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Cable Knit Cardi
September 11, 2017

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Total of 792 Entries
Congratulations to Anne-marie Cronkwright, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Braided with Love Cardi!

Curl up by the fire sweater
Vanessa zulke
 [09/12 8:44:46AM]

Just like your grandma made it
Vanessa zulke
 [09/12 8:43:32AM]

Cable cardi
Diana Gristwood
 [09/12 8:21:23AM]

Knit Whit Cardi
Jennifer Watson
 [09/12 8:00:50AM]

They call me cardi
Jen Saulnier
 [09/12 7:57:15AM]

Feels like Friday
Stephanie swyers
 [09/12 7:55:16AM]

Knitastic Cardi
Michelle Cudmore-Armstrong
 [09/12 7:55:00AM]

BaCardi Hottie
Victoria Harrison
 [09/12 7:40:10AM]

Fall Knit Hugger
Christina Gornisieiwcz
 [09/12 7:39:43AM]

Long Live comfort
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:29:17AM]

Comfy Cardi Party
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:28:25AM]

Lego my Cable sweater
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:27:59AM]

Maybe later I'm comfy sweater
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:27:30AM]

Cross my heart I'm comfy sweater
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:27:05AM]

Baby It's cold outside sweater
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:26:39AM]

FairyTale Fable Cable
Nicole Tomie
 [09/12 7:25:31AM]

Cable Girl Cardi
Carrie Black
 [09/12 6:56:19AM]

Cabin Fever
Stephanie Pothier
 [09/12 6:55:54AM]

Not your grandmothers sweater
stephanie pothier
 [09/12 6:55:16AM]

Cabled Cardi Chic
Lori Pascoe
 [09/12 6:47:34AM]

Fabulous Fall Cozy Cardi
Sarah Morgen
 [09/12 6:41:38AM]

Fall for cable cardi
Tabatha taylor
 [09/12 6:38:38AM]

The Perfect Knit
Lisa Smit
 [09/12 6:36:21AM]

Autumn Walk Sweater
Rebecca Cox
 [09/12 6:34:45AM]

Kerry's cardi
Tabatha taylor
 [09/12 6:33:43AM]

Mama's go to
Tammy cadegan
 [09/12 6:26:43AM]

Comfort Up with Braids Cardi
Kathy Jones
 [09/12 6:25:52AM]

Autumn Breeze
Julie Boisvenue
 [09/12 6:25:45AM]

Cable Knit Comfort
Christa How
 [09/12 6:20:16AM]

Grab a coffee cardi
Cayla solomon
 [09/12 5:54:33AM]

The Library Knit
Madison Prinzen
 [09/12 5:49:53AM]

Book club cardi
Cayla Solomon
 [09/12 5:49:21AM]

Not your grandma/grandpa's cardi
Cayla Solomon
 [09/12 5:47:20AM]

Study hall sweater
Cayla Solomon
 [09/12 5:45:28AM]

Camp fire cardi
Cayla Solomon
 [09/12 5:44:53AM]

Fireside Cardi
Cayla Solomon
 [09/12 5:44:13AM]

Hold Me Tight Cardi, Wrap Me Up Cardi, Fireside Cardi
Jackie Burton
 [09/12 5:41:51AM]

Pick Me Up Cardi
Brittany Dube
 [09/12 5:39:06AM]

The FALL in love sweater
 [09/12 5:36:35AM]

Knit Me, Knit Me Knot
Julia Gee
 [09/12 5:24:43AM]

Knotty with Nature cardi
Kaitlin Pelletier
 [09/12 5:20:44AM]

The Braided Cardi
Madison Prinzen
 [09/12 5:10:07AM]

Cozy Cable Knit
Madison Prinzen
 [09/12 5:09:12AM]

Cozy Cafe Cardi, Cuddle and Coffee Cardi
Jennifer Barone
 [09/12 5:00:33AM]

The Weekender
Lori Mackay
 [09/12 4:59:25AM]

Free and easy cardi
Barb Brooks
 [09/12 4:49:52AM]

Winter Wonderland
Carrie-Anne Needham
 [09/12 4:46:22AM]

Keep me toasty Cardi
Becky Fortney
 [09/12 4:34:52AM]

Warm Me Up Cardi
Becky Fortney
 [09/12 4:33:25AM]

Chain Weaver, or Chic Classic, or Why Knot?
Linnea Baldwin
 [09/12 4:25:51AM]

Knit and Purl Cardi
Adrienne hamilton
 [09/12 4:22:56AM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Jessica Ryman
 [09/12 4:09:28AM]

Isle Chain Cardilong
Daniela Moore
 [09/12 3:31:27AM]

Fall for me cable knit cutie Or Fall for my cable knit cardi
Lynne McCausland
 [09/12 3:30:33AM]

Cable cozy
Melissa mercer
 [09/12 3:29:08AM]

Fall for you cardi
Cebryna Spiess
 [09/12 3:27:50AM]

Cozy Up Cardi
Kenzie Mailing
 [09/12 3:21:24AM]

Knoti Cardi
Jacalynn kennedu
 [09/12 3:15:26AM]

Soft & Sweet Cardi Memories of Love Cardi Knotty & Nice Cardi Cozy Crush Cardi
Alicia McKnight
 [09/12 3:05:13AM]

Tooth Fairy Cardi
Bree Mcmullen
 [09/12 2:59:01AM]

Not Your Grandma's Cardi
Lindsay Shelley
 [09/12 2:03:41AM]

Comfy Cardi, So Sweet Cardi, Warms the Heart Cardi
Shelley Roszell
 [09/12 1:38:17AM]

Lovin'knit cozy cardi!
Whitney watson
 [09/12 1:30:03AM]

-The cables are calling -Calling all cables
Samantha Kotun
 [09/12 1:17:04AM]

Twisted dreamy cardi
Cherie dolo
 [09/12 12:52:55AM]

Braided cream swerl Twisted cream cardi
Cherie dolo
 [09/12 12:50:35AM]

Hug it Out Cardigan
Christine Newcombe
 [09/12 12:26:25AM]

Not your mom's cardi
Jill Roy
 [09/12 12:20:54AM]

Comfy cargi
Cherie dolo
 [09/12 12:15:09AM]

Cable Car-Digan, Cable Car sweater, Colder Weather Cardi, Knit and Purl Cardi
Jennifer Burkhart
 [09/11 11:17:29PM]

Cardinal Sin
Candice Crosby
 [09/11 11:14:12PM]

Tea, Book and Falling Leaves Cardi
Laura Van Den Boogaart
 [09/11 10:41:41PM]

Knits About You Cardi, Fallin' For You Cardi
Kirstin Farrand
 [09/11 10:18:41PM]

Charming Cozi Cardi; Delightful Cardi; Hot Chocolate Dream Cardi
Tricia Nolan
 [09/11 10:07:37PM]

I love you most of all
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 10:06:27PM]

Baby its cold outside
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 10:05:41PM]

wrap me up cardi , cozy up cardi , autumn wrap up , fall feeling cardi , twisted cardi
Leah avery
 [09/11 10:05:40PM]

Cuddle weather cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 10:04:31PM]

Ready and Cable, Cable me Classy, Braid with love, Braid for Autumn,
Emily Hadary
 [09/11 10:03:23PM]

Stay cozy cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 10:02:45PM]

XOXO cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:59:40PM]

Wrapped in coziness
Jessica Frank
 [09/11 9:59:26PM]

Hugs and Kisses
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:59:02PM]

The snuggle is real
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:57:24PM]

Lets stay in bed cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:56:41PM]

Dress me down comfy cardi
Jennifer McPhail
 [09/11 9:54:51PM]

The Party-Cardi
Jennifer mcphail
 [09/11 9:51:29PM]

Cozy cable cardigan
Elizabeth Loeppky
 [09/11 9:50:33PM]

Mabel Cable Cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:50:12PM]

Snug as a bug Cardi
Charlene King
 [09/11 9:50:10PM]

Sugar and spice everything nice cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:49:13PM]

Dont count me out cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:47:45PM]

Cuddle me chic
Airl jean hickling
 [09/11 9:44:44PM]

Cable knit cozy
Terrilyn berryman
 [09/11 9:43:27PM]

Home sweet home cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:43:24PM]

Cuddle me cozie
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:42:49PM]

Cozie Bliss
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:39:48PM]

Celtic Knot Cardi
Christina Bruce
 [09/11 9:38:48PM]

Forget me knot cardi; knits my cardi
Jessica Reid
 [09/11 9:38:38PM]

Cozy keeper
Cheralee gardner
 [09/11 9:37:36PM]

Forever Yours Cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:37:07PM]

Color Me Cozie Cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:36:31PM]

Don't Forget Me
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:34:47PM]

Memories of grandma
Brenda L Hoff
 [09/11 9:31:10PM]

Take Me Down Gently Cardi
Angela Woods
 [09/11 9:30:09PM]

Never Take Me Off Cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:26:14PM]

Love Bug Cardi
Morgan Tanninen
 [09/11 9:21:26PM]

Cable knit coziness
Kristin Casebeer
 [09/11 9:20:55PM]

Highland Lengths
Renee Hemmerling
 [09/11 9:18:06PM]

Braided with love, cuddle up cable knit cardi, braid away cardi, braid the day away.
Anne-marie Cronkwright
 [09/11 9:15:59PM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Angela Woods
 [09/11 9:14:10PM]

Braided with love
Anne-marie Cronkwright
 [09/11 9:13:42PM]

The Cozy snuggly cardi
Heather Bouley
 [09/11 9:12:40PM]

Cable Hug Sweater
Alissa Matheson
 [09/11 9:08:49PM]

Cozy up cable
Patricia Hodder
 [09/11 9:04:59PM]

Witty Knit, Knit One Purty Too, Cable Knit TV Cardi
Lilly Wong
 [09/11 9:02:54PM]

Wide open koh-zee cardi
Jasmine cave
 [09/11 9:01:09PM]

Cozy love sweater
Melissa mcalister
 [09/11 9:00:43PM]

Like Knit and Knot Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:54:58PM]

Cable hug
Candace Wigham
 [09/11 8:54:23PM]

Beata Zare
 [09/11 8:54:17PM]

The Dream Cardi
Joanna Ricard
 [09/11 8:53:58PM]

Fishermans Knit cardigan
Anne Hill
 [09/11 8:53:50PM]

Cozy cables
Ann Daws
 [09/11 8:51:14PM]

Cable Chic
Heather Harnum
 [09/11 8:51:10PM]

Lovin' Knit
Cindy Syrnyk
 [09/11 8:51:07PM]

Not your grandmas cardi
Heather Harnum
 [09/11 8:50:24PM]

Embrace Knit Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:49:53PM]

Cable Knit Confidence Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:47:25PM]

Fall in love cardi
Tanya Ness
 [09/11 8:40:38PM]

Warm in knit cardigan, I'm lovin' knit, wrapped in knit cardigan.
Christine Welburn
 [09/11 8:38:25PM]

The Knitted Knock Out Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:38:15PM]

Cozy Confidence Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:36:08PM]

Cozy on into fall cardi, fall into cozy cardi
Ginette April
 [09/11 8:34:27PM]

Fall into me
Shari Maclellan
 [09/11 8:34:26PM]

Strut your Stuff Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:33:33PM]

The cuddle bug cardie
Natasha davis
 [09/11 8:32:37PM]

Walk this Way Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:31:56PM]

The Cozy Cami
Clara agnew
 [09/11 8:29:32PM]

This is an Unbeweavable Cardigan!
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:29:20PM]

All about that braid cardigan
Chantelle Paulson
 [09/11 8:27:38PM]

Gotta Crush On You Cardi!
Tanya Nascimento
 [09/11 8:27:08PM]

Caroline cardi
Trudi Gillis
 [09/11 8:25:40PM]

What's Knot to Love Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:25:39PM]

Got me falling in love
Stephanie price
 [09/11 8:25:21PM]

September Long, Cardi Falling,
Kaity Adam
 [09/11 8:23:01PM]

I Long For You Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:21:52PM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Lisa Smit
 [09/11 8:21:38PM]

A Cableknit Named Desire
Mindy bell
 [09/11 8:21:14PM]

Cable me cozy cardi
Cat Demers
 [09/11 8:20:34PM]

Varsity Cardi
Ashley strome
 [09/11 8:20:19PM]

All you knit is a Cardi. All you knit is Cardi Love
Christa How
 [09/11 8:19:48PM]

She's got it Wrapped Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:19:24PM]

Braided Cardigan
Jessica Campbell
 [09/11 8:19:08PM]

Autumn Party Cardi
Lisa Smit
 [09/11 8:17:54PM]

Warm Days and Cozy Nights Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:17:02PM]

Yours Sincerely, Yarn ??
Christa How
 [09/11 8:15:36PM]

Long And Lovely Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:15:05PM]

Dream Catcher Cardi
Natalie Adams
 [09/11 8:14:11PM]

"All about Fall" Cardi
Lindsay Zaik
 [09/11 8:11:10PM]

Weaved with Warmth Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:10:39PM]

Cute & Cozy Cardi
Lindsay Zaik
 [09/11 8:10:28PM]

Warm Embrace Cardigan
Lindsay wilson
 [09/11 8:09:57PM]

Classic Cardi
Lindsay Zaik
 [09/11 8:09:20PM]

Long Hug on a Cool Day Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:05:35PM]

Knotty but nice
Trisha wasaznik
 [09/11 8:03:43PM]

Wrap Me Up this Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:03:31PM]

Cocoon Cardi
Danielle Collin
 [09/11 8:02:58PM]

That's a Wrap Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:01:58PM]

Like knit or knot Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 8:00:21PM]

Crisp mornings
Ashley cordeiro
 [09/11 7:58:34PM]

The weekender cardi
Jodie Moran
 [09/11 7:58:01PM]

Stride-in-Style Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:57:19PM]

Golden Girl's Cardi
Wanda Bishop Dalton
 [09/11 7:56:34PM]

Longing for comfort cardi, sweet and snug hug, sugar plums and snowflakes cardi, long lost love cardigan
Candice Daniels
 [09/11 7:56:05PM]

Winter Wrap Cardi
Georgette Swerdlyk
 [09/11 7:55:13PM]

Coastal Cable Cuddle
Brenda L Wood
 [09/11 7:53:45PM]

Walk in Warmth Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:52:21PM]

Cable Fable Cardi
Weronika Dubois
 [09/11 7:52:08PM]

October campfire cardi
Chantel saario
 [09/11 7:51:07PM]

Fall in Cozy Cardigan
Natalie Rende
 [09/11 7:50:29PM]

Fall into me
Wanda Bishop-Dalton
 [09/11 7:50:24PM]

The Weekender Cardi
Michelle Tinsley
 [09/11 7:48:38PM]

The Weekender
Shari MacLellan
 [09/11 7:44:37PM]

Fall Knit Cardi
Kyra Holt
 [09/11 7:43:36PM]

Weekend Goals Cardi
Shari MacLellan
 [09/11 7:42:43PM]

Dream Weaver Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:41:53PM]

Playfully Yours
Shari MacLellan
 [09/11 7:41:10PM]

Knit a Chance Cardi
Shari MacLellan
 [09/11 7:39:35PM]

Cable Cardi cutie
Joanne MacLellan
 [09/11 7:39:27PM]

Cute and Cuddly
Sandra Mueller
 [09/11 7:38:38PM]

Fireside Hug
Rebecca Van Drunen
 [09/11 7:37:50PM]

Ticket to Cozy
Shari Maclellan
 [09/11 7:37:28PM]

Kozy Knit Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:34:47PM]

Granny's knitted cable cardi
Paula Hughes
 [09/11 7:34:27PM]

Snuggle up sweetie
Joni Smyth
 [09/11 7:31:43PM]

Kickin Knit Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:29:58PM]

Love Me Tender Cable Knit Cardi
Sarah Senior
 [09/11 7:29:19PM]

Curled Up Cozy Cardi
Sarah Snable
 [09/11 7:28:41PM]

Twist of faite cardi
 [09/11 7:28:07PM]

Braided Bombshell Cardi
 [09/11 7:27:26PM]

Carefree Stride Cardi
Kristi Pianka
 [09/11 7:26:49PM]

Aran Cable Knit Cardi
Tara Collin
 [09/11 7:26:43PM]

All in a knot cardi
 [09/11 7:26:24PM]

Wrap Yourself in Warmth Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:24:44PM]

Fall for Me Cardi
Tammy Dryden
 [09/11 7:24:36PM]

Wrapped in Warmth Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:22:55PM]

-Not Your Grandma's Cardi -Cuddle Up Cardi -Cardi By Day, Cuddle By Night -Be-Cardi You're Amazing -Be-Cardi You're Worth It -Knit Just Your Ordinary Cardi
Morgan Angus
 [09/11 7:22:28PM]

Fireside Cardigan, Cable Me Up
Ashley Nicholson
 [09/11 7:21:32PM]

Isle of Cozy
Lesley Norman
 [09/11 7:21:10PM]

Warm Bootie Bliss Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:20:45PM]

Snug as a Bug Cardi
Hollie Ramsay
 [09/11 7:19:26PM]

Cable Knit Curl-Up Cardi, Warm Cup of Cardi
Kristi Pianka
 [09/11 7:18:43PM]

Snuggle Up Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:17:01PM]

Wrap Me Up Tight Knit
Chelsea Greig
 [09/11 7:10:49PM]

Cozy cardy
Lynn Burton
 [09/11 7:09:59PM]

Cable Chic Cardi
Kara Forest
 [09/11 7:09:57PM]

This. Is. Bliss.
Stephanie Whitson
 [09/11 7:08:40PM]

Long Warm Hug Cardigan
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:05:34PM]

Fireside Cardi
Lisa Brown
 [09/11 7:04:14PM]

Weave me open!
Kelly Kavanaugh
 [09/11 7:03:41PM]

Snug and Stylin Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 7:01:26PM]

Weave Done Our Best
Catrina Drummond
 [09/11 7:00:43PM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/11 6:57:25PM]

Falling for knots cardi
Natalie Montreuil
 [09/11 6:56:27PM]

Cable Car-Di - as fun as a ride on a cable car in San Fran!
Allison Quinn
 [09/11 6:55:37PM]

Knitty Griddy Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:50:54PM]

Woven Warmth
Raeanne Shewchuk
 [09/11 6:50:35PM]

Northern Knit Cardi
Janice Auger
 [09/11 6:48:55PM]

Weavin in style Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:45:08PM]

Cable knot Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:44:31PM]

Not your Grandma's Cardi; Fire Side Snuggle; Best Blanket Cardi
Erin Levesque
 [09/11 6:43:28PM]

Kickin' It Cardi
Angela Woods
 [09/11 6:41:33PM]

Autumn Weaves
Alicia Fahrer
 [09/11 6:41:18PM]

Autumn Weave
Alicia Fahrer
 [09/11 6:40:13PM]

That's vogue Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:37:49PM]

Sew in style Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:36:13PM]

Joanne Bueno
 [09/11 6:34:43PM]

Sew Right Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:34:43PM]

Into Fall Cardi
Stephanie Burgess
 [09/11 6:34:31PM]

Leave Me Happy Cardigan
Angela Woods
 [09/11 6:32:37PM]

Wrapped in a Hug ~ Cozy Cable
Mandy Jay O'Halloran
 [09/11 6:32:37PM]

Trail Mix Cardi, Runaway Mom Cardi, Wine Me Cardi
Jennifer Geier
 [09/11 6:31:25PM]

Knit Me Warm Cardi / Twist It Up Cardi
Jodi Miller
 [09/11 6:30:46PM]

Gettin' cozy with it-cardi
Ashley Brown
 [09/11 6:28:53PM]

Crochet my heart
Stephanie eby
 [09/11 6:27:58PM]

Nautical Knit
Jenny West-Thompson
 [09/11 6:27:35PM]

Knotty Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 6:25:17PM]

Stitch Me Softly Cardi, Retro Maxi Cardi
sarah feinman
 [09/11 6:21:33PM]

Cooler Days Cardi
Melissa Conrad
 [09/11 6:20:47PM]

Cabled-out cardi
Victoria Snable
 [09/11 6:18:52PM]

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Carrie Marshall
 [09/11 6:15:10PM]

Cold Snap Cardigan
Melissa Conrad
 [09/11 6:13:05PM]

Cozy cable cardigan
Alison marsh
 [09/11 6:12:14PM]

Country cable
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 6:09:20PM]

Twisted twirl Cardi
Tara Pryoe
 [09/11 6:08:04PM]

Classic cable, Cable cozy, Not your Granny's sweater, Highlander, Going to all the lengths, Classic comfort, Fireside Cardi
 [09/11 6:07:02PM]

Tracey McPhee
 [09/11 6:01:44PM]

Cozee cable
 [09/11 6:01:25PM]

Northern comfort cardigan
Melissa Conrad
 [09/11 5:58:59PM]

San Fran cardi, remarcable cardigan
June Weiss
 [09/11 5:55:08PM]

Not your Fisherman's Cardi
Melissa Conrad
 [09/11 5:54:44PM]

Jennifer's Smile Cardigan ? Cardi me Happy Knit Delight Cardi Warm Wishes Cardigan
Tracy Dubois
 [09/11 5:53:00PM]

Dream Weaver
Christina Giesbrecht
 [09/11 5:50:23PM]

Knot your typical cardi
Lucette Mundy
 [09/11 5:50:04PM]

Cozy Cable Cardi, Fall Infinity Cardi, Fall into Knit, Vintage Cable Cardi, Retro Rewind, Back to Fall,
Susan Constantine
 [09/11 5:47:54PM]

Cable Knit Cuddle
Nicole cabot
 [09/11 5:47:28PM]

"The Freya" relaxed cardigan, The Autumn cardi, Fall is here, Cozy up cardigan
Michelle Lee-Klaassen
 [09/11 5:46:22PM]

East coast cable knit cardi OR West Coast warmth cardi.
Tracey Marshall
 [09/11 5:45:03PM]

Fall'n in love knitted sweater, Chic n cozy knitted sweater, honey crisp knitted sweater, Harvest knitted sweater,
Stephanie Bossence
 [09/11 5:42:41PM]

Marnie Devoni
 [09/11 5:38:17PM]

Cozy Knit
Katie Ritchie
 [09/11 5:28:56PM]

Autumn Snuggle
Val Shackman
 [09/11 5:18:42PM]

Neapolitan (like the ice cream)!!
Tina Rockburn
 [09/11 5:18:09PM]

Cozy Fireside Cardi
Ashley Nodwell
 [09/11 5:17:26PM]

More Cozy Than Granny's Cardi
Tricia Presley-Brown
 [09/11 5:15:57PM]

Fireside Cardi
Alanna Dufton
 [09/11 5:12:46PM]

Crazy Cozy Cardi
Tricia Brown
 [09/11 5:12:29PM]

Rhapsody in Cables Cardigan
Ashley Millard
 [09/11 5:09:57PM]

Classic chic cardi, Fit me lovely cardi
Jan Halushka
 [09/11 5:06:24PM]

Country cozy
Veronica keenan
 [09/11 5:06:19PM]

Celtic Grace Cardigan
Ashley Millard
 [09/11 5:06:00PM]

Free and easy cardi
Melissa Evers
 [09/11 5:05:21PM]

Not your Grandma's cardi
Carla Hanson
 [09/11 5:04:57PM]

Cable me cozy
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 5:00:39PM]

Cuddle me cozy
Laura kulyk
 [09/11 4:56:18PM]

Autumn Hug Cardi, Comfy Cable Cardi, Falling for Fall Cardigan
Megan Keeler
 [09/11 4:56:03PM]

Knot Your Grandpa's Cardigan
Dominique Lachapelle
 [09/11 4:53:55PM]

The "Cozy up cardi"
Kelsey Breen
 [09/11 4:52:36PM]

Stay warm this Fall /Winter in this comfy "Memories" cable knit sweater "Memories"
Alma foot
 [09/11 4:49:58PM]

Old soul cardi
Rhonda Reid
 [09/11 4:49:18PM]

Happy Trails Cable Knit Open Cardi
Jill McLeod
 [09/11 4:49:09PM]

Cozy Cord Cardi
Amy Kazi
 [09/11 4:47:44PM]

Super Comfy Cami
Shirley Marie Lise Scalise
 [09/11 4:47:19PM]

Feels Like Home Cardigan, Blushing Braids Cardigan
Meghan Walsh
 [09/11 4:45:02PM]

Soft knit cardi
Allison Riopka
 [09/11 4:44:45PM]

Classic Cables
Tracy Robinson
 [09/11 4:42:40PM]

Cozy knit cardi
Gilda norman
 [09/11 4:41:50PM]

Cozy Boyfriend Open cardi
 [09/11 4:39:39PM]

Sarah Norman
 [09/11 4:37:59PM]

Crush on cable Cardi
Annette Farrell
 [09/11 4:35:40PM]

Braided Bliss
Deborah Heerema
 [09/11 4:35:11PM]

Toasty Turn Out
Deborah Heerema
 [09/11 4:33:05PM]

Knotted Up
Shantel Blanke
 [09/11 4:32:52PM]

Cable Cozy Cardi
Geneviève Valleau
 [09/11 4:32:40PM]

Knots of Love Cardi, Knotty or Nice Cardi, Knotted Yp Cardi,
Shantel Blanke
 [09/11 4:31:58PM]

Fall into Fall Cardi
Whitney Chan
 [09/11 4:30:42PM]

Kelli Baxter
 [09/11 4:29:48PM]

Knitty and nice
Vicky mccahon
 [09/11 4:29:35PM]

Color me cozy cardi
Vicky mccahon
 [09/11 4:28:46PM]

Not your grandfather's cardi
Jami Fuller
 [09/11 4:23:01PM]

Cuddle-up Cardi
Samantha Wood
 [09/11 4:22:59PM]

Beauty and the braid
Jessica Dubinsky
 [09/11 4:22:48PM]

Cabin Cozie Cardi.... I realized i submitted my email incorrectly earlier
Kayla Geisler
 [09/11 4:22:01PM]

Timeless Cardi
Natasha Turner
 [09/11 4:20:56PM]

Comfy Card
Brenda Stewart
 [09/11 4:10:50PM]

The comfy cozy cardi
Laura Wragg
 [09/11 4:09:35PM]

Ring around the cosy
Bridget Frost
 [09/11 4:09:12PM]

Label Me Cable
Bridget Frost
 [09/11 4:07:34PM]

Knits out party cardi
Hannah Saikaley
 [09/11 4:06:35PM]

Fall for Cozy Cardi
Donna Macklin
 [09/11 4:05:16PM]

Warm as a hug
Nadine. Merz
 [09/11 4:04:22PM]

Fabled Cable Cardi
Melanie Slade Morrison
 [09/11 3:54:06PM]

Calling all Cable
Jennifer Mallach
 [09/11 3:52:59PM]

Cozy under the cable-knit
Katie miller
 [09/11 3:51:51PM]

Kozy in Cable!
Barb Hunt-Atwell
 [09/11 3:50:01PM]

Infinity cardi
Allison McFarlane
 [09/11 3:47:38PM]

Autumn Crush Cardi
Sarah Ewing
 [09/11 3:44:40PM]

I can't help Falling in love with you cardi
Sarah Ewing
 [09/11 3:43:54PM]

"Its beginning to look a lot like fall" sweater
Sarah Ewing
 [09/11 3:42:30PM]

Cozy cable cardi
Morgan Oliver
 [09/11 3:33:58PM]

Not your grandfather's Cardi(gan).. Golden Girls Cardi.. Sophia's Cardi.. Knot you average Cardi.. Wharf Warmth Cardi
Marilyn Newton
 [09/11 3:31:38PM]

Knit your average cardi
Morgan Oliver
 [09/11 3:30:18PM]

Cream or Raisin Cable Cardi
Barbara Laderoute
 [09/11 3:29:07PM]

Chunky Cable Knit Cardi
Barbara Laderoute
 [09/11 3:26:53PM]

Campfire cardi
Morgan Oliver
 [09/11 3:24:46PM]

Knotty & nice cardi
Morgan Oliver
 [09/11 3:23:38PM]

Knit Happens
Arielle Bakanec
 [09/11 3:18:26PM]

Ahoy Matey
 [09/11 3:17:38PM]

Got it covered
Carla Niemi
 [09/11 3:15:32PM]

Snuggle cloud
Amelie Deyaeger
 [09/11 3:15:29PM]

Long for love Cardi
Lacey Roberts
 [09/11 3:11:58PM]

Cozi-knit Cardi
Marcie Pears
 [09/11 3:10:49PM]

snuggly cable cardi
Wanda Nelitz
 [09/11 3:08:20PM]

Warm Hugs Cardi
Sara Lotter
 [09/11 3:07:52PM]

Not your grandmas sweater
Robyn Eresman
 [09/11 3:06:28PM]

Fall Fancy
Jennifer Watson
 [09/11 3:03:12PM]

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Jennifer Watson
 [09/11 2:58:49PM]

How am I cable to live without you
Lori Martin
 [09/11 2:56:38PM]

Oops forgot commas Fall in love cardi, Falling for cable, Sweater weather cardi, You'll fall for cable cardigan,
Lori Martin
 [09/11 2:55:32PM]

Strong, willing and cable cardi
Courtney Hildebrand
 [09/11 2:54:55PM]

Fall in love cardi Falling for cable Sweater weather cardi You'll fall for cable cardigan
Lori Martin
 [09/11 2:53:31PM]

Cozi Cardi
Kimberly Ann Napper
 [09/11 2:49:49PM]

Fall For You Cable Knit Sweater
Alicia Johnson
 [09/11 2:48:16PM]

Cuddle me cardi
Samantha Roth
 [09/11 2:47:46PM]

Fall Breeze Cardi, Cold Nose Cardi,
 [09/11 2:37:57PM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Sebrina Westbrooke
 [09/11 2:35:16PM]

Not Your Grannies Cardie
Christy Price
 [09/11 2:33:00PM]

Cable me
Jean Macpherson
 [09/11 2:32:29PM]

Mom's go to cardi
Dallas Romanchuk
 [09/11 2:31:44PM]

autumn breeze
brenda mcnally
 [09/11 2:30:37PM]

Cookie Swap Cardi, Coffee Date Cardi, Cuddle Up Cardi
Justine Navarro
 [09/11 2:29:57PM]

toasty cable-knit midi fall sweater
Eileen Sanderson
 [09/11 2:29:18PM]

Cable Spice Cardi
Heather Fawcett
 [09/11 2:27:33PM]

Cable Knit Cardi
MaryEllen Axton
 [09/11 2:26:11PM]

Forever Entwined Cardi
Sarah Chenier
 [09/11 2:25:35PM]

Cable me crazy
Linda Church
 [09/11 2:24:24PM]

Knittin' Pretty Cardi
Jenna Atchison
 [09/11 2:24:12PM]

Wendy Roberts
 [09/11 2:22:49PM]

Cardi Crush
Amy Graham
 [09/11 2:20:50PM]

Not your Grandmas sweater
Lizanne Roy
 [09/11 2:20:43PM]

Knotty Knit Cardi
Tallya Bedard
 [09/11 2:20:29PM]

Cuddle up Cardi
Amy Graham
 [09/11 2:19:14PM]

Hygge Sweater
Amanda Ste Croix
 [09/11 2:18:48PM]

Cozy Up Sweater
Amanda Ste Croix
 [09/11 2:17:06PM]

Chunky knit cardigan
Anne-Marie giddings
 [09/11 2:16:58PM]

Cozy, comfy cardi
Nicole Pederson
 [09/11 2:12:51PM]

Autumn Cable Cardi
Stephanie Smith
 [09/11 2:11:54PM]

Comfy cozy cardigan
Alexandra Sinapi
 [09/11 2:06:34PM]

Knit me a knot cardi, colour me cozy
Kaitlynn burwash
 [09/11 2:05:56PM]

Cable Girl Cardi
Jaime-lyn Bouffard
 [09/11 2:04:45PM]

Autumn On My Mind
Stephanie Smith
 [09/11 1:58:06PM]

Not your grandpa's sweater
Mercedes carrigan
 [09/11 1:54:48PM]

Cable girls cardi
Natasha bourque
 [09/11 1:54:17PM]

Take me for Coffee Cardi
Adriana Manwaring
 [09/11 1:53:20PM]

Knotty and Nice Cardi
April Quinton
 [09/11 1:53:11PM]

cable me beautiful
wendy meuse
 [09/11 1:51:51PM]

Classic Cozy Cardi, Perfect Wear Cardi,
Tracey Marcil
 [09/11 1:48:14PM]

Sweet Cheeks Cardi
Jeannie emond
 [09/11 1:46:52PM]

Knot Your Average Cardi
Katie Nowry
 [09/11 1:44:43PM]

Snug as a bug Cardi
Pam Till
 [09/11 1:43:08PM]

Keep me cozy cardi
Jessica Towell
 [09/11 1:43:05PM]

Raisin/Vanilla Pudding
Pamela Valente
 [09/11 1:41:55PM]

Cradled in Cable Cardi
Gail Derksen
 [09/11 1:39:21PM]

Fisherman's braid cabled cardi
Gail Derksen
 [09/11 1:36:29PM]

In the Loop Knit Cardigan
Lisa Harding
 [09/11 1:28:55PM]

The Lazy Sunday Cardi
Amanda Patenaude
 [09/11 1:28:06PM]

Knit Knack
Liz Fane
 [09/11 1:26:29PM]

Cabin cozy
Kirsti donald
 [09/11 1:23:57PM]

Cozy Mel Cardigan
Alyssa Belanger
 [09/11 1:21:03PM]

Comfy cable cozy
Sheila Piderman
 [09/11 1:14:39PM]

Cosmopolitan - Cardigan
Lucy Belanger
 [09/11 1:14:00PM]

Comfy cable cozy
Sheila Piderman
 [09/11 1:13:46PM]

Cordially Yours, or: Cordial Cardi, Cordelia, Cordelia Cardi
Sherrie Silman
 [09/11 1:13:45PM]

Cozy for you cardi
Melanie Bennett
 [09/11 1:12:27PM]

Cableknit Cable dreams
Jennifer Mcadonald
 [09/11 1:09:52PM]

Warm & sweet sweater cardigan
Tiffany Swallow
 [09/11 1:07:33PM]

Cable on
Shirley koehler
 [09/11 1:07:29PM]

"Who knit you?!" Cardi As good as knit gets cardi I beg your cardigan? Ain't no cardi like a cable knit cardi!
Julia strickland
 [09/11 1:06:22PM]

This ain't your grandma's cardi
Keira Wirstiuk
 [09/11 1:06:08PM]

Icing on the Cake Cardigan, Autumn Breeze Cardigan
Melissa Morrison
 [09/11 1:05:17PM]

Cozy Carlile
Nicole Haine
 [09/11 1:05:00PM]

Wrapped in Cable sweater
Irene Carriere
 [09/11 1:04:08PM]

Celtic Comfort cardi
Ayla gormley
 [09/11 1:04:01PM]

Cable mine to me
Shirley koehler
 [09/11 1:03:46PM]

Chalet make you mine
Lindsey Bushman
 [09/11 1:03:39PM]

Knit knot Cardi
Ayla gormley
 [09/11 1:01:09PM]

Falling knitty in love. Cable Cozy in fall.
Jessica Thompson
 [09/11 1:00:49PM]

"Gotta have it" cardi
Lindsey Bushman
 [09/11 12:59:15PM]

Cute Cozy Cartigan
Heather Strueby
 [09/11 12:56:35PM]

Cozy Comfort
Jessica Robertson
 [09/11 12:56:01PM]

wooly wonder Cardi
Kaitlyn popert
 [09/11 12:54:21PM]

"Knot" your Grandma's Cardi
Christine Fane
 [09/11 12:53:55PM]

The "NOT Your Grandma's" Cardi
Christine Fane
 [09/11 12:52:44PM]

Cloud No. 9
Katie Fry
 [09/11 12:52:19PM]

Cuddle me cardi
Julie Forde
 [09/11 12:51:52PM]

Autumn Blossom Cardigan
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [09/11 12:50:02PM]

Forever in heaven
Veronica annisi
 [09/11 12:48:30PM]

Fall for knit cardigan
Krista Vezeau
 [09/11 12:47:00PM]

Cardigan and Chill
Janice Murphy
 [09/11 12:45:50PM]

The Cozy Comfort Cardi
Janice Murphy
 [09/11 12:44:55PM]

When the Cable Rocks cardi
Jillian Manuel
 [09/11 12:44:46PM]

Cream of the crop cardisgn , dusty rose fields cardigan
Crystal loden
 [09/11 12:44:23PM]

Fabulous Fall Cardi
Tina Bussey
 [09/11 12:44:21PM]

Not your Grandmas Cardi
Julie Forde
 [09/11 12:42:49PM]

Cabled up in you
Jillian Manuel
 [09/11 12:41:04PM]

Pascale Hudson
 [09/11 12:40:22PM]

Shabby Chic Cable Sweater
Lindsay Edwards
 [09/11 12:38:26PM]

The smarty cardi
Amy Lane
 [09/11 12:38:22PM]

Keep me warm cable knit cardigan
Shae McDonald
 [09/11 12:38:13PM]

Cozy chic cardi, cuddle me close,
Kristen Kolenski
 [09/11 12:37:24PM]

Here for the Knitting, The Perfect Knit, San Fran Cable Cardi, Knit your average cardi
Megan Curry
 [09/11 12:34:58PM]

Keep Calm and Cable Knit On
Stephanie Jones
 [09/11 12:33:22PM]

CouldKnit be any Cozier
Ashley Dao
 [09/11 12:32:29PM]

Cuddled Up Cardi
Tracy Persson
 [09/11 12:31:14PM]

Cable Cover Cardi, Love to Cable
Claire Buys
 [09/11 12:30:27PM]

Cable coziness
Laurie Loeppky
 [09/11 12:27:44PM]

cosy,comfy fall spectacular
sherry sproul
 [09/11 12:27:41PM]

East coast knit, I knit you like knit
Nicole Crawford
 [09/11 12:27:25PM]

Be still my heart cardi
Dominique vandyk
 [09/11 12:25:10PM]

Comfy Cardi
Morgann Tomlinson
 [09/11 12:24:36PM]

Cozy Cable Cardi, Falling for fall cardi, Fireside Cable Knit Cardigan,
Christina Gates
 [09/11 12:23:47PM]

Strong, Willing & Cable Cardinal
Courtney Hildebrand
 [09/11 12:23:07PM]

Cabin Cosie Cardi
Kayla Geisler
 [09/11 12:20:24PM]

Not my grandma's cardi
 [09/11 12:19:46PM]

Texturious Cable Cardi, Cable Cardi Ride, Knit With It, Come Cable With Me, Cable Time Cardi
Claire Buys
 [09/11 12:16:48PM]

The Tall Ship Cardi
Kerry O'Brien
 [09/11 12:16:14PM]

Weather sweater
Candice Bartlett
 [09/11 12:13:40PM]

Celtic Dreams
Peggy Grochmal
 [09/11 12:12:50PM]

Knotty 'n Nice
Pennie Young
 [09/11 12:11:31PM]

Chicky chic cardi
Paulina Oliveira
 [09/11 12:10:50PM]

Cozy Cable
Carrie MacAskill
 [09/11 12:07:01PM]

Hardy Cardi Fall Fable Cable knit Sweater for the Weather
Joanne Schapansky
 [09/11 12:03:44PM]

Just like grandma used to make
Michelle noel
 [09/11 12:03:27PM]

Got my knit together.
Kelly Nohnychuk
 [09/11 12:02:48PM]

English country cardigan
Janice Bleecker
 [09/11 12:02:25PM]

Cable Heritage
Sandi Schroder
 [09/11 12:01:04PM]

Grandma chic cardi
Lindsay bray
 [09/11 12:00:49PM]

Sweater weather woven cardigan
Stephanie whitten
 [09/11 12:00:33PM]

Not Your Grandma's Cardigan
Rachael Kwiatkowski
 [09/11 12:00:07PM]

Renae Heppner
 [09/11 12:00:05PM]

Cable knit Autumn Breeze Cardi
Dale Brady
 [09/11 11:57:44AM]

Twisted Cardi La Femme Cardigan
Alisha Martens
 [09/11 11:56:58AM]

Cabelton Cardi, Stella Cardi, Sophia Cardi (she's the funniest golden girl :)
Pam Shields
 [09/11 11:56:50AM]

Free Fallin Cardi
Tesa Steinke
 [09/11 11:56:26AM]

Braided Embrace , Weave of Comfort
Tonya Böhmer
 [09/11 11:55:11AM]

Wrap me cozy!!
Carrie Laidler
 [09/11 11:54:51AM]

Let there be cable cardigan
Sherri Kohle
 [09/11 11:53:35AM]

Not your grandma's cardi
Betty Fannon
 [09/11 11:51:44AM]

Cable Knit Cutey
Amy Graham
 [09/11 11:51:03AM]

Cable me! I'm In love
Dawn Marie Baker
 [09/11 11:50:13AM]

Fall for you cardi
Lyndsey baker
 [09/11 11:49:54AM]

Cozy Cable
Laverna. Spenst
 [09/11 11:48:42AM]

Autumn comfort cardi
Amy Graham
 [09/11 11:47:25AM]

1. Knit happens 2. Cableble of anything 3. Cozy cable cardi
Nicole Mitchell
 [09/11 11:47:09AM]

Dream knit cardi
Amy Graham
 [09/11 11:46:07AM]

The Long Lenghty Cable Stitch Cardi
alma dillon
 [09/11 11:45:15AM]

Sweet dreams cardigan
Ashley Gillespie
 [09/11 11:44:35AM]

Chalet Cardigan
Kim Liinamaa
 [09/11 11:44:07AM]

Cozy Knit Cardi
Amy Graham
 [09/11 11:43:54AM]

Comfy cable cardi
Bobby Hamm
 [09/11 11:42:54AM]

Winter me warm
Sally Bascello
 [09/11 11:41:39AM]

On the Fly Cardigan
Kim Liinamaa
 [09/11 11:41:39AM]

Cuddle me Cardi, Cozy Cardi,
Melanie Young
 [09/11 11:40:43AM]

Comfy Cable Cardi Cable chic cardi Cozy up cardi
Kelsey Chappell
 [09/11 11:40:13AM]

Not your boyfriend's cardigan
Kim Liinamaa
 [09/11 11:40:03AM]

Boyfriend sweater
Amy Graham
 [09/11 11:39:35AM]

Carly Cardi
Kim liinamaa
 [09/11 11:39:01AM]

Cabin Comfort Cardi
Tesa Steinke
 [09/11 11:37:50AM]

1) Happily ever cardigan 2) Not-your-grandpa's-cardigan 3) Falling hard again cardigan 4) Knit this time
Emily Rousselle
 [09/11 11:37:43AM]

Sex and slumber sweater...: Sassy and Classy Cardi.... Snow queen and blush berry ( cardigan)
 [09/11 11:37:19AM]

A big fall hug Cardigan
Sherri Bruun
 [09/11 11:37:01AM]

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Tesa Steinke
 [09/11 11:36:58AM]

Warm & cozy for fall cardi, Autummn knit cardi,
 [09/11 11:36:45AM]

Cuddle Me cardi
Janice Robinson
 [09/11 11:34:58AM]

Classic cable cardi
Carol Burns
 [09/11 11:34:49AM]

Rustic chic cardi
Melissa Hubert
 [09/11 11:34:02AM]

Heartfelt Hug Cardi
Tesa Steinke
 [09/11 11:33:16AM]

Cozy Cable Knit Cardi
BJ Kitt
 [09/11 11:32:49AM]

Cuddling cable
Janice Robinson
 [09/11 11:32:34AM]

Fireside Dreams
Tesa Steinke
 [09/11 11:31:52AM]

Nanny knit... Love knot color block .... Celtic cable cardi ..... Cozy Cardi.... Blush kiss and Cream Cardi.... Cozy Cable Cardi ..... Berry blush and cream cardi Aged before beauty cardi
Tiffany belisle
 [09/11 11:31:37AM]

Cuddle Me Cable
Janice Robinson
 [09/11 11:31:31AM]

Cozy me softly
Lindsay Boulley
 [09/11 11:30:56AM]

Cable Cardi
Lisa Althouse
 [09/11 11:30:44AM]

Cable CARdi, chic cardi, cozy up cardi, Lazy Sunday cardi.
Holly Beck
 [09/11 11:29:38AM]

The Isabella
Leanne Heck
 [09/11 11:29:27AM]

Wrap me up cardi
Victoria mclaughlin
 [09/11 11:28:46AM]

Raised Ribbed Cardi
Donita Osnach
 [09/11 11:28:38AM]

Cable knit Dream
Alice Hird
 [09/11 11:28:12AM]

"I cable knit believe it" "Cable Cardi" "Sweet Surrender Cardi" "Tea and Cable Knit Cardi" "Cable Cardi and I" "I knit you" "Wild About Cardi"
Mackenzie Leslie
 [09/11 11:27:54AM]

Firelight Cardigan or Fireside Cardigan
Simone King
 [09/11 11:27:25AM]

Cable Cutie
Morgan Anderson
 [09/11 11:25:09AM]

Autumn chill cardi
Julie Bick
 [09/11 11:24:03AM]

The Juliet
Ashley Snell
 [09/11 11:23:58AM]

Nanny knit
 [09/11 11:23:43AM]

Got Ya Covered Cardi
Kate Bingham
 [09/11 11:23:23AM]

Stroll in the Park Cardigan
France Roy
 [09/11 11:23:00AM]

Delicate Cable Cardi
Kathy Pirone
 [09/11 11:22:58AM]

Nanny knit' Love knot color block ' Celtic cable cardi ' Cozy cardi' Blush kiss and cream cardi'
Tiffany belisle
 [09/11 11:22:30AM]

Cabled Dreams Cardi
Kathy Pirone
 [09/11 11:21:59AM]

Cozi cardi
Terena Gunderson
 [09/11 11:21:53AM]

Cozy up to the Cable
Marla Mayer
 [09/11 11:21:05AM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Elaine William
 [09/11 11:19:50AM]

 [09/11 11:19:31AM]

Casual cabled cardi
Gale Andrews
 [09/11 11:18:56AM]

"Not your Gradma's Cardi"
Kim Saunders
 [09/11 11:17:33AM]

long lost knit
Jasmine Agnew
 [09/11 11:16:12AM]

Totally Cableble
Pennie Young
 [09/11 11:15:41AM]

Soft and simply Cardi. ......keep me cuddly Cardi. ....color me warm Cardi. .....cuddly and crisp Cardi. ....happiness is my cable Cardi. ........
 [09/11 11:14:47AM]

Cuddle Cardi
Lori Shewan
 [09/11 11:12:36AM]

The CABLE CAR-digan
Pennie Young
 [09/11 11:12:30AM]

Cable Knit and Cozy Cardi
Natalie Saurette
 [09/11 11:10:38AM]

Baby it's cold outside capri length Cardi
Jenn Bousquet
 [09/11 11:09:45AM]

Cold but Never Forgotten
Meghan Larson
 [09/11 11:09:42AM]

Forget Me Knot Cardi, Knot Just another Cardi Cardi, Top Knot Cardi
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 11:08:37AM]

Classic Comfy Snuggie Cardi
Cathy Laur
 [09/11 11:08:11AM]

Autumn Isle Cardi, Isle Always Love You Cardi, Changing Leaves Cardi
Amanda Asturias
 [09/11 11:08:07AM]

Warm your heart cardi
 [09/11 11:05:28AM]

The "Cover Me Cozy" Cardi
Margo Kirzinger
 [09/11 11:01:56AM]

Modern Mama's Cardi
Lynn Sedgwick
 [09/11 11:00:13AM]

Wrapped in warmth cardi, warm hug cardi, memories of grandma cardi, knitted love cardi, love is a knitted cardi, purely purled cardi, pretty in purls cardi, Tea and toasty cardi, crazy for cable cardi
Courtney Barrett
 [09/11 10:57:05AM]

Knotty & Nice Cardi
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 10:56:54AM]

Fall In Love Cardi
Tara Anderson
 [09/11 10:56:25AM]

Knit's Cozy Cable Cardi
Jillian Porter
 [09/11 10:54:41AM]

Book lovers cardi
Tiffany Logan
 [09/11 10:54:12AM]

Cuddly Cables Cardi
Waverley BEXSON
 [09/11 10:53:19AM]

Cloud 9 Cardi
Dana Glass
 [09/11 10:53:12AM]

Not grannys cardi, knit me up, tres cool cardi, knit twist cardi, fall into me
Gina Bergman
 [09/11 10:50:36AM]

Bear Hug Cardi
Diana Ceolin Daly
 [09/11 10:45:12AM]

Cabled Elegance
Chantal Bracey
 [09/11 10:44:16AM]

"Let me keep you warm cardi"
Jessica Joyce
 [09/11 10:42:47AM]

Cable Me Cozy Cardi
Asha parmar
 [09/11 10:42:46AM]

Cozy Cableknit Cardi
Marsha Empson
 [09/11 10:42:14AM]

'FALL'ing For You Cardi
Myra Jung
 [09/11 10:41:55AM]

Sweater Me Better Cardi
Beverly Lewis
 [09/11 10:41:48AM]

Cable Cardi
Katie Downie
 [09/11 10:41:45AM]

Cabled Love Cardi
Brandee reid
 [09/11 10:41:37AM]

Hug me gently
Amanda lebel
 [09/11 10:41:32AM]

Cottage Cross Cardi
Sarah Ronbeck
 [09/11 10:41:22AM]

"Live and play" cardi
Margo Gregson
 [09/11 10:40:31AM]

Knot your Grammy's Cardi!
Darcy Cook
 [09/11 10:40:23AM]

Classic Cozy Cardi
Kerri Deane
 [09/11 10:39:44AM]

Fall On Me Cardi, Top Knot Cable Down Cardi, Sunday Night Vibes
Amanda Johnston
 [09/11 10:39:20AM]

Knotty Cardi, Fall for Me Cardi
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 10:39:18AM]

Cross Your Heart Cardi
Larissa Anderson
 [09/11 10:39:03AM]

Hearty Cardi
Jessica Joyce
 [09/11 10:37:09AM]

Lazy Daisy
Cheryl Goertzen
 [09/11 10:37:04AM]

Cozy Cardi
Mariah Viau
 [09/11 10:37:01AM]

Knitters gonna knit cardi
amy gouchtine
 [09/11 10:36:17AM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Mariah Viau
 [09/11 10:36:01AM]

Knot your grandpas basic cardi
Jennifer freamon
 [09/11 10:35:48AM]

Granny knot it
Sarah kilmartin
 [09/11 10:35:25AM]

Isn't "knit" fun cable knit Cardi
Michelle Cruz
 [09/11 10:35:04AM]

Not your grampa's cable cardi
Cheryl Guerriero
 [09/11 10:34:53AM]

Cable of Dreams Cardi
Nicole Smith
 [09/11 10:34:46AM]

Sandy knit (I think of the movie grease when I see this)
Amy martin
 [09/11 10:34:19AM]

Not your Boyfriend's Cardi
Amanda Johnston
 [09/11 10:33:49AM]

The Long Cable Knit Cardi
alma dillon
 [09/11 10:33:28AM]

Autumn snug
Lauren Posselt
 [09/11 10:33:17AM]

Cuddle up cardi
Elyse Croome*
 [09/11 10:32:57AM]

Go Everywhere Cardi
Patricia Plumpton
 [09/11 10:32:28AM]

Cuddle up cardi
 [09/11 10:32:22AM]

Knitfully yours cardi, Cozy me up cardi, fireside cardi
Tovah Staudt
 [09/11 10:32:15AM]

Complete Me Cardi Make You Mine Cardi Maybe Baby Cardi
Ashley Butterfield
 [09/11 10:29:51AM]

Cozy Cable Sweater
Karyn Ray
 [09/11 10:29:23AM]

Knit your average cardi Knits about cable cardi Cabled in love cari Knits about cardi Cabled temptations cardi
Tovah Staudt
 [09/11 10:28:37AM]

Cozy Surrounds Cardi
Leanne Stanway
 [09/11 10:28:06AM]

Wrap me in winter
Christina Beattie
 [09/11 10:27:46AM]

The Cable Girl
Kim Rose
 [09/11 10:27:38AM]

Embrace Me Cardi
Leanne Stanway
 [09/11 10:25:36AM]

Blanket cardi, cozy cable garden, fireside cardi, apres ski cardi, gramma knit it cardi, cuddle up cardi, cuddle time cardi, cuddle me cardi
Sarah kilmartin
 [09/11 10:25:36AM]

Cardi Up by the Fire
Lisa Hatfield
 [09/11 10:24:48AM]

Celtic Cardi
Kate Douglas
 [09/11 10:24:17AM]

Knotty by Nature
Laurie Skora
 [09/11 10:24:00AM]

A Cabled Dream Cardi
Karlee Luchenski
 [09/11 10:22:58AM]

Not not your grandma's cardi
Ashley Hagen
 [09/11 10:22:47AM]

Tranquility cable cardi
Tracy Lee tyrrell
 [09/11 10:22:23AM]

Cable Craze
Jennifer Larre
 [09/11 10:22:15AM]

Wrapped in love cardi
Tricia oliver
 [09/11 10:21:58AM]

Close Knit Friend Cardi or Close Knit Cardi
Raielle Perry
 [09/11 10:21:44AM]

Welcoming equinox cable cardi
 [09/11 10:20:33AM]

Love Me Knot Cardigan
Nikki Weightman
 [09/11 10:20:01AM]

Fall For Me, Autumn Dreams In Raisin or Cream, "Fall"ing for cardis
Lori Lafreniere
 [09/11 10:19:51AM]

1) Snuggle Time Cardigan 2) Coco and cuddles Cardigan
Tanis Twiddy
 [09/11 10:19:39AM]

Fall in love
Jennifer Zawadzki
 [09/11 10:19:05AM]

Under the Cable, Fireside Cardi, Knot your Grandma's Cardi, Night at the museum Cardi
Tabitha Hikdebrandt
 [09/11 10:18:15AM]

"Always a silver lining " cardi
Tina Fitzgerald
 [09/11 10:17:05AM]

Warm my heart cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [09/11 10:16:28AM]

Cuddle me cardi
 [09/11 10:16:22AM]

Cuddle Up
Amanda Rose
 [09/11 10:16:15AM]

Celtic cable knit cardi
Sherry Nickle
 [09/11 10:16:05AM]

Campfire memories cardigan
Aimee Shaw
 [09/11 10:15:39AM]

Pure Comfort cardi, cozy up cardi, cuddle with me cardi
Judy Thue
 [09/11 10:15:06AM]

Carefree Cardi
Sharie Rea
 [09/11 10:15:05AM]

Smore by the fire cardigan
Aimee Shaw
 [09/11 10:15:04AM]

'Crushin It' cable knit cardi.
Tracey Marshall
 [09/11 10:15:01AM]

Knitty Gritty cardi
Kaitlyn Popert
 [09/11 10:14:28AM]

The weekender cardi
Bonnie sagriff
 [09/11 10:14:23AM]

Cuddle Up Cozy, Cable Knit Chic
Louise Vukas
 [09/11 10:14:02AM]

Strawberries and cream cardi
Judy Thue
 [09/11 10:13:04AM]

Close Knit Cardi
Kaitlyn Popert
 [09/11 10:11:45AM]

Knitoriously yours A welcomed all snuggled cable it all cabled up At your leisure
Tovah Staudt
 [09/11 10:11:27AM]

Knit me Kozy Cardi
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/11 10:09:16AM]

Knot just another cardigan
Jennifer freamon
 [09/11 10:09:11AM]

Cabin Savvy Cardi
Kim Edwards
 [09/11 10:08:57AM]

Fall for me cardi
Heather taylor
 [09/11 10:07:24AM]

Cozi-Up To Me Cardi
Melinda Elgot
 [09/11 10:07:07AM]

Knit for Knot cardi
Kimberley Sharpe
 [09/11 10:06:01AM]

Deanne Stapleton
 [09/11 10:05:51AM]

Knot your Nanas sweater
Jennifer Freamon
 [09/11 10:04:47AM]

Snuggle up Cardi
Marsha Rankin
 [09/11 10:03:03AM]

All knotted up
Alanna pynenburg
 [09/11 10:02:58AM]

Cable Love, Willing & Cable, Cable to Love, Country Cable, Country Club Cable, Twists of Love
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [09/11 10:02:07AM]

Cuddle me chic cardi
Marcia Graham
 [09/11 10:01:33AM]

Knot your grandmas sweater
Jennifer freamon
 [09/11 9:59:48AM]

Cozy up Cardi
Stacey Oldfield
 [09/11 9:59:20AM]

Knot your everyday cardi
Jodie Moran
 [09/11 9:58:46AM]

My Favoite comfy cardi
Melorie Broten
 [09/11 9:57:36AM]

Cable knit cuddles
Terelle Rutherford
 [09/11 9:56:58AM]

Cable knit Comfort Sweater
Terelle Rutherford
 [09/11 9:56:27AM]

That Cozy Cardi
Tara Levick
 [09/11 9:55:53AM]

Hugknit cardi
Kara fisher
 [09/11 9:55:40AM]

Cozy in love
 [09/11 9:55:38AM]

It's on Cable Cardi
Janna Kirkup
 [09/11 9:55:25AM]

Cuddle Up To Me Cardi
Lindsay MacKenzie
 [09/11 9:54:31AM]

For the love of knots cardi
Lindsay Medve
 [09/11 9:54:29AM]

Fantastic Fall Comfy Cardi
Melorie Broten
 [09/11 9:54:14AM]

Fall for knit cardi, A warm knit cardi, It's all cozy cardi
Ashley Robbins
 [09/11 9:54:12AM]

Country chic
Marie Hartman
 [09/11 9:54:09AM]

Knotty in Love Cardi; Knot for Long Cardi;
Angela Corcoran
 [09/11 9:53:35AM]

Knot Me Up Cardi
Sarah chenier
 [09/11 9:53:25AM]

knotty fall cardi
Amy Cantin
 [09/11 9:53:14AM]

Cozy for Fall Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/11 9:51:24AM]

Sweater Weather cardi
Caitlin King
 [09/11 9:51:21AM]

Cable Love; Cableflow; Cablerific cardi; Cozy calm cardi; Zen Cardi (because the patterns are like a zen garden);
Jennifer Moore
 [09/11 9:51:12AM]

Forget Me Knot Cardi
Sarah Chenier
 [09/11 9:51:12AM]

Fall Time Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/11 9:50:55AM]

Kozy Kable Kardi
 [09/11 9:50:33AM]

Cathy Cable Cardi
Catherine Pisiak
 [09/11 9:50:10AM]

Uptown cardi. Walk with me cardi.
Lisa Wilson
 [09/11 9:50:07AM]

Warm Hug Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/11 9:50:05AM]

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Wendy Sargent
 [09/11 9:49:58AM]

Isle Faire Cardi Celtic Faire Cardi
Jamie Anderson Farrugia
 [09/11 9:49:32AM]

Winter white cardi
Courtney bidwell
 [09/11 9:48:22AM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Jen web
 [09/11 9:47:44AM]

Cozy Cardi Chic and Comfy Cardi Chic and Cozy Cardi
Agnes Connors
 [09/11 9:47:34AM]

not your grandma's cardi
Ashley Maida
 [09/11 9:46:25AM]

Not your grannies sweater
Tracy Beemer
 [09/11 9:46:06AM]

Janice Hunt
 [09/11 9:44:38AM]

Kindred Spirits Cardi(bc it gives me an Anne of Green Gables vibe ;) )
Sarah Kehler
 [09/11 9:44:38AM]

knitted for you
Ashley Maida
 [09/11 9:44:28AM]

Cable Me Knit Cardi
Nikole schmelter
 [09/11 9:44:14AM]

Cute as a button cardi
Cheryl Young
 [09/11 9:43:42AM]

Cable Comfort Cardi, Cable Comfort Cardigan, Cuddled up in Cables, Knotty Knit Cardi, Knit Bliss Cardi, Knit Bliss Cardigan, Mad for Cables Knit Cardigan, Knit Devotion
Stephanie Whitson
 [09/11 9:43:25AM]

Woven Memories Cardi
Sarah Kehler
 [09/11 9:43:07AM]

Transition to the seasons cardi
Courtney Hamilton
 [09/11 9:42:47AM]

Exquisite Equinox Cardi
Shelby Cranley
 [09/11 9:42:27AM]

Ethereal Equinox Cardi
Shelby Cranley
 [09/11 9:41:59AM]

Lots of knots cardi
Tiffany Ly
 [09/11 9:41:43AM]

Fireside Cardi
Sarah Kehler
 [09/11 9:41:24AM]

Coffee & Cream Cardi Cafe Cozy Cardigan
Marjorie McGibbon
 [09/11 9:41:22AM]

Made for Each Other Cardi
Sarah Kehler
 [09/11 9:40:54AM]

Oh so Cozy!
Marie McInnis
 [09/11 9:40:35AM]

Autumn Vibes Cardi
Shelby Cranley
 [09/11 9:40:10AM]

Knot Your Grandma's Cardi
Jessica Bourque
 [09/11 9:39:34AM]

Cozy in love knit
 [09/11 9:39:16AM]

Cozy Cable Duster
Vanessa David
 [09/11 9:39:11AM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Courtney Walsh
 [09/11 9:39:06AM]

Knit it to me
Tiffany Makin
 [09/11 9:38:53AM]

Cozy Up to me Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/11 9:38:51AM]

Kindred Souls Knit Cardi
Stephanie Trenchuk
 [09/11 9:38:36AM]

All knit up
Sarah poitras
 [09/11 9:38:33AM]

Warm Embrace
Janet Walker
 [09/11 9:38:25AM]

The prep knit
 [09/11 9:38:16AM]

The "wheres my PSL(pumpkin spice latte)?" cardigan
Amanda Thomas
 [09/11 9:38:02AM]

Cozy by the Fire Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/11 9:38:01AM]

Cozy Cable Knit Sweate4
Amber Fisher
 [09/11 9:37:54AM]

Knitted Hug
Janét Walker
 [09/11 9:37:39AM]

cuddle up cardi
Sierra scott
 [09/11 9:37:35AM]

Not your Grandma's Cardi
Julia Schellenberg
 [09/11 9:37:07AM]

Grandma's cardi with love
Carole Ann Stephens
 [09/11 9:36:51AM]

Follow the knoted road cardi
Seanna Unger
 [09/11 9:36:04AM]

Grandma's cardi with love
Carole Ann Stephens
 [09/11 9:35:56AM]

Fall Hug Cardi
Annette Farrell
 [09/11 9:35:42AM]

Chilly mornings cardi
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [09/11 9:35:33AM]

Knitted in Love Cardi
Emily kinzie
 [09/11 9:35:04AM]

Warm and Comfy Fall/Winter Knit Cardi ?
Christina Craig
 [09/11 9:34:54AM]

For the love of cable
Janet Walker
 [09/11 9:33:48AM]

Your CoZy cable knit cardi
Lindsay Medve
 [09/11 9:33:47AM]

Cozy Fireside cardi
Kayla Ducharme
 [09/11 9:32:49AM]

Signal Hill
Katherine Carney
 [09/11 9:32:29AM]

Like a Hug
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [09/11 9:31:39AM]

Knitters Club Cardi
Cindy Puskas
 [09/11 9:31:33AM]

Not your grannie's cardi
Stephanie Kilborn
 [09/11 9:31:23AM]

Cabin cable cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:29:49AM]

Happiness is Cardi
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [09/11 9:29:41AM]

Cute and cozy cardi, knit perfection, fall for you cardi
Lacey Johnson
 [09/11 9:29:38AM]

Cute Cardi, Cable Cardi, Celtic Cardi, Celt Cardi, Knot your normal Cardi, Knot your only Cardi, Knot your regular Cardi, Knotty Cardi, Knots of comfort Cardi
Michelle Melsom
 [09/11 9:29:22AM]

Cardi Crush
Jenna Cruz
 [09/11 9:28:41AM]

Cable in Time; Attention to Detail; For the love of the Cable (cardi)
Amy Devonshire
 [09/11 9:28:18AM]

Coming Home Cardi
Jennifer Mansour
 [09/11 9:28:08AM]

Knot your average Cardi
Tiffany Crawford
 [09/11 9:27:49AM]

Twisted Knot Knit Cadi
Sheena Peddle
 [09/11 9:27:42AM]

Cable-car-cardi Cozy in Cables Autumn roped cables My Cozy Cuddler
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [09/11 9:27:06AM]

Smitten for September
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:26:50AM]

Campfire cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:26:21AM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Jessie Brewer
 [09/11 9:25:53AM]

Cozy in Cables Cardi
Lyne de Montarnal
 [09/11 9:24:30AM]

Knitcessity cardi
Kathryn Graveline
 [09/11 9:23:47AM]

Stitched with Love Cardi
Kelly Chaulk
 [09/11 9:23:19AM]

Braided Bliss Cardigan
Tricia Friesen
 [09/11 9:23:07AM]

Cozy Cables
Tannis Williams
 [09/11 9:22:46AM]

Snowbird cable knit cardi, knotted tight cardi
 [09/11 9:22:14AM]

Cabin fever Cardi
Amanda lascelle
 [09/11 9:22:04AM]

Celtic Cable Cardi
Helen Saunders
 [09/11 9:21:51AM]

Grandpa's comfort
Laura Poliquin
 [09/11 9:21:44AM]

Not your grandma's sweater
Patricia McKeen
 [09/11 9:20:29AM]

Twisted in Love Cable Cardi
Jindy Popoff
 [09/11 9:20:19AM]

Not your Nana's Cardi
Tasha Mijinke
 [09/11 9:18:35AM]

Falling for this cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:18:15AM]

Longstory Cardi
Renate Barnard
 [09/11 9:18:11AM]

Cuddle up cardi
Barb Fortin
 [09/11 9:17:27AM]

Cabin cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:16:52AM]

Cradle me cable cardi
Amanda Burt
 [09/11 9:16:39AM]

Wraped in a hug cardi
Rebecca petryna
 [09/11 9:16:28AM]

Hug me cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:16:26AM]

Chickadee Cardi
Renate Barnard
 [09/11 9:16:17AM]

Top Knot Cardi
Tiffany Osmond
 [09/11 9:16:03AM]

Cozy cardi
Jessica kostuik
 [09/11 9:15:31AM]

Hardy Cardi
Stephanie diamond
 [09/11 9:15:28AM]

Life of the Cardi
Kayla Miller
 [09/11 9:15:10AM]

Fit to knit
Kim Hollings
 [09/11 9:15:03AM]

So chic cardi
Amanda kaselkat
 [09/11 9:14:50AM]

Comfy Knit cardi
Teisha Asselin
 [09/11 9:14:41AM]

Sits Just Right Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/11 9:14:32AM]

Olivia Knight
 [09/11 9:14:25AM]

Flowing into Fall
Lauren Lambert
 [09/11 9:14:18AM]

Cozy Cable Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/11 9:14:00AM]

Link by Link Sweater
Janine Grant
 [09/11 9:13:49AM]

Knit Nack Cardi
Bekki Nelson
 [09/11 9:13:37AM]

Fireside Cardi; Come closer Cardi; Cozy up Cardi
Morgan Gebhardt
 [09/11 9:13:27AM]

Twisted Knit Cardi
Teisha Asselin
 [09/11 9:13:25AM]

Endless Snuggles, Cozy Harvest, Cable Knit Ckassic
Angela mcdonald
 [09/11 9:13:23AM]

Kayla Miller
 [09/11 9:13:10AM]

She Loves Me Knit Cardigan
Lesley Geraghty
 [09/11 9:12:19AM]

Keepin it Kozy Cardi
Sarah Leibel
 [09/11 9:12:16AM]

Perfect Pose Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/11 9:11:28AM]

Cable Knit Love, Fall Love, Pure Comfort, Wrapped in Dessert, Comforts of Fall, Wrapped in a Hug
Tara Grinyer
 [09/11 9:10:52AM]

Cable Cardi
Jacqueline Dawe
 [09/11 9:10:50AM]

Knitted for your Pleasure; Cable Cardi
Kelly Hagel
 [09/11 9:10:06AM]

Long lounger cardi
Jacquelyn roosenboom
 [09/11 9:09:55AM]

Gone Knitting Cardi
Janine Grant
 [09/11 9:09:20AM]

Total Comfort Cardi
Elaine Piekarski
 [09/11 9:09:10AM]

The Twisted Cardi
Tracy Moar
 [09/11 9:08:42AM]

Unwind with me cardi, tea party cardi, cuddled up cardi
Janette kent
 [09/11 9:08:23AM]

Cozy and Cute and NOT your grandma's Cardi, Going the lengths Cardi Cozy yet knotty Cardi
Christina Lai
 [09/11 9:07:37AM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Marie-Josee Brissette
 [09/11 9:07:33AM]

Willing and Cable Cardi
Megan Collett
 [09/11 9:06:33AM]

Classic Cardi
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [09/11 9:06:18AM]

Wrapped with love
Krystle Collier
 [09/11 9:05:33AM]

Cable Crush
Shelly Pelley
 [09/11 9:02:18AM]

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