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Longline Cardi
October 18, 2017

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Total of 928 Entries
Congratulations to Collette Hoffman, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Free Falling Cardi!

Amy whinehouse
Oriana kolonsky
 [10/19 8:58:57AM]

Fall is in the Air Cardi
Michelle Griffiths
 [10/19 8:54:30AM]

Cozy Cardi
Kara Jobin
 [10/19 8:52:03AM]

The Celeste
Jennifer Mulcahy
 [10/19 8:51:33AM]

Love between the lines; Love lines Cardi; Lines of Love Cardi; Look Longingly Cardi
Stephanie Whitson
 [10/19 8:50:57AM]

Long Live the Cardi
Jasmine Agnew
 [10/19 8:50:34AM]

Cakewalk Cardi
Janet Cook
 [10/19 8:49:58AM]

Janet Cook
 [10/19 8:49:07AM]

The LoveMe some Longline
Christine Buck
 [10/19 8:48:50AM]

Love & Length
Dixie Anderson
 [10/19 8:47:28AM]

Free Falling Cardi
 [10/19 8:40:08AM]

Dance Cardi
Georgina Clark
 [10/19 8:37:37AM]

My warm and fuzzy??
Penny Roberts
 [10/19 8:36:36AM]

Wild Cardi
Georgina Clark
 [10/19 8:35:41AM]

Perfectly Seasoned Cardigan
Michelle Carroll
 [10/19 8:32:44AM]

Cosy Comfy. Cardi
Georgina Clark
 [10/19 8:32:31AM]

Hot Cup of Cardi
Tracy Beemer
 [10/19 8:20:24AM]

All You Need Cardi
Tracy Beemer
 [10/19 8:19:53AM]

Tres chic
Emma freeman
 [10/19 8:18:31AM]

long line love cardi
Holly Veenstra
 [10/19 8:15:34AM]

flow like a river
Holly Veenstra
 [10/19 8:13:45AM]

Loving Lines Cardi
Janet Walker
 [10/19 8:11:28AM]

Fall for Fall
Annilee Armstrong
 [10/19 8:03:07AM]

Fall hug cardi
Jennifer Bibeau
 [10/19 7:59:49AM]

Warm me Chic-ly or Chic It Warm
Raegen Havener
 [10/19 7:59:46AM]

The Everest (as in Mt. Everest, because it's so long/height)
Jaime Marmei
 [10/19 7:57:48AM]

Eden McCaffrey
 [10/19 7:52:47AM]

Fall Leaves Cardi
Crystal Zimmermann
 [10/19 7:50:40AM]

My Favourite Cardi - Better than a Boyfriend Cardi-
Carrie Beaupre
 [10/19 7:41:56AM]

Long Loved Cardi
Tabatha Jacobs
 [10/19 7:39:28AM]

Long and free cardi
Lacey roberts
 [10/19 7:31:15AM]

Fall in Love with Me Cardi
Ashley Bell
 [10/19 7:26:59AM]

Cover me cardi
Trudy diamond
 [10/19 7:09:07AM]

Highway cardi
Trudy diamond
 [10/19 7:06:43AM]

Snuggle Cardi
Jessica Curran
 [10/19 7:04:18AM]

Susan Lindstedt
 [10/19 6:58:07AM]

Not Your Granny’s Cardi. Friday Night Style. Make My Day Cardi. Get it, Have it, Love it Cardi. Anywhere, Anytime Style Cardi.
Alison Kooger
 [10/19 6:56:05AM]

Get In Line Cardi
Jenn Bennison
 [10/19 6:54:48AM]

Classic Chic Comfort Cardi
Diana Ceolin Daly
 [10/19 6:47:41AM]

Meagan O'Connell
 [10/19 6:36:38AM]

Couch coat
Holly Marcott
 [10/19 6:30:25AM]

Wrapped in Warmth
Lynn Goodrich
 [10/19 6:16:42AM]

Aria, Kalyn, Paulina
Jasmine Choquette
 [10/19 6:14:52AM]

Lengthy Affair
Lisa Smit
 [10/19 6:12:33AM]

Elongated Elegance
Amanda Rogers
 [10/19 6:11:32AM]

Wrapped in Knit
Lisa Smit
 [10/19 6:10:17AM]

Long Live the Cardi
Chrisitne Fane
 [10/19 6:06:07AM]

Cozy warrior
Heather miousse
 [10/19 5:58:09AM]

Elongate Your Elegance
Amanda Rogers
 [10/19 5:56:53AM]

Fall cozy
Larissa Warford
 [10/19 5:45:53AM]

Knit it to the Limit
Marla Ashley Mayer
 [10/19 5:45:01AM]

Longing for you cardi
Sara Hoath
 [10/19 5:44:12AM]

Long embrace
Sara hoath
 [10/19 5:40:13AM]

City Line Cardi
Linnea Baldwin
 [10/19 5:34:17AM]

Sweater that should be in everyone's closet.
Erin Croft
 [10/19 5:34:15AM]

""weather it" or shabby 'n chic or softly sexy
Lori Mercer
 [10/19 5:28:01AM]

 [10/19 5:27:10AM]

The Day Off Cardi
Lauren DeVito
 [10/19 5:24:55AM]

Longer days cardi
Mandi Rushton
 [10/19 5:21:54AM]

Bell of the fall
Kristin Baird
 [10/19 5:21:34AM]

Falling leaves cardi
Katrina Burden
 [10/19 5:21:06AM]

Fall comfort
Tammy grawbarger
 [10/19 5:19:36AM]

Chill factor
Lynn sturgeon
 [10/19 5:17:08AM]

So long and stunning
Laurie olson
 [10/19 5:13:53AM]

The 'Everything' Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/19 4:53:37AM]

The 'Everything' Cloak
Cara Scholl
 [10/19 4:50:20AM]

Cafe Chic Mid Town Cardi Long Beach Cardi
Michelle McCarthy
 [10/19 4:45:34AM]

The Tardy Cardi
Alayna-Beth Hanchuk
 [10/19 4:32:56AM]

Long, tall Sally
Laura Middleton
 [10/19 4:30:38AM]

Longing for cardi
Lucette Mundy
 [10/19 4:25:55AM]

Warm me up Cardi
Rose Burgoyne
 [10/19 4:21:58AM]

Long and Cozy
Rose Burgoyne
 [10/19 4:20:00AM]

Trisha Dickinson
 [10/19 4:18:38AM]

Longing for Fall, Love you Long Time, Warm me up Cardi.
Lora Forgeron
 [10/19 4:06:50AM]

Long time running
DARA Rankin
 [10/19 3:53:47AM]

I've got a cardi crush
Erin lanigan
 [10/19 3:52:44AM]

Essential Cardi You Are Loved Cardi Voyage Cardi
Kia Compagnon
 [10/19 3:51:34AM]

"Essential" Cardi "You are loved" Cardo "Essential" Cardi
Kia Compagnon
 [10/19 3:49:56AM]

The Waterfall Cardi
Erin Lanigan
 [10/19 3:47:10AM]

The I believe cardi
Dana Webber
 [10/19 3:46:44AM]

The go too cardi
Dana Webber
 [10/19 3:46:07AM]

The Essential Cocoon Cardi
Cara Scholl
 [10/19 3:35:06AM]

'Wrapped in Warmth' Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/19 3:29:48AM]

Go With Everything Cardi
Cara Scholl
 [10/19 3:28:31AM]

Long live the cardi
Heather chandler
 [10/19 3:19:05AM]

Longing for You Cardi
Sara Lotter
 [10/19 3:11:19AM]

A Brisk Fall Cardi, The Brisk Cardi, A Long Endeavour.
Sheri Viktora
 [10/19 2:58:02AM]

Front of the Line Cardi, Long Line Cardi, Skip the Line Cardi,
Stephanie Rowe
 [10/19 1:15:19AM]

Live long and chic cardi
Kristen Martens
 [10/19 1:04:33AM]

Fall into me
Farren Webb
 [10/19 12:47:05AM]

Long for fall sweater
Brittany Benson
 [10/19 12:00:34AM]

Layer on the love?
Alison O'Toole
 [10/18 11:35:44PM]

Confident Cardi
Leslie Rea
 [10/18 11:29:15PM]

Longing for Fall cardi
Penny ford
 [10/18 11:28:31PM]

Fall for Me cardi
Holly Champagne
 [10/18 11:22:15PM]

Long and Lush Cardi
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/18 11:13:37PM]

Love You Forever Cardi
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/18 11:12:12PM]

Wherefor Art Thou Cardigan
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/18 11:11:39PM]

In love Cardi
Fiona Schonewille
 [10/18 11:10:46PM]

Snuggin' Up Cardi or Snug as a Bug Cardi
Sandy Leske
 [10/18 10:55:29PM]

Live long and belong
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 10:45:52PM]

Forever and a day cardi
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/18 10:38:09PM]

Elongated Embrace
Shelley Sutley
 [10/18 10:36:36PM]

Long lasting impression
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 10:33:46PM]

Flowing Comfort or Flowing Warmth
Brenda L Hoff
 [10/18 10:28:03PM]

You belong with me Cardi
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 10:26:05PM]

Be-long Cardi
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 10:25:14PM]

Business or Pleasure Cardigan
Tracy Vooigt
 [10/18 10:21:30PM]

Fraya Cardi
Cassie Steel
 [10/18 10:20:46PM]

Another One Bites the Duster, From Duster 'til Dawn
Angela McLellan
 [10/18 10:18:28PM]

Fireside Cardi, Inner City Style Cardi, Coffee Shop Cardi, Good life Cardi, lounge in Style Cardi,
Krista Bergquist
 [10/18 10:17:19PM]

Creature Comfort Cardigan, Fairy Kissed Cardigan, Soft Therapy Cardigan
Stephanie Enright
 [10/18 10:16:23PM]

Rapunzel Cardi
Victoria Nekuliak
 [10/18 10:07:45PM]

Hug Me Happy
Amanda frayn
 [10/18 10:05:54PM]

Everlong Cardi
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 10:03:54PM]

Cardi on and on
Alex olson
 [10/18 10:01:57PM]

Streamlined stunner
Brandice Seabrook
 [10/18 10:00:13PM]

Long ‘n Lovely, Lovingly Lux. Longingly Lush Cardi, Chill Comforting Cardi
Anita Farnsworth
 [10/18 10:00:04PM]

Long embrace
Jina Clarke
 [10/18 9:56:28PM]

Make you smile cardi Fall Vibes cardi
Julie Forde
 [10/18 9:53:08PM]

Sew comfy
Chelsea Sauder
 [10/18 9:52:45PM]

Cozy in Love Cardi
Samantha Nielsen
 [10/18 9:52:19PM]

A long hug
Karen Dunn
 [10/18 9:51:58PM]

Sunday morning cardi
Sierra Troutman
 [10/18 9:47:37PM]

The Touchdown Cardi
Natalie Smith
 [10/18 9:46:52PM]

As Long As You Love Me Cardi
Pam Ralston
 [10/18 9:45:46PM]

The Long Story Cardigan, The Total Package Cardigan, Loretta Cardigan, the Perfect Cardi
Lori Trost
 [10/18 9:43:29PM]

Tall Order Cardigan
Stacey Kyriakos
 [10/18 9:36:10PM]

Classic Curl-Up-igan
Pamela Shah
 [10/18 9:29:36PM]

Falling softly cardigan
Lyndsey baker
 [10/18 9:28:10PM]

Long live the Cardi
Jessica Myhre
 [10/18 9:28:08PM]

BeLONG Cardi
Ann G
 [10/18 9:24:10PM]

Bunny Hug Duster
Michelle Robertson
 [10/18 9:21:59PM]

Swish Swish Cardi
Ann Grieves
 [10/18 9:20:27PM]

Maxi Cardi
Jas Sihota
 [10/18 9:18:33PM]

Love You Long Time Cardi
Raquel Weinmaster
 [10/18 9:16:07PM]

Walk the long line
Nicole Rayner
 [10/18 9:16:00PM]

Boyfriend cardi
Christy roseberry
 [10/18 9:11:15PM]

The Cuddle Cardi
Amanda Patenaude
 [10/18 9:10:07PM]

Long Time Coming Cardi
Katie Lund
 [10/18 9:08:41PM]

Ahhh, The "fall back" cardigan. Cardigan Comfort Zone,
Karen Bouchard
 [10/18 9:07:26PM]

Go with anything weekender, wear with anything cardi, go with anything cardi.
Rachelle Mireault
 [10/18 9:03:21PM]

The Everything Cardi
Monica Clifton
 [10/18 9:03:07PM]

Long burrcardi
Christy roseberry
 [10/18 9:02:40PM]

Longing for comfort cardi
Allison McFarlane
 [10/18 9:01:38PM]

Komfy Cardi
Jamie Kennedy
 [10/18 9:01:31PM]

I’m In the Mood for Love Long Cardi
Dana Heninger
 [10/18 9:00:50PM]

Long Hug Cardi
Kara Colynuck
 [10/18 8:58:06PM]

Barbara Alaric
 [10/18 8:57:49PM]

Christy roseberry
 [10/18 8:54:04PM]

Long Shot Cardi
Maureen Neall
 [10/18 8:53:11PM]

The perfect cardi Finally fall cardi The harvest cardi
Julie Forde
 [10/18 8:52:39PM]

Long live the Cardi
Nicole Munroe
 [10/18 8:50:16PM]

Professor Chic
Tiffany Christou
 [10/18 8:47:14PM]

Wrapped in warmth
Lorraine Walker
 [10/18 8:45:55PM]

Feels So Right Wear It Day and Night
Michelle Vavra
 [10/18 8:44:56PM]

To the knees and back
Jade fracassi
 [10/18 8:44:12PM]

Friday cardi
Lynn Gosse
 [10/18 8:39:10PM]

Fall for me cardi
Erin Currie Zacher
 [10/18 8:36:39PM]

Fall in Love
Cyndi Chomick
 [10/18 8:36:12PM]

Long Fall Days
Jen Woolliscroft
 [10/18 8:35:23PM]

Cardi-can wear anywhere
Terrie Zanette
 [10/18 8:35:11PM]

Tall & Cozy Cardigan
Lindsay graham
 [10/18 8:31:13PM]

Feels like fall Cardi Fall back In love Cardi Fairies of fall cardigan 14th of October- Thomas Rhett
 [10/18 8:31:03PM]

Not your average cardi
 [10/18 8:31:00PM]

Nice neat and cozy
Andrea Middleton
 [10/18 8:30:06PM]

Long distance boyfriend cardi
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 8:28:01PM]

Aint no cardi like a SI cardi
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 8:27:22PM]

So Long Chills!
Kelly Miller
 [10/18 8:27:10PM]

Stay calm and cardi on
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 8:26:41PM]

Call on me Cardi ; longing for you cardigan; we be chillin’ longline cardi
Amanda Johnston
 [10/18 8:26:20PM]

Longing for You Cardigan
Tamara Cleverdon
 [10/18 8:25:37PM]

The matrix sweater, long, sleek, sexy comfortable
Stephanie Boden
 [10/18 8:22:52PM]

Smothered in Love
CHrista How
 [10/18 8:22:22PM]

Longing To Be Cardi
Tamara Cleverdon
 [10/18 8:16:45PM]

Falling for you cardi
Cordella Welshman
 [10/18 8:15:45PM]

Get this cardi started!
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 8:12:59PM]

Life of the cardi
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 8:12:22PM]

The "Charlotte"
 [10/18 8:12:18PM]

A cozy hug
Fawn Kosiancic
 [10/18 8:10:45PM]

Love Me Tender Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 8:10:40PM]

Snuggle me long cardigan Cuddle me close cardigan Cozy up cardigan Snuggle in cardigan
Christina sebens
 [10/18 8:09:04PM]

Long time running (in honor of Gord Downie passing away)
Kelly Cyre
 [10/18 8:02:55PM]

Longing for comfort
Sydney Lachowich
 [10/18 8:01:12PM]

Pursue you cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 8:00:37PM]

Along the Lines
Tracy Robinson
 [10/18 8:00:08PM]

Longtime coming cardi
Sydney Lachowich
 [10/18 7:59:46PM]

Longing for you cardigan
Sydney Lachowich
 [10/18 7:59:08PM]

Lofty softy cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 7:58:45PM]

Knee I Say More
Edi Ntiranyibagira
 [10/18 7:57:42PM]

A Long The Lines Of Luxury
Edi Ntiranyibagira
 [10/18 7:57:04PM]

I’ll take two cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 7:56:58PM]

Cozy for you cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 7:56:20PM]

I Knee This Cardi
Edi Ntiranyibagira
 [10/18 7:56:12PM]

Soft surrender cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 7:55:26PM]

Cozy up!
Wendy Ramsay
 [10/18 7:51:26PM]

Cardinal Cardi, Life of the Cardi
Kristyn McCarthy
 [10/18 7:50:50PM]

Longing for you
Tanya Briggeman
 [10/18 7:48:44PM]

All day long Cardi
Jessica Oldham
 [10/18 7:48:29PM]

Wrap me up cardi
Terry Etheridge
 [10/18 7:47:41PM]

Takin’ It to the Street Cardi
Dana Heninger
 [10/18 7:47:38PM]

Parti Hardi Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:47:29PM]

Forever falling cardi
Marysia Waritsky
 [10/18 7:45:46PM]

It's My Cardi
Kristyn McCarthy
 [10/18 7:45:37PM]

Pocket full of cozy cardi
Sharla Bretzer
 [10/18 7:45:28PM]

Cardi Hard
Kristyn McCarthy
 [10/18 7:44:57PM]

Warm and fuzzy cardi
Terry Etheridge
 [10/18 7:44:06PM]

Work to Weekend Cardi
Kristyn McCarthy
 [10/18 7:41:32PM]

Softly Wrap My Existence Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:40:28PM]

Stay true to you Cardi
Justina Ziemer
 [10/18 7:39:29PM]

Fuzzy Fall Cardigan
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:38:58PM]

Long and Lovely Cardi
Courtney Walsh
 [10/18 7:38:44PM]

Long Jane Cardigan; Winter Long Cardigan ; Down Low Cardigan Perfect Cover Cardigan; Cover All Cardigan; Long Run Cardigan
Tanya Bissonnette
 [10/18 7:38:31PM]

The Weekender
Kylee Murphy
 [10/18 7:38:05PM]

Walk in the park Cardigan
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:37:57PM]

Jump Into Autumn Cardi
Christina Truden
 [10/18 7:35:50PM]

Wonderlust Cardi
Terrin Bell
 [10/18 7:35:36PM]

The Layering Cardigan
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:35:26PM]

Love You Long Time Cardi
Lindsay Smith
 [10/18 7:35:04PM]

Long days Warm nights
Cindy Syrnyk
 [10/18 7:34:55PM]

Soft to the touch Cardigan
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:34:43PM]

Falls Fantasy
Angela Jones
 [10/18 7:34:10PM]

My Reason for Life Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:33:55PM]

Go long or go home
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:32:31PM]

Long haul cardigan
Cat Demers
 [10/18 7:32:06PM]

The Chill Cardigan
Melissa Doey
 [10/18 7:29:25PM]

So Chic Cardi
Brenda Villena
 [10/18 7:29:07PM]

Wrapped in comfort Cari
Alana Tino
 [10/18 7:28:15PM]

No Flaws Cardigan, Colour Me Cozy Cardi, Unforgetable Cardi, Woolly Mammoth Cardigan
Amy Liebaert
 [10/18 7:28:08PM]

Cozy Cardi
Deborah Jeffs
 [10/18 7:27:40PM]

Let's Get Acquainted Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:25:52PM]

Lotsa Length Cardi
Tallya Bedard
 [10/18 7:23:57PM]

Denise Parent
 [10/18 7:23:12PM]

My One & Only Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:22:51PM]

Falling Softly Cardi Softly Falling Cardi For the Length of Love Cardi
Bryanna Klipa
 [10/18 7:22:36PM]

Love me long time cardi
Sheri Grafham
 [10/18 7:21:28PM]

The 'so versatile' cardi
Megan Patey
 [10/18 7:21:28PM]

Softly Whispering Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:20:47PM]

“Fall Comfort”
Janet George
 [10/18 7:20:01PM]

Snuggle With Me Cardigan
Logan Hattie
 [10/18 7:17:10PM]

Long, lean comfort machine. Long but light wrap you up tight. Stylish and long, it's where you belong. Long and tall, just right for fall.
Gisele Picard
 [10/18 7:16:24PM]

Carry me into fall sweater, or Love it long sweater
Mary Lewis
 [10/18 7:16:21PM]

Long Marty Cardi Gras
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:16:07PM]

Get In My Closet Cardigan
Amber Parke
 [10/18 7:15:57PM]

Transcendence Cardi (cardigan), Transcending Cardigan or Cardi.
Olia Chapman
 [10/18 7:15:41PM]

warm up
Worneta Cramm
 [10/18 7:14:50PM]

Comfy carefree cardi
Beverley white
 [10/18 7:14:27PM]

Longing for cozy cardi
Tara Robertson
 [10/18 7:12:55PM]

Falling For You
Nicole Caputo
 [10/18 7:12:53PM]

?All About That Base longline cardi ?Keeping It on the Down Low longline cardi ?On the Down Low longline cardi ?Baseline maxi cardi
Christine Findlay
 [10/18 7:12:33PM]

Cassandra malley
 [10/18 7:12:28PM]

Lazy Sunday cardi
Melissa Appave
 [10/18 7:12:26PM]

Wind Swept Cardi
Hayle Parent
 [10/18 7:12:15PM]

Colour Me Cardi
Sarah Senior
 [10/18 7:12:12PM]

Long True Beauty Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:12:06PM]

Let it go cardi
Melissa Appave
 [10/18 7:11:44PM]

Coffee Date Cardigan
Tricia Friesen
 [10/18 7:11:01PM]

Keep you warm in a storm cardi
Joyce Suchoplas
 [10/18 7:10:42PM]

Urban Getaway
Lenore Warner
 [10/18 7:10:42PM]

Longevity Cardi , Comfy Cozy Cardi,
Tracey Marcil
 [10/18 7:10:10PM]

Never Have to be Without You Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:09:52PM]

Knee Deep in Warmth; Fall To My Knees; Kneed a Wrap
Michelle Bosch
 [10/18 7:09:35PM]

Luxurious longing cardi
Trudi Gillis
 [10/18 7:09:25PM]

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Lisa Nelson
 [10/18 7:09:23PM]

Cozy-Lax Cardigan
Adriana Valdez
 [10/18 7:08:20PM]

(My) Happy Place Cardigan
Tricia Friesen
 [10/18 7:08:15PM]

Stop the Clock Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:07:52PM]

Long True Love
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:05:59PM]

Fall into me cardi
Melissa Stride
 [10/18 7:04:46PM]

Long Endearing Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:03:46PM]

Easy Going
Joanna Ricard
 [10/18 7:02:30PM]

Comfy Cardi,
Hannah Fulford
 [10/18 7:01:34PM]

Can't Resist You Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 7:00:10PM]

To me this cardi celebrates how about "Celebrate"
Cathy McGibbon
 [10/18 6:58:52PM]

Softly Draw Me In Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:58:02PM]

Over the knee cardi
Alexandra Seabrook
 [10/18 6:57:39PM]

Tremendously Long Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:56:14PM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Ann Mayner
 [10/18 6:55:45PM]

Crazy for you cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 6:55:28PM]

Amy Graham
 [10/18 6:54:15PM]

Expression of Long Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:54:11PM]

Captivating Cardigan
Amy Graham
 [10/18 6:52:48PM]

Living lounge longknit cardi ( like living large)
Erica Fuselli
 [10/18 6:52:08PM]

Longing for you cardi
Kelly Nohnychuk
 [10/18 6:51:56PM]

Sassy lady cardi.
Wanda Harrison
 [10/18 6:51:25PM]

Cardi of Long Soft Perfection
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:49:07PM]

Fall for it cardi
Shawna Lemke
 [10/18 6:48:26PM]

All about me cardigan
Jamie Fitzpatrick
 [10/18 6:45:59PM]

Must Have Me Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:44:25PM]

Rocking the Knee Showstopper
Robyn St Onge
 [10/18 6:43:38PM]

Long & Dangerous Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:43:27PM]

Cuddle Me Cardigan
Emma Enright
 [10/18 6:41:27PM]

The Classy dame cardigan
Amy Lane
 [10/18 6:41:26PM]

Soul Made of Softness Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:40:59PM]

Kosi Kardi
Judy Morton
 [10/18 6:40:40PM]

Long Fidelity Cari
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:38:49PM]

Colour Me Cozy Cardi
Kathy-Ann Mohammed
 [10/18 6:38:11PM]

Vow of Eternity Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:36:25PM]

Cozy Chic Cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 6:36:09PM]

Lengthy opportunity
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:32:54PM]

Fall must have cardi
Alyssa misasi
 [10/18 6:32:14PM]

The Casual Cozy Cardi
Amanda Sewell
 [10/18 6:31:38PM]

Long Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:31:08PM]

The portable hug cardi
Sara Gallinger
 [10/18 6:29:15PM]

Purrfet Cardi
Susan Petras
 [10/18 6:28:31PM]

Soft Passionate Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:27:56PM]

Kneely in love cardi
Jessica Thompson
 [10/18 6:27:49PM]

Cover Me Cozy cardi, Second Spring, Autumn Rush, Harvest Moon cardi,
Jennifer Berger
 [10/18 6:27:12PM]

Goes with anything
Sherry laughton
 [10/18 6:26:31PM]

Marnie Willer
 [10/18 6:25:56PM]

Strut your stuff
Sherry white
 [10/18 6:24:59PM]

kneely yours Cardi, Falling kneely in love cardi, Long lasting cardi, Caught falling for you cardi
Jessica Thompson
 [10/18 6:24:54PM]

Admire My Length Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:24:45PM]

Lengthy Kiss In Heaven Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:23:06PM]

Venus in her Shell Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:19:41PM]

A long walk in the park cardi
Karen Archer
 [10/18 6:19:17PM]

Before Long Cardi
maegen orr
 [10/18 6:18:39PM]

Autumn Days Cardi
Allison Longueil
 [10/18 6:17:34PM]

At long last
Maegen Orr
 [10/18 6:17:10PM]

Cupid Lurks Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:16:10PM]

Falling in love cardi
Alexandra sinapi
 [10/18 6:13:02PM]

Make Me Breathless Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:13:02PM]

Start the car-digan
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 6:12:54PM]

Fall Warmth
Natasha Perkins
 [10/18 6:12:26PM]

On Target again Cardigan
Rae-Anne Gall
 [10/18 6:11:53PM]

Heavenly Bliss Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:11:27PM]

The long and short of it cardi
 [10/18 6:11:23PM]

Kiss Me All Over Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:09:18PM]

Wrapped in Soft Kisses Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:08:38PM]

Pick Me Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 6:05:41PM]

Belong cardi
 [10/18 6:05:27PM]

Fall into warmth cardigan
Mary Smith
 [10/18 6:04:07PM]

That's Amoré
Lauren Lambert
 [10/18 6:03:31PM]

Cool and cozy cardi
Amy yewer
 [10/18 6:03:04PM]

Cozy Nights Cardigan, Cool Night cardigan, Draped in Love, Seemingly Endless, Seamingly Endless,
Lauren Lambert
 [10/18 6:01:02PM]

Autumn Spice
Melissa Edge
 [10/18 5:59:57PM]

Complete Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:59:11PM]

True Love Cardigan
Kelly Nootchtai
 [10/18 5:58:42PM]

Love Finds a Home Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:57:36PM]

Softly Unfolding Length Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:56:03PM]

“FALL in love” longline cardi
Julie Leepart
 [10/18 5:55:15PM]

Cozy Flow Cardi
Andreia Florea
 [10/18 5:55:11PM]

Ashley Breault
 [10/18 5:54:23PM]

Lazy Days Cardi, Chill Out Cardi, A Chill in the Air Cardi
Allison Longueil
 [10/18 5:54:15PM]

Love's Unending Length Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:54:12PM]

Longing For You Cardi
Kelly Nootchtai
 [10/18 5:53:27PM]

Fall for You Cardi
Melanie King
 [10/18 5:51:59PM]

Loves Long Journey Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:51:58PM]

Loves Enduring Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:50:33PM]

Love Longer Cardi
Kara Forest
 [10/18 5:50:25PM]

The flatline
 [10/18 5:49:35PM]

Everlasting Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:48:48PM]

For the Long Haul Cardi, Long Tall Cardi
June Weiss
 [10/18 5:47:58PM]

Long Time Running
Lorraine Moeller
 [10/18 5:47:40PM]

Long Love Begins Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:47:13PM]

Length Matters, Long Distance, Label of Love
Sieglinde Skelton
 [10/18 5:47:06PM]

Boyfriend Cardi
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:46:34PM]

'Courage' cardi (RIP Gord)
Nancy Twist
 [10/18 5:46:04PM]

Long Tall Cozy Cardi
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [10/18 5:45:53PM]

Warm autumn nights cardi
Holly Meints
 [10/18 5:45:41PM]

Order Me Now Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:45:15PM]

Lattes and lipstick
Robin Hawley
 [10/18 5:44:40PM]

Heartwarming Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:43:01PM]

Carpe Diem Cardi
Michaela Barcena
 [10/18 5:42:51PM]

Call me cozy cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:41:14PM]

Got Your Back
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:41:13PM]

Long Shot Cardi
Kim Burkholder
 [10/18 5:40:48PM]

Love Comes Softly Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:40:35PM]

The long lost love cardi
Audrey Wiebe
 [10/18 5:39:23PM]

Hip and Cozy Cardigan
Breanna Hudson
 [10/18 5:39:17PM]

1)Calming Cardi 2) cuddle cardi 3) longevity 4) lengths of love 5) book nook cardi 6) cabin cardi 7) 'fall'ing for you cardi
Lisa Gardiner
 [10/18 5:39:06PM]

The tall order cardi
Kyla cudmore
 [10/18 5:38:38PM]

Overly Soft Chic Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:37:24PM]

The Homerun
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:36:58PM]

'Wear Anywhere' Cardi
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:36:31PM]

Delightfully Long
Sandra Mueller
 [10/18 5:35:40PM]

We BeLONG Together
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:35:31PM]

Endless Fall
Anne-Marie Perron
 [10/18 5:35:12PM]

Cozy Chic Cardigan
Crystal Lee
 [10/18 5:35:11PM]

The Magnolia
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:34:19PM]

Long Weekend Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:33:51PM]

Cozy night
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:33:40PM]

Simply longlinely
Sandra Mattis
 [10/18 5:32:39PM]

Fall Into Me Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:31:31PM]

Hangin Around or Just Hanging Around or Hang Loose
Cynthia Zalewski
 [10/18 5:31:25PM]

'Live in Me' Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:30:13PM]

The Jenna
Katie MacKinnon
 [10/18 5:30:02PM]

I Know I'm In Love Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:29:56PM]

1) Lengths of Love Cardi 2) Better Than A Hug Cardi 3)Trophy Cardi (like trophy wife) 4) Full Coverage Full Cardi 5)The Pumpkin Spice of Cardis
Morgan Angus
 [10/18 5:29:42PM]

Falling for fall
Andrea Garvey
 [10/18 5:29:06PM]

Snuggle me cardi
Bev Gudlaugson
 [10/18 5:27:42PM]

Long Last Soulmate Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:27:23PM]

Cozy in love cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:27:10PM]

Cardi de Jour
Anna Monteduro
 [10/18 5:25:02PM]

Love You More Than Ever Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:24:59PM]

The Downie Cardi
Cerena Rosenthal
 [10/18 5:24:34PM]

Wrapped in Love
Melissa pearce
 [10/18 5:23:25PM]

Francine James
 [10/18 5:23:12PM]

Francine James
 [10/18 5:22:18PM]

Get All Over Me Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:22:14PM]

"So Long Fair Weather" Cardi
Elle Kinzie
 [10/18 5:21:05PM]

LONGing to Live Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:19:40PM]

Continuity Cardi; Long Love Cardi; Swept Up Love Cardi
Bridget Frost
 [10/18 5:19:36PM]

Classy Long cardi
Steph King
 [10/18 5:19:17PM]

Blanket cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:19:17PM]

Long live the cardi, long lost love cardi, colour me cozy cardi,
Lacey Johnson
 [10/18 5:18:42PM]

Cozy cardi
Steph King
 [10/18 5:18:21PM]

Throw on cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:18:07PM]

Need to BeLONG Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:18:03PM]

'With a Cup of Tea' Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:17:40PM]

Cover me Cardi
Tracey Somers
 [10/18 5:17:15PM]

Lounge in style cardi
Tracy gardiner
 [10/18 5:16:09PM]

Cozy longtime
Tabatha taylor
 [10/18 5:16:04PM]

'Warm Up To Me' Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:15:54PM]

Colour Me Gorgeous Soft Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:14:49PM]

Better than Bed Cardi
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:14:46PM]

Enveloped in You Cardigan
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:14:02PM]

At Long Last Cardi
Mandy Celentano
 [10/18 5:13:44PM]

Love of my life cardi Fall for you cardi
Elena cottreau
 [10/18 5:12:52PM]

Pocket Me Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:12:49PM]

Cloaked in Comfort Cardi
Cara Scholl
 [10/18 5:12:34PM]

Time Warp Cardi
Shari MacLellan
 [10/18 5:12:17PM]

The longest cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:11:52PM]

Home is where the cardi is
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:10:49PM]

Oversize Me Softly Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:10:32PM]

Perfect Maxi Cardi
Melissa foisy
 [10/18 5:10:32PM]

Cardi for days
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:07:48PM]

Hug me cozy cardio
Diane Vandoorn
 [10/18 5:07:47PM]

Quadruple in Colour Long Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 5:06:37PM]

Cozy cardi
Diane Vandoorn
 [10/18 5:05:52PM]

Longlovin cardi
shirley koehler
 [10/18 5:05:24PM]

Falling for you cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 5:04:15PM]

Dress me up cardi
Donna Puro
 [10/18 5:03:54PM]

Loving Hug Cardigan
Natalie Taylor
 [10/18 5:03:41PM]

At long last cardi
Riley Scherban
 [10/18 5:03:12PM]

SC cardigan ( sexy , comfy)
Donna Puro
 [10/18 5:01:34PM]

Keep It Cozy, Cottage Comfort, Oh October
Justine Navarro
 [10/18 5:01:16PM]

Killing Me Softly Long Cardi
Janis hardick
 [10/18 5:00:27PM]

Loving You Softly Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 4:57:41PM]

Longing to Love ?? Cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 4:55:53PM]

Mile end cardigan
Jennie Fernandez
 [10/18 4:55:21PM]

Longing to love cardi
Janis Hardick
 [10/18 4:54:13PM]

Sweet Sassafras
Lynn Sturgeon
 [10/18 4:53:07PM]

Longing For You Cardi
Sarah Green
 [10/18 4:52:58PM]

Weak in the knees , Walk the line
Annette Farrell
 [10/18 4:52:26PM]

Cozy autumn cardi
Gloria yuen
 [10/18 4:52:19PM]

The cozy cardigan
Linda Shpak
 [10/18 4:50:53PM]

Long awaited cardi; longing for cardi; longing for the old days; longing for warmth; knot before long; you beLONG to me cardi
Ginette April
 [10/18 4:50:50PM]

Longing for you Cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 4:49:55PM]

The NewYorker
Elizabeth Tatchyn
 [10/18 4:48:59PM]

Caress me Cardi, Fall to Your Knees, Pocket Perfect, Endless Embrace
Ashlee Fritz
 [10/18 4:48:48PM]

Cozy for you Cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 4:48:44PM]

The Manhattan
Elizabeth Tatchyn
 [10/18 4:47:59PM]

Not your Grandpas Cardi, Long Shot Cardi, Autumn Breeze, Autumn Winds Cardi
Samantha Trimble
 [10/18 4:47:25PM]

Weekender cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 4:46:53PM]

Cozy up cardi
Andrea Abraham
 [10/18 4:45:46PM]

Dreamy Duster Cardi
Danielle Elsenaar
 [10/18 4:45:00PM]

Cardi party
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 4:44:53PM]

Fall in Love Cardi
April Whalen
 [10/18 4:44:34PM]

Cozy Cardi
Ashley Harrison
 [10/18 4:44:07PM]

Free Fall (ing)
Fiona Gordon
 [10/18 4:42:34PM]

Day dreamer
Susan Ferguson
 [10/18 4:42:18PM]

"Oh so Cozy Cardi"
Marion Fawcett
 [10/18 4:39:13PM]

Wrap me with Love Cardi , Cardi Love Embrace me Cardi Comforting Love Cardi
Aimee Landstrom
 [10/18 4:38:08PM]

Wrapped In a Hug sweater
Michelle Cudmore-Armstrong
 [10/18 4:37:28PM]

Oversized Fall Lounger
Kristen Brooks
 [10/18 4:37:12PM]

Autumn cover Cardi
Diana Murray
 [10/18 4:35:13PM]

Urban Casual
Helen Labelle
 [10/18 4:32:59PM]

Giulianna Cardi Confidence Cardi Power Cardi
Lisa Marie Marasco
 [10/18 4:32:20PM]

Leaf it to Me Cardi
Jill Currie
 [10/18 4:29:36PM]

Soft Whisper Cardigan, Embrace me Softly Cardigan, Dream a little Dream Cardigan, Long Lovin' Cardi
Tracy Dubois
 [10/18 4:28:02PM]

Fireside Cardi
Lisa Ginn
 [10/18 4:22:05PM]

The Long Comfy Cozy Cardi
Melanie Lee
 [10/18 4:21:32PM]

Sugar and spice Cardigan
Shanna morson
 [10/18 4:21:03PM]

Comfy Cozy
Laurie Lazure
 [10/18 4:20:38PM]

Long Lost Cardi, Long Story Cardi
Lindsey Janssen
 [10/18 4:20:13PM]

Great Lengths Cardi
Jill Gelston
 [10/18 4:20:06PM]

Cozy Cardi
Laurie Lazure
 [10/18 4:19:37PM]

Grace and Grit Cardi
Jill Gelston
 [10/18 4:19:21PM]

Karis - means graceful
Teresa Thiebaud
 [10/18 4:19:12PM]

The Cozy Beauty Cardi
Danielle Nobes
 [10/18 4:19:05PM]

Cable Car-di
Jill Gelston
 [10/18 4:18:29PM]

Hug it out cardigan
Jenna Hill
 [10/18 4:17:02PM]

Foot Loose & Fancy Free Cardi
Judy Rohel
 [10/18 4:13:31PM]

Blanket Me in Love Cardigan
Krista Przybylak
 [10/18 4:10:34PM]

Hug Me Cardi
Lesley Cairns
 [10/18 4:08:43PM]

Long John cardi
Patti-Jean Davey
 [10/18 4:07:40PM]

Fall into me Cardi Long overdue Cardi Hug me gentle Cardi
Ashley Rafuse
 [10/18 4:07:10PM]

Fall for me cardi
Maggi Bruce
 [10/18 4:03:46PM]

Latisha Hollan
 [10/18 4:03:10PM]

Draped in comfort cardi
Amanda Grant
 [10/18 4:01:02PM]

Northern embrace
 [10/18 3:57:05PM]

Long-ing for the weekend
Kristin Heerema
 [10/18 3:55:55PM]

Autumn Aura
Kami Ritz
 [10/18 3:51:13PM]

The Oktoberfest Cardigan or The fireside cuddle up Cardigan
Line Fillion
 [10/18 3:49:42PM]

Hello Autumn's shiver Cardi
Jackie butt
 [10/18 3:47:33PM]

The end of the day cardi
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [10/18 3:46:09PM]

Going the extra Metre cardi, Cover my bum cardi, blanket cardi, I got a pocket full of cozy cardi, cozy up to me cardi,
Sarah Kierstead
 [10/18 3:43:37PM]

Fall Fling
Rhonda Hendricks
 [10/18 3:42:07PM]

Love You Longtime Cardi
Ashley Burchell
 [10/18 3:40:58PM]

Work Week in the Knees Cardi (play on weak in the knees saying highlighting 5 color choices- one for each day of the work week)
Edi Ntiranyibagira
 [10/18 3:40:15PM]

Roxanne Power
 [10/18 3:39:12PM]

Feels like Fall Cardi
Ashley Burchell
 [10/18 3:39:04PM]

Knee Deep In Love Cardi
Edi Ntiranyibagira
 [10/18 3:37:05PM]

Yes Please!
Dawn Peters
 [10/18 3:35:55PM]

Cardicoat (like a cozy housecoat you can wear in public - grin)!
Wendy Burch Jones
 [10/18 3:34:33PM]

Long luxe Cardi
Ashley Burchell
 [10/18 3:33:24PM]

Autumn Comfort Cardi
Carrissa Rice
 [10/18 3:31:10PM]

Cozy for Miles Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/18 3:30:30PM]

At Great Length Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/18 3:29:11PM]

Soft & Cozy Cardi
Anne Wilkinson.
 [10/18 3:29:03PM]

Long live the cardi
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [10/18 3:27:38PM]

Morning moon cardi (rip Gord??)
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [10/18 3:27:08PM]

Wrapped in a hug cardi
Christina Giesbrecht
 [10/18 3:26:48PM]

Laze for Dayz
Janette O'Toole
 [10/18 3:26:11PM]

Study Buddy Cardi
Charlanne Cremona
 [10/18 3:25:24PM]

Lounge About Cardi
Janice Gould
 [10/18 3:25:15PM]

Snappy decision
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [10/18 3:24:39PM]

Cardi Up
Gwen Gage
 [10/18 3:24:27PM]

A Thousand Times Over - (Cardi) (Becuse that's how many times I want to buy it!!)
Holly Salimaki
 [10/18 3:24:05PM]

It's Chilly Con Cardi
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [10/18 3:23:55PM]

Sweater Up or Down
Gwen Gage
 [10/18 3:23:24PM]

Comfy couch cardi
Angela Baker
 [10/18 3:21:13PM]

Kickin' it Cardi, My Kinda Cardi, Classic Cardi, City Cardi, Curl me up Cardi
Ashley Jones
 [10/18 3:18:17PM]

Snug as a bug cardi
Melinda Gombert
 [10/18 3:15:25PM]

The weekend cardi
Kristina Martel
 [10/18 3:13:27PM]

Fireside Cardi
Sarah Green
 [10/18 3:12:20PM]

Longing for Love Cardi
Kayla Aikins
 [10/18 3:11:03PM]

Long line cozy comfort
Linda Honeychurch
 [10/18 3:10:49PM]

The long length comfort cardi
Dawn Restoule
 [10/18 3:10:47PM]

Longing for love cardi
Kayla Aikins
 [10/18 3:10:08PM]

Changing Seasons Longline Cardi
Claudia Ochnicki
 [10/18 3:09:38PM]

Cascade Cardi; Cardi Hearty; Cool Breeze Cardi; Autumn Spice
Sherrie Silman
 [10/18 3:09:19PM]

ITS A Long story
Jen Reid
 [10/18 3:09:08PM]

Super long cosy cardi
Melanie Larizza
 [10/18 3:08:26PM]

Soft and Sweet Longline Cardi
Claudia Ochnicki
 [10/18 3:07:56PM]

Hit The Floor Cardi
Erin Jones
 [10/18 3:06:25PM]

Around Town Cardi, Long Time Cardi, Below the Bum Cardi.
Holly Beck
 [10/18 3:06:17PM]

Love me Longline
Claudia Ochnicki
 [10/18 3:05:50PM]

Longline Living
Claudia Ochnicki
 [10/18 3:05:23PM]

Love you Longline
Claudia Ochnicki
 [10/18 3:03:56PM]

Like Magic Cardi
Alison Clarkson
 [10/18 3:03:23PM]

Chic and long cardi / long over due cardi / Love me longtime cardi/ super chic cardi
Lindsay Medve
 [10/18 3:02:53PM]

Fierce Competition Cardi
Sarah Hurtubise
 [10/18 3:01:58PM]

"Its a Good Life" Cardi, Coffee Girl Cardi...Gord Downie inspired today ;)
Kali Bernst
 [10/18 3:00:55PM]

Long over due cardi
Lindsay M
 [10/18 2:59:39PM]

Southern comfort
Maxine Canning
 [10/18 2:59:22PM]

Cocoon Cardi
Jessica Powell
 [10/18 2:56:44PM]

cuddle me cardi
Lisa MacDonald
 [10/18 2:56:38PM]

Sweater Weather Cardi
Stephanie Smith
 [10/18 2:56:35PM]

Pocket full of cozy
Sharla Bretzer
 [10/18 2:54:00PM]

Fall comfort :-)
 [10/18 2:46:48PM]

The wrap me up cardi
Natasha davis
 [10/18 2:45:15PM]

longing for cardi
Jill Byrne
 [10/18 2:44:38PM]

Kozy Komfort Kardi, Long Lounge Cardigan, Comforts of Fall Cardigan, Lazy Lounging Cardi
Wendy Sargent
 [10/18 2:43:10PM]

Bundle me up cardi Lounge around cardi
Alanna pynenburg
 [10/18 2:43:06PM]

Cozy by the fireplace, classic cozy cardigan , wrapped in a hug, fall in love cardigan
Rebecca Petryna
 [10/18 2:40:46PM]

Take the Long Road
Leanne Schutte
 [10/18 2:36:55PM]

Stay long & be Cozy cardigan
 [10/18 2:36:50PM]

Cozy Cardi
Brandee Morrill
 [10/18 2:35:20PM]

All wrapped up
Cassandra Stairs
 [10/18 2:35:08PM]

The Cuddle Cardigan
Caitlin Berndt
 [10/18 2:33:43PM]

Fall to Your Knees Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [10/18 2:32:17PM]

Standing Tall Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [10/18 2:31:22PM]

Soft & Sweet Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [10/18 2:30:12PM]

Cuddle Time Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [10/18 2:29:32PM]

Weekend cardigan
Sarah Spencer
 [10/18 2:27:05PM]

Fall in line cardi
Peggy Lemieux
 [10/18 2:26:26PM]

Lovely Longlines Cardi
Valerie Gudmundson
 [10/18 2:25:58PM]

Sassy n Classy?
Sheila Arlene kosolofski
 [10/18 2:24:49PM]

Winter me warm Cardi
Jennifer McCaffrey
 [10/18 2:24:18PM]

Colour me cozy cardi
 [10/18 2:23:44PM]

Weak in the knees.. Stella Longline Cardi Fall to my knees.. Stella Longline Cardi Kneel to me... Stella Longline Cardi
Lucy Marchand
 [10/18 2:23:40PM]

Love me long line cardi
Deborah Shuttleworth
 [10/18 2:22:23PM]

Luxe cardigan
Kelly Adams
 [10/18 2:20:44PM]

Favorite cardi
 [10/18 2:20:38PM]

Long Lines Cardi
Valerie Gudmundson
 [10/18 2:19:32PM]

Sassy n Classy?
Sheila Arlene kosolofski
 [10/18 2:19:00PM]

Love You Long Time Cardi
Stacey Sambirsky
 [10/18 2:18:12PM]

On the road to relaxation cardi, In nature cardi, Cuddle up cardigan, Long and lush cardi, Hug me cardi.
Rachal Lymburner
 [10/18 2:17:45PM]

I'm downie for that!
Amanda Burt
 [10/18 2:17:42PM]

cardi for days
Stephanie guertin
 [10/18 2:15:58PM]

Stay Cozy Long Cardi
Stacey Sambirsky
 [10/18 2:14:54PM]

Autumn Joy
Susan Duncan
 [10/18 2:14:24PM]

Just like that Cardi | A new kinda Cardi | Wishes come true cardi | Better together Cardi | Meant to be Cardi | Lure me in Cardi | Now or never Cardi | Soft as a whisper Cardi
Ashley Butterfield
 [10/18 2:14:13PM]

Ahead By a Century Cardi
Tiffany Crawford
 [10/18 2:11:44PM]

What's In My Pocket Cardi
Mary Parkes
 [10/18 2:11:29PM]

Longing For You Cardi
Natasha Perkins
 [10/18 2:11:23PM]

be my lover cardi
Krista Greco
 [10/18 2:11:04PM]

Live Laugh Long Cardigan
Natasha Perkins
 [10/18 2:10:29PM]

"fall for you" cardi
 [10/18 2:09:38PM]

Love my length cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 2:09:04PM]

Long and lovely cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 2:08:27PM]

My Lovie
Krista Greco
 [10/18 2:08:17PM]

True love cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 2:07:32PM]

At long last
Stephanie oxford
 [10/18 2:05:23PM]

Stephanie Grant
 [10/18 2:05:14PM]

Cardi of Love, The be-comfy, Queen of Cardis
Tovah Staudt
 [10/18 2:05:11PM]

Get cozy cardi
Autumn Kennedy
 [10/18 2:04:41PM]

The classic cardi
Amy Graham
 [10/18 2:04:25PM]

Long road to cardi!
Nataley Hyttenrauch
 [10/18 2:02:48PM]

Warm Winter's Day
Stephanie Vokey
 [10/18 2:02:17PM]

Long to Have Cardi
Maria Allan
 [10/18 2:02:07PM]

Snuggle up Cardi
Kayla Anderson
 [10/18 2:00:25PM]

Falling for you.. Stella Longline Cardi
Lucy Marchand
 [10/18 1:58:48PM]

Fall Oh Me! Cardi!!
Janice Leverton
 [10/18 1:58:13PM]

Tall drink of cardi
Kelsey Wiseman
 [10/18 1:57:09PM]

Fall for you cardi , cozy cardi love , comfy, cozy cardi ,
Christine molinelli
 [10/18 1:54:51PM]

Long John Sylvie
Emily MacLeod
 [10/18 1:53:46PM]

Pockets of love
Lori Nicholls
 [10/18 1:49:24PM]

Easy Over Anything (Cardigan)
Sandra Agostino
 [10/18 1:46:16PM]

Sweet Cardi-line
Claire Buys
 [10/18 1:45:56PM]

The cozy cardi
Joanie Savoie
 [10/18 1:43:05PM]

Cozy up to Fall cardi
Tammy Gaudet
 [10/18 1:42:32PM]

My Favorite Fall Cardi, Fun Fall Cardi, Love you long time cardi, Love me some Cardi
Melorie Broten
 [10/18 1:40:46PM]

Wrap me up Blanket Cardi
Sherry Malinoski
 [10/18 1:40:41PM]

Falling in love at first sight cardi, not your grandpas cardigan, love me some long cardi! Walk in the woods cardi, fall in Central Park cardi, pumpkins, spice and everything nice perfect fall cardi. Fall runway cardi.
Michelle noel
 [10/18 1:38:53PM]

A slice of heaven
Shelly Thomas suggestion by Tyler
 [10/18 1:37:34PM]

Fabulously Fall Snuggly Cardi
Melorie Broten
 [10/18 1:37:20PM]

Cozy Me Cardi, Fallin 4U Cardi, Cozy Me Cardi, Luvin My Cardi
Johanne Cloarec
 [10/18 1:36:07PM]

Cloak of Comfort
Melanie Forbes
 [10/18 1:33:47PM]

The Crazy Cozy Cardi
Melanie Forbes
 [10/18 1:31:49PM]

Cozee for Fall
Johanne Cloarec
 [10/18 1:31:34PM]

Evening Stroll
Linda Soroka
 [10/18 1:31:22PM]

Long distance love cardi, long live cardigan
Destiny Langelaan
 [10/18 1:30:18PM]

Long distance love cardi Long live cardigan
Destiny langelaan
 [10/18 1:29:04PM]

Cozy Bliss Cardi
Erin Roussin
 [10/18 1:25:40PM]

Life-Line Cardi
Dominique st-georges
 [10/18 1:24:14PM]

Crossover Cardi
Leslie Hane
 [10/18 1:20:09PM]

Relaxing Sunday fit
Taylor stephens
 [10/18 1:17:06PM]

Cuddle Up Cardi
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [10/18 1:16:57PM]

Style for Miles Cardi, Along the Line cardi, Long and Lean Cardi, Lay Low Cardi, Long Way Home Cardi
Larissa Anderson
 [10/18 1:16:42PM]

Fall over me cardi
Bonnie Waplak
 [10/18 1:12:51PM]

Lola cardi
Crystal Topilko
 [10/18 1:10:53PM]

Laid Back Sunday, Cafe Cardi, Chill Buster, Serenity Now, Cozy confidence
Jennifer Schultz
 [10/18 1:08:20PM]

The hearty cardi or the daylong cardi
Alaina crease
 [10/18 1:06:46PM]

Warmth At First Sight
Nicky Cave
 [10/18 1:05:47PM]

Long Live Cardigan
Natalie Baikie
 [10/18 1:03:53PM]

Warmth At First Sight!
Nicky Cave
 [10/18 1:03:40PM]

Effortlessly Cozy Cardigan
Kyla Laferdy
 [10/18 1:03:15PM]

Nice and Easy cardigan
Ashley Connolly
 [10/18 1:00:53PM]

Draped in Love cardi
Marysia waritsky
 [10/18 1:00:30PM]

Leading Length Cardi
BJ Kitt
 [10/18 12:57:30PM]

Classy Cozy
Connie Sparrow
 [10/18 12:57:26PM]

All Day Long Cardi
Sarah Lane
 [10/18 12:55:55PM]

Cozy up Cardigan, fall for me Cardigan, draped with love , you've got to be smitten me cardigan, baby it's cold outside cardigan, autumn breeze cardigan
Bonnie sagriff
 [10/18 12:55:36PM]

Love me tender cardi
Krista Jacobson-Smith
 [10/18 12:54:58PM]

Forever Cardi
Amanda Kipe
 [10/18 12:54:43PM]

Long Distance Relationship Cardi
Emily Kinzie
 [10/18 12:52:05PM]

Long lost LOVE cardi
Diana thiele
 [10/18 12:48:53PM]

Cozy cardi, Cozy Night Cardi, Falling for you, long days night, sweet stuff
Amy Baykey
 [10/18 12:48:46PM]

Love you long time cardi
Lindsay Smith
 [10/18 12:48:41PM]

I've Got You Covered Cardi
Alysha Crosina
 [10/18 12:46:42PM]

autumn breeze
autumn m bowen
 [10/18 12:45:03PM]

fall in love cardi
autumn m bowen
 [10/18 12:44:38PM]

everything nice Cardi
Christina Silvester
 [10/18 12:44:05PM]

Long Embrace Cardi
Allison Hodgson
 [10/18 12:44:00PM]

Come snuggle Cardi
Shelby Fraser
 [10/18 12:40:28PM]

 [10/18 12:38:06PM]

“Fall” on me cardi
Christina Silvester
 [10/18 12:36:46PM]

 [10/18 12:35:10PM]

“Fall”n for my Cardi
Jennifer Gregor
 [10/18 12:34:01PM]

Fall into winter cardi
Tia jackson
 [10/18 12:32:35PM]

Long On Comfort Cardi Snuggle Cardi Wrap Me Up Cardi
Nicole M Goodwillie Gauthier
 [10/18 12:32:06PM]

Snuggle cardi
patricia gautreau
 [10/18 12:31:11PM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Sarah Walker Multamaki
 [10/18 12:29:24PM]

Draped in Comfort
Lisa Salter
 [10/18 12:24:41PM]

Four Seasons Cardi, Fall For You Cardi
Brandy MacDonald
 [10/18 12:24:37PM]

Keep Me Cozy Cardi
Donna Macklin
 [10/18 12:23:06PM]

Hip and huggable Workday warmth Slouchy sister
Katelin Turner
 [10/18 12:22:30PM]

Snug as a Bug Cardi
Satti Vinepal
 [10/18 12:20:09PM]

Love you Longtime Cardi
Becky Fortney
 [10/18 12:19:08PM]

Cozy cardi
Suzanne Tink
 [10/18 12:18:12PM]

Weekend Vibe
Satti Vinepal
 [10/18 12:17:47PM]

Get Along Cardi
Denise Herman
 [10/18 12:16:58PM]

Long time love
Vicky mccahon
 [10/18 12:15:54PM]

Cuddle Up Cardi
Melissa Koski
 [10/18 12:14:19PM]

Snug as a bug in a rug Cardi
Carrie Knox
 [10/18 12:13:22PM]

City sleek line cardi
Jessica macfadyen
 [10/18 12:13:18PM]

Long time coming cardi
Becky Fortney
 [10/18 12:12:48PM]

Get In Line Cardi
Jacqueline Dawe
 [10/18 12:12:26PM]

Country trail length cardi
Jessica macfadyen
 [10/18 12:11:38PM]

Autumn magic cardi
Tammie bunz
 [10/18 12:09:20PM]

Long live cardi
Monica Cariou
 [10/18 12:09:16PM]

Cozy chic cardigan
Rebecca Brown
 [10/18 12:09:11PM]

Fall into Line
Christie Savioli
 [10/18 12:09:05PM]

Long Love the Cardi
Claire Buys
 [10/18 12:05:47PM]

Cozy Maxi Cardigan
Debbie Goddard
 [10/18 12:04:28PM]

Long Way Down Cardi
Haley Elizabeth Anne Neufeld
 [10/18 12:03:17PM]

Warm Me Up Cardi, The Warm Hug Cardi
Leanne Starkes
 [10/18 11:59:28AM]

Gord Downie(RIP) Cardi, Downie Cardi, warm me up cardi, stay cozy cardi, going the distance cardi, shake it on cardi, better together cardi
Janine Grant
 [10/18 11:59:22AM]

Urban Sprawl
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [10/18 11:58:38AM]

Big City Girl Cardi!
Melissa Doucet
 [10/18 11:57:42AM]

Rock-cardi, Cozy-cardi
Leanne Starkes
 [10/18 11:56:52AM]

Wrapped in love cardi
Cheri Poznikoff
 [10/18 11:54:43AM]

Hold Me Cardi
Charlanne Cremona
 [10/18 11:54:28AM]

A winter's hug
Tammy Diniz
 [10/18 11:52:51AM]

Cozy Cardigan
Sandra Jordan
 [10/18 11:52:23AM]

Fall-oh your heart cardi
Anne-marie Cronkwright
 [10/18 11:51:45AM]

Cozy All Day
Beata Fourmanovskis
 [10/18 11:50:48AM]

Be jealous cardi
Jessica Thibodeau
 [10/18 11:49:16AM]

Falling for you Cardi
Shayla Guy
 [10/18 11:48:54AM]

* Lovin' Lengths Cardi * Furry Lengths Cardi * Wrap me Up Cardi * Warm Lengths Cardi
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [10/18 11:47:34AM]

going the distance Cardi, long love Cardi, sweet talker Cardi, take me home Cardi, forever yours cardi
kaitlyn robb
 [10/18 11:46:58AM]

Hot to Trot Cardi Come lay with me cardi Wrap me up cardi Date night cardi
Lisa Howard
 [10/18 11:46:35AM]

Falling for you Cardi
Leslie frick
 [10/18 11:46:30AM]

Long Live Fall Cardi
Chantalle Gauthier
 [10/18 11:46:19AM]

Oh So Soft Cardi
Haley weston
 [10/18 11:46:09AM]

Long way home cardi
Amanda lascelle
 [10/18 11:46:02AM]

Anytime Cardi
Mandi Friesen
 [10/18 11:44:52AM]

Fall for me cardi
Tanis Melanson
 [10/18 11:42:18AM]

Fall into your arms cardigan
Jessica Keffer
 [10/18 11:42:14AM]

A long way home cardigan, A long way home cardi
Weronika Dubois
 [10/18 11:41:17AM]

All About Autumn Cardi
Amy Pillage
 [10/18 11:41:05AM]

Dream of the Crop Cardi
Rebecca Parker
 [10/18 11:38:10AM]

Moonstruck cardi / Envious cardi
Kyla Philpott
 [10/18 11:37:11AM]

The cozy cardi
Karlee waight
 [10/18 11:36:17AM]

Streamline Cardi
Amanda MacCuish
 [10/18 11:35:29AM]

Autumn Sunset Cardi, Autumn Sunrise Cardi, Falling Leaves Cardi
Amy Pillage
 [10/18 11:35:22AM]

Anita Russell
 [10/18 11:34:41AM]

Hello Fall
 [10/18 11:32:56AM]

Great lengths cardi Tall tales cardi
Bobbi Janzen
 [10/18 11:32:23AM]

Longing for Fall Cardigan
April Hunt
 [10/18 11:32:22AM]

Boyfriend comfort, Missing My Man Cardi, Goin to Lenghts, Wrap me up
Catelin Beacock
 [10/18 11:32:09AM]

All Day Longline
Lindsay MacKenzie
 [10/18 11:31:24AM]

Weak in the knees Cardi
Lauren steele
 [10/18 11:30:47AM]

dream come true cardigan
Sherri Kohle
 [10/18 11:30:01AM]

Keep Me Cozy Cardi, Long Story cardi, It's A Long Story, Be-knee-th No One
Haley Boland
 [10/18 11:28:45AM]

Cozy Chic Comfort Oversized Cardigan
Hilary Lenihan
 [10/18 11:28:37AM]

Fall to your knees Cardigan
Lauren steele
 [10/18 11:28:13AM]

Cozy Cardi Cape
Cheryl Weir
 [10/18 11:27:37AM]

Cozy in Love
Brittany Forte
 [10/18 11:27:28AM]

It's A Long Story Cardi
Eleanor Bateman
 [10/18 11:26:57AM]

Swept Away
Aynslie Croney
 [10/18 11:25:04AM]

"Long Time Coming" cardi-- as today marks the death of our beloved Gord Downie
Krystle Collier
 [10/18 11:24:03AM]

Maxi Cozy Cardi, Maximum Cozy Cardi, Maxi Cardigan, Maxi Cottage Cardi,
Vicky Harrison
 [10/18 11:23:54AM]

Fall Favorite
Donna Gobin
 [10/18 11:19:34AM]

Its a long story
Renste Barnard
 [10/18 11:18:50AM]

Cozy Cottage Cardi, Cozy Fireside Cardi
Amy Pillage
 [10/18 11:18:35AM]

Full throttle Cardi
Diana Thiele
 [10/18 11:18:23AM]

Cozi-Cardi, Oh-So-Cozy-Cardi Winter-snuggle-cardi cardi-cozy
Erika Chernenkoff
 [10/18 11:17:10AM]

Warm me up Cardi
Sandy McKenzie
 [10/18 11:15:58AM]

Hang loose Cardigan
Sandy McKenzie
 [10/18 11:15:05AM]

Cozy comfort cardigan
Michelle Kyle
 [10/18 11:14:53AM]

So Huggable cardi
Darian zacharias
 [10/18 11:14:24AM]

Falligan long cardigan
Michelina Morsillo
 [10/18 11:13:24AM]

Cozy Hibernation, Fall Love Cardigan, Autumn Wrap
Erica Baerwald
 [10/18 11:13:00AM]

Love you long line cardi
Jessica Karalash
 [10/18 11:11:37AM]

Fall in love cardi
Jillian McLean
 [10/18 11:10:04AM]

Love you long line cardigan
Jessica Karalash
 [10/18 11:08:46AM]

Favorite fall long line cardigan
Jessica karalash
 [10/18 11:07:41AM]

Snug as a bug cardi
Amy bennett
 [10/18 11:07:15AM]

Crazy in Comfort Cardi
Dolores Funk
 [10/18 11:06:54AM]

long winter simple snuggly cardigan
Jessica Karalash
 [10/18 11:05:18AM]

Long time coming cardi
Amanda Ste Croix
 [10/18 11:03:41AM]

Endless comfort, endless beauty, cozy comfort, lengths of comfort, comfort for miles, lustrious lengths,
Nancy hopkins
 [10/18 11:03:34AM]

Cozy Cottage Cardi
Amy Cantin
 [10/18 11:03:18AM]

Simply gorgeous
Susan Wagner
 [10/18 11:02:32AM]

Live long and prosper cardi
Ashley Kirkham
 [10/18 11:02:16AM]

Perfectly Pocketed Cardi, Long lushish Cardi, Fall in Love Cardi,
Amber Johnson
 [10/18 11:00:27AM]

Love You Long Time Cardi
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [10/18 10:55:45AM]

Sweet Amour Cardi, Nothing Better than this Cardi, Warm Embrace Cardi, Embracing Warmth Cardi , Cardi Memoirs, Break Time Cardi
Nicki Varga
 [10/18 10:55:12AM]

Long and lanky
Moira Swiatek
 [10/18 10:53:25AM]

Poppy Cardigan
Marilyn Benoit
 [10/18 10:53:14AM]

Pocket full of cozy longline cardi Isn't she lovely longline cardi
Tiffany Swallow
 [10/18 10:52:37AM]

Hygge Cardi
Karen Powers
 [10/18 10:49:02AM]

Calm in the cozy cardi
Leah Anderson
 [10/18 10:48:22AM]

Erin Harris
 [10/18 10:47:25AM]

Get me there cardi
claudine klimaschek
 [10/18 10:45:26AM]

Easy Like Sunday Morning Cardigan
Marley Cameron
 [10/18 10:44:45AM]

Longevity Cardi
Christi Friesen
 [10/18 10:43:34AM]

The Everything Nice Cardigan
Marley Cameron
 [10/18 10:43:21AM]

Fall Harvest Cardigan
Marley Cameron
 [10/18 10:41:59AM]

Ryder Cardi
Kiki Felts
 [10/18 10:41:04AM]

Longing For You Cardi
Alissa Neilsen
 [10/18 10:40:22AM]

The Great Autumn Cardi
Lisa Ash
 [10/18 10:40:09AM]

Autumn warmth
Jena Hill
 [10/18 10:40:01AM]

Autumn Love
Alissa Neilsen
 [10/18 10:39:36AM]

Oh so cozy cardigan, fuzzy wuzzy, warm hug, loungers paradise, true canadian cardigan, so cool its warm, perfect pockets cardigan,
Gina Bergman
 [10/18 10:38:53AM]

Alexandroff/long line
Charlene McDiarmid
 [10/18 10:38:21AM]

The seasons are long Cardi, long seasons Cardi,longing in love Cardi
Seanna Unger
 [10/18 10:37:52AM]

Cloud 9 Cardi / Sunday Style / Moment In Time / What A Girl Wants / Stay Awhile
Kayla Miller
 [10/18 10:34:34AM]

Fall In Line Cardi
Marsha Empson
 [10/18 10:34:33AM]

True North Long & Free Cardi
Maria Froese
 [10/18 10:32:51AM]

Fall for you
Ashley Brown
 [10/18 10:32:49AM]

Boss Babe
Ashley Brown
 [10/18 10:31:33AM]

Long Time Gone Cardi
Becky Fortney
 [10/18 10:31:24AM]

Hot Toddy; Cardi-licious; Long & Strong;
Sharie Rea
 [10/18 10:30:20AM]

Wrapped in Comfort
Sarah Skillen
 [10/18 10:29:51AM]

Elongate your flow cardi
Shannon Jares
 [10/18 10:29:20AM]

Lovin it Long cardio
Karen McCarville
 [10/18 10:28:23AM]

Fall For You
Neely Harding
 [10/18 10:28:00AM]

Love takes time
Blaine Luy
 [10/18 10:27:19AM]

Head to Toe Hug
Neely Harding
 [10/18 10:27:09AM]

Longing for the one.
Jennifer Lestander
 [10/18 10:26:48AM]

Fall for fall cardi
Janice McIntyre
 [10/18 10:26:45AM]

Elongate your flow sweater
Shannon jares
 [10/18 10:26:32AM]

Deliciously Long Cardi
Geneviève Valleau
 [10/18 10:26:22AM]

Devil's cardi
Melissa clement
 [10/18 10:25:06AM]

Everything Nice Cardi
Asha Parmar
 [10/18 10:24:10AM]

Janette kent
 [10/18 10:23:22AM]

The Rustic Swobe (sweater robe)
Laura Toman
 [10/18 10:22:06AM]

The Comfy Zone Cardi
Sabrina Fortier
 [10/18 10:21:49AM]

Swing with me Cardi
Amy Beddington
 [10/18 10:21:39AM]

Falling for you Cardigan
Vanessa McEleney
 [10/18 10:21:06AM]

Longer days Cardi
Heather Thibault
 [10/18 10:20:40AM]

Free Falling; Fall Flair; Forever Fall; Longline Coming Cardi; Baby, It’s Cold Outside Cardi; Love you Longline
Collette Hoffman
 [10/18 10:20:12AM]

A Fall Affair
Heather Beaton
 [10/18 10:20:06AM]

Cardi For Days
Ola Calderon
 [10/18 10:19:50AM]

Classy but Comfy Cardi
Carrie Lindzon
 [10/18 10:19:19AM]

Snuggle Me Cardi
Cheryl Guerriero
 [10/18 10:17:32AM]

långrev Cardi
Sharon Statham
 [10/18 10:17:23AM]

Midnight Stroll Cardi
Erin Ginther
 [10/18 10:17:04AM]

Cozy to the max
Cheryl Cook
 [10/18 10:15:04AM]

The fallagian
Cecilia Gouliquer
 [10/18 10:14:09AM]

On the go cozy cardi
Tina Bussey
 [10/18 10:13:49AM]

Warm Embrace Cardi Fall For You Cardi Autumn Romance Cardi Harvest Moon Cardi Arista Cardi Amber Cardi
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [10/18 10:13:31AM]

Cozy Grand Cardi
Marie-Josee Allard
 [10/18 10:13:29AM]

To your knees and back
Stephanie eby
 [10/18 10:12:23AM]

Habitual cardigan
jeanette avery
 [10/18 10:10:48AM]

Cover Me Softly, Winter Bliss, Long Tall Cardi, 3 C's Cardi (Cozy, Comfy and Classy), Seasons Caress,
Gerri Toews
 [10/18 10:06:03AM]

Longline cozy cardi
Raeanne shewchuk
 [10/18 10:05:58AM]

Autumn Harvest Cardi
Dana Elliott
 [10/18 10:04:37AM]

Long Way Down Cardigan
Jennifer Ko
 [10/18 10:04:35AM]

Long cozy cardi
Raeanne shewchuk
 [10/18 10:04:00AM]

Longevity Lounger Cardi
Kristi Pianka
 [10/18 10:03:40AM]

Coffee house cozy
Anne-Marie giddings
 [10/18 10:00:47AM]

Lifelong Comfy Cardi
Jessica Norman
 [10/18 10:00:19AM]

Autumn Air Cardi
Rachel Fleming
 [10/18 9:59:48AM]

Pockets of warmth Cardi
Kelly Chaulk
 [10/18 9:59:27AM]

Lazy Long Weekend cardi, Rainy Sunday cardi
Jaclyn Cottrell
 [10/18 9:59:20AM]

All Snuggled Up, Wisps of Winter, Cover Me Softly
Gerri Toews
 [10/18 9:59:16AM]