss
Jacqueline Salvaterra
 [08/12 3:17:04AM]

The Lazy Sunday Knit
Heather Mulock
 [08/12 2:22:32AM]

Circle of hugs, my cozy circle, my friends circle, fall nights, hug me tight, round about love, cozy comfort, Fall weave, winter weave, love it sweater, circle of attention
Kiley Henderson
 [08/12 1:43:08AM]

Soulfully Soft
Jenny West-Thompson
 [08/12 1:29:22AM]

Bee cozy hive sweater
Brandee Anderson
 [08/12 12:41:49AM]

Too crew for school
Angela diboll
 [08/11 11:48:11PM]

Keeping it cozy
Kristina beier
 [08/11 11:43:00PM]

Carefree comfort
April Price
 [08/11 11:31:52PM]

Flirting with the knit, knitted devotion, knitty and nice
Jessica graham
 [08/11 11:29:58PM]

Honey Comb sweater
Joanna Ricard
 [08/11 11:26:16PM]

Fall'in Top
Julie Inthapagna
 [08/11 11:23:55PM]

Intertwined Comfort
Kyla-Rae Laferdy
 [08/11 11:17:08PM]

The Huggable Loveable
Smiley Shauna
 [08/11 11:11:05PM]

'Weaved In Warmth' sweater
Lisa LC
 [08/11 11:03:24PM]

The everyday knit sweater
Amanda Gimber
 [08/11 11:01:19PM]

Isn't Knit Charming Sweater
Claire Oliver
 [08/11 11:01:05PM]

Dawn Peters
 [08/11 10:58:31PM]

Autumn Classic, autumnal equinox, pumpkin spice, autumn nights, campfire sweater, cozy campfire sweater
tara elias
 [08/11 10:57:08PM]

Wrapped in heaven Clouds of fall
Allison Sands
 [08/11 10:50:23PM]

Gentle fall hug
Cara Carlson
 [08/11 10:50:19PM]

Cozy Fin Fun sweater
Julie Branco
 [08/11 10:48:37PM]

Cozy In Love
Brittany Forte
 [08/11 10:48:31PM]

Weave it all Behind
Christina Doucette
 [08/11 10:40:50PM]

Weave No Stone Unturned
Christina Doucette
 [08/11 10:39:17PM]

Take it or Weave It
Christina Doucette
 [08/11 10:37:25PM]

Never Weave Me
Christina Doucette
 [08/11 10:35:46PM]

Christina Doucette
 [08/11 10:34:42PM]

 [08/11 10:30:08PM]

Bailey grose
 [08/11 10:27:33PM]

Trendy cozy love
Weronika Dubois
 [08/11 10:27:12PM]

Epic Cozy Sweater
Alissa Matheson
 [08/11 10:27:08PM]

Moss Stitch Sweater
Laura Bates
 [08/11 10:25:59PM]

Cozy time sweater
Sarah Hurtubise
 [08/11 10:25:51PM]

Colour me cozy
Charity Strange
 [08/11 10:20:42PM]

"Fall for me" sweater
Peggy Herbachuk
 [08/11 10:18:47PM]

The love hug sweater Fall in love sweater Fall in colours sweater
Anna Galassi
 [08/11 10:14:56PM]

Weave Fallen In Love
Lisa Salter
 [08/11 10:10:20PM]

Cozy comfort
Catelin Beacock
 [08/11 10:08:53PM]

The Cozy
Charlene Wojcicki
 [08/11 10:08:16PM]

Kristy Haakstad
 [08/11 10:07:20PM]

"Honey Bee" Cozy Sweater
Kora, Mila & Phena Manwaring
 [08/11 10:04:55PM]

Woodland warmth
Vicki kupser
 [08/11 10:03:17PM]

Comfort knit, knitting comfort, knitted charm, charming knits, I heart sweater, lazy day knit
Marsha Rankin
 [08/11 9:50:40PM]

Beleaf'in Cozy
Cai'lin Kroon
 [08/11 9:50:21PM]

Cozy in all the right places
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [08/11 9:49:41PM]

Honeycomb Hug
Christine Findlay
 [08/11 9:45:57PM]

Cozy me up
Heidi Truong
 [08/11 9:43:58PM]

Fall For It Sweater; Falling for You Sweater; Warm Embrace Sweater; Snuggled In Sweater; Cozy Days Sweater
Lisa Coulson
 [08/11 9:43:55PM]

Carmen dmytryshyn
 [08/11 9:42:20PM]

Crisp Orchard Air; Atlantic Air; Road to Comfort; Autumn Air; Stay Awhile; Linger; Cozy Fireside
Amy Pillage
 [08/11 9:40:41PM]

Fall Harvest Sweaters
Pam Shields
 [08/11 9:39:02PM]

Cozy crew neck.
Tanya dunnett
 [08/11 9:38:49PM]

Harvest Embrace or Nature's Embrace
Leanne DuMontier
 [08/11 9:38:32PM]

Arista sweater.( Arista is Greek for harvest. )
Lisa Wilson
 [08/11 9:33:56PM]

Autumn Breeze Sweater OR Cozy Up Sweater OR Fall for Me Sweater
Anna Pascuzzo
 [08/11 9:33:38PM]

Cozy deluxe
Alicia Howorth
 [08/11 9:31:47PM]

Knotted knit
Tammy Noel
 [08/11 9:30:49PM]

Snuggle bliss
paula Breitkreuz
 [08/11 9:30:40PM]

In all knits beauty
Suzanne M
 [08/11 9:28:51PM]

Hexagonal Honeycomb
Cheryl Guerriero
 [08/11 9:27:23PM]

Knits my favorite
Suzanne M
 [08/11 9:27:10PM]

Bear Necessities Sweater
Cara Anderson
 [08/11 9:26:29PM]

Simple staple
Suzanne M
 [08/11 9:26:08PM]

Beautifully knitted; Calm & Cozy
Amy Apfelbaum
 [08/11 9:25:14PM]

Fashionable fall favorite
Suzanne M
 [08/11 9:24:50PM]

Ain't Knit Cozy
Stephanie Maitland
 [08/11 9:24:01PM]

Knitted & kozy
Amy Apfelbaum
 [08/11 9:23:17PM]

Canadian casual comfort
Suzanne M
 [08/11 9:22:40PM]

Knit Me Cozy
Amy Apfelbaum
 [08/11 9:22:32PM]

Knitlicious / Lakeside / Effortless / Base Knit / Easy Breezy / Autumn Knot / Knotty / Knotted Autumn / Knots of Autumn / All of the Strings / Bring on the Breeze / Autumnal / Cottage / Short n Cosy
Sherrie Silman
 [08/11 9:21:54PM]

Snuggle Weather
Alyssa Semenoff
 [08/11 9:21:16PM]

Warm winter hug sweater.
Tiffany Archie
 [08/11 9:21:04PM]

Simply snug, patch perfect, wearable weave, wonder weave
Christine Hankey
 [08/11 9:18:22PM]

Cozy Classics Sweater
Cindy Guillas
 [08/11 9:18:07PM]

Autumn Wishes Sweater, Wishing for Fall, Ready for Anything Sweater
Natasha Young
 [08/11 9:17:39PM]

Autumn sunset; Fall Temptation; This is Knit; Fall Breeze; Fall into Knit;
Susan Constantine
 [08/11 9:15:17PM]

Curl Up and Cuddle Sweater
Shannon Kunz
 [08/11 9:14:19PM]

Changing Seasons
Kristan Pidwerbeski
 [08/11 9:12:44PM]

Sue Tegart
 [08/11 9:08:30PM]

Falling For You sweater
Jessica Bozman
 [08/11 9:08:17PM]

Gentle Euphoria
Echo Morasch
 [08/11 9:07:42PM]

Fall for You Sweater
Amy Holden
 [08/11 9:07:41PM]

Fall knit cozy
Christy Mack
 [08/11 9:07:30PM]

Fallin' for you sweater
Amber Nicholson
 [08/11 9:07:25PM]

Winter Warmth
Amanda Garrett
 [08/11 9:05:40PM]

Amanda Garrett
 [08/11 9:05:14PM]

I love knit, Knit Happens sweater, Nothing but knit sweater, Fall for knit sweater
Christine Welburn
 [08/11 9:04:57PM]

By The Fire
Mandy Garrett
 [08/11 9:04:40PM]

Cozy fallknit sweater
Christy roseberry
 [08/11 9:04:28PM]

Honeycomb Harvest sweater
Nichole Covey
 [08/11 9:03:18PM]

Bubble knit
Brandee reid
 [08/11 9:02:59PM]

No Boundaries
Antonella Lysak
 [08/11 9:02:39PM]

Cozy Chic
Dayna Grandy
 [08/11 9:00:17PM]

Grandpa's knitted cozy sweater
Christy roseberry
 [08/11 8:59:29PM]

Andrea Kenez
 [08/11 8:54:36PM]

Cozy Knit
Tiffany Archie
 [08/11 8:53:01PM]

Staple knit sweater, cozy cable knit sweater, fall fav sweater
Heather Herder
 [08/11 8:50:50PM]

Snuggle Hug
Shawna Koch
 [08/11 8:50:22PM]

Cozy Knit Sweater
Christine Jones
 [08/11 8:50:13PM]

Cozy cuddle sweater
Anne-Marie Cronkwright
 [08/11 8:49:55PM]

Sugar sweet sweater
Anne-Marie Cronkwright
 [08/11 8:49:08PM]

Fall For It sweater
Rona Tepper
 [08/11 8:45:31PM]

Cuddle Cutie
Joan Martyn
 [08/11 8:43:13PM]

Fall Lattw
Sarah Mendek-Walker
 [08/11 8:40:38PM]

Jill Fleming
 [08/11 8:40:18PM]

Coastal Knit sweater
Krystal zhang
 [08/11 8:36:51PM]

Victoria Butt
 [08/11 8:35:24PM]

I want smore sweater
Jessica Urbina
 [08/11 8:33:50PM]

Cuddle Puff
Linda Soroka
 [08/11 8:33:38PM]

There's knitting like it
Lindsay Geist
 [08/11 8:31:28PM]

Cozy me up
Kristen Lynch
 [08/11 8:27:37PM]

My New Bestie
Melissa Conrad
 [08/11 8:27:10PM]

Autumn lovin'
Kristin Bates
 [08/11 8:21:45PM]

Jacquie Hodge
 [08/11 8:21:10PM]

Knit perfection ; The perfect Fall; Forever Yours; Fall Classic; ColourFall
Jenn Moore
 [08/11 8:20:56PM]

Not your boyfriends sweater
Jennifer Pedersen
 [08/11 8:20:42PM]

The Goldilock Sweater- Not too hot, Not too cold- just right
Holly Olson
 [08/11 8:18:29PM]

Comfy cozy sweater
Kelly Arlene pchajek
 [08/11 8:18:27PM]

Hygge Sweater
Nicole Watson
 [08/11 8:18:27PM]

Honey comb cozy sweater
Jenn Reedyk
 [08/11 8:18:23PM]

Fireside Cozy
Karis Brandes
 [08/11 8:16:01PM]

Falling in Love with Fall
Shelley Sutley
 [08/11 8:15:29PM]

Chunky Comfort
Brenda Eaton
 [08/11 8:14:12PM]

The Chunk
Brenda Eaton
 [08/11 8:13:48PM]

Cover me cozy sweater
Jamie Girouard
 [08/11 8:13:04PM]

Jasmine, Gemini
Amanda Wozny
 [08/11 8:12:17PM]

The HugMe
Meghan Schram
 [08/11 8:11:35PM]

Crisp in Canada
Sieglinde Skelton
 [08/11 8:10:05PM]

Harvest leisure sweater
Tessa fleck
 [08/11 8:08:26PM]

Cozy and Coffee sweater, Fall Right Into Me sweater
Jennifer Barone
 [08/11 8:07:53PM]

The Crazy Comfy Sweater
Britny Daubert
 [08/11 8:06:13PM]

Cuddle Me Up
Lindsay Hanson
 [08/11 8:06:01PM]

Rufus sweater
Randi-Lee Eddy
 [08/11 8:05:59PM]

Oh Snow you didn't sweater
Amy Boughen
 [08/11 8:03:08PM]

Cozy into Fall, Cozy Vibrance, Sweater Splendor, Cool Down Coziness (Cozy), Crisp Air Knit, Harvest Knit, Fall Spice Sweater
Renee Kelly
 [08/11 8:01:05PM]

Snuggle Me Fall
Jessica Bolton
 [08/11 7:58:17PM]

Snug as a Bug Knit Sweater
Anna Thachuk
 [08/11 7:57:58PM]

Teddy bear sweater
Alisha glover
 [08/11 7:57:16PM]

#momlife sweater, ready for any occasion
Pritam Athwal
 [08/11 7:54:03PM]

The Girlfriend sweater, soft, cuddly and elegant
Pritam Athwal
 [08/11 7:52:41PM]

All That and a Bag of Yarn
Jennifer Williamson
 [08/11 7:51:45PM]

Say Hello
Christine Porter
 [08/11 7:51:23PM]

Fluff and Fold
Lyne de Montarnal
 [08/11 7:49:50PM]

Autum Bliss
Lisa Froese
 [08/11 7:49:49PM]

Colour me cozy
Melissa mcalister
 [08/11 7:49:47PM]

Warm & Cozy, in the firelight, cozy cable perfection, cable the night away
Laura Barkman
 [08/11 7:48:31PM]

Popcorn sweater
Trudy diamond
 [08/11 7:48:17PM]

Not Your Grandma's Sweater
Kaitlyn Trolley
 [08/11 7:47:38PM]

Cable chic
Emma Freeman
 [08/11 7:47:04PM]

What's not to weave about it
Rochelle Gallant
 [08/11 7:46:49PM]

Autumn Harvest Sweater
Samantha MacIsaac
 [08/11 7:43:55PM]

Keep Calm and Stay Cozy
Dawn Tate
 [08/11 7:43:47PM]

Wool You Were Sleeping Just the Right Knit At My Knits End Sweater You Waiting For In the Knit of Time
Orysia Burdett
 [08/11 7:43:37PM]

Crochet Cruisin, Flaunt your style with this Fireside sweater, or Knit it Up sweater, Bonfire bronze sweater
Tasha Waugh
 [08/11 7:43:29PM]

Cuddle Me Up
Miranda Forbister
 [08/11 7:42:59PM]

Sarah Kemp
 [08/11 7:42:30PM]

Fall Frenzy Sweater, Autumn Dream Sweater, Slip into Fall Sweater, Epic Autumn Sweater,
Tracey Marcil
 [08/11 7:41:09PM]

Everyday Sweater or cozy comfort
Stacey walton
 [08/11 7:40:40PM]

Reason for the Season
Tina Placido
 [08/11 7:40:12PM]

Rustic Chic Sweater or Rustic Charm Sweater
Sarah Snable
 [08/11 7:34:27PM]

"Grin and wear it", cause it reminds me of a cozy sweater that would get you through even the toughest days. OR. "Knit today, thanks", as in "not today thanks", i don't feel like doing anything and would just like to stay home in my cozy sweater all day.
Krista Stoesz
 [08/11 7:33:29PM]

Comfy Cozy
Sheena Comeau
 [08/11 7:32:57PM]

Not Your Grandma's Knitted Sweater
Shauna Jenkins
 [08/11 7:31:35PM]

Classic staple sweater
 [08/11 7:31:30PM]

Stylin Chic
Dawna Watts
 [08/11 7:31:28PM]

Cosy Lovin
Autumn Ruinat
 [08/11 7:31:22PM]

Weavin' Cozy
Kimberly Schultz
 [08/11 7:31:08PM]

Comfy cozy sweater
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [08/11 7:29:52PM]

Knit Around Me Sweater
Tanya Ness
 [08/11 7:29:29PM]

Fall For Me
Nicole Graveline
 [08/11 7:27:01PM]

Farmers Market Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 7:26:17PM]

Cozy Threads
Tanya Ness
 [08/11 7:26:15PM]

Falls a comin' sweater
Tiffany Crawford
 [08/11 7:24:12PM]

4 seasons Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 7:23:18PM]

Knitted Comfort
Miranda Moffatt
 [08/11 7:23:04PM]

Woodland Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 7:22:33PM]

Cozy Cuddle Sweater
Kim Hutchison
 [08/11 7:21:58PM]

Everchanging Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 7:21:47PM]

The Seedling Sweater (looks like the Seed Stitch)
Shelly Hicks
 [08/11 7:21:34PM]

Smooth Pebble Weave or The Dream Weaver's Knit,
Alana Splint
 [08/11 7:20:03PM]

Knot your grandma's knit, Not your gramma's sweater, Sweet Cable Coziness, All cozied up
Cheryl de Vries
 [08/11 7:19:03PM]

The cottage cozy
Leanne Young
 [08/11 7:18:52PM]

Hay Ride
Ty Gray
 [08/11 7:17:45PM]

Hug me
Raewyn Fritz
 [08/11 7:17:01PM]

All That Matters
Jan Halushka
 [08/11 7:15:53PM]

Knit your grannys sweater
Courtney Hoffe
 [08/11 7:15:46PM]

Fall Fling
Trina Gray
 [08/11 7:15:20PM]

Knit just right
Allison Riopka
 [08/11 7:13:16PM]

Snug as a Bug Sweater
Barb Maxwell
 [08/11 7:10:04PM]

A touch of charm, Comfort zone, Weekend comfort, Intuition, Satisfied soul, Fall classic
Tara Borrelli
 [08/11 7:09:30PM]

Fall into me sweater
Heather McIlmoyle
 [08/11 7:07:25PM]

Warm for the winter
Trish Markowsky
 [08/11 7:05:43PM]

Cuddle up sweater
Heather McIlmoyle
 [08/11 7:05:40PM]

A Warm Winter's Weave
Lindsay Fera
 [08/11 7:05:12PM]

Knit Your Average Sweater
Jennifer Schwartz
 [08/11 7:04:46PM]

Epic Knit
Allison Riopka
 [08/11 7:04:44PM]

Heavenly Hug sweater
Trish Markowsky
 [08/11 7:03:58PM]

Knitted together, knot your average knit, come knit with me, knitted love, autumn knits.
Heather McIlmoyle
 [08/11 7:03:30PM]

Sweater Weather
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 7:02:52PM]

Amber's Cozy Sweater
Heidi Kostrey
 [08/11 7:02:44PM]

Pure comfort
Lisa Boudreau
 [08/11 7:02:30PM]

Cozy Sweater
Donna Loszchuk
 [08/11 7:01:53PM]

Fall for me sweater, open season sweater, leave me cozy sweater, leave me comfy sweater, curl up and knit sweater
Sabrina mills
 [08/11 7:01:26PM]

Apple Harvest Sweater
Heidi Kostrey
 [08/11 7:01:03PM]

Autumn Bliss
Lynn Sturgeon
 [08/11 7:00:34PM]

Fall into me sweater
Christina Aaron
 [08/11 7:00:29PM]

Wrapped in Comfort
Heather Maxwell
 [08/11 6:59:51PM]

Warm Winter Nights
Nicole Sheppard
 [08/11 6:56:16PM]

The Virtuoso Sweater
Brittany Wilson
 [08/11 6:55:52PM]

Free Fallin
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 6:55:20PM]

Autumn Frenzy
Shelley Roszell
 [08/11 6:54:44PM]

Cottage life sweater
Tracy gardiner
 [08/11 6:54:25PM]

Fall into cosy
Kelly Gallagher
 [08/11 6:52:50PM]

Kali Bernst
 [08/11 6:52:08PM]

Well Seasoned
Kali Bernst
 [08/11 6:51:11PM]

Boyfriend material
Jenna groamillar
 [08/11 6:51:08PM]

Cozy Sophie
Brenda Yausie
 [08/11 6:46:45PM]

Fireside knit sweater
Kelly Long
 [08/11 6:46:00PM]

Drool Factor ?
Kristine Murray
 [08/11 6:45:50PM]

Solar Sweater
Sara Manchester
 [08/11 6:44:10PM]

Cozy Love, Cozy by the fire, Winter fun, Winter Lovers Sweater, Bring on Winter.
Nicki Varga
 [08/11 6:42:57PM]

Warm me up
Helen Saunders
 [08/11 6:42:12PM]

'Knit' Your Grandmother's Sweater
Bailey Michaud
 [08/11 6:39:55PM]

Cozy up sweater
Julia Schellenberg
 [08/11 6:39:37PM]

Comfy cozy cable Knit
Sara McLean
 [08/11 6:39:32PM]

Marvel - meaning beautiful or distinctive
Nickey Johnston
 [08/11 6:39:16PM]

Harvest Equinox
Cara Scholl
 [08/11 6:38:27PM]

Just right!
Melanie Larizza
 [08/11 6:37:46PM]

Dusk to Dawn Pullover
Cara Scholl
 [08/11 6:36:37PM]

Winter Winds open knit weave sweater
Sharon De Benetti
 [08/11 6:35:15PM]

Cobble stone cozy
Cyndi Pelech
 [08/11 6:34:43PM]

Weave into it
Heather Wishloff
 [08/11 6:34:41PM]

Cozy Days Warm Knits
Natasha Perkins
 [08/11 6:33:55PM]

Sweet as Honey Sweater
Jennifer Ko
 [08/11 6:32:17PM]

Honeycomb Pullover
Cara Schayer
 [08/11 6:31:20PM]

Dream Weaver
Angela Tomkinson
 [08/11 6:31:13PM]

You'll love knit
Brittney Leask
 [08/11 6:31:10PM]

Woolfully warm <3
Ainsley Garbutt
 [08/11 6:30:26PM]

Cozy Weekender
Tallya Bedard
 [08/11 6:28:51PM]

Andrea McKitrick
 [08/11 6:27:41PM]

Harvest moon, Autumn breeze, In knit for love, Something beautiful, He keeps me warm, Sun goes down, Falling for you, Autumn mosaic, Autumn glow, Tints of autumn, Harvest sky, I can't beleaf my eyes, Give me the chills, Melt my heart,
Tara Borrelli
 [08/11 6:27:14PM]

Gettin' Knit, I'm Gettin' Knit
Maxine Joe
 [08/11 6:26:16PM]

Give thanks for sweaters
Katrina oldfield
 [08/11 6:24:52PM]

Honeycomb Knit
Cara Scholl
 [08/11 6:24:11PM]

Simply Stunning; Sweet and Subtle; In High Spirits; Snug as a Bug; Sweet Snuggles
Nicole B.
 [08/11 6:24:01PM]

Curl up Cozy
Danielle Dureault
 [08/11 6:22:57PM]

Knit knotty
Nathalie Rainville
 [08/11 6:21:53PM]

Autumn Weaves
Judith Feltus
 [08/11 6:21:46PM]

Weave got you covered
Ashley Strome
 [08/11 6:20:49PM]

Pumpkin spice and everything nice
Katrina oldfield
 [08/11 6:20:31PM]

Autumn Comfort
Barb Price
 [08/11 6:20:27PM]

Comfort getaway
Tina Bussey
 [08/11 6:19:20PM]

Fireside sweater
Gagan gill
 [08/11 6:19:15PM]

Your very own hug
Andrea Stewart
 [08/11 6:17:24PM]

Dream weaver
Candice Gregory
 [08/11 6:16:20PM]

Warm Embrace
Andrea Eisner
 [08/11 6:14:51PM]

Chalet Cozy Knit
Katrina Coote
 [08/11 6:12:51PM]

Candice Gregory
 [08/11 6:12:49PM]

FALL For Me Sweater or Autumn Air Cozy Sweater
Heather Birrell
 [08/11 6:10:11PM]

Olive Juice sweater
Rebekah Donaldson
 [08/11 6:10:02PM]

Goldilocks ( not too hot, not too cold, just right!)
Kristi Oudenampsen
 [08/11 6:09:58PM]

Wine night sweater
Alexei Bannon
 [08/11 6:09:53PM]

Campfire Cozies, Cuddle up by the fire sweater, Hug me sweater
Sara Ahronheim Koffman
 [08/11 6:09:25PM]

Cozy Crew
Vanessa David
 [08/11 6:06:14PM]

Knit Your Average Sweater, Naughty Knit,
June Weiss
 [08/11 6:03:07PM]

The perfect temperature sweater, cozy time,
katrina dreyer
 [08/11 6:02:50PM]

Autumn cozy classic, wrap me in magic sweater
Kylea Plouffe
 [08/11 6:02:41PM]

Around the fire knit
Donna Clipperton
 [08/11 6:02:35PM]

Knit to Perfection
Michelle Albert
 [08/11 6:01:45PM]

Dressed For Success Sweater Fall into Sweater Weather Love me Tender Sweater??
Jennifer Klassen
 [08/11 6:01:21PM]

Warm hugs
Shannon Taylor
 [08/11 5:56:41PM]

supremacy sweater
Olivia Knight
 [08/11 5:56:38PM]

weave me alone love me or weave me
Lynn Henderson
 [08/11 5:54:12PM]

Every Girls Dream Sweater Heaven in a Sweater Woven by Angels Sweater Be Mine Sweater Perfectly Posh Sweater
Jennifer Klassen
 [08/11 5:53:47PM]

Marie Hartman
 [08/11 5:53:40PM]

Bring back that woven feeling
Torrie Holden
 [08/11 5:52:14PM]

Honeycomb hug
Crystal Garton
 [08/11 5:50:40PM]

Fireside comfort
Lisa Gardiner
 [08/11 5:50:25PM]

Popcorn Joy
JoAnne Novakowski
 [08/11 5:50:20PM]

Leavesdropping Sweater
Stephanie Horne
 [08/11 5:49:39PM]

Cuddle me up
Karen Powers
 [08/11 5:48:40PM]

Sweet and savvy sweater
Nicole Richard
 [08/11 5:48:08PM]

Everyday Warmth
Sylvia Mathieu
 [08/11 5:48:06PM]

Warm embrace , not your average sweater , sweet & comfy
Amanda Kelly
 [08/11 5:48:04PM]

Weave Got You Knit
Jasmine Agnew
 [08/11 5:47:19PM]

Unbe-weave-ably cozy. Knit-flix and chill.
Tabitha Hildebrandt
 [08/11 5:47:04PM]

Honeycomb Sweater
Sandy McKenzie
 [08/11 5:45:32PM]

Cozy weave Autumn comfort
Karen Giesbrecht
 [08/11 5:43:11PM]

Knitted sweater would live in every colour !
Shelby pederson
 [08/11 5:42:42PM]

Fall into comfort sweater
Jennifer freamon
 [08/11 5:41:44PM]

Cable Knit and Chill
Heather Sweetapple
 [08/11 5:41:24PM]

All the leaves sweater
April Manning
 [08/11 5:40:33PM]

Knit for fall sweater
Kelly neal
 [08/11 5:40:33PM]

Weave It To Beaver
Jennifer Jungwirth
 [08/11 5:36:48PM]

Knitflix & chill, autumn & embers
Devon Eisenberger
 [08/11 5:35:51PM]

Knit me a Dream, Keeping it Cozy, Knit Your Average Sweater, The Lovely Sweater, Colours of Fall, A Breath of Fall
Amy Liebaert
 [08/11 5:35:37PM]

Honey Comb Cozy
Kristine Giurissevich
 [08/11 5:35:36PM]

Nifty in Knit
Megan Auger
 [08/11 5:34:57PM]

Life is better in a sweater
Paula Bass
 [08/11 5:34:23PM]

Saturday vibes
Victoria Melbourne
 [08/11 5:33:01PM]

Color Me Fall Honeycomb cuddler Autumn Spice
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [08/11 5:30:14PM]

Knits the name sweater
Jennifer Bibeau
 [08/11 5:29:57PM]

* Autumn spice * Canadian hug * Autumn heat * country harvest * wrapped in spice
Kimberley long
 [08/11 5:29:48PM]

Honeycomb Harvest Sweater
Marilyn Newton
 [08/11 5:29:24PM]

Kuddle me Kozy
Alisha flemming
 [08/11 5:29:17PM]

Classy-Cozy Sweater
Kelley Andrews-Klein
 [08/11 5:29:13PM]

Pumpkin spice me
 [08/11 5:29:06PM]

Winter Weave, Fall Snuggles, Leaves of Autumn
Ge?ri Toews
 [08/11 5:28:50PM]

Woven comfort sweater
Jennifer Freamon
 [08/11 5:28:28PM]

Goldilocks Choice!
Tonya Simonds
 [08/11 5:27:55PM]

Bees Knees Sweater
Marilyn Newton
 [08/11 5:27:37PM]

Cozy Up Knit Sweater, Warm Embrace Sweater, Fall into You Knit Sweater, Chill in the air Knit sweater, Fall Essentials Sweater, Classic Knit Sweater, Camden Sweater
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [08/11 5:27:15PM]

Honeycomb Knit Sweater Sweet for the Soul Honeycomb Sweater Sweet for the Soul Sweater Sweet Honeycomb Sweater
Marilyn Newton
 [08/11 5:26:38PM]

Coastal comfort
Andrea organ
 [08/11 5:26:08PM]

The Killin' Knit
Mandy Day
 [08/11 5:26:02PM]

Just the right knit
Ashley Hancock
 [08/11 5:25:18PM]

Nova Belle Knit Mila Knit The Mackenzie
Katelyn Harris
 [08/11 5:21:45PM]

Comfy Cozy autumn Sweater
kim Dilney
 [08/11 5:21:25PM]

Autumn Weave; Warm n Cozy; Fall Fair
Amy Devonshire
 [08/11 5:20:31PM]

Favourite fall cozy sweater
Lindsay Currie
 [08/11 5:20:00PM]

Purity sweater
Tammy Ripley
 [08/11 5:19:45PM]

Sofia Knit Sweater
Katie Schofield
 [08/11 5:19:35PM]

Harvest Classic Sweater
Melissa Yuzda
 [08/11 5:19:10PM]

Cozy Boyfriend Sweater, You'd Better BeWEAVE It Seesyer, Hold Me Cozy Sweater, Couch Cuddler Sweater, FALL Wott Me Sweater, The Brittany
Brittany Campbell
 [08/11 5:17:36PM]

Cabin Comfort
Sarah Kehler
 [08/11 5:16:50PM]

Warm Hug
Cynthia Lanoue
 [08/11 5:16:00PM]

Beweave Me
Dinah Bueckert
 [08/11 5:15:08PM]

Get on me
Ashley Hancock
 [08/11 5:15:07PM]

Winter wonderland
Patricia McKeen
 [08/11 5:15:01PM]

fall in love pullover
Kaye main
 [08/11 5:14:32PM]

Harvest knit
Jenny Lynn Gerbrandt
 [08/11 5:14:27PM]

Easy Does Knit, Have Knit Your Way
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/11 5:13:47PM]

The waffle
Sheri lamirante
 [08/11 5:13:42PM]

Classically cozy
Jenny lynn Gerbrandt
 [08/11 5:13:30PM]

Falling for you sweater, Fall into Snuggles Sweater, Midnight cuddles sweater, Twilight Classic sweater, Everyday and S'mores sweater, Your Necessity and S'more sweater, Spark and Smoulder sweater, Knit and Flare Sweater, Your everyday flame sweater, Soft and alluring sweater, Blazing through sweater, Glow within sweater, Flicker a shudder sweater
Rebecca Fisher
 [08/11 5:12:37PM]

Falling in Love sweater, Autumn Bliss sweater, Harvest Delight sweater, Falltime Sublime sweater, Autumn Crush sweater
Vanessa Engel
 [08/11 5:11:17PM]

Cozy comfort, fall into comfort, autumn awesome
Angela Aultman
 [08/11 5:10:47PM]

Knit to perfection, Knot your average knit sweater
Christie savioli
 [08/11 5:10:28PM]

Northern Yankee Sweater
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:10:17PM]

Dream Weaver
Emma Miller
 [08/11 5:10:11PM]

Canadian Warmth
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:08:15PM]

Knitted but nice
Amanda Grant
 [08/11 5:07:57PM]

Cozy On Up
Crystal Makaruk
 [08/11 5:07:18PM]

Canadian Cuddle
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:06:22PM]

Squish me Sweater
Melanie Copeland
 [08/11 5:06:14PM]

Changing Leaves Sweater
Amanda Asturias
 [08/11 5:05:25PM]

Knitting me softly, colour me cute
Christie Savioli
 [08/11 5:05:00PM]

Warm waffle weave
Arienne Ferguson
 [08/11 5:04:59PM]

Epic Knit
Chantel St. Pierre
 [08/11 5:04:59PM]

Cuddle hugs
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:04:50PM]

Snuggle hugs
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:04:24PM]

Weaven knitted comfies
Toby-Ann Perna
 [08/11 5:04:18PM]

The Aberdeen Sweater
Jennilyn Robbie
 [08/11 5:03:50PM]

Knockout Knit Sweater
Amanda Asturias
 [08/11 5:02:55PM]

Fall into love
Jessie Brewer
 [08/11 5:02:24PM]

The Warm and Fuzzies Sweater
Beverly Lewis
 [08/11 5:02:09PM]

Heart Warming Sweaterl
Elise Morin
 [08/11 5:01:54PM]

Snugglelious Sweater
Sarah Goetz
 [08/11 5:01:51PM]

Honeycomb Hug
Galen Conchie
 [08/11 5:01:01PM]

Autumn breeze, fall foliage, Autumn cuddles, wrapped in velvet
Tamara Zaretski
 [08/11 5:00:52PM]

Autumn equinox
Krystle MacDonald
 [08/11 5:00:44PM]

The Trendy Hug
Victoria thomas
 [08/11 5:00:36PM]

Oh so cozy
Chelsea patenaude
 [08/11 5:00:01PM]

Santa Monica Sweater
Shirrae Anderson
 [08/11 4:59:39PM]

The Cuddle Up Sweater
Julianne Funk
 [08/11 4:58:21PM]

Cozy Classic
Karlene Mushumanski
 [08/11 4:58:12PM]

Comfy Cozy
Nadine Wickens
 [08/11 4:57:59PM]

Isle of cozy sweater
Julene Sawatzky
 [08/11 4:57:39PM]

Snuggle me tight sweater, or cuddle up sweater
Melissa potestio
 [08/11 4:57:19PM]

Cindy Puskas
 [08/11 4:57:19PM]

Fall into Cozy Sweater, Cute and Cozy Sweater, Knit for You Sweater, Fun Fall Sweater
Shantel Blanke
 [08/11 4:57:05PM]

Fall in Love Sweater
Christine Lightheart
 [08/11 4:55:27PM]

"Snuggle Me"
Allison Clarke
 [08/11 4:54:59PM]

As good as knit gets
Tanya miller
 [08/11 4:54:43PM]

Bonfire Nights
Allison Stephenson
 [08/11 4:53:59PM]

Autumn Rush
Anita Perdia
 [08/11 4:52:58PM]

Take me anywhere sweater
Jennifer Falle
 [08/11 4:52:55PM]

Cozy Cora
Bernadette Wearden
 [08/11 4:52:44PM]

Bear Hug Sweater
Anita Perdia
 [08/11 4:51:33PM]

Cozy up to Comfort sweater Falling Leaves sweater
Susan Schmidt
 [08/11 4:50:52PM]

The warm hug
Phillip Ferreira
 [08/11 4:50:08PM]

All mine
Linda Scott
 [08/11 4:49:28PM]

Cold Weather Sweater
Morgan Oliver
 [08/11 4:49:25PM]

Fall nights
Kristy Burton
 [08/11 4:49:15PM]

Neat Knits
Ashlee Townson
 [08/11 4:49:04PM]

Cozy for fall
Jennifer janes
 [08/11 4:48:49PM]

Cozy nights sweater
Maureen Neall
 [08/11 4:48:07PM]

Warm and fuzzy sweater
Lisa Griffith
 [08/11 4:47:22PM]

Harvest dreams, Highland delight, wooly wonders, Autumn Escape,
Satu Spring
 [08/11 4:47:17PM]

Falling for you sweater
Megan Stevenson
 [08/11 4:47:08PM]

Take me to the pumpkin patch
Makayla Fournier
 [08/11 4:46:58PM]

I've got this cover, fall is coming, Sunday latte, autumn winds, snuggle nuzzle, cuddly bug
Jessica salvati
 [08/11 4:46:52PM]

Waffle Weave
Joanne Clark
 [08/11 4:45:50PM]

Good As Knit Gets
Morgan Oliver
 [08/11 4:45:09PM]

Soft Cuddles Sweater
Kaitlynn Kirschner
 [08/11 4:45:05PM]

Fall Dreams
Nancy Twist
 [08/11 4:44:46PM]

Cuppa tea
Kaela Hendra
 [08/11 4:44:43PM]

Autumn delight
Jade fracassi
 [08/11 4:43:01PM]

Sweet weaves
Tamarra moore
 [08/11 4:42:46PM]

Wrapped in Love
Aileen Anderson
 [08/11 4:42:14PM]

Sweeter than sweater, sweeter than sweater weather, sweater weather sweets, sweet knits sweater
Tamarra moore
 [08/11 4:41:37PM]

MUST HAVE sweater
Mary Neilson
 [08/11 4:41:08PM]

Color me cozy, Autumn allure, perfect pick, spice is nice, sweet treat, catch my eye, familliar feeling, cozy classic, harvest ready,
Allison Hoekema
 [08/11 4:40:23PM]

knitted dream sweater
Amanda hodgson
 [08/11 4:40:04PM]

LOVE it LEAF it sweater
Heather Everton
 [08/11 4:39:50PM]

Spools out for summer
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:39:26PM]

Pinecone knit sweater
Lyndal Semenchuk
 [08/11 4:39:26PM]

Not your grandmas knit sweater
Staci Babcock
 [08/11 4:39:14PM]

Warm and cosy
Rina Di Nobile
 [08/11 4:39:13PM]

Autumn Light weaver
Leslie Scribilo
 [08/11 4:38:56PM]

Knit ready for fall
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:38:46PM]

Autumn Breeze
Nancy McConnell
 [08/11 4:38:38PM]

Comfy cozy
Bobbijo Roback
 [08/11 4:37:50PM]

Cozy Chic Sweater
Cherie Inwood
 [08/11 4:37:22PM]

Fall into Cozy Knitted Sweater
Melissa Kennedy
 [08/11 4:37:20PM]

FALL in love sweater
Heather Everton
 [08/11 4:37:16PM]

Cluster Knit for comfort sweater
Mari Rodriguez
 [08/11 4:37:14PM]

I'm lovin knit
Sarah Hendrickson
 [08/11 4:36:29PM]

Too cool for the spool
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:35:03PM]

Autumn's Away Sweater, Falling in Love sweater
Andrea Burbank
 [08/11 4:33:19PM]

Cozy Simplified!
Michelle Bosch
 [08/11 4:33:12PM]

Love me some knit
Jodie poole
 [08/11 4:33:11PM]

Trendy Fall 2017 Dressy / Casual Sweater
Cheryl McGee
 [08/11 4:33:08PM]

FALLow Me Sweater
Stephanie Horne
 [08/11 4:33:01PM]

Hug from Heaven
Amy Kazi
 [08/11 4:32:38PM]

Trending into Fall Sweater Cozy Chic Sweater A Knit to Remember
Tracy Dubois
 [08/11 4:32:25PM]

Break Out the Sweaters
Allison McFarlane
 [08/11 4:31:56PM]

Knot your sweater
Becky Lott
 [08/11 4:31:49PM]

Warm and Wonderful knitted sweater
Melissa Kennedy
 [08/11 4:31:46PM]

Grab the Apple Cider
Lauren Lambert
 [08/11 4:31:24PM]

Spice and everything nice sweater, the cider house sweater, campfire sweater,
Lianne Healey
 [08/11 4:31:10PM]

Everywear sweater
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:30:54PM]

Classic Comfort Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/11 4:30:46PM]

The Charmer Sweater, Autumn Days Sweater
Judy Thue
 [08/11 4:30:30PM]

Once Upon A Timeless Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/11 4:30:24PM]

Knit to Perfection Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/11 4:29:55PM]

In knit to win it sweater
Meagan Sarrazin
 [08/11 4:29:39PM]

Fluttering from the Autumn Tree
Lauren Lambert
 [08/11 4:29:38PM]

Popcorn Pattern Sweater
Patricia Plumpton
 [08/11 4:29:24PM]

True Comfort Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/11 4:29:23PM]

Perfectly cozy
Jennilee sieben
 [08/11 4:28:57PM]

Warm hug
Melanie Silver
 [08/11 4:28:44PM]

Cozy Up Sweater, Cuddle with Me Sweater, Warm up Your Way Sweater
Judy Thue
 [08/11 4:28:22PM]

Affair of the Heart Sweater
Ashley Bowen
 [08/11 4:28:09PM]

Fireside sweater Un be-weavable sweater Honey-comb cuddle sweater
Amanda jones
 [08/11 4:26:56PM]

Earthtone Love Sweater Warm Me Up Sweater Autumn Dreams Sweater Soft to the Touch Sweater
Tracy Dubois
 [08/11 4:26:47PM]

Fireside Sweater
Kim Ducherer
 [08/11 4:26:29PM]

Forever yours
Barb Goddard
 [08/11 4:26:19PM]

Tender Loving Care Sweater
Rebecca Fisher
 [08/11 4:26:17PM]

The Epic Victory
Amy Graham
 [08/11 4:26:15PM]

Fireside Feels
Lauren Lambert
 [08/11 4:26:00PM]

Amy Graham
 [08/11 4:24:36PM]

Cabin Feaver
Candace Grady
 [08/11 4:24:29PM]

Cuddle me cozy, knit me till fall, cozy collection,hugs collection, knittinForU
Kaitlynn burwash
 [08/11 4:24:04PM]

" lovely "
Mary Neilson
 [08/11 4:23:53PM]

Autumn Leaves are FALLing
Lauren lambert
 [08/11 4:23:21PM]

Spring into Fall
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:23:06PM]

Cabin in the woods
Candace Grady
 [08/11 4:21:56PM]

Fall Sensation
Tammy Gaudet
 [08/11 4:21:53PM]

Honey Comb Sweater, Sweet as honey sweater Not your grandpa's sweater pollowy soft sweater,
Michelle McCarthy
 [08/11 4:21:50PM]

Soft Popcorn Sweater
Raakhee Pillay
 [08/11 4:21:48PM]

The Kelly
Kelly Nohnychuk
 [08/11 4:20:57PM]

Purl Pullover
Heather Grant
 [08/11 4:20:56PM]

Love me gently sweater
Amanda lebel
 [08/11 4:20:53PM]

Falling For Cozy Sweater
Charlanne cremona
 [08/11 4:20:39PM]

Acorn Collection
vicky melbye
 [08/11 4:19:14PM]

"Snuggle with Me" Knit Sweater
Connie Ann Rollin
 [08/11 4:19:12PM]

Popcorn Pullover
Heather Grant
 [08/11 4:19:07PM]

Cuddle Weave Me
Barbara Quibell
 [08/11 4:19:03PM]

Warm hug all day everyday
Kathy Jones
 [08/11 4:18:33PM]

Autumn Chill
Taunia Clouthier
 [08/11 4:18:28PM]

Honeycomb you cozy sweater, fall into sweater weather, perfectly gorgeous sweater
Louise van Beek Rogers
 [08/11 4:18:00PM]

As good as it knits
Ashley Herron
 [08/11 4:17:38PM]

Bombshell and Bonfires
Dede wells
 [08/11 4:17:22PM]

Everyday Cozy
Kathy Jones
 [08/11 4:16:53PM]

Serenity knit Perfect Choice Knit Fit for Fall Knit
Cassidy Tate
 [08/11 4:16:47PM]

Epic knit sweater
Shauna Strand
 [08/11 4:16:31PM]

Woolfully blissful
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:16:08PM]

Color me cozy
Jenna Cruz
 [08/11 4:16:06PM]

Warm your heart & soul
Ashley Paseska
 [08/11 4:15:55PM]

Beehive Hug sweater
Kathy Pirone
 [08/11 4:15:40PM]

Fall by the Fire and Cozy up
Kathy Jones
 [08/11 4:15:40PM]

(Fall'en for you ??
Amanda Burt
 [08/11 4:15:19PM]

A knit hug
Emily Baines
 [08/11 4:15:06PM]

What's not to weave sweater
Angelee Mora
 [08/11 4:14:25PM]

A Warm Hug on a Cold Day Sweater
Ramona Bagley
 [08/11 4:13:38PM]

Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:12:29PM]

Cuddle me
Kristy Barton
 [08/11 4:12:05PM]

Turn a new leaf
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:11:58PM]

Jenna Freiburger
 [08/11 4:11:28PM]

Harvest Knit
Kristy Barton
 [08/11 4:11:22PM]

Knit a cold shoulder
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:11:19PM]

I wool always love you
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:10:37PM]

Keep calm and knit on
Ashley Herron
 [08/11 4:10:27PM]

KnitPick Pullover, The Woven One, Love You To Knits
Lesley Geraghty
 [08/11 4:10:17PM]

Cabin Cozy Sweater
Erica Duggan
 [08/11 4:10:13PM]

Nubby goodness sweater
Sherri Kohke
 [08/11 4:09:44PM]

Billie Joy Griffin
 [08/11 4:08:54PM]

Knit and Cozy
Rebecca Fisher
 [08/11 4:08:41PM]

Cozy knits sweater
Ashley Herron
 [08/11 4:08:12PM]

Medium Temp Knitted Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:08:08PM]

Autumn Knitted and Nice
Erin Levesque
 [08/11 4:07:26PM]

Just Right Knit
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:07:13PM]

Sunday Everyday, Cozy Craze, or Constant Companion
Renae Sharp
 [08/11 4:07:05PM]

Cool and Cozy
Erin Levesque
 [08/11 4:06:57PM]

Knitty and Knotty
Erin Levesque
 [08/11 4:06:37PM]

Knit weave tunic
Lakain hartlen
 [08/11 4:06:15PM]

Fabulous in Fall
Denise Wilkinson
 [08/11 4:06:14PM]

Whimsical Woods Knitted Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:06:05PM]

Time to Cuddle Knitted Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:05:24PM]

Lauren lambert
 [08/11 4:05:06PM]

Rustic Knit
Sieglinde Skelton
 [08/11 4:04:57PM]

Cozy for Days, Classy and Cozy, beautiful baubles
Tracey McPhee
 [08/11 4:04:41PM]

Cable Knit Comfort
Erin Levesque
 [08/11 4:04:36PM]

Cozy Fall Cardi or Cozy Cardi
Courtney Robert
 [08/11 4:04:35PM]

The Weekender
Michaela Barcena
 [08/11 4:04:31PM]

Goldie's Pick Knitted Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:03:23PM]

Autumn Splendour
Tammy Hodgins-Rector
 [08/11 4:02:46PM]

Woven Warmth
Tracy Robinson
 [08/11 4:02:44PM]

Color me Autumn
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:02:40PM]

Color me cute
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:02:13PM]

Coffee Cozy Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 4:02:07PM]

It's Knot Lovin'
Emily MacLeod
 [08/11 4:01:46PM]

Be Weave It knit sweater, Knit Your Grandma's Sweater, Autumn Shade Knit Sweater
Emily Hadary
 [08/11 4:01:31PM]

Hug Me Sweater
Kathleen Osesky
 [08/11 4:01:23PM]

Classic Comfort
Tammy Hodgins-Rector
 [08/11 4:00:45PM]

Leaf you speechless
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 4:00:45PM]

Color me cozy sweater
Amanda Heggelund
 [08/11 3:59:41PM]

Weave it or Leave it, Fall Hobby Sweater, Autumn stroll knit
Dominique lachapelle
 [08/11 3:59:37PM]

I'm knits about you
Amanda Whitmell
 [08/11 3:58:47PM]

Keep Me Kozy Sweater
Angela Woods
 [08/11 3:58:12PM]

Fall in Love Sweater, Colours of Fall Sweater, Don't Sweat(er) It, Cozy Chic Sweater, The Sweeter Sweater
Haley Boland
 [08/11 3:58:07PM]

Campfire Cozy Sweater
Lisa Allen
 [08/11 3:57:54PM]

Autumn comfort
Kim Irvine
 [08/11 3:57:50PM]

The sweater that hugs you back
Lauren lambert
 [08/11 3:57:46PM]

FALL In Love Sweater
Jessalyn Brickner
 [08/11 3:56:06PM]

Cozy for your closet
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 3:55:59PM]

Taste of Autumn
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 3:54:33PM]

Fall in Love Sweater
Lydia Taylor
 [08/11 3:53:56PM]

Knit us together date night sweater
Michelle Finney
 [08/11 3:53:43PM]

You wool love this sweater
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 3:53:42PM]

Sweater weather
Carrie Pharand
 [08/11 3:53:39PM]

Love your Lady Lumps
Zeta Tulk
 [08/11 3:53:02PM]

In the comfort zone sweater
Robyn hollohan
 [08/11 3:52:54PM]

Snuggle Season Sweater
Lara Beattie
 [08/11 3:52:47PM]

I knit you knot sweater
Colleen Nelson
 [08/11 3:52:40PM]

Cozy Couch Sweater, Catch My Fall Sweater, By the Fireside Sweater
Jennifer Lachowich
 [08/11 3:52:09PM]

Nifty knitty swestet
Sherri Campbell
 [08/11 3:51:25PM]

Warmth sweater
Erin fisher
 [08/11 3:51:13PM]

Call Me Cozy
Lara Beattie
 [08/11 3:51:00PM]

Cabin in the Woods
Tracy Beemer
 [08/11 3:50:50PM]

Southern comfort
Johanna Blokland
 [08/11 3:50:42PM]

All Knitted Up, knit of your dreams,
Ashley Nicholson
 [08/11 3:50:39PM]

Cup of Cozy sweater, cozy up sweater
Angela Smiley
 [08/11 3:50:32PM]

Cozy and Chic sweater
Amy Gervais
 [08/11 3:50:32PM]

Kozy Korner knitted sweater
Jennifer Todd
 [08/11 3:50:27PM]

Autumn Comfort, Fall Harvest sweater, Country Comfort, Cuddled-up,
Celine Gauthier
 [08/11 3:50:18PM]

Rachel Kaleta
 [08/11 3:50:03PM]

Closely knit
Brittaney Lynn Bonney
 [08/11 3:49:46PM]

Love N Cuddles
Valerie Aasen
 [08/11 3:49:41PM]

Knitty & nice sweater
Melissa kinaschuk
 [08/11 3:49:20PM]

Wool You Love Me?
Anick Champagne
 [08/11 3:49:17PM]

Hive Heaven
Alanna Dufton
 [08/11 3:49:15PM]

Weave fallen for this sweater
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 3:49:10PM]

Not your grandma's sweater
Leah Bertrand
 [08/11 3:49:02PM]

Cozy cabin sweater
Melissa kinaschuk
 [08/11 3:48:29PM]

What Dreams Are Made Of
Anick Champagne
 [08/11 3:48:05PM]

Walk in the Woods.
Lisa Brown
 [08/11 3:47:26PM]

For the Love of Fall Sweater
Jaymie Martiniuk
 [08/11 3:46:48PM]

Warmest Wishes
Lindsay Geist
 [08/11 3:46:45PM]

Call Me Cozy
Morgan Gebhardt
 [08/11 3:46:30PM]

Cape Coddess
Jessica Kraska
 [08/11 3:46:13PM]

Forever Fall
Amanda Heggelund
 [08/11 3:46:09PM]

The Carly
Constance Devouges
 [08/11 3:45:38PM]

Warm country sweater.
Paula Hughes
 [08/11 3:45:20PM]

Fall in Love Sweater
Alicia Burgoyne
 [08/11 3:44:59PM]

Love it or weave knit
Laura gammond
 [08/11 3:44:48PM]

Fireside sweater
Samantha desrosiers
 [08/11 3:44:38PM]

Autumn Envy sweater
Lyndsey Baker
 [08/11 3:44:29PM]

Cable Calling Card
Tabatha Patterson
 [08/11 3:44:24PM]

Shades of Autumn Sweater
Alicia Roddy
 [08/11 3:44:13PM]

The perfect knit
Felicia Falk
 [08/11 3:44:09PM]

Fall for this sweater
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/11 3:44:01PM]

Shades of Fall Sweater
Alicia Roddy
 [08/11 3:43:43PM]

Fall Colours Sweater, Autumn Love Sweater, Autumn Vibes Sweater, Colour me Softly Sweater, Timeless Fall Beauty Sweater
Olia Chapman
 [08/11 3:43:42PM]

Fall weekend getaway sweater
Michelle Finney
 [08/11 3:43:34PM]

Cozy Comfort
Sarah Anderson
 [08/11 3:43:15PM]

Chic n Chunky Knitted Sweater, Honeycomb Knitted Sweater, Fall Favourite Knitted Sweater, Cozy Comfort Knitted Sweater, Trendy Tranquil Knitted Sweater, Solace Knitted Sweater,
Stephanie Bossence
 [08/11 3:43:11PM]

Whimsical Weave
Trisha henschel
 [08/11 3:42:47PM]

SS Sweater
Stacey Bovingdon
 [08/11 3:42:32PM]

The bees knees sweater
 [08/11 3:42:30PM]

Heavenly Hug
Trisha henschel
 [08/11 3:42:17PM]

Cozy all over , cozy Knit
Teisha Asselin
 [08/11 3:41:46PM]

Knitty but nice. So soft, so sweet.
Lauren lambert
 [08/11 3:41:42PM]

Magic weave
Trisha Henschel
 [08/11 3:41:19PM]

Feels like fall sweater
Vicky mccahon
 [08/11 3:41:07PM]

Not your grannies knitted sweater
Kyla cudmore
 [08/11 3:40:59PM]

A Knit of Warmth, Autumn Warmth, Taste of Autumn, Leave it to Weaver, Snuggle Me Softly
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [08/11 3:40:11PM]

Knit me wonderful
Candice Roach
 [08/11 3:39:48PM]

SLEAVES OF AUTUMN ........ mispelling on purpose.
Mindy Lea
 [08/11 3:39:46PM]

Cuddle Me Cozy
Michelle Albert
 [08/11 3:39:41PM]

Open Season Sweater
Leslie Hane
 [08/11 3:39:20PM]

Effortless Comfort Sweater, Knit and Cozy Sweater, Country Love Sweater, Contry Comfort City Style Sweater
Olia Chapman
 [08/11 3:39:02PM]

Into the fall sweater
Courtney Hamilton
 [08/11 3:39:01PM]

Fall-ing for you sweater
Allison Hoekema
 [08/11 3:38:38PM]

Hug me sweater
Lizanne Roy
 [08/11 3:38:08PM]

Smitten with knittin' Sweater
Andrea Pollon
 [08/11 3:37:45PM]

Cozy hug from mom
Caitlin berndt
 [08/11 3:37:19PM]

Comfort Calling; Comfort's Calling; Cozied Up;
Morgan Gebhardt
 [08/11 3:37:19PM]

Cozy up by the fire sweater
Lauren lambert
 [08/11 3:37:11PM]

Soft snuggle love
Patricia Hodder
 [08/11 3:37:07PM]

Open knit sweater
Britney Maurice
 [08/11 3:36:59PM]

The Honeycomb Sweater
Samantha Roth
 [08/11 3:36:56PM]

"Fall Into Me"
Lana Gress
 [08/11 3:36:56PM]

Pick-knit (picnic)
Michelle Finney
 [08/11 3:36:48PM]

Fall is coming or Cozy up sweater
Sarah boucher
 [08/11 3:36:33PM]

Snug as a bug sweater
Ashley Buczkowski
 [08/11 3:36:28PM]

The "Sweet-knit" sweater
Jenna Meehan
 [08/11 3:36:22PM]

Falling into Autumn sweater
Deidre Clark
 [08/11 3:36:22PM]

Classy cable sweater
Joanna thompson
 [08/11 3:35:57PM]

All twisted up cozy sweater
Carole Ann Stephens
 [08/11 3:35:30PM]

Knitted Bliss
Bev MacKinnon
 [08/11 3:35:17PM]

Autumn Attitude sweater
Deidre Clark
 [08/11 3:35:16PM]

All twisted up cozy sweater
Carole Ann Stephens
 [08/11 3:35:13PM]

Nanny's Knits, Nanny's Knitt'n, Nana's Knitt'n, Not your Nanny's Knit
Stacey Dunn
 [08/11 3:35:06PM]

Melinda Elgot
 [08/11 3:34:58PM]

Ocean Stones
Lynda Dewit
 [08/11 3:34:51PM]

Cabin Chic, Couch Chic, Campfire Chic
Maria Wilson
 [08/11 3:34:44PM]

Wool of Valour
Ellen Kinzie
 [08/11 3:34:42PM]

Got you all cuddled up sweater
Ashley Buczkowski
 [08/11 3:34:38PM]

Victoria bc it looks like penny tiles in old victorian homes
Cheryl beyak
 [08/11 3:34:12PM]

Beweave in yourself!
Chantalle Gauthier
 [08/11 3:34:10PM]

Cozy Knit
Victoria Simpson
 [08/11 3:34:03PM]

Charming Weave Sweater OR Princess Charming
Tracey Marshall
 [08/11 3:33:54PM]

Boyfriend Sweater
Lisa Allen
 [08/11 3:33:48PM]

Cosy Comfort
Bev MacKinnon
 [08/11 3:33:33PM]

Cozy me softly
Leeanne speers
 [08/11 3:32:18PM]

Fall into Sweater Weather
Emily kinzie
 [08/11 3:32:05PM]