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How to Wear Ankle Booties
August 30, 2019

Silver Icing How to Wear Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are one of the most versatile pieces when it comes to fall fashion. Whether you dress them up or down, they have the ability to elevate any outfit! Today we’ll be sharing three different ways to style to them ❤️

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Lasting Love Top (Black, S), Darkest Hour Denim (9), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38), Love Necklace (Gold) and Surf City Sunglasses (Black and Silver).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are the perfect way to dress up a pair of leggings!

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Southern Soul Dress (S), Fifth Avenue Hat (Burgundy), Cozy Up Leggings (Black, M), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38), Inspire Bracelet (Gold) and Love Necklace (Gold).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Add a denim piece on top …

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Southern Soul Dress (S), Fifth Avenue Hat (Burgundy), Cozy Up Leggings (Black, M), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38), Inspire Bracelet (Gold) and Love Necklace (Gold).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

And a wide brim hat, and you have the perfect fall look! 🍂

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Southern Soul Dress (S), Fifth Avenue Hat (Burgundy), Cozy Up Leggings (Black, M), and Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Pair it with jeans that have texture or rips to add some interest.

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Simple Ways Tee (Olive, S), Paradise City Denim (7), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Black, 38) and Inspire Bracelet (Gold).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Paradise City Denim (7) and Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Black, 38).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

The perfect outfit for when you have to run out the door!

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Simple Ways Tee (Olive, S), Paradise City Denim (7), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Black, 38) and Inspire Bracelet (Gold).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Cuff your jeans to to elevate your look.

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Darkest Hour Denim (9) and Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

Double roll them to make sure they are the appropriate height!

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Lasting Love Top (Black, S), Darkest Hour Denim (9), Boot Scootin’ Bootie (Tan, 38), Love Necklace (Gold) and Surf City Sunglasses (Black and Silver).

Silver Icing Name to Win It How to Wear Ankle Booties

No matter how you style them, one thing’s for sure – these comfy ankle booties are the perfect fall piece!

Get the Look: Lexi is wearing the Darkest Hour Denim (9).

Now we need your help to name them! ❤️

We are looking for a fun and original name for these ankle booties that feature a slight heel and side zipper closure.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Monday, September 3 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will get to select their choice of size/colour (Black or Tan – 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41). These ankle booties will Presale for $84.99 (Retail $89.95). Good luck! ♥️

*Lexi is wearing size 38*


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Total of 768 Entries
Congratulations to Desiree Veness, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Boot Scootin' Booties
Heel we go!
Jolene mosiondz
 [09/03 8:54:33AM] Tan 41

Walking on sunshine boots
Brenda Fisher
 [09/03 6:22:16AM] Tan 37

Fall is coming booties
Jennifer Roth
 [09/02 10:18:59PM] Camel color 7.5

Smooth operator
Crystal mackie
 [09/02 10:07:03PM] Black 7

On the Run booties
Angela Waldegger
 [09/02 10:03:20PM] Tan 38

Fall Feels Booties
Angela Waldegger
 [09/02 10:00:53PM] Tan 38

Winters Walk Booties
Angela Waldegger
 [09/02 10:00:02PM] Tan 38

Zip It! Booties
Jennifer Roth
 [09/02 9:26:38PM] Camel color size 7.5

Fall Kicks
Amber Shane
 [09/02 9:15:22PM] Black 9

Corral bootie
Kristina Consolo
 [09/02 9:13:54PM] Tan-38

Timeless Soul Ankle Bootie, Timeless Sole Ankel Bootie, Classic Smooth Ankel Bootie, Wholly Divine Ankel Bootie
 [09/02 7:51:24PM] Brown 6.5-7 US size. I think that's a 37, 37-38.

Confidence boots
Anna Malko
 [09/02 7:33:14PM] Tan in 41

Dusk til Dawn Booties
Laura Astle
 [09/02 6:55:23PM] Tan 37

New Boots on the Block
Chantal Chiarelli
 [09/02 6:54:16PM] Tan; 8.5

The Janis J. Bootie
Chantal Chiarelli
 [09/02 6:51:10PM] 8.5; tan

This little bootie of mine!
Chantal Chiarelli
 [09/02 6:50:03PM] 8.5; tan

If the bootie fits...
Chantal Chiarelli
 [09/02 6:47:55PM] 8.5; tan

Ain’t no Booties fly enough
Chantal Chiarelli
 [09/02 6:46:50PM] 8.5; tan

DAMN, cutie bootie!
Michelle Wishart
 [09/02 4:31:04PM] Tan

Kicking it old school booties
Joanne Wiseman
 [09/02 3:48:31PM] Black 7

"Fall" in to style booties / Fall with me booties /slick scootin' booties
Madison Weiss
 [09/02 3:44:57PM] Tan 38

Sly borne booties
Julie Slipiec
 [09/02 3:22:32PM] Tan 41

Wishbone booties
Julie Slipiec
 [09/02 3:21:20PM] Tan-41

Bandit booties
Julie slipiec
 [09/02 3:20:28PM] Tan-41

High wood booties
Julie slipiec
 [09/02 3:19:44PM] Tan-41

Emperor booties
Julie Slipiec
 [09/02 3:16:18PM] Tan-41

Queens borough booties
Julie slipiec
 [09/02 3:15:40PM] Tan-41

Fortress booties
Julie Slipiec
 [09/02 3:14:46PM] Tan-41

Kickin' it autumn
Carmen Peckham
 [09/02 3:07:45PM] Tan, 9

Boot scootin' booties
Lori pitcher
 [09/02 2:07:14PM] Black 8

Steppin it up
Crystal Hildebrand
 [09/02 2:07:01PM] Black ladies size 7

Booti-fall Ankle Booties
Michelle McAleese
 [09/02 1:01:42PM] Black. Size 9

How Low Can You Go Ankle Booties
Rhonda Penner
 [09/02 12:18:59PM] Tan 41

Show Stopper Ankle Booties
Rhonda Penner
 [09/02 12:18:31PM] Tan 41

Fall Fling Ankle Booties
Rhonda Penner
 [09/02 12:17:59PM] Tan 41

Kickin' It Ankle Booties
Rhonda D Penner
 [09/02 12:16:49PM] Tan 41

Just Kickin' It Ankle Booties
Rhonda Penner
 [09/02 12:16:16PM] Tan 41

Ankles Away
Shawna Trudeau
 [09/02 11:58:28AM] Tan 40

Booties for your tootsies
Jacynte Meloche
 [09/02 10:51:14AM] Black , size 6

Walking Strong Booties
Julia Langley
 [09/02 10:42:19AM] Brown/Black

Fall for me booties
Kasey Mantai
 [09/02 10:31:24AM] Tan 38

Zip it, there perfect!
Kasey mantai
 [09/02 10:29:09AM] Tan 38

Bootie up into fall
Alison Nachtegaele
 [09/02 10:19:43AM] Black size 9

The Everyday Bootie
Jaimee Dreger
 [09/02 10:01:49AM] Brown 40

Strut out of summer bootie
Gail Sexton
 [09/02 9:54:04AM] Tan 39

Gotta Love my Bootie, bootie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 8:50:00AM] Tan 40 (size 9)

Keeping it Casual
Alisha Victor
 [09/02 8:38:25AM] Tan and size 41

Walk This Way Anklet Boot
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 8:09:45AM] Tan 40 (size 9)

Fall in love anklet bootie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 8:04:54AM] Tan size 40 (size 9)

Zipping into Fall Bootie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 8:03:22AM] Tan size 40 (size 9)

Fall into my anklet bootie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 8:01:03AM] Tan size 40 (size 9)

Step ot up Fall Bootie
Shelley Kuzio
 [09/02 7:59:20AM] Tan size 40 (size 9)

Town & Country Bootie
Petrina Cameron
 [09/02 6:48:19AM] Tan - I wear size 9

Low Rider Booties
Petrina Cameron
 [09/02 6:46:57AM] Tan - I wear size 9

Tammy Cable
 [09/02 6:40:35AM] Black size 7

Giddy Up Booties
Dawn Taylor
 [09/02 6:26:25AM] Tan, 38

Fall For You Booties, Romp Around The Pumpkin Patch Booties, Autumn Dreams Booties
Samantha Krump
 [09/02 5:47:12AM] Tan 41

Beat the Path Booties
Ashley Bell
 [09/02 5:17:14AM] Black 7.5

You're a Babe Booties, For the Win Booties,
Krista Holmes
 [09/02 3:39:13AM] Brown and size 8

1. Ready-Set Anklets 2. Autumn Envy Anklets 3. Sole Sister short boots 4. Short, Chic, & easy on the feet anklets.
Candice Daniels
 [09/02 12:31:31AM] Brown. Size 7

Zip to it bootie
Tara Robertson
 [09/01 8:45:32PM] 36 in tan

Vavavoom bootie!
Annie Brien
 [09/01 7:41:23PM] Black, 8.5!

Show Me Some Ankle Booties
Katelin Christiuk
 [09/01 7:22:04PM] Tan & 39

Step Ahead Boot, Soul Jazz Boots,
Michelle Lowther
 [09/01 7:01:10PM] Size 10 brown ?

Boot scootin booties
Shannon Parsons
 [09/01 6:56:59PM] Tan 40 ( if sized like berkenstock shoes)

Oh so bootie-licious; bad to the bootie
Jennifer Whiting
 [09/01 6:54:48PM] Tan 41

Peekaboo bootie
Shannon Parsons
 [09/01 6:53:50PM] Tan 40 ( if sized like berkenstock shoes)

All day anklets
Crystal Schouten
 [09/01 6:41:54PM] Tan 38

Walk the Talk Booties
Amanda Driscoll
 [09/01 6:33:52PM] Brown size 8

Side Step Booties; Autumn Vibes Booties; Autumn Aesthetic Bookies
 [09/01 6:27:41PM] Tan, 40

Feel Earthy Booties
Toni Martino
 [09/01 5:34:36PM] Brown 40

Seasonal Sassy Booties
Krystle Collier
 [09/01 4:40:23PM] Brown, 8.5

Boots are Made for Walkin
Krystle Collier
 [09/01 4:38:22PM] Brown, 8.5

Kickin it casual
Nicole Dykstra
 [09/01 4:10:29PM] Tan 39

"Hartford Honey" ankle bootie; "Shall I compare thee to an autumn's day" bootie; Hot Toddies in the Lobby bootie; Hot Cider with a Side of Side Zipper autumnal ankle bootie
Alex Bournelis
 [09/01 3:57:02PM] Black 38

Walk this way booties
Natalie wall
 [09/01 3:24:45PM] Brown size 6

Walking on the Moon Booties
Shannon Price
 [09/01 3:19:47PM] Brown size 10

Fall short, fall in love booties
Sherri Budgen
 [09/01 2:19:39PM] Tan size 9

Short is the new black
Laura Galbraith
 [09/01 2:07:02PM] Black 39

I like em short
Laura Galbraith
 [09/01 2:04:52PM] Black 39

My Boo(ties)
Laura Galbraith
 [09/01 2:03:54PM] Black 39

Laura Galbraith
 [09/01 2:02:30PM] Black 39

Fall in love "Fall half Boot"
Maria Gohlke
 [09/01 1:45:20PM] Brown, size 38

Autumn anklet booties
Melanie Rumley
 [09/01 1:44:47PM] Tan 37

Mid-Mod Boot-ay
Amanda Burridge
 [09/01 1:00:20PM] Tan 37

Dance to the Beat Booties; Steppin’ Out in Style Booties; Keepin’ Time Booties
Patricia Nolan
 [09/01 12:44:30PM] brown 8 or 8.5

Fall into step
Adair Altimas-Keith
 [09/01 12:26:37PM] Black 40

The Chibi boot
Micheline St-onge
 [09/01 12:09:07PM] Tan 39

The Short Stack Bootie
Chantal Cauvier-Laperriere
 [09/01 12:07:39PM] Tan 39

Fall in to Fun Booties
Diana Fournier
 [09/01 12:02:35PM] 37/brown

On the Road booties
 [09/01 11:57:46AM] Tan 37

Fallin' into Fall Booties
Kathy Calanchie
 [09/01 11:42:16AM] Brown, size 8

Baby got booty
Leslie Doucette
 [09/01 11:32:33AM] Sienna size 6

Puss in Boots
Jordan MacLeod
 [09/01 11:08:34AM] Size 9, black

Made For Walking Booties
Samantha Hermans
 [09/01 10:54:14AM] Tan, 38

Turn On Her Heel Booties
Samantha Hermans
 [09/01 10:53:40AM] Tan, 38

Fall Walk
Samantha Hermans
 [09/01 10:51:14AM] Tan, 38

Bootloose Booties
Samantha Hermans
 [09/01 10:50:07AM] Tan, 38

Classic caramel, sassy sienna
Tara Elias
 [09/01 10:41:48AM] Tan, size 8 (41?)

Snazzin' Short Cut
Wendy Skoda
 [09/01 10:39:26AM] Tan 37?

Bella Ankle Booties
Kim Etherington
 [09/01 10:37:05AM] Brown, 8

To the Cuff booties; Off the Cuff booties; Booties Got Back
Caroline Bernard
 [09/01 10:37:04AM] Tan, 37

Stepping in style
 [09/01 10:32:02AM] Brown. Size 7

Casual plus classy booties
Deborah Smith
 [09/01 10:15:36AM] Black size 38

Back to basic ankle boots
Stephanie McDougall
 [09/01 10:08:29AM] Size 8 brown

Tammy Holmes
 [09/01 9:53:00AM] Brown 5

Up town chic
Ashley McTeer
 [09/01 9:39:55AM] Brown 8

Cream sweater
 [09/01 9:36:37AM] L

Bestie Booties
Linda Wheller
 [09/01 9:32:06AM] Tan - 37

City Chic Booties
Shannon Derkatch
 [09/01 9:29:52AM] Tan 38

Low rider
Charlotte Mitchell
 [09/01 9:24:41AM] Brown size 7.5

“Lift me up” booties
Morgan Hackman
 [09/01 9:20:13AM] Black, 38

“Give me a lift” booties
Morgan Hackman
 [09/01 9:17:40AM] Black, 38

Heart and Soul Bootie, backstreet boot,
Christina Sigouin
 [09/01 9:15:58AM] Brown, size 10

Curl it up bootie
Bobbie Flanders
 [09/01 9:13:27AM] Brown size 8.5

Kick it up booties
Lisa Kouroupis
 [09/01 9:10:11AM] Brown 7.5.

Wild at heart or Dreamy African safari
Lisa Kouroupis
 [09/01 9:04:29AM] XL

Keeping it real booties
Christina Lesser
 [09/01 8:58:02AM] Tan size 39

Fabulous Flirty boot
Dora Christoffersen
 [09/01 8:56:02AM] Black size 40

Basic Bootie
Lacey Lee
 [09/01 8:55:25AM] Tan, 9

Dress me up denim tunic
Lindsay Hopkins
 [09/01 8:53:52AM] Small

Button me up denim tunic
Lindsay Hopkins
 [09/01 8:53:15AM] Small

Zip me up and walk me ankle booties
Lindsay Hopkins
 [09/01 8:51:29AM] 8-tan

Kickin’ It Cutie Bootie
Kristen Johnson
 [09/01 8:48:54AM] Brown, sz 8

Zip me up and wear me booties
Lindsay Hopkins
 [09/01 8:48:13AM] Size 8 - tan

Sole Mates
Gina Kaiser
 [09/01 8:47:13AM] Tan 38

Linda Vandenhurk
 [09/01 8:46:06AM] Tan 37

Comply soles
Marsha Foster
 [09/01 8:44:37AM] Black size 6

Talk about Booty
Kaitlynn Coates
 [09/01 8:43:38AM] Tan 38

Fall into Booty
Kaitlynn Coates
 [09/01 8:42:48AM] Tan 38

Talk about booties
Kaitlynn Coates
 [09/01 8:40:44AM] Tan 38

Sleek and smooth
Alicia Anderson
 [09/01 8:31:43AM] Brown 10

Cute To Boot
Jamie Ross
 [09/01 8:27:56AM] Tan size 40

Two Step Booties; Cowboy Boogie Booties
Kandi White
 [09/01 8:25:41AM] Brown 9

Sweater Weather Booties
Kandi White
 [09/01 8:22:42AM] Black 9

Leaves are Falling, Booties are Calling; Fallin’ for You Booties; Gourd-geous Booties
Kandi White
 [09/01 8:20:41AM] Brown 9

Fall in Step
Claire Disher
 [09/01 8:19:05AM] Black 41

Booties made for walking
Danielle Desgagne
 [09/01 8:08:14AM] Brown, size 8.5

Harvest booties
Julie A slipiec
 [09/01 7:58:55AM] Black 41

Jewel ? booties
Julie slipiec
 [09/01 7:53:36AM] Tan-41

Get in my closet Boots
Erin Harder
 [09/01 7:32:33AM] Brown, 7

It’s you bootie , what a bootie , hey shawty bootie ,
Tracey Marcil
 [09/01 7:32:27AM] Brown 7.5

Zip to it bootie
Tracey Marcil
 [09/01 7:30:25AM] Brown 7.5

On the zip side bootie
Tracey Marcil
 [09/01 7:29:22AM] Brown 7.5

Get in My Cart Booties
Karen Otsig
 [09/01 7:19:47AM] Brown size 8.5

Balanced Booties
Lissa Perren
 [09/01 6:56:11AM] 37 black

Back Road Booties; Bootie-Licious Ankle Booties; Fall Back Bootie; Fall Equinox Booties; Equinox Ankle Booties; Autumn Ankle Booties
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [09/01 6:38:41AM] Tan 40

Sleek in the City
Tammy Beckett
 [09/01 6:26:38AM] Tan 38. (Size 7.5)

Bella Boot
Melanie Bergeron
 [09/01 6:22:50AM] Brown 6

“Giddy-up” ankle boots
Kim Smith
 [09/01 6:09:26AM] Tan & 40 (8.5-9)

The “Sister” boot... cause sisters are forever
Kimberley Smith
 [09/01 6:02:46AM] Tan & 40. (8.5-9)

Ankle Leaf Bootie
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/01 5:03:36AM] Black, 7

Short sexy
Charmaine Leonard
 [09/01 3:50:49AM] Black 81/2

Sole mates ankle booties; don’t tread on me ankle booties; heel so good ankle booties; shake your booties;
Laura McIntosh
 [08/31 11:58:33PM] Size 10 brown

Boot Scootin’ Booties, Wild Wild Roper,
Krista Quinn
 [08/31 11:54:22PM] Tan;39

Walking Tall Ankle Booties; Walking Fall Ankle Booties
April Hunt
 [08/31 11:47:00PM] Tan 40

That’s Just What They’ll Do Booties ; Fall Skippin Booties; Skipping into Fall Ankle Booties
April Hunt
 [08/31 11:44:20PM] Tan 40

My Booties are Made for Rockin;
April Hunt
 [08/31 11:42:05PM] Black 40

Boot Skipping Booties
April Hunt
 [08/31 11:38:56PM] Tan , 40

Walk This Way
Krista Quinn
 [08/31 11:19:25PM] Tan;39

Skip to Fall Booties, Das Boots, Boot Camp Booties, Sunrise Over my Heel Booties
Catherine Dixon
 [08/31 11:07:29PM] Tan 39

Kick back Booties
Michelle Webster
 [08/31 11:01:12PM] Black 38

Basic Booties
Carly Gudjonson
 [08/31 10:36:35PM] Tan & size 39

Beauty In The Bootie
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:13:02PM] 37 black

Beauty In The Boot
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:12:21PM] 37 black

Bootie Back To School
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:11:37PM] 37 black

Back To School Bootie
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:11:08PM] 37 black

School Day Bootie
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:10:31PM] 37 black

Truly Bootie
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:09:52PM] 37 black

Beauty And The Boot
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:05:36PM] 37 black

Boot It Up Booties
Celeste Kallis
 [08/31 10:04:50PM] 37 black

Cute to Boot
Janel M
 [08/31 8:53:22PM] Brown 11

Versatile Bootie; Everyone Bootie; Everyday Bootie
Heidi Reynders
 [08/31 8:53:08PM] Tan, 41

christie spronk
 [08/31 8:44:26PM] tan 37

Cute to boot!
Meghan Schuler
 [08/31 8:13:12PM] Brown, 8

Walking into fall
Angela Mark
 [08/31 8:10:57PM] Brown 9

Down to earth booties
Karla Conflitti
 [08/31 8:05:04PM] Tan & size 37

Fall is in the air
Jennifer Pedersen
 [08/31 8:04:20PM] [email protected]

Kickin back with sass bootie
Sonia bianchi
 [08/31 7:58:34PM] Tan 41

Fallabout It Bootie
Victoria Ohinski
 [08/31 7:41:07PM] Tan, 7.5

Putting your best bootie forward
 [08/31 7:33:19PM] Brown 8

Mia Boot
Melita Doell
 [08/31 7:23:20PM] Brown size 41

Lovin dem boots
Stephanie Gelineault
 [08/31 6:54:45PM] Black size 10

Goody Two-Boots!
Priscilla Friesen
 [08/31 6:46:15PM] 41 black

OMG I need those booties
Katie Gasemy
 [08/31 6:42:34PM] 39 Tan

Oh .... Where did she get those booties
Katie Gasemy
 [08/31 6:40:32PM] 39 Tan

Must have booties
Katie Gasemy
 [08/31 6:38:44PM] 39 Tan

The only booties you'll ever need
Katie Gasemy
 [08/31 6:38:09PM] 39 Tan

Hold on to your booties - Girl's night out
Katie Gasemy
 [08/31 6:37:18PM] 39 Tan

Fall into your bootie, Autumn Spice & everything nice Bootie
Janet George
 [08/31 6:31:22PM] Tan Size 38

Either, Sterling (synonym for silver) or Lydia
Leona Sceviour
 [08/31 6:29:00PM] Tan - 36

Cutie Patootie Booties, Dixie Booties, Cheyenne Ankle Booties
Joanne Wardekker
 [08/31 5:42:57PM] Tan, 39.

Walk into Fall Booties
Michelle Kent
 [08/31 5:35:09PM] Black, 37

Not Your "Ordinary" Bootie Call
Kym Readman
 [08/31 5:26:10PM] Tan & Size 40

Autumn Chic Bootie
Kym Readman
 [08/31 5:23:32PM] Tan & Size 40

“Strut Your Stuff”Booties
Joanne Wardekker
 [08/31 5:19:38PM] Tan ,39

Made for Walking (These Boots are Made for Walking)
Roxanna Hall
 [08/31 5:14:35PM] Black 8

Autumn Love Bootie
Kym Readman
 [08/31 5:02:23PM] Tan & Size 40

Oaklynn Boot
Melissa Stevens
 [08/31 4:39:06PM] Tan, 6

Sole Full Booties
Michelle McAleese
 [08/31 4:23:01PM] Black. Size 9

Sole Mate Booties
Michelle McAleese
 [08/31 4:22:17PM] Black. Size 9

Autumn dreams
Nicole Weir
 [08/31 4:09:57PM] Brown 11

Ankle love
Lindsey Gohmann
 [08/31 3:35:17PM] 40

Boot scoot and bootie
Karen Wallis
 [08/31 3:21:56PM] Tan size 37

Click your heels booties
Dawn Peters
 [08/31 3:04:06PM] Tan not sure on size usually wear 9-10

Dash hound booties
Carol ringrose
 [08/31 2:57:37PM] Brown size 8

Walk all over you booties
Samantha Reno
 [08/31 2:29:41PM] Tan 39

Catwalk bootie, strut your stuff bootie, fall for you, days and night bootie
Sarah Boucher
 [08/31 2:18:39PM] Tan size 38

Heel to Toe Booties
Lacey Whitt
 [08/31 2:13:54PM] Tan size equivalent to 7.5 ( size up to 8 if no 1/2 size)

Forever Fall Bootie
Heather Schaufele
 [08/31 2:12:14PM] Brown size 40

Ride On Sally (s)
Sarah Thorne
 [08/31 2:11:15PM] Tan size 8

Hide & Seek
Treena Ward
 [08/31 2:06:51PM] Xlg Cream

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Bootie
Susan Schmidt
 [08/31 1:57:31PM] Size 41 in Tan Please

Pretty Ranchy Ankle Boots
Marilyn Newton
 [08/31 1:57:12PM] Tan - size equal to 8

Country Sheek
Kelsey McManaman
 [08/31 1:45:03PM] Brown & 7

Autumn booties
Sherry beckman
 [08/31 1:35:56PM] Tan & 37

Fall for you boots
Julie Lunn
 [08/31 1:32:46PM] Black & 40

Living La Vida boots
Nicole Spencer
 [08/31 1:22:46PM] Tan, 8

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk A-Boot
Samantha Aune
 [08/31 1:21:36PM] Brown size 11

Step into Fall Booties, Get Steppin' Booties
Rachel Shaw
 [08/31 1:20:53PM] Tan & size 38

Lexi Booty
Sabrina Jordan
 [08/31 1:04:41PM] Brown Size 9

Boot Scootin' Bootie
Rachelle Parsonage
 [08/31 12:58:01PM] Tan & 40

Still Kickin
Trish Bichon
 [08/31 12:47:59PM] 9 brown

Forever free
Trish Bichon
 [08/31 12:46:30PM] 9 brown

Bodacious Block Booties
Kelly Smith
 [08/31 12:32:39PM] Brown 40

Not Your Average Booties
Catherine Tylor
 [08/31 12:31:08PM] Tan 37

All the Heels Ankle Bootie
Monica Costley
 [08/31 12:30:59PM] Tan size 9 (39-40?)

Walk with me boots
Jenna Paradis
 [08/31 12:28:33PM] Brown , size 9

Kasual Kickers
Marilyn Siegwart
 [08/31 12:22:56PM] Black , size 8

Scoot Boot
Tara Teale
 [08/31 12:22:44PM] Tan 8.5 or 9

Bootie Call Booties
Kayla Lutz
 [08/31 12:16:32PM] Tan 40

OMG Becky, Look at that BOOTie
Ali Burton
 [08/31 12:12:38PM] Brown size 10

Saddle Up Ankle Boots
Cindy Danaher
 [08/31 12:05:41PM] Tan 38

Kickin' shorty
Lisa Meindertsma
 [08/31 12:02:31PM] Black 6.5

Spice Me Up
Julie Pieper
 [08/31 11:47:49AM] 38 Black

Gotcha by the Bootie, Everyone needs a little Bootie
Janet George
 [08/31 11:40:33AM] Brown and size 38

Get on my feet booties
Kim Burkin
 [08/31 11:38:08AM] 36 black

Comfy side kick booties
Kim Burkin
 [08/31 11:37:18AM] 36 black

Talk a-boot it
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:30:52AM] Black 10

Talk of the town booties
Paola Gutscher
 [08/31 11:26:21AM] Brown 8.5

Out and aboot
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:26:03AM] Brown 10

And go
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:25:38AM] Black 10

Rockin' it
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:25:18AM] Black 10

Go shorty
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:24:43AM] Brown 10

Go shawty
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/31 11:24:19AM] Brown, 9.5 or 10

Zip & Go
Barb Ellison
 [08/31 11:09:43AM] Tan. 37

Booty boots, love you to boots, walk with me booties, the everything booty, dress up dress down booty, boot scootin booty, walk of love, full of life, walk of life, fall to me booties, skip to me,
Laura Beks
 [08/31 11:06:58AM] Tan , 7.5

Grab & Go Bootie
Lucy weber
 [08/31 11:04:40AM] 39 and tan

Walk the walk
Suzanne Zoccole
 [08/31 10:47:11AM] Black

Love your Bootie
 [08/31 10:32:51AM] Black size 9

Sassy and Classy
Caley Boyd
 [08/31 10:17:57AM] Black and 8

Laugh and Love
Marina Ursa
 [08/31 10:13:32AM] Tan 39

La Petite Bootie
Kim Zinck
 [08/31 10:11:40AM] Brown and 8.5

Wear Anywhere Booties
Karen Gay
 [08/31 10:11:23AM] Tan Size 38

Short N’ Sweet booties
Dawn Callaghan
 [08/31 10:09:43AM] Tan 40

Sleek fun
Amanda Visser
 [08/31 10:07:24AM] Black size 10

Booties for Babes!
Sandra Saraka
 [08/31 10:04:59AM] Brown 10 wide

Lexi’s soul boots
 [08/31 10:03:39AM] Brown 8.5

Leaf Crunching Booties
Kim MacLennan
 [08/31 10:02:35AM] Tan 37

Beauty Booties
Vanessa Griffiths
 [08/31 9:59:32AM] Tan 39

Made For Walkin’ Boots
Vanessa Griffiths
 [08/31 9:58:49AM] Tan 39

Zip A Little Bootie
Vanessa Griffiths
 [08/31 9:57:50AM] Tan 39

B ‘euties’
Avril Singer
 [08/31 9:50:22AM] 10 black

B ‘euties’
Avril Singet
 [08/31 9:50:05AM] 10 black

Autumn Stroll
Gerri Toews
 [08/31 9:49:25AM] Tan 38

Bootie not a shootie
Gerri Toews
 [08/31 9:47:04AM] Tan 38

Kick the Dust Up ankle boots
Carla Kindness
 [08/31 9:46:26AM] Tan/brown ankle boots sz 9 1/2

Autumn Daze
Gerri Toews
 [08/31 9:45:11AM] Tan 38

bronc buster
Gerri Toews
 [08/31 9:42:40AM] Tan 38

Gerri Toews
 [08/31 9:41:08AM] Tan 38

Olivia bootie
Irene Singh
 [08/31 9:08:54AM] Black 7.5

C'mon Boots
Sabrina Fortier
 [08/31 9:04:45AM] Not sure about size I'm usually a size 8, 8.5, I would like tan please

icing on the cake
Wendy Lang
 [08/31 8:44:05AM] black size 6

Kick back or kick it up booties
Bev McGregor
 [08/31 8:26:30AM] Tan size 39

Lisa Dacre
 [08/31 8:21:45AM] Brown size 7 please

Universal Ankle Boots
Michelle Blackburn
 [08/31 8:21:44AM] Brown & 7 so 40 (?)

The Grace bootie. The Lauren bootie. First Choicebootie. Take a Chance bootie. Lifestyle bootie. Zip It bootie. Beauty bootie
Janine Feland
 [08/31 8:15:39AM] Tan 40

Fallin’ for Kickin’ Booties
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:12:19AM] 6.5 Brown

Kickin’ into Fall Booties
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:10:52AM] 6.5 Brown

Kickin’ Fashion Bootie
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:09:24AM] 6.5 brown

Spiceify Ankle Booties
 [08/31 8:08:46AM] Brown-6.5 or 7

Fallin’ for Booties
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:08:05AM] 6.5 brown

Kickin’ It Booties
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:07:03AM] 6.5 brown

Good time kicks
R Souque
 [08/31 8:06:14AM] 38 brown

Kickin’ Boots
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:06:04AM] 6.5 brown

Fallin’ For Kicks
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:04:52AM] 6.5 brown

Essential Booty
Leslie Selin
 [08/31 8:04:41AM] Black, 41

Kickin’ Fashion Forward
Nicole Walter Rowan
 [08/31 8:03:30AM] 6.5 brown

Down-Low Bootie, Get Low Bootie
Robyn Hucik
 [08/31 8:01:33AM] Tan 39

Autumn Air Booties
Jennifer Sebok
 [08/31 7:54:17AM] Black, 8

Walking on a cloud booties
Pam Walsh
 [08/31 7:36:21AM] Brown, size 7

Cutie Booties
Michelle Moroz
 [08/31 7:28:09AM] Brown size 9 or 9.5 if half sizes available

Dawn until dusk booties; autumn air booties; fall in love booties; air of mystery booties; boardwalk babe booties; kick the curb booties; pound the pavement booties;
Jessica Reid
 [08/31 7:26:21AM] Tan 39

Mama’s Got Booties, Booties for Dayz
Shauna Jenkins
 [08/31 7:21:10AM] Black, size 8.5

Dawn until dusk boots; autumn air boots; fall in love boots; air of mystery boots; boardwalk babe boots
Jessica Reid
 [08/31 7:19:56AM] Tan and 39

Booty boys!!!
Megan Fox
 [08/31 7:11:21AM] Brown and 41

Knock my socks off
Whisper Horswell
 [08/31 7:07:01AM] Black 8us (not sure what sizing this is)

Sassy & Classy Bootie
Janet Walker
 [08/31 7:06:05AM] Black - size 8

 [08/31 7:01:18AM] Brown size 8

Beaut Boots
Randi Cookson
 [08/31 6:38:44AM] Brown size 7

Fall into me booties
 [08/31 6:20:51AM] Tan, 40

Boot Scootin in style
Francine Fowler
 [08/31 6:13:05AM] Brown size 10

Zip me up and call me Bootie-ful
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/31 6:05:31AM] Brown 9

That Bootie Though
 [08/31 5:09:03AM] Tan size 38

Fallin’ For Fall Booties
Stephanie Harris
 [08/31 5:00:14AM] Tan 38

Versa bootie
Jody Brennan
 [08/31 4:45:06AM] Brown 6

Slide and Ride
Robin LeBlanc
 [08/31 3:42:46AM] Black 7

The Short End bootie, Nothing Short of Amazing bootie, Nothing Short of Beauty bootie, Never Fall Short bootie
Angela McLellan
 [08/31 3:09:28AM] Brown size 8

Short & Sweet bootie
Angela McLellan
 [08/31 3:03:49AM] Brown size 8

Happy Harvest bootie, Harvesting Love bootie, Fall Fasion bootie, It's Fall Y'all bootie, Autumn Upon Us bootie
Angela McLellan
 [08/31 3:03:17AM] Brown size 8

It’s a bootie-ful day
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/31 12:55:46AM] 38 Tan

Step-it-up booties
Tammy Pruden
 [08/31 12:43:09AM] Brown Size 10/10.5

Booties for Cuties
Heather Smith
 [08/31 12:03:59AM] Black size 9

Cozy toesies
Nicole Burchell
 [08/30 11:43:52PM] Brown 41

Walk all over you
Priyanka D’Souza
 [08/30 11:23:48PM] Brown size 6

Cutie Patootie
Bobbie Joe Dunford
 [08/30 11:18:18PM] Brown 38

Soul Comfort
Bobbie Joe Dunford
 [08/30 11:15:20PM] Brown size 38

Show a little ankle bootie
Rachel Dudka
 [08/30 11:03:50PM] Tan 37

Gentle Soul
Val Roberts
 [08/30 10:57:46PM] Size 40-41 Color - Tan

Steppin' Out
Valerie Roberts
 [08/30 10:55:56PM] Size 40-41 Color - Tan

Cutie bootie
Joanne Hope
 [08/30 10:47:23PM] Size 8. Brown

Just Zip It Bootie!
Annette Collier
 [08/30 10:32:15PM] Tan, size 40

Hartford ankle booties; "Where the Coffee Never Runs Dry" ankle booties; Coffee on Campus Versatile Ankle Bootie; Vastly Versatile Ankle Bootie; Winsome Winnifred ankle bootie
Alex Bournelis
 [08/30 10:31:04PM] 38 Black

The weekend bootees
Maryann allison
 [08/30 10:31:03PM] Black & 9

Mack daddy
Mackenzie cardiff
 [08/30 10:19:25PM] Brown 6.5

Ankle beauties
Ashlie McBryan
 [08/30 10:06:57PM] Brown 8

Stephanie Cook
 [08/30 10:06:42PM] Tan in size 8

Falling into step booties
Erica Peterson
 [08/30 9:49:44PM] Tan size 9

Step it forward booties
Erica Peterson
 [08/30 9:48:50PM] Brown size 9

Leather love!
Halie beck
 [08/30 9:43:11PM] Brown size 7

Confessions of a Bootoholic
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 9:32:53PM] Tan; 8.5

My walking boots! Or Bootiful Boots!
Joannne Dosch
 [08/30 9:30:33PM] Size10 tan

Boot Scootin' Boogie anklet boots
Lisa Mackay
 [08/30 9:20:58PM] Black, 41

Know no bounds booties
Julie Brooks
 [08/30 9:18:53PM] Black/39

Boot Scootin Booties
Angela Kerluke
 [08/30 9:16:43PM] Brown 41

Bootie-fall ankle booties, step lightly booties
Jolene Campbell
 [08/30 9:13:51PM] 8.5/9 brown

A Little Off The Top Bootie, Shorty Get Low Bootie, Lowdown Bootie
Robyn Hucik
 [08/30 9:12:32PM] Brown, 8.5

Why nots.
kori plesiuk
 [08/30 9:11:48PM] Tan 41

Zip Hop Booties
Angela Woods
 [08/30 9:04:01PM] Black 7

Brave Beginning Booties
Angela Woods
 [08/30 9:02:29PM] Black 7

Walk the Line Booties
Angela Woods
 [08/30 8:56:32PM] Black size 7

Beautiful Sole Booties
Angela Woods
 [08/30 8:53:49PM] Black size 7

Super fly ankle highs
 [08/30 8:53:17PM] Tan size 9

Sole Beauty
Angela Woods
 [08/30 8:52:34PM] Black size 7

Sole Music Booties
Angela Woods
 [08/30 8:51:46PM] Black size 7

Knockin' Boots
Britney Young
 [08/30 8:50:19PM] Tan 38

Walk this way booties
Elizabeth Kroeker
 [08/30 8:48:58PM] Brown 9.5/10

Bootie -licious
Karen Carvell
 [08/30 8:36:43PM] Tan 40

The Lola bootie
Candice Hutchinson
 [08/30 8:35:09PM] Black size 7

Kickin’ it in style
Sandra Mueller
 [08/30 8:29:04PM] Tan 38

Cut lose
Michelle Evans
 [08/30 8:27:38PM] 10 black

Zip kick
Erin Howitt
 [08/30 8:27:12PM] Tan 8

Ankle dabbers
Michelle Evans
 [08/30 8:26:55PM] Brown 10

Chestnut butter
Michelle Evans
 [08/30 8:25:49PM] 10 brown

Michelle Evans
 [08/30 8:24:27PM] Xl

Little Lift “(to your day)” Bootie
Amanda Blair
 [08/30 8:22:43PM] Brown Size 7

Cute to boot booties, on the run booties, fall in line booties
Kohdi McMurray
 [08/30 8:17:06PM] Black, 37

Backwoods “booty”
Chelsea Walter
 [08/30 8:10:58PM] Tan , 38

zip me up booty
Melissa Have
 [08/30 8:02:33PM] Black 37

Bodacious booties
Melissa Burtch
 [08/30 8:00:15PM] 37 tan

Just a little bootie
Tina MacDonald
 [08/30 7:53:09PM] Brown size 7

Classy and Sassy Booties
Laura Penny
 [08/30 7:52:46PM] Tan size 37

These boots are made for walkin’
 [08/30 7:52:41PM] Black 7.5

All day Every day booties
Corie Blais
 [08/30 7:46:43PM] Brown size 6

Peek a boo booties
Karen Braddock
 [08/30 7:40:01PM] Brown 6.5

Hot glam booties!
Kimberley Reid
 [08/30 7:38:09PM] Brown 7.5

Tonia Scofield
 [08/30 7:30:44PM] Tan size 37

Cougar me cardigan
Nicole Ethier
 [08/30 7:24:31PM] M

Shake those booties
Carolyn Sieber
 [08/30 7:19:46PM] Black size 8

Zip Me Up Booties, Bootieliscious Booties
Tanya Nascimento
 [08/30 7:16:15PM] Brown 36 ??

Surf City
Lee Jensen
 [08/30 7:16:12PM] Black 8

Everyday bootie
 [08/30 7:13:21PM] Black size 8

Ankle Beauties
Kim Richardson
 [08/30 7:12:02PM] Brown size 10

Zip me up bootie
Serena Boone
 [08/30 7:09:15PM] Brown 6

Keeping It “Heel” Bootie
Andrea Stone
 [08/30 7:08:03PM] Either colour (love them) Size 8!

The Shootie
Jenna Venables
 [08/30 7:06:58PM] Brown - 8

Zip Into Comfort Booties, Conquer the Day Booties, Built for Success Booties, Zipped in Style Booties, Smooth Move Booties, Built for Motion Booties, Walk and Talk Booties, Worth the Walk Booties
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/30 7:06:30PM] 39 Brown

Let’s Get Her Done Booties
Kelly Kapush
 [08/30 7:01:41PM] Black, size 8

Kickin it up booties
Derise Rehm-Lepine
 [08/30 7:01:38PM] Brown 7.5

Zip into Fall Booties
Shandi Eros
 [08/30 6:56:46PM] Tan 39

Sassy Short Boots!
Cindy Bond
 [08/30 6:55:54PM] Tan size 6.

Stepping into Fall
Annaise Coote
 [08/30 6:54:45PM] 41 black

You are BootieFul
Susan Schmidt
 [08/30 6:53:14PM] Tan Size 41

Walk this way
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [08/30 6:43:14PM] Black 6.5

The Final Touch
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [08/30 6:42:02PM] Black size 6.5

Mad About Style booties, Falling temp booties
Nicole Spencer
 [08/30 6:39:21PM] Tan and 8.

Side steppin’, zephyr boots, the pioneer, the Clara boot, chinook, the foehn boots (foehn-a warm dry wind developing in the lee of any mountain range), New York Minute boot, London Calling boots, the Cadence boots
Emily Riley
 [08/30 6:36:56PM] Black 39

Shake Your Booties
Karen Carvell
 [08/30 6:34:58PM] Black 40

Fall Frosting Booties
Teal Hallaby
 [08/30 6:33:42PM] Brown size 7

Sole Sista
Susan Drechsler
 [08/30 6:31:03PM] Tan , size 40

Not Your Average Booties. Did somebody say Booties? Fall for You, Booties.
Katelyn Lowrie
 [08/30 6:30:51PM] Tan size 39

Walk on ankle boots
Samantha boyce
 [08/30 6:30:46PM] Black 6.5

Shannon Laroque
 [08/30 6:24:56PM] Black 8.5

Bootiful booties
Any Evans
 [08/30 6:23:05PM] 7, brown

Bet Your Booties, Boot Scootin' Bootie, Booties Over Heels
Jessica Heppner
 [08/30 6:19:10PM] Tan size 10

These Booties Were Made For Walking
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [08/30 6:16:54PM] Brown, size 6

Hot to Trot
Josée Goudreau
 [08/30 6:16:13PM] Tan 39

The Arizona boots
Pam Stables
 [08/30 6:15:59PM] 7 brown

Booty Licious
 [08/30 6:09:57PM] Black 9

If you dare wear short boots...
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 6:09:17PM] Brown; 8.5

Kick it up booties
Karen Moss
 [08/30 6:08:25PM] Brown 9.5

It's Fall Ya'll Ankle Booties
Amanda Spearing
 [08/30 6:07:31PM] Tan & 38

Up or down bootie
Michelle McLaughlin
 [08/30 6:05:54PM] Size 8 tan colour

Walk Her Way booties
Tracy Stecyk
 [08/30 6:05:25PM] Tan size 38

STYLISH Booties on the go
Silvia Chicas
 [08/30 6:03:50PM] Black size 7

The Influencer
Misty Whittaker
 [08/30 6:03:19PM] Tan 37

Walk about bootie
Christina Arneson
 [08/30 5:55:00PM] Black size 9

Kickin Boots This Fall
Jaimee love
 [08/30 5:53:28PM] Tan 37

Princeton Bootie
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [08/30 5:47:09PM] Brown 40

Cute to boot, fall into fashion boots
Tamara Zaretski
 [08/30 5:45:54PM] Tan 39

Back country booties
Erin Levesque
 [08/30 5:34:53PM] Tan 41

Fall for you booties
Erin Levesque
 [08/30 5:33:43PM] Tan 41

Louise Kemp
 [08/30 5:28:22PM] Black size 7 (38?)

Zip to it booties, All Zipped up Ankle Booties
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [08/30 5:20:50PM] Brown size 10

Low Rider Booties
Marie Tichborne
 [08/30 5:19:43PM] Brown, 37

Bootie Got Back
Angelee Mora
 [08/30 5:17:54PM] Brown, Size 8

The Zip Side
Tracy Fisher
 [08/30 5:17:07PM] Tan size 6

Beauty Booties
Sara Hitchin
 [08/30 5:17:03PM] Black 40

Marie Tichborne
 [08/30 5:15:34PM] Brown, 7

Heel to Toe bootie
Genista Richards
 [08/30 5:14:09PM] Tan size 38

Boot me now
Mirelle Geyer
 [08/30 5:13:18PM] Brown, 8.5

Heart Breaking Booties
Gina Caron
 [08/30 5:12:01PM] Tan 38

Kickin’ It Booties, Kick Up Your Style Booties
Kathleen Whyte
 [08/30 5:07:02PM] Tan - 36

Side kick
Valerie Costello
 [08/30 5:00:55PM] Tan size 38

The sexy boot
Debby Andrew
 [08/30 4:55:39PM] Brown 71/2 or 8

Wear it, Walk it, Work it booties
Tessaka Finlayson
 [08/30 4:54:53PM] Tan, 39

I’m all heels!
Pamela McNeil
 [08/30 4:54:45PM] Black size 11

Just for Kicks
Dena Francis
 [08/30 4:53:17PM] black 10

Falls Final touch, today’s destiny, fall back to fashion
Deborah wilson
 [08/30 4:48:39PM] Black 8

Strut Your Stuff Booties, All Around Town Booties
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [08/30 4:47:13PM] Tan, 39

Today’s journey, seize the day, fall into fashion, adventure begins booties
Deborah wilson
 [08/30 4:46:07PM] Brown 8

Outback booties
Amie Parkinson
 [08/30 4:44:26PM] Black 8.5

Kickin it in Comfort
Sandra Coker
 [08/30 4:44:08PM] Brown & 9

Boot Scootin Booties
Rebecca laarakkers
 [08/30 4:43:56PM] Brown 8.5

Crunch time booties
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [08/30 4:43:09PM] Brown 8.5

Count Me In Booties
Jessica Laforest
 [08/30 4:42:48PM] Black size 37

Stepping Into Fall
Vanessa Zacharias
 [08/30 4:42:26PM] Tan 38

"Stepping Up For Fall", or "Zippin' Into Fall", or "Zipping Into Fall", or "Steppin' Out In Cool Booties"
Cathy Persson
 [08/30 4:40:44PM] Black 39

?Sheboot Sheboot?. or Get Away Boots
Barb Moreland
 [08/30 4:37:40PM] Tan size 38

Fall Into Me Booties
Megan Blair
 [08/30 4:36:13PM] Black, size 6

Step into fall booties
Kaylee Ianni
 [08/30 4:35:06PM] Brown 9

Tread into Fall
Katie Hurrell
 [08/30 4:27:30PM] Tan & 37

Jenni Klassen
 [08/30 4:26:44PM] Brown, size 8

Boot about town
Jennifer Klassen
 [08/30 4:24:30PM] Brown, size 8

Zip Hip Booties
Valerie Woods
 [08/30 4:23:18PM] Size 7, Brown

“Gimme Those” Ankle Boots
Samantha Howl
 [08/30 4:10:59PM] Size 10, brown

Bougie booties
Shannon Kotylak
 [08/30 4:09:53PM] Brown 9

Lil’ booty
Larissa Warford
 [08/30 4:04:10PM] Brown 9

Rock em Sock em
Bev Greenlaw
 [08/30 4:03:23PM] Black 9

Coffee House
Samantha Johnson
 [08/30 3:57:42PM] Brown 10

Zipper up to fall bootie
charis hunter
 [08/30 3:57:15PM] brown size 8

Perfect Pair Ankle Boots
Cindy Palmer
 [08/30 3:56:47PM] Size 7 brown

Fall-icious Ankle Boots
Cindy Palmer
 [08/30 3:55:35PM] size 7 - black

Show your Sass boots, Sassy Shorties
Elizabeth Cormack
 [08/30 3:53:59PM] Camel 38

Zip me up Scottie boot!
Shivangi Gambhir
 [08/30 3:53:43PM] Brown, size 9

The Lana Bootie
Lana Kirkwood
 [08/30 3:51:44PM] Black size 7

Step it Up or A Step Ahead
Kimberly Vine
 [08/30 3:49:44PM] Brown, Size 7

Western Chic Ankle boots
Rose Morrison
 [08/30 3:49:16PM] brown 6.5

Bootie lucious
Marla millman
 [08/30 3:47:57PM] Brown size 6

Making Miles Boots
Joannne Dosch
 [08/30 3:47:11PM] Size 10 tan

Falling for Me; Falling for You; Fall for Me
Laura Delanoy
 [08/30 3:44:12PM] Black, 39

Rosemary Stover
 [08/30 3:41:26PM] Tan Size 41

Bootie around
Ish Sehmbey
 [08/30 3:37:16PM] Brown 38

All a boot style booties
Asha parmar
 [08/30 3:35:49PM] Black 7.5

Fall and Rise Ankle Booties
Amanda Pugh
 [08/30 3:29:10PM] Camel 38

Wildly in love
Ashley Federkiewicz
 [08/30 3:24:48PM] Medium

A Walk in the Park or Walk the Walk or Autumn is Calling
Willette Briscoe
 [08/30 3:23:56PM] Tan Size 7

All the Feels Ankle Booties
Amanda Pugh
 [08/30 3:22:24PM] Black 38

You had me at bootie
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/30 3:22:17PM] 38 Tan

Sizzling Shorties, bombshell booties
Elizabeth Cormack
 [08/30 3:20:37PM] 38 Camel

Leopardess Cardigan
Christine Welburn
 [08/30 3:19:50PM] Medium Leopard Print

Cutie bootie
Liana May
 [08/30 3:18:06PM] Brown size 9

Che-got style booties
Ashlee Murray
 [08/30 3:16:45PM] 39 tan

Che-got Style cardi
Ashlee Murray
 [08/30 3:16:03PM] Tan 39

All That She Wants ankle booties or Fall That She Wants ankle booties
Jennifer Holmes
 [08/30 3:15:54PM] Tan, 39

Fall 4 You Ankle Booties
Amanda Pugh
 [08/30 3:14:44PM] Black size 8

Feeling Bootie-ful
Amber Stevens
 [08/30 3:13:42PM] Tan 37

Fall In Love Bootie, All About Fall Bootie
Karen Antoine
 [08/30 3:09:39PM] Brown size 8

Step into fall boots, fall fashion boot
Barbara Benner
 [08/30 3:09:14PM] Brown size 7.5

ankle biters
Hana Mahdi
 [08/30 3:06:28PM] 7.5 brown

ABOOT to fall in love bootie
Diana Mazzuca
 [08/30 3:05:37PM] Brown size 8 if tts

Just aBOOT love bootie
Diana Mazzuca
 [08/30 3:04:34PM] Brown size 8 if true to size

Lasting style
Karli Hope
 [08/30 3:03:44PM] Black 10

Gotta have booties
Shannon McConnell
 [08/30 3:02:50PM] Size 8, brown

All about that ankle
Brittany MacNeil
 [08/30 3:01:31PM] Black 10

You’re my boot friend
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 2:57:06PM] Brown; 8.5

On The Arc
Jodi Leighanne Lawlor
 [08/30 2:52:25PM] Tan, 41 or 42 if available

Zip me up, I’m a boot to fall in love
Katrina Grainger
 [08/30 2:39:42PM] Brown, 39

These Boots Were Made for Walking Booties
Lori Fillatre
 [08/30 2:37:41PM] Tan, size 8

Just Kickin' it Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:37:38PM] Brown, 40

A Step Above or A step above the rest booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:36:50PM] Brown, 40

Bestie Booties
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 2:36:11PM] Brown; 8.5

Florence Bootie
Kimberly Shepherd
 [08/30 2:35:05PM] Brown 37

Diva Bootlet
Dayna Cowan
 [08/30 2:34:58PM] Brown size 8

Girls just wanna have boots
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 2:33:32PM] Brown; 8.5

Step Above or Step above the rest booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:32:52PM] Brown, 40

These boots are made for talkin’
Natalie Reisch.
 [08/30 2:32:00PM] Tan size 10

Troubadour boots, booting around the block
Angela Yamaoka
 [08/30 2:29:45PM] Brown 8

Walk this Way booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:27:56PM] Brown, 40

One step forward, never going back booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:26:00PM] Brown, 40

Booties for only cuties
 [08/30 2:25:53PM] Black 41

La Panter
Marie-Christine Aubrey
 [08/30 2:24:43PM] Brown size 8

Badass Booties
Maria Labrakos
 [08/30 2:24:32PM] Tan/brown in size 7.5

Runway ready booties
Molly james
 [08/30 2:24:26PM] Black 41

One step ahead booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:23:32PM] Brown, 40

Step up your game booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:23:06PM] Brown, 40

Where The Wild Things Snuggle
Allison Pasitney
 [08/30 2:23:04PM] Tan 36

One step at a time booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:22:32PM] Brown, 40

A step in the right direction booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:22:09PM] Brown, 40

Steppin' Out Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:21:23PM] Brown, 40

Steppin' it up Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:20:54PM] Brown, 40

Quick Walk Bootie, Comfy Smooth Bootie, Cozy Up Bootie
Agnes Connors
 [08/30 2:20:06PM] Black size 9

Step into Fall Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:20:04PM] Brown, 40

BeautyBooties or Soleful Booties or Fall in Love Booties or Head over Heels Booties or Boot ‘n Scoot Booties or Bootie Call or Bootie Trap
Willette Briscoe
 [08/30 2:19:45PM] Tan Size 7

From the bottom up Bootie
Denise Waterman
 [08/30 2:19:43PM] Black and size 10

These Boots Are Meant For Walking
Janet McCormack
 [08/30 2:19:13PM] Black 7.5

Just for Kicks Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:17:35PM] Brown, 40

Zip and go
Laura Tibando
 [08/30 2:16:30PM] Black size 7. 5

Zip me up in comfort
Mackenzie Pelletier
 [08/30 2:15:00PM] Black size 7. 5

Kickin' Booties
Kristel Geake
 [08/30 2:13:33PM] Brown, 40

Kickin' it Booties
Kristel Marie Geake
 [08/30 2:12:53PM] Brown, 40

Short and sweet booties
Dayna thomson
 [08/30 2:11:59PM] Brown size 10

Zip to my Lou Booties
Shanna Bosma
 [08/30 2:06:33PM] Brown size 9

Finish the look!
Angela wonitowy
 [08/30 2:05:55PM] Brown size 9(or 91/2 if in 1/3 sizes)

Fall kick off
Shannon Greene
 [08/30 2:04:23PM] Black, 37

These boots are made for walkin’, About those boots, fashion forward booties
Lacey roberts
 [08/30 1:55:29PM] Tan, 37

Good for your sole
Krystle Noble
 [08/30 1:53:48PM] Tan & 40

See you Latte bootie, the perfect fall bootie, fall is here bootie, perfectly practical bootie, every day bootie
Liza Brind
 [08/30 1:53:46PM] Brown .37

Giddup Botties
Victoria Melbourne
 [08/30 1:53:45PM] Tan, 7.5 or 8

All about them booties
Kylee Sobchishin
 [08/30 1:51:49PM] Brown 7

Fall into Country
Kylee Mcfadzen
 [08/30 1:48:28PM] Brown size 8

Slide into Season Booties, Step Into Fashion Booties, Stand Out Booties
Jennifer Vibert
 [08/30 1:47:55PM] Tan 38

Step Into Fall Ankle Boots
Melissa Bray
 [08/30 1:39:37PM] Brown 7.5

Twinning booties
Kymm Norris
 [08/30 1:35:50PM] Brown 7.5

Just for Kicks
Norma Darnel
 [08/30 1:35:38PM] Brown 39

Kickin Around
Norma Darnel
 [08/30 1:34:19PM] Brown 39

Fall beats zip up boots
Lindsay Zaik
 [08/30 1:33:49PM] Black 38

Too Cute To Boot Booties
Diana Unger
 [08/30 1:33:29PM] Brown in size 7.5

Boot Scoot Bootie,
Maria Boonstra
 [08/30 1:31:11PM] 9 brown

Cindy Schofield
 [08/30 1:26:24PM] Black 6 1/2

Jana Rizzo
 [08/30 1:23:46PM] Black 36

Kiss my ankles
Jennifer Loye
 [08/30 1:23:12PM] Tan size 38

The Go To Ankle bootie!
 [08/30 1:22:49PM] Black and size 7

Short steps
Deanna Moser
 [08/30 1:22:10PM] 6.5 brown or black?

Rock’In Stride Bootie, Bootie-licious, Swagger Chic Bootie, Step To it Bootie, Don’tchu Like My Bootie, Wandering Chic Bootie
Chelsea Leiva
 [08/30 1:18:55PM] Tan, 40 (size 9 US)

Zip to it Booties
Leah Dirk
 [08/30 1:11:57PM] Brown and 38

“Fall” So Hard Booties
Heather Chalupa
 [08/30 1:06:07PM] Tan 37 or 38

Sole Mates
Jennifer Puddicombe
 [08/30 12:57:08PM] Tan 38

Beautie Bootie
Linda McAuley
 [08/30 12:55:43PM] Tan 36

City Meets Country Booties
Amber Stevens
 [08/30 12:55:06PM] Tan 37

Show a little ankle booties
Lyndsey Baker
 [08/30 12:49:33PM] Brown, size 9

Elevate Western Booties
Natasha Peeman
 [08/30 12:48:46PM] Brown size 9

FALLow Your Heart , Fallin’ For You Booties , Free Fallin’ Ankle Booties , Not So Basic Booties
Amber Stevens
 [08/30 12:44:59PM] Tan 37

Trust Your Strut
Shari MacLellan
 [08/30 12:43:55PM] Black 36

Till the Cows Come Home
Jessica Bustard
 [08/30 12:43:02PM] Brown 41 (Size 8?)

Every Which Way Bootie
Shari MacLellan
 [08/30 12:42:48PM] Black 36

Kick'n Booties
Shannon O'Neill
 [08/30 12:40:44PM] Brown, Size 7.5 (40?)

Klassy Fall Kickers
Debra Burkart
 [08/30 12:39:34PM] Black 7

B-E-A-UTY Booties
Sara Hintz
 [08/30 12:38:56PM] Tan size 37

Comfort Kicks
Sherri Kilburn
 [08/30 12:38:48PM] Brown 7.5

The “Perfect” bootie
Marilyn Ortiz
 [08/30 12:38:43PM] Tan size 9

Hot steppers!
Kim gardiman
 [08/30 12:38:09PM] 7 brown

Booty it up!
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [08/30 12:36:17PM] Black, 39

High Stepping it Booties
Jody Nordman
 [08/30 12:35:47PM] Brown size 9

Beyond Bootiful Booties
Jennifer Edwards
 [08/30 12:34:09PM] Brown 7.5

Achy Breaky Bootie
Robena Baynton
 [08/30 12:33:54PM] Black, size 7

Autumn beauty booties
 [08/30 12:33:25PM] Brown 41

Brains, Beauty & Booty
Shari MacLellan
 [08/30 12:30:05PM] Black 36

Cheetah girl cardigan
Alyse Quesnel
 [08/30 12:29:02PM] Xs

Zip It!
Cassandra Mervyn
 [08/30 12:25:35PM] Black - 6.5

Boot Scootin' Booties
Tara Look
 [08/30 12:22:39PM] Brown - 8.5 or 39

Cute Bootie
Colleen Caruso
 [08/30 12:22:30PM] Brown Size 9!

The Rio
Melanie Camara
 [08/30 12:16:38PM] Black 37

Hop, Zip &Jump Boot
Shari MacLellan
 [08/30 12:14:16PM] Black 36

Zip Into Fall Booties
Chelsea Wiens
 [08/30 12:14:15PM] Brown whatever is closest to size 8.5

On The Fly Bootie
Sharon Gaspar
 [08/30 12:13:43PM] Black size 8

Zip It
Shari maclellan
 [08/30 12:13:12PM] Tan 36

Make Your Move
Shari MacLellan
 [08/30 12:10:48PM] Black 36

Start The Car!
Brenda L Ponting
 [08/30 12:09:19PM] Tan size 37

She's got the booty
Michele Brimacombe
 [08/30 12:05:30PM] 6.5 brown

Walk all over boots
Candice Stuifbergen
 [08/30 12:04:52PM] Brown 8

Stepping in style bootie
Coreen Fisher
 [08/30 12:04:29PM] 38 black

Zip it to me
Brenda Dedrick
 [08/30 12:02:35PM] Black size 8

Boots for everyone boots, pirate bootie shoes, we all need boots boots, I like big boots and I can not lie
Randice Quick
 [08/30 12:02:14PM] Brown 8.5

Superlative Wafflestompers
Sheila Cory
 [08/30 11:59:23AM] Black 37

Boot-y-licious boot
Jina Clarke
 [08/30 11:59:11AM] 41 black

Boot Scootin’ Booties, keepin pace Booties, Travelin’ gypsy Booties, Every Mile Booties
Nikki Weightman
 [08/30 11:58:30AM] Brown 7

Get Your Bootie On
Desire Crowe
 [08/30 11:56:08AM] black, 7

Zippity do da boots
Andrea Graham
 [08/30 11:55:34AM] Tan, size 8

Zip into Fall Ankle Booties
Sarah Dieno
 [08/30 11:55:33AM] Tan 37

Cutie booties
Jennifer Clarke
 [08/30 11:53:56AM] Tan 6.5

Keep me grounded bootie
leanne pain
 [08/30 11:53:17AM] Tan - 37 or 38 please

Cutie Patootie Booties
Tanya Alton
 [08/30 11:52:29AM] Tan

So She Goes Boot
Nicole Vandenhurk
 [08/30 11:50:33AM] Tan 8(38?)

Zip-itty-doo-da Boots
Tiffany Connell
 [08/30 11:46:29AM] Brown size 9

Conveniently chic
Abigail Handlon
 [08/30 11:45:52AM] Black 41

Boot-Scootin' Bootie
Toni Lewis
 [08/30 11:45:44AM] Brown size 8

Zipped Sole-utions
Angela Durakovic
 [08/30 11:45:20AM] Black 38

These boots are made for walking
Danielle garden
 [08/30 11:42:14AM] Black size 10

The classic urban country everyday ankle bootie
Bernice Fehr
 [08/30 11:39:14AM] Brown size 8

Boot Scootin’ Booties
Tamara Doonan
 [08/30 11:38:39AM] Brown, size 7

She’s so fly booties
Erin Legare
 [08/30 11:33:53AM] Black & 39

Heel to soul boots
Lindy Clark
 [08/30 11:33:31AM] Black size 41

Kicking booties
Victoria hacetoglu
 [08/30 11:33:25AM] Tan 41

Wanderlust Booties
Candace Wotten
 [08/30 11:31:30AM] Black 9

Te Amo-retto
Emily Olson
 [08/30 11:31:08AM] Black and 40 I think (size 10!)

Bossy boots
Mallory Chambers
 [08/30 11:27:07AM] Brown & 8

Urban Charm Bootie
Melanie Zich
 [08/30 11:26:59AM] Brown, 9

Heal2toe shoe
Mallory Chambers
 [08/30 11:25:08AM] Brown & 8

Put a little zip in it; Feeling Zippy; Inside Zip; Smooth Vibes
Susan Constantine
 [08/30 11:24:42AM] Tan-39

Run the World Booties
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 11:24:29AM] Brown; 8.5

Dixie Chic booties, cowboy take me away, spur-fect anklets
Michaela Barcena
 [08/30 11:24:24AM] Tan 36

Skip to my lou shoe
Mallory Chambers
 [08/30 11:24:23AM] Brown & 8

Step and Style or Step 'n Style
Shawna Kendi-McDonald
 [08/30 11:23:18AM] Size 9 brown

Step in Style or Step 'n Style
Shawna Kendi-McDonald
 [08/30 11:21:51AM] Size 9 e

Boots are made for walking
Kimberly Gleave
 [08/30 11:21:09AM] 7 in brown

Gone and do the two step, gid up, giddy up, side to side, moonwalk boots, back flip,
 [08/30 11:21:00AM] Brown, 7

“Fall” Into Love Bootie
Tanya MacLeod
 [08/30 11:20:12AM] Brown - Size 7

Fall in Line zip up booties
Sandy Trentalance
 [08/30 11:19:01AM] Brown, size 11

Urban booties
Tammy Lovett
 [08/30 11:17:53AM] Black and size 7

Step it up; Side -step; Zip to it; Walk this way; Walk all day;
Susan Constantine
 [08/30 11:15:54AM] Tan-39

Boot Scootin Bootie
Andrea Wilm
 [08/30 11:14:18AM] Brown 8

Elevate me booties
Leah Van Slyke
 [08/30 11:12:08AM] Tan size 38

Bet your Boots Ankle booties
Andrea Wilm
 [08/30 11:11:52AM] Brown 8

Knockin Booties
Andrea Wilm
 [08/30 11:10:55AM] 8 brown

Goody Two Boots
 [08/30 11:08:45AM] Brown 8

Fall into Me Ankle Booties
Stacy Jamieson
 [08/30 11:08:31AM] 38 brown

Boardwalk Booties
Julie Marshall
 [08/30 11:08:02AM] Tan 40

Steppin’ Into Fall Like... , Country Chic Booties , A lil’ bit Country Booties
Amber Stevens
 [08/30 11:00:06AM] Tan 37

Bootie Call
Kaitlyn Fox
 [08/30 10:50:47AM] Tan 9

Country Chic Booties
Heather Davies
 [08/30 10:50:44AM] Tan 37 (6.5)

Zip in the City Boots
Natasha Mayes
 [08/30 10:50:30AM] Tan 40

“Own it” booties
Chantelle Columbus
 [08/30 10:49:21AM] Brown 7

Bringing Bootie Back
Shannon litzenberger
 [08/30 10:47:59AM] Black 9

Girl on Fire Booties
Chantal Chiarelli
 [08/30 10:46:19AM] Brown; 8.5

Zip Your Kicks
Melissa Mohammed
 [08/30 10:46:03AM] Tan 37

Weekender Booties
Kimberly Badry
 [08/30 10:43:19AM] Brown & size 7

Jacqueline A Flack
 [08/30 10:42:37AM] Black 39

These booties are made for walking
Adriana Henderson
 [08/30 10:41:32AM] Black 8

Envy me bootie
Kierra Southgate
 [08/30 10:40:42AM] Brown size 10

Bootiful Booties!
 [08/30 10:39:30AM] Black 39

Free Fallin Booties
Kayla B
 [08/30 10:39:26AM] Brown 38

Cutie McBooties
Robyn Paton
 [08/30 10:38:54AM] Tan in size 9

Kicking In To Fall
Selina Jacobson
 [08/30 10:37:50AM] Tan 39

Spot it Cardi
Justyse Montpetit etit
 [08/30 10:37:09AM] Large

Brown-town Shooties (short booties!)
Mary-Anne Minshull
 [08/30 10:33:55AM] Brown, 38

Bootie butt kickers
Kelly Giallonardo
 [08/30 10:31:36AM] Size 8 brown

Go To Booties
Amanda Asturias
 [08/30 10:30:30AM] Tan size 38

Zipper Up Booties
Amber Fairhurst
 [08/30 10:29:56AM] Brown 38

Must have Booties
Nancy Funk
 [08/30 10:29:51AM] Tan 39

Just the cowgirl in me
Katie Gasemy
 [08/30 10:29:27AM] Tan 39

Say no more booties
Stacey Firth
 [08/30 10:26:40AM] Tan 38

Cut'em off booties
Alee Burton
 [08/30 10:26:21AM] Brown size 7 CAN(whatever that converts to)

Head Over Boots
Bettina Allen
 [08/30 10:25:16AM] Black, 39

Legendary Booties
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/30 10:24:11AM] Black 6

All about style bootie
Gail Butt
 [08/30 10:23:17AM] Black size 6.5

Icing on the cake booties
Stacey Firth
 [08/30 10:22:08AM] Tan 38

City sleek booties
Megan Sheftel
 [08/30 10:21:13AM] Tan size 39

There in a ZIP booties
Stacey Firth
 [08/30 10:18:25AM] Tan 38

Zip it real good bootie
Stacey Firth
 [08/30 10:17:52AM] Tan 38

Walk This Sway
Andrea Haywood
 [08/30 10:16:41AM] Tan/Brown + equivalent to size 8

All aboot me
Melissa Bannerman
 [08/30 10:16:09AM] Tan & so 8.5.

Sneak a peek at my ankles booties
Jennifer Jones
 [08/30 10:15:12AM] Tan 40

Miss Zip Ankle Bootie
Lisa Ginn
 [08/30 10:14:47AM] Black size 8

Pauline Legge
 [08/30 10:12:04AM] 38- Tan

Sassy Booties
Shannon Hutchison
 [08/30 10:11:23AM] Brown 38

Fall into you bootie
Vanessa David
 [08/30 10:10:24AM] Tan 40

Dreamin' of Autumn
Jordanna Evans
 [08/30 10:09:28AM] Brown size 9.5

Shake Your Booties
Haley Boland
 [08/30 10:09:09AM] Black 41

Can't stop me now
Emily Beukers
 [08/30 10:08:01AM] Tan,sz 7.5

Liz Roy
 [08/30 10:07:37AM] Tan 38

Kick Sass Ankle Boots
Emily Buss
 [08/30 10:05:19AM] 7 black

Fall into comfort
Jen Evans
 [08/30 10:02:06AM] Tan 40

Outfit maker ankle bootie, Fall luxe ankle bootie, Laidback Luxe ankle boot
Amber Fusco
 [08/30 10:00:04AM] Black size 10

The Rocker Boot
Tasha Plesh
 [08/30 9:59:31AM] Black - Size 7

aboot last night
Ally Nicholson
 [08/30 9:58:56AM] Tan - 38

Walkabout Booties
Tamasin Hannaford
 [08/30 9:57:47AM] Black size 8

Fall favourite ankle booties, Sloan ankle booties
Amber Fusco
 [08/30 9:55:49AM] Black size 10

Basic Babe Booties
Angela Bedore
 [08/30 9:55:39AM] Brown 8.5

Downtown Booties
Fran Switzer
 [08/30 9:55:17AM] Black 38

Brown/Black Beauty Booties
Rhianne lessard
 [08/30 9:54:28AM] Tan, size 36

Pumpkin spice booties
Melanie Lang
 [08/30 9:53:17AM] Tan 38

Fall in Love Booties
Lisa Kelly
 [08/30 9:52:50AM] Tan 39

Go anywhere booties,,,, kick it up booties ,,, Kute boots
Rosemary Hogg
 [08/30 9:52:11AM] Size 8 in black (maybe 39)

Bootie Patootie, Queen Booties, Call It Fall Booties, Kick it Bootie Style
Jennifer Barone
 [08/30 9:51:39AM] black size 7

Strut into fall
Sonja Vanderwood
 [08/30 9:50:20AM] Tan 6.5

Fall into my feet
 [08/30 9:50:08AM] Tan

Autumn “kick” ankle booties
Tracey Bruce
 [08/30 9:49:07AM] Tan size 8

Fall for You Booties
Michelle McAleese
 [08/30 9:48:07AM] Black. Size 9

I Need These booties
Erin Harris
 [08/30 9:47:35AM] Tan 38

Chilled Out - ankle booties
Kristen martens
 [08/30 9:45:37AM] Brown 40

Sophia Jazz
Melita Paul
 [08/30 9:45:04AM] Brown Size 8

Let it Strut
Brianne Jaegli
 [08/30 9:44:53AM] Black and 8

Get on my feet
Melody willier
 [08/30 9:44:49AM] Tan

Stacked In Style
Martha van Dyke
 [08/30 9:44:49AM] Brown 40 or 41?

“Kick it” ankle booties
Kristen martens
 [08/30 9:44:09AM] Brown 40

Cute to Boot
Erin Hill
 [08/30 9:44:08AM] Tan & 38

Rise and Shine; Smooth Operator; Knocking Boots; The Two step; Rise and Fall;
Susan Constantine
 [08/30 9:42:03AM] Tan- 39

Bring them to heel ankle bootie
Suzie McIntosh
 [08/30 9:41:38AM] Brown..7

Walk A Mile Booties
Lindsay Smallwood
 [08/30 9:41:07AM] Black - 8.5

Urban star
Donna Jordan-Labbie
 [08/30 9:40:27AM] Brown in size 8

So chic
Tiffany Petrowski
 [08/30 9:39:59AM] Brown size 9 please!

Walk Off the Earth ankle booties
Caroline Hultgren
 [08/30 9:39:16AM] Tan, 38

Kick it classy
Lacey Bartholow
 [08/30 9:38:55AM] Brown and 38?

Walk into Fall Ankle Boots
Katrina Bernardi
 [08/30 9:37:33AM] Tan 37

Shake your booties
Dianna Korol
 [08/30 9:37:18AM] Tan 7.5

Euro Babe Booties
Alyssa Poelkemann
 [08/30 9:35:59AM] Brown, 39 size of they fit true if not 40

Walkin’ After Midnight Boots
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [08/30 9:35:32AM] Size 40 black

These boots are made for walking
Shana Sothmann
 [08/30 9:34:27AM] Black, 10

On the down low booties
Kelly Gallagher
 [08/30 9:32:48AM] Black 6.5 or 37

Boot Scootin Bootie, kick your boots up boot,
Desiree Veness
 [08/30 9:32:27AM] Black, size 9

My Rockin boots
Jesseca Chen
 [08/30 9:32:25AM] Brown and size 8

Get low booties
Kelly Gallagher
 [08/30 9:31:48AM] Black 6.5 or 37

Comfy souls
Erin McMahon
 [08/30 9:31:17AM] Black 7.5

Kick your heels up
Amanda Grant
 [08/30 9:31:04AM] Brown 8

Touch of class ankle booties
Naomi Ramsay
 [08/30 9:30:19AM] Black size 8.5

Boot Scoot Bootie
Charlene Penner
 [08/30 9:29:20AM] Black size 10

Comfy Kickbacks
Daphne Nichols
 [08/30 9:29:14AM] Brown 7.5/38

Mooi (Dutch for beautiful) boots, so chic booties
 [08/30 9:28:43AM] Brown, 40

"Kick up the bass" booties
Lori MacDonald
 [08/30 9:28:33AM] Black- size 8

You Bet Your Booties
Laura Kent
 [08/30 9:28:26AM] Biggest size, black

Cutie Booties
Kolbi Dobos
 [08/30 9:28:26AM] Size 9 brown.

Walk Away Booties
Jessica Nakashimada
 [08/30 9:28:20AM] Black - 41

Nothin' to worry a bootie, It's (f)all about booties,
Tina cimaglia
 [08/30 9:27:33AM] 7.5 brown

My Everything Boot
Corry McKinnon
 [08/30 9:26:56AM] Tan size 8

Steppin into fall booties
Kristy DelGrosso
 [08/30 9:26:28AM] Brown 36

Take me anywhere ankle bootie
Vicki Hohm
 [08/30 9:26:17AM] Brown size 7.5

Strut Your Stuff Boots
Heather Cody
 [08/30 9:26:11AM] Black size 37

Keepin it Simple Bootie/City Sleek Bootie,/Wear me Anywhere Bootie/Kick the Leaves up Bootie
Gina Bolton
 [08/30 9:25:33AM] Tan 41

Getting Down Bootie, Country Girl in the City Bootie
Danielle Wong
 [08/30 9:24:11AM] Brown, size 39

Fall-Oh Me Bootie
Roberta Henry
 [08/30 9:22:20AM] Brown 9.5 or 10

Bootielicious Ankle Boots
Becky Barthelette
 [08/30 9:21:49AM] Black 38

Julia Langille
 [08/30 9:21:27AM] Tan size 7

Knocking boots booties
Yvonne Stewart
 [08/30 9:20:02AM] Brown 6 1/2

Just kickin it. Fall into fall. Swag high booties. Kick it like it’s fall. Heading into fall booties.
Mercedes Kovacs
 [08/30 9:19:03AM] Tan. Size 38

Roar With Comfort
Kelly Chipman
 [08/30 9:18:39AM] Black / whatever size would be a small

Living on the wedge
Ashley Hancock
 [08/30 9:18:26AM] Tan & 40

Adorable Fashionista Booties
Shawna Anne Flynn
 [08/30 9:17:55AM] Brown, size 11

Bootiful ankle booties
Leora Ashdown
 [08/30 9:17:47AM] Black 38

Cutie with the Bootie
Alyssa Potter
 [08/30 9:17:44AM] Brown, size 8

Sole Addiction or Soled Out
Raina Brugger
 [08/30 9:17:20AM] Brown, size 6.5 or 7

Chic Everyday Bootie
Natasha Marlatt
 [08/30 9:17:15AM] Black - 8

Cutie Booties
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [08/30 9:16:35AM] Black 40

Fabulously Flirty
Angela Siemens
 [08/30 9:16:11AM] Brown size 7

The right boot forward booties, short stack boot, cutie booties, everyday booties
Chelsey Herechuk
 [08/30 9:15:37AM] brown 9

City Kickers
Karen Hach
 [08/30 9:14:40AM] Tan 41

Heeeeello booties, kickin’ it cool booties, leaf cruncher booties
Angela Grocholski
 [08/30 9:14:40AM] 36 in tan

Chic in the city
Anne-marie hutton
 [08/30 9:12:06AM] 41 brown

These boots were made for walking
Samantha bannister
 [08/30 9:11:52AM] Brown 41

Walk With Me Ankle Booties
Sarah Gilbert
 [08/30 9:10:18AM] 36, Brown

Walks for Me Ankle Bootie
Angela Smiley
 [08/30 9:09:59AM] Brown 9

Walk all over you booties
Jessica DePalma
 [08/30 9:09:05AM] Black, size 7

Comfy Booties
karine desbiens
 [08/30 9:08:12AM] Black size 8.5

Walk this way booties, cutie in booties, slay all day and night booties, zip up and rise booties,
Arielle stahl
 [08/30 9:07:54AM] Size 8 black

Itty Bitty Booties
Cheryl Weir
 [08/30 9:07:44AM] 37 Tan

Making my way downtown boots
Alexa Richardson
 [08/30 9:06:02AM] Black size 8

These boots are made for walkin, walkin on sunshine shoes, just out for a boot, shake your booties
Julia strickland
 [08/30 9:06:00AM] Either size 8

The Lexi ankle boot
Angela Smiley
 [08/30 9:05:45AM] Brown 9

Beyond cutie Bootie
Diana thiele
 [08/30 9:05:34AM] Black 40

In stride booties
Gail Kieley
 [08/30 9:05:14AM] Brown in 7

Kick Up Your Heels Ankle Boots
Jennifer Klassen
 [08/30 9:05:06AM] Brown size 9

Made for walkin’ Booties
Heather Liddle
 [08/30 9:04:42AM] 8, black

Sway my way Bootie
Diana Thiele
 [08/30 9:04:33AM] Black 40

Walk on booties, fall in step booties, fall in line booties, walk in stride booties, take it all in stride booties, all in stride booties, old town road booties
Julia strickland
 [08/30 9:04:14AM] Brown 8

Short Stuff booties, classchic booties, two apples high booties, just smurfy booties
Krista Pope
 [08/30 9:03:58AM] Brown & 6

Not your granny’s booties
Tracy Nelson
 [08/30 9:03:07AM] Black 7.5

Get in my closet Booties
Amy Kazi
 [08/30 9:02:08AM] Brown size 8.5

Kyla Burry
 [08/30 8:59:02AM] Black, size 7

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