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Casual Midi Dress
May 28, 2021

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Total of 986 Entries
Congratulations to Aubrey Price, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Making My Way Downtown Midi Dress!

The Whenever Pullover
Karen English Langford
 [05/30 8:51:25AM] 2xl black or white

Mi-Dress to Impress
Kristy Klarich
 [05/30 8:47:02AM] 2xl olive

The Go To Dress
Sue Michaud
 [05/30 8:43:35AM] Grey/Large

Summer Daze
Rita Young
 [05/30 8:36:57AM] 2XL Heather Grey

It has Pockets
Shannon Toulman
 [05/30 8:35:42AM] Small, green

Shannon Toulman
 [05/30 8:34:36AM] Small, green

Set to Go
Rita Young
 [05/30 8:34:34AM] 2XL , Heather Grey

Meet me midway
Victoria Petrovic
 [05/30 8:29:13AM] Small black

The Natalie
Natalie Gonneau
 [05/30 8:27:34AM] Large in green

Summer on my mind
Holly Brown
 [05/30 8:21:46AM] XL green

All Around town midi dress
Kimberly Flannery
 [05/30 8:16:32AM] Xl black

Midsummers night’s dress
Angela Prokop
 [05/30 8:12:29AM] XL Green

Cool and free
Angela O'Connor
 [05/30 8:03:26AM] Olive 2xl

Pockets are Life
Leanne Emery
 [05/30 8:01:45AM] Small & olive green

A Mid Day Stroll, Midnight Vibes, A Dress to Remember, Casual Mid Day Vibes, Seize the Day Dress, A stroll along the Coast Dress, Ready-Set-Beach, Unleash the Sun Dress
Michelle MacDonald
 [05/30 7:15:44AM] Small, Olive

Lady of leisure midi dress
Allison Lemoine
 [05/30 6:55:32AM] Xs

Mid to Be
Bobbi Janzen
 [05/30 6:53:46AM] Striped small

Sunset Beach dress
Tanya Howells
 [05/30 6:52:52AM] Sm

Waist Define Midi, Curve Hem Midi
Courtney Keppen
 [05/30 6:21:15AM] Olive, Large

You Had Me At Hello or You Inspire Me
Tatianna Hommy
 [05/30 5:44:27AM] Size Large in Olive

Meet me in the Midi of Nowhere!
Michelle Arsenault
 [05/30 5:35:18AM] Black size medium

The Neutral Agreement
Michelle Arsenault
 [05/30 5:31:05AM] Black size medium

Looking Good!
Sandra Devost
 [05/30 5:16:21AM] Size L, Colour black

Every girl’s GO-TO
Jennifer Smit Carroll
 [05/30 4:37:29AM] Green, medium

Oh but I don’t wear dresses!
Jennifer smit carroll
 [05/30 4:36:15AM] Green, medium

Say yes to the dress
Jennifer smit carroll
 [05/30 4:33:44AM] Green. Medium

Casual Evening Dress
Olessya Boone
 [05/30 12:05:24AM] XL black

Midsummer Night's Midi
Korin Yunker
 [05/29 11:24:10PM] M & Olive

Midi Summer Sunshine
Tracy Wiebe
 [05/29 10:54:57PM] Medium,olive

Summer Fresh Dress
France Roy
 [05/29 9:58:08PM] Large & green Olive

Lazy days midi dress
Lauren Schroeder
 [05/29 9:45:10PM] Black, large

The Easy breezy beautiful dress
 [05/29 9:40:20PM] 2xl blue /purple

Sum-mer it up dress! Dress is it up or down...Sum (mer) it up dress!
Nikki McKenzie
 [05/29 9:33:37PM] XL light Heather grey

The Yes Dress, Summer Nights, Ocean breeze, The Everything dress,
Lee-Ann Tranmer
 [05/29 9:09:10PM] XL green

Just like heaven
Chevonne Oginski
 [05/29 8:56:37PM] Small, olive

Fresh & Flirty Midi Summer Dress
Marlene Hogg
 [05/29 8:51:54PM] XL Light Heather Grey

Endless Summer
Sonya Gemmill
 [05/29 7:23:16PM] XL Olive

Summer Chic
Erin Julihn
 [05/29 7:09:40PM] S, Olive

It's a Tie Midi
Reena Clarkson
 [05/29 6:57:35PM] Size S, Olive

Easy Breezy Midi Dress
Reena Clarkson
 [05/29 6:55:46PM] Size S, Olive

Cruise control, pocket full of sunshine, good vibes, summer wanderlust
Gina MacGregor
 [05/29 6:55:39PM] Medium black

Saturday Morning Dress
Reena Clarkson
 [05/29 6:55:13PM] Size S, Olive

Mid Summer Nights Dream
Lynn Beisel
 [05/29 6:46:18PM] XL olive

Day~tripper Midi Dress
Susanne Fleming
 [05/29 6:29:01PM] Black, medium

Come sail away, live in the sunshine, hello summer, Girls just wanna have sun, Cruise control, Sailin Away, onboard, casual-chic,
Gina MacGregor
 [05/29 6:27:52PM] Medium black

Midi Time, Pocket full of strings, catch me Midi, sun of pockets,
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 6:12:34PM] Blk 2xl

Right on the Money
Julie Odia
 [05/29 6:11:24PM] 2XL green

Fashion Maxi, In The Ivy, Maxi Dream, wine vibe,
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 6:09:14PM] Black 2xl

Sew Instyle
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 6:06:47PM] Black 2xl

The Big Easy
Jessica Hayley
 [05/29 5:52:27PM] XL, olive

In a cinch midi
Jennifer Maniezzo
 [05/29 5:38:45PM] Green, small

Swept away by Summer
Nadine Bennett
 [05/29 5:33:34PM] Large black

All Tied Up in You sundress, Tying one on dress,
Krista Rutschmann
 [05/29 5:29:34PM] Olive, XL

Let’s Go Baby-Oh Midi Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 5:14:18PM] 3XL Black

Oh Happy Day
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 5:09:38PM] 3XL Light Heather Grey

The Duchess
Janice Ilowski
 [05/29 4:54:55PM] XL light heather grey

Fits Midi Perfect dress
Danielle Abbott
 [05/29 4:50:22PM] Large, Olive

All occasions summer dress
Sabrina Stephen
 [05/29 4:49:05PM] Black large

Midday Midi Dress
Danielle Abbott
 [05/29 4:48:13PM] Large, Olive

A Walk In The Park Midi Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:47:41PM] 3XL Black

Made to be loved and love to be made.
Sabrina Stephen
 [05/29 4:47:11PM] Black large

Week-Ender Dress
Danielle Abbott
 [05/29 4:43:18PM] Large, Olive

Meant to be summer midi
Sabrina Stephen
 [05/29 4:42:04PM] Olive large

Knees & Toes Midi Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:41:28PM] 3XL Black

Green with envy dress!
Sabrina Stephen
 [05/29 4:39:29PM] Green large

Bonjour le Midi Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:38:20PM] 3XL Olive

Le Soleil du Midi
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:36:33PM] 3XL Light

Life’s a Picnic Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:29:21PM] 3XL Black

Draw me in close
Vherra Salikin
 [05/29 4:28:09PM] XL Striped please

Summer Breeze
Tiana Phillips
 [05/29 4:24:11PM] Small light heather grey

Chillaxin’ Dress
Collette LeBlanc
 [05/29 4:15:07PM] 3XL Olive

Oh so fab midi dress
Michelina Morsillo
 [05/29 3:56:08PM] Green xs

Pockets to please dress
Lisa Sigfuson
 [05/29 3:45:33PM] XL & Olive Green

Simply Summer Tunic Dress, Simply Summer Dress
Krissi Martin
 [05/29 3:40:00PM] Large, Green

Sunrise to sunset dress
Louise Vukas
 [05/29 3:34:42PM] Xs grey

Light and Sassy
Angele Letourneau
 [05/29 3:32:57PM] Size: M / Colour: Olive

Dip into summer
Louise Vukas
 [05/29 3:32:50PM] Xs grey

Midtown midi
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/29 3:06:52PM] Green large

Fly away with mid length dress
Teresa Bird
 [05/29 3:02:26PM] 2xl striped

Feeling Good!
Sandra Devost
 [05/29 2:48:12PM] size L. Light Heather Grey

Old reliable
Annette Kirnbauer
 [05/29 2:30:49PM] Olive, Lg

Perfect Pleasure
Gloria Woodland
 [05/29 2:15:49PM] 2x olive

Lounging around town
Lori Earl
 [05/29 2:15:40PM] Olive XL

Earth power midi dress
Rama Kemmerer
 [05/29 1:38:19PM] Black and white stripe in size XL

Beach Please, Whenever Whereever, Wine and Dine, Pish Posh, the Success Dress
Brittany Hooyer
 [05/29 1:38:11PM] Olive XLG

Simply Elegance midi dress
Lana Keirstead
 [05/29 1:28:30PM] Olive XSmall

The 'Must Have' Summer Midi
Laura Silvers
 [05/29 1:26:24PM] XL Black

A midi-summer’s night dream dress
Amy Moore
 [05/29 1:04:18PM] Xs black and white

Days that End in Y Midi Dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/29 12:48:08PM] L, Black and white stripes

Midi-Night Summers Dream
Melissa MacKinnon
 [05/29 12:35:10PM] Medium, olive

Sail Away with Me, Happy Sails, Cinchin' Pretty
Tara Kennedy
 [05/29 11:43:11AM] Large & Black

Meet me at the Cafe Midi Dress, Bistro Bound Midi Dress
Carrie Coon
 [05/29 11:41:26AM] Medium Olive

that summertime feeling dress
G sheppard
 [05/29 11:30:06AM] Gray M

Simply Summer
Tracey Row
 [05/29 11:23:27AM] Small& Black

Dress down wine and dine
Desiree Farley
 [05/29 11:22:27AM] Green and Large

Summer in Italy
Valarie alliet
 [05/29 11:15:42AM] Olive large

Casual Summer Nights Midi Dress
Angela Benton
 [05/29 11:00:11AM] Small in Olive

Iddy biddy midi
Rae-Anne Gall
 [05/29 10:51:19AM] Olive 3 xl

Sophistication in a cinch
Rae-Anne Gall
 [05/29 10:49:01AM] Olive 3xl

Dress up or down gown
Rae-Anne Gall
 [05/29 10:48:04AM] Olive 3xl

Day On The Town Midi
Jodi Sharpe
 [05/29 10:46:47AM] 2xl Olive

Styled in a cinch midi dress
Rae-Anne Gall
 [05/29 10:46:14AM] Olive 3xl

Summer Sass
Deborah Jackson
 [05/29 10:45:34AM] xl olive

Easy Peasy Summer, Summers Ease
Elisabeth lewis
 [05/29 10:43:29AM] Xl

Summer stroll
Melanie LEcuyer
 [05/29 10:38:09AM] Olive XS

Anytime anywhere dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/29 10:23:48AM] Small olive

Easy Breezy
Teresa Fast
 [05/29 10:17:09AM] large and olive

Made For Me
Teresa Fast
 [05/29 10:16:32AM] Size large and Olive

Scoopin' You Out Midi Dress
Lacey Frazer
 [05/29 10:14:46AM] Medium, black

Sunset Saunter Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/29 10:14:03AM] Stripes, XL

Too hot for pants
Jenn Hodgson
 [05/29 10:13:11AM] 2xl olive

Escape from Reality Summer Midi Dress
Trisha Ciarlo
 [05/29 10:12:43AM] Small pink

On the go dress
Stephanie Priebe
 [05/29 10:11:04AM] Small, Olive

Waisted Time midi dress
Stephanie Horlings
 [05/29 10:06:45AM] Olive green, large

Midi Summer Night's Dream
Ronda Lasko
 [05/29 9:56:31AM] 2 xl black

Slipping into the weekend, Lakeview Dress, Afternoon Delight, Summertime Vibes, Give me a Cabana on the Beach Dress,
Carey Dingsdale
 [05/29 9:52:19AM] Black small

Truly me
Christine Péladeau
 [05/29 9:51:38AM] Small, Black and white stripes

Do It All Dress
Erin Sharma
 [05/29 9:37:46AM] Medium, green

Sweet Breeze Summer Dress
Meg Holmes
 [05/29 9:23:28AM] Med olive green

Comfy all occasion dress
Valerie Dietrich
 [05/29 9:22:45AM] M , olive

Simply Fresh
Sue Swanson
 [05/29 8:59:35AM] Large/ light heather gray

Free To Be Me
Sharon Poitras
 [05/29 8:59:32AM] Medium, black

Island Time Midi Dress
Tara Kennedy
 [05/29 8:58:34AM] Large & Black

Slip into Summer Midi Dress
Lindsay Gaschnitz
 [05/29 8:39:45AM] Large striped

Summer Dreaming, Hazy days of summer.
Ann Milne
 [05/29 8:29:37AM] Olive Large

Laurette Hudon
 [05/29 8:16:52AM] Large, black

Casual Diva
Lisa McDaid
 [05/29 8:13:31AM] Small black

Midi en soleil
Steph Paquette
 [05/29 8:13:00AM] Large striped

Summer Luv’n
Samantha Kennedy
 [05/29 8:12:47AM] S Olive

Riverside Stroll Midi Dress, Casual Class Midi Dress, High-Low Hello Midi Dress
Diana Stephens
 [05/29 8:11:46AM] L Olive

Summer swag
Maureen Currie
 [05/29 8:11:42AM] Large. Black

Beach please!
Michelle Bucholtz
 [05/29 8:11:33AM] Small, green

Sail Away Dress
Emily Gabriel
 [05/29 8:10:23AM] XL Green

Grab and go Medi-dress
Roxanne Dutchak
 [05/29 8:09:44AM] Large-green

Stefanie midi
Stephanie Colarossi
 [05/29 8:09:18AM] XL black & white stripes

Sailor Sun midi dress
Lisa Steenberg
 [05/29 8:08:43AM] S green

Tie one on this summer
Jackie Hardy
 [05/29 8:07:33AM] Olive 2x

The NatMac
Nathalie MacKenzie
 [05/29 8:07:30AM] L on black

Jennifer Scott
 [05/29 8:03:59AM] black, medium

Casual Elegance
Tracy Werner
 [05/29 8:03:47AM] XL /Green

Moonlight Kiss
Donna Humber
 [05/29 8:02:19AM] Olive 2XL

Summer stylin’; rose all day; picnic in paradise
Christy Billan
 [05/29 7:56:38AM] Green; M

Uptown Casual Dress,
Nadine Bissonnette
 [05/29 7:36:52AM] olive 3xl

Sand & Sun Midi
Delayne Pappel
 [05/29 7:30:21AM] Stripes in xl

Dreaming of Summer Midi Dress
Stacey Garton
 [05/29 7:26:30AM] XS Black

Summer Dreams Midi Dress
Stacey Garton
 [05/29 7:25:47AM] XS Black

Fun in the Sun midi dress
Delayne Pappel
 [05/29 7:25:26AM] Stripes in xl

Midi Summers Dream Dress
Stacey Garton
 [05/29 7:22:42AM] XS Black

Sunday Drives Dress
Caitlin Fox
 [05/29 7:22:01AM] Olive medium

Sashay the Day Away
Kelly Cribb
 [05/29 7:13:54AM] Medum green

The Robin; Sunny Days; Mama Bird; Perfect Park Day
Robin Parker
 [05/29 6:57:53AM] Medium, Olive

‘Dress and Go’ perfect midi
Jennifer Smit Carroll
 [05/29 6:53:08AM] Size medium. Green

Mind my midi
Shelley Bartodziej
 [05/29 6:49:56AM] Black and white medium

‘Oh but I’m not a dress person’
Jennifer Smit Carroll
 [05/29 6:49:52AM] Size medium. Green

Easy Breezy
Jennie Maggiolo
 [05/29 6:47:13AM] green 2XL

Summer in the city dress - feeling fine dress - pretty in the city dress - city sights dress
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [05/29 6:44:55AM] M and olive please

Park date dress
Andrea Meredith
 [05/29 6:40:03AM] Stripe large

Pairs well with a messy bun dress
Andrea Meredith
 [05/29 6:39:18AM] Large grey

Adventure awaits dress
Andrea Meredith
 [05/29 6:37:41AM] Stripe large

Chasing sunshine
Andrea Meredith
 [05/29 6:37:05AM] Stripe large

Feeling Pretty
Rebekah Crandall
 [05/29 6:32:06AM] Large and Black

The Bees Knees Everyday Midi
Meg Jaycock
 [05/29 6:31:23AM] L- black

Pocket full of sunshine midi dress
Lynda Wilk
 [05/29 6:30:54AM] Black & white stripes, large

Sunny morning
Christina admiraal
 [05/29 6:21:45AM] Light heather, size large

Lake days Midi Dress
Chantal Doucet
 [05/29 6:18:20AM] Green large

Simply Soft Tank Dress
Lynn Bell
 [05/29 6:05:21AM] Large - Olive

Tied and true dress
Nancy Keating
 [05/29 6:04:00AM] Olive XL

Summer ease
Eleanor reid
 [05/29 5:32:15AM] X l striped

Blissful Caress Dress
Elizabeth caron
 [05/29 5:28:06AM] Xs black and white stripes

Sophie ?
Shelly Akins
 [05/29 5:20:56AM] Xl stripe

Southern Comfort
Brooke Ronan
 [05/29 5:17:30AM] Small Olive

Comfort in style dress
Denise Therrien
 [05/29 5:11:09AM] Med. Stripe

Me, Myself and MIdi
Alison Robichaud
 [05/29 5:08:04AM] Black and white striped size small

Stuck in the Midi Dress
 [05/29 5:05:19AM] Medium both colors!

Market midi dress, market day dress, casual friday dress, off to market dress, summer vibe dress
Crystal Foerster
 [05/29 5:02:24AM] Black, medium

Hopelessly devoted to summer dress
Melissa McCrystal
 [05/29 5:00:10AM] Heather grey large

Cinch Me In Midi Dress
Natasha Kyte
 [05/29 4:46:31AM] Small Black &White

Summer Lovin' midi
Diana McKenzie
 [05/29 2:57:36AM] Small, Olive colour

Beachside Comfort Dress, Under the Boardwalk Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/29 2:28:50AM] Black XL

Casual feels midi dress
Kortney klossen
 [05/29 1:30:45AM] xL -green

Vacay vibes midi
Amanda Simoes
 [05/29 1:28:59AM] Black size small

Meet Me Midi-Way Dress
Linsey Benson
 [05/28 11:42:33PM] Medium Olive

North Shore Classic
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:40:41PM] Black Large

Sunday brunch midi
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:37:43PM] Back L

Mind set midi
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:34:45PM] Black L

Summering In Style Casual Dress
Stacy Hart
 [05/28 11:33:35PM] Grey large

Midway queen
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:32:08PM] Black Large

Chic out
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:30:39PM] Black Large

All tied up
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:30:06PM] Black L

all tied up
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/28 11:28:36PM] Green XL

Pocket perfection midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:17:35PM] Xl black

“Omg it’s got pockets!” Midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:17:12PM] Xl black

Sunday Funday Dress, Keep it Casual Dress, Maybe She’s Born With It Dress
Brittany Smith
 [05/28 11:16:47PM] XL Olive

Free and easy midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:16:22PM] Xl black

Fancy & free midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:15:54PM] Xl black

Act casual midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:14:29PM] Xl black

By the tie’d midi dress
Nadine Golden
 [05/28 11:13:43PM] Black & White stripes

Party in the Garden
Kelly Millar
 [05/28 10:35:04PM] Large Black

By the seaside
Chantelle Murray
 [05/28 10:28:12PM] Small green

Sun Kissed
 [05/28 10:25:50PM] Black and White Stripes, Large

Tie One On
Victoria Lake
 [05/28 9:54:16PM] S, Grey

MIDI About You Dress
Andrea Haywood
 [05/28 9:53:44PM] S, Grey

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere
Andrea Haywood
 [05/28 9:49:50PM] S, Grey

Sophisticated Summer Dress
Randi Hansen
 [05/28 9:49:43PM] Black 2x

Secret Garden Dress
Shannon Reynolds
 [05/28 9:43:22PM] Black & medium

Made for the Midi, Midi Comfort, Feelin’ Fine, The Midi Babe,
Chantal LaRoche
 [05/28 9:41:00PM] XL, black or grey or green. Surprise me!

Weekend Getaway Dress
Julie Forde
 [05/28 9:38:11PM] Green/small

Sweetheart Afternoon
Vicky Rose
 [05/28 9:36:10PM] Olive XL

Feeling’ Fine n’ Fabulous; Made for the Midi; MIdi Style with Maxi comfort;
Chantal LaRoche
 [05/28 9:35:27PM] Black or light grey, XL

Hassle Free Pocket Dress, In It To Win It Pocket Dress, Just Flow With It Pocket Dress, Deja Vu Pocket Dress
Elena Vaquerano
 [05/28 9:27:16PM] Oilve Large

Ready for the day
Heather Andries
 [05/28 9:10:27PM] Medium Olive

Perfect and Picturesque
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 9:08:26PM] Small, light heather grey

Fun in the sun dress
Duena Ferguson
 [05/28 9:06:06PM] XS green

Boardwalk Beauty
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 9:05:52PM] Small, light heather grey

Lounge around dress
Geri Watling
 [05/28 9:05:01PM] Olive 3xl

Let's Chill!
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 9:04:20PM] Small, Heather light grey

Blissfully Beautiful; Blissful & Beautiful; Blushing Beauty
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 9:03:10PM] Small, heather light grey

On The Fly Dress
Carrie Bokser
 [05/28 9:01:26PM] SM - green

Charmingly Chillin
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 8:58:59PM] Small, light Heather Grey

Causal Vibes Dress or Feeling Flrty Dress
Angela Goerz
 [05/28 8:55:58PM] 2xl in olive

Simple n Significant
 [05/28 8:55:14PM] Small, light Heathered Grey

Summer Breeze
Carmen Comtois
 [05/28 8:51:38PM] Olive size 2X

Mid week midi dress
Jennifer Boiteau
 [05/28 8:50:03PM] Small/navy

Boathouse Beauty
Krystal Stevely
 [05/28 8:47:14PM] Small, Light Heathered Grey

Simple serenity
 [05/28 8:41:13PM] Olive large

I gotcha babe
Kim Twyman
 [05/28 8:40:22PM] XL olive

Day or night midi, 24 hour dress, Meet in the middle midi, meet in the “midi” dress
Amber-Lee Case
 [05/28 8:39:50PM] Extra small black

Spring Love or Fall in love with Spring dress or Perfect fit spring dress
Lisa tung
 [05/28 8:34:59PM] Green, large

Weekend vibes
Melanie Calder
 [05/28 8:28:01PM] Green lrg

Living envy
Melanie Calder
 [05/28 8:25:27PM] Green lrg

Living balance
Melanie Calder
 [05/28 8:24:08PM] Green lrg

A Walk in the Park Dress
Trista Lush
 [05/28 8:22:39PM] Olive & 2XL

Anytime, Anywhere Dress
Jennifer Shaw
 [05/28 8:22:10PM] L olive

A Walk in the Park Dress
Trista Lush
 [05/28 8:21:41PM] Olive & 2XL

Love in Paris
Kendall Lueck
 [05/28 8:14:12PM] Large, olive

Not your momma’s midi! Or Nacho Momma’s Midi ... flirty flair, fabulously fresh and flirty
La-Na Fragomeni
 [05/28 8:13:31PM] 3x black or grey

Sunday Brunch
Angela Sheridan
 [05/28 8:11:38PM] Large black

Drop to your knees dress
Tammy Wesselius
 [05/28 8:10:37PM] Green medium

Summer Ease Dres
Erin Barton
 [05/28 8:10:32PM] XL Green or Black

Sum-mer it up dress! ....however you want to spin the spelling/grammar... or - casual or dressy...Sum (mer) it up dress!
Nikki McKenzie
 [05/28 8:04:31PM] XL light Heather grey...thanks! :)

Sunrise to Sunset dress
Kristi Charlie
 [05/28 7:57:52PM] XS olive

Footloose and Fancy Free
Keely Hogan
 [05/28 7:56:01PM] 2xl Green

Go With the Flow !
Jenna Leigh Kuse
 [05/28 7:53:19PM] Small (S) Olive

Envy and Green with Envy
Lisa Fearnley
 [05/28 7:52:23PM] Green xl

Meet me in the Midi dress
Andrea Graham
 [05/28 7:43:53PM] Green, L

The Go To Casual Dress
Jessica Feiffer
 [05/28 7:43:28PM] M-Olive

Italian Summer, Lido dress, Irish Kiss, Strolling along the Seine, Parisian Summer, Paris Lights,
Katy Geh
 [05/28 7:42:24PM] XL, Light Heather

A dress for all seasons
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:41:27PM] Xs, black

Versatile chic
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:40:24PM] Xs black

Perfect Everyday Dress
 [05/28 7:37:30PM] Black and white stripes XL

Understated elegance
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:36:37PM] Xs, olive

Looking Lovely Dress
Barb Langham
 [05/28 7:36:20PM] S black

It’s a Draw Dress
Anna Comfort
 [05/28 7:34:12PM] Black and white, 2x

Midway dress
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:33:22PM] Xs, olive

Easy breezy
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:31:28PM] Xs, olive

Midi My
Rebecca Armstrong
 [05/28 7:30:35PM] Xs, Olive

Just For The Flow Of It
LeDawn Webb
 [05/28 7:21:21PM] Black, L

Summer Haze Midi, Summer Days Midi, Easy Summer Days, Easy Summer Haze, Casual Summer Days, Breezy Days Midi
Lisa Murray
 [05/28 7:16:27PM] 2xl green

Maxing out summer vibes
Josée robert
 [05/28 7:13:10PM] Small black

“Ready for Anything”
Donna Shaddick
 [05/28 7:11:38PM] Black

Made Just for You Midi Dress
Brandy Macaluso
 [05/28 7:05:48PM] Large Black

Easy Summer Days Midi Dress, Sunny Rays and Summer Days Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/28 7:05:14PM] 2xl green

From Sunny Days to Nightime Haze Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/28 7:03:33PM] 2xl green

Easy Ways Summer Haze Dress, Easy Ways Sunny Days Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/28 7:02:37PM] 2xl green

Out for a stroll dress
Amanda townshend
 [05/28 6:59:52PM] Size medium striped

Sunny Days Midi Haze, Summer Days and Fall Haze
Lisa murray
 [05/28 6:59:45PM] 2xl green

“Chez-chic” ...?
Jeanette Mills
 [05/28 6:58:26PM] Green large

Summer Days Midi Ways
Lisa murray
 [05/28 6:58:00PM] 2xl green

Everywhere Midi
Stephanie McGregor
 [05/28 6:48:03PM] Large Olive

Spring Fling Dress, Garden Party Dress, Outdoor Gatherings Permitted Dress
Michelle Cowan
 [05/28 6:44:53PM] Small, black

Hot town, Summer in a Midi Dress
Miranda Phoenix
 [05/28 6:39:36PM] Small green

Midsummer midi
Rachelle renaud
 [05/28 6:36:01PM] Small and strips

Midi Dress - Scoop it up!
Serena Bennett
 [05/28 6:35:56PM] 2xl olive

Say it "Midi Dress"
Serena Bennett
 [05/28 6:34:39PM] 2xl olive

Sophisticated Swish
Nancy Haugland
 [05/28 6:32:04PM] Black Medium

À la midi , midi lovin' , mididay sun
Tania Crowley
 [05/28 6:31:27PM] L olive

Anytime midi dress
Lynne morrow
 [05/28 6:31:17PM] Large green

Summer Breeze Med-length dress
Robyn Leech
 [05/28 6:31:03PM] 2xl Olive

Weekend brunch
Lynne morrow
 [05/28 6:29:03PM] Large black and white

Summer Flirt
Joanna Cole
 [05/28 6:25:04PM] Medium Olive

Sweet Envy
Kristy Vreeland
 [05/28 6:21:31PM] Large, olive

Mid summer dream
Lyndsey Baker
 [05/28 6:16:08PM] Olive large

Easy breezy
 [05/28 6:14:29PM] s light blue

Daydreamers Midi Dress
Lisa Connor
 [05/28 6:13:47PM] Black Size large

Midi in the city
Karla Foote
 [05/28 6:12:36PM] Green, xl

Midday Midi dress
Lauren James
 [05/28 6:10:02PM] Black and white stripes, large

A Real Green Dress
Debi Kalinin
 [05/28 6:08:51PM] Green Large

Can’t Stop Me Dress
Sheena MacDonald
 [05/28 6:07:19PM] Medium Olive

Cottage Core
Alannah Taillon
 [05/28 6:05:50PM] L black

Easy breezy dress
Paula Rosborough
 [05/28 6:01:49PM] Small green

Just Pockets in a Dress
Lyndsay Taibossigai
 [05/28 5:58:06PM] 2XL Olive

It’s a Breeze Midi Dress
Carrie Perroni
 [05/28 5:57:21PM] Large green

It’s a Breeze Midi Dress
Carrie Perroni
 [05/28 5:56:23PM] Large green

Kick up your heels dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/28 5:48:27PM] L, Black and white stripes

Walk in the park dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:48:11PM] Green small

Midi Summers night dress
 [05/28 5:47:37PM] Xl green

Afternoon tea dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:47:35PM] Green small

New Day dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:47:00PM] Green small

Spring Beneath The Knees Dress
Kristin Kapush
 [05/28 5:44:35PM] XL Green

Delightful dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:43:47PM] Green small

Lake house dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:42:40PM] Green small

Casual class dress
Kali Bernst
 [05/28 5:42:11PM] Green small

Summer Fling Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [05/28 5:40:32PM] Med Black

Al fresco midi, du soliel midi, sunshine girl midi
Lana Baker
 [05/28 5:35:33PM] Xl olive

Hot Summer Nights
Erika Parsall-Myler
 [05/28 5:32:52PM] Black and white stripes 3XL

Sunny Dayz
Sharon Endacott
 [05/28 5:31:25PM] Large Olive,

Sweet Saturday Night. Little Date Night Dress, Girls Night Out,
Laura Stachera
 [05/28 5:25:47PM] Black xlg

Any Hour Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/28 5:21:20PM] Green xs

Anytime Midi Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/28 5:18:23PM] Green xs

Fine Time Midi Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/28 5:17:57PM] Green xs

Everything Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/28 5:16:23PM] green xs

Mid Summer Nights
Christina Spadafora
 [05/28 5:16:22PM] M Grey

About Town midi dress
Michelle McLaughlin
 [05/28 5:16:21PM] Medium, olive

Sunrise to Sunset Casual Dress
 [05/28 5:15:48PM] Small, Olive

Around Town MIDI Dress
Michelle McLaughlin
 [05/28 5:14:54PM] Medium, olive

On the Town Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/28 5:13:45PM] Green XS

Summer fling
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/28 5:13:41PM] Olive, large

Summer Time fun
Janet Clarke
 [05/28 5:12:03PM] XL. Black & White strips

A walk in the park or feeling fresh as a daisy.
Jennifer Nixon
 [05/28 5:08:01PM] Any colour, no stripes... size xl

In the flow dress, perfect summer dress
Tatiana Cheladyn
 [05/28 4:57:46PM] L, green

Sand Between My Toes Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 4:50:47PM] Stripes, XL

Simply Stunning Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 4:49:58PM] Stripes, XL

Fun in the sun midi dress
Brittaney Pregizer
 [05/28 4:43:51PM] Green xl

Leisure All The Day
Lisa Quesnelle
 [05/28 4:39:16PM] Large Olive

Midi Cute
Amy Cantin
 [05/28 4:39:11PM] Black medium

Perfect Pockets Spring Dress
Kelli O’Connor
 [05/28 4:38:54PM] XL light heather grey

Cozy summers
Tammy Peterson
 [05/28 4:37:23PM] Black and white small

Emerald cruise
Jackie Doucette
 [05/28 4:35:42PM] Green L

Vee Free Dress (like Be free)
Kyra Mochizuki
 [05/28 4:32:41PM] Black small

Midi Enchantress
Christie Grant
 [05/28 4:31:23PM] Olive 2X

The Whip it Dress
Tanya Braund
 [05/28 4:28:42PM] Green. XL

Midi Summer Dream dress
Dyhanna Hall
 [05/28 4:27:02PM] Black Xl

Pocket Full of Sunshine
Michelle Gallant
 [05/28 4:24:31PM] Green/Large

The perfect scoop
Christina Jamshidi
 [05/28 4:22:48PM] Small green

Vacay midi
Christie Grant
 [05/28 4:22:23PM] Olive 2x

Market Day Midi Dress, Country Market Midi Dress
Nikki Graveline
 [05/28 4:22:22PM] L, olive

Garden party dress, wake up dress and repeat, all day and night dress, totally tulip
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [05/28 4:21:49PM] Black and white stripe 2X

Summer Kind of Wonderful
Shari Maclellan
 [05/28 4:19:23PM] Small olive

Pursuit of Cute
 [05/28 4:18:02PM] Small olive

Anything Goes Dress
Jennifer Campaner
 [05/28 4:17:52PM] Small grey

Calm and Casual Dress
Jennifer Campaner
 [05/28 4:17:04PM] Small black

Always Reach For Me Midi Dress; Casual at its best midi dress
Jacquie Middleton
 [05/28 4:16:55PM] Large, Black or green

Summer Simplicity Dress
Jennifer Campaner
 [05/28 4:16:23PM] Small green

Simple V Neck Dress, Summer Breeze, Summer Vibe Midi Dress,
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/28 4:15:37PM] Black large

One Hand in My Pocket Dress
Shauna Yellowega
 [05/28 4:15:10PM] XL olive

Long walks on the beach dress
Meg Pearson
 [05/28 4:14:34PM] 3xl black and white straps

Draw Me In Midi Dress
Sarah Blondheim
 [05/28 4:13:25PM] large green

Magic Moments Midi
Dana Shackelton
 [05/28 4:10:31PM] Large Olive please and thank you

Forget me knot, Tied & True, Knotty by nature,
Nicole Wharton
 [05/28 4:08:40PM] Large- Black

The Casually Cool midi dress, The Classically Cool midi dress,
Melissa Johnston
 [05/28 4:07:58PM] Olive small

Meet me in the midi
Wendy Hanaka
 [05/28 4:06:37PM] Sm stripe

Forget Me Not Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 4:04:30PM] Xs Olive

Classy Comfort
Dana Shackelton
 [05/28 4:04:02PM] Large Olive please and thank you

Be in the Moment Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 4:03:54PM] Olive xs

Midi Life
Wendy Hanaka
 [05/28 4:03:39PM] Sm striped

Malibu Monday
Kate Scammell
 [05/28 4:02:17PM] 2XL & Olive

Pack your passport
 [05/28 4:02:07PM] Small olive

Beauty in Simplicity Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 4:01:38PM] Olive xs

Meet Me In the Midi
Melissa Johnston
 [05/28 4:00:58PM] small olive

Enchanting Moments Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 4:00:36PM] Xs Olive

Summer Night’s Breeze
Phyllis Gibbons
 [05/28 4:00:18PM] Large. Green

Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 3:59:17PM] S Olive

Midi SummerNight's Dream
Melissa Johnston
 [05/28 3:58:09PM] Smalll oive

Girlfriends Get Together Dress "GGT"
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 3:57:13PM] Xs olive

Prêt-à-porter Dress
 [05/28 3:55:18PM] Xs Olive

Simply sweet midi dress
Veronica Keenan
 [05/28 3:54:55PM] Striped xs

Summer's Here Midi Dress,
tracey dunlop
 [05/28 3:53:21PM] Black large

Simply Summer Midi
Laura Peters
 [05/28 3:52:32PM] XL Olive

Sunshine midi dress
Veronica Keenan
 [05/28 3:50:24PM] Green xs

Cavendish Midi Dress; Green Gables Midi, Field of Dreams Midi
Amanda Bruce
 [05/28 3:50:19PM] Green, M

Mindful midi, love language dress, simply stunning midi, the casual cutie dress.
Jenessa Talbot
 [05/28 3:49:05PM] Large- black and white stripes

Uptown midi
Karen Brown
 [05/28 3:48:30PM] 2XL light heather grey

Let's Lunch Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 3:48:17PM] Xs olive

Summer Breeze
Melissa McCracken
 [05/28 3:46:55PM] Xs Green

Casual Queen dress
Hannah Irving
 [05/28 3:43:17PM] Small or medium, black & white stripe

Midi Delight Dress
Stephanie Moga
 [05/28 3:39:40PM] L, Olive

Appy (appetizer) dress: The Appy
Amy Nelder
 [05/28 3:38:52PM] Xl Olive

Slip on sassy
Shauna Brady
 [05/28 3:38:49PM] Medium olive

Tied into Summer
Mandy Shuttleworth
 [05/28 3:37:09PM] Med Green

Chic and sleek
JoAnn Richardson
 [05/28 3:32:43PM] Black xl

Casual Fun Dress
Alicia Stuckless
 [05/28 3:30:31PM] Large in Olive

Mid summer love dress
Elisabeth MacMillan
 [05/28 3:29:24PM] Black xl

Summer Poise Midi; Promenade with Poise Summer Midi
Heather Stoppa
 [05/28 3:24:17PM] S, Olive

Jersey Shore
Mandie Jeffery
 [05/28 3:21:45PM] 2XL olive

Sunset dream
 [05/28 3:20:38PM] Small , light grey

Sunday Best Midi
Carly Toppozini
 [05/28 3:13:51PM] Black and white - XL

Midi-yay Brunch Dress
Carly Toppozini
 [05/28 3:12:52PM] Black & White XL

Comfy sundress
Carrie pulcine
 [05/28 3:11:27PM] 3xl Green

Summer Sass Midi
Bonnie Beeley
 [05/28 3:11:05PM] XL Striped

The Coastal Midi, Downtown Midi, Midi Me Pretty, Beach Side Midi, Just add a smile Midi Dress, Beautiful & Simple Midi, Simply Beautiful Midi
Whitney Dillon
 [05/28 3:03:58PM] Black 2XL

Lady Evelyn
Logan Moyer
 [05/28 3:03:05PM] Green size XS

Throw N Go Romper
Shelley Young
 [05/28 2:59:53PM] 2XL black

Brunch me up dress
Tania Balverde
 [05/28 2:59:34PM] 2xl in Olive

Day to Night on the town
Arlene MacKenzie
 [05/28 2:59:29PM] Heather grey small

Summer Breeze; Stroll all day; Stroll through the Day; Snazzy Classy; Sun Up to Sun Down
Ashley Ho
 [05/28 2:59:00PM] Medium black and white stripes

Here to there, to everywhere
Madison MacKenzie
 [05/28 2:58:14PM] Light heather grey small

Summer Breeze; Stroll All Day; Stroll through the Day; Snazzy Classy; Sun Up to Sun Down
Ashley Ho
 [05/28 2:58:12PM] Medium black and white stripes

Here to there, to everywhere
Arlene MacKenzie
 [05/28 2:57:36PM] Light heather grey small

Summer time love
Jennifer liebmann
 [05/28 2:56:32PM] Striped size Large

Sand In My Toes Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 2:55:23PM] Stripes, XL

Envy, Lakeside, county fair,
Lana Baker
 [05/28 2:54:33PM] Xl olive

Market Day Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 2:48:24PM] Stripes, XL

Might be Perfect Midi
Tammy Rose
 [05/28 2:48:21PM] Small Heather Grey

Been waiting for you midi
Norma winters
 [05/28 2:47:46PM] 2 xl black and white

Once upon a summer
Danica snow
 [05/28 2:43:33PM] Black and white stripes size XS

Impeccable Radiance dress, The Allison dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/28 2:42:25PM] L, Black and white stripes

Once upon a summer
Danica snow
 [05/28 2:41:18PM] Black and white stripes, size XS

Once upon a summer
Danica snow
 [05/28 2:40:06PM] Black and white stripes, size XS

Greek Getaway Dress, Dream Boat Dress, Weekend Wanderer Dress
Sarah Armstrong
 [05/28 2:36:36PM] M and Green

Give Me Summer Dress
Lauren Vanderniet
 [05/28 2:36:23PM] Green and small

Picture perfect mid dress
Sindy Ferguson
 [05/28 2:36:00PM] Small ( either)

On my mind
Lisa Derby
 [05/28 2:35:04PM] Olive L

On my mind
Lisa Derby
 [05/28 2:34:45PM] Olive L

Midi summers night dream
JoAnne McLean
 [05/28 2:32:58PM] XL green

Beauty of you
Alyssa foley
 [05/28 2:32:46PM] Olive, L

Midi Afternoon Dress
Holly Beck
 [05/28 2:26:58PM] Green small (or xs)

9 to 5 midi dress
Candace Theberge
 [05/28 2:26:14PM] Black white stripe medium

Perfecct V neck midi, bring on summer midi, meet me at the park midi, all you need midi, wardrobe staple midi
Eliza Davies
 [05/28 2:25:13PM] XL black and white stripe

Cinched Summer Dress
Courtney Britton
 [05/28 2:22:40PM] 3XL in Olive

Uptown Midi.........Flirty Midi..........Do it right Midi........Bella Midi...
Julie Gelinas
 [05/28 2:22:36PM] Black xxl

Sunshine Comfort
Melanie Potts
 [05/28 2:22:01PM] XL, Black or olive

Midi for me, In a cinch, Sweet Summer Days, no occasion needed midi dress, Lazy Days/Fun nights Midi dress
Amanda Johnston
 [05/28 2:19:40PM] Black stripe 2XL

Go To Summer Dress; Easy Peasy Summer Dress; Just Add Flip Flops Summer Dress
Lisa Marie Marasco
 [05/28 2:19:21PM] Stripes, 3XL

Lakeside cocktails midi dress
Melanie Rumley
 [05/28 2:17:53PM] XS, olive

Marvellous Midi-dress
Tammy Cotton
 [05/28 2:17:31PM] olive Lrg.

Casual midi, stripe love, summer love
Cindy gifford
 [05/28 2:03:45PM] Size large and stripes

Sunshine and Stripes Mid Dress, Soft and Sexy Summer Tank Dress
Lynn Bell
 [05/28 2:01:47PM] Large - Olive

On the go midi
Maryann Allison
 [05/28 2:01:12PM] 3x

Flirty and Fabulous
Ryan lacroix
 [05/28 1:58:19PM] Green small

Summer fling
Julie lacroix
 [05/28 1:55:49PM] Green small

Summer Breeze
Linda Deak
 [05/28 1:54:09PM] XL black & whit stripe

The One I Knee’d
Chelsea Fenske
 [05/28 1:54:00PM] 3xl Black

Petal perfect midi
Tricia bell
 [05/28 1:53:33PM] Green 2Xl

IT HAS POCKETS!!, Knot just another Midi dress, Everywhere Dress
Aliah Elliott
 [05/28 1:53:16PM] M, green

Chill out Midi; Oh My Midi; Midilicious; Tie Me Up In Comfort;
Ana Klovan
 [05/28 1:53:00PM] Small Black

String You Along, String Me Along, Draw Me In, Quick Comfort, Sunrise to Sunset, See You Now, Need You More, Sunny Days
Karen Bouwhuis
 [05/28 1:52:33PM] Medium, Olive

Emerald City Midi Dress, Land of Oz Midi Dress, No Place Like Home Midi Dress, It's Not Easy Being Green Midi Dress, Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Midi Dress, Out & About Midi Dress, Social Time Midi Dress, Draw Me In Midi Dress, It's a Cinch Midi Dress, Christmas in July Midi Dress, Picnic Pockets Midi Dress, Pocket Full of Sunshine Midi Dress, One Hand In My Pocket Mini Dress
Heather Hore
 [05/28 1:51:30PM] Olive, Medium

Mid day downtown dress, mid day stroll dress, uptown midtown dress
Desiree Mackay
 [05/28 1:49:19PM] Green large

Wear Me All Day Dress
Hillary couzelis
 [05/28 1:48:41PM] Black and white Xsmall

Crusin' Casual Comfort Midi Dress
Debra Ruyer
 [05/28 1:48:40PM] XL black stripe

Joie de Vivre dress
Kristen martens
 [05/28 1:44:55PM] Olive large

Care-Free Sunny Day
Jaelene VandenBrink
 [05/28 1:44:03PM] Olive- Medium

Mid Summer Fun
Somer Dingman
 [05/28 1:43:33PM] Medium green

Easy peezy summer breezy
Brittany Handel
 [05/28 1:42:18PM] Either in a medium :)

Summer Night’s Dream , sweet summer days midi dress, summer dreamin’ midi dress, From the beach to the Patio Midi Dress
Amanda Johnston
 [05/28 1:39:45PM] Olive 2XL

Day or Night on the town
Arlene MacKenzie
 [05/28 1:39:26PM] Heather grey small

Best of Both Worlds
Lisa Morran
 [05/28 1:39:13PM] L, black

pocket full of sun dress
Adrienne Ashley
 [05/28 1:38:38PM] 3xl green

feel the sun dress
Adrienne Ashley
 [05/28 1:37:49PM] 3xl green

Casu-all dolled up
Lisa Morran
 [05/28 1:36:12PM] L, black

Day or Night on the town
Arlene MacKenzie
 [05/28 1:36:08PM] Light heather grey size small

Day or Night, on the town
Arlene MacKenzie
 [05/28 1:34:47PM] Light Heather Grey size small

Casu-all dressed up
Lisa Morran
 [05/28 1:34:27PM] L, black

Free To Be Me Midi Dress
Robena Baynton
 [05/28 1:32:33PM] Medium, Olive

Sunday Stroll Midi Dress
Lizanne Roy
 [05/28 1:32:07PM] Striped medium

Sunday Stroll
Lizanne Roy
 [05/28 1:30:32PM] Striped medium

Cruise in style
Janique Grimard
 [05/28 1:30:12PM] Size M, Black

Midspring midi dress
Amanda grant
 [05/28 1:28:29PM] Olivie medium

Apres Midi Dress
Dana Lean
 [05/28 1:28:24PM] Large olive

Big City Girl
Jelena Funk
 [05/28 1:25:22PM] Olive

Sunday Stroll Dress
Lizanne Roy
 [05/28 1:25:01PM] Stripe medium

Balmy Breeze, Golden Glow, Chinook Look, Demi-Goddess
Sarah Krinke
 [05/28 1:24:44PM] Black or Olive, XL

Put your Memory in my Pocket
Kari Lewis
 [05/28 1:22:50PM] Olive XS

Drawstring Diva Midi Dress
Morgan MacLean
 [05/28 1:20:31PM] L Green

Drawstring Envy Midi Dress
Morgan MacLean
 [05/28 1:19:55PM] Green L

Chic All Week
Nicole Gulenchyn
 [05/28 1:19:39PM] M- striped

Feel me. Make me smile.I am beautiful
 [05/28 1:18:44PM] X mall

To the beach and beyond
Terri Jansen
 [05/28 1:17:48PM] L black and white stripes

Pocket Full of Sunshine
Kari Lewis
 [05/28 1:17:17PM] olive XS

Wild and Free Midi
Lisa Morran
 [05/28 1:16:39PM] L, black

Strollin midi days dress
Marysia Waritsky
 [05/28 1:16:38PM] Green XL

Midi Summer Days Dress
Marysia Waritsky
 [05/28 1:15:50PM] XL - Green

Let It Be Midi
Lisa Morran
 [05/28 1:15:40PM] L, black

The "Deck Daiquiris" dress
 [05/28 1:14:20PM] Medium green

Après Midi
Pamela Preibisch
 [05/28 1:14:09PM] Green, medium

Daylight Design
Alison Schopf
 [05/28 1:12:18PM] Olive Small

Strol down A Paris Walkway
Beverkee Lendvoy
 [05/28 1:10:07PM] Green XL

Samantha beaulieu
 [05/28 1:07:08PM] Small , green

Tied and True
Kelly De Dekker
 [05/28 1:06:47PM] 2XL in black

Sheri Ferrari
 [05/28 1:06:04PM] Green large

Klassic and Kasual Dress
Amber Fisher
 [05/28 1:05:28PM] XL green

Tied up in summer dress
Cassandra WILKINS
 [05/28 1:05:26PM] M black

MIDI-Summer Nights Dream
Jen Lamb
 [05/28 1:04:32PM] Green, large please!

All the Right Places dress
Charlotte McKenna
 [05/28 1:04:30PM] Olive xs

Bee Free Drawstring dress
Samantha Haines
 [05/28 1:04:21PM] Green size L

Sea or sand
Carolyn lesey
 [05/28 1:00:13PM] Large green

Feel free
Carolyn lesey
 [05/28 12:59:03PM] Large green

Garden goddess
Carolyn lesey
 [05/28 12:56:09PM] Large green

Mid Summer Dream Dress
Breanna Enderson
 [05/28 12:53:02PM] XL & Olive

The Mid-way Every Day Dress
Michelle Withers
 [05/28 12:52:11PM] Green 2xl

Mehri Dress
Maegan Morin
 [05/28 12:45:55PM] 3XL Black

Eazy Dayz
Melissa Peleikis
 [05/28 12:45:47PM] Olive

Lovely Flow
Chelsea Strachan
 [05/28 12:41:02PM] Olive XL

Tied to Impress
Mandy Shuttleworth
 [05/28 12:40:51PM] Med Green

In the breeze midi dress
Jennifer Haley
 [05/28 12:40:25PM] Black XL

Im ready for summer lets have fun go out
Patty Werbicki
 [05/28 12:39:40PM] Large green

Shannon Barnes
 [05/28 12:39:07PM] 3x heather

Easy like Sunday morning
Sheila lalonde
 [05/28 12:37:19PM] L olive

Summer Daze
Kara Ameloot
 [05/28 12:35:40PM] Olive xs

Into spring with comfort
Gloria Jensen
 [05/28 12:34:59PM] Green. Medium

On The Go Dress
Lilliane Hradecki
 [05/28 12:33:31PM] Small Black and white stripes

Summer flirt
Chrisoula Aliferis Lynch
 [05/28 12:31:25PM] XXL

Shirt tail tank dress
Cheryl waddell
 [05/28 12:28:54PM] 2x black and white strips

Casual spring time feels dress
Amanda Madill
 [05/28 12:27:43PM] XS, Black

Olivia Ridley
 [05/28 12:27:39PM] small, green

Always Stunning Dress
Kelsey Parker
 [05/28 12:26:58PM] 2x & Olive

midday to moonlight dress
Britney loos
 [05/28 12:26:53PM] Green XL

Out for a stroll dress, I'm feeling it dress, Grabbin a cup of joe dress, lean on me dress
Melissa Prixe
 [05/28 12:25:04PM] Olive large

Mid-Summer Stroll
Kyla Johanson
 [05/28 12:24:39PM] Large and Black

Addicted to you
Heather Warren
 [05/28 12:24:04PM] Medium green

The daydreamer
Trish Thompson
 [05/28 12:21:41PM] Green 2 xl

Pocketing time dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 12:17:42PM] Small olive

Pockets Full of Sand dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/28 12:16:53PM] L, Black and white stripes

Out for a Stroll, Go Easy, Easy Vibes,
Debbie Partridge
 [05/28 12:16:04PM] XL stripe

Classy days dress
Sue Russell
 [05/28 12:15:49PM] Xl & green

Summer Lovin’ Dress
Tiffany Janzen
 [05/28 12:15:42PM] 3X in green

Casual occasions
Michelle LaFrance
 [05/28 12:11:27PM] XS

Midsummers Night Dream Dress
Sophie Lott
 [05/28 12:11:24PM] L and olive

Come to me casually
Michelle LaFrance
 [05/28 12:11:07PM] XS

Patio Season Dress; Staycation Dress; Patio Vibes Dress
Erika Just
 [05/28 12:10:27PM] XL black

Grab and go midi dress, never fails midi dress, sweet and simple,
Brittany Hunter
 [05/28 12:09:59PM] Medium, black and white

Easy Going Vibes
Nancy Wallace
 [05/28 12:09:45PM] 3XL - Light Heather Grey

Midi-Summer Night’s Dream Dress
Sophie Lott
 [05/28 12:07:10PM] L and Stripes

Where Are We Off To
Nancy Wallace
 [05/28 12:07:02PM] 3XL - Light Heather Grey

Always Ready for Fun
Nancy Wallace
 [05/28 12:06:14PM] 3XL - Light Heather Grey

Brunch Date Dress
Sarah Sinton
 [05/28 12:05:29PM] Small Olive

Cool Summer Vibes
Nancy Wallace
 [05/28 12:03:42PM] 3XL - Light Heather Grey

Sweet belle
Cindy mcmahon
 [05/28 12:03:40PM] Large green

You had me at midi
Barb bernard
 [05/28 12:03:19PM] L & stripes

Casual Feel Dress, Simply Casual Dress
Terri Grey
 [05/28 12:01:09PM] Green, M

Traveling Summer Vibes Midi
Chelsea M Houghton
 [05/28 11:59:55AM] L Black

Dainty Delight Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 11:59:44AM] Black and white stripes, XL

pure comfort dress
Brenda Erlandson
 [05/28 11:59:36AM] green large

Traveling Summer Vibes Midi
Chelsea M Houghton
 [05/28 11:59:36AM] L Black

Perfectly dress-ed
Barb Bernard
 [05/28 11:59:28AM] L & stripes

Thoroughly modern Millie midi dress
Linds hunt
 [05/28 11:59:16AM] Large, black

5 o’clock somewhere midi
Samara Worth
 [05/28 11:58:39AM] Xs olive

Pretty Promenade Dress, Elegant Excursion Dress, Tranquil Trails Dress, Midnight Stroll Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/28 11:58:34AM] Black and white stripes, XL

Just because dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 11:58:09AM] Small olive

Don’t care go anywhere dress
Monica Mikolas
 [05/28 11:57:40AM] Strips and 2x

Keep it casual
Barb Bernard
 [05/28 11:57:23AM] L & stripes

Summer lovin’
Paige keetch
 [05/28 11:57:08AM] Olive 3xl

Perfectly tied
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 11:56:40AM] Small olive

All Around Dress
 [05/28 11:56:30AM] L & stripes

Summer Silhouette Casual Midi Dress
Chelsea M Houghton
 [05/28 11:56:09AM] L Black

Casual Vibes dress
Dyhanna Hall
 [05/28 11:56:05AM] black XL

Dreams of Warmth
Lynsay Diane O'Neil
 [05/28 11:55:59AM] Medium black and white stripes

The Casual Rendez-Vous Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:55:43AM] 3xl grey

Spring into Summer dress
Dyhanna Hall
 [05/28 11:55:28AM] black XL

Picnic in the park dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 11:55:25AM] Small. Olive

Walking on sunshine
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:55:17AM] Xl grey

Feelin’ free midi dress, summer vibes
Paige Keetch
 [05/28 11:55:00AM] Olive 3xl

Afternoon Delight Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:54:54AM] 3xl grey

Fun in the Sundress, Charming Sophistication dress, Tip toe in the water midi dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/28 11:54:45AM] L, Black and white stripes

All Around Dress
Barb Bernard
 [05/28 11:54:34AM] L & stripes

In a Pinch Kinda Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:53:53AM] 3xl grey

Dress it up Dress it down
Jamie Bulin
 [05/28 11:52:49AM] Green XL

Summer fresh, summer love,
Sara Boyd
 [05/28 11:52:37AM] Black 2X

Off Into the Sunset Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:52:05AM] 3XL Green

Casual Vibes Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:51:26AM] 3xl grey

Summer Fling
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:50:58AM] Xl grey

Lounge n' wear dresses
Kristina Buyukakarsu
 [05/28 11:50:36AM] xxl Black

Off to the Beach Dress
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:50:36AM] 3xl stripped

Okanagan sunshine
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:50:15AM] Xl grey

Easy breezy summer party dress
Jennifer Jones
 [05/28 11:49:54AM] Green medium

Casually Dressed
Renee Prevost
 [05/28 11:49:35AM] Stripped 3xl

Sunny days dress
Hélia Charnock
 [05/28 11:49:11AM] Large black

The feeling is mutual casual midi dress; feeling fine casual midi dress
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [05/28 11:49:10AM] Olive, Large

Summer Breeze
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:48:57AM] Xl grey

Catch a wave
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:48:24AM] Xl grey

Footprints in the sand
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:47:52AM] Xl Grey

Swept Away by summer dress; stay awhile summer dress; wit & whimsy midi dress; linger with me midi dress
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [05/28 11:47:11AM] Olive, Large

Robynn Bunc
 [05/28 11:47:04AM] Grey xl

Tie me to summer
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 11:45:34AM] Small green

Tied up in Summer Vibes
Robin DiMartino
 [05/28 11:44:46AM] S Black

A dress me as summer
Crystal Mackie
 [05/28 11:44:29AM] Small green

Mid cinch, you had me mid pockets, mid dressy, dress of the summer, daydream midi, summer day dress, happy day dress
Daniela Racco
 [05/28 11:42:43AM] Green large

Meet me in the midi dress; Drawn to you dress; Effortless midi dress
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [05/28 11:39:16AM] Olive, Large

Summer Fling Dress
Stephanie Fernandes
 [05/28 11:37:48AM] Olive large

Just Breath
 [05/28 11:37:42AM] S

Lounge midi light summer dresses OR Light midi lounge summer dresses
Georgia Buyukakarsu
 [05/28 11:35:36AM] xxl Black

Casual Cutie
Melissa Bodden
 [05/28 11:33:31AM] Large Olive

Smart Chic
Merlita Ryder
 [05/28 11:33:30AM] XL OLIVE

In the limelight , take me anywhere, it’s a draw
Caroline ruby
 [05/28 11:31:23AM] Stripes, xl

Girls just wanna have sun
Jessica Katapatuk
 [05/28 11:31:21AM] Large & Black

A Mid(i)summer’s Night Dress
Kristin Mills
 [05/28 11:29:51AM] 2xl, black

Easy Breezy
Megan Smith
 [05/28 11:29:45AM] Olive XL

Market dress, to market dress
Rebecca Richards
 [05/28 11:29:31AM] Large green

Happy hour dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:28:25AM] L- grey

Feeling casual dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:27:40AM] L- grey

Fun in the Sun Dress!
Penny Hoffman
 [05/28 11:27:19AM] Medium, Black and white

Unwritten Dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:26:33AM] L- grey

Catch me at the beach
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:25:58AM] L- grey

Take me out
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:24:58AM] L- grey

Smile In Style Midi Dress
Emily Langman
 [05/28 11:24:50AM] L, black and white stripes

Mid-Day stroll
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:23:56AM] L- grey

Mid-Summer Dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/28 11:23:10AM] L- grey

Just Flow With It Midi
Lyndsay Krause
 [05/28 11:22:24AM] Olive size M

Ain't she darling dress
Melissa Comeau
 [05/28 11:22:16AM] Black large

Mid town dress
Heather Stanley
 [05/28 11:22:05AM] Green 2XL

Lounge Summer Dresses
Georgia Buyukakarsu
 [05/28 11:21:57AM] xxl Olive

Let it flow; Caught in the Midi; Midday Dreaming
Hannah Geissler
 [05/28 11:21:54AM] Small, green

Downtown vibe
Kerri Nielsen
 [05/28 11:21:18AM] Green small

Making Memories midi dress
Teresa Lindsay
 [05/28 11:20:55AM] Small olive

Simply Perfection Midi
Erica Peterson
 [05/28 11:20:38AM] Small in green

California casual
Kerri Nielsen
 [05/28 11:19:51AM] Green small

Independence Day
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:18:44AM] XL Green

Lazy Dayz Dress, Lazy Dayzy Dress
Elaine Reinhart
 [05/28 11:18:34AM] Xl olive

Dress to Impress
Angela Flood
 [05/28 11:18:12AM] Olive XL

Summer solstice
Robynn Bunch
 [05/28 11:17:46AM] 1x green

Walking on Sunshine Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:17:09AM] Black XL

Wish Upon a Dress
Emily Langman
 [05/28 11:17:04AM] Large, black and white stripes

The Chloe
Amy Gilley
 [05/28 11:16:18AM] Large green

Midsummer Night Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:15:54AM] Black xl

Casual Summer
Dianne East
 [05/28 11:12:55AM] Xl black

TJ Pocket Dress
 [05/28 11:12:10AM] Large and green

Summer Dreams Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:12:06AM] Black XL

Cool Cactus
Dianne East
 [05/28 11:11:32AM] Xl green

Summer Sun Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:11:15AM] Black XL

Weekend Warrior, Good Vibes Only, Practice Peace, Living Out Loud, Yes to New Adventures, Pique of Perfection
Emily Langman
 [05/28 11:10:42AM] Large, black and white stripes

It’s a Cinch
Sheryl Gray
 [05/28 11:10:18AM] XL black

Summer Lovin Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:10:11AM] Black XL

Easy Breezy summer dress, Easing into Summer dress, Hangout dress, The Gangs all Here,
Danyell Ochocki
 [05/28 11:09:49AM] XS, light heather grey

Side hustle
Mellisa Toennies
 [05/28 11:08:08AM] Xl striped

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:07:55AM] Black XL

Luck Be A MIDI Tonight
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [05/28 11:07:34AM] Medium, black

The curtsy sundress
Mellisa Toennies
 [05/28 11:06:53AM] Xl striped

Easy going
Shelly Sayeau
 [05/28 11:06:51AM] Medium olive

Summer Days Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:06:48AM] Black XL

The Envy Dress
Melissa Wilson
 [05/28 11:06:43AM] Olive

Hearts desire
Shelly Sayeau
 [05/28 11:05:26AM] Medium grey

Lazy Hazy Summer Dress
Susan Robins
 [05/28 11:05:19AM] 3 XL in green

Laid Back Dress, Ready for Anything Dress, on the town dress, marketplace Dress, Summer Nights Dress
Pamela Dondaneau
 [05/28 11:05:01AM] M Olive

Summer Secrets Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/28 11:04:56AM] Black XL

From Beach to Bevvies
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/28 11:00:43AM] Olive s

Sassy 'Sun'day Staple
stephanie cadieux
 [05/28 11:00:24AM] M olive

Classically Casual
Becky Harnett
 [05/28 11:00:23AM] Olive 2XL

Going Places
Michelle Rosaasen
 [05/28 10:59:38AM] Olive 2XL

Midi State of Mind Dress
Becky Harnett
 [05/28 10:59:21AM] Olive 2XL

Meet Me At Noon Dress
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/28 10:59:15AM] Olive s

Going Places
Michelle Rosaasen
 [05/28 10:58:51AM] Olive 2XL

Brunch and Cocktails Dress
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/28 10:58:13AM] Olive s

Casually Royal Midi Dress
Lisa Murray
 [05/28 10:57:20AM] 2xl green

Summer Life
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/28 10:57:12AM] Olive S

Knot your average curved hem
Sara-Lynn Bechberger
 [05/28 10:57:11AM] Medium black and white stripes

Summer Dayz Midi Dress
Leslie Welch
 [05/28 10:56:55AM] Olive green Small

For Evergreen dress
 [05/28 10:56:49AM] Large green

Beach to Cocktail Dress
Caitlin Sigouin
 [05/28 10:56:14AM] Xs green

Afternoon Tea
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/28 10:55:51AM] Olive s

Forget me Knot maxi
Corrie Holtom
 [05/28 10:55:37AM] Size sm color green

Meandering Midi Dress
Andrea Bennato
 [05/28 10:55:07AM] Black XL

Livin’ in Sunshine Dress
Amanda Pierce
 [05/28 10:53:32AM] 2XL olive green

Pockets full of cozy
Erica Walsh
 [05/28 10:51:56AM] Olive large

Go with the flow
Cat Samson
 [05/28 10:51:28AM] Olive large

A Whole lot of Sass dress
Lene Rounis
 [05/28 10:50:57AM] Olive 2xl

It’s Now or Never, Let’s Do This midi dress
Tanya King
 [05/28 10:50:44AM] XS- black and white

Mad about pockets
Erica Walsh
 [05/28 10:50:22AM] Green large

Moonlight Strolls
Kelly Jackson
 [05/28 10:49:31AM] Small Olive

Mid flow maxi
Lorriane merchant
 [05/28 10:47:42AM] 2xl. Black

Sunrise to Sunsets dress, It’s a New Day dress
Tanya King
 [05/28 10:47:31AM] XS- heather grey.

Downtown Girl
Rachel Friesen
 [05/28 10:44:40AM] Black Medium

Afternoon stroll midi dress
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/28 10:44:38AM] Large Olive

Dress to Empress
Dominique Lachapelle
 [05/28 10:44:20AM] M green

Casual Encounters Dress
Rachel Friesen
 [05/28 10:44:07AM] Black Medium

Summer refresh
Melissa Ross
 [05/28 10:44:04AM] Green medium

Strolling the shops midi dress
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/28 10:44:00AM] Large Olive

Drawn to you dress
Shannon Renaud
 [05/28 10:42:57AM] L green

Uptown girl
Kristina Keller
 [05/28 10:42:32AM] Olive, Large

Uptown Vibe
Kristina Keller
 [05/28 10:41:38AM] Green Large

A walk in the park
Heather Mcintosh
 [05/28 10:40:55AM] XS Green

Breathe of fresh Air
Cathy Lawrence
 [05/28 10:37:52AM] 2XL - olive

Jetsetter Dress, Sandy Shore Dress, Weekend Getaway Dress, Spanish Shores Dress, Weekend Wander Dress
Sarah Armstrong
 [05/28 10:37:03AM] M and Green

Classy Comfort Midi Dress
Hunter Hepburn
 [05/28 10:35:33AM] Olive size medium

Breeze into Summer
Sandra Drew
 [05/28 10:33:19AM] Small in Black

Pocket perfection dress
Tandra Schopf
 [05/28 10:32:34AM] Small & Olive

Causal Elegance midi dress
Leslie Therrien
 [05/28 10:32:25AM] 3xl light heather grey

Beach to cocktail dress
Caitlin Sigouin
 [05/28 10:32:06AM] Small, green

From dawn to dusk midi dress
Leslie Therrien
 [05/28 10:30:37AM] 3xl light heather grey

On the Go
Holly Mitchell
 [05/28 10:29:55AM] Black and white, size large

Picnic Perfect
Christy Fell
 [05/28 10:28:59AM] 2 xl black

All In
Holly Mitchell
 [05/28 10:28:46AM] Black and white

Summer Comfort Midi Dress
Leslie Therrien
 [05/28 10:28:40AM] 3xl light Heather grey

Tie me up in style!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [05/28 10:27:12AM] Black medium

Afternoon Walk Midimax Dress
Erin MacKenzie
 [05/28 10:27:05AM] M & Black

Free and easy dress, summertime gladness dress, soft and simple midi dress, Casual chic midi dress, casual and collected midi, made for this midi dress, Miami Beach midi, on the money midi dress,
Taylor Samuels
 [05/28 10:26:15AM] Olive medium

Cottage Life Midi Dress, Orchid Midi Dress, Everything's Coming Up Roses Midi Dress
Nikki Graveline
 [05/28 10:22:55AM] L, Olive

Flow and go
Tarra Mackinnon
 [05/28 10:22:02AM] Olive 2x

Tied to Perfection
Mandy Shuttleworth
 [05/28 10:21:14AM] Medium Green

Perfectly Perfect Summer Midi Dress
Shauna Glaude
 [05/28 10:20:37AM] 2Xl Grey

Heartstrings midi-Dress
Alli Pridmore
 [05/28 10:20:00AM] Large, olive

Call me Midi
Lee Cross
 [05/28 10:19:03AM] Medium, light heather grey, or olive

Out for the day dress
Carri Kent
 [05/28 10:17:19AM] Green xl

Avocado Wrap Around
Karen Kerwin
 [05/28 10:16:23AM] Small and avocado colour

Draw Me In
Tanya Oslie
 [05/28 10:15:16AM] Medium, Olive

Chic in the heat
Marie-Eve Neil
 [05/28 10:14:03AM] Olive 3Xl

On the fly Dress
Lorna Lawlor
 [05/28 10:13:34AM] Large -green

One Hot Momma
Marie-Eve Neil
 [05/28 10:12:29AM] Olive 3xl

Midi Magic
Vickie Adams
 [05/28 10:12:13AM] Med Olive

Summer lovin
Shelly Sayeau
 [05/28 10:11:31AM] Black and white stripped size medium

Free fallin’ summer Midi
Jennifer Wheeler
 [05/28 10:10:24AM] 2XL black and white stripes

Mid day stroll moment dress
Laurie Labrie Heseltine
 [05/28 10:09:32AM] Black or green XL

Staycation vibes dress
Amanda murphy
 [05/28 10:08:49AM] Black and white stripes. 2xl

Breezy or Carefree
Hailee Reed
 [05/28 10:07:31AM] XL Black

Low Tied; Pocket Full of Summer; Round Up;
Susan Constantine
 [05/28 10:06:52AM] Grey 2XL

Envy of everyone , glorious babe
Krystle Banman
 [05/28 10:06:34AM] M green

Carefree comfort
Kathy Pirone
 [05/28 10:04:10AM] XL - Black, Heather Grey or Olive. You decide.

Casual tie dress, scoop me pockets dress, tank tie dress, wear everywhere dress,
Kristen Partington
 [05/28 10:03:56AM] Size xl heather Grey

Stepping into summer dress, Pockets full of sunshine dress
Luisa Rotella
 [05/28 10:02:26AM] Small, black & white stripes

Pocket paradise dress, simple tie dress, string me with pockets dress, casual pocket dress
Kristen Partington
 [05/28 10:02:26AM] Heather grey xl

Light and beautiful dress
Marlène Brazeau
 [05/28 10:02:20AM] Black and white stripes in XL

Staycation midi dress
Jacqueline Henderson
 [05/28 10:01:53AM] Xl green

Lunch Date midi dress
Emily Hadary
 [05/28 10:01:37AM] S, olive

Summer Sweet
Carolyn Stewart
 [05/28 10:01:25AM] Medium and green

Pocket paradise dress, simple
Kristen Partington
 [05/28 10:01:02AM] Heather grey xl

Summer nights dress
Christina Broere
 [05/28 9:58:50AM] Olive 2XL

Tulip Tie Up Dress
Stacey Halliday
 [05/28 9:57:40AM] Large Olive

Perfect Scoop Dress, Scoop & Tie Mid-day dress, Summer Night Feels Dress, Casually Tied Up Dress, Olive my pockets Dress, Striped to Perfection Dress
Heather Black
 [05/28 9:55:39AM] Olive XL PLEASE! haha

Casual comfort, No stress dress
Megan Summers
 [05/28 9:55:34AM] Medium, green

Play All Day Dress
Danielle Colacci
 [05/28 9:55:02AM] Black & white strip XL

Midi Summer’s Daydream dress
Tara Chenier-Beach
 [05/28 9:54:55AM] 3X Black

V for Vacation dress
Deanna Miller
 [05/28 9:54:18AM] Large - Olive

Pockets full of sun
Tracy Foran
 [05/28 9:54:13AM] Medium black and white

Spring your Heart Out
Lindsay Lefave
 [05/28 9:53:55AM] Black and white stripped -size large

Good day sunshine
Sarah kilbourne
 [05/28 9:53:13AM] Black large

Sweet summer nights
laurisa bonk
 [05/28 9:52:12AM] Xs olive

Feeling Hot Hot Hot MIDI Dress
Crystal Nielsen
 [05/28 9:51:32AM] Large, Black & White Stripes

Green Goddess Dress
Jackie Singh
 [05/28 9:51:32AM] Green XL

Strolling into summer pocket dress
Chantal ethier
 [05/28 9:50:48AM] Stripped ans medium

Casual vibes midi, summer vibes midi, relax and chill midi, calm and collected midi
Laurisa Bonk
 [05/28 9:50:42AM] Xs olive

Sunday Best Dress
Amy Boughen
 [05/28 9:50:39AM] Black & Large

Tracy Foran
 [05/28 9:50:36AM] Medium black and white

Lakeside lounging
Tracy Foran
 [05/28 9:49:35AM] Medium black and white stripes

Easy Living Dress
Tanya Seymour
 [05/28 9:49:11AM] Olive Green Lg

Cool and sassy
Valerie McCormick
 [05/28 9:48:52AM] Green 2X

Curbside Date Night Midi
Cassie Smith
 [05/28 9:48:36AM] 2xl olive

Making My Way Downtown Dress, Just a Fling Dress, Midi Sister Dress, Parade Day Dress
Aubrey Price
 [05/28 9:48:28AM] Large olive

Midi Summer Night's Dream Dress
Tiffany Gurden
 [05/28 9:48:10AM] Small, Light Heather Grey

Easy Breezy
 [05/28 9:47:47AM] Medium Black and white stripes

Beach breeze dress
Deana matheson
 [05/28 9:47:46AM] Green small

Strung up on you dress
Jennifer price
 [05/28 9:46:56AM] Green small

Cool and free dress
Valerie McCOrmick
 [05/28 9:46:32AM] Green size 2X

Summer Dayz Dress
Clarice Robinsin
 [05/28 9:46:15AM] XL olive

Summer nights midi dress, summer days midi dress, boat days dress, yacht days dress
Melissa Fletcher
 [05/28 9:43:59AM] Black 3xl

Slip into comfort and style
wendy kettle
 [05/28 9:42:40AM] L olive

Bring on the heat midi dress
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [05/28 9:40:16AM] Olive 2XL

Walk this way midi dress
Sacha Balaski
 [05/28 9:39:54AM] Large green

Flow through Summer dress, Pocket Pick Me Up dress
Sarah Hattie
 [05/28 9:39:50AM] Lg, Olive

You had me at midi
Rachel Brisson
 [05/28 9:39:10AM] M, olive

Afternoon delight midi dress
Brooke Camick
 [05/28 9:39:07AM] Stripes. XL

Sunshine Everyday Dress
Tiara Krystalowich
 [05/28 9:37:15AM] Xs, olive

Summer Envy
Lynne Burnham
 [05/28 9:35:09AM] 3x black please

Hands in my pocket Midi Short
Tina Anne McLeod
 [05/28 9:33:43AM] Green S

Walk everywhere dress
Jamie whynot
 [05/28 9:33:24AM] M black

Love it Dress
Bernice Twomey
 [05/28 9:33:21AM] 2XL

Emperor’s New Dress
Avrielle Nelson
 [05/28 9:33:01AM] Green large

Walk the Walk dress
Bernice Twomey
 [05/28 9:32:00AM] 2XL

Brunch Time Dress
Maureen Nichols
 [05/28 9:31:37AM] Olive M

I'm Ready
Sherry Drost
 [05/28 9:30:44AM] 2xl black

Tie me up with pockets
Erin Hamer
 [05/28 9:30:32AM] Olive, size large

The Dress to Have
Bernice Twomey
 [05/28 9:30:32AM] 2XL

Casual Chic Midi Dress
Cristin Korchinski
 [05/28 9:29:30AM] XL Olive

Summer dream
Kim Huston
 [05/28 9:29:19AM] Green small

Make way for Midi-Day
Robin Lyons
 [05/28 9:29:18AM] Olive xs

Bernice's Everywhere Dress
Bernice Twomey
 [05/28 9:28:22AM] 2XL

Casual Vibes Dress
Carrie Van Allen
 [05/28 9:27:48AM] Olive 2x

Summer Vibing Midi
Stacey Reid
 [05/28 9:27:39AM] XL Olive

Bring it together, All tied up, summer breeze
Stephanie Croft
 [05/28 9:27:35AM] XL Olive

Summer is here
Bernice Twomey
 [05/28 9:27:31AM] 2XL

Breeze Dress
Meg Holmes
 [05/28 9:25:59AM] Large Olive Green

Mid-summer midi
Nerissa Henry
 [05/28 9:25:48AM] L Grey

Uptown Brunch Dress
Angie Eilers
 [05/28 9:25:43AM] XL - green

Down By The Bay Dress; Midi Your Own Business Dress; Ready For Anything Dress
Haley Boland
 [05/28 9:25:37AM] XL, black

Mid Summer Night Dream
Natasha Lloyd
 [05/28 9:25:28AM] Large Olive

Summer Sexy
Carole Green
 [05/28 9:25:16AM] XL. Olive

Tie me up in pockets
Natasha Lloyd
 [05/28 9:25:00AM] Large Olive

Pocket full of sunshine
Kriata Grenier
 [05/28 9:24:34AM] Large olive

All about summer, flowy and free, beach vibes.
Denise robson
 [05/28 9:23:17AM] Medium, olive

Casual Cinch Midi, Breezy Cinch Midi
Jade St.Amand
 [05/28 9:23:08AM] S, Heather Grey

Summer comfort
Monique Monast
 [05/28 9:23:02AM] Stripe size xl

A Summer Stroll
Amanda Halls
 [05/28 9:22:49AM] Green in medium

Made for Me Dress, The Lake House Dress
Loretta Nootchtai
 [05/28 9:22:41AM] Medium, black and white stripes

To my knees please
Janice Robinson
 [05/28 9:22:22AM] Black 2xl

Cinch me into summer
Robin Lyons
 [05/28 9:22:13AM] Olive xs

Day dreamer midi
Leanne Stanway
 [05/28 9:21:33AM] XL Black

Summer eazy
Lidia Byrne
 [05/28 9:21:16AM] XL light heather grey

It's a cinch
Janice Robinson
 [05/28 9:20:56AM] Black 2xl

Gypsy chic midi
Leanne Stanway
 [05/28 9:20:55AM] XL Black

Paradise Found Midi, Coastal Sunset Midi, Here Comes the Sun Midi Dress, Sunsets and Sorbet Midi, Sun-soaked Midi
Natasha Mayes
 [05/28 9:20:46AM] Large Olive

Simply Cinch, Cute as a Cinch
Val Simpson
 [05/28 9:20:31AM] Large, Heather Grey

Tied Down To Earth
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [05/28 9:20:21AM] XS & Light Heather Grey

Sea Breeze
Elaine Keras
 [05/28 9:20:02AM] L Grey

Lake Tide Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:20:01AM] Black & White 3X

Mid Day Dress
Stephanie Hansen
 [05/28 9:19:39AM] M, Black

Hassle-Free down by the knees
Robin Lyons
 [05/28 9:19:28AM] Olive xs

Wade the Lake Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:19:20AM] Black & White 3X

Lake Wade Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:19:05AM] Black & White 3X

Sunshine and pockets
Leanne Stanway
 [05/28 9:18:49AM] XL Black

Camp Bellini Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:18:36AM] Black & White 3X

Easy Breezy Beautiful dress
Samantha Brighton
 [05/28 9:18:06AM] Medium green

Lake House Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:17:49AM] Black & White 3X

Lake Froth Midi
Kerissa Dickie
 [05/28 9:17:32AM] Black & White 3X

My Pick Pocket Dress
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/28 9:17:18AM] Green xs

All Around Dress
Kristy Stebbings
 [05/28 9:17:17AM] XL olive

Calvin (take me away)
 [05/28 9:16:56AM] Striped, XL

Mad for MIDI
Sarah Wright
 [05/28 9:16:46AM] L & Black

A midi summer day's dream dress
Kerri Martin
 [05/28 9:16:10AM] Medium, olive

A Mid Summers Breeze
Kim Schell
 [05/28 9:15:08AM] Large, Olive

Picnic Perfect Casual Midi Dress
Arista Ethier
 [05/28 9:14:30AM] 2XL Black

In a cinch
Tina cimaglia
 [05/28 9:14:13AM] X's green

Summers Breeze
Marlene Furlong
 [05/28 9:13:27AM] Black and white stripes XL

The Best is yet to come
Val Simpson
 [05/28 9:13:11AM] Lg in the stripe

Simply Chic Midi
Angela Mitres
 [05/28 9:13:08AM] XS/green

Feel the cinch
Tina cimaglia
 [05/28 9:13:08AM] X's green

Afternoon tea dress, Friendship dress, Staycation dress,
Nicolle Parsons
 [05/28 9:11:56AM] Olive, 2XL

Summer Breeze
Marlene Furlong
 [05/28 9:11:51AM] Black and white stripes XL

Weekend Relaxation
Shannon Janzen-Grabler
 [05/28 9:11:47AM] Black 2xl

Feeling Flirty, Feeling Fresh, Feeling Free, Flowing Free, Vibrant Vibes, Casual Vibes, Casual Feels, Just Another Day, Feeling Fancy
Erin Green
 [05/28 9:10:35AM] Olive size medium

Cinch and go dress
Tina cimaglia
 [05/28 9:10:34AM] Green xs

The “Sassy Classic “
Dianna Connell
 [05/28 9:10:31AM] Black 2X

Tuscani pocket midi
Debra Verbruggen
 [05/28 9:10:13AM] Large olive

Sweet Summer Moments dress
Tanya King
 [05/28 9:09:50AM] XS - black and white stripes

Catch my vibe dress
Nicole Gregg
 [05/28 9:09:43AM] Large Olive

Summer sun midi, summer nights midi, summer vacation dress, beach adventure midi, fun in the sun midi
Richanda Zurowski
 [05/28 9:09:22AM] Black L

Afternoon chic
Jennifer Lampshire
 [05/28 9:08:43AM] Medium grey

You Complete Me Dress, Complete Me Dress, In it to win it dress
Tanya King
 [05/28 9:08:09AM] XS, olive

Summer love’n sensation
Brandy Bayley
 [05/28 9:08:05AM] Olive medium/ large

Anytime of Day or Night Midi
Trisha Tahouney
 [05/28 9:07:24AM] Black/white stripes in medium

Sun and Fun Dress
Wendy Baldin
 [05/28 9:07:00AM] Black and white stripe (small)

Jump around town
Krissy Neilsen
 [05/28 9:06:55AM] Xl - green