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Winter Wonderland
December 13, 2019

Silver Icing Caption This Contest: Winter Wonderland

It’s contest time again! Time to get creative everybody! Give us your best caption for this winter wonderland for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, December 15 at 9AM PST.

This beautiful and incredibly comfortable tunic sweatshirt will Presale soon, don’t worry!

* Lindsay is wearing the size S *

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 650
Congratulations to Giselle Alston, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "The cold never bothered me anyway"

Walking in a fashion wonderland!
Alyssa Gerick
 [12/15 8:14:07AM]

Baby It’s Plaid Outside
Celeste Kallis
 [12/15 7:27:20AM]

Snow me a new SI outfit!
Amanda Dyal
 [12/15 7:26:28AM]

Winter wonderland
Jenni Casler
 [12/15 7:24:45AM]

Plaid Wonderland
Celeste Kallis
 [12/15 7:23:58AM]

Cozy caption
Corrina Dillen
 [12/15 5:07:40AM]

Frost Yourself
Amber McCulley
 [12/15 4:16:15AM]

Its beginning to look a lot like Silver Icing, everywhere I turn...
Megan Macinnes
 [12/15 3:46:05AM]

Where’s the Eggnog?
Tracey Zimmerman-Sakalli
 [12/15 12:55:11AM]

Baby it’s cold outside
Tracey Zimmerman-Sakalli
 [12/15 12:52:16AM]

Hooray for Christmas season and welcome to cozy town.
Crystal mackie
 [12/15 12:02:58AM]

Plaid is the icing on the cake!
Tracy Garratt
 [12/14 11:07:00PM]

Let It Snow
Jackie Fitzsimons
 [12/14 10:16:26PM]

Snuggle up and let it snow!
Susan Clarke
 [12/14 9:58:38PM]

Oh Buffalo(plaid) you had me at hello
Brandi Tolofson
 [12/14 9:12:22PM]

My Canadian best brings the prettiest weather!
Karen Wallis
 [12/14 8:53:20PM]

At last I’m ready for Christmas.
Cindy Syrnyk
 [12/14 8:37:18PM]

Look at me, I won this amazing shirt
Janeen Samson
 [12/14 8:01:24PM]

The weather may be frightful, but this plaid is sure delightful, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Danielle Baker
 [12/14 7:46:27PM]

You Plaid me at Snow
Danielle Baker
 [12/14 7:42:56PM]

Oooh glitter!!
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/14 7:20:44PM]

You had me at Snow
Danielle Baker
 [12/14 7:17:22PM]

The cold never bothered me anyway.
Melanie Martel
 [12/14 6:53:49PM]

Winter is long and cold but I feel happy, cozy and look amazing in my Silver Icing outfit!!
Laura Pecchia
 [12/14 6:51:10PM]

Winter = Plaid
Lauren Klassen
 [12/14 6:11:35PM]

Plaiding in the snow! Keep warm in this sweater while you’re plaiding in the snow!
Lauren Klassen
 [12/14 6:10:04PM]

You plaid me at hello!
Lauren Klassen
 [12/14 6:08:26PM]

Glowin’ and a snowin
Lauren Klassen
 [12/14 6:07:29PM]

I’m Christmas ready
Tasha Cochrane
 [12/14 5:50:10PM]

Lumber Jill Sweater
Michelle Martin
 [12/14 5:30:47PM]

Check me out, you had me at plaid, Santa plaid sweater,
Jennifer gauthier
 [12/14 5:29:13PM]

It’s the most Plaid u Lous Time of the Year!
Kim MacLennan
 [12/14 5:12:43PM]

Jessica Rossi
 [12/14 4:55:58PM]

Plaid about Yule
Danielle Baker
 [12/14 4:54:09PM]

'tis the season to stay cozy
Tina cimaglia
 [12/14 4:47:32PM]

Plaid Love Tunic
Jen Sebok
 [12/14 4:46:12PM]

What a bright time!
Kaitlin Fleury
 [12/14 4:19:53PM]

Oh what fun in plaid girl!!
Patty Otteson
 [12/14 4:08:13PM]

Rad in Plaid
Sarah Froese
 [12/14 3:33:07PM]

“Walking in a winter wonderland!”
Tess Ellchuk
 [12/14 3:31:57PM]

Plaiding it forward
Dalia Ceron Gonzalez
 [12/14 3:23:24PM]

I’m dreaming of a Silver Christmas!
Julie Fendall
 [12/14 3:20:03PM]

Sharon Gaertner
 [12/14 3:04:51PM]

Living in a Silver Wonderland
Melanie Kramer
 [12/14 2:52:51PM]

Im so "plaid" its snowing!
Jessica Williams
 [12/14 2:47:14PM]

There is no winter without plaid wonderland
Toni Martino
 [12/14 2:25:22PM]

Icing wonder land
Darlene Coutts
 [12/14 2:04:40PM]

Linda Thompson
 [12/14 1:45:30PM]

Merry in Plaid
Michelle Blackburn
 [12/14 1:35:30PM]

The Cozy Lumber Jill
Kim Luciuk
 [12/14 1:30:41PM]

Let it snow
Donna Misenas-Roth
 [12/14 12:59:01PM]

Mad About Plaid Tunic
Kat Niles
 [12/14 12:55:26PM]

Northern Comfort Tunic
Kat Niles
 [12/14 12:54:27PM]

Plaid warm winter sweater!
Joanne Dosch
 [12/14 12:53:25PM]

Plaid in Silver Icing land!
Amanda Christianson
 [12/14 12:19:12PM]

Good Girl with a Plaid Habit, Good Girl Gone Plaid,
Samantha Aune
 [12/14 12:14:43PM]

For the Fa-La-La-La-LOVE of Plaid, Merry in Plaid, I Love You a Plaid and a Patch,
Samantha Aune
 [12/14 12:12:35PM]

Winter Wonderland ! Love it !
Joan Keys.veenstra
 [12/14 12:04:51PM]

WinterWonderland !
Joan Keys
 [12/14 12:03:12PM]

Checkmate Tunic, Merry Plaidness tunic, Check Me later Tunic, Aren’t you Plaid its winter,
Jamie Ward
 [12/14 11:59:04AM]

Checkmate Tunic, Merry Plaidness tunic, Check Me later Tunic, Aren’t you Plaid its winter,
Jamie Waed
 [12/14 11:58:49AM]

A snowy stroll with a smile
Kristen S
 [12/14 11:56:17AM]

Buffalo Fluff
Lindy Chiblow
 [12/14 11:48:05AM]

Yes! I'm in winter heaven!
Sharon Larsen
 [12/14 11:29:44AM]

lumberjack bliss
 [12/14 11:26:31AM]

Snow’s enticing like Silver Icing
Janet Grainger
 [12/14 11:20:02AM]

Plaid and cozy
Dawn Digby
 [12/14 11:08:07AM]

Rhea Morgan
 [12/14 11:05:15AM]

Dance your axe off
 [12/14 10:55:45AM]

Magic in the Air
Courtney McCarron
 [12/14 10:29:44AM]

Let it Snow tunic
Crystal Syrnyk
 [12/14 10:23:41AM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
Tamara Pincombe
 [12/14 10:23:24AM]

Stay Cozy
Candace Jamieson
 [12/14 10:20:15AM]

walking in a Silver icing wonderland!!!
Debbie Ion
 [12/14 10:14:00AM]

Plaid to be here!!
Ashley Driediger
 [12/14 10:04:41AM]

Ready, set, snow
Kaleigh Simon
 [12/14 9:58:21AM]

Plaid Beauty
Roxanne Francis
 [12/14 9:53:06AM]

Canadian girl vibe
Patricia Thompson
 [12/14 9:49:18AM]

Comfort and Joy Pullover
Lidia Visscher
 [12/14 9:48:15AM]

Glad To Be Plaid
Lorianne Hastings
 [12/14 9:46:55AM]

Sue Harrop
 [12/14 9:44:20AM]

Winter Warmth
Sue Gibbons
 [12/14 9:44:12AM]

Cozy shirt snuggles under snowflakes!
Christine McCuaig
 [12/14 9:40:05AM]

You had me at plaid
Janene Quinn
 [12/14 9:37:40AM]

Check it out
Shannon Strachan
 [12/14 9:36:48AM]

Spiriting Holiday Comfort
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [12/14 9:26:37AM]

You Plaid me at hello
 [12/14 9:15:10AM]

Silver iced plaids are falling from the sky. (Resubmitted caption with correct email address as per my silver icing account)
Rachel Munroe
 [12/14 9:12:57AM]

Silver iced plaids are falling from the sky
Rachel Munroe
 [12/14 9:11:27AM]

Happiness is watching the delicate snowflakes fall lightly to the earthy, while wearing your cozy and warm Winter Wonderland sweatshirt.
Linelle Brathwaite
 [12/14 9:06:45AM]

‘Tis the season of Plaid
Bianca Easter
 [12/14 9:02:45AM]

Knotty professor; cosy as a buffalo; woman of the woods
Samara Bilmer
 [12/14 9:02:34AM]

Snow Much Comfort and Joy
Maria Boonstra
 [12/14 9:01:43AM]

It’s just the plaid icing on the cake!
Crystal Snow
 [12/14 8:57:29AM]

Shine bright!
Jennifer Chaudhary
 [12/14 8:54:02AM]

Buffalo plaidicle
Melissa Wojcichowsky
 [12/14 8:53:41AM]

Life is good sweatshirt
Corry Mckinnon
 [12/14 8:49:47AM]

Baby It's Plaid Outside
Tracy Fisher
 [12/14 8:48:56AM]

Baby it’s cold outside! Warm up with cozy Silver Icing!
Suzette Stockley
 [12/14 8:43:09AM]

Silver Icing Clothing keeps you so warm and cozy, you'll smile when you see it snowing!
Alena Pochailo
 [12/14 8:39:40AM]

Classy Redneck Xmas
Christena Montgomery
 [12/14 8:34:27AM]

Magic in the checkered snow
Debbie Ratcliffe
 [12/14 8:33:52AM]

What a wonderful worls
Alycia Wybou
 [12/14 8:33:49AM]

Let it snow
Chrissy Morton
 [12/14 8:32:44AM]

I'm dreaming of a buffalo Christmas!!
Tecia Beulens
 [12/14 8:31:40AM]

A ‘Plaid’itude of joy this Christmas season
Eugenia Taylor
 [12/14 8:30:17AM]

Stand and A-plaid winter
Leslie Melnyk
 [12/14 8:29:18AM]

Woodzie Warm
Kerri King
 [12/14 8:28:20AM]

Oh what a feeling
Susan Chan
 [12/14 8:27:03AM]

It plaid to be you!
Leslie Melnyk
 [12/14 8:26:37AM]

Wonder no longer “check” out this beauty.
Brenda Pashko
 [12/14 8:22:29AM]

Winter woodswoman
Jenna Seward
 [12/14 8:22:25AM]

Snow plaid it's Christmas!!
Alicia Davies
 [12/14 8:22:23AM]

Best I Ever Plaid
Leslie Melnyk
 [12/14 8:22:03AM]

Dance your axe off
Lindy Schneider
 [12/14 8:21:13AM]

Frozen in Canada! Staring the Lumberjack Princess
Carey Dingsdale
 [12/14 8:20:32AM]

Let it plaid
Stacey Koutsiouris
 [12/14 8:18:48AM]

Into the woods
Erica Adams
 [12/14 8:09:11AM]

Cabin cozy lounging set
Marlene seymour
 [12/14 8:04:33AM]

Something about Christmas time (Bryan Adams music video ?)
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/14 8:03:18AM]

Walking in a Silver Icing Wonderland
Sharon Tessier
 [12/14 8:00:53AM]

Stay cozy
Jenna Fladager
 [12/14 7:51:16AM]

Every cloud does have a “Silver Icing”.
Shannon Pettem
 [12/14 7:46:09AM]

Plaid to be here
Jennifer Kerckhove
 [12/14 7:42:13AM]

Camping vibes
Chantell Holm
 [12/14 7:33:13AM]

Oh I Love This Sweater!
Stephanie Erickson
 [12/14 7:27:03AM]

You plaid me at snow
Tara Kennedy
 [12/14 7:10:16AM]

It’s snow wonderful!
Marion Yun
 [12/14 6:56:20AM]

Bring on the snow baby!
Bethany Thielmann
 [12/14 6:49:35AM]

Ugh why isn’t the Prosecco button working on my finger tips?! Like we need more snow! Oh well I’ll just let it go, let it go...
Andrea Hennel
 [12/14 6:40:51AM]

Enjoy the glow of winter snow in SI clothes!!!
Cheryl Morrison
 [12/14 6:07:07AM]

I'm so plaid it's gonna be a white Christmas!
Erin Levesque
 [12/14 6:03:49AM]

Mad for me plaid
Whitney mathews
 [12/14 5:48:37AM]

The Christmas miracle
Christine Mclean
 [12/14 5:44:41AM]

This* is pure magic of Christmas Miracles
Christine Mclean
 [12/14 5:43:15AM]

Let it snow let it snow let it snow
Kathy Layden
 [12/14 4:16:34AM]

Winter wonderland
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [12/14 2:56:29AM]

Pretty in Plaid!
Charlene Altenberg
 [12/14 2:41:04AM]

“Glad it’s the Weekend!”
Charlene Altenberg
 [12/14 2:37:17AM]

Everything is coming up tunics!
Amanda Anthony
 [12/14 2:32:52AM]

The snow is falling & friends are calling all plaid
Genista Richards
 [12/14 1:20:25AM]

Let it snow
Anita Powar
 [12/14 12:03:58AM]

Check Me Out
Janna Herbstreit
 [12/13 11:58:32PM]

Cozy comfort, magical vibes
Kim Buckle
 [12/13 11:50:50PM]

Delight in the season
Kim Buckle
 [12/13 11:47:15PM]

You plaid me at hello
Kim Buckle
 [12/13 11:43:13PM]

Fa La Love of plaid
Lori Ferguson
 [12/13 11:11:09PM]

Snow the love of plaid!!
Lori Ferguson
 [12/13 11:09:07PM]

Plaid in the snow globe!
Lori Ferguson
 [12/13 11:06:04PM]

Snuggle Me Plaid!
Pirjo Pike
 [12/13 10:41:29PM]

Hello casual Friday
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/13 10:11:32PM]

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it....oh who am I kidding? Feeling sad? Warm your heart with our tunic in Buffalo plaid.
Lorelei Clifford
 [12/13 9:39:42PM]

Delight in the season
Michelle Britt
 [12/13 9:37:06PM]

It’s a tough life being Santa’s favorite but someone gotta do it!
Tara Macaulay
 [12/13 9:36:07PM]

No need to worry about the snow with my comfy tunic and cozy socks!
Tamara Zaretski
 [12/13 9:21:54PM]

Snowflakes, festive socks, cozy leggings, and buffalo plaid tunics all wrapped by silver icing, these are a few of my favorite things!
Brianna Kranenborg
 [12/13 9:21:25PM]

Oh the Weather out side is frightful, but this tunic is so delightful! Let it snow , let it snow , let it snow!
Aisha Hadaway
 [12/13 9:18:39PM]

That first snow feeling
Amanda Lipinski
 [12/13 9:11:18PM]

Simply Plaid
 [12/13 9:08:13PM]

Sleigh bells, snowflakes, silver white winter, and buffalo plaid wrapped in silver icing packaging, these are a few of my favorite things!
Brianna Kranenborg
 [12/13 9:07:39PM]

Plaid dreams do come true!
Christina Stuart
 [12/13 9:06:42PM]

When the winter storm blows in a cozy outfit!
Brandy MacDonald
 [12/13 9:01:08PM]

The best is yet to come! ?
Wendy Lindsay
 [12/13 8:55:56PM]

Well plaid.
Natalie Reisch
 [12/13 8:26:36PM]

well plaid winter, Well plaid winter I’m warm
Barbara Benner
 [12/13 8:23:38PM]

“Check it out” sweatshirt
Trudy Hittel
 [12/13 8:22:14PM]

Enticing plaid vibes
Amber Dearing
 [12/13 8:18:40PM]

Let it snow I'm warm
Jean Linden
 [12/13 8:16:34PM]

Snow Off
Stacey Adolph
 [12/13 8:14:25PM]

You Plaid Me At Hello
Billie Jo Seidemann
 [12/13 8:00:54PM]

It doesn’t get better than this!
Cheryl MacDonald
 [12/13 7:56:21PM]

A Silver Icing Winter Wonderland
Tracy Calver
 [12/13 7:53:47PM]

Make it Rein
Billie Jo Seidemann
 [12/13 7:53:32PM]

A Silver Icing Winter Wonderland ??
Tracy Calver
 [12/13 7:52:04PM]

A Silver Icing Wonderland
Tracy Calver
 [12/13 7:49:02PM]

Oh wow Look!!! It’s snowing more than the F’s I give!
Karen Tobin
 [12/13 7:44:38PM]

?Baby it’s cold outside?
Adam Ronnie
 [12/13 7:38:27PM]

Mad for Buffalo Plaid
Jen Young
 [12/13 7:33:09PM]

It’s snowing Silver!
France Verret
 [12/13 7:28:18PM]

Festive comfort
Shelley Kuzio
 [12/13 7:27:11PM]

Patchionate Plaid
Alicia Anderson
 [12/13 7:22:53PM]

The cold never bothered me anyway
Giselle Alston
 [12/13 7:20:24PM]

Nice Patches Eh!
Kristy Sayers
 [12/13 7:20:19PM]

It’s Momma’s Time!
Jessica Smith
 [12/13 7:11:03PM]

This sweater feels like heaven!
Dorena Rosenburg
 [12/13 7:08:50PM]

Way too glam to give a damn!
Tracy Lynn Tebo
 [12/13 7:08:45PM]

Way to glam to give a damn!
Tracy Lynn Tebo
 [12/13 7:08:05PM]

Ready for the Winter Wonderland
Alicia fitzpatrick
 [12/13 7:08:04PM]

Buffalo Snoogles all day long
Tenille McAllister
 [12/13 7:02:29PM]

Winter Wonderland
Amanda Dasilva
 [12/13 7:01:27PM]

Give them what they want this year: SI gift cards fit every size!
Danielle r
 [12/13 6:59:24PM]

Christmas Shopping Done!
Courtney Barrie
 [12/13 6:57:56PM]

Cari Williams
 [12/13 6:49:26PM]

Buffalo Feels
Laura Travers
 [12/13 6:48:24PM]

id all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkVM shakes!!! La la la!!
Maxine Skinner
 [12/13 6:40:25PM]

Let’s chill
Micayla storoschuk
 [12/13 6:40:06PM]

Caught me in stitches
Micayla storoschuk
 [12/13 6:37:59PM]

Vibe of the tribe
Micayla storoschuk
 [12/13 6:37:12PM]

Pucking wonderful
Micayla storoschuk
 [12/13 6:34:53PM]

Plaid tidings
Caralyn Jones
 [12/13 6:30:57PM]

Majestic Lumberjack
Nicole Niles
 [12/13 6:14:41PM]

Slumber lounge
Penny Adam's
 [12/13 6:06:52PM]

Pure bliss
Vanessa Torgerson
 [12/13 6:06:38PM]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Ashley Alton
 [12/13 5:55:10PM]

Like a hug of warmth
Randilyn Luedee
 [12/13 5:54:09PM]

Something magical or expecting something magical
Mackenzie schidlowsky
 [12/13 5:50:18PM]

A little something for me this Christmas!
Marilyn Ruiz
 [12/13 5:42:53PM]

Buffalo Vibe
Brittney Wahoski
 [12/13 5:39:20PM]

Sheila Gagne
 [12/13 5:34:10PM]

OMG is that vanilla icing falling from the sky!? Oh, nope. Just snow.
Charmaine Gosselin
 [12/13 5:32:35PM]

Plaid it’s winter!
Jennie Knudsen
 [12/13 5:28:26PM]

Plaid to meet you
Kristen Martens
 [12/13 5:28:09PM]

I prayed and you delivered
Beth Milnes
 [12/13 5:24:52PM]

I Heart Snow Days
Eileen Lyon
 [12/13 5:23:08PM]

Well plaid patches
Tiffaney godin
 [12/13 5:20:41PM]

Patches and plaid
Tiffaney Godin
 [12/13 5:19:34PM]

A Touch of Plaid
Sharon Gaspar
 [12/13 5:18:18PM]

Back in Plaid, Pretty n Plaid, Black Plaid Beauty
 [12/13 5:17:42PM]

Chex me out
Kelly Mumford
 [12/13 5:15:20PM]

Well Plaid, Winter
Julie Lowdermilk
 [12/13 5:12:08PM]

Snow queen
Debbie Gilroy
 [12/13 5:10:19PM]

Majestic winter wonders
Cheyenne Chadney
 [12/13 5:09:16PM]

Holiday in Silver Style
Sarah Bieber
 [12/13 5:01:33PM]

Check In Tunic
Catherine Strutt
 [12/13 5:00:04PM]

Can you feel the MAGIC! ?
Jeanette Cronin
 [12/13 4:59:09PM]

Falling for plaid
Brittany Strauss
 [12/13 4:58:19PM]

Let her Glow. Let her Glow. Let her Glow.
Jennifer J Konyha
 [12/13 4:57:21PM]

Survived Friday the 13th, full moon and children.... winning!
Amanda Frost
 [12/13 4:56:17PM]

Playful in Plaid
Jodi Lawlor
 [12/13 4:55:15PM]

Baby it’s Plaid outside
Tiffany Cheery
 [12/13 4:51:35PM]

Bliss is plaid and a silver icing blizzard!
Shannon Legge
 [12/13 4:50:16PM]

Forget diamonds, Silver Icing is a girl’s best friend.
Stephanie Polhill
 [12/13 4:43:55PM]

Baby it’s cold outside!
Magdalena Miller
 [12/13 4:41:09PM]

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: this super cute tunic sweatshirt “
Jenna Johnston
 [12/13 4:39:49PM]

Plaid sleeve with joy
Angela Rodgers
 [12/13 4:39:31PM]

Ah , Life is Wonderful !!!!
Kym Readman
 [12/13 4:35:42PM]

This plaid is snow joke!
Emerald Peters
 [12/13 4:35:16PM]

Fire side plaid
Brittaney Pregizer
 [12/13 4:33:31PM]

I Smell Snow
Veronica Narajiwsky
 [12/13 4:27:13PM]

Fa La La La La
Lorrie Bunko
 [12/13 4:26:20PM]

Plaid about you
Krystal Fritz
 [12/13 4:23:39PM]

Tunic by the fire, cozy wear
Marie Daniel
 [12/13 4:18:06PM]

It’s icing warm and fuzzies!
Maria Lento
 [12/13 4:16:58PM]

Positively plaid
Caralyn Jones
 [12/13 4:14:30PM]

Blissfully winter
B Lodewyks
 [12/13 4:07:59PM]

Check Mate
Eve L
 [12/13 4:07:57PM]

Perfectly Plaid
Kirsty McRae
 [12/13 4:02:58PM]

Pinch of plaid
Amanda Frost
 [12/13 4:02:54PM]

Lumberjack lounger
Jennifer Shaw
 [12/13 4:00:56PM]

Happiness is life inside a snowglobe with Silver Icing
Tara Bedford
 [12/13 3:58:07PM]

Warmth in the Light of Frost
Natashia Liboiron
 [12/13 3:51:54PM]

Little bit of magic
Jody Schidlowsky
 [12/13 3:48:16PM]

The heavens are falling
Corie Kraft
 [12/13 3:48:08PM]

Winter feels
Meighan MacDonald
 [12/13 3:42:08PM]

The weather outside is frightful, yet my sliver icing makes it so delightful!!
Melissa Parasco
 [12/13 3:40:36PM]

Cozy HomeSweetHome
 [12/13 3:32:23PM]

So glad for all the Plaid
KALI Bernst
 [12/13 3:27:40PM]

Halliday party’s made easy
Tanis Mandzak
 [12/13 3:25:50PM]

I was trying to think of something punny to write, but I just can’t. Winter is just snow joke. ?????
Janine Phaneuf
 [12/13 3:25:22PM]

Holiday Happiness is All things Silver Icing
Kali Bernst
 [12/13 3:25:18PM]

I'm done my Christmas shopping early outfit
Amy Gouchtine
 [12/13 3:24:49PM]

Sandra Fitzpatrick
 [12/13 3:24:11PM]

Casual Vibin’ by the Fire
Allison Stephenson
 [12/13 3:23:30PM]

In a world full of Grinches, be a 'SI'ndy Lou Who
Kali Bernst
 [12/13 3:23:20PM]

North pole Feels
KALI Bernst
 [12/13 3:21:28PM]

Snowbound lumbar
Mabel Pletsch
 [12/13 3:10:23PM]

Checker out
Christina Sawatzky
 [12/13 3:09:41PM]

Snowy outside, Cozy inside
Dani Birtwistle
 [12/13 3:09:09PM]

It's looking a plaid like Christmas
 [12/13 3:08:19PM]

Icings from Heaven
Wendy Brown
 [12/13 3:07:57PM]

Wonderful world of love.
Anyla daykin
 [12/13 3:05:46PM]

Check the halls
Amanda Davis
 [12/13 3:04:53PM]

Let It Snow Silver Icingcles
Silvana Kostiuk
 [12/13 3:04:50PM]

Let it snow
Lori parker
 [12/13 3:04:23PM]

I’m nicer when I like my outfit!
Kirsten van Hattem
 [12/13 3:03:39PM]

“Checking” my list twice!
Nicole Sletto
 [12/13 3:03:33PM]

Pleasantly Blissful
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [12/13 3:03:11PM]

Dreaming of Walking in a Silver Icing Wonderland!
Deidre Sword
 [12/13 3:01:02PM]

Buffalo plaid cozy
Melissa Jaeger
 [12/13 3:00:51PM]

Captivating Cozy Plaid
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [12/13 2:59:05PM]

Cozy up plaid
Kim Burkin
 [12/13 2:54:30PM]

Casual Flurries
Christine Welburn
 [12/13 2:53:53PM]

Snow problem...silver icing warmth
Susan Smith
 [12/13 2:49:46PM]

Snuggle me plaid
Kayla L Roberts
 [12/13 2:49:42PM]

Wow Plaid
 [12/13 2:46:36PM]

Plaid to be warm tunic
Shelley Stefanowich
 [12/13 2:40:42PM]

Glad in Plaid
Julie Duchesne
 [12/13 2:40:29PM]

Plaidness vibe
Reena Maynard
 [12/13 2:35:32PM]

Walking in a silver wonderland
Heather Brown
 [12/13 2:35:25PM]

It's beginning to look a lot like plaid-mas
Amanda Gibb
 [12/13 2:33:23PM]

Fashionably Festive! Let it snow!
Melissa Edge
 [12/13 2:33:14PM]

Let it snow
Leanna Gill
 [12/13 2:32:26PM]

Christmas came early!
 [12/13 2:31:57PM]

Life As We Snow It
Bettina Allen
 [12/13 2:31:20PM]

Keep calm, sweater on
Amber Spedding
 [12/13 2:28:48PM]

Dreaming for a snow ?? ?? day
danielle heguy
 [12/13 2:24:22PM]

Bring it Winter!
Nancy Gorgichuk
 [12/13 2:23:50PM]

Snow place like Globe for the holidays!!
Kristy Sargent
 [12/13 2:21:21PM]

Baby it’s cold outside, but I’ll be warm and cozy
Lynn Birch
 [12/13 2:18:08PM]

Walking in a silver icing wonderland
Lindsay Medve
 [12/13 2:17:48PM]

Cozy plaid
Ashley Klyne
 [12/13 2:13:53PM]

Cabin fever
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [12/13 2:12:51PM]

Arms a la Buffalo
Shannon Koshman
 [12/13 2:10:47PM]

Tasha Jensen
 [12/13 2:08:30PM]

I'm so 'plaid' it's snowing!
Michelle Kwakernaak
 [12/13 2:08:10PM]

Tasha Jensen
 [12/13 2:07:29PM]

Let it snow Buffalo!
Lacey Kelly
 [12/13 2:07:05PM]

Cozy comfort
Chaelsey Loehr
 [12/13 2:06:03PM]

Colour Me Plaid
Andreia Florea
 [12/13 2:04:58PM]

The forecast: light snow with a dash of SI
Marie Tichborne
 [12/13 2:00:51PM]

Falalala lovin' SI
Natasha Green
 [12/13 1:56:16PM]

Plaid About You Tunic
Shannon Greene
 [12/13 1:54:23PM]

Positively plaid time of the year!
Suzanne Smith
 [12/13 1:52:08PM]

Plaid Snowfall, Each Snowflake is as Unique As You
Nikki Graveline
 [12/13 1:52:07PM]

Catching snowflakes ?
Suzanne Bruce
 [12/13 1:49:10PM]

Snow for winter? Check!
Michelle Berezowski
 [12/13 1:45:05PM]

Is that more silver icing being delivered?
 [12/13 1:44:41PM]

The cozy Buffalo
Lisa Graham
 [12/13 1:40:17PM]

A sprinkle of snow & a pinch of plaid
Jamie Fanous
 [12/13 1:39:55PM]

A little snow and a touch of plaid!
Jamie Fanous
 [12/13 1:38:41PM]

The plaidiest season of all
Kimberlee Morin
 [12/13 1:38:14PM]

Fireside tunic
Liss Ginn
 [12/13 1:37:19PM]

Let it snow
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/13 1:33:21PM]

Let it Plaid!
Renee Prévost
 [12/13 1:31:00PM]

Cabin Fever
Nikki Colson
 [12/13 1:19:21PM]

Walkin’ in a Silver Wonderland
Lauren Urbonas
 [12/13 1:18:37PM]

A Splash of Plaid
Ashley Hyde
 [12/13 1:11:14PM]

All i want for Christmas is a casual buffalo
Nicole Schatz
 [12/13 1:11:06PM]

Everything is coming up Plaid!
Morgan Krenz
 [12/13 1:11:01PM]

Thank heavens for this super stylish sweatshirt ?
Jennifer Zinger
 [12/13 1:08:46PM]

Wear Plaid Comfort
Candice Sarrazin
 [12/13 1:07:27PM]

Pure Bliss
Carla Vold
 [12/13 1:04:57PM]

Comfy for the Holidays
Bev Pugsley
 [12/13 1:01:04PM]

Let it Snow, Ready for the Holidays
Bev Pugsley
 [12/13 1:00:16PM]

We are like a snowflake. All different in our own beautiful way!
Amber Stevens
 [12/13 12:56:46PM]

I just bought myself another Christmas gift
Misty Smereka
 [12/13 12:56:45PM]

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas Pajamas
Lindsay Zaik
 [12/13 12:54:33PM]

Plaid about the.magic of Christmas
Lauren James
 [12/13 12:53:55PM]

Cozy Canadian tunic
Laurie Stevens
 [12/13 12:51:30PM]

Snowed Day Tunic
 [12/13 12:50:24PM]

Merry & Bright!
Lisa McDonald
 [12/13 12:49:37PM]

Jennifer Berry
 [12/13 12:48:38PM]

Cozy Canada vibes
Alison Rosen
 [12/13 12:47:25PM]

When you realize that hubby doesn’t notice all your SI purchases.
Sara McLean
 [12/13 12:46:55PM]

When you spend more than you can afford this December but you remember it’s Christmas time
Veronica Hernandez
 [12/13 12:45:52PM]

I love Presales! Presales are my favourite!
Shayla Ebner
 [12/13 12:44:48PM]

Dashing through the snow
Vanessa David
 [12/13 12:44:23PM]

Feel the magic!
Linsey DeMontigny
 [12/13 12:43:52PM]

Living my best life
Sarah Chapman
 [12/13 12:43:09PM]

Mad about plaid
Maren poirier
 [12/13 12:40:56PM]

Let it Snow!
Betty Kilner
 [12/13 12:37:47PM]

Snowy delight
Anne-marie hutton
 [12/13 12:37:39PM]

That feeling when Christmas shopping is complete
Amanda Beal
 [12/13 12:37:13PM]

Its a Winter wonderful time of year
Erin Levesque
 [12/13 12:36:20PM]

It's snow fallin in the city
Erin Levesque
 [12/13 12:35:57PM]

Sleigh all day
 [12/13 12:35:47PM]

Holiday Happiness is here
Erin Levesque
 [12/13 12:35:21PM]

It's snow fallin
Erin Levesque
 [12/13 12:35:05PM]

A Magical Moment
Andrea Baber
 [12/13 12:34:23PM]

The joy of silver icing can only be compared to the feeling of a white Christmas
Amie Counter
 [12/13 12:18:55PM]

There is no fun like snow fun
Jenn Hummel
 [12/13 12:18:11PM]

A snowy white Christmas is equivalent of wearing Silver Icing
Amie Counter
 [12/13 12:17:22PM]

Plaid & Patches perfection!
Heather Miousse
 [12/13 12:10:56PM]

Shh...Listen, it’s glistening, the magic is in the air during this special time of year.
Amanda Grant
 [12/13 12:07:36PM]

White christmas
Kaylee gibson
 [12/13 12:07:33PM]

Where the lumberjacks at??
Lesley Norman
 [12/13 12:07:32PM]

"Canada Post Finally Pulled Through For Me!!"
Kim Reynolds
 [12/13 12:06:35PM]

It's SNOW secret, the Silver Icing gang is Brr-illliant
Bettina Allen
 [12/13 12:05:52PM]

Oh the weather outside is...
 [12/13 12:05:18PM]

It's no snow secret, the Silver Iciing gang is Brr-illliant
Bettina Allen
 [12/13 12:05:03PM]

You know I love you SNOW much!
Bettina Allen
 [12/13 12:03:26PM]

When the kids get dressed in their snow gear all by themselves, we sing HALLELUJAH!
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [12/13 12:03:03PM]

There’s *snow* place like home sweet home
Bettina Allen
 [12/13 12:02:30PM]

All out plad tunic
Larissa Schartner
 [12/13 12:02:27PM]

Eat, drink and be cozy
Emilie Gauthier
 [12/13 12:01:55PM]

Oh the Weather is quite delightful... when you are wearing Silver Icing!
Valerie Gudmundson
 [12/13 12:01:23PM]

Cozy Warmth In Snowy Weather
Norma Paananen
 [12/13 12:00:49PM]

There is snow season like snow season
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [12/13 12:00:29PM]

I just realized the kids still have one more week of school before holidays! I CAN still get everything done!!
Angela McLellan
 [12/13 11:57:58AM]

Love even the snowy chill of the season, because silver icing has you covered!
Crystal Lucier
 [12/13 11:57:23AM]

When you're done Christmas Shopping by Nov 30th!
Emily Buss
 [12/13 11:54:30AM]

Silver Bells and Plaid
Sharon Groeneveld
 [12/13 11:53:49AM]

Winter lumber land
Danielle Fredrickson
 [12/13 11:52:17AM]

the comfy buffalo
Michelle Stevens
 [12/13 11:50:46AM]

Let it snoow
Melissa Blacquiere
 [12/13 11:49:25AM]

“It’s a Wonderful Life” with Silver Icing
Sharon Groeneveld
 [12/13 11:47:29AM]

Here's Comes the Snowflakes
Janna Macaraeg
 [12/13 11:46:22AM]

Let it snow !!
Adele Mills
 [12/13 11:45:40AM]

Dream land with silver Icing!
Kelly Cresswell
 [12/13 11:42:04AM]

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year
Erin Harder
 [12/13 11:41:30AM]

What a wonderful time of year!
Crystal Mackie
 [12/13 11:37:54AM]

I’m dreaming of silver icing!
Krista Fedechko
 [12/13 11:36:30AM]

You plaid me at casual vibe
Laura Eligh
 [12/13 11:34:51AM]

WTF winter
Christine Cuthbert
 [12/13 11:33:48AM]

Merry and bright
Maggi Bruce
 [12/13 11:32:54AM]

Buffa-GLOW Plaid
Laura Eligh
 [12/13 11:31:59AM]

Walking in a winter silver icing land
Leora Ashdown
 [12/13 11:31:21AM]

Hate Winter?? Feel sad? Never again In this rad plaid!
Judy Hodgson
 [12/13 11:30:31AM]

Plaid is Rad
Jody Brisebois
 [12/13 11:30:03AM]

Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Melissa Burtch
 [12/13 11:29:02AM]

Winter bliss
Sarah Bonneville
 [12/13 11:28:17AM]

Just Jillin
Brenda Isaac
 [12/13 11:28:10AM]

When mom gives no more “effs” at christmas
Codi Malloy
 [12/13 11:28:03AM]

I'm dreaming of a white and plaid Christmas
Katrina Bernardi
 [12/13 11:27:46AM]

Feeling my plaid vibes
Michelle Neuffer
 [12/13 11:26:26AM]

Comfort Check
Marcy Loveday
 [12/13 11:26:10AM]

It's the most wonderful time of the year!?
Chelsea Babychuk
 [12/13 11:23:41AM]

Canadian girls during winter be like
Nikki robson
 [12/13 11:23:27AM]

Is it glitter, or is it snow? We don't know!
Ashley Curry
 [12/13 11:22:17AM]

It’s fricking freezing!
Joy Leachman
 [12/13 11:22:11AM]

Lumberjack Dreams
Johanna Greco
 [12/13 11:16:47AM]

Shopping in a winter wonderland
Martha van Dyke
 [12/13 11:15:38AM]

Plaid Navidad!
Rhonda Penner
 [12/13 11:14:10AM]

Plaid You’re Mine
Victoria Clarke
 [12/13 11:13:14AM]

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Ashley P
 [12/13 11:12:53AM]

Is that silver icing Boxing Day prices falling down?
Tanya Yoder
 [12/13 11:12:00AM]

Walking in a buffalo plaid wonderland
Alesia Marchant
 [12/13 11:11:47AM]

Me everyday: slay. Me in December: sleigh
Kimberly Coates
 [12/13 11:11:30AM]

I'm Dreaming of a Silver Icing Christmas
Rhonda Penner
 [12/13 11:11:15AM]

Leggings and tunics and comfy and cozy, these are a few of my favorite things ??
Laura Moore
 [12/13 11:11:15AM]

Hallelujah! It has pockets!
Jamie Hubert
 [12/13 11:10:51AM]

Hark the Silver Icing Bling!
Rhonda Penner
 [12/13 11:09:59AM]

Do you hear what I hear?
Rhonda Penner
 [12/13 11:09:08AM]

Tis the season for awesome presales!
Susan Constantine
 [12/13 11:07:59AM]

Walking in a winter wonder-plaid
Meghan Clarke
 [12/13 11:07:42AM]

Patches and Plaid Tunic
Shauna Sidock
 [12/13 11:07:38AM]

"It's a wonderful life!"
Ashley Strome
 [12/13 11:07:30AM]

Leggings and tunics and cozy, oh my!!
Laura Moore
 [12/13 11:05:49AM]

When the weather out side is frightful, silver icing is so delightful!
Susan Constantine
 [12/13 11:05:39AM]

Plaid About Something
Yvette Reid
 [12/13 11:05:02AM]

Twas the night before Christmas and out in the snow...a soft comfy tunic and soft winter glow!
Rhonda Penner
 [12/13 11:04:04AM]

Look it's flurries! (In my best Olaf voice of course!)
Cara Smith
 [12/13 11:03:26AM]

Winter wonderland
 [12/13 11:03:21AM]

Comfy, cozy and snowy
Brynn Steele
 [12/13 11:01:03AM]

Walking in a Winter Wonderplaid
Crystal Schouten
 [12/13 10:56:14AM]

Plaid about you
Natasha mayes
 [12/13 10:55:46AM]

Canadian Cabin Cozy
Lyndsie Smit
 [12/13 10:54:22AM]

I’m so plaid it’s snowing!
Amanda Asturias
 [12/13 10:53:04AM]

Wrapped in Plaid
Crystal Schouten
 [12/13 10:53:04AM]

Let it snow. I'm rocking the Silver Icing glow
Amanda Murphy
 [12/13 10:52:46AM]

It’s beginning to look slit like Silver Icing!
Karen Naval
 [12/13 10:51:03AM]

Hooray for cute & comfy outfits
Sandi Martino
 [12/13 10:49:51AM]

Pockets warm, hands are cozy, staying toasty, cheeks are rosy, a comfortable top, I don't wanna stop walkin' in a winter wonderplaid!
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 10:48:07AM]

If you just believe...
Kelsey Garber
 [12/13 10:47:41AM]

Me ignoring all the things I still have to do and buy before Christmas.
Jamie Baldo
 [12/13 10:46:25AM]

“Who wants two front teeth when you can have plaid tunic sweatshirts for Christmas!”
Shannon Bing
 [12/13 10:44:04AM]

Stay Cozy
Wandalee Carpenter
 [12/13 10:42:56AM]

Rekindle the Joy
Lisa Kelly
 [12/13 10:41:52AM]

Merry & Bright, this outfit’s just right.
Brianna Burtt
 [12/13 10:40:29AM]

Wow I am ready for the snow
Doreen wiens
 [12/13 10:40:04AM]

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but plaid is so delightful!
L Langis
 [12/13 10:40:01AM]

Plaid to be here!
Rachel Thompson
 [12/13 10:39:47AM]

Dance your axe off
Sarah Lepage
 [12/13 10:38:10AM]

Yay!! More mess for me to clean up!
Tiffany Gurden
 [12/13 10:37:06AM]

You had me at plaid
Michelle anderson
 [12/13 10:36:51AM]

It is a wonderful life
Yvonne Stewart
 [12/13 10:36:25AM]

Walkin in a winter wonderplaid!
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 10:35:07AM]

Oh plaid on my arms and casual on my body! It doesn’t get any better than that
Jennifer Klassen
 [12/13 10:35:07AM]

Lumber me long time
Tricia larade
 [12/13 10:33:35AM]

When the item you've been wanting to buy your husband goes on sale just before christmas!
Natashya Bianco
 [12/13 10:30:58AM]

Check out my buffalo wings
Angela Grocholski
 [12/13 10:30:29AM]

I’m dreaming of a plaid Christmas
Lorraine Mclean
 [12/13 10:30:17AM]

Plaid & Cozy in the Winter <3 What more could a girl ask for?
Tonya Barich
 [12/13 10:30:08AM]

Lorraine mclean
 [12/13 10:29:32AM]

You Plaid Me At Casual!
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 10:29:28AM]

Cabin Fever
Katie Tuck
 [12/13 10:29:15AM]

Winter Charm
 [12/13 10:28:44AM]

Walking in a winter wonderland
Lorraine mclean
 [12/13 10:28:20AM]

Snowflakes dazzle me!!
Tammy Pruden
 [12/13 10:25:52AM]

Let it snow
 [12/13 10:25:20AM]

Must have Plaid
Lori Ferguson
 [12/13 10:24:47AM]

 [12/13 10:24:20AM]

Plaid it snow
Teresa Jeang
 [12/13 10:24:15AM]

Casual tidings
Kristy DelGrosso
 [12/13 10:23:45AM]

lumberjane cozy-up
Tammy Pruden
 [12/13 10:23:06AM]

Let it Snow ?
Jana Keyes
 [12/13 10:20:00AM]

Silver Icing, Silver Icing ? It's Christmas time online ?
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [12/13 10:18:35AM]

Buffalo-me Away
Kyra Mochizuki
 [12/13 10:18:19AM]

Snow Happy
Kyleigh Gabriel
 [12/13 10:17:26AM]

Lumberjane Tunic
Tammy Pruden
 [12/13 10:16:33AM]

Oh how I love the first snowfall
Selinda Lye
 [12/13 10:15:03AM]

I've got my own personal flurry, Do you wanna build a snowman, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Selinda Lye
 [12/13 10:14:14AM]

Santa’s Favourite!!
Tara Macaulay
 [12/13 10:12:07AM]

Snow-plaid like home!
Erika Glocker
 [12/13 10:12:05AM]

Walking in to cozy
Ashley Moore
 [12/13 10:11:37AM]

She Lumberjack
Pam Boucher
 [12/13 10:11:10AM]

Snowbody like home!
Erika Glocker
 [12/13 10:08:49AM]

Pleasantly plaid
Kelly Harford
 [12/13 10:06:07AM]

Loving life in plaid!
Lee-ann Therrien
 [12/13 10:06:04AM]

I would jack that plaid !
mairia clements
 [12/13 10:05:23AM]

It’s beginning to look a lot like fabulous!
Jenn Haviland
 [12/13 10:04:26AM]

Snowflakes are kisses from above ?????
Cindy Klapwyk
 [12/13 10:04:23AM]

Icing Through The Snow
Erin Dragon
 [12/13 10:04:00AM]

Magical Bless
Sabrina Bryan
 [12/13 10:03:56AM]

How s it fair or even true that i cool look this good and be comfy too!
mairia clements
 [12/13 10:03:51AM]

Feel the magic
Shelly Thomas
 [12/13 10:03:01AM]

Feel the magic
Shelly Thomas
 [12/13 10:02:38AM]

Stacey bingham
 [12/13 10:02:30AM]

The Elf is Gone!!! Yahoo!!
Lindsay Frizzley
 [12/13 10:01:36AM]

It's a Christmas miracle in red plaid.
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 10:00:49AM]

Present Wrapping Complete
Erin Boyd
 [12/13 10:00:42AM]

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!
Monique Lieuwen
 [12/13 9:58:33AM]

Patch me up before it snows.
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 9:58:30AM]

Red plaid all the way.
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 9:57:19AM]

When you are blessed by weekend
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [12/13 9:56:53AM]

It's the "most red plaid I can wear" season of all.
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 9:56:32AM]

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Buffalo..... Plaid!!
Angela Kerluke
 [12/13 9:56:03AM]

How I feel when the Christmas shopping is done!
Karalee Braaksma
 [12/13 9:55:57AM]

Santa can you hear me? Wine send wine!!
Chantal Nelson
 [12/13 9:55:25AM]

Snow in Buffalo
Christie Abrams
 [12/13 9:55:06AM]

Omg a plaid casual vibes sweater!!!
Mercedes Carrigan
 [12/13 9:54:44AM]

Glisten and Glow
Nicole Leffler
 [12/13 9:54:40AM]

I love you snow much
Morgan Desjarlais
 [12/13 9:54:15AM]

Glad for plaid in the winter
Christie Abrams
 [12/13 9:54:04AM]

Wonderfully comfy, winter wonderfully comfortable
Sonja Vanderwood
 [12/13 9:53:56AM]

Eat Drink and be Cozy
Morgan desjarlais
 [12/13 9:52:03AM]

Plaid to See You Sweater
Terri Ghostkeeper
 [12/13 9:51:30AM]

she clothed in Buffalo plaid and Christmas socks without fear of the future.
Anna Bartlett
 [12/13 9:51:23AM]

Snowflakes & a cozy lumberjack sweater = best!
Lauren Pollock
 [12/13 9:50:44AM]

Comfortably Carefree!
Erica Peterson
 [12/13 9:50:20AM]

That moment before you regret not buying the boots!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:50:14AM]

Mad for plaid
Michelle anderson
 [12/13 9:50:08AM]

My Red Plaid Wonderland
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 9:50:03AM]

Buffalo Patches
 [12/13 9:49:46AM]

About to realize that you should have bought the boots!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:48:59AM]

Winter Wonderland Vibes
Ina Hammer
 [12/13 9:48:48AM]

Walking in a plaid wonderland
Haley Boland
 [12/13 9:48:04AM]

Perfection in Plaid'N'Patches
Celina Rode
 [12/13 9:47:22AM]

Oh look! Champagne bubbles!
Elizabeth Seguin
 [12/13 9:47:03AM]

The party has arrived!
Chelci Chalmers
 [12/13 9:46:03AM]

Plaid Tidings We Bring
Emma Hawryluk
 [12/13 9:45:34AM]

The comfort is real
Taylor Stephens
 [12/13 9:45:32AM]

Be plaid about it
Miranda Ducharme
 [12/13 9:45:20AM]

It’s buffalo plaid season
 [12/13 9:43:45AM]

Casual Plaid Vibes
Jodie Cooper
 [12/13 9:43:18AM]

Mad for Plaid
Jennifer Patrizio
 [12/13 9:42:46AM]

Thirty, Flirty, and Vibing!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:42:00AM]

Baby it’s cold outside so stay warm in this cozy sweater
Cassandra Kam
 [12/13 9:41:49AM]

The morning after both kids stayed in their own beds all night!
Mallory kennedy
 [12/13 9:41:08AM]

I’m dreaming of a silver Christmas
Annie Dykstra
 [12/13 9:40:11AM]

Don't Flurry, Be Happy!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:40:07AM]

Winter strides with buffalo plaid vibes
Jennifer Bacchus
 [12/13 9:39:51AM]

Frosty and feative
Dorothy Ludwig
 [12/13 9:39:19AM]

Buffalo armed and ready
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [12/13 9:39:12AM]

Snow and plaid - my Christmas dreams have come true!
Tracey Marcil
 [12/13 9:39:05AM]

“My cat was right. It is TOTALLY therapeutic to chase these little balls of light around. AND my Christmas socks make it #festive.”
Lesley Greer Reddish
 [12/13 9:38:20AM]

Plaid it’s snowing
Carly Brewster
 [12/13 9:38:02AM]

Plaid tidings
Carly brewster
 [12/13 9:37:34AM]

Festive vibes all around
Antonya crosby
 [12/13 9:37:29AM]

Check Please!
Erin Bauer
 [12/13 9:37:27AM]

Wild About Buffalo
Crystal Babychuk
 [12/13 9:37:17AM]

Believe in the Magic of Christmas
Jeanine Hilliard
 [12/13 9:37:10AM]

I’m dreaming of a plaid Christmas!
Tracey Marcil
 [12/13 9:36:54AM]

Would about buffalo
Crystal Babychuk
 [12/13 9:36:40AM]

Walkin round an SI wonderland!
Kristy Stebbings
 [12/13 9:36:23AM]

Champagne Wishes and Silver Icing Dreams
Kerri Huculak
 [12/13 9:36:13AM]

Mistletoe is that you?
Katerina Rosar
 [12/13 9:35:49AM]

Loving this holiday feeling!
Tracey Marcil
 [12/13 9:35:41AM]

Patches and plaid what more could a girl ask for
Tina forTina MacDonald
 [12/13 9:35:26AM]

It's a plaid world in the winter
Cora Cull
 [12/13 9:35:22AM]

Check the halls with buffalo plaid
Sheila bock
 [12/13 9:35:12AM]

THIS is what dreams are made of!
Tanya Harder
 [12/13 9:35:10AM]

I simply remember my favourite things, and then I wear all my plaid!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:34:25AM]

Snow? I wish it was silver icing!
Lacey Bartholow
 [12/13 9:33:40AM]

Nikki Rowat
 [12/13 9:32:57AM]

"Paradise doesn't have to be tropical!"
Lori Beeson
 [12/13 9:32:30AM]

Nikki Rowat
 [12/13 9:32:12AM]

Ring In The Plaid
Kim Rooney
 [12/13 9:32:06AM]

It’s a Stylist Christmas Miracle- plaid and pockets!!
Taneill Selinger
 [12/13 9:31:53AM]

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and elbow patches!
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:30:03AM]

Snow place like home, Home is where the buffalo is
April Berry
 [12/13 9:29:49AM]

How I fall asleep on Christmas Eve knowing Santa bought me silver icing
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:28:45AM]

The face you make when trying to convince your husband you won this tunic for free
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:27:45AM]

Let it snow , let it snow , let it snow !
Shieleen Mossop
 [12/13 9:27:30AM]

Home for the Holidays
Liz Carroll
 [12/13 9:27:00AM]

When the kids finally fall asleep on Christmas Eve
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:26:44AM]

Feeling the Buffalo Vibe with her SI Tribe
Nikole Schmelter
 [12/13 9:25:28AM]

Just here for the wine
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:24:40AM]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Charlotte Mitchell
 [12/13 9:24:26AM]

This Wine is Making Me Awesome
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:24:19AM]

Check Me Out Top
Leslie McEachern
 [12/13 9:24:13AM]

Casually plaid
Christina Sigouin
 [12/13 9:23:58AM]

Comfy Christmas Plaid Tunic
Marissa Takacs
 [12/13 9:23:58AM]

When The Christmas Holidays Finally Start
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:23:48AM]

Happiest place on earth ; couldn’t be happier ; snow makes happy ; nothing more beautiful
Vanessa Zulke
 [12/13 9:23:46AM]

Buffalo All The Way
Whitney Dillon
 [12/13 9:22:40AM]

That Feeling You Get When You Have 12 Days Off For Christmas
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:22:31AM]

Let it Snow Buffalo
Caroline Hultgren
 [12/13 9:22:25AM]

Silver Icing Makes Me Sparkle
 [12/13 9:21:10AM]

The Party Has Arrived
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:20:47AM]

Plaidly Canadian
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [12/13 9:20:28AM]

I’m Just Here For The Pie
Brooke Derksen
 [12/13 9:20:28AM]

It’s got that Silver Icing feeling in the air
Rachel Stirling
 [12/13 9:20:18AM]

Buffalo princess
Shelly Chapin
 [12/13 9:20:02AM]

She leaves a little Silver Icing wherever she goes!
Angela Smiley
 [12/13 9:19:48AM]

Casual Lumber Jack
Courtney Bidwell
 [12/13 9:19:46AM]

Buffalo plaid and all things bright
Stephanie formo
 [12/13 9:19:40AM]

Cabin cozy tunic
Sherie babcook
 [12/13 9:19:30AM]

When life gives you snow, get comfy in Silver Icing!
Angela Smiley
 [12/13 9:19:19AM]

Cozy in plaid
Carla Owens
 [12/13 9:19:07AM]

It’s Snowing Buffalo Plaid ??
Stacey Hanmer
 [12/13 9:19:02AM]

"What buffalo plaid dreams are made of", "walking in a cozy wonderland", "if only all outfits were this comfy"
Sarah Snable
 [12/13 9:17:35AM]

A Casual Thrill
Rachel Tourville
 [12/13 9:17:24AM]

Plaidly in Love ??
Sydney Siemens
 [12/13 9:17:04AM]

Plaid and shine
Stephanie Formo
 [12/13 9:17:02AM]

You Plaid Me At Buffalo
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:16:32AM]

So plaid, it's Christmas!
Huyen Way
 [12/13 9:16:24AM]

Lindsay is Plaid that it's snowing, she's finally feeling the Christmas Vibe!!
Kalli Ingram
 [12/13 9:16:04AM]

I'm pickin' up Plaid Vibrations
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:16:04AM]

Buffalo patch sweatshirt
Meagan Sarrazin
 [12/13 9:15:50AM]

a touch of plaid
Cathy Crane
 [12/13 9:14:54AM]

Dashing through the snow, in my plaid again!
Lindsay Geist
 [12/13 9:12:17AM]

Casual plaid tunic
Melissa R Renyard
 [12/13 9:11:40AM]

You had me at Buffalo Plaid
Kim Dilney
 [12/13 9:11:37AM]

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Liz Roy
 [12/13 9:11:27AM]

Plaid Tidings, Tis' The Season For Cozy, Cabin Feels, Cozy in Plaid, Tis' The Season for Plaid, Cozy and Casual, Fireside Vibes
Samantha Krump
 [12/13 9:11:00AM]

It Plaid to be You
Jamie Miller
 [12/13 9:09:56AM]

Plaid wonderland
Carrie Wilson
 [12/13 9:09:40AM]

Best I Ever Plaid
Jamie Miller
 [12/13 9:08:50AM]

Everything glows when it snows
Courtney MacDougall
 [12/13 9:08:42AM]

Good Girl Gone Plaid
Jamie Miller
 [12/13 9:07:45AM]

Buffalo Plaid and Elbow Patches... a glorious combination!
Amanda Chetcuti
 [12/13 9:07:34AM]

Bring on the plaid times
Desire Crowe
 [12/13 9:07:21AM]

“My vibe this Christmas, thanks god there’s wine!”
Nikki Weightman
 [12/13 9:07:16AM]

Plaid You Came
Jamie Miller
 [12/13 9:07:02AM]

I’m so plaid to sparkle
Gennie Walters
 [12/13 9:06:58AM]

Casual Plaid Sweatshirt
Kaysi Strome
 [12/13 9:06:47AM]

Casual vibes, casual vibes, casual all the way
Darsie smith
 [12/13 9:06:39AM]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Carrie Wilson
 [12/13 9:06:22AM]

I got plaid again!!!
Marysia Waritsky
 [12/13 9:06:19AM]

Glitz, Glamour and Plaid
Desire Crowe
 [12/13 9:06:11AM]

It’s the most plaid-tastic time of the year!
Madison Wagner
 [12/13 9:05:23AM]

Here comes the Joy
Ashley Wonnacott
 [12/13 9:05:21AM]

Plaid Times
Desire Crowe
 [12/13 9:05:12AM]

Vibing Thru The Snow
Christine Gradin
 [12/13 9:05:04AM]

Winter wonderful
tami Running
 [12/13 9:05:03AM]

“Hey look! It CAN a snow in Vancouver!” “When it snows in Vancouver.”
Krissi Martin
 [12/13 9:04:41AM]

Casually Canadian
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:04:35AM]

Canadian Vibes
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:04:19AM]

Plaid You Be Glad
Desire Crowe
 [12/13 9:04:16AM]

Buffalo Vibe
Aprl Foster
 [12/13 9:04:05AM]

Plaid Vibin'
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:03:23AM]

Walking in a Winter wonder-plaid
Tina cimaglia
 [12/13 9:03:04AM]

Casually Plaid
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:02:36AM]

Plaid to be Casual
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:02:08AM]

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold me back anymore!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/13 9:02:07AM]

Plaid to meet you
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:01:48AM]

I’m dreaming of a vibe Christmas!
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/13 9:01:37AM]

Plaid to Be Here
Raina Brugger
 [12/13 9:01:29AM]

Feeling those Christmas vibes!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/13 9:01:10AM]

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