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Embossed Layered Hoodie
January 10, 2020

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Total of 1,206 Entries
Congratulations to Laura McIntosh, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Embossy and I know It Hoodie!

Double-Hoodie Trouble
Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:59:28AM] Pink grey in large

Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:57:37AM] Pink grey in Large

Double the fun hoodie
Angela Yamaoka
 [01/12 8:55:41AM] Grey M

Co-Z Hoodz
Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:53:52AM] Mint grey in Large

Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:52:13AM] Pink grey in Large

Just Because I Can Layered Hoodie
Adele Mills
 [01/12 8:51:32AM] Black & grey 2xl

Ease the Freeze Sweater
Meagan Kontuk
 [01/12 8:41:32AM] Small, mint

Waffle Me Warm Hoodie
Sandy MacLean
 [01/12 8:39:50AM] Pink and Grey, M

Embossed in comfort
Christine Welburn
 [01/12 8:35:18AM] Large Grey with Black

Quilted cozy
Brandee Valcourt
 [01/12 8:33:52AM] Mint large

Layered in Style
Caroline Zolondek
 [01/12 8:31:06AM] Mint and Grey size small

Quilted Layer Up Hoodie;
Amanda Bruce
 [01/12 8:30:00AM] Blck XL

Layers of Love
Heidi Lewis
 [01/12 8:29:22AM] 3XL Mint & Grey

Double the fun hoodie
leah brabant
 [01/12 8:28:40AM] Grey medium

Layered For Days
Kayla Westerby
 [01/12 8:26:22AM] Mint and Grey XL

Cuddle n Colour Hoodie
Jessica Billey
 [01/12 8:20:46AM] Mint and Grey, size L

Double Comfort Hoodie
Dorothy DiPaolo
 [01/12 8:16:49AM] Pink 2 or 3x

Keeping it cozy hoodie
Stephanie Hollett
 [01/12 8:10:15AM] Grey and mint large

Double Up
Siobhan Hall
 [01/12 8:08:00AM] Black and Grey - XL or 2XL depending on sizing

The Layers are Endless Hoodie
Denise Peta
 [01/12 8:07:07AM] Large green

Colour me Spring
Kaylee Moerman
 [01/12 8:06:59AM] Mint 2XL

Wrapped in quilt
Rachelle Dreger
 [01/12 8:06:42AM] Black and grey large

Quilt and cozy
Ashley james
 [01/12 8:06:30AM] Mint and grey large

Layered Up
Sarah Ireland-Harms
 [01/12 7:30:35AM] Black & Grey, small

Laidback layered Hoodie
Ricki Parmeter
 [01/12 7:24:16AM] Black XL

I’m my own embossed hoodie
Natalie Condon
 [01/12 7:19:30AM] Black & Grey, small

Colors of cozy hoodie
Gail kieley payne
 [01/12 7:15:07AM] Med in black

The Under-cover Hoodie
Jobina Wong
 [01/12 7:14:46AM] Size S Black/grey

Quilted cozy hoodie
Shannon Hutchison
 [01/12 7:12:32AM] Black Lrg

Trendy vibe hoodie
 [01/12 7:11:55AM] Black -medium

Cozy Me Up Hoodie
Bernice fehr
 [01/12 6:58:11AM] Medium _ black and grey

Cozy up Hoodie
Jessica Joyce
 [01/12 6:49:11AM] Mint and grey & Small

Quilted Cozy Hoodies
Nicole Ludwig
 [01/12 6:36:43AM] Black and Grey. Small or Medium

Marshmallow puff hoodie
Zophia mroz
 [01/12 6:25:16AM] Pink size small

Everybody Wants This Popular Trendy Layered Hoodie, Comfy
Toni Manriquez
 [01/12 6:12:03AM] Medium black

I'm-da-boss hoodie
Tenille McAllister
 [01/12 6:02:51AM] Pink 2xl

Stylin comfort
Heather Trelka
 [01/12 5:59:26AM] Mint green, small

Pretty in Pastel hoodie
Patsy drake
 [01/12 5:21:34AM] Mint and grey S

Say you will be mine
Wendy Griffin
 [01/12 4:47:32AM] Pink Medium

Double the Cozy Hoodie
Bianca Easter
 [01/12 4:41:06AM] Small-lime

Bi Golly Cozy Hoodie
Jo-Ann Spencer
 [01/12 12:35:38AM] Black & gray 2XL

Sew Darling sweater
Roberta Pearce
 [01/11 11:25:47PM] Pink & grey , size large

This Is Me
Renae Gartrell
 [01/11 11:15:08PM] Black and Grey Small

Enveloped comfort hoodie
Allyson Longley
 [01/11 10:56:43PM] Mint and grey ..Medium

Twice As Nice Hoodie, Two Hoods are Better Than One Hoodie, Double Delight Hoodie, Lovin the Layers Hoodie
Hilary Blouin
 [01/11 10:56:31PM] Grey & Black, XL or XXL

Warm and Quilty
Christy Lecuyer
 [01/11 10:27:04PM] Black & Grey Small

Layer Me Up
Christina Siesling
 [01/11 10:26:23PM] Black and grey- large

Cozy Quilt Hoodie
 [01/11 10:17:47PM] Black and grey size L

Quilt Me Along
Celeste Kallis
 [01/11 9:51:35PM] Pink large

I’m in double trouble
Crystal Mackie
 [01/11 8:48:29PM] Mint small

Get me into double trouble
Crystal Mackie
 [01/11 8:48:01PM] Mint small

The outdoors are hugging me
Laura Bron
 [01/11 8:27:59PM] Mint small

Hooded for Spring
 [01/11 8:12:28PM] Mint Grey small

Diamond quilted layered offset hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 8:09:29PM] 2xl black

Lovely layers corner zip comfy cozy hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 8:03:59PM] Black 2xl

Double the Fun
Michelle Fines
 [01/11 8:03:35PM] Black. Sz M

Em-bossy it up hoodie
Victoria Curran
 [01/11 8:03:34PM] Black and grey Sz Lrg

Quilt Layer Hoodie
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 8:00:18PM] Black & Grey Large

Deuces are Wild
Emily Hadary
 [01/11 7:59:53PM] Mint, M

Cozy Quilted Delight
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 7:58:23PM] Black & Grey Large

Waiting for Spring Hoodie
Jen Sebok
 [01/11 7:57:41PM] Mint, Medium

Silver Lining Sweatshirt
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 7:54:45PM] Black & Grey Large

Layered corner zip comfy hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 7:53:28PM] Black 2xl

Layered Love
Shelly Langlais
 [01/11 7:51:08PM] Black and grey

"Two" Legit to Quilt
Emily Hadary
 [01/11 7:42:37PM] Mint M

Quilted Comfort
Ashly Mahon
 [01/11 7:41:36PM] Black Large

Embossed double layer hoodie
Susan Garrick
 [01/11 7:20:14PM] Pink 2xl

Double Up Cozy
Erin Dykstra
 [01/11 7:09:05PM] Mint and Grey, XL

Double Take hoodie; Twice is nice Hoodie; Come Again Pull over;
Angela Jeet
 [01/11 7:04:53PM] L grey and mint

Layered Up Hoodie / Spring into action hoodie / Double Scoop Hoodie
Kelly Robertson
 [01/11 6:56:56PM] Mint & Grey, M

Suzie Q
Sandra Shmyr
 [01/11 6:50:56PM] Pink and grey. S

All in one hoodie
Jeannie Garwood
 [01/11 6:49:58PM] Pink 3XL

All in one huddie
Jeannie carr
 [01/11 6:49:15PM] 3Xl grey

Layer Up Hoodie / Cuddle Envy Hoodie / Embossy and I know it hoodie
Laura McIntosh
 [01/11 6:45:50PM] Mint/Grey XL

Embossed Babe, Lost in Embossed
Shayla Ebner
 [01/11 6:45:42PM] Any colour , medium

Inside Scoop Hoodie
Erica Critchley
 [01/11 6:42:59PM] Black and Grey, XL

Twice as Nice Hoodie
Lee Ann Holman
 [01/11 6:42:15PM] Mint and Grey, Large

Be the embossed, embossed babe
Lauren Paradis
 [01/11 6:40:41PM] Black medium

Double take hoodie
Jennifer krull
 [01/11 6:33:56PM] Black L

Sweet Mayhem
Lindsey Ham
 [01/11 6:32:01PM] Medium - grey

Trina bauch
 [01/11 6:31:42PM] L

Double Up Hoodie
Ashleigh Topliss
 [01/11 6:29:15PM] Grey/Pink - L

Diamonds are in hoodie
Sonia DeSouza
 [01/11 6:24:31PM] The peach in a medium

Sweater weather
Renelle Bryan
 [01/11 6:16:42PM] Medium grey and black

Take a double look hoodie
Janine Wilson.
 [01/11 6:13:29PM] Mint -large

Pockets with hoodie style
Sherry. Sproul
 [01/11 6:08:15PM] Size medium mint

Hibernating Hoodie
Janice Sotnikow
 [01/11 6:02:24PM] Black and gray

Double the fun
Krystle Ford
 [01/11 6:01:01PM] Pink and grey large

Switch-it-up hoodie
Melissa LaPlante
 [01/11 5:55:50PM] Black/grey size 2X or 1X

Two Toned Style Hoodie
Beverly Urschel
 [01/11 5:48:46PM] Pink/Grey 2XL

Corner Zip anywhere hoodie
Corrie Kulbacki
 [01/11 5:47:03PM] Mint and grey medium

Seeing double hoodie
Emily Beukers
 [01/11 5:41:45PM] Mint, M

The Shadow Box Hoodie
Kathy Paradis
 [01/11 5:28:42PM] Black/Grey Size S

On the go
Ashley Harper
 [01/11 5:20:38PM] Mint Large

Not My Granny's Quilting
Kate Britt
 [01/11 5:14:31PM] Mint & Grey, in Small or Medium, depends on fit.

Like a boss
Colleen McLellan
 [01/11 5:11:49PM] Black; size small

Wear It Anywhere Hoodie; Love Me A Hoodie; Wrapped In A Bunny Hug
Jan Halushka
 [01/11 5:07:04PM] Black and Grey, size small

Double Hooded Pull Over
Jacqueline Ralston
 [01/11 5:01:47PM] Mint and Grey. 3XL

Double your fun hoodie
Karen Wallis
 [01/11 5:01:42PM] Mint, small

cozy comfort hoodie
yvonne sims
 [01/11 4:55:42PM] pink & grey size medium

Keep me snug double hoodie
Carolyn Quesnel
 [01/11 4:46:32PM] medium minty

Quilted love
Nicole Dykstra
 [01/11 4:31:50PM] Mint 2xl

Out & About Hoodies
Ann Kwan
 [01/11 4:30:27PM] Grey & Black: Med

Double warmth hoodie
 [01/11 4:21:22PM] Black and grey m

Comfy double cozy
 [01/11 4:18:19PM] Pink and grey 2x

Take Two: But in Colour
Alexandria Bay
 [01/11 4:12:56PM] Grey and Black size Medium

See you Layer hoodie, Call me layer hoodie
Kristen White
 [01/11 4:12:17PM] Medium black and grey

Splash of Colour
 [01/11 4:09:36PM] Black & Grey Size Medium

Quilted to perfection, just like a boss hoodie, styling and profiling hoodie.
Karen devouge
 [01/11 4:08:34PM] Green size medium.

Get Cozy Hoodie
Shalene Boyko
 [01/11 4:07:50PM] Black/Grey, 3XL

Creamsicle Dreams Hoodie
Ashley Jenkins
 [01/11 4:07:14PM] Medium, mint and grey

Twice as nice hoodie
Chelsey Goodwin
 [01/11 4:03:21PM] XL mint & grey

Who’s the Emboss
Allison Forster
 [01/11 4:00:52PM] Black and grey, xl

Jelly Bean Hoodie
Arlie Jonathan
 [01/11 3:49:26PM] Mint and Grey medium

Goodie Hoodie
Arlie Jonathan
 [01/11 3:48:04PM] Mint and grey Medium

Double The Spirit Hoodie , Twice The Spirut Hoodie !!
Kym Readman
 [01/11 3:30:59PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Double the Trouble
Leeanne Lumb
 [01/11 3:22:48PM] Black/grey, Large

Sunday vibes
Krista Grenier
 [01/11 3:15:31PM] Pink and grey XLarge

Embossed Squared
Brittny Syme
 [01/11 3:11:04PM] Mint & grey M

Embosed Squared
Brittny Syme
 [01/11 3:10:22PM] Mint & grey M

Selinda Lye
 [01/11 3:04:42PM] Black and Grey XL

Refreshing all the time Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 3:03:45PM] Black and Grey XL

License to chill hoodie; Glacial Apre hoodie; Freeze the day hoodie; Tip of the iceberg hoodie;
Jennifer Sorko
 [01/11 3:02:34PM] Mint and Grey, Medium

The Selinda Hoodie ?
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:59:26PM] Black XL

Layers of comfort hoodie
Heather Trelka
 [01/11 2:59:15PM] Green, small

I'm Boss hoodie, Boss Hoodie, Pure Comfort Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:59:03PM] Black and Grey XL

Twice is Nice hoodie
Marilyn Apland
 [01/11 2:57:14PM] Grey and black in an XL

Stitched With Love Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:56:42PM] Black XL

Embossed Layered Hoodie
Barb Ziebart
 [01/11 2:55:21PM] Teal Xl

Hiug Me Hooie
Cindy Palmer
 [01/11 2:54:14PM] Pink and Grey size M

Quilted Perfection Hoodie, Perfectly Quilted Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:51:50PM] Black and Grey XL

Quilt you be mine hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:50:10PM] Black and Grey XL

Quill you be mine
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:46:38PM] Black and Grey XL

Poke a dot to perfection
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:41:02PM] Black XL

Colour me seasons
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:39:38PM] Black XL

Seasons comfort
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:38:55PM] Black XL

Double layered hoodie
Rebecca Crawford
 [01/11 2:38:10PM] XL and dark grey

Quilted Comfort
Christie Williamson
 [01/11 2:35:25PM] Large, mint

Colourful Comfy Hoodies
Julie Fraser
 [01/11 2:33:49PM] Green\Green & Large

Layered with love hoodie, Quilted love hoodie, whole lotta layers & love hoodie
Tanya Nascimento
 [01/11 2:31:20PM] Black medium pleeeeaaaassseee!

It takes two bunnyhug
Nicole Gulutzan
 [01/11 2:28:40PM] Mint Xl

Double Double
Kurt Flesher
 [01/11 2:16:58PM] Black and Grey & Small

Totally tantalizing hoodie
Ashley Maki
 [01/11 2:15:29PM] Black, medium

Double Trouble Hoodie, Embossed Babe, Embossador Hoodie, Double Take Hoodie, Seeing Double Hoodie, Double Vision
Alexis Wiessler
 [01/11 2:13:08PM] Black w gray inside, size small

The Quilty as Charged Hoodie, The Winners Never Quilt Hoodie, The Quilted Cozy Hoodie, The Heart of Pockets Hoodie, The Fade into Pockets Hoodie
Alice Meilleur
 [01/11 2:04:51PM] Small, black and grey (black on top)

Emboss yourself
Jessica Martell
 [01/11 2:04:38PM] Grey and pink, medium

Lovin My Layers Hoodie, Perfectly Perforated Layered Hoodie,
Bobi Manrique
 [01/11 2:04:35PM] pink small

Coziest Layered Hoodie
Kelly Burns
 [01/11 2:01:49PM] Medium - Grey + Mint

Hoodie Squared Coatigan, It Takes Two Coatigan
Erika Just
 [01/11 1:49:32PM] Grey and Black, 2XL

Snuggle up cozy
Nicola Ranson
 [01/11 1:35:51PM] Black medium

Layer me with Waffles Hoodie, Layers of Waffles Comfort Hoodie, Double Cloaked in Quilts Hoodie, Paper Towel Comfort Cloaks , I'm the embossed Hoodie,
Natalie Allard
 [01/11 1:35:47PM] Mint and Grey in Size 3X

Blooming Bright Hoodie
Trista Hurtubise
 [01/11 1:31:48PM] Grey xl

The Cozy Quilted Hoodie
Vickie Bath
 [01/11 12:57:49PM] Black Large

Cozy Scuba Hoodies
Raakhee Pillay
 [01/11 12:51:35PM] Grey & Mint - small

Embossed babe hoodie, Dress to impress hoodie, Embossed moonlight
Morgan Kroker
 [01/11 12:48:40PM] Mint and Grey. Size XL

Double Layer, Double Hooded ,
Amanda Krawchuk
 [01/11 12:46:13PM] Mint and Grey size medium

Double the pleasure double the warmth hoodie
Tracy Penney
 [01/11 12:46:05PM] Grey medium

‘Treat’-Yourself Hoodie
Heather Pender
 [01/11 12:45:32PM] Mint-grey large

Beyond Cosy
Karla Tupling
 [01/11 12:37:12PM] Mint & Grey - Large

On the Double Hoodie
Danielle Elsenaar
 [01/11 12:30:36PM] Black and Grey XL

Etched to perfection
Morgan Kroker
 [01/11 12:28:12PM] Mint and Grey. Size XL

Quilted with a side of cozy
Bobbie-Jo Reuber
 [01/11 12:24:21PM] Black large

Doubled hoods double fun
Lori Levesque
 [01/11 12:22:54PM] Mint XL

Take two Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:14:04PM] Black/grey xl

Identical twin Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:13:28PM] Black/grey xl

Full Spring Ahead Hoodie; Sorbet All the Way Hoodie; Sorbet All Day Hoodie; Yes Way Sorbet Hoodie; Spring Sorbet Hoodie; Nothing Quilt Like It Hoodie; Emboss of You Hoodie; Boldly Embossed Hoodie; Fresh Start Hoodie
Candice Crosby
 [01/11 12:13:23PM] Mint and grey; large

Living Life Hoodie, Spoil Myself Hoodie, Comfy Cozy Hoodie, Just Chillin Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:11:26PM] Grey/black xl

Feel like at home
Beth Adamson
 [01/11 11:58:41AM] Xl pink

Embossy pants hoodie
Kelsey caston
 [01/11 11:48:36AM] Ming&grey large

Softness Meet Sexy
Shelley Kryz
 [01/11 11:47:47AM] Medium- Pink and Grey

Mind over matter hoodie
Tarysa Luening
 [01/11 11:45:52AM] Mint and grey large

Winter Escapes Hoodie
Shannon Perzylo
 [01/11 11:44:06AM] Black/grey 2XL

Double the fun hoodie
Janette Kendrick
 [01/11 11:41:32AM] Grey and mint size medium

Emboss Lady hoodie
Diana Stephens
 [01/11 11:35:43AM] Mint and Grey L

Double Header Hoodie
Alison Warner
 [01/11 11:34:57AM] Mint green xl

“All You’ll Need” offset zipper hoodie
Shelley Fuselli
 [01/11 11:33:54AM] Black and Grey in XL

Double duo
Kerri blais
 [01/11 11:31:26AM] Black and gray

Embossed Layered Hoodie
Laura Miller
 [01/11 11:17:56AM] Mint & large

Hooded Love Layered Hoodie
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [01/11 11:14:16AM] Black and grey or mint and grey large

New in town, double trouble, spring into a new you, cozy cabin
Kathryn Abercromby
 [01/11 11:11:04AM] Black small

Dreamy layers
Amanda lipinski
 [01/11 11:10:02AM] Black medium.

Double the love
Katrina Barrington
 [01/11 11:05:57AM] Mint large

Layer me cozy hoodie
Latanya layden
 [01/11 10:51:07AM] Grey and black size large

Double double... mint , bubblegum or licorice ( for colours.
Julie Davis
 [01/11 10:50:25AM] Pink n Grey XL

Double Feature
Barb Guignard
 [01/11 10:45:58AM] Black - Medium

Amanda huckabone
 [01/11 10:35:14AM] Grey and mint, 2xl

The mom hoodie
Nicole mckinnon
 [01/11 10:27:04AM] Large pink/grey

Double take hoody, second look hoody
Sonja Vanderwood
 [01/11 10:22:53AM] Month small

Second glance hoody,
Sonja Vanderwood
 [01/11 10:21:55AM] Mint and gray size small

Karma Chameleon hoodie
Adriana Gaven
 [01/11 10:20:09AM] Medium pink and grey

Hooded Roo (#AustraliaFires)
Angela Debert
 [01/11 10:17:36AM] Mint & Grey

Lovely in layers hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/11 10:16:02AM] Black in small

Don’t emboss me around hoodie
Allison Richardson
 [01/11 10:12:22AM] Grey and Large

Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Elena Swan
 [01/11 10:10:34AM] Mint and gray large

Creamylicious Hoodie
Kate Mroz
 [01/11 10:08:13AM] Pink size small

Lounging under the hood quilted sweater
Angela Skoreiko
 [01/11 10:06:46AM] Mint/grey 2XL

Two sweet layered hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/11 10:04:05AM] Small in mint

Weekend Retreat
Sharon Moore
 [01/11 10:00:05AM] Large

Quilted Comfort
Erin Anderson
 [01/11 9:58:59AM] Black 3xl

Two hoods are better than one
Michelle Ferguson
 [01/11 9:58:24AM] Black with grey hood

Beneath the layers hoodie
Susanne langver
 [01/11 9:54:30AM] Pink, size XL

Layer for Days Hooded Sweater
Sarah langver
 [01/11 9:53:50AM] Mint, size small

Cozy Bunny Hug (layered) Hoodie, Double The Comfort (layered) Hoodie
Kari Manriquez
 [01/11 9:43:21AM] Pastel green, medium

Double Embossed Comfy
Krista murray
 [01/11 9:37:49AM] Black and Grey , xl

Embossed in layers hoodie
Amanda Worden
 [01/11 9:37:33AM] Black and Grey Small

Gratuity Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:37:04AM] XL Mint and Grey

Good in the Hood
Mareena Healey
 [01/11 9:31:54AM] XL, pink and grey

The Balmy Bunny Hugger
Kaila Gouthro-Powell
 [01/11 9:31:49AM] Mint and grey, 2XL

Quilty Pleasures
Christy Moschopedis
 [01/11 9:31:13AM] small mint

Hood Up Chill Out Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:26:49AM] XL Pink and Grey

Double Chill Protection Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:24:05AM] XL Mint and Grey

Dynamic Duo Hoodie
Raizee Crape
 [01/11 9:23:33AM] Black & Grey 2XL

Cozy Has Many Layers
Stefania Franzisi
 [01/11 9:21:37AM] Mint green & grey XL

Field Goal Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:19:37AM] XL Mint and Grey

Two Pointer Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:17:28AM] XL Mint and Grey

Quilted for your warth
Samantha Paetkau
 [01/11 9:17:16AM] Grey and Large

Long Live the Layers Hoodie, Layered Life Hoodie, Bundle Up Bunny Hug, Cozy Up Bunny Hug
Danielle Gouin
 [01/11 9:16:32AM] Green/ Grey size L

Layer anywhere hoodie
Eleanor Savarino
 [01/11 9:15:06AM] L, grey and pink

Itching to be Stitching Hoodie
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [01/11 9:15:01AM] Mint & Grey, XL

Turn Around Again Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:13:49AM] XL Grey and Black

Quilted in comfort
Eva Murray
 [01/11 9:12:31AM] Pink and Grey xl

Head Turner Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:12:02AM] XL Mint and Grey

Déjà Vu Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:10:49AM] XL Grey and Black

Happy Hood Life
Claudine Brown
 [01/11 9:10:45AM] Mint and Grey...2xl

Second Look Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:09:27AM] XL Mint and Grey

Snug in the Hood
Christine Rinn
 [01/11 9:04:08AM] Small mint and grey

The Weekender
Angela Karn
 [01/11 9:03:57AM] Black small

In the hood hoodie
Christine Pellerine
 [01/11 9:03:13AM] Mint size large

Doubled Up
Kelly Paryniak
 [01/11 8:55:14AM] Large in grey

Call me cozy hoodie
 [01/11 8:53:11AM] Mint and grey. Medium

Bundle up hoodie
Jessica Willier
 [01/11 8:50:18AM] Grey XL

Baby it’s cold outside !
Jessica Willier
 [01/11 8:48:56AM] Black Xl

Double Trouble Hoodie
Sara Monette
 [01/11 8:48:19AM] Small and black and grey

Lazy Days Coatigan
Sarah Reuangrith
 [01/11 8:48:16AM] Black medium

On Cloud 9 Hoodie
Sara Monette
 [01/11 8:46:16AM] Size Small and Black and Grey

Embossed Layered hoodie
Sheena Fiander
 [01/11 8:38:50AM] Any colour, but love green. Size M

Comfy Cozy
Nancy Coles
 [01/11 8:37:12AM] Black and Grey. medium

Cross pop hoodie
Nichole Roszell
 [01/11 8:35:57AM] Teal, Lg

Double Trouble
Jody Douthwright
 [01/11 8:34:44AM] L /mint and gray

Lovely Layer Hoodie, Lively In Layers Hoodie, Layers In Love Hoodie
Jennifer Barone
 [01/11 8:34:12AM] Large black and grey

Embossed layered hoodie
Kristi Hawrysh
 [01/11 8:32:02AM] Grey and black or mint and grey

Waffely Warm
Colleen Andries
 [01/11 8:28:10AM] Xl-black

Beyond the everyday
Kiley Anderson
 [01/11 8:27:36AM] Black and grey - medium

The quilted Gemini hoody
Kelly Neufeld
 [01/11 8:26:33AM] Black large

Seeing Double hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:21:04AM] Black and grey - xl

Double Vision hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:20:23AM] Black and grey - xl

Quilt Up Hoodie
Michelle Walker
 [01/11 8:20:22AM] Pink and grey

Decorative Dual Hoodie
Erika White
 [01/11 8:19:37AM] Small Black

Layer Up Coatigan, cozy embossed coatigan
Michelle Underwood
 [01/11 8:18:13AM] Pink and grey, large

Layer to Love
Loraine Lalonde
 [01/11 8:18:07AM] pink medium

Two Hoods are Better Than One hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:17:42AM] Black with grey accent - xl

Cusual comfort
Shanna B
 [01/11 8:17:37AM] Small mint and grey

Embossed with love
Natalie reisch
 [01/11 8:13:01AM] Mint large

Freestyle Fun
Lindy Schneider
 [01/11 8:10:17AM] Mint and Grey & medium

Free hugs
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:09:46AM] Mint, M

Spring Breeze hoodie
Ruth Vannieuwenhuizen
 [01/11 8:08:26AM] Green. Medium

Colour me cozy
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:07:49AM] Teal, M

License to chill
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:06:31AM] Teal, M

Two Cute Hoodie, Layer Me Lovely, Better if you Two
Janelle Olchowski
 [01/11 8:05:55AM] Mint medium

Better than a bunny’s hug!
Joanne olorenshaw
 [01/11 8:05:22AM] Grey and black. Size small

Northern Quilted Hoodie, Boss lady hoodie, cozy cuddle up hoodie, double the warmth hoodie
Jennifer Hayes
 [01/11 8:04:41AM] mint green Large

The hug
Alicia Deklerk
 [01/11 8:01:18AM] Size small. Grey and mint please

All Tucked In Hoodie
Katie Flanagan
 [01/11 8:00:44AM] Black size large

The weekender hoody
Michelle Lewis
 [01/11 7:51:23AM] Mint and grey size medium

The Homey Hybrid Hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:44:26AM] Black, med

Sunday Feels Hoodie
Jenna Paradis
 [01/11 7:40:12AM] Turquoise- Large

Take: Two hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:34:36AM] Mint, Med.

Double the cuddles
Tammy Droeshout
 [01/11 7:33:54AM] 2xl mint

Double Down Hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:29:10AM] Mint, Med.

Don’t squeeze the Charmin
Kyra Mochizuki
 [01/11 7:29:00AM] Grey/black small

Double Up, Buttercup / Twice as Nice
Marissa Scott
 [01/11 7:27:07AM] Mint, 3XL

Cozy Creamsicle hoodie
Shannon Emerick
 [01/11 7:16:10AM] Black and grey 2XL

Layer me up hoodie
Cindy Sijpheer
 [01/11 7:15:48AM] Pink and Grey size M

Pastel Dreams Hoodie
Shannon Emerick
 [01/11 7:12:49AM] Pink and grey 2XL

Lady Boss Hoodie
Arlene Norrish
 [01/11 7:11:13AM] Pink and Gray. Size large

Like a emboss hoodie
Lori Forsyth
 [01/11 6:49:36AM] Xl mint and black

Layered! Zippered! Go!
Kendra montie
 [01/11 6:48:17AM] Black and large

Double hoodie
Lori Forsyth
 [01/11 6:47:58AM] Xlblack

Seeking serenity
Lori forsyth
 [01/11 6:46:55AM] Xl mint and black

Jessica McGinley
 [01/11 6:45:48AM] Mint/grey medium

Twice the hugs hoodie, Two hug hoodie
Julie Lowdermilk
 [01/11 6:45:29AM] Pink Small

Lace Knit Quilt Hoodie
Kira Toews
 [01/11 6:44:26AM] Mint and Medium

Double the comfort
Brenna Siroski
 [01/11 6:36:08AM] Mint & medium

Double Decker;
Susan Constantine
 [01/11 6:34:01AM] Black/Grey 2XL

Layer me warm hoodie
Angela Rodgers
 [01/11 6:29:10AM] Pink large

Kozy Quilt Layered Hoodie
Nikki Anderson
 [01/11 6:28:31AM] Mint green XL

Quilted Cutie Hoodie, Day Dreaming Hoodie, Take Your Blanket Outside Hoodie
Michelle Matthews
 [01/11 6:24:57AM] Medium, Pink

Warm Hug Hoodie, Hug Me Hoodie, Quilted Cutie Coatigan, Day Dreaming Coatigan, Take Your Blanket Outside Coatigan
Michelle Matthews
 [01/11 6:21:23AM] Pink, Medium

Layer Up Hoodie
Natasha Hackman
 [01/11 6:19:35AM] Mint and Grey, 3XL

Feel the warmth hoodie
 [01/11 6:12:09AM] Peach/grey small

Color Me Cozy Hoodie
Patricia Bader
 [01/11 6:10:08AM] Pink/grey size small

Quilting Me Softly Hoodie
Karleigh Neufeld
 [01/11 6:08:33AM] Mint (L)

Doubled up hoodie
Leah Novak
 [01/11 6:08:06AM] Black size medium

Double it up Hoodie
Danielle Bilodeau
 [01/11 4:55:51AM] Mint and grey. XL

Cuddle up to a good hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:35:32AM] Grey 2X

Hip hip hurray hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:34:08AM] Pink 2X

Snuggly Hopdie
Patrivis Payne
 [01/11 4:31:32AM] Black & grey 3xl

Fall in love again Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:30:01AM] Black 2X

Harlequin Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:26:23AM] Pink 2X

On the Double Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/11 4:24:01AM] Mint, Medium, please!

The double snuggle
Mandi Maher
 [01/11 3:54:29AM] Mint, small

Double Up Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 3:46:54AM] XL Mint and Grey

Double Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 3:46:07AM] XL Grey and Black

Hello Spring Coatigan , Quilt Cute coatigan, girl emBOSSed coatigan, the spring fling coatigan
Taylor williams
 [01/11 3:11:35AM] Pink and grey xl

Double trouble cozy comfort
Amanda Grant
 [01/11 3:10:55AM] Black M

Em-Boss Lady Hoodie, Quilted Threads Hoodie
Liv Scurr
 [01/11 2:19:57AM] Grey & black 2xl

The Layered bliss
Michelle Kenny
 [01/11 2:15:28AM] Green and xl

Double hooded bunny hug
Bonnie Scheller
 [01/11 1:18:45AM] Teal large

Catch you layer hoodie
Ann Beck
 [01/11 12:06:23AM] Black & grey 3xl

Embossed in the melodies
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:05:22AM] Black and grey large

Empires embossed
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:04:04AM] Black and grey large

Embossed invitation
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:02:41AM] Black and grey large

Epic Breeze
Samantha johnson
 [01/11 12:00:57AM] Mint sz Lg

Electric slide hoodie
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:56:51PM] Pink and grey Large

In living colour
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:56:07PM] Pink and grey Large

Fun and flirty
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:55:03PM] Mint and grey large

Girl please
Rodi Murray
 [01/10 11:48:47PM] Mint green and grey size small

Opposites attract
Rachel Munroe
 [01/10 11:41:52PM] Medium

Snugglzzz down
Shelley Artuso
 [01/10 11:23:21PM] Black 3x

Colour Blocked
Jody Chatman
 [01/10 11:22:59PM] Black and Grey, XL

Pure comfort
Shelley Artuso
 [01/10 11:21:57PM] Black 3x

Sweat and swag
Anwyn Megan Rigby
 [01/10 11:20:11PM] Blue xl

Free Fallin Hoodie
Erin Legare
 [01/10 11:17:31PM] Mint and grey

Snug and cozy hoodie
Stephanie Ayers
 [01/10 11:08:25PM] Mint and grey xl

Cool comfort
Warna Maxwell
 [01/10 10:57:09PM] Mint & grey

Comforter and Cozy Hoodie
Kelly Koshinsky
 [01/10 10:49:32PM] Green and Gray Medium

Keepin delightful
Andrea Sian
 [01/10 10:49:25PM] Black & grey xl

Quilted cozy hoodie
Laurie Ward
 [01/10 10:43:50PM] Black/XL

Freestyle hoodie, comfy cozy hoodie
Kristen Lazowski
 [01/10 10:06:39PM] 2xl

Two faced hoodie
Kristy D
 [01/10 9:59:30PM] Pink small

Megan Reay
 [01/10 9:58:30PM] Mint & grey size medium

Walk With Me
Traci Tebb
 [01/10 9:55:57PM] Size small, black or mint

Double love hoodie
Michelle Unger
 [01/10 9:51:35PM] Extra large Mint and Grey

calm and balmy sweat top
Karen Borys
 [01/10 9:38:48PM] pink/grey -extra large

Twice as nice hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/10 9:36:28PM] Mint in small

Molded Hoodie
Barbara Wells-Taylor
 [01/10 9:28:09PM] Mint large

Quintessential Quilted Hoodie
Shelley Turner
 [01/10 9:28:05PM] Black & size small

Neapolitan I’ve cream
Andrea Morrison
 [01/10 9:24:21PM] Pink/ medium

Layer Luck
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:22:08PM] MINT XXL

Miss Under Hood
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:21:42PM] MINT XXL

Layer up hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:21:32PM] mint and grey, S

Quilt that hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:21:03PM] mint and grey, S

The Tantalizing Textured hoodie; Pretty in pattern
Jessica Lizotte
 [01/10 9:20:43PM] Mint & Large

Double the fun hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:20:04PM] mint and grey, S

Luck Be a Layer
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:19:41PM] MINT XXL

My kind of quilt hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:19:21PM] mint and grey, S

Counterbalance Hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/10 9:19:11PM] Black in small

Twice as nice hoodie
Shannon Strachan
 [01/10 9:18:39PM] Black(body)/grey. Size XL

Side Gig; Side Hustle
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:18:36PM] Mint XXL

Puff the magic Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 9:11:57PM] Pink 2X

Emladybossed hoodie
Kirsten Ward
 [01/10 9:10:29PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Déjà vu Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 9:09:07PM] Pink 2X

Double layer hoodie
Janique Grimard
 [01/10 9:05:52PM] Pink & Grey size L

spring fever hoodie
sharon hein
 [01/10 9:05:48PM] pink and grey 2

Double Cross Coatigan; Double Dare Hoodie; Double edged Sweater
Candice Daniels
 [01/10 9:04:17PM] Pink Medium

Cozy Up Hoodie
Bronwyn Taylor
 [01/10 9:01:56PM] Xl black

Double take hoodie
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [01/10 9:00:42PM] Black L

Criss cross my heart hoodie
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [01/10 8:59:52PM] Black L

Layer With Me Sweater
Andrea Burbank
 [01/10 8:59:05PM] Mint & Grey sz Large

Quilted Comfort
Stacey Pittakidis
 [01/10 8:58:41PM] Mint and grey. Large.

Two Legit
Angela Culham
 [01/10 8:57:02PM] Mint- xl

The snug bug hoodie
Jessica Mills
 [01/10 8:53:17PM] Mint and large

Twinning it up Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:52:54PM] Pink 2X

The Double up Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:51:38PM] Black 2X

Double Down Hoodie / Double Take Hoodie
Thea Windle
 [01/10 8:50:02PM] Black with grey size L

Layer Me Up
Candace Woollam
 [01/10 8:49:52PM] Mint & Grey size medium

Double the comfort hoodie
Wendy Sharp
 [01/10 8:49:23PM] XL in pink/grey

Colour me cozy hoodie, double your comfort hoodie, ‘em boss girls in the hood
Kristin Marchand
 [01/10 8:48:31PM] XL pink and grey

Pocket full of comfort
Wendy Sharp
 [01/10 8:46:53PM] Large black/grey

Long and Luscious; Hello Hoodie; Emboss Babe; Snuggle me softly; Hoodie Be Foolin’; Twice the Love; The Fanciful (means..false) Hoodie; Off-the-mark (also means false) Hoodie;
Tina Boekelder
 [01/10 8:46:46PM] Pink; medium

Sheer Veneer hoodie
Angie Faiers
 [01/10 8:45:44PM] Black and grey size Medium

Too Cozy Hoodie
Tracy Conway
 [01/10 8:45:09PM] Black & Grey size S

Snug as a bug Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:44:01PM] Black 2X

Layered in Love Hoodie
Lindsay Zaik
 [01/10 8:42:26PM] Mint and grey size medium please :)

Double time comfort
Christina LukemanFarrell
 [01/10 8:40:40PM] Black in large

Twist of Double Comfort
Laurie Knull
 [01/10 8:39:30PM] Pink/Grey XL

Double Double Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:36:59PM] Pink 2X

Love Me Some Layers Hoodie
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:35:15PM] Teal & S

Double the Love Hoodie
Jaylene Blum
 [01/10 8:35:03PM] Mint and Grey Medium

Layers of vanilla
Amanda lipinski
 [01/10 8:34:32PM] Black and medium.

Comfort and love wrapped in one
Pam richter
 [01/10 8:34:22PM] Black and grey in large

Layer On Me
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:34:02PM] Teal & S

Colour Coordinated Hoodie
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:33:28PM] Teal & S

Dream weaver
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 8:33:21PM] 2X any colour except mint

Alex McRae
 [01/10 8:33:20PM] mint - small

Lovely quilted layers
Amanda lipinski
 [01/10 8:30:42PM] Black and medium

Double the Fun
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:29:52PM] Medium - pink

Twice as Nice
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:29:05PM] Medium - pink

Two of a Kind Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:28:37PM] Mint, Medium, please! Xo

It Takes Two Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:27:28PM] Mint, Medium please!

Living in Layers
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:27:19PM] Pink medium

Layers for the win, layer it on thick hoodie, layer on the cozy hoodie, layer her with cozy hoodie
Tamara Zaretski
 [01/10 8:26:39PM] Pink and grey in large

Smoochy me hoodie
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 8:24:17PM] 2X - any colour except mint

Comfy duo hoodie
Miranda Goldstein
 [01/10 8:23:43PM] Xl grey and black

Twice the Personality Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:22:26PM] Mint, Medium xo

Two Times a Charm Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:20:24PM] Mint, medium xo

Twice As Nice Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:20:22PM] Black 2X

Candis miller
 [01/10 8:19:53PM] Grey medium

Cozychic! The comfy of a sweatshirt but the look of a smart,stylish and fashionable top!!!
Mindy Strickland
 [01/10 8:18:21PM] Mint, L

Baby it’s Warm Inside Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:17:50PM] Black 2X

Double scoop
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:16:47PM] Mint medium

Hoodie Up and Snuggle Me
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:16:29PM] Pink 2X

Mint to be
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:15:47PM] Mint medium

All good in the hood
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:14:49PM] Mint medium

Snuggle Up Hoodie
Candace Van Wolde
 [01/10 8:14:30PM] Grey, XL

Hoodie Up And Hug Me Again
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:14:16PM] Pink 2X

Snug as a bug
Tamara Benson
 [01/10 8:14:05PM] Black 2xl

Cuddle up and Huggy Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:12:34PM] Pink 2X

Seas The Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 8:11:43PM] greenxl

Two over hoodie
Gloria Katrinchuk
 [01/10 8:10:19PM] Black XL

Double Double Hoodie
Christy Hudacek
 [01/10 8:10:06PM] Size XL I love all the colours !

Double Double Hoodie, When Two Become One Hoodie, Doppleganger Hoodie
Kristyn McCarthy
 [01/10 8:10:04PM] Mint & Grey XL

Snuggle Me Up Hoodie
Niada Monkman
 [01/10 8:08:02PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Buy it while it lasts hoodie
Rita Alberton
 [01/10 8:07:57PM] Small green

Diamond Heights Hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [01/10 8:07:09PM] Black, Small

Cozy Curbed Hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [01/10 8:06:50PM] Black, Small

Be At Ease Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 8:05:19PM] greenXl

Cozy Up Hoodie
Agnes Connors
 [01/10 8:03:08PM] Pink and grey, size large

Layered for love Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:02:12PM] Pink 2X

Pretty in Pastel Hoody
Kara Thompson
 [01/10 7:58:55PM] Mint, small

Colour it cozy hoodie
Jennifer Barrow
 [01/10 7:58:46PM] Black and Grey & medium

Embossably soft Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:58:26PM] Pink 2X

Layer by layer hoodie
Genista Richards
 [01/10 7:57:58PM] Black and grey size large

Layer Me Cozy
Lesley McGougan
 [01/10 7:57:30PM] Black and Grey XL

Joey Pouch Hoodie
Sherry Wells
 [01/10 7:57:27PM] Mint green in size large

Dare to be comfy hoodie
Bailey Andrusiak
 [01/10 7:56:09PM] Grey and mint small

Hug me S’more Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:54:51PM] Grey 2X

Fall into spring hoodies
Gisele Therien
 [01/10 7:54:22PM] Pink....size 3X

Quilt Playing with My Heart Hoodie
Lesley Willford
 [01/10 7:51:31PM] Pink & Grey 2XL

Be Your Own Em-Boss Hoodie
Heather Stoppa
 [01/10 7:51:03PM] Mint & Grey; M

Lovely Layers Hoodie
Kristen McDonald
 [01/10 7:49:03PM] Mint, L

Quilted In
Sarah Leggett
 [01/10 7:48:16PM] Black and Grey

Hooded Beauty
Melissa Crawford
 [01/10 7:47:17PM] Mint/Grey : Small

Center Stage Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 7:46:41PM] green Xl

Hoodie two shoes
Vicki Hanson
 [01/10 7:44:32PM] Grey and black, 2xl

Lay your hands on me
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:44:09PM] Grey 2X

Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:40:47PM] Black 2X

Girls’ Night In
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:37:18PM] Black or pink 2X

Comfortably yum Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:34:27PM] Black 2X

Double vision
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:34:02PM] Black or Pink 2X

Seeing double
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:33:17PM] Black 2X

Weekend warmth
Marilyn Hector
 [01/10 7:32:18PM] Mint Xl

Quilting me softly with your love
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:31:22PM] Pink 2X or Black 2X. Surprise me!

Baby it’s cold outside
Laura Paterson
 [01/10 7:30:40PM] Pink, small

Double the hugs hoodie
Leah Anderson
 [01/10 7:30:36PM] Pink and Grey, large

Quilted Dreams Hoodie, Quilt me in hoodie,
Jana Mottl
 [01/10 7:29:48PM] Mint and grey, XL

Northern Comfort
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:29:15PM] 2X Black

Southern Comfort
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:28:45PM] Black 2X

Love Me Two Times Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:25:18PM] Black 2X

Dreaming of you hoodie!
Cindy Bond
 [01/10 7:24:33PM] Pink size large

“Double Dare to Wear Hoodie!”
Annette OQuinn
 [01/10 7:23:57PM] Mint and grey

Crush the Cold, Color Block Comfort, She’s got style sweater
Shayla Hilliard
 [01/10 7:22:56PM] Grey with black, small

Double Your Pleasure Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:22:50PM] Black 2X

The Comfy Hug
Kandace Turnbull
 [01/10 7:20:28PM] Large Mint and Grey

Double Snuggle Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:19:49PM] Black 2X

Goodie Hoodie
Cindy Bond
 [01/10 7:17:30PM] Mint / size lg

Double Up Hoodie
Renae Dumont
 [01/10 7:17:04PM] Black & Grey in 2XL

‘This Ain’t your Grandma’s Hoodie’,
Stephanie Lawton
 [01/10 7:15:47PM] Black and Grey, Large

Quilted-Pleasures Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:15:16PM] Black 2X

Double take hoodie
Megan Summers
 [01/10 7:04:41PM] Large, mint

Here To Go Hoodie
Crystal Henrickson
 [01/10 7:04:05PM] Mint and Grey size XL

Wrapped up weekend hoodie
Sarah mackenzie
 [01/10 6:59:26PM] Green and grey xl

Spring into comfort
Cara rogers
 [01/10 6:58:07PM] Pink grey medium

The boss of hoodies
Jennifer Freamon
 [01/10 6:57:19PM] Pink xxl

Quilted For Her Hoodie, Quilt to go Hoodie, Quite the Quilt Hoodie
Jenna Mulholland
 [01/10 6:56:43PM] 2XL Mint and Grey

Double raglan sleeve hoodie
Michelle stamm
 [01/10 6:54:24PM] Pink grey size large

Twice is nice hoodie
Anna Young
 [01/10 6:53:55PM] Black with grey xlarge

Quilted cloud layered hoodie
Erin Nault
 [01/10 6:53:41PM] Black with grey trim; size small

Divine Duo to Go Hoodie
Pirjo Pike
 [01/10 6:52:41PM] Grey and Black - Large

I Em The Boss hoodie
Kimberley Williams
 [01/10 6:51:59PM] Mint-grey size medium please

Bonny Bunny
Dianne Bartok
 [01/10 6:50:36PM] Black & grey medium

The Cozy
Kelly Jo O'Neill-Duvall
 [01/10 6:47:13PM] XL mint & grey

Quiltin’ Time
Karey MacDonald
 [01/10 6:44:31PM] Mint & Grey, size medium

"E'm boss" in 2 toned hoodie
Louise Kemp
 [01/10 6:40:02PM] Pink and Grey M.

Pocket layer up
Charlene Boulanger
 [01/10 6:39:56PM] Black & xl

Layer me lovely hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 6:39:09PM] Mint small

Layered Love Hoodie
Kim Weishuhn
 [01/10 6:38:46PM] Medium Black

Life has layers hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 6:35:18PM] Mint small

Double Trouble
Christine Barkic
 [01/10 6:33:50PM] XL Black if I'm so lucky! Thank you :)

Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Elena Robertson
 [01/10 6:32:38PM] Mint M

Spring Into Action Hoodie
Elena Robertson
 [01/10 6:31:18PM] Coral M

It’s all about the hood
Jennifer freamon
 [01/10 6:29:08PM] Pink xl

Wits al about the hood
Jennifer Freamon
 [01/10 6:28:23PM] Pink xl

Nothing is emboss-ible hoodie
Caroline Hultgren
 [01/10 6:27:27PM] M in Mint and Grey

Love the Emboss-ible hoodie
Caroline Hultgren
 [01/10 6:26:36PM] M in mint and grey

Never Too Much
 [01/10 6:26:01PM] Black and grey 3xl

Layered perfection hoodie
Cassandra Stebbe
 [01/10 6:24:41PM] Pink medium

Cabin Fever
Jennifer Langevin
 [01/10 6:22:35PM] Black 2XL

Powdered Snow Layered Hoodie
Stacey Ashurst
 [01/10 6:21:55PM] Mint and grey XL

Soft & stylin hoody
Deanne Oleksyn
 [01/10 6:18:25PM] Pink small

Double Love Sweater
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [01/10 6:18:14PM] Black, Medium

Haven Hoodie
Crystal Vaillancourt
 [01/10 6:17:58PM] Grey medium

Hood blinked
Amanda Frost
 [01/10 6:16:58PM] Grey and black size small

Like a Boss
Sharmayne Colvin
 [01/10 6:16:21PM] Mint & grey, XL

Iced out hoodie
Kim Wasylyshen
 [01/10 6:12:28PM] Black large

A Layer of the Embossable
Donna Baron
 [01/10 6:12:08PM] Mint in a size large

Livin La Vida Loca Quilted Hoodie
Diane Nieuwhof
 [01/10 6:11:42PM] Mint/grey Large

Double Coated Wonder-ful Hoody
Jacquie Middleton
 [01/10 6:10:10PM] Black, large. :) thank you!!

Sweet Caroline
Tanya Hart
 [01/10 6:09:44PM] Mint XL

It’s All Hood Hoodie
Andrea Hennel
 [01/10 6:08:51PM] Mint/Grey size S

It Takes Two to Tango Hoody, Twice as Nice Hoody, Waffle-y Warmth Hoody
Jacquie Middleton
 [01/10 6:07:40PM] Black, large ...thank you!!

Double the Cuddle
Amy Evans
 [01/10 6:06:42PM] Medium and pink

At my leisure hoodie
Maureen Meers
 [01/10 6:01:39PM] Green large

Double Take Hoodie
Katrina Kort
 [01/10 6:00:30PM] Pink & Grey, Large

Must Have Hoodie
Heidi A Roche
 [01/10 5:59:40PM] Medium pink/grey

Doing the Embossable Hoodie
Janaya Baron
 [01/10 5:59:25PM] Mint size medium

Layered Bliss
Leah Kaluza
 [01/10 5:58:42PM] Black Grey size Medium

cozy elegance hoodie
yvonne sims
 [01/10 5:58:24PM] pink and grey. size medium?

Double Hooded Hoodie
Robyn Favreau
 [01/10 5:52:44PM] Black and a large

Double Hooded Diva
 [01/10 5:52:16PM] Black/grey medium

Weekend's Here Hoodie, Casual Vibes Hoodie, Brrrrring It On Hoodie, Weekend Waffles Hoodie
Tecia Beulens
 [01/10 5:49:50PM] M/L, Green

Living in Layers
Meggan Lefebvre
 [01/10 5:49:49PM] Pink & Grey - large

Live Love Layers
Meggan Lefebvre
 [01/10 5:48:46PM] Pink & Grey - large

The Hang out hoodie
Brittany Roberts
 [01/10 5:48:33PM] Pink size small

Double time hoodie
Melanie Rumley
 [01/10 5:47:56PM] S, black and grey

Blockbuster hoodie, you had me at cozy,
Laura Bajic
 [01/10 5:47:11PM] Mint and grey, medium

Shopping @ home hoddie
Rachel gadica
 [01/10 5:46:54PM] Black med

Embossed on the Double
Nikki Joyce
 [01/10 5:46:47PM] Mint and grey, small

Layer me up Hoodie
Stacy Wallace
 [01/10 5:46:10PM] Mint and Grey & Large

Miss Pastel Hoodie
Angela Fogarty
 [01/10 5:44:30PM] Xl mint

It takes 2 hoodie
Tasha Jensen
 [01/10 5:43:29PM] Black and grey size large

Laid Off Today Hoodie
Angie Fogarty
 [01/10 5:43:28PM] Xl mint

Come Together Chic Hoodie
Angela Fogarty
 [01/10 5:42:08PM] Xl Mint

emBoss your inner babe
Carrie Schmid
 [01/10 5:41:24PM] Black and grey XL

On The Go2 Hoody
Patricia Taylor
 [01/10 5:40:40PM] Large -grey/black

Early Sunrise Hoodie
Angie Fogarty
 [01/10 5:40:28PM] XL mint colour

Halo Hoodie
Nichole Gray
 [01/10 5:39:34PM] Grey & Mint, 2XL

Double down hoodie
Kristen martens
 [01/10 5:34:32PM] Pink and grey large

Two times cozy
Melonie Bateman
 [01/10 5:33:28PM] Black and grey medium ?

You Can't Fool Me Hoodie
Ronni Grosenick
 [01/10 5:28:00PM] Mint Large

Casual Comfort Hoody
Deb Brandics
 [01/10 5:27:54PM] Mint/grey 3xl

Double quilted fun.
Linda McAuley
 [01/10 5:27:17PM] Mint green and size xl

Snuggy Hoodie
Kathy Richards
 [01/10 5:25:12PM] XL black

EmBoss 2 The Max
Kym Readman
 [01/10 5:22:10PM] Mint and Grey , XL

2 Much Fun Hoodie, Twice The Fun Hoodie
Kym Readman
 [01/10 5:19:25PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Layer Me Up hoodie
Christel Delainey
 [01/10 5:17:53PM] Mint & Grey 2XL

Layer Slayer
Gloria Gaddie
 [01/10 5:11:51PM] Black XXL

Sherbert hoodie ( because the colours remind me of sherbert ice cream)
Yolanda Thomas
 [01/10 5:09:39PM] XL black

Double time
Katherine Dell
 [01/10 5:09:02PM] Large , all black

Quilted Layers
Sophie Graveline
 [01/10 5:08:56PM] Black and Grey 1xl

Uptown Double Vibe Hoodie
Amanda Baxter
 [01/10 5:05:24PM] mint 2xl

Embossed layered hoodie
Maxine Stride
 [01/10 5:04:38PM] Grey size large

It's time!
Monique Gallant
 [01/10 4:56:41PM] Green LG

Two Hoods are Better than one
Lauralee Majeau
 [01/10 4:56:27PM] Pink small

Layer Over Hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 4:55:14PM] Mint small

Diamonds are Forever Hoodie
Katie Rioux
 [01/10 4:55:13PM] Black Large

This grey hoodie must be SEEN in Pink or GREEN also available in grey and black or black and grey!
Cassandra Heighton
 [01/10 4:55:01PM] Black and grey small

Layers of love hoodie
Tara Kennedy
 [01/10 4:54:28PM] Mint and Grey, Medium

Double Me Up Hoodie
Ashley Nicol
 [01/10 4:54:08PM] Mint and medium

Nothing is Embossable
Tracy Fisher
 [01/10 4:53:55PM] Teal, size small

The layers of you
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 4:53:13PM] Mint small

Citywide Contrast Hoody
Amanda Baxter
 [01/10 4:50:50PM] mint 2xl

The snuggle hood
Lynn bown
 [01/10 4:49:14PM] Pink xl

Winter warm
Chris Sleger
 [01/10 4:48:37PM] 2xl? Real or coral

It’s kind of fun to do the embossable
Kerri Martin
 [01/10 4:48:31PM] Black, size M

Work's Over, Pullover
Meaghan Walker
 [01/10 4:46:06PM] Mint and grey, small

Hoodwinked Hoodie
Elizabeth Anderson
 [01/10 4:45:20PM] small grey/black

Cotton Candy Coatigan
Eldon Young
 [01/10 4:43:21PM] Mint Size Large

The Ultimate Hoodie
Tammy Haywood
 [01/10 4:41:53PM] Black & Grey M

Embossy Babe Hoodie
Ashley Lindbo
 [01/10 4:41:22PM] black medium

Pitter Pattern Hoodie
Tina MacDonald
 [01/10 4:40:56PM] Green medium

Sweat Treats Hoodie
Kimberly Young
 [01/10 4:40:39PM] Mint size Large

Embossably Cozy Hoodie
Jill Rue
 [01/10 4:39:19PM] Black size medium

Double me softly in colours
Toni martino
 [01/10 4:36:19PM] Large

Hoodie of a different colour
Lyndsey baker
 [01/10 4:33:51PM] Large black

Embossably Soft Hoodie
Jill Rue
 [01/10 4:33:46PM] Black size medium

Shine Bright like a Diamond Hoodie
Jaime Burgoyne
 [01/10 4:30:35PM] S mint

twofold hoodie, endless opportunities hoodie, perfectly paired hoodie
Richanda Zurowski
 [01/10 4:27:16PM] Medium mint (possibly large depending on fit)

I’m Glamping by the Fire
Jenn Hodgson
 [01/10 4:25:59PM] 2X

Double Up Hoodie, Double Mint Hoodie
Jaime Burgoyne
 [01/10 4:24:32PM] S, Mint

cozie Layers
Terri Lynn Arnal
 [01/10 4:24:07PM] mint and grey 2xl

Wanda-Lee Bowles
 [01/10 4:23:37PM] XL and pink.

Feelin' Fresh Hoodie
Michelle Wentzell
 [01/10 4:20:44PM] Mint and grey 2xl

Snuggle Me Softly.
Elaine Smith
 [01/10 4:17:24PM] XL mint

Waffling around
Erica Wandzel
 [01/10 4:15:28PM] 2xl Mint

Sweetheart Hoodie
Jolene Work
 [01/10 4:14:55PM] Pink 3XL

Welcome To My Hood-y
Chantalle Gauthier
 [01/10 4:14:35PM] Black and grey, m

Layered Like a Boss
Mimi Searls
 [01/10 4:10:54PM] Pink medium

The Go To Hood
Noelle mcauliffe
 [01/10 4:06:41PM] Peach size S

Double Quilted Snuggle Hoodie
Kellie Hagan
 [01/10 4:04:15PM] Black and Grey. Large

Zip into spring double hooded sweater
Barbara Benner
 [01/10 4:02:43PM] Aqua and grey medium

Sandra Babonau
 [01/10 4:02:31PM] 2XL black and grey

Double snuggle hoodie
Rhea Morgan
 [01/10 4:01:49PM] Pink, med

Double time hoodie
Brandi Tolofson
 [01/10 4:00:43PM] Black 1xl

Double Diamond
Janet Sudds
 [01/10 3:57:44PM] Green med

Love’n Layers Hoodie
Lindsay Evans
 [01/10 3:48:22PM] Pink M

Snug as a Bug Embossed Hoodie, Double Snuggle
Maria Boonstra
 [01/10 3:46:03PM] Mint large

The, "How You Doin'?" Sweater
Michelle Doherty
 [01/10 3:45:35PM] Size small, mint and grey

Spring n cozy
Jasmine Knutson
 [01/10 3:42:50PM] Black and grey xl

The Bi-cozy
Courtney Gould
 [01/10 3:37:23PM] Black and large

Snow day
Sarah Lechthaler
 [01/10 3:37:01PM] Black & grey Large

The cozy twin
 [01/10 3:34:53PM] Grey and large

Double up my hood
Ish Sehmbey
 [01/10 3:34:14PM] Black and grey size small

Two Hoods are Better Than One
Krydtal Stackniak
 [01/10 3:30:09PM] Lg Black

Double the Love Hoodie
Rachelle Regier
 [01/10 3:22:24PM] Mint green and grey small

Layer me up hoodie
Carrie Schmid
 [01/10 3:20:50PM] Grey and black xl

Pretty Perfect Hoodie
Kimberly Forshaw
 [01/10 3:19:35PM] Mint-grey; 2xl

Double Bunny
Desiree Kasbrick
 [01/10 3:17:14PM] Black Small

Double your pleasure hoodie
Jennifer Sites
 [01/10 3:14:27PM] Black & small

The cozy double hoodie
Sheilla Taylor
 [01/10 3:13:28PM] Mint and grey large

Shenanigans Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:13:20PM] XL Grey and Black

Waffled up layers Hoodie
Kimberly Gleave
 [01/10 3:09:27PM] grey and black small

Cozie up hoodie
Christine Pellerine
 [01/10 3:08:06PM] Mint medium

Single twosome
Sandra Goldsmith
 [01/10 3:05:59PM] Grey/black

Embossed Babe Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:05:24PM] XL Mint and Grey

Ambassador Elite
Dixie Lee Blackmer
 [01/10 3:04:49PM] Black size M

Quilty Pleasure Hoodie
Tanisha Thompson
 [01/10 3:03:40PM] Black/gray 2xl

Cuddle In Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:02:59PM] XL mint and grey

The Comforter
 [01/10 3:01:35PM] Black Size Small

Level Up Hoodie
Sunni Mittelstadt
 [01/10 3:00:54PM] Black and Grey, XL

Puts The Boss In Emboss Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:00:45PM] XL Grey and Black

Soft Embossed Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:59:09PM] XL Grey and Black

Oblique zip hoodie
Tammy harbord
 [01/10 2:57:58PM] Black and grey, large

Double Fun Hoodie
Sara Irving
 [01/10 2:57:39PM] Medium & any colour

Double Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:56:10PM] XL Mint and Grey

Layered Boss Babe Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:55:37PM] Large mint/teal

Colour Block His Number, The Snuggle is Real
Allison Bergerman
 [01/10 2:54:44PM] Mint/grey XL or XL unsure

Pocket full of hoody
Teresa Jeang
 [01/10 2:54:17PM] Pink size large

Honey Bug Quilted Hoodie
Kim vany
 [01/10 2:53:46PM] Pink/Grey medium

Colour Block His Number
Allison Bergerman
 [01/10 2:53:46PM] Mint/grey XL or XL unsure

Marlene Hlewka
 [01/10 2:52:57PM] Mint, size medium

Playful Embossing.
Debra Kalo
 [01/10 2:52:23PM] Mint and grey size XL

Two Tone Coatigan
Yvette Reid
 [01/10 2:51:28PM] Black & Grey L

Lengthy Layers Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:50:59PM] Large teal/grey

Double your pleasure hoodie
Bonnie Weinand
 [01/10 2:50:38PM] Pink and grey 2X

Snuggle Me Softly
Kyilee Turre
 [01/10 2:50:35PM] Pink/Grey Medium

Double up
Amanda schmidt
 [01/10 2:50:15PM] Green x large

Double the hood hoodie
Gemma Courtenay
 [01/10 2:49:52PM] Mint & Grey XL

Two fold hoodster
Tanya Dias
 [01/10 2:49:01PM] Mint or pink size L (any color really)

The Double Dare Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:48:28PM] Black and Grey, size Small

Warm hug hoodie
Teri Sawatsky
 [01/10 2:48:07PM] XL mint and grey

Double Snuggle Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:47:51PM] Black and Grey, size S

Layers Away Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:47:25PM] Large teal/grey

The Quilted Hugs Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:47:03PM] Black and Grey, size S

Em-Bossy Hoodie
Susan chan
 [01/10 2:46:26PM] L, mint/grey

The Double Hug Hoodie
Megan Young
 [01/10 2:45:45PM] Pink and grey Medium

Quilited Layers Hoodie
Randa Derkson
 [01/10 2:44:58PM] Pink M

The EmBossador 2.O Hoodie
Kym Readman
 [01/10 2:42:53PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Layers of Comfort Hoodie
Kimberly Gardner
 [01/10 2:41:49PM] 3x mint and gray

The zipline Hoodie
Lena Sampson
 [01/10 2:41:46PM] Mint medium

On the Double
Ashley spagrud
 [01/10 2:41:02PM] Medium mint & grey

Zipped in hoodie
Carolyn stanley
 [01/10 2:39:26PM] Black/grey size med

Double trouble hoodie
Bonnie Colpitts
 [01/10 2:38:29PM] Pink and grey xl

Snugglebunny Hoodie
Kim vany
 [01/10 2:37:19PM] Pink/Grey size medium

Fun Lovin Layers
Lisa Daigle
 [01/10 2:36:25PM] Mint & Grey XL

Double color hoodie
Bonnie Colpitts
 [01/10 2:35:46PM] Mint and grey xl

The Double Double hoodie, Great North hoodie, Cozy Up hoodie,
Samantha Parker-Bates
 [01/10 2:34:14PM] XL mint & grey

Quilted Love
Kendra Brennan
 [01/10 2:34:09PM] Grey, medium

Pillow Talk
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 2:33:44PM] Mint XXL

Zippity Split
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 2:32:43PM] Mint XXL

Cozy up
Debra Kalo
 [01/10 2:32:33PM] Mint and grey size XL

Snug as a bug embossed hoodie
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [01/10 2:32:09PM] Grey, medium

Quilted Layers
Rechelle Norrish
 [01/10 2:30:29PM] Grey/medium

Living for the Weekend
Debra Tatomir
 [01/10 2:30:17PM] pink 2xl

Honeycomb layered hoodie
Shelby Collins
 [01/10 2:30:14PM] Mint XL

Double Trouble Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:28:34PM] XL Grey and Black

Double Hoodie Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:27:57PM] XL Mint and Grey

Raina Lipinski
 [01/10 2:27:38PM] Mint L

Tiffany Garbutt
 [01/10 2:27:38PM] Pink 3xl

Dreamy Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:26:17PM] Pink and Grey XL

“Layer to Wear Everyday Hoodie”
Annette OQuinn
 [01/10 2:24:29PM] Mint and Grey, size large

Lovin Layers Hoodie
Dana Yeo
 [01/10 2:24:26PM] Pink, 2xl

Hoodwinked Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:23:36PM] XL Grey and Black

Quilted Comfort Hoody
Jessica Nakashimada
 [01/10 2:22:58PM] Grey and Black 2XL

Not your Grandma's Hoodie
Sabrina Fortier
 [01/10 2:22:14PM] Mint & Grey XL

Do Nothing with Me
Amy Chow
 [01/10 2:21:29PM] Black & Grey

The illusion
Cameron Lynden
 [01/10 2:20:34PM] Grey and medium

The Snuggle Hoodie
Brenda Prosser
 [01/10 2:19:59PM] green / grey xL

Layered Love
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [01/10 2:17:34PM] XL, Mint and Grey

Be a Boss Hoodie
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [01/10 2:14:17PM] XL, Mint and Grey

embossed babe hoodie
Erin Arps
 [01/10 2:12:22PM] Black Large

Quilter’s Coupled Jumper, emBOSSes Gathering Jumper
Denise Escobar
 [01/10 2:10:15PM] Pink & Small

Now you see me now you don’t
Deanne Sanderson
 [01/10 2:10:04PM] Black & Grey (L)

The Double Decker
Cameron Lynden
 [01/10 2:09:55PM] Grey/medium

Comfy Day Hoodie
Tamsen Dierker
 [01/10 2:09:30PM] Pink size medium

Cuddle,snuggle, embrace
Suzie Katrinchuk
 [01/10 2:08:58PM] Grey ,medium

Quilted Love
Susan McDonald
 [01/10 2:07:38PM] Black and Grey - Size M

Quilted love
Danielle Fredrickson
 [01/10 2:07:34PM] XL black and grey

Waffle Cute Hoodie, Feeling waffle cute sweater
Nikole Schmelter
 [01/10 2:06:50PM] Black size med

The snuggle is real
Hailey mcdougall
 [01/10 2:05:13PM] Black in medium

Cozy hooded snuggles
Victoria hacetoglu
 [01/10 2:04:35PM] Med green

Look Twice Hoodie, Colour Block Hoodie
Michelle Allen
 [01/10 2:01:47PM] M, mint

Warm winter weather hoodie
Lori Ross
 [01/10 2:01:25PM] Grey/pink in XL

Layer Me Anytime Hoodie
Lisa Kelly
 [01/10 2:00:53PM] Green & Small

I'm My Own Emboss of Me Hoodie
Sarah Sinton
 [01/10 1:55:30PM] Grey Small

Bundle up Coatigan
Kristy Stebbings
 [01/10 1:54:11PM] XL mint and grey

Like a Boss Hoodie
Sarah Sinton
 [01/10 1:53:19PM] Grey Small

Bossin' it up
Tovah Staudt
 [01/10 1:52:54PM] black/grey S or mint/grey S

Cozy into Spring Hoodie
Raeann Rivard
 [01/10 1:52:23PM] Mint-size small

Take Your Bed (With You) Hoodie
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [01/10 1:52:10PM] XL Black and Grey

Split coloured hoodie, sculpted warmth hoodie, etch-it up hoodie, 'Boss-it up hoodie, 'Bossed it up hoodie
Tovah Staudt
 [01/10 1:51:47PM] black/grey S or mint/grey S

Empowered comfort layered hoodie
 [01/10 1:50:56PM] Grey XL

Cozy until Spring hoodie
Raeann Rivard
 [01/10 1:50:14PM] Mint- size s

Double Pleasure
Annette O’Brian
 [01/10 1:49:26PM] Pink. Large

Pure comfort layered hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:49:19PM] Black medium

Renew hoodie, Resolution hoodie, Resolve hoodie, Layered Contrast hoodie, Contrasting Layers hoodie,
Vanessa Engel
 [01/10 1:48:46PM] Small, black and grey

Double comfort hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:48:35PM] Black medium

Waffle Bliss
Ericka Stapleton
 [01/10 1:48:28PM] Xl mint and grey

Layer Me Up
Annette O’Brian
 [01/10 1:48:06PM] Pink. Large

Chilly days hoodie
Denna milliken
 [01/10 1:47:05PM] Mint green and grey size xl

Double up hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:47:04PM] Teal medium

Two Cozy
Kelly Harford
 [01/10 1:45:05PM] Black/grey L

Quilt-Essential Hoody
Whitney Boyachek
 [01/10 1:44:01PM] Black & Grey 2XL

Bunny Hug Me
Cindy Syrnyk
 [01/10 1:37:03PM] Mint/grey L.

Debbie Morrison
 [01/10 1:36:44PM] Mint 3XL

Double Pleasure, Seeing Double, Hug in a Top
Deb Lau
 [01/10 1:31:42PM] Medium: mint and grey

Double over hoodie
Tammy Wesselius
 [01/10 1:30:04PM] Black & grey size m

Quilted cuddle up
Victoria nekuliak
 [01/10 1:29:05PM] Black grey small

Easter Bunny Hug
Lesley Norman
 [01/10 1:28:58PM] pink and grey, size xl

Quilted layered hoodie
Nancy Eamon
 [01/10 1:27:41PM] Peach xl

Quilty Pleasure, Embossed Babe
Sarah Morgan
 [01/10 1:25:26PM] Medium, black and Grey

comfy cozy hoodie
Rebecca Krutow
 [01/10 1:23:33PM] 3 XL and mint green

Comfy Zone
Cortney Nicole Lillies-Walsh
 [01/10 1:20:51PM] Mint and grey M

Snuggles for all seasons hoodie
Carey Dingsdale
 [01/10 1:18:39PM] Small mint green

Sorbet Hoodie
Daniela Moore
 [01/10 1:18:32PM] Sea foam green/grey large

Log Cabin Cozy Hoodie
Carol Chorkawy
 [01/10 1:17:51PM] Pink Large

In harmony hoodie
Tina shepherd
 [01/10 1:17:43PM] Black XL

I’m the Boss Hoodie
Jennifer Riviere
 [01/10 1:16:36PM] Mint Large

Layer for days
Skyler mangelsen
 [01/10 1:16:23PM] Large in mint

E-Z Layers Hoodie, Tea and Quilt Hoodie
Andrea Glasgow
 [01/10 1:13:28PM] Mint and Grey

Layered zip hoodie
Dayna thomson
 [01/10 1:13:03PM] Black xl

Quilted Up and Cozy Hoodies
Darlene Kernel
 [01/10 1:11:16PM] pink xl

Quilted huggy
Lindsey Gohmann
 [01/10 1:10:03PM] XL black

Plead Quilty
Kate Stewart
 [01/10 1:07:47PM] Medium grey and black

Walking in a Cozy Wonderland
Kelsey McDonald
 [01/10 1:05:45PM] Black Size L

Seeing Double Layered Hoodie
Sandra Alvarez
 [01/10 1:03:44PM] Mint/Green and Extra Large

Live, Laugh, Layer Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 1:03:27PM] Pink 3X

Day dreaming
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:02:17PM] XL pink

Below Zero
Sarah Budd
 [01/10 1:01:53PM] Black & Grey (mostly black one) - 3XL

Cozy Retreat
Roxanne Levis
 [01/10 1:01:27PM] Black Large

All day grey
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:01:08PM] Xl pink

Layered To Go
Patti Hall
 [01/10 1:00:57PM] Black and Gray 2xl

Colour Me Snuggled Hoodie
Deanna Martins
 [01/10 1:00:36PM] Large, Mint Grey

It’s a pocket thing
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:00:21PM] Xl pink

Layers of Love Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 12:59:19PM] Pink 3X

2-Zone Comfort Hoody
Trisha Tahouney
 [01/10 12:59:13PM] Mint and Grey in XL

Double Delight
Susan Delange
 [01/10 12:59:08PM] Black, medium

Light and layered
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:58:51PM] Xl pink

Cozy up
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:58:20PM] Pink XL

Color Blocked
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:57:52PM] Xl pink

Layered Cake Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 12:57:30PM] Pink 3X

Apres ski
Melissa Stoyanovich
 [01/10 12:57:28PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Luscious Layers Hoodie
Patti Hall
 [01/10 12:55:43PM] Mint avd Gray 2xl

Double Take Layered Hoodie
Marg Hatper
 [01/10 12:55:23PM] Black XL

Embossed layered hoodie
Lynette Sagstuen
 [01/10 12:52:30PM] Mint and grey, size 3xl

Colour me cozy
Leeanne Speers
 [01/10 12:49:29PM] Teal medium

Wrap me in layers
Barbara Paul
 [01/10 12:49:27PM] Mint and grey in a small

Lavish in Layers Hoodie
Taylor Janes
 [01/10 12:49:18PM] Black & grey 3XL thanks so much! ??