Faux Suede Belted Jacket
August 14, 2020

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Total of 371 Entries
Congratulations to Kelly Koshinsky, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Friend or Faux Jacket!

Up-town Jacket
Jo Finnie
 [08/16 9:25:27AM] Mauve S

Killing Me Softly
Kelly MacIntyre
 [08/16 8:57:51AM] Blue, small

Don't Suede About It
Victoria Harris
 [08/16 8:36:00AM] Large - Oatmeal

Falling softly jacket
Melanie Rumley
 [08/16 8:28:12AM] XS, navy

Sassy, classy suede jacket
Suzanne Lodermeier
 [08/16 8:09:25AM] Size medium - Navy

Suede all day
Jaime Beyak
 [08/16 5:25:33AM] Medium & Navy

"Girls Night Out"
Holly Renouf
 [08/16 2:55:50AM] XL, Navy

Suede feelings
Candace Trites
 [08/15 9:33:28PM] Navy xs

Suede with Me Jacket
Cori Oracheski
 [08/15 8:25:12PM] Large, mauve

Suede Me Into Fall
Desiree Rafer
 [08/15 7:56:00PM] Small Oatmeal

Suede With Me
Desiree Rafer
 [08/15 7:55:33PM] Small Oatmeal

Suede Me Away
Desiree Rafer
 [08/15 7:54:19PM] Small Oatmeal

Soft Suede Topper
Melissa Robertson
 [08/15 6:55:38PM] Medium, Oatmeal

PerSuede Me Jacket
Melissa Stevens
 [08/15 6:29:43PM] Mauve , M

Soft Sophistication, Suede Dreams
Maria Boonstra
 [08/15 6:24:46PM] Navy, medium

The Art of Persuasion (Per-suede-sion) Jacket
Kiirsti Stilla
 [08/15 5:29:45PM] Large navy

Short and Sassy Suede Jacket
Wanda Thorpe
 [08/15 3:14:05PM] 2x Navy

For Faux Sake
Karen Carvell
 [08/15 2:17:39PM] XL navy

Fabulously chic jacket
Lyndsey Baker
 [08/15 1:49:48PM] Navy, Large

The “Oh Faux Sure” jacket
Lindsay Ostritchenko
 [08/15 1:45:21PM] Navy XL

The “Oh Faux Sure” jacket
Lindsay Ostritchenko
 [08/15 1:41:20PM] Navy XL

Never a “Faux Pas”
Cathy Sherlock
 [08/15 1:02:55PM] Small oatmeal

Christina Kurtz
 [08/15 12:12:00PM] Large navy

Diggin It
Christina Kurtz
 [08/15 12:11:22PM] Large navy

Night Out
Christina Kurtz
 [08/15 12:10:45PM] Large navy

Suede With Me
Mandy Canning
 [08/15 11:54:53AM] Navy - XL

Fauxget Me Not
Josy Renaud
 [08/15 11:53:38AM] L, oatmeal

Swing it cowgirl
Amy Campbell
 [08/15 10:44:32AM] Small, pink

Collar me beautiful belted jacket
Tammy Phythian
 [08/15 10:30:50AM] XL navy

Collars of fall belted jacket
Tammy Phythian
 [08/15 10:29:52AM] XL navy

The shade of suede
Shauna Brady
 [08/15 10:16:33AM] Large / navy

Top it off Jacket
Kim Barber
 [08/15 9:40:49AM] XL Navy

Suede and Sassy
 [08/15 9:21:21AM] Navy xl

Start Up - it looks like a great piece for a budding entrepreneur!
Kaitlyn Steele
 [08/15 9:13:11AM] Probably M, navy

Suede Dreams, Sophisticated Suede, Socialite, The Boss,
Haley Crofton-Sleigh
 [08/15 8:40:07AM] XL Navy

You complete me Jacket
Ashley McGregor
 [08/15 8:38:42AM] Mauve Medium

Per-seude Me Jacket
Andrea Graham
 [08/15 8:30:26AM] L, Navy

Non Faux Pas jacket
Denise Starling
 [08/15 8:29:07AM] large blue

Faux Show to Wow
Alicia Price
 [08/15 8:21:42AM] L, Mauve

Katie Sample
 [08/15 8:20:37AM] XL navy

Caitlin krekoski
 [08/15 8:20:09AM] L oatmeal

Per-suede me jacket
Caitlin krekoski
 [08/15 8:18:54AM] L oatmeal

Belt it out jacket
Caitlin krekoski
 [08/15 8:17:56AM] L oatmeal

Shades of suede jacket
lia abbott
 [08/15 8:15:17AM] black medium

I Suede I need this jacket!
Carrie Coon
 [08/15 7:43:09AM] Oatmeal Large

Suede All Day
Devan Weber
 [08/15 7:39:32AM] Navy XL

Pur-suede me, pur-sueded
Lynnelle Friesen
 [08/15 7:10:36AM] Small / pink

The collars of fall belted jacket
Tammy Phythian
 [08/15 6:33:25AM] Navy XL

Wear it like you mean it Suede Jacket
Amanda Zimny
 [08/15 6:13:44AM] Small Navy

Faux-suede me into softness
Sydney Sabourin
 [08/15 6:07:29AM] Pink size M /L if it runs about small

The Soft Touch Blazer, Cat’s Meow Blazer
Jody Nordman
 [08/15 4:51:22AM] Blue, size L

Shake It Up Suede
Lourdes Dubois
 [08/15 4:48:58AM] Medium / Mauve

Best in Show (Belted Jacket)
Nicole Appleby
 [08/15 4:28:57AM] Large/Oatmeal

Friend or Faux Jacket
Kelly Koshinsky
 [08/15 1:58:11AM] Medium navy

Ready, Set Suede Jacket!
Carla Beaulac
 [08/14 11:06:21PM] XL oatmeal

Chillin Her Softly Faux Suede Belted Jackets
Jolene Lazaro
 [08/14 10:47:53PM] Small Navy

Suede away with me jacket
Veronica kish
 [08/14 10:29:07PM] Small, mauve

Suede me into fall
Veronica kish
 [08/14 10:27:59PM] Small, mauve

My per-suede-ion jacket
Crystal Mackie
 [08/14 10:25:40PM] Blue small

Per-suede jacket
Crystal Mackie
 [08/14 10:24:09PM] Small blue

Sunday best
Crystal Mackie
 [08/14 10:22:50PM] Blue small

Draped Over You
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/14 10:19:53PM] Xs, oatmeal

Softly & Beautifully Draped
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/14 10:17:45PM] Xs, oatmeal

Biz Suede Casual
Tasneem Saloojee
 [08/14 9:53:35PM] Navy L

Suede Sophistication
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/14 9:44:34PM] Xs, mauve

Softly & Beautifully Draped
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/14 9:42:09PM] Xs, mauve

Softly & beautifully Draped
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/14 9:41:16PM] Xs, mauve

Brittany Sargent
 [08/14 9:32:38PM] Medium Mauve

Softer than suede
Chelsea mcclurg
 [08/14 9:26:57PM] navy medium

Soft & Foxy
Kristy Curtis
 [08/14 9:14:28PM] Med Mauve Thanks!!!

Super Sweet Suede Softness
Kathy Phillips
 [08/14 8:28:31PM] Small / Navy

Suede Persuasion
Colleen Liddle
 [08/14 8:26:38PM] Medium Navy

Doin' it Right Jacket
Crystal Pelletier
 [08/14 8:26:05PM] Navy - L

You’ve got this blazer
Natalie perrin-ducharme
 [08/14 8:14:59PM] Xl navy

Al-suede look on the bright side jacket
Melissa Cabezas
 [08/14 8:14:19PM] XL Mauve

Suede Armor
Kelsey Garber
 [08/14 8:11:47PM] Medium navy

Got It Made in Suede
Donna Shaddick
 [08/14 8:10:04PM] Pink. Medium

Fauxsuede me jacket
Caitlin Krekoski
 [08/14 8:04:23PM] L oatmeal

You got this jacket
Caitlin krekoski
 [08/14 8:02:41PM] L oatmeal

Suede Softly
Carla Hale
 [08/14 8:00:15PM] Blue

It’s Faux Sueded
Brandi Shiels
 [08/14 7:58:28PM] Medium in Navy

Per-Saude-Me Anytime Jacket
Julie Odia
 [08/14 7:57:37PM] 2XL. Pink

No Shade Faux Suede
Cynthia Peyson Wahl
 [08/14 7:52:08PM] XL Navy

No Shade Suede
Cynthia Peyson Wahl
 [08/14 7:50:27PM] XL Navy

So Suede On You
 [08/14 7:46:39PM] Mauve XL

Collar me beautiful
Tammy Phythian
 [08/14 7:39:55PM] Navy XL

Collar me beautiful
Tammy Phythian
 [08/14 7:37:58PM] Navy XL

No Faux Pas Here Jacket
Tara Babcock
 [08/14 7:37:28PM] L- mauve

Wrap Me Softly
 [08/14 7:36:11PM] Small Mauve

Collar me beautiful
Tammy Phythian
 [08/14 7:35:46PM] Navy XL

olivia vaccaro
 [08/14 7:26:36PM] XL

The Juniper Jacket
Olivia Vaccaro
 [08/14 7:26:11PM] XL

The Robin Jacket
olivia vaccaro
 [08/14 7:25:34PM] XL

The Carter Jacket
olivia vaccaro
 [08/14 7:24:05PM] XL

Smooth operator suede jacket
dana lean
 [08/14 7:08:50PM] blue large

Tie Me Softly
Kyla Gariepy
 [08/14 6:59:45PM] XL Pink

Soft-isticated faux
Krystal Wiley
 [08/14 6:55:08PM] XL Navy

Blue suede bluez
Suzane Braun
 [08/14 6:48:17PM] Size xl

Suede Devine belted Jacket , night on the town suede jacket,business or casual suede belted jacket ,lovely suede belted jacket,Make you want to move suede belted jacket,sweet dreams suede jacket ,move you suede jacket
Melina Tatchell
 [08/14 6:47:27PM] L Navy

I can’t be suede, pur-suede me, shade of suede
Keira kucherean
 [08/14 6:46:56PM] Lg navy or oatmeal

I can’t be suede, don’t try to suede me, pur-suede me
Keira Kucherean
 [08/14 6:45:00PM] Lg

Easily Suede
Chelcy Gust
 [08/14 6:24:13PM] Small navy

The Uptown Suede Jacket
Stacey Schwickrath
 [08/14 6:14:16PM] XL pink

Per”suede” me Jacket
Stacey Schwickrath
 [08/14 6:13:40PM] XL pink

Sassy in Suede
Stacey Schwickrath
 [08/14 6:11:31PM] XL pink

Soft as Butter jacket; Buttercup Jacket;
Kate Abraham
 [08/14 5:52:14PM] Medium navy

Can you Be Suede to love me?
Sue Weir
 [08/14 5:46:33PM] Mauve XL

The Feng Suade Jacket
Josiah Prouten
 [08/14 5:43:59PM] M MAUVE

Make It Happen Suede Jacket; Autumn Breeze Belted Jacket; No Limits Belted Jacket
Nicole Antrim
 [08/14 5:32:48PM] Size Small & Navy

PerSuede Me
Millie White
 [08/14 5:32:10PM] XL & Navy

Make It Happen Suede Jacket; Autumn Breeze Belted Jacket; No Limits Belted Jacket
Nicole Antrim
 [08/14 5:32:03PM] Size Small & Navy

Sweet & Suede
Taryn Walker
 [08/14 5:25:07PM] XL Navy

Suede It Again Jacket; Suede With Me Jacket
Erika Just
 [08/14 5:11:54PM] XL & mauve

Persuade Me Jacket
Jenni Qureshi
 [08/14 5:04:35PM] Navy Medium

Velvet blue jacket
Patricia Werbicki
 [08/14 5:01:24PM] blue large

Business or pleasure? Jacket
Corinne Moore
 [08/14 4:45:21PM] Size L navy

Business or pleasure? Jacket
Corinne Moore
 [08/14 4:44:22PM] Size L navy

Faux Seasons Suede Jacket, Faux Seasons Jacket, Fo Suede for you, Faux Suede for you, Faux Suede Me Jacket
Jana Marnoch
 [08/14 4:40:51PM] Navy Large

Showing my softer side
Summer Manca
 [08/14 4:40:14PM] Navy L

Sassy Business
Amanda Poirier
 [08/14 4:39:10PM] Navy XL

All you need
Summer Manca
 [08/14 4:38:45PM] Navy L

I've been peSUEDEd
Summer Manca
 [08/14 4:37:59PM] Navy L

Sassy suede
Delilah Aubin
 [08/14 4:30:51PM] XL Navy

Cover Me Cozy
Amanda Hebert
 [08/14 4:22:02PM] xl, Oatmeal

Totally Under Suede; Sueded Dreams; Miss Under-Suede;
Susan Constantine
 [08/14 4:18:54PM] Mauve XL

Belt it Out Jacket!
Ingrid Pedersen
 [08/14 4:00:53PM] Blue -large

Collarific jacket
Nicolle Parsons
 [08/14 3:54:46PM] XL Mauve

Sassy and soft jacket
Nicolle Parsons
 [08/14 3:53:38PM] XL Mauve

Belt it out jacket
Nicolle Parsons
 [08/14 3:52:13PM] XL Mauve

Collar Me Suede Belted Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:51:40PM] Navy: Large

Beauty and The Suede Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:49:36PM] Navy; Large

Beltway Suede Jacket ; Suede Me Away Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:47:51PM] Oatmeal: large

Persuaded Away Faux Jacket; The Faux and Suede Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:44:40PM] Navy: Large

Cinch Me I Must Be Dreaming
Tara Kennedy
 [08/14 3:43:48PM] Large and Oatmeal

Per-suede Me Jacket ; Beautifully Per-sueded Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:39:34PM] Oatmeal- Large

Foxy Roxy Jacket ; Fauxy Roxy Belted Jacket
April Hunt
 [08/14 3:36:13PM] Large : Navy

Simply Suede Everyday Jacket
Kelly Lowson
 [08/14 3:28:08PM] Xl in Navy

Suede dreams, open face collar, lapel love
Stacy Greening
 [08/14 3:21:05PM] M in mauve

Persuade me jacket
Annette O’Brian
 [08/14 3:15:32PM] Large blue

Bo Derek Bolero
Premita Saran
 [08/14 2:50:45PM] XL Navy

Flip Side Suede jacket/ Suede Dreams Wrap Jacket
Kim Cameron
 [08/14 2:47:22PM] Oatmeal size large please

Easily Suede Belted Jacket
Katherine Sutherland
 [08/14 2:35:23PM] Mauve - small

Suede You Very Much
Caley Boyd
 [08/14 2:28:19PM] Medium pink

Persuede me jacket
Kelly Mitchell
 [08/14 2:12:24PM] Xl navy

Faux Me Knot Jacket
Kym Readman
 [08/14 2:04:18PM] XL, Navy

Persuade Me every day !
Christina Spadafora
 [08/14 2:01:29PM] Small and black or pink

Finishing Touch Jacket
Emily Formica
 [08/14 2:00:40PM] medium oatmeal

Dare To Be Suede Jacket
Kym Readman
 [08/14 2:00:26PM] XL , Navy

Suede Me Over Jacket
Patricia Brisebois
 [08/14 1:53:56PM] Large/Oatmeal

Belt for Success
Jenna Mulholland
 [08/14 1:42:33PM] Navy XL

Suede me away
Sally Weaver
 [08/14 1:38:32PM] Xl mauve

Hearts-a-Flutter Jacket
Shannon Strachan
 [08/14 1:38:04PM] Navy XL

Hearts-a-flutter Jacket
Shannon Strachan
 [08/14 1:36:22PM] Navy XL

Perfect Per’suede’ion
Bonnie Scheller
 [08/14 1:34:27PM] Large, Navy

Suede seduction, belted perfection
Linsey DeMontigny
 [08/14 1:31:20PM] Mauve - large

Per-Suede Me Jacket
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [08/14 1:25:32PM] Navy, medium

Fit to be Tied Blazer
Lynne Coderre
 [08/14 1:20:06PM] M Blue

Suede haven jacket, suede sweetheart
Barbara Benner
 [08/14 1:18:30PM] Navy medium

Easily per-sueded
Nicole Burchell
 [08/14 1:08:49PM] Pink m

We Suede You Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [08/14 1:06:51PM] XL, Navy

Suede In Heaven Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [08/14 1:05:54PM] XL, Navy

Suede with luv
Bonnie Scheller
 [08/14 1:04:51PM] Large, Mauve

Bringing Sexy Back Suede Jacket
Lyndsie Smit
 [08/14 12:58:58PM] Mauve Small

luxurious vegan suede jacket, belted faux suede top notch jacket, unreal faux suede jacket
Julie Gilbert
 [08/14 12:52:14PM] Navy XS please

Draped in Style
Suzanne Raitt
 [08/14 12:50:30PM] XL Navy

Like a Boss suede Babe jacket
Ashley Austin
 [08/14 12:50:22PM] Large navy

The bound and determined jacket
Ashley Austin
 [08/14 12:49:35PM] Large navy

Faux Sho!
Jodi Maclean
 [08/14 12:48:02PM] Xl navy

Pristine faux suede jacket, Can’t get any better than this faux suede jacket, faux suede car coat,
Julie Gilbert
 [08/14 12:47:04PM] Blue xs please

Suede-ly Irrisistable Belted Blazer; Irrisuedeably Mine Belted Blazer
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:45:15PM] Large, Mauve

Pristine faux suede Jacket, Can’t get any better than this Faux Suede Jacket, Faux suede car coat,
Julie Gilbert
 [08/14 12:42:48PM] Navy XS please

Pristine faux suede Jacket,
Julie Gilbert
 [08/14 12:41:55PM] Navy XS please

Fauxget me not Suede Jacket
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:41:52PM] Large, Mauve

Wrap me in Suede Jacket
Dana Zieroth
 [08/14 12:40:59PM] Xl navy

So un-Faux-givablely Sueded wrap; The Unfauxgettable Suede Wrap; Unfauxgettably suede ( as in swayed) Belted Wrap Jacket;
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:38:59PM] Large, Mauve

Wrap me on suede jacket
Dana Zieroth
 [08/14 12:38:40PM] XL navy

Foxy Suede Comfort Jacket
Bev Crawford
 [08/14 12:37:17PM] XL Navy

Take a chance on me
Crystal Steinman
 [08/14 12:35:20PM] Large pink

Styled to per-suede-sion
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:30:36PM] Large, Mauve

Abbra Collardabbra faux-sueded me Coat; you faux-sueded me Coat; Go 'get it Girl' Blazer; Blazing through the seude-turies Belted Jacket; faux-bu-luxe wrap Jacket; Wrap me up in luxe Suede Jacket; The Luxe Tux blazer; Tux me to the show Blazer, Collar- me not Blazer;
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:28:37PM] Large, Mauve

Marla millman
 [08/14 12:26:38PM] Pink

Per"suede" Me Jacket
Erin Shantz
 [08/14 12:21:57PM] Small mauve

Suede on Me
Robin Packer
 [08/14 12:16:25PM] XL oatmeal

Just Faux Me
Lori Perreault
 [08/14 12:06:33PM] S navy

Faux-luxe Suedsation
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 12:03:30PM] Large, Mauve

Fauxy and Fabulous Jacket
Sarah Bily
 [08/14 11:57:27AM] Large and Navy (pls discard first entry it has a error)

“Faux-Suede” ( as in "fo' sure") Magical moments Jacket; Top a' the day belted blazer; One faux the money suede Jacket ; Two faux the Show suede Jacket
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 11:55:39AM] Large Mauve

“Faux-Suede” ( as in "fo' sure") Magical moments Jacket; Top a' the day belted blazer; One faux the money suede Jacket ; Two faux the Show suede Jacket
Tiffany Kehler
 [08/14 11:54:38AM] Large Mauve

Fauxy and Fabulous cardigan
 [08/14 11:54:37AM] Large/ Black

Delicately Diana Jacket
Avrielle Nelson
 [08/14 11:53:10AM] medium in oatmeal

Belt it out jacket; swayed by the suede;
Jacquie Middleton
 [08/14 11:47:44AM] Navy large

Swavy Suede Jacket
Shana Ng
 [08/14 11:46:04AM] M, mauve

Faux the love of Fall
Shana Ng
 [08/14 11:38:11AM] M, navy

Fauxy Moxi
Wendy Dalton-Tasker
 [08/14 11:37:26AM] Large pink

Fall Doll Jacket
Tannis Mcmillan
 [08/14 11:35:52AM] Mauve size medium

Faux Fabulous
Dorrie Banasiak
 [08/14 11:35:24AM] Large & Mauve

Tied and True suede jacket , Can’t tie me down suede jacket
Angela Siemens
 [08/14 11:33:19AM] Xl Navy

Faux Goodness Sake
Shana Ng
 [08/14 11:29:09AM] M, navy

Tied and True suede jacket, Can’t tie me down suede jacket
Angela Siemens
 [08/14 11:27:45AM] Xl navy

Per-Suede Me
Emily Karandiuk
 [08/14 11:27:02AM] Blue XL

Made in the Faux Suede
Julie Marshall
 [08/14 11:24:27AM] Medium pink

Brittany Evans
 [08/14 11:24:08AM] M, Navy

Swaying into fall
Cassy wilkins
 [08/14 11:22:43AM] Mauve XL

How Suede it is!
Jill mullin
 [08/14 11:21:23AM] Size medium oatmeal

Faux-E Lady
Sandra Devost
 [08/14 11:17:24AM] Navy Size L

Faux get about it
Erin Mills
 [08/14 11:12:21AM] Navy L

Effortless poise jacket
Robyn Emde
 [08/14 11:07:39AM] XL navy blue

Fancy That, Suede Cool
Leanne MacLeod
 [08/14 11:07:24AM] Xl oatmeal

Suede dreams are made of these
Jenessa Talbot
 [08/14 11:06:52AM] XL and Oatmeal

Fit to be Tied
Barb Bossert
 [08/14 11:05:24AM] XL; Mauve

To belt or not to belt
Tara Macaulay
 [08/14 10:50:20AM] Pink medium

swayd FAB Jacket (fab) fabulous as we are born
Stacey gregorich
 [08/14 10:48:32AM] xl mauve

Warm Crumble Topping (Colours: Oatmeal, Strawberry, Blueberry)
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/14 10:46:37AM] Navy XL

Slip into suede jacket
 [08/14 10:45:07AM] navy xl

Fall Into Pieces Topping (Colours: Meringue, Blueberry, Strawberry)
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/14 10:44:05AM] Navy XL

The Persuede Me Jacket
Erin Kabez
 [08/14 10:43:18AM] XL Mauve

Suede dreams
Donna Tailby
 [08/14 10:42:51AM] medium cream

Go to jacket
Susan Hewlett
 [08/14 10:42:30AM] xl oatmeal

Persueding into fall jacket
Katrina Bernardi
 [08/14 10:41:21AM] Medium, Navy

All About Suede
Alyssa Hinz
 [08/14 10:40:04AM] small navy

No Need to PerSuede Me Jacket, Softly Supple Jacket, Easily PerSueded Jacket, Infatuation Jacket, Admiration Jacket, Simply Sueded Jacket, You Suede Me Jacket, Lucky to Collar Jacket, Mystery Callar Jacket, Tied to Perfection Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/14 10:36:20AM] Navy, small

Fall for you
Carrie Rito
 [08/14 10:30:59AM] L - pink or navy

Fall Faux
Trina Payne
 [08/14 10:29:44AM] medium navy

Faux pas-sitive! Jacket
rena Williamsson
 [08/14 10:28:57AM] pink large

Fall For Me
Chelsea Grimes
 [08/14 10:28:20AM] Mauve Large

MyTie Suede Jacket
Marsha Foster
 [08/14 10:27:45AM] med. in Blue

Faux-ever jacket, faux the love of it jacket
Tina cimaglia
 [08/14 10:27:38AM] Blue xs

Fall On Top-Up
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/14 10:25:15AM] Navy XL

Faux-bulously Suede Belted Jacket
Meghan Boast
 [08/14 10:24:16AM] XL Mauve

Plush drape jacket
Kristen martens
 [08/14 10:24:10AM] Large navy

Sweet & Frothy Top-Up (Colours: Cream, Strawberry, Blueberry)
Kerissa Dickie
 [08/14 10:24:04AM] Navy XL

Lovin wrap
Sheila Albertson
 [08/14 10:19:42AM] Xl blue

Buttery suedeness
susan chan
 [08/14 10:17:05AM] cream, med

Wrap Me Up Jacket, Soft Suede Wrap
Frances Dey
 [08/14 10:12:38AM] XS Oatmeal

Casual vibin’
Skyler mangelsen
 [08/14 10:08:58AM] Large mauve

Simply Chic Suede Jacket
Sheri Crowston
 [08/14 10:04:18AM] Medium navy

Sweet in Suede
Sheri Crowston
 [08/14 10:02:28AM] Medium navy

 [08/14 10:01:22AM] WHITE XL

Supple Suede
Caitlyn Faucher
 [08/14 10:00:34AM] Mauve Large

That's a wrap
Stephanie Riley
 [08/14 9:53:39AM] Navy / Large

Sassy in suede, an evening of per-suededtion,
Jennifer Gauthier
 [08/14 9:50:47AM] Large navy

Suede me away
Marilyn Boulin
 [08/14 9:44:14AM] Black, large

Suede me away
Marilyn Boulin
 [08/14 9:43:20AM] Black, large

Per-suede Me Not Jacket
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [08/14 9:42:30AM] XL Navy

Coming or Going Jacket
Lisa Martin
 [08/14 9:41:58AM] XL Navy

Coast to Coast Jacket
Lisa Martin
 [08/14 9:40:43AM] XL Navy

You don't have to per-suede me jacket, Queen of Suede jacket
Maxine Mathews
 [08/14 9:38:53AM] Blue Small

I persueded you jacket
Mercedes Carrigan
 [08/14 9:36:28AM] Small oatmeal

I persueded you jacket
Mercedes kovacs
 [08/14 9:34:56AM] Small

Per-Suede-sion Jacket, Have a Suede With Me, Suede-ing in the Breeze
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/14 9:34:38AM] XL Navy

Softest moments jacket
Anita Gray
 [08/14 9:32:50AM] xs navy

Karen gurney
 [08/14 9:31:31AM] XXL Navy

Suede on over
 [08/14 9:30:19AM] Small Navy

Dress it up, Dress it down jacket
Desiree Veness
 [08/14 9:29:22AM] m, mauve

Feeling Good Jacket
Jocelyn Moreira
 [08/14 9:28:39AM] L navy

Suited for Suede Jacket
 [08/14 9:26:36AM] Medium, navy

The Elvis/Day to Night/Business Casual/Urban Cowboy/Urban Cowgirl
Sara Walgren
 [08/14 9:25:59AM] Medium Navy

Grease Lite-ning
Bobbi Terrell
 [08/14 9:25:37AM] Navy and large

Per-suede me jacket
Chelsea Elliott
 [08/14 9:24:09AM] Navy Medium

Suede into this jacket
Michelle Phillips
 [08/14 9:24:06AM] Mauve large

Breezy blazer
Adina Thompson
 [08/14 9:23:56AM] Navy L

Like Butter Jacket, Vegan Suede Jacket, Hug Me Softly Jacket
Michelle Matthews
 [08/14 9:20:28AM] Medium Oatmeal

I could be Faux-Sueded
Heather Thieson
 [08/14 9:19:09AM] Blue XL

All tied up
Stephanie McLean
 [08/14 9:18:33AM] Navy small

Fade into Suede
Randi Domanski
 [08/14 9:16:33AM] XL Navy

Belt it out
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:16:06AM] Small muave

I'm Soft on You Suede Jacket
Rebecca Canning
 [08/14 9:16:04AM] Medium Navy

Made for Suede
Randi Domanski
 [08/14 9:15:42AM] XL Navy

Let’s belt to it jacket
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:14:57AM] Small muave

Let’s belt to it jacket
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:14:19AM] Small muave

Let’s get started jacket
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:13:43AM] Small muave

Time to suede
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:13:10AM] Small muave

Suede all day
Sammi stewart
 [08/14 9:12:42AM] Small muave

I'm all shook up
Stephanie Gray
 [08/14 9:11:57AM] Small navy

Jet Setter
Lisa McLeod
 [08/14 9:11:06AM] Xl navy

Persuede Me
Sarah Monkman
 [08/14 9:06:49AM] medium pink

Chic wrap
Kristen martens
 [08/14 9:05:37AM] Navy large

Business as Smoothual Jacket
Natasha Zenhenko
 [08/14 9:04:34AM] Pink medium

Evening of Romance Jacket
Meghan Thomson
 [08/14 9:04:06AM] Small Mauve

Evening in Paris Jacket
Meghan Nichols
 [08/14 9:02:57AM] small navy

Simply Elegant
Tania Grim
 [08/14 9:02:25AM] Mauve

Suede into Fall
Kelly Gailey
 [08/14 8:59:20AM] Mauve -xl

Perfect per-suede jacket
Melisa Gordon
 [08/14 8:59:11AM] Large, navy

Cool collar coat, belted beauty jacket, soft as suede jacket
Amanda Grant
 [08/14 8:56:10AM] Cream medium

Fall Fun
Pat Rumberger
 [08/14 8:55:50AM] XL. Navy

Chelsea Keller
 [08/14 8:55:39AM] S Navy

?I got my eye Suede on you?
Carey Dingsdale
 [08/14 8:55:37AM] small in navy

Soft touch jacket
Samantha Fraser
 [08/14 8:53:31AM] Navy XL

Per-suede me not
Katie Belanger
 [08/14 8:53:14AM] Large Mauve

I Need It Cardigan
Candace Rose
 [08/14 8:50:37AM] Mauve in Large

Suedesational Jackey
Lorelei Bowers
 [08/14 8:49:52AM] Navy large

Peter Swann
 [08/14 8:46:16AM] Small blue

Simply Suede Jacket
Kristen Frost
 [08/14 8:44:26AM] Mauve XL

Suede On You Jacket
Ligeuna Gitzel
 [08/14 8:44:22AM] Large Pink!

Per-suede-sion Jacket
Kristen Frost
 [08/14 8:43:57AM] Mauve XL

Forever Young Jacket
Kristy Goltes
 [08/14 8:42:19AM] Navy - XS

Andrea jacket
Andrea Stewart
 [08/14 8:42:00AM] XL mauve

Per-suede me
Bronwyn wilson
 [08/14 8:41:43AM] Large Oatmeal

Andrea jacket
Andrea Stewart
 [08/14 8:40:54AM] C

Forever Young Jacket
Kristy Goltes
 [08/14 8:40:38AM] Navy - XS

"Soft-isticated jacket
Rae-Anne Gall
 [08/14 8:40:00AM] XL Navy

Forever Young Jacket
Kristy Goltes
 [08/14 8:39:55AM] Navy - XS

Everyday Tux
Nanci Vaughan
 [08/14 8:39:03AM] Sz large ,- Blue

Fauxbulous Fall Jacket
Pam Boucher
 [08/14 8:38:50AM] Navy - XL

Wrapped in suede
Shannon Hutchison
 [08/14 8:38:49AM] Large navy

Back on track jacket, back to work jacket, back to the grind jacket, office glam jacket
Megan wever
 [08/14 8:38:43AM] Medium navy

Tied to you blazer
Shantel Blanke
 [08/14 8:38:14AM] M navy

Smooth as Suede, Suede Sensation
Andrea Rempel
 [08/14 8:37:34AM] blue, xl

Suede On You jacket
Shawna Lenych
 [08/14 8:37:33AM] Navy XL

Persueded Jacket
Kathy Greenhalgh
 [08/14 8:36:43AM] Medium Navy

Fall Suede Blazer
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [08/14 8:34:08AM] Large & Navy

Beyond Sweet Jacket
Brayell Dengler
 [08/14 8:33:51AM] Medium - Oatmeal

Persuade me
Melissa wojcichowsky
 [08/14 8:33:35AM] Medium navy

Suede Me Off My Feet
Barbara Quibell
 [08/14 8:32:01AM] XL Navy

Suedesational Jacket
Louise Vukas
 [08/14 8:31:56AM] Navy xs

Suede Me Away Belted Jacket
Angele Lachance
 [08/14 8:31:10AM] XS Mauve

Soft touch blazer
 [08/14 8:30:08AM] Xl- oatmeal

Suede Essence Jacket
Tracey Marcil
 [08/14 8:29:07AM] Mauve L

Hallmark Jacket, Insignia Jacket, Distinction Jacket,
Tracey Marcil
 [08/14 8:28:33AM] Navy L

Sash-suede Jacket
Brittany Wolowidnyk
 [08/14 8:27:40AM] xs mauve

Fall Faux You
Shawna Coleman
 [08/14 8:27:31AM] Mauve XL

Be the Boss Blazer
Jessica McFadden
 [08/14 8:26:37AM] Pink and medium

Brooklyn Bomber
Alyssia simser
 [08/14 8:26:33AM] Navy size L

Sash-sued Jacket
Brittany Wolowidnyk
 [08/14 8:26:24AM] mauve XS

Trail Blazer
Robyn Clarke
 [08/14 8:26:08AM] XXL Navy

Belt it out loud
Karmyn Robertson
 [08/14 8:25:07AM] Large oatmeal

Justine McMurdo
 [08/14 8:22:05AM] L Blush

Luxe Blazer
Leanne Gosse
 [08/14 8:21:55AM] Large / Navy

So Suede Me
Korinne Weima
 [08/14 8:21:38AM] Navy Medium

Persuaded to wear it
Stacy Simington
 [08/14 8:21:14AM] Mauve xs

Tie One On Jacket
Kate Rosenthal
 [08/14 8:20:03AM] Mauve, medium

Suede in it to win it
Candy paul
 [08/14 8:20:01AM] Medium navy

So Suede Me!
Korinne Weima
 [08/14 8:18:55AM] Navy medium

Like a Boss
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [08/14 8:18:26AM] Med

You can do ANYTHING suede jacket
Samara Worth
 [08/14 8:17:37AM] Xs oatmeal

Persuede Me Jacket, suedolicious,
Deb Rawlins
 [08/14 8:15:59AM] Medium Navy

Walk this Suede jacket
Krystle Brulotte
 [08/14 8:15:14AM] Medium in Mauve

So Suede Me
Korinne Weima
 [08/14 8:14:33AM] Medium Navy

No per-suede-sion needed Jacket
Chelsea Barker
 [08/14 8:14:24AM] Size small - color navy

Dressed for Success
Kelli Wilson
 [08/14 8:13:59AM] M - pink

Collar Me Later Jacket, Collar of the Wild, Collar it a day,
Danyell Ochocki
 [08/14 8:13:56AM] XL Navy

Jacky jack jacket
Stephanie LaViolette
 [08/14 8:13:51AM] Medium or large depending on fit, navy

Suede on Me
 [08/14 8:13:03AM] Medium - Pink

Hunter Gates
 [08/14 8:12:50AM] M

Unfauxgettable or fauxmidable
Jenn Bennison
 [08/14 8:12:49AM] Large, black/blue

Suede me jacket
Julie Hoar
 [08/14 8:12:44AM] Xl cream

Places to go jacket
Ashlie McBryan
 [08/14 8:12:35AM] Navy L

It’s all in the belt
Lindy Schneider
 [08/14 8:12:32AM] Small & Navy

Suede to the music jacket
Amanda Pion Lepper
 [08/14 8:12:30AM] Mauve pink medium

Casually chic, suede a minute, Fall into me
Natasha Mayes
 [08/14 8:12:21AM] Mauve L

Smooth persuasion jacket
Julie Hoar
 [08/14 8:11:22AM] Xl pink

Shade of suede, Made for Suede, Swayed for Suede
Wendy Hanaka
 [08/14 8:11:00AM] Small pink

Let me Per-suede you
Lacey Doman
 [08/14 8:10:48AM] Navy Large

Suede Away Jacket
Tracy Fisher
 [08/14 8:10:42AM] Small - oatmeal

Babe Goals Jacket
Monica Dion
 [08/14 8:10:26AM] Mauve & Medium

Fauxy Mama
Lacey Doman
 [08/14 8:09:59AM] Large Navy

Foxy Mama
Lacey Doman
 [08/14 8:08:21AM] Large navy

Girls night out jacket
Dana Carter
 [08/14 8:08:11AM] XL Navy

Belt it out
Sydney sopiwnyk
 [08/14 8:07:27AM] Medium & navy

Cool but Classy Girl
Dana Carter
 [08/14 8:07:08AM] XL in Navy

You had me at Suede
Maria Finnegan
 [08/14 8:07:01AM] Pink small

Zoom me in coat
Caralyn Hoffman
 [08/14 8:06:42AM] navy large

???? get me not
Nicole smith
 [08/14 8:05:40AM] Small mauve

Made for suede, Suede Dreams,
Wendy Hanaka
 [08/14 8:05:13AM] small blue

I Can Be Suede Jacket
Leslie Welch
 [08/14 8:05:03AM] Size small in blue

Walk this Suede
 [08/14 8:05:02AM] M Blue

Per-Suede Me Jacket
Raina Brugger
 [08/14 8:04:59AM] Blue xs

Don’t ????-??? about me
Nicole smith
 [08/14 8:04:49AM] Small mauve

Persuede Me Jacket
Raina Brugger
 [08/14 8:04:03AM] XS blue

This one’s ???? you
Nicole smith
 [08/14 8:03:57AM] Mauve small

Class Act Jacket
Tina MacDonald
 [08/14 8:03:21AM] Pink medium

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