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Navy Floral Maxi
June 19, 2017

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Total of 940 Entries
Congratulations to Gerri Toews, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Midnight Rose Maxi!

Midnight Peony
Muriel Ferguson
 [06/20 2:59:33PM]

Primarose maxi dress Rebellious Rose Maxi dress Blooming in Love maxi dress
Tracy Dubois
 [06/20 2:52:26PM]

Summer Floral
 [06/20 2:48:29PM]

Once and Floral
Kali Bernst
 [06/20 2:33:44PM]

Hard to Rose-ist
Kali Bernst
 [06/20 2:33:20PM]

Midnight garden or night rose
Erin Wilson
 [06/20 2:32:21PM]

Rose to the Occasion
Kali Bernst
 [06/20 2:28:43PM]

Navy Blushing Rose
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 2:13:56PM]

Flower Power Maxi
Jennifer Barone
 [06/20 2:07:28PM]

Roses to the Maxi
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 2:06:27PM]

Blissfully Rose Maxi
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 2:03:09PM]

Flaunt it Floral Maxi
Elizabeth Rees
 [06/20 1:54:02PM]

Floral Goddess, blooming garden, midnight stroll
Michelle Blixrud
 [06/20 1:16:15PM]

Bouquet With Me Maxi Dress
Melissa Mohammed
 [06/20 12:55:55PM]

Floral Nights
Brenda Villena
 [06/20 12:52:16PM]

Moonshadows Bloom
Kathy Jones
 [06/20 12:39:12PM]

Midsummer Night's Bloom
Kathy Jones
 [06/20 12:34:43PM]

Botanic Beauty
 [06/20 12:33:21PM]

Rose Blossom
Andrea King
 [06/20 12:32:58PM]

Navy floral maxi
Marlene Balaberda
 [06/20 12:29:22PM]

Romancing the Rose
Joanne MacLellan
 [06/20 12:26:06PM]

 [06/20 12:16:14PM]

Floral frenzy dress
 [06/20 12:12:53PM]

Botanical beauty.
Andrea Mckitrick
 [06/20 12:07:59PM]

floral fantasy
Joan Setz
 [06/20 12:01:12PM]

Fabulous In Floral Maxi Fantasy Maxi
Lisa McLean
 [06/20 11:56:18AM]

Summer fling maxi dress
Alysha Tower
 [06/20 11:50:50AM]

Blissful Blooms Maxi
Jennifer Burkhart
 [06/20 11:36:38AM]

Ever Elegant Maxi
Jennifer Burkhart
 [06/20 11:34:48AM]

Enchanted Elegance
Jennifer Burkhart
 [06/20 11:34:12AM]

Secret garden maxi, rose in the valley, floral dream maxi, flowing floral maxi, rose to the occasion maxi, rosy days maxi,
Adrienne smith
 [06/20 11:33:21AM]

Night shadow Bloom
Kathy Jones
 [06/20 11:32:37AM]

Garden Party Maxi
Tricia Nolan
 [06/20 11:29:45AM]

Nightly blossoms
Melissa Dobson
 [06/20 11:27:49AM]

Blissful bouquet (maxi) It's a beautiful day (maxi) Enchanted elegance (maxi) Fit to be seen (maxi)
Melanie Bennett
 [06/20 11:27:27AM]

Garden and Grove Maxi
Cara Scholl
 [06/20 11:11:31AM]

English Garden Maxi
Cara Scholl
 [06/20 11:11:01AM]

"Gorgeously Me"
Bev Gudlaugson
 [06/20 11:03:43AM]

Blushing blooms
Christina Hnatiuk
 [06/20 11:02:48AM]

Blooming love
Christina Hnatiuk
 [06/20 11:01:39AM]

Sunny Blooms
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 10:56:41AM]

Romancing the Blossom
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 10:55:57AM]

Summer Flourish Maxi
Cara Scholl
 [06/20 10:55:34AM]

Navy Buds
Nancy Twist
 [06/20 10:54:28AM]

Ever After Maxi
Leslie Hane
 [06/20 10:53:27AM]

Ocean Garden
Katrina Burden
 [06/20 10:51:51AM]

Ocean Wave
Katrina Burden
 [06/20 10:47:52AM]

Blossom Delight
Lynne Hepburn
 [06/20 10:38:10AM]

Blossom Beauty
Lynne Hepburn
 [06/20 10:37:48AM]

Maxi Relaxin'
kelsy jackson
 [06/20 10:26:30AM]

Midnight Bloom
Amanda Sawchuk
 [06/20 10:14:57AM]

Flower power
Sarah Klyn
 [06/20 10:13:26AM]

Empire Rose
Karen Eldridge
 [06/20 10:13:08AM]

Moonshadow Roses
Kathy Jones
 [06/20 10:13:00AM]

Rose Garden Floral
Karen Eldridge
 [06/20 10:11:44AM]

Romancing the Rose
Karen Eldridge
 [06/20 10:10:35AM]

Romantic Rose
Karen Eldridge
 [06/20 10:09:25AM]

Date night
Rhonda Woudstra
 [06/20 10:08:23AM]

Elizabeth Harden
 [06/20 10:05:36AM]

hot maxi flowers
valerie McPherson
 [06/20 10:03:04AM]

Garden Party Maxi
Melanie Slade Morrison
 [06/20 10:02:45AM]

summer flower delight
valerie McPherson
 [06/20 10:01:45AM]

summer flower power
valerie McPherson
 [06/20 10:00:09AM]

Floral Delight Maxi
Tricia Nolan
 [06/20 9:59:01AM]

Garden Goddess Maxi, Blushing Beauty Maxi, Romantic Rose Maxi
Brittany Upton
 [06/20 9:49:11AM]

Secret garden, Quartz rose
Tamara Zaretski
 [06/20 9:48:36AM]

Evening Rose Maxi; Onyx Rose Maxi; Ebony Garden Maxi, Obsidian Rose Maxi
Kimiko Epp
 [06/20 9:46:31AM]

Black blossom
Glenda kendall
 [06/20 9:45:35AM]

Timeless Elegance
Jaelene VandenBrink
 [06/20 9:43:59AM]

Maximum Floral Expression
Sheryl Forsythe
 [06/20 9:42:18AM]

Garden Goddess Maxi Forever Floral Maxi Garden Party Maxi Princess and the Peony
Heather Gristwood
 [06/20 9:39:11AM]

Eminence or Diana or Jasmine
Bonnie Jean Burns
 [06/20 9:35:10AM]

Hopeless Romantic Maxi, Royal Garden Maxi, Let Love Bloom Maxi, beYOUtiful Maxi dress
Chelsey Ironside
 [06/20 9:34:10AM]

Tea Time
Brittney Nurse
 [06/20 9:34:04AM]

Evening Rose
Sarah Eileen Anderson
 [06/20 9:33:53AM]

Pretty Floral Maxi
Sandra Jordan
 [06/20 9:31:49AM]

Mystic Trail
Jenny West-Thompson
 [06/20 9:29:22AM]

Meadow Maxi
Brooke Derksen
 [06/20 9:23:28AM]

floral breeze
Amanda Paul-howlett
 [06/20 9:23:06AM]

Blooming Beauty
Debbie Chaulk
 [06/20 9:22:07AM]

Moonlight Garden
Courtney Rebke
 [06/20 9:21:59AM]

Debbie Chaulk
 [06/20 9:19:23AM]

A rose by any other name
Maren McAuley
 [06/20 9:19:17AM]

All abloom maxi
Debbie Chaulk
 [06/20 9:18:52AM]

Rose blush maxi, MINE
Janice Robinson
 [06/20 9:16:59AM]

Gardens in the night
Kyla Weselak
 [06/20 9:15:47AM]

Go With the Floral, Not your Grandma's Floral, Sweeter than Honey
Tabitha Hildebrandt
 [06/20 9:15:37AM]

Midnight Rose
Lori Slater
 [06/20 9:14:32AM]

Garden elegance Floral eleglance Beauty and the Breeze A rose by any other name...
Catherine Moskowec
 [06/20 9:13:38AM]

I beg your garden! Floral Rhapsody
Elaine Moore
 [06/20 9:13:17AM]

Floral Bouquet maxi dress
Nicole Saulnier
 [06/20 9:11:29AM]

Night garden
Kim jahrig
 [06/20 9:08:48AM]

Girls just want to have sun!
Heidi schellenberg
 [06/20 9:03:55AM]

"Pretty in Petals" navy maxi dress
Darcy Cook
 [06/20 9:02:42AM]

Anita Perdia
 [06/20 8:58:16AM]

Fabulously floral
Jamie Fitzpatrick
 [06/20 8:45:06AM]

Navy Night Out; You're Flowing Places; Bumbleberry Maxi
Genevieve-Ann Cayer
 [06/20 8:41:16AM]

Ophelia's Garden
Amy Frank
 [06/20 8:38:11AM]

Flower Power
Nadine Hefford
 [06/20 8:35:52AM]

Max roses
Dana Andrew
 [06/20 8:33:24AM]

Midnight Romance
Shelby Cranley
 [06/20 8:31:04AM]

In full bloom
Samantha mohamed
 [06/20 8:28:16AM]

Summer Love
Samantha mohamed
 [06/20 8:27:17AM]

Midnight in full bloom maxi
Maria Boone
 [06/20 8:26:46AM]

Flirty Floral
Samantha mohamed
 [06/20 8:26:44AM]

Floral Romance
Samantha mohamed
 [06/20 8:26:20AM]

Midnight Peony Garden Maxi
Maria boone
 [06/20 8:25:54AM]

Midnight Rose Garden Maxi
Maria Boone
 [06/20 8:24:29AM]

Boho Dream
Jennife McDonald
 [06/20 8:24:00AM]

Night scent
debbie walstrom
 [06/20 8:23:47AM]

Peony Perfection Maxi
Chelsea Hilderley
 [06/20 8:17:21AM]

Blame it On The Rose Maxi
Chelsea nesbitt
 [06/20 8:08:29AM]

The floral beauty, forever floral
Danielle Clarke
 [06/20 8:05:56AM]

The perfect fit maxi
Ashley strome
 [06/20 8:05:34AM]

Go to floral maxi,
Ashley strome
 [06/20 8:03:17AM]

Forever Floral Maxi, Midsummer Maxi, Navy Nightshades Maxi, Floral Fancy Maxi, Midnight Marigold Maxi
Lindsey Janssen
 [06/20 8:02:52AM]

Be-YOU-tiful Maxi
Vanessa zulke
 [06/20 8:02:12AM]

In full bloom Exotic bouquet
Kelli Ann underhill
 [06/20 8:01:48AM]

Night perfume
Debbie Walstrom
 [06/20 7:59:54AM]

What Dreams Are Made Of Maxi
Lindsay MacKenzie
 [06/20 7:57:09AM]

Summer rose maxi dress
Wendy Bennett
 [06/20 7:55:52AM]

Secret Garden
Karyn Onsorge
 [06/20 7:50:10AM]

Breath of Life Maxi
Macrina Perron
 [06/20 7:46:26AM]

The Rosetta
Michelle Pszeniczny
 [06/20 7:45:51AM]

Indigo Rose
Alicia Roddy
 [06/20 7:42:00AM]

The florian
Michelle pszeniczny
 [06/20 7:41:30AM]

A midsummer nights dream
Tammy Cotton
 [06/20 7:37:34AM]

A summer nights dream
Tammy Cotton
 [06/20 7:33:58AM]

all the live long day
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:32:51AM]

Long Live Summer
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:31:37AM]

Flower of envy Floral sway
Celina raaen
 [06/20 7:29:56AM]

Long Live Maxine
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/20 7:29:33AM]

Rose all day
Laura Kershaw
 [06/20 7:28:21AM]

Night Garden Maxi
Kayla Perreault
 [06/20 7:27:06AM]

Midsummer Night Bloom Maxi, Rose Garden Maxi, Coming up Roses Maxi, Everything's Rosy Maxi, Bloom and Blossom Maxi
Susan Constantine
 [06/20 7:12:40AM]

Flower revolution
Jannie Pelletier
 [06/20 7:11:44AM]

Botanical bloom maxi
Amanda Nelson
 [06/20 7:08:45AM]

Spring Blooms into Summer's Glory
Beverley Rodrigues
 [06/20 7:03:14AM]

Rose garden at Dusk
Heather Diewert
 [06/20 6:59:21AM]

Fiercely Floral
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:58:38AM]

Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:57:54AM]

Fiercely Foral
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:57:19AM]

Flower me up
Diane O'Hagan
 [06/20 6:55:12AM]

Sweet Gypsy Rose Maxi Dress
Tara Kohlen
 [06/20 6:54:39AM]

Carefree floral maxi dress
Angela Tower
 [06/20 6:45:05AM]

Floral to the floor
Andrea Pollon
 [06/20 6:40:23AM]

The Final Rose Maxi
Wietske Woordman
 [06/20 6:37:20AM]

Blushing Rose Maxi
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 6:31:37AM]

Blossoming Rose Maxi
 [06/20 6:28:41AM]

Flirtatious Florals
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:24:41AM]

New Beginnings
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:24:06AM]

Take Time to Smell the Roses Maxi
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 6:24:04AM]

Summer Dream
Tina Bussey
 [06/20 6:23:23AM]

Garden Party
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:14:15AM]

Midsummer Maxi
Liisa Robinson
 [06/20 6:12:54AM]

I beg your pardon
Christine lang
 [06/20 6:11:48AM]

Flower Princess
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:11:41AM]

Petal Princess
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:11:05AM]

Summer Lovin'
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:07:52AM]

A Piece of Paradise
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:06:34AM]

Bountiful Blossoms
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 6:04:47AM]

Aurora Teagarden Maxi, Illusion of Night Maxi
Sheena Burlock
 [06/20 6:03:32AM]

Corinn Best
 [06/20 6:01:51AM]

Magical Rose Garden Maxi
Kathy Pirone
 [06/20 6:01:39AM]

Summer Solstice floral maxi dress
Trudi Gillis
 [06/20 6:00:18AM]

Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 5:55:50AM]

Jackie haubrich
 [06/20 5:53:57AM]

Spring Fling
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 5:52:51AM]

Midnight Garden
Jennifer Carty
 [06/20 5:52:40AM]

Curves of Paradise
Kaleigh Simon
 [06/20 5:52:29AM]

Midnight Bloom
Sheri Shee
 [06/20 5:50:38AM]

A Mid Summer Nights Dream Maxi
Sheena Burlock
 [06/20 5:50:24AM]

Born to be Wild
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 5:48:53AM]

Beauty and the Blossom
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 5:48:16AM]

Wild Rose
Stephanie Wright
 [06/20 5:44:33AM]

Botanical Bliss Maxi, Royal Garden Maxi, Blissful Blossom Maxi, Summer Bliss Maxi, Enchanted Maxi
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [06/20 5:43:59AM]

Playful Petals
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/20 5:42:16AM]

Floral Fantasy
 [06/20 5:39:06AM]

Midnight Rose
Pamela Dixon
 [06/20 5:30:14AM]

Floral Jewels
Carly O'Handley
 [06/20 5:25:10AM]

Flower Market
Helen Saunders
 [06/20 5:25:03AM]

Night rose maxi
Sarah nason
 [06/20 5:24:52AM]

She Blooms at Midnight
Lisa Skinner
 [06/20 5:21:44AM]

Bloom On Maxi Dress
Helen Saunders
 [06/20 5:21:25AM]

Majestic Midnight Blossoms Maxi
Lisa Skinner
 [06/20 5:18:35AM]

Radiant Rose Maxi
Jen saulnier
 [06/20 5:17:09AM]

Midnight Bloom
Lisa Skinner
 [06/20 5:12:11AM]

Bed of Roses
Karla Power
 [06/20 5:08:18AM]

Midnight Solstice
Shannon Marr
 [06/20 5:07:58AM]

Forever in Floral Summer Roses
Alexandra MacPhail
 [06/20 5:07:30AM]

Juliet: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Allison Anderson
 [06/20 5:05:23AM]

Summer garden
Corrie O'Blenis
 [06/20 5:04:11AM]

Floral Breeze
Marlee Emery
 [06/20 5:00:50AM]

Petal perfect maxi
Tanya Thiessen
 [06/20 4:50:34AM]

In bloom maxi
Tanya Thiessen
 [06/20 4:49:05AM]

Dana Lohleit
 [06/20 4:24:04AM]

Secret Garden Maxi Dress
Alison Clarkson
 [06/20 4:20:46AM]

Garden of eden
Sarah Hendrickson
 [06/20 3:45:21AM]

Flowy Floral Maxi dress
Krista Willette
 [06/20 3:41:00AM]

Peach Blossom
Helen Durling
 [06/20 3:40:59AM]

Don't forget to wear flowers on your dress!
Jen Brown
 [06/20 3:40:13AM]

Flowy Flora Maxi dress
Krista Willette
 [06/20 3:40:06AM]

The Beauty of Roses
Valerie savoury
 [06/20 3:30:41AM]

A rose between two thorns
Tiffany Osmond
 [06/20 3:23:26AM]

Everything's Coming up Roses
Tricia Brown 1852
 [06/20 2:44:04AM]

midnight rose
rebecca hurley
 [06/20 2:43:51AM]

majestic night garden
Rebecca Hurley
 [06/20 2:43:16AM]

Perfectly Pleasing Floral Maxi
Tricia Brown 1852
 [06/20 2:42:24AM]

Floral luxury
Sandy MacDonald
 [06/20 2:15:00AM]

Garden bliss
Sandy MacDonald
 [06/20 2:14:17AM]

Moonlight Blossom
Melissa Morris
 [06/20 2:13:18AM]

Rose garden maxi
Tina berryman
 [06/20 1:57:01AM]

The Long Standing Rose
 [06/20 12:33:13AM]

Summer Rose Maxi Dress
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [06/20 12:26:36AM]

Summer maxi dress
 [06/19 11:39:57PM]

Floral to the Max
Amanda Asturias
 [06/19 11:39:48PM]

Royal High Tea maxi
Michelle Dolmans
 [06/19 11:28:13PM]

you had me at floral maxi
pam pittman
 [06/19 11:21:11PM]

I rose above it
Amanda Heggelund
 [06/19 11:20:23PM]

midnight rose
pam pittman
 [06/19 11:19:54PM]

floral frolic
pam pittman
 [06/19 11:19:07PM]

floral fantasy
pam pittman
 [06/19 11:18:01PM]

Summer Solstice!
Sarah Goetz
 [06/19 11:17:11PM]

Whimsical dream
Maxine Canning
 [06/19 11:13:52PM]

Bed of Roses Maxi Rosè nuit Garden Glory
Angela McDonald
 [06/19 11:10:01PM]

Romance Vine Maxi, Romance Rose Garden Maxi, Romantic Rvening Maxi
Linda Soroka
 [06/19 11:03:35PM]

Crazy for Navy and Pretty in Pink
Alexa Saylor
 [06/19 11:03:34PM]

Roses and Dreams, Moonlight Florals,
Alexa Saylor
 [06/19 11:02:16PM]

Rosabell or Rosabelle
Cindy McOuat
 [06/19 11:00:45PM]

Blooming Beauty
Crystal Haluzan
 [06/19 10:59:31PM]

Pretty in Petals Flowing Florals
Alexa Saylor
 [06/19 10:57:50PM]

Maui Wowi
Ardelle Hodgins
 [06/19 10:53:29PM]

Maximum floral exposure, Midnight floral exposure
Candice Crosby
 [06/19 10:50:38PM]

secret midnight garden
Autumn bowen
 [06/19 10:35:45PM]

Floral Dreams
Stephanie Bishop
 [06/19 10:34:10PM]

La Vie En Rose (translation "Life in Pink" the expression means life is beautiful) Embracing Grace (The pink rose symbolizes grace) Secret Garden Dress Pretty in Pedals Dress Pride and Preju-Dress
Jenny Rowe
 [06/19 10:31:05PM]

Midnight Garden
Sharlene Cammack
 [06/19 10:28:51PM]

Midnight Rose Maxi
Melissa Rogers
 [06/19 10:26:27PM]

Flower power maxi, midnight garden, moonlit garden, princess petal, summer solstice, flower solstice
Nadia H
 [06/19 10:25:19PM]

You Had Me At Rose Maxi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 10:24:23PM]

You Had Me at the Rose Maxi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 10:21:44PM]

Once Upon a Dream Maxi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 10:19:39PM]

Love is in the air Be-you-tiful
Loekie van dobben
 [06/19 10:12:32PM]

Dusky Rose Maxi Dress
Cara Anderson
 [06/19 10:06:41PM]

Graceful flowers of innocence maxi
Tiffany Adams
 [06/19 10:02:59PM]

Me So Thorny
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 10:02:12PM]

Buds & Blooms Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 10:01:52PM]

Romantic rose
Melanie Kolson
 [06/19 10:00:08PM]

Make it Mine Maxi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:58:53PM]

Bed of Roses Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:58:16PM]

Bloomin' Beautiful Pretty in Petals A Rose Above the Rest
Nicole Potvin
 [06/19 9:58:15PM]

Moonlight & Roses Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:57:27PM]

Aura of innocence maxi
Tiffany Adams
 [06/19 9:57:07PM]

War of Roses Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:53:19PM]

Sunday Rose Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:52:55PM]

Glam Garden Dress Summer Nights Summer Memories
Jennifer Schultz
 [06/19 9:49:25PM]

Garden Glory Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:48:14PM]

Sweet Sunday Rose Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:47:43PM]

Wild Rose Maxi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 9:47:16PM]

Wish Upon A Rose Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:46:30PM]

Rosey Posey Maxi
Angelee Mora
 [06/19 9:45:29PM]

Oxford Rose Maxi
Amy Collins
 [06/19 9:45:04PM]

Blossoming Beauty Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:43:28PM]

Nothing Like It Maxi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:42:39PM]

Mid Summer Night Dream Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:41:27PM]

Evening Rosie
Patricia Hodder
 [06/19 9:40:57PM]

Beachy Blossoms Maxi
Carley Johnson
 [06/19 9:40:49PM]

Make it Mine Botanical Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/19 9:40:33PM]

Bring it to the max
Alyssa Fahie
 [06/19 9:39:29PM]

Tea Party Dress
Trista Muise
 [06/19 9:35:58PM]

Floral For You Maxi Dress
Annie Glanville
 [06/19 9:33:32PM]

A Rose by any other Maxi
Nena Hawkes
 [06/19 9:33:09PM]

Midnight maxi
Sandra Thorne
 [06/19 9:30:34PM]

Floavy Maxi (FLOwers, nAVY. FLOwy dress) :)
 [06/19 9:29:50PM]

Harmony Maxi Dress
Candace Guise
 [06/19 9:23:45PM]

Vintage rose
Laura Raffey
 [06/19 9:22:52PM]

A rose by any other name
Chelsey lane
 [06/19 9:22:47PM]

Moonlight flower
Shannon smith-Gagne
 [06/19 9:22:45PM]

Forget-me-not Maxi
Melissa Kotaras
 [06/19 9:20:29PM]

Floral to the max
 [06/19 9:20:22PM]

Midnight Rose
Natasha Nicholson
 [06/19 9:20:10PM]

Take me to the max
Devon Eisenberger
 [06/19 9:20:06PM]

Bohemian Blossoms
Amanda Linkletter
 [06/19 9:19:44PM]

Rosing Around
Jessica Johnson
 [06/19 9:18:13PM]

Classic Rose Maxi Dress
Christine Jones
 [06/19 9:13:52PM]

Summer love maxi
Debra Asmussen
 [06/19 9:10:28PM]

Midnight Blossoms
Cindy Beaumont
 [06/19 9:10:01PM]

Floral maxi
Melissa ofougwuka
 [06/19 9:07:43PM]

Navy Days of Summer
Jillian Porter
 [06/19 9:06:44PM]

Lovely roses maxi dress
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 9:05:53PM]

Happy Petals Maxi
Mel Gray
 [06/19 9:05:38PM]

Simply roses maxi dress
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 9:05:05PM]

In the garden maxi
Amy wiltse
 [06/19 9:03:58PM]

All in Bloom
Mel Gray
 [06/19 9:03:15PM]

English rose garden maxi dress
Lisa Cleveland
 [06/19 9:02:53PM]

Sweet roses of the night
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 9:02:32PM]

Summer paradise
Shaina manning
 [06/19 9:02:07PM]

Secret Garden
Marion Yun
 [06/19 9:01:16PM]

The Secret Garden Maxi
Jenna Long
 [06/19 9:00:54PM]

Sarah Obrigewitch
 [06/19 9:00:23PM]

Midsummer Night's Dream
Susanne Sherring
 [06/19 8:59:50PM]

Petal Passion
Yvonne Lacroix
 [06/19 8:59:41PM]

Royal Rose Maxi
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 8:59:06PM]

Precious rose
Tara Williams
 [06/19 8:58:45PM]

Pocketful of Rosies
Becky Barthelette
 [06/19 8:58:35PM]

"Midnight Beauty" Maxi Dress
Brandee reid
 [06/19 8:58:21PM]

Coming up roses
Susanne Sherring
 [06/19 8:58:09PM]

Wild for Roses
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 8:57:28PM]

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Jessica Harrison
 [06/19 8:56:00PM]

Beautiful In Bloom
Melissa Short
 [06/19 8:55:34PM]

Garden Party
Kendryth Richardson
 [06/19 8:53:55PM]

Tropical-Vibes maxi dress
Bernice Neufeld Fehr
 [06/19 8:53:41PM]

Midnight in the Garden
Cari hawthorne batista
 [06/19 8:53:18PM]

Floral Seduction Maxi
Melissa Short
 [06/19 8:53:05PM]

Queen Of The Night Floral Maxi
Carina Cameron
 [06/19 8:52:38PM]

Roses In Bloom
Melissa Short
 [06/19 8:52:26PM]

Ring around the rosy/pocket full of posies
Lynne motkoski
 [06/19 8:52:05PM]

Midnight Oasis Maxi
Melissa Short
 [06/19 8:51:44PM]

Queen Of The Night Flower Dress
Carina Cameron
 [06/19 8:50:50PM]

Pick Me Maxi Dress
Maxine Joe
 [06/19 8:50:13PM]

Flattering flora
Caitlin berndt
 [06/19 8:49:32PM]

Rosé Empire Maxi
Kathy McKee
 [06/19 8:47:20PM]

Blooming Marine dress
Brooke Mosher
 [06/19 8:47:13PM]

Whimsical Rose
Ryann McGowan
 [06/19 8:46:26PM]

Stop and Smell the Roses Maxi
Jenna Wood
 [06/19 8:45:23PM]

He loves me, he loves me not Summer Lovin'
Julie Forde
 [06/19 8:45:12PM]

Navy floral maxi: RAVISHING ROSES MAXI
Andrea Hagen
 [06/19 8:43:17PM]

Rivera garden, blossom, aurora
Becky Thornton
 [06/19 8:42:38PM]

Perfection in Peony
Charity Kingsley
 [06/19 8:38:14PM]

Moonlight Flower Garden Maxi
Susan Schmidt
 [06/19 8:37:18PM]

Rhonda Freeman
 [06/19 8:36:44PM]

Midnight flora
Tara Lea Vankoesveld
 [06/19 8:35:54PM]

Evening Rose maxi
Sasha Kurbis
 [06/19 8:35:48PM]

All in Bloom
Dana Shiels
 [06/19 8:35:05PM]

Falling For You Floral Maxi, Pick a Flower For Me Maxi Dress, Midnight in Flowers Maxi, All Rose Lead to Rome Maxi
Laura Miller
 [06/19 8:32:19PM]

Midnight Garden Maxi
Heather Peters
 [06/19 8:31:15PM]

Floral Passion
Christa-Ann Willems
 [06/19 8:29:57PM]

Flirty Floral Maxi, Summer Dreams Maxi, Floral Flashback Maxi, Summer Blooming Maxi, Floral and Fireworks Maxi, Floral Fantasy Maxi, Sangria and Summertime Maxi
Megan Keeler
 [06/19 8:28:08PM]

Floral Nightengale
Amy Archer
 [06/19 8:28:00PM]

Summer Garden
Pauline Lavigne
 [06/19 8:25:19PM]

Fun in Floral Maxi
 [06/19 8:25:05PM]

Floral Fun Maxi
 [06/19 8:23:27PM]

Evening Rose Maxi
Shonda Azevedo
 [06/19 8:23:01PM]

Garden party
Lori stauber
 [06/19 8:22:53PM]

Natures beauty
Mariah ricketts
 [06/19 8:18:44PM]

Floral Finesse Maxi
Heather Hillier
 [06/19 8:17:55PM]

Mariah ricketts
 [06/19 8:17:47PM]

Blooming Jewel Maxi
Alana Tino
 [06/19 8:17:28PM]

Midnight Rose garden
Heather Diewert
 [06/19 8:15:33PM]

Summer nights!!
Shirley Schatzke
 [06/19 8:15:24PM]

Be still my heart maxi, Floral Lovers maxi, Darling Maxi, Floral Ambition
Julie Forde
 [06/19 8:12:40PM]

Deep Dark Rose
Samantha Patenaude
 [06/19 8:08:02PM]

Contessa Lovely Maxi
Stephanie Robak
 [06/19 8:06:06PM]

Everything's coming up Roses
Courtney Hoffe
 [06/19 8:03:56PM]

Long Stem Rose
Carol Lettington
 [06/19 7:58:43PM]

Pocket full of peonies
Kristin heerema
 [06/19 7:58:37PM]

Rosalind Maxi
Raimol Praise
 [06/19 7:58:17PM]

Blue Botanical Beauty
Devon Febbraro
 [06/19 7:57:57PM]

English Rose
Lesley Norman
 [06/19 7:57:25PM]

Midnight to Daze
Debbie Parsons
 [06/19 7:54:41PM]

Dark Romance
Misty Fortier
 [06/19 7:54:19PM]

Crystal seatter
 [06/19 7:53:06PM]

Church pews and high tea roses
Colette Hagel
 [06/19 7:49:49PM]

evening garden bouquet
Meaghan Sweeney
 [06/19 7:47:50PM]

Beautiful floral maxi
Debbie Weisbrod
 [06/19 7:46:07PM]

Midnight Garden, Romance in Bloom.
Holly Beck
 [06/19 7:41:23PM]

Go with the floral flow
Janelle Britton
 [06/19 7:40:35PM]

Summers eve night
Chelsea ward Johnston
 [06/19 7:36:11PM]

Rambling Roses
Melissa Pearce
 [06/19 7:35:06PM]

Not Your Garden Variety Maxi
Jenna Hill
 [06/19 7:32:30PM]

Pink posey
Maureen Currie
 [06/19 7:31:47PM]

Midnight garden / moonlight garden
Danielle Ruel
 [06/19 7:30:54PM]

Floral Fusion
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 7:30:39PM]

Pretty peony
Katie Downie
 [06/19 7:28:45PM]

Parisian Peony Maxi Dress
Julia Chalut
 [06/19 7:27:52PM]

Passion wave maxi
Maria cole
 [06/19 7:24:11PM]

Let yourself bloom or Let yourself blossom
Lori Martin
 [06/19 7:23:28PM]

Amaryllis bliss
Shelly Thomas
 [06/19 7:21:15PM]

Summer Nights Floral Maxi
Erin Perrin
 [06/19 7:20:50PM]

Colour Me Floral Maxi Dress
Kaylee Langen
 [06/19 7:18:52PM]

Oh so heavenly peony!
Carole Ann Stephens
 [06/19 7:17:16PM]

Midnight Rose Delight
Tara Somers-Steen
 [06/19 7:16:43PM]

English Rose
Ashley Nicholson
 [06/19 7:16:36PM]

Midnight Rose
Amy Lane
 [06/19 7:16:24PM]

A garden to walk in forever dress
Lori Martin
 [06/19 7:15:31PM]

Forever Fresh Rose Maxi
Julia Chalut
 [06/19 7:15:28PM]

Floral Feast, Feast of Floral, Forever Floral, Floral to the Max
Shannon Smith
 [06/19 7:15:24PM]

Floral fantasy
Gail fraser
 [06/19 7:15:10PM]

Flor-bulous maxi dress
Lee Cross
 [06/19 7:13:10PM]

Midnight Garden
Kelsa Remy
 [06/19 7:12:50PM]

It's blooming summer maxi
Marietta Magliocchi
 [06/19 7:12:23PM]

I Dream of Floral Maxi, Coming Up Roses Maxi , Petal Perfect Maxi
Jacqueline Dawe
 [06/19 7:12:17PM]

Maxi-mum Flower Power
Mandy Celentano
 [06/19 7:10:59PM]

Flirty in Blue
Kay Ingalls
 [06/19 7:09:45PM]

Blushing Blues Maxi
Shannon Agowissa
 [06/19 7:07:16PM]

Peony Pizzazz
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 7:07:09PM]

Moonlight Rhapsody
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 7:06:35PM]

Flatter me Floral
Sabrina Osborne
 [06/19 7:05:55PM]

Midnight Tropic Maxi
Charlene Petryshyn
 [06/19 7:03:28PM]

La Rose du Soir (English: the evening rose)
Annie Harvey
 [06/19 7:02:44PM]

Prairie Rose Maxi
Laura Veldink
 [06/19 6:59:00PM]

Dusty rose
Jennifer byskal
 [06/19 6:58:30PM]

Pretty in Peoni
Lesley Kielly
 [06/19 6:58:24PM]

Bed of Roses
Adriana Lento
 [06/19 6:58:08PM]

Romancing the Rose
Wendy Ramsay
 [06/19 6:55:23PM]

Roses over diamonds maxi
Ashley Pianka
 [06/19 6:54:30PM]

Rosé All Day, Led by the Rose, Turn Up Your Rose, Bloom Baby Bloom, In Full Bloom, Maybe She's a Wildflower, In a Field of Roses, She's a Wildflower,
Chelsea Lawrence
 [06/19 6:54:13PM]

Bahamian Rhapsody
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 6:52:11PM]

Summer Romance Rose
Annica Smith
 [06/19 6:51:59PM]

Night Garden Maxi Dress
Michelle Withers
 [06/19 6:50:53PM]

Kiss by a Rose Maxi Dress
Josee Poirier
 [06/19 6:50:33PM]

Rose to the Occasion Maxi Dress
Kelly Johnson
 [06/19 6:49:01PM]

Fierce Floral
Sarah Balyk
 [06/19 6:48:45PM]

Petal Pusher Maxi
Megan Curry
 [06/19 6:47:40PM]

Pedal Pusher Maxi
Megan Curry
 [06/19 6:46:40PM]

Night Bloom, or, Evening Primrose, or, Moon Flower ...Maxi
Stephanie Bossence
 [06/19 6:46:25PM]

Go with the Floral
Cathy Monahan
 [06/19 6:45:55PM]

Rosie Romance in June
Wendy Ramsay
 [06/19 6:44:44PM]

Garden Party
Beverly Meszarics
 [06/19 6:42:57PM]

Smell the roses Maxi dress, Kiss from a rose maxi dress
Janette Kent
 [06/19 6:42:51PM]

Peony perfection maxi dress
Kristin Heerema
 [06/19 6:42:08PM]

Midnight Rose Maxi Dress
Sharon Lindholm
 [06/19 6:40:49PM]

Floral to the Max
Cathy Monahan
 [06/19 6:40:31PM]

Krysta astins
 [06/19 6:40:07PM]

Floral Frenzy
Laura Penny
 [06/19 6:39:07PM]

A rose by no other name
Kelly Devereaux
 [06/19 6:38:59PM]

Midnight Rose
Jennifer Ko
 [06/19 6:38:57PM]

Floral nights
Amanda brady
 [06/19 6:38:31PM]

Pretty in Petals
Kristy Barton
 [06/19 6:38:31PM]

The Secret Garden Maxi Dress
Amanda Gagnon
 [06/19 6:37:07PM]

Stop and smell the roses, Midnight Garden, Garden of Eden,
Julie Packard
 [06/19 6:36:23PM]

-A Midsummer's Night Maxi -A Maxi by Any Other Name -Maxi-mum Bloom -Roses are Red...Maxis are Blue
Sara Lotter
 [06/19 6:36:17PM]

Kissed by a rose
Kristy Barton
 [06/19 6:36:08PM]

Summer's in Full Bloom
Crystal Pelletier
 [06/19 6:35:26PM]

Midnight Goddess or Garden Goddess
Barbara Paul
 [06/19 6:35:06PM]

Sweet Summer Romance
Stephanie Doolittle
 [06/19 6:34:16PM]

Floral Fusion
Kristy Barton
 [06/19 6:33:52PM]

Royal Rose Maxi dress
Randi Eddy
 [06/19 6:33:25PM]

Midnight summer dream
Lori Whalen
 [06/19 6:32:40PM]

The old fashioned rose
Natasha Perkins
 [06/19 6:31:25PM]

Floral Fantasy
Tara MacDonald
 [06/19 6:30:50PM]

Pockets full of posies
Katie erb
 [06/19 6:30:18PM]

summer roses ? garden
Rina DiNobile
 [06/19 6:29:55PM]

Are you feeling bouquet? Leaf an impression Once and flor-al.
Jill Roque
 [06/19 6:29:12PM]

Summer lovin'
Larrissa auger
 [06/19 6:28:52PM]

Summer paradise
Larrissa auger
 [06/19 6:28:14PM]

Summer Blossom
Brandi Mcnay
 [06/19 6:27:54PM]

Peach ? splendour maxi dress
Sandi Brown
 [06/19 6:27:21PM]

Love at first sight
Larrissa auger
 [06/19 6:27:06PM]

Rosey Blooms
Sara Lotter
 [06/19 6:26:05PM]

In full bloom
Larrissa auger
 [06/19 6:25:53PM]

Gazebo Spirit
Shari Maclellan
 [06/19 6:25:26PM]

Breathtaking in Blooms Maxi
Justyna Litwinska
 [06/19 6:25:03PM]

Happiness in a dress
Lisa Smit
 [06/19 6:24:27PM]

Summer Romance Maxi, Mid-summer Night's Dream Maxi, Twilight Garden Maxi
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [06/19 6:22:35PM]

Petal Perfect Maxi - Perfect Peony Maxi - Midsummer Dream Maxi
Charly Kole
 [06/19 6:22:14PM]

Bold and Beautiful Maxi Dress
Jennifer Edwards
 [06/19 6:21:12PM]

Maxin' Relaxin'
Shari maclellan
 [06/19 6:20:53PM]

Long stem roses maxi
Marjorie Charles
 [06/19 6:20:32PM]

Floral Coral
april wade
 [06/19 6:19:51PM]

Floral Fantasy
Andrea White
 [06/19 6:19:36PM]

Blooming maxi
Kim dao
 [06/19 6:19:20PM]

Summer romance
Sarah Shapka
 [06/19 6:19:16PM]

Midnight Garden dress.
Weronika Dubois
 [06/19 6:19:13PM]

Evening Rose
Juanita Borland
 [06/19 6:19:04PM]

Midnight Garden Maxi
Janine Birt
 [06/19 6:18:35PM]

Everything I ever wanted dress.
Weronika Dubois
 [06/19 6:18:31PM]

Floral summer nights maxi, midnight flow maxi
Melissa Kennedy
 [06/19 6:17:41PM]

Thorn to be wild
Melanie King
 [06/19 6:17:34PM]

Forever floral
Ashleigh Fox
 [06/19 6:17:23PM]

Lafleur, The Flower
Mary Lou Lafleur
 [06/19 6:16:23PM]

floral dreams maxi
Kaitlyn Robb
 [06/19 6:14:31PM]

Floral fever, Summers dream
Ashley Robbins
 [06/19 6:13:34PM]

Flower goddess
Suzanne Melanson-Ouimet
 [06/19 6:11:18PM]

No Matter What Happens floral maxi
Meagan Bos
 [06/19 6:10:46PM]

Garden party maxi
Sarah Dickinson
 [06/19 6:10:08PM]

Eyes on you floral maxi
Meagan Bos
 [06/19 6:09:50PM]

Peonies and poetry
Rasha makki
 [06/19 6:09:35PM]

The garden party dress
Melissa paget
 [06/19 6:09:32PM]

Floral flow maxi
Melissa Kennedy
 [06/19 6:09:00PM]

Depths of Floral Dreams Dress
Charlanne Cremona
 [06/19 6:08:19PM]

Maximum Appeal Maxi
Alicia Price
 [06/19 6:08:13PM]

Flower of the Night Maxi
Loredana Veneziale
 [06/19 6:07:38PM]

Mighty Fine Maxi Dress Floral Daydream Maxi Dress All About You Maxi Dress
Lisa Allen
 [06/19 6:07:29PM]

Floral whispers Botanical dream
Holly Vienneau
 [06/19 6:06:38PM]

Rose and shine
Vicky McCahon
 [06/19 6:06:13PM]

In Full Bloom Maxi
Denise McKinley
 [06/19 6:05:43PM]

Pettal Up
Nikki Taylor
 [06/19 6:04:24PM]

Sensual Summer; Romantic Roses; Feel It Flow Floral
Sara Kent
 [06/19 6:03:23PM]

Depths of Floral Dress
Charlanne Cremona
 [06/19 6:03:03PM]

Bloom and blossom summer maxi dress
Ashlee Townson
 [06/19 6:02:38PM]

Rose party maxi or rose garden maxi
Jaylyn Jager
 [06/19 6:01:50PM]

Permission to Daydream
Shari maclellan
 [06/19 6:00:48PM]

Elizabeth Cormack
 [06/19 6:00:48PM]

Floral Passion
Courtney Walsh
 [06/19 6:00:41PM]

Country Rose Maxi Dress
Ashley Barnard
 [06/19 6:00:15PM]

Picking Up Maxi, pretty in peonie
Jennifer Bennison
 [06/19 6:00:07PM]

Pretty in Petals (or pretty in pink petals)
Elizabeth Cormack
 [06/19 5:59:56PM]

Promise me a Rose Garden
Kelly Nelson
 [06/19 5:59:50PM]

Mary Peters
 [06/19 5:59:32PM]

Fabulous in floral
Tricia oliver
 [06/19 5:58:58PM]

Nightshade roses
Tricia oliver
 [06/19 5:58:19PM]

Summer Spray Maxi, Ocean Mist Maxi, Floral Glory Maxi, Floral Glow Maxi, Flow and Glow Maxi, Where Have All the Flowers Gone,
Vanessa Engel
 [06/19 5:57:58PM]

Pretty in petals
Katie dunbar
 [06/19 5:56:14PM]

Less is Fleur
Shari MacLellan
 [06/19 5:56:11PM]

"Midnight Rhapsody" maxi
Lynn Hunt
 [06/19 5:55:10PM]

Floral Fantasy - Midnight Muse - Enchanted Rose
Courtney Dodson
 [06/19 5:54:59PM]

Bloom in Blossoms
Lindsay Lamirande
 [06/19 5:54:41PM]

Peony for your Thoughts
Shari MacLellan
 [06/19 5:54:40PM]

Fabulously floral
Stephanie guertin
 [06/19 5:54:33PM]

Summer Nights
Mishell Usick
 [06/19 5:52:45PM]

Vanessa Arsenault
 [06/19 5:52:04PM]

Back to Your Roots
Shari MacLellan
 [06/19 5:51:33PM]

1.rose oasis 2. In full bloom 3. Summer celebration 4. Serendipity
Marissa Pichette
 [06/19 5:51:11PM]

Summer blossom maxi, midnight rose maxi, summer floral maxi, gorgeous in roses
Carly Presidente
 [06/19 5:49:50PM]

Botanical Beauty
Shari MacLellan
 [06/19 5:48:35PM]

Midnight Rose maxi
Ashley McGregor
 [06/19 5:48:29PM]

Pockets & Posies Maxi, Beloved Blooms Maxi, Polished in Peonies Maxi
Hannah Poulin
 [06/19 5:47:26PM]

Endless Summer
Aimee Dare
 [06/19 5:46:37PM]

Summer Primrose
Shyla Unruh
 [06/19 5:46:17PM]

Baby in Bloom
Tracy Poole
 [06/19 5:45:59PM]

Empire floral, from tip to flower, flowers for days, floral frenzy Flower did you say?,
Meagan donnelly
 [06/19 5:45:56PM]

Garden camo
Michelle kuzik
 [06/19 5:44:06PM]

Twilight Rose Maxi, Fleur Maxi, Mad Maxi, Ainsley Maxi, Blue Rose Maxi, Aurora Maxi
Ainsley Otten
 [06/19 5:43:36PM]

Midnight Rose
Caroline Rowley
 [06/19 5:43:06PM]

All the Flowers
Jenny Murphy
 [06/19 5:41:32PM]

Petals to the Max
Melissa Roy
 [06/19 5:39:51PM]

Summer Rose
carmen dmytryshyn-kozak
 [06/19 5:38:17PM]

A Summer Dream
Melissa Roy
 [06/19 5:37:47PM]

Midnight Blossoms
Cassandra Radford
 [06/19 5:36:36PM]

Botanical Beauty Dress
Asha parmar
 [06/19 5:33:01PM]

Sleek Navy Flora Maxi
Marsha E Smith
 [06/19 5:32:55PM]

Flowing Florals
Brenna Pieper
 [06/19 5:31:57PM]

Pretty In Print Maxi
Shannon Demers
 [06/19 5:31:52PM]

Ravishing Rose Maxi Felicitous Floral Maxi
Katie Prince
 [06/19 5:31:51PM]

No way Rosé
Nicole Smith
 [06/19 5:31:29PM]

Wall Flower Maxi
Lisa Gagnon
 [06/19 5:30:55PM]

Shari MacLellan
 [06/19 5:30:03PM]

Vintage Nicole Maxi (simply because I am absolutely in love with all things floral)
Nicole Smith
 [06/19 5:30:01PM]

Vintage Vibe Floral Maxi
Nicole Smith
 [06/19 5:28:35PM]

Midsummers Night Dream Maxi Dress
Stephanie Babic
 [06/19 5:28:27PM]

Bahamian Blossoms
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 5:27:53PM]

Sweet Summer Nights
Holly White
 [06/19 5:27:45PM]

Mid summer night maxi
Darrell cox
 [06/19 5:26:19PM]

Midnight Rose
Melanie Drohan
 [06/19 5:24:55PM]

Not your everyday maxi
 [06/19 5:23:55PM]

Botanic Bliss, Blossom Delight,
Miranda Forbister
 [06/19 5:23:22PM]

Darling Delilah; A Rose By Any Other Name;
Louise Vukas
 [06/19 5:23:15PM]

Midnight Rose
caroline cox
 [06/19 5:23:12PM]

Midnight bloom
Sarah Parks
 [06/19 5:21:46PM]

Floral Infusion
Amelia Ryan
 [06/19 5:19:13PM]

Twilight in Bloom Maxi
Erin shaw
 [06/19 5:19:08PM]

Bella Rosa Maxi (means beautiful rose in Italian)
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [06/19 5:17:59PM]

Roses are eternal maxi dress
Jennifer Haley
 [06/19 5:17:17PM]

"Maxi"um floral and fun
Shonna Martin
 [06/19 5:16:48PM]

Roman Holiday Maxi dress
Lisa Ginn
 [06/19 5:16:14PM]

Midnight in the Garden
Jennifer Watson
 [06/19 5:15:08PM]

Midnight garden party
Jillian Cooper
 [06/19 5:15:04PM]

vintage romance dress
Krista cunday
 [06/19 5:14:02PM]

Floral bliss, alluring blossom
Amy Engler
 [06/19 5:13:15PM]

Secret Garden floral maxi
Jennifer Watson
 [06/19 5:12:58PM]

Floral masquerade
Carrie Quessy
 [06/19 5:10:50PM]

Blooming Beauty
Natalie Baikie
 [06/19 5:09:10PM]

Beauty Blooms
Michelle Kohlsmith
 [06/19 5:08:35PM]

The game changer?
Susan Cole
 [06/19 5:07:56PM]

Floral Eclipse
Cassandra Phillips
 [06/19 5:07:51PM]

Beautiful Blooms Maxi Dress
Nicole Graveline
 [06/19 5:07:23PM]

Midnight roses Edge of night garden Edgy floral
Melanie Millar
 [06/19 5:06:49PM]

Barefoot in the garden
Aimee Dare
 [06/19 5:06:38PM]

Summer Night
Lynn Gosse
 [06/19 5:06:28PM]

Le vie en rose
Charlotte McKenna
 [06/19 5:06:22PM]

Angelic blossoms, Just for Eve, All the Floral you need, Maxed Blossom Maxi, June's Blossom Bliss
Michelle McCarthy
 [06/19 5:05:37PM]

Flaunt your floral, floral fiesta maxi, fountain of youth maxi, rose to new heights maxi, great lengths maxi, Garden oasis maxi
Jessica Reid
 [06/19 5:05:18PM]

Abigail Rose
Gillian Fader
 [06/19 5:05:11PM]

Midnight rose maxi, evening rose maxi , midnight maxi, primrose maxi
Angela Smiley
 [06/19 5:04:47PM]

Smell the roses maxi
Kerri Stevens
 [06/19 5:04:43PM]

Briar Rose Maxi Dress
Mallory Miller
 [06/19 5:04:17PM]

Floral Delight
Laurie Schwarz
 [06/19 5:04:13PM]

Finest Point
Erika Dubitz
 [06/19 5:03:54PM]

Flower Power
Mandy Bedi
 [06/19 5:03:13PM]

Rosey Posey Maxi
Vanessa David
 [06/19 5:02:05PM]

Ravishing Roses Maxi
Sarah Beairsto
 [06/19 5:01:50PM]

Oh so fresh maxi
Sandra Robinson
 [06/19 5:01:02PM]

Spring Blossom Rose Delite Blissful
Tracey McPhee
 [06/19 5:00:54PM]

The English Garden maxi
Virginia Foulds
 [06/19 4:59:51PM]

Oh Rosetta!
Cindy Puskas
 [06/19 4:59:11PM]

Midnight garden
Ann Mayner
 [06/19 4:59:06PM]

 [06/19 4:58:59PM]

The flower patch maxi
Virginia Foulds
 [06/19 4:58:21PM]

Pocket Full of Posies
Heather Mostaway
 [06/19 4:57:57PM]

Not Your Grandma's Floral Maxi
Stephanie Jones
 [06/19 4:57:24PM]

Happiness blooms from within
Heather Chandler
 [06/19 4:57:21PM]

Secret Garden Floral
Virginia Foulds
 [06/19 4:57:16PM]

Spring Fling
Connie Ann Rollin
 [06/19 4:56:54PM]

You Name It The Customer is Always Right
Heather Mostaway
 [06/19 4:56:51PM]

She loves me floral
Virginia Foulds
 [06/19 4:56:29PM]

Afternoon delight, bittersweet rose maxi
Robyn O'Hara
 [06/19 4:55:28PM]

Shakespeare's in Love maxi dress A mid summers night dreaming maxi dress Midnight petals maxi dress Owning the night maxi dress With this Rose The Final Rise Alway a bridesmaid
Heather Mostaway
 [06/19 4:55:06PM]

Midnight Rose Maxi Dress
Taylor MacVicar
 [06/19 4:54:53PM]

Summer garden party
Tiffany Swallow
 [06/19 4:54:26PM]

Floral whispers maxi
Tiffany Adams
 [06/19 4:53:55PM]

Roseliscious maxi
Pauline santos
 [06/19 4:52:21PM]

Love at first rose
Rhonda Reid
 [06/19 4:52:16PM]

Thrive Dress (Thrive definition is to bloom or flourish) Petal Perfect Dress
Tricia Friesen
 [06/19 4:52:07PM]

Secret Garden Maxi
Deanna White
 [06/19 4:51:48PM]

Pretty in blossoms
Susan wagner
 [06/19 4:51:40PM]

Sophie Maxi Dress
Alanna Duffy
 [06/19 4:51:35PM]

Summer Lovin Floral Maxi dress
Gina Plowman
 [06/19 4:50:33PM]

Tea with the queen dress
Tiffany Adams
 [06/19 4:50:20PM]

All Moonlight & Roses If There Be Thorns Every Rose Has Its' Thorn Bed of Roses A Blooming Good Time Primrose Path Petal by Petal
Maria Wilson
 [06/19 4:50:08PM]

Fleur de lis
Tesa Steinke
 [06/19 4:49:51PM]

Secret garden dress
Tiffany Adams
 [06/19 4:49:40PM]

Roses are Blooming
Donna Manuel
 [06/19 4:48:01PM]

A Pocket Full of Posies
Valerie Gudmundson
 [06/19 4:45:59PM]

casual princess
Alma Foot
 [06/19 4:45:55PM]

Sunday Rose
Sheri Gieck
 [06/19 4:41:14PM]

Coming up roses
Julia hachey
 [06/19 4:41:08PM]

The Night Garden
Janice Murphy
 [06/19 4:40:55PM]

Swept away Floral maxi
Amy Boughen
 [06/19 4:40:46PM]

Guns n' roses
Kelsey Wiseman
 [06/19 4:40:14PM]

Kissed By A Rose Maxi
Amy Warick
 [06/19 4:40:12PM]

Dancing in the Moonlight
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 4:39:36PM]

Beautiful to Behold
Heather Grant
 [06/19 4:39:08PM]

Midnight rose maxi
Kandy curtis
 [06/19 4:37:58PM]

1) Petal to the maxi 2) Petals and pockets
Sherry Nickle
 [06/19 4:37:46PM]

Summer Nights Maxi
Victoria Mowat
 [06/19 4:37:37PM]

Delicate Pedals Dress
Heather Grant
 [06/19 4:36:43PM]

Evening rose maxi, Midnight in the garden of good and evil maxi, Coming up roses maxi
Katie kennedy
 [06/19 4:35:29PM]

Rose Between Thorns
Emily MacLeod
 [06/19 4:35:27PM]

Summer blossom
Carolyn Hagen
 [06/19 4:35:11PM]

Flowers in Bloom
Melissa Koski
 [06/19 4:34:24PM]

So Beautiful maxi, floral beauty maxi, the Perfect floral maxi, sunny and floral maxi
Amy Boughen
 [06/19 4:33:57PM]

Blossom paradise, floral fantasy, blossom bouquet, rose dream
Angela Roberts
 [06/19 4:33:54PM]

Midnight Flower
Candace Nickerson
 [06/19 4:33:28PM]

Robe Of Summer Enchantment - R.O.S.E
Heather Grant
 [06/19 4:32:45PM]

Midsummer Dreamin'
Marcey Curtola
 [06/19 4:30:36PM]

Secret garden
Aimee hennig
 [06/19 4:30:15PM]

Rosie O
Cindy Palmer
 [06/19 4:30:08PM]

Midnight Rose
Kate woodman
 [06/19 4:30:05PM]

Botanical Rhapsody
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 4:29:52PM]

Summer Lovin', garden breeze, afternoon tea, Summer Days
Christina Gates
 [06/19 4:29:23PM]

Fearless floral
Leeanne speeds
 [06/19 4:28:51PM]

Rose garden tea party
Melissa Kelly
 [06/19 4:28:32PM]

Garden party
Valérie Fournier
 [06/19 4:28:27PM]

Floral Eclipse
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 4:27:24PM]

Mid Summer's Night Maxi
Janine Macgregor
 [06/19 4:27:10PM]

Stop and Smell the Roses
Heather Grant
 [06/19 4:27:00PM]

Prairie Rose
Ashley Sylvester
 [06/19 4:26:57PM]

Roses all around you.
Sherri Wight
 [06/19 4:26:42PM]

Botanical Divine Maxi
Kyla-Rae Laferdy
 [06/19 4:26:39PM]

Shop to Smell The Roses Maxi Dress
Shari Maclellan
 [06/19 4:25:59PM]

Rose Garden
Stefanie McFarlane
 [06/19 4:25:36PM]

Midnight bloom maxi dress
Alissa oakes
 [06/19 4:24:20PM]

Floral Fantasy
Erin Levesque
 [06/19 4:23:58PM]

Summer Lovin' Maxi Dress
Melissa Perry
 [06/19 4:23:52PM]

Garden Party
Alana Sandberg
 [06/19 4:23:44PM]

Paradise Rose
Joanne Briggs
 [06/19 4:22:47PM]

Bed of Roses ?, I never promised you a rose garden
Glenda Moline
 [06/19 4:22:38PM]

Who Cares it has Pockets Maxi Dress
Randice Quick
 [06/19 4:22:17PM]

Midnight Rose Maxi
Cindy Byrer
 [06/19 4:21:13PM]

Sweet Romance
Amy Gervais
 [06/19 4:21:01PM]

Midnight floral
Jennifer denny
 [06/19 4:20:58PM]

In full bloom
Kelley dentremont
 [06/19 4:20:37PM]

Navy Empire Waist Perpetual Roses maxi dress
Rachal Lymburner
 [06/19 4:20:18PM]

Midnight passion, roses are red maxi,
Lyndsey Baker
 [06/19 4:19:38PM]

Beauteous Blossom
June Versteeg
 [06/19 4:18:45PM]

Ravashing rose maxi
Robyn hollohan
 [06/19 4:18:06PM]

Pretty in Petals
Natasha Perkins
 [06/19 4:16:51PM]

Summer Garden
Courtney Rebke
 [06/19 4:16:50PM]

Perennial Princess Maxi
Sieglinde Skelton
 [06/19 4:16:35PM]

Captivating Rose Maxi
Melissa Peters
 [06/19 4:16:17PM]

Moonlight Delight
Kim Dilney
 [06/19 4:16:10PM]

Dreaming of Roses, Fun in Flowers, Floral Dreams
Natasha Perkins
 [06/19 4:15:19PM]

The rose by any other name maxi
Kyla cudmore
 [06/19 4:15:14PM]

Empire rose
 [06/19 4:15:03PM]

Midnight Maxi
Kim Dilney
 [06/19 4:15:02PM]

Melanie macdonald
 [06/19 4:14:49PM]

Strawberry wine
Constance Devouges
 [06/19 4:14:36PM]

Blueberry Blooms Maxi; Blooming Blueberry Maxi; Indigo Garden Maxi; Pink Petals Maxi; Blueberry Rose Maxi; Blueberry Ka-bloom Maxi
Natalie Clarke
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Garden Dreams Maxi
Jessie Brewer
 [06/19 4:14:00PM]

Floral Disclosure Maxi Dress
Kelly Hagel
 [06/19 4:13:26PM]

Tahitian Twilight
Heidi Kostrey
 [06/19 4:12:50PM]

Midnight floral Evening soiree Indigo rose
Patricia McKeen
 [06/19 4:12:44PM]

All Roses on You
Jenn Zanidean
 [06/19 4:12:38PM]

Midnight Roses
Cindy Potter
 [06/19 4:12:23PM]

Floral Maxine
Tammy Noel
 [06/19 4:12:20PM]

In Full Bloom Maxi Dress, Flourishing Floral Maxi Dress
Gillian Clarke
 [06/19 4:12:02PM]

The garden party
Kelsey Bryant
 [06/19 4:11:22PM]

Mood Fleur
Margo Kirzinger
 [06/19 4:10:36PM]

Midnight Rose Mystery. Rose Whisper. Whispers and Roses. Floral Whisper. Rose and Wonder. Dreams Made Rose.
Jennifer Zanidean
 [06/19 4:10:20PM]

Floral seduction
Trisha Danyliw
 [06/19 4:10:00PM]

Jasmine Dress
Randi Eddy
 [06/19 4:09:19PM]

Evening Rose
Sharon Santos
 [06/19 4:09:09PM]

It's coming up Roses, finish with a flourish, rosebuds and blooms
Angela Yamaoka
 [06/19 4:08:48PM]

Blythe in Bloom Dress
Randi Eddy
 [06/19 4:08:26PM]

Passionate Posies Maxi , Pretty Little Posy Maxi, Ring around the Rosy, Pocketful of Posies, Posy Petals Galore Maxi
Michelle Hefford
 [06/19 4:08:11PM]

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Christina Lai
 [06/19 4:08:07PM]

Blissfully foral
Alicia Howorth
 [06/19 4:08:06PM]

Country Rose Maxi
Brooke Derksen
 [06/19 4:07:46PM]

No Bad Days Maxi dress
Barbra Fortin
 [06/19 4:07:25PM]

Easy Breezy Floral Sensation Dress
Charlotte Mackenzie
 [06/19 4:07:17PM]

You Floral Me
Jennifer Thorpe Fedchun
 [06/19 4:06:59PM]

Flower power
Melanie Bennett
 [06/19 4:06:46PM]

Summer Garden, summer floral, In the garden, floral breeze maxi
Trisha Danyliw
 [06/19 4:06:44PM]

Sitting Pretty Maxi
Brooke Derksen
 [06/19 4:06:27PM]

roses and romance
Courtney Bidwell
 [06/19 4:06:22PM]

Summer Blossom
Kristina Duffy
 [06/19 4:05:59PM]

Maxi Bloom, Blooming Maxi, dreamy blooms dress
Tamara Pulles
 [06/19 4:05:58PM]

All moonlight and roses maxi or bloom of the rose maxi
Kaitlynn burwash
 [06/19 4:05:37PM]

floral dream
Danielle Dunne
 [06/19 4:04:40PM]

Floral Frenzy Maxi #FFM
Jody mynio
 [06/19 4:04:14PM]

A Rosy Beginning, Every Rose Has It's Thorn, Beauty And The Rose, Bella Rose,
Lacey Johnson
 [06/19 4:03:39PM]

Summer Breeze Floral Maxi
Kelly Sheaves
 [06/19 4:03:24PM]

Summer blossom, midnight bloom, floral dream
Danielle Dunne
 [06/19 4:03:16PM]

Rose Petals
Linda Thompson
 [06/19 4:03:08PM]

Midnight floral dreams
Sarah Pop
 [06/19 4:03:07PM]

Floral Escape
Samantha Mohamed
 [06/19 4:03:05PM]

Bohemian Weekend Getaway Dress
Annie Dykstra
 [06/19 4:02:28PM]

In the night garden
courtney bidwell
 [06/19 4:02:17PM]

In the meadow maxi
Kali Bernst
 [06/19 4:02:02PM]

Summer Lovin Dress
June Versteeg
 [06/19 4:01:46PM]

Midnight scent-sation
Danielle Dunne
 [06/19 4:01:25PM]

Midnight Floral Maxi Dress
Kimberly Oldenburg
 [06/19 4:00:54PM]

Be a wildflower
Rachel burns
 [06/19 4:00:44PM]

Emma's Bouquet
Sarah Sheppard
 [06/19 4:00:33PM]

Summer Solstice Maxi
Lacey Whitt
 [06/19 3:59:51PM]

Full blossom
Samantha Mohamed
 [06/19 3:59:44PM]

You're flowing places floral maxi
Jessi McGibbon
 [06/19 3:59:18PM]

Rose Garden Maxi Dress
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [06/19 3:58:10PM]

Midnight garden
Veronica Peterson
 [06/19 3:58:09PM]

Fit for a queen
Samantha mohamed
 [06/19 3:58:07PM]

Rose Garden Maxi
Crystal Zimmermann
 [06/19 3:57:56PM]

In the Night Garden
Shannon Fick
 [06/19 3:57:53PM]

Little Bit of Paradise
Maureen Neall
 [06/19 3:57:44PM]

Casual romance
Samantha mohamed
 [06/19 3:56:52PM]

Midnight bloom/blossom.
Satu Spring
 [06/19 3:55:36PM]

Hawaiian Nights
Tanya koopmans
 [06/19 3:55:23PM]

Stop and Smell the Roses Maxi, You're never fully dressed without a floral Maxi, Love and Flourish Max, Love and Bloom Maxi.
Stephanie Jones
 [06/19 3:54:53PM]

Breezy Bliss maxi, floral fantasy, a rose by any other name dress
Lauren steele
 [06/19 3:54:43PM]

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Julia Strickland
 [06/19 3:54:35PM]

Floral dreams
Amanda lascelle
 [06/19 3:54:34PM]

Cindy Jacquard
 [06/19 3:54:19PM]

Fantasy floral
Shaunna Johnston
 [06/19 3:53:46PM]

Bloomin' beautiful maxi
Kerri Grasley
 [06/19 3:53:27PM]

Wild Roses
Patricia Plumpton
 [06/19 3:53:10PM]

Dark Bloom, Night Shade, Flora,
Krista Ishihiro
 [06/19 3:52:45PM]

Summer Nights Maxi, Jump into summer Maxi, flor-on-you Maxi, summer of 17 Maxi
Lacey Whitt
 [06/19 3:52:36PM]

Summer nights Maxi dress
Julie Gilbert
 [06/19 3:52:04PM]

Blissful in Blue
Janét Walker
 [06/19 3:50:55PM]

Flor-ever and Always Always and Flor-ever
Cheryl Cook
 [06/19 3:50:35PM]

The Final Rose Maxi Dress
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [06/19 3:50:31PM]

Floral obsession
Julie Forde
 [06/19 3:50:08PM]

Floral Seduction
Anick Champagne
 [06/19 3:50:02PM]

Classic Blooms
Janét Walker
 [06/19 3:49:02PM]

Beauty blossoms maxi
 [06/19 3:48:25PM]

Country Rose maxi
Kali Bernst
 [06/19 3:47:38PM]

With all my love maxi
Raeann Rivard
 [06/19 3:47:06PM]

Chic yet sleek maxi ?
Melissa holman
 [06/19 3:46:43PM]

Blooming Bliss
Brenda L. Hoff
 [06/19 3:46:39PM]

Everything Is Coming Up Roses!
Erin Meakin
 [06/19 3:45:44PM]

Summer Flourish / Florabella Maxi
Anita Perdia
 [06/19 3:45:19PM]

Guns and Roses
Kalyn Koch
 [06/19 3:45:18PM]

Summer rose, solstice rose, floral grace
Lianne Healey
 [06/19 3:44:53PM]

Night Garden Bloom, Night's Garden Bloom, Night Blossoms, Roses at Midnight
Lorrie Keats
 [06/19 3:44:47PM]

Magic Rose Garden
Krystle Friesen
 [06/19 3:44:30PM]

Botanical Fantasy
Courtney Ellis
 [06/19 3:44:28PM]

Beautiful blossoms! Or beautifully blossomed
Lisa matkowski
 [06/19 3:44:21PM]

For the love of summer ??
Raeann Rivard
 [06/19 3:43:58PM]

Sweet Essence Maxi dress
Tasha Mijinke
 [06/19 3:43:52PM]

Midnight Wonder
Sara Bradford
 [06/19 3:43:49PM]

Jewelled Rose
Joy Harrington
 [06/19 3:43:07PM]

Roses in bloom maxi
Lisa Ryder
 [06/19 3:42:54PM]

Midnight blooms, cordial rose
Kristi dorward
 [06/19 3:42:54PM]

You Had me at Flowers dress
Julie Lacroix
 [06/19 3:41:45PM]

Midnight Vines Maxi
Wendy Bassett
 [06/19 3:41:27PM]

twilight garden
wendy meuse
 [06/19 3:41:19PM]

Rose's are red, dresses are blue...
Julie VanSickle
 [06/19 3:41:01PM]

En fleur (French)
Julie Lacroix
 [06/19 3:40:41PM]

Fabulous floral
Stephanie guertin
 [06/19 3:40:31PM]

midnight garden
wendy meuse
 [06/19 3:40:18PM]

Flawlessly Floral Maxi Dress Only In Your Dreams Floral Maxi Dress Floral Fantasy Maxi Dress
Cindy Jacquard
 [06/19 3:40:08PM]

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Ashley herron
 [06/19 3:40:06PM]

Secret Garden Maxi
Mel Gray
 [06/19 3:39:55PM]

Garden DayDream Maxi
Amy Graham
 [06/19 3:39:47PM]

Dusty Rose at Midnight
Tammy Sheppard
 [06/19 3:39:08PM]

Jardin De Rosas (Rose Garden in Spanish) Rosaraie (Rose Garden in French)
Tracy Dubois
 [06/19 3:38:43PM]

Floral explosion dress
Renate Barnard
 [06/19 3:38:14PM]

Mid-Summers Night Dream, Love in Idleness, Solstice Sweep
Tabatha Jacobs
 [06/19 3:38:11PM]

She Loves me Flowers Maxi / The Wallflower Maxi
Anita Perdia
 [06/19 3:38:06PM]

Summer Ease Maxi Dress
Cara Takahashi
 [06/19 3:37:45PM]

Touch of pink maxi
Sarah lynn
 [06/19 3:37:39PM]

Endless Summer Nights
lauren kostuik
 [06/19 3:36:55PM]

Flirty floral maxi, Bouquet maxi, flowers for everyone maxi, flowers for you maxi
Katie Erb
 [06/19 3:36:34PM]

Midnight garden
Denise Tetz
 [06/19 3:36:34PM]

Moonlit Garden
Chelsea Patenaude
 [06/19 3:36:24PM]

Flawlessly floral/ flowingly floral/ mesmerizing maxi
Kristen hay
 [06/19 3:36:00PM]

Floral fun
Marie Green
 [06/19 3:35:55PM]

Lovely Summer's Eve
Virginia Frank
 [06/19 3:35:54PM]

Rose Tea Time
Pauline Hansen
 [06/19 3:35:39PM]

Heavenly Blossom Maxi dress, Blossom Beauty Maxi dress, Summers Blossom Maxi dress
Kelsie Marion
 [06/19 3:35:10PM]

Outbloom Maxi
Mandi Caines
 [06/19 3:35:04PM]

Vienna Rose, Flora
Amie Donato
 [06/19 3:34:35PM]

Summer Blooming Floral Maxi Dress
Leanna Butler
 [06/19 3:34:14PM]

Rose to the Occasion Dress
Shelly Pelley
 [06/19 3:34:05PM]

Midnight Garden
Courtney Hoffe
 [06/19 3:33:26PM]

All eyes on you
Natasha Clarke
 [06/19 3:33:17PM]

Summer breeze
Amy martin
 [06/19 3:32:40PM]

Floral fetish Fabulous in floral Flow with floral
Nicole mitchell
 [06/19 3:32:30PM]

Blooming Bliss
Kimberly Barber
 [06/19 3:32:18PM]

Petal to the Metal
Anita Perdia
 [06/19 3:31:52PM]

Summer Bouquet Maxi, Floral Bouquet Maxi
 [06/19 3:31:27PM]

La vie en rose dress
Lori Martin
 [06/19 3:30:52PM]

Posh posy maxi
Kali Bernst
 [06/19 3:30:39PM]

Floral Ever Yours
Tabatha Jacobs
 [06/19 3:30:37PM]

Hidden Garden
Alissa Neilsen
 [06/19 3:30:32PM]

Breezy Bouquet Maxi
Lorrie Keats
 [06/19 3:30:20PM]

Out of the Blue Floral
Julie Lacroix
 [06/19 3:30:04PM]

Fabulous Floral
Betty-Ann Moreau
 [06/19 3:29:46PM]

Midnight Blossoms; Midnight Rose; Dusk till Dawn
Susan Friesen
 [06/19 3:29:37PM]

Floral Fantasy
Karlee Luchenski
 [06/19 3:29:33PM]

Summer Sensation Maxi
Alissa Neilsen
 [06/19 3:29:32PM]

Pretty in paisley
Genny Clark
 [06/19 3:29:22PM]

Head to toe floral Floral Daze Pretty in Pink Floral
Hilary Blouin
 [06/19 3:29:18PM]

Enchanted Rose, Midnight in Bloom, Elegant Beauty
Kristen Schiefke
 [06/19 3:29:04PM]

Freshly picked
Kali Bernst
 [06/19 3:29:04PM]

Floral desire dress
Amy martin
 [06/19 3:28:59PM]

Warm Summer Evening
Bree mcmullen
 [06/19 3:28:53PM]

Summer Lovin'
Beatrice Salvati
 [06/19 3:28:40PM]

Long Summernights maxi
Jessica Thompson
 [06/19 3:28:31PM]

Flower Power Dress
Sherri Kohle
 [06/19 3:28:21PM]

Secret Garden
Jillian McLean
 [06/19 3:27:59PM]

Just Floral Fun
Julie Lacroix
 [06/19 3:27:17PM]

English Rose
Lisa Waldbauer
 [06/19 3:27:14PM]

Pretty as me
Jessica salvati
 [06/19 3:27:13PM]

Flowing Floral; Cool & Classy; Cool & Classy Maxi; Cool Classy Maxi; Pink Rose; Rose Blossom
Susan Friesen
 [06/19 3:26:51PM]

Midnight floral maxi
Jackie yuzwa
 [06/19 3:26:38PM]

•Rosa Rosata (pink rose in Spanish) •A rose by any other name •Mi amour
Tracy Dubois
 [06/19 3:26:28PM]

Bohemian Dreams Dress, Botanic Blossoms Dress, Midsummers nights dress, Sincerely Sweet dress, Cabana Escape Dress
Sheila Dyck
 [06/19 3:26:27PM]

Floral Enchantment Dress
Karen Luciak
 [06/19 3:26:25PM]

La Luna Floral Maxi
Jindy Popoff
 [06/19 3:26:25PM]

Evening shades floral maxi