October 8, 2021

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: WANA-HOMIES

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by Monday, October 11th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 387
Congratulations to Kristy Bohnet, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "My wife told me Wanakome only looks good on her. I said WANA-bet!!"

Perfect hoodie for all!
Holly M.
 [10/11 7:41:03AM]

Don't Wana end this day!
Marian S.
 [10/11 5:46:47AM]

SI is not only for women! Wanako-men
Nathalie D.
 [10/10 10:12:59PM]

Wanacombe my friend?
Ashley M.
 [10/10 8:49:43PM]

Wana-comfy? Wanakome!
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:30:22PM]

There’s nothing better… guys sportin’ the gear!
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:29:07PM]

You know you Wana… #ultimateguysgear.
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:24:52PM]

Sportin’ the gear with my Wana-homies!
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:21:58PM]

Wana-comfy? Wanakome!
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:18:31PM]

I don’t know what better - my boys or this sweater! Wana-comfy? Wanakome!
Estelle F.
 [10/10 8:16:38PM]

Comfy and Casual
 [10/10 7:55:30PM]

Hangin’ with the homies
Chrissy A.
 [10/10 6:50:09PM]

Boyz in them hoodies!
Amanda L.
 [10/10 3:42:46PM]

Well it least I make this Wanakome look good lol
Ruth I.
 [10/10 3:26:39PM]

Guys fishing trip.. first guy: "I told my wife I'd do dishes when I get home. Second guy: " itold my wife I'd vacuum. Third guy: "my wife thinks in at work!"
Janice E.
 [10/10 3:09:40PM]

Sandra J.
 [10/10 2:49:32PM]

Wana-homies at?
Brayell D.
 [10/10 1:33:06PM]

It’s Bro time!!
Susan C.
 [10/10 12:37:53PM]

Guys day out..
Barbara C.
 [10/10 11:22:21AM]

My wife says she’s not gonna buy any more wakoneme sweaters!!
Jodi R.
 [10/10 11:19:45AM]

Now I know what people been saying about these Wanakome Hoodies...they’re super cozy!
Samantha A.
 [10/10 10:46:31AM]

If they don’t own a Wanakome, they can’t sit with us
Samantha A.
 [10/10 10:44:03AM]

"I could cozy up to these hunks in hoodies any day of the week"!!
Natasha W.
 [10/10 10:32:14AM]

Family time hoodie
Rebecca S.
 [10/10 10:08:31AM]

If she thinks she's stealing this hoodie she's mistaken!!
Jordan G.
 [10/10 10:02:45AM]

Good friends, amazing hoodies, life is great
Jordan G.
 [10/10 10:01:20AM]

Dressed to chill
Tammy C.
 [10/10 9:29:26AM]

Comfort on the fly
Caren P.
 [10/10 9:07:58AM]

So nice to be back together Wana-Homies!!!
Kimberly C.
 [10/10 8:41:12AM]

Hommies in the hood
 [10/10 8:33:57AM]

Good Outdoor Life Hoodie
Linda M.
 [10/10 8:09:12AM]

Friend Wanakome
Nancy Z.
 [10/10 5:36:06AM]

Wanake Men Fall Fun
JoAnne S.
 [10/10 5:30:03AM]

Shades of fall
Rebecca K.
 [10/09 11:09:46PM]

On Wednesdays we wear Wanakome
Kate B.
 [10/09 10:59:11PM]

...and in Saskatchewan, they called my hoodie a ‘Bunny Hug’ ?
Kate B.
 [10/09 10:58:22PM]

I think the girls are on to something; these hoodies are great!
Kate B.
 [10/09 10:57:20PM]

And then she said, don’t worry babe, I got one to match!
Kate B.
 [10/09 10:53:22PM]

Silver Icings not just for the ladies, but well the them think it is...
Kate B.
 [10/09 10:49:33PM]

Friendly Comfort
Karen L.
 [10/09 10:15:37PM]

“Bahaha, and they said we don’t like shopping”
Traci T.
 [10/09 9:59:44PM]

Don’t laugh, it’s true - people mistake me for Ryan Reynolds all the time!
Janna T.
 [10/09 9:53:56PM]

"I'll take the silver fox in the middle. Momma needs me a new black hoodie. "I wonder how long I need to wait to get him at half off! ;)
Natasha W.
 [10/09 8:34:59PM]

See men don’t have to wear black to look good
Doreen A.
 [10/09 8:16:24PM]

Dads just wanna have fun
Daisy N.
 [10/09 6:16:28PM]

Bros for life
Daisy N.
 [10/09 6:15:59PM]

Hot dad alert
Daisy N.
 [10/09 6:15:23PM]

“We’re kind of a big deal!”
Kristen B.
 [10/09 5:56:43PM]

Marlene C.
 [10/09 5:10:01PM]

Matching dad's club
Jamie L.
 [10/09 2:51:01PM]

So not cool, we match- they did it again! ?
 [10/09 2:30:12PM]

When we were outside last night, she as me if she could wear my sweater because she was cold...
Teresa E.
 [10/09 1:15:55PM]

Dads day out!
Sheri C.
 [10/09 1:12:31PM]

That’s what she said.
Nicole S.
 [10/09 1:08:30PM]

".....and then SHE asked me what was in the pink package!"
Laura M.
 [10/09 12:57:28PM]

Cuddle up.
Margaret L.
 [10/09 12:56:57PM]

And she said she’d only buy one Wanakome hoodie!
Brittany R.
 [10/09 12:31:57PM]

And then she told me she would stop ordering Silver Icing...
Samantha S.
 [10/09 12:13:39PM]

That's what she said...
 [10/09 12:06:33PM]

Oh no, our wives shop at the same online boutique!
Bettina A.
 [10/09 11:44:13AM]

Don't laugh bruh, my wife spent way more money than yours at Silver Icing!
Bettina A.
 [10/09 11:42:33AM]

Jen C.
 [10/09 11:26:06AM]

Bahahaha. Now we can buy as many Wanakome hoodies as our wives!
Andrea E.
 [10/09 11:10:21AM]

Just Chillin’
Melody H.
 [10/09 10:55:55AM]

And then he said: « yes honey you can buy all the SI stuff you want! ??
Nancy C.
 [10/09 10:34:47AM]

I know you wanna be my friend !
Sophie L.
 [10/09 10:34:06AM]

Aren’t we all so lucky to have married triplets ?????????
Nancy K.
 [10/09 10:20:34AM]

Wana-be a winner?
Alison D.
 [10/09 10:00:56AM]

Wana go for a hike?
Alison D.
 [10/09 10:00:01AM]

Wana-be cool?
Alison D.
 [10/09 9:59:00AM]

Couldn’t let the ladies have all the fun!
Valerie G.
 [10/09 9:57:10AM]

Winning: When you realize the silver lining of your relationship is having your wife style you.
Danielle H.
 [10/09 9:35:43AM]

These hoodies are sooo cozy...”wana” snuggle?!
Shannon P.
 [10/09 9:33:49AM]

Bromance looking sharp
Michelle T.
 [10/09 9:18:27AM]

Wanna comfy sweat jacket?
Dana Z.
 [10/09 9:15:12AM]

I’ve Got a Secret
Shirley A.
 [10/09 8:48:50AM]

The 3 Wanna-Bros
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:45:15AM]

Rollin with the (Wana) Homies
Brittany M.
 [10/09 8:44:31AM]

The bro sweater
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:44:03AM]

Wanna-Homie sweater
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:43:41AM]

one in a bro sweater
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:43:10AM]

Wanna-Homie sweter
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:41:31AM]

The bro sweter
Amanda J.
 [10/09 8:40:24AM]

Snug as a hunk in a hoodie
Brandy B.
 [10/09 8:37:02AM]

And then she said do you really need another Wanakome?
Catherine D.
 [10/09 8:25:04AM]

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! And you said these Wanakomes would make us look like our wives. Wana go show them?
Anne M.
 [10/09 8:20:20AM]

Dude I gotta a wana
Carrie c.
 [10/09 8:20:10AM]

I’m looking’ so fly, all the girls be wannacomie home with me!
Tracy K.
 [10/09 8:19:27AM]

WANA-HOMIES Owners Thankful for friendship and family!
Christine T.
 [10/09 8:18:23AM]

Comfy and fun.
Jill w.
 [10/09 8:15:58AM]

See that guy’s zip-up, obviously his wife doesn’t sell Silver Icing. Should we help him out?
Julie O.
 [10/09 8:14:47AM]

Lisa W.
 [10/09 8:07:53AM]

*laughs in sweater*
Erika J.
 [10/09 7:53:36AM]

Wanna be my BFF?
Marie O.
 [10/09 6:48:13AM]

Hey guys, Wanakome hang out?
Courtney B.
 [10/09 6:23:00AM]

Hey guys, Wanakome hang out?
Courtney B.
 [10/09 6:21:30AM]

Ok stop laughing! We need to get our story straight for our wives.
Karen D.
 [10/09 5:54:17AM]

Good friends and cozy times
Lynnden M.
 [10/09 5:46:58AM]

Umm why are you touching me? Who is this guy? And why is he wearing the same sweater as us?
Steven T.
 [10/09 5:21:52AM]

Kady M.
 [10/09 5:18:31AM]

Male wanakome shenanigans
Dawn S.
 [10/09 5:07:38AM]

When my wife realized that Wanakome delivery wasn’t for her!
Jennah C.
 [10/09 4:36:21AM]

Oops We Did It Again!
Laurie W.
 [10/09 4:22:05AM]

“Laughter is the best medicine”
Amber S.
 [10/09 4:21:30AM]

Fellas, we're about to slay the day. But first, let's go grab some beers ! CHEERS to you lads ?
Jessica S.
 [10/09 3:35:04AM]

The Cozy Dudes
 [10/09 2:48:58AM]

Matchy Matchy Wanakome Flashy!
sara d.
 [10/08 11:59:34PM]

You said you weren't going to wear yours today!! ...."But I LOVE it!!"
sara d.
 [10/08 11:58:53PM]

When your wife says you don’t need another Wanakome
Patricia M.
 [10/08 10:37:54PM]

Laughter is the only contagious thing you want to catch?
Diana V.
 [10/08 10:22:00PM]

Wana know what homies.....I got one in each color!
Kari D.
 [10/08 9:52:02PM]

For all the times.
Sarah B.
 [10/08 9:27:03PM]

My wife said she’s not buying anymore Silvericing!
Sara M.
 [10/08 9:22:47PM]

And she says she wasn’t going to buy anymore Hoodies!!
Tracey M.
 [10/08 8:32:53PM]

Birds of a feather Wanakome together!
Alanna H.
 [10/08 8:24:29PM]

Birds of a feather Wanakome together!
Alanna H.
 [10/08 8:22:14PM]

“Dude, did u just let one rip??!!”
Julieanne S.
 [10/08 8:18:13PM]

“…and then I told her no more Silver Icing”
Danielle B.
 [10/08 8:01:02PM]

We are looking darn awesome boys. Good thing we let our wives follow and shop SI lol.
Stacy S.
 [10/08 7:43:37PM]

Men Wana be Cool.
Renee P.
 [10/08 7:31:02PM]

Wana Hang Out?!
Renee P.
 [10/08 7:30:02PM]

Boys will be boys
Cindy W.
 [10/08 7:22:40PM]

Saturday’s are for the Wanakomes
Hailey S.
 [10/08 7:20:11PM]

Uh hu!!! They dressed us again?
Karen P.
 [10/08 7:10:48PM]

Men Wanna Kome
Darlene M.
 [10/08 7:07:14PM]

Wana”fab”kome!! Trio
Susanne F.
 [10/08 7:04:01PM]

Bro! I just bought that same colour!
Connie D.
 [10/08 6:50:07PM]

Bro. I just bought that same colour!
Connie D.
 [10/08 6:48:56PM]

He's Mine Hoodie
Erin J.
 [10/08 6:13:26PM]

We only wear Wanakome on days that end in y!
Jennifer P.
 [10/08 6:00:56PM]

It's great that our wives buy so much S.I. , they got us these awesome hoodies so we don't complain!!??
Debbie S.
 [10/08 5:38:49PM]

Boys in the Hoodies
Rhonda S.
 [10/08 5:33:03PM]

Silver icing isn't just for women
Tracy B.
 [10/08 5:28:04PM]

If our wives thought they looked good in their Wanakomies, check us out!
christwl s.
 [10/08 5:15:12PM]

"My wife thinks I don't know how much she spends on Silver Icing." "As long as she buys me these hoodies and Saxx, we'll let them keep thinking that."
Leanne D.
 [10/08 5:13:23PM]

Your wife dresses you too?
Karen S.
 [10/08 5:09:14PM]

Little do the wives know we bought these on their credit cards
Lisa D.
 [10/08 5:08:49PM]

My wife told me Wanakome only looks good on her. I said WANA-bet!!
Kristy B.
 [10/08 5:02:02PM]

My wife told me Wanakome only looks good on her. And I said WAN-bet!
Kristy B.
 [10/08 5:00:05PM]

"Looking Good Boys" Wanakome
Brenda B.
 [10/08 4:57:54PM]

The wife thinks she’s the only one with a Wanakome addiction!
Krystal C.
 [10/08 4:32:09PM]

I try not to laugh at my own jokes. But we all know I'm hilarious
Christin G.
 [10/08 4:31:26PM]

Hahaha - Let’s tell our wives they were on sale! You in?
Valerie R.
 [10/08 3:52:09PM]

Check out our "Shoulda, coulda, woulda", hoodas!
Jennifer J.
 [10/08 3:40:52PM]

Cozy and cool fellas!
Shauna B.
 [10/08 3:34:05PM]

Ok Dam we look good in these!
John p.
 [10/08 3:18:45PM]

Wana look good? Try a Wanakome!
Daniela R.
 [10/08 3:16:14PM]

Effortless Effort Never Looked So Good
Lisa K.
 [10/08 3:01:17PM]

Your wife shops for you too hey!
Kelly P.
 [10/08 2:55:48PM]

Bro you’re wearing pink! No man, it’s mauve!
Angie m.
 [10/08 2:53:10PM]

The Wanakomes The Myth The legends
Rebecca P.
 [10/08 2:38:55PM]

Wanakome women have nothing too n us!
Jacquie M.
 [10/08 2:34:24PM]

When our wives tell us they’re not getting an SI package this week
Lisa S.
 [10/08 2:30:15PM]

Our wives were so right about this wanakomes, we really were missing out ?
Angela J.
 [10/08 2:25:52PM]

And they say Silver Icing is only for women…let’s show them our SAXX!
Penny M.
 [10/08 2:03:46PM]

Dude, your shops at SI too, cool
Natasha M.
 [10/08 2:03:40PM]

“And they say Silver Icing is only for women!”
Penny M.
 [10/08 2:02:48PM]

Home boy hoodie
 [10/08 1:55:17PM]

And then he asked if he could borrow my Wana!
Vicki M.
 [10/08 1:52:14PM]

Friends Connect
Tatiana K.
 [10/08 1:40:17PM]

The Buddy
Tanya B.
 [10/08 1:39:33PM]

Wana hang bro? We all look so good!
Gillian K.
 [10/08 1:34:34PM]

Sucker ! U actually believed your wife when she said she wouldn’t buy SI this week !
Teresa-Lyne d.
 [10/08 1:34:08PM]

Style with smiles
Michelle M.
 [10/08 1:31:53PM]

Definitely let’s do a Ski trip! Don’t crash into me this time!
Melanie B.
 [10/08 1:25:24PM]

And then she said “but honey can’t I borrow it” as I was putting on my new hoodie!
Marcy F.
 [10/08 1:23:57PM]

Good Times
Laura C.
 [10/08 1:23:10PM]

We look so good the fish will be jumping in the boat!
Janice A.
 [10/08 1:19:51PM]

Zip out with my homies hoodie
Michelle M.
 [10/08 1:18:57PM]

"My wife is addicted to Silver Icing I know bro! Mine just got another package from them!.... just wait until she sees what I am getting!!"
Olesya s.
 [10/08 1:16:12PM]

Wana hang out boys
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:11:40PM]

Wana stay warm
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:11:21PM]

Wana and chill
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:10:59PM]

Wanakome brings all my hommies
Brittaney P.
 [10/08 1:10:43PM]

The wanabies
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:10:26PM]

Wana go for a walk
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:10:08PM]

These are our Haydays Hoodies
Michelle M.
 [10/08 1:09:55PM]

Our wives sell SI
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:09:41PM]

Fall friends
Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:09:11PM]

Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:08:52PM]

Adrienne L.
 [10/08 1:08:34PM]

Three Wana-migos
Kathy S.
 [10/08 1:08:02PM]

Hey, nice to know Silver Icing is for us guys too!
Brenda K.
 [10/08 1:00:36PM]

She told you she only spent how much on Silver Icing
Wendy K.
 [10/08 12:52:59PM]

Boys 'Round Here
Amy B.
 [10/08 12:52:28PM]

Let’s hear it for our past great times hoodie
Patsy W.
 [10/08 12:50:57PM]

Sure, men wear Pink
Crystal S.
 [10/08 12:44:38PM]

Oct-bro-ber stroll
Claire R.
 [10/08 12:43:56PM]

And then she said she only bought one item from silver icing … hahah
Mandy F.
 [10/08 12:43:30PM]

My wife bought me this hoodie so I wouldn’t question all the Silver Icing she’s buying. Jokes on her because now I want more!
Haley B.
 [10/08 12:42:33PM]

"Hey bro, where did you get those hoodies?"
Whitney D.
 [10/08 12:24:53PM]

And then I said, "no honey, I've owned this one forever!"
Sonja V.
 [10/08 12:24:27PM]

Bromance in the wanakome hoodstance
Dana l.
 [10/08 12:24:25PM]

Our wives thought Wanakime was only for them!
Sonja V.
 [10/08 12:23:16PM]

Look at those homies! I wanna one!
Wendy D.
 [10/08 12:22:30PM]

They thought they could keep Wanakome to themselves! HA!
Amanda C.
 [10/08 12:19:49PM]

Boyz in the 'Hood'ies
Holly D.
 [10/08 12:19:21PM]

Being happy never goes out of style... same goes for these sweaters!!!
Cassandra j.
 [10/08 12:16:27PM]

Heyyy nice sweater, Wana-be-my-homie?
Laura B.
 [10/08 12:16:07PM]

“I wonder if I now have more wanakomies than my wife”
Tara L.
 [10/08 12:15:14PM]

Hanging out in hoodies
Sarah M.
 [10/08 12:13:47PM]

Hoods in the woods
Natalie G.
 [10/08 12:12:17PM]

Boys in the hoods
Natalie G.
 [10/08 12:10:20PM]

Wanna Kome for a hike?
Victoria M.
 [10/08 12:05:54PM]

Rollin’ with my Wana-Homies
Renée K.
 [10/08 12:05:52PM]

Hahaha I am gonna tell my wife I have owned this forever and she must be blind if she hasnt seen me wear it before.
Valerie R.
 [10/08 11:54:27AM]

And tje nest part is, she thinks I'm going to let her wear this!
Nancy S.
 [10/08 11:46:26AM]

I wanna kome home with these wanahomies
 [10/08 11:42:38AM]

Bromance hoodie
Jennifer S.
 [10/08 11:38:56AM]

Festive Fall wanakome hoody
Rona s.
 [10/08 11:29:31AM]

And then she said she was only going to buy one pair of shoes
Melissa F.
 [10/08 11:26:58AM]

Then she said she was going to steal this hoodie. HA
Kirsten A.
 [10/08 11:20:25AM]

Stand by your man and gift him this handsome sweater??
Sonia L.
 [10/08 11:19:26AM]

And then she said she wasn’t buying any more Silver Icing this month
Krista G.
 [10/08 11:19:03AM]

Laugh in the Leaves Zip-ups
Ashley M.
 [10/08 11:15:25AM]

Wanakome Wise Guys Unite!
Susan S.
 [10/08 11:08:39AM]

Howling in Hoodies
 [10/08 11:07:46AM]

Wanakhomies, The Gangs all Here, Good Vibes all Around.
Danyell O.
 [10/08 11:05:28AM]

I better hide this from my wife!
Michelle P.
 [10/08 11:04:18AM]

I better hide this from my wife!
Michelle P.
 [10/08 11:03:47AM]

My wife thinks we can share!
Nicole G.
 [10/08 11:02:49AM]

I mean… we’re close…but not THAT close
Nadele E.
 [10/08 11:02:28AM]

Boyz in the hoodies
Julie K.
 [10/08 10:59:06AM]

… and our wives thought we wouldn’t love these sweaters!
Katy K.
 [10/08 10:58:13AM]

Boyz in the hoodies
Julie K.
 [10/08 10:57:57AM]

"Today's forecast says there's a 100% percent chance I'll buy another sweater."
Uland t.
 [10/08 10:53:59AM]

“No more bunny ears Mike”
Anna L.
 [10/08 10:53:26AM]

I just love that colour on you!
Jennifer S.
 [10/08 10:51:26AM]

Who says twinning is only for the ladies?!? #wanahomies
Michelle P.
 [10/08 10:50:21AM]

I didn’t want a wanakome…my wife bought it for me anyways… but now it’s my favourite sweater!
Sammi s.
 [10/08 10:47:33AM]

She’s not stealing this hoodie!!
Sammi S.
 [10/08 10:45:20AM]

Don’t touch my wanakome .. homie
Yvonne s.
 [10/08 10:41:06AM]

Our wives think they will wear our hoodie !!!!!!
Kellie C.
 [10/08 10:40:39AM]

Wanakome Hang with us..?
Wendy U.
 [10/08 10:38:42AM]

Not your average’Fall Guys’
Wendy U.
 [10/08 10:37:57AM]

Don’t laugh, I’ve been told I could be Ryan Reynold’s double!
Janna T.
 [10/08 10:36:43AM]

Hoodies and homies
Angel M.
 [10/08 10:32:22AM]

Bro's before Wanakome's?? Ya right! ? Hahaha!
Kristine R.
 [10/08 10:26:26AM]

Good thing our wives picked different colours for us !!
Denise G.
 [10/08 10:23:32AM]

Good thing our wives picked us different colours!!
Denise G.
 [10/08 10:20:49AM]

Say what? Your wife wants one too?!? #matchymatchy
Elisa E.
 [10/08 10:20:12AM]

Chillin in our Wanakome's
Serena B.
 [10/08 10:16:53AM]

Wanakome's - made for Everyone!
Serena B.
 [10/08 10:16:03AM]

Husbands of Home sense ( for reference watch this video husbands of target vid… the pic gives the same vibe but we are Canadian)
Lianne H.
 [10/08 10:15:19AM]

Chillin in our WANA-HOMIES!
Serena B.
 [10/08 10:14:28AM]

Wanna-komey over later?
rebecca M.
 [10/08 10:14:13AM]

Cool But Warm
Taya W.
 [10/08 10:12:59AM]

My #ropesweater brings all the boys to the yard!
Rebecca m.
 [10/08 10:12:49AM]

You think she knows I'm wearing her Wanakome instead?
Morgan C.
 [10/08 10:01:06AM]

They say I look like Ryan Renolds... Ryan who?
Selinda L.
 [10/08 10:00:51AM]

When the men buy all the Wanakomes...
Morgan C.
 [10/08 10:00:19AM]

Morgan C.
 [10/08 9:58:52AM]

Wana-kome hang with the homies?
Becky W.
 [10/08 9:57:38AM]

Because the wife thinks it’s only her who can shop at Silver Icing
Kim F.
 [10/08 9:53:53AM]

Just Some Guys doing their “ Wanakome “ thing!
Colleen E.
 [10/08 9:51:22AM]

Wanakome Homies!
Jen P.
 [10/08 9:47:28AM]

 [10/08 9:47:14AM]

And then she asked me is she could take this shirt home with her
Amie B.
 [10/08 9:47:12AM]

Wana wolf pack
Lynnelle F.
 [10/08 9:46:47AM]

“…So then he says “Silver Icing? Isn’t that only women’s clothes?”
Amy T.
 [10/08 9:45:53AM]

And then she tried to say, Silver Icing is just for women.
Rebecca D.
 [10/08 9:45:12AM]

Silver Icing , who says it’s just for women , Silver Foxes wear it well
Marina H.
 [10/08 9:42:46AM]

Best IN the Best hoodie
Holly c.
 [10/08 9:41:51AM]

We paused the website at 11:59am PST ... you shouldda seen the panic!!! Epic, I tell you!
Selinda L.
 [10/08 9:40:49AM]

We "paused" the website at 11:59am PST ... you shouldda seen the panic!!! Epic, I tell you!
Selinda L.
 [10/08 9:39:28AM]

We "paused" the website at 11:59am PST ... you shouldda seen the panic!!! Epic, I tell you!
Selinda L.
 [10/08 9:38:45AM]

Julia B.
 [10/08 9:38:17AM]

Get more wana-homies with Wanakome
Heather S.
 [10/08 9:37:56AM]

Ladies wish they had zippers too!
Mindy B.
 [10/08 9:37:19AM]

Rollin with the homies… in Wanakome
Heather S.
 [10/08 9:37:06AM]

Wanna bet they’re up to no good ?
Carrie C.
 [10/08 9:35:53AM]

Wanna bet they’re up to no good ?
Carrie C.
 [10/08 9:34:36AM]

"Right at Homies"
Jessica C.
 [10/08 9:29:21AM]

Shh Don’t tell them , these are the bomb!
Maria L.
 [10/08 9:29:19AM]

Hoodies in the hood!
Diane G.
 [10/08 9:28:53AM]

Shhh Dontctell
Maria L.
 [10/08 9:28:40AM]

"Wannabecome" friends.
Kendra H.
 [10/08 9:27:19AM]

I'm to sexy for my Wanakome, To sexy for my Wanakome!
Melissa R.
 [10/08 9:25:20AM]

We're the three best friends that anyone could have
Shannon G.
 [10/08 9:25:13AM]

My SI rep you have a Buy One get one - Something for your wife ? Nah she’s good I’II take another Wanakome for me
Matt V.
 [10/08 9:23:21AM]

You Wanakome come over to watch game !
Matt V.
 [10/08 9:21:48AM]

Dad vibes
Catherine T.
 [10/08 9:19:05AM]

Guys hanging out , just hangin
 [10/08 9:18:32AM]

“Look at us in our Wanakomes! Our wives are going to be so jealous!”
Christy Z.
 [10/08 9:17:36AM]

Wanna come with me?
Jacqueline E.
 [10/08 9:16:41AM]

Hey guys, get this… wife saw wanakome and thought this was for her ?
Danielle D.
 [10/08 9:14:53AM]

Zip to It!
Shanna J.
 [10/08 9:14:22AM]

Boys Just Wana Have Fun
Angela D.
 [10/08 9:13:47AM]

Wana Man-zip
 [10/08 9:13:32AM]

Do you think I can make modeling for Silver Icing my permanent gig???
Melissa M.
 [10/08 9:13:32AM]

Pfft…. She asked if I wanted to send it back?!!
Amanda J.
 [10/08 9:13:15AM]

Feeling warm and cozy with friends
 [10/08 9:11:04AM]

The one SI package we waited at the front door for!
Amanda J.
 [10/08 9:10:32AM]

The Bro Hoodie
Ny F.
 [10/08 9:09:35AM]

Guys, I’m telling you, she keeps trying to take this hoodie from me!”
Amanda J.
 [10/08 9:08:47AM]

Wana Have Fun
Marie-Claude L.
 [10/08 9:07:47AM]

And then my wife said "I won't buy anymore Wanakome Hoodies"
Raina B.
 [10/08 9:06:59AM]

Daddy daycare
Jessica b.
 [10/08 9:06:36AM]

Cool fun with friends
 [10/08 9:06:05AM]

The hoodie that started the bromance!
Melanie L.
 [10/08 9:04:39AM]

Hey were triplets
Wanda A.
 [10/08 9:02:30AM]

Wana boys fall adventure!
Josephine G.
 [10/08 9:02:04AM]

Man It’s Getting Cold Outside!
Tammy M.
 [10/08 8:59:36AM]

Pffft! And they said we wouldn't like this hoodie!
Sandra L.
 [10/08 8:59:21AM]

She thinks this Jacket was her idea!
Marie N.
 [10/08 8:59:05AM]

Homie Hoodie Hangout
Jackie S.
 [10/08 8:57:48AM]

Wanna bro social
Josephine G.
 [10/08 8:56:56AM]

Bros with ropes
Melanie S.
 [10/08 8:56:22AM]

Man-friend Friday - getting social #bromance #matchinginstyle #wana-homies
Vayia P.
 [10/08 8:54:38AM]

Oh, your partner must sell Silver Icing too! How many wanakomes do you have?
Tamara s.
 [10/08 8:54:36AM]

Fine Hood
Joan M.
 [10/08 8:53:12AM]

My wife asked me to stop singing “Wonderwall” to her. I said maybe..
Natalie W.
 [10/08 8:53:09AM]

and they thought we wouldn’t want a Wanakome so they could keep their credit to themselves!!
Genista R.
 [10/08 8:52:52AM]

Dad Jokes All Day
Natalie W.
 [10/08 8:52:48AM]

Can you believe we bought into it?
Crystal M.
 [10/08 8:51:26AM]

Shhhh don’t tell my wife, she was right! I do need all the Wanakomes.
Melissa G.
 [10/08 8:49:49AM]

Shhhh don’t tell my wife, she was right! I do need all the Wanakomes
Melissa G.
 [10/08 8:48:27AM]

And dragons den didn’t want to help out!!!
Suzanne K.
 [10/08 8:46:16AM]

Should have seen her face when she realised I was her new team stylist
Paula F.
 [10/08 8:44:57AM]

You’re girl makes how much selling Silver Icing?
Megan B.
 [10/08 8:42:54AM]

“Hanging with my Homies!!”
Vicky P.
 [10/08 8:41:53AM]

You guys, our wives obviously have good taste!
Angela S.
 [10/08 8:41:21AM]

Chillin with the boys!
Heather S.
 [10/08 8:41:11AM]

My wife thinks buying me a wanakome will help me forget about all the Silver Icing she has bought…she’s right!
Robin P.
 [10/08 8:40:01AM]

Bromancing the stone
Melissa G.
 [10/08 8:39:04AM]

“ Ha! , and you thought your spouse wouldn’t get you to wear one”
Brandy B.
 [10/08 8:38:01AM]

I said I was buying a Wanakome...she thought it was for her
Angele T.
 [10/08 8:36:41AM]

We scored on Wanakome Wednesday
Natasha V.
 [10/08 8:36:18AM]

Right, I’m sure your wife doesn’t order alot of SI!!!
Allyson P.
 [10/08 8:36:16AM]

It's only smiles when you are looking this good
Natasha V.
 [10/08 8:35:26AM]

Wanakome be part of our gang
Kayla d.
 [10/08 8:35:23AM]

Wana-Uomo (uomo is Italian for men)
Kimberley D.
 [10/08 8:35:11AM]

So YA...I told her to order "ALL the SI" I clicked "submit" on my own favorite online shopping cart order...hehehe!
Sandy R.
 [10/08 8:34:44AM]

Finding out my best friends wife just signed up with Silver Icing and says she will make more than she spends…
Melissa C.
 [10/08 8:34:11AM]

And the girls think Wanakomes look good on them ?
Mandy S.
 [10/08 8:34:06AM]

Bros and Wanakomes. Guys day !
Stephanie a.
 [10/08 8:34:04AM]

Wanakome Wednesday is not just for the girls
Carrie L.
 [10/08 8:33:42AM]

“Your wife said she’d stop buying Silver Icing?! HAHAHA that’s hilarious!” ?
Cherie F.
 [10/08 8:32:03AM]

Chillin with my bro-komes
Lia A.
 [10/08 8:31:57AM]

“They are never going to believe we didn’t plan this!!”
Sharmayne C.
 [10/08 8:31:51AM]

“Can you guys believe people think Silver Icing is just for women?!”
Ashley H.
 [10/08 8:31:50AM]

Rope Bros
Melanie S.
 [10/08 8:31:34AM]

Wana-guess where my wife shops?
Crissy G.
 [10/08 8:26:28AM]

The LA Rams won the Super Bowl
Samantha F.
 [10/08 8:25:45AM]

Whooo Who farted
Samantha F.
 [10/08 8:24:29AM]

Cohort friends meet up
Samantha F.
 [10/08 8:23:59AM]

Now I understand why my wife keeps saying you can't just have ONE, that she needs them all!
Natalie L.
 [10/08 8:23:45AM]

Wanakomers for life
Linda G.
 [10/08 8:22:34AM]

Dude? Dude? Dude!!!!
Mandy K.
 [10/08 8:21:27AM]

brothers from other mothers!
Lee-ann t.
 [10/08 8:20:19AM]

Dude, the ladies want a nice picture of us! And they even bought us these sweet wanakomes! I wonder if your color is in my size?
Mandy K.
 [10/08 8:20:09AM]

“And then I spent all her credits on MY Wanakomes!!” #sorrynotsorry
Caitlin G.
 [10/08 8:19:08AM]

So the wife says, I’m done with buying Silver Icing,
Liz R.
 [10/08 8:19:08AM]

“and then they said I look like Ryan Reynolds!”
Caitlin G.
 [10/08 8:17:35AM]

The look on her face when she realized the silver icing bag was mine... hahah
Jordan G.
 [10/08 8:16:55AM]

Candace S.
 [10/08 8:16:27AM]

When your partner says Silver Icing is just for women…
Caitlin G.
 [10/08 8:16:16AM]

Shooting the breeze
Heidi T.
 [10/08 8:15:44AM]

We have suger momma's, they make all the money and buy us sweet wanakomes!
Mandy k.
 [10/08 8:15:32AM]

Rope sweater friends for life
Lisa C.
 [10/08 8:14:53AM]

Yeah she said she wasn't ordering anymore Silver Icing!
Tina M.
 [10/08 8:14:43AM]

My wife said she actually got these on “sale”!!
Alyssa F.
 [10/08 8:14:39AM]

Wana Get Hoodo Bros?
Leanne H.
 [10/08 8:14:22AM]

‘Rope’ Brothers
Angie G.
 [10/08 8:13:49AM]

When the boys Wana match
Jana D.
 [10/08 8:13:25AM]

“And so the guy says…”
Liz R.
 [10/08 8:13:04AM]

Three men and a hoodie!!
Kim D.
 [10/08 8:12:33AM]

She believed me when I said just one quick one with the boys.
Sarah-Jane S.
 [10/08 8:11:59AM]

Remember that time Facebook was down?
Melanie A.
 [10/08 8:10:59AM]

Hangin with my bro-mies
Angelee M.
 [10/08 8:10:56AM]

Our wives ordered the pink one too!
Pamela C.
 [10/08 8:09:49AM]

"Credit card statement said silver icing and she thought it was for her hahah"
Jordan G.
 [10/08 8:09:19AM]

When moment you realize you love Wanakome is real.
Angela M.
 [10/08 8:09:07AM]

Wana-what now?!..
Crystal P.
 [10/08 8:08:41AM]

Wanakomb Wonder
Linda M.
 [10/08 8:07:20AM]

And then I said “You Wanakome Too”
Matt D.
 [10/08 8:06:39AM]

How you doin’?!
Karen W.
 [10/08 8:06:19AM]

…and then she said ‘it’s not wanakome wednesday!’
Jina C.
 [10/08 8:06:16AM]

Do You Wanna Build a Friendship
 [10/08 8:05:56AM]

Yo, who got you smiling like that Bro?
Brittany W.
 [10/08 8:05:27AM]

My wife has more Wanakomes than your wife !
Erin G.
 [10/08 8:05:26AM]

Lookin’ sexy Bruh!
Karen W.
 [10/08 8:05:16AM]

She said it's Wanna-something?!
Jackie B.
 [10/08 8:05:11AM]

“Same time next week in our Silver Icing Exclusive’s?”
Melanie M.
 [10/08 8:04:57AM]

Your wife is addicted to SI too?!
Jackie B.
 [10/08 8:03:58AM]

On Wednesdays we wear Wanakome - get in Homie we're going to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
Lorraine L.
 [10/08 8:03:20AM]

Haha our wives think they are the only ones who love their Wanakome sweaters?!
Tania C.
 [10/08 8:02:21AM]

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