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Dalmatian Print Crops
May 21, 2021

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Total of 1,194 Entries
Congratulations to Joanna Lewis, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Unleashed Potential Crops

Don’t change your SPOTS crops
Kristi rowland
 [05/24 7:44:02AM] Size XS and 12inch waistband

SPOT in here crops, DOT in here crops
Kristi rowland
 [05/24 7:37:16AM] Size XS and 12inch waistband

Cruella De'Spot Crops
Geneva Donaldson
 [05/24 7:36:50AM] Large

Spots on you crops, connect the dots crops, connect the spots crops
Kristi rowland
 [05/24 7:29:26AM] Size XS & 12inch waistband

Diversity Leggings
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [05/24 5:50:06AM] 12” xs, or s if white backed

Leader of the Pack Leggings ??
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [05/24 5:48:18AM] 12” XS or S if they’re white backed

Freedom Leggings, Free To Be Crops
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [05/24 5:45:56AM] 12” xs - or S if they’re white backed

Spots are beautiful capris, sporting my spots capris , spot on capris, spots for daze capris, pretty in spots capris, sporty spot capris
Tracey Bruce
 [05/24 5:11:07AM] Xl/ 14

Dalmatian Dreamin’
Ashley Balenko
 [05/24 5:03:09AM] Large 9.5

Puppy Love
Ashley Balenko
 [05/24 5:02:10AM] Large 9.5

Spring into Spots
Ashley Balenko
 [05/24 5:01:32AM] Large 9.5

Dog Days of Summer
Ashley Balenko
 [05/24 5:00:31AM] Large 9.5

Confidence Crops!!!
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [05/24 12:17:13AM] M and 9.5 please

Accomplish(ed) Crops OR Thriving crops OR Limitless crops OR
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [05/24 12:13:48AM] M and 9.5 please

Staying power
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/23 10:02:54PM] Small 12.5

Power Pop
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/23 9:56:56PM] Small 12.5

Spot On Exclusive Crops
Morgan MacLean
 [05/23 9:07:07PM] L 12"

Seeing Spots all Over
Judy Gilson
 [05/23 7:47:57PM] Xxl

Spot on Crops/shorts. Get your spot on crops/shorts, spots n’ dots crops, spot n’ dot crops, spotty for your crops, dots of love crops,
Kim Oliver
 [05/23 7:37:01PM] XS

On the spot crop
Baylee Howe
 [05/23 7:33:48PM] ‘Medium, 9”

Hit the spot crops
Ashley chamberlain
 [05/23 7:27:18PM] L 9.5

Spot On!
Erin Valenzuela
 [05/23 7:02:24PM] 2XL 12"

Bend and snap crops, crop it like it's hot
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [05/23 6:08:40PM] Small

Confetti POP Dots
Julie McMurtrie-Sheppard
 [05/23 5:45:18PM] M, 10

Confetti dots
Julie McMurtrie-Sheppard
 [05/23 5:42:50PM] M, 10

Raindrops on roses
Julie McMurtrie-Sheppard
 [05/23 5:32:50PM] M, 10

The 101 Reasons Crops
Michelle Bastien
 [05/23 5:31:34PM] 3XL / 12"

Hottie Dottie
Julie McMurtrie-Sheppard
 [05/23 5:30:35PM] M, 30 waist

spot on crops
Sally Perron
 [05/23 4:34:58PM] med

Fearless Crops
Katie Dolan
 [05/23 4:03:07PM] Small 12”

Power Dot
Melanie Poirier
 [05/23 3:56:01PM] 12” small

Doggone crops
Mandy Near
 [05/23 3:39:54PM] M 12”

Fearless Crops
Katie Dolan
 [05/23 3:22:02PM] Small 12”

Fearless Crops
Katie Dolan
 [05/23 3:21:29PM] Small 12”

Fearless Crops
Katie Dolan
 [05/23 3:21:07PM] Small 12”

Power Up
Wendy Graham
 [05/23 2:13:01PM] Medium, 12 “ waistband

Captivate Crops
Jill M Roque
 [05/23 1:53:29PM] Xs 9.5

Captivate Capris
 [05/23 1:50:56PM] Xs and 9.5 inch

Trish mahaits
 [05/23 1:41:50PM] Medium 9.5

Goddess Dream collection
Patricia mahaits
 [05/23 1:40:00PM] Medium 9.5

Spotlight crops
Courtney Streeter
 [05/23 1:24:10PM] Cl

Spot on
Courtney Streeter
 [05/23 1:23:32PM] Xl

Vital crops
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/23 12:55:01PM] Xxs 12 inch

Dedicated crops
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/23 12:53:33PM] Xxs 12 inch

Jot the dot
Michelle Gilmore
 [05/23 12:20:50PM] Small

Dogma Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/23 11:09:09AM] S 9.5”

Faithful, steadfast
Rebecca Richards
 [05/23 11:07:53AM] Small 12"

Spot on crops
Stephanie Priebe
 [05/23 11:03:01AM] Small, 12"

Spotting My Way Crops; One in a Million Crops; No Two Dots About It Crops; Spotlight Crops; Stand in the Spotlight Crops; Your Spotlight Crops; Time to be Spotted Crops; Your Own Spotlight Crops; Stand in the Spotlight Crops; Be Your Own Spotlight Crops
April Hunt
 [05/23 10:55:41AM] 9.5 rise. Size XS

Embrace Your Spot Crops; Walk This Way Crops; Out Dotted Crops; Dot Your Own Path Crops; Spot Your Path Crops; Write Your Story Crops; Spot Your Story Crops;
April Hunt
 [05/23 10:48:06AM] 9.5 XS

Leader of the Crops; Spot Your Intentions Crop; Tribal Goals Crops; Spot Yourself First Crops; Dots Get Heard Crops; Be Spotted Crops; Dots All Right Crops; Come Together Over Me Crops; That’s The Spot Crops; Standing Taller Crops; Scattered Spots ; Spotted On the Dot Crops; On the Dotted Line Crops; Downward Dot Crops; Inhabit Your Spot; Spot Your Strengths Crop; Spot Your Strength Crops; Be The Dotted Line Crops; Legendary Crops; Spot Your Truth Crops; Endless Dots Crops; Get Spotted Crops; Uniquely Spotted Crops; S
April Hunt
 [05/23 10:41:35AM] 9.5 Rise. XS size

Virtuous Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:18:00AM] M 12”

Solidarity Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:16:53AM] M 12”

Fortitude Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:16:02AM] M 12”

Vitality Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:15:32AM] M 12”

Dare to be Spotted Crops
April Hunt
 [05/23 10:13:55AM] 9.5 rise. Size XS

Determination Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:13:40AM] M 12”

Strong as Spot Crops; On Guard Crops; Spot My Vibes Crops; Strength In Numbers Crops; Spot Your Intentions Crop; 101 Reasons Why I Can Crops; Spotted Out and About Crops; Spotted Outside the House Crops; Spot Your Intentions Crops; Spotted and Supported Crops; Get Noticed Crops; That’s The Spot Crops; Spotted Survival Crops; Spot Your Strength Crops; Strength in Numbers Crops; Spotted Tribe Crops;
April Hunt
 [05/23 10:13:03AM] 9.5. XS

Spectacular Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:12:36AM] M 12”

Speck-tacular Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/23 10:11:05AM] M 12”

On the dot
Rae-Lyn Lefebvre
 [05/23 10:03:40AM] Xl in 12”

101 Reasons Why Crops ; Spotted Up Crops ; On Point Dalmatian Crops ; On Guard Dalmatians Crops
April Hunt
 [05/23 9:53:17AM] 9.5 XS

Appaloosa OR Spotastic OR Manchita Negra
Stella Madsen
 [05/23 9:39:58AM] Large 12 inch

Cruella Intensions
Juliah Wight
 [05/23 9:37:20AM] Small 9.5

Sassy pants
Leanne Stanway
 [05/23 9:34:06AM] XL 12”

Puttin on the ritz
Leanne Stanway
 [05/23 9:31:36AM] XL. 12”

Spot On or On Spot
Linda McAuley
 [05/23 9:27:26AM] Xl high waist

Eye candy
Leanne Stanway
 [05/23 9:26:04AM] XL 12”

Playfully chic crop pants
Leanne Stanway
 [05/23 9:24:50AM] XL. 12”

Born to run
Leanne Stanway
 [05/23 9:20:42AM] XL 12”

Dots of Love
Rachel Lepka
 [05/23 9:16:43AM] XL, 12”

Confidence crop, beautiful babe crop, sassy crop, empower you crop, boss babe crop
Ashten Barclay
 [05/23 9:14:26AM] XS

Darlene Ostevik
 [05/23 8:57:59AM] XL

See Spot Run
Shannon Dunn
 [05/23 8:37:31AM] XL 12

Dazzle crops
Verna kabatoff
 [05/23 8:35:08AM] Medium High waist 12 inch

1001 reasons - sassy pants - confide in me crops - dotted destiny - destined crops - amazing grace - strong but subtle
Val Matlock
 [05/23 8:28:23AM] M and 9.5 please

Love dot dot dot
Dyhanna Hall
 [05/23 8:23:15AM] XL 12”

?Fire Me Up!!/ ?All Fired Up! /**She’s a Jewel
Julie Odia
 [05/23 8:21:27AM] 12XL

Dyhanna Hall
 [05/23 8:21:12AM] XL 12”

***Girl’s BestFriend**Spot a Girl’s BestFriend
Julie Odia
 [05/23 8:19:26AM] XL 12

Crazy for Spots
Shellanne Langlois
 [05/23 8:18:59AM] 2xl-12" waist

All the exclamation dots
Kristy Devine
 [05/23 8:15:28AM] M, 12inch rise

**Spotted Perfection
Julie Odia
 [05/23 8:15:23AM] XL 12

Relax in style
Angela white
 [05/23 8:13:27AM] Large

1. Lucky Spots Crops 2. Dalmatian Patch Crops 3. Rolly Dots Crops 4. Explosion Crops
Janessa Barron
 [05/23 8:13:21AM] M & 9.5"

Spot the Difference, Too many spots to count, To the spot and beyond, One spot at a time
Brayell Dengler
 [05/23 8:13:01AM] Small, 12”

Spot On Crops
Shellanne Langlois
 [05/23 8:10:30AM] 2xl I think ( I wear a size16w) 12" waistband

Spot me Now, Wild N’ Free, unstoppable
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [05/23 8:09:00AM] 12”- XL

Spot On Crops
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:49:18AM] M 9.5”

This Just Spotted
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:48:46AM] M 9.5”

This Just Spotted
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:48:09AM] M 9.5”

Spotlight’s On You
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:47:20AM] M 9.5”

I Can Be Your Spotter
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:46:38AM] M 9.5”

This just spotted
Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:45:48AM] M 9.5”

Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:45:12AM] M 9.5”

Krista Colley
 [05/23 7:44:15AM] M 9.5”

Tenacious Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/23 7:14:36AM] S 9.5”

Independence Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/23 7:13:31AM] S 9.5”

Move it, prowless, motivate, 4ever, see me, sport spots
Andrea Oxford
 [05/23 7:03:48AM] Large

Spot on crops, strong spots crops, wild crops
Linda Hegedus
 [05/23 5:44:22AM] Medium 12 inch

Cool spots and crops
Toni Martino
 [05/23 3:23:20AM] Large

Firecracker Crop
Ashley Leaver
 [05/23 2:21:01AM] 9.5, Large

Love thy Spots
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [05/23 2:02:43AM] Small 12"

Danielle Veitenheimer
 [05/23 1:26:17AM] Small 12"

Danielle Veitenheimer
 [05/23 1:23:47AM] Small 12"

Pawsitively Untamed
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [05/23 1:19:13AM] Small 12"

Pawsitively Wild
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [05/23 1:17:32AM] Small 12"

Squats with spots
Crystal skinner
 [05/22 11:29:37PM] Extra small

Happy spots and dots
Crystal skinner
 [05/22 11:25:03PM] Extra small

Spots and Dots
Crystal Skinner
 [05/22 11:19:54PM] Extra small

Spot the dots
Crystal skinner
 [05/22 11:17:29PM] Extra small

Polka dot full of spots
Crystal Skinner
 [05/22 11:16:19PM] Extra small

My happy spots
Crystal Skinner
 [05/22 11:12:48PM] Extra small

Spot On Dalmatian print crops!
Chandra Madsen
 [05/22 11:12:26PM] Medium and 9.5"

When the Dots Align
Leanne Arch
 [05/22 11:10:17PM] M 12"

Spot me outside
Crystal Skinner
 [05/22 11:09:22PM] Extra small 25 waist

Spot me on the go
Crystal Skinner
 [05/22 11:08:24PM] Extra small size 25 waist

Spot on top crops!
Brianna Forrest
 [05/22 11:05:53PM] Medium 9.5" waistband

Cruela Divine Crops, 101 reasons to love yourself
Sarah Walters
 [05/22 9:31:15PM] M &

Warrior Dots, Tribe Crops, Limitless
Michelle EVANS
 [05/22 8:37:06PM] Xl 12"

I stand by you
Michelle EVANS
 [05/22 8:34:33PM] Xl 12"

THRIVE , Power dots, Soaring dots
Michelle EVANS
 [05/22 8:32:27PM] Xl 12"

THRIVE , Power dots, Soaring dots of Power, Soar
Michelle EVANS
 [05/22 8:31:54PM] Xl 12"

Leader of the pack crops
Tara Bertling
 [05/22 8:30:07PM] S

Majestic crops
Tara Bertling
 [05/22 8:29:29PM] S.

Out of this World
Tara Parker
 [05/22 7:12:38PM] M

Hot Spot crops
Tara Parker
 [05/22 7:10:02PM] M

Solidarity crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 7:07:51PM] XS 9inch

Untamed crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 7:03:12PM] XS 9inch

Tenacity crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 7:01:57PM] XS 9inch

On the mark, Leave your mark, or Make your mark crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 7:00:38PM] XS 9inch

One dot summer, Dot Dot Love, Love you dots
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [05/22 6:58:25PM] Large 12 inch rise

Sweet spot crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:57:52PM] XS 9inch

Unconditional crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:55:41PM] XS 9inch

Loyal crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:55:11PM] XS 9inch

Mark of beauty crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:54:22PM] XS 9inch

In the Spotlight crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:49:19PM] XS 9inch

Spotlight crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 6:45:49PM] XS 9inch

Dot Dot leggings
Line Clément
 [05/22 6:39:41PM] M

Surpass, Affirmation, Empowered, Purpose
Deanna Miller
 [05/22 6:33:59PM] Large, 12”

Spotty pants,connect my dots
 [05/22 6:27:56PM] Small

Distinctively spotted
Jana Delaney
 [05/22 6:19:13PM] XL & 12

Distinctively spotted
Jana Delaney
 [05/22 6:18:50PM] XL a

Dig me ,spot on ,pupolishis, pop,connect my spots,connect the dots
 [05/22 6:16:51PM] Small love love o my love

Excercion Crops, No Limits Crops, and Rescued by love Crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/22 6:14:33PM] L 12"

Dottin’ Me Crazy
Devan Hoisington
 [05/22 6:05:59PM] XL

Spot Me Up
Kellee Martin
 [05/22 6:05:40PM] M 12 inch waistband

Dottin’ Me Crazy
Devan Hoisington
 [05/22 6:04:44PM] XL

My only true love crops
Jana Dobson
 [05/22 6:03:11PM] L 12"

Dotty crops , on the dot , on the spot . Cruella crops , spot the dot . Can’t stop me crops
Heather Daniel
 [05/22 5:52:04PM] Medium

Spot on , In the spotlight , on the dot ,
Heather Daniel
 [05/22 5:41:24PM] Med

Hot Dots
Una Pape
 [05/22 5:16:18PM] L, 12"

The right spot leggings
Gail kieley
 [05/22 5:05:48PM] Small and 12"

Spot on crops, Dottie forever, Dot me a pair, Spot me a pair
Sherrilynne Corrie
 [05/22 5:02:10PM] Xl

Marvellous crops
Amanda Hynes
 [05/22 5:02:06PM] XS 12”

Spot me crops
Julia strickland
 [05/22 5:01:46PM] Xs 12”

SPOTaneous crop
Lindsay Paterson
 [05/22 4:55:27PM] Size large, 12”

Serendipity Crops
Lindsay Paterson
 [05/22 4:52:54PM] Size large, 12”

Poise Palace
Cora-Lynn Chaisson
 [05/22 4:33:19PM] XL

Integrity Crops, Risk Taker Crops, Frisky Crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/22 4:28:35PM] L 12"

Spot On
Kelly Brown Monson
 [05/22 4:18:22PM] Small, 9.5 inch

A Woman’s Best Friend crops
Marie Neil
 [05/22 3:54:06PM] 3xl 9 inch

101 Dalmations
Mariah Berkers
 [05/22 3:44:13PM] M, 9.5"

Spot On Crops
Jessica Gardner
 [05/22 3:30:00PM] XL 12

Huggables! Or Huggable (Dalmatian Crops)
Paula Maclachlan
 [05/22 3:29:22PM] XL

Spot on
Amanda Diamond
 [05/22 3:27:37PM] M 12"

Spotted having fun!
Shauna Brady
 [05/22 3:24:42PM] Medium 9.5”

Cruella Crops
Kristy Lachance
 [05/22 3:08:18PM] Medium 12”

Spot on crops, Cruella crops
Michaela Barcena
 [05/22 3:01:28PM] S 12”

Anthracite Crops
Susan Byrne
 [05/22 2:50:03PM] Small 12”

Best friend leggings
Sandra walker
 [05/22 2:04:33PM] Small 9.5

Far-famed crops
Joan Omasta
 [05/22 1:57:31PM] Large and the 9.5in waistband

SPECKtacular crops, Spot On crops
Lisa Etty
 [05/22 1:30:30PM] L 12”

Spot on
Brittany handel
 [05/22 1:26:15PM] Medium

Tenacity Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/22 1:26:06PM] S 9.5”

Fearless, Unlimited, Visionary
Tracy Dubois
 [05/22 1:22:19PM] L 12"

dálmata (Spanish)
Hannah Martin
 [05/22 1:20:33PM] xs

Sporty Specks
Jody Chatman
 [05/22 1:20:14PM] Large & 12" Waistband

“One oh One’s or “101’s”
Lori Martin
 [05/22 1:19:08PM] xs

Spot on crops
Tricia Bell
 [05/22 1:15:53PM] Xl 12”

Whole dot of love
Cassy Magliocchi
 [05/22 1:11:26PM] 12” L

Agility Crops
Maggi Bruce
 [05/22 1:10:05PM] XS 12’

Spot On Crops; You’ve Dot It All Crops
Erika Just
 [05/22 1:00:10PM] XL 12”

Spectacular Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/22 12:51:31PM] M 12”

Mandy Braniff
 [05/22 12:46:43PM] M & 12"

Getting dotty
Melissa Jackson
 [05/22 12:46:40PM] Small

Seize the day
Mandy Braniff
 [05/22 12:44:51PM] M & 12"

Adaptability crops
Mandy Braniff
 [05/22 12:43:27PM] M & 12"

Simply polka dot
Abby Kroeker
 [05/22 12:43:04PM] Medium 12"

101 speckles
Michelle Unger
 [05/22 12:42:44PM] Large 12inch waist

Mandy Braniff
 [05/22 12:41:48PM] M & 12"

Fighter crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/22 12:31:19PM] Xxs 12”

Strength crops
Leah Sheridan
 [05/22 12:30:53PM] 2XL and 9.5 inch

Fierce Crops
Leah Sheridan
 [05/22 12:28:24PM] 2XL 9.5 inch waistband

Determination crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/22 12:26:57PM] Xxs 12”

Vitality crops/shorts/bra
Sarah Snable
 [05/22 12:16:54PM] Xxs, 9.5"

Dots of love
Sara McLean
 [05/22 12:16:51PM] M 12 inch

Sassy Leggings/shorts/bra
Sarah Snable
 [05/22 12:16:09PM] Xxs, 9.5"

Feisty leggings/shorts/bra
Sarah Snable
 [05/22 12:15:51PM] Xxs, 9.5"

Spot me Crops
Jillian Malloy
 [05/22 12:05:22PM] S and 12” waistband

I have 3 suggested names: Appaloosa OR Spotastic OR Manchita Negra
Stella Madsen
 [05/22 12:05:10PM] Large and 12 in

I have 3 suggested names: Appaloosa OR Spotastic OR Manchita Negra
Stella Madsen
 [05/22 11:59:26AM] Large and 12 in

Dot go breaking my heart
Danielle Townsend
 [05/22 11:52:45AM] 3x

Cleopatra Crops, Bliss Crops, Utopia Crops, Feisty Crops
Nicole Johnston
 [05/22 11:33:08AM] Xs, 12"

Kirsty Langham
 [05/22 11:28:17AM] XL

Never change your spots
Jen ottenbreit
 [05/22 11:26:55AM] Medium 12”

Speck - tacular exclusive crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 11:16:05AM] Small 12”

Inclusive exclusive crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:59:42AM] Small 12”

Day and night exclusive crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:58:13AM] Small 12”

Ambitious capris
Heather Trotz
 [05/22 10:56:23AM] Xl 9.5”

Spotted for Success
Megan Graham
 [05/22 10:51:36AM] M

Connect the Dots crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:46:59AM] Small 12”

Cherished Crops, Empower Crops, Fortitude Crops, Virtue Crops
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/22 10:43:53AM] M 12”

Seeing spots exclusive crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:43:34AM] Small 12”

On Point Crops
Laura Matheson
 [05/22 10:41:28AM] Small 9.5 waistband

It don’t matter if your black or white exclusive crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:41:10AM] Small 12”

Janine Coubrough
 [05/22 10:41:07AM] Small or 9.5 waistband

Polka party crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:39:18AM] Small 12”

Too Hot for the Firehouse crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:38:46AM] Small 12”

Spot on crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:37:25AM] Small 12”

I’ll give you 101 reasons to wear these crops
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/22 10:35:44AM] Small 12”

Downward Dog
Katherine Hay
 [05/22 10:27:28AM] Small 12”

It’s Polka Time!
Sylvia Gorenszach
 [05/22 10:22:27AM] Small and lower profile waist.

Cruella Crops
Ashley Robinson
 [05/22 10:22:26AM] Small 12” please

Michele Schmiedendorf
 [05/22 10:18:21AM] M 12”

Do the Polka
Pauline Saunders
 [05/22 10:15:04AM] M top & S pant

Strength in spots
Diane martella
 [05/22 10:13:50AM] Xl 12” waistband

All about the Dots
Pauline Saunders
 [05/22 10:13:15AM] M top & S pant

Optimism Crops, Perfect Poise
Samara O'Hagan
 [05/22 9:58:28AM] XXS, 12"

Optimism Crops, Perfect Poise Crops
Samara O'Hagan
 [05/22 9:55:46AM] XXS 9.5"

Spot On Perfection Crops
Cherie Myles
 [05/22 9:50:33AM] Small, 9.5”

Top Spot Crops
Jennifer Bissell (Watson)
 [05/22 9:48:30AM] Medium 12”

Spot on perfection crops
Cherie Myles
 [05/22 9:46:19AM] Small, 9.5”

Spot on Top
Jennifer Bissell (Watson)
 [05/22 9:45:34AM] Medium 12”

Connect the dots, Connect the spots
Mariah Berkers
 [05/22 9:34:55AM] M, 9.5"

Not quite Cruella
Karen Wallis
 [05/22 9:34:49AM] Small, 9.5”

Not quite Cruella
Karen Wallis
 [05/22 9:34:14AM] Small, 9.5”

Perdita’s Perfection Crops
Heather Vita
 [05/22 9:33:59AM] 9.5” XXS

Spot on!
Gugu Maponga
 [05/22 9:30:55AM] M

Spot On Crops
Laura Bondi
 [05/22 9:27:37AM] L 12”

Dollnation crops, Double dog dare crops, Hot diggidy dog crops, Leader of the pack crops, Oh so Fetch Crops, Doggedly daring crops
Morgan Keith
 [05/22 9:27:22AM] M, 12”

Connect the Spots
Dawn Chicoine
 [05/22 9:22:56AM] 2XL and 12” waistband

I spot you
Larissa Warford
 [05/22 9:20:53AM] M and 12”

Positivity crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:15:04AM] XS 9inch

Spontaneous Warrior crops
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 9:14:07AM] 2xl, 12"

Daringly Dotty
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:13:42AM] XS 9inch

Wild Wonder Woman Crops
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 9:13:10AM] 2xl, 12"

Silver Athletica
 [05/22 9:12:44AM] Large

Spot the Difference
Stephanie Djaja-Wesson
 [05/22 9:12:28AM] Xs

Spot the difference
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:12:08AM] XS 9inch

Spot light
Nicolle Neill
 [05/22 9:11:49AM] Xl , 12"

Wild Warrior Set (Chops, Shorts, Bra)
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 9:11:16AM] 2xl, 12"

In the Spot Light
 [05/22 9:10:28AM] Xl, 12"

Good to the last Spot
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:10:09AM] XS 9inch

Spontaneous Cuteness set
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 9:08:51AM] 2xl, 12"

Meghan Abiodun
 [05/22 9:07:12AM] M 12"

Spot On and Strong Crops
Renee Zimmerman
 [05/22 9:06:47AM] medium 12”

Trendspotting crops
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:04:29AM] XS 9inch

Strong Spot
Terri Samson
 [05/22 9:03:05AM] 9.5” M

Spotted perfection
Kali Bernst
 [05/22 9:02:43AM] XS 9inch

Spot light, spot you chops!
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 9:00:56AM] 2Xl 12"

Spot light, spot you Capris
Tera Viccars
 [05/22 8:59:53AM] 2xl

Spot Me
Susie Parrott
 [05/22 8:55:03AM] Medium 9.5

Perdita Dots
Cindy Ramgobind
 [05/22 8:53:25AM] Medium

Hot Spot Crops
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [05/22 8:52:59AM] Small & 9.5

Squats and Spots
Danielle Polsom
 [05/22 8:46:21AM] Small, 12"

Kimberley Robson-Bogart
 [05/22 8:46:08AM] 2XL

I Dot it crops
Huguette Cromie
 [05/22 8:45:48AM] 2xl, 12”

Spot On!!!
Joanne Bader
 [05/22 8:31:19AM] XL

Spot On crops
Joanne Bader
 [05/22 8:28:58AM] XL

Dot Crop
Pamela Kraik
 [05/22 8:24:48AM] S 9.5

Spot On Capris
Kori Caudle
 [05/22 8:23:51AM] LG.12 inch band

Cruella de yoga
Nikki DeWolfe
 [05/22 8:23:26AM] Size L waiste band 12”

Eternity crop
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/22 8:20:32AM] Small, 12"

Persistence, exhilaration, motivate, get spotted
Caitlin Gillis
 [05/22 8:20:22AM] 2XL, 12”

Connect the Dots
Pamela Kraik
 [05/22 8:19:36AM] S 9.5

Dot dot dot...
Pamela Kraik
 [05/22 8:17:25AM] S 9.5

Whirling sensation leggings
Krista Crawford
 [05/22 8:15:39AM] Size small 9.5

Hot Spots
Karen Bemister
 [05/22 8:15:25AM] 2x - 12"

“The de Vil made me do it” capris
Nicole Newson
 [05/22 8:15:12AM] Xl or 1x

Spot on crops, missed a spot crops, cruella crops
Andrea Klein
 [05/22 8:12:59AM] M 12 inch waist

Cruella free
Jennifer Bayley
 [05/22 8:11:13AM] 9.5 large

Break out crops
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/22 8:11:06AM] Small, 12"

Dotilicious in crops
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [05/22 8:10:42AM] 12” size Medium

In Focus Crops
Christina Treleaven
 [05/22 8:08:33AM] Xl

Spot me at the gym
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/22 8:07:51AM] Small, 12"

Spot ON!
Jennifer Bayley
 [05/22 8:07:17AM] 9.5" large

Doggedly chic
Jennifer Bayley
 [05/22 8:05:27AM] 9.5" large

Elizabeth Ames
 [05/22 8:05:25AM] L 12"

Polka perfect crops
Vanessa Laron
 [05/22 7:57:25AM] M 12.5

Domino effect crops
Vanessa Laron
 [05/22 7:56:09AM] M 12.5

Dicely perfect crops
Vanessa Laron
 [05/22 7:55:35AM] M 12.5

Too SPOT to handle
Rayanna McBride
 [05/22 7:51:11AM] S & 9.5

Spot On
Meghan Schuler
 [05/22 7:50:02AM] Small, 12 inch rise

Downward Dog, Fierce, Uncompromising, champion
Gina MacGregor
 [05/22 7:47:25AM] Med 12

I Dot This Crops
Jennifer Sikora
 [05/22 7:44:28AM] XS 12"

We Dot This Crops
Jennifer Sikora
 [05/22 7:43:01AM] XS 12"

I Dot You Crops
Jennifer Sikora
 [05/22 7:42:31AM] XS 12"

Too SPOT for you
Rayanna McBride
 [05/22 7:41:53AM] S & 9.5

Polka spot capris crops, Dalmatian dream dots, speckle spots capris crops
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [05/22 7:34:15AM] 12” L

Courage Crops, Core Crops, or Recharge
Taneill Selinger
 [05/22 7:25:48AM] Small and 9.5 waistband

Dog Day Afternoon Crops
Jill Gelston
 [05/22 7:22:10AM] L 12"

Dog Day Crops
Jill Gelston
 [05/22 7:21:10AM] L 12"

Spotted Love
Jill Gelston
 [05/22 7:20:23AM] L 12"

“Loyal” crops in Dalmatian Print
Jaylene Blum
 [05/22 7:17:21AM] Xs

Pick of the crop
Marcey Duguay
 [05/22 7:07:33AM] Medium and 12 inch waist

the dotty
kristy bouius
 [05/22 7:00:46AM] M and 9.5 waistband

On Point
Tarryl Hartling
 [05/22 7:00:20AM] M, 9.5”

Fatima Piraino
 [05/22 6:53:57AM] M

How Marvellous Crops
Amanda Hynes
 [05/22 6:52:21AM] XS 12”

101 spots
Desirae Leadbetter
 [05/22 6:32:46AM] Small and 4

Polka Dot Mosiac Dream Set
Rita Labee
 [05/22 6:30:20AM] Medium

Spot On
Natalie Mather
 [05/22 6:19:44AM] L 12"

In the spot-light
Jenelle Millar
 [05/22 6:04:21AM] S 10"

On the spot
Jenelle Millar
 [05/22 6:02:46AM] S 10"

Dotted dreams / spotted dreams / dotted love / dots to my heart / I love dots /spotted perfection
Ashley Wonnacott
 [05/22 5:59:02AM] Large 12”

Dotted dreams / spotted dreams / dotted love / dots to my heart / I love dots /spotted perfection
Ashley Wonnacott
 [05/22 5:58:27AM] Large 12”

All the Right Spots
Tina cimaglia
 [05/22 5:57:48AM] Xxs mid rise

Spot the Difference
Lorraine Lowry
 [05/22 5:56:59AM] S 9.5

Dots of love
Ashley wonnacot
 [05/22 5:56:54AM] Large 12”

Speckled love
Ashley wonnacott
 [05/22 5:56:33AM] Large 12”

Hit the Spot
Tina cimaglia
 [05/22 5:55:25AM] Xxs

Spot On
Monique Monast
 [05/22 5:46:21AM] Medium highest one

speckle love
Kim MacDonald
 [05/22 5:41:40AM] 16-18

Spots n’ Dots
Susan Ventimiglia
 [05/22 5:28:26AM] XL 12”

Deville Exclusives
Susan Ventimiglia
 [05/22 5:27:27AM] XL 12”

Daring Dalmatian, Dainty Dalmatian, On point,
Lisa Whent
 [05/22 5:26:52AM] Small 12” waistband

Susan Ventimiglia
 [05/22 5:26:14AM] XL. 12”

Infinity Spots
Susan Ventimiglia
 [05/22 5:24:02AM] XL 12”

Susan Ventimiglia
 [05/22 5:18:04AM] XL. 12”

Dotting Dots
Safron Bennett
 [05/22 5:12:05AM] L 12

Hit the Spot
Nicole Younger
 [05/22 4:56:14AM] Medium 12”

Simply Dotty
Linda Marion-Perrin
 [05/22 4:36:30AM] Small

Unleash the power
Julie Rodger
 [05/22 4:20:42AM] 2x 12”

Spotting Dots Crops
Carrie Biffis
 [05/22 4:18:53AM] L and 12 inch

Spot your power crops
Ashley Constantine-Webber
 [05/22 3:54:53AM] XL & 12”

Spot your power crops
Ashley Constantine-Webber
 [05/22 3:54:28AM] XL & 12”

Let's do this crops
Jess Vallier
 [05/22 3:41:34AM] XS 12inch

Simply heavenly
Linda Marion
 [05/22 3:36:58AM] Small

Persistence crop
Amanda Hynes
 [05/22 2:14:19AM] XS 12”

On the dot
Reanna Lavigne
 [05/22 12:17:46AM] M 9.5”

Notty Spotty
Jenn Olsen
 [05/21 11:27:14PM] M 12”

Spotlight crops
Meagan Clifton
 [05/21 11:10:02PM] Small 12"

Agility Crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 10:43:58PM] L 12"

Burst of Energy
Elena Robertson
 [05/21 10:42:46PM] XS, 9.5 please!

Connect the Dots
Elena Robertson
 [05/21 10:41:04PM] XS, 9.5 please!

Dots of Energy, Moon dust, Meteor showers, Static
Elena Robertson
 [05/21 10:39:25PM] XS, 9.5 please!

Spot Me?, Spot me? I’m lifted!, Spot on, On the spot,
Elena Robertson
 [05/21 10:33:48PM] XS, 9.5 please!

The Remix
kate britz
 [05/21 10:03:03PM] M

Keep it cool
kate britz
 [05/21 10:01:01PM] M

To the point
kate britz
 [05/21 9:59:47PM] M

Exclusive of the simpler times
kate britz
 [05/21 9:59:22PM] M

Simpler times
kate britz
 [05/21 9:59:04PM] M

On the Spot Crops
Jennifer Kerr
 [05/21 9:53:04PM] XS 12”

Hollywood dreams
kate britz
 [05/21 9:47:55PM] M

In the Spotlight
Ashley Hancock
 [05/21 9:44:21PM] S and 12 inch

Spot On
Sonya Paterson
 [05/21 9:42:13PM] Small 9.5” waistband

Unbreakable Dream
Michelle Evans
 [05/21 9:39:05PM] Xl 12"

Devoted to the dots, Strong as Ice, Unstoppable, Unstoppable Power, Unstoppable Dots
Michelle Evans
 [05/21 9:37:48PM] Xl 12"

Unbreakable Sensation, soaring dots of power,
Michelle EVANS
 [05/21 9:31:39PM] Xl 12"

Surrender to the dots, Badass Driven, Can't knock me down
Michelle EVANS
 [05/21 9:28:28PM] Xl 12"

Determined Thoughts, Dots of Power, Empowering strength,
Michelle EVANS
 [05/21 9:24:43PM] Xl 12"

Be Brave
Michelle Evans
 [05/21 9:21:24PM] Xl 12"

"Dot Be Jealous"
Lauren Faccin
 [05/21 9:19:53PM] Large, 9.5"

Dainty Dot Power Crops
Jennifer Bilton
 [05/21 9:11:01PM] S

Speckled Delight
Jennifer Bilton
 [05/21 9:10:18PM] S

Hit the Spot
Jennifer Bilton
 [05/21 9:09:14PM] 4

Spotted beauty crops, paws-itive crops, powerhouse crops
Kristin wells
 [05/21 8:59:50PM] S, 9.5"

Spot On exclusives
Dallas Hauth
 [05/21 8:54:15PM] Xs, 9.5

Polka Dot Dream
Rebecca Archer
 [05/21 8:49:47PM] 9.5 waistband, Medium

The good spots in life crops
Kimberley Templer
 [05/21 8:45:38PM] XS - 9.5”

Unleashed Energy or Spot the energy
Julie Rodger
 [05/21 8:44:25PM] 2x 12”

Power Though
Heather Fowler
 [05/21 8:43:15PM] Size large 9.5" waistband

On spot crop
 [05/21 8:33:30PM] L

Speckley spandex
Melissa knopp
 [05/21 8:32:30PM] L

Crop It Like It’s Hot
 [05/21 8:29:36PM] 2XL - 12”

Claim your spot crops
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:20:40PM] Large 12 inch

Spot me
Lianna Kauhausen
 [05/21 8:20:01PM] Medium 9.5

Level up crops
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:16:51PM] Large 12 inch

Mirage Crops
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:15:28PM] Large 12 inch

Beautiful illusion crops
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:14:57PM] Large 12 inch

Spotty too hottie
Nicole Sprieszl
 [05/21 8:14:19PM] Medium in both!

Somehow Spotted Summer, Stretching it to Summer, Speckled Spin on Summer, Spot on Summer
Lisa Serdachny
 [05/21 8:14:12PM] M 12" Waistband

Spotted on top
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:13:25PM] Large 12 inch

Mesmerizing the Crop
Amy Cantin
 [05/21 8:11:49PM] Medium, 9.5 inch

Heather Trotz
 [05/21 8:11:12PM] XL 9.5”

On the spot
Lisa Smit
 [05/21 8:09:43PM] Large 12 inch

Dot your workout
Chantal LAbbe
 [05/21 8:08:13PM] XL 9.5”

Sweet spot crop / Soft spot crop / Wear a Tee and Dot the Thighs!
Anna comfort
 [05/21 7:53:52PM] 2x, 12 inch

Amanda Toniolo
 [05/21 7:50:10PM] M, 9.5

Power & Play Spot
Karen Bemister
 [05/21 7:49:35PM] 2x - 12" band

Spot on Power
Karen Bemister
 [05/21 7:48:37PM] 2x - 12" band

Lucky Spots Crops
Janessa Barron
 [05/21 7:40:34PM] M & 9.5”

Aimee LaFrance
 [05/21 7:39:35PM] XL. 12"

Devoted To You Crop
Jacquie Hunt
 [05/21 7:18:37PM] M, 12".

Daring Dots; On the Spot; Speckled for Summer;
Heather Y
 [05/21 7:14:25PM] M 12 inch

Katherine Hay
 [05/21 7:13:36PM] Small 12”

Monica A Dion
 [05/21 7:13:22PM] small & 12" waist

Zoomies Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:11:17PM] S 9.5”

Rambunctious Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:09:54PM] S 9.5”

Limitless, Momentum
Katherine Hay
 [05/21 7:08:55PM] Small 12”

Distinctive Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:08:41PM] S 9.5”

Devoted Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:08:17PM] S 9.5”

Steadfast Crops, Lady's Best Friend Crops, Women's Best Friend Crops
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 7:07:59PM] Large and 12

Spot strong crop
Sherry Drost
 [05/21 7:06:52PM] 2xl 9.5"

Kindhearted Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:06:48PM] S 9.5”

Faithful Crops
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 7:04:53PM] Large and 12

At-The-Ready Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:04:35PM] S 9.5”

Focus, Intensity
Katherine Hay
 [05/21 7:02:41PM] Small 12”

Agility Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:02:03PM] S 9.5”

Magic Eye
Megan Hopkins
 [05/21 7:01:14PM] M & 12”

Earned My Dots Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 7:00:33PM] S 9.5”

Champion Crops
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:59:25PM] Large and 12

Katherine Hay
 [05/21 6:58:36PM] Small 12”

Loyal Crops
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:56:34PM] Large and 12

Companion Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:55:35PM] S 9.5”

Courageous Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:54:16PM] S 9.5”

Cream of the Crop, Dream of the Crop
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:54:13PM] Large and 12

Admirable Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:53:21PM] S 9.5”

Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:52:33PM] S 9.5”

Dedicated Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:52:07PM] S 9.5”

Exuberance Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:51:43PM] S 9.5”

Loyalty Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:51:12PM] S 9.5”

Hot to Trot, "Spot" to Trot, Spotlight Crops, Spots of Courage, Strength in Spots, Power Spots, Spot Power, Canine Courage, Champion of Spots
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:49:50PM] Large and 12

On the spot crops
Samantha Beaufield
 [05/21 6:49:21PM] 2xl 9.5 inch

Dot to dot comfy crops
Claire Quigley
 [05/21 6:48:03PM] S. 12”

1. Lucky Spots Crops 2. Dalmatian Patch Crops 3. Rolly Dots Crops 4. Explosion Crops
Janessa Barron
 [05/21 6:42:57PM] M & 9.5”

Hit the Spot!
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:42:35PM] Large and 12

 [05/21 6:41:33PM] Xl

Spot On!
Tara Kennedy
 [05/21 6:40:53PM] Large and 12

Empowered Crops
Kate Rosenthal
 [05/21 6:37:20PM] 12” medium

Connected Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:33:47PM] S 9.5”

Strive Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:33:15PM] S 9.5”

Dogma Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:32:31PM] S 9.5”

Downward Dog Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:31:19PM] S 9.5”

Perseverance Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:29:41PM] S 9.5”

Sympatico Crops
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/21 6:28:13PM] S, 9.5”

Dogma Crops, Power Dogma Crops
Kylie Hall
 [05/21 6:17:20PM] M, 9.5 waistband

Spot the dots leggins
Natasha Vankoughnett
 [05/21 6:12:24PM] Xl

Untamed Crops
Sheena Eddy
 [05/21 6:09:47PM] XXS 12"

I Spot the Power
Danica Brokelman
 [05/21 6:05:42PM] Small 12”

Spot Me Crops, Pop n’ Lock Crops, Dot Till You Drop Crops, Dot On Crops
Maryann Clayton
 [05/21 5:55:34PM] XL

Jennifer Gran
 [05/21 5:55:15PM] s/m 9.5

Fighter crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 5:54:39PM] L 12"

Seeing spots
Amy Preston
 [05/21 5:45:44PM] Large and 9.5" waistband

Be Dogged Crops, Spot On Crops, Tough Spot Crops, On the Dot Crops, Power Spot Crops
Kylie Hall
 [05/21 5:45:28PM] M, 9.5 waistband

Hot spot crop
Jennifer price
 [05/21 5:42:35PM] Medium 12"

Firehouse Frocks
Toni Grondin
 [05/21 5:26:39PM] M

Dots of Love
Jennifer Barone
 [05/21 5:25:57PM] Size L

Dot Me Going Crazy
Lora Karo
 [05/21 5:23:05PM] 2-3XL (9.5”

Illusions Spot Crops
Lora Karo
 [05/21 5:21:59PM] 2-3XL (9.5”

Unleashed Potential Leggings
Joanna Lewis
 [05/21 5:21:10PM] Small 9.5"

Dog Gone Spot on crop
Susan Adams
 [05/21 5:20:38PM] XL & 12 in waistband ?

Lora Karo
 [05/21 5:18:29PM] 2-3XL (9” Waistband)

Spot The Dot
Lora Karo
 [05/21 5:17:17PM] 20 / 2XL-3XL (4”

One hundred and one spots of fun
Amanda Freiburger
 [05/21 5:00:34PM] Med 12inch

Firehouse crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 5:00:16PM] L 12"

Flecks in time, sport flecks, spotlight leggings
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/21 4:59:41PM] Small 9.5

Awesomeness crops
Melanie Rumley
 [05/21 4:57:00PM] XS, 12” waistband

Unleash crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 4:56:37PM] L 12"

On Your Mark Crops
Paige Keetch
 [05/21 4:54:59PM] 2xl and 12” waist band

Top of the Crops
Bethany Thielmann
 [05/21 4:52:49PM] Xl

Spots of Love
Vanessa Carr
 [05/21 4:52:11PM] M & 12"

101 Spring Crops
Carole Green
 [05/21 4:48:54PM] XLG. 12”

Cruellalicious Devilicious Crops
Robin Lyons
 [05/21 4:47:18PM] Xxs 9.5

Endurance (Dalmatian’s have lots of endurance)
Dana Shackelton
 [05/21 4:46:40PM] Size small with 12” waistband please

Charged Crops, Adventure Crops, Ambitious Crops, Perseverance Crops, Feisty Crops
Jackie Burton
 [05/21 4:46:16PM] M, 12"

Dippity doo dot crops
Amber-Lee Case
 [05/21 4:46:02PM] 12” small

Endurance Crops (Dalmatians have excellent endurance!)
Dana Shackelton
 [05/21 4:44:48PM] Size S with 12” waistband please and thank you

Spot On Crops
Dana Shackelton
 [05/21 4:42:00PM] Size S with 12” waistband please and thank you

Power; evoke; worthy; capable; believe
Emma Hart
 [05/21 4:40:48PM] Xs

Show Your Spots, Spot Light
Kelly Williams
 [05/21 4:38:37PM] Med, 12 inch please

Stretch & Flow
Tricia Paquette
 [05/21 4:37:20PM] L 12”

Dots of love!!
Christel Hogman
 [05/21 4:31:46PM] Medium 9.5 waistband

Heroine Crops, Dappled Crops, Courage Crops, Courageous Crops
Natasha Buchanan
 [05/21 4:29:30PM] M 9.5"

Dot You Love It Crops
Karina Gagnon
 [05/21 4:18:56PM] XL 12"

Cruella Crops
Katherine Henwood
 [05/21 4:18:16PM] Lg 9.5

Safari Run
Megan Redmond
 [05/21 4:14:52PM] XS

Spotted on You!
Lana Vant Erve
 [05/21 4:13:45PM] Small and 9.5”

Spotted on You!
Lana Vant Erve
 [05/21 4:13:28PM] Small and 9.5”

Feeling Pawsh Crops
Katherine Henwood
 [05/21 4:11:56PM] Lg 9.5

Virtue Crops
Sharon Kyrzyk
 [05/21 4:11:18PM] Small 9.5inch

Paw-sibilities crops
Katherine Henwood
 [05/21 4:08:50PM] Lg 9.5

Power Point Crops
Rachel Thompson
 [05/21 4:06:52PM] Medium 12 inch

On Point Crops
Rachel Thompson
 [05/21 4:05:32PM] Medium, 12 inch

Hit The Spot Crop Top, Live Love Woof
Allyson Belair
 [05/21 4:05:13PM] Size L and 12" Waist Band

Athena crops; Pebble Beach crops; Granite crops
Dana Lean
 [05/21 4:03:01PM] Large 9 inch

Better Beware Crops
Katherine Henwood
 [05/21 3:58:47PM] Lg 9.5

de Vil dot crops
Katherine Henwood
 [05/21 3:54:10PM] Lg 9.5

Get Movin Galaxy Collection
Wendy Scoular
 [05/21 3:52:51PM] Large

Smokin’ Dot
Pamela Saulters
 [05/21 3:52:13PM] L 12”

Popcorn Crops
Rachel Thompson
 [05/21 3:50:18PM] Medium 12 inch

Dotted To Perfection Crops
Jacqueline Miller
 [05/21 3:49:14PM] M, 12" Waistband

Spot On Crops
Vicki Stewart
 [05/21 3:49:05PM] XL 12inch

All Dotted Up Crop
Jacqueline Miller
 [05/21 3:48:26PM] M, 12" Waistband

Top Spot
Teal Hallaby
 [05/21 3:47:29PM] XXS 12”

Made to Pop Crops
Rachel Thompson
 [05/21 3:47:27PM] Medium 12 inch

Neon dusted Dalmatian spots
Jessica Holmes
 [05/21 3:45:28PM] 6 & 12

Neon dusted spotlight
Jessica Holmes
 [05/21 3:44:34PM] 6 & 12

Spot Me Crops
Rachel Thompson
 [05/21 3:44:24PM] Medium 12 inch

Spot on Crops / spot 101
Lyndsay Huotari
 [05/21 3:42:02PM] Lg 9.5 inch

All Day Dot
Madison Lutz
 [05/21 3:37:18PM] Large 12”

Connect the Dots Crops
Shannon Edmonds
 [05/21 3:29:49PM] L, 9.5 waistband

Laid back leapard
 [05/21 3:27:12PM] Large 9.5

Spotted Love Crops
Erin watts
 [05/21 3:27:01PM] L

Spot On Crops
Debbie Slater
 [05/21 3:24:40PM] Xl 9.5 waistband

Powerhouse Crops, Polka Power Crops
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/21 3:24:12PM] XL, 12"

Dynamo Crops, Dynamo Dot Crops
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/21 3:21:07PM] XL, 12"

Spotified perfection
Nancy Bosman
 [05/21 3:20:01PM] 2xl

Hit the spot
Krystal polson
 [05/21 3:19:33PM] 12" Large

Spotty On
Jackie Doucette
 [05/21 3:18:23PM] L

On Pointe Crops
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [05/21 3:15:46PM] M, 12” waistband

Spiritous Capris
Sonia Di Nobile
 [05/21 3:11:11PM] XL / 9.5

Vivacious Crops (polka dancers described as)
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/21 3:08:36PM] XL, 12"

Polkahottie crops
Victoria Bailey
 [05/21 3:03:00PM] Medium

Dainty Dalmation Crops, Dotted Delights Crops
Angie Kirschner
 [05/21 2:59:25PM] Small 9.5"

Fitted scoop crop, Smitten crop, Chicky Crop
Dorothy Neudorf
 [05/21 2:58:32PM] Small 9.5 waist

Spotlight Capris
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/21 2:54:51PM] M 12”

Polkahotties or polka-hotties
Victoria Bailey
 [05/21 2:52:37PM] Medium or size 30 waistband

Spot me!
Toni Nameth
 [05/21 2:48:38PM] XS 12”

Spot Me, Spot Me Up
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/21 2:41:18PM] M 12”

Spot on crops
Lacey bartholow
 [05/21 2:35:10PM] Xl 12”

Spot U Not
Joanne Marteniuk
 [05/21 2:32:46PM] Lg 9.5”

"Spot me" Capris and bra
Kellah Lavoie
 [05/21 2:28:39PM] small crops 12" waistband

Siren Crops
Shannon Reynolds
 [05/21 2:28:36PM] Medium 12”

Triumphant leggings
Anne-Marie hutton
 [05/21 2:28:18PM] XL 12”

Fierce & Fabulous Crops, Karma Crops,
Lacey Landolt
 [05/21 2:27:49PM] Small, 12 inch

Can you spot me Capri
Bernadette Bellows
 [05/21 2:26:30PM] L

Spot on capris
Amber fisher
 [05/21 2:09:51PM] Xl 12

Power to the spot!
Melissa Bodden
 [05/21 2:09:23PM] Large

Spot on!
Terra McLean
 [05/21 2:03:51PM] 3x 12”

Hot to Trot crops, On the Spot Crops, Leader Crops
Angela Smiley
 [05/21 2:02:39PM] XL

Spotted in style
Lyndsey Baker
 [05/21 2:02:13PM] L 12"

SPOT ON crops
Sheryl Bauder
 [05/21 2:01:01PM] large

Too hot to spot
Ashlee Quintal
 [05/21 1:59:03PM] Medium in bottoms, xl in tops

Cruella's Crops
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:54:45PM] 12 large

Enduring Exclusives
Adel Zimmer
 [05/21 1:53:32PM] Large 12”

Spot Check
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:52:57PM] 12 large

Spotty Crops
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:50:27PM] 12 large

Hot spot crops, hot in spots
Elaina Geeraert
 [05/21 1:48:37PM] L, 12 "

Get Spotted Crops
Michelle Baart
 [05/21 1:48:24PM] XS 12"

Cover me in spots / spots of love / dots of love (spin on lots of love?)
Lynne Burnham
 [05/21 1:48:09PM] 12’’ size 3xl

Dot to Dot
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:47:27PM] 12 large

Exclusive Energy
Adel Zimmer
 [05/21 1:47:26PM] Large 12”

Dots of Love
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:46:51PM] 12 large

Stellar Crops
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/21 1:46:28PM] XL, 12"

Spot On
Tammy McAnaul
 [05/21 1:46:09PM] XL bra, L crop/short

On the spot workout gear
Melissa knopp
 [05/21 1:45:24PM] L

On the spot workout gear
Melissa knopp
 [05/21 1:45:02PM] L

No Dot about it!
Kali Bernst
 [05/21 1:44:44PM] XS 9inch

Hit the Spot
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:44:08PM] 12 large

In the Spotlight
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:43:40PM] 12 large

Exclusive Energy
Adel Zimmer
 [05/21 1:43:12PM] Large 12”

On the Spot
Tracey Dunlop
 [05/21 1:42:59PM] 12 large

Confidence Crops
Emily MacDonald
 [05/21 1:42:06PM] M, 9.5

Katie Johnston
 [05/21 1:41:34PM] XL

Move with me Crop
Keisha Birg
 [05/21 1:40:41PM] Size Large, 12” waist band

Balance crops
Emily MacDonald
 [05/21 1:38:33PM] M, 9.5

Spot the Power; Spot the Strength; Spots of Power; Spots of Strength
Erin Tough
 [05/21 1:37:38PM] Small, 12”

Spot the Difference Crops
Debbie McMillan
 [05/21 1:35:47PM] S/M 9.5 inch waistband

Spots for days
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [05/21 1:33:10PM] Medium 12"

Spotted dream
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [05/21 1:32:19PM] Medium 12"

Dalmatian Sensation
Stephanie Gilbert
 [05/21 1:29:09PM] XL 12”

Hot Spot Crop
Ashley Balenko
 [05/21 1:26:26PM] Large 9.5”

In the Spotlight crop pants
Chereen Koza
 [05/21 1:25:58PM] L

Dot Days of Summer
Ashley Balenko
 [05/21 1:25:40PM] Large 9.5”

Dotted Days
Ashley Balenko
 [05/21 1:24:25PM] Large- 9.5”

Spot on!
Robin bell
 [05/21 1:24:04PM] Med 29

megan gaddy
 [05/21 1:20:02PM] 2x and 12"

Hot spot crops
megan gaddy
 [05/21 1:19:15PM] 2x and 12"

spot or not
megan gaddy
 [05/21 1:17:53PM] 2x and 12"

sweet spot crops
Megan Gaddy
 [05/21 1:17:04PM] 2x and 12"

Perfect pebbles
Emily MacDonald
 [05/21 1:16:28PM] M, 9.5

Razzle Dazzle
Megan Gaddy
 [05/21 1:15:41PM] 2x and 12"

Spot on Crops, Dog Days of Summer Crops, Empower Me Crops, Courage Crops, Power Stance Crops, Ingenuity Crops, Finesse Crops
Cherie Inwood
 [05/21 1:07:22PM] L 12 inch

On the Spot
Sarah Multamak Walker
 [05/21 1:07:05PM] Medium 9.5

Get your spots on
Monica Mikolas
 [05/21 1:06:58PM] XL 9.5”

Spot taken crops
Vayia Platko
 [05/21 1:04:37PM] M

Spotty Hotty
Jenelle Lowther
 [05/21 1:04:19PM] XLG

Doodle Dot Crop
Jenna Daniels
 [05/21 1:01:41PM] 3XL 12"

Titan Crop
Michelle Martel
 [05/21 12:54:08PM] L 12"

Creature comfort dalmation crops
Jennifer Jones
 [05/21 12:52:08PM] Medium 9.5 waistband

Simply Dotty
Paula Fulthorpe
 [05/21 12:50:31PM] XL & 12ins

Awesomeness 101 crops
josee poirier
 [05/21 12:47:44PM] L/XL

Firefox crops, Firefighter's best friend crops (With proceeds going to Firefighters, or not. Lol(
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 12:44:24PM] L, 12"

Spot On Crops
Sarita Sall
 [05/21 12:41:58PM] XS 12 inch

Slay the Dragon(fruit) crops
Jessica Petrie
 [05/21 12:41:38PM] XS 12”

Speckled park
Megan wever
 [05/21 12:41:04PM] Small, 9.5 inch rise

Hit the Spot!
Joelle Wall
 [05/21 12:40:18PM] Medium 12 inch

Girl on fire crops, bra etc.
Ebony Bullock
 [05/21 12:39:36PM] Xl, 12"

Dotted Dream
Lori Roberts
 [05/21 12:39:26PM] Large/9.5

Poke-a-doting around
Charity Hill
 [05/21 12:38:53PM] L & 12"

Fits on fire
 [05/21 12:38:22PM] L 12”

Dalmination crops
Tammy Davis
 [05/21 12:35:17PM] Xs 9 inch

Connect the dots crops
Leanne Duiker
 [05/21 12:32:19PM] L, 9.5"

Versatility Crops
Natasha Buchanan
 [05/21 12:29:03PM] M 9.5"

Wild thing
Pam Walsh
 [05/21 12:28:39PM] small, 12 inch

Puppy Love exclusives
Pam Walsh
 [05/21 12:27:53PM] small, 12 inch

Spot it like it's hot
Joelle Bakker
 [05/21 12:24:17PM] S, 9.5"

Joelle Bakker
 [05/21 12:23:51PM] S, 9"

Cruella DeCrop
Katrina Bernardi
 [05/21 12:23:46PM] M 12"

Spot a fire crops
Tracy Dubois
 [05/21 12:23:40PM] L 12"

Cruela Delight
Crystal Young
 [05/21 12:21:55PM] Xxs or xs

Fierce Crops
Stephanie Buyar
 [05/21 12:16:10PM] XL 12" waistband

Some Like it Spot
Sophie Lott
 [05/21 12:12:31PM] L and 12inch

Spot On?
Tessa Frangione
 [05/21 12:12:05PM] XS 12"

Spot Off The Press Crop
Sophie Lott
 [05/21 12:11:26PM] L and 12inch

Cruelly de sun
Jessica wilson
 [05/21 12:11:01PM] L

Saga crops
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/21 12:10:19PM] Xxs 12 inch

Spot on, 101, spotastitic
Emily Beukers
 [05/21 12:09:18PM] S, 12"

On the spot, Spot On, 101 Ways to Look Fabulous, Deville-ish Bra/Crops/Shorts, Well Spotted, Hide and Seek, 101%,
Isha McCarthy
 [05/21 12:08:50PM] SM, 12"

Spot on
Brandy Feeney
 [05/21 12:08:15PM] XL

Triumph crops
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/21 12:03:53PM] Xxs 12 inch

Pioneer crops
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/21 12:01:52PM] Xxs 12 inch

Pattern 101; cookies and cream crops
Deanna Hill
 [05/21 12:01:45PM] Large; 12 inch rise

101 Spot Crops, 101% crops, dashing crops, pop crops
Shantel Hrytsak
 [05/21 11:58:58AM] XXS 12"

Summer spots
Jazmin Higgins
 [05/21 11:58:42AM] XL

Spot me
Karen Gurney
 [05/21 11:54:53AM] 2XL 9.5”

Summer Spritz
Amanda Bryant
 [05/21 11:53:54AM] S

Maryann Allison
 [05/21 11:52:03AM] 3x

Illustrious Crops/Bra, Unforgettable Crops/Bra, Courage Crops/Bra, Heroine Crops/Bra, Allure Crops/Bra, Alluring Crops/Bra, Irresistible Crops/Bra, Knockout Crops/Bra
Chantelle Falk
 [05/21 11:49:44AM] 9.5, XS

Polka Party Crops, Cruella Crops, Dots to Love Crops, Spot On Crops, 101 Reasons Crops
Nicole Conway
 [05/21 11:47:51AM] Sm 12"

Hot Spot Crops
Amanda Murphy
 [05/21 11:47:46AM] 3xl & 12”

Can You Spot Me, Spotted me, Spot on, Fierce & strong leggings, spot me in the crowd
Megan Crawford
 [05/21 11:44:13AM] XXS, 9.5

Love my freckles. Connect the dots
Keree LaBelle
 [05/21 11:43:22AM] M / 12”

Love my freckles. Connect the dots
Keree LaBelle
 [05/21 11:43:04AM] M / 12”

Sexy Sparky crops
Sierra Punchard
 [05/21 11:42:40AM] Small

Serendipity Crops/Bra
Chantelle Falk
 [05/21 11:42:34AM] 9.5 XS

Genny White-Brown
 [05/21 11:40:10AM] XL 12"

Loyal Crops
Tara Kroeger
 [05/21 11:39:46AM] 2xl 12”

Spots before my eyes. Dot crops
Keree Labelle
 [05/21 11:39:28AM] S/m

Stamina crops
Kiirsti Stilla
 [05/21 11:39:13AM] Large

Who let the Dalmatian’s out
Karine Baldwin
 [05/21 11:35:36AM] Large or 11

Deville Crops
Susie Tweney
 [05/21 11:33:45AM] Large 9.5”

Distinction Crops or Gladiator Crops
Michelle Mayer
 [05/21 11:33:28AM] 2XL 12"

Deville Crops
Susie Tweney
 [05/21 11:33:27AM] Large 9.5”

Spot On Crops; Dot Girl Summer Exclusives
Angela Corcoran
 [05/21 11:31:15AM] Medium, 9.5”

Lucky Crops
Tracey Marcil
 [05/21 11:30:05AM] large 9.5 "

Seeing Spots, Dancing Dots, Hotty Dotty, Summertime Spots
Nicole Black
 [05/21 11:29:52AM] 2XL and 12”

Infinity Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:28:54AM] Xs 9.5

Dashing Crops
Tracey Marcil
 [05/21 11:28:39AM] large 9.5 "

Infinite Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:28:35AM] Xs 9.5

Spectacular Spots
Janissa Cassells
 [05/21 11:28:33AM] Large

Unleashed Leggings
Paige Bonner
 [05/21 11:28:23AM] XL, 12 inch waistline

Spot on crops, jump into crops, right on spot crops
Cassy wilkins
 [05/21 11:27:26AM] Xl

Spectacular Crops
Tracey Marcil
 [05/21 11:27:23AM] large 9.5 "

On point end in sight dot spot me in the crowd leggings
Jennifer Smith
 [05/21 11:27:11AM] 2X

Spotacular Crops
Tracey Marcil
 [05/21 11:25:38AM] large 9.5 "

Luxury Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:24:29AM] Xs 9.5

Liberator Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:23:11AM] Xs 9.5

Liberation Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:22:50AM] Xs 9.5

make your mark
Amy Moore
 [05/21 11:22:12AM] xs 9.5

Defender Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:21:58AM] Xs 9.5

On the Prowl
Melissa Munch
 [05/21 11:21:56AM] Small, 9.5”

Trailblazer Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:21:29AM] Xs 9.5

Point Guard Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:21:00AM] Xs 9.5

Pixelation Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:20:19AM] Xs 9.5

Spot Me In The Crowd Leggings
Barbara Paul
 [05/21 11:19:50AM] xxs 12"

Frisky Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:19:42AM] Xs 9.5

Strength in Numbers Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:19:19AM] Xs 9.5

Unity Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:18:15AM] Xs 9.5

Seeing Spots
Jamie allport
 [05/21 11:17:59AM] 2XL 9.5

Spot On Crops
Courtney Britton
 [05/21 11:17:50AM] 2XL 12”

Take a walk on the eild side capris
Jennifer pugh
 [05/21 11:17:27AM] L 12" waistband

Leader of the Pack Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:17:04AM] Xs 9.5

Unbroken Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:16:18AM] Xs 9.5

Pretty in Polka
Valerie Talbot
 [05/21 11:15:50AM] Small

Dedication Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:15:04AM] Xs 9.5

Spot On
 [05/21 11:14:48AM] Medium

On the spot crops, on your mark crops
Cara Chow
 [05/21 11:14:13AM] Extra small 9.5” waistband

West End crops
Sonja Vanderwood
 [05/21 11:13:58AM] 12 inch xs

Crusader Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:13:06AM] Xs 9.5

Believer Leggings
Mimi Searls
 [05/21 11:12:39AM] Xs 9.5

spot me happy
 [05/21 11:12:20AM] Xl 12"

Loyalty crops
Rebecca Richards
 [05/21 11:11:58AM] S 12"

DeVillesogood Crops
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [05/21 11:11:37AM] L 12”

Spotted Splash
Lisa Steenberg
 [05/21 11:11:30AM] S/M

Speckled me pretty crops
Tina MacDonald
 [05/21 11:10:41AM] S 12 inch

Haute Spot
Shari Maclellan
 [05/21 11:09:54AM] Xs 9.5”

Perditas’s crops
Traci tebb
 [05/21 11:09:21AM] Small. 12”

Cruella Crops
Amy Graham
 [05/21 11:09:20AM] Large 12"

Sweet Spot
Shari Maclellan
 [05/21 11:08:58AM] Xs 9.5”

In the spotlight crops, Fierce crops, Power up crops, Worthy crops, Zen crops
Nicole Barlow
 [05/21 11:08:54AM] XXS, 12" waistband

Spot the Dot Crops
Amy Graham
 [05/21 11:08:25AM] L 12"

Moves Like Jaguar
Shari Maclellan
 [05/21 11:07:37AM] Xs 9.5”

Dot be fooled by the crops that I got
Dana Zieroth
 [05/21 11:07:27AM] XL 9.5

Spot me on the Run
Shannon parsons
 [05/21 11:07:25AM] L

Spot on
Rosie McKinney
 [05/21 11:07:09AM] L 12”

On the Spot Crops
Amy Graham
 [05/21 11:06:44AM] Large 12"

Dalmatian Duchess crops
Dana Zieroth
 [05/21 11:06:31AM] XL 9.5 inch

Power Spots
Julia Lacasse
 [05/21 11:05:46AM] 12.5 waistband. I'm not sure my size in exclusives. I wear a 6/8 pant. (28)

Spot On Crops
Nikki Longman
 [05/21 11:04:41AM] 12" XL

Dot-manation (or Dotmanation) crops. She's dot it crops. Spot on crops
Tamara Zaretski
 [05/21 11:03:21AM] Medium 12"

Spectacularly Speckled
Sarah Bily
 [05/21 11:02:58AM] Medium bottom, large top

Dare to Dot
Leandra Strass
 [05/21 11:02:17AM] XL 12”

Invincible Crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/21 11:00:12AM] Xxs 12”

Spot me
Laura Talbot
 [05/21 10:59:45AM] Size L

Bullet Proof Crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/21 10:58:43AM] Xxs 12”

Supreme Crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/21 10:58:20AM] Xxs 12”

Splash of Perfect, Pop of Perfect, Stars Align, Galaxy Attraction, Solar Attraction, Solar Strength, Spotting Galaxy, Stronger Together
Erin Green
 [05/21 10:58:03AM] Large 12 Inch

Freedom Crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/21 10:57:57AM] Xxs 12”

Zealous Crops
Kalin Dolton
 [05/21 10:57:24AM] Xxs 12”

Spot the fab
Abby Stephen
 [05/21 10:54:07AM] 2xl 12"

Jenna Choquette
 [05/21 10:54:00AM] Small, 12inch waistband

Not your Dotter's Capris
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/21 10:53:27AM] Xs

Formerly Static Crops (p.s. this company needs an app ?)
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/21 10:50:42AM] XL, 12"

101 Dalmatians Crops, I've Been Spotted
Kimberly Miller
 [05/21 10:48:14AM] 3 XL, 12" Waistband

C. De Vil Crops
Heather Andrews
 [05/21 10:47:15AM] Medium 9” waistband

Work it out 101 crops
Johanne Hebert
 [05/21 10:47:00AM] Large - 9.5” waistband

We dots this crops!!!
Lindsay Geist
 [05/21 10:46:31AM] 12”, size medium

“Spot-me” Leggings/Crops/Shorts
Meghan Smith
 [05/21 10:46:11AM] XL 9.5 rise

Awesome Pawsome Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:45:15AM] Xl 9.5

Just dot it crops, embrace the dot crops, dots are beautiful crops
Kathleen MacDonald
 [05/21 10:44:35AM] Large, 12 inch

Boldacious Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:43:53AM] Xl 9.5

One hundred & one Reasons
Alyssa Rossen
 [05/21 10:43:49AM] Xs 12”

Spot On!!!!
Debbie Castator
 [05/21 10:43:36AM] Size large Waistband 12”

Bold and Beautiful Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:43:24AM] Xl 9.5

Nothing CRUEL for these ELLA crops , search and find the dots crops, SPOT-ify the dot crops,
 [05/21 10:43:23AM] Medium 12 inch rise

Audacious Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:43:05AM] Xl 9.5

Work it out crops
Johanne Hebert
 [05/21 10:41:50AM] Large - 9.5 waistband

Zen Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:38:49AM] Xl 9.5

Spicy Crops; Brilliant Crops; Endurance Crops; Don't Be Suspicious Crops
Ali Burton
 [05/21 10:38:08AM] XL 9.5”

Spot Me Crops or Jungle Crops or Dotty Crops
Jan LaFleche
 [05/21 10:35:35AM] Med 9.5" waistband

Lots of spots
Stacey Heuff
 [05/21 10:35:02AM] L & 12”

Subtle but Fierce crops
Ravi Dhaliwal
 [05/21 10:34:31AM] 12inch xs

Pick me up Purple Dot
Sue Michaud
 [05/21 10:34:04AM] Large & 12 inch

Champion Crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:34:03AM] Large 12”

Slayer Crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:32:34AM] Large 12”

Fierce Crops; SPOTaneous Crops
Ali Burton
 [05/21 10:32:33AM] XL 9.5” waistband

Liberation Crops
Kristy Stebbings
 [05/21 10:32:22AM] XL 12’

101 reasons
 [05/21 10:31:30AM] 9.5 medium

Spot on Training Crops
Laurie Dix
 [05/21 10:31:30AM] 2xl, 9.5

Domination Crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:31:27AM] Large 12”

Spot On crops
Lisa Derby
 [05/21 10:30:35AM] L

On Point
Kendra Tabor
 [05/21 10:28:10AM] Xs & 9.5

Nebula crops
Carolyn Lesey
 [05/21 10:27:39AM] Small 12”

Determination Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:27:29AM] Xl 9.5

Spottin’ It
Michelle Morgado
 [05/21 10:27:02AM] L

Dotermination Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:26:32AM] Xl 9.5

Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:26:24AM] Small 12”

Fawn crops
Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:26:08AM] Small 12”

Inspiration Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:26:03AM] Xl 9.5

In the Spotlight Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:25:43AM] Xl 9.5

Cruella crops
Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:25:18AM] Small 12”

Spot Lovin'
Kendra Olson
 [05/21 10:24:34AM] M 9

Ferocious crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:23:49AM] Large 12”

Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:23:23AM] Small 12”

Spot On Crops
Rebecca Francis
 [05/21 10:23:02AM] XL 12"

Stay Wild Crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:22:51AM] Large 12”

Spot me
Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:20:37AM] Small 12” rise

Obedience Crops
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:20:08AM] Large 12”

Be spotted
Carolyn lesey
 [05/21 10:20:00AM] Small 12” rise

I Feel Perdy
Amy Tekatch
 [05/21 10:19:26AM] S 12”

Dalli Dream Crops
Taryn Davis
 [05/21 10:18:55AM] L or XL , 12”

Dalli Dream Crops
Taryn Davis
 [05/21 10:17:58AM] L or XL , 12”

Spotted: Motivation!
Hannah Geissler
 [05/21 10:16:30AM] Small 9"

Deep in Dots Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:16:18AM] Xl 9.5

Hold my Spot crops
Rachel Curran
 [05/21 10:15:46AM] 12 inch L

Purple Rain, puppy love
Candace shirk
 [05/21 10:15:04AM] 2xl 12"

Hotshot Spotted Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:14:31AM] Xl 9.5

Drop it like it’s spot crops
Leaha Woods
 [05/21 10:14:27AM] Small 9”

Spotting Your Soul Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:14:08AM] Xl 9.5

Dashing dots crops
Leaha Woods
 [05/21 10:13:05AM] Small 9”

Daring Dot Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:11:56AM] Xl 9.5

Dotting On Exclusives
Amanda Lusty
 [05/21 10:11:35AM] Large, 12" waistband

Spot on
Candace Shirk
 [05/21 10:11:24AM] 2xl 12"

Dotting on you crops
Leaha Woods
 [05/21 10:11:21AM] Small 9”

Poo Crop
Kristine Korosec
 [05/21 10:11:19AM] Size S 9.5”

Spot the Difference
Michelle Leonard
 [05/21 10:10:42AM] M 12”

Power Crops, Motivate Crops, Excel Crops, Bold Crops
Amy Fralick
 [05/21 10:10:05AM] S 12”

Fierce crops, loyalty crops,
Jenn Moyer
 [05/21 10:10:03AM] 12" 2xl

Shades of Ansel
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:09:33AM] Large 12 inch

Splash and Dash
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:08:14AM] Large 12 inch

That Hit The Spot Crops
Bettina Allen
 [05/21 10:08:10AM] XL, 12"

Spot On Crops
Sarah Sinton
 [05/21 10:07:51AM] XXS 12"

Dash of Peppa
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:07:22AM] Large 12 inch

Perditaliciois crops
Lauren Schroeder
 [05/21 10:07:21AM] L, 12"

Spotted Rebel
Amanda Lipinski
 [05/21 10:06:59AM] 12”, M

Spot on crops
Bobbi Janzen
 [05/21 10:06:50AM] Xs 12”

Spotted from Afar Crops
Sarah Sinton
 [05/21 10:06:41AM] XXS 12"

Pepper Splash
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:06:34AM] Large 12 inch

Spotted Rebel
Amanda Lipinski
 [05/21 10:06:22AM] M, 12”

Spot On
Leah Carson
 [05/21 10:06:05AM] Extra small - 9.5 inch waistband

Brittany Dubois
 [05/21 10:06:00AM] Large & 30”

Spot of success sunshine crops
Jessie Gill
 [05/21 10:05:09AM] 40-42

101 Epic Warrior Workout Wear
Hope Giroux
 [05/21 10:04:56AM] Small

Womens best friend pants
Melissa Wilson
 [05/21 10:03:47AM] 2xl 12"

Harness Your Potential Crops
Rachel Tourville
 [05/21 10:03:25AM] L, 12 inch

Speck me up into comfort
Chantal ethier
 [05/21 10:02:37AM] Lg 9.5

Domino Days
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:02:24AM] Large 12 inch

Dotting your eyes crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:02:12AM] Xl 9.5

Accelerate Crops
Rachel Tourville
 [05/21 10:01:58AM] L, 12 inch

Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:01:50AM] Large 12 inch

Spot On Crops
Linda McFarlane
 [05/21 10:01:45AM] L 9.5

Boldotcious Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 10:01:43AM] Xl 9.5

Connected Crops. Pointed crops. Bulletproof crops.
Amber Murdock
 [05/21 10:01:14AM] Medium 12”!

Darling Dalmatian Crops
Susan Schmidt
 [05/21 10:01:06AM] 3xl 9.5

Speckled me comfort leggings
Chantal Ethier
 [05/21 10:01:00AM] Lg 9.5

Spot on
Carol Reid
 [05/21 10:00:28AM] Medium - 9.5

Spot On Leggings
Jaime Pell Marmei
 [05/21 10:00:28AM] 12” Small

Piping Spot
Paula Fulthorpe
 [05/21 10:00:19AM] XL & 12

Spot the Difference
Sarah Rice
 [05/21 10:00:18AM] Large 12”

Jot the Dot
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 10:00:16AM] Large 12 inch

Pronto Crops
Rachel Tourville
 [05/21 9:59:55AM] L, 12 inch

All I Ever Spotted Crops
Bettina Allen
 [05/21 9:59:40AM] XL, 12"

Dominate Crops
Rachel Tourville
 [05/21 9:59:31AM] L, 12 inch

Dapple On
Gerri Toews
 [05/21 9:59:30AM] Large 12 inch

Spot light
Desiree Farley
 [05/21 9:59:17AM] L, 14

Command Crops
Rachel Tourville
 [05/21 9:59:08AM] L, 12 inch

Soul Spots Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 9:58:50AM] Xl 9.5

Crop it to win it, crop and go, crop life , dotted crop, feel the crop
Daniela Racco
 [05/21 9:58:47AM] XL and 12”

Optical Illusion
Sandra Vancoughnett
 [05/21 9:56:15AM] L 12”

Gerri Toews
 [05/21 9:56:05AM]

Desired Dots Crop, Daring Dots Crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 9:54:33AM] Xl 9.5

Sweet Spot Crops
Natasha Lloyd
 [05/21 9:53:46AM] Large 12"

Can't spot the muffin top crops
Natasha Lloyd
 [05/21 9:52:59AM] Large 12"

Perfect polka
Josephine Goosney
 [05/21 9:52:18AM] Lg

Spot On
Wendy Sexton
 [05/21 9:52:13AM] Medium 9 “

Pick a Dot Crops
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [05/21 9:51:49AM] XL. 12”

On the Dot
Jenna Ruff
 [05/21 9:51:19AM] S, 9.5"

Delight lavendar
Patricia Machado
 [05/21 9:51:03AM] Medium 28

On the Spot
Jenna Ruff
 [05/21 9:50:52AM] S, 9.5"

Spot the Babe Crops, On the Spot Crops, 101 Moves Crops, Spot the Beauty Crops, Break Free Crops, Be Free Crops
Brittany Tait
 [05/21 9:50:26AM] XL 12"

Funfetti Crop
Stacy Hawkins
 [05/21 9:50:07AM] L - 12 inch

Radiant Crops, Empowering Crops, Spirit Crops, Passion/Passionate Crops, Luxurious Crops, Gracious Crops
Tiffany Payne
 [05/21 9:49:38AM] medium 12" waistband

Point of Prowess
Tesa Steinke
 [05/21 9:49:37AM] L 12”

Spots of Love
Jenna Ruff
 [05/21 9:49:18AM] S, 9.5"

Hot on the spot crops
Meghan Boast
 [05/21 9:48:23AM] XL 9.5 inch

Spot the Dot crops
Selinda Lye
 [05/21 9:48:16AM] Xl 9.5

Dalmatian Sensation
Liz Roy
 [05/21 9:47:49AM] 12” medium

Feel good
Cathy Martin
 [05/21 9:46:34AM] xl high

Dalmatian Sensation,