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Lightweight Soft Sweater
July 31, 2020

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Total of 578 Entries
Congratulations to Crystal Haase, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Fits to a V Sweater!

Drop down dream sweater
Melanie Kramer
 [08/03 8:39:23AM] Black s

Enlighten Me Sweater
Debbie Williams
 [08/03 8:16:04AM] Black, small

For Her Pleasure
Rebecca Park
 [08/03 5:52:14AM] BLUE XL

November Rain Lightweight Soft Sweater, Harvest Moon Lightweight Soft Sweater, Sweet Melissa Lightweight Soft Sweater,
Rebecca Park
 [08/03 5:51:12AM] Black XL

Light summer breeze
Helen Johnson
 [08/03 5:23:09AM] Oatmeal size xlarge

Rosemary Engemann
 [08/03 4:55:46AM] Small black

Irresistibly Fallin' Lightly
Morgan Court
 [08/03 2:05:56AM] Oatmeal, Small

Wear anywhere sweater
Audrey Sawchyn
 [08/02 11:15:11PM] XL black

That Lovin' Feeling Sweater
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [08/02 10:56:43PM] Large Black

Cool breeze
 [08/02 10:16:29PM] Black, xl

Dream Weaver Lightweight Soft Sweater
Rebecca Park
 [08/02 10:00:51PM] Black XL

Fall into the moment sweater
Sammi Stewart
 [08/02 10:00:38PM] Small oatmeal

Simplicity sweater
Sammi stewart
 [08/02 9:58:47PM] Small oatmeal

Finally Sweater Weather Lightweight Soft Sweater, “I can go nowhere with you” Lightweight Soft Sweater, Free Falling Lightweight Soft Sweater,
Rebecca Park
 [08/02 9:57:37PM] Black XL

Heading to town sweater
Sammi stewart
 [08/02 9:55:57PM] Small oatmeal

Walking softly sweater
Sammi stewart
 [08/02 9:54:59PM] Small oatmeal

Flowing into fall
Lyndsey baker
 [08/02 8:51:38PM] Silver lake blue, large

Sleek and sexy
Susan Bennett
 [08/02 8:26:29PM] Black large

V back sweater
Dawn Nikiwski
 [08/02 8:15:49PM] Xs - black

Killing me softly sweater
amanda dempster
 [08/02 8:02:13PM] Large/black

Chic as a Cloud Sweater
Desiree Rafer
 [08/02 8:00:40PM] Small- cream

Free To Be Me Sweater
Desiree Rafer
 [08/02 7:57:08PM] Small-Cream

Drop It Like It’s Hot Sweater
Melissa Thom
 [08/02 7:48:52PM] S,M, L, XL black, dark grey, white

Shoulder Season sweater
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 7:27:07PM] Small blue

Jorja sweather
Nancy MacKinnon
 [08/02 7:10:01PM] Blue xl

Self-care Sweater
Anna Young
 [08/02 7:09:56PM] Xl Oatmeal

Flirting with Fall
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 7:06:48PM] Small blue

wear all day sweater
Kinga Cormier
 [08/02 7:03:46PM] M Silver Lake blue

Feelin' Fall Sweater
Karen Carvell
 [08/02 7:02:40PM] L/XL

Just Chill
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 7:00:10PM] Small blue

Fall fave
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 6:50:27PM] Small blue

Wrapped in Clouds
Corrie Crockett
 [08/02 6:49:37PM] M Black

Falling for you sweater
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 6:30:43PM] Small blue

summer nights
Jessica Vallier
 [08/02 6:26:26PM] Blue small

Feather sweater
Deja Coupe
 [08/02 6:15:26PM] 2XL black

Cold Shoulder Sweater
Natasha MacKinnon
 [08/02 6:13:52PM] S oatmeal

Stiletto weekender
Jennel Sample
 [08/02 6:11:42PM] Xl-XXL black

Free and Fab
Sarah McDuff
 [08/02 5:54:45PM] Small In Oat or black

“On The Softer Side” Sweater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 5:21:29PM] Large/Black

Kick A$$ Kasual
Michelle Burgoyne
 [08/02 5:11:24PM] Oatmeal Medium

“Not Just Another Sweater”
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 4:58:26PM] Large/Oatmeal

V Happy Sweater
Joy Leachman
 [08/02 4:33:55PM] Small Black

Everybody wants to V Me sweater
Tobe w
 [08/02 4:17:41PM] XL black

To V or Not to V Sweater
Tobe W
 [08/02 4:16:27PM] XL, black

Sweet Gloria sweater
Amanda shannon
 [08/02 4:12:11PM] XL

“Under the Lights” Football Fall Sweater
Marissa Weiss
 [08/02 4:10:08PM] Large, Black

Cozy Fall Sweater, Fall In Love Sweater
Bailee Weigelt
 [08/02 4:08:01PM] Large, Oatmeal

“The Icing on the Sweater”
 [08/02 4:03:39PM] Large/Silver Lake Blue

Don’t sweat it Sweater. Ribs and all sweater
Joanne olorenshaw
 [08/02 4:01:09PM] Size small. Blue.

“The Icing on the Sweater”
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 3:57:19PM] Lrg/Silver Lake Blue

“The Icing on the Sweater”
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 3:55:42PM] Large/Silver Lake Blue

“Silver Soft” V-Neck Sweater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 3:50:11PM] Large/Black

Pam Hart
 [08/02 3:50:01PM] Small black

Chillin Cozy sweater
Cheryl Galbraith
 [08/02 3:49:35PM] Small Black

Chillin Cozy sweater
Cheryl Galbraith
 [08/02 3:46:05PM] S black

“Soft Icing” shoulder sweater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 3:45:18PM] Large/ Oatmeal

Sunday sweater / Sweetheart sweater
Sarah McDuff
 [08/02 3:41:10PM] Small In Oat or black

“Soft Icing” shoulder sweater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/02 3:39:15PM] Lrg/Oatmeal

Adrianna's sweater
Lorraine Peters
 [08/02 3:32:51PM] Large, Black

Fall Chic
Tanya Hughes
 [08/02 3:09:03PM] Medium & Black

Sleek ccomfort
Shirley moir
 [08/02 2:51:33PM] Size medium silver lake blue

Lakeside sweater, light as a feather v-neck sweater, city cruising v-neck sweater
Victoria Anstett
 [08/02 2:41:56PM] Black xl

Back to Cool v-neck sweater
Victoria Anstett
 [08/02 2:36:25PM] Black xl

Feather light delight, soft like a dream, you rock my world, casual delight
Gugu Maponga
 [08/02 2:32:06PM] M

Simply Irresistible V-neck sweater
Janet Slemko
 [08/02 1:59:16PM] Size L colour Black

Ashley Bell
Soft & Sweet sweater
 [08/02 1:31:27PM] Medium blue

Flashdance Sweater
Verona Jungling
 [08/02 1:06:40PM] Blue medium

Never Surrender Sweater or Don’t Look Back Sweater
Michelle Cowan
 [08/02 1:01:22PM] Small black or blue

Never Surrender Sweater or Don’t Look Back Sweater...(the off the shoulder reminded me of an 80’s vibe)
Michelle Cowan
 [08/02 12:57:54PM] Small black or blue

Summer Breeze Top
Tracey Dunlop
 [08/02 12:57:05PM] blue xl

Snuggle in sweater
Anna Young
 [08/02 12:56:55PM] Xl black

Never Surrender Sweater or Don’t Look Back Sweater...(the off the shoulder reminded me of an 80’s vibe)
Michelle Cowan
 [08/02 12:56:02PM] Small black or blue

Soft Summer Sweater
Tracey Dunlop
 [08/02 12:55:14PM] blue xl

Summer Nights
Tracey Dunlop
 [08/02 12:54:30PM] blue xl

Summer Evenings Sweater
Julie Dawson
 [08/02 11:16:27AM] Black - XL

Summer Evenings Sweater
Julie Dawson
 [08/02 11:16:12AM] Black - XL

Feather Drop
Irene Moraes
 [08/02 11:15:09AM] 2xl black

Nancy Donais
 [08/02 11:03:24AM] 3XL Silver Lake Blue

Take Me To Nowhere, Sea Me Later, I'll Be On The Yacht
Christina Pink
 [08/02 10:58:16AM] Large & Black

FALLing For You
Avrielle Nelson
 [08/02 10:48:13AM] Black - medium

Cozy up to fall
Veronica kish
 [08/02 10:36:57AM] Small, oatmeal

Every season sweater
Jinnell Gunn
 [08/02 10:23:29AM] Silver lake blue XL

Feeling at Ease
Judy Collier
 [08/02 9:41:34AM] L & black

Let's Wind Down
Judy Collier
 [08/02 9:34:18AM] L & black

Autumn staple long sleeve
Mackenzie Gillis
 [08/02 9:25:06AM] Xl black

Breath of Fall Air
Tasha Kelly
 [08/02 9:17:34AM] Black and small

Fall in Love Sweater
Meghan Abiodun
 [08/02 9:17:18AM] Black L

Everyday Classic Sweater
Megan McKay
 [08/02 9:16:17AM] Black L

First love sweater
Anna Young
 [08/02 9:16:17AM] Xl oatmeal

Comfy’s the new sexy!
Maria Wilson
 [08/02 9:15:12AM] Medium oatmeal

Shrug yourself in softness
Dana Zieroth
 [08/02 9:07:22AM] Black xl

Shrug yourself in softness sweater
Dana Zieroth
 [08/02 9:05:43AM] Xl black please

V your own way sweater, V your own business sweater, Cozy and V sweater, Out On the V-adventure sweater
Jennifer Barone
 [08/02 9:04:37AM] M nude

Fall Over Me Top
Alyssa Halliwell
 [08/02 9:04:06AM] M & Black

Fall into softness
Dana Zieroth
 [08/02 9:03:59AM] XL black

V me to it sweater, V your own way sweater, V your own business sweater, Cozy and V sweater
Jennifer Barone
 [08/02 8:59:26AM] Nude size L

Flirting with fall sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [08/02 8:58:55AM] Oatmeal small

Stepping lightly into fall
Crystal Mackie
 [08/02 8:54:17AM] Oatmeal snall

Falling in to fall sweater
Cassy Wilkins
 [08/02 8:53:07AM] Silver XL

Summer nights
Crystal Mackie
 [08/02 8:50:45AM] Blue small

Vivacious V
Danica Brokelman
 [08/02 8:50:27AM] Size Large Oatmeal

Floating on air
Crystal Mackie
 [08/02 8:50:01AM] Blue small

No Chills
Cathy Fitzpatrick
 [08/02 8:48:28AM] L black

Love me sweater
Shannon Smith
 [08/02 8:44:14AM] small blue

Cuddle Me Softly
Danielle Funk
 [08/02 8:36:23AM] Xl Black

Four Seasons sweater
Nicole Cloutier
 [08/02 8:36:17AM] Oatmeal M

Dress me up sweater
Veronica kish
 [08/02 8:31:16AM] Oatmeal, small

Summer air
Vero is kish
 [08/02 8:29:59AM] Small, oatmeal

Let’s get sensational, the everyday go to
Bailey Andrusiak
 [08/02 8:28:38AM] Oatmeal xs

The Softer Side
Chantal Lancaster
 [08/02 8:28:36AM] Black (L)

Sleek and sexy
Susan Bennett
 [08/02 8:27:25AM] L

Sweetly Sweatered
Julie Marshall
 [08/02 8:26:58AM] Black medium

Lightweight Soft Sweater
Valerie Venables
 [08/02 8:23:44AM] Medium - Blue

Flashdance Flirty
Jeanette Minaker
 [08/02 8:23:11AM] XL black

Light and breezy sweater
Samantha Beaufield
 [08/02 8:22:57AM] L/Xl oatmeal

Sleek and sexy
Susan Bennett
 [08/02 8:21:16AM] L

Shoulder Season Sweater
Jacquie Both
 [08/02 8:19:23AM] Black XL

Sleek and sexy
Susan Bennett
 [08/02 8:18:44AM] Large

"Give me a light cozy" sweater
Catherine Walsh
 [08/02 8:17:02AM] Small black

You’re a lightweight
Pamela Kraik
 [08/02 8:16:49AM] Small blue

Let Her Wander, Lakeside, Light & Soft
Laura Lushington
 [08/02 8:15:56AM] L, Silver Lake Blue

Fall Feather Sweater
Meghan Boast
 [08/02 8:13:52AM] XL black

Soft and sassy
Stacey randall
 [08/02 8:12:11AM] Black L

Dawn Graham
 [08/02 8:10:32AM] Medium, Lake Blue

Light as a feather sweater
Crissy Green
 [08/02 8:09:40AM] Small oatmeal

Summertime Softness
Raissa Zukowski
 [08/02 8:05:52AM] Large/Black

Fall feelings sweater
Melanie Rumley
 [08/02 8:05:47AM] S, black

Light as a Feather
Karen Spencer-Miller
 [08/02 8:05:36AM] Medium Cream

The Sweater of all Seasons!!!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [08/02 8:03:27AM] Medium black

Let V Adventure Begin
Jenn Hodgson
 [08/02 7:30:35AM] XL Black

Let “V” adventure begin!!!
Jenn Hodgson
 [08/02 7:27:25AM] XL black

Soft & Sexy Everyday Essential Sweater
Becky Klokoff
 [08/02 6:22:44AM] Black, L

Summer breeze sweater
Denise strong
 [08/02 4:59:30AM] Large , black

Sweater Weather Sweater
Candice Crosby
 [08/02 2:27:39AM] Large & black

Simple pleasure light weight Vneck
Patricia Anderson
 [08/02 12:04:05AM] L & Black

Lazy on a Sunday afternoon sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/02 12:00:29AM] 1X Black

Good times never looked so good sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:45:56PM] 1X Black

Come together sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:40:49PM] 1X Black

The everywhere sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:38:26PM] 1X Black

Too good to be true Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:36:20PM] 1X Black

Hugging Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:35:14PM] 1X Black

Sweet Dream Are made of this Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:29:49PM] 1X Black

Sleepwalking sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:28:40PM] 1X Black

This is it sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:27:50PM] 1X Black

Living life large sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:25:09PM] 1X Black

Living In The Moment Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:24:36PM] 1X Black

Nesty Besty Sweater
Carla Cook
 [08/01 11:21:57PM] XL black

Sweet Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:21:54PM] 1X Black

I’m in love with my Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:21:06PM] 1X Black

Hello Gorgeous Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:19:49PM] 1X

Sweet Caroline's Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:16:48PM] 1X

My Precious Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:15:34PM] 1X

Friday Night Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:13:16PM] 1X

The Awesome Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:11:37PM] 1X

In The Moment Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:10:57PM] 1X

Day Dreamer Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:09:51PM] 1x

Summer Loving Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:07:12PM] 1X

The Better Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:03:43PM] 1X

Love at first site sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:02:38PM] 1X

Cozy Daydream Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 11:01:35PM] 1X

Summer Dream Sweatshirt, Sweet Vibes Sweatshirt, Summer Breeze Sweatshirt
Selinda Lye
 [08/01 10:23:28PM] Black XL

Vantastic Sweater
Nathalie Denicola
 [08/01 10:10:31PM] small blue

Comfy Freedom Sweater
Desiree Rafer
 [08/01 8:30:15PM] Small Cream

Free To Be Me Sweater
Desiree Rafer
 [08/01 8:27:48PM] Small Cream

Fall into Love Sweater
Linda Cvetanovic
 [08/01 7:11:43PM] Black L

Fall Into You, Cozy V and Dreams, Easy Breezy V
Jennifer Barone
 [08/01 7:00:31PM] Cream size L

Summer Night's Dream
Kayla Westerby
 [08/01 6:53:38PM] XL- Silver Lake Blue

Soft and Simple Sweater
Kim Freeman
 [08/01 6:53:00PM] Small

Softly singing its praises
Christa Mobberley
 [08/01 5:55:38PM] Black XL

For those chilly nights
Tara Babcock
 [08/01 5:15:05PM] XS off white

Ocean Breeze
Tara Babcock
 [08/01 5:12:09PM] XS Off white

Light as a feather
Tara Babcock
 [08/01 5:09:55PM] Large Black

Cozy as a Summer Evening/ Summer Lovin’/ Cuddle up Sweater
Megan Crawford
 [08/01 3:59:31PM] XS / blue

Easy peasy lounger
Denise Starling
 [08/01 3:41:19PM] large blue please

Summer hug sweater
Donnette O’Brien
 [08/01 3:38:59PM] 2xl, Black

Mabel chic Knit Sweater
Charlene Janzen
 [08/01 3:34:14PM] Medium

Voluminous V
Geraldine Tashoots
 [08/01 2:35:42PM] L & silver lake blue

Lakeside Cozy
Sandy McParlan
 [08/01 2:35:09PM] Blue size L

Summer Vee Sweater
Brenda Isaac
 [08/01 1:32:31PM] Med black

Snuggle me softly: Summer night Delight:
Jane Reti
 [08/01 1:10:33PM] XL in oatmeal

Coastal breeze long sleeve
Gabby Demuzio
 [08/01 1:06:53PM] Pink & XL

Sexy bookworm sweater
Shiela Davidson
 [08/01 12:58:56PM] m Black

Could you V and comfier sweater
Tara Vankoesveld
 [08/01 12:54:01PM] Lg black

Snuggle me softly
Jane Reti
 [08/01 12:53:49PM] XL in cream.

Serenity sweater
Natasha Burian
 [08/01 12:51:15PM] Couldn’t find sizing but probably small or xtra small in Silver lake blue :)

Light as a Brreze
Louise Kemp
 [08/01 12:33:06PM] Oatmeal m

Feeling Sassy
Kelli Wilson
 [08/01 12:08:35PM] Medium - Black

The Fall Appetizer Sweater
Sarah Schinnour
 [08/01 12:02:24PM] Small black

Chase off the Chill Sweater
Lisa Schmit
 [08/01 11:53:18AM] L/XLg Silver Lake Blue

Day Dream Sweater, Homeward Bound Sweater
Kym Readman
 [08/01 11:44:24AM] L/XL , Silver Lake Blue

Staycation Sweater
Amanda Zimny
 [08/01 11:41:09AM] Small Oatmeal

The Weekend Chill Top
Denise Punko
 [08/01 11:30:40AM] Oatmeal XL

Ready for anything sweater
Christine de Pierrepont-RahmatI
 [08/01 11:18:43AM] XL in silver lake blue

Oh so Heavenly Sweater
Nicole Hay
 [08/01 11:08:02AM] XL OATMEAL

Soft coziness sweater, lightly softie sweater, Soft sensation sweater
Angela Yung
 [08/01 11:03:55AM] Size L and oatmeal color

The Go to sweater
Anita chartier
 [08/01 10:40:00AM] X

Sweater of tranquillity
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:30:23AM] 2X

The Nacho Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:23:06AM] 2X

The endless love sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:22:05AM] 2X

The Fancy Antsy Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:20:26AM] 2X

The Sunday Surfing Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:18:49AM] 2X

The Texting Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:18:15AM] 2X

The Sweet Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:16:47AM] 2X

Angel soft
joy Barkley
 [08/01 10:16:04AM] 2x-black

The Humble Bundle Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:15:04AM] 2X

The Tranquillity Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:13:02AM] 2X

Wrapped in Tranquillity Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:12:32AM] 2X

Snuggle Bubble Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:11:00AM] 2X

Draped in Love Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:10:05AM] 2X

Meditation Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:09:23AM] 2X

Love Me Tender Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:08:28AM] 2X

Love to Wear Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:07:09AM] 2X

The Snuggling Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 10:05:41AM] 2X

The Adorable Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 9:59:20AM] 2X

Heaven to touch Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 9:58:20AM] 2X

The Goto Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 9:56:34AM] 2X

The Bundle of Joy Sweater
Vic Moreira
 [08/01 9:55:25AM] 2X

All Weather Sweater
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/01 9:52:29AM] Black xl

Sure thing
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:51:23AM] Oatmeal L

V-Flow Sweater
Amber Davison
 [08/01 9:49:47AM] Black small

Very soft, Very light, Very perfect V
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:46:34AM] Black L

Perfect V Sweater
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:45:30AM] Black L

I've had this forever
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:43:36AM] Oatmeal L

Ready for anything
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:41:09AM] Black L

All Season Sweater; "Sweet V", 'V' is for Versatile, Snuggle Time Sweater
Maxine Mathews
 [08/01 9:40:28AM] Black, Size Small

eVeery things alright
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:39:55AM] Silver Lake L

Just the right V
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:39:07AM] Oatmeal L

Summer Nights Sweater
Krista Storozynsky
 [08/01 9:39:06AM] XL, Black (Midnight)

Feels just right
Summer Manca
 [08/01 9:38:35AM] Black L

My Cozy Go To Sweater
Sandra Devost
 [08/01 9:31:35AM] M/L Blue

Summer Chill to fall Thrill sweater
marnie Kushnerenko
 [08/01 9:15:35AM] 2XL

All Day Every Day sweater
marnie Kushnerenko
 [08/01 9:13:38AM] 2x”

Hello Fall
Candace Voth
 [08/01 9:11:04AM] Medium . Black

Got to have it sweater
Shannon Strachan
 [08/01 9:08:07AM] Black in XL

Jacqueline Berg
 [08/01 9:04:50AM] Lake blue XL

My new Favorite Sweater !!
Melorie Broten
 [08/01 8:54:33AM] Black, large

Summer comfort
Lisa McMartin
 [08/01 8:53:24AM] Xs and black

Sweet thang
Lori Anderson
 [08/01 8:51:42AM] L lake blue

Midsummer Nights Lightweight Soft Sweater
Melissa Vander Heide
 [08/01 8:46:24AM] Silver lake blue, XL

Simply sweet sweater, sweet and simple, everything sweater, every"wear" sweater
leanne Brown
 [08/01 8:43:17AM] Small white

Plunge to it
Stacey koutsiouris
 [08/01 8:42:25AM] Black L

You knit me up
Megan Macinnes
 [08/01 8:41:06AM] Black xl

The Weekender
Kristin Taylor
 [08/01 8:38:00AM] Black, medium

Sweet Staple Sweater
Anita Sampson
 [08/01 8:32:36AM] L Black

“Can you feel the love tonight” or “Can you feel the love”Lightweight Soft Sweater
Rebecca Park
 [08/01 8:31:12AM] BlackXL

The Vital V-Neck sweater
Clarice St Pierre
 [08/01 8:28:55AM] Medium, black

the “Make it happen”
Martina Wynker
 [08/01 8:26:26AM] Black XL

Sweet & Sassy
Amy Campbell
 [08/01 8:26:18AM] XL Silver lake blue

The Versitile V'Airy Best Sweater
Trisha Ciarlo
 [08/01 8:23:32AM] Small blue

SaVVy Simple Sweater
Joanne Wardekker
 [08/01 8:19:39AM] L Oatmeal

Cuddle Up to Vee Sweater
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [08/01 8:18:48AM] Black small

Breezy beauty
Erin Tamburello
 [08/01 8:18:15AM] Large black

Sweet Chic
 [08/01 8:17:05AM] Xl black

Soft and sassy
Ashlee Gibbs
 [08/01 8:14:13AM] Black and medium

Everyday Perfect Sweatshirt
Sara Noyes
 [08/01 8:14:12AM] Black Large

Versatile Vee
Mikaela Mueller
 [08/01 8:12:36AM] Black medium

Cool & Casual
Sherry Whittall
 [08/01 8:10:32AM] L black

Fall into it
Lindy Schneider
 [08/01 8:04:27AM] Oatmeal, XS

Foray into Fall Sweater
Jenn Chorney
 [08/01 7:45:07AM] L, Black

LiVe for today !
Christina Spadafora
 [08/01 7:44:01AM] Small pink/white

Love me tender
Trina Sisson
 [08/01 7:40:52AM] Black

Stay Cozy Sweater
Brooke Derksen
 [08/01 7:35:57AM] XL black

Fallin’ in Love Sweater
Brooke Derksen
 [08/01 7:34:23AM] XL Black

Fallon’ for You Sweater
Brooke Derksen
 [08/01 7:33:39AM] XL black

Take Me Out
Tammy Brown
 [08/01 7:32:11AM] Black Medium

Get Me Through the Night
Tammy Brown
 [08/01 7:31:19AM] Black Medium

Karen Smith
 [08/01 7:28:44AM] Small, cream

Susan Bell
 [08/01 7:08:43AM] XL, Black

Long Drop V T
Brenda Worsnop
 [08/01 7:01:07AM] Lg black

Flirting with fall
Krista heidt
 [08/01 6:32:14AM] M/L black

Flattery at it's Finest sweatet
Daylene Morton
 [08/01 6:23:59AM] Black, medium.

My Sister’s Sweater - it’s the sweater you always want to borrow from your sister.
Michelle Rowe
 [08/01 5:27:45AM] Small blue

Sling me right round sweater
Michelle Rowe
 [08/01 5:17:28AM] Small black

Everybody sweater
Jackie fletcher
 [08/01 5:16:21AM] Large black

Light As A Feather Sweater
Michelle Rowe
 [08/01 5:12:51AM] Small and Oatmeal

Afternoon Delight Sweater
Alina Adjemian
 [08/01 4:39:59AM] XL Silver Lake Blue

Cosy in black, blue or oatmeal!!!
Toni martino
 [08/01 4:15:44AM] Black Large

The All Day Breakfast Sweater (it always works)
Erin Evans
 [07/31 11:30:27PM] Oatmeal Large

Patricia Clifford
 [07/31 11:20:22PM] S in the oatmeal color

The sweeter sweater
Joanne Olorenshaw
 [07/31 11:10:30PM] Size small. Colour. Blue

Work or play everyday sweater
Adrienne damm
 [07/31 10:20:24PM] xl black

I’ll V There for You Sweater
Jennifer Wourms
 [07/31 10:15:39PM] Small Oatmeal

Sweet and light
Karen Wallis
 [07/31 10:14:41PM] Black xs

I’ll V There for You Sweater
Jennifer Wourms
 [07/31 10:14:29PM] Small Oatmeal

Picture perfect fall, or, Fall'n head over vneck
Lily Artymko
 [07/31 10:09:52PM] Xl, black

Fits all needs sweater!
Cally Allison
 [07/31 10:00:38PM] Oatmeal L

Cooler Days Light Weight Sweater
Bonnie Fouladi
 [07/31 9:42:55PM] Medium/Oatmeal

Softy and lofty sweater
Rae-Anne Gall
 [07/31 9:32:12PM] Xl black

No cold shoulder V sweater
Caitlin Krekoski
 [07/31 9:16:21PM] M silver lake blue

All weather sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 9:15:06PM] M black

Light it up sweater, it's lit sweater, perfectly light sweater
Melissa Hubert
 [07/31 9:11:43PM] XS blue

Sweater weather, take it easy sweater, soft sensations sweater
Amanda Pion Lepper
 [07/31 9:05:01PM] Medium oatmeal

Sweater weather, take it easy sweater, soft sensations sweater
Amanda Pion Lepper
 [07/31 9:03:21PM] Medium oatmeal

The long weekender
cindy Poirier
 [07/31 8:55:23PM] Medium black

“Soft as a Feather” lightweight sweater
Tara Chenier-Beach
 [07/31 8:47:45PM] 2X Silver Lake Blue

Envy Me Lightweight Soft V Neck Sweater, Eleanor Rigby Lightweight Soft Sweater, Penny Lane Lightweight Soft Sweater
Rebecca Park
 [07/31 8:46:56PM] Black XL

V-V Voom!
Cheryl Bosch
 [07/31 8:43:03PM] M in black

Sheer Luck Sweater
Teah Wiseman
 [07/31 8:36:22PM] Oatmeal Medium

Killing Me Softly Lightweight Soft Sweater
Rebecca Park
 [07/31 8:23:17PM] Black XL

You Light Up My Life Lightweight Sweater, Light Up My Life Lightweight Sweater, Don’t Pull the Thread Lightweight Sweater, Soft Shoulder Ahead Lightweight V Neck Sweater, Love Me Do Lightweight V-neck Sweater, 8 Days A Week Lightweight V-neck Sweater,
Rebecca Park
 [07/31 8:20:53PM] Black XL

Free to Vee Me Sweater
Erika Melnychuk
 [07/31 8:15:27PM] Large Oatmeal

Classic Victory Sweater, Val's V-neck Vesture, Versatile V Neck Sweater, Draped Vino Sweater, Plush Plunge Line Pull Over, Soft V Sensation,
 [07/31 7:58:55PM] small & black

Stella Bella
Jennifer Watson
 [07/31 7:47:04PM] M/L the off white

Vee-lightful Sweater!
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [07/31 7:28:32PM] Black XL

The Put Your Head on my Shoulder Sweater
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [07/31 7:27:30PM] Black XL

"Around Town sweater" or "All Around Town sweater"
gloria terhaar
 [07/31 7:25:30PM] black M

Sweet Vee asweater
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [07/31 7:23:00PM] XL Black

I’m la V knit sweater
Heather Rai
 [07/31 7:01:36PM] M black

Light as a Feather Sweater!
Lenny Horton
 [07/31 7:00:26PM] M/Silver Lake Blue

Let’s get cozy sweater
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [07/31 6:54:54PM] XL Oatmeal

Dawn to dusk sweater
Anna lissa dyck
 [07/31 6:50:56PM] Large, black

Call Me Casual
Amanda Steele
 [07/31 6:47:59PM] Medium black!

Summer love
Dawn Anderson
 [07/31 6:44:35PM] Medium black

Spring Fling
Dawn Anderson
 [07/31 6:42:25PM] Small cream/ white

Drop Top and Cruise; Drop Top and Roll
Jenn Haviland
 [07/31 6:38:28PM] Blue xl

Drop Top
Jenn Haviland
 [07/31 6:37:47PM] Xl blue

Soft and Sweetly
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:36:20PM] Small, Blue

Self Hugger
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:35:21PM] Small, blue

Giving You The Cold Shoulder
Karen Carvell
 [07/31 6:26:47PM] Black L/XL

Casual Chic
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:25:54PM] Small, oatmeal

Flatter Me!
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:24:32PM] Small, black

Cozy, Sexy, Cool
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:23:23PM] Oatmeal, small

Simply Cozy
Elena Robertson
 [07/31 6:22:16PM] Black, Small

The Sophie soft sweater
Jessica Wright
 [07/31 6:19:46PM] Large in Silver lake blue

Cozy victory sweater
Melissa Goldie
 [07/31 6:16:39PM] Silver lake blue xl

Brenda Jules
 [07/31 5:58:33PM] Medium silver lake blue

The Hug It Out Sweater
Lori Roberge
 [07/31 5:57:36PM] Blue XL

Tenderly touched
Kendra Denika brennan
 [07/31 5:49:31PM] Black medium

Tender moments
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [07/31 5:48:54PM] Black medium

Classic chic
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [07/31 5:48:03PM] Black, medium

Must have
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [07/31 5:47:27PM] Black, medium

Flying V
 [07/31 5:44:47PM] Black XS

Up town lite sweater
Lindsay Simpson
 [07/31 5:42:56PM] Xxl black

The Everyday Vee
Meghan McGibbon
 [07/31 5:39:05PM] Black XL

"feel the warmth sweater" "Smooth operator sweater" "soft touch sweater" "touch me softly sweater" "2 soft 2 handle sweater" "cloud 9 sweater"
Alyssa Hinz
 [07/31 5:36:11PM] S oatmeal

The Cozy Classic
Chriss Koch
 [07/31 5:34:55PM] Medium black

Fall Into Comfort Sweater
Chriss Koch
 [07/31 5:33:58PM] Medium black

Classy Comfort Sweater
Chriss Koch
 [07/31 5:32:58PM] Medium black

Swoop there it is top
 [07/31 5:31:11PM] Oatmeal small

"V-Line to soft"sweater, "Soft V's away" sweater, "For the love of soft V's" sweater, "The soft V's of fall" sweater
Amanda Diamond
 [07/31 5:26:11PM] (Medium or Large) cream

Loft Vibes
Kayla Demers
 [07/31 5:11:05PM] Medium - Oatmeal

Sweet and Soft sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 5:09:41PM] M black

Fall into En-V Sweater/ Fall n' En-V Sweater/ En-V in the Fall Sweater/ Fall En-V Sweater/Transitional Season Sweater/ Trans-V-itional Season Sweater
Natashia Liboiron
 [07/31 5:06:22PM] Medium & Silver Lake Blue

"Just ribbing you" soft, long sleeve V neck
zsuzsi abramson
 [07/31 5:01:19PM] 3x Black

Confident and Cozy sweater
Stephanie Pelland
 [07/31 5:01:11PM] Black XL

She’s a Softie Sweater
Jennifer Sebok
 [07/31 4:53:13PM] Small, blue

Light Shoulder Action sweater
Genevieve Dumont
 [07/31 4:44:32PM] L/XL black or yellow

Light as air sweater
Karen Benoit
 [07/31 4:41:44PM] Blue medium

Cozy Couture Sweater
Nasty lie Baikie
 [07/31 4:24:49PM] Silver lake blue in large

Cuddle me softly
Trina Hoang
 [07/31 4:03:26PM] Xs oatmeal

Casually Confident
Candice Voght
 [07/31 4:02:11PM] XL Oatmeal

Light as a Feather Sweater
Michelle Turner
 [07/31 3:56:59PM] Large & Black please

Hold Onto Summer sweater, or The Nikohl
Nikohl Madge
 [07/31 3:49:48PM] XS, black

Flirty by Nature
Michelle Bartel
 [07/31 3:46:13PM] Large black

Falling for You Sweater
Kate Rosenthal
 [07/31 3:27:27PM] Blue, size small

Feelin’ fallish sweater
Kate Payne
 [07/31 3:19:41PM] Large blue

Staple Sweater
Frances Dey
 [07/31 3:13:11PM] X small black

Soft and Light Sweater
Frances Dey
 [07/31 3:12:20PM] Small black

Casual comfort friday
Kim Harding
 [07/31 3:08:57PM] Black xl

Right on time - top
Josee Poirier
 [07/31 3:07:49PM] L/XL - Oatmeal

Lightweight soft sweater
Diana Elias
 [07/31 3:01:52PM] Large

Vi la la Sweater
Trina Payne
 [07/31 2:57:09PM] Silver Lake View size medium

Knit your love
Jamie Paré
 [07/31 2:54:11PM] Black size small

Sweet Lovin' Sweater
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [07/31 2:42:19PM] XS & Oatmeal

Soft as silk vneck
Shelly Kupschus
 [07/31 2:42:09PM] Xl black

Soft side
Alisha Openshaw
 [07/31 2:39:19PM] Xl blue

Everyday Chic
Anita Reynolds
 [07/31 2:37:03PM] Black small

The Staycation Sweater
Brenda Tough
 [07/31 2:32:00PM] black XL

Day in and day out
Lorelei Thomas
 [07/31 2:17:50PM] Small Black

Falling for fall sweater
Marie Hoogenboom
 [07/31 2:17:35PM] Medium silver lake blue

Summer nights
Amanda Murphy
 [07/31 2:11:21PM] Black XL

I'm Comin' Home Sweater
Tiffany Payne
 [07/31 2:09:42PM] Small, Oatmeal

barely there
Kim cairns
 [07/31 2:09:33PM] black medium

Falling For You Sweater
Danielle Rusk
 [07/31 2:08:23PM] XS Silver Lake Blue

Janella Churchill
 [07/31 2:07:25PM] L black

Fall Feels Sweater
Serena Perreault
 [07/31 2:05:14PM] XL Black

Lake Vibes
Jan Serben
 [07/31 2:03:27PM] Med. silver lake blue

Take the Plunge
Juanita Skruibis
 [07/31 1:59:53PM] Black- lx

Take the Plunge
Juanita Skruibis
 [07/31 1:59:35PM] Black- 2lx

Fall oh me soft
Danielle Nelson
 [07/31 1:57:11PM] Small black

Soft and Subtle
Anita Reynolds
 [07/31 1:55:51PM] Silver Lake Blue Small

Veera V-Neck Sweater
Amanda Beier
 [07/31 1:55:05PM] Large blue

The Cold Shoulder Sweater
Karen Carvell
 [07/31 1:52:19PM] Black L/XL

Easy Like eVEEry Morning
Jody Lively
 [07/31 1:46:29PM] Small Blue

Drop into comfort sweater , cozy and classy sweater, Simplicity sweater
Gem Sheppard
 [07/31 1:31:13PM] L cream

Just a Look Away Sweater
Ina Hammer
 [07/31 1:25:34PM] xs, oatmeal

Cozy On Up Lightweight Sweater
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [07/31 1:25:14PM] L/XL Black

The essential sweater
Delilah Aubin
 [07/31 1:15:53PM] XL black

Be Sweet
Tasha mark
 [07/31 1:12:14PM] M/L black

Cozy Girl
Desiree Kasbrick
 [07/31 1:12:06PM] Cream small

FALL-en in love sweater
Stefanie Lylyk
 [07/31 1:04:49PM] Black and size small

Dawn to Dusk Sweater, Over the Moon Sweater, Right Time Right Place Sweater
Solita Burton
 [07/31 1:01:48PM] Size Small, Blue

Beauty of the Season sweater
Carrie Black
 [07/31 12:49:16PM] Blue large

Vee the one, relax take it Veezy
Ana Klovan
 [07/31 12:39:20PM] S, Black

The comfy sweater
Melonie Pedersen
 [07/31 12:34:03PM] L/XL blue

Lennon Lightweight Sweater
Amandah Domovich
 [07/31 12:33:59PM] Xsmall, oatmeal

Lounging for days
Kristy Stebbings
 [07/31 12:31:33PM] XL blue

Springin into fall
Sarah Nason
 [07/31 12:31:32PM] XL silver lake blue

Cozy Summer nights
Linda Wilson
 [07/31 12:25:22PM] 2XL Black

Livin’ la V neck Sweater, C squared sweater (comfy & casual) , All in favor Sweater,
Jennifer Olsen
 [07/31 12:24:59PM] Blue medium

Livin’ la V neck Sweater, C squared sweater (comfy & casual) , All in favor Sweater,
Jennifer Olsen
 [07/31 12:22:55PM] Blue medium

The Run Around Top
Terry Becker
 [07/31 12:19:50PM] Silver Lake - Medium

Falling for V’s
 [07/31 12:17:04PM] Xs black

Veed it sweater, I vee you sweater, slip it on Vee, Summer warm up V meck
Judy Thue
 [07/31 12:14:56PM] M blue

Take the Plunge Top
Nikki Weightman
 [07/31 12:08:38PM] Oatmeal xs

Barely there sweater
Shannon Greene
 [07/31 12:07:36PM] Size small in cream

V Cool
Jeanette Mills
 [07/31 12:06:35PM] medium black

Cold Shoulder Sweater
Petrina Cameron
 [07/31 12:02:46PM] Large black

Classic Cozy Sweater
Petrina Cameron
 [07/31 12:01:34PM] Large black

Knit in love
Micheline Perreault
 [07/31 12:00:25PM] Size Medium in Oatmeal

Comfy but sexy Saturday night
Heather monette
 [07/31 11:57:26AM] xl black

Drop some Sass
Sally Graham
 [07/31 11:56:18AM] XS Black

Better Together
 [07/31 11:54:44AM] Black 2xl

Staple Sweater
Erika Geske
 [07/31 11:51:47AM] XL Black

Go Easy Pullover, Comfy V, Snuggle Up, Kimmy’s Choice
Donna Belrose
 [07/31 11:51:35AM] Black size 10 or M

Fall into It Sweater
Rachael Bonato
 [07/31 11:50:59AM] Silver Lake Blue large

We’re Sweater Together
Amber Murdock
 [07/31 11:47:14AM] Large, blue

No Bad Weather or No Such Thing As Bad Weathef
Maggie Van Seters
 [07/31 11:43:48AM] Small Black

Down By The Dock
Lauren Baetz
 [07/31 11:23:53AM] Small, cream or blue

Totally relaxed sweater
Katherine Tanner
 [07/31 11:16:38AM] L black

Sneak a peek shoulder sweater
Misty reimer
 [07/31 11:13:49AM] Black xl

Easy V
Carly Toppozini
 [07/31 11:11:33AM] black, xl

Vee-r Off Course Sweater, Three-quarters way to fall sweater, Dropping Into Fall Sweater, Late Summer Vee Sweater, Let Summer Vee Sweater
Courtney McCarron
 [07/31 11:08:14AM] Medium- Oatmeal

Keeping it cool Sweater
Felisha Flodin
 [07/31 11:06:47AM] Oatmeal XL

Flawless V
Melissa McCoy
 [07/31 10:57:10AM] XL Black

Shop to It Sweater
Nicolle Parsons
 [07/31 10:51:14AM] L/XL in Black

Who Knit ? Ya? Sweater
Nicolle Parsons
 [07/31 10:50:20AM] L/XL in Black

Lynne Currie
 [07/31 10:49:02AM] Beige , large

Cool Days Pleasures
Anita Banow
 [07/31 10:47:06AM] Oatmeal-M

Graceland V Sweater, Willow Sweater, Keepin it Vee Sweater, Graceland Breeze Sweater
Valerie coe
 [07/31 10:44:27AM] L, black

Keepin' it Komfy Sweater
Erin Shantz
 [07/31 10:33:43AM] Oatmeal size small

Just Another Day Sweater
Leslee Sanderman
 [07/31 10:32:02AM] Small Black

The long weekend
Jackie Hutchinson
 [07/31 10:23:21AM] Black XL?(sz14-16)

Soft side sweater
Melisa Gordon
 [07/31 10:21:59AM] Medium oatmeal

Versatile V Neck Sweater
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/31 10:21:11AM] Oatmeal XL

Flawless lightweight sweater
Marie Vincent
 [07/31 10:20:10AM] Small, silver lake blue

Me snuggle Sweater
Brenda Fisher
 [07/31 10:19:51AM] Oatmeal and medium

Summer Nights Sweater
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/31 10:19:35AM] Oatmeal Xl

Craving Fall Softness Sweater
Anita Banow
 [07/31 10:19:19AM] Oatmeal - M

All Seasons Sweater
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/31 10:18:26AM] Oatmeal XL

Staple me comfy ribbed sweater
Marie Vincent
 [07/31 10:17:44AM] Small, silver light blue

Feels like a feather sweater
Marie Vincent
 [07/31 10:16:30AM] Small, silver lake blue

Casual Sunday Top
Teresa Bui-Ignacio
 [07/31 10:15:55AM] XS - Oatmeal

Featherlight Layer Sweater; A Little Extra Sweater; Drop It Low Sweater
Erika Just
 [07/31 10:14:08AM] Oatmeal XL

Cool and Cozy Sweater
Sarah Burke
 [07/31 10:11:27AM] L - Silver Lake Blue

Everyday go to sweater
Kylie Krell
 [07/31 10:11:09AM] Oatmeal, small

The Comfy
Donna Klein
 [07/31 10:10:37AM] Black L/XL

Versatile V-Neck
Ashli Brook
 [07/31 10:08:31AM] XL blue

The Victory; Seasons Change;
Susan Constantine
 [07/31 10:07:29AM] L/XL oatmeal

Rebeca Dougherty
 [07/31 10:06:26AM] M- oatmeal

Showing some Love.
margaret lavallee
 [07/31 10:05:34AM] ex large blue

Seasons Vee-Light; On my way; Keep Vee Cozy; Once upon a Vee; Keep Up;
Susan Constantine
 [07/31 10:03:01AM] L/XL oatmeal

Va va va voom soft and sexy, show me the shoulder, peek a boo sweater
Annette O’Brian
 [07/31 10:01:26AM] Large oatmeal

Fall Breeze, Shoulder Tease
Amy Power
 [07/31 10:01:02AM] Large Oatmeal

All Eyes on V; Between You and V; Oh V, Oh My
Alyssa Gerick
 [07/31 9:59:59AM] Black (XS)

Wrapped in softness sweater
Dana Zieroth
 [07/31 9:57:50AM] Xl black please

Flirty & Fabulous
Tanya Nascimento
 [07/31 9:56:36AM] XS black

You’ve got the flirty feeling
Tanya Nascimento
 [07/31 9:56:15AM] XS black

Beachside to Fireside Vibe
Kristy Bohnet
 [07/31 9:56:04AM] Lg black

The Soft V Weekender
Cindy Neufeld
 [07/31 9:55:35AM] Small Oatmeal

Harvest Moon Sweater
Roxanne Reid
 [07/31 9:55:00AM] Medium Silver Lake Blue

My favourite go to
Grace Young
 [07/31 9:51:30AM] Sm in black

She ain't no slouch
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [07/31 9:51:28AM] Large, oatmeal

Brenda Kraneveldt
 [07/31 9:50:26AM] Medium in oatmeal

Let’s hangout sweat
Grace Young
 [07/31 9:49:53AM] Sm in silver lake blue

Fall For Me Sweater
Dorothy DiPaolo
 [07/31 9:49:47AM] Xl light Blue

Stand by me
Keri Parsons
 [07/31 9:49:23AM] Sz sm, white 1st preference, black 2nd ?

Fall For Me Sweater
Dorothy DiPaolo
 [07/31 9:48:54AM] Xl light Blue

Ribbed knit for your pleasure sweater ?
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [07/31 9:48:51AM] L/XL Black

Dust your shoulder off
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [07/31 9:48:17AM] Medium & oatmeal

Cozy V sweatrr
Julie Hoar
 [07/31 9:42:44AM] L/XL black

Too Cool for School; Softer Side; Soft and Light;
Karen Gurney
 [07/31 9:42:14AM] XL oatmeal

To Kool For School
Caley Boyd
 [07/31 9:41:51AM] M/ blue

Spring into fall v, light breeze v, breezy v, soft & sassy v, up or down v (dress it up or down)
Kathleen Adam
 [07/31 9:41:39AM] Large & oatmeal

Cozy V for Fall Sweater
Trisha Tahouney
 [07/31 9:40:10AM] Black and Large

Soft on You Sweater; Soft Spot Sweater
Alyssa Gerick
 [07/31 9:39:30AM] Black (S)

The Shasta Sweater
Michelle Fink
 [07/31 9:37:18AM] Xl oatmeal

The V n' Flow Sweater
Alicia Taylor
 [07/31 9:35:03AM] Med in black

Calling All Bodies sweater
Jenn Roth
 [07/31 9:34:53AM] Small & oatmeal

Silver Softness Sweater, Classic Comfort Sweater, Soft Embrace Sweater, Cool Cocooning Sweater
Diana Stephens
 [07/31 9:34:28AM] L Oatmeal

Weekend vibes sweater
Mandy Frampton
 [07/31 9:33:30AM] XL in Blue

Soft Touch Sweater
Jennifer Roth
 [07/31 9:32:01AM] Small oatmeal

Flirty femme sweater
Jennifer baxter
 [07/31 9:31:55AM] M, Black

End of summer sweater, cool summer nights sweater, summer breeze sweater, just enough sweater
Terri Nole
 [07/31 9:31:31AM] Large black

Luxy V
Corine Hoas
 [07/31 9:31:31AM] XL black

The Soft and Sheek Sweater
Amanda Hurst-MacDougall
 [07/31 9:30:40AM] Medium-Blue

Everyone sweater
Jennifer Roth
 [07/31 9:29:55AM] Small oatmeal

EveryBODY's Favorite Sweater, Slightly Askew But Made For You, Slightly Askew, Draped in Comfort
Tara Kennedy
 [07/31 9:29:47AM] Large & Blue

Soft touch sweater
Jennifer Roth
 [07/31 9:28:25AM] Small oatmeal

Summer breeze sweater
Terri Nole
 [07/31 9:28:05AM] Large black

Soft touch top
Samantha Fraser
 [07/31 9:27:48AM] Silver Lake Blue in XL

GoGo, Go anywhere, peek a boo shoulder
Melinda Leifso
 [07/31 9:27:03AM] L/xl black

Simply mine!
Linda Holbeche
 [07/31 9:25:37AM] Medium, blue

Maxx and Relax Sweater, Light and Cozy V
Rachel Curran
 [07/31 9:24:01AM] Black L

Sweater weather
Amy Libby
 [07/31 9:20:00AM] M pink

Drop it like it's hot
Vayia Platko
 [07/31 9:17:30AM] M. Silver

Spring Fling
Vayia Platko
 [07/31 9:16:25AM] M. Black

Summer nights
Veronica kish
 [07/31 9:14:24AM] Oatmeal, small

Just chillin’ it
Veronica kish
 [07/31 9:13:53AM] Oatmeal, small

Falling into Autumn
Rachel Maarhuis
 [07/31 9:13:46AM] Size large, Silver Lake Blue

Loving touch
Vayia Platko
 [07/31 9:13:00AM] medium silver

Pretty lite
 [07/31 9:10:34AM] medium black

Cozy chic sweater
Monica Dion
 [07/31 9:09:45AM] oatmeal & small

Fall for me sweater
Kristin Frombach
 [07/31 9:08:26AM] Oatmeal Large

Carefree Casual Sweater
Kathy Pirone
 [07/31 9:07:45AM] XL - Blue

Cool 'n Calm lightweight sweater
Desiree Stewart
 [07/31 9:05:51AM] Black, XL

Soft cuddles
 [07/31 9:05:40AM] Xl oatmeal

the Veronica
Melissa Schaffer
 [07/31 9:02:48AM] L & black

Chill Me Out
Sarah Shawbonquit
 [07/31 8:59:02AM] L Black

That Cozy Feeling Sweater
Sarah Armstrong
 [07/31 8:56:53AM] Medium & Black

No Sweat Sweatshirt
Erin Heward
 [07/31 8:55:57AM] Medium/Black

Sweetheart sweater
Nicole Chee
 [07/31 8:55:24AM] Small oatmeal

Drop Ot Like It’s Hot Sweater, Cold Shoulder Sweater
Liz Roy
 [07/31 8:54:11AM] Silver Lake Blue, medium

Covid Cozy Sweater, Sweater of Cozy, Cozy Covid, Love You A Knit
Whitney Dillon
 [07/31 8:52:58AM] Black - XL

Your new favorite sweater
Denise Hextall
 [07/31 8:52:40AM] Black XL

Elevate your date Sweater
Jennifer Power
 [07/31 8:52:22AM] XL oatmeal

It's sweater weather
Denise hextall
 [07/31 8:51:34AM] XL black

Breezy Elegance Sweater
Sheri Aginas
 [07/31 8:50:50AM] L-Oatmeal

Flirt with me baby
Melissa owl
 [07/31 8:50:38AM] Black x-large/2xl

Isn’t Knit Lovely Sweater
Amanda Asturias
 [07/31 8:49:23AM] Black XL

Cover me softly
Jennifer Jurjens
 [07/31 8:48:27AM] XL black

The Every Sweater
Emma Hart
 [07/31 8:48:20AM] XS oatmeal

Don’t Worry, V Happy
Katherine Hay
 [07/31 8:47:04AM] Small oatmeal

Feather light Knit Sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 8:41:32AM] M silver lake blue

Good vibes sweater
kayla erlandson
 [07/31 8:39:29AM] xl blue

Work and Play Sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 8:39:29AM] M black

Fits to a V
Crystal Haase
 [07/31 8:38:33AM] Black XL

Just a little chilly
Laurie Frasch
 [07/31 8:38:07AM] Black XL

Victorious v neck
Kayla erlandson
 [07/31 8:38:04AM] XL blue

Fit to a V
Crystal Haase
 [07/31 8:37:24AM] Black XL

Lighten Your Life sweater
Allison Richardson
 [07/31 8:37:13AM] Black / Medium

Viva V sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 8:37:08AM] M blue

Sweet Vee
Stacey Nadeau
 [07/31 8:36:58AM] Small Black

Hello Fall Sweater; Seasons Change Sweater; Changing Seasons Sweater; Fall Back Sweater; Perfect Pairing Sweater
Haley Boland
 [07/31 8:35:36AM] XL, Black please

Autumn Nights Sweater
Allison Gensorek
 [07/31 8:34:30AM] Black XL

“Snuggle Me”
Bev Gudlaugson
 [07/31 8:34:29AM] M Black

Transition sweater
Debra Tatomir
 [07/31 8:34:24AM] Xl Lake blue

The Cloud Soft Sweater
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 8:34:01AM] M black

Light as a Feather Sweater
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [07/31 8:33:19AM] XL. Black

Wrap me up in softness
Robin Parker
 [07/31 8:32:41AM] Small, oatmeal

All Day Soft
Caitlin krekoski
 [07/31 8:32:27AM] M silver lake blue

Hunter Gates
 [07/31 8:31:52AM] M black

Flatter Me Sweater
Dawn MacLean
 [07/31 8:31:23AM] Large Black

The Feather Weight
Eryn Hollis
 [07/31 8:28:46AM] Small/ Blue

The Everyday Shea Sweater (Or Shay for continuity)
Shealeen Braeuer
 [07/31 8:28:12AM] L & Black please :-D

Lighten Your Life sweater
Allison Richardson
 [07/31 8:26:06AM] Medium/ Black

Kick Back and Relax Sweater
Nicole Appleby
 [07/31 8:24:57AM] Black & Medium

Relaxin sweater
 [07/31 8:23:06AM] Large Black

Weekend lakeside
Sian Sime
 [07/31 8:22:32AM] XL blue

Karen Major
 [07/31 8:21:28AM] Large any color

Venus Knit Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:19:01AM] Oatmeal. Medium

Va Va Voom sweater
Janelle Tomnuk
 [07/31 8:17:59AM] Lg black

Your Desire Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:17:57AM] Black. Medium

The Goddess Sweater; A Whole New World Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:16:51AM] Oatmeal, medium

Soft Touch Sweater
Jenn Bennison
 [07/31 8:16:47AM] Large and black

Dropped V sweater
Shannon Hutchison
 [07/31 8:15:55AM] Blue Latge

Luxury Knit
Jenn Bennison
 [07/31 8:15:38AM] Large and black

Chill sweater
Courtney McNeill
 [07/31 8:15:06AM] Oatmeal size sm

Falling For You Sweater, Easy Breezy Sweater, Latte Season Sweater, Whispers of Fall Sweater,
Brittany Campbell
 [07/31 8:14:40AM] M Black

Light squeeze sweater
Shannon Hutchison
 [07/31 8:14:23AM] Oatmeal L

Sweet Dreams Sweater ; Softly and Tenderly Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:14:20AM] Black. Medium

Show It Off Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:12:56AM] Medium: Oatmeal

You’ve got it all sweater
Shannon Hutchison
 [07/31 8:12:44AM] Oatmeal Large

Kim's Convenient Sweater
Sarah Gilbert
 [07/31 8:12:36AM] Silver, small

"V" Casual
Kim Wonnacott
 [07/31 8:12:29AM] Xl black

The Flash dance sweater
Patricia Ashton
 [07/31 8:12:27AM] One of each ? oatmeal please.

No Sweat Sweater, Hint of Fall, Whispers of Fall Sweater, Fall Is In The Air Sweater, Gentle Breeze Sweater, Keep Your Cool Sweater, Easy Breezey Sweater, Breath of Fall Sweater, Latte Season Sweater
Brittany Campbell
 [07/31 8:12:11AM] M Black

Cool Comfy Breeze sweater
Shannon Hutchison
 [07/31 8:12:08AM] Large black

Floating Around Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:10:57AM] Black. Medium

Drop it Like it's Soft
Jennifer LeBlanc
 [07/31 8:10:03AM] 2x black

Angel Knit Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:09:28AM] Medium: Oatmeal

Dancing On A Cloud Sweater
April Hunt
 [07/31 8:08:30AM] Black Medium

Breeze and Relax Sweater
Tracy Fisher
 [07/31 8:07:56AM] Oatmeal - size small

Chill vibes
Sarah Arbour
 [07/31 8:07:08AM] Small black

Over Easy Sweatshirt, Comfort Zone Sweatshirt, Cool Comfort Sweatshirt
Selinda Lye
 [07/31 8:06:04AM] Black XL

Wrapped in love
Lacey Doman
 [07/31 8:05:18AM] Small black

Touch of class sweater
Janelle Nightingale
 [07/31 8:03:47AM] Large and black

Nothing but love
Lacey Doman
 [07/31 8:02:19AM] Small black

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