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Easy Going Sweatshirt
October 19, 2018

Silver Icing Caption This and Win: Easy Going Sweatshirt

It’s contest time again! Give us your best caption for this photo of our new gorgeous Easy Going Sweatshirt by Zenana launching next week for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, October 21st at 9am PST.

The Easy Going Sweatshirt will be available in both Navy and Dark Purple in sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL, 1XL, 2XL, and 3XL. It will presale for just $39.99 (Retail $44.95). This oversized, loose-fitting, tunic length sweatshirt features a V-neck and side pockets!

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

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Total Entries: 667
Congratulations to Jennifer Garner, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Style...on the rocks!"

Comfy and free
Amy Williamson
 [10/21 7:34:00AM]

Free bird
Amy Williamson
 [10/21 7:32:51AM]

Life can be a rocky adventure but believe in getting through every step.
France Loyer
 [10/21 7:20:53AM]

Footloose and fancy free and just being me!
Darlene Yablonski
 [10/21 7:13:24AM]

Carmen Jonasson
 [10/21 6:59:26AM]

Yes, I’m free!!!
Voula Katsiaris
 [10/21 6:16:46AM]

Skipping stones
 [10/21 6:14:22AM]

There is nothing like taking on the weekend with comfort and fun :)
Barbara Poulin
 [10/21 5:23:00AM]

Rockin’ It or Rocking It
Gennie Walters
 [10/21 5:22:52AM]

Free spirit ready for take off!
Nevena Boyko
 [10/21 4:25:27AM]

Find your passion in this purple seasonal favorite and live life to the fullest leaving no rock unturned.
Jennifer Bradford
 [10/20 10:31:49PM]

Living life one step at the time
Lorris Leung
 [10/20 10:16:00PM]

Out for a rock run!
Margo Gregson
 [10/20 9:51:06PM]

An Uninhibited Cuddle
Linda Adam
 [10/20 9:47:32PM]

Skipping rocks sweatshirts
Margo Gregson
 [10/20 9:45:08PM]

Lazy dayz sweatshirt
Margo Gregson
 [10/20 9:41:56PM]

It IS this EASY to look this good!
Lana Wheeler
 [10/20 9:35:45PM]

Don't Get Your Toes Wet !!
Crystal Martin
 [10/20 9:01:22PM]

In SI even you can walk on water
Carol Eason
 [10/20 9:01:21PM]

Living Life
Crystal Martin
 [10/20 9:00:18PM]

Life is Great
Crystal Martin
 [10/20 8:59:55PM]

Seas The Day
Crystal Martin
 [10/20 8:59:25PM]

Seas The Easy Going Sweatshirt
Tianna McFarlane
 [10/20 8:55:09PM]

Wild & free sweatshirt
Jessica sullivan
 [10/20 8:37:56PM]

Longest Treak!!!
Yvette Reid
 [10/20 8:25:15PM]

Drip Drip Drop...oooooh I hope I don’t drop!
Celeste Kallis
 [10/20 8:11:34PM]

Seas the day...easy living style!
Celeste Kallis
 [10/20 8:09:47PM]

It’s the simple things, easy living things!
Celeste Kallis
 [10/20 8:09:19PM]

Seas the Day
Tianna McFarlane
 [10/20 7:51:41PM]

Let your spirit fly
Gayle Bradley
 [10/20 7:26:01PM]

People say I’m easy going... but I’m not gonna be too pleased if I fall in right now!
Kara Robinson
 [10/20 7:19:38PM]

Silvericing kind of day
linda colbourne
 [10/20 7:13:26PM]

A sale, I am on my way!
Susan Gannon
 [10/20 6:45:18PM]

The easy going sweatshirt makes it easy to go wherever makes your heart happy
Becky Hansel
 [10/20 6:36:05PM]

Testing the waters with sure footing & balance
Lynne Lepage
 [10/20 6:18:29PM]

A little freedom in every step
Kaila Swancar
 [10/20 5:52:54PM]

Silver Icing-For all walks of life
Kaila Swancar
 [10/20 5:52:20PM]

Hop, skip and jump into Fall.
Melanie Antunes
 [10/20 5:46:16PM]

Splash your cares away
Sue Fillmore-brown
 [10/20 5:44:18PM]

It’s All in the Balance
Susan Crocker
 [10/20 5:41:49PM]

Making waves
Sue Fillmore-brown
 [10/20 5:40:17PM]

"Fall in Fashion"
Sheila Hall
 [10/20 5:28:32PM]

Bearfoot and Carefree
Samantha Nelson
 [10/20 5:24:46PM]

Carefree Comfort
Kim Rainbow
 [10/20 4:57:20PM]

Oh Shit
Michelle McCarthy
 [10/20 4:57:03PM]

“Easy like Sunday morning”
Catherine Hodges
 [10/20 4:53:04PM]

“Cozy, Casual, Silver Icing Girl.”
Joanne Davis
 [10/20 4:17:46PM]

Must hurry and purchase the navy sweater before they sell out!
Cheryl Wilton
 [10/20 3:20:53PM]

Ready for Adventure
Margaret Carlson
 [10/20 3:06:14PM]

I think it's "high tide" for me to get out of here!!!!
Mussette Speer
 [10/20 3:02:03PM]

Authentic simplicity
Breanna Barrett
 [10/20 3:00:01PM]

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Tabetha Berry
 [10/20 2:28:46PM]

Fun times wearing this gorgeous sweatshirt in ths beautifu blue water.
 [10/20 2:27:54PM]

Let out your inner child
Sandra Payne
 [10/20 2:25:29PM]

One step closer to my dream life.
Weronika Dubois
 [10/20 2:22:58PM]

Living free while looking fabulous!
Michelle Collison
 [10/20 2:00:07PM]

Rock on!
Tara Woolgar
 [10/20 1:39:00PM]

Feeling comfortable and fabulous!
Roxanne Pickering
 [10/20 1:30:40PM]

Easy Going Sweatshirt... perfect with or without shoes
Dawn Rioux
 [10/20 1:27:56PM]

Rare photo of a mermaid using her legs for the first time
Valerie Wall
 [10/20 1:17:41PM]

Sarah poirier
 [10/20 1:16:23PM]

I got matter how cold that water is, my easy going sweatshirt keeps me cozy!
Laura Barkman
 [10/20 12:49:53PM]

Cozy carefree comfort for all.
Adel Zimmer
 [10/20 12:48:42PM]

She's rockin the relaxed look
R Jackson
 [10/20 12:37:56PM]

For those days you want to be adventurous and free.
Alisha Patterson
 [10/20 12:32:26PM]

The color of my shiet is so fabulous even the fish want it!!
Jessica Loxton
 [10/20 12:31:09PM]

Skipping on rocks
Sheann Brosinsky
 [10/20 12:30:15PM]

Sweet Comfort
Agatha Schlamp
 [10/20 12:25:15PM]

Adventure has never been this cozy!
Krista Kelly
 [10/20 12:23:45PM]

Free as the Breeze
Agatha Schlamp
 [10/20 12:19:22PM]

Seas the day
Teri Pound
 [10/20 12:19:09PM]

Easy breezy love
Sarah Anderson
 [10/20 12:15:50PM]

Go with the flow
Sarah Hendrickson
 [10/20 12:12:43PM]

Catch the Wave!
Donna DeVine Beyer
 [10/20 12:12:30PM]

Honey! I got you!
Robyn Lee Hernandez
 [10/20 12:12:01PM]

Easy living
Jody Dais
 [10/20 12:10:38PM]

Adventure is 'Easy'!
Nancy McDonough
 [10/20 12:01:33PM]

Living cozy, explore freely!
Heather Miousse
 [10/20 11:50:28AM]

Playing in comfort
Heather McGonegal
 [10/20 11:48:48AM]

Casual comfort
Victoria Schill
 [10/20 11:48:07AM]

Balance is Beautiful
Bonnie Weinand
 [10/20 11:41:45AM]

Feel like it’s the weekend everyday in this not so ordinary sweater. It’s easy going from morning till night when your this comfortable.
Cheryl Sharpe
 [10/20 11:40:06AM]

Enjoy every moment
Chantil Cooke
 [10/20 11:37:34AM]

My version of skipping rocks!
Kimberley Leung
 [10/20 11:32:08AM]

Hop, skip, and a jump to a better you.
Jace Ma
 [10/20 11:23:52AM]

I’m feeling like a kid in a sunny candy store!
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/20 11:17:07AM]

Sunday Funday
Candace Theberge
 [10/20 10:54:56AM]

When you’re this comfy it’s easy to play like you were a child again!
Lori Martin
 [10/20 10:52:26AM]

Last fun day going barefoot in the water before Winter sets in.
Helen MacDonald
 [10/20 10:50:08AM]

Well now what ?!? Still smiling
Catherine roy
 [10/20 10:42:07AM]

Easy like Sunday morning
Ruwani Sodhi
 [10/20 10:40:49AM]

Please don't fall, please don't fall, please don't fall
Terri Walsh Calvert
 [10/20 10:37:21AM]

Laurie Collazzo
 [10/20 10:32:36AM]

"Her easy going nature makes her a force to be reckoned with"
Tiffany butt
 [10/20 10:26:54AM]

Laurie Collazzo
 [10/20 10:23:24AM]

Made for all your adventures
Sandra Unrau
 [10/20 10:22:12AM]

If you think I’m cute now, wait until you see me in my easy going sweatshirt ?
Sara McGratton
 [10/20 10:17:39AM]

Jump in and feel alive!
Jennifer Robin Jones
 [10/20 10:16:46AM]

Happiness Does It!
Jill gelston
 [10/20 9:36:13AM]

Step Into Love
Sara Grainger
 [10/20 9:32:58AM]

Loving Life
Michelle Miller
 [10/20 9:22:23AM]

Easy does it
Andrina Matthie
 [10/20 9:15:55AM]

Go ahead. Let loose.
Sheana Mahlitz
 [10/20 9:08:42AM]

Sometimes you have you to let your hair down, take off your shoes and enjoy the little things in life.
Kathleen Parlee
 [10/20 9:03:32AM]

Go with the flow, get the most out of the day and have fun in the oversized Easy Going Sweatshirt.
Lindy Clark
 [10/20 8:57:20AM]

Take the path less traveled...
Tara Birch
 [10/20 8:48:04AM]

Cozy comfort
Pauline Lavigne
 [10/20 8:26:19AM]

Playful warmth
Pauline Lavigne
 [10/20 8:23:58AM]

Pauline Lavigne
 [10/20 8:22:21AM]

Being comfortable in my “Easy Going Sweatshirt” when I jump from rock to rock!
Della Toews
 [10/20 8:19:49AM]

Falling for you
Stacey Heide
 [10/20 8:16:58AM]

This glacier water is sooo cold! So happy I have my cosy easy going sweatshirt on!
Lisa Wilson
 [10/20 8:13:34AM]

Jill be nibble, Jill be quick and jump right over to The Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Joanne Wardekker
 [10/20 8:10:09AM]

Life is Balance
Natalie Griffin
 [10/20 8:06:54AM]

high tide is no match for my Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Julie-Anne Thiessen
 [10/20 8:04:06AM]

Be Happy, Enjoy Life!
Heidi Evans
 [10/20 8:03:48AM]

Splish splash, I'm comfy cozy on my Easy Going sweatshirt
Julie-Anne Thiessen
 [10/20 8:02:52AM]

Women can walk on water too!
Ashley Vendramelli
 [10/20 7:55:40AM]

The ocean is my playground
Marjorie McGibbon
 [10/20 7:54:49AM]

Afternoon being comfy in my Easy Going Sweatshirt
Melanie Lee
 [10/20 7:52:37AM]

A gorgeous Fall day for Comfortable Clothing ?
Cindy Vermette
 [10/20 7:51:26AM] as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m wearing the Easy Going Sweatshirt.
Donna Lee
 [10/20 7:50:47AM]

Feel like a free spirit and looking fabulous at the the same time!
Christina Poirier
 [10/20 7:28:10AM]

Loving in the Moment
Christine lang
 [10/20 7:24:44AM]

Escape the ordinary ??
Cristal Brennan
 [10/20 7:12:15AM]

Life is easy with a closet full of Silver Icing!
Keshia Forsythe
 [10/20 7:09:41AM]

Take a wall on the water, go with the flow
Ashley Herron
 [10/20 6:58:51AM]

marla gaylord
 [10/20 6:57:33AM]

Just a Step N Stone
Marla Brackenridge
 [10/20 6:52:11AM]

Confidence is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. Enjoy the adventure in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Amanda Bruce
 [10/20 6:44:26AM]

Easy Does it!
Karen Carvell
 [10/20 6:44:10AM]

Ocean breeze sweatshirt
Cindy Duhamel
 [10/20 6:40:55AM]

Free as can be
Dawn jacobson
 [10/20 6:38:27AM]

Sylvie Palkovits
 [10/20 6:18:37AM]

Life is precious, take a step back and enjoy the simple things.
Martine Hoeg
 [10/20 6:15:56AM]

This amazing Sweatshirt allows me to walk on water!!!
Debbie Geoffrey
 [10/20 5:39:45AM]

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.
Sherry Willoughby
 [10/20 5:34:10AM]

Comfort, style, and "thanks, it has pockets!"
Shandelle Steine
 [10/20 5:33:51AM]

So easy going you’ll feel like a kid again....but only when you wear it.
Kathy Pelletier
 [10/20 5:31:04AM]

The road to success is to go forward
Tina Loyer
 [10/20 5:30:49AM]

3-2-1 and Ready for Take Off!
Usha Singh
 [10/20 5:01:30AM]

Rachel Kelly
 [10/20 4:14:36AM]

Be breezy, go easy, like an ocean view, in this beautiful sweatshirt
Sheryl Forsythe
 [10/20 4:03:51AM]

Breath of Fresh air, peaceful adventure kind of day
Glenda Desaulniers
 [10/20 4:03:46AM]

Tammy Meunier
 [10/20 3:45:00AM]

Living the Easy Going lifestyle, with comfort and ease
June Weiss
 [10/20 2:48:35AM]

Chasing your dreams
Chantal moll
 [10/19 11:26:26PM]

Skip to my Lou
Chantal moll
 [10/19 11:25:43PM]

Jump to it Tunic
Chantal moll
 [10/19 11:24:19PM]

When comfort is this easy, you never miss a step.
Jennifer Bennison
 [10/19 10:33:09PM]

“There are only four things women need in life; fun, water, style and a whole lot of Compliments
Linda Barone
 [10/19 10:23:51PM]

Tide is high and I’m movin’ on; this sweater’s going to be my number 1!
 [10/19 10:10:25PM]

Don’t be scared to get your feet wet
Tara colby
 [10/19 9:58:41PM]

Kimberley Hay
 [10/19 9:54:15PM]

Carefree and Fancy Free
Maureen Neall
 [10/19 9:54:05PM]

Breaking loose .... me time in comfort
Charlene paul
 [10/19 9:50:46PM]

Live as Free as the Wind but be Easy Going Along the Way!
Cheryl Noble
 [10/19 9:28:52PM]

Splash Happy
Meagan McTavish
 [10/19 9:27:26PM]

Loving Life...Barefoot and Easy Going ?
Sherry Emberly
 [10/19 9:22:42PM]

Feeling adventurous in my easy going SI clothing
Trudy Hodges
 [10/19 9:22:06PM]

It isn't say easy as it looks!
Christina Dymond
 [10/19 9:18:34PM]

Jump around
Vicky McCahon
 [10/19 9:11:50PM]

Salt water bliss
Stacey pitsos
 [10/19 9:07:51PM]

Toes In the water
Stacey pitsos
 [10/19 9:00:35PM]

“Life is a hop,skip and a jump when I’m wearing my Easy going sweatshirt”
Nicole Johnson
 [10/19 8:55:26PM]

Breezy Oasis
Stephanie Giroux
 [10/19 8:51:46PM]

Easy peasy, right?!
 [10/19 8:47:07PM]

Free to be me!
Roxanne Robinson
 [10/19 8:34:33PM]

smiling at a wet dance on rocks
megan mccullough
 [10/19 8:29:31PM]

Oceans Delicious! Live your Silver Icing style!
Cathleen Nilsen
 [10/19 8:29:22PM]

Follow your bliss
Aurelia Prince
 [10/19 8:22:33PM]

Sweater Weather
 [10/19 8:13:31PM]

Live, Laugh, Love my Easy Going Sweatshirt ?
Linda Yakielashek
 [10/19 8:07:35PM]

Always make time to wade in the ocean.
Kerry Schwenneker
 [10/19 8:02:16PM]

It’s all fun & games until someone gets wet!
Haley Boland
 [10/19 7:58:44PM]

Easy Going In!
Carlee Rosso
 [10/19 7:52:04PM]

Just a hop, skip and a jump...
Crystal Farmer
 [10/19 7:49:49PM]

Be Relaxed. Be Free. Be Easy Going.
Meghan Tucker
 [10/19 7:49:23PM]

Make time for the simple things in life.
Meghan Tucker
 [10/19 7:46:36PM]

Beth MackenIe
 [10/19 7:45:34PM]

Seas me easy going
Katie gasemy
 [10/19 7:44:34PM]

Going going gone in the easy going sweatshirt
Marsha rankin
 [10/19 7:39:35PM]

Free From It All
Maryanne McMahon
 [10/19 7:32:37PM]

Her feet may be cold but the rest of her is cozy.
Mandy Collins
 [10/19 7:30:43PM]

Easy flow
Meghan Beattie
 [10/19 7:30:42PM]

Easy breezy comfy style!
Taneill Selinger
 [10/19 7:29:50PM]

Easy like Sunday Morning
Mary McIsaac
 [10/19 7:26:31PM]

Hopefully she's not Easy Going into the lake
Jessica Oldham
 [10/19 7:26:16PM]

Enjoy the moment
Christina Furlan
 [10/19 7:13:27PM]

I'm Pretty! ... Easy Going!
Janene Kemle
 [10/19 7:11:41PM]

Be Free sweatshirt
Kimberly Gleave
 [10/19 7:09:56PM]

Making life easy, going from the office to the seashore in your Silver Icing Sweatshirt
Rebecca Baker
 [10/19 7:00:37PM]

Life is Easy Going with Zenana and Silver Icing
Rebecca Baker
 [10/19 6:58:25PM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Gina Bergman
 [10/19 6:54:39PM]

Cozy comfy and no shoes. Look out world here I come
Keri Stangherlin
 [10/19 6:54:33PM]

Breezy, Beautiful, Comfortable.
Christine Musick
 [10/19 6:54:00PM]

Living the best life
Valerie Gudmundson
 [10/19 6:48:10PM]

Sunshine and the living is "Easy Going"
Stacy Price
 [10/19 6:46:33PM]

Living life free and easy!
Deanna Cale
 [10/19 6:39:42PM]

Wait for meeeeee
Laura nahkala
 [10/19 6:37:25PM]

Living Comfortable Freedom
Natalie Zavaglia
 [10/19 6:32:38PM] the key to success!!!
Laurie Pampu
 [10/19 6:08:09PM]

Breath Easy
Melanie Fortin
 [10/19 5:59:54PM]

Living the Barefoot Best Life!
Erin Ducharme-Carter
 [10/19 5:58:07PM]

Live Your Best Life Barefoot!
Erin Ducharme-Carter
 [10/19 5:56:04PM]

Living the dream
Shelley lawton
 [10/19 5:55:04PM]

Freedom is taking time to enjoy oneself!
France Primrose
 [10/19 5:34:29PM]

Life is “Easy Going “ with SI
Stacey Jeans
 [10/19 5:30:13PM]

Free Spirit Sweatshirt
Charmaine Delesoy
 [10/19 5:26:13PM]

Anywhere Anytime Sweatshirt
Charmaine Delesoy
 [10/19 5:23:45PM]

Easy Going; One Step At A Time
Jessica Robertson
 [10/19 5:19:43PM]

An obstacle is often a stepping stone; keep stepping!
Holli Oldham
 [10/19 5:18:25PM]

Live each day better than the last.
Pinder Saran
 [10/19 5:16:41PM]

Oh shit!!
Michelle Reynolds
 [10/19 5:15:52PM]

Because you can
Marilia Marghetti
 [10/19 5:00:45PM]

Dipping into fall in style
Carla Mulholland
 [10/19 4:58:49PM]

Go Ahead! Dip Your Toes In, The Best Is Yet To Come!
Sabrina Fortier
 [10/19 4:53:40PM]

Go with the flow
Lindy Osipenko
 [10/19 4:52:56PM]

Hold my shoes and watch this!
Anna Pascuzzo
 [10/19 4:52:02PM]

Free Yourself From Your Comfort Zone
Jaime Balson
 [10/19 4:50:58PM]

Hip Hop Hooray Top
Louise Wyant
 [10/19 4:45:03PM]

It’s all about balance.
Stephanie Siegner
 [10/19 4:40:35PM]

Lucky me, hopscotch by the sea
Cheryl Mackey
 [10/19 4:38:25PM]

Seaside Cozy in my Easy Going Sweatshirt
Billie Kneen
 [10/19 4:33:47PM]

Deep horizon Sweater
Lindy Thom
 [10/19 4:32:40PM]

Life is better under the sun!
Hilda Dyck
 [10/19 4:31:22PM]

Easy Does It
Brenda Davis
 [10/19 4:28:35PM]

Happy Zen
Megan stokley
 [10/19 4:27:49PM]

A women with good shoes is never to careful.. Oh dear god Please keep them dry!
Sabrina Pembleton
 [10/19 4:24:47PM]

The Seas in me!
Allana Bruce
 [10/19 4:23:41PM]

Take time to make your soul happy
Ashlee McEwen
 [10/19 4:21:37PM]

Josee Zimmer
 [10/19 4:21:25PM]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Lorna Fowler
 [10/19 4:20:28PM]

Never too early for a polar bear swim!
Tanis Twiddy
 [10/19 4:19:35PM]

At least I'll be warm if i fall in
Joani Crews
 [10/19 4:17:42PM]

1,2,3! I have got this!
Laura Harbottle
 [10/19 4:15:27PM]

Feeling like a kid again!!
Moira Swiatek
 [10/19 4:13:53PM]

Cool Nights & Campfires? Yes Please!
Kristen Brown
 [10/19 4:09:38PM]

I don’t get wet often... but when I do I make it look good!
Sarah Halls
 [10/19 4:09:35PM]

Easy ocean breezy sweatshirt
Cindy Duhamel
 [10/19 4:05:04PM]

Easy peasy I say
Tracey Marcil
 [10/19 4:04:54PM]

Living and enjoying life comfortably
Tracey Marcil
 [10/19 4:04:11PM]

I feel free. I feel beautiful. I feel alive. I am me and I love it.
Nicole Fraser
 [10/19 4:03:56PM]

Tracey Marcil
 [10/19 4:03:05PM]

Easy like Sunday morning
Tiffany Lawrence
 [10/19 4:02:07PM]

Ahh! Don’t fall! Don’t fall!
Christina Parent
 [10/19 4:01:44PM]

Free living sweater
Lee-ann therrien
 [10/19 3:59:52PM]

I got this
Vanessa Mann
 [10/19 3:58:28PM]
Nicole Linza
 [10/19 3:55:48PM]

Live your best life get your feet wet!
Robyn Hollohan
 [10/19 3:54:01PM]

Joanne boucher
 [10/19 3:52:36PM]

They said it would be easy... it was.
Breesie McCrudden
 [10/19 3:50:56PM]

The balancing act
Mary Ann Oxtoby
 [10/19 3:50:31PM]

Wine time
Patsy Power
 [10/19 3:47:06PM]

Comfortably living the Best Life!
Laurie Delisle
 [10/19 3:46:17PM]

Ahhh my toes are cold, thank goodness for this warm sweater
Jessica Brandt
 [10/19 3:46:04PM]

Style...on the rocks!
Jennifer Garner
 [10/19 3:44:55PM]

Footloose and Fancy Free!
Lesley Skinner
 [10/19 3:35:23PM]

Jump full into life
Colette lesko
 [10/19 3:35:05PM]

Long live summer!
Crystal Schouten
 [10/19 3:27:56PM]

Go Anywhere Sweatshirt
Marilyn Wentland
 [10/19 3:26:54PM]

Timeless By The Sea
Crystal Martin
 [10/19 3:26:49PM]

Easy Going, in Easy Comfort
Kerry Demontigny
 [10/19 3:26:29PM]

Free Spirited sweater, free and flowy cozy sweater, show your cozy limits
Jessica Joyce
 [10/19 3:25:34PM]

Looking fab and fancy free in the East Going Sweatshirt
Melissa Martineau
 [10/19 3:22:30PM]

Live , love , sweater weather
Melissa Leclerc
 [10/19 3:21:25PM]

Free Spirited
Crystal Martin
 [10/19 3:19:35PM]

Mariza Bozzato-Bissonnette
 [10/19 3:16:44PM]

Anik Rochon Olivier
 [10/19 3:12:17PM]

Skip into comfort
Janet Walker
 [10/19 3:10:02PM]

Free flowing and easy going
Candace Janvier
 [10/19 3:09:22PM]

Live like no one is watching
Kayla Bailey
 [10/19 3:09:00PM]

One Step at a Time
Sandra Heavens
 [10/19 3:07:25PM]

Life in balance Tunic
Chantal Moll
 [10/19 3:06:03PM]

Life Balance Tunic
Chantal Moll
 [10/19 3:03:18PM]

The Pokémon is WHERE?
Bree mcmullen
 [10/19 3:03:03PM]

Forge Ahead Tunic
Chantal Moll
 [10/19 3:02:13PM]

Balance Tunic
Chantal Moll
 [10/19 3:00:41PM]

Pura Vida
Melodie Hrycenko
 [10/19 2:59:57PM]

Easy peasy, ocean breezy
Megan Sheftel
 [10/19 2:59:32PM]

Skip it off
Caitlin Berndt
 [10/19 2:58:51PM]

Making memories
Melodie Hrycenko
 [10/19 2:57:40PM]

Wild and free!
Crystal Jensen
 [10/19 2:57:06PM]

Walking on Sunshine
Annette O'Brian
 [10/19 2:47:21PM]

Whoa whoa whoa
Crystal Bouchard
 [10/19 2:44:45PM]

Easy going, for all your coming and going!
Kyla Baxter
 [10/19 2:42:07PM]

Last chance, summer freedom
Jodi Schultz
 [10/19 2:41:40PM]

Free to be.... easy going
Sandie Maximiuk
 [10/19 2:39:57PM]

Take back the Joy of Fall!
Glenda Gauthier
 [10/19 2:39:56PM]

Love that sweatshirt!!!!!!
Christa Haeussler
 [10/19 2:38:26PM]

Dont ruin the shoes, they're silver icing!
Sherri rask
 [10/19 2:38:10PM]

When you see a leech but you are trying to get a pic for the gram ????
Megan Enns
 [10/19 2:37:02PM]

Low tide hopscotch
Linda Muirhead
 [10/19 2:32:19PM]

Cozy comfort while having fun!
Michelle Cavanagh
 [10/19 2:27:17PM]

Dipping your toes in the ocean is good for the soul(sole)
Pam Fenrick
 [10/19 2:23:25PM]

Silver Icing gives you wings!
Joelle Bakker
 [10/19 2:23:05PM]

If your not barefoot you are overdressed!
Kelly Slater
 [10/19 2:21:55PM]

Skip Into The Weekend
Louise Vukas
 [10/19 2:13:09PM]

One step at a time....
Daphne Nichols
 [10/19 2:10:15PM]

Live carefree in this gorgeous easy going sweatshirt
Barbara Benner
 [10/19 2:08:27PM]

Balance is everything
Susan Davis
 [10/19 2:06:20PM]

Skipping Rocks
Desiree Ryan
 [10/19 2:06:08PM]

Fancy Free
Amanda Sask
 [10/19 2:04:22PM]

I've got the whole world!
Arlene McGregor
 [10/19 2:02:30PM]

Jump into fall
Amanda English
 [10/19 1:59:46PM]

I Look so good I can walk on water!
Daniella Perrott
 [10/19 1:59:09PM]

Free Fallin’ Tunic
Chantal Moll
 [10/19 1:57:58PM]

I'd walk across water to get to that Silver Icing Presale!
Kelly Douglass
 [10/19 1:57:57PM]

Take the leap
Michelle Jones
 [10/19 1:56:28PM]

Calm and relaxed
Heather hillier
 [10/19 1:53:38PM]

Don’t want to miss release time!
Jolene Mosiondz
 [10/19 1:50:28PM]

Feel the ease
Stacey hall
 [10/19 1:49:27PM]

Balancing Act
Susan Ormond
 [10/19 1:48:55PM]

Run Free!
Ras Go
 [10/19 1:48:46PM]

EZ Going Zee Nana Sweatshirt
Sharon McArthur
 [10/19 1:46:39PM]

Keeping it comfy or easy breezy sweatshirt
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [10/19 1:46:35PM]

Is this how I skip stones?
Aimee Proulx
 [10/19 1:44:33PM]

Jump in!! The simple things
Jody dais
 [10/19 1:40:35PM]

Taking life one step at a time in this Easy Going Sweatshirt
Julie Anne Hilton
 [10/19 1:36:30PM]

Take life one day at a time in this EasyGoing sweatshirt!
Julie Anne Hilton
 [10/19 1:35:08PM]

Hop, skip and a jump!
Leona Van Vliet
 [10/19 1:34:36PM]

Running for the pre-sale!
Chantalle Gauthier
 [10/19 1:33:30PM]

Easier then walking on water
Ashley Catroppa
 [10/19 1:31:51PM]

Calm and Still
Tara Dove
 [10/19 1:29:00PM]

Hop and skip
Claire Greenley
 [10/19 1:24:30PM]

I'm so Easy Going I get a natural pedicure from these barnacles!
Debbie Martyn
 [10/19 1:23:05PM]

Free As A Dove
Marla Brackenridge
 [10/19 1:21:52PM]

Puddle jumping...a whole new level!!
Celeste Kallis
 [10/19 1:18:53PM]

Silver Icing brings out the "easy-going" in you.
Tara Bertling
 [10/19 1:17:29PM]

Whoops! Took too long getting that perfect selfie.
Anna Sutton
 [10/19 1:16:49PM]

Ooopsie Daisy...hop hop hopping to the beach!
Celeste Kallis
 [10/19 1:16:40PM]

Easy Sweatshirt, Longing for You sweatshirt.
Holly Beck
 [10/19 1:16:03PM]

I'm coming comfort and style.
Ellen Forgie
 [10/19 1:14:59PM]

Leap in love
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [10/19 1:14:49PM]

Here’s To Some Easy Living At The Beach
Celeste Kallis
 [10/19 1:14:33PM]

There will be no trouble on the high seas
Leanna Mate
 [10/19 1:14:23PM]

Just a skip, hop and a jump
Sarah Leffler
 [10/19 1:13:58PM]

Hop,skipping and jumping in our Easy Going Sweatshirt
Kelli Mowbray
 [10/19 1:12:38PM]

Sand sea and sweatshirts three of our favourite things
Dawn Digby
 [10/19 1:11:24PM]

OH NO the tide came in !!!!!!
 [10/19 1:08:02PM]

Wild, barefoot and free
Dallas Nontell
 [10/19 1:04:01PM]

Walk on water? Easy.
Melissa Chernis
 [10/19 1:01:53PM]

Roam Free Easy Going Sweatshirt
Mary Banks
 [10/19 1:00:40PM]

Easy breezy freedom
Beth Mills
 [10/19 12:58:08PM]

Making errands or play easy going with this ZENana sweater.
Brittaney Pregizer
 [10/19 12:55:18PM]

Living life to its fullest stylish and comfortable!
Julie maerz
 [10/19 12:55:00PM]

Let go and have fun in this Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Justina Leanne Ziemer
 [10/19 12:53:35PM]

Skip the rush. Go rock hopping instead.
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/19 12:52:15PM]

Lake life weekend vibes
Bobbi Lodewyks
 [10/19 12:52:11PM]

Skipping A Beat
Cara McClean
 [10/19 12:51:07PM]

Hop skip and Jump Sweatshirt
TRACY Nelson
 [10/19 12:49:50PM]

Namaste ? Sweatshirt
Tracy Nelson
 [10/19 12:48:16PM]

What!!New fall line released!
Alyssa McSweyn
 [10/19 12:47:53PM]

Hop to It Sweatshirt
Tracy Nelson
 [10/19 12:47:26PM]

Find your balance
Christine Godby
 [10/19 12:44:40PM]

Live. Laugh. Splash.
Ashley Domagala
 [10/19 12:42:53PM]

Getting ready to mermaid
Karen Moss
 [10/19 12:42:19PM]

With the Easy Going Sweatshirt your hop, skip, and jumping around town can be as Easy Going as a day at the shore.
Morgan Angus
 [10/19 12:39:34PM]

Breathe Easy
Joelene Potter
 [10/19 12:37:49PM]

Weekend comfort
Shauna Adams
 [10/19 12:34:34PM]

Chantelle Yaremchuk
 [10/19 12:33:56PM]

Zenana rocks it again
Cathy Lovelace
 [10/19 12:28:18PM]

My reflection is Easy Going
Shelly Davidson
 [10/19 12:27:16PM]

Happiness isn’t just a state of’s everything else that makes you feel good.
Jenna Drumm
 [10/19 12:26:09PM]

Sandy Witter
 [10/19 12:26:00PM]

"Gosh, this weather is beautiful, life is awesome, bare feet in October is the perfect fall feeling in my cozy sweater"
Amy Boughen
 [10/19 12:18:13PM]

Life of Riley
Megan McBain
 [10/19 12:16:38PM]

Easy goes it in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Mandy Gacek
 [10/19 12:16:38PM]

Splash of comfort!
Rachael Bryson
 [10/19 12:16:07PM]

Skipping with fun.
Cathy murray
 [10/19 12:16:05PM]

Take a break to enjoy the little things in life may not be easy, but it’s worth it.
Amanda Johnson
 [10/19 12:15:04PM]

It's easy to get going in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Mandy Gacek
 [10/19 12:14:43PM]

Ease into fall in the Easy Going Sweatshit
Mandy Gacek
 [10/19 12:13:27PM]

Free Spirit
Megan Laight
 [10/19 12:13:03PM]

Don't sweat the small things
Amanda Dastou
 [10/19 12:11:58PM]

A carefree day at the shore, or home with the kids, the Easy going Sweatshirt can do it all- in style!
Morgan Angus
 [10/19 12:11:51PM]

Ready set Go
Michael nearing
 [10/19 12:11:37PM]

“What you could be like chilling in your, totally chic, active wear”
Reilly Marceau
 [10/19 12:06:11PM]

Stop and enjoy this moment, for life passes us by too quick.
Erika Parsall-Myler
 [10/19 12:05:46PM]

Rockin’ On The Water
Shayna Thompson
 [10/19 12:05:18PM]

Jumping into that easy going feeling like...
Anastasia Lanthier
 [10/19 12:04:13PM]

Fall cozy comfort
Francine Fowler
 [10/19 12:03:41PM]

Free falling
Rosanne Forseille
 [10/19 12:03:33PM]

Wholesome Happiness
Megan Wever
 [10/19 12:01:20PM]

Happy-Go-Lucky everyday!
Aly Popa
 [10/19 12:01:18PM]

One foot in front of the other
Donna Ardell
 [10/19 12:00:39PM]

Not a care in the world and loving it??
Brianna Cooper
 [10/19 12:00:06PM]

Sassy and Free
Bev Greenlaw
 [10/19 11:56:03AM]

la vie est belle
Natalie Plastino
 [10/19 11:54:46AM]

Fall into comfort
Jamie hehn
 [10/19 11:53:28AM]

Forever young in SI
Kate Bingham
 [10/19 11:51:21AM]

Care free living
Annalisa Day
 [10/19 11:51:04AM]

A hop, a skip, and a jump start to your wardrobe
Carmen Hartgerink
 [10/19 11:49:04AM]

Life’s a series of stepping stones made easier with this sweater
Susan Constantine
 [10/19 11:48:39AM]

Weekend adventures are easier and warmer in our new Easy Going Sweatshirt
Afton Murphy
 [10/19 11:47:50AM]

Seize the Moment in Comfort & Style
Grace Rubino
 [10/19 11:46:54AM]

I’m beautifully unstoppable!
Kaylin Holmes
 [10/19 11:46:25AM]

Devil may care
Jen Haines
 [10/19 11:46:04AM]

Crisp mornings
Liisa Olson
 [10/19 11:45:56AM]

Slip into Comfort
Marla Brackenridge
 [10/19 11:45:18AM]

Cozy comfort
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [10/19 11:44:56AM]

Livin the dream
Monica Embury
 [10/19 11:44:54AM]

Living Easy Breezy in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Felicia Busque
 [10/19 11:43:40AM]

Barefoot and easy does it!
Angela Lim
 [10/19 11:43:23AM]

It's like walking on water
Kyrsten Child
 [10/19 11:42:28AM]

There is no obstacle I can't conquer- I'm an SI woman!
Kelly Long
 [10/19 11:41:55AM]

Freedom and Comfort Have Never Looked So Good.
Grace Rubino
 [10/19 11:38:38AM]

Dodge The Cold Sweat Shirt
Marla Brackenridge
 [10/19 11:37:11AM]

Let our Easy Going Sweatshirt be your calm during the storm
Kaela Hendra
 [10/19 11:36:27AM]

Clothed in comfort, ready for adventure ?
Jody Summers
 [10/19 11:33:08AM]

Wet, Wild and fun!!
Bobbi King
 [10/19 11:31:34AM]

Every stage of life is just a stepping stone
Michelle McEachern
 [10/19 11:27:11AM]

Has me jumping like that
 [10/19 11:22:04AM]

Feel Free and Fabulous all day in the new Easy Going Sweatshirt!!!
Janna Sanderson
 [10/19 11:21:44AM]

My SI outfit makes me feel so freeeee
Kim Gowan
 [10/19 11:20:57AM]

Loving life in comfort
Kim Dilney
 [10/19 11:19:58AM]

Mindful movement
Barb Primus
 [10/19 11:19:51AM]

If you stumble,make it part of the dance
Jennifer Pedersen
 [10/19 11:18:54AM]

One step at a time
Torri lamash
 [10/19 11:18:28AM]

Easy as it goes, easy as it gets
Torri lamash
 [10/19 11:18:05AM]

Enjoying an easy going fall day!
Jennifer Shaw
 [10/19 11:17:30AM]

On the rocks
Torri lamash
 [10/19 11:15:48AM]

Living Free and comfortable
Nicole Smith
 [10/19 11:15:15AM]

Walking on sunshine
Gillian McCarthy
 [10/19 11:14:33AM]

Walking on water
Torri lamash
 [10/19 11:14:11AM]

Easy going walking into Friday
Angela Rodgers
 [10/19 11:14:07AM]

Im walking on water!
Aimee Gaudry
 [10/19 11:13:24AM]

Skipping rocks
Torri lamash
 [10/19 11:13:18AM]

When you step on a barnacle but you know the shot is gonna be so instagrammable
Melissa Mohammed
 [10/19 11:11:13AM]

A little skip and a hop
Sherry Nickle
 [10/19 11:09:11AM]

Carefree skipping stones in purple
Brenda Brown
 [10/19 11:04:06AM]

Love on the rocks
Diana Mazzuca
 [10/19 11:02:35AM]

Sweater weather !
Dana nearing
 [10/19 11:00:32AM]

Easy going and so carefree
Melissa Wilson
 [10/19 11:00:30AM]

Fall into comfort
Leah Badry
 [10/19 10:59:36AM]

Cool Toes, Cool Clothes, Cool Attitude
Karen Waite
 [10/19 10:59:04AM]

Uninhabited ventures
Lyndie Schnarr
 [10/19 10:58:22AM]

Living life in clothes you love!
Brenda Eaton
 [10/19 10:58:22AM]

Be brave, cozy, and stylish in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Ashley Bibeau
 [10/19 10:58:05AM]

Living the Life in my Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Brenda Eaton
 [10/19 10:57:44AM]

Living in the moment
Trish belcourt
 [10/19 10:57:07AM]

Go with confidence in this Easy Going sweatshirt!
Ashley Bibeau
 [10/19 10:56:54AM]

My cozy by the fireplace hot chocolate movie watching sweatshirt
Anita Pelletier
 [10/19 10:56:45AM]

Feeling rad sweater
Trish belcourt
 [10/19 10:56:27AM]

Go with the flow sweater
 [10/19 10:56:09AM]

Toss Your Heels Sweatshirt
Michelle Russo
 [10/19 10:55:53AM]

“Go Easy” this fall with Silver Icing!
Ashley Bibeau
 [10/19 10:55:02AM]

Free as a kid!
Angela Dube
 [10/19 10:54:39AM]

I feel like a kid again!
Tara Spelmer-Mack
 [10/19 10:54:28AM]

Don't fall, Don't fall...
Angela Dube
 [10/19 10:53:51AM]

Easy as 1, 2, 3 JUMP!
Deana Wadsworth
 [10/19 10:53:25AM]

you can’t decide which path life will bring you down but you can choose to be comfyz
Jennifer freamon
 [10/19 10:52:46AM]

Because I’m free, free fallin’!
Paige Killian
 [10/19 10:52:38AM]

Embrace The Moment
Celeste Kallis
 [10/19 10:52:18AM]

Living best life!
Ashley Kohut
 [10/19 10:50:43AM]

So easy going, I didn’t notice the tide coming in!
Monica Dion
 [10/19 10:48:24AM]

There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do
Stefanie Godfrey
 [10/19 10:47:38AM]

You don’t think I can walk on water? Here hold my shoes!
Tami Sorochan
 [10/19 10:47:23AM]

Omg! I haven't done this in years!!! Yeeeeehooooo
Vanessa Johnson
 [10/19 10:46:56AM]

Gotta run, almost forgot to place my presale order!
Olivia Hardy
 [10/19 10:46:09AM]

When you’re doing a beach photo shoot and hear Silver Icing is having a limited time sale!
Dana Hawley
 [10/19 10:45:45AM]

Easy Breeze by the Sea
Christina Kane
 [10/19 10:45:30AM]

Making my ownpath, and it feels good!
Susan Remmer
 [10/19 10:44:49AM]

Dance on the edge of mystery
Stefanie Godfrey
 [10/19 10:44:36AM]

Falling for summer
Kyleigh Gabriel
 [10/19 10:44:34AM]

Rockin’ it in my easy going Sweatshirt
Elaine Mogensen
 [10/19 10:41:22AM]

Simple & Chic
Stefanie Godfrey
 [10/19 10:40:48AM]

Another gorgeous day in Beautiful B.C. Cool toes, but I am wrapped in warmth while wearing my new SI sweatshirt.
Sonia Di Nobile
 [10/19 10:40:27AM]

A sweatshirt might not change the world but a woman who feels amazing wearing it will!!
Tracy Chaudhary
 [10/19 10:38:59AM]

Easy come, easy going going gone!
Marlise Nordstrom
 [10/19 10:38:46AM]

Dip your toe into SI Fall fashion!
Marie Tichborne
 [10/19 10:38:29AM]

I must hurry before my husband realizes I made another SI purchase
Nicole Gillies
 [10/19 10:37:48AM]

Skipping rocks has never been so easy!
Kara Forest
 [10/19 10:37:35AM]

Fall! Not me! My Silver Icing Easy Going Sweatshirt make me feel like I am walking on water.
Janice Robinson
 [10/19 10:36:55AM]

Whoa!! Easy does it!!!!
Angela Kerluke
 [10/19 10:32:43AM]

Aria Sweatshirt
Michelle Jagodnik
 [10/19 10:32:00AM]

You can have fun hopping from place to place wearing super stylish yet comfortable clothing from Silver Icing!!
Patricia Nolan
 [10/19 10:31:34AM]

Letting go... life’s best medicine:)
Julie Telford
 [10/19 10:30:49AM]

Freedom in comfort
Kimberley Toews
 [10/19 10:29:13AM]

Classic look, comfy feel, clothes for real life
Kaylee Ianni
 [10/19 10:28:31AM]

Lindsay Williamson
 [10/19 10:27:52AM]

Carpe diem!
Kaylee Ianni
 [10/19 10:25:32AM]

i just wanted to see the fish in the water......wait for me!
Ali Gordon-Collins
 [10/19 10:25:25AM]

Carefree and comfy
Marissa Takacs
 [10/19 10:24:44AM]

Love my easy going carefree days
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:24:21AM]

Another carefree day with Silver Icing
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:23:54AM]

Shimmering water Carefree Days
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:22:59AM]

Hop skip and jump into fall !!!
Barb Mcinnes
 [10/19 10:22:21AM]

Confidence is the new cute!
Amanda Rogers
 [10/19 10:22:09AM]

Freedom Friday!
Mia Pauze
 [10/19 10:20:04AM]

Free Time!
Natasha Cooper
 [10/19 10:19:46AM]

Free as the Breeze Easy Going as I please
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:19:11AM]

This is what I call Rock Climbing!
Carol lebel
 [10/19 10:18:11AM]

SI makes life so Easy Going I feel like I can walk on water
sheelah tomljanovich
 [10/19 10:18:07AM]

Make every moment count
Simone King
 [10/19 10:17:05AM]

Having fun in the sun with my easy bread sweat shirt
Nickie Thomson
 [10/19 10:17:03AM]

Living my best life!
Rachel Donnelly
 [10/19 10:17:01AM]

Footloose & Fancy Free
kari kalinin
 [10/19 10:16:46AM]

come frolick with me by the sea
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:16:29AM]

I hope I don't fall and get my sweater soaked!
Erin Levesque
 [10/19 10:15:45AM]

Just a hop sip and a jump!!
Jody Stibbs
 [10/19 10:15:43AM]

That feeling you get the first time you slip into silver icing exclusive leggings!
Courtney Sheane
 [10/19 10:15:18AM]

easy going, sea to sky
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:15:11AM]

Balancing comfort is easy going where ever life takes you
Nancy Davie
 [10/19 10:14:50AM]

Fierce, Fabulous, and fancy free
Angela Ivany
 [10/19 10:14:46AM]

This mermaid finally earned her sea legs, watch me run!
 [10/19 10:14:44AM]

"Yah, I can walk on water, watch me! I can do anything I want when I wear Silver Icing!"
Shannon Mai Wuerth
 [10/19 10:14:35AM]

Stop the boat! Stop the boat!!
Debbie Lyttle
 [10/19 10:14:23AM]

Cuddle weather
Kaitlin Reid
 [10/19 10:14:06AM]

Felling Super Powered
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [10/19 10:13:29AM]

Easy Breezy Careree Days
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:13:21AM]

A timeless tunic for those twinkle toe moments!
Tammy Hauser
 [10/19 10:11:50AM]

Catch me, if you can!
Sherida Nicholson
 [10/19 10:11:17AM]

Feeling free
Laura landry
 [10/19 10:11:06AM]

Just a hop, skip and a... JUMP
Brandi Duffield
 [10/19 10:10:37AM]

Dare to feel comfortable -and stylish - in your clothes again
Lauren simmonds
 [10/19 10:10:35AM]

Freedom on the rocks
Julianne Tait
 [10/19 10:10:29AM]

Easy... breezy beautiful... going sweatshirt
Megan Kirkley
 [10/19 10:09:41AM]

Sometimes you just have to take a little risk.
Shelby McClelland
 [10/19 10:09:04AM]

If you see me running, it’s because my husband found my silver icing bill
Kristy Delgrosso
 [10/19 10:07:01AM]

splashing and dashing free to be
Gerri Toews
 [10/19 10:06:06AM]

Living the life!
Carolynn Daugherty
 [10/19 10:06:01AM]

That moment right before you know something bad is gonna happen....
Gail Olson
 [10/19 10:05:53AM]

Leaping into fall fashion
Gina Swindler
 [10/19 10:05:38AM]

Easy does it!
Jaime Marmei
 [10/19 10:04:22AM]

Free to be you
Colleen Konowalyk
 [10/19 10:03:24AM]

Oh Boy this water is cold! Brrrrr!!!
Kathy Pirone
 [10/19 10:02:27AM]

Easy & free
Deanne Hunter
 [10/19 10:01:49AM]

Walking On Water....never felt better ?
Shirley Tom
 [10/19 10:00:35AM]

Be a kid again... Anything is possible!
Cori Simmonds
 [10/19 9:59:14AM]

I’m so comfortable I feel I can do anything!
Lori Mackay
 [10/19 9:58:41AM]

Free bird sweater; Free spirit tunic; run free sweater; Fly free tunic; light heart sweater
Pam MacKenzie
 [10/19 9:58:03AM]

Omg please dont fall, please dont fall!
Heather Huber
 [10/19 9:58:01AM]

That easy going coastal life.
Tracy Simpson
 [10/19 9:57:47AM]

So comfy that nothing feels impossible!
Heather Upton
 [10/19 9:57:07AM]

Livin’ the good life in SI fashion.
Tracey Pauls
 [10/19 9:56:53AM]

Be the girl who decided to go for it
Jasmine Rebryna
 [10/19 9:56:46AM]

Take the leap
Angela McInnes
 [10/19 9:55:30AM]

Stride to tide sweatshirt
Amanda Kaselkat
 [10/19 9:54:33AM]

Easy going and ready for anything
Gillian Allan
 [10/19 9:54:19AM]

Work/Life Balance
Miyoung Tereposky
 [10/19 9:52:53AM]

Easy Going, Every Day
Michelle Blair
 [10/19 9:52:13AM]

I’ve got a peaceful, easy feelin’ ?
Jillian Porter
 [10/19 9:51:12AM]

Stepping stone of life
Victoria Harrison
 [10/19 9:50:16AM]

Free and Fashionable
Michelle Blair
 [10/19 9:49:55AM]

Life is Great!
Carolyn Neville
 [10/19 9:49:38AM]

Easy does it in the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Angela Neufeld Allison
 [10/19 9:49:13AM]

Never be afraid to get your toes wet!
Samantha Cook
 [10/19 9:49:05AM]

Find your inner child and just go for it!
Kristin Kominko
 [10/19 9:47:58AM]

The ocean awaits your Zenana !
Ashley Haas
 [10/19 9:47:46AM]

Carla Owens
 [10/19 9:47:36AM]

Kick off your shoes because relaxation is just a hop, skip and a jump away in your Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Kayla Burt
 [10/19 9:47:14AM]

Chilly toes warm heart ??
Michaela Barcena
 [10/19 9:47:06AM]

Undoubtedly Catching Comfort
Meggan Lefebvre
 [10/19 9:47:02AM]

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Tasha Mijinke
 [10/19 9:46:29AM]

Puddle Jumping!
Charla Seitz
 [10/19 9:45:58AM]

Jumping from Summer into Fall
Joan Barnscher
 [10/19 9:45:04AM]

When looking good is this comfortable, a little cold water wouldn't bother anyone!
Amanda Chetcuti
 [10/19 9:44:50AM]

Silver Icing makes it so easy to be like a kid again
Jindy Popoff
 [10/19 9:44:03AM]

“ I dare you to get your toes wet with Silver Icing - you will never look back!”
Chelsi Taylor
 [10/19 9:43:38AM]

These super cozy clothes make it so easy to be free like a kid again ?
Jindy Popoff
 [10/19 9:42:48AM]

Summertime and the living is easy
Danna bach
 [10/19 9:42:41AM]

Cindy Daniels
 [10/19 9:41:57AM]

SOO much better than stepping on LEGO!
Emma Enright
 [10/19 9:41:40AM]

Though the tide was rising, it could never damped her spirit.
Megan Elliott
 [10/19 9:41:31AM]

Easy does it
Linda Genaille
 [10/19 9:40:39AM]

This water is FREEZING! Good thing these leggings are water-wicking!
Emily Buss
 [10/19 9:40:23AM]

Barefoot life
Brenda Dedrick
 [10/19 9:40:18AM]

On top of the world
 [10/19 9:40:00AM]

Zen Gravity!!
Lisa Ginn
 [10/19 9:39:43AM]

Wear anywhere and do anything comfort sweatshirt
Michelle Hodgson
 [10/19 9:39:12AM]

Have a ball this fall in the new Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Elyse Croome
 [10/19 9:38:57AM]

If only this was as easy as it looks!!
Cherilyn Muilenburg
 [10/19 9:37:28AM]

Live boldly!
Dominique Lachapelle
 [10/19 9:35:33AM]

Find your ZEN with Zenana
Kayla Lutz
 [10/19 9:35:13AM]

Kick up your heels for the weekend!
Stephanie Belanger
 [10/19 9:35:07AM]

Life is better at the sea!!
Kari Devries
 [10/19 9:35:01AM]

Life’s a blessing!
Cassandra Tomlinson
 [10/19 9:34:49AM]

Easy going is the best way to live!
Michelle Collins
 [10/19 9:34:12AM]

Easy going and balanced in life are my life goals!
Vivian Tsang
 [10/19 9:33:57AM]

I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my closet
Kimberly coleman
 [10/19 9:33:55AM]

A sweater you can wear anywhere
Christina Holland
 [10/19 9:33:12AM]

Just don't fall in!
Danielle D'Sena
 [10/19 9:33:08AM]

So easy going, annyone can walk on water!
Kerrie Naylor
 [10/19 9:32:48AM]

I forgot my swimsuit but I'm not going skinny dipping
Crystal Salamanowicz
 [10/19 9:32:37AM]

Feel so good in your clothes, you walk on water :)
Amber Whatman
 [10/19 9:32:26AM]

"ahhhh, don't slip, don't slip. Can't wreck my favorite outfit"
Katie Tuck
 [10/19 9:31:39AM]

Look hands!
Madelynn nelson
 [10/19 9:31:23AM]

Awaken your playful side and spend time in nature.
Michele Robinson
 [10/19 9:31:04AM]

Living the easy life
Marg Harper
 [10/19 9:30:44AM]

Enjoy each moment in style and comfort with our Easy Going Sweatshirt
Cindy Cunningham
 [10/19 9:30:27AM]

Dreams can come true
Carmen lupino
 [10/19 9:30:18AM]

"Start the car "
Charliegh Dorcas
 [10/19 9:29:34AM]

Life is a Party, Dress like it!
Teralyn Remenyk
 [10/19 9:28:49AM]

Walking on water in comfort and style!
Angela durakovic
 [10/19 9:28:06AM]

Easy breezy and care free!
Carron Concepcion
 [10/19 9:28:05AM]

It’s all about balance, zenana has you covered for every season
Sheila Bock
 [10/19 9:28:03AM]

Free to Frolic in your Easy Going Sweatshirt
Melissa Goudie
 [10/19 9:27:58AM]

Feeling so free, like walking on water
Jaime Pendergast
 [10/19 9:27:50AM]

Live. Love. Laugh.
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:27:03AM]

It shouldda been named "The Selinda" ?
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:26:07AM]

Take it V-easy & don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Tesa Steinke
 [10/19 9:25:53AM]

"I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine."
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:25:30AM]

Feels like a massage on water
Paula Breitkreuz
 [10/19 9:25:13AM]

Easy, Breezey Beautiful!
Nicole McCormack
 [10/19 9:24:38AM]

Tip Toe through the beach!
Pamela Valente
 [10/19 9:24:32AM]

I can do it. I can DO it. I can DO IT. I CAN!!
Bobbie L Wuori
 [10/19 9:24:07AM]

Like the water, obstacles don’t stop me.
Amy Shawanda
 [10/19 9:23:52AM]

Loving Life and Carefree Cozy Clothes
Tesa Steinke
 [10/19 9:23:49AM]

Living the best life
Jessica howe
 [10/19 9:23:34AM]

Hop skip and a jump
Brandy Macphee
 [10/19 9:23:08AM]

Annemieke Stan
 [10/19 9:23:07AM]

Zenana will have you feeling like you can walk on water
Barb Menzies
 [10/19 9:22:35AM]

Did someone say Presale?!
Angela Grocholski
 [10/19 9:21:53AM]

V-easy Does It
Tesa Steinke
 [10/19 9:21:20AM]

Lovin life
Sara McLean
 [10/19 9:20:38AM]

Something touched me!!
Amanda Huebner
 [10/19 9:20:25AM]

Easy like Sunday morning
Sarah Sinton
 [10/19 9:20:16AM]

V-easy Peasy Sweatshirt
Tesa Steinke
 [10/19 9:19:07AM]

Come on, vogue Let your body go with the flow
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:18:53AM]

A sweatshirt you can wear for every occasion, even walking on water!!
Kalli Ingram
 [10/19 9:18:38AM]

A splash of purple
Tiffany Kekosz
 [10/19 9:18:32AM]

?? I see a shark! Do Do Do Do Do Dooo! ??
Nicole M Goodwillie Gauthier
 [10/19 9:18:28AM]

Hang in there, the Easy Going Sweatshirt is launching soon!
Angela Smiley
 [10/19 9:18:13AM]

Stepping Stones
Pam Walsh
 [10/19 9:18:11AM]

Fabulous, Fun, Footless and Fancy Free!
Kim Dittmann
 [10/19 9:17:55AM]

Living life to the full!
Kristen Steele
 [10/19 9:17:46AM]

Take it V-easy Sweatshirt
Tesa Steinke
 [10/19 9:17:44AM]

"Good at life"
Michelle Baker Lapointe
 [10/19 9:17:35AM]

Walking on Sunshine
Pam Walsh
 [10/19 9:17:18AM]

Life’s better barefoot!
Suzanne Keast
 [10/19 9:16:51AM]

Taking it Easy with the Easy Going Sweatshirt
Pam Walsh
 [10/19 9:16:42AM]

Oh Zenana, don't you cry for me!
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:16:27AM]

Mommy shark do doo doo do do
Kristen Kolenski
 [10/19 9:16:18AM]

Hop Scotch on the water!
Lynn Goodrich
 [10/19 9:15:53AM]

Walking on water
Danielle Elsenaar
 [10/19 9:15:47AM]

Unleash ... carefree, comfy and style on point ...
Sarah Snable
 [10/19 9:15:45AM]

The things girls do for a photo!
Erica Christy
 [10/19 9:15:36AM]

Tripping out over this Easy Going Sweatshirt!
Angela Smiley
 [10/19 9:15:34AM]

With this Easy Going Sweatshirt on, I could splash in the lake for hours and not feel a thing
Jenny Imbleau
 [10/19 9:13:44AM]

Life is all about balance
Krystle Easter Puopolo
 [10/19 9:13:18AM]

Be Free and Easy Going!
Amanda McInroy
 [10/19 9:13:16AM]

LIVING my best life
Shelley Fehr
 [10/19 9:13:12AM]

Donna Chizen
 [10/19 9:12:34AM]

Watch your step!
Julie Fendall
 [10/19 9:12:29AM]

Running into the weekend like..
Allysha Haligowski
 [10/19 9:11:54AM]

Free to play! Embrace your inner spirit.
Sara Brown
 [10/19 9:10:50AM]

You might as well JUMP
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/19 9:10:33AM]

Embrace your inner child!
Candice Armitage
 [10/19 9:10:07AM]

Gliding into Fall
Barb Porter
 [10/19 9:10:02AM]

The Easy Going Sweatshirt for those days you just want to cuddle up on the couch or go for a stroll by the lake.
Arin Cook Jenkins
 [10/19 9:09:40AM]

Jumping into the weekend like...
Krystle Wilkinson
 [10/19 9:09:34AM]

Thinking of becoming a Silver Icing Stylist? Well, now is the time to get your feet wet!
Krista McColgan
 [10/19 9:09:19AM]

Skip, hop, jump for joy !!
 [10/19 9:08:50AM]

Jump faster - I just can’t fall in!
 [10/19 9:08:11AM]

 [10/19 9:06:47AM]

Slip, Splash!
Amber Johnson
 [10/19 9:06:23AM]

I love life. Even more thanks to silver icing
Caroline kelly
 [10/19 9:05:51AM]

Life's an adventure. You just need to take the first step.?
Julia Isakeit
 [10/19 9:05:41AM]

Walkin on sunshine....woooohh
Julia Strickland
 [10/19 9:05:28AM]

I'm walking on sunshine, Happiness is when we are comfortable, Cherishing the great outdoors, West Coast Life
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:04:46AM]

Ooooh this water is cold!
Paula murphy
 [10/19 9:04:40AM]

One step two step, let’s dance
Lizanne Roy
 [10/19 9:04:21AM]

Walking on water in my new sweater
Jennifer Ko
 [10/19 9:03:56AM]

Beauty and comfort are a hip, skip and a jump away.
Rachel Cottrell
 [10/19 9:03:49AM]

Soaking up the Sunshine, Who said Summer was over?!, Life is good when you're decked out head to toes in SI comfort
Selinda Lye
 [10/19 9:03:21AM]

Hip Hop Splash
Melody Willier
 [10/19 9:02:33AM]

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