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Summer Sandals
April 23, 2021

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Total of 533 Entries
Congratulations to Paige Bonner, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Cover Me in Sunshine Sandals!

Walking Into Summer Sandals
Katina Hancock
 [04/25 8:59:55AM] 10 White

X’s & Toes Strappy sandal
Amber Bremer
 [04/25 8:42:22AM] Size 6 pink

XOXO Sandals
Marissa Ranjitsingh
 [04/25 8:41:51AM] Pink Size 8.5

Pastel Change of Pace
Samara O’Hagan
 [04/25 8:37:15AM] White, 7

Summer Love Sandals
Adrienne Lipp
 [04/25 8:27:11AM] Pink, 7

Summer Tides Strappy Sandals, Take Two Summer Sandals, Tied up in Tahiti Sandals, Criss Cross into Summer Sandals
Samantha Wong
 [04/25 8:22:10AM] White, size 9

Sole of Summer Sandals
Sarah Reuangrith
 [04/25 8:21:35AM] 9, Mint

Spring into summer
Cara Rogers
 [04/25 8:20:27AM] Mint 7.5

Simply Strappy
Terri Hansen
 [04/25 8:19:29AM] 8.5 mint

Scrappy daisy
Tara Olson
 [04/25 8:02:58AM] White 8.5

You Had Me at Criss Cross Sandals
Kristen Lawson
 [04/25 7:56:57AM] Mint Size 9

Embrace Me Sandals, Wrapped In Love Sandals, Simplicity Sandals, Summer Lovin' Sandals. Cross my Heart Sandals
Cherie Inwood
 [04/25 6:01:09AM] White 10

Happy Strappy
Anne Harrison
 [04/25 3:54:39AM] Size 7 pink

Happy Toes, perfect pair for any wear, perfect pair for anywhere, Thelma and Louise sandals,
 [04/24 11:43:42PM] Pink 10

Strappy-Go-Lucky Sandals, Criss-Cross my Heart Sandals
Kim Buckle
 [04/24 9:53:48PM] Mint, size 8

Strap into summer sandals
Krista Wasylyk
 [04/24 9:50:46PM] White, 10

Strappy go lucky——criss cross sandals
Lynne motkoski
 [04/24 9:02:44PM] Beige 8.5

Splendid Strappy Sandal
Shanelle Munjal-Stephens
 [04/24 8:41:15PM] Mint 8.5

Dos Equis Por Mi
Sydney Herreria
 [04/24 8:22:59PM] Mint size 9

Spring fling
Jenalee Hicken
 [04/24 8:06:20PM] White, 6

Cross Your Toes, Strappy Sandals, Days of Summer Sandals, Crossover Comfy Flats, Walking on Sunshine Sandals, Footloose and Fancy Free Flats
Tracey Dunlop
 [04/24 8:03:49PM] Pink size 9

All wrapped up
Brittanie n mondor
 [04/24 7:56:01PM] 9 white

Skyline sunset sandals
Melanie Rumley
 [04/24 7:23:19PM] 6.5, pink

Comfy feet
Colleen Munroe
 [04/24 7:23:04PM] White, size 9

Strap this way
Lacey cribb
 [04/24 7:18:15PM] Pink 8

Strap with me
Lacey cribb
 [04/24 7:17:36PM] Pink 8

Ms. Practicality
Bev Lendvoy
 [04/24 6:55:29PM] Mint size 8

Grecian Goddess Sandals
Liane Wray
 [04/24 6:32:21PM] White 7

Crosswalk Sandals
Sharon Rathbone
 [04/24 6:31:09PM] mint 9

Looking strapping sandals
Kira Paterson
 [04/24 6:31:01PM] Mint size 8

Not Too Strappy Sandals
Sharon Rathbone
 [04/24 6:28:45PM] 9 mint

Strap it up sandals , strap to it sandals
Sandy trentalance
 [04/24 6:28:34PM] Pink size 11

Cross my Sole
Gloria McAllister
 [04/24 6:23:29PM] Size 8.5, color white

Simply summer, sunny days
Kirsti Lafond
 [04/24 6:18:38PM] 7, pink

Slippin' into Summer, Step into Summer, A Pastel Summer, Summer Stride
Michelle MacDonald
 [04/24 5:55:23PM] pink, 6

Spring Soles
Wendy Richardson
 [04/24 5:49:42PM] White Size7

Goddess wrap sandals
Ainsley Cormier
 [04/24 5:44:42PM] White and 6

The Perfect Picnic
Samy Jackson
 [04/24 5:40:13PM] White, 7

Tea Time
Samy Jackson
 [04/24 5:39:20PM] White, 7

Afternoon brunch
Savannah Richardson
 [04/24 5:35:43PM] Any colour, 6

Artemis sandals, gladiator sandals,
Jana M
 [04/24 4:33:46PM] Mint 9

Summer Delight Sandals
Alison Eastman
 [04/24 4:31:12PM] Pink

Out to Brunch Sandals
Alison Eastman
 [04/24 4:15:54PM] Pink

Strap it up!
David Hughes
 [04/24 4:03:48PM] Mint & 7

Wrap It Up! or. Barely There!
Wendy Graham
 [04/24 3:20:45PM] Mint, size 7

Eloquence Sandals
Verna Kabatoff
 [04/24 2:39:21PM] 6.5 mint

Eloquence Styled Sandals
Verna Kabatoff
 [04/24 2:38:31PM] 6.5 mint

Strap n Go sandals
Taryn jones
 [04/24 2:06:10PM] Size 6, mint

Strappy Summer Sandals
Paula Potts
 [04/24 1:46:56PM] Pink 8.5

Maiden Goddess
Gail Sciascetti
 [04/24 1:40:23PM] Pink S8

wrap around comfort
Marsha Foster
 [04/24 1:35:15PM] size 6.5

Goddess flare
Lana Gorr
 [04/24 12:31:54PM] Yellow 11

Strap Me On All Summer Long Sandal
Kate Maitland
 [04/24 12:14:03PM] Pink 7.5

That’s a Wrap
Tania Catalano
 [04/24 11:43:41AM] Mint, size 11

That’s a Wrap
Tania Catalano
 [04/24 11:42:42AM] Mint, size 11

Strappy Go Lucky Sandals
Patricia Merrick
 [04/24 11:37:30AM] White, 7

Down by the Bay Sandals
Lesley Thornton
 [04/24 11:14:22AM] 7 Pink

Tea Party Sandals
Aubrey Price
 [04/24 11:06:31AM] 6 mint

Cross cross, summer loving, cross my heart, beautiful day,
Katrina Lederer Geh
 [04/24 11:01:12AM] Mint/8

Glam delight sandals
Misty Reimer
 [04/24 10:58:14AM] white 9

Stroppy & I know it
Chelsea Vera Shook
 [04/24 10:41:04AM] Mint & 7

Chelsea Shook
 [04/24 10:37:45AM] 7 & pink

Cover me in sunshine
Paige Bonner
 [04/24 10:11:52AM] Pink size 10

Spaghetti Strap Sandles
Christy Woldanski
 [04/24 9:52:24AM] Mint; 7.5

Strap me up
Melissa Goldie
 [04/24 9:37:17AM] White xl

Strap in for summer
Melissa Goldie
 [04/24 9:36:59AM] White xl

Marine parade; she sells sea shells; spanish nights
Amy Vanderlende
 [04/24 9:36:41AM] Mint 9

Glad to meet you
Melissa Goldie
 [04/24 9:36:04AM] White 8.5

Michele Tremblay
 [04/24 9:35:51AM] Pink size 7.5

Gladiator glam
Melissa Goldie
 [04/24 9:35:16AM] White 8.5

Promenade summer sandals
Amy Vanderlende
 [04/24 9:31:13AM] Mint 9

Tara Campbell
 [04/24 9:24:49AM] Pink, size 8

Wrapped up in sunshine
Kim Aumonier
 [04/24 9:14:49AM] Pink 7.5

Strap on the sunshine
Kim Aumonier
 [04/24 9:13:50AM] Pink 7.5

All occasion sandals
Debbie Gustafson
 [04/24 9:10:07AM] White size 8

Summer Elegance
Elaine Reinhart
 [04/24 9:04:17AM] Pink 9

Sharon Timko
 [04/24 8:58:38AM] 7 pink

Barely there sandals
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/24 8:48:32AM] Pink 11

Joie de Vivre Sandals
Karen Otsig
 [04/24 8:44:52AM] White size 8

Joie de Vivre Sandals
Karen Otsig
 [04/24 8:43:48AM] Pink size 8

Cross-Tied With Heart Strings
 [04/24 8:31:33AM] Pink 9

There’s Nothing Strappy Sandals Can’t Fix
 [04/24 8:28:51AM] Pink 9

Ele (Short for elegant)
Sandra Barrett
 [04/24 8:28:20AM] Mint size 8

The Summer Straps
Rona Roth
 [04/24 8:28:15AM] White 7

There’s Nothing A Cute Pair of Sandals Can’t Fix
 [04/24 8:26:28AM] Pink 9

There’s Nothing A Good Pair of Sandals Can’t Fix
 [04/24 8:25:05AM] Pink 9

summer sandals
Lois Mountjoy
 [04/24 8:25:00AM] 7 brown

Spotlight summer sandals
Lois Mountjoy
 [04/24 8:24:06AM] 7 brown

Pastel Pixie Summer Sandal
Michelle Gordon
 [04/24 8:23:38AM] 7.5 pink

Weightless Sandle
Laura Weller
 [04/24 8:22:00AM] Mint 8

Scrappy Happy Sandal
Melanie Anderson
 [04/24 8:21:09AM] 5.5 Pink

Oh Strap!!!!
Denise Smith
 [04/24 8:07:47AM] White black teal and pink sizes 5-10

Let's Get Strappy
Jessica Williams
 [04/24 7:36:42AM] Mint, 9

Sweet summer sandals
Kim Barber
 [04/24 7:30:26AM] Mint, size 10

CrossOver Summer Sandals, Lace-up Summer Sandals, Lightfoot Summer Sandals
Lenny Horton
 [04/24 7:20:14AM] Mint & 7.5

Fiercely fashionable everyday sandal
Natasha Lloyd
 [04/24 6:47:50AM] White 6

Heather Grant
 [04/24 6:46:09AM] 9, Pink

Stroppy and sun loving sandles
Trish Ramenda
 [04/24 6:43:08AM] Pink size 6

Crossover flats
Julia Ahola
 [04/24 6:42:09AM] White 9

All Wrapped Up, Wrapped Up In You, Wrapped In Love, Wrapped In Summer, That's a Wrap, Summer Lovin
Angela McLellan
 [04/24 6:16:45AM] Pink 8

Summer Goddess
Angela McLellan
 [04/24 6:13:01AM] Pink 8

String Me Along Sandals
Angela McLellan
 [04/24 6:04:59AM] Pink 8

Two straps forward; Walk a fine line; Fancy Feet;
Susan Constantine
 [04/24 5:27:52AM] Pink 9

Slip into summer sandals
Lacey Fry
 [04/24 4:36:43AM] White, 8

Strappy Step Sandals, Sunshine Sandals, Garden Ready Sandals, Farmers Market Sandals
Sarah Cain
 [04/24 4:06:28AM] Yellow size 7

Summer crossover, Walk in Pastel, Simple&Sweet, Bright&Fun
Samantha S
 [04/24 12:47:46AM] White, 6

Strappy days
Liana May
 [04/23 11:56:20PM] Pink 9

The Pixie
Amber Bardock
 [04/23 10:45:16PM] White 10

Take it easy
Mary Coan
 [04/23 10:39:01PM] 7 pinky

Going to brunch sandal
Crystal Mackie
 [04/23 10:19:31PM] 7 white

This way and that sandal
Crystal Mackie
 [04/23 10:18:22PM] 7 white

Stepping to it
Crystal Mackie
 [04/23 10:17:21PM] 7 white

Cross strap and back sandals
Chantelle Sutton
 [04/23 9:41:04PM] 6, white

Strap happy sandals
Chantelle Sutton
 [04/23 9:39:10PM] 6, white

Strap and back sandals
Chantelle Sutton
 [04/23 9:38:41PM] 6.5, pink

Strappy Good Time
Rebecca Archer
 [04/23 9:35:59PM] White & 6.5

Natasha Janzen
 [04/23 9:33:08PM] 8.5 white

Dainty & Sweet Sandals
Tegan Gislason
 [04/23 9:31:09PM] Mint - 7.5

Natasha Janzen
 [04/23 9:30:34PM] 8.5 white

Simply Sweet sandals
Jessica Richardson
 [04/23 9:30:02PM] White 7.5

X’s and 0
Natasha Janzen
 [04/23 9:29:24PM] 8.5 white

Made Perfect
Alexis Nelson
 [04/23 9:24:38PM] Pink size 9

Make it Strappy
Joelle Nelson
 [04/23 9:19:02PM] Yellow, 6

Strapped on my Heart
Joelle Nelson
 [04/23 9:17:41PM] Yellow, 6

Linda Beamish
 [04/23 9:16:21PM] Size 6 in Mint please

Linda Beamish
 [04/23 9:15:06PM] Size 6 in mint plsase

It’s All About the Tan Lines Sandals
Natalie Ingelbeen
 [04/23 9:11:54PM] Pink & 7

Sassy & Strappy Sandals
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 8:46:56PM] White & 8

Because I’m strappy, strap along, strappy go lucky
Patricia Merrick
 [04/23 8:39:16PM] White, 7

Strap me in love
Rachel Brisson
 [04/23 8:24:26PM] White & 8.5

One Two Buckle my Shandals
Katie Yavis
 [04/23 8:20:02PM] Yellow. Size 8

Toes in the Sand Sandals; Dip Your Toes Into Summer Sandals; From Head to Toe Summer Ready Sandals: Toe the Line Summer Sandals; Twinkle Toes Summer Sandals
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [04/23 8:18:31PM] Pink or Mint - Size 7

By the Sea Shore Sandals; Strap Me In Sandals;
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [04/23 8:13:23PM] Pink or Mint - Size 7

Crossover summer flats
Dianna makris
 [04/23 8:11:06PM] Beige size 8

Day dreamer sandals, Pastel Dreams Sandals, Feelin Pretty sandals
Debbie Partridge
 [04/23 8:10:31PM] Pink 10

Sunday Layne Sandles
Rebecca Jans
 [04/23 7:57:19PM] White - 7.5

Strapped into Summer
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 7:57:10PM] Pink & 8

Star-Crossed Sandals
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 7:56:26PM] White & 8

Star-Crossed Sandals
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 7:55:02PM] White & 8

Bumblebee Strappies
Samantha Craig
 [04/23 7:52:08PM] White, 10

Strapping Summer Sandals, Pastel Perfection Sandals, Strapped for Time Sandals
Emilie Ottema
 [04/23 7:42:58PM] Pink & Size 9

Pretty little thing called love sandals
Suzanne Kempton
 [04/23 7:42:07PM] Mint 9

Don't worry be strappy sandals
Shantel Hrytsak
 [04/23 7:39:18PM] Pink 7

Strapped into Summer Sandals
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 7:38:43PM] Pink & 8

Sassy Strappy Sandals
Lauren Friesen
 [04/23 7:37:01PM] White & 8

Serendipity; HopScotch; Wrap them Up;
Jeannine Nelson
 [04/23 7:34:27PM] Mint size 8

Buckle Me Up Sandals
Michelle McAleese
 [04/23 7:33:58PM] Mint. Size 9

Cross my heart sandals, Sunny days sandals,
Debbie Partridge
 [04/23 7:25:59PM] Pink 10

Bayside sandals, wild and free sandals, secret garden sandals, wildflower sandals , summertime sandals, summer lovin’ sandals, summer of love sandals
Dallis Daly
 [04/23 7:19:09PM] Mint size 10

Cross my toes summer sandals
Lorna Strack
 [04/23 7:16:06PM] Navy or black 8.5

Bayside sandals, wild and free sandals, secret garden sandals, wildflower sandals , summertime sandals, summer lovin’ sandals, summer of love sandals
Dallis Daly
 [04/23 7:16:06PM] Mint size 10

Love at first sight sandals
Adrianna Smith
 [04/23 7:06:25PM] White 8.5

Strap in for the Ride Summer Sandals
Nathalie Beerman
 [04/23 7:04:54PM] Pink Size 11

Strolling’ by the Sea
Lori Campbell
 [04/23 6:41:28PM] Yellow size 10

These little piggies
Sharie Rea
 [04/23 6:38:34PM] Mint 7

Gladiatrix sandles
Anna Comfort
 [04/23 6:37:23PM] 11, yellow

Straptacular Sandals
Lori Campbell
 [04/23 6:36:22PM] Mint size 10

Criss-cross sandal
Amy Preston
 [04/23 6:28:04PM] Mint & 9

X marks the spot; Treasure Hunt; Hot Cross Toes;
Susan Constantine
 [04/23 6:23:45PM] Pink. 9

Strapped in Pastels, Wrapped in Pastels, Don't Worry, Be Strappy!
Tara Kennedy
 [04/23 6:23:41PM] Pink & 8

Over and Under; Hot Cross; Tan Lines; Cross the Line; Double Crossed; Side Step;
Susan Constantine
 [04/23 6:21:50PM] Pink 9

Life is Short! – Wear Cute Sandals
 [04/23 6:15:18PM] Pink 9

Sandals are Like Ice Cream, There’s Always Room for More
 [04/23 6:14:27PM] Pink 9

Strapping Pleasure , Summer Straps, Walk the Day Away, straps gone wild, Summer Strap,
Michelle EVANS
 [04/23 6:13:57PM] 10 mint

There Nothing a Good Pair of Sandals Cannot Fix
 [04/23 6:13:55PM] Pink 9

Everything Good Comes In Pairs
 [04/23 6:13:24PM] Pink 9

I’ll Have One in Every Color Please!
 [04/23 6:12:08PM] Pink 9

Strap Me Up and Go
Michelle EVANS
 [04/23 6:11:50PM] 10 mint

Give a Girl The Right Sandals and She Can Conquer The World
 [04/23 6:11:03PM] Pink 9

Strap Me Up
Michelle EVANS
 [04/23 6:10:56PM] 10 mint

Strapped for Class, Strappy Chic
Tara Kennedy
 [04/23 6:09:53PM] Pink & 8

Everything Good Comes in Pairs, and So Does Sandals
 [04/23 6:09:34PM] Pink 9

Everything Good Comes in Pairs, and So Does Sandals
 [04/23 6:08:04PM] Pink 9

Good Sandals Take You Good Places
 [04/23 6:07:08PM] Pink 9

Show Off Your Cute Pedicure, Wear Sandals
 [04/23 6:06:20PM] Pink 9

Show Off Your Cute Pedicure, Wear Sandals
 [04/23 6:04:34PM] Pink 9

Life Is Not Perfect, But Your Sandals Can Be
 [04/23 6:03:24PM] Pink 9

Sandals are Like Ice Cream, There’s Always Room for More
 [04/23 6:02:51PM] 9 pink

There Nothing a Good Pair of Sandals Cannot Fix
 [04/23 6:02:15PM] 9 pink

I’ll Have One in Every Color Please!
 [04/23 6:01:36PM] 9 pink

Give a Girl The Right Sandals and She Can Conquer The World
 [04/23 6:00:45PM] 9 pink

One Strap Closer To Summer
 [04/23 5:58:37PM] 9 pink

Sunburst sandles
Wanda Coccimglio
 [04/23 5:58:07PM] Nude 7.5

One Sandal Can Change Her Life - Cinderella
 [04/23 5:57:07PM] 9 pink

Criss cross apple Sauce strappy sandle
Liz Page
 [04/23 5:51:46PM] Size 8.5 brown

Strappy Delight
Consuela Sirois
 [04/23 5:48:24PM] White 8

Strap it up, walk this way sandels, on the move, summer lovin’ sandels, strap on the fun
Dorothy Ludwig
 [04/23 5:45:00PM] 5.5 pink

Strapped up
Kayla rankin
 [04/23 5:44:02PM] White 7

Summer strappies
Karin Veenstra
 [04/23 5:41:28PM] 7.5 and white

Light + Strappy
Linda Richmond
 [04/23 5:40:24PM] Pink 7.5/8

Toes in the Sand-als, or Toes in the Sandals
Carol-Anne Haxton
 [04/23 5:39:09PM] Pink size 8

Summer's Secret
Amanda Elliott
 [04/23 5:28:36PM] 6 Mint

Sunshine and sangria sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:14:36PM] Pink size 10

Perfect for pedis sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:13:04PM] Yellow size 10

Date Day Sandals
Jenna Noseworthy
 [04/23 5:12:49PM] Pink size 7

Posh sandal
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:12:39PM] Pink size 10

Solar eclipse sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:11:40PM] Mint size 10

Strappy hour sandal
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:10:53PM] White size 10

The glam sandal
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:09:59PM] White size 10

Strap to it sandal
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:08:00PM] Pink size 10

Straps in all the right places.
Karlee James
 [04/23 5:07:19PM] 7.5 pink

Picnic and park sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:07:15PM] Pink size 10

Daydream believer sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 5:06:46PM] Yellow size 10

 [04/23 5:00:04PM] White size 9

X-cellent sandals
Amber fisher
 [04/23 4:59:35PM] 9m

The “Lace your Pace” shoe
Alberta Robinet
 [04/23 4:58:19PM] 5.5 mint

Strappy Happy Sandals
Lexi Nichols
 [04/23 4:57:25PM] 7.5 white

Strappy Sunshine Sandal
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/23 4:56:34PM] Pink 11

Christina Prentice
 [04/23 4:53:02PM] White. - Size 7

Jackie O'Hanley
 [04/23 4:41:21PM] Pink size 8

Sweet & Strappy, Easy breezy sandals, the strappy garden sandals
Sarah English
 [04/23 4:36:56PM] Yellow 7.5

Go with the flo Sandle
 [04/23 4:34:11PM] White size 8

CrissCross my Heart Sandals, Strapped into Summer Sandals, Strappy Sensation Sandals
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/23 4:22:01PM] Mint, 9

Strap Happy/Fun in the Sun/ Sun Delight Sandals
Cathy Quane
 [04/23 4:10:59PM] Pink size 9

Sweet N Strappy Sandals/ Summer Strappy Sandals/ Strappy Strolling Sandals/
Cathy Quand
 [04/23 4:07:35PM] Pink Size 9

Sweet N Sassy Sandals
Cathy Quane
 [04/23 4:04:59PM] Pink size 9

Sun Fun Sandal
Cathy Quane
 [04/23 4:02:32PM] Pink size 9

XOX sandals
 [04/23 4:02:27PM] White 7.5

Show me the Way Sandal
Cathy Quane
 [04/23 4:00:39PM] Yellow Size 9

Sun Sandal
Cathy Quane
 [04/23 3:57:07PM] Pink size 9

Happy Strappy Sadals, Happy Strappy Feet, Sweet Strapps.
C nilsen
 [04/23 3:55:25PM] any colour size 6.5

Perfect match sandals
Christine Prezio
 [04/23 3:52:51PM] Mint size 7

Summer solstice sandals
Tamara Barron-Zich
 [04/23 3:52:39PM] 8.5 white

Garden party
Christy Fell
 [04/23 3:52:28PM] Mint 9

Sassy Summer Sandals
Sandra Devost
 [04/23 3:51:44PM] pink size 8.5

Strap happy summer sandals
Jessica Yelland
 [04/23 3:41:41PM] Mint, 8.5

Feel the air
Clarice Chafe
 [04/23 3:36:32PM] White. 7

Straps for days sandals
Courtney Streeter
 [04/23 3:36:06PM] Mint and size 9

Sole Steppin’ Sandals
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [04/23 3:12:42PM] White size 9

Strappy goddess, strapped in and ready to go, strappy and sassy
Kelsey Rockwell
 [04/23 3:11:46PM] Yellow, 8

Sole Steppin’ Sandals
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [04/23 3:10:07PM] White size 9

Sunny Side of The Feet Sandals
Karen Carvell
 [04/23 2:54:38PM] 8 white

Summer Sweetheart Sandals, Crossing Summer Roads, Set for Summer Sandals
Ivy Dingsdale
 [04/23 2:54:31PM] Pink, 9

Summer sexy sandals
Darlene Kenney
 [04/23 2:51:03PM] Pink size 9

Summer sexy strappies
Darlene Kenney
 [04/23 2:46:32PM] Pink size 9

Summer sexy strappies
Darlene Kenney
 [04/23 2:46:13PM] Pink size 9

Make it strappy
Tara Holdsworth
 [04/23 2:23:14PM] 9

Strapped for Time
Krista Rutschmann
 [04/23 2:14:05PM] White 8

Strapped for Time
Krista Rutschmann
 [04/23 2:13:49PM] White 8

Trellis Sandal
Sarah Paterson
 [04/23 1:58:48PM] Mint 8

Sleek and Sassy
Stacie Hau
 [04/23 1:54:03PM] Black 8.5

You sling me right round
Kaylene Kerr
 [04/23 1:45:03PM] Pink, 8.5

Cross over comfort sandals
Melissa Flaman
 [04/23 1:37:12PM] Yellow size 11

For the love of Straps Sandals, Pretty Toes Sandals
Tracy Dubois
 [04/23 1:34:50PM] Mint, 8.5

Too hot too sandal, It's how you sandal it, Crisscrossing to Brunch
Amy Moore
 [04/23 1:32:39PM] 7.5 mint

Summer Looks Strapping on You
Karalei Tylor
 [04/23 1:19:53PM] Mint, size 7

Strappingly Sweet Feet
Leslie Morris
 [04/23 1:13:45PM] Yellow & Size 9

kits beach, garden days, kits promenades, summer vibes,
Kimberly Dennis
 [04/23 1:13:08PM] yellow, size 9 (40)

Buckle up Sandsls!
Lori Roberts
 [04/23 1:08:49PM] Mint size 8

Everything everywhere sandles
Keree LaBelle
 [04/23 1:06:10PM] White 7.5

Pedi Show-Off
Adelaide Healey
 [04/23 12:59:29PM] White, 6.5

Barely there sandals
Jennifer Healey
 [04/23 12:57:59PM] Pink 7.5

Strappin’ Sweet
Shauna Brady
 [04/23 12:54:02PM] Pink, size 8

Putting your best strap forward; No strap about it; Next level
Leanne Willshear
 [04/23 12:53:23PM] Mint or Pink size 6

Footloose & Fancy
Kim Macknak
 [04/23 12:52:26PM] Mint 8.5

Footloose & Fancy
Kim Macknak
 [04/23 12:52:05PM] Mint 8.5

Strapped in and ready to go
Delta Heathcote
 [04/23 12:48:12PM] White 7.5

Strappy Ever After sandals
Maryann Hartmann
 [04/23 12:48:11PM] Pink size 10

Can't be strapped down
Kelly Legault
 [04/23 12:45:38PM] Grey

Sea Breeze Sandals
Amanda Lloyd
 [04/23 12:43:09PM] Yellow size 9

Kiss Cross Sandy's
Sherry Pii
 [04/23 12:33:27PM] Yellow and 8 1/2

Fun in the sun sabdals
Jacqueline Koch
 [04/23 12:32:36PM] Black size 9

Goddess Strappies
Lindsay Lefave
 [04/23 12:30:32PM] Pink 9

Oh so Strappy! Sandals
Sherry Whittall
 [04/23 12:30:02PM] Mint size 7.5

Sweet Summer, strap it easy, let me feel the breeze, tone it down to summer, sun kisses, feels like summer, bare glare.
Gugu Maponga
 [04/23 12:27:59PM] Mint & size 9

Strappy & sassy sandals
Kass Sutton
 [04/23 12:27:49PM] White 10

Oh So Strappy Sandals
Sherry Whittall
 [04/23 12:26:55PM] Mint size 7.5

Step to the Sun Sandals
Julie Chatelain
 [04/23 12:25:17PM] Pink 8.5

Stacy Mullins
 [04/23 12:24:22PM] Size 7. Pink

Glow pumps
Jessica quinn
 [04/23 12:23:49PM] Light blue and size 6

Strap Me In
Melissa Meek
 [04/23 12:23:37PM] White & 9

Goddess Sandals
Martina Rye
 [04/23 12:21:43PM] Pink 8

Garden Goddess Sandles
Jeanette Mills
 [04/23 12:20:30PM] Yellow size 10

Sassy strappy sandals
Tammy Sambrook
 [04/23 12:19:49PM] Pink size 9

All around you
Tammy Snow
 [04/23 12:14:21PM] 8 beige

Kamba sandals. (Kamba=strap in Swahili)
Deanna Lance
 [04/23 12:11:24PM] Pink, 8

Rome with Me Sandals or Don't Strap Me Down Sandals
Laura Briant
 [04/23 12:11:03PM] Mint, 7

The Sunday Sandel
Megan Hopkins
 [04/23 12:10:08PM] Pink. 11

Strap into summer sandles
Jessica pringle
 [04/23 12:09:43PM] 8 white

Summer Breeze sandals
Jasmine Corbeil
 [04/23 12:05:55PM] Mint 7.5

Toga party sandals
Sheila Lalonde
 [04/23 12:03:07PM] 8.5 pink

Bare those Toes
Amber MacEachern
 [04/23 12:01:33PM] Mint 10

Strap Into Spring
Madison Kobelsky
 [04/23 12:00:48PM] Pink 7

Little Strappy sandal
Courtney Britton
 [04/23 11:53:06AM] White & size 10

Happy Coincidence sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 11:52:13AM] Yellow size 10

Strappy Sands
Colleen Geysen
 [04/23 11:51:13AM] White, 8

Serendipity sandals
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/23 11:50:21AM] Mint size 10

Jump All In
Chantalle Gauthier
 [04/23 11:42:56AM] Mint 5.5

Skip with you sandals
Chantalle Gauthier
 [04/23 11:42:21AM] Mint 5.5

Sweet & Strappy Sandals
Karen Muir
 [04/23 11:41:22AM] pink, 9

Garden Party Sandals; Pastel Picnic Sandals; Floral Flight Sandals
Heather Stoppa
 [04/23 11:39:30AM] Pink, 7.5

If you’re STRAPPY and you know it!!
Kinley Clease
 [04/23 11:35:27AM] Mint 9

Dainty Delights, Strappy Go Lucky, Light on Your Feet Sandals,
Skye Goulbourne
 [04/23 11:34:30AM] Pink, size 9 :)

Keep your cool
 [04/23 11:33:59AM] Size 5

Greek Goddess Sandals
Bobbi Terrell
 [04/23 11:32:02AM] 8 mint

Simple wishes, walk this way sandals
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/23 11:30:13AM] Mint 8

Look out sun here I come
Angela ivany
 [04/23 11:28:34AM] White size 7

Toes in the Sun
Kali Stow
 [04/23 11:27:41AM] Pink size 9

Summer lovin sandals,
Terri-Lynn Thomson
 [04/23 11:23:29AM] 5.5 white.

Strap attack
Glenda moline
 [04/23 11:21:42AM] Pink wishlist for 9.5 but maybe a 9

Summer Lovin Sandals, Sunny & Strappy Sandals, Criss Cross Happy Sauce Sandals, Sandals of Summer
Kimberly-Dawn Isaacson
 [04/23 11:20:40AM] Mint 7.5

Walkin' on Sunshine Sandals
Tiffany Payne
 [04/23 11:20:36AM] 6, Yellow

Strappy place sandals
Jessica Reid
 [04/23 11:19:09AM] Yellow 8.5

Sunshine Sensational Sandals
Carrie Coon
 [04/23 11:19:01AM] Yellow 7

Strap happy sandals
Jessica Reid
 [04/23 11:17:55AM] Yellow 8.5

Grecian Godess Sandals
Dana lean
 [04/23 11:16:24AM] Pink size 9

Summer strings sandals, wrapped in summer sandals, summer elegance sandals
Cori Oracheski
 [04/23 11:11:19AM] White 6.5

Lookin’ Strappin’ Sandals
Ashley Willert
 [04/23 11:10:45AM] 9 white

Strapped In
Erin Tosh
 [04/23 11:08:50AM] Size 9 White

Perfect Crisscross Sandals
Alison Manley
 [04/23 11:00:37AM] 7.5 black

Criss-cross spring thoughts. Criss-cross spring walks
Tamara Zaretski
 [04/23 10:59:40AM] Pink 9

Woven sunshine sandal, fun in the sandal, sandal forever
Kathleen MacDonald
 [04/23 10:52:14AM] Size 9, yellow

sunshine sandals
Candace Theberge
 [04/23 10:50:37AM] White 7

Bound To Happen, Bound to Make it Happen, All Wound Up,
Laura Hoffman
 [04/23 10:49:06AM] White, 9

Sweep Me Off My Feet Sandals
Heather Vita
 [04/23 10:45:11AM] White 7.5

Strappy Days Ahead
Sandy Trovato
 [04/23 10:40:22AM] White, size 7

Anywhere, anytime sandal; cute as a buckle
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [04/23 10:36:53AM] White, 7.5

Summer fun sandals, summer tea party sandals, fun in the sun sandals
Kimberly Gleave
 [04/23 10:35:13AM] Pink size 7

Garden Goddess Sandles, Strap It To Me Sandals, Keep Strapping Sandals
Terri Grey
 [04/23 10:29:26AM] Pink, 6.5

Strappy love sandals, strapped with love sandals
Corina phillips
 [04/23 10:27:48AM] 7 pink or white

Strappy love sandals, strapped with love sandals
Corina phillips
 [04/23 10:27:32AM] 7 pink or white

Skippin Rocks Sandals, Sun on my toes sandals,
Gina Bolton
 [04/23 10:25:10AM] White 10

Buckle Up Sandal
Pamela Kraik
 [04/23 10:24:11AM] White 8.5

Market meadow sandals ( fresh and ready to go)
Anita Gielis
 [04/23 10:23:42AM] White then if not black. size 7.5

the cleopatra sandal
Jen Chartrand
 [04/23 10:23:34AM] Mint 8.5

Strap it to me sandals, Strappy Goddess sandals, strap on summer sandals
Kimberley Templer
 [04/23 10:22:32AM] 8.5 white

Strap happy sandals
Tara werning
 [04/23 10:22:21AM] White 8.5

Spring Fling, Summer Straps
Kiersten Shantz
 [04/23 10:19:29AM] Mint 7

strappy spring!
Oksana Onufryk/Tubaro
 [04/23 10:17:42AM] Pink size 8

Beach Boulevard Sandal, Boho Boulevard Sandal
Ashley Babin
 [04/23 10:16:32AM] Pink 5.5

Spring into summer sandles
Chelsey duffenais
 [04/23 10:15:21AM] Pink size 7

Cross the meadow; Summer flats; Hot Cross Steps; Pastel Pleasure; Zig Zag Go; Pretty & Poised; Double Crossed Lovers
Justina Tedesco
 [04/23 10:14:40AM] White, size 5

Gladiator Sandals
 [04/23 10:13:59AM] Natural

Fun in the sun sandles
Chelsey duffenais
 [04/23 10:12:08AM] Pink size 7

Summer Goddess Sandals or Athena in the Park Sandals
Heather Y
 [04/23 10:11:09AM] 7.5 mint

Add a spring to your step sandals
Sierra McBeth
 [04/23 10:10:01AM] Mint size7

Sweet Simplicity
Kelly Millar
 [04/23 10:06:56AM] Pink - 8

Strap to it
Kaitlyn Yewsuk
 [04/23 10:05:54AM] Pink size 8.5

Spring Fling
Kelly Millar
 [04/23 10:05:35AM] Pink size 8

All strapped and ready to go
Sierra McBeth
 [04/23 10:04:03AM] Mint size7

Strap in sandal
Sierra McBeth
 [04/23 10:03:00AM] Mint size7

Strappy Summer Sandals
Zoe Welsh
 [04/23 10:02:11AM] Size 9 or 10 depends on brand in pink

Adventure is out there sandals
Sierra McBeth
 [04/23 10:01:57AM] Mint size7

Get to strappin
Katelyn felbel
 [04/23 9:57:44AM] Size 7

Strap to it
 [04/23 9:57:15AM] Size 7

Strappy and I know it
 [04/23 9:56:54AM] Any colour size 7

Sassy Straps Sandals
Tammy Cotton
 [04/23 9:55:38AM] Black 7

Strap Happy; Happy Strappy; Strappy to Glad; strapped for you; Happy Feet; Strappy Feet; Strapped in; Lined Up; Summer Line Up; all you need; Sabot Strappy; Trussed Up; All Trussed Up; Summer Trusses; Bind and Breezy; Tempt-truss sandals
Laura Higgins
 [04/23 9:55:33AM] Black 7.5

Sundae Dream Sandals - Ice Cream Sundae Sandals
Samara O'Hagan
 [04/23 9:51:09AM] Pink, 7

Strap to It
 [04/23 9:45:39AM] Size 10. White

Sassy Sashay Sandals
Janine Hickmore
 [04/23 9:45:18AM] Mint. Size 8

Easy breezy sandals
Tanis Hayward
 [04/23 9:42:21AM] Pink , size 8.5

Simply divine
Angela Upton
 [04/23 9:41:55AM] Mint & Sz 8

Criss cross sandals
Tricia Bell
 [04/23 9:40:49AM] Pink 8.5

Walk in the park sandal
Trista Cooper
 [04/23 9:37:18AM] Size 11 mint

Simply Strapped
Tiffaney Gamble
 [04/23 9:36:17AM] Size 9

Steppin’ Out Sandal
Kristy Stebbings
 [04/23 9:35:25AM] White, 10

My Soulful Heart Sandal
Tatianna Hommy
 [04/23 9:32:47AM] Pink and 8.5

Garden Gala Sandals
Haley Boland
 [04/23 9:30:51AM] Pink, size 11

Treasure summer sandals
Nicole braun
 [04/23 9:29:15AM] Pink 8

All Strapped Up Sandals
Haley Boland
 [04/23 9:28:54AM] Pink, size 11

Sweet n’ Strappy Sandals
Haly Pisio
 [04/23 9:28:07AM] White 8

Strap It To Me Sandals
Haley Boland
 [04/23 9:27:42AM] Pink, size 11

Everyday summer sandal
Tabi Galloway
 [04/23 9:26:54AM] Black - 9

Strap it to me, Strappy Endings sandal
Morgan Gebhardt
 [04/23 9:26:12AM] 7 pink

Crisscross Love Sandals
Kathy Pirone
 [04/23 9:25:38AM] 7.5 Pink please

Sun Goddess, Wonder-sandal-ful, Strapped In, Life in Sandals
Jennifer Daeninck
 [04/23 9:25:38AM] Black 7.5

Crossing stems sandals
Nicole Braun
 [04/23 9:25:36AM] Pink 8

Cross paths sandals
Nicole Braun
 [04/23 9:23:36AM] Pink 8

Step into summer, slide into summer, hot cross sandals
Laura Rockl
 [04/23 9:23:04AM] Pink 8

Summer strolls sandals
Nicole Braun
 [04/23 9:22:32AM] Pink 8

Laddance sandals
Nicole Braun
 [04/23 9:21:48AM] Pink 8

Simply strappy sandals
Nicole Braun
 [04/23 9:20:58AM] Pink 8

Beauty in the Feet Sandals; Celestial Lines Sandals; Summers Slip Into Sandals
April Hunt
 [04/23 9:20:03AM] Mint 8.5

Cross your soul sandals
Jennifer Love
 [04/23 9:18:26AM] Black. 8.5

Sweet strappy
Colleen Irving
 [04/23 9:17:04AM] White. 9

Fancy Toes Sandals; Wrapped For a Goddess Sandal; Pretty Feet Sandals; Pretty Fetching Sandals; Tied and True Sandals; Tied and True Sandals; Precious Footings; Celestial Footings ; Summer Footings; Hoops the Hoopla Sandals; What the Hoopla Sandals; Pretty Cross Sandals; The Timeless Sandal; Timelessness Sandals
April Hunt
 [04/23 9:15:47AM] Pink 8.5

Tiny Tan Lines
Courtney Balaban
 [04/23 9:15:34AM] 10 Black

Sling Into Summer Sandals
Michelle Mayer
 [04/23 9:15:18AM] Size 9 Black

Strap Happy Sandals
Sandra Bennett
 [04/23 9:14:03AM] 8, pink

Cross cross sandals
Jenn Bennison
 [04/23 9:12:58AM] Black, 7

Xs and Os sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/23 9:12:33AM] 8.5 mint/pink

hopscotch sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/23 9:11:51AM] pink 8.5

Hop stock sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/23 9:11:14AM] 8.5 mint/pink

Barely there lacing, All laced up, Buckle in to be strapped, shamelessly entwined
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/23 9:10:51AM] Black 7.5

Cross my toes sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/23 9:09:57AM] pink 8.5

Sunny days sandles
Sarah Steeves
 [04/23 9:08:12AM] Pink 8

Crossing Paths, Summer Breeze
Brayell Dengler
 [04/23 9:07:59AM] Black, 7.5

Walk the ladder, lace up summer, strap into summer, strappy days, criss cross days, X's and toes, strappy love, wrap up days, wrap up comfort, wrap into summer,
Brittney Shields
 [04/23 9:07:57AM] 7.5 mint

Step Into Summer, One Step Forward, Beach Footprints, Sand in my Toes, Warm Summer Nights
Brayell Dengler
 [04/23 9:06:48AM] black, 7.5

The Summer Sass Sandal
Liz Hamilton
 [04/23 9:06:09AM] 6, mint

Simple Pleasures, summer pleasures,
Brenda Villena
 [04/23 9:05:17AM] Pink 6.5

Sassy strappy
Erin Campbell-Bentley
 [04/23 9:05:02AM] 10 mint

Strap in your step sandals
Kayleigh Croker
 [04/23 9:04:39AM] Pink 10

Tan Line Sandals, Dainty Tan Line Sandals or Delicate Tan Lines
Courtney Balaban
 [04/23 9:04:31AM] 10 Black

Sura Perfection
Tammy Waiting
 [04/23 9:04:28AM] Black size 8.5

Walk the Line Sandals
Tesa Steinke
 [04/23 9:04:01AM] Pink 8.5

Simply Sweet sandals
Sarah Rice
 [04/23 9:04:00AM] Pink, 6

Cara Jones
 [04/23 9:03:49AM] Pink 7

Walk This Wave
Jenn Haviland
 [04/23 9:03:06AM] Black 7.5

Sunshine & Tan Lines Sandals
Tesa Steinke
 [04/23 9:02:46AM] Pink 8.5

Roman goddess
Sherry sproul
 [04/23 9:02:42AM] Mint size 7

Breezin Sandels
Tammy Waiting
 [04/23 9:02:20AM] Pink size 8.5

Mad about you sandals
Sarah Rice
 [04/23 9:02:17AM] Pink 6

Tip Top Toe Summer Sandle - Strapped & Laoded Sandal - Strapped into Summer - Cross Your Toes Sandle - Strapped in love sandal - Sandy Day Beach Sandal
Whitney Dillon
 [04/23 9:00:44AM] Black - 10

Know How to Hold’em Sandals; Across the World Sandals; Daintily Crossed Sandals; Rapping Up On a Time Sandals; Once Upon Time Sandals; Pretty My Feet Sandals; Pretty Woman Sandals; That’ll Be Everything Sandals; Pretty in Pastels Sandals; Better Together Sandals; Close Contact Sandals; Pretty Young Thing Sandals; Greek Goddess Sandals; Celestial Goddess Sandals; Like This and Like That Sandals
April Hunt
 [04/23 8:59:18AM] Mint. 9

Spring goddess sandals
Jessica Grohs
 [04/23 8:59:03AM] Mint 8.5

Summer feet treat
Cheryl Howitt
 [04/23 8:57:45AM] Pink size 8

Wrapped Around Summer sandals
Deana Snowden
 [04/23 8:54:53AM] Black; size 9

Crossroads Sandals, Fun and Flirty Sandals
Mary Thomson
 [04/23 8:54:41AM] 7.5 black

Cross my Toes
Kim Case
 [04/23 8:54:32AM] Size 9 black

Step into summer sandal
Elaina Geeraert
 [04/23 8:54:26AM] Mint, 7

Sunny Days Sandals
Monica A Dion
 [04/23 8:52:46AM] pink size 8

Feelin' strappy
Jodi Dick
 [04/23 8:51:59AM] 9 and black

Strappy, sleek, and sexy summer sandal
Kim Luciuk
 [04/23 8:51:54AM] Black, size 10

Strappy Lassie(s)
Brianne O’Halloran
 [04/23 8:51:49AM] Pink, 8

Skip to it sandals
Joanna lewis
 [04/23 8:51:38AM] 8.5 mint

Roman Chic
Donna Humber
 [04/23 8:50:57AM] Black 7.5

Blissfully free
Valerie Breen
 [04/23 8:50:34AM] 6.5 and black

Zig - Zag your way to summer sandal
Sonia Di Nobile
 [04/23 8:50:32AM] black size 8

Sassy strappy sandals
Mavis Conrad
 [04/23 8:50:08AM] Size 7 pink

Criss cross applesauce
Joanna Lewis
 [04/23 8:49:59AM] 8.5

Slip 'n' Slide Sandals
Leanne Drullette
 [04/23 8:49:03AM] tan, size 6

Strap on a Pair Sandals
Tesa Steinke
 [04/23 8:48:26AM] Yellow 8.5

Strap Happy Sandals
Angela McLellan
 [04/23 8:48:09AM] White 8

Scrappy Go Lucky
Rachel Brescia
 [04/23 8:48:02AM] Pink size 10

Strap Happy Sandals
Stacey Garton
 [04/23 8:47:43AM] Black 8

Strapping in Style Sandals
Stacey Garton
 [04/23 8:47:16AM] Black 8

So pretty
Georgina Levesque
 [04/23 8:46:49AM] Mint 8.5

Tic Tac Toes Sandals
Tesa Steinke
 [04/23 8:46:45AM] Yellow 8.5

Garden Party Ready Sandals
Tonya Barich
 [04/23 8:46:18AM] Black Size 6

Celestial Summer Sandals; Celestial Sandals; Celebrated Celestial Sandals; Celestial Wrapped Sandals; Knot Your Average Sandal
April Hunt
 [04/23 8:46:06AM] Pink. 8.5

strap crossed love sandals
Victoria Zaharichuk
 [04/23 8:44:33AM] mint 7

All strapped in for Summer - Strapped & Loaded Sandal - Easy Breezy Sandle - Tip Top Toe Sandal - Barefoot Sandal
Whitney Dillon
 [04/23 8:43:25AM] Black - 10

Strap Happy Sandals
Tesa Steinke
 [04/23 8:43:23AM] Yellow 8.5

Cross my heart sandal
Christie McPhee
 [04/23 8:42:28AM] Pink size 6

All strapped in sandals
Sierra McBeth
 [04/23 8:39:56AM] Mint size7

Summer Lovin
Kelly Robertson
 [04/23 8:39:33AM] Mint 6

Spring forward
Candace Grady
 [04/23 8:39:14AM] White size 10

Sunny Soul Sandals
Erika Crowley
 [04/23 8:39:07AM] Mint, 7

Summer lovin', walking on sunshine
Megan konkin
 [04/23 8:38:47AM] 8.5 mint

Walking on a cloud
Charline Carre
 [04/23 8:38:09AM] Pink 5

Criss Cross My Heart Sandals
Stacey Hanmer
 [04/23 8:37:56AM] Size 8 pink

Crosswinds Sandals, Crosswalk Sandals, Crossabililities Sandals
Erin Sharma
 [04/23 8:37:13AM] Mint 10

Strappy Go Lucky Sandals
Leslie Welch
 [04/23 8:36:41AM] Pink size 7.5

Dahlia Sandals
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/23 8:35:19AM] 7.5 Mint

All Strapped up Sandals, Strap it Up Sandal, Get Strappy sandals, Peek a Boo sandals, Tickle your toes sandals
Judy Thue
 [04/23 8:34:50AM] pink size 9

Roman holiday
Michelle Keeling
 [04/23 8:34:43AM] Mint , Size 7

Strapping into Summer
Megan Husak
 [04/23 8:34:26AM] Black 10

Strap on Summer Sandals
Meghan Boast
 [04/23 8:34:04AM] 9 pink

Cross my Heart Sandals
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/23 8:34:04AM] 7.5 Mint

simply breezy sandals
yvonne sims
 [04/23 8:33:57AM] size 7.5 black

Strap on your feet
Brittney wahoski
 [04/23 8:33:39AM] White, 7.5

Exs and Ohs Sandals
Tracy Fisher
 [04/23 8:33:38AM] Pink - Size 6

Wrapped in Sunshine sandals
Janice Trenholm
 [04/23 8:32:59AM] Pink size 11

Forever Summer Sandals, Everyday Sandals
Chelsie Colby
 [04/23 8:32:43AM] Pink 10

Step in style
Nicole McKinnon
 [04/23 8:32:32AM] 7.5 black or pink

Stride into summer;
Louise Vukas
 [04/23 8:32:15AM] Mint 7

Fancy Free Sandals
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [04/23 8:32:12AM] Black & 8

Hold me down; dreaming of a vacay; strappy gal;
Shelly Davidson
 [04/23 8:32:05AM] Black & 9

Straps to Heaven
Rosa Louro
 [04/23 8:32:04AM] 8 & white

Athena Sandals
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/23 8:31:59AM] 7.5 Mint

That's a wrap
 [04/23 8:31:48AM] 7 Mint

Cross Your Toes Sandals
Jaime Pendergast
 [04/23 8:31:45AM] Mint size 9

Sunshine Feeling Fine Sandals
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/23 8:31:28AM] 7.5 mint

Summer goddess
Sydney S
 [04/23 8:31:07AM] pink 8

nearly naked sandals
yvonne sims
 [04/23 8:30:42AM] size 7.5 mint

Strappin' toes strap to the beat
Sherry Moreland
 [04/23 8:30:37AM] Pink size 6

Cross into Summer
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [04/23 8:30:12AM] Mint, 8.5

Staying Strappy Sandals
Jaime Pendergast
 [04/23 8:30:03AM] Black size 9

Cross Cross the Icing on Top Sandals
Stephanie Pelland
 [04/23 8:29:54AM] Mint 8

Crossing paths sandals
Sonja Vanderwood
 [04/23 8:29:44AM] Size 6 black

That's a strap
Melissa Bongalis
 [04/23 8:29:39AM] Black 6.5

Bands on the run
Rana Thomas
 [04/23 8:29:10AM] Pink and 10

breezy dream sandals
yvonne sims
 [04/23 8:29:10AM] size 7.5 pink

Strap happy Sandal!
Melissa Bongalis
 [04/23 8:28:53AM] Black 6.5

Strap You In Sandals
Jaime Pendergast
 [04/23 8:28:37AM] Pink size 9

Criss Cross Sandals
Tara Macaulay
 [04/23 8:28:25AM] Mint size 7

Strap happy
Melissa Thom
 [04/23 8:28:23AM] Yellow size 9

Star crossed sandals, spring rose sandals, link it up sandals, cross cross sandals, cross my heart sandals
Nicole Gregg
 [04/23 8:28:19AM] Mint size 8

Strappy Spring Sandals,
Zoe Welsh
 [04/23 8:27:47AM] Size 9 or 10 depends on the brand in pink

Tammy Waiting
 [04/23 8:27:42AM] Mint size 8.5

Sunset Strip Sandals
Sarah Settels
 [04/23 8:27:25AM] Black and 8 please thank you

barely there sandals
yvonne sims
 [04/23 8:26:34AM] size 7.5 black

Walking on Sunshine
Sarah Settels
 [04/23 8:26:24AM] Mint 8 please and thank you

Just beachin
Tammy Waiting
 [04/23 8:26:17AM] Black size 8.5

SoleStruck Sandals
Melody Belanger
 [04/23 8:26:08AM] Size 8 Mint

Walk Like an Egyptian
Sarah Settels
 [04/23 8:25:56AM] Mint 8 please and thank you

Athena Sandals
Sarah Settels
 [04/23 8:25:19AM] Black and 8 please

Wrapped Up in 2 Sandals
Nadine Bennett
 [04/23 8:24:14AM] pink size 9

Summer cross over sandals
Cindy Bennett
 [04/23 8:23:44AM] Pink, 6

Strappy Go Lucky sandals
Britta Yanishewski
 [04/23 8:23:14AM] Pink size 7

Strappin good time sandals
Janelle Nightingale
 [04/23 8:23:00AM] Mint size 9

Two Bare Feet on the Dashboard Sandals, Summer Love Sandals
Caitlin Gillis
 [04/23 8:22:22AM] Pink, 9

Simply the best sandals ,
Megan wiens
 [04/23 8:22:21AM] 9 mint

Step into spring sandals
Cindy Bennett
 [04/23 8:22:10AM] Pink, 6

Wrapped in comfort sandals, Wrapped Up in You sandals
Caitlin Gillis
 [04/23 8:20:51AM] Pink, 9

Criss Cross Comfort sandals, Summertime bliss sandals, Sand between my toes Sandals, Pedi Perfection sandals,
Caitlin Gillis
 [04/23 8:19:21AM] Pink, 9

Sunning & Strappy
Nicole Craig
 [04/23 8:19:02AM] 7 black

Pretty Crissy sandal
Paula Fulthorpe
 [04/23 8:18:59AM] Mint size 7

In Bloom Sandals
Lynsay D O'Neil
 [04/23 8:18:32AM] Mint size 6

Full bloom sandals
Lynsay D O'Neil
 [04/23 8:18:09AM] Mint size 6

Timeless in the Sun Sandals
Trish Tahouney
 [04/23 8:17:49AM] Mint in 8

Stunning and strappy shoe
Nicole Craig
 [04/23 8:17:32AM] 7 black

Spring in your step sandals
Mavis Conrad
 [04/23 8:16:44AM] 7 pink

Tanned Toes Sandals
Melody Belanger
 [04/23 8:16:35AM] Size 8 Mint

Wandering in Wildflowers Sandals
Lyndsay Young
 [04/23 8:15:42AM] 8 mint

Crissy Crossy Crissy Cross
Ingrid St-Cyr
 [04/23 8:15:07AM] 7 pink

That’s a wrap sandals
Jina Clarke
 [04/23 8:14:28AM] Black size 11

Little Sweet Thing
Aleasha Campbell
 [04/23 8:14:22AM] Black, 6.5

Strap me into summer sandles
Maria Lento
 [04/23 8:13:40AM] Black 7.5

Toes in the sand, classy strappy Sandal, cross the boulevard sandal
Kristin Frombach
 [04/23 8:12:04AM] Mint 10

Winding road sandals
Kelly Gallagher
 [04/23 8:11:51AM] Xs mint

Thats a wrap
Destiny Robinson
 [04/23 8:11:37AM] Any color size 9

Sunny breeze sandals
Bonita Watts
 [04/23 8:11:19AM] white size 7

Laurisa Bonk
Strap in for summer sandals, buckle up for summer sandals
 [04/23 8:11:00AM] Pink 7

Winding road sandals
Kelly Gallagher
 [04/23 8:10:45AM] 6.5 mint

Happy ‘n’ Strappy
Lacey Doman
 [04/23 8:10:22AM] Pink 9

Wrapped in love sandal
Stephanie Cooney-Mann
 [04/23 8:10:12AM] Black size 9

Winding Road Sandala
Kelly Gallagher
 [04/23 8:10:09AM] Mint 6.5

Cross my toes
Ashley Wonnacott
 [04/23 8:09:31AM] Black 9

Strappy Go Lucky
Karla Svensson
 [04/23 8:09:24AM] Mint, size 8

Feelin’ Strappy
Victoria Robson
 [04/23 8:09:23AM] Pink Size 9

Strappy so happy sandals
april foster
 [04/23 8:09:00AM] 8 black doesn't really matter the colour.

Cross cross applesauce sandal ; Crosswaves sandal ; cross my “feet” sandal; buckle up buttercup sandal ; summers day sandal ; crossroads sandal; sealed with a buckle sandal ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [04/23 8:08:57AM] Pink 6.5

Simply Sunny Sandals
Cori Kay
 [04/23 8:08:51AM] Pink 8.5

Criss cross summer sandals
Ashley wonnacott
 [04/23 8:08:41AM] Mint 9

Strappy Go Lucky
Renee Kuznecov
 [04/23 8:06:31AM] Black 7

Happy and Strappy Sandals
Lacey Doman
 [04/23 8:06:16AM] Pink 9

Tic tak toe
Jennifer Pedersen
 [04/23 8:05:53AM] 7 pink

Sunsational Sandals
Dana Bellagamba
 [04/23 8:05:47AM] Pink 8

Happy Feet
Joelle Bakker
 [04/23 8:05:14AM] Black, 9

Cross my heart
Jennifer Pedersen
 [04/23 8:04:59AM] 7 blush

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