Knit Sweater
November 12, 2021

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Congratulations to Aimee P., the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Day or Knit Sweater!

Knit sweater
Del M.
 [11/14 8:37:03AM] Mustard or rust sz S

Sweata Weatha
Megan B.
 [11/14 8:27:34AM] Bergundy size small

Rib roaring sweater
Carla F.
 [11/14 8:19:41AM] Large, in emerald green

Sweater Bestie
Danielle W.
 [11/14 8:10:58AM] Burgundy Large

Dream Weaver
Tracy K.
 [11/14 8:08:31AM] Emerald xxl

All Season Comfort
Denise S.
 [11/14 8:05:25AM] large blue

Waffle warmth
 [11/14 5:38:20AM] s - chili red

The Casual or Classy Knitted Sweater
Courtney G.
 [11/14 12:23:01AM] Large; Emerald

100 ways to knit
Chelsea O.
 [11/13 9:22:24PM] Small burgundy

Take a Knit Sweater
Chelsea O.
 [11/13 9:18:46PM] Small Emerald

comfy & cozy
Rebecca K.
 [11/13 9:17:34PM] 3xl emerald green

Knits Like a Glove; Knitting Like It; Tight Knit Sweater; Heavier-Weight Champion; Soft Knit, Comfy Fit!; Knitty by Nature
Tara K.
 [11/13 9:17:07PM] Medium & Burgundy

Waffly Cute Sweater, Waffle this Way Sweater, Cozy Comfort Sweater, Warm Hug Sweater, Waffly Warm Wonderful Sweater
Danielle R.
 [11/13 8:52:39PM] XS - Purple

The cozy knit sweater
Elyse c.
 [11/13 8:18:38PM] Large mustard

Call My Name Waffle Knit
Lisa D.
 [11/13 8:06:28PM] Medium Burgundy

It's All About the Texture Sweater
Jennifer P.
 [11/13 7:14:42PM] Teal, medium

Perfect Knit
Kelly S.
 [11/13 6:10:19PM] Medium or large love burgundy

Cute ‘n Cozy
Wendy G.
 [11/13 5:33:09PM] Size M - Burgundy

Kozy Knit
Wendy G.
 [11/13 5:31:55PM] Size M - Burgundy

Covered in Cozy
Charlene T.
 [11/13 5:31:51PM] Chili red

Kute Knit
Wendy G.
 [11/13 5:30:30PM] SizeM - Burgundy

Wonderful Waffle
Wendy G.
 [11/13 5:27:59PM] Size M - burgundy

One Hundred Knits
Lisa H.
 [11/13 3:15:42PM] Burgundy xxl

Falling into winter sweater
Alex o.
 [11/13 2:51:12PM] Purple XS

November Lights Sweater
Alexandra g.
 [11/13 2:48:16PM] Purple XS

Chill Lax Cozy
Crystal H.
 [11/13 2:13:21PM] med green

All Out Comfy
Crystal H.
 [11/13 2:10:51PM] medium green

Laura S.
 [11/13 1:31:20PM] XL Purple

Cozy & Knit sweater
Becca b.
 [11/13 1:10:33PM] Xl Burgundy

Knit your average sweater
Becca b.
 [11/13 1:08:23PM] Xl Burgundy

Knitty and Nice, The Knitsation Sweater
Jennifer B.
 [11/13 1:01:10PM] Green size M

Knits Landing
Shannon M.
 [11/13 12:55:41PM] Small - burgundy

Chunky comfy warmer
 [11/13 12:48:45PM] Burgundy size M

Whimsical Waffle Win Win
Terri H.
 [11/13 12:17:06PM] Large Emerald Green

Cozy knit sweater
Robin M.
 [11/13 12:05:55PM] Pink

Love It A Waffle Lot Sweater; Waffling Knockout Sweater; Knitted and Weave It Sweater; Can’t Be Weave It Sweater; Better Be-Weave It
April H.
 [11/13 11:11:07AM] Purple; XS

Colour Outside the Lines sweater
Kristin W.
 [11/13 11:07:40AM] XXL-Emerald Green

Love It A Waffle Lot Like Sweater; Knit to Know Ya Sweater; Waffle Love Sweater; Knitting to Know Ya Sweater; Picture Knit Sweater
April H.
 [11/13 10:59:40AM] Purple / XS

Waffly Yours
Bernadette B.
 [11/13 10:57:56AM] M chili red

Head Over Heels For You Knit Sweater
Vherra S.
 [11/13 10:49:40AM] XL - Emerald Green

Crazy for You Knit Sweater
Vherra S.
 [11/13 10:48:13AM] XL - Emerald Green

Wrapped Up in Knit Sweater
Vherra S.
 [11/13 10:44:45AM] XL - Emerald Green

Centenary hugs sweater
Tracy F.
 [11/13 10:23:08AM] XS

Centenary hugs sweater
Tracy F.
 [11/13 10:20:24AM] XS

Queen Bee
Sandra E.
 [11/13 10:20:03AM] XML lavender

Only prettier sweater
Tracy F.
 [11/13 10:17:46AM] XS

Roll the Cuff up
Erin M.
 [11/13 10:13:15AM] Purple L

Knit Vee
Erin M.
 [11/13 10:12:18AM] Emerald L

Finish the look knit
Treena W.
 [11/13 10:07:10AM] 1xl mustard

Off the cuff sweater. Live vibrantly sweater.
Angela Y.
 [11/13 9:51:26AM] Burgundy M

Cozy cuddle sweater
Michelle G.
 [11/13 9:49:04AM] Emerald green in extra small

Waffle-ly Nice
Dawn T.
 [11/13 9:45:26AM] Large chilli red

All you need
Michelle G.
 [11/13 9:42:41AM] Medium in Purple

All you need
Michelle G.
 [11/13 9:42:26AM] Medium in Purple

Oh so knitty sweater* Knit your average sweater* Close knit by nature
Deanna G.
 [11/13 9:42:22AM] Emerald green in XL

Knitty By Nature; Here Knitty Knitty; Knit Your Average Sweater
Haley B.
 [11/13 9:29:51AM] Emerald Green, L

Waffly Warm Sweater
Lisa C.
 [11/13 9:27:41AM] Green XL

Autumn spice, Spice it up nice, Waffled Spice, Color me Condiments sweater
Valerie R.
 [11/13 9:25:25AM] M and orangey rust please

Weave it to me sweater
Leyna M.
 [11/13 9:15:34AM] Size: L, emerald

The knitty
Katie h.
 [11/13 9:03:20AM] Large mustard

Besties knit
Anne-Marie H.
 [11/13 8:55:34AM] Emerald xL

Takes one to knit one
Genista R.
 [11/13 8:52:29AM] Green size large

Knit you 100
Amber M.
 [11/13 8:34:53AM] XS Purple

Fall into cozy, thick and cozy, 100 reasons to cozy up
Pam s.
 [11/13 8:23:25AM] Chili size L

Comfort classic knitted sweater
Christina H.
 [11/13 8:20:53AM] Large emerald green

Angelina D.
 [11/13 8:18:01AM] 2XL Purple

Jingle All The Way Sweater
Jennifer S.
 [11/13 8:12:06AM] medium, maroon

V Knitty
Marina S.
 [11/13 8:10:13AM] Burnt orange Sm

Knot me not top
Carla y.
 [11/13 8:09:08AM] Emerald green, Small

Casual cuddle, my bubble sweater, funtastic sweater
Kelley M.
 [11/13 8:06:59AM] Medium purple or burgundy

Naughty or Knit
Nicole G.
 [11/13 8:03:43AM] Large Burgundy

Rainbow Knit Sweater, Knit & Cozy Sweater
Lauren F.
 [11/13 8:01:17AM] S, Emerald Green

Show stopper sweater
Tanya D.
 [11/13 7:54:50AM] Large Emerald Green

Centennial Your Weave Knitted Sweater
Brandy H.
 [11/13 7:52:34AM] XXL Burgundy

Chick in Waffle
Dana B.
 [11/13 7:47:47AM] M Burgandy

Merry Knitmas! Sweater, Cold Weather Sweater, Fireplace Friend, Snow Day Sweater
Jennifer S.
 [11/13 7:12:57AM] maroon, medium

Kagal Waffle Weave (All beautiful ladies initials plus it reminds me of waffles, yum)
Karen L.
 [11/13 7:10:52AM] large purple

Color-me-fall sweater, fall for me sweater, knittin’ pretty sweater, vibing bright sweater, texture terrific top
Valerie R.
 [11/13 7:02:39AM] Large purple please

Wear it your way sweater
Debbie W.
 [11/13 6:42:36AM] Teal in Large

Knitty by nature
Michelle G.
 [11/13 6:29:23AM] Emerald green small

In the Thick of Knit
Debbie M.
 [11/13 6:23:04AM] Xl green

Hundredfold knit
Dianna K.
 [11/13 5:42:03AM] Chili red medium

Knitting me softly
Lynn M.
 [11/13 5:39:20AM] M chili red

On the Go
Diane L.
 [11/13 5:37:44AM] Size medium in lilac

One Hundred Knit Wonder
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:37:08AM] XL, Chili red

The thick of Knit
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:31:15AM] XL, Chili red

Sexy and I Know Knit
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:30:15AM] XL, Chili red

One Knit Wonder
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:27:50AM] XL, Chili red

1 in 100
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:23:53AM] XL, Chili red

Keep it 100
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:23:13AM] XL, Chili red

The 100
Crystal H.
 [11/13 5:20:24AM] XL, Chili red

I Rib you not
Brenda M.
 [11/13 5:18:11AM] Xxl emerald green

Knit to Perfection Sweater, 100 Reasons Why Sweater, Knit Picky Sweater
Lisa W.
 [11/13 4:55:01AM] Emerald Green- XS

Waffle knit weave, Winter waffle knit, Around town waffle weave
Denine R.
 [11/13 4:50:42AM] Large, burgundy

I would walk 100 knits, Sugarweave, dazzling diva, weave my waffle knit, pretty please with a waffle on top,
Rebekah N.
 [11/13 4:26:55AM] Medium, emerald

Comfy Casual
Cyndi V.
 [11/13 4:20:12AM] Burgundy XL

Nothing but knit
Kim S.
 [11/13 4:15:19AM] XL chili red

Not your average waffle
Amy R.
 [11/13 3:04:39AM] Orange size large

Vee all about It; Go My Way; Follow Vee; Vee made it, Century Vibes, One in 100, Front Vee Center,
Susan C.
 [11/13 2:52:36AM] Xxl burgundy

Milestone Knit
Lori R.
 [11/13 12:03:20AM] Large/orange

For the Fun of Knit
Sara L.
 [11/12 11:59:19PM] Green medium

Soft and Cozy, Essential V sweater, Everyday sweater,
Eliza D.
 [11/12 11:28:18PM] L Chili red

Ultra Cozy
Santana D.
 [11/12 11:22:36PM] Chilli XXL

V-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater
Brenda D.
 [11/12 10:53:46PM] Large Emerald Green

For all occasions sweater
Suzanne H.
 [11/12 10:40:47PM] Small & Burgundy

Knitty but nice
Carrie C.
 [11/12 10:30:43PM] Large mustard

The versatile V knit
Kim W.
 [11/12 10:28:43PM] Green XL

Don't give a cuff
Katrina H.
 [11/12 10:00:24PM] L mustard

Wafflely Cozy Sweater, Knit for Days Sweater, Waffle knit for days sweater,
Jessica A.
 [11/12 9:59:36PM] L, purple

Make a Wish Sweater
Kimberly A.
 [11/12 9:52:25PM] Small emerald green

Waffles for the Winner!
Susan S.
 [11/12 9:17:42PM] Burgandy xxl

The “Cozy Celebration “ Sweater.
Stephanie C.
 [11/12 9:14:58PM] Med. Green

The “ Feel Good Celebration” Sweater
Stephanie C.
 [11/12 9:12:52PM] Med Emerald Green

But First, Waffles!
Carrie S.
 [11/12 9:05:04PM] XXL Burgundy, please and thanks.

I love you a waffle lot, Knit your average sweater
Emily B.
 [11/12 9:03:26PM] S, Emerald

Casual fit knit Sweater
Danielle C.
 [11/12 8:49:25PM] Large mustard

Stitches and cozy sweater, 100 times the cozy
Jordon L.
 [11/12 8:49:15PM] L, Burgandy

Neat Knits for cool nights
Beverly F.
 [11/12 8:33:43PM] XL - Emerald Green

I Made you Waffle Me
Pam V.
 [11/12 8:19:37PM] 2 XL Mustard

Oh What A Knit!
Tina P.
 [11/12 8:18:08PM] Medium purple

Sweet winter waffles, V best friend sweater
Jennifer o.
 [11/12 7:59:52PM] Small, purple me sweather
Lillian c.
 [11/12 7:45:28PM] Xxl .. purple

Nuzzle N’ Knit
Jodi C.
 [11/12 7:42:59PM] Chile red. Lg.

Cable Cozy
Melina C.
 [11/12 7:36:12PM] Chili Red

Knit to Perfection
Whitney D.
 [11/12 7:30:42PM] Medium burgundy

V-Waffle Knit up Sweater
Suzanne M.
 [11/12 7:29:33PM] Emerald Green L

Smitten Knitten
Melissa M.
 [11/12 7:19:34PM] Xs Purple

Right on time sweater
Carolyn F.
 [11/12 7:18:33PM] Emerald Green, medium

Knitted Nights Sweater
Liisa M.
 [11/12 7:16:21PM] Small Emerald Green

Ribbed Knit Sweater
Liisa M.
 [11/12 7:15:39PM] Small emerald green

Fall into Knit Sweater
Rachel O.
 [11/12 7:14:25PM] Large Burgundy

Knit Games
Angela M.
 [11/12 7:11:20PM] Purple XL

Knit Games
Angela M.
 [11/12 7:10:50PM] Purple XL

“Knit” Your Average Sweater
Rachel O.
 [11/12 7:07:56PM] Large Burgandy

Eat, Pray, & Love Knit
Samantha B.
 [11/12 7:01:28PM] Medium - I can't decide what colour surprise me

The weekender
Amber g.
 [11/12 6:58:36PM] Large teal

Kerry Y.
 [11/12 6:56:59PM] XL burgundy

Every Day is Waffle Day!
Carrie S.
 [11/12 6:47:49PM] 3X Burgundy, please and thanks.

Our Waffles are Batter than Yours Sweater
Carrie S.
 [11/12 6:46:05PM] 3X Burgundy, please and thanks.

Best Friend Sweater
Carrie S.
 [11/12 6:43:46PM] 3X Burgundy, please and thanks.

Knits All or Nothing Sweater; Knits to Meet You Sweater
Erika J.
 [11/12 6:42:33PM] XL Burgundy

Cable knit Sweater
Danielle M.
 [11/12 6:42:27PM] Green XL

Colleen B.
 [11/12 6:38:02PM] Small green

Stitch N Snitch sweater; Out On The Town sweater
Sue R.
 [11/12 6:21:07PM] XL and mustard

Knit it up Sweater
Rachelle P.
 [11/12 6:15:28PM] S & burgundy

Shake Knit Up, As You Like Knit, Kickin' Knit, Turn Knit Up
Courtney L.
 [11/12 6:08:25PM] XL - Emerald Green

Knit and Neat
Jasmine L.
 [11/12 6:08:01PM] Large Burgandy

Cozy up soft knit sweater
Melissa J.
 [11/12 5:47:48PM] XS mustard

Woven for the weekend
Jaime D.
 [11/12 5:47:35PM] M, EMERALD

Waffley warm sweater
 [11/12 5:46:21PM] Medium/Chili Red

Knit Me Cozy, Waffle Cozy Sweater
Jennifer C.
 [11/12 5:45:22PM] XL Burgundy

Knit me up sweater
Tracy s.
 [11/12 5:45:00PM] Large chili red

Knit Me Up Sweater
Tracy S.
 [11/12 5:44:05PM] Large chili red

Nothing holding me down
Jaime D.
 [11/12 5:42:36PM] Medium, chili red

In Knit to Win it
Brittny S.
 [11/12 5:39:18PM] L Green/Blue

100 is a waffle lot sweater
Katherine H.
 [11/12 5:33:34PM] Lg emerald

Warm Winter Waffle Knit
Laura E.
 [11/12 5:28:27PM] Burgundy XL

Worth the weight sweater, celebration sweater, celebrate good times sweater
Laurisa B.
 [11/12 5:25:20PM] Xs green

100 knots of celebration
Jennie B.
 [11/12 5:20:19PM] Small & Emerald Green

One-hundred knots of celebration c
Jennie B.
 [11/12 5:17:49PM] Small - Emerald Green

Cozy Winter Waffle or Waffle Give Me A Hug? Or Always Waffle Time
Shannon C.
 [11/12 5:12:37PM] Rust, green or burgundy size large

Waffley Knit On Me, Waffley Colourful
Samantha A.
 [11/12 5:10:16PM] L, Purple

Cozy Winter Waffle or Waffle GIve Me
Shannon C.
 [11/12 5:09:57PM] Orange, green or Burgundy in large

Waffly Knitty
Jill H.
 [11/12 5:09:29PM] XL, Emerald Green

Waffley Knit On Me, Waffley Colourful
Samantha A.
 [11/12 5:09:19PM] L, Purple

Knit so bright!
Lauren S.
 [11/12 5:07:54PM] Small burgundy

Cozy Comfort
Jill A.
 [11/12 5:07:16PM] XL, Emerald Green

Casual Comfort
Jill H.
 [11/12 5:04:25PM] XL Green

Knit, Flix, and Chill Sweater
Sherry d.
 [11/12 4:43:19PM] XXL Chili Red

Tracy's Cozy Comfort
Tracy W.
 [11/12 4:23:13PM] Burgundy/small

Waffley Soft
Dyhanna H.
 [11/12 4:09:53PM] XL mustard

Forget Me Knit
Trisa A.
 [11/12 3:54:43PM] Chili Red, M

Knit to be Cozy
Rebecca L.
 [11/12 3:47:15PM] XXL Emerald Green

Lego my Eggo
Brooke C.
 [11/12 3:42:49PM] Large Emerald Green

Looking good sweater
 [11/12 3:38:06PM] Purple XL

Call Me Cozy V Neck, Cozy Days sweater
Angela S.
 [11/12 3:34:20PM] Burgundy xl

Colourful knit sweater, chilling out sweater
Amanda G.
 [11/12 3:33:17PM] Chilli Red Small

100% cozy sweater
Amanda M.
 [11/12 3:29:49PM] L emerald

Top of the Pile; Knitty but nice; Warm wishes
Denise H.
 [11/12 3:19:24PM] Chill red XL

Heavenly Henley
Christine R.
 [11/12 3:15:06PM] Red or blue med

All occasions sweater
Natasha M.
 [11/12 3:13:31PM] Small Burgundy

I Knit You to Want Me
Shana N.
 [11/12 3:12:42PM] Teal M

Knitters In A Knot
Rosanna F.
 [11/12 3:11:54PM] Burgundy, Xs

Knit Your Average Sweater
Rosanna F.
 [11/12 3:09:14PM] Chili red xs

Everyday knit
Elizabeth P.
 [11/12 3:01:10PM] Emerald green, medium

Waffle Pop
Deidre S.
 [11/12 2:42:50PM] Green XL

Little Pop of Colour!
Deidre S.
 [11/12 2:41:29PM] Purple XL

Cozy me
Shelley B.
 [11/12 2:31:47PM] Medium any colour

Getting Knitty With It
Tanya N.
 [11/12 2:28:51PM] XS, Burgandy

Knit your average sweater
Natasha m.
 [11/12 2:28:11PM] Mustard large

Knit you not sweater, For the Knot of it sweater, Waffles and love sweater
Nicolle P.
 [11/12 2:24:20PM] XL chili

Cozy Waffle kint, That's so knit sweater
Sarah J.
 [11/12 2:17:00PM] Emerald green Large

Knit me with your best shot
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 2:12:48PM] Purple m

Warm Salutations
Shari M.
 [11/12 1:53:14PM] Emerald small

VaVaVoom V-Neck
Annie N.
 [11/12 1:49:56PM] XS - Purple ?

Whatever The Weather
Shari M.
 [11/12 1:48:03PM] Emerald small

Pointelle Me More
Shari M.
 [11/12 1:46:37PM] Emerald small

Fireside chats
Shari m.
 [11/12 1:44:25PM] Emerald small

Knotty and nice, All knit long, Knot slouchy at all!
Daphne W.
 [11/12 1:44:06PM] Emerald xxl

Knitastick sweater
Susan O.
 [11/12 1:40:02PM] Large Burgandy

Cozy me up sweater
Lisa o.
 [11/12 1:29:31PM] Xs , purple

Weekend and Weekday Warmth
Leesa F.
 [11/12 1:25:41PM] 2xl purple

Celebration sweater
Kelly S.
 [11/12 1:21:00PM] Purple/ medium

3/4 Sleeve Throwback Knit
Amy M.
 [11/12 1:20:47PM] L & Green or anything but yellow

Knitty witty sweater
Leila R.
 [11/12 1:16:46PM] Xl - chili red!!

One sweater wonder
Stephanie m.
 [11/12 1:14:45PM] Small green

Perfect Score
Sheryl G.
 [11/12 1:14:08PM] Emerald Green XL

Smells like V Spirit, Off the Cuff Sweater
Analysse P.
 [11/12 1:13:34PM] Green XL

Honeycomb Waffle
Lara M.
 [11/12 1:11:12PM] Emerald Green - XL

Century rib sweater, Cien sweater
Irene K.
 [11/12 12:51:58PM] Xl purple

Rib Cozy sweater
Irene K.
 [11/12 12:48:20PM] Xl purple

Waffle into me sweater, uptown waffle sweater, you had me at waffle, waffle me up sweater,
Sharon s.
 [11/12 12:45:26PM] Xl chili red

No Doubt Slouch
Claire C.
 [11/12 12:41:49PM] Large & Emerald Green

Thick of knit sweater
Alisha B.
 [11/12 12:37:44PM] XL & Burgundy

Right Knit (like tight knit), All Knit Up, I’m Knitten (like I’m Smitten)
Niki B.
 [11/12 12:36:48PM] Small, burgundy

Waffle wish come true
Lynn K.
 [11/12 12:34:34PM] Lg black

Comfy Cozy
Kim L.
 [11/12 12:32:52PM] M burgundy

100 Reasons Top
Rosanna F.
 [11/12 12:29:51PM] Mustard xs

100 Knitted Perfection
Nicole G.
 [11/12 12:23:31PM] Emerald or Purple Medium

Waffle Wonderland
Katie G.
 [11/12 12:21:29PM] Mustard M

You had me at Knit Sweater
Katie G.
 [11/12 12:20:00PM] Burgundy M

Good Vibrations Sweater; Softly 'n' Waffle-y Warm Sweater; Seasonal Sensation Sweater; Milestone Marker Sweater; Nice & Nostalgic Sweater
Leanne D.
 [11/12 12:18:48PM] Large Chili Red

Love knit
Chelsea w.
 [11/12 12:17:43PM] Large

Must have Fall Fav
Katie G.
 [11/12 12:17:30PM] Chili Red M

Chic and cozy sweater
Chelsea w.
 [11/12 12:16:26PM] Large

Falling into You
Katie G.
 [11/12 12:16:06PM] Mustard M

Knit up!
Brittaney P.
 [11/12 12:10:57PM] L green

Centenary Comfy Cozy Sweater
Joanne W.
 [11/12 12:09:52PM] XL Emerald Green

Knits for us
 [11/12 12:08:19PM] Small emerald green

One knit wonder
Tara b.
 [11/12 12:02:38PM] Green, small

Casual Chic Sweater
Adele F.
 [11/12 11:59:35AM] Size: L. Colour: Chili Red.

Love my waffles
Linda P.
 [11/12 11:55:11AM] Medium in Green

Nailed It! Everyday Sweater
Kristen K.
 [11/12 11:54:19AM] S burgundy

Wrap me in waffle, waffle embrace, luv u a waffle lot, I've done things-waffle things, waffle-y cute,
Crystal V.
 [11/12 11:52:53AM] Small, burgandy

Waffly cozy sweater (awfully cozy)
Brianna R.
 [11/12 11:43:12AM] 2X chili red

Knitcha Sweater
Joy T.
 [11/12 11:43:06AM] Small Purple

Ahead by a Century Sweater, Fortunate One Hundred, Favourite weather sweater, fall in love sweater, Falling Leaves sweater, Knit & Knot Sweater, Sweater, fortunate one sweater, Knitted & Known Sweater, Known to be Knitted sweater, Known to be Knotty sweater ;-) lol ok maybe not the last one!
Keri A.
 [11/12 11:42:50AM] Emerald Green - Medium

Waffle for One
Crystal F.
 [11/12 11:36:52AM] Purple large

The Knit Sunday Funday Sweater
Geraldine P.
 [11/12 11:34:52AM] L emerald green

Vee Yourself Sweater
Robin P.
 [11/12 11:33:11AM] L mustard

The V my honeycomb Sweater
Jana M.
 [11/12 11:26:57AM] XL Mustard

Cozy Days Sweater
Tara J.
 [11/12 11:24:01AM] Emerald Green XL

Knit your Average Sweater
Robyn F.
 [11/12 11:13:07AM] XL Emerald Green

Knit Knot on the Clock
Robyn F.
 [11/12 11:11:50AM] XL Emerald Green

Centesimal Sweater
Selinda L.
 [11/12 11:10:40AM] Emerald green xl

Places to go or nowhere at all Sweater
Mandy H.
 [11/12 11:09:15AM] Green XL Please

Fit to Flatter Sweater
Natasha V.
 [11/12 11:07:30AM] Emerald XL

100 milestone sweater, Knitted milestone, 100 celebration sweater, Celebrate 100 ,Perfection at 100,
Sheryl B.
 [11/12 11:04:05AM] M burgundy

Waves of Winter
Renee S.
 [11/12 10:58:50AM] Medium in Emerald Green

Waffle spirit sweater
Nicole j.
 [11/12 10:58:47AM] Purple and small!

Day or Knit Sweater
Aimee P.
 [11/12 10:53:30AM] M purple

Knit it to Win it Sweater, love you a waffle lot sweater
Amanda B.
 [11/12 10:52:23AM] mustard small

Let’s Brunch waffle weave sweater
Christie M.
 [11/12 10:44:53AM] Small purple

Hundo Percent Comfy (to honour 100)
Jodi M.
 [11/12 10:41:42AM] Large burgundy

Knit for Autumn Sweater
Karen B.
 [11/12 10:38:17AM] Purple Xl

Komfy Knit
Karen B.
 [11/12 10:36:17AM] Burgandy xl

That's so knit
Jessica H.
 [11/12 10:32:45AM] Teal XL

One-hundred percent you sweater. Knot your typical knit sweater.
Rebecca F.
 [11/12 10:32:36AM] XL emerald green

Knit Knit Who's There?
Tracey D.
 [11/12 10:31:14AM] Burgundy medium

Everyday Cozy Sweater
Lisa M.
 [11/12 10:30:45AM] XXL grey

Knit Your Typical Sweater
Tracey D.
 [11/12 10:26:42AM] M green

Knit your average woman sweater
Amanda S.
 [11/12 10:24:36AM] M-chili red

Knit your average waffle sweater
Brittany M.
 [11/12 10:22:05AM] XXL, Burgundy

Casual Vibes Soft Knit Sweater
Vherra S.
 [11/12 10:19:51AM] XL - Emerald Green

SO Knit Sweater
Lindsay H.
 [11/12 10:19:24AM] Small Emerald

Knit’s The Best Sweater
Jennifer S.
 [11/12 10:19:24AM] Burgundy L

All Things Knitted
Terri G.
 [11/12 10:19:07AM] Emerald Green, M

The Shenanigans Sweater
Valerie G.
 [11/12 10:18:39AM] XXL emerald green

Knitting Pretty Sweater
Meghan F.
 [11/12 10:09:49AM] Small mustard

Loving Comfort
Sherry H.
 [11/12 10:09:46AM] XL Chili Red

Casual Vibes Soft Knit Sweatshirt
Vherra S.
 [11/12 10:05:04AM] Emerald Green, XL

In The Knit
Lori M.
 [11/12 10:00:28AM] XL Chili Red

New age prep sweater
Shannon G.
 [11/12 10:00:25AM] Medium, bergundy

Love the Knit Sweater, Knit to the Top Sweater, Are You Knitting Me Sweater
Mackenzi C.
 [11/12 9:59:40AM] Burgundy, 2X

Knit your usual sweater
Meagan M.
 [11/12 9:59:39AM] Large Emerald Green

Don't Waffle
Mary S.
 [11/12 9:59:10AM] med/emerald green

Knitted and Nice sweater, My first choice soft kni t, my softy & lofty knit sweater,
Carolyn K.
 [11/12 9:57:28AM] Mustard size small please

Ahead by a century sweater
Kali B.
 [11/12 9:56:38AM] Green xsmall

Candace H.
 [11/12 9:55:08AM] Small/emerald green

Starry nights!
Kim J.
 [11/12 9:54:59AM] Medium burgandy

Waffle house
Kendra S.
 [11/12 9:54:14AM] Any color 1x

Bestie sweaters
Andrea S.
 [11/12 9:53:50AM] XL any colour

101 Stitches
Sara L.
 [11/12 9:53:48AM] Medium green

Knit You Now
Jennifer S.
 [11/12 9:53:29AM] Purple - M

Waffle love
Rhea S.
 [11/12 9:53:07AM] 3xl any color

Centennial sweater
Heather S.
 [11/12 9:51:08AM] XXL burgundy

Full of Life Sweater
Katherine H.
 [11/12 9:50:29AM] Small chili red

A Waffle Lot Of Love Sweater
Chantal G.
 [11/12 9:49:08AM] XXL Burgundy

Cozy in love
Meghan S.
 [11/12 9:48:38AM] M, mustard

Ahead by a Century
Barbara G.
 [11/12 9:48:07AM] Chili Red - M

No Waffling
Jodi M.
 [11/12 9:47:26AM] L

Fall favorite
Melissa G.
 [11/12 9:46:59AM] Red xl

Knit without you
Meghan S.
 [11/12 9:46:40AM] M, mustard

So Waffley Cozy Sweater
Talia P.
 [11/12 9:46:05AM] Chili Red in Large

Knit You Perfect
Ashley M.
 [11/12 9:45:07AM] XL Burgundy

Knit it be
Angela C.
 [11/12 9:43:01AM] Green M

Knit it be you
Angela C.
 [11/12 9:41:50AM] Green M

Ahead by a Century Sweater
Sarah E.
 [11/12 9:41:48AM] Small burgundy

A Waffle Lot To Love Sweater
Meg J.
 [11/12 9:40:14AM] Red chili, small

Isn’t Knit Cute Sweater
Jennah C.
 [11/12 9:39:46AM] Green - L!

Cozy Casual Sweater
Cynthia L.
 [11/12 9:38:25AM] Small Mustard

Waffle Knit Cozy
Jennifer H.
 [11/12 9:38:21AM] XL in Mustard

Your Knit and Kozy sweater
Jennifer L.
 [11/12 9:37:19AM] XS burgundy

Girls night out sweater
 [11/12 9:37:07AM] Emerald green in l

Don't Waffle About It Sweater!
Meg J.
 [11/12 9:37:01AM] Chili red, small

Ladies, Chill Out by Knitting Out sweater
Ny F.
 [11/12 9:36:45AM] Mustard, Medium

Be Warm and Beautiful Waffle Knit Sweater
Candice S.
 [11/12 9:36:37AM] Small emerald green

Lady luck
Leanne S.
 [11/12 9:36:04AM] XL burgandy

Comfy casual clothes
Jane s.
 [11/12 9:35:42AM] M in green

Stitchin sisters
Leanne S.
 [11/12 9:35:13AM] XL burgandy

Knit for you sweater
Rachel G.
 [11/12 9:34:04AM] XL, emerald green

100 stitches
Leanne S.
 [11/12 9:33:25AM] XL burgundy

Falling for me
Leanne s.
 [11/12 9:32:53AM] XL burgundy

Fall in love with me sweater
 [11/12 9:31:19AM] Burgundy 2xl

V True to Me Sweater
Michelle B.
 [11/12 9:30:37AM] xs - emerald green

Knitted for you
Angela M.
 [11/12 9:30:30AM] XS, mustard

Be-Cuff I Love You Sweater
Michelle B.
 [11/12 9:29:59AM] xs - emerald green

Natasha W.
 [11/12 9:27:56AM] Green xs

Fall into Knit sweater
Michelina M.
 [11/12 9:27:49AM] Xs purple or green

Waffling warmth, waffle for the win, winter wonder-waffle, just waffling around
Kristin F.
 [11/12 9:27:19AM] Lg green

Knit for you sweater
Rachel G.
 [11/12 9:24:41AM] XL, emerald green

100 ways to love this sweater
Maria L.
 [11/12 9:20:01AM] Purple xs

Wafflin' knit around sweater
Tamara Z.
 [11/12 9:14:45AM] Medium in burgundy

Oh knit! It's the weekend! Or knitted for you!
Tracey G.
 [11/12 9:13:57AM] Burgundy, medium

Knitty By Nature
Stacy B.
 [11/12 9:12:06AM] M green

Wonderfully Woven
Becky H.
 [11/12 9:11:47AM] XXL Emerald

Knittin’ to loose
Michelle M.
 [11/12 9:08:48AM] Teal Large

Waffley Knit to See You Sweater
Toni N.
 [11/12 9:08:44AM] S mustard

Jewel tones sweater
Jackie M.
 [11/12 9:07:44AM] Small & Emerald Green

Oversized Knit
Gillian K.
 [11/12 9:05:05AM] Small, emerald green

Winter, Warmth and Waffles
Dolores F.
 [11/12 9:00:52AM] XL Emerald Green

100th meridian sweater
Heather S.
 [11/12 8:59:50AM] XXL emerald green

Winter, warmth and waffles
Dolores F.
 [11/12 8:58:47AM] XL Emerald Green

Business as UnUsual Sweater, Bright Line Sweater, Line Me Up Sweater,
Corinna N.
 [11/12 8:58:26AM] Purple, Medium

Cover Me Cozy Sweater
Sheryl K.
 [11/12 8:58:08AM] Medium in Chili Red

Comfy, Cozy Knit
Krista K.
 [11/12 8:57:20AM] Emerald Green & Medium

I heart you a waffley knot
Michelle M.
 [11/12 8:57:04AM] S / 9

Knits like tonight sweater
Nicole S.
 [11/12 8:56:19AM] Burgundy M

Wrap Me In Waffle Knit Sweater
 [11/12 8:55:19AM] Emerald Large :)

Knittin but a good time
Krista K.
 [11/12 8:55:15AM] Emerald Green & Medium

One hundred percent fabulous
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:54:03AM] Purple m

Knots to live for
Traci L.
 [11/12 8:53:42AM] Medium mustard

100 ways to love
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:53:01AM] Purple m

Knotty V
Krista K.
 [11/12 8:53:00AM] Emerald Green & Medium

Reach for it
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:52:30AM] Purple m

Knots of Love
Krista K.
 [11/12 8:52:16AM] Emerald Green & Medium

Knit Wit
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:51:47AM] Purple m

Cable Me Cozy
Krista K.
 [11/12 8:51:36AM] Emerald Green & medium

100% pure love
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:50:59AM] Purple m

100% my favourite
Chantalle G.
 [11/12 8:50:22AM] Purple S

Knit me a Hug Sweater
Lenora B.
 [11/12 8:50:12AM] Chili Red, large

Waffle no more
Dawn H.
 [11/12 8:49:22AM] Small Emerald Green

Knotty life
Traci L.
 [11/12 8:49:19AM] Medium mustard

Knits to Know you
Teisha A.
 [11/12 8:48:25AM] XS Emerald

Anytime anywhere sweater
Stacey N.
 [11/12 8:47:54AM] Mustard size large

Knit’n better than this Sweater
Carrie C.
 [11/12 8:47:34AM] Mustard small

Rainbow Bright Knit
Jess V.
 [11/12 8:46:50AM] Purple XS

Knotty Knit
Traci l.
 [11/12 8:45:45AM] Medium mustard

Knits be friends
Tara M.
 [11/12 8:44:21AM] Chili red medium

Knitted with love, knit and nice, knitter sweet, knot your normal knitted
Megan W.
 [11/12 8:44:20AM] Green large

Love me knot
Traci L.
 [11/12 8:42:39AM] Medium mustard

Silver lining waffle knit
Debbie W.
 [11/12 8:41:47AM] Teal in Large

The deep V waffle sweater
Carla O.
 [11/12 8:41:44AM] Large burgundy

I Knit You Not, Knit Me Up Style
Janine V.
 [11/12 8:41:04AM] XL

Snuggle up
Debbie W.
 [11/12 8:40:59AM] Teal in Large

Icing on top sweater
Debbie W.
 [11/12 8:38:40AM] Teal size L (not sure what you mean by waistband)

The Knitter The Better V-Neck Sweater
Linda C.
 [11/12 8:38:19AM] Size Large. Colour Chili Red

The Knitter The Better V-Neck Sweater
Linda C.
 [11/12 8:36:35AM] Size Large. Colour Chili Red

A hundred reasons to love me sweater.
Cindy S.
 [11/12 8:34:10AM] Med Emerald Green

Popcorn Fun
Alina a.
 [11/12 8:33:46AM] EXL in Mustard

Waffley Soft
Deana S.
 [11/12 8:32:54AM] L, mustard

Waffle knit cozy sweater
Abby C.
 [11/12 8:32:33AM] Xxl burgundy

Waffley In Love With You Sweater
Dyhanna H.
 [11/12 8:31:44AM] Mustard XL

you know you want knit, falling for knits
Michelle M.
 [11/12 8:30:56AM] M / 9

Waffle me crazy
Abby C.
 [11/12 8:30:27AM] Xxl burgundy

Tight Knit Vee
Lisa G.
 [11/12 8:29:25AM] XL

Forget Me Knit
Shannon S.
 [11/12 8:29:21AM] XL Burgundy

Knitty by Nature, Heavy knitter top
Rachelle D.
 [11/12 8:29:02AM] Large Chili Red

Waffle chic
Shinell F.
 [11/12 8:28:55AM] Medium

Casual Vibes , Daytime Getaway
Emily D.
 [11/12 8:27:38AM] Small, burgundy

Knitting me softly, Knit Cross party night
Alycia R.
 [11/12 8:26:33AM] Burgundy Med

Knitted by Name
Natasha M.
 [11/12 8:24:49AM] Small

Waffley Cute
Kat G.
 [11/12 8:23:26AM] XL

Knitted Love
Natasha M.
 [11/12 8:23:25AM] Small

The 100 Club Knit Sweater
Lisa G.
 [11/12 8:22:48AM] Xl

Knittin but cozy!
Shauna B.
 [11/12 8:22:12AM] Medium chili red

Come Knit with me
Megan S.
 [11/12 8:21:10AM] Size large. Size 11.

The Waffle Wave Sweater
Kathy W.
 [11/12 8:21:03AM] XL

Centennial V-neck sweater
Tina M.
 [11/12 8:19:12AM] Med green

Heavy Weight Champion Sweater
Lizanne R.
 [11/12 8:18:56AM] Emerald green small

Knitty by Nature
Melissa E.
 [11/12 8:18:34AM] Medium burgundy

Heavy Weight Champion Sweater
Lizanne R.
 [11/12 8:17:23AM] Emerald Green Small

Behold the Beauty
Angela W.
 [11/12 8:16:51AM] Small rust

Waffle Knit Sweater, Cozy in Autumn sweater, Soft knitted sweater, Waffle me around sweater
Christine W.
 [11/12 8:16:43AM] XS

Knit celebration, knit to know you ,
Candice B.
 [11/12 8:16:31AM] Mustard , small

Knitty by Nature
Melissa E.
 [11/12 8:16:30AM] Medium, burgundy

Best knit forward sweater
Nikki w.
 [11/12 8:16:14AM] XS burgundy

Waffle me well
Rebecca P.
 [11/12 8:15:58AM] XL

Knit It Up Sweater
Megan S.
 [11/12 8:15:50AM] Medium emerald green

The 100 knit sweater
Vanessa D.
 [11/12 8:15:47AM] Small emerald green

Toasty waffle sweater
Marsha F.
 [11/12 8:15:38AM] Large in green

Knitting Without You
Krystle w.
 [11/12 8:15:27AM] Xl

Knit me softly v-neck
Amanda M.
 [11/12 8:15:19AM] XS, Burgundy

Heavy-weight Champion Sweater
Liz R.
 [11/12 8:15:14AM] Emerald green small

Knitty or Nice sweater
Alyssa F.
 [11/12 8:14:43AM] Xs mustard

Royal Comfort Knit Sweater
Megan S.
 [11/12 8:14:16AM] Medium emerald green

Knitted Dreams
Cindy m.
 [11/12 8:14:02AM] Medium and large

Fall comfy rib 3/4 sleeve sweather
Susan H.
 [11/12 8:13:42AM] Medium, black

Skittles knit top. Taste the rainbow
Barbara B.
 [11/12 8:13:07AM] Medium burgundy

Heavy weight champion sweater
Liz R.
 [11/12 8:13:02AM] Emerald green small

Cozy waffle sweater
Marsha F.
 [11/12 8:12:40AM] Large

Knits to Meet You
Alyssa F.
 [11/12 8:12:18AM] Xs mustard

Knit yours but mine
Stephanie E.
 [11/12 8:11:30AM] 2xl 16

Fall Comfy rib knit 3/4 sleeve sweater
Susan H.
 [11/12 8:11:25AM] Medium 3/4

Knit friends club
Lindsay L.
 [11/12 8:10:56AM] Burgendy - Medium

I love you a waffle lot sweater
Liz R.
 [11/12 8:09:23AM] Emerald green Medium

In the Knit of Time
Tonya B.
 [11/12 8:09:15AM] M - Purple

I like you a waffle lot sweater
Amanda B.
 [11/12 8:05:44AM] Lg

Tight knit together
Erin G.
 [11/12 8:03:26AM] Chili Red large

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