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How to Remain Stylish While Lounging around the House
February 21, 2018

Silver Icing How to Remain Stylish While Lounging around the House

“Let’s wear jeans around the house” said no woman ever. Let’s be serious. We want to be cozy in our homes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish. You might encounter a cute delivery guy, or maybe you still care about looking good for your significant other, or maybe you want to check yourself out each time you pass the mirror in the hallway and say “damn, I look good today.” Whatever your reasoning is for remaining stylish around the house, we’ve got you covered with some looks you can’t ignore.

Today we are focusing on sexy tops that look dressy and could certainly be worn in such a way, but could also be paired with some cozy pants for a “chic at home” look.

Adding sweatpants to the mix can actually look stylish without looking schlubby.

The ultimate loungewear outfit consists of both stylish and cozy pieces.

We absolutely love our hats. And they’re a great solution to the no time to wash your hair problem. They can really add to some stylish flare to an outfit.

We’ve styled our “stylish at home” look with the Learn the Ropes Top (Size S) in both Ivory and Olive, Snuggle Style Sweatpants (Size S) in both Light Grey Melange and Black and the In Full Bloom Hat.

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