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Shimmery Cardigan
August 16, 2019

Silver Icing Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic Black, S), Fashionista Cami Tank (Black, S), Paradise City Denim (Black, 5) and Fashion Forward Heels (Black, 10).

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these cardigans that feature a hint of sparkle and a button-down front.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, August 18 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will get to select their choice of size/colour (S, M, L, XL – Metallic Black, Metallic White). This cardigan will Presale for $39.99 (Retail $45.00). Good luck! ♥️

*Kendra is wearing the size S*


Silver Icing Name to Win It Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic Black, S) and Fashionista Cami Tank (Black, S).


Silver Icing Name to Win It Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic Black, S), Fashionista Cami Tank (Black, S), Paradise City Denim (Black, 5) and Fashion Forward Heels (Black, 10).


Silver Icing Name to Win It Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic White, S) and Fashionista Cami Tank (Pink, S).


Silver Icing Name to Win It Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic White, S), Fashionista Cami Tank (Pink, S) and Malibu Beach Capris (Denim Blue, 7).


Silver Icing Name to Win It Shimmery Cardigan

Get the Look: Get this Cardi Started Cardigan (Metallic White, S), Fashionista Cami Tank (Pink, S), Malibu Beach Capris (Denim Blue, 7) and Walk It Out Flats (Blush Rose, 10).

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Total of 332 Entries
Congratulations to Rachel Tourville, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Get this Cardi Started Cardigan
Sparkle Up Before You Go Girl
Leah Bryant
 [08/18 8:58:33AM]

Shimmer into Fall Cardigan
Janet George
 [08/18 8:58:26AM]

Not Afraid to Sparkle Cardigan, Everyday I'm Sparklin' Cardigan, Watch Me Sparkle Cardigan, Shine Bright Cardigan
Jessica Padrinao
 [08/18 8:54:15AM]

Shimmer, sparkle & glow cardi
Sharon Pepper
 [08/18 8:45:29AM]

A twist of chic
Lindy Schneider
 [08/18 8:10:30AM]

Putting on the Ritz Cardi
Sherri Millar
 [08/18 8:06:02AM]

A Hint of Light Cardi or Shine On Me Cardi
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [08/18 6:12:41AM]

Shimmer down cardigan
Erin Fortier
 [08/18 5:52:28AM]

Sweet and Sparkle Sweater
Jamie ward anderson
 [08/17 11:48:02PM]

Short and ‘Sparkle’ sweater
Jamie ward anderson
 [08/17 11:47:27PM]

Simply Shining Spark Cardigan
Corry McKinnon
 [08/17 10:26:34PM]

Button me up Cardigan
Rachel Shaw
 [08/17 10:15:34PM]

Let your light shine cardi
Ann Marie Kerrivan
 [08/17 10:10:09PM]

Simply sweet cardigan , sweet sparkly cardigan, not you average cardigan , Sparkle your day cardigan
Taylor Stephens
 [08/17 10:06:32PM]

S&S Sparkle and Shine
Ann Marie Kerrivan
 [08/17 10:06:11PM]

The Northern Lights Cardi, The Milky Way Cardi, Razzle and Dazzle Cardigan
Julie Lowdermilk
 [08/17 8:04:27PM]

Shimmer and Shine Divine
Lisa Kelly
 [08/17 7:53:35PM]

Sparkle down on me Cardi
Joelle Wall
 [08/17 7:42:04PM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Brianna Cooper
 [08/17 7:32:51PM]

Let Me Shine
Jan Halushka
 [08/17 7:30:55PM]

Business in the front party in the cardi(gan)
 [08/17 6:30:54PM]

Snuggle and shine
Lisa Wilson
 [08/17 5:50:16PM]

Irene Carlson
 [08/17 5:03:01PM]

Cute as a Button
Aileen Anderson
 [08/17 3:53:40PM]

Twilight Sparkle and Ever Shine
 [08/17 1:56:04PM]

Light Bright little Cardi
Ashley Domagala
 [08/17 1:44:27PM]

My Everyday Cardigan
Phoebe Painter
 [08/17 1:40:12PM]

Frosted beauty cadi
Kimberly Gleave
 [08/17 1:38:11PM]

"not just another" Cardi
Jennifer Edwards
 [08/17 1:30:48PM]

Shimmer and Shine Cardigan
Tanya Tortorella
 [08/17 12:55:46PM]

Get your glitz on Cardi
Jane Rowland
 [08/17 11:44:36AM]

Twilight Cardi
Jennifer Lewis
 [08/17 11:41:09AM]

Weekend comfort
Marie-Christine Aubrey
 [08/17 11:39:04AM]

Shimmery me cardi
Jen Brett
 [08/17 11:17:54AM]

Classic EleGLITZ
Alyssa Poelkemann
 [08/17 11:02:40AM]

Everyday cardigan
Rachel Lamoureux
 [08/17 10:56:20AM]

The Sparkle & Shine Cardigan
Jennifer Lunt
 [08/17 10:22:32AM]

The Necessary Shimmer Cardigan
Jennifer Lunt
 [08/17 10:21:41AM]

Shimmer me something special cardigan
Sarah Bailey
 [08/17 10:03:07AM]

Shimmer and Spice cardigan
Pam Walsh
 [08/17 9:18:51AM]

Cardi be sparkling
Jana Dobson
 [08/17 9:17:38AM]

Shine on Cardi
Leticia Kristensen
 [08/17 9:06:56AM]

Sparkel and shine
Patsy Drake
 [08/17 8:48:24AM]

Glisten Closely
Amanda Seguin Rivest
 [08/17 8:08:21AM]

Frost yourself, icing on the cake, shimmer away, glitter it up
Mary semplicio
 [08/17 8:05:15AM]

Don't Dull Your Sparkle
Alyssa Hurd
 [08/17 8:02:12AM]

Shimmer while you shine cardi
Kim Geurtsen
 [08/17 8:01:43AM]

Cover me sparkle
Melanie O’Donnell
 [08/17 7:28:04AM]

Glamour Glimmer Cardigan, Glimmer Glam Cardigan
Diana Stephenses
 [08/17 6:42:21AM]

Glow Getter Cardigan
Tracy Calver
 [08/17 6:04:35AM]

Starry Night Cardigan
Charmaine Green
 [08/17 5:03:23AM]

Shiny Sparkle Love, Glitter and gold, shine bright
Louise Vukas
 [08/17 3:46:38AM]

Stellar cardi
Katelynd franken
 [08/17 2:40:44AM]

Sparkle and shine, it’s cardi time
Erin Legare
 [08/17 12:09:37AM]

Get Your Shine On Cardigan
Jill Sutherland
 [08/16 11:27:26PM]

Frosted or frosting cardigan
Caroline Obee
 [08/16 11:14:33PM]

Shim Shimmery Cardi
Shelley Kuzio
 [08/16 10:39:55PM]

Sparkle n shineigan
Lisa smit
 [08/16 10:22:32PM]

Wrap me in sparkle
Laura Bron
 [08/16 10:00:52PM]

Bit of Glitz
Melanie Cafaro
 [08/16 9:54:21PM]

Button up and Sparkle
Lisa Sigfuson
 [08/16 9:50:10PM]

Wish Upon A Cardi
Amanda Meers
 [08/16 9:45:32PM]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sparkle cardigan
Angel Kerluk
 [08/16 9:39:17PM]

Rest Easy / Simply Subtle
Melissa Cournoyer
 [08/16 9:37:24PM]

Sparkle A Little Love Cardigan
Angela Kerluke
 [08/16 9:28:57PM]

Fairytale Beginning
Charlotte Mitchell
 [08/16 9:27:17PM]

twinkle on
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:17:57PM]

glimpse of glam
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:17:24PM]

sparkle day in night out
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:16:57PM]

subtle glam
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:15:12PM]

Diamond Dust Cardigan
Tamara Astell
 [08/16 9:14:44PM]

shimmer daze
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:14:18PM]

shine on me Cardi
Laura Foxwell
 [08/16 9:13:58PM]

Live Love Sparkle
Shari MacLellan
 [08/16 9:13:50PM]

cozy glitz
Gerri Toews
 [08/16 9:13:34PM]

sparkles and snuggles
 [08/16 9:13:12PM]

Unleash You Sparkle
Shari MacLellan
 [08/16 9:11:36PM]

Sparkle On
Shari MacLellan
 [08/16 9:08:15PM]

Love me a Cardi
Joanna Kerluke
 [08/16 9:07:25PM]

Shimmer and Shake
Shari MacLellan
 [08/16 8:59:18PM]

Party cardi
Christina lai
 [08/16 8:54:41PM]

Shimmer and shine cardi
Deanne Walsh
 [08/16 8:51:47PM]

Sparkle & Shine Cardi
Marie Nieva
 [08/16 8:47:28PM]

Simply sparkle cardigan
Valerie Oftebro
 [08/16 8:47:15PM]

A shimmer of hope cardigan, Wish upon a star cardigan, Let it shine cardigan
Julie Lowdermilk
 [08/16 8:44:50PM]

A little shimmer didn't hurt anybody cardi
Sabrina Jordan
 [08/16 8:25:48PM]

All that shimmers cardigan
Sherri Kirkland
 [08/16 8:14:49PM]

Shimmering Galaxy cardigan
Sherri Kirkland
 [08/16 8:12:26PM]

twilight dazzle cardigan
Sherri Kirkland
 [08/16 8:11:25PM]

Talk Sparkly to Me cardigan
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [08/16 7:26:46PM]

Shimmer me softly
Amanda Wylie
 [08/16 7:25:28PM]

Glisten Closely Cardigan
Maggie Zyla
 [08/16 7:21:51PM]

Get Your Shine On Cardi
Melanie Kramer
 [08/16 7:16:01PM]

Sparkle on Cardi
Amanda Olinyk
 [08/16 7:15:53PM]

Button up in Bling Cardigan
Melanie Kramer
 [08/16 7:13:50PM]

Shimmery Nights Cardigan
Debbie Sutton
 [08/16 6:43:08PM]

The office chic
Stephanie Gelineault
 [08/16 6:21:32PM]

Librarian in the front, party in the back :)
Teresa Reid
 [08/16 6:10:56PM]

Silver Linings Cardigan
Sheena Eddy
 [08/16 6:10:19PM]

Let Her Shine Cardy
Melissa Therrien
 [08/16 6:06:13PM]

Starry night
Andrea Ryan
 [08/16 5:34:05PM]

Cardiamond is a Girls Best Friend
Jacqueline Bates
 [08/16 5:25:23PM]

Sweet and simple cardigan
Maureen meers
 [08/16 5:23:33PM]

Button me sparkled cardigan
Sarah joseph
 [08/16 5:22:55PM]

Sparkle up
Belinda legere
 [08/16 5:16:54PM]

Twinkle girl cardi
Natalie wall
 [08/16 5:03:50PM]

Timeless Twinkle
Sarah Henson
 [08/16 4:47:46PM]

Shine bright cardigan
Lyndsey baker
 [08/16 4:45:23PM]

Shimmering warmth
Evelyn Maloney
 [08/16 4:23:35PM]

Starlight Starbright Cardi
Christina Garden
 [08/16 4:15:41PM]

Colour me Sparkled
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [08/16 4:08:15PM]

Keep Calm & Sparkle On Cardigan
Amber Stevens
 [08/16 4:07:07PM]

Star dust
Donna Richards
 [08/16 4:03:50PM]

You got me at sparkle
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/16 4:00:20PM]

Unleash Your Inner Sparkle Cardigan
Amber Stevens
 [08/16 3:58:42PM]

Leave a little sparkle cardi
Kelsey caston
 [08/16 3:47:51PM]

Summer breeze cardigan
Kyli Ford
 [08/16 3:37:59PM]

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Maria Boonstra
 [08/16 3:37:20PM]

You Had Me at Sparkle Cardigan
Leanne Hopkins
 [08/16 3:28:42PM]

Putting on the glitz Cardi
Vicky McCahon
 [08/16 3:23:06PM]

Sparkle Me This
Charmain Beck
 [08/16 3:21:17PM]

Winters sparkle , fall for sparkle , a mid summers night dream
Mercedes Kovacs
 [08/16 3:20:55PM]

Soften the Fall
Karen Wallis
 [08/16 2:59:33PM]

Whisper of sparkle
Antionette Payne
 [08/16 2:57:27PM]

Starry Night Stroll
Lillian Squires
 [08/16 2:56:52PM]

Diamond in the rough
Vic Moreira
 [08/16 2:56:23PM]

Mist of Glitter
Vic Moreira
 [08/16 2:54:54PM]

Don't Be Afraid to Sparkle Cardigan
Tara Bertling
 [08/16 2:51:24PM]

Rise and Sparkle Cardigan
Tara Bertling
 [08/16 2:50:18PM]

Glitz & Glam Cardigan
Samantha Boutilier
 [08/16 2:49:56PM]

Smile, Sparkle, Shine cardi / Twinkle of your eye cardi
Allison Richardson
 [08/16 2:49:21PM]

Born to Sparkle Cardigan
Tara Bertling
 [08/16 2:49:12PM]

Wish upon a star cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:48:00PM]

Tinkerbell's Button Up Cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:46:37PM]

A little bit of bling
Antionette Payne
 [08/16 2:46:04PM]

Angel Dusted Cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:44:35PM]

Antionette Payne
 [08/16 2:44:07PM]

Get your sparkle on
Antionette Payne
 [08/16 2:40:18PM]

The Rock Staridigan
Vic Moreira
 [08/16 2:38:17PM]

Not your mana’s cardigan
Vic Moreira
 [08/16 2:33:57PM]

Just a dash of sparkle
Sylvia dalton
 [08/16 2:32:37PM]

Cute as a button cardigan, button up beauty,
Barbara Benner
 [08/16 2:32:13PM]

Sugar and Spice cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:31:03PM]

Sprinkles of glitter button up cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:25:47PM]

A Touch of Glitter Cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 2:21:20PM]

A Spoonful of Sugar
Nicole Fournier
 [08/16 2:17:45PM]

Shimmer On
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/16 2:09:09PM]

Colour Me Sparkle
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/16 2:07:14PM]

A Little Bit of Frosting
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/16 2:06:26PM]

Stars Shine Bright
Kemberlee Hoeppner
 [08/16 2:05:42PM]

Sweet and sassy
Tannis Scott
 [08/16 1:57:59PM]

All That Shimmers is ‘You’ Cardi
Sharon Martin
 [08/16 1:57:50PM]

Sexy Shimmer Cardi
Sharon Martin
 [08/16 1:55:41PM]

Shimmer and light cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 1:53:46PM]

Shimmer Down Cardigan
Melissa Hillier
 [08/16 1:52:15PM]

Shimmer and Sparkle Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [08/16 1:40:41PM]

Sparkle and Shine Cardigan
Brittaney Pregizer
 [08/16 1:35:15PM]

Life of the party cardi
Erin Legare
 [08/16 1:34:11PM]

Shimmer and Sheen Cardi-G
Kyree lariviere
 [08/16 1:33:18PM]

Lit as a button cardi
Serena Boone
 [08/16 1:32:41PM]

Shimmer Me Pretty
Kaylie Oliphant
 [08/16 1:31:20PM]

Wish Upon A Star Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [08/16 1:30:10PM]

Sparkledgan cardi
Carrie Schmid
 [08/16 1:22:32PM]

Shimmering sparkle
Donna Mcgrath
 [08/16 1:20:27PM]

Starry Night cardigan
Joanne wiseman
 [08/16 1:18:39PM]

Cardies with a spark
Cathy Sherlock
 [08/16 1:14:17PM]

Starlight, Starbright cardi
Benita Mamela
 [08/16 1:10:09PM]

Glimmer of Shimmer Cardi
Michelle Vea
 [08/16 1:07:43PM]

Shine On Cardigan
Lauren Baetz
 [08/16 1:04:53PM]

Shine Bright Like A Cardi, Shimmer Me Button Up, Simply Sparkle Cardi, Always Say Sparkle and Shine,
Jessica Robertson
 [08/16 12:55:56PM]

Dreaming of fall
Tara Johansen
 [08/16 12:55:38PM]

The Sparkle In My Eye
Caley Boyd
 [08/16 12:47:59PM]

Shimmer and shine cardi
 [08/16 12:43:22PM]

Shine All Day Cardi
Andrea Wilm
 [08/16 12:32:42PM]

Shimmer Down Now Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [08/16 12:30:40PM]

Stay Focused & Extra Sparkly Cardi
Andrea Wilm
 [08/16 12:30:12PM]

Sparkle is my favourite colour
Andrea Wilm
 [08/16 12:28:30PM]

Classy and Sassy Cardi
Lynn Burch
 [08/16 12:27:54PM]

Shine on Cardi
Sarah English
 [08/16 12:22:09PM]

Shimmer Shine Cardi
Stephanie Peters
 [08/16 12:19:44PM]

Shimmer and Shine
Heather Kingma
 [08/16 12:12:14PM]

Shimmer & Nice
Karen Carvell
 [08/16 12:12:00PM]

Shine On Cardigan
Krista Ball
 [08/16 12:10:52PM]

Oh She Sparkles Cardi
Allison Gibbard
 [08/16 12:06:56PM]

Sparkle & Shine Cardi
Allison Gibbard
 [08/16 12:06:01PM]

Shimmer & Shine Buttoned Cardi, All Buttoned Up Cardi, Buttoned Up Shine, Buttoned Up Elegance, Buttoned Down Shine, Buttoned Down Elegance,
Marilyn Newton
 [08/16 11:58:40AM]

Glitz and glamour cardi
Nicole Burchell
 [08/16 11:56:30AM]

Putting on the glitz
Nicole Burchell
 [08/16 11:56:10AM]

Cozy comfort
Gloria Jellicoe
 [08/16 11:55:45AM]

Glow and go
Nicole Burchell
 [08/16 11:55:36AM]

Reach for the stars cardigan
leah brabant
 [08/16 11:53:28AM]

Northern Lights Cardi, star cluster cardi,
Tracy Nelson
 [08/16 11:53:18AM]

All that shimmers Cardi
Kathy Pirone
 [08/16 11:52:51AM]

Sparkle & Shine
Sandra Mueller
 [08/16 11:49:10AM]

falling stars
Rina DiNobile
 [08/16 11:49:05AM]

Sparkle $ Shine
Sandra Mueller
 [08/16 11:48:21AM]

Sparkle & Shine
Nicole Spencer
 [08/16 11:46:29AM]

Shine Like a Diamond cardigan
Tanya Lemoine
 [08/16 11:45:08AM]

you glow girl
Tracy Calver
 [08/16 11:43:04AM]

Let Her Shine Cardi
Jaide Flynn
 [08/16 11:41:40AM]

A breath of fresh air
Michelle Griffiths
 [08/16 11:41:39AM]

Hug Me Cardigan
Lena Millar
 [08/16 11:38:29AM]

Not your grandmas cardigan
Angela Brandon
 [08/16 11:34:58AM]

Can’t shoulder the shimmer
Celia Kroker
 [08/16 11:29:03AM]

Shimmer fall cardi
Christa surowich
 [08/16 11:20:20AM]

Time to Shine Cardi
Candice Ens
 [08/16 11:19:13AM]

Light up the sky
Carlee de Graaf
 [08/16 11:14:53AM]

Glistening Glow Cardi
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/16 11:14:25AM]

Sparkle & shine cardi
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [08/16 11:11:29AM]

Shine Bright Cardigan
Terri Ghostkeeper
 [08/16 11:10:56AM]

Prestige Cardi
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/16 11:09:09AM]

Luminescence Cardi
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/16 11:07:35AM]

Dazzle for days cardi
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/16 11:04:18AM]

Top It Off Shimmer and shine cardigan
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [08/16 11:01:47AM]

Bling Bling Cardi
Kara Newport
 [08/16 11:00:31AM]

Shimmer Me Softly Cardi
Ina Hammer
 [08/16 11:00:09AM]

Shine by day, shimmer by night cardi
Ina Hammer
 [08/16 10:59:22AM]

Shimmer and Shine
Martha van Dyke
 [08/16 10:59:16AM]

Shine bright Cardi
Ina Hammer
 [08/16 10:58:44AM]

Shine Bright Like A Diamond Cardi
Haley Boland
 [08/16 10:57:58AM]

Shimmer and shine cardigan
Ina Hammer
 [08/16 10:57:57AM]

Shine bright Cardi, shimmer and shine
Kristen Wong
 [08/16 10:57:54AM]

Shimmer my way
 [08/16 10:56:44AM]

Keeping up with the Cardigan
Justine Wickens
 [08/16 10:56:14AM]

Sparkle & Spice Cardi
Haley Boland
 [08/16 10:55:55AM]

Shine Bright
Karen Carvell
 [08/16 10:53:49AM]

Twinkle twinkle little sweater
Karen Lang
 [08/16 10:53:02AM]

Glam it up Cardi
Melissa Oliver
 [08/16 10:49:55AM]

Shine On Cardigan
Ashley Canada
 [08/16 10:46:16AM]

Shine on cardigan
Krista Pepper
 [08/16 10:45:07AM]

Sparkle Bright Cardi, All that Glitters Cardi
Eryn Rex
 [08/16 10:44:48AM]

Glimmer and glow cardi
Suzie McIntosh
 [08/16 10:44:43AM]

Dazzle Me Cardigan
Brittney Pokrant
 [08/16 10:43:44AM]

Brighten up cardigan
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [08/16 10:42:09AM]

Pixie dust cardi
 [08/16 10:41:35AM]

Twilight Cardigan
 [08/16 10:40:32AM]

Simply ‘60’s
Janice O’
 [08/16 10:40:22AM]

Fairy dust cardi
Angela Siemens
 [08/16 10:35:41AM]

A Little Bit of Sparkle
Jody Ryan
 [08/16 10:35:20AM]

Shimmer your classy cardi
Maria Pucci
 [08/16 10:35:06AM]

A Little Elegance Cardigan
Christina Wright
 [08/16 10:23:51AM]

May you shimmer bright
Kaila Skogstad
 [08/16 10:19:16AM]

Let it Glow Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:18:59AM]

Shimmer Me Timber Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [08/16 10:18:48AM]

Shine Brighter Cardi , Get Your Shine On Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [08/16 10:17:53AM]

Spot On Cardi, Shimmer On Cardi
Marla Warkentin
 [08/16 10:17:49AM]

Shine your light Cardi
Kaila Skogstad
 [08/16 10:17:36AM]

Bijou Cardis
Lisa Salter
 [08/16 10:14:43AM]

Eiffel Nights
Lisa Salter
 [08/16 10:12:07AM]

Cardi Gras Sweater
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:09:39AM]

The time to shine sparkle cardi
Monica Steinson
 [08/16 10:08:35AM]

Cardi Lights Sweater
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:08:26AM]

Garden Cardi Sweater
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:07:20AM]

All that Glitters Cardi, Fall Sparkles Cardi, Constellations Align Cardigan
Michelle Webster
 [08/16 10:07:14AM]

Get this Cardi Started Sweater
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:07:00AM]

Here for the Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 10:06:30AM]

Keep your shine on , it's all about the sparkle , Rise and Shine cardi, Shine Brightly Cardi.
Kym Readman
 [08/16 10:03:53AM]

Glisten Up
Dawn Rioux
 [08/16 10:03:31AM]

Cardi Beautiful
Laurel Costello
 [08/16 10:03:23AM]

Fairy dust cardi
Waverley Bexson
 [08/16 10:01:08AM]

All that glitters cardi
Callie Cribb
 [08/16 9:59:13AM]

Shimmer yourself cardigan
Amanda Grant
 [08/16 9:57:40AM]

It’s in the details cardi
Tara Macaulay
 [08/16 9:56:11AM]

Glisten to me cardi
Tanya Alton
 [08/16 9:55:24AM]

Star Bright cardi
Tanya Alton
 [08/16 9:54:52AM]

Shiny Dancer Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [08/16 9:54:04AM]

The Cardi B
Ashley Lindbo
 [08/16 9:52:42AM]

Time to Shine or Get Your Glam On
Krista Kelly
 [08/16 9:52:04AM]

Constellation Cardi
Amy Holden
 [08/16 9:51:17AM]

Shine Like A Diamond
Christine Watson
 [08/16 9:49:34AM]

Twinkle Twinkle
Suzanne Zoccole
 [08/16 9:49:23AM]

Bright lights and glimmer cardi
Tanya Alton
 [08/16 9:45:41AM]

Sparkle and shine cardi, Cardi B my sparkle
Melissa Kristjansson
 [08/16 9:44:26AM]

A Touch of Frost Cardi
Miranda Apps
 [08/16 9:43:23AM]

Glittery Cardi
Sonia McKnight
 [08/16 9:43:01AM]

I'm gonna shine cardi
Tanya Alton
 [08/16 9:42:43AM]

Fall is in the air
Miranda Apps
 [08/16 9:42:08AM]

Shine on Me Cardi
Tanya Alton
 [08/16 9:41:59AM]

Not your grandma’s cardi!
Erin Lendvoy
 [08/16 9:41:15AM]

Not your grabdma’s cardi!
Erin Lendvoy
 [08/16 9:40:28AM]

Sparkle and shine cardigan
Lori Forsyth
 [08/16 9:38:51AM]

Stary Night Cardi
Lisa Dobsky
 [08/16 9:38:16AM]

 [08/16 9:37:40AM]

Diamond Dust Cardi
Chantalle Gauthier
 [08/16 9:36:54AM]

She shines cardigan
Ilse Hildebrand
 [08/16 9:36:43AM]

Shine On Cardigan
Terry McBride
 [08/16 9:35:32AM]

Glisten with your heart
Chantalle Gauthier
 [08/16 9:35:11AM]

Dazzle Me Righteous
Pam Boucher
 [08/16 9:34:54AM]

Sparkle Up and Down Cardi
Louise Kemp
 [08/16 9:34:42AM]

Starry nights cardi
Ilse Hildebrand
 [08/16 9:34:25AM]

A lil glitter and glam
Nicole Dykstra
 [08/16 9:33:19AM]

Sparkle, shimmer, shine
Chantalle Gauthier
 [08/16 9:33:13AM]

Starlight sparkle sweater
Dianna korol
 [08/16 9:32:12AM]

Light it up
Marsha rankin
 [08/16 9:31:57AM]

Shimmer and Shine Cardi
Caroline Hultgren
 [08/16 9:31:51AM]

Sparkle up your life
Shania Golding
 [08/16 9:31:02AM]

Short ‘n’ Sassy Cardi
Caroline Kitt
 [08/16 9:31:00AM]

Get your Sparkle On cardigan
Louise Kemp
 [08/16 9:30:37AM]

Not your Grandma's cardi, hot shimmer nights Cardi, Cinderalla Cardigan
Tracy Nelson
 [08/16 9:30:08AM]

Glitter from cold
April Foster
 [08/16 9:29:45AM]

Shimmer and shine Cardi
Megan Sheftel
 [08/16 9:29:32AM]

Midnights dream
 [08/16 9:25:41AM]

Simple Shine Cardigan
Carol Chorkawy
 [08/16 9:24:12AM]

Heart Shimmers Cardigan
Carol Chorkawy
 [08/16 9:23:33AM]

Sparkle within Cardi
Danielle Wong
 [08/16 9:19:54AM]

Glam with glitter
Christie Watson
 [08/16 9:18:56AM]

Sparkle and shine cardigan
Miranda Phoenix
 [08/16 9:18:44AM]

Shimmer and Shine Cardigan
Miranda Phoenix
 [08/16 9:17:23AM]

Short and Sweet
Rachel Curran
 [08/16 9:16:00AM]

Shine and Shimmer
Christie Watson
 [08/16 9:14:37AM]

When stars align cardi
Emily Buss
 [08/16 9:13:22AM]

Show Your Sparkle
Terrie abbott
 [08/16 9:13:02AM]

Short but sweet Cardi
Lizanne Roy
 [08/16 9:10:49AM]

Shimmer into Soirée Cardi
 [08/16 9:09:48AM]

Shine Bright Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/16 9:09:33AM]

Hint of Sparkle Cardi, Hint of Shimmer Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/16 9:08:48AM]

Beach Shimmer Cardy
Tami den Otter
 [08/16 9:08:39AM]

Shine on me
Amy Kazi
 [08/16 9:08:22AM]

Love your Shine Cardigan A Touch of Glimmer Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [08/16 9:08:11AM]

Sparkle into fall cardi
Katrina Bernardi
 [08/16 9:07:41AM]

Soft Sparkle Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/16 9:07:39AM]

Sparkle me Up Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/16 9:06:56AM]

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Cardi
Haley Boland
 [08/16 9:06:22AM]

Starry Nights
Susan Kendrick
 [08/16 9:05:32AM]

Shimmer my shoulders cardi
Melody willier
 [08/16 9:05:17AM]

All that Shimmers Cardigan
Tracey Marcil
 [08/16 9:05:11AM]

Shimmer Me Gently
Angie Coolin
 [08/16 9:04:44AM]

She Sparkles Cardigan, She Shines Cardigan, Sparkle and Shine Cardigan, Show Your Sparkle Cardigan, Inner Sparkle Cardigan
Krissi Martin
 [08/16 9:04:27AM]

Shimmer and shine cardi
Christy Bergen
 [08/16 9:03:37AM]

Shimmer and shine Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [08/16 9:03:22AM]

She leaves a little sparkle cardi
Julia strickland
 [08/16 9:02:46AM]

Winter shimmer sweater
Loriann Peters
 [08/16 8:56:18AM]

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