Lace V-neck Top
August 21, 2020

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Total of 536 Entries
Congratulations to Jenn Haviland, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Lace Call It a Night Top!

Zoom Perfect Sweater
Diana Fournier
 [08/23 9:09:14AM] Dark grey M

Sweater weather Top
Shaelynne Gresiuk
 [08/23 8:32:44AM] XL and green

Elegantly Lace Sweater //. Touch of Elegance in Lace sweater
Julie Odia
 [08/23 8:27:10AM] 2XL. Mauve

Heather Macintosh
 [08/23 8:18:20AM] 3xl Mauve

Lace it on me
Amanda Monk
 [08/23 7:50:03AM] Medium Dark Grey

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/23 7:32:48AM] 2XL Dark Grey

Colleen Munroe
 [08/23 7:13:02AM] large- gray

Frivolously Free
Jane Barter
 [08/22 10:16:07PM] Medium Mauve

Ace of Lace
Kathy Phillips
 [08/22 10:15:34PM] Small/Dark Grey

Frivolous Free
Jane Barter
 [08/22 10:10:02PM] Medium Mauve

Lace lightening
Melissa czornobay
 [08/22 10:03:43PM] 2x dark grey

Lacey Fall
 [08/22 9:31:13PM] 2X & Olive

Lace of Base sweater
Katherine Hay
 [08/22 9:18:50PM] Medium grey

Lace of Base sweater
Katherine Hay
 [08/22 9:16:28PM] Medium grey

Lace of Base sweater
Katherine Hay
 [08/22 9:14:31PM] medium dark grey

Lace-V Sweater
Sandra Nordstrom
 [08/22 8:07:10PM] L - Olive

Lace is more
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [08/22 7:20:59PM] Small Dark Grey

Lace It Up top
Monica Meyers
 [08/22 6:31:17PM] S, Mauve

V lace swag
Samantha Augot
 [08/22 6:31:06PM] 2X mauve

Lace It Up top
Monica Meyers
 [08/22 6:30:10PM] S, Mauve

Teresa Hill
 [08/22 6:18:38PM] Olive medium

Lacey Tease or peek a boo lace
Sara Mallory
 [08/22 6:01:20PM] Large blue

Hint of lace sweater
Lisa Atfield
 [08/22 5:50:24PM] Large in grey

Oh La La Lace
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [08/22 5:19:25PM] Large in grey

Loveliness Top
Shannon Smith
 [08/22 5:10:40PM] xsmall mauve

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 5:10:20PM] 2XL Dark Grey

Lazy Lacy
Marie-Claude LAFLEUR
 [08/22 4:48:09PM] S pink

Fall in Love
Carmen Dennis
 [08/22 4:40:03PM] 3xl Dark grey

Lacy dreams
Michelle Hammerer
 [08/22 4:18:12PM] M mauve

V-lightful sweater
Kira Paterson
 [08/22 3:59:27PM] small dark grey

Lacey Vdays
Donna badowskj
 [08/22 3:43:39PM] xs dark grey

The Cotton Candy Sweater
Jo-Anne Mullen
 [08/22 3:07:56PM] Dark Grey Medium

Lacey look
Amy Lievers
 [08/22 1:49:25PM] XL, dark grey

Dagny Brown
 [08/22 1:33:38PM] 2 x pink

Lace Go Sweater
Angele Lachance
 [08/22 1:22:15PM] XS Mauve

Megan Bulford
 [08/22 1:17:02PM] Olive-XL

Love me some lace long sleeve T
Jackie Abbott
 [08/22 12:56:44PM] Size small /charcoal grey

Anywhere and Anytime.
Estelle Gravelle
 [08/22 12:46:12PM] XL in Dark Grey

“Lace” talk about it
Danielle Clark
 [08/22 12:19:59PM] Large - dark grey.

Lace deep comfort
Aimee Holtorf
 [08/22 12:18:06PM] Xl and dark grey

Fall Flirting Top; Can't help falling in Love top;
Maxine Mathews
 [08/22 11:48:31AM] S, Olive

Lacy V Sweater
Katharine Morrison
 [08/22 11:29:19AM] 2X -mauve

Lovely Lace, * Soft Comfort, *Pretty Lacey V
Janis Pretty
 [08/22 11:25:59AM] XL, olive

Off to the Laces
Jennifer Dakin
 [08/22 11:14:51AM] olive medium

Rockin Lace top, Lacing In Style top, Edgy and Lacey top, Rock and Rebel Lace
Jennifer Barone
 [08/22 11:06:33AM] Size M in mauve

Neck-lace sweater (necklace sweater)
Krista Measures
 [08/22 11:01:37AM] Olive. Size small

Neck-lace sweater (necklace sweater)
Krista Measures
 [08/22 10:59:42AM] Olive. Size small

Dress it up with a neck-LACE
Corina Franklyn
 [08/22 10:58:35AM] Small olive

In love with lace
Irene Campbell
 [08/22 10:54:15AM] Size M Colour Dark Grey

NeckLACE, the anytime anypLACE sweater
Corina franklyn
 [08/22 10:49:28AM] Small in olive

Lace and comfort v neck top
Wendy Dolton
 [08/22 10:09:53AM] Size lg colour mauve

Fall into Lace
Mandy Begall
 [08/22 9:47:38AM] Medium olive

Stop drop and roll top
Andrea Klein
 [08/22 9:45:23AM] Large olive

Falling in Love
Lisa Quesnelle
 [08/22 9:40:38AM] L Pink

V-Utiful Lace top; Vee-utiful lace top;
Pamela Kraik
 [08/22 9:39:34AM] Small olive

Lace Than No Time
Lindsey Campbell
 [08/22 9:38:17AM] XS olive

Lace Splendid
Shelley Stamm
 [08/22 9:36:39AM] XL and Mauve

Laced with Love
Rosette McLeod
 [08/22 9:35:52AM] Small Mauve

The anywhere top
Stephanie Cavell
 [08/22 9:34:03AM] Mauve XL

All about envy, Lace Vee neck
Robyn Jones
 [08/22 9:26:05AM] Large olive

Icing Sugar V Shirt
Beverley Gray
 [08/22 9:20:10AM] Small-dark grey

Lace with Grace sweater
Rona Tepper
 [08/22 9:20:10AM] Grey size small

Classy Chic
Lisa Williams
 [08/22 9:14:03AM] XL dark gray

Sweet comfort sweater
Rebecca parry
 [08/22 8:59:05AM] Xl mauve

The lace touch
Sarah Hamilton
 [08/22 8:56:38AM] dark grey large

A zig and a zag top
Katherine Fimrite
 [08/22 8:45:37AM] Small charocal

Laced beauty or scalloped beauty or soft and lacy
Patricia Crisby
 [08/22 8:38:33AM] Mauve xl

Love the lace
Donna Veerkamp
 [08/22 8:36:28AM] Large black

Cozy Lacy Top
Liska Stafford
 [08/22 8:22:20AM] xl mauve

Go ahead and flatter V
Janelle Mould
 [08/22 8:21:11AM] Dark Grey small

Laced to a V
Laura Lushington
 [08/22 8:18:11AM] Large, Mauve

Chantilly Lace
Megan kavanaugh
 [08/22 8:07:58AM] Medium & Mauve please

On the fringe sweater
Amanda Ste Croix
 [08/22 8:06:50AM] Small olive

Sunday’s in Fall
Julie Pitre
 [08/22 8:06:27AM] L Grey

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 8:06:21AM] 2XL Dark Grey

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 8:04:41AM] 2XL Dark Grey

That Lace, And All that Lace, V-Lace, Keep Me Lacey
Lisa Krause
 [08/22 7:57:38AM] M olive

The Everyone Lace Sweater
Shawna Lenych
 [08/22 7:40:52AM] dark grey 2XL

Lacey comfort
 [08/22 7:30:43AM] XL Mauve

In the details
Kristin Lyle
 [08/22 7:26:06AM] Small

Casual Pretty Lacey
Nicole Fox
 [08/22 7:21:00AM] Small/Dark Grey

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 7:15:32AM] 2Xl Dark Grey

Neck Laced Sweater
Andrea Allegretto
 [08/22 7:14:13AM] Large pink

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 7:12:19AM] 2XL Dark Grey

Straightlaced Top
Karen Carvell
 [08/22 7:11:21AM] 2XL Dark Grey

Ladies in Lace
Ruth Siemens
 [08/22 7:03:50AM] Large-Grey

Lace to the Top
 [08/22 6:57:25AM] charcoal small

Lounge In Lace Sweater
Lace Powell
 [08/22 6:36:46AM] Large/dark grey

Lavish lace; Basic Lace V-Neck; Versatile V-Neck; Vivacious V-Neck; La Vie en Lace; Lovely with Lace
Kelly Rawson
 [08/22 6:27:24AM] olive 2x

Lace Is How We Do It Top; Autumn Lace; Lacey V Top; Lady Lace
Sara Lotter
 [08/22 6:22:43AM] XL Dark Grey

Peek-a-boo lace v-neck top
Trisha Ciarlo
 [08/22 5:56:17AM] Small mauve

Little bit of Lace, Touch of Lace
Danielle Harris
 [08/22 5:44:00AM] Olive, medium

Lace Me Up
Tristan Mabb
 [08/22 5:28:28AM] Large Dark Grey

Lace & the city pullover
Danielle Thompson
 [08/22 5:25:28AM] Medium & purple

Lacing on the Edge
Tara Campbell
 [08/22 5:17:51AM] M - MAUVE

Laced with Love
Rosette Mcleod
 [08/22 5:09:18AM] Small mauve

Laced with Love
Rosette Mcleod
 [08/22 5:07:08AM] Small mauve

Lacey days - V neck
Barbara Smid
 [08/22 4:58:58AM] Grey- XL

Fancy and V
Laura Klages
 [08/22 4:58:07AM] Grey and large

Lace me tell you something top
Josee Poirier
 [08/22 4:49:01AM] L - Mauve

Lacey Light Desire Sweater
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [08/22 4:31:38AM] Grey M

Lace is more
Nathalie Denicola
 [08/22 1:44:38AM] XS mauve

Heart on her sleave
Melissa Knopp
 [08/22 12:47:08AM] L pink

The sweetheart lacy long sleave
Melissa Knopp
 [08/22 12:46:37AM] L pink

she driVes me Lacey
Shannon Murray
 [08/22 12:02:19AM] Medium dark grey

She driVes me Lacey
Shannon Murray
 [08/21 11:53:33PM] Dark grey medium

All 4 seasons V neck lace
Monica Tang
 [08/21 11:43:28PM] Xs dark grey

Dainty Details Sweater
Lesley Willford
 [08/21 11:03:35PM] 2XL Dark Grey

Fall in Love Lace Top
Alicia de Jager
 [08/21 10:57:49PM] Olive,XS

Work Hard, Lace Hard
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 10:47:51PM] Xxl green

Frill of the Lace
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 10:38:16PM] Xxl green

Lace of Work; Work Lace
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 10:37:31PM] Xxl green

Lace You to It
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 10:33:07PM] Xxl green

Lace a Little Sweater
Tracey Marcil
 [08/21 10:03:46PM] Charcoal large

Little lace, valorous V
Jennifer Ottenbreit
 [08/21 9:02:06PM] Mauve, Medium

Simply Elegant V-neck
Lynn McNiven
 [08/21 8:59:29PM] Large- dark grey

Simple Frills
Lynn Gale McNiven
 [08/21 8:55:11PM] Large dark grey

Loving Lace, Lace Trim My V Neck, Chantilly Lace, Lace My Look
Jackie Sanford
 [08/21 8:26:23PM] XL Dark Grey

Love it or lace it
Deanna Stelting
 [08/21 8:25:43PM] Dark Grey - L

Get up and lace up
katerina papayiannopoulos
 [08/21 8:24:31PM] M olive

Better lace than never top
Courtney Gibson
 [08/21 8:17:02PM] Mauve 2X

Lace track top
Courtney Gibson
 [08/21 8:15:25PM] Mauve 2X

Lace yourself to be comfy!
Tina Cummins
 [08/21 8:15:06PM] Olive Large

Pretty in V sweater
Maria Lento
 [08/21 7:55:51PM] Grey medium

Pretty as Lace V-neck sweater
Maria Lento
 [08/21 7:53:24PM] Dark grey medium

Fool me once sweater
Natalie perrin-Ducharme
 [08/21 7:41:37PM] 2x olive

With The Fringe on Top
Ericka Stapleton
 [08/21 7:35:52PM] Dark Grey XL

Lady Love Lace
Dianne Olson
 [08/21 7:27:26PM] Large Grey

A little bit of love Lace V-Neck sweater
Rachel Curran
 [08/21 7:23:01PM] Dark Gray L

Lazy Lace Top
Tanya Godfrey
 [08/21 7:01:58PM] Dark grey small

My Favourite Neck Lace
Laurel McCloskey
 [08/21 6:54:55PM] Medium Olive

Lace & Love Sweater.
Brenda Yule
 [08/21 6:22:22PM] Med ( khaki green)

"V-Lightful" V-neck sweater
Lisa Pirillo
 [08/21 6:21:52PM] Medium grey

Fall into Lace
Genista Richards
 [08/21 6:14:09PM] Dark grey XL

Lace me away sweater
Gagan Gill
 [08/21 6:10:42PM] medium, olive

All about that lace
 [08/21 6:03:48PM] Olive XL

Fall Into Lace Sweater
Laura Penny
 [08/21 5:54:24PM] Large, dark grey

Love Me and Lace Me
Lindsay Dukelow
 [08/21 5:45:27PM] Small - Olive

Lovely Lace
Bruna Busnello
 [08/21 5:44:16PM] Small - Olive

Flying V
Lisa Martin
 [08/21 5:34:03PM] 2XL Olive

The Flying V
Lisa Martin
 [08/21 5:33:12PM] 2XL Olive

Sarah Hawley
 [08/21 5:20:56PM] L - Mauve

Fall into sexy sweater
Anna Young
 [08/21 5:20:47PM] Olive XL

The Lacey Days Top
Sharon Yetman
 [08/21 5:20:05PM] Large grey

Laced up; laced around; Lace for work; The Lacey Top;
Cheyenne Dumont
 [08/21 5:18:12PM] Small, dark grey

Vivacious Lace
Teri Pound
 [08/21 5:13:34PM] Dark grey 2xl

Edgy Comfort Sweater
Lisa Steenson
 [08/21 5:10:40PM] Large Olive

Lacey day
Lianne Pickhard
 [08/21 5:05:29PM] M dark grey

Comfort and Lace V
Denine Hancock
 [08/21 4:54:14PM] XL dark gray

A Little bit of Grace - something we all need to give ourselves right now!
Marsie Fisk
 [08/21 4:52:00PM] Med Dark grey

Lace Around the Block
Laura McNeice
 [08/21 4:49:42PM] 2xl grey

Leave it to Lacey Sweater
Tracey Marcil
 [08/21 4:44:22PM] mauve LArge

Love it and Lace it Sweater
Tracey Marcil
 [08/21 4:43:13PM] charcoal - large

Tackle me Lacey Top
Michelle Allen
 [08/21 4:43:05PM] Black, medium

Lace All Day
Jenna Littman
 [08/21 4:42:53PM] XL Dark grey

Soft Touch
Jessika Marier
 [08/21 4:33:59PM] Medium, mauve

Light & Lacy v-neck, Pretty in lace top, Love-it with lace v-neck
Carolyn Kenney
 [08/21 4:16:27PM] Olive, small (please!)

Dantelle anyone
Kayla Demers
 [08/21 4:14:52PM] Dark grey

V-lacious luxury top, Fingetastic Top, Elegance Sweater
Michelle McCarthy
 [08/21 4:07:46PM] Olive, Medium

All "LACED" Up
Barbara Quibell
 [08/21 4:07:01PM] Olive 2xl

A trace of Lace top
Melissa Flynn
 [08/21 4:06:40PM] Small and mauve

For the Love of Lace top
Melissa Flynn
 [08/21 4:02:01PM] Small & olive

Hold On & Lace Yourself
Shannon chubby
 [08/21 3:58:05PM] Pink XL

Fiercely Cozy
Whitney Walker
 [08/21 3:56:23PM] XL, Dark Grey

Determined and delicate top
Melissa Flynn
 [08/21 3:56:10PM] Small & dark grey

Just me in my lace vee, lace vee chic
chelsea westbury
 [08/21 3:55:49PM] olive xl

‘Lace is More’ V-Neck
Emily Karandiuk
 [08/21 3:55:13PM] L, dark grey

All Eyes on Lace Top
Danielle Crawley
 [08/21 3:53:45PM] Small lilac

Lace Yourself
Shannon chubby
 [08/21 3:50:58PM] Pink XL

"Sugar & Spice Shirt" or "Lace,Lace Baby"
 [08/21 3:50:44PM] 3X dark Grey

Sugar & Spice V Neck
Caitlyn Faucher
 [08/21 3:50:22PM] mauve large

Live Love Lace Top
Danielle Crawley
 [08/21 3:45:34PM] Small Lilac

Lace Away Top
Danielle Crawley
 [08/21 3:44:16PM] Small lilac

Lace Embrace
Karen Gurney
 [08/21 3:42:42PM] XL DARK GREY

Pretty Vee
Karen Gurney
 [08/21 3:41:09PM] XL dark grey

Light-hearted & Lace sweater
Melissa Flynn
 [08/21 3:34:57PM] Small in Mauve

Lace Trim Lounger
Lia Watkin
 [08/21 3:22:13PM] Large - Mauve

Lovely lace
Debby Shahin-Kubty
 [08/21 3:12:33PM] Xl pink

Lace n' Grace
Kayla miller
 [08/21 3:11:49PM] Dark grey xl/xxl

Lovin the Lace Vee Top
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/21 3:10:21PM] 2XL Mauve

Lacey Vee Top
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/21 3:09:31PM] 2XL Mauve

Touch of Lace Vee Top
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/21 3:08:37PM] 2XL Mauve

Almost Fancy Top
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/21 3:07:15PM] 2XL Mauve

Kinda Fancy Top
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/21 3:06:12PM] 2XL Mauve

The Monroe
 [08/21 3:03:16PM] Olive xl

Lace It To Me
Donna Bush
 [08/21 3:00:34PM] Size small -Dark

Let’s lace to it sweater
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/21 2:43:51PM] Xs Grey

Beauty and the lace sweater
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/21 2:43:09PM] Xs Grey

Soft and Lacey
Trina Payne
 [08/21 2:42:58PM] medium olive

All About That Lace
Michelle Wein
 [08/21 2:41:20PM] XL purple

Peek a Boo Lace
Ecco Watson
 [08/21 2:40:45PM] mauve and XL

Christina Sigouin
Ecco Watson
 [08/21 2:39:50PM] mauve and XL

Lovely in lace
Corina Franklyn
 [08/21 2:38:53PM] Olive in small

Beauty in Lace Sweater
Sarah Armstrong
 [08/21 2:38:38PM] Medium Dark Grey

Essential Sweater with a hint of Lace
Kelly Lowson
 [08/21 2:37:21PM] Olive xl

Lacy Lady Sweater
Crystal Pelletier
 [08/21 2:36:12PM] Dark Grey L

long and lacey
dianne bates
 [08/21 2:34:36PM] 3xl

I love Lacey top
dianne bates
 [08/21 2:33:01PM] 3xl

Lace with Grace top
Christine Richardson
 [08/21 2:31:39PM] Small dark grey

Racey Lacey Top
dianne bates
 [08/21 2:31:27PM] 3xl

Hug me with Lace Top
Dallas Romanchuk
 [08/21 2:30:26PM] small mauve

Chilling at the coffee shop top
Melanie Rumley
 [08/21 2:22:49PM] S, Olive

You had me at lace
Gina Hove
 [08/21 2:21:32PM] XL Olive

Vee Pretty!
Sheri Grier
 [08/21 2:20:59PM] 1x and black

Just a touch of lace
Gina Hove
 [08/21 2:19:09PM] XL Olive

Hint of Lace
Jamie Guze
 [08/21 2:19:07PM] Lg olive

V-Lace, wins the race!
Sharmayne Colvin
 [08/21 2:18:13PM] Mauve XL

Let’s Lace It, Love-Lace, Best Lace Forward, Sweet Seasons, V-Line Casual
Diana Stephens
 [08/21 2:12:28PM] L charcoal

Classy casual shirt
Kimberly rose
 [08/21 2:11:19PM] Xl mauve

Cool & Calm top, Classic comfort anywhere, Soft sophistication too, dainty comfy sweater
 [08/21 2:05:28PM] Extra small mauve/ XS MAUVE

Love At First Lace
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 2:04:35PM] Dark Grey 3X

A Little Bit of Lace
Jennifer Harrison
 [08/21 2:02:42PM] L pink

Lace-Frame Pullover
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 2:02:16PM] Dark Grey 3X

Deb Weiman
 [08/21 1:57:35PM] Large pink

Fall Into Lace
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 1:56:40PM] Dark Grey 3X

Lace Makes The Lady
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 1:54:08PM] Dark Grey 3X

Bat a lash number
Julie fortin
 [08/21 1:52:37PM] Dark grey 3xl

Layers and Lace Sweater
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 1:52:26PM] Dark Grey 3X

Love me some lace sweater
 [08/21 1:52:12PM] Small in olive.

Bat a lash lacey number
Julie fortin
 [08/21 1:51:39PM] Dark grey 3xl

Vintage Neck-Lace Sweater
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 1:49:12PM] Dark Grey 3X

V Is For Vintage Sweater
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/21 1:47:44PM] Dark Grey 3X

Vivacious V
Ashley Oystrick
 [08/21 1:47:42PM] S Dark Grey

Laced from the top
Sally weaver
 [08/21 1:47:31PM] 2xl mauve

Lovely Lace Sweater
KRISTY Haggstrom
 [08/21 1:47:07PM] 2xl mauve

Cherry on Top
Tara Elias
 [08/21 1:41:51PM] M, olive

The Lace be Friends Sweater
Nicole Wood
 [08/21 1:40:37PM] Medium Dark Grey

My Lace or Yours top
Crystal Burke
 [08/21 1:38:31PM] Small Dark grey

Touch of Lace
Christina Sigouin
 [08/21 1:37:58PM] Lrg, dark grey

Lace Talk About It Shirt; Drop It Like It's Lace Top; Fall For Lace Top;
Patricia Brisebois
 [08/21 1:35:49PM] Medium/ Dark Grey

Light and Lacey
Nancy Coles
 [08/21 1:34:14PM] Small Black

Cozy Lacey V
krista lee murray
 [08/21 1:33:52PM] xl dark grey

Lace is more top
Maggi Bruce
 [08/21 1:27:18PM] Small Olive

Fall Featherweight top
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [08/21 1:27:18PM] Olive, Large

Just a touch of lace
Grace Young
 [08/21 1:25:46PM] XS Olive

Dainty Lace
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:25:15PM] 3xl mauve

Kissed with lace
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:23:07PM] 3xl mauve

A vision of lace
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:21:03PM] 3xl mauve

Breathtaking Views Top; Breathtakingly Beautiful Sweater; Swept Up in Lace Top; Swept Up in Elegance Sweater; Up in Elegance Sweater; Eloquently Done Up Sweater ; Embrace the Eloquence Top
April Hunt
 [08/21 1:21:01PM] Mauve; Medium

Lace Get Cozy!
Laura Meisner
 [08/21 1:20:30PM] Olive, large

Gracefully lace
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:19:22PM] 3xl mauve

Lacey days (lazy days)
Amanda Williamson
 [08/21 1:18:26PM] XL dark grey

Lacey love
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:17:36PM] 3xl mauve

IrrepLACEabley cozy
Lauri Fraser
 [08/21 1:16:22PM] 3xl mauve

The frill of it
sonja vanderwood
 [08/21 1:15:49PM] dark gray small :)

Relaxed Places Top; Specially Today Top ; Top of the Morning Sweater; All the Trimmings Sweater Top; All the Trimmings Sweater; All the Trimmings Top ; Today’s Special Sweater
April Hunt
 [08/21 1:12:55PM] Mauve; Medium

Laced to a 'V' ; 'Lacy' day top
Maxine Mathews
 [08/21 1:11:42PM] S, Olive

Lacey all the way
Kyla Johanson
 [08/21 1:09:38PM] L & olive

Pointed V Sweater
Misty reimer
 [08/21 1:07:39PM] Xl brown

Moment in Time Sweater; Always A Woman Top ; You Got It All Girlfriend Sweater ;On Top of It Sweater
April Hunt
 [08/21 1:06:48PM] Mauve; Medium

Scalloped lace V sweater
Dianna Korol
 [08/21 1:04:50PM] XL olive

Lace it Up
Angila Kuehne
 [08/21 1:02:12PM] Large, Mauve

Be Mine for All Time Sweater; Mrs. Valentine Sweater; Frills on Vines Sweater ; Come What May Sweater
April Hunt
 [08/21 1:00:33PM] Mauve; Medium

Lace Is More Sweater
Erika Just
 [08/21 12:58:24PM] 2XL & mauve

Pretty Frilly Sweater; The Sweetheart Sweater
April Hunt
 [08/21 12:55:40PM] Mauve; Medium

Trace of Lace
Ashley Willert
 [08/21 12:50:01PM] Olive or dark grey, large

One of those Lacey days
Warda Hossen
 [08/21 12:46:02PM] Small & pink

Fall You Very Much Sweater
Caley Boyd
 [08/21 12:45:52PM] Medium Mauve

Lace and (or) your place, Lazy in Lace, Falling in Lace, Loose n Lace
Danyell Ochocki
 [08/21 12:43:16PM] 2xl dr grey.

Vivian V-neck
Jackie Geneau
 [08/21 12:40:20PM] 2xl dark grey

Living Luxe in Lace Casual V neck, Luxe and Lace Casual V neck
Ashley Coughlan
 [08/21 12:40:14PM] XS Grey

V-Lacey top
Angela Maidens
 [08/21 12:40:02PM] Dark grey in L

Laced to a V
Angela Maidens
 [08/21 12:38:50PM] Olive in L

Feelin’ Lacey
Stephanie Halldorson
 [08/21 12:38:46PM] Size L, Olive

Any place, Any time Sweater or No Excuse Needed
Erin Shantz
 [08/21 12:38:17PM] small, dark grey

Laced with grace
Megan Holmes
 [08/21 12:38:12PM] XL olive

Lady and Lace
Stephanie Halldorson
 [08/21 12:37:36PM] Size L, Olive

Embraced with Lace Top
Megan Holmes
 [08/21 12:37:32PM] Olive XL

Autumn Robson St Walks
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:36:49PM] medium olive

Stephanie Halldorson
 [08/21 12:36:32PM] Size L, Olive

Lacey downtown stroll top
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:36:12PM] medium olive

falling for lace
Megan Holmes
 [08/21 12:36:00PM] XL mauve

Autumn Neck-Lace Sweater
Sheryl Gray
 [08/21 12:35:26PM] Mauve XL

lace with grace
Megan Holmes
 [08/21 12:35:23PM] XL mauve

Living in Lace Lace Top
Ashley Coughlan
 [08/21 12:35:16PM] XS grey

Autumn Robson St Walks
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:34:24PM] medium olive

Chantilly Vee
DeAnna Lance
 [08/21 12:33:47PM] M & Olive

Supple autumn lace
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:32:30PM] medium olive

tickle my fancy v-neck
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:28:55PM] medium olive

V-latter me with Lace Top
Laura Wanner
 [08/21 12:28:54PM] M grey

“Fall”mance Sweater
Jenn Tolley
 [08/21 12:28:36PM] Medium dark grey

“Fall”mance Sweater
Jenn Tolley
 [08/21 12:27:39PM] medium dark grey

Autumn lace cozy place top
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:26:51PM] medium olive

Casually V-youtiful
Crystal Mackie
 [08/21 12:26:40PM] Grey small

Lace Get Ready for Fall
Amber O’Reilly
 [08/21 12:26:39PM] Grey, xs

Casually sexy sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [08/21 12:25:30PM] Grey small

Lace marks the V top
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:25:21PM] medium olive

Snuggle me in lace
Sandra Coker
 [08/21 12:24:55PM] Large dark grey

I feel pretty sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [08/21 12:24:45PM] Small dark grey

Lacey top
Jeline Wiens
 [08/21 12:23:21PM] Xs, dark grey

Lov’n Life in Lace
Sandra MacIntyre
 [08/21 12:22:08PM] Mauve in Medium

Carry me through the fall top
Vayia Platko
 [08/21 12:21:04PM] medium olive

Enlace the Fall Sweater
Brittany Sargent
 [08/21 12:20:01PM] Medium Mauve

Fringe worthy long sleeve
rena Williamson
 [08/21 12:14:57PM] Pink s

Loving Lace?
Tracey Drachenberg
 [08/21 12:14:12PM] Mauve XL

Peekaboo lace
Kathy Buchanan
 [08/21 12:13:19PM] Small, dark gray

Light & Lacy V neck
Lori Magee
 [08/21 12:13:07PM] L Dark grey

Drop and give me Lace
Crystal Steinman
 [08/21 12:12:37PM] Mauve in Large

Cross your heart
Andrea Stewart
 [08/21 12:10:08PM] XL any

Falling for You
Laura Dutton
 [08/21 12:07:25PM] Large Olive

Embrace The Lace
Susan Schmidt
 [08/21 12:05:56PM] Dark Gray 3x

Lace me up cozy
Helene Legault
 [08/21 12:04:56PM] Dark gray, L

Lovely In Lace
Connie Flaherty
 [08/21 12:03:36PM] Small in Olive

Live for Lace
Christina Spadafora
 [08/21 12:03:09PM] Small cream or taupe

Lace Face or Lacey Face
Jenelle Hinderager
 [08/21 11:59:26AM] L Dark Grey

Life is A Lace Around the Neck
Tina Keenan
 [08/21 11:57:35AM] XL Mauve

Lovely in Lace
Carrie Coon
 [08/21 11:55:08AM] Mauve large

Lace be a Lady Sweater
Patricia (Trish) Belanger
 [08/21 11:54:43AM] 2xl- mauve

Lovely Lace and Lipstick sweater (it's all you need to feel good)
Jennifer Vicencio
 [08/21 11:53:22AM] Dark grey size M or L? I am a size 14-16 (big busted) It says relaxed fit so unsure.

Lacey Elegance
Shannon Burr
 [08/21 11:51:56AM] Large, Olive

Lace and Cozy
Meghan Schuler
 [08/21 11:49:16AM] Medium, lilac

Casual elegance sweater
Melissa Goldie
 [08/21 11:41:55AM] Grey xl

Lisa Pham
 [08/21 11:41:37AM] Size L - Dark Grey

A Touch of Lace
Nicole Cloutier
 [08/21 11:40:40AM] Mauve size Medium

Racy lacy top
Crystal Machan
 [08/21 11:40:30AM] Xl olive

Laced in cozy
Shannon Hutchison
 [08/21 11:37:40AM] Lrg grey

Lace to perfection
Stephanie harris
 [08/21 11:32:17AM] Grey, medium

La Vie En Lace
Caitria Dunn
 [08/21 11:32:07AM] Mauve & medium

A touch of lace
Sara McLean
 [08/21 11:32:00AM] M olive

Long and Lacey
Yvonne carlino
 [08/21 11:31:44AM] Olive XL

Soft and subtle sweater
Danielle Dureault
 [08/21 11:29:16AM] 2XL mauve

Grace me with lace sweater
Amanda Mongeon
 [08/21 11:24:47AM] XL in dark grey

Lacey V, A Dab of Fab Lace V Neck, Soft Lace Sweater, Loving My Lace, Lace in its Place, Foot Loose & Lacey Free
Tracey Dunlop
 [08/21 11:22:42AM] XL Dark Grey

Lace me up Scotty
Crystal Grubb
 [08/21 11:22:38AM] Lg. Dark grey

Touch of Class
Sarah Skillen
 [08/21 11:20:26AM] M Olive

Heaven in a shirt
Carole lafantaisie
 [08/21 11:17:06AM] Large dark grey

Classy sassy & a little lacey sweater
Gina Colombe
 [08/21 11:16:57AM] dark grey large

Sprinkled in lace v-neck
Sarah Chapman
 [08/21 11:15:41AM] Small dark grey

Laced with Love
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [08/21 11:15:08AM] XLDark Grey.

From summer to fall lace
Tania Blackburn
 [08/21 11:10:10AM] XL or 2xl grey

Fall Into V Lace
Chelsea Montgomery
 [08/21 11:10:01AM] Large - Mauve

Lace to the Finish Sweater
Jennifer Holmes
 [08/21 11:08:01AM] XS Dark grey

Frilly Fall Cozy Top
Rebekah Walker
 [08/21 11:07:51AM] 2XL Olive

Lace of warmth
Tania Blackburn
 [08/21 11:06:58AM] Grey XL or 2xl

Falling into Lace
Julie Hoar
 [08/21 11:01:39AM] Mauve XL

Dainty & Laced
Julie Hoar
 [08/21 11:00:50AM] Mauve Large

Lace & Grace
Leah Mann
 [08/21 11:00:31AM] size S Mauve

fall for me sweater
Donna Strasdin
 [08/21 10:59:04AM] xl mauve

Fall into lace sweater, Fall softly into lace sweater
Barbara Goddard
 [08/21 10:48:57AM] size: M, dark grey

lace me softly
Denise Therrien
 [08/21 10:48:34AM] Med

Suits to a V sweater
Krista Rutschmann
 [08/21 10:47:14AM] XL Dark grey

Laced up in you
Tara Macaulay
 [08/21 10:44:50AM] Olive medium

The V-beautiful collections
Kristyn White
 [08/21 10:42:03AM] Large and dark grey

Flirty fall
Tania blackburn
 [08/21 10:41:21AM] XL olive or dark grey

Scalloped beauty
Tania Blackburn
 [08/21 10:38:43AM] Black XL or 1Xl

Feminine comfort
Tania Blackburn
 [08/21 10:38:01AM] Black XL or 1xl

Girly comfort
Tania Blackburn
 [08/21 10:37:21AM] Black XL

Lace into Fall
Katrina Bernardi
 [08/21 10:32:32AM] Olive Medium

Lace me into fall
Samantha Fraser
 [08/21 10:32:30AM] Mauve 2XL

Just A Little Lace sweater
Jennifer Nass
 [08/21 10:31:32AM] Large, dark grey

Fall flare
Jenn vezina
 [08/21 10:28:54AM] Olive XL

Elegant Vacey Sweater
Tammy Carron
 [08/21 10:17:55AM] XL & Dark Grey

Sweet, Sassy & Lacey
Tammy Carron
 [08/21 10:16:43AM] XL & Dark Grey

Fall with class lace sweater
Amanda Mongeon
 [08/21 10:16:32AM] XL in dark grey

See you Lacey
Tammy Carron
 [08/21 10:15:55AM] XL & Dark Grey

Vlacious sweater
Tara Sarsfield
 [08/21 10:15:26AM] Xl dark grey

Trace of Lace, Trace of Lace V-Neck, Trace of Lace Light Sweater, or Lace Tracing V-Neck Sweater
Ashley MacGregor
 [08/21 10:13:03AM] 2XL Dark Grey

Lacey V Cozy Sweater
Ashley Edwardson
 [08/21 10:12:02AM] xs dark grey

Lacey plunge
Christina valiquette
 [08/21 10:11:53AM] Medium mauve

V Lacey
Laura Kent
 [08/21 10:11:08AM] Dark Grey M

Lace me softly
Tara Sarsfield
 [08/21 10:10:21AM] Xl dark grey

Dreamy Days Sweater, Romance It Up Sweater, All Day & All Night Sweater
Vincent Riccio
 [08/21 10:09:37AM] Olive Small

All Day & All Night Sweater, Romance It Up Sweater, Dreamy Days Sweater
Vanessa Riccio
 [08/21 10:08:18AM] Small Olive

All Day and All Night Sweater, Dreamy Sweater, Romance It Up Sweater, All Romance Sweater
Vanessa Riccio
 [08/21 10:06:40AM] Small olive

Fall with Grace
Tina Stasyshyn
 [08/21 10:06:18AM] M Black

Lacey Dayz Sweater
Ashley Johnson
 [08/21 10:05:38AM] 2XL

Easy Breezy V
Kelsey stewart
 [08/21 10:05:25AM] Large gray

Lacey Days
Adrienne Lunn
 [08/21 10:04:30AM] Size M, Mauve

Lace Be Comfy
Adrienne Lunn
 [08/21 10:04:06AM] Size M, Mauve

A Place for Lace Sweater, A Pretty Little Piece Sweater, Pretty Lacey V-Neck, Lots of Lace Sweater, Lovely Lacey Sweater, Delicately Lovely Lace Sweater
Vanessa Riccio
 [08/21 10:01:38AM] Small Olive

Lace of Hearts
 [08/21 10:01:33AM] Size M, Pink

From the office to night out on the town
Noella Wright
 [08/21 10:00:54AM] XS mauve

Live Love and Lace Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [08/21 9:57:52AM] XL, Dark Grey

Shark bite sweater
Jennifer Soos
 [08/21 9:57:36AM] olive 2xl

Lovely Lacey
Janna Thomson
 [08/21 9:56:32AM] Mauve 2XL

Very Necessary V Neck Sweater
Michelle McMillan
 [08/21 9:56:00AM] Small, Olive

Lightweight Lacey
Janna Thomson
 [08/21 9:55:27AM] Mauve XXL

Lace Be Honest Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [08/21 9:51:55AM] XL, Dark Grey

 [08/21 9:50:33AM] M & olive

Cozy laced sweater
Trish Fraser
 [08/21 9:50:00AM] M black

Please Tulle Meet You
Amy Moore
 [08/21 9:48:32AM] xs in dark grey

The Fringe
Susan Ongaro
 [08/21 9:44:55AM] Black 2XL

The Fringe
Susan Ongaro
 [08/21 9:44:55AM] Black 2XL

Softest Fall V Neck
Jacquie Middleton
 [08/21 9:44:43AM] Olive large

Tulle We Meet Again, Famous Lace Words,
Amy Moore
 [08/21 9:44:38AM] XS in dark grey

Embrace the Lace V neck, A Lace Embrace V neck
Nikole Schmelter
 [08/21 9:43:43AM] Med grey

Elegant Comfort
Suanne Blackwood
 [08/21 9:43:04AM] Large Dark Grey

That Lacy Sunday sweater
Garima Kalra
 [08/21 9:38:46AM] S Olive

Just A Trace of Lace
Clara Gann
 [08/21 9:38:20AM] Medium pink please

That Lacy Sunday sweater
Garima Kalra
 [08/21 9:37:58AM] S olive

C’est La V
Lindsay Dahlen
 [08/21 9:37:19AM] Mauve Large

That Lacy Sunday sweater
Garima Kalra
 [08/21 9:37:05AM] S olive

Immense holiday
Melissa Nolin
 [08/21 9:36:31AM] Small dark grey

Classy lace v neck
Laurie Stevens
 [08/21 9:34:57AM] S

Susan chan
 [08/21 9:34:52AM] olive/ medium

Lacey Days Ahead
Amanda Clarke
 [08/21 9:34:16AM] Medium olive

Sassy in comfort
Christina Holitzki
 [08/21 9:33:26AM] Small pink

Lacy Envy, Lace All Day, A Touch of Lace, Pretty in Lace
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [08/21 9:31:49AM] XS & Olive

V satile (play on versatile)
Debra Tatomir
 [08/21 9:31:48AM] Grey xl

Peekaboo Lacy
Cheryl Cook
 [08/21 9:31:41AM] Gray small

Live, Love and Lace v-neck sweater; Lacing Around v-neck sweater; A Lace for All Seasons v-neck sweater;
Stephanie Gilbert
 [08/21 9:30:47AM] Large, Mauve

Softest Fall V Neck;
Jacquie Middleton
 [08/21 9:29:23AM] Olive large

All the Frills Sweater
Tanya Hansen
 [08/21 9:29:21AM] Olive L

Lace Lace Baby
Kristy Goltes
 [08/21 9:28:57AM] XS - Olive

Softest Fall V Neck;
Jacquie Middleton
 [08/21 9:28:39AM] Olive large

Soft & Lacey casual V
Heather McAuley
 [08/21 9:26:00AM] L Dark Grey

Just A Trace of Lace Sweater
Clara Gann
 [08/21 9:25:27AM] Medium pink please

Petite but sweet
Alycia Reynolds
 [08/21 9:23:18AM] Large, Mauve

For the Love of Lace
Amy Lindgren
 [08/21 9:20:33AM] Large and dark grey

Light 'n Lacy
Erin Crawford
 [08/21 9:19:27AM] Mauve, 3XL

Lacey about you
Crystal Jessen
 [08/21 9:19:19AM] Small, Dark Grey

Darling element
Alycia Reynolds
 [08/21 9:14:34AM] Large, Mauve

That Lacy Sunday sweater
Garima Kalra
 [08/21 9:09:09AM] S olive

Keep it casual
Tasia Charawich
 [08/21 9:07:50AM] Xl olive

Drop into Lace
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/21 9:07:22AM] Xs, dark grey

Fringe Benefits, Live Simply top
Natasha Mayes
 [08/21 9:06:54AM] Large mauve

That Lacy Sunday sweater
Garima Kalra
 [08/21 9:06:31AM] S olive

Fringe Benefits, Live Simply top
Natasha Mayes
 [08/21 9:05:58AM] Large mauve

Edge of fall sweater
Lacey Bartholow
 [08/21 9:05:56AM] Olive xl

Touch of Délicate Sweater
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [08/21 9:05:47AM] Mauve size L

Edge of fall sweater
Lacey Bartholow
 [08/21 9:05:34AM] Olive xl

A Feminine Touch
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/21 9:05:04AM] Xs, mauve

Touch of Délicate Sweater
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [08/21 9:05:01AM] Mauve size L

Touch of Lace
Kristina Van Egmond
 [08/21 9:03:27AM] Small grey

Soft ‘n classy
Carolyn Pera
 [08/21 9:03:20AM] XL grey

Belladonna ( means beautiful lady)
Carol Hampton
 [08/21 9:01:06AM] Med, mauve

Lace me up, Frill me all day long
Amy Restoule
 [08/21 9:00:56AM] Medium in Mauve

Bonfire and Chill
Amber Johnston
 [08/21 8:59:38AM] Small & Olive

Lovely Lace
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/21 8:53:18AM] Xs, olive

lovelace v-neck
Brenda Kraneveldt
 [08/21 8:52:57AM] Dark grey in large

Diana - because she was always so elegant and in style and relateable, Grace and Lace,
Laura Reynolds
 [08/21 8:52:52AM] medium olive

Cupid’s touch
Nicole Stark
 [08/21 8:51:51AM] XL dark grey

Lovely Lace
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/21 8:49:45AM] Xs, olive

Tickle Me Fancy
Kelli Wilson
 [08/21 8:48:02AM] S in Dark Grey

Are you for frill? Sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [08/21 8:47:43AM] Mauve m

What a frill sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [08/21 8:46:58AM] Lilac m

Femme fatale sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [08/21 8:46:10AM] Lilac m

Amazing Lace Sweater
Tasneem Saloojee
 [08/21 8:45:17AM] Grey Medium

Lacy on up!
Shauna Brady
 [08/21 8:44:33AM] Large / Mauve

Lacey Daze Sweater
Tasneem Saloojee
 [08/21 8:42:36AM] Grey Medium

Delicate for Fall sweater, lace dreams,
Rachael Bryson
 [08/21 8:42:18AM] 3XL, dark grey

Lace up and go Sweater, light and Lacy sweater,
Karen Lang
 [08/21 8:42:17AM] Medium- Black

Lace Is More Sweater
Lisa Cuglietta
 [08/21 8:41:05AM] Xl olive

Touch of lace top, fall romance top, V-eyeing you up,
Kimberly Dennis
 [08/21 8:40:44AM] Large dark grey

Touch of lace top, fall romance top, V-eyeing you up,
Kimberly Dennis
 [08/21 8:40:21AM] Large dark grey

Melissa Frank
 [08/21 8:38:13AM] Mauve 2x

Embrace the lace
Lynda Wilk
 [08/21 8:37:33AM] Large, mauve

A little lace is a little more
Amanda Stephens
 [08/21 8:37:27AM] Dark Grey XL

don’t be lace top, don’t v lace top, don’t vee lace top
 [08/21 8:36:13AM] large olive

Falling for you
Jill Edmunds
 [08/21 8:35:36AM] Size XL & olive

Here today Lace tomorrow
Kristin Frombach
 [08/21 8:34:46AM] Mauve Large

Fall lace top, lacy fall top, hello autumn
Melinda Leifso
 [08/21 8:33:44AM] Xl dark grey

Love Me Lace Top
Mélanie Leblanc
 [08/21 8:32:57AM] Small & grey

A long walk top
Erica Walsh
 [08/21 8:32:17AM] L dark grey

Peep-of-Lace Sweater
Katy Kauth
 [08/21 8:32:02AM] 2XL Olive

Enchanted Lace Top, Stylish Lace, Lace Love, Lace For Days/Nights, Lace Touch, Vintage Lace Touch, V-Lace, Style with Lace, Style&Lace, Lace It With Style
Samantha S.
 [08/21 8:31:54AM] L, dark grey

All of the lace
Erica Walsh
 [08/21 8:31:45AM] L dark grey

All of the lave
Erica Walsh
 [08/21 8:31:18AM] L dark grey

Lace Appeal Sweater
Sheila Arnold
 [08/21 8:31:06AM] 3x dark grey

don’t be lace sweater
 [08/21 8:30:42AM] large olive

Lace in shades
Amanda Collard
 [08/21 8:30:20AM] L in olive

Lacie Gracie Sweater
Emily Buss
 [08/21 8:29:59AM] XL mauve

The Sexy Slouch Shirt
Veronica Teneycke
 [08/21 8:29:48AM] MEDIUM PINK PLEASE!

Stylish Lace, Lace Love, Lace For Days/Nights, Lace Touch, Vintage Lace Touch, V-Lace, Style with Lace, Style&Lace, Lace It With Style
Samantha S
 [08/21 8:29:38AM] L, Dark Grey

Life is better in lace sweater
Alyshia Bisier
 [08/21 8:29:02AM] Dark Grey; 2XL

Delicately laced to go
Grace Young
 [08/21 8:28:30AM] XS Dark grey

Stylish Lace, Lace Love, Lace For Days/Nights, Lace Touch, Vintage Lace Touch, V-Lace, Style with Lace, Style&Lace, Lace It With Style
Samantha S.
 [08/21 8:28:00AM] L, Dark Grey

All About That Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:27:56AM] 3XL gray

Lace Get Together Top
Joanne Kolstad
 [08/21 8:27:41AM] 3XL dark grey

Little bit of lace top
Chelsea McClurg
 [08/21 8:27:30AM] Medium mauve

Lace & Relax sweater
Joani Crews
 [08/21 8:27:22AM] Xl or 2xl Olive (usually 1xl)

Lovely Lace Vneck sweater, Lacey love Vneck sweater, Lucky with lace Vneck sweater
Shannon Strachan
 [08/21 8:27:09AM] XL Dark grey

Laceophile for a While
Meghan Rose
 [08/21 8:26:37AM] XS dark grey

Ooh La Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:26:06AM] 3XL gray

La La Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:25:44AM] 3xl gray

V Still My Heart
Becky Barthelette
 [08/21 8:25:31AM] Large Mauve

La Vida Lace, La Vida Lacey
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:25:16AM] gray 3xl

A Touch of Elegance
Michelle Yeates
 [08/21 8:24:54AM] Size Small in Olive

Living La Vida Lace, Living La Vida Lacey
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:24:37AM] 3xl gray

Light Lace
Carmella Hood
 [08/21 8:24:20AM] Dark grey medium

The Sensual top, Sweetheart sweater, Enchantress sweater
Sarah McDuff
 [08/21 8:24:09AM] small in Olive

Love the Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:23:30AM] 3xl gray

Versatile V lace
Katie Bailas
 [08/21 8:23:24AM] Large Olive

Lace-y Days Top, Oh La-Lace top, Pure bliss top, Enchantment Top, Transitional Top, Day to Night top
Janine Grant
 [08/21 8:23:24AM] M, Dark Grey

Living for Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:22:59AM] 3XL Gray

Chill'n Lacey V
Jamie Allen
 [08/21 8:22:08AM] M in olive

Follow your heart
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:21:23AM] 3xl gray

Gone in a wink Lacey sweater
 [08/21 8:20:19AM] Medium mauve

Lacey autumn day
Tracy Carnegie
 [08/21 8:20:01AM] L mauve

Just a touch of lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:19:52AM] 3XL gray

V is for VA VA Voom
Jelaine Ralph
 [08/21 8:19:49AM] L Olive

Lacey Hazy Summer Daze, Lovely In Lace, Lined With Lace, Made With Love & Lace
Tara Kennedy
 [08/21 8:19:29AM] Large & Mauve

Sunday Stroll Lace Tee
Shawna Ollenberger
 [08/21 8:19:26AM] Small Mauve

Lace-zy Sunday Sweater
Chelsea barker
 [08/21 8:19:01AM] Size xs color olive

Lovely Lace
Courtney Eisel
 [08/21 8:18:55AM] 3xl gray

The Lacey, Lace and More
Erin Dragon
 [08/21 8:17:49AM] Large Dark Grey

Lace Get Lost Tonight
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 8:17:41AM] Xxl green

Cozy Lace-y V
Dana Hendry
 [08/21 8:17:10AM] XL & Mauve

Scandalacely Yours Sweater (scandalous word play)
Valerie Lichty
 [08/21 8:17:02AM] large - colour undetermined :)

Laciful Top, Lacily Brilliant Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/21 8:16:10AM] Olive, small

Vee Drop
Wendy Hanaka
 [08/21 8:16:00AM] xs pink

Lace-zy Sunday Sweater
Chelsea Barker
 [08/21 8:15:54AM] Size xs in Olive

Lace Yourself Go; Lace Your Guard Down; Lace It Go; Lace It Be; Lace Play; Lace Call It a Night; Lace Stay In; Lace Party
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 8:15:45AM] 2XL Green

The Fancy Free Lightweight Sweater
Cindy Neufeld
 [08/21 8:15:22AM] Small/olive

Laurie Mueller
 [08/21 8:14:45AM] XL in Dark Grey

Lace me up Top
Megan Kelso
 [08/21 8:14:43AM] XL grey

The Fancy Free Sweater
Cindy Neufeld
 [08/21 8:14:32AM] Small/Olive

Light and Lacie V obsession Sweater
Candace Carriere
 [08/21 8:14:00AM] Medium / mauve or dark grey??

Heather Robert
 [08/21 8:13:19AM] Medium, olive

Eye Lace You; Eyeing You
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [08/21 8:13:16AM] Large, olive

Fall in Love with Lace top, Falling back in Lace top,
Angela Smiley
 [08/21 8:13:00AM] Dark Grey XL

Lacey comfort
Kaeli Seward
 [08/21 8:12:58AM] Dark Grey medium

Crazy little thing called lace
Kristy Stebbings
 [08/21 8:12:44AM] XL Dark Grey

Light and Lace
Kathy Greenhalgh
 [08/21 8:12:23AM] m dark grey

Lace the day sweater
Julianne tait
 [08/21 8:12:18AM] olive xl

I V-lace’n Around
Lindsay Krisa
 [08/21 8:11:54AM] Large or XL grey

With a touch of lace
Zoe Welsh
 [08/21 8:11:44AM] Dark Grey in Small

Embrace a lil lace top
Liz Arlette
 [08/21 8:11:41AM] small pink

Touch of Lace
 [08/21 8:11:31AM] Black size small

Eyelash tea
 [08/21 8:11:26AM] L & camel coloured

Eyelash tea
 [08/21 8:10:52AM] L & camel coloured

Embrace a lil lace sweater
Liz Arlette
 [08/21 8:10:46AM] small pink

Love & Lace Top
Kristy Graham
 [08/21 8:10:21AM] Large Dark Grey

Lined with Lace, Can’t Spell Love Without V
Tera Dahl
 [08/21 8:10:21AM] Small, olive

Trace of Lace
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 8:10:16AM] Green 2XL

Lace is More Top
Leslie Welch
 [08/21 8:09:47AM] Pink size small

Send My Love to Your New Sweatee
Jenn Haviland
 [08/21 8:09:46AM] Green 2XL

Lace is More
Sara Beeson
 [08/21 8:09:03AM] Large olive

Chase the Lace
Judi Wearing
 [08/21 8:08:19AM] XL - Dark Grey

Forever Yours Shirt
Kristy Graham
 [08/21 8:08:00AM] large and mauve

Lacey Days Top, Feel Free to be Lacey Top, Lace Around Top,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/21 8:07:46AM] Olive, small

Lacey Days Tops
Sarah Grayman
 [08/21 8:06:42AM] dark grey small

Lace (Race ;) ) into Fall
Brandi Shiels
 [08/21 8:05:17AM] L and Olive

Lace V up sweater
Tracy Fisher
 [08/21 8:03:55AM] small - mauve

Flirty Frill
Bronwyn Wilson
 [08/21 8:03:46AM] L Olive

Frill of the Chase sweater
Lindsey Janssen
 [08/21 8:02:14AM] Medium Olive

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