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Button Summer Dress
April 16, 2021

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Total of 1,279 Entries
Congratulations to Megan Sparks, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the By the Sea Shore Dress!

Loving Summer
Donna Holland
 [04/18 8:57:36AM] Black large

Spring Fling
Terri Hansen
 [04/18 8:56:31AM] Olive large

“Unbutton the sun”dress!
Leann Kopytko
 [04/18 8:53:23AM] Light green small

“Unbutton the sun”dress!
Leann Kopytko
 [04/18 8:52:30AM] Light green small

Feeling peaceful
Josephine Goosney
 [04/18 8:45:43AM] Large black

Day Dreamer
Jessica Colwell
 [04/18 8:45:40AM] Black 2X

Button your way to the top
Christina Horton
 [04/18 8:44:47AM] L black

A week of Sunday's
Josephine Goosney
 [04/18 8:43:05AM] Large black

Button-down Brunch
Katerina Hay
 [04/18 8:42:38AM] Olive green, L

Cute as a Button up dress
Paige Brooks
 [04/18 8:39:25AM] Large , Olive

Dawn to Dusk
Nicole MacPhail
 [04/18 8:38:32AM] Green large

Blinded By The Light ; Button Me Up Buttercup Dress; All the Feels Dress; Oh So Boho Button Up; Chic as a Button Dress; Fit to Be Done Up Dress; Done Up and Down Dress ; A Heart Beat Away Dress; Up and Down Dress; Uptown N’ Downtown Dress
April Hunt
 [04/18 8:38:31AM] Small Green

garden festival beauty
Shontelle Benard
 [04/18 8:35:21AM] Black size x large

Flow with it dress or flow the line dress
Erin Crossley
 [04/18 8:33:19AM] 3xl

Pockets and buttons galore oh my
Marsha Foster
 [04/18 8:21:17AM] Green large

Sunny Sunday
Destiny Laybolt
 [04/18 8:20:05AM] Black, XS/S

Lifes a beach
Diana-Lee (Dee) Erickson
 [04/18 8:17:19AM] Black - large

A stroll around Provence
Carla Hanson
 [04/18 8:16:32AM] Olive. large

The Beachcomber
Natasha Fewer
 [04/18 7:57:35AM] Green xs

Cute as a button
Natasha Fewer
 [04/18 7:56:32AM] Green xs

Day at the beach summer dress
Emily kissoon
 [04/18 7:49:12AM] Green size large

Shades and waves summer dress
Emily kissoon
 [04/18 7:47:31AM] Green size large

Sun Up Button Up Dress
Carolyn Ferguson
 [04/18 7:46:48AM] Medium olive

Sun all day dream dress
Emily kissoon
 [04/18 7:46:22AM] Black size large

Time for the beach dress
Emily kissoon
 [04/18 7:45:05AM] Green size large

Ten Button Beauty Dress
Carolyn Ferguson
 [04/18 7:44:25AM] Medium olive

Easy breezy summer dress
Emily kissoon
 [04/18 7:44:14AM] Black size large

Right on the button summer dress
Sandy Reely
 [04/18 7:39:08AM] 2xl olive

Button up and show up summer dress
Sandy Reely
 [04/18 7:37:33AM] 2x olive

Cute as a button dress
Sandy Reely
 [04/18 7:34:55AM] 2x olive

Call me Buttons Dress
Tracey Godin
 [04/18 7:06:28AM] Black medium

Summer fundress
Susan Holdsworth
 [04/18 6:41:21AM] Black size s

Right on the button dress, Hot dress express, Beach Please Dress
Nicky Bryant
 [04/18 6:39:11AM] Olive large

Cruise control
Irene Langevin
 [04/18 6:11:04AM] Black large

Button Me Up
Kari McGuire
 [04/18 6:09:12AM] Medium Olive

The lake house dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 6:08:58AM] Medium olive

Button in my pocket dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 6:06:42AM] Medium black

Free flow
Sherry welch
 [04/18 6:06:26AM] Black xlarge

Pocket full of sunshine dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 6:06:06AM] Medium olive

Brunch and buttons dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 6:05:09AM] Black medium

Ivy League dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 5:56:25AM] Medium olive

Charming Bella dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 5:52:07AM] Medium olive

Lunar eclipse dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/18 5:47:48AM] Medium olive

Chick Allure
Marie J Mailloux
 [04/18 5:24:37AM] Large green

Addison or Addie or The Justine or The Gabriela or The Gabby
 [04/18 4:28:14AM] Black 2x

Free to Be
Julie Odia
 [04/18 4:27:47AM] Olive 1XL

Always Addie summer dress
Alison Ingertsa kimberley
 [04/18 4:24:10AM] Green 2x

Day out sundress
Maria Graham
 [04/18 4:21:33AM] Khaki, small

Hollywood Diva
Julie Odia
 [04/18 4:21:06AM] Olive 1XL

Sundaze Button Down
Danni Cole
 [04/18 1:48:18AM] Olive XL

Button Up to sunshine Dress
France Roy
 [04/18 1:19:46AM] Black, large

Sunny Saturday
Crystal Thiessen
 [04/18 12:23:07AM] Green - large

All Buttoned Up Dress
Sarah Kobes
 [04/18 12:14:25AM] Olive 2X

The Oceans Calling Dress
Tracy Fisher
 [04/17 11:47:14PM] Olive - Small

Build me up ButtonUp
Tracy Fisher
 [04/17 11:46:31PM] Olive - Small

On the Button summer midi
Kelly Klassen
 [04/17 11:13:38PM] Black large

Pocket full of sunshine dress, button up babe dress, beachy keen dress,
Samantha Krump
 [04/17 11:13:32PM] L black

On the Button summer midi
Kelly Klassen
 [04/17 11:13:04PM] Black large

The Madeline dress
Trista Cooper
 [04/17 11:11:24PM] XL black

Summer dreaming dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:56:40PM] Black XL

Sun up to sun down
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:56:00PM] Black XL

Sun kissed summer dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:55:06PM] Black XL

Go to summer dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:54:16PM] Black XL

Button me up from day to night
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:53:43PM] Black XL

Sunkissed dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:50:55PM] Black XL

Feel good dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:49:50PM] Black XL

Summer days dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:49:23PM] Black XL

Everyday dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:48:39PM] Black XL

Fun in the sun dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:47:22PM] Black XL

Button me down dress
Daisy Ng
 [04/17 10:46:53PM] Black XL

Buttoned Up & Ready to Go Dress
Melanie Blanchette
 [04/17 10:21:06PM] Black L

Button Up Baby
Stacey Mason
 [04/17 10:16:14PM] Large black

Serenity -the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. "an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city"
Brandi Mills
 [04/17 10:10:20PM] Green 2xl

The Weekend Traveller, Go Anywhere Dress, Down by the Bay dress
Carly Campos
 [04/17 10:03:40PM] Green Small

The Weekend Traveller, Go Anywhere Dress, Down by the Bay dress
Carly Campos
 [04/17 10:03:19PM] Green Small

SunnyDay Dress
Jerre Stone
 [04/17 9:20:18PM] 2XL

Button Down To Summer Dress
Holly MacArthur
 [04/17 9:12:36PM] Black, XL

Colour Me Comfy
Kelly Cribb
 [04/17 8:48:32PM] black small

Garden Party Dress
Nikki Humenchuk
 [04/17 8:42:51PM] Black in large

10 Little Button Dress or Lounging Around Sunshine Dress, or Sunshine dress, or Sunshine Button-down
Coralee Kurowski
 [04/17 8:41:56PM] Black M

Cute as a Button Dress; Summer’s Day Dress; Breeze & Buttons Dress;
Michelle Verkaik
 [04/17 8:39:00PM] Olive S

Flow into summer dress
Terri Nole
 [04/17 8:35:24PM] Black Large

button up buttercup
Tooie Casavant
 [04/17 8:33:37PM] XL in green

Be Totally Me Midi
Lacey Dewar
 [04/17 8:30:50PM] Black XL

Staycation midi dress
Nina Ritchie
 [04/17 8:07:48PM] Black M

Button me up dress
Helen Karbaliotis
 [04/17 8:04:05PM] Olive medium

Pretty Relaxed
Lisa Hollinger
 [04/17 8:04:00PM] Medium black

Sweet Summertime Dress
Tracey Dunlop
 [04/17 8:03:32PM] Xl black

Sweet Pea dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 8:01:30PM] Green small

Button it Summer Dress
Tracey Dunlop
 [04/17 8:01:01PM] Xl black

Sunkissed dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 7:59:48PM] Green small

Pocket full of Sunshine dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 7:58:17PM] Green small

Charmed life dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 7:57:13PM] Small, green

Beach Daze Dress, Sunshine Coast Dress, Shoreline Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [04/17 7:46:10PM] Black Large

Take me to the beach
Adrienne Lloyd
 [04/17 7:40:18PM] Xl black

Take me to the beach
Adrienne Lloyd
 [04/17 7:39:48PM] Xl black

Button Me Up Dress
Jennifer Bryden
 [04/17 7:38:53PM] Black XL

Sun up to Sun down midi dress
Tracy Dubois
 [04/17 7:34:05PM] Olive, L

Brunch Babe dress, Sunshine and Pockets dress, Dress up and Down
Tracy Dubois
 [04/17 7:29:11PM] Olive, L

Sew in Style, Dandy Button Up, Buttons Up!
Jennifer Baumle
 [04/17 7:25:18PM] 2x - Black

Hello Sunshine
Susan Balmer
 [04/17 7:23:40PM] Black. Xl

Fun in the Sun
Anne Gravelle
 [04/17 7:09:46PM] Black and 2XL

Button up for succesd
Anne Gravelle
 [04/17 7:03:24PM] Olive and 2XL

Free Sprited dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 6:42:07PM] Green small

On the Vineyard dress
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 6:40:59PM] Green small

Summer nights
Kali Bernst
 [04/17 6:40:00PM] Small, green

Cute as a button day dress
Kiersten Sanchez
 [04/17 6:33:12PM] Olive & medium

Playful Pockets
Sydney Herreria
 [04/17 6:28:50PM] Black 2X

Sunny Days Dress, Buttons Up Dress, Beaches & Buttons Dress, Buttons & More Dress, Button Me Up Dress
Angela Gallant
 [04/17 6:19:34PM] 2XL Black

Press my buttons dress
Kelly Neufeld
 [04/17 6:09:05PM] Black medium

Unbutton the sun dress!Unbutton Unbutton the sun! Dress??
 [04/17 6:08:59PM] Light green small

Summer is a Breeze
Deborah Green
 [04/17 6:07:28PM] Black xl

Cute as a Button dress
Kelly Neufeld
 [04/17 6:07:25PM] Black Medium

Easy, breezy beachy dress. Beach button down. Summer staple. Sun rise, button down dress
Krista McLay
 [04/17 5:51:47PM] Black Xl

Easy breezy
Elvira McInnis
 [04/17 5:23:30PM] Black / large

Night on the town
Kim Teha
 [04/17 5:22:35PM] Black large

Button Up Cutie
Jami-lee Seguin
 [04/17 5:21:26PM] Black - Large

Sun For Days Dress
Jennifer Thomas
 [04/17 5:14:57PM] Black, medium

Reagan Hansen
 [04/17 5:13:37PM] Olive, Medium

The Easy Breezy dress
Gitanjali chopra
 [04/17 5:01:33PM] Green medium

Sun's Got The Button Dress
Karen Carvell
 [04/17 4:48:08PM] Black 2XL

Breezy Button Dress
Leah Pollard
 [04/17 4:47:30PM] Black XL

Business Casual Button Up Dress, Cute as a Button Dress, Buttoned Up Dress, On the Button Dress, Push my Buttons Dress, Be as Bright as a Button Dress, Bust my Buttons Dress, Walk In The Park Dress
Cherie Inwood
 [04/17 4:13:37PM] Olive XL

Easy Breezy dress; Makin' waves Midi; Goin' with the Flow dress; Loving Life dress
Heather Diewert
 [04/17 4:13:17PM] X Small Olive

Breezy button chic
Tara therrien
 [04/17 3:57:24PM] Olive in M

Sail Away Dress, Can’t Stop Smiling Dress, Life’s a Beach Dress, Summer Nights Dress.
Evy Lang
 [04/17 3:53:04PM] Any Colour, in Medium

The Beachy Buttons Dress, Suns Out Buttons Out Dress, Beach Brunch and Buttons Dress
Jennifer Barone
 [04/17 3:50:45PM] Olive Size L

Summer Lov’n
Nicole Black
 [04/17 3:33:24PM] Olive, 2XL

Sand dollar slip over dress
 [04/17 3:13:32PM] Black xl

Cool in black
Marilyn Massoud
 [04/17 2:59:07PM] Black 2X

Button me up
 [04/17 2:52:42PM] Black & large

Sandy feet to patio drinks
Jenna Pearce
 [04/17 2:47:03PM] Olive and xl

Flow with me
Jenna Pearce
 [04/17 2:45:39PM] Olive and xl

Fun and flow
Jenna Pearce
 [04/17 2:45:11PM] Olive and xl

Summer breeze
Jenna Pearce
 [04/17 2:44:14PM] Olive and xl

Boho Button Dress
Shauna Swanson
 [04/17 2:34:06PM] Green Small

The Tide is Right Beach dress
Laura Wake
 [04/17 2:23:14PM] Black large

Live in the sunshine
Jacquie Friesen
 [04/17 2:19:23PM] Olive 3xl

Summer Button Breeze
Paige Bonner
 [04/17 2:15:25PM] Olive, XL

Button Up for Summer
Sandi Lengyel
 [04/17 2:13:29PM] Black XL

Summer Comfort
Sandi Lengyel
 [04/17 2:12:45PM] Black XL

Button up for fun!
Elaine Reinhart
 [04/17 2:11:14PM] Black XL

Sunny Days Ahead
Sandra Craine
 [04/17 1:52:31PM] Black 2XL

Oh My Buttons; California Dreamin; Sunswept; Summer Loving;
Katrina Geh
 [04/17 1:45:29PM] Black, Large

Mediterranean Mood dress
Courtney Eisel
 [04/17 1:42:39PM] 3xl black

Mediterranean Muse dress
Courtney Eisel
 [04/17 1:41:23PM] 3xl black

It's 5 o'clock somewhere
Lorie Seppke
 [04/17 1:40:26PM] 1x

Sexy Swag
Pamela Trickey
 [04/17 1:36:04PM] Black & 2/3XL

Baja Beach babe dress
Gina Lupinetti
 [04/17 1:27:42PM] Black Small

Summer Lovin' Dress Me Up
Susan Kendrick
 [04/17 1:20:09PM] Olive size Medium

All Buttoned Up
Susan Kendrick
 [04/17 1:18:21PM] olive size medium

Alaina Klassen
 [04/17 1:06:35PM] Black Small

Sunbutton Loves Me Dress
Jacqueline Hamilton
 [04/17 1:03:56PM] Green / small

Sunday Market Dress
Joanna Kerr
 [04/17 12:52:34PM] black 3x

Easy breezy dress, button fly dress, button up dress, endless summer dress , endless summer midi dress
Vicky Harrison
 [04/17 12:34:58PM] M green

Button it
Angela Markham
 [04/17 12:31:50PM] Olive 3x

Button up buttercup
Tricia Wood
 [04/17 12:28:07PM] Black Small

summer vibe dress
Jennifer Barthe
 [04/17 12:26:37PM] Olive n medium

Summer styling dress
Teresa Townson
 [04/17 12:26:36PM] Olive XL

Feel Free dress
Teresa Townson
 [04/17 12:24:18PM] Black XL

Buttons up dress
Darcie Blackall
 [04/17 12:10:50PM] black XL

Button me sweet
Marie Macdonald
 [04/17 12:05:31PM] Green XL

Cute as a button
Marie Macdonald
 [04/17 12:04:40PM] Green XL

Cute as a button
Marie Macdonald
 [04/17 12:04:07PM] Green XL

Take me to the beach dress
Sarah Chapman
 [04/17 12:00:28PM] Black small

E-Z Flow sundress
Arlene Beck
 [04/17 11:59:02AM] Black Lg

Time to reset summer dress
Michelle Blackburn
 [04/17 11:57:40AM] Green and small

Girls Just Wanna have Fun Dress
JoAnne Swaine
 [04/17 11:54:13AM] Green. Large

Summer feels button dress
Michelle Blackburn
 [04/17 11:53:53AM] Green and small

Making memories dress
Crystal Mackie
 [04/17 11:51:31AM] Small black

Time for tea dress
Crystal Mackie
 [04/17 11:50:35AM] Small black

Where the watermelons grow
Crystal Mackie
 [04/17 11:48:10AM] Black small

Pocket full of Sunshine
Jamie Thorburn
 [04/17 11:44:12AM] Black XL or 2XL

Simple Sweet Pea
Tracey Godin
 [04/17 11:42:13AM] Medium black

Weekend getaway
Alexis Appleby
 [04/17 11:33:58AM] Olive medium

On the Button/ cute as a button
Bernadette M Bellows
 [04/17 11:31:40AM] Olive M

Buttons of Fun Dress, Pushing Buttons Dress
Brittany Sargent
 [04/17 11:28:02AM] Olive & Medium

Chilling out in the sundress, cool and classy midi, chic on the beach
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [04/17 11:17:09AM] Black, small

Easy breezy button up dress
Valerie Grimshire
 [04/17 11:11:08AM] Black m

Bohemian Breeze
Kiersten Shantz
 [04/17 11:06:17AM] Black Small

Cute as a Button
Melina Duhaime-Cole
 [04/17 11:06:06AM] Black XL

An Afternoon on the Island
Veronica Havelange
 [04/17 10:54:19AM] Olive size small

All Buttoned up summer dress
Pam Walsh
 [04/17 10:53:48AM] Black, med

Button up to success dress
Anne Gravelle
 [04/17 10:52:44AM] 2xl and color Olive

Button Down Midi-Dress
Ashlee Brookson-Opseth
 [04/17 10:42:36AM] Olive, M

Live for today
Melanie L'Ecuyer
 [04/17 10:37:08AM] Olive, small

Laura-Lee Desjardins
 [04/17 10:31:13AM] Green, Medium

Laura-Lee Desjardins
 [04/17 10:30:58AM] Green, Medium

Comfort plus
Jocelyn Mealey
 [04/17 10:30:26AM] Black 2X

Cute as a Button Summer Dress; Button Down Summer Dress; Right on the Button Summer Dress; Well, Bust my Buttons Summer Dress
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [04/17 10:28:21AM] Black - Medium

Button up and ready for anything dress
Gina Colombe
 [04/17 10:25:38AM] Olive in medium

Summer Feels Dress
Lesley Willford
 [04/17 10:23:59AM] Black 2XL

Button summer Dress
Terry Cranch
 [04/17 10:13:41AM] Olive. XL

Button beauty beach cutie
Cheryl Bosch
 [04/17 10:08:21AM] Medium olive

Button envy beach ready
Cheryl Bosch
 [04/17 10:04:14AM] Medium olive

Everyday sun dress
Alysha marmara
 [04/17 9:58:36AM] Green XL

Breezy like Sunday morning
Jolene Bose
 [04/17 9:57:40AM] Medium black

Button envy summer ready
Cheryl Bosch
 [04/17 9:57:34AM] Medium olive

Easy breezy button up dress
Ashlee Gibbs
 [04/17 9:55:24AM] Black medium

Ashlee Gibbs
 [04/17 9:54:08AM] Olive medium

Go With the Flow into Summer
Kim Smail
 [04/17 9:53:56AM] Black, medium

Jane's jumper
JoAnna Woode
 [04/17 9:51:09AM] black xl

Button Up Double Pocket summer dress
Rosemary Hogg
 [04/17 9:42:56AM] Black large

Cute as a Button Sun Dress
Amber Bremer
 [04/17 9:37:52AM] Black and Large

Patio Pretty Dress, Ahoy Summer Dress, Button Babe Dress, Vitamin D Dress, Sun-Soaked Summer Dress, Breezy Button Dress
Aubrey Price
 [04/17 9:33:35AM] Large black

High Tea, Patio Vibes, Patio Time, Sweet Tea Dress
Laura Jefferson
 [04/17 9:30:36AM] Black, med

Beachy Buttons
Kelly Fraser
 [04/17 9:24:14AM] Black 2XL

Pocket full of sunshine . Toes in the sand. Cover me in sunshine
Tara Klimack
 [04/17 9:21:39AM] Large

The voyager dress
Kiara fraser
 [04/17 9:21:36AM] Black (xs)

Beachy breeze
Kelly Fraser
 [04/17 9:19:50AM] Black 2XL

Top to bottom buttons
Cathy Baine
 [04/17 9:18:11AM] M olive

Sunshine & Buttons
Michelle Mooney
 [04/17 9:18:07AM] Black - sz Medium

Everything's Coming Up Buttons
Michelle Mooney
 [04/17 9:17:02AM] Black - sz Medium

Button Up The Beach
Michelle Mooney
 [04/17 9:14:02AM] Black - sz. Medium

Cute As A Button
Michelle Mooney
 [04/17 9:12:15AM] Black - size Medium

Let The Festival Begin
Amanda McKinstry-Hickman
 [04/17 9:09:05AM] Olive 2XL

The Casual Martini Dress (with olives - green, without olives - black)
Amanda McKinstry-Hickman
 [04/17 9:06:52AM] Olive 2XL

Sea Breeze
Lisa Cameron
 [04/17 9:05:57AM] Green & S

Surf to turf dress
Carolyn Ferguson
 [04/17 9:04:26AM] Medium olive

Button Down Perfections
Vicky Wells
 [04/17 9:03:25AM] Black, Medium

Summer Breeze, Beach Please, Beachy Button
Emily Beukers
 [04/17 9:00:11AM] S, Black

Button All The Way To Town
Amanda McKinstry-Hickman
 [04/17 8:58:41AM] Olive 2XL

Here comes the sun dress
Kara Lamb
 [04/17 8:57:49AM] Black medium

Comfort in class
Judy Gauthier
 [04/17 8:52:38AM] Olive Medium

Beach Bliss
Jessika MacRae
 [04/17 8:51:52AM] Black xs

Just "Fun In The Sun" Dress
Dianne Jackson
 [04/17 8:50:46AM] Black/Medium

Button me up dress
Loriann Peters
 [04/17 8:45:18AM] Black size L

"Tank"ful of comfort Dress
Tammy Kment
 [04/17 8:43:24AM] Green size Medium

EZ Breezy
Nichole Polvi
 [04/17 8:38:05AM] Black 2xl

Button Beauty Dress
Lilliane Hradecki
 [04/17 8:35:57AM] Olive small

Button me down
Shawna Grey
 [04/17 8:34:48AM] Olive/ S

Button down buttercup
Stephanie heffernan
 [04/17 8:34:21AM] Xl-2xl

Button up buttercup
Stephanie Heffernan
 [04/17 8:32:03AM] Xl-2xl

Button down honey
Stephanie heffernan
 [04/17 8:31:06AM] Xl-2xl

Free and Easy Day Dress
Donna clipperton
 [04/17 8:26:02AM] Black

Button up for success dress
Heather Mcintosh
 [04/17 8:24:48AM] Black & xs

A breeze on the beach dress
Jessica Broderick
 [04/17 8:23:41AM] Black medium

Summer Days, Sunny Day
Jeana Pruneau
 [04/17 8:23:00AM] Olive size small

Mary Mac (or Miss Mary Mac)
Pauline Cardinal
 [04/17 8:22:46AM] Black, XL

Go with the flow
Krista Crawford
 [04/17 8:22:17AM] Black in small

Summer dreams button down dress
Beverly bulman
 [04/17 8:20:54AM] Medium black

Sunny side Chic
Gaylene Ouchar
 [04/17 8:18:15AM] Black XL

Let the sun shine dress
Josee Pepin
 [04/17 8:14:30AM] Olive- medium

Button up slip it on summer dress
Huguette Cromie
 [04/17 8:12:20AM] Black XL

Summer Breeze; Button Up; Market Dress
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [04/17 8:11:47AM] Black small

Breezy All The Time
 [04/17 8:11:44AM] Green Medium

Buttoned up for Summer
Tanya Stene-Connell
 [04/17 8:08:35AM] Black and large

Fun in the sun, Summers calling
Kathleen MacDonald
 [04/17 8:08:10AM] Green, large

Sweet Escape, Summer Nights, Better Days Are Yet To Come
Michelle Cowan
 [04/17 7:54:31AM] Green Small

Sweet Escape, Summer Nights, Better Days Are Yet To Come
Michelle Cowan
 [04/17 7:53:15AM] Green Small

Breezy Button Beauty
Christine Zammit
 [04/17 7:41:13AM] Black Medium

Button down summer
Jacqueline Brown
 [04/17 7:40:36AM] Black SM

Sunshine on my Shoulders or Let the Sun Shine In
Kari Lewis
 [04/17 7:36:58AM] black, x-small

Fun in the sun, cute as a button
Amber Friess
 [04/17 7:36:53AM] Green large

Fancy Free summer dress
Julia MacEwen
 [04/17 7:34:17AM] Black medium

Button Jump
Shirley Aston
 [04/17 7:32:22AM] Green XL

Fun in the Sun Dress
Miranda Strydhorst
 [04/17 7:16:16AM] Sage, medium

Summer Lovin’
Carolyn Stanley
 [04/17 7:15:02AM] Black M

Garden party dress
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [04/17 7:10:04AM] Black medium

Beach flow
Chantal Leblanc
 [04/17 7:04:20AM] Medium black

Boho beauty button down beach dress
 [04/17 7:00:29AM] Black M/L

Button me beautiful
Samantha althouse
 [04/17 6:54:19AM] Small black

 [04/17 6:54:00AM] Small black

Damsel in Sundress
Fabyan Williams-Burke
 [04/17 6:50:34AM] Olive-Medium

Button beauty dress
Sarah Blue
 [04/17 6:47:10AM] Green XL

Just Beachin Sun dress
Crystal Schouten
 [04/17 6:40:05AM] S black

Beach beauty
Crystal Schouten
 [04/17 6:39:29AM] S black

California Breeze
Anna Nixon
 [04/17 6:34:18AM] Black Large

“Sun”sessional dress
Robin bell
 [04/17 6:28:08AM] Green medium

Flowing Sun Dress
Clarice Chafe
 [04/17 6:26:58AM] Green. L

Sunny side button up dress
Robin bell
 [04/17 6:25:52AM] Black medium

Sunny expectations
Robin bell
 [04/17 6:25:20AM] Green medium

Summer flow
Robin bell
 [04/17 6:24:52AM] Green medium

Go with the flow
Robin bell
 [04/17 6:24:10AM] Green size med

Cute as a button dress
 [04/17 6:21:13AM] Olive large

Summer Dreams
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [04/17 6:19:31AM] XS black

Buttons all the way
Katherine Perry
 [04/17 6:09:45AM] Olive & medium

Summer Fundress
Linda hunt
 [04/17 5:53:14AM] Large

Go With The Flow dress
Trisha Ciarlo
 [04/17 5:40:53AM] Small black

Loving Life Dress
Jennifer Henry
 [04/17 5:35:59AM] Black 3X

Play all day midi
Kellie basso
 [04/17 5:15:29AM] Black XS

Breezy Beautiful Dress
Laura Klages
 [04/17 5:11:32AM] Black large

Button Breeze Dress
Laura Klages
 [04/17 5:09:33AM] Olive large

Summer swing dress
Laura Klages
 [04/17 5:08:10AM] Olive large

Buttons to Beaches
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [04/17 5:07:35AM] Black XL

Beachingly Beautiful Dress
Laura Klages
 [04/17 5:06:44AM] Black large

Button Down the Hatched Dress
Laura Klages
 [04/17 5:04:48AM] Black large

Button Down the Hatches
Jennifer Kennedy
 [04/17 4:31:06AM] Olive in Medium

Button Up Fun Dress
Betsy Hyde
 [04/17 4:30:56AM] Black medium

Summer Dreaming
Lisa Legge
 [04/17 2:55:34AM] Black & Medium

In the breeze
Donna Richards
 [04/17 2:36:07AM] Green L

Button down summer; Buttoned up and footloose; buttons and sunshine;
Stacey pittakidis
 [04/17 1:18:28AM] Black; medium

Button Up Buttercup
Samantha Sham
 [04/17 12:47:27AM] Green lg

Summer Sassy Dress
Jackie Singh
 [04/17 12:31:43AM] Black L

The Juniper
Amanda Taylor
 [04/16 11:45:28PM] Olive size S

Afternoon Button Delight Dress, Button Delight Dress
Tara Wagg
 [04/16 10:58:29PM] Green, medium

Patch Pocket Dress
Natasha Buchanan
 [04/16 10:54:26PM] Olive - M

Sun for Days, Fun in the Sun, Buttons Up,
Tara MacDonald
 [04/16 10:50:27PM] Black, XS

Chic Soleil
Holly Roberts
 [04/16 10:47:34PM] Green/medium

Summer loving
Lori Black
 [04/16 10:38:04PM] Black size L

Breezy Button Down
Natasha Buchanan
 [04/16 10:27:36PM] Olive - M

Ahoy summer button dress
Karen Wallis
 [04/16 10:15:21PM] Olive, size xs

Sunny Days Dress
Patricia Merrick
 [04/16 10:12:16PM] Green, M

Sunny Escape Dress
Lindsay Gaschnitz
 [04/16 9:59:27PM] Olive large

Jewel of Summer
Victoria Austin
 [04/16 9:55:25PM] Black size large

Buttons of Sunshine Beachgoer Dress
Dawn Hoyt-Fowler
 [04/16 9:48:49PM] Olive 2XL

Brunch to Beach Dress
Sarah Armstrong
 [04/16 9:40:03PM] Large Black

You had me at buttons
Sheila Lalonde
 [04/16 9:39:57PM] Green large

Buttons up summer dress
Mona Webster
 [04/16 9:38:10PM] green size M

Pockets in the sun dress
Mellissa Smith
 [04/16 9:37:56PM] Black 2xl

Button It
Jan LaFleche
 [04/16 9:36:19PM] Green, medium

Button me away
Kira Harrett
 [04/16 9:36:04PM] Black- Large

Picture perfect pocket dress
Mellissa Smith
 [04/16 9:35:33PM] Black 2xl

Cute as a Button Dress
Shauntel Leffler
 [04/16 9:34:00PM] Green size Small

Coastal breeze pocket dress
Bailey Dash
 [04/16 9:28:36PM] Green large

Button my heart dress
Barbara Paul
 [04/16 9:24:56PM] Black and small

Butt-On-Beach Dress
Donna Hebert
 [04/16 9:21:51PM] Olive 2XL or Black 2XL

Cute as a button dress
Angie Pillon
 [04/16 9:20:06PM] Black XL

Shady days dress
Krystal Polson
 [04/16 9:18:38PM] Large black

Summer Sailing Dress
Jennifer Hancock
 [04/16 9:17:27PM] Small black

The Marilyn
Miriam Meyer
 [04/16 9:10:24PM] Olive in small

Beaches and dreams dress
Jen Haymond
 [04/16 9:08:57PM] Olive and small

Let’s do brunch dress
Sandra walker
 [04/16 9:08:01PM] Olive L

Button down the hatches dress
Melanie Molloy
 [04/16 8:55:03PM] Black L

Beach day Button up
Lisa Kellerman
 [04/16 8:55:01PM] Green, L

Button Up For SummerDress
Teal Hallaby
 [04/16 8:51:02PM] Green XS

Button up Buttercup Dress, Button down Beach Dress, Full Frontal Pocket Dress, Summer Fun Frolic dress.
Angeline McCormick
 [04/16 8:49:14PM] 2XL GREEN

Summer swing dress
April collver
 [04/16 8:46:05PM] Black size m or 10

Button me up
Andre Sawatzky
 [04/16 8:44:37PM] Black xs

Button me beautiful
 [04/16 8:43:58PM] Black xs

Button Up Dress
Chantal Sekura
 [04/16 8:41:51PM] Black, M

Swing into Summer Dress
Chantal Sekura
 [04/16 8:40:48PM] Black, M

Summer Flowing
Tania Crowley
 [04/16 8:40:12PM] Green L

Cute as Button
Geraldine Tashoots
 [04/16 8:39:25PM] Black size M

Cute as a button
Geraldine M Tashoots
 [04/16 8:37:38PM] Black & M

Sandals to Sunset Button Dress
Roxy Zahara
 [04/16 8:30:49PM] Black/XS

Maxi-my sunshine
Paula Forbes
 [04/16 8:26:17PM] Green medium

Button Me Up Dress, Buttons of Fun Dress, Cute as a Button Dress
Jessie Taylor
 [04/16 8:26:03PM] green large dress please :)

Take me to the lake dress
Sharmayne Colvin
 [04/16 8:24:24PM] Black XL

Perfect for the Sunset dress
Anita Powar
 [04/16 8:23:26PM] Small

Sea glass and button galore dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/16 8:22:23PM] Medium olive

Buttons and sandy shores dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/16 8:20:00PM] Medium black

Feelin cute buttoned up pocket dress
Mellissa Smith
 [04/16 8:16:04PM] Black 2xl

Cute as a button, spring fling, button up summer, perfect match, pockets and buttons dress, full on summer, button on the beach dress
Dorothy Ludwig
 [04/16 8:13:10PM] Black xs

Cute as a Button dress, Breezy Days dress, Frock and Roll dress, Frockstar dress, Sunny Swings dress,
Alli Pridmore
 [04/16 8:10:40PM] Green, size M

Button Bliss Dress
Rachelle Parsonage
 [04/16 8:10:19PM] Olive medium

Play on buttons dress
Sara Bertrand
 [04/16 8:09:42PM] L,black

Button Up Splendor
Nicole Torkos
 [04/16 8:09:26PM] Black XL

Girls Just Want to Have Sun Dress, Patio Perfect Dress, Drinks on the Patio Dress, Sunny Day Dress
Deanna Miller
 [04/16 8:08:45PM] Olive, large

Fun and flirty summer dress
Sandra Carew
 [04/16 8:08:39PM] Black and Large

Take me away
Melinda wood
 [04/16 8:08:38PM] Black large

Button front beach lunch dress
Sara Bertrand
 [04/16 8:08:29PM] L, black

Coming Up Buttons! AllSummer Frenzy! Perfect 10! (10-buttons) Go Anywhere!
Susan Constantine
 [04/16 8:06:44PM] 2XL Black

Summer comfort love
Nancy Haugland
 [04/16 8:03:53PM] Black medium

Gone to Market Dress
Allison Sheppard
 [04/16 7:55:33PM] Olive. size small

Come as You Are
Lea Anne Roche
 [04/16 7:49:03PM] Black and L

Flirty Fun
Sandra-Lee Harman
 [04/16 7:47:16PM] Olive & large

Cool Breezes
Brenda Bassett
 [04/16 7:44:08PM] Black and size XL

Swing into spring dress
Sarah Erickson
 [04/16 7:42:18PM] Olive size medium

Button Me Up pocket Dress
Jessica Krebs
 [04/16 7:29:09PM] Black, L

Button Chic
Erin Julihn
 [04/16 7:24:39PM] Black Small

Suns out funs out dress
Alex Melanson
 [04/16 7:22:19PM] Olive size med

Easy Breezey
Kaitlyn Johnson
 [04/16 7:21:59PM] Black, small

Cool breeze
Gloria jensen
 [04/16 7:19:13PM] Green- M

Summer Breeze
Joan Beldam
 [04/16 7:17:48PM] Olive XL

Cool breeze
Gloria jensen
 [04/16 7:17:01PM] Green- M

Boardwalk & Buttons Dress
Krista cunday
 [04/16 7:16:49PM] Black 2xl

Go with the flow
Amber Johnston
 [04/16 7:16:37PM] Black, S

Diamond button down Spectacular
Leslie Nan
 [04/16 7:16:32PM] Medium olive

Beach Cozy Dress
Melissa Bulmer
 [04/16 7:13:29PM] Xl green

Life is Breezy
Haley Ashley
 [04/16 7:08:24PM] Green 2xl

Patio pocket
Morag Dziwenko
 [04/16 7:06:15PM] Green L

Button Front Sunsetters dress
Sandy Babiuk
 [04/16 7:02:54PM] Black - small

Button me up buttercup
Trina Wiseman
 [04/16 7:00:56PM] Black 3x

Girlfriend Dress
Jennifer Smith
 [04/16 6:55:46PM] Olive 2XL

Button Up the Beach
Delsarose Morin
 [04/16 6:53:08PM] M - olive

Sea side dress
Donna Nelson
 [04/16 6:52:19PM] Black size 2x

Cape Cod; Nantucket; Annette; Just beachy
Claire Olsen
 [04/16 6:49:32PM] Large. Black

Meet me on the beach
Michelle Doherty
 [04/16 6:48:28PM] Small, olive

Button Me Up, Summer Coast Dress
Rikki Hoffarth
 [04/16 6:48:00PM] Olive, small

Patio Dreams
Rebecca Archer
 [04/16 6:47:25PM] Black, Medium

Button down for summer
Jessica Holmen
 [04/16 6:47:21PM] Black and medium

Breezy Buttons, Blame it on the Buttons
Megan Summers
 [04/16 6:44:48PM] Olive medium

Sun button dress
Tamara Welsh
 [04/16 6:40:41PM] Olive 3xl

Summer Days Sundress
Candi Martin
 [04/16 6:37:31PM] Black, size small

Summer Breeze
Sarah Sage
 [04/16 6:36:10PM] 2xl black or olive ?

Seaside escape dress
Suzette Boisclair
 [04/16 6:36:03PM] Black in small

Schools out for summer button dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/16 6:34:51PM] Medium olive

Easy Breezy Summer Dress
Fiona Smith
 [04/16 6:33:26PM] Green XS

Button Down The Hatch Dress
Tracy Hein
 [04/16 6:32:13PM] Olive, 2xl

Summer Silhouette Dress, Feeling The Breeze Dress, Dancing In The Wind Dress
Jennifer Simpson
 [04/16 6:32:02PM] Black XL

Button Up Paradise, Meditation by the Beach, Crazy for buttons
Donna Hebert
 [04/16 6:31:21PM] Olive 2XL or Black 2XL

Swing into Summer dress
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:28:28PM] Green XL

Girl’s Beach Friend Dress
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:27:44PM] Green XL

Sunset boulevard and buttons dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [04/16 6:27:09PM] Medium olive

The Flirt
Melissa McCrystal
 [04/16 6:26:43PM] Olive. Xl

Buttons on the Beach
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:26:28PM] Green XL

Hot Button Beach Dress
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:25:44PM] Green XL

Easy Breezy
 [04/16 6:24:57PM] Xl green

Girl's best friend dress
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [04/16 6:24:27PM] Olive, L

Shoot the breeze dress
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [04/16 6:23:11PM] Olive, L

Hampton sun
Melissa crawford
 [04/16 6:21:18PM] Black large

Gone with summer; Summer for days, days of summer; Flowing with summer, summer flow
Tania Crowley
 [04/16 6:20:31PM] Green L

Beaches and Dreams Buttoned Dress
Heather b
 [04/16 6:19:43PM] Medium black

Coastal Casual
Jessica Laroche
 [04/16 6:18:02PM] Olive and Small

Buttons up!
Barb Haag
 [04/16 6:17:12PM] Black large

Hot Button dress
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:17:12PM] XL Green

Hot button summer dress
Erin Burns
 [04/16 6:16:36PM] Green XL

Sunny Day Pockets
Hailey Tuyp
 [04/16 6:15:32PM] Olive size small

Sunny Beach Button dress
Grace Gould
 [04/16 6:15:21PM] Black and Medium

Button Up Boho
Angela Branchaud
 [04/16 6:13:57PM] Olive 2XL

All About Buttons, Summer Paradise, Paradise Falls, Midnight Breeze, Sunny Breeze, Vacation Flow, Summer Romance
Samantha S
 [04/16 6:13:47PM] Black, L

unbutton the summer time dress
Elizabeth Watts
 [04/16 6:12:23PM] black 2x

Sunlight chic
Brandy bayley
 [04/16 6:08:59PM] Olive, large

Cover me in sunshine dress
Allyce Campbell
 [04/16 6:08:53PM] Black L

Summer Special, Midnight Flow, Buttoned Amaze, Sunny Breeze, Paradise Falls
Samantha S
 [04/16 6:08:06PM] Black, L

Summer Flirt
Randi-Lynn Hitchins
 [04/16 6:07:59PM] M green

School teacher
Kristy wrobel
 [04/16 6:05:52PM] Olive 2xl

You Had Me At Buttons
Michelle Mayer
 [04/16 6:03:27PM] Black 3XL

Summer Daze Dress
Shannon Baquie
 [04/16 6:00:54PM] XL Green

Summer Breeze Dress
Shannon Baquie
 [04/16 5:59:15PM] XL Green

Sand in my Toes Dress
Shannon Baquie
 [04/16 5:58:40PM] XL Green

Walk On The Beach Dress
 [04/16 5:58:04PM] Green, XL

Right on the button dress/Bust my buttons dress
Melissa Cabezas
 [04/16 5:57:16PM] Black XL

Sunsetter, beach dreamin’, take me away, staycation dress, button downtown, chillin with the gals, wine o clock dress, dreaming of the beach
Shannon arnaud
 [04/16 5:55:43PM] Large black

Button up up and away dress
Michaela cromwell
 [04/16 5:55:31PM] Olive XL

The beachy button
Lindsay Bowen
 [04/16 5:48:51PM] Black med

Fresh of sun shine
Deborah cooper
 [04/16 5:45:12PM] Green xl

Sassy Summer Dress
Jane Gzik
 [04/16 5:38:12PM] black 2XL

Button it up
Allyson Plater
 [04/16 5:37:06PM] Black L

Button me there
Lee Cross
 [04/16 5:36:45PM] Olive, medium

Fly Free by the sea
Ashley Edwardson
 [04/16 5:33:42PM] Olive xs

Sunny Sunday
Josephine Merlina
 [04/16 5:29:30PM] Black medium

Beaches and buttons ; button up for summer; button the pockets dress ; button down the dress
Amanda Gibb
 [04/16 5:29:00PM] Black Large

Breezy dress
Laura Eagle
 [04/16 5:25:29PM] Black XL

Selina, Charlotte, Sydney
 [04/16 5:23:36PM] Black large

Amanda (Mandy) Bevan
 [04/16 5:20:39PM] Black....medium or large?....5'11" ...165lbs...

Brilliant button dress
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/16 5:16:36PM] Black 2xl

Counting my buttons (blessings) dress
Sharleen Canning
 [04/16 5:16:21PM] Olive small

Dressed to impress, The Eden, Boho button up
Shannon Greene
 [04/16 5:14:01PM] Black, medium

Sweet Summer Days Dress
Julia Langley
 [04/16 5:13:15PM] Black XL

Hello sexy summer dress
Leanne Willshear
 [04/16 5:10:49PM] XL Green

Bring on summer dress
Leanne Willshear
 [04/16 5:09:33PM] Green XL ?

Run to the sun dress
Jennifer Vandenbogaerde
 [04/16 5:00:26PM] Black XL

Sea breeze dress
Michelle Coleman
 [04/16 4:58:23PM] Black and medium

Easy Breezy Button Summer Dress
Tracy Russell-Fiebig
 [04/16 4:54:59PM] Black XS

The Sunny button dress
Kati Colja
 [04/16 4:52:44PM] Black LG

Dress me sunshine dress
Anna galassi
 [04/16 4:52:14PM] Black med or small

Not Just a Sunday Dress, Breezin’ by the sea, Spring into Summer Sensation
Jeanette Pentland
 [04/16 4:50:00PM] Olive S or M

Button Up Buttercup
Terralee Franklin
 [04/16 4:47:11PM] Black 2x

Cute as a button
Kimmy Legaree
 [04/16 4:47:05PM] Black s

Summer Days
Donna Sage
 [04/16 4:38:58PM] Olive XL

Travel Bug
Tanna Young
 [04/16 4:38:42PM] Black Large

Wrap up summer dress .
Margaret Lavallee
 [04/16 4:37:28PM] XL

Summer evening breeze
Michelle Molyneux
 [04/16 4:37:09PM] Large black

Sand dollar flow
Jen McMullen
 [04/16 4:35:21PM] Black M

Summer market dress
Tina cimaglia
 [04/16 4:34:39PM] Black xs

Peasantly surprised
 [04/16 4:31:39PM] Xs black

The Daytripper, OR The Weekender, OR Tea for Two dress
Lori Leavy
 [04/16 4:30:07PM] Olive - Large

Kirsten Todd
 [04/16 4:29:46PM] M GREEN

The Makenna button dress
Reesha Kyrylchuk
 [04/16 4:16:46PM] Black large

Life’s a Breeze Dress
Darlene Schopman
 [04/16 4:15:37PM] Black-large

The Hadley dress
Reesha Kyrylchuk
 [04/16 4:15:26PM] Black large

In Full Swing
Louise Vukas
 [04/16 4:15:08PM] Black xs

Summer Lovin’
Teresa Peterson
 [04/16 4:11:57PM] Green medium

All buttoned up
Patricia Tulloch
 [04/16 4:11:39PM] Black medium

Button down the hatch
Carolyn Campbell-Sheen
 [04/16 4:11:09PM] Green L

Breezy Leisure
Vicky Rose
 [04/16 4:07:57PM] Olive XL

Button Up, Summer Lovin’, Summer Fun
Lisa Whent
 [04/16 3:59:44PM] Black Small

Get your button the beach dress
Diana vanderwekken
 [04/16 3:53:21PM] Black S

Sun's Up, Button Up Dress
Erika Crowley
 [04/16 3:49:23PM] Green, small

Perfect Picnic Dress
Amanda Bouma
 [04/16 3:48:37PM] Black, XL

Beach babe dress
Tasha Mark
 [04/16 3:48:36PM] Black medium

Sunny daze dress
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/16 3:48:20PM] Black XL

Pockets full of Sunshine dress
Barbara Pelletier
 [04/16 3:47:44PM] Olive M

Buttons by the shore
Natalie Lauzon
 [04/16 3:47:22PM] Small Black

Beach Button-Down Dress
Tori Spanton
 [04/16 3:47:08PM] Black Large

Summer sun
Tammy Peterson
 [04/16 3:45:28PM] Black small

Breezy button flow dress
Jennifer Boiteau
 [04/16 3:44:59PM] Black, small

Summer lovin sundress
Michelle Wells
 [04/16 3:40:36PM] Green XL

Summer Bliss
 [04/16 3:40:24PM] XL Olive

Button up sunshine
Amanda Lloyd
 [04/16 3:37:11PM] Olive 2XL

Button Down The Hatches
Lisa Quesnelle
 [04/16 3:36:48PM] Large Olive

Love Me Some Buttons, Dress Down Button Up, Button Up for Summer, Button Love
Ashley A
 [04/16 3:34:26PM] Green, size medium

Get away dress
Heather Eyford
 [04/16 3:33:33PM] Large in olive

Button up sunshine
Erica Johnson
 [04/16 3:32:43PM] Small olive

Suns out guns out
Julianne Langmo
 [04/16 3:32:27PM] Olive medium

Summer lovin
Lindsay Baldwin
 [04/16 3:31:37PM] Black, L

Eezy breezy dress
Julianne Langmo
 [04/16 3:31:29PM] Olive medium

The button down
Trudy Davis
 [04/16 3:31:27PM] Black XL

Spring Fling dress
Julianne Langmo
 [04/16 3:30:56PM] Olive medium

You Had Me at Pockets Sundress
Jennifer Chi
 [04/16 3:30:08PM] Black L

Flow with me
Lindsay Krisa
 [04/16 3:23:35PM] Large. Black.

Light and breezy
Gail Gilmore
 [04/16 3:21:51PM] Large94 medium green

Sand & Seaglass Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:21:18PM] Green, XL

Beachcomber Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:20:44PM] Green, XL

Beautifully buttoned dress, button me up dress
Carolyn Kenney
 [04/16 3:20:17PM] Small olive

Beach Hair, Don't Care Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:19:41PM] Green, XL

Buttons up dress
Julianne Langmo
 [04/16 3:19:23PM] Olive, medium

Beachy Keen Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:18:39PM] Black, Large

Under the boardwalk frock
Patrizia Brekke
 [04/16 3:18:06PM] Black XL

Summer in the City Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:18:03PM] Black, Large

Buttons away
Liana May
 [04/16 3:17:39PM] Olive Xl

Life's a Beach Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:17:29PM] Black, Large

Sand In My Toes Button-Up Sundress
Gillian Martin
 [04/16 3:17:03PM] Black, Large

All Day Long
Susan Secord
 [04/16 3:13:45PM] Olive Large

Ifs, Ands or Buttons Dress
Ashley Lindbo
 [04/16 3:11:16PM] small olive

Everyday Midi , summerVibes, midtown button Midi
Stephanie Smith
 [04/16 3:10:20PM] Black xxl or 2xl

All the right moves dress
Teresa McCurdy
 [04/16 3:09:57PM] Blk lrg

Buttons Up, Up and Away Dress
Hannah Irving
 [04/16 3:07:06PM] Black, Size Small or Medium (depending on size guide)

Breezin’ by dress
Kim Fennell
 [04/16 3:03:23PM] Black, small

Fun and cas flo dress
Aman grant
 [04/16 3:01:34PM] Olivie meddi

Fun in the sun
Carol Reid
 [04/16 3:00:32PM] Green...medium

Button Flow
Debra Skelhorne
 [04/16 2:57:47PM] Medium green

Button Affair
Jackie Sanford
 [04/16 2:57:11PM] Olive XL

Let Loose Button Up Dress
Bianca Wilson
 [04/16 2:56:48PM] Black, Large

Sunshine on the Beach
Nancy Gladun
 [04/16 2:56:21PM] Black Medium

Nothing but sunshine
Nicole Sprieszl
 [04/16 2:52:59PM] Small, olive

The Sun Chaser
Shayla McAllister
 [04/16 2:51:41PM] Olive, Size Small

Bring on the Sun Dress
Suzie Farrell
 [04/16 2:50:19PM] Black, Large

Button it up
Brianna Hooker
 [04/16 2:49:52PM] Olive medium

Beaching buttons
Jennifer Love
 [04/16 2:49:50PM] Lg black

Go with the flow
 [04/16 2:47:20PM] Black / SM

Summer fresh greenery
Carol chuchmuch
 [04/16 2:46:11PM] Green. Small.

Going Places
Barb Langham
 [04/16 2:45:32PM] Olive small

Fresh as summer greenery
Carol chuchmuch
 [04/16 2:44:44PM] Green. Small.

Button Me Up
Amanda Stevenson
 [04/16 2:41:40PM] Black medium

Dare for Flare Sundress
Linda Purcell
 [04/16 2:40:04PM] Black - medium

Summer Fun Dress
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [04/16 2:38:55PM] Green & Large

Brunch in my Dress
Teresa Himschoot
 [04/16 2:38:08PM] Olive Xs

Airy Summer Dream
Danielle Funk
 [04/16 2:36:42PM] Black XL

summer all buttoned up dress
Nikki Disher
 [04/16 2:36:42PM] black medium

Summer Buttoned Down
Robin Goodchild
 [04/16 2:34:55PM] Olive green XL

Summer fun dress, summer fields dress
Kimberly Gleave
 [04/16 2:34:39PM] Black XS

Kokomo Throw
Patrizia Brekke
 [04/16 2:33:33PM] Black XL

Perfectly peasant dress, Peachy keen dress
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/16 2:32:32PM] Olive M

The weekender
Sophea macdonald
 [04/16 2:32:07PM] Green 2XL

Button me up dress
Lynn MacGregor
 [04/16 2:31:59PM] Olive large

Safari Chic
Michelle Levac
 [04/16 2:30:13PM] Olive & small

Sun breeze dress
Terra-Lynn Sveinson
 [04/16 2:27:36PM] Olive 2xl

Summer dayze, seaside summer, drink in hand-feet in the sand
Lana Baker
 [04/16 2:27:03PM] Olive xl

Sun setting dress, summer setting dress,
Sandy trentalance
 [04/16 2:25:45PM] XL black

Summer Vibin' Button Down Dress
Stacey Wilton
 [04/16 2:25:15PM] Olive XL

Button Up to Wind Down Dress
Christine Lwowski
 [04/16 2:24:43PM] Small Olive

Sun setter dress
Angela Spooner
 [04/16 2:23:15PM] Large olive

Panic Button
Jacklyn Irwin
 [04/16 2:21:49PM] Black and L

Hot Summer Dress
Anchal Chadha
 [04/16 2:19:02PM] Olive, Small

Buttoned beauty beach dress
Arienne Ferguson
 [04/16 2:17:53PM] Black large

Sweet Caroline
Lynn Sturgeon
 [04/16 2:17:38PM] Black large

The Delilah
Ali Christensen
 [04/16 2:11:08PM] Black and medium

Feeling the breeze
Lyndsey Baker
 [04/16 2:09:55PM] Black large

Lynn Sturgeon
 [04/16 2:09:43PM] Black large

Beach Please dress, Where my Beaches At?
Sue Russell
 [04/16 2:08:58PM] Green, XL

Pocket full of sunshine button dress
Natasha Lloyd
 [04/16 2:08:55PM] Black laege

Brunch to Beach Summer Dress
Kate Banham
 [04/16 2:08:24PM] Black Large

Sweet with a little bit of sass
Lynn Sturgeon
 [04/16 2:07:59PM] Black large

Button Love midi dress
Natasha Lloyd
 [04/16 2:07:36PM] Black large

Lynn Sturgeon
 [04/16 2:06:13PM] Black large

Button breeze
Jennifer Dutka
 [04/16 2:05:00PM] Green medium

Total eclipse of the heart
Lynn Sturgeon
 [04/16 2:04:37PM] Black large

Button Me Sunny
Cheryl Drangsholt
 [04/16 2:04:09PM] Olive XL

Sittin’ pretty
Lynn sturgeon
 [04/16 2:03:18PM] Black large

Summer’s Day Dress
Eyvonne Vrabcenjak
 [04/16 2:01:59PM] Green, large

Sunny Days Dress
Meghan Abiodun
 [04/16 1:56:06PM] Green in L

beachin’ babe sundress
yvonne sims
 [04/16 1:55:28PM] olive green size medium

The Paige Dress
Melissa Fielding
 [04/16 1:55:02PM] Olive small

Summer Nights Dress
Kailyn Clouthier
 [04/16 1:53:05PM] Olive, Small

All Summer Long
Kailyn Clouthier
 [04/16 1:52:36PM] Olive, Small

Pocket full of Sunshine
Kailyn Clouthier
 [04/16 1:52:14PM] Olive , Size Small

Beach bunny button down
Erin krueger
 [04/16 1:51:28PM] Black size L

Suns up, buttons up dress
Valerie Grimshire
 [04/16 1:51:14PM] M, black

Tweet buttons
Julie Mitchell
 [04/16 1:50:44PM] Olive green xl

Easy Breezy Summer Dress
Lesley Niemann
 [04/16 1:49:43PM] Olive small

Coastline Midi Dress
Jenna Carruthers
 [04/16 1:49:42PM] Small; Olive

Button me beautiful
Alyssa Thorne
 [04/16 1:47:52PM] Olive size Large

Patio Pleaser
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:42:36PM] Black xl

Sweet Summer Nights Dress, Summertime Lovin’ Dress
Brayell Dengler
 [04/16 1:42:31PM] Black, small

Button Babe
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:42:03PM] Black xl

Valerie Birnie
 [04/16 1:42:03PM] XXL Green

Button Up Babes
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:41:45PM] Black xl

Sunny Breeze
Penny Vedress
 [04/16 1:41:32PM] Black. lgr

Beach Bound Button Down Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:41:14PM] Olive Medium

Summer Lovin'
Heather Campbell
 [04/16 1:40:21PM] Olive size small

Summer breeze
Adele Mattern
 [04/16 1:39:44PM] black 3x

Sunny Summer Day
Linda Darmogray
 [04/16 1:39:23PM] Olive, size medium

Seas the Day Summer Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:38:49PM] Olive Medoum

Salty But Sweet Beach Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:37:57PM] Olive Medium

Easy breezy or fun in the sun
Tori Groves
 [04/16 1:37:55PM] 2xl black

Button Down Sun Up Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:32:32PM] Olive Medium

Love Button
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:32:05PM] Black xl

The Tide is High Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:29:57PM] Olive Medium

Toast of the Coast
Jennifer Faccin
 [04/16 1:29:20PM] Olive, 3xl

Anytime pocket dress
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [04/16 1:28:41PM] Green size small

Sunny beach days dress
Laura Axford
 [04/16 1:28:32PM] Small black

Ocean Breeze Sun Dress
Martina Brewer
 [04/16 1:28:32PM] Green

All around button dress
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [04/16 1:27:51PM] Green size small

Coastal Breeze Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:26:44PM] Olive Medium

Coastal Breeze Button-Down Midi Dress; Seaside Vibes Midi Dress; Sand, Sea, and Buttons Midi Dress
Erika Just
 [04/16 1:26:38PM] Olive XL

Button me to the veach
Jessica Hendry
 [04/16 1:26:26PM] Olive 2xl

Button up sweetheart dress
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [04/16 1:26:24PM] Green size small

The Coast is Clear Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:26:12PM] Olive medium

Eazy breezy
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:25:44PM] Back xl

Pier Perfection Pocket Dress
Jennifer Faccin
 [04/16 1:25:38PM] Olive, 3xl

Beach Please!
Shannon Moroz
 [04/16 1:25:17PM] Olive & L

Beach Buttons dress
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [04/16 1:25:12PM] Green, size small

Summer Breeze
Jeannine Marie Carriere
 [04/16 1:25:03PM] Green XL

Button Me Crazy
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:25:03PM] Black xl

Button Up Beauty Sundress
Nikki Longman
 [04/16 1:24:53PM] Black 2XL

Sun Scape Dreams
Lisa McCrae
 [04/16 1:23:48PM] Xs green

Summer Days dress
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [04/16 1:23:44PM] Green. Size small

Sunny Days Dress
Rolanda Morrow
 [04/16 1:21:58PM] Black medium

Beach bound
 [04/16 1:21:49PM] Black - medium

Beachy Keen Pocket Dress
Jennifer Faccin
 [04/16 1:21:38PM] Olive, 3xl

Cute as a button
Jamie Poole
 [04/16 1:21:24PM] Black XL

Seaside Breeze Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [04/16 1:20:57PM] Olive Medium

Cute as a button
Jaclyn Patton
 [04/16 1:19:39PM] Black xs/s

Feeling some kind of way
Faith Stadnyk
 [04/16 1:18:19PM] Black and small

Pic nic perfect, beachy days, feeling pretty, 2021 dress, summer nights, fraser valley dress, about time
Brianna Cooper
 [04/16 1:17:15PM] Green xl

Button me up Sweetie
Faith Stadnyk
 [04/16 1:16:35PM] Black and small

Push My Buttons Dress
Carrie Van Allen
 [04/16 1:16:27PM] Olive 2X

Buttonly in my Dream
Amy Moore
 [04/16 1:16:00PM] black xs

The Rosalie Dress
Danica Hayes
 [04/16 1:15:54PM] Black 2x

Button me up sweetie
Faith Stadnyk
 [04/16 1:15:43PM] Black and small

Beach babe, pic nic perfect, feeling pretty, about time, grab,
Brianna Cooper
 [04/16 1:15:00PM] Green xl

Walkin on sunshine dress, sunny days dress, sunset swag dress, ocean views dress, sun down to sun up dress
Kristin Frombach
 [04/16 1:14:37PM] Olive Large

Buttons and brunch
Mandy Hill
 [04/16 1:13:13PM] Green L

Vacay Time Dress, Take me on Vacay Dress
Stacy Vangen
 [04/16 1:12:27PM] Black small

Button Down Midi Dream Dress
Kayla Lutz
 [04/16 1:12:08PM] Olive Medium

Sunshine on my Shoulders dress
Shawnee McKay
 [04/16 1:12:01PM] black & 3x

The Suncatcher
Michelle Mayer
 [04/16 1:11:48PM] Black 3XL

Pocket perfection
Mandy Hill
 [04/16 1:11:24PM] Green XL

Sweet Breeze, Summer Breeze
Tiffany McVie
 [04/16 1:11:17PM] L, OLIVE

Sipping summer dress
Amy Libby
 [04/16 1:10:21PM] Black, small

Brunch on the Beach
Kelly Millar
 [04/16 1:10:14PM] Black & Medium

Brunch in the Sun
Kelly Millar
 [04/16 1:09:26PM] Black in Medium

Sunnny Susan
Elmarie Louw
 [04/16 1:08:17PM] Black xxl

Button me up Summer Dress
Brittaney Pregizer
 [04/16 1:08:02PM] XL dusty olive

Beauty and the button dress
Shelby Coghill
 [04/16 1:07:29PM] Black L

Meet Me for Mimosas
Julie Fortin
 [04/16 1:07:26PM] Olive 3x

Beach to Brunch
Kelly Millar
 [04/16 1:07:24PM] Black in Med

Sunshine Dream
Cathy Quane
 [04/16 1:04:44PM] Olive 3Xl

Spring Into Summer Dress
Adele Mills
 [04/16 1:04:15PM] Black - 2xl

Ocean sundress
Janine Hoover
 [04/16 1:03:17PM] Black XL

Summer’s Alive Summer Dress
Adele Mills
 [04/16 1:01:53PM] Black 2xl

Button me up
Elisabeth Lewis
 [04/16 1:01:06PM] Xl olive

Soft as a breeze dress
Maria Lento
 [04/16 1:00:04PM] Green med

Summer Breeze Dress
Paula Potts
 [04/16 12:58:10PM] Black L

Best staycation dress
 [04/16 12:57:55PM] Black XL

Seaside escape dress
 [04/16 12:57:23PM] Black XL

Sunny days dress
Kelsey Mullin
 [04/16 12:57:17PM] Green & small

Sunny Dayz Dress
Tamsen Dierker
 [04/16 12:57:07PM] Black medium

Social Brunch dress
 [04/16 12:56:12PM] Black XL

California Girl
Martina East
 [04/16 12:56:02PM] Blk L

Summer comfort Dreas
Jinnell Gunn
 [04/16 12:55:52PM] Olive XXL

Country Living Dress
Amanda McCallum
 [04/16 12:55:32PM] Green size XL

Button down for summer dress, button up for spring dress, sunny side beach dress, breezy beach dress
Laurisa Bonk
 [04/16 12:55:26PM] Olive xs

Hello Summer
Martina East
 [04/16 12:55:21PM] Blk L

Seaside Getaway Dress
Stephanie Blasby
 [04/16 12:55:00PM] Black XL

Shoreline Dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:54:39PM] Blk L

Sun Time Fun Time Dress
Lisa DaCosta
 [04/16 12:54:11PM] Green S

Sunday Funday Dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:53:27PM] Blk L

Splash of sun dress
Chelsey duffenais
 [04/16 12:52:53PM] Green xs

Riding the Waves Dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:52:20PM] Blk L

Sunset dress, sun setter dress, Hello sunshine dress
Andrea Eisner
 [04/16 12:51:46PM] Black size small

Cover me in Sunshine
Sheena Griffin
 [04/16 12:48:18PM] Olive & medium

Not your Mama’s Dress
Tara McDonald
 [04/16 12:46:36PM] Black 2xl

Beach Babe
Jessica Kauhane
 [04/16 12:46:04PM] Olive in Large

Benjamin Button Dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:45:41PM] Blk L

beach Trend
Martina East
 [04/16 12:45:15PM] Blk L

Button days coming dress
Kierra Southgate
 [04/16 12:44:53PM] Med olive

Sun, beach and pleats dress; take me away dress; summer sunshine dress; beach button dress
Jessica Griffeth
 [04/16 12:44:00PM] Olive medium

Sunny button up dress
Stephanie Coker
 [04/16 12:43:36PM] Black xl

The Simplicity Dress
Becca Bolt
 [04/16 12:43:34PM] Black xl

Beach please - button dress
Kierra Southgate
 [04/16 12:43:33PM] Olive medium

Button Up for Summer
Martina east
 [04/16 12:43:13PM] Blk L

As cute as a button
Kierra Southgate
 [04/16 12:42:30PM] Olive medium

Hot Button Dress
Leah Sheridan
 [04/16 12:42:23PM] Black XL

Buttons on the beach
Lindsey greenwood
 [04/16 12:42:16PM] Black 2xl

Buttons up!
Marnie L’Heureux
 [04/16 12:40:49PM] Green xl

Set the vibe dress
Raquel Weinmaster
 [04/16 12:39:47PM] Black XL

Fun in the Sun dress
Sue Russell
 [04/16 12:39:35PM] Green, XL

Summer Fling
Donna Humber
 [04/16 12:38:55PM] Black XL

Pocket full of fun button down dress
Nicole Stewart
 [04/16 12:38:11PM] Olive xs

I Feel Pretty sundress, Summer Time Vibes, Cute as a Button, Perfct Promenade sundress, Gimme A Whirl sundress, Sunrise til Sunset sundress, Buttoned Up Beauty, Fabulous and Flirty
Scarlet Dawson
 [04/16 12:38:00PM] Black XL

My flare lady Dress
Roxane nicholson
 [04/16 12:37:42PM] Black medium

Button me up sun dress
Darlene Ellis
 [04/16 12:37:00PM] Olive Medium

Sunny side up dress
France LeBlanc
 [04/16 12:36:03PM] Green, size medium

Summer Market Days Dress
Monika Zielinski
 [04/16 12:35:48PM] black medium

It's always sunny dress
Christina Vibert
 [04/16 12:34:10PM] Medium black

Summer button up
Shelley Benson
 [04/16 12:34:01PM] Medium brown

A midnight summers breeze dress
Katherine Fimrite
 [04/16 12:33:38PM] Black size small

Amanda Fast
 [04/16 12:32:24PM] Black - large

Pocket Full of Sunshine Dress
Stacey Garton
 [04/16 12:31:20PM] Black Small

Button Up Sunshine Dress
Stacey Garton
 [04/16 12:30:25PM] Black S

Easy breezy button down dress, button up summer dress,follow the buttons dress,summers buttoned up
Cassy wilkins
 [04/16 12:29:55PM] Olive xl

Go with the Flow ; Gone with the wind ; Button me pretty; Flowing through life
Tania Crowley
 [04/16 12:29:05PM] Green L

Beauty in a Breeze Button down for beauty Style in a second Simple Summer stylin
Alicia fisher
 [04/16 12:28:51PM] Black small

California dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:28:01PM] Black L

Button bliss dress
Justine Reinders
 [04/16 12:27:21PM] Black. XS

Day Dream Dress
Martina East
 [04/16 12:26:55PM] Black L

Buttoned with envy, button envy, daytime joy, button with comfort
Natalie Joudrey
 [04/16 12:26:05PM] Olive green, size L

By the Beach Dress
Katy Kauth
 [04/16 12:24:10PM] Olive 2xl

Brighter days ahead dress, summer waves dress, sunshine and butterflies dress, sun rays dress , take me to the beach, sweet escape dress, summer vacation dress , simple little sunshine dress, heatwave dress, meet me at the beach dress , dancing in the waves dress,
Brittany Hunter
 [04/16 12:22:13PM] Medium black

Cute as a button dress; Buttons up dress
Melissa Kristjansson
 [04/16 12:21:43PM] Medium olive

Pocket full of Sunshine
Christine Meunier
 [04/16 12:20:12PM] Black XL

Life’s a beach dress, button me up dress, summer vibes dress
Jenn rolufs
 [04/16 12:19:43PM] Olive small

Easy Breezy
Alysha Macklem
 [04/16 12:17:12PM] Olive -M

Cute as a button dress
Christine Wickenheiser
 [04/16 12:16:39PM] Black med /8

Dog days of Summer, Bitchin beach dress, Paradise pocket dress
Carly Ellard
 [04/16 12:15:31PM] Green l or xl?

Beach Day
Pamela Bazinet
 [04/16 12:14:46PM] Black & Medium

Simpler times dress
Rebecca Richards
 [04/16 12:12:21PM] Olive in Large

Sun kissed dayz
Christine turner
 [04/16 12:11:36PM] Black xl

lets do brunch
jennifer gibson
 [04/16 12:11:26PM] olive xsmall

Summer feels
Carly Ellard
 [04/16 12:10:31PM] Green L or xl?

Sexy comfy number!
Laureece Weaver
 [04/16 12:10:09PM] green 1 xl

Beachcomber Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [04/16 12:09:53PM] Black Large

Summer Swing
Kendall Lueck
 [04/16 12:08:59PM] Olive, Large

Summer Sway
Kendall Lueck
 [04/16 12:08:03PM] Olive, large

Summer Goddess
Danielle Crowe
 [04/16 12:07:54PM] Black, large

Button side up, Pockets full of Summer
Jennifer Daeninck
 [04/16 12:07:14PM] 2xl black

Button Away With Me
Jennifer Tuer
 [04/16 12:06:35PM] Black size large

Hakuna Matata, Staycation, California dreamin, Aloha sunshine
Carly Ellard
 [04/16 12:05:31PM] Green L or xl?

Feel free buttons!
Pauline Lafreniere
 [04/16 12:04:21PM] Large black

Breezy summer dress
Germaine Therrien
 [04/16 12:04:03PM] black 2x

jeanne arial
 [04/16 12:04:01PM] small black

Wrap me in buttons summer dress
 [04/16 12:03:56PM] Med green

Care free summer dress, breezy button down beauty, button beauty, breezy buttons
Kelsey Caston
 [04/16 12:02:31PM] Large/black

Flow free
Arlene MacKenzie
 [04/16 12:02:13PM] Black & medium

Flirty Snap Midi
Annie Hebert
 [04/16 12:01:17PM] Black Large

Sweet Caroline dress
Jessica pringle
 [04/16 11:59:58AM] Green med

Summer Tee’z comfy dress
Claire Quigley
 [04/16 11:59:46AM] Sage (M)

Vacation Vibes Dress
Tashanna Hungerford
 [04/16 11:58:29AM] Large Black

Summer lovin' dress
Tashanna Hungerford
 [04/16 11:57:39AM] Large Black

Beach Please
Bethany Schoelch
 [04/16 11:57:15AM] Green, large

Week-end getaway essentiel dress
Diane Thuot
 [04/16 11:57:01AM] Green sm

Sunday Brunch Dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:56:18AM] Black XL

Dressin' up summer
Tashanna Hungerford
 [04/16 11:55:38AM] Large Olive

Summer Sophistication dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:55:08AM] Green XL

Summer Breeze
Cara Miller
 [04/16 11:54:42AM] black. Large

The Deck dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:54:23AM] Black XL

Havana Dress
Chelsea Marie Houghton
 [04/16 11:54:03AM] Black L

Summer Up
Tashanna Hungerford
 [04/16 11:54:00AM] Large Olive

Summer Brunch dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:53:45AM] Black XL

The Pioneer dress
Cydney findlay
 [04/16 11:53:34AM] Black and large

Havana Dress
Chelsea Marie Houghton
 [04/16 11:53:20AM] Black L

You Had Me At Brunch pocket dress
Kendall Lueck
 [04/16 11:53:13AM] Olive, large

Into The Weekend Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:52:41AM] Black XL

Escape The Everyday Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:52:13AM] Black XL

The Mary Mack Dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:51:29AM] Green XL

Summer Stroll pocket dress
Kendall Lueck
 [04/16 11:51:23AM] Olive, Large

The Getaway Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:51:20AM] Black XL

Comfy dress
Pierrette Duhaime
 [04/16 11:51:06AM] Green

Weekend Getaway Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:50:54AM] Black XL

The Arcadia Dress (as it means “one who is simply happy”)
Carlie Florek
 [04/16 11:50:52AM] Olive 2XL

The Weekender Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:49:56AM] Black XL

Sweet Escape
Laura Jefferson
 [04/16 11:49:05AM] Medium, black

Button Up for Summer, Dress Down Button Up, Love Me Some Buttons
Ashley A
 [04/16 11:48:54AM] Green, size medium

Sunday Funday Dress
Liz Page
 [04/16 11:48:19AM] Green xl

Pocketful of Sunshine
Traci Linklater
 [04/16 11:48:18AM] Large olive

Express Yourself Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:48:03AM] Black XL

Buttons Up
Veronica Keenan
 [04/16 11:47:52AM] Black xs

Classic casual dress
Donna Majic
 [04/16 11:47:45AM] Black L

Miss Mary Mack Dress
Sarah Rice
 [04/16 11:47:44AM] Black XL

Don’t Be Shy Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:47:31AM] Black XL

Breezy Beach Dress
Colleen Bowditch
 [04/16 11:47:11AM] Olive M

Button Down Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:46:46AM] Black XL

Dress Relief
Traci Linklater
 [04/16 11:46:01AM] Large olive

Summer Swagger Sun Dress
Dana Gibson
 [04/16 11:45:55AM] m, black

Fun in the sun
Traci Linklater
 [04/16 11:45:30AM] Large olive

Tank me away Dress
Susan Wonch
 [04/16 11:45:01AM] Black Large

Easy Breezy Dress; So Many Reasons Dress; My Happy Place Dress; She Shines Dress; Just Be You Dress
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [04/16 11:44:32AM] Olive, Large

Cute as a Button
Susan Wonch
 [04/16 11:43:45AM] Black L

Button up buttercup!
Luisa Rotella
 [04/16 11:42:54AM] Black, Small

Sunny Daze Dress
Sheena MacDonald
 [04/16 11:42:23AM] Black & Medium

Coastal Cool dress, coastal summer dress, coastal cool summer dress, coast vibes dress, coastal vibes dress, coastin on thru dress
Dallis Daly
 [04/16 11:41:28AM] Olive L

Just Button Beautiful!
Alicia Taylor
 [04/16 11:40:08AM] Large black

Button down beauty
Olivia Ridley
 [04/16 11:39:03AM] Black medium

Take me Away dress, sunny days away dress, dress me to the beach, button up the sunshine dress
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [04/16 11:38:49AM] Olive 2x

Summer breezes
Shelley Rouse
 [04/16 11:36:56AM] Green, XL

Sassy Jane
 [04/16 11:35:36AM] Green, Large

Buttoned up babe
Kayla Rankin
 [04/16 11:34:12AM] M black

Summer Sensation Dress
Becky Harnett
 [04/16 11:33:25AM] Olive 2XL

Cool Breeze
 [04/16 11:32:39AM] green XL

Sunshine days dress
Amanda Madill
 [04/16 11:31:38AM] Olive, XS

Flirty POCKET bliss
Charity Salateski
 [04/16 11:31:34AM] Black medium

Pocket like it's hot!
Molly Middleton
 [04/16 11:30:06AM] Black XL

Lake Life summer dress
Destiny Robinson
 [04/16 11:28:27AM] Black 2xl

Eazy Beezy
Megan Gurr
 [04/16 11:27:57AM] Olive medium

Ready to hit the beach sundress
Chereen Koza
 [04/16 11:27:54AM] Any colour - size L

Buttons on the weekend dress
Laura rockl
 [04/16 11:26:55AM] Black xl

Button me up dress
Laura rockl
 [04/16 11:26:25AM] Black xl

Cute as a Button Dress
Jessica Nakashimada
 [04/16 11:25:56AM] Black XL

Beachy-Keen, Beachy-Keen Summer Dress, Beachy-Keen Button Up
Victoria Salzl
 [04/16 11:24:07AM] Olive & small

Summer Dreams dress
Erin Beare
 [04/16 11:24:05AM] Black and large

Button me up sundress
Joanne Verrier
 [04/16 11:23:59AM] Olive and XL

Cali Dreamin'
Mariam Rassi
 [04/16 11:23:26AM] Green XS

Sway With Me Dress
Christie Trembicki
 [04/16 11:23:18AM] M - olive

Sunny side . Lil style . Fun n the sun . Lil classy
Jamie fogen
 [04/16 11:23:18AM] Olive , 2xl

Make it Snappy maxi dress
Keresna Bradley
 [04/16 11:22:30AM] Green 2XL

Simplicity Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:21:50AM] Black XL

Sunshine Coastin’ Dress
Marina Paternoster
 [04/16 11:21:32AM] Black L

Light & Easy Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:21:14AM] Black XL

Button babe
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/16 11:20:41AM] Xs, green

Summer line up
Amber Bernemann
 [04/16 11:20:23AM] Olive 2x

Fun in the sun dress
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/16 11:20:08AM] Xs, green

Boardwalk Summer, Circuit Breaker Summer, Field of Dreams Dress
Jessica Robinson
 [04/16 11:19:56AM] Green & Small

Fun in the Sun
Jelena Funk
 [04/16 11:18:23AM] Olive

Yvonne Arentsen
 [04/16 11:18:18AM] Olive XL

Sunny Days
Jelena Funk
 [04/16 11:18:07AM] Olive

Summer breeze
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/16 11:18:01AM] Xs, green

Button Up
Jelena Funk
 [04/16 11:17:30AM] Olive

California dreaming
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/16 11:17:27AM] Green, xs

Button up the sunshine
Meagan Clifton
 [04/16 11:17:12AM] Black, Medium

Beach Waves
Jelena Funk
 [04/16 11:17:05AM] Olive

Breeze thru summer dress, button up summer dress, Hot summer days dress, Sun and Fun dress, Sunnyside dress, Beachfront Buttons, Dress for Sunshine Dress,
Lyndsay Russell
 [04/16 11:16:48AM] Green XL

Under the Sun Dress
Cathy Hynna
 [04/16 11:16:33AM] Black XL

Line up for summer dress
Amber Bernemann
 [04/16 11:16:14AM] Olive 2x

Party in the front dress
Kayleigh Croker
 [04/16 11:16:12AM] Olive XL

Button Up!
 [04/16 11:15:45AM] 2X

Beach bliss
Kori ashley
 [04/16 11:13:37AM] Black 2xl

Take me to the beach
Cori Kay
 [04/16 11:12:33AM] Black XL

Summer Lovin’ Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:12:32AM] Black XL

Effortlessly Perfect
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:11:47AM] Black XL

Fit n Flare
Teresa Fox
 [04/16 11:11:26AM] Black lg

Vacation dreams sun dress
Nikki McCoy
 [04/16 11:11:09AM] Olive medium

Button Up Summer Dress
Joanne Ste Croix
 [04/16 11:10:53AM] Green XL

Effortless Dress
Melissa Hobbs
 [04/16 11:10:43AM] Black XL

Forever comfort sundress
Shelly Kupschus
 [04/16 11:10:23AM] Black xl

Garden Party Fun
Margy LeClair
 [04/16 11:09:46AM] Green size XL

Free Flow
Eva Elgersma
 [04/16 11:08:44AM] black large :)