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Hoodie Tunic Dress
August 9, 2019

Silver Icing Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Merlot, XL).

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these cozy hoodie tunic dresses! They feature lace detailing on the shoulders.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, August 11 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will get to select their choice of size/colour (XS. S, M, L, XL, XXL – Black and Merlot). This tunic dress will Presale for $54.99(Retail $59.00). Good luck!! ♥️

*Allison is wearing the size XL*

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Merlot, XL), Victory Leggings (Black, XL) and Time Square Handbag (Tan).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Merlot, XL) and Time Square Handbag (Tan).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Merlot, XL), Victory Leggings (Black, XL) and Time Square Handbag (Tan).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Black, XL).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Black, XL) and Newport Beach Denim (Light Blue Denim, 15).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Black, XL), Newport Beach Denim (Light Blue Denim, 15) and One Step Ahead Sneakers (White, 39).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Hoodie Tunic Dress

Get the Look: Lacey Days Tunic (Black, XL).


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Total of 685 Entries
Congratulations to Kimberley Rietze, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Lacey Days Tunic
Lacey love dress
Michelle Hopkins
 [08/11 8:31:36AM]

Peekaboo Floral Laced Tunic; Casual Dressed Up Lace Tunic
April Hunt
 [08/11 8:09:54AM]

Romancing the Fall Tunic
April Hunt
 [08/11 8:08:28AM]

Pretty in Place Lace Tunic; Victorian Chic Hooded Lace Tunic
April Hunt
 [08/11 8:06:13AM]

Perfect lace
 [08/11 7:46:58AM]

Elegance of lace
Kayla Rose
 [08/11 7:39:01AM]

Lace is More
Michelle Berezowski
 [08/11 7:32:11AM]

Lace it to me tunic
Sarah Multamaki Walker
 [08/11 7:31:11AM]

Tunic and Old Lace
Ann Cochrane
 [08/11 6:57:32AM]

Sunshine on my shoulder, lace it up
Jody Sutherland
 [08/11 6:45:17AM]

Tunic with a Twist; Tunic with a twist of lace; twist of lace; show me your lace tunic
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [08/11 6:41:47AM]

Lovely Lacey Tunic
Kyla Keller
 [08/11 6:37:09AM]

Cozy Flora Tunic
Kyla Keller
 [08/11 6:35:41AM]

Flora Sunshine Tunic
Kyla Keller
 [08/11 6:35:20AM]

Cozy Flora
Kyla Keller
 [08/11 6:34:35AM]

Shoulder me with Love tunic
Tenille McAllister
 [08/11 5:49:40AM]

Casually glam tunic dress
Pearl Martin
 [08/11 5:04:44AM]

Cozy posy hooded tunic
Katherine Henwood
 [08/11 3:53:26AM]

Lacey Dais Crush It Tunic
Shelley Turnbull
 [08/11 1:18:22AM]

Chic lace hoodie dress
Kelley Webster
 [08/10 11:57:06PM]

Fleur de Liaison
Laura Murray
 [08/10 11:29:23PM]

Turning Heads Tunic
Selina Jacobson
 [08/10 11:08:21PM]

Embrace the Lace
Selina Jacobson
 [08/10 11:07:10PM]

Peek A Boo pull over
Lisa De Jong
 [08/10 10:48:38PM]

Crazy for lace tunic dress
Courtney Gibson
 [08/10 9:04:13PM]

"This is how we do it"
Ashley Strobel
 [08/10 9:02:16PM]

Fall into lace
Carla McKenzie
 [08/10 8:31:57PM]

Go Anywhere Tunic
Alma Steele
 [08/10 8:27:33PM]

Down right Comfy Tunic
Alma Steele
 [08/10 8:27:13PM]

Cozy and Comfy Tunic Snuggles
Alma Steele
 [08/10 8:26:43PM]

Lacey Lace Tunic
Alma Steele
 [08/10 8:25:54PM]

Peekaboo floral
Amy Devonshire
 [08/10 8:24:50PM]

You had me at Tunic
Alma Steele
 [08/10 8:24:25PM]

Tunic N Lace
Janine morrow
 [08/10 8:18:57PM]

Just kickin it sexy tunic
Sasha McLaughlin
 [08/10 8:14:41PM]

Daisy, Web of Diasies
Lana Norman
 [08/10 8:14:00PM]

Hoodie Hug with Lace
Jo Vanderwolf
 [08/10 8:11:26PM]

Tune out Tunic
Michelle Webster
 [08/10 8:07:49PM]

Flora and Funa
Amanda Flumerfelt
 [08/10 8:00:06PM]

Back in the Lace
Angela McLellan
 [08/10 7:59:33PM]

Lace Against Time
Angela McLellan
 [08/10 7:59:14PM]

The Lace is On
Angela McLellan
 [08/10 7:55:59PM]

Lace is More Tunic Dress
Renee Prevost
 [08/10 7:55:44PM]

Ace of Lace hooded tunic
Angela McLellan
 [08/10 7:50:29PM]

Comfy Lacey hoodie
Solange Lapointe
 [08/10 7:21:27PM]

Casual elegance tunic
Erin Lunn
 [08/10 7:15:28PM]

all laced up, love and lace, lace the night away
June Weiss
 [08/10 7:11:35PM]

Among the Wildflowers Tunic, Wildflower in Bloom Tunic , The Wildflower Tunic, Out of the Shadows Tunic, Flourish In the Shadows Tunic, Flourish in the Shade Hoody.
Melanie Fost
 [08/10 7:03:49PM]

Cover me with Lace
Tanya Alton
 [08/10 6:45:11PM]

Maci (rhymes with Lacey!)
Sharon Endacott
 [08/10 6:32:06PM]

Fall into lace
Hannah Chaulk
 [08/10 6:19:53PM]

Lazy Daisy Tunic
Melanie Fost
 [08/10 6:14:05PM]

Just Dandy
Dandy Civitarese
 [08/10 6:08:09PM]

Lace'd in comfort tunic
Sarah Anderson
 [08/10 6:04:56PM]

Lacey Day
Sherrie Pintaric
 [08/10 5:54:15PM]

“ Embrace the lace pullover”
Alicia Ashmeade
 [08/10 5:43:47PM]

“ lace of comfort”
Alicia ashmeade
 [08/10 5:42:58PM]

Date night diva
Raelynn martin
 [08/10 5:37:56PM]

Lace it up or down
Shannon Aplin
 [08/10 5:31:45PM]

Dress it up or down
Shannon Aplin
 [08/10 5:30:36PM]

Embracing lace tunic
Chelsey Blanchard
 [08/10 5:22:48PM]

Tranquillity Tunic
Cassandra Loveless
 [08/10 5:15:42PM]

Ooh la lace hoodie
Morgan Rolling
 [08/10 5:00:06PM]

A touch of class, peek a boo, sunflower fun
Katrina Orfanel
 [08/10 4:59:19PM]

For The Love of Lace
Tanya Hughes
 [08/10 4:23:05PM]

City Bloom Tunic
Chris Struik
 [08/10 4:23:03PM]

Sneak Peak
Renee Ritchey
 [08/10 4:09:00PM]

Sugar and spice sweater
Kelsey wickson
 [08/10 4:07:14PM]

U Me Them- embroidered hooded tunique
 [08/10 4:02:40PM]

Fleur’s touch- embroidered hooded tunique
 [08/10 3:58:47PM]

Shoulder touch- hooded tunique
 [08/10 3:53:32PM]

Embro touch - hooded tunique
 [08/10 3:52:13PM]

Peekaboo perfect
Shannon Yip
 [08/10 3:50:29PM]

Embro hoodie - tunique
 [08/10 3:50:22PM]

Naughty hoodie- tunique
Marion BdLT
 [08/10 3:49:10PM]

Lacey Days
Angie Aiken
 [08/10 3:32:13PM]

Cozy Lace Tunic
Chaelsey Loehr
 [08/10 3:21:35PM]

Lavishly Lace
Tammy LaCroix
 [08/10 3:12:01PM]

Shou(lder) me the lace
Alex Pasiak
 [08/10 2:55:58PM]

Lace me away
Kylie Hall
 [08/10 2:35:40PM]

Shadow of a daisy tunic
Melanie Rumley
 [08/10 2:27:03PM]

Beauty Me Lace
Melissa Edgars
 [08/10 2:23:29PM]

Evening out hoodie
Maggi Bruce
 [08/10 2:15:39PM]

Fall in Lace
Tanya Alton
 [08/10 2:15:14PM]

Let your sun shine through
Melanie Needham
 [08/10 1:58:08PM]

Floral seduction tunic dress
Michelle McCarthy
 [08/10 1:50:30PM]

Shoulders Above the Rest
Megan Brown
 [08/10 1:45:40PM]

The Jasmine
Rebecca Wiebe
 [08/10 1:41:47PM]

Laced to be alive tunic
Michelle Fowler
 [08/10 1:11:12PM]

Lace n lounge, I love Lacey
Michaela Barcena
 [08/10 1:08:24PM]

Linen and lace, touch of lace, kiss of lace
Sherri Budgen
 [08/10 12:30:32PM]

A little lacy love
Francine fowler
 [08/10 12:16:45PM]

Autumn comfort
Kelly soderholm
 [08/10 12:05:07PM]

Laced comfort
Amanda Boyachek
 [08/10 11:54:58AM]

Crimson Love
Rosie Charles
 [08/10 11:53:01AM]

Lacy daisy
Heather Greene
 [08/10 11:49:52AM]

Sport the Lace Tunic
 [08/10 11:21:10AM]

Laced with Style
Mary Ann
 [08/10 11:17:43AM]

A Shoulder to Smile On tunic hoodie, Sassy Shoulders tunic hoodie, Lace & Comfort Tunic hoodie, Double-Take Tunic Hoodie, Loungin in Lace Tunic Hoodie,
Alexa Saylor
 [08/10 11:08:56AM]

Lovely in Lace
Lori Ross
 [08/10 10:59:24AM]

Lovely in Lace
Debbie Sutton
 [08/10 10:57:23AM]

Lace Embrace
 [08/10 10:39:23AM]

Hoodie Chic Dress
Jessy Neal
 [08/10 10:02:00AM]

Hooded romantic, romantic hood, miss lacy hood
Sandra Mattis
 [08/10 9:57:19AM]

Classy and Cozy, Touch of Lace Dress, Comfy and Classy Dress Loving the Lace,
Lee-ann Obiago
 [08/10 9:55:19AM]

irrepLACEably yours
Nicole Clouthier
 [08/10 9:52:09AM]

Lovely in Lace
Jaime-Lee Larkman
 [08/10 9:50:38AM]

Lacy dayz
Lindsay birch
 [08/10 9:46:22AM]

Temporarily Tattooed Tunic
Mussette Speer
 [08/10 9:31:59AM]

Just 'lacing' around
Nicole Burchell
 [08/10 9:19:00AM]

Glam and go
Nicole Burchell
 [08/10 9:18:28AM]

-Touch of Fem -Pretty Pipes -Peeking Pipes -Two Pipes a Peeking -'Arm'ed & Dangerous -Leisure & Lace -Soft Shouldered
Becky Best
 [08/10 9:17:55AM]

Fun and fancy hoodie
Loren berg
 [08/10 9:17:18AM]

“Adorn me” / “flirting with comfort” tunic
Codie Clark
 [08/10 9:02:41AM]

Lace & Grace
Amee bodell
 [08/10 8:59:42AM]

Cold shoulder tunic
Ashley Budgell
 [08/10 8:55:56AM]

lace back hoodie tunic
Shannan McLean-Weir
 [08/10 8:50:21AM]

I've Fallen for You Hoodie !
Dawn Langille
 [08/10 8:45:50AM]

Love my Lace Tunic Dress
Tracy Calver
 [08/10 8:39:41AM]

Lace into Fall
Misti Phillips
 [08/10 8:39:37AM]

Touch of lace tunic
Christy Bergen
 [08/10 8:37:59AM]

Lace is More Hoodie
Lisa Smit
 [08/10 8:29:20AM]

Rock the Shoulder Tunic Hoodie
Nicole Ela
 [08/10 8:28:43AM]

You come first tunic
Andrea Inglis
 [08/10 8:24:20AM]

Peek a boo shoulders
Holly Brown
 [08/10 8:21:25AM]

Laced with comfort
Miranda Apps
 [08/10 8:18:37AM]

Breezy shoulder tunic, Daisy breeze tunic,
Meg Pearson
 [08/10 8:11:50AM]

Lace get cozy hoodie dress
Tricia Shankowsky
 [08/10 8:09:39AM]

Casual lace
Melanie LeBlanc
 [08/10 8:07:36AM]

Lacey Days Tunic
Julia Silvestre
 [08/10 8:06:29AM]

Luxurious Lacey Leisure
June Bulbeck
 [08/10 8:03:50AM]

Snug as a bug lace sweater
Erin reid
 [08/10 8:01:29AM]

Laced In Comfort
Miranda Apps
 [08/10 8:01:23AM]

Comfy & Classy Hooded Tunic
Dawn Sangster
 [08/10 7:59:56AM]

Call me Lacy
Pam Tjepkema
 [08/10 7:59:21AM]

Little Bit of Lace
Michelle Palsenbarg
 [08/10 7:53:04AM]

Top of the Lace Tunic
Angela Kerluke
 [08/10 7:18:53AM]

Lacey Days tunic
Sheri Mangin
 [08/10 7:12:41AM]

Bliss / Bliss with a kiss/ Fancy bliss
 [08/10 7:06:27AM]

Lacy Days
Jennifer Rygus
 [08/10 6:53:12AM]

Graced with Lace Hooded Tunic Dress
Lana Dobrinski
 [08/10 6:50:57AM]

Little bit of lace tunic or Lacey let out tunic
Sheri Mangin
 [08/10 6:45:15AM]

Lace into Fall Cozy Tunic
Amanda Spearing
 [08/10 6:04:37AM]

Daisy girl hoodie
Sandy MacMillar
 [08/10 5:59:14AM]

Lace of base hoodie
Sandy MacMillar
 [08/10 5:58:32AM]

Sandy MacMillar
 [08/10 5:57:10AM]

Holy shoulders tunic,flower bursts tunic,Touch of glory tunic,Glorius lace Tunic
Isabelle Labbé
 [08/10 5:24:49AM]

I’m so Lacey / Pop of lace / lace it up /
Christine Popovski
 [08/10 5:12:01AM]

Lace lovin' Tunic, Beauty in Lace tunic, Lace Beauty Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/10 5:02:15AM]

Love it lace tunic
Erin Levesque
 [08/10 4:46:28AM]

Hood me in lace tunic
Erin Levesque
 [08/10 4:45:50AM]

Lucious lace tunic
Erin Levesque
 [08/10 4:45:24AM]

Lace my dreams
Erin Levesque
 [08/10 4:45:00AM]

See it thru hoodie
Amber Bruesch
 [08/10 4:44:48AM]

Lace be honest, lace it to me straight, lace gave them something to talk about
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/10 4:37:04AM]

All About That Lace Hoodie
Tia Fouillard
 [08/10 3:32:05AM]

Looking Luscious in lace Hoody
Tammy Kment
 [08/10 3:23:43AM]

Romancing the shoulder tunic
Megan harris
 [08/10 1:57:54AM]

Lady in Lace
Krista Measures
 [08/10 12:19:47AM]

Flowers on my sleeves
Beverly Zdunich
 [08/09 11:36:27PM]

For hood measure tunic
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/09 11:13:58PM]

Balance of flower tunic
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/09 11:09:38PM]

Fall good things tunic
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/09 11:07:44PM]

Pucker Up
Michelle Piggott
 [08/09 11:05:30PM]

Unbe”leaf”able tunic
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/09 11:02:29PM]

Darling Daisy
Christie Belok-Bunn
 [08/09 10:58:56PM]

Twist of lace
Alisha kennerfeldt
 [08/09 10:52:36PM]

FALLing fancy hoody
Laura Beattie
 [08/09 10:50:40PM]

Head and Shoulders Above Tunic
Ashley Merkel
 [08/09 10:42:14PM]

Flower Power Tunic
Tracy Fisher
 [08/09 10:42:12PM]

Flower Power Tunic , Oh Lacey Please Tunic
Kym Readman
 [08/09 10:36:37PM]

A little off the shoulder tunic , A little edgy A little lacey tunic, Not so rough around the edges tunic ,
Kym Readman
 [08/09 10:34:31PM]

Perfectly Pretty; Lace Party; Just Enough Lace; A Little Lace on Top
Jaylene Blum
 [08/09 10:34:02PM]

Elegant yet casual, lacy elegance
Lyndsey Baker
 [08/09 10:18:50PM]

Lace embrace
Kyla murdoch
 [08/09 10:18:02PM]

The Love Is In The Lace , So Cute n’ Comfy , Cute n’ Casual Lace Tunic
Amber Stevens
 [08/09 10:13:03PM]

Fall Into Lace Tunic dress
Silvia M. Chicas
 [08/09 10:08:13PM]

Top to bottom
Heather Christie
 [08/09 10:04:53PM]

Love me or lace me
Genevieve Mulholland
 [08/09 10:04:51PM]

“Peek this” tunic dress
Karen Wallis
 [08/09 9:25:20PM]

Falling for You Lace Tunic
Tanja Tomlinson
 [08/09 9:24:47PM]

Lace me today, love me tomorrow tunic
 [08/09 9:21:35PM]

Lovley lace
Liza schroeder
 [08/09 9:20:25PM]

Lace ‘Em Up Hoodie
Amanda St. Onge
 [08/09 9:15:29PM]

Lace it be
Bre Andrews
 [08/09 9:13:59PM]

Flower affair
Michelle maloy
 [08/09 9:08:27PM]

Take my money!
Jackie lefley
 [08/09 9:06:58PM]

Lovely and Lacey or The Power of Lace
Diana Beglaw
 [08/09 9:00:26PM]

In Bloom Tunic Dress
Laurie Pampu
 [08/09 8:59:24PM]

New Age Macrame Tunic , Flaunt it Lacey Tunic
Kym Readman
 [08/09 8:52:35PM]

Lace for days , laced flowers tunic , Lacey days
Rebecca Krutow
 [08/09 8:49:57PM]

Pretty in lace
Kathie. Jasperson
 [08/09 8:41:01PM]

Lil bit of Lace Hooded Tunic Dress
Megan Bender
 [08/09 8:35:54PM]

Yummy Daisy tunic, Daisy Chain tunic
Nicole Rouble
 [08/09 8:35:01PM]

Lace all day tunic dress
Megan Bender
 [08/09 8:34:31PM]

Lace me away tunic
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [08/09 8:30:50PM]

Lacey days tunic, ace in lace tunic, lacing the days away tunic,
Tamara Zaretski
 [08/09 8:28:13PM]

Lovely in lace tunic
Jolene Gagne
 [08/09 8:21:46PM]

Lace and grace
Michele Brimacombe
 [08/09 8:17:53PM]

Flashin’ ‘n Dashin’ (tunic/hoodie)
Wenda O’Malley
 [08/09 8:09:44PM]

Show me some lace tunic
Gina Bolton
 [08/09 8:05:22PM]

A side of lace
Corie Blais
 [08/09 8:01:52PM]

London “Fall”ing Tunic Dress
Kim Hipolito
 [08/09 7:54:26PM]

Casual lace
Laura Bajic
 [08/09 7:33:44PM]

Lacey Daisy Days of Summer Tunic
Bettina Allen
 [08/09 7:27:31PM]

Peekaboo laced hoody
Pamela Wilchak
 [08/09 7:25:31PM]

Floral Hooded Hug
Katie Suvanto
 [08/09 7:20:43PM]

Colour me lacy
Melody Willier
 [08/09 7:18:25PM]

Urban Flair Tunic
Sarah Pinsent
 [08/09 7:14:10PM]

Tunic up with Lace
Michelle Stevens
 [08/09 7:12:39PM]

Embrace in lace
Daphne devouges
 [08/09 7:12:11PM]

Lace and Luxe
Becky Harnett
 [08/09 7:12:10PM]

Sneak a peak tunic
Danila Braun
 [08/09 7:11:45PM]

All You Need is Lace
Joëlle Bakker
 [08/09 7:07:56PM]

Glamping hoodie dress
Karen coultish
 [08/09 7:06:30PM]

All About That Lace , Yours Truly , Peek-A-Boo Lace Tunic Dress , Life Is Better In Lace
Amber Stevens
 [08/09 7:06:27PM]

All you need is lace
Carmen Hartgerink
 [08/09 7:02:31PM]

Think Lace, Do More
Carmen Hartgerink
 [08/09 7:01:55PM]

Lace me up
 [08/09 6:58:30PM]

Lace is more
Carmen Hartgerink
 [08/09 6:58:04PM]

Lace Talk About It
Carmen Hartgerink
 [08/09 6:57:42PM]

Call me casual tunic
Melissa Burtch
 [08/09 6:57:20PM]

Little bit o' lace
Eva Murray
 [08/09 6:56:41PM]

Lacy Daisies hoodie dress; Cozy Floral Envy hoodie dress; Floral Flash hoodie dress
Heather Armstrong
 [08/09 6:50:45PM]

Love It Lace, Lace Me Up, Lovely In Lace, Racey Lace, Lover's Lace
Kailey Hanna
 [08/09 6:45:58PM]

Laced Up to Go Out
Jamie Windfled
 [08/09 6:41:06PM]

Lace Up to Go Out
Jamie Windfeld
 [08/09 6:40:20PM]

Lace Capped tunic
Lacey Bartholow
 [08/09 6:40:13PM]

Sassy sleeved Tunic
Christine Zammit
 [08/09 6:33:36PM]

Touch of Grace
Amber Fisher
 [08/09 6:26:46PM]

Leisure & Lace
Naomi Kragh
 [08/09 6:21:18PM]

Classical Cordial Tunic
Breanne Ehresman
 [08/09 6:17:36PM]

Lace stay in hooded tunic
Angela Siemens
 [08/09 6:15:45PM]

Lace a little tunic
Ashley Wonnacott
 [08/09 6:14:20PM]

The Cozy Lacey
Krista Lake
 [08/09 6:14:06PM]

Lace On Your Shoulder tunic
Sophie den Haan
 [08/09 6:08:14PM]

Lacey Daze Tunic, Daisy Tunic, Lazy Daisy Tunic
Krystal Reitsma
 [08/09 6:05:08PM]

Sassy hood
Ashley Northam
 [08/09 6:00:38PM]

touch of lace hoodie
Leslie Thomas
 [08/09 5:57:49PM]

Fancy-Free & Flowers Frock
Bridget Dobransky
 [08/09 5:57:44PM]

Touch of Lace Tunic
Leslie Thomas
 [08/09 5:57:10PM]

Let it grow tunic
Angela Scandale
 [08/09 5:57:04PM]

Summer nights tunic
Natalie wall
 [08/09 5:56:45PM]

Lacey Days Hoodie
Lauren James
 [08/09 5:55:39PM]

Lace floral hoodie
Michelle barsness
 [08/09 5:54:11PM]

Show Some Shoulder Love Hooded Tunic Dress
Jaclyn Van Den Berg
 [08/09 5:48:01PM]

Lets get Lacey pullover
Breanne Jones
 [08/09 5:43:31PM]

All About that Lace Sweater
Krista Rutschmann
 [08/09 5:38:27PM]

The "Up-She Daisy" hooded tunic dress
Kim Lanauze
 [08/09 5:37:27PM]

Daisy Lace Hoodie
Sarah Browning
 [08/09 5:36:03PM]

Lace to Impress
Samantha Hermans
 [08/09 5:31:05PM]

Lace to Hood, Hooded Lace
 [08/09 5:27:33PM]

Irrep~lace~able Tunic
Samantha Boutilier
 [08/09 5:18:41PM]

“Lacey Lucy”. , ‘Lil bit of lace on my shoulder
Terri Braun
 [08/09 5:17:08PM]

Lacey Mae tunic
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [08/09 5:14:55PM]

Lace Is More
Laura Delanoy
 [08/09 5:14:41PM]

Lacy Nights
Alexandria Bay
 [08/09 5:08:50PM]

Lace Hugs
Sharon Bunn
 [08/09 5:00:37PM]

Love Lace Hooddress
 [08/09 4:56:14PM]

Elegant Peek-a-boo shoulder hoodie
Laurie Krentz
 [08/09 4:54:53PM]

Grace in lace hooded tunic
Carly Aanen
 [08/09 4:52:17PM]

Lace the shoulder sweater
Michelina Morsillo
 [08/09 4:50:54PM]

“Cool” Shoulder Hoodie Dress
Monique Gollings
 [08/09 4:46:56PM]

Sultry Shoulders Lacey Tunic
Celia Kroker
 [08/09 4:36:45PM]

Confidently Laced
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/09 4:36:43PM]

Hooded Grace
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/09 4:33:56PM]

Eleg-Lace Tunic
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/09 4:32:39PM]

Flower lace comfort
Margaret Bosworth
 [08/09 4:29:25PM]

Princess Lace Tunic
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:24:54PM]

Abundance of Elegance Tunic, Lacefully Yours Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 4:24:02PM]

Cold Shoulder Tunic
Brenna Hrycyshyn
 [08/09 4:23:48PM]

Lace Slick Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:21:35PM]

Touch of elegance
Trish Kelly
 [08/09 4:19:52PM]

Holy hoodie
 [08/09 4:19:48PM]

Lace Get Cozy
Casey Longmuir
 [08/09 4:19:10PM]

Lace Kelly Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:17:37PM]

Fall From Lace in style
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:16:07PM]

Fabulously Floral Lace Tunic
Amanda Bruce
 [08/09 4:13:31PM]

Stevie Nicks Lacey Tricks
Antionette Payne
 [08/09 4:13:22PM]

All Laced up in Tunic
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:13:06PM]

Lace get cozy
Dionne Hjelsing
 [08/09 4:12:53PM]

Loving Arms Lace
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:09:38PM]

Graced with lace
Antionette Payne
 [08/09 4:08:57PM]

Lovely in lace hoodie
Lindsay Zaik
 [08/09 4:05:31PM]

Fun-Tilly Lace Tunic
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:03:31PM]

Laced in romance
Antionette Payne
 [08/09 4:03:12PM]

Touch of Class Tunic
Tanisha Thompson
 [08/09 4:03:11PM]

Chantilly Lace Tunic
Vic Moreira
 [08/09 4:01:42PM]

Hooded Lacey Tunic
Kathy Pirone
 [08/09 4:01:10PM]

Laced with Love
Antionette Payne
 [08/09 3:58:04PM]

Sofistocate Hoodie
Kathryn Van Dorp
 [08/09 3:57:52PM]

Embrace the Lace Tunic, Feel the Breeze Tunic, Feelin' Good in the Hood Tunic
Monique Neufeld
 [08/09 3:53:16PM]

Lace of Base tunic; sleeves of glory tunic
Melissa Kristjansson
 [08/09 3:48:43PM]

Lacing the hood
Brenda Dedrick
 [08/09 3:42:50PM]

Lace me up !
Vickie Quigley
 [08/09 3:41:04PM]

Dressed in Lacey
Tiffany Pollett
 [08/09 3:39:55PM]

Elegantly Cozy
Ashley Senger
 [08/09 3:37:52PM]

All laced out tunic
Kelly Clendining
 [08/09 3:32:38PM]

Sunbelievable hoodie
TaRysa Luening
 [08/09 3:32:37PM]

Don’t You Floralget About Me
Heather Park
 [08/09 3:32:36PM]

“Snug-as-a-Bug” in lace
Shannon Strachan
 [08/09 3:30:29PM]

Not your typical cold shoulder Tunic, Not your average cold shoulder tunic
Tracey Marcil
 [08/09 3:28:25PM]

crochet me cozy
Stacey Verbonac
 [08/09 3:19:47PM]

Lace to the Top
Shari MacLellan
 [08/09 3:13:00PM]

Lovely in lace, Lucious Lace
Chantal LaRoche
 [08/09 3:03:56PM]

Pin-up Perfect Tunic
Veronica Keenan
 [08/09 3:02:00PM]

Laced in Love Tunic, Lace-a-boo Tunic, Cold Lace Shoulders Tunic, with a touch of Lace Tunic
Tracey Marcil
 [08/09 3:01:47PM]

Its all about dat Lace, Lace Lovin’ Hoodie,
Robyn Childs
 [08/09 3:00:50PM]

Sharp dressed hoodie
Krissy Molnar-Baldwin
 [08/09 3:00:22PM]

Lacey Days Hoodie Tunic Dress, (or can be spelled Lacy Days...)
Candace Theberge
 [08/09 2:59:12PM]

Lacy Lady
Natalie Woods
 [08/09 2:56:53PM]

" The Victoria"
Kate McPhail
 [08/09 2:56:04PM]

Floral my lace hoodie
Christina lai
 [08/09 2:55:38PM]

Recommended Lace
Veronica Keenan
 [08/09 2:55:21PM]

Lace in da Hood tunic
Tammy Tingley
 [08/09 2:48:34PM]

little sweet and cozy
Tanya Lefebvre
 [08/09 2:48:33PM]

Lace be friends
Adrienne Revane
 [08/09 2:47:56PM]

All Lace N’ Comfort Hoodie Tunic
Angela Skoreiko
 [08/09 2:47:05PM]

Peekaboo comfort
Jamie Fillion
 [08/09 2:46:32PM]

Dusk till dawn tunic
Michelle Collins
 [08/09 2:44:59PM]

Love and lace tunic
Michelle Collins
 [08/09 2:43:19PM]

Lacey days tunic
Danielle D’Sena
 [08/09 2:41:19PM]

Lazy Daisy tunic top
Barb Carll
 [08/09 2:40:44PM]

Lace is How We Tunic
Rachel Tourville
 [08/09 2:37:22PM]

Give them floral shoulder
Courtney Parker
 [08/09 2:36:21PM]

Lacey daisy hoodie
Tanya Anthony
 [08/09 2:35:55PM]

Crazy for Comfort Tunic
Tracey Yusefawich
 [08/09 2:33:52PM]

Autumn Sleeves Tunic
Rachel Tourville
 [08/09 2:33:42PM]

Lace of Spades
Katie McFarlane
 [08/09 2:31:04PM]

Lace it up hoodie
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [08/09 2:28:52PM]

A little lace, goes a long way
Christina Arneson
 [08/09 2:27:42PM]

"Daring Daisy"
Sherry Young
 [08/09 2:27:39PM]

In love with lace
Sara Gallinger
 [08/09 2:27:23PM]

Autumn lace
 [08/09 2:25:35PM]

Night Oulette
Allana Bruce
 [08/09 2:25:24PM]

Autumn's Lacy Shoulder Tunic
Lucia Terlouw
 [08/09 2:25:02PM]

Talk cozy to me
Vicki Hanson
 [08/09 2:24:35PM]

Lace & Love Yourself
Billie-Jo House
 [08/09 2:21:41PM]

Cozy for lace
Vicki Hanson
 [08/09 2:20:40PM]

Lacey comfort
 [08/09 2:20:27PM]

Lacey shoulder Love
Christene Crowe
 [08/09 2:20:03PM]

A little hood A little lace tunic
Katrina Bernardi
 [08/09 2:17:06PM]

Cozy lace tunic
 [08/09 2:15:23PM]

Snug as a bug in lace
 [08/09 2:13:53PM]

Love it or lace it!
Lesley Cooper
 [08/09 2:13:09PM]

Peekaboo shoulder tunic
Laurel Turcotte
 [08/09 2:11:54PM]

Lengthy Lacey Weekend Wonder
Sue Tegart
 [08/09 2:11:44PM]

Love of Lace hoodie
Laura Travers
 [08/09 2:10:54PM]

Blooming Lace Hoodie/Tunic
Jacqueline Tibando
 [08/09 2:10:20PM]

Peek-a-Boo Cozy Tunic
Melinda Elgot
 [08/09 2:09:16PM]

All wrapped up in warmth and lace
Robyn Anders
 [08/09 2:08:18PM]

I’m All About that Lace
Sylvia Harte
 [08/09 2:07:38PM]

Pick a bu or laces me up
Rina Di Nobile
 [08/09 2:04:14PM]

Show me some sleeve shirt tunic
Christine Zammit
 [08/09 2:03:43PM]

Something up your sleeve hoodie
Anik Duplessis
 [08/09 2:02:49PM]

Rock N Lace, Pour Some Lace On Me
Jennifer Barone
 [08/09 2:02:33PM]

Cold shoulder classic
Cindy Carter
 [08/09 2:01:41PM]

Easy Breezy sweater
Amanda Rose
 [08/09 2:00:49PM]

A touch of lace
Cindy Carter
 [08/09 2:00:13PM]

Long & Lacy
Sandra Mueller
 [08/09 1:59:24PM]

Cute n’ cozy tunic
Haley Boland
 [08/09 1:59:09PM]

Lacefully Yours
Brooke Derksen
 [08/09 1:58:48PM]

Lace lovers tunic, Girls Just wanna have Lace Tunic, Forever Lace Tunic, Graceful Lace Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:58:29PM]

Too cute tunic
Haley Boland
 [08/09 1:57:36PM]

The hooded Lacey Tunic
Janice Davis
 [08/09 1:56:10PM]

Lace ‘n’ Luv
Dianna korol
 [08/09 1:55:01PM]

Find your lace, No Lace Like Home
Jennifer Vibert
 [08/09 1:54:14PM]

Forever long, floral connection, diva by design
Corie kraft
 [08/09 1:54:11PM]

Angel wing tunic
Stacey Sambirsky
 [08/09 1:53:46PM]

The Lacy Daisy
Michelle Shank
 [08/09 1:51:39PM]

pretty in lace
Allison Gibbard
 [08/09 1:51:33PM]

All about that lace
Allison Gibbard
 [08/09 1:51:01PM]

Just a Little Lacey
Karen White
 [08/09 1:50:09PM]

The feel good friendly tunic
Corinne Hendry
 [08/09 1:49:29PM]

Lacey Autumn Day Hooded Tunic
Kylea Plouffe
 [08/09 1:48:03PM]

Chantilly Lace
Lil Morris
 [08/09 1:47:57PM]

Trace of Lace, Cold Shoulder, Give ‘em Lace, Touch of Lace, Lacy and cozy
Kasia Ragan
 [08/09 1:45:44PM]

Peek-a-Boo, I Lace You
Debra Cinelli
 [08/09 1:40:24PM]

Cold shoulder
Jen Friesen
 [08/09 1:39:18PM]

Lacey Flair Tunic, Chase that Lace Tunic, Chase the Lace Tunic, Til the last Lace Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:37:39PM]

Chantilly Lace Tunic
Angelee Mora
 [08/09 1:36:52PM]

*All you need is love and lace
Amanda Pigeon
 [08/09 1:36:49PM]

Make It Lace Tunic
Zophie Nucara
 [08/09 1:35:56PM]

All you need in love and lace/ Life is better in lace / Lace me up and let me go
Amanda Pigeon
 [08/09 1:35:48PM]

Lace be honest
Carly Brewster
 [08/09 1:35:37PM]

All About the Lace
Jaime Burgoyne
 [08/09 1:35:12PM]

Peek-a-Boo - hoodie for moms
Trisha Tahouney
 [08/09 1:31:48PM]

Daisy Beauty Tunic
Catherine Kerkhoff
 [08/09 1:31:36PM]

Lace into fall
Victoria Ashley Wild
 [08/09 1:30:25PM]

Summer to Fall hoodie tunic
Victoria Ashley Wild
 [08/09 1:30:01PM]

Hood-Tunic Matata
Rachel Tourville
 [08/09 1:29:52PM]

Long and Lace
Ashley James
 [08/09 1:29:35PM]

Let's Lace Tunic, Lacey Daisey Tunic, Lace to the finish Tunic, Touch of Lace Tunic, My saving Lace Tunic, Saving Lace Tunic, nothing but net tunic, Not your Mother's Doiley Tunic, Lace it up Tunic,
Lea Warkentin
 [08/09 1:29:13PM]

Ha-Tunic Matata
Rachel Tourville
 [08/09 1:28:26PM]

Fall hug
Kyla Paynter
 [08/09 1:28:10PM]

Falling in lace with you
Ish Sehmbey
 [08/09 1:27:32PM]

Lazy in lace
Dana Lean
 [08/09 1:25:41PM]

Lacy Days Tunic
Michelle Urquhart
 [08/09 1:25:36PM]

Sugar and spice and everything lace tunic
Melissa delves
 [08/09 1:25:03PM]

Comfort and Lace
Dana Lean
 [08/09 1:24:20PM]

Cool Floral Shoulder
Carla Squires
 [08/09 1:24:14PM]

Lacey Day Tunic
Danielle Martin
 [08/09 1:24:11PM]

Laid Back Lace Hoody, Fleur de Lace Hoody
Shannon Fick
 [08/09 1:20:10PM]

Laces up my sleeve tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:17:53PM]

Flower Power cuddles
Stacey Churchill
 [08/09 1:17:40PM]

Lace is more tunic
Jana Dobson
 [08/09 1:16:56PM]

Take my Breath Away Tunic, Lace Against Time Tunic,
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:16:40PM]

"Dress Me Up Hoodie"
Lori McAra
 [08/09 1:15:14PM]

Pretty in Lace
Jamie Windfeld
 [08/09 1:14:58PM]

Rusty Red Tunic
Briana Gunning
 [08/09 1:12:06PM]

Casual lace, lace tunic, practical elegance, sugar & lace
Emily Dyck
 [08/09 1:11:53PM]

Lacey Affair Tunic, Lace Affair Tunic, Love and Let Lace Tunic,
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:09:58PM]

Lacing Around Tunic Dress
Leanne Massa
 [08/09 1:08:49PM]

Live, Love, Lace Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:05:57PM]

Letting My Inner Beauty Flower Tunic
Caley Boyd
 [08/09 1:05:05PM]

Show me some lace
Katie Hunter
 [08/09 1:04:09PM]

Heavenly Lace Tunic, Cut to the Lace Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:04:01PM]

The I feel Pretty Cozy dress
Brandie Lovrencic
 [08/09 1:02:32PM]

Embrace the Lace Tunuc, All about that Lace Tunic, What Dreams are made of Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 1:01:57PM]

Lace is More
Chelsea Minchau
 [08/09 1:01:19PM]

Steel and Lace
Krystal Fritz
 [08/09 12:58:17PM]

Off the Shoulder Flower Tunic Dress
Candace Van Wolde
 [08/09 12:57:52PM]

Sleek and Snuggly Sweater
Kristin Whent
 [08/09 12:57:15PM]

Brush Your Shoulders Off Tunic Dress
Meredith Desmarais
 [08/09 12:52:06PM]

Budding romance
Lisa hawley
 [08/09 12:50:36PM]

Budding Romance
Lisa Hawley
 [08/09 12:49:54PM]

Cozy sneak a peak boo tunic
Dana carter
 [08/09 12:45:37PM]

Lace is more tunic
Lauren Simmonds
 [08/09 12:45:36PM]

Fall from Lace Tunic Hoodie Dress
Miranda Phoenix
 [08/09 12:45:33PM]

Shoulders in the Sun
Christie Abrams
 [08/09 12:45:18PM]

peek a boo tunic
Dana Carter
 [08/09 12:44:09PM]

I’ll sleeve you later
Janice Burton
 [08/09 12:44:00PM]

Lace just flaunt it sweater, amazing lace sweater
Barbara Benner
 [08/09 12:43:08PM]

Lace against time hoodie
Ashley Herron
 [08/09 12:42:17PM]

Looky looky lacy
Tiffany Savage
 [08/09 12:41:53PM]

Comfort in all the right laces hoodie, tunic n lace hoodie
Ashley Herron
 [08/09 12:41:31PM]

Flowers & lace tunic
Candace Vandenberghe
 [08/09 12:41:13PM]

In the Lace of Time
Yvette Reid
 [08/09 12:40:37PM]

Trace of lace tunic
Heather Tandy
 [08/09 12:39:28PM]

Lucky in Lace
Sara Mcconkey
 [08/09 12:37:08PM]

Sweet & Simple Tunic,
Monique Liggins
 [08/09 12:35:06PM]

Lace Embrace Tunic, Lace Escape Tunic, Grace Beyond Lace Tunic, Laced with Love Hoodie
Kristi Pianka
 [08/09 12:34:36PM]

Lacey Daze Hoodie.
Rosemarie Flynn
 [08/09 12:34:04PM]

Sleeving the dream, Sleevin' me cozy
Cassandra Stevens
 [08/09 12:32:39PM]

Let it fall
Josee Bazinet
 [08/09 12:29:23PM]

Luxe Lace Tunic, Lacey Temptations
Melissa Hilton
 [08/09 12:27:50PM]

Get your Lace on
Emily Kasper
 [08/09 12:25:10PM]

Temptation Tunic, Lacy Temptation
Cheryl Griffin
 [08/09 12:24:24PM]

Love the Lace Hooded Tunic, Fall Vibes Hooded Tunic, What Dreams and Laced of Hooded Tunic
Samantha Krump
 [08/09 12:24:11PM]

Lace Be Honest
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/09 12:22:04PM]

Petal perfect
Denise craig
 [08/09 12:21:46PM]

Lacey Days Tunic
Kimberley Rietze
 [08/09 12:20:45PM]

Lace me up hoody
Heather Davidson
 [08/09 12:20:32PM]

Lace it to me straight
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/09 12:19:56PM]

Lace it to me straight
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/09 12:16:45PM]

Alison's so ridiculously gorgeous tunic
Vanessa Savage
 [08/09 12:15:19PM]

Lovely in Lace Tunic Dress
Sarah Sinton
 [08/09 12:12:02PM]

Chantilly Lace
Shannon Audet
 [08/09 12:10:29PM]

Love, lace, Tunic
 [08/09 12:09:14PM]

All About That Lace
Heather Hirst
 [08/09 12:08:46PM]

Lace pull over
Angela Rodgers
 [08/09 12:05:18PM]

Lacey lover
Julie bilan
 [08/09 12:05:17PM]

Sultry flower bomb
Crystal Wegernoski
 [08/09 12:02:43PM]

Comfort and Lace
Tina Anchikoski
 [08/09 12:02:30PM]

Flower peekaboo, touch of lace, embrace the lace, shoulder glam,
Arielle stahl
 [08/09 12:01:13PM]

Leaf it to lace tunic
Amie Counter
 [08/09 12:00:18PM]

Lace Embrace Hooded Tunic
Robena Baynton
 [08/09 11:59:06AM]

Full of Grace Lace Tunic
Rhonda Penner
 [08/09 11:56:36AM]

Embrace the Lace Tunic
Shannon Jones
 [08/09 11:54:23AM]

Cold shoulder tunic
Darlene Jomaa
 [08/09 11:52:46AM]

Falling for Lace Tunic, or You had me at Merlot tunic
Charly Zemlak
 [08/09 11:49:45AM]

Lace and cozy
Rebecca daly
 [08/09 11:49:42AM]

Lace is all you need
Amy ten-Bohmer
 [08/09 11:49:20AM]

Peekaboo Lace, Peekaboo Arms, Lil’ Bit O’ Lace
Karen Adams
 [08/09 11:48:41AM]

Lace Lovin' Tunic
Natalie Baikie
 [08/09 11:44:43AM]

I’m bringing Lacey Back
Angie Pasquini
 [08/09 11:43:27AM]

Its all in the eyelets
Tina cimaglia
 [08/09 11:43:01AM]

Hint of elegance tunic
Meaghan Mallough
 [08/09 11:42:19AM]

Lacey Daisy tunic
Hermine Hill
 [08/09 11:42:10AM]

Blossom babe lace jumper
Kelsey Caston
 [08/09 11:41:48AM]

Lace Side Story
Kelly Gallagher
 [08/09 11:40:47AM]

Lace To It Tunic
Lesley Willford
 [08/09 11:40:44AM]

Lovely in Lace Tunic, Touch of Lace Tunic, Not your average Tunic.
Tannin Bojarski-Jarrett
 [08/09 11:40:36AM]

Lacey love hoodie
Lisa Funk
 [08/09 11:39:10AM]

Lazy Daizy
Bobbie Flanders
 [08/09 11:38:23AM]

Sugar and Spice Tunic, Lace to Meet you,
Natalie StLaurent
 [08/09 11:38:18AM]

Peekaboo I see you tunic, brush ya shouldas off tunic, off the (daisy) chain tunic
Kelsey alpaugh
 [08/09 11:38:04AM]

Lucky lace pullover
Kelsey Caston
 [08/09 11:37:27AM]

Peekaboo I See You! Hoodie tunic
Julaine Greilach
 [08/09 11:37:10AM]

See you through Sweater
Shelby Tellier
 [08/09 11:36:55AM]

Lucky in lace
Crystal Mackie
 [08/09 11:35:17AM]

Lace me beautiful
Caitlyn Taylor
 [08/09 11:34:39AM]

The long and the lace of it
Vicki Hanson
 [08/09 11:34:28AM]

Fall into lace with me
Crystal Mackie
 [08/09 11:34:02AM]

Lace Be Lovers Tunic
Joley Carroll
 [08/09 11:33:29AM]

Cute and cozy
Crystal mackie
 [08/09 11:33:13AM]

Fall into You
Sandy trentalance
 [08/09 11:29:52AM]

falling into you, sneek peek tunic,
gina bolton
 [08/09 11:29:31AM]

Lace Me Up, Buttercup
April MacPherson
 [08/09 11:28:57AM]

Peak a lace
Angela Dube
 [08/09 11:26:26AM]

Say You'll be Mine tunic, the Selinda Tunic, Lace Seduction Tunic
Selinda Lye
 [08/09 11:26:12AM]

Lounging in Lace
Carly Archer
 [08/09 11:26:09AM]

Lacy Day Tunic
Danyka Robinson
 [08/09 11:25:49AM]

Lace Is More Hoodie
Chelsea Fouillard
 [08/09 11:25:11AM]

Lace in luxury tunic dress
Stephanie Ayers
 [08/09 11:24:44AM]

Lacy Comfort
Taylor wall
 [08/09 11:23:54AM]

Lace it on Me Tunic
Alison Adams
 [08/09 11:23:29AM]

Lace Me Knot Hoody
Mary Banks
 [08/09 11:23:08AM]

Touch of lace tunic
April king
 [08/09 11:22:22AM]

Mad about lace
Kristen whitwick
 [08/09 11:22:16AM]

Lace it up sexy
Victoria hacetoglu
 [08/09 11:21:58AM]

Embraced in lace tunic
Nicole Ethier
 [08/09 11:21:51AM]

Long Lace Love
Elizabeth Cormack
 [08/09 11:21:40AM]

Cold lace shoulder
Liana May
 [08/09 11:20:38AM]

Peak-a-boo Daisy
Jennifer Sites
 [08/09 11:19:13AM]

Laced to Perfection tunic
Julia Doucette
 [08/09 11:17:04AM]

Cool shoulder tunic
Lorraine bartholow
 [08/09 11:16:48AM]

Classy tunic
Sheila Cowper
 [08/09 11:16:37AM]

Sugar and Spice
Michelle McFarlin
 [08/09 11:16:24AM]

Glam Jam
Michelle McFarlin
 [08/09 11:14:59AM]

Cozy flower
Ashley Doherty
 [08/09 11:14:22AM]

Lace-y Days tunic
Kristen hunter
 [08/09 11:12:23AM]

Just lacing around
Shalaine Stebner
 [08/09 11:10:45AM]

Lace me in comfort tunic
Nicole Feist
 [08/09 11:10:27AM]

Laid back and lace
Erin Legare
 [08/09 11:09:41AM]

Lace up for the win
Sandra Onderwater
 [08/09 11:08:52AM]

Daisy chain hooded tunic
Sherry Ziemer
 [08/09 11:07:50AM]

Fall from Lace
Vicki Hanson
 [08/09 11:07:48AM]

Allison’s Saturday Sweater
Nicole Lindahl
 [08/09 11:05:46AM]

Cozy summers eve Tunic
Danielle Martin
 [08/09 11:05:36AM]

Live, Love, Lace
Nikole Schmelter
 [08/09 11:00:26AM]

Dress me up tunic , on the town tunic , make me beautiful tunic
Natalie Ransom
 [08/09 10:59:16AM]

Fall Into Lace
Dorothy DiPaolo
 [08/09 10:58:28AM]

Eloquent. Bunny Hug
Phoebe Painter
 [08/09 10:57:22AM]

Fancy free tunic
 [08/09 10:57:14AM]

Lace be warm
Kim Bodurka
 [08/09 10:56:46AM]

Elegant sweater
 [08/09 10:56:41AM]

Feelin Lacey Top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:56:07AM]

Lacey Days Top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:55:36AM]

Feelin lace-y Top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:55:09AM]

Chantilly Tunic
Tiffany Davidson
 [08/09 10:54:50AM]

Lace-y days Top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:54:13AM]

Lace Into Fall
Robynn Amyotte
 [08/09 10:53:55AM]

Lacy lounger tunic hoodie
Haylee Carlson
 [08/09 10:53:18AM]

Embrace the Lace
Candis Miller
 [08/09 10:52:56AM]

Lace be friends top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:52:45AM]

Lace and Grace
Denise Christenson
 [08/09 10:52:23AM]

Just Enough Lace
Vanessa Cox
 [08/09 10:52:17AM]

Lace hang out top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:52:16AM]

Lace ya Tunic
Vanessa Carr
 [08/09 10:50:45AM]

She’s Got The Look Tunic Hoodie, Twice as Nice Tunic Hoodie, Time To Shine Tunic, she’s the one Hoodie,
Nikki Weightman
 [08/09 10:50:02AM]

Givin’ you the cold shoulder sweater
Renée Kuznecov
 [08/09 10:49:59AM]

Be fearlace top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:49:21AM]

Lovely in Lace Tunic
Candis Miller
 [08/09 10:48:51AM]

Lace talk top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:48:21AM]

Lace get together top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/09 10:47:29AM]

Feel me
Larissa Schartner
 [08/09 10:47:17AM]

Lace Go Crazy
Tamara Morrison
 [08/09 10:46:33AM]

Embraced by lace, or Embrace the lace
Jaime Rubeniuk
 [08/09 10:46:26AM]

Peek-a-boo Hoodie
Candis Miller
 [08/09 10:46:19AM]

Quiet Bloom
Alicia Anderson
 [08/09 10:44:50AM]

Lace be Cozy
Jennifer Kutcher
 [08/09 10:43:20AM]

Elegant Comfort Hoodie
Amy Savage
 [08/09 10:42:50AM]

Head and shoulders hoody dress
Victoria Macmillan
 [08/09 10:42:41AM]

Lace be honest hoodie
Kristy Arseneau
 [08/09 10:38:38AM]

Cold Shoulder; Summer Harvest; Sunflower Power;
Susan Constantine
 [08/09 10:38:34AM]

Sneak a Peak Hoody, Lace me Hoody, Sheer Shoulder Hoody, Little bit of lace hoody
Stacy Loitz
 [08/09 10:37:49AM]

Heavenly Laced Tunic, Laced in Comfort Tunic, Embrace the Lace, In Love with Lace, Feelin Lacey
Brianna Kranenborg
 [08/09 10:36:40AM]

Autumn is Calling ?
Hannah McTaggart
 [08/09 10:36:37AM]

Babe in Bloom,
Angela Grocholski
 [08/09 10:35:16AM]

A touch of lace
Nicky Dutrisac
 [08/09 10:34:44AM]

Lace over tunic
Jennifer Johnston
 [08/09 10:34:00AM]

Lacy lady, lady in lace
Claudine Brown
 [08/09 10:33:42AM]

Loving Lace Tunic
Cindy Palmer
 [08/09 10:33:37AM]

Lacey Girl, Feminine Tough, Rocking the Pretty Tunic
Amanda Boates
 [08/09 10:32:41AM]

Lace go on an adventure
Meghan Smyth
 [08/09 10:32:31AM]

Flower teaser
Kennedy Quiring
 [08/09 10:31:42AM]

Fancy in Hoods and Lace
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [08/09 10:31:39AM]

Delicate Comfort Tunic
Kristy Harper
 [08/09 10:30:22AM]

Lace be honest tunic
Colleen Caruso
 [08/09 10:28:58AM]

Allison all laced up
Donna Fortier
 [08/09 10:28:34AM]

Dainty Hoody
Annaise Coote
 [08/09 10:26:47AM]

Not your average tunic
Kathryn Graveline
 [08/09 10:24:45AM]

Laid back in lace
Gina Colombe
 [08/09 10:24:35AM]

Sass and grace with a hint of lace
Vicki Hanson
 [08/09 10:24:35AM]

Flirty Floral Venetian
Michelle Rosaasen
 [08/09 10:24:27AM]

Fire and Ice; Sugar and Spice; Coming up Daisies; Sweet and Sassy;
Susan Constantine
 [08/09 10:23:48AM]

A shoulder above, gimmie all the lace, living on a lace, peekaboo shoulder, comfy cozy tunic
Cheryl LeClair
 [08/09 10:22:57AM]

Peek at me lace, sneak a peek lace, just a touch of lace
Amie Counter
 [08/09 10:22:12AM]

Lounge and Lace tunic dress
Danyell Ochocki
 [08/09 10:22:02AM]

Just a peek tunic
Laura Pederson.
 [08/09 10:21:48AM]

All about the lace
Felicia Tarnes
 [08/09 10:21:00AM]

The grace of lace hoody
Kim seifert
 [08/09 10:20:13AM]

Sugar and spice tunic
Alyssa Fahie
 [08/09 10:19:58AM]

Peek-a-Boo floral hoodie
Kassy white
 [08/09 10:19:45AM]

Lady Luck, Lacy Days, Lacy in the Sky
Lindsay Retallick
 [08/09 10:19:45AM]

Lacing Around Tunic Sweater
Kelly Kapush
 [08/09 10:19:27AM]

It’s a lacy day
Krissy Esposti
 [08/09 10:18:42AM]

Graced with Lace Hoody
Kim Seifert
 [08/09 10:18:37AM]

Graceful lace
Amie Counter
 [08/09 10:17:58AM]

Lacey lounge tunic
Nicole Goulet
 [08/09 10:17:02AM]

Lace Me Baby One More Time!
Marie Nieva
 [08/09 10:16:38AM]

Cozy up to fall hoodie tunic dress
Teresa Jeang
 [08/09 10:15:20AM]

Warn and Snuggly Tunic
Judy Morris
 [08/09 10:15:10AM]

Best of Both Worlds; Chase the Lace;
Susan Constantine
 [08/09 10:15:08AM]

Fall into lace tunic
Amie Counter
 [08/09 10:13:08AM]

Lace me up hooded tunic
Tiffany Adams
 [08/09 10:12:43AM]

Peek a Boo; Between Seasons; Beyond Lace; Autumn surprise;
Susan Constantine
 [08/09 10:10:59AM]

Chase the Lace Tunic
Tesa Steinke
 [08/09 10:10:52AM]

Straight lace tunic
Tanya Kohle
 [08/09 10:10:48AM]

Peekaboo Hoodie
Leah Kennedy
 [08/09 10:10:29AM]

Lil Flare
Danielle Foster
 [08/09 10:10:16AM]

Friday night fliral
Richelle Treloar
 [08/09 10:10:16AM]

Lace is more tunic
Tesa Steinke
 [08/09 10:09:04AM]

Lacey Chic Tunic
Angela Wassing
 [08/09 10:08:58AM]

Sunshine on my shoulder
Melissa Carson
 [08/09 10:08:53AM]

La la lace
Laura Weitzel
 [08/09 10:08:52AM]

All laced up
Nicole Johnson
 [08/09 10:08:44AM]

Lace it up hoodie
Laura Weitzel
 [08/09 10:07:50AM]

Falling Flowers
Annaise Coote
 [08/09 10:07:40AM]

Straight lace tunic
Tanya Kohle
 [08/09 10:06:35AM]

Cozy crochet bunny hug
Richelle Treloar
 [08/09 10:06:09AM]

Long lace love
Mandy Cooper
 [08/09 10:05:44AM]

Daisy Lacey Tunic, Lazy Daisy Tunic, Succulent Shoulder Tunic
Lacey Whitt
 [08/09 10:05:26AM]

Lazy Dasiy Tunic
Lacey Whitt
 [08/09 10:03:22AM]

Embrace the lace
Alyson wannamaker
 [08/09 10:02:07AM]

Tune up the lace
Jennifer gushuliak
 [08/09 10:01:32AM]

Lacy Cozy Comfort
Rebecca Pattison
 [08/09 10:00:22AM]

Comfy n chic
Lisette peterson
 [08/09 9:59:38AM]

Oh La Lace
Amanda Johnson
 [08/09 9:59:17AM]

Sunshoulder sweater
Marie Beaudry
 [08/09 9:58:45AM]

Skip the lace fandango
Kathy Olver
 [08/09 9:56:48AM]

Lana Kirkwood
 [08/09 9:56:27AM]

Sneak a Peek Tunic
Andrea Haywood
 [08/09 9:55:10AM]

Chantilly Lace Tunic
Lisa Ginn
 [08/09 9:55:03AM]

Love me like lace
Courtney Muir
 [08/09 9:54:58AM]

Modern Romance tunic dress,
Lizanne Roy
 [08/09 9:54:30AM]

Petal perfection
Tracy Sturley
 [08/09 9:53:58AM]

Lace is Best
Andrea Haywood
 [08/09 9:53:34AM]

Lovely in Lace
Tracy Sturley
 [08/09 9:52:28AM]

Coming Up Daisies tunic
Lisa Etty
 [08/09 9:51:54AM]

The Vickie
Joann Gilmore
 [08/09 9:51:41AM]

Fresh as a Daisy
Tracy Sturley
 [08/09 9:50:06AM]

Armed with Lace Tunic
Alicia Toniak
 [08/09 9:49:23AM]

Coming up daisies
 [08/09 9:48:58AM]

Lace is More or There's No Lace Like Home
Raina Brugger
 [08/09 9:48:54AM]

Coming up daisies
Angela Gower
 [08/09 9:48:37AM]

Love n Lace
Linda Genaille
 [08/09 9:48:29AM]

Lace along tunic dress
Belinda Smart
 [08/09 9:48:05AM]

Lace in Place, Love Lace Tunic, Lace in Love,
 [08/09 9:47:54AM]

L’il bit Lacy Tunic
Shannon Lee
 [08/09 9:47:39AM]

Fleur de Lace
Beth Maj
 [08/09 9:47:26AM]

Take a chance on lace tunic dress, this tunic dress is laced.
Lacey Roberts
 [08/09 9:47:22AM]

Lace it to you
Melissa Renyard
 [08/09 9:47:21AM]

Succulent Shoulder Top
Lacey Whitt
 [08/09 9:47:18AM]

All class and sass tunic
Tara Macaulay
 [08/09 9:46:42AM]

Grace of Lace Tunic
Lisa Cuglietta
 [08/09 9:46:34AM]

Laced to perfection hoodie
Sara McLean
 [08/09 9:46:16AM]

Love within lace hoodie, love my lace hoodie, armed with lace top, armed with beauty hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/09 9:46:07AM]

Loving Lace Tunic
Kelly Nuessler
 [08/09 9:45:52AM]

Ace of Lace tunic
Chelsea Elliott
 [08/09 9:45:48AM]

Laced in love
Marysia Waritsky
 [08/09 9:45:10AM]

Love me Lace Cozy Tunic
Amber Jones
 [08/09 9:45:09AM]

Lace to the Top
Emily Hadary
 [08/09 9:44:56AM]

Dress of Fresh Air
Erin Hayward
 [08/09 9:44:40AM]

Lacy Daze Hooded Dress, Lace-me-crazy Tunic, Lacing Around Hoodie, Not-Your-Grandmothers-Lace Tunic
Kaitlin Fritz
 [08/09 9:44:37AM]

Oh La lace
Beth Mah
 [08/09 9:44:17AM]

Come Lace Away
Desire Crowe
 [08/09 9:44:04AM]

Dream a little dream top
Anne Pathammavong
 [08/09 9:43:16AM]

Lacey love
Amanda Grant
 [08/09 9:42:48AM]

Lace Get Together
Christina Chubb
 [08/09 9:42:27AM]

Lacy Hugs and Cuddles
Nadine Salmers
 [08/09 9:41:54AM]

Peak through the lace top, peek-a-boo shoulder too, apple of my eye hoodie, floral peekaboo hoodie, elegance hoodie, elegance in the corner hoodie, casual elegance hoodie, peek into perfection hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/09 9:41:34AM]

Lacy Days tunic hoodie
Emily Hadary
 [08/09 9:41:18AM]

Lacy Grace Top
Emily Buss
 [08/09 9:41:08AM]

Head and shoulders, lace and style
Ashlie McBryan
 [08/09 9:40:22AM]

peekaboo lovely lace top
Natasha Marlatt
 [08/09 9:40:11AM]

Floraly Tunicky Dress
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [08/09 9:39:15AM]

Lace with Me Tunic
Angie Coolin
 [08/09 9:37:46AM]

Loungin’ in Lace
 [08/09 9:37:10AM]

Comfort n lace
Elizabeth Antao
 [08/09 9:35:18AM]

Lace Luxury Tunic
Kayla Erlandson
 [08/09 9:35:07AM]

Lace your hand on my shoulder
Jina Clarke
 [08/09 9:34:43AM]

Casual Romance Tunic
Charlene Penner
 [08/09 9:34:19AM]

Touch of lace tunic
Tina MacDonald
 [08/09 9:34:07AM]

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