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Belted Paperbag Shorts
March 26, 2021

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Total of 683 Entries
Congratulations to Megan Carter, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Frillin' Fine Shorts!

Heather Brown
 [03/28 8:52:22AM] Black 14 lg

Easy, Light and Breezy Shorts
Lynn Chartrand
 [03/28 8:27:19AM] Olive, Large

Please Pleat me
Rana Thomas
 [03/28 8:07:01AM] large, Black

Garden Party Shorts
Natasha Buchanan
 [03/28 8:01:09AM] OLIVE -M

Summer amour shorts
Amber schneider
 [03/28 7:58:53AM] Black med

Summer amour shorts
Amber schneider
 [03/28 7:56:21AM] Black med

Pretty in pleats
Victoria Lake
 [03/28 7:27:42AM] Black, L

A Little Flare shorts
Rochelle Worthington
 [03/28 7:22:27AM] Size lrg, olive

Chasing Frills Shorts
Ashley Lindbo
 [03/28 7:21:19AM] black medium

Sailing Into Spring Shorts
Kristin Fisher
 [03/28 5:33:51AM] Black size Small

Ruffle Me Up shorts, Its A Cinch shorts, Accolade shorts, Sitting Pretty shorts, Bristol Fashion shorts, All Decked Out shorts, Favorite Things shorts, All The Trimmings shorts
Marah Carnes
 [03/27 11:29:03PM] Med, Black

"Cinched In" Shorts
Lorie Herron
 [03/27 10:59:17PM] Green & 2XL

Linda McKim
 [03/27 10:00:49PM] beige size xl

Follow Me Shirts
Kate Rosenthal
 [03/27 8:50:16PM] Medium black

Frilly frolic, frilly fun, frilly girl, frills on fleak, frilly fleak, frill-on
Brenda macintyre
 [03/27 8:28:28PM] Olive large

Sealed with a bow. Modern legs. Legs for days. Natural for days. Bow-tastic. Caught Me Casual. Casually Short. Fashionably Short. Uptown shorts. Uptown. Paper Ribbons. Bowing Out.
Brenda Macintyre
 [03/27 8:25:07PM] Olive large

Bagged It
Jennifer Power
 [03/27 8:01:30PM] L Black

Safari frills
Anne-marie hutton
 [03/27 7:32:15PM] Xl black

Great lengths shorts
Jill Roque
 [03/27 7:25:04PM] Black small

Penny Pocket shorts
Erin Spooner
 [03/27 7:24:55PM] Black and green M

Tied with comfort
Lori Martin
 [03/27 6:54:13PM] Beige large

Anchor My Soul Shorts
Jill Grover
 [03/27 6:09:39PM] Black Large

Take me to town
Karen Smith
 [03/27 5:50:47PM] Black, small

Nicole Kent
 [03/27 5:50:32PM] XS - olive

Ruffles and Pleats short
Karen Smith
 [03/27 5:49:40PM] Black. Size small

Sunset stroll shorts
Luisa Rotella
 [03/27 5:48:53PM] Beige Medium

Ruffle me up
Karen Smith
 [03/27 5:48:31PM] Black, size small

Dress Me Up Short
Karen Smith
 [03/27 5:47:48PM] Black, size small

Work it frill shorts
Karen Wallis
 [03/27 5:40:35PM] Olive, small

Pleated Princess, Princess Pleats, Royal Ruffles, Pleated Perfection, Flirty & Feminine
Lisa Whent
 [03/27 5:37:57PM] Beige size Small

Short and sweet
Angela Lambert
 [03/27 5:35:28PM] Black small

Neve Shorts
Erin Hodder
 [03/27 5:23:27PM] L black

Frilled to Pleat You!
Tara Kennedy
 [03/27 4:37:27PM] Black & Large

I'm Frilled to Pleat You!
Tara Kennedy
 [03/27 4:28:37PM] Black & Large

Cinch & frill Shorts, Feelin’ Fine Shorts, Sunshine & Sand Shorts, Brunch to Beach Shorts ,
Wendy Unrau
 [03/27 4:26:52PM] Large - Black please

Ruff and tough
Erica Allen
 [03/27 4:26:42PM] Black size medium

Cinchy Summer Shorts
Wendy Unrau
 [03/27 4:20:35PM] Black - Large

Walk about Town!
Leasa McKenzie
 [03/27 4:01:04PM] Black xl

Get Shorty, Shawty Shorty
Alana Palmer
 [03/27 3:56:42PM] Beige, medium

Go Shorty
Courtney Reid
 [03/27 3:47:53PM] Black XL

Sass me
Shannon Hutchison
 [03/27 3:26:43PM] Green large

The basics
Akaylia Vance
 [03/27 3:20:37PM] Black Xl

Fairy tale frills
Tarah macphail
 [03/27 3:16:30PM] Green large

1/2 a pursuit shorts
Tami Leason
 [03/27 2:50:28PM] Olive & medium

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Karen Bemister
 [03/27 2:44:51PM] Black XL

Sassy Shorts
Karen Bemister
 [03/27 2:43:25PM] Black XL

Everyday Vacay Shorts
 [03/27 2:41:11PM] Black XL

Mother Lounger shorts
Jennifer Sjuberg
 [03/27 2:16:56PM] Black Size M

Comfort chic shorts
Shelley Stefanowich
 [03/27 2:13:27PM] Black, xl

Frilling around
Betty Simard
 [03/27 2:01:54PM] 7

Princess Shorts (as in the Paperbag princess)
Heather Benn
 [03/27 1:42:45PM] Small black

Lunch date
Taylor Reimer
 [03/27 1:09:59PM] Olive large

Frill of a Lifetime
Liz Roy
 [03/27 1:01:47PM] Beige medium

Com-PLEATLY Perfect Shorts, Frill You Be Mine Shorts, Pretty in Pleats Shorts,
Michelle Berezowski
 [03/27 12:48:46PM] black - large

Out on the town
Michelle Flotre
 [03/27 12:28:53PM] Black size L

Ruffle shorts
Katharine Harrison
 [03/27 11:40:26AM] Black small

Don’t ruffle my feathers!
Jill Mullin
 [03/27 11:12:58AM] Medium, green

Ruffle in the Details
Nina Perazzo
 [03/27 11:10:36AM] Olive medium

Take me to Paradise shorts, Travel the world shorts, Soaking in the sunshine shorts, Today is a good day shorts
Luisa Rotella
 [03/27 11:04:40AM] Beige Medium

My / your favourite shorts shorts
Cheri Beatty
 [03/27 10:48:58AM] Black / large

Oooh Baby Shorts !!!! Classy but Sexy
Rhonda Rodrigues
 [03/27 10:19:16AM] Black small

City Frills, Summer Pleats, Feel the Frills, Weekend Of Frills, Summer Delight Shorts
Lacey Landolt
 [03/27 10:09:44AM] Black, Medium

Comfy Cas Shorts
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [03/27 10:02:07AM] Large & Green

Frilly Paper Bag Princess
Julie Rodger
 [03/27 9:52:14AM] Black 2xl

Paper bag Princess Shorts
Julie Rodger
 [03/27 9:50:23AM] Olive 2xl

High on frills, Pretty on Frills
Kristen Partington
 [03/27 9:44:19AM] Olive xl

Brunches of Fun
Amber MacEachern
 [03/27 9:35:53AM] XL black

All the Frills shorts, The Thrill of the Frill shorts
Jennifer Barone
 [03/27 9:21:30AM] Black size L

Sun City Shorts
Jennifer Hancock
 [03/27 9:21:02AM] Black size S

Summertime Love Shorts
Megan Rolufs
 [03/27 9:16:06AM] Olive large

Seaside Shorts, Dock of the Bay Shorts, Summertime Feeling Shorts
Angela Williams
 [03/27 9:14:48AM] XL black

Ruffle me this..
Michelle Piggott
 [03/27 9:11:27AM] Black size XL

Effortlessly Chic
Sarah Lepage
 [03/27 9:10:35AM] Black Small

Paper Baggin’ It
Sarah Lepage
 [03/27 9:08:55AM] Black Small

Fashion friendly shorts, Fashion frill shorts
Carole Tessier
 [03/27 9:05:41AM] Black medium

Paperbag high waisted ruffled shorts, trendy paperbag belted shorts
Christine Wilkinson
 [03/27 8:57:53AM] XS

Set for Summer Shorts
Lisa Kelly
 [03/27 8:52:03AM] Green and small

Fancy Pants, All the Frills, Flirty Frills short
Dawn Taylor
 [03/27 8:47:21AM] XS, olive

Such a cinch shorts
Dana Zieroth
 [03/27 8:38:31AM] 1xl black

Paper bag princess shorts
Dana Zieroth
 [03/27 8:36:48AM] 1Xl black

My go to comfy shorts
Brenda Todd
 [03/27 8:29:55AM] Size M olive green

Paper bag princess shorts
Jamie Bowser
 [03/27 8:29:23AM] Black large

Got it in the Bag Shorts
Roxanne Reid
 [03/27 8:21:27AM] XL Beige

Paper me pretty shorts
Bradi Hansen
 [03/27 8:20:21AM] Small beige

Papruff shorts
Heather Brown
 [03/27 8:15:49AM] Black large

Fringe Benefits
Terri Hansen
 [03/27 8:14:57AM] Beige xl

Pretty in Pleats
Terri Hansen
 [03/27 8:13:45AM] Olive xl

Paper bag Chic Shorts
Terri Landine
 [03/27 8:11:24AM] Olive small

Paper Bag Princess for a day shorts
Terri Landine
 [03/27 8:06:47AM] Olive small

Summer Lovin’, Pocket of Sunshine,
Anna Harris
 [03/27 8:05:15AM] Black Large

Sweet “Hot pants”
Joanne Brillinger
 [03/27 7:46:23AM] Any colour large

Brighter Day shorts
Karla Gervais
 [03/27 7:45:17AM] Black medium

Sweet Pleat Shorts
Jenna Pocock
 [03/27 7:38:47AM] Olive XL

Fancy free and frills, cats outta the bag
Kimberley Templer
 [03/27 7:32:09AM] Olive, medium

Explorer shorts
Taylor mcdonald
 [03/27 7:23:48AM] Green, size medium

Out of the ruffle
DeAnna Lance
 [03/27 7:20:15AM] M olive

Precious Cargo
Amanda Laprairie
 [03/27 7:20:12AM] Olive Large

Pleated frills
Stephanie paquette
 [03/27 7:18:28AM] Black L

Paperbag princess shorts
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [03/27 7:13:05AM] XL black

Take me to the beach shorts, Paperbag beauty shorts, Belted and beautiful shorts, Belted and fabulous shorts, Pocket me shorts, Belted Beach shorts, Back to the Beach shorts
Jessica Armenti
 [03/27 6:50:13AM] Black, XL

It’s All in the Details shorts
Deanna Miller
 [03/27 6:44:21AM] Black large

Pleated paradise
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [03/27 6:35:56AM] Black large

Easy breeze shorts
Amanda Gould
 [03/27 6:24:03AM] Beige xs

In the bag shorts
Diana McKenzie
 [03/27 6:17:29AM] Black medium

Summer is upon us shorts
Amanda Gould
 [03/27 6:11:49AM] Beige xs

Clear sky ahead shorts
Amanda Gould
 [03/27 6:10:17AM] Beige xs

Bringing in the Paper
Nikkita Da Silva
 [03/27 5:55:25AM] Black, Large

The Perfect Edge
Janet Sudds
 [03/27 5:52:31AM] olive med

Take me to brunch
Andrea MacKay
 [03/27 5:48:21AM] Med black

Ruffle Your Troubles Away
Janice Durand
 [03/27 5:40:10AM] Black Lg or XL (sz 12 comparison)

Flirt and Frill shorts
Jessica pringle
 [03/27 5:32:53AM] Olive lg

Little frill with no fuss shorts
Sarah pringle
 [03/27 5:30:03AM] Black XL

The Paper Bag Princess Shorts
Jolene Aukema
 [03/27 5:11:17AM] Olive & XS

Sassy Frill Summer Short
Tania Isabelle
 [03/27 5:01:35AM] Black XL

Feel the flow
Tammy Graham
 [03/27 4:56:15AM] Black XL

Are You For Frill Shorts
Erika Just
 [03/27 4:49:06AM] Olive XL

Oh so versatile
Dianne Hicks
 [03/27 4:44:12AM] Green 8

Casual Frill Shorts
Andrea Hammill
 [03/27 4:32:24AM] Black & Large

She’s got it in the Bag!
Karen Formosa
 [03/27 4:25:26AM] XL Black

Princess Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bylsma
 [03/27 4:22:02AM] Black & XL

Just for Frills! Shorts
Sandy Richardson
 [03/27 4:15:16AM] Olive size small

Shic cuts
Wanda Harris
 [03/27 4:00:48AM] Black/ medium

Fancy Frills Shorts
Ivy Dingsdale
 [03/26 11:29:50PM] Black XS

Not a Drill Frill Shorts
Ivy Dingsdale
 [03/26 11:25:41PM] Black XS

Pockets full of paper bag shorts
Patricia Merrick
 [03/26 11:23:31PM] Black M

Lake life Shorts
Candace Woollam
 [03/26 10:40:03PM] Beige medium

Spring has sprung shorts
Melissa gibbs
 [03/26 10:18:32PM] Black med

Sunshine and Freedom Shorts
Heather Mcintosh
 [03/26 10:14:50PM] Olive, small

Fun in the sun
Cheryl Ashworth
 [03/26 10:12:11PM] olive xl

 [03/26 10:09:07PM] Olive in XL

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Jordan Bassett
 [03/26 9:54:14PM] Black medium

Fabulous Mood
Sara Petrie
 [03/26 9:44:07PM] Olive and Large

Paper bag princess shorts
Nicole Spencer
 [03/26 9:41:54PM] Black, XL

Frill of a Deal
Susan Fryters
 [03/26 9:35:52PM] Black M

Frill thrill shorts
Dana lean
 [03/26 9:30:48PM] Black xl

Anytime comfort n Style
Darlene Commet
 [03/26 9:29:20PM] Olive XL

Frilling me softl shortsFrill
Amanda grant
 [03/26 9:28:36PM] Cream L

Short Change style
Darlene Commet
 [03/26 9:27:52PM] Black XL

It’s a sun shiny day shorts, Sun shiny day shorts, Spring into shorts
Carolyn Kenney
 [03/26 9:21:07PM] Black small

Chic n Sassy
Darlene Commet
 [03/26 9:20:22PM] Black XL

Picnic blanket and paper bag lunch shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 9:05:27PM] Medium olive

Front of the line shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:53:46PM] Medium black

Work to play shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:53:21PM] Medium black

Patio drinks shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:52:21PM] Medium olive

Date night shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:51:58PM] Medium black

Doing nature shorts
Nancy Haugland
 [03/26 8:50:42PM] Large olive

Down south shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:49:33PM] Medium olive

Downtown shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:49:01PM] Medium black

Long weekend shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:46:45PM] Medium black

Pleaty please shorts
Megan wiens
 [03/26 8:46:00PM] Medium black

Summer vacation shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:45:52PM] Olive medium

Summer vacation shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:45:18PM] Olive medium

I've Got Frills, Frill Seeker Shorts, Pleats & Pockets Shorts,
Tracey Dunlop
 [03/26 8:42:45PM] Xl black

Brunch and bubbly shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:41:51PM] Olive medium

Brunch with the girls shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:40:20PM] Medium black

Summer Frills
Lynnea Wiens
 [03/26 8:39:33PM] Olive, large

Up town shorts
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/26 8:38:59PM] Medium black

Suns out
Sandra walker
 [03/26 8:32:06PM] Olive large

Classy and Sassy Shorts
Rebecca Kay
 [03/26 8:28:23PM] Olive small please

Bella Dream Shorts
Alysha Macklem
 [03/26 8:25:39PM] Olive- Large

Tied Up for the Weekend Shorts
Megan Power
 [03/26 8:19:06PM] Black XL

Tie Me Up Shorts
Megan Power
 [03/26 8:17:59PM] Black XL

Summer Breeze shorts
Eveliene Vandenouweland
 [03/26 8:04:46PM] Olive M

Newsgirl Shorts
Shann Duf
 [03/26 8:04:38PM] Green Large

Ruffle delight
Karma Kubbernus
 [03/26 8:03:32PM] Black xl

Pleaty please shorts
Megan Wiens
 [03/26 7:50:58PM] Medium black

Fit for a princess shorts
Alyssa Middleton-Osborne
 [03/26 7:50:15PM] Black - xl

Pleasant in pleats
Alicia Gagnon
 [03/26 7:50:04PM] Black Medium

You frill me shorts
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [03/26 7:48:08PM] Black small

You frill me shorts
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [03/26 7:47:40PM] Black small

Talk frilly to me
Nicole Stewart
 [03/26 7:46:08PM] Olive & small

Ruffle love short, ruffle my duffle shorts, pleatastic shorts, ruffle dream shorts
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [03/26 7:45:30PM] Small black

All Wrapped Up
Julie Ruddy
 [03/26 7:44:29PM] Black medium

Talk stretchy to me
Nicole Stewart
 [03/26 7:44:08PM] Olive - small

Frill of the day shorts
Tara Campbell
 [03/26 7:40:48PM] Black, L

Sweet like summer shorts
Maria Lento
 [03/26 7:36:15PM] Black med

Ruff-le around the edges, Ruffle my Feathers,
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/26 7:32:14PM] Black, XL

It’s a Cinch shorts
Meghan Schuler
 [03/26 7:27:45PM] Olive M

Pursuit of Happiness shorts
Meghan Schuler
 [03/26 7:24:37PM] Olive M

Ruffles for Days
Samantha wallace
 [03/26 7:22:49PM] Olive (S)

Pleaty Please
Jennifer Burt
 [03/26 7:22:46PM] Black XL

Show Some Leg Ambition Shorts,License to Frill Shorts, Paperbag Race Shorts, Frill and Grace Shorts, Free Frill Shorts,
Alice Meilleur
 [03/26 7:19:55PM] XS BLACK

So sublime shorts, So frills shorts
Charlene Stirling
 [03/26 7:08:04PM] Olive, medium

Paper bag princess shorts
Shelley Stefanowich
 [03/26 6:57:59PM] Black, xl

For the Frill of it Shorts
Laura Penny
 [03/26 6:49:25PM] Olive size XL

Prim and Proper shorts
Tracey Sperling
 [03/26 6:42:32PM] Olive XL

Pockets full of posy
Tatianna Hommy
 [03/26 6:34:03PM] Olive size large

Melissa douglas
 [03/26 6:33:21PM] Black 20

Hey sweet thing shorts
Glenda moline
 [03/26 6:32:01PM] Black medium

Megs or safari or sights shorts
Megan Kohler
 [03/26 6:29:31PM] Olive in Large

Belt it out
Julie Johnston
 [03/26 6:27:47PM] Beige size med

Perfect ruffled paper bag shorts
Patricia Lysyk
 [03/26 6:21:25PM] Black medium

Around town shorts
Stephanie Andrews
 [03/26 6:18:08PM] Black : large/xlarge (a,

Anytime pocket shorts
Lilliane Hradecki
 [03/26 6:16:21PM] Beige small

Easy Breezy Shorts; I Frill Pretty Shorts; Pleats and Thank you Shorts; Tied and Frilly Shorts; Sweet Heat Shorts; Light and Airy Shorts
Rachel Curran
 [03/26 6:12:02PM] OLIVE L

"Ruffle my feathers" Belted Shorts
Katherine Chung
 [03/26 6:11:05PM] Black, Large

It's in the Bag Shorts
Jennifer Price
 [03/26 6:08:50PM] Black size medium

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Jennifer Price
 [03/26 6:07:55PM] Black size medium

Frillin' Fine
Megan Carter
 [03/26 6:06:25PM] Black small

Frill me up
Krista Crawford
 [03/26 6:04:58PM] Medium black

Pocket of Frills Shorts
 [03/26 6:01:12PM] Black , M

Take me to lunch paper bag shorts
Jen kavanagh
 [03/26 5:55:32PM] Olive small

Keeping it Cool
Kristen Urquhart
 [03/26 5:55:00PM] Black Large

On The Boardwalk shorts
Dana Bellagamba
 [03/26 5:53:16PM] Large Olive

Paperbag princess
Meagan MacNeill
 [03/26 5:50:21PM] Large black

Easy Breezy Frill Shorts
Stephanie Priebe
 [03/26 5:49:20PM] Black, Small

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Kendra Fraser
 [03/26 5:48:40PM] XL Oliver or black

anytime is brunch-time
Dawn Elgin
 [03/26 5:47:38PM] black medium

Fringed and Fabulous Belted Shorts
Meghan Boast
 [03/26 5:40:39PM] XL beige

Fringed and Fabulous Belted Shorts
Meghan Boast
 [03/26 5:40:03PM] XL beige

Ruffles and pleats
Kimberley Yuzik
 [03/26 5:38:44PM] Black xl

Cinched In and Chic Shorts
Amber Stevens
 [03/26 5:38:43PM] Beige S

Day to night
Debbie park
 [03/26 5:37:46PM] Black medium

Cinched In Spring Shorts, Cinched In Summer Shorts, Cinched In Shorts
Amber Stevens
 [03/26 5:36:42PM] Olive S

Cinched In Shorts, Cinched For Summer Shorts, Cinched For Spring Shorts
Amber Stevens
 [03/26 5:33:36PM] Olive S

Paperbag Princess shorts
Rachelle Douglas
 [03/26 5:32:33PM] Olive XL

Paper bag princess shorts
Tandra Schopf
 [03/26 5:30:41PM] Black & Small

Lazy summer daze
Sandy Fradgley
 [03/26 5:29:43PM] Black large

Pamper me shorts
Sandy Fradgley
 [03/26 5:28:28PM] black large

Fit to be tied short; Frill of your Life short; Fit and Frills short; Summer Frills Short; Frill me short; perfect detail short; Get your Frills on Shorts; Sweet Frill of Mine (ba, ba, bah) - sorry, I sang that name lol
Laura Higgins
 [03/26 5:24:37PM] Olive XL

Wrapped in paper
Julie Odia
 [03/26 5:16:54PM] Olive XL

Draw up the paper bag shorts
Julie Odia
 [03/26 5:16:03PM] Olive XL

Easy breezies
Melanie L'Ecuyer
 [03/26 5:10:04PM] Olive in Medium

Long Weekend
Brooke Ronan
 [03/26 5:09:25PM] Olive small

Summer Fling Shorts
Nicole Barrett
 [03/26 5:07:04PM] Black xs

Summer Fling Shorts
Nicole Barrett
 [03/26 5:06:37PM] Black size 1 xs

Finally out and about again shorts
Amanda McCosham
 [03/26 5:01:53PM] Black small

Feeling Fancy, Feeling Fine
Lisa Barlow
 [03/26 4:52:47PM] Black XS

Summer Frills
Krystal F.
 [03/26 4:49:06PM] Black XL

Feeling Frilly
Kelly Viljanmaa
 [03/26 4:49:01PM] Black, large

My to go shorts
Suzanne Arcand
 [03/26 4:48:30PM] Green ,size 12

Casual Comfort Shorts
Kimberly-Dawn Isaacson
 [03/26 4:46:11PM] Black XL

Figure in frills
Julie Odia
 [03/26 4:44:52PM] Black XL

Yes Pleats! Paperbag Shorts
Katie Dolan
 [03/26 4:37:05PM] Olive & medium

Yes Pleats! Paperbag Shorts
Katie Dolan
 [03/26 4:36:01PM] Olive & medium

Up for a Picnic shorts
Julie Odia
 [03/26 4:31:13PM] Black XL

Frilled for Summer shorts
Julie Odia
 [03/26 4:29:58PM] Black XL

Take-out shorts
Michelle Wollbaum
 [03/26 4:22:42PM] Black size large

Weekender shorts
Andrea Stewart
 [03/26 4:15:14PM] Olive 2xl

Frilled to wear them
Sandra Vancoughnett
 [03/26 4:14:08PM] Black, size medium

Frill of Summer shorts
Sabrina Chapman
 [03/26 4:12:16PM] M black

All about that base
Kara Ameloot
 [03/26 4:11:35PM] Olive medium

Sail away shorts
Allison hammond
 [03/26 4:10:20PM] Olive med

Belt it Out!
Nancy Cameron-Zouzoulas
 [03/26 4:07:28PM] Black in small

Short of Happiness Shorts
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [03/26 4:06:45PM] Xs black or olive

Sunshine Heat Shorts
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [03/26 4:06:06PM] Xs black or olive

Out To Impress Shorts
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [03/26 4:05:19PM] Xs black or olive

Thirty and Flirty Shorts
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [03/26 4:04:26PM] Xs black or olive

Feeling Pretty Shorts, Pretty in Frills, Frilling Pretty Shorts, Feeling Frilly, Light & Breezy Shorts, Life is better with Frills Shorts
Danielle Rusk
 [03/26 3:59:42PM] XS black

Sweet things shorts, ruffle me up shorts
Angela Yamaoka
 [03/26 3:51:50PM] beige M

Feel pretty shorts!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [03/26 3:49:00PM] Large black

Summertime beauty!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [03/26 3:47:48PM] Large black

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Mandy Shuttleworth
 [03/26 3:46:39PM] Olive Size Medium

For all occasions shorts!!!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [03/26 3:46:11PM] Black large

Walking in Sunshine shorts/tie me down pocket shorts/Draw me In Shorts/Down to Earth Frill Shorts
Glenda Desaulniers
 [03/26 3:41:47PM] Black large

Dress Me Up Shorts!
Victoria Zaharichuk
 [03/26 3:39:39PM] black XS

Pleated Perfection
Jamie Marouelli
 [03/26 3:38:40PM] Black XL

Pleated Perfection
Jamie Marouelli
 [03/26 3:38:15PM] Black XL

Feeling frilly shorts
Leah Traviss
 [03/26 3:36:31PM] Beige MED

Ruffle up shorts
Leah Traviss
 [03/26 3:34:42PM] Beige MED

Pleated Perfection
Jamie Marouelli
 [03/26 3:33:33PM] Black XL

Frilled to tie one on
Jackie Hardy
 [03/26 3:32:19PM] Xl black

Perfect for a picnic shorts
Allison Richardson
 [03/26 3:30:11PM] Black Large

Hot frills shorts
Onosen Adebo
 [03/26 3:29:06PM] Olive XL

Casual Friday shorts
Tammy Stevens
 [03/26 3:29:06PM] Black large

Easy Breezy comfy shorts
Tammy stevens
 [03/26 3:28:20PM] Black large

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Sarah Chapman
 [03/26 3:28:11PM] Black size S

Sandy Shore Shorts
Jennifer Gran
 [03/26 3:20:21PM] olive medium

In the bag shorts
Jamie Whitteker
 [03/26 3:18:21PM] M olive

It's in the Paperbag Shorts
Amanda Mader
 [03/26 3:11:03PM] Olive Large

Step into summer
Amanda Bullen
 [03/26 3:05:56PM] Black size lg

Sail away shorts
Melissa Favel
 [03/26 3:01:51PM] Black large

Yacht party 2.0
Natasha Fisher
 [03/26 2:59:47PM] Small beige

Frills and Thrills
April Coombs
 [03/26 2:58:42PM] Olive small

Milano, Riviera, Chica
Gina Beeley
 [03/26 2:53:14PM] Black, L

Frills ahead
Rebecca Richards
 [03/26 2:49:35PM] Large in olive

Paper-bag Princess Shorts
Kristie Sereda
 [03/26 2:46:59PM] Olive - medium

Strolling Along Shorts, Sunday Stroll Shorts, Sunday Brunch Shorts, Babes who Brunch Shorts
Skye Goulbourne
 [03/26 2:46:10PM] Black medium :)

Frill Seeker Shorts
Natasha Buchanan
 [03/26 2:44:59PM] Olive - M

The Paper Bag Princess Shorts!
Leslie Welch
 [03/26 2:43:57PM] Beige size medium

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Kristal Melanson
 [03/26 2:42:48PM] Black (XL)

On the Boardwalk Shorts
Josee Poirier
 [03/26 2:28:32PM] L/XL - Oatmeal

Add to Bag Shorts
Meagan Clifton
 [03/26 2:28:16PM] Black, XL

Cushy tushy shorts
Lee Ortynski
 [03/26 2:17:41PM] XL in olive

Zig Zag Paperbag
Teresa Peterson
 [03/26 2:12:20PM] Beige large

Belt in a bag shorts
Megan Harwood
 [03/26 1:55:59PM] Medium green

Cruise ready shorts
Crystal Mackie
 [03/26 1:55:25PM] Olive small

Stepped up party short
Crystal Mackie
 [03/26 1:53:16PM] Small olive

Ruffles on my edges
Crystal Mackie
 [03/26 1:52:50PM] Small olive

Belt it out shorts
Andrea Eaton
 [03/26 1:42:20PM] Black M

All about the Frills
Kristy Morro
 [03/26 1:42:10PM] Black size XL

Ruffle me Cute
Rolanda Morrow
 [03/26 1:41:30PM] size large Black or Olive

Feel the Sun Ruffle Paperbag shorts (not paperback!?)
Raylene vandebruinhorst
 [03/26 1:38:26PM] Med olive

Summer Pursuit or In pursuit of summer
Amanda Bibo
 [03/26 1:37:04PM] Black M

Feel the Sun Ruffle Paperback Shorts
Raylene Vandebriunhorst
 [03/26 1:34:57PM] Olive Medium

Try everything shorts, go everywhere shorts
Siobhan Brown
 [03/26 1:34:03PM] Green small

Beauti-frilly perfect shorts
Pam Stortz
 [03/26 1:33:46PM] Black size L

Dress Me Up Shorts
Valery Knoop-Robinson
 [03/26 1:32:49PM] Black, size small

What a frill
Karin Scholl
 [03/26 1:30:54PM] Olive - large

What a frill
Karin Scholl
 [03/26 1:30:35PM] Olive - large

Pleated comfort
Pam stortz
 [03/26 1:30:06PM] Black size large

Beautiful Bottom
Shelley Benson
 [03/26 1:29:36PM] Beige meduim

Belted Paperbag Shorts
 [03/26 1:28:24PM] Black Xlarge

Frills n Pleats Shorts
Renee Archibald
 [03/26 1:28:03PM] Black XLarge

Paper bag Princess Shorts
Jennifer Rygus
 [03/26 1:28:00PM] Black medium

Mission Com"Pleat"
Sherri Beharrell
 [03/26 1:26:41PM] Black L

Hot Shot Shorts
Jennifer Calvelli
 [03/26 1:26:37PM] Black - XL

Stepping out shorts
Tammy Waiting
 [03/26 1:25:16PM] Beige and size large

Pina coladas on the patio shorts
Melanie Rumley
 [03/26 1:23:15PM] S, black

Life's a Frill
Renee Archibald
 [03/26 1:21:53PM] Black XLarge

Sassy shorts
Lisa kirby
 [03/26 1:19:49PM] M black

Anything Goes Shorts!
Sherri Beharrell
 [03/26 1:18:02PM] Black (L)

Getting Frilly with It Shorts, Frilly Flirt Shorts, Flirty Frill Shorts, Paperbag Princess Shorts, Pretty Pleats shorts, Pretty in Pleats shorts
Cherie Inwood
 [03/26 1:16:46PM] Black XL

Frills that thrill
Kelly vermette
 [03/26 1:12:49PM] Large black

Short and Sweet ;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/26 1:12:47PM] Black XL

Short and Sweet
Natalie Baikie
 [03/26 1:09:42PM] large black

Short and Sassy, Feeling the Frill, Summer softness short, Go anywhere short, Tie one on shorts, In the bag short.
Angeline McCormick
 [03/26 1:09:13PM] Olive XL please

Short and Sassy, Feeling the Frill, Summer softness short, Go anywhere short, Tie one on shorts, In the bag short.
Angeline McCormick
 [03/26 1:08:19PM] Olive XL please

Ruff-le Around the Edges; Ruffle Your Feathers;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/26 1:08:11PM] Black, Large

Frilly Billy Shorts, Frills for Days Shorts, All about them Paperbag Shorts, Paperbag Princess Shorts, You are a Bum Shorts, You are a mess Paperbag shorts
Brittany Agnew
 [03/26 1:05:37PM] Olive, size 3x or 24

Go anywhere shorts
Tammy Waiting
 [03/26 1:04:51PM] Olive and large size

Paperbag Wishes,Caviar Dreams shorts, Meet Me at the Yacht shorts
Tracy Dubois
 [03/26 1:04:33PM] Black XL

Paislyn shorts
Tammy Waiting
 [03/26 1:04:20PM] Black and size large

Go anywhere shorts
Tammy Waiting
 [03/26 1:02:08PM] Olive and large size

Dressed to Frill, Frill Seeker, Fancy Chances
Christa Perszon
 [03/26 12:59:35PM] Black, M

“just for the frill shorts”
Sharmayne Colvin
 [03/26 12:58:06PM] Black XL

Dressed to Frill, Frill Seeker, Fancy Chances
Christa Perszon
 [03/26 12:58:05PM] Black M

Tie One On Shorts
Laura Ward
 [03/26 12:55:52PM] Black LBla

Frillin' Around Shorts
Laura Ward
 [03/26 12:55:03PM] Black L

Comfy to the Frills
Julianne Traczuk
 [03/26 12:54:49PM] Black size XL

Better off Belted
Kimberley Jackson
 [03/26 12:52:07PM] Olive lge

Fun Frilled Day Shorts
Laura Ward
 [03/26 12:50:44PM] Black L

For the Frill of It Shorts
Laura Ward
 [03/26 12:49:59PM] Black L

Classy summer
Debbie Traquair
 [03/26 12:48:18PM] Black & size large

Dentelle Shorts
Errica McMurchy
 [03/26 12:46:31PM] Olive, medium

Ruffle in time shorts
Crystal Mackie
 [03/26 12:44:36PM] Small olive

Frills and chills ahorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:44:23PM] XL black

Feeling frisky shorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:43:33PM] Black XL

Pretty in Paperbag Shorts
Lisa Murray
 [03/26 12:43:13PM] Black, XL

Paperbags fit for a Princess
Lisa Murray
 [03/26 12:42:52PM] Black, XL

Summer of frills shorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:42:49PM] XL black

Just be frilly shorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:42:07PM] Black XL

Frills and belt shorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:41:43PM] XL black

Perfect Princess Shorts
Lisa Murray
 [03/26 12:41:31PM] Black, XL

Go to shorts
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:41:00PM] Black XL

Prettier than the Paperbag Princess Shorts
Lisa Murray
 [03/26 12:40:55PM] Black, XL

Not Your Usual Paperbag Princess
Lisa Murray
 [03/26 12:40:30PM] Black, XL

Ruffle me shortz
Daisy Ng
 [03/26 12:39:29PM] Black XL

Sure to be a good day
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:37:28PM] Black L

Ruffles, Pockets and Pleats, oh my!
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:36:50PM] Black L

My favorite shorts
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:35:37PM] bkack L

It’s a cinch shorts, ruffle life shorts, paper bag perfection, summer daze shorts, sunny days shorts, touch of ruffle shorts, ruffled touch shorts, the right details shorts, ruffle kerfuffle, it’s the trim, all tied up shorts, anywhere shorts
Jessica McTavish
 [03/26 12:35:17PM] M, olive

Go Anywhere shorts
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:34:39PM] Black L

Summer ready shorts
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:34:14PM] Black L

Pockets n Pleats Shorts
Marla Mayer
 [03/26 12:34:11PM] Small, olive

Comfort zone shorts
Ashley Steele
 [03/26 12:32:17PM] XL BLACK

Thrills for Frills shorts
MaryKay Cashmore Paternoster
 [03/26 12:31:51PM] Black large or xlarge

Montego Bay shorts
Joanne Levato
 [03/26 12:31:01PM] Black Large

Pockets and pizazz
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:30:27PM] Black L

Just the right shorts
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:29:48PM] Black L

Sunny comfort wear
 [03/26 12:29:09PM] Med olive

Paper-bag Perfect
Vanessa Whitbread
 [03/26 12:28:31PM] Olive XL

Daytrp ready
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:28:15PM] Black L

Tied and true shorts
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:27:47PM] Black L

Pockets make them perfect
Summer Manca
 [03/26 12:26:58PM] Black L

Tie Me Down Shorts
Sadie Winter
 [03/26 12:24:43PM] Olive & XL

Paper bag princess shorts
Jenna Reid
 [03/26 12:24:12PM] Black xl

In the bag ruffle shorts. What’s in the bag shorts. It’s in the bag shorts. In the bag babe shorts
Debbie Partridge
 [03/26 12:24:06PM] Large black

Casual Cuties
Ashley Novak
 [03/26 12:21:55PM] Olive small

Paper Bag It Up Shorts
Natalie Watson
 [03/26 12:14:57PM] Olive and Large

Paper Bag It Up shorts
Natalie Watson
 [03/26 12:13:03PM] Olive and L

Frill Seeker Shorts
Janissa Cassells
 [03/26 12:12:13PM] Black size large

Keep it short and sweet
Amy Moore
 [03/26 12:11:38PM] Xs black

Put a little ruffle in your step shorts
Valerie Grimshire
 [03/26 12:11:08PM] L black

On the Shore Shorts
Natasha Mayes
 [03/26 12:10:49PM] Black large

Paper Bag Princess
Thea Miscavish
 [03/26 12:07:08PM] Beige xl

Adorable in Short Order
Amy Moore
 [03/26 12:06:31PM] Xs black

Frilly fancy shorts
Melissa Bulmer
 [03/26 12:06:13PM] XL olive

Keep it frilly shorts
Rebecca Welch
 [03/26 12:06:10PM] Black medium

Shorts to Notice
Amy Moore
 [03/26 12:05:59PM] Xs black

Simply Cute
Tara Sebastian
 [03/26 12:04:45PM] Black. Large.

Thrills for Frills
MaryKay Paternoster
 [03/26 12:01:51PM] Black large or xlarge

Frill me shorts
Jennifer Goguen
 [03/26 12:01:16PM] Medium beige

Thrills for Frills shorts
MaryKay Paternoster
 [03/26 12:00:37PM] Black large or Xlarge

Paperbag Princess Shorts, Ruffled Up Shorts
Jennifer Daeninck
 [03/26 12:00:12PM] Black XL

Thrills for Frills shorts
MaryKay Paternoster
 [03/26 11:59:53AM] Black large or Xlarge

Simply Frilly
Angela Crevels
 [03/26 11:57:58AM] Black L

All for the Frill shorts
Robin Parker
 [03/26 11:55:45AM] Large, black

sail me away
sherry moreland
 [03/26 11:55:45AM] black medium

Summer lovin’
Sheila Lalonde
 [03/26 11:55:42AM] Black medium

Frill me shorts
Robin Parker
 [03/26 11:54:18AM] Large, black

Feeling Frilly
Angela Crevels
 [03/26 11:52:44AM] Black L

Fierce Frills
Angela Crevels
 [03/26 11:51:58AM] Black L

Sunday Cruise Shorts
Adena Viczko
 [03/26 11:51:21AM] Black Small

Traveling The World shorts
Madison Klump
 [03/26 11:50:55AM] Black-small

Out of the Bag Shorts, All the Frills Shorts, Frills for Fun Shorties/Shorts
Brayell Dengler
 [03/26 11:50:37AM] Black, medium

Day Dreamin’
Madison Klump
 [03/26 11:49:44AM] Black -small

Perfect comfy travel short
Cheryl Stirling
 [03/26 11:49:21AM] Black XL

Fancy That Shorts
Carla Robinson
 [03/26 11:45:41AM] Olive, size small

Classic Twist shorts
Andrea George
 [03/26 11:39:44AM] Black L

In the Bag shorts
Melanie Molloy
 [03/26 11:39:31AM] Black L

Summer sassy
Lori Doeksen
 [03/26 11:38:48AM] Olive small

Summer sassy
Lori Doeksen
 [03/26 11:38:30AM] Olive small

Shoot to Frill Shorts
Emma Hawryluk
 [03/26 11:35:09AM] Black XL

Comfy-Cozy Paperbags
Mabel Skelton
 [03/26 11:31:38AM] Olive green......Size Largw

My Darling Shorts
Sabriena Eyford
 [03/26 11:28:51AM] Black / Medium

Frilly Frame Shorts
Sabriena Eyford
 [03/26 11:28:06AM] Black / Medium

Read in the paper shorts
Deana Snowden
 [03/26 11:27:42AM] Olive: size XL

Simple booty hangers
 [03/26 11:27:01AM] Black 2xl

Take me away shorts
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/26 11:25:31AM] Xs, beige

Summer nights shorts
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/26 11:24:59AM] Xs, olive

Rockin Ruffle Shorts
JJ Damsma
 [03/26 11:24:57AM] Black, Large

Free To Be
Jennifer Carter
 [03/26 11:24:15AM] Large Black

Go Anywhere Shorts
Mavis McCrea
 [03/26 11:22:21AM] Black in xl

Take me to the beach shorts
Sandy Trovato
 [03/26 11:20:05AM] Green small

Frills and chills shorts
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/26 11:20:02AM] Xs, olive

You frill me up shorts
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/26 11:19:19AM] Xs, Olive

Hot Pursuit Paperbag Shorts
Kailyn Clouthier
 [03/26 11:18:09AM] Beige & Small

Hot Pursuit Paperbag Shorts
Kailyn Clouthier
 [03/26 11:16:53AM] Beige & Small

To be frilled, meant to be frilled shorts, meant to frill, do you frill me shorts?
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/26 11:16:11AM] Black small

Summer Lovin'; Sweet Sunshine Surrender; Ruffle'n'Tumble;
Leanne Joy Duiker
 [03/26 11:14:03AM] Olive XL

Feeling the frill
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/26 11:13:42AM] Small black

Everyday Ruffles
Dana Gibson
 [03/26 11:13:26AM] olive, M

Sack Shorts
Kailyn Clouthier
 [03/26 11:11:18AM] Beige & Small

Ruffle me Short!
Melinda Ovington
 [03/26 11:06:29AM] Black S

Ladies Lunch Shorts; Happy Hour Shorts
Hailey de Sousa
 [03/26 11:04:30AM] Black, Large

Flutter by shorts
Lean Boehm
 [03/26 11:02:30AM] Large, black

For the frill of it shorts, frill out shorts, Netflix and frill shorts,
Julia strickland
 [03/26 11:02:20AM] Small black

Ruffle shorts
Brittaney Pregizer
 [03/26 10:59:40AM] Black xl

Ruffle My Paperbag Shorts
Samantha Hebert
 [03/26 10:56:35AM] Olive XL

All the Frills Shorts
Jenna Beharrell
 [03/26 10:56:17AM] Olive large

For the Frill of it shirts
Angela McLellan
 [03/26 10:54:50AM] Black M

Ruffle on the Edge
Robyn Braye
 [03/26 10:53:41AM] Black, small

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Angela McLellan
 [03/26 10:51:10AM] Black M

Classic boardwalk
Julie hoar
 [03/26 10:50:37AM] Xl Black

Paperbag thrills
Julie Hoar
 [03/26 10:50:11AM] Xl-Black

Ruffle me Short!
Melinda Ovington
 [03/26 10:49:38AM] Black S

Promanding shorts
Julie Hoar
 [03/26 10:49:24AM] Xl-black

To be thrilled
Julie hoar
 [03/26 10:48:25AM] Xl black

Take a stroll shorts
Julie Hoar
 [03/26 10:47:52AM] Xl black

Fun in the sun short frills
Sherry sproul
 [03/26 10:38:04AM] Olive medium

Pursuit my shorts
Denise Therrien
 [03/26 10:37:57AM] Black, large

Highly Sophisticated Shorts
Michelle Barron
 [03/26 10:37:37AM] Black XL

Thrilled to be frilled shorts
Denise Therrien
 [03/26 10:36:40AM] Black, med

Ruffle me up
Tanya Oslie
 [03/26 10:35:05AM] Green size M

Jenie shorts
Monty-Lea Ivison
 [03/26 10:34:05AM] Khaki large

The super cool not at all Mom shorts!
Michelle Myre-Madden
 [03/26 10:34:03AM] Olive, L

Paper Bag Swagger Shorts
Heather B
 [03/26 10:31:04AM] Block medium

Friday Frill Short
Shauna-Rae Winia
 [03/26 10:29:45AM] Green M

Easy breezy with pockets oh my... easy breezy with pockets!
Kayla davidchuk
 [03/26 10:28:46AM] Black xl

Not your regular “Paper Bag” Shorts
Kathy Pirone
 [03/26 10:27:58AM] Olive XL

Makes My Heart Flutter
Brette Bickford
 [03/26 10:27:16AM] Black and Small

Dashing Comfort
 [03/26 10:26:57AM] Olive med

Not your regular Paper Bag shorts
Kathy Pirone
 [03/26 10:26:21AM] Olive XL

Makes My Heart Flutter Shorts
Brette Bickford
 [03/26 10:26:04AM] Black and Small

Comfy Classics
Autumn Hewitt
 [03/26 10:25:14AM] Black Large

Not your regular Paper Bag shorts
Kathy Pirone
 [03/26 10:25:13AM] Olive XL

Frilled to have pockets
Natasha Lloyd
 [03/26 10:24:31AM] Large Black

True comfort with pockets! All in one bag with pockets!
Kayla davidchuk
 [03/26 10:24:11AM] Black xl

Around town shorts
Natasha Lloyd
 [03/26 10:23:02AM] Large Olive

True comfort with pockets!
Kayla davidchuk
 [03/26 10:22:59AM] Black xl

Easy Breezy All Day Shorts
Natasha Lloyd
 [03/26 10:22:39AM] Large Black

paperbag princess shorties
susan chan
 [03/26 10:22:35AM] olive, medium

Fabulous frill shorts
Leah Avery
 [03/26 10:20:59AM] Olive & Medium

Paper bag princess shorts; princess shorts, frilled to be here shorts
Jenn Bennison
 [03/26 10:19:44AM] Black, XL

the weekender
Natasha Lloyd
 [03/26 10:19:20AM] Large beige

Beyond the trail
Natasha Lloyd
 [03/26 10:18:21AM] Olive

Chambray all day
Ashlyn Gratton
 [03/26 10:17:29AM] Black large

Ease into Summer Short
Angie Mudry
 [03/26 10:16:28AM] Olive, L

Perfect pockets pursuit shorts
Mercedes Kovacs
 [03/26 10:16:19AM] Olive, xs

Getting flirty
Natasha Clarke
 [03/26 10:15:19AM] M black

Dream vacation shorts
Ashlyn Gratton
 [03/26 10:14:45AM] Black, lArge

What The Frill Shorts (WTFS)
Lily Parrouty
 [03/26 10:14:28AM] Black, Large

Boho buns
Morgan Krahn
 [03/26 10:13:40AM] White large

Relaxed ruffled shorts
Samantha fosty
 [03/26 10:13:29AM] Olive, large

Regatta Club Shorts
Stacey Williams
 [03/26 10:11:41AM] Beige & M

Easy beachy shorts
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/26 10:09:43AM] Black small

Pleated Please Shorts
Wendy VanCaeseele
 [03/26 10:09:07AM] Blaxk XL

Jacqui Stanzel
 [03/26 10:06:52AM] xl olive

Casually walking into summer shorts
Lia Abbott
 [03/26 10:03:29AM] Med olive

In the bag shorts, vacay shorts,
Amanda dingwell
 [03/26 10:00:57AM] Xl black

‘Are you f’rill shorts’ ‘keep it classy shorts’
Paige Keetch
 [03/26 10:00:42AM] Black xl or Olive xl

Paper Bag Princess
Niki Bland
 [03/26 9:58:02AM] Black - M

Frilled and flowy shorts
Jelaine Ralph
 [03/26 9:57:43AM] Beige L

Ruffle free shorts,ruffle breeze shorts,little ruffle shorts,paperbag ruffle shorts,breeze, free summer shorts,
Melina Tatchell
 [03/26 9:56:56AM] Black M

Give me the frills shirts
Leah jones
 [03/26 9:54:43AM] Black, large

Ruffle my Feathers shorts, Frills Attached shorts
Dayle DeLeeuw
 [03/26 9:49:40AM] Black, medium

Frill shorts
Erika Fediuk
 [03/26 9:45:50AM] Black XL

Ruffled for Summer
Real Hallaby
 [03/26 9:44:51AM] Black Small

Barely Ruffled Shorts
Natasha Buchanan
 [03/26 9:44:21AM] Olive - M

Frilly philly short
Candace Trites
 [03/26 9:43:09AM] Olive xs

Elizabeth Shorts
Natasha Buchanan
 [03/26 9:42:50AM] Olive - M

Paper bag princess shorts
Allyson Plater
 [03/26 9:42:11AM] Black L

Boardwalk shorts
Amanda Madill
 [03/26 9:39:56AM] black, xs

Frilled to Be Tied Shorts ; Beauty In the Shorts
April Hunt
 [03/26 9:39:25AM] Small / black

Waist for me
Christie Trembicki
 [03/26 9:39:08AM] Olive Green. Medium.

The Paperbag Princess Short
Karissa Hill
 [03/26 9:37:27AM] Black, XL

Pretty as a Petal
Natasha Marshall
 [03/26 9:37:25AM] BLACK AND XL

Fit to be tied shorts ; Tie Another One On Shorts; Not Your Grandma’s Shorts
April Hunt
 [03/26 9:37:05AM] Small black

Frilly Fun Weekender Shorts
Hillary Mahon
 [03/26 9:36:15AM] Black, L

Blew Me Away
Heather Campbell
 [03/26 9:35:56AM] Olive small

Paper Bag Princess Shorts
Jolyn Rhodes
 [03/26 9:35:11AM] Black XL

Full of frill shorts
 [03/26 9:34:39AM] Black size large

City Slickers
Monika Schneider
 [03/26 9:34:01AM] Black XL

Frill of it all shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:32:20AM] XL Olive

Frill of the Chase Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:31:53AM] XL Olive

Island Escape Short
Marika Stitt
 [03/26 9:31:52AM] Beige Small

To The Beach Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:31:14AM] XL Olive

Weekender Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:30:28AM] XL Olive

Feelin’ Frilly
Alicia de Jager
 [03/26 9:30:00AM] Olive, XS

Karen Gurney
 [03/26 9:29:17AM] XL Olive

Easy Breezie Shorts
Alicia de Jager
 [03/26 9:29:02AM] Black, XS

Out for lunch
Karen Gurney
 [03/26 9:28:10AM] XL Olive

Easy Breezy Shorts
Alicia de Jager
 [03/26 9:27:28AM] Black, XS

Perfect Aim
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:27:01AM] XL Olive

Belt It Out Shorts
Stacey Garton
 [03/26 9:25:55AM] Olive in small

Summer BREEZE, light up my day
Cheryl Hughes
 [03/26 9:25:42AM] Ex small black please not Green

Short & Sweet Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:25:09AM] XL Olive

Ruffle Your Bustle Shorts
Dana Schwenning
 [03/26 9:24:58AM] XL Black

Frills In The Bag Shorts
Stacey Garton
 [03/26 9:24:34AM] Small olive

Oh so Frilling
Melissa Melideo
 [03/26 9:24:21AM] Olive xl

On the Town Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:24:00AM] XL Olive

Cheryl hughes
 [03/26 9:23:57AM] Ex small green please

Bag of Frills Shorts
Stacey Garton
 [03/26 9:23:35AM] Small olive

Paper Bag Princess Shorts
Stacey Heuff
 [03/26 9:22:52AM] Black and large

Karen Gurney
 [03/26 9:22:40AM] XL Olive

Bunches of summer fun shorts
Cassy wilkins
 [03/26 9:22:25AM] Black xl

Classy Comfort Short
Melanie Chester
 [03/26 9:21:39AM] Olive - Medium

Frill Me Shorts
Courtney Bidwell
 [03/26 9:21:14AM] LArge balck

Pursuit Shorts
Courtney Bidwell
 [03/26 9:20:46AM] size large black

For the frill of it shorts
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/26 9:19:42AM] black xl

Easy Like Sunday Morning Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:18:33AM] XL Olive

For the frill of it shorts
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/26 9:18:12AM] Black xl

Take Me To The Boardwalk Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [03/26 9:18:08AM] XL olive

Cheap frills shorts, spring fling shorts,
Carly Gerein
 [03/26 9:18:06AM] Black small

Butterfly Kisses
Brittany Sargent
 [03/26 9:17:08AM] Olive & medium

In a Cinch
Treena Welsh
 [03/26 9:16:52AM] Black, Large

For the frill of it shorts
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/26 9:16:27AM] Black XL

Oh what a frill!
Kristy Laird
 [03/26 9:16:23AM] Black, L

In the bag
Marsha Saunders
 [03/26 9:15:10AM] M olive

Are you frill real !? shorts
Julia Schellenberg
 [03/26 9:14:46AM] M olive

Bougie short
Natasha Janzen
 [03/26 9:13:25AM] Black medium

Paperbag Princess
Michelle Hamelin
 [03/26 9:12:40AM] Black & Extra large

Get that (paper)bag
Kayla Rankin
 [03/26 9:11:51AM] M olive

In the Bag shorts
Kelly Mooney
 [03/26 9:11:48AM] Black xl

Pretty Woman Shorts; About the Frill Shorts
Gagan Gill
 [03/26 9:11:47AM] Black medium

Pleat take me home shorts
Bettina Cullum
 [03/26 9:11:26AM] Black, Large

Frilled To Be Here Shorts
Angelee Mira
 [03/26 9:11:02AM] XS Olive or Black

Paper bag princess
Jaclyn Currie
 [03/26 9:10:25AM] M beige

Carrie Pangracs
 [03/26 9:08:02AM] Black xl

You Can't Stop the Pleat Shorts
Rachel Tourville
 [03/26 9:07:50AM] Olive, XL

Weekend Queen Shorts
Lynnelle Friesen
 [03/26 9:07:42AM] Black and Small

Okay Okanagan Shorts, Remy Ruffle Shorts, Sun Shorts
Michelle Allen
 [03/26 9:07:33AM] Black Medium

Ruffle your feathers shorts
Kelly Marsh
 [03/26 9:05:26AM] Black M

Mai Tai Shorts
Rachel Tourville
 [03/26 9:04:00AM] Olive, XL

Spring Frills Shorts
Lacey Frazer
 [03/26 9:03:13AM] Black medium

Oh you frill me
Lorna casey
 [03/26 9:00:31AM] Olive and Large

Rightfully ruffled shorts
Chantille Ash
 [03/26 9:00:17AM] Black size M

Weekender Chic Shorts
Crystal Gelowitz
 [03/26 9:00:12AM] Olive size small

Keepin it Short but Sweet
Myrna Allison
 [03/26 8:59:57AM] 2xl Green

Simply Perfection Paperbag Shorts
Madison Klump
 [03/26 8:59:46AM] Black- small

Summer Frills Shorts
Jenna Peters
 [03/26 8:56:19AM] Black Large

What a frill shorts
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/26 8:53:33AM] Beige large

Ruffle Right Round Shorts
Amy Briggs
 [03/26 8:53:09AM] Xl olive

Paperbag Princess shorts
Megan Dwyer
 [03/26 8:53:09AM] Olive Sm

Oh So Frilled Shorts, So Frilled Shorts, Colour Me Frilled Shorts
Mary Thomson
 [03/26 8:52:46AM] Olive Medium

Your best frill forward
Laura Klages
 [03/26 8:50:53AM] Black, extra large

Style fringe
Cheryl Hughes
 [03/26 8:50:53AM] Olive size large

Belt it Out Shorts
Mary Thomson
 [03/26 8:50:32AM] Olive Medium

Summer yachting shorts
Wendy Sharp
 [03/26 8:50:17AM] Black large

Run-about Short
Renae Lane
 [03/26 8:50:04AM] Black, Small

Go Your Own Way Shorts
Janine Marsh
 [03/26 8:49:52AM] Black small

Belt it Out Shorts
Mary Thomson
 [03/26 8:49:22AM] Olive medium

Run-about short
Renae Lane
 [03/26 8:49:14AM] Black, small

Dress up dress down shorts
Amanda Felling
 [03/26 8:48:48AM] Black XL

On the move shorts
Leslie Conboy
 [03/26 8:48:42AM] Olive size 2XL

Belted Bliss
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [03/26 8:47:15AM] Black XS or S

Flirty Fun Shorts, Not just Business shorts, The Perfect Frill Shorts
Rachael Code
 [03/26 8:46:48AM] Olive in XL

City slicker shorts
Julie slipiec
 [03/26 8:46:23AM] Black, large

Frilling it shorts, feel the frill, short and frilly
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/26 8:45:46AM] Small black

It's a "Short" (not sure) thing shorts, Sassy and Classy Shorts, Summer Nights Shorts, Casual Friday Shorts, Feelin' Free Shorts,
Nicolle Parsons
 [03/26 8:45:33AM] XL in Black

Summer lovin fun
Tracy MacKinnon
 [03/26 8:45:22AM] Xl white

Frill of a Lifetime Shorts
Liz Roy
 [03/26 8:44:55AM] Beige medium

Frilling Pretty Shorts
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/26 8:44:17AM] XL Black

Keepin it frill shorts
Nicole Burchell
 [03/26 8:43:26AM] Black L

Belted business Shorts
Alysha watson
 [03/26 8:43:04AM] Olive, Large

Styling comfort
Tracy MacKinnon
 [03/26 8:42:58AM] Xl olive

Are you for frill shorts
Nicole Burchell
 [03/26 8:42:36AM] Black L

Pretty perfect shorts
Nicole Burchell
 [03/26 8:41:59AM] Black L

Sitting pretty
Tami Frankford
 [03/26 8:41:57AM] Sm black

Summer Dreams Shorts
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/26 8:41:16AM] Black XL

Flashing the frill, Sweet! Pockets!,
Alycia Reynolds
 [03/26 8:40:58AM] Large Black

Summer Lovin Shorts
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/26 8:40:49AM] XL Black

Paperbag Princess Shorts
Victoria Jepson
 [03/26 8:40:46AM] Black, XL

Frillin’ these shorts
Nicole Burchell
 [03/26 8:40:43AM] Black, L

Frilling your best shorts ,
Amanda Kasprowicz
 [03/26 8:40:37AM] Black XL

Frill me shorts
Nicole Burchell
 [03/26 8:39:53AM] Black, l

Bagging it shorts, Frilling the summer shorts,
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/26 8:39:29AM] Small, black

Summer Sunshine Shorts
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/26 8:39:23AM] XL Black

Frilled for summer short
Jessica brennan
 [03/26 8:39:17AM] Black medium

Legs for days
Traci Linklater
 [03/26 8:38:57AM] Beige large

Tulip Kiss Shorts
Lacey Whitt
 [03/26 8:38:37AM] Medium olive

“Frill” Seeker Shorts
Angela Snell
 [03/26 8:38:04AM] Black XL or XXL depending how they fit :)

Walking Flirty Shorts, Dress to Impress Shorts, Flirt around town Shorts
Karen Stillman
 [03/26 8:38:01AM] Black small

Everyday Belted Ruffle
Cindy Bennett
 [03/26 8:37:34AM] XL Black

frilly and free
Alycia Reynolds
 [03/26 8:36:54AM] Large Black

Frill Ride Shorts
Jenna Carruthers
 [03/26 8:35:14AM] Black, Med

Casual vibes shorts
Leanne haus
 [03/26 8:33:56AM] Black large

Ruffle my pockets shorts
Cindy Bennett
 [03/26 8:33:47AM] XL black

Fringed pretty
Cindy Bennett
 [03/26 8:33:24AM] XL Black

Walking on Sunshine shorts, bag full of sunshine shorts
Nicole Gregg
 [03/26 8:32:59AM] Large olive

Life’s a “frill” shorts ; Bag it up shorts ; Tie me happy shorts ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [03/26 8:32:18AM] S, Beige

Summer fringe shorts
Cindy Bennett
 [03/26 8:31:55AM] XL black

Everyday belted shorts, everyday pocket shorts
Cindy Bennett
 [03/26 8:31:00AM] Black XL

sassy class shorts
yvonne sims
 [03/26 8:30:58AM] medium black

Summertime ruffle short
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/26 8:29:53AM] Small olive

Pretty little thing shorts
Ina Hammer
 [03/26 8:29:40AM] olive. xs

Summer Stroll Shorts
Melissa Goldie
 [03/26 8:29:15AM] Olive xl

Freedom Shorts
Kaila Hall
 [03/26 8:28:50AM] Beige medium

I’m Frilled shorts
Melissa Goldie
 [03/26 8:28:45AM] Olive xl

Just the Right Ruffle
Tiffaney Gamble
 [03/26 8:28:29AM] Green Small

classy sass shorts
yvonne sims
 [03/26 8:28:24AM] medium black

classy sass shorts
yvonne sims
 [03/26 8:28:04AM] medium black

Sunny days shorts, not your typical paper bag princess shorts, take frill short, Frill of the day shorts,
Kristin Frombach
 [03/26 8:27:04AM] Black XL

paper bag Princess shorts, what a frill shorts,
Alanna renwick
 [03/26 8:26:19AM] Olive M

Paper Bag Princess Shorts
Leigh Wells
 [03/26 8:23:54AM] Beige XL

Walkin’ Away Shorts
Tamara Morrison
 [03/26 8:22:06AM] Xl black

Summer dreamin'
 [03/26 8:20:41AM] L beige

Life's a dream shorts
 [03/26 8:19:42AM] L beige

Ruffle me this
Heather Witherspoon
 [03/26 8:18:46AM] Olive xl/ 2xl

Delivery notice shorts
Ashlee Murray
 [03/26 8:18:12AM] XL Black

Frilled for Summer!
Kendra Watt
 [03/26 8:18:06AM] Black - XL

Summer lovin'
 [03/26 8:17:57AM] L beige

Paper bag princess shorts
Nicole Smith
 [03/26 8:17:57AM] Beige M

Paper bag princess
Desiree Irving
 [03/26 8:16:31AM] Large I love any color

Frilled for Summer!
Kendra Watt
 [03/26 8:16:04AM] Black - XL

Stardom shorts
 [03/26 8:15:28AM] Large black

Decked out shorts
Bobbi Janzen
 [03/26 8:15:11AM] Olive small

Not your average paperbag princess
Robyn m
 [03/26 8:15:06AM] Olive M

Knot Waist
Sheila Moerkoert
 [03/26 8:15:01AM] Black xl

Short and sweet shorts, cocktail hour shorts, sweet as pie shorts, no frills shorts
Shannon Greene
 [03/26 8:14:36AM] Beige, medium

Comfy cozy dress shorts
 [03/26 8:14:16AM] Large black

Simplee Summer Shorts
Sheila Moerkoert
 [03/26 8:13:52AM] Black xl

Belted princess
Dakota Amanda MACQUARRIE
 [03/26 8:13:32AM] Large black

Pleated Perfection Shorts
Cherie Myles
 [03/26 8:13:14AM] Olive, small

The right stuff, pleat it up
Melinda Leifso
 [03/26 8:12:58AM] Black xl

Cozy perfection
 [03/26 8:12:36AM] Large black

Feeling Fine all the Time
Kelli Wilson
 [03/26 8:12:31AM] Black in Medium

Classy and fabulous
 [03/26 8:12:18AM] Large black

Belted viben shorts
 [03/26 8:11:54AM] Large black

Ruffle party shorts
Michelle Sanguin
 [03/26 8:11:41AM] Olive large

It’s in the Bag shorts
Sarah Rice
 [03/26 8:11:33AM] Black XL

Comfy Plus Classy
Alison Soucy
 [03/26 8:11:15AM] M Black

Summer Lovin’ shorts
Jordon Lindner
 [03/26 8:11:06AM] Olive, Size Large

Paper bag vibes
 [03/26 8:10:59AM] Large black

Flirty Frills
Sarah Rice
 [03/26 8:10:55AM] Black XL

Pebble Beach Shorts
Michelle Sanguin
 [03/26 8:10:36AM] Olive, large

Standing Ovation shorts
Jennifer Smith
 [03/26 8:10:25AM] Black XL

Stardom vibes
 [03/26 8:10:23AM] Large black

Weekend vibes
 [03/26 8:09:43AM] Large black

Summer Lovin’ shorts
Jordon Lindner
 [03/26 8:09:40AM] Olive, Size L

Belt it out Shorts
Katelyn Wiebe
 [03/26 8:09:35AM] Black (8) medium

Belt it out Shorts, paper bag princess shorts
Katelyn Wiebe
 [03/26 8:08:46AM] Black (8) Med

Ruffle Me Pretty
Amanda Lusty
 [03/26 8:08:34AM] Large, Beige

All the Frills Shorts
Sarah Rice
 [03/26 8:08:20AM] Black XL

Steal the show shorts, stole the show shorts
Emma Duncan
 [03/26 8:07:58AM] Black, XL

Paper Bag Princess
Sarah Weiss
 [03/26 8:07:51AM] Olive, Large

Sass and style shorts
Sarah Bily
 [03/26 8:07:38AM] Black Large

On the Horizon Shorts
Tracy Fisher
 [03/26 8:07:37AM] Black - Small

Pleat to meet you!
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [03/26 8:07:22AM] Large, black

Ruffle My Feathers Shorts
Karime Thom
 [03/26 8:07:18AM] Black large

Tie n’ go shorts
Tara Macaulay
 [03/26 8:07:12AM] Olive large

Standing ovation shorts
Veronica kish
 [03/26 8:07:10AM] Small, beige

Perfect Pair (Paperbag Shorts)
Samara Worth
 [03/26 8:06:26AM] xs beige

Newsflash Shorts, Extra! Extra! Shorts, Newsworthy Shorts, Paper Boy Shorts
Melissa Stevens
 [03/26 8:06:16AM] Black, Large

Paper Bag Princess Short
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/26 8:06:13AM] Beige medium

Please to meet you!
Sydney sopiwnyk
 [03/26 8:05:38AM] Large, black

Paper Bag Princess
Joelle Bakker
 [03/26 8:05:36AM] M, black

Just frill with it
Jessica Cochrane
 [03/26 8:05:09AM] Black, large

Simply stunning shorts
Jackie Fletcher
 [03/26 8:04:37AM] Large black

Pleated to Meet you shorts
Sarah Rice
 [03/26 8:04:11AM] Black XL

Like A Lady Shorts
Megan Fristak
 [03/26 8:03:59AM] Black M

Life is a Frill Shorts
Tara Kroeger
 [03/26 8:03:53AM] Xl black

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