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Zippered Top
September 3, 2021

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Total of 772 Entries
Congratulations to Zip Code Top, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Nikki Graveline

The great escape, Back to Zip,
Danyell Ochocki
 [09/06 8:59:34AM] Xl Black

Zippy sweatshirt
Kim gamache
 [09/06 8:52:06AM] Small, red

Zippered Chic
Brittany Raymond
 [09/06 8:44:34AM] XL & Burgandy

Zippy Fun Sweatshirt
Kim Loof
 [09/06 8:13:38AM] Burgundy Medium

All Zipped Up Top
Cristin Korchinski
 [09/06 7:42:21AM] XL pine

Zippered top
Lorraine Yakemchuk
 [09/06 7:34:48AM] M Green

Fall in Love
Chantal de Rocquigny
 [09/06 6:34:41AM] Black medium

Zip-it real good
Amanda Green
 [09/06 5:17:58AM] Xl and black

Absolutely content top
Holly Falk
 [09/05 11:40:18PM] L green

Fall back zipper top
Kira Paterson
 [09/05 10:42:53PM] Small burgundy

Zipper Me Up Right
Linda Balan
 [09/05 10:07:35PM] XL. Burgundy

Zipping into Fall
Wendy Richardson
 [09/05 9:41:27PM] Small burgundy

Zip me Up
Gail Butt
 [09/05 9:24:18PM] XL burgandy

I Feel Zippy
Gina Hildebrand
 [09/05 8:54:54PM] L pine

Falling into Fall Top
Miranda Jewitt
 [09/05 8:25:40PM] Small, Burgundy

Zip A Dee Do Dah Sweater
Katie Dolan
 [09/05 8:10:47PM] Small Black

Zippity You Gal
Kat McDonald
 [09/05 7:21:39PM] Black XL

A Zip in Time
Shannon Davies
 [09/05 6:55:14PM] Xl burgandy

Fall essential top
Stacy Wallace
 [09/05 6:48:48PM] Large & burgundy

Zipping Around Top
Stacy Wallace
 [09/05 6:47:04PM] Large & Burgundy

Zip Me U Top
Stacy Wallace
 [09/05 6:46:30PM] Large & Burgundy

Zip line to Fall
Asha Parmar
 [09/05 5:56:44PM] Large black

Country Autumn
Kim Rose
 [09/05 5:50:11PM] Pine and large

The Zip back
Tina porter
 [09/05 5:11:49PM] XL Pine

Zip into fall, zip me softly, zip on by
Lyndsey Baker
 [09/05 4:56:28PM] Pine large

Zip Down Town, Zip It Top,
Christina Seward
 [09/05 4:47:26PM] Medium black

Country Lovin"
Lynda Kelly
 [09/05 4:28:22PM] 2x/3x Burgunday

Zipper me softly
Jennifer Boiteau
 [09/05 4:11:37PM] Small bergundy

Michelle Price
 [09/05 3:53:55PM] Teal

Zip It, Zip It Good!
Laura Webb
 [09/05 3:41:33PM] 2xl pine

Zip-up for warmth
Sandra Devost
 [09/05 2:55:00PM] Burgundy L

Zip Me Cozy
Fazleen Khan-Gupta
 [09/05 2:50:03PM] Pine in Med

Beauty fall zip up clasic top
Louise Rousson
 [09/05 1:28:03PM] Bugundy 2xl

Zip Zapper
Trinity Stach
 [09/05 1:26:19PM] XL and green

Warm and snugly zipper sweaters
Louise Rousson
 [09/05 1:19:32PM] 2x burgundy

Fall for me softly
Michelle Desaulniers
 [09/05 12:19:01PM] Xl burgundy

My zips are sealed, zip it and flip it
Leanne brown
 [09/05 12:02:25PM] S pine

Do Me Up Right
Marcy Andersen
 [09/05 11:48:53AM] Small, black

Zip Zip to comfort
 [09/05 11:44:53AM] XL Burgundy

Weekend all Zipped up
Brooke Burke
 [09/05 11:44:53AM] Burgundy xl

Just Zip it
Linda Beamish
 [09/05 11:19:27AM] Small Burgundy

Zippity Zang Topper
Laurie Nugent
 [09/05 11:13:03AM] XS

Zip zip hooray
Karen Gurney
 [09/05 11:02:43AM] XL BURGUNDY

Zip me up before you go-go
Melanie Charnetski
 [09/05 10:34:31AM] Lg; burgundy

Back Zip Up
Susan Juhlin
 [09/05 10:27:00AM] Black Large

Back-up Raglan!
Melissa Martin
 [09/05 10:25:35AM] XL Pine

Zip it up top
Natacha George
 [09/05 10:21:32AM] Small - pine

Zip me back up top
Loriann Peters
 [09/05 10:15:33AM] Size L. Black

Country Comfort
Nicole MacPhail
 [09/05 10:04:00AM] Burgundy Med

Zipp’in along
Ann van der Griendt
 [09/05 9:44:50AM] XL Black

Get Your Zip Back Top
Karen Carvell
 [09/05 9:09:27AM] 2XL Black

Zipper Party at the Back, The Party at the Back Zipper
Jennifer Barone
 [09/05 9:07:44AM] Burgundy size M

Backwards glance top; Bling back Fall top;
Candice Daniels
 [09/05 9:04:39AM] Medium Burgundy

Zip into Fall
Crystal White
 [09/05 9:03:14AM] L - Burgundy

Pulled together sweater
Mandy Hill
 [09/05 8:47:40AM] Green size L please

You got my back
Norma Burnett
 [09/05 8:36:19AM] 3x green

Zip up the fun
lisa Munroe
 [09/05 8:33:15AM] Medium Pine

My zips are sealed!
Christina Brisson
 [09/05 8:31:35AM] Burgundy XL

What a wonderful day top; zippidy do dah top
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [09/05 8:22:25AM] Small, burgundy

All Zipped up for Fall
Dana Zieroth
 [09/05 8:21:50AM] XL Burgundy

Zipper to the sky long sleeve
Lindsey Gohmann
 [09/05 8:20:22AM] Large burgundy

So comfy fall time
Patty Werbicki
 [09/05 8:18:05AM] Med pine

Zip out the cold
Dee Gallant
 [09/05 8:15:26AM] Black 2XL

Zip-in the cozy
Dee Gallant
 [09/05 8:14:30AM] Black 2XL

Fun all zipped up
Krista Cressman
 [09/05 8:13:29AM] XL or 1x green

Zipping me softly, Back into Fall, Zipped into Fall
Kelly Clendining
 [09/05 8:06:15AM] Small black

ZIP back in Time
Angela Branchaud
 [09/05 8:04:28AM] 2xl Burgundy

Gettin' Zippy With It Top
Jill Roque
 [09/05 8:03:10AM] Xs pine

‘Zip It’ Cozy top
Nicole Wilson
 [09/05 5:58:09AM] Black XL

zipper up
Heather MacKenzie
 [09/05 5:28:08AM] black, large

I got your Back
Monika Schneider
 [09/05 5:18:50AM] Black XL

It's in the Zipper Sweater
Sara Brown
 [09/05 3:28:57AM] XL Pine

Falling for you
Caley Boyd
 [09/05 1:45:53AM] Medium/ burgundy

The Mullet (business in the front, party in the back)
Audrey Whitehead
 [09/05 1:32:33AM] Large Pine Please ?

Fall Bliss
Jenn Hummel
 [09/05 1:20:50AM] Black L

Zip To It
Olivia Meyer
 [09/05 1:20:43AM] Burgundy 2XL

Easy does it top
Rachel Gadica
 [09/04 9:18:24PM] Black/med

It's Hip to Zip / Joined at the Zip/ Zip Liner
Megan Gardner
 [09/04 7:58:43PM] Small Pine

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da Top
Shannon Mellquist
 [09/04 7:17:36PM] Black-medium

Zipper your way out
 [09/04 7:10:51PM] Large and burgundy

Fly Away Top
Alicia Parisian
 [09/04 6:44:07PM] Pine Large

It's a zipper sweater, Zip tight sweater, zipping through the day sweater.
Alexandria Testani
 [09/04 6:37:51PM] Black M

Autumn breeze top
Melanie Rumley
 [09/04 6:36:34PM] S, Pine

Zip it
Jenny Gallant
 [09/04 6:32:13PM] Medium Black

This Top is zipping amazing ?
Kellie Raysrn
 [09/04 6:22:36PM] Small Black

Zip zip hooray!
JoAnne McLean
 [09/04 6:15:34PM] Pine XL

Zip Into Fall
Trudy Strickland Turriff
 [09/04 5:53:17PM] L Pine

Can you zip me up… She said in her sultry voice.
Beverly Atterbury
 [09/04 5:16:29PM] M black

Cozy zipper top
Elliott Braund-Ritzmann
 [09/04 5:11:00PM] Black 2x

Endless Love Sweater
Tanya Braund
 [09/04 5:09:46PM] Green 2x

Just zip it
Patti Walton
 [09/04 4:52:39PM] Burgundy or Pine size small please and thank you

Zip It Up, Ready in a Zip, Classy Comfort, Back in a Zip, Fall Together
Ashley Sargent
 [09/04 4:50:07PM] Pine, M

Go-go zipper sweater (like inspector gadget)
Katlyn Smit
 [09/04 4:29:01PM] L in burgundy or pine

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah ; Zip to it ; Fall Over You
Louise Vukas
 [09/04 4:08:02PM] Black xs

Come Together Top
Melissa Frank
 [09/04 3:57:19PM] Burgundy 2X

Taking it Back Zippered top
Leah Traviss
 [09/04 3:29:06PM] Small Burgundy

Fall Is Back Zippered Top, Falling Behind Zippered Top
Laura Jefferson
 [09/04 3:27:36PM] Burgundy Medium

Zip me up!!
Tasha Thomson
 [09/04 3:21:43PM] Medium burgundy

Zip me up!!
Tasha Thomson
 [09/04 3:21:06PM] Medium burgundy

Zip me up!!
Tasha Thomson
 [09/04 3:20:23PM] Medium burgundy

Zip me up!!
Tasha Thomson
 [09/04 3:19:58PM] Medium burgundy

Zippin' around town top
Carolee Malley
 [09/04 3:01:32PM] Size L in Burgundy

Zip to my Lou top
Kaylee Moerman
 [09/04 2:34:35PM] Black 2XL

Zippy top
Misty Tomashewsky Hillaby
 [09/04 2:22:42PM] Small black

Fall into me sweater
Jenna Pearce
 [09/04 1:58:12PM] XL green

Zip into Autumn, Zippin With friends, Fall with friends
Amber Jones
 [09/04 1:38:56PM] XL Black

Zip into Autumn
Cindy Bennett
 [09/04 1:17:51PM] Burgundy XL

Zip to Autumn, Got my back zip, Zip up there back, Cozy Zip up
Cindy Bennett
 [09/04 1:16:34PM] Burgundy XL

“Zip a dee hey! top”; “Zip Back Here” top; “Just Zipping Out Top”; “Zippy top”;
Julie Anne Hilton
 [09/04 12:52:19PM] Pine XL

CoZee sweater
Sarah Joy
 [09/04 12:34:27PM] Pine green LG

Zip me up baby
Tricina Milanovic
 [09/04 12:23:17PM] Medium Tea

zipped up in comfort top, zip me up top, zip me to the top
Randi Draycott
 [09/04 12:16:16PM] XS burgundy

Zip me to the top
Tyrelle Delvenne
 [09/04 12:00:34PM] Large , black

I’ve got your back
Paula Bass
 [09/04 11:50:52AM] 2xl burgundy

Zippidy-doo All Day top
Carrie Coon
 [09/04 11:33:17AM] Small Burgundy

Zipping Along Top, Zipping Around Top, Zip Me Up Top
Angela Crowthe
 [09/04 11:30:27AM] Small Burgundy

Spinal Top
Brittany Kolbuc
 [09/04 11:23:06AM] Large Black

Zip into fall sweater; Zip it all sweater; Zip to be cute sweater
Angie McKean
 [09/04 11:22:50AM] black xl

Spinal Top
Brittany Kolbuc
 [09/04 11:21:54AM] Large black

Baby's got Zip sweater; Zip happy sweater; Zipper happy sweater;
Angie McKean
 [09/04 11:21:33AM] Pine xl

Zippin pretty
Brittany Harrison
 [09/04 11:15:44AM] Large, black

Zippin pretty
Brittany Harrison
 [09/04 11:13:14AM] Large, black

The Zip Tease
Dani Beauchamp
 [09/04 10:44:55AM] Large burgundy

Nothing holding me back
Amber Fisher
 [09/04 10:24:28AM] Xl green

Back Beauty
Samantha Sham
 [09/04 10:21:37AM] XL Black

Zip-Zip Hooray Top
Ann Timm
 [09/04 10:19:56AM] Burgundy and xs

autumn ease
Lonnie Jones
 [09/04 10:04:46AM] M Burgundy

Solid Zip back, Zipper dapper tops, Zip me into fall
Christine Wilkinson
 [09/04 9:59:40AM] XS

Zip It Up Softly
Wanda Fiessel
 [09/04 9:52:49AM] Large, Burgundy

The Zipper Effect
Veronica Genge
 [09/04 9:40:58AM] Black Size L

Every Zip you Take
Veronica Genge
 [09/04 9:39:43AM] Burgundy Size L

Zippy Zap
Jennifer Gordon
 [09/04 9:35:52AM] Large burgundy

Just zip it
Amber-Lee Case
 [09/04 9:23:28AM] Extra small burgundy

Fall in Comfort Sweater
Dianne Jackson
 [09/04 9:12:35AM] Medium/Black

Zippin into Fall
Wendy Richardson
 [09/04 9:10:08AM] Small Burgandy

Let Your Backbone Slide or Let Your Backbone Zip
Baylee Webster
 [09/04 9:08:57AM] Black XL

Zip Up and Show Up Top; Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Top; Going Undercover Top; Backing Up Top ; Back Me Up Top
April Hunt
 [09/04 9:07:46AM] Small, Black

Back to details top
Samantha Sham
 [09/04 9:04:23AM] Xl black

Fallow Up Top ; Zip Me Up, Please Top; Fall Oh Zip Up Top
April Hunt
 [09/04 9:01:55AM] Small, Burgundy

Fall-Oh Me Top; Fallow Me Up and Down Top; Fallow Up and Down Top; ; That’s Zip Folks Top; Zip Up and Show Off Top
April Hunt
 [09/04 8:59:00AM] Small/ Burgundy

Zip into fall
Janet Taylor
 [09/04 8:52:24AM] Xlarge burgundy

A Little Sip of Zip Top
Shelley Turnbull
 [09/04 8:48:44AM] Size Small. Colour: Burgundy/wine

Zip me up cozy
Brittany Peck
 [09/04 8:39:10AM] XL Burgundy

All zippered sweater
Jennifer wilson
 [09/04 8:31:26AM] 2xl green

The Makenna zip or the Hadley zip top (my kids names)
Reesha Kyrylchuk
 [09/04 8:25:23AM] Large pine

Back to the Zip Top
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/04 8:17:53AM] Pine Size L

Zip me up Scotty
Emily Brost
 [09/04 8:17:41AM] Large Pine

Zip to It All
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/04 8:16:21AM] Pine Size L

You Had Me at Zip
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/04 8:15:13AM] Pine Size L

Cozy comfy back zip!
Lisa Crispo-Dubois
 [09/04 8:15:08AM] Small Burgundy

Fly High Zipper Top
 [09/04 8:15:06AM] Black, 2xl

Zip Me Up
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/04 8:14:40AM] Pine Size L

Zip Right Over Me
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/04 8:13:47AM] Pine Size L

Zipper me mine
Sharmin Unwin
 [09/04 8:09:39AM] XL burgundy

Zip It Back Top
Karen Carvell
 [09/04 8:06:44AM] 2XL Black

Watch your back
Jeanne Mitchell
 [09/04 8:05:47AM] Burgundy XL

You Zip Me Up
Peggi Whidden
 [09/04 8:05:19AM] Medium & Maroon

Looking back
Jeanne Mitchell
 [09/04 8:05:02AM] Burgundy XL

Flash Back
Jeanne Mitchell
 [09/04 8:04:30AM] Burgundy XL

Watch Her Go
Jeanne Mitchell
 [09/04 8:03:10AM] Burgundy and XL

Zip it zip it real good
Charlene McCullough
 [09/04 7:39:29AM] XXL Burgundy

Amanda middaugh
 [09/04 7:37:48AM] Med black

Party in the back top
Shannon Dufour
 [09/04 7:33:17AM] Burgundy- Large

Fall For You
Lisa Ryan
 [09/04 7:27:10AM] Burgundy M

Fall into Me!
Geraldine Beswitherick
 [09/04 7:13:26AM] Burgundy 2xl

Zip Me Up Scotty
Amanda Levine
 [09/04 6:58:37AM] Pine 2xl

Back Country Zippered Top
Tania Isabelle
 [09/04 6:48:29AM] XL Pine

Welcome Back Sweater
Michelle Cowan
 [09/04 6:46:29AM] Small, black

Zippity do duh!
Leanne Fernhout
 [09/04 6:45:18AM] Xs Pine

Just zippy
Marina Slusar
 [09/04 6:39:29AM] Small and burgundy pls.

The Lola Sweater
Stacey Sawatsky
 [09/04 6:38:10AM] Medium in Black

Zippered to the top
Brandy Doolittle
 [09/04 6:33:00AM] 2xl black

Zip in style top
Michelina Morsillo
 [09/04 6:28:03AM] Burgundy XS

Zip on by
Melissa Grover
 [09/04 6:07:49AM] Burgundy small

Zip Me Up
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/04 5:59:48AM] Large burgundy

Zip It Top
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/04 5:59:06AM] Large burgundy

Zip Zip Hurray
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/04 5:58:36AM] Large burgundy

Zipped to Perfection
 [09/04 5:58:22AM] Black small

Zippitty Doo Da Top
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/04 5:57:57AM] Large burgundy

Zip to it Top
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/04 5:57:12AM] Large burgundy

JoAnne McDermott
 [09/04 5:49:58AM] Burgundy in medium

Zip back and relax
Pierrette Marshall
 [09/04 5:42:27AM] 2xl Burgundy

Fall Back
Sarah Blumsom
 [09/04 5:36:19AM] Small & Burgundy

Talk Zippy to me.
Kasey Masson
 [09/04 5:31:57AM] Xl pine

Zipped for Success Top
Sheryl Kuiper
 [09/04 5:30:39AM] L Pine

Feeling Fly Top
Amanda Murphy
 [09/04 5:26:16AM] XL black

Feeling fabulous
Amanda Murphy
 [09/04 5:25:27AM] XL burgundy

Top it Up
Stephanie Fraser
 [09/04 5:06:58AM] pine xl

Zipline Sweater, Zip Together Sweater, Let’s Zip Together Sweater, Zip Around Sweater
Sara Lotter
 [09/04 4:45:41AM] XL - Pine

Zip in style top
Amy Savage
 [09/04 3:58:57AM] Medium / Black

Hold Fast Fashion Top
Samantha Sham
 [09/04 3:38:09AM] XL pine

Zip-back Casual Sweater
Diane Lambert
 [09/04 3:29:14AM] L Pine

Dine Lambert
 [09/04 3:26:29AM] L Pine

Zipitty do dah top
 [09/04 12:26:38AM] Black 3xl

Zip me to heaven
 [09/04 12:25:22AM] 3x burgundy

Zip it, zip real good; Zip it real good; Baby got zipper;
Angie McKean
 [09/04 12:11:51AM] pine xl

Kristi Nand
 [09/03 11:56:39PM] Small burgundy

Baby got zipper; Zip it, zip it real good; Zip cozy
Angie McKean
 [09/03 11:01:39PM] Pine xl

Baby got back, zipper; Zip it, zip real good; Zip zip and away
Angie McKean
 [09/03 10:58:53PM] Pine xl

Zip to It
Jessica Yelland
 [09/03 10:50:50PM] Black 2xl

Zip back to fall & front to show sweater
Heather Barrett
 [09/03 10:39:45PM] Size large black please

Jena Dominelli
 [09/03 10:30:14PM] 2XL- PINE

Half Way There
Trish Renaud
 [09/03 10:29:04PM] Pine, Large

Are You Zipping Me?
Tammy Leblanc
 [09/03 10:06:48PM] Small-Burgundy

Zip Her Up Her
Véronique Morin
 [09/03 9:46:58PM] M black

Zipper upper
Véronique Morin
 [09/03 9:44:32PM] M black

Zip Zip Hooray
Kyla Stultz
 [09/03 9:27:17PM] 2XL Burgundy

Autumn zip line
Alyssa Flegg
 [09/03 9:26:56PM] Small, burgundy

Cozy zipped long sleeve, zippered autumn
Ashley Alton
 [09/03 9:11:23PM] Maroon size L

Keep it zippy
Ellen Lee Chartrand
 [09/03 9:00:43PM] Medium burgundy

Zip me Cozy
Melissa Guse
 [09/03 8:58:46PM] Size Medium, burgundy

Back in the Game Top
Nathalie Denicola
 [09/03 8:54:31PM] Small pine

ZIP-a-TEE-doo-dah top
Stacie Wood
 [09/03 8:37:45PM] M, black

Soft and zippy
Kristen sherry
 [09/03 8:28:34PM] Medium, pine

Zipping into the Weekend
Kim MacLennan
 [09/03 8:22:54PM] Small Burgundy

Zipping into the Weekend
Kim MacLennan
 [09/03 8:20:38PM] Small Burgundy

Zip It Good Top, Zip Me Up Top
Michelle Kwakernaak
 [09/03 8:09:38PM] Green large

Cozy zipped Tee
Pauline Clarke
 [09/03 8:08:28PM] 2X Burgundy

Feeling Zippy
Lori Leavy
 [09/03 8:02:16PM] Pine - medium

Zip the back door top
Monika MacDonald
 [09/03 8:01:23PM] Pine, Large

Pretty zipped!
 [09/03 7:49:27PM] Large Green

Zip it on back top
Juliet Johnson
 [09/03 7:48:41PM] XL Bugundy

Follow my zip!
 [09/03 7:48:28PM] Large and green

Zipper for winter sweater
Brittaney Pregizer
 [09/03 7:45:26PM] Xl Green

Zippitty ooh~la~la top
Juliet Johnson
 [09/03 7:43:39PM] XL Burgundy

B Z Top
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [09/03 7:42:01PM] XL Burgundy

Zippidity Do-Da Top
Sherry Glasser
 [09/03 7:38:32PM] Medium - Pine

Super Soft Fall Zippered up Top
Serena Bennett
 [09/03 7:37:32PM] XL Pine

Super soft Zip me up top
Serena Bennett
 [09/03 7:35:44PM] XL pine

Zip up to Fall
Serena Bennett
 [09/03 7:34:30PM] XL Pine

Just Zip it
sara doolittle
 [09/03 7:33:49PM] large Burgundy

Zippity Do Da Top
Michelle Banks
 [09/03 7:32:47PM] Burgandy & Small

Zip The Coziness, Zip Into Style, Just Zip It, Zip With Style, Back To The Zip
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/03 7:29:39PM] L, Pine

Jennifer Gran
 [09/03 7:17:44PM] M Black

Zippity quick shirt, zip me up, quick as a zip shirt
Carolyn kenney
 [09/03 7:12:24PM] Small in burgundy pls

Zip into Autumn
Helen Karbaliotis
 [09/03 7:09:46PM] M burgundy

Flyin’ into fall
Tanya macdonald
 [09/03 7:08:13PM] L - black

Autumn breeze
Helen Karbaliotis
 [09/03 7:07:51PM] M green

Zipperback Longsleeve Shirt
Lisa Murray
 [09/03 7:05:24PM] Pine 2xl

Gone zippy
Tanya Macdonald
 [09/03 7:03:52PM] L - black

Zip Me Up Buttercup
Lisa Murray
 [09/03 7:02:20PM] Pine 2xl

Zip into comfort sweater
Carey Carter
 [09/03 7:00:24PM] Burgundy 2xl

Zippity do da sweater
Wendy Bouchard
 [09/03 6:59:40PM] M burgandy

Zip up to comfort
Jasmine Knutson
 [09/03 6:52:10PM] Burgundy xl

Ambrely Ralph
 [09/03 6:51:48PM] Medium burgandy

Back flip Zip, Zip it Back, Behind the Zip,
Jeannine Nelson
 [09/03 6:51:00PM] Small burgandy

Zip & Flow
Jessica Chilton
 [09/03 6:49:38PM] Large burgundy

Zip me up Scotty top
Leah Mann
 [09/03 6:49:24PM] SMALL, BLACK

Just Zip It!
Trish Voldeng
 [09/03 6:46:34PM] Burgundy xl

Back of the Zipper
Stephanie Bailey
 [09/03 6:46:06PM] Xl burgundy

Zipper Back Up Top
Whitney Duff
 [09/03 6:45:08PM] Medium Burgundy

Zipper me from behind
Stephanie Bailey
 [09/03 6:42:26PM] Xl burgundy

Zip into style
Terra sinclair
 [09/03 6:37:28PM] Small black

Zip into fall
Terra Sinclair
 [09/03 6:34:18PM] Medium black

Zip to It
Tanja kankaansyrja
 [09/03 6:32:55PM] Green xl

Can You Keep a Secret top
Lisa Waye
 [09/03 6:31:27PM] Burgundy Large

On the zip fly, zipper fly
Alyssa foley
 [09/03 6:28:40PM] M pine

Zip Zip Hooray top
Janessa Simpson
 [09/03 6:19:32PM] Black size large

Got Your Back Top, Unzip me Top, Zzzoo Soft top
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/03 6:19:15PM] Burgundy Small

Zip into Fall
Rhiannon Rusk
 [09/03 6:19:03PM] Large , Pine

Zip Me Up Before You Go-Go
Tracy Giff Clark
 [09/03 6:17:54PM] Medium Green

"Back to the Zipper" sweater
Lisanne Dabous
 [09/03 6:08:50PM] Large, Burgandy

Dare to "fly" zippered Top
Angele Jean
 [09/03 6:03:21PM] XL pine

Zippin’ Pretty Sweater
Laurena Myers
 [09/03 6:03:18PM] Medium Black

Zip to it top
Kate Britz
 [09/03 6:01:57PM] M-Burgundy

Better together top
Kate Britz
 [09/03 5:59:46PM] Burgundy-M

Heart Zips a Beat Top, Zip a Beat top
Angela Smiley
 [09/03 5:56:47PM] Burgundy xl

Angelr Jean
 [09/03 5:49:28PM] XL pine

Zip it up
Julie Hoar
 [09/03 5:48:29PM] Pine large

Gotcha back covered
Julie Hoar
 [09/03 5:47:57PM] Burgundy L

Fly back top
Leslie Frick
 [09/03 5:44:21PM] Large burgundy

Zipping into comfy
Danielle Logue
 [09/03 5:43:57PM] Size XL Burgundy

Free The Zip!, Your Secret is Zipped With Me, Zippier Than Ever, Déjà Zip, Never Flying Low, Can You Zip Me Up?
Norma-Jean Chattaway
 [09/03 5:42:17PM] L & Burgundy

Fall into Autumn sweater, Fall is upon us sweater, Cozy vibes sweater, Cooler days sweater
Stephanie Gemmell
 [09/03 5:41:29PM] Burgundy XS

Fly back top
Leslie frick
 [09/03 5:41:28PM] Burgundy large

Basic blessing/ confident with comfort
Roxanne Boldt
 [09/03 5:36:47PM] Pine xl

Back 2 Zip Lining
Shirley Vachon
 [09/03 5:27:46PM] Black Small

Zip Lining's Back
Shirley Vachon
 [09/03 5:27:13PM] Black Small

Ashley Marriner
 [09/03 5:18:15PM] Size L black

Ashley Marriner
 [09/03 5:17:58PM] Size L black

Zipping into Fall
Barb Andrews
 [09/03 5:16:15PM] Small, teal

fall fun top with zip
sharon hein
 [09/03 5:10:29PM] 2x burgandy

Tanya Whan
 [09/03 5:04:00PM] Large, pine

"On the Fly"
Jennifer MacKay
 [09/03 5:03:57PM] 2xl, green

Where the zip top
Charlene Huizinga
 [09/03 4:45:29PM] 2xl burgundy

What the Zip!
Charlene Huizinga
 [09/03 4:44:03PM] Burgundy 2xl

Zip Me Up
Janet Cairns
 [09/03 4:42:04PM] Burgundy - large

Keep on zipping, Zip to it
Jessica Foss
 [09/03 4:40:35PM] Small, burgundy

Zipped Away
Jennifer Love
 [09/03 4:39:30PM] Lg merlot

Zip Into Fall
Cassie Snell
 [09/03 4:39:07PM] M Burgundy

Comfy quick zip!
Trisha Skelton
 [09/03 4:38:46PM] L

Zip To The Top
Michelle Evans
 [09/03 4:37:54PM] Burgundy2xl

Got your back
Shelley Armitage
 [09/03 4:34:28PM] Large Pine

Campfire Cozy
Nicole Eley
 [09/03 4:27:34PM] Xl. Burgundy

Zip into Fall
Charla Dease
 [09/03 4:26:40PM] Size Large Black

Watch me go sweater, I'll do what I want.
Anna Sutton
 [09/03 4:25:20PM] Black 2xl

Zip & fall
Monique Monast
 [09/03 4:24:29PM] Burgundy and xl

Zip Me into Fall
Charla Dease
 [09/03 4:24:08PM] Black Large

Just Zipping Around Sweater
Rachael Bonato
 [09/03 4:23:20PM] Black in large

Zip zip horray, zip zip and away, zippered up to go, zipped up and back again
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [09/03 4:21:10PM] 2X pine

Cozy Zippered swater
Marie-Pier alary
 [09/03 4:20:33PM] Pine xlarge

Zip to my Lou Top
Emily Langman
 [09/03 4:06:58PM] L burgundy

Cozy hazy fall sweater
Sharon Bomboir
 [09/03 4:02:22PM] Size m, burgundy

Zip up for fall, get zipped for fall, zip zip horray, fall is all in the zip, fall zippers, zip it for fall, leave it zipped
Daniela Racco
 [09/03 4:01:57PM] Black xl

You have my zip back sweater
Valerie Dietrich
 [09/03 3:56:58PM] Black medium

Henley Hug shirt
 [09/03 3:42:32PM] S

Zip into me
Barbara Mckay
 [09/03 3:39:44PM] Pine 2XL

Zipper upper
Linda Halladay
 [09/03 3:39:22PM] Pine in Large

Zip around top
Lori Redpath
 [09/03 3:37:33PM] Burgundy medium

Zip me softly
Barbara Mckay
 [09/03 3:35:10PM] Black 2XL

Zipper me pretty
Barbara Mckay
 [09/03 3:34:28PM] Pine 2XL

Zip Zip Hooray
Laurie Vaughan
 [09/03 3:28:07PM] Burgundy L

Backtrack Top
Tiffany Janzen
 [09/03 3:26:44PM] black 2x

Zip It Real Good Top
Kelly Kendrick
 [09/03 3:26:35PM] Pine xs

Back in a zip
Amanda Lloyd
 [09/03 3:21:29PM] 2Xl pine

Backtrack Top
Tiffany Janzen
 [09/03 3:18:44PM] black 2X

Zipped for Fall
Tanya Howells
 [09/03 3:18:05PM] Burgundy size sm

It's hip to zip sweater
Melissa Mackell
 [09/03 3:16:48PM] Burgandy Large

Zipper Me Crazy
Abby Crain
 [09/03 3:16:08PM] Burgundy 2xl

Zip me up before you go go, zip zip and away, Zip Top Shape,
Aubrey Price
 [09/03 3:16:04PM] Burgundy large

Zip me back to fall
Jessi smyth
 [09/03 3:13:05PM] Burgundy

Zippy up to cozy sweater
Marilyn Benoit
 [09/03 3:05:52PM] Large green

Zippity Split Top
Samantha Sham
 [09/03 3:04:43PM] XL pine

Zip Line Top, Zipping Along Sweater
Samantha Sham
 [09/03 3:02:29PM] XL Pine

Zipper me beautiful.
Amy Renouf
 [09/03 2:59:05PM] XL pine

The fall out??
Patty Sittler
 [09/03 2:54:54PM] Large burgundy

Got your back
Emily Beukers
 [09/03 2:49:27PM] Burgundy, s

Back the Zip Up!
 [09/03 2:43:17PM] Burgundy - Large

Watch Me Walk Away
Christine Haapala
 [09/03 2:40:24PM] Pine L

Eazy zip comfort
Tracey Kotyk
 [09/03 2:40:05PM] L burgundy

Fall me Comfort Zip Top
Jesse Andrews
 [09/03 2:37:58PM] Burgundy small

Zip my Fall Top
Jesse Andrews
 [09/03 2:36:32PM] Burgundy small

Joyful Gatherings
Tara Presello
 [09/03 2:33:41PM] Xl, burgundy

Zippity Soft Top
Nancy Wardell
 [09/03 2:32:24PM] Xl Maroon

Babyz got Back
Leigh Griffin
 [09/03 2:29:47PM] 2XL Black

Zipzip hurray
Raena Phelps
 [09/03 2:28:02PM] Sm.any color

Zip zip hurray
Raena Phelps
 [09/03 2:27:25PM] Small. Any color

Zip & Tuck!
Jeannette Wells
 [09/03 2:26:33PM] M Burgundy

Zip back up again
Danielle Banga
 [09/03 2:26:16PM] Lg & Pine

Brianne Freethy
 [09/03 2:25:37PM] Burgundy L

Business in the front, zipper in the back
Haley Foote
 [09/03 2:23:04PM] Large- burgundy

Kristi Foley
 [09/03 2:21:16PM] Burgundy 2XL

Fall zipped up
 [09/03 2:19:11PM] L green

Zip Into Fall
Haley Foote
 [09/03 2:18:37PM] Large- burgundy

The Zip Me Up
 [09/03 2:17:28PM] Large- burgundy

Zip it!
Susan Ongaro
 [09/03 2:17:17PM] Black XL

Zip to the top
Jessica bates
 [09/03 2:16:36PM] Xs black

Zippity do dah, zip trip, zip zip horay
Patti sexton
 [09/03 2:16:03PM] Xl black

I May Need a Hand
Amanda Philippot
 [09/03 2:15:26PM] 2xl burgundy

The zipper down long sleeve
Carla Owens
 [09/03 2:15:17PM] Black large

Baby got back zippers top
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/03 2:11:09PM] Pine medium

Zipper full of sunshine top
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/03 2:10:09PM] Medium pine

Zip it good
Angie MCGrath
 [09/03 2:09:44PM] XL. Black

I’ve got your zip code top
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/03 2:09:35PM] Pine medium

I've got your back top
Debbie Warman
 [09/03 2:08:35PM] Burgundy L

Zip to it top
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/03 2:08:17PM] Pine medium

The zip to my crew longsleeve
Amanda Vanden Bosch
 [09/03 2:07:02PM] Pine (medium)

Zip A-long- Long sleeve
Suzanne Murti
 [09/03 2:05:10PM] Burgundy Large

Fall around me zip, cozy and zipped
Melissa bernard
 [09/03 2:05:09PM] Med, burgundy

Zipper up to soft top
Sarah Chapman
 [09/03 2:03:43PM] Small Black

Wanna Zipper Me Up Top
Sarah Chapman
 [09/03 2:03:03PM] Small Black

Wear’s The Zipper
Deb Longbottom
 [09/03 2:01:47PM] Small / Burgundy

Zip into happiness
Sarah Chapman
 [09/03 2:01:17PM] Small Black

Take a Zip Top
Jenna Carruthers
 [09/03 2:01:03PM] Burgundy, small

Back me up
Leigh Griffin
 [09/03 2:00:20PM] 2XL Black

Zip into my wardrobe
Sarah Chapman
 [09/03 2:00:13PM] Small Black

Zip Me Up!
Stephanie Gravelle
 [09/03 1:59:57PM] Green Large

Zip zip hooray top
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/03 1:59:51PM] Pine medium

Zip into comfort top
Sydney Siemens
 [09/03 1:57:59PM] Large Burgundy

Zipster top
Kelsey MacDonald
 [09/03 1:54:53PM] Size Large and Black

Zip and Go
Kelsey MacDonald
 [09/03 1:52:59PM] Size Large and Black

Zippidy do da!
Amelia Reid
 [09/03 1:50:15PM] S burgundy

Heather Brown
 [09/03 1:50:03PM] Large, Burgandy

Slip on the Zip!
Stacey Reid
 [09/03 1:48:56PM] XL pine

Zip back to ya
 [09/03 1:48:23PM] M black

Zip me up buttercup, zipadeedooda, fall for me sweater
Melissa Price
 [09/03 1:48:22PM] Green medium

Zip to softness,
Stefanie Giampaolo
 [09/03 1:47:10PM] S, burgundy

Zippity do top
 [09/03 1:45:56PM] M black

Zip to comfort, zip to chic, zippity soft sweater
Stefanie Giampaolo
 [09/03 1:45:39PM] Small, green or burgundy

Zip into fall top
Hélia Charnock
 [09/03 1:44:57PM] Large burgundy

Zippity do da
 [09/03 1:44:50PM] M black

Zip Back
Alisha Tatlock
 [09/03 1:44:45PM] Burgundy Large

Zippin’ cozy or Zippin’ soft long sleeve
Sara Handscomb
 [09/03 1:44:33PM] Small burgundy

Zippin’ cozy or Zippin’ soft long sleeve
Sara Handscomb
 [09/03 1:44:08PM] Small burgundy

Love it long time
Morgan Christofferson
 [09/03 1:43:21PM] Large burgundy

Zippin’ cozy; zippin’ soft
Sara Handscomb
 [09/03 1:43:02PM] Burgundy small

Zip Zip Hooray
Krystel Bennett
 [09/03 1:42:57PM] Medium black

Zip to it, zip it up, zipped up for fall, Cozy Zip
Eliza Davies
 [09/03 1:39:00PM] Pine XL

Zippy into fall
Melanie Erickson
 [09/03 1:35:42PM] Burgundy xlg

Zee zee top
Karly haining
 [09/03 1:33:44PM] Medium - black

Easy Slider, The Big Zipper, Autumn Feels, Autumn Harvest
 [09/03 1:28:54PM] XL pine

Easy Slider, The Big Zipper, Autumn Feels, Autumn Harvest
Amie Bowlby
 [09/03 1:27:35PM] XL pine

Zipper de do da
Rebekah Coleman
 [09/03 1:25:12PM] 2x, burgundy

Bringing sexy back sweater
Michelle McGee
 [09/03 1:24:23PM] Pine small

Zip Me Up Before You Gogo!
Patricia Kirk
 [09/03 1:24:21PM] Large Pine or Black

Zip to the Top, Zippered Love Top, Zip to the Point Top, Zip me Softly Top
Mackenzi Costello
 [09/03 1:12:55PM] XL Burgundy

Zip me up
Iona Eslinger
 [09/03 1:07:58PM] Size S in pine

Rock in’ Fall Zippered Top
Lisa tung
 [09/03 1:07:33PM] Green medium

Back zip for fall
Diana Gristwood
 [09/03 1:04:26PM] Burgundy medium

All About the Zipper Top
Melissa Hubert
 [09/03 1:03:15PM] XS burgundy

Zip me softly
Laurie Etter
 [09/03 1:03:00PM] Black medium

Zip It Easy
Cindy Hewitt
 [09/03 12:59:01PM] Burgundy 2x

Zipping Pretty
Shannon Reynolds
 [09/03 12:58:44PM] Medium Black

Zip zip away
Melissa wojcichowsky
 [09/03 12:58:08PM] Black size medium

Back In A Zip Top
Nikki Weightman
 [09/03 12:55:26PM] Small burgundy

Zip Around Town Top
Nikki weightman
 [09/03 12:54:44PM] Small burgundy

Every occasion top
Kim cairns
 [09/03 12:54:28PM] Medium black

Sweet Caroline's
Carolyn Kennedy
 [09/03 12:52:31PM] 2xl black

Zip into Fall
Rebecca Standley
 [09/03 12:51:39PM] XL Teal

The Zipper Effect
Shelly Crawford
 [09/03 12:47:40PM] XL - Burgundy

Zip Back & Relax Fall Sweater
Melissa Power
 [09/03 12:45:19PM] M & Black

Warm as sunshine
Amanda McCosham
 [09/03 12:45:06PM] XS burgundy

Zip to my heart
Traci Linklater
 [09/03 12:42:15PM] Burgundy large

My Zips Are Sealed
Amanda Eberhardt
 [09/03 12:39:55PM] Medium Burgundy

Zip Dee Doo Top; Just Zip It!; Backtrack Top; Zip Away Top
Nicole Turkewich
 [09/03 12:39:43PM] Black, M

Pamela Boucher
 [09/03 12:38:28PM] XL, pine

Zip Into Warmth
Josephine Merlina
 [09/03 12:37:51PM] Medium Burgundy

Zip Me Up
Karla Farrell
 [09/03 12:37:26PM] Size large color burgundy

Zip to it
Tracy Garratt
 [09/03 12:35:51PM] Burgundy 2x

Falling for you shirt
Laura Peacock
 [09/03 12:33:27PM] Black XL

Zip away with me
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:33:19PM] Green L

Cozy into fall top
Amanda Madill
 [09/03 12:32:59PM] XS, burgundy

1. Zip, zip, hooray! 2. Just a zip away 3. Zip back and relax
Kelsi Pettypiece
 [09/03 12:32:18PM] Medium, burgundy

Zip in to Fall,. Zip me up baby, Time to zip sweater,
Lyndsay Russell
 [09/03 12:32:15PM] XL Teal

Let's zip together
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/03 12:31:29PM] Small black

Let's zip together ?
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/03 12:30:02PM] Small black

Zip into fall long sleeve
Jennah Francis
 [09/03 12:28:37PM] Black large

All About That Zip, Zippin' Me Crazy
Melissa Neeb
 [09/03 12:27:08PM] XS Pine

Can you do me up
Christie McPhee
 [09/03 12:26:52PM] Pine medium

Backdrop Fall Top
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:24:41PM] Green L

Zip it on up
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:23:43PM] Green L

360 degree back zip
Stacey Ashurst
 [09/03 12:22:33PM] Large, pine

Zip in and up long sleeve, zip into fall, back to fall back to autumn
Tatiana Cheladyn
 [09/03 12:20:40PM] L, Pine

Zipping for you
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:19:14PM] Green L

zip it to me!
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [09/03 12:18:05PM] XL, burgundy

Zip up and chill
Lisa Ginn
 [09/03 12:16:16PM] Black xs

Zip Zip Hooray Top
Kayla Lutz
 [09/03 12:14:43PM] Small Burgundy

Zip on
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:14:04PM] Green L

Zipping into fall top, all zipped up for the fall top, the cozy zipper back, dont sweat(er) the small stuff, it’s zippy out sweater
Krystol bullock
 [09/03 12:13:33PM] L, burgundy or black

Zip on this
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:13:24PM] Green L

Zippin for Fall
Angela Crevels
 [09/03 12:12:38PM] Green large

No turning back
Christine Bartsoff
 [09/03 12:10:23PM] Small pine

Zipping into Fall
Morgan Yates
 [09/03 12:09:59PM] Med green

Zip Up Top
Tricia Paquette
 [09/03 12:09:47PM] Medium Pine

Zip Up Top
Tricia Paquette
 [09/03 12:09:30PM] Medium Pine

Classic Zip shirt
Kelly Chipman
 [09/03 12:09:27PM] Med — burgundy

All zipped for the fqll
Nicole Gordon
 [09/03 12:08:17PM] Pine Medium

Sweet & Sassy
Ali Hewitt
 [09/03 12:07:54PM] Plum

Zip zip hooray top!
Krystol bullock
 [09/03 12:06:49PM] Size L colour burgundy

Be back in a zip
Heather Hicks
 [09/03 12:05:46PM] Burgundy Medium

Zip-up Cozy
Twyla Thomson
 [09/03 12:05:07PM] Medium Burgandy

The zipper back sweater
Elyse connors
 [09/03 12:05:06PM] Large black

Zip Zip hooray!
Krystol bullock
 [09/03 12:04:25PM] Size Large. The Burgundy colour :)

Zip it to Wear it
Cheryl Mae Hudson
 [09/03 12:03:51PM] XL Pine

Just Crewz top
Bobbi Janzen
 [09/03 11:55:55AM] Black small

Time to Zip It!
Susan Lunn
 [09/03 11:54:53AM] burgundy, M

Zip into something more comfortable sweater
Angela Siemens
 [09/03 11:54:43AM] Xl burgundy

Zip me up Babe
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/03 11:54:07AM] Small, wine coloured

Norma Burnett
 [09/03 11:51:33AM] 2x turquoise

Zip me up Scotty
Charlotte Greenwood
 [09/03 11:51:09AM] Xl pine

Fall Fun
Heather Weber
 [09/03 11:50:19AM] XL Burgundy

Zip into fall sweater
Amanda Wotton
 [09/03 11:46:55AM] Small , burgundy

Double take
Katherine Noga
 [09/03 11:43:18AM] Small pine

Fall Into Me
 [09/03 11:42:38AM] Medium Burgundy

Sweater spice for fall
Taru Ojanpera
 [09/03 11:42:15AM] Green med

Zip to it
Taru Ojanpera
 [09/03 11:39:57AM] Green med

Zip a dee doo da top, let’s get zippy top, just zip it top
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/03 11:38:59AM] Burgundy 2XL

Got your back Sweater
Tristan Harpe
 [09/03 11:38:02AM] Large Burgundy

All Zipped Up Sweater
Kyla Keller
 [09/03 11:37:56AM] Burgundy - L

What's Your Zip Code Top
Vayia Platko
 [09/03 11:30:54AM] Black M

All zipped up
Kendra Fraser
 [09/03 11:29:13AM] Large pine

All zipped in. Feelin zipped in. Back to fall. Zip into Autumn. Autumn vibes.
Debbie Partridge
 [09/03 11:25:29AM] Burgundy L

Autumn choice
Jennifer owen
 [09/03 11:25:24AM] Xl- pine

Zip me up
Jennifer owen
 [09/03 11:23:34AM] Xl-burgandy

Zipped In Perfection
Katherine Noga
 [09/03 11:23:05AM] Small pine

Louise Henry
 [09/03 11:22:39AM] 2x burgundy

Zip To It Swaeter
Kyla Keller
 [09/03 11:22:15AM] Burgundy - L

All Zipped Up, Ready To Impress, Watch Me Walk Away, Look Back, Picture Perfect, My Good Side, Zipped In Style, Strike a Pose, Photo ready.
Katherine Noga
 [09/03 11:22:08AM] Small Pine

Zip it Low Sweater
Kyla Keller
 [09/03 11:21:34AM] Burgundy - L

Back me up top
Julie Buffett
 [09/03 11:20:54AM] Green small

Relation-Zip, FriendZip, Zip it real good, Cozy Comforts, Cozy connections
Laura Love
 [09/03 11:19:46AM] 2XL Burgundy

Zip me up, Zip Me On, Zipping into Fall
Rachael Code
 [09/03 11:17:38AM] XL Pine

ZippityDo sweater
Anjelica Frankland
 [09/03 11:17:04AM] Pine - medium

Coming or going, Back it up
Kim Cuddihey
 [09/03 11:15:31AM] Pine xl

Zip back Softie
Stacy Taylor
 [09/03 11:14:55AM] Large Burgandy

The Mac momma (Chris cross reference for wearing clothes backwards)
Erin reid
 [09/03 11:13:40AM] Medium burgundy

Zippity - Do - Dah
Melissa Thom
 [09/03 11:09:55AM] Large, burgundy

Back at ya , got your back, unzipped, zip zip and away, zipped and relaxed, zip me up
Sheryl Bauder
 [09/03 11:09:32AM] Black medium

All zipped up
Melissa Thom
 [09/03 11:08:09AM] Large, burgundy

All Zipped Up
Melissa Thom
 [09/03 11:07:38AM] Large, burgundy

Have a Zippity Day
Karla Svensson
 [09/03 11:07:34AM] Small, pine

Zip back and relax
Rebecca Welch
 [09/03 11:07:01AM] Medium & Green

Party in the back sweater
Miranda Goldstein
 [09/03 11:06:30AM] Xl blk

Zipperback soft top
Jill Lister
 [09/03 11:04:27AM] Black xl

Cafe weekender
Breanne Thompson
 [09/03 11:03:36AM] Medium/Burgundy

Back at it
 [09/03 11:03:35AM] Pine 3x

Back in a Zippy
Janeen St. Amant
 [09/03 11:03:03AM] Size small, Pine

I Got Your Back
Lori Campbell
 [09/03 11:01:44AM] xl, black

Zip into fall
Mandy Frampton
 [09/03 11:01:17AM] Black / XL

Zip It Good
Ashley Poole
 [09/03 11:01:01AM] XL, black

Come and Get It
Lori Campbell
 [09/03 11:00:20AM] XL, pine

Back to Classy
Jill Mac,Charles Crain
 [09/03 10:59:28AM] Medium, Pine

Devil is in the Details; Subtle Sass; Sassy but Sweet
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [09/03 10:58:31AM] Pine Large

Zipping around town
Paula Fulthorpe
 [09/03 10:57:57AM] 2XL Pine

Sticking together top
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/03 10:52:00AM] Burgundy small

Connected and cozy sweater; Party in the back sweater; Zip to my heart sweater; Stay connected sweater; Falling for you sweater; Secret connections sweater;
Jennifer Maniezzo
 [09/03 10:47:26AM] Burgundy Small

Zip to the top
Cynthia Foley
 [09/03 10:45:01AM] Xl, pine

Hip to zip
Shelley Stefanowich
 [09/03 10:44:29AM] Pine, 2xl

Back the zip up
Stephanie adkins
 [09/03 10:43:57AM] Burgundy xl

Zip zip hooray
Shelley Stefanowich
 [09/03 10:43:19AM] Pine, 2xl

Zip Zip Horray!
Jennifer Simpson
 [09/03 10:39:35AM] Burgundy XL

Warm me up
Kayla pullen
 [09/03 10:36:47AM] Burgundy/m

Single File Top; Trace of Silver Top
Erika Just
 [09/03 10:36:26AM] XL Pine

Zippity Do Da All Day
Jennifer Jarratt
 [09/03 10:35:05AM] Large, burgundy

Zip me in
Taira axton
 [09/03 10:32:27AM] Pine xl

Zipping comfortable, zipping comfortably into fall
Marianne Osborne
 [09/03 10:31:31AM] Xl Burgundy

Zip On By
Kiran Saunders
 [09/03 10:30:43AM] Black large

Zip-Up & Chill Sweater
Deidre Sword
 [09/03 10:26:27AM] Green XL

Zip-Up & Chill Sweater
Deidre Sword
 [09/03 10:24:46AM] Green XL

Don't Look Back, I've Got your Back
Kari Lewis
 [09/03 10:24:44AM] black, small

Zipped In Comfort Sweater
Frankie Wheeler
 [09/03 10:24:31AM] burgandy, 2xl

Zip and Pep in my Step
Vicky Rose
 [09/03 10:21:10AM] XL Pine

Zipping back up , Zip for days , zip all day,
Candice Bartlett
 [09/03 10:20:49AM] Burgundy , M

Zipping around town
France Bouvier
 [09/03 10:20:24AM] Medium burgundy

You can do it put your zip into it
France Bouvier
 [09/03 10:19:12AM] Medium burgundy

Zip zip and away!
France Bouvier
 [09/03 10:18:31AM] Medium in burgundy

Heart zips a beat top
Stacey Ashurst
 [09/03 10:16:02AM] Large Pine

Zippin’ into Fall , Zip Me Right Round
Mary Thomson
 [09/03 10:16:02AM] Black, Medium

Cozy Back Zip
Lisa Ritchie
 [09/03 10:15:13AM] Pine size L

Zip, zip, Hurray! : Cozy Up : Autumn Zip : Zippy-Do
Rebecca Jans
 [09/03 10:14:30AM] Xl, Pine

Let’s Get Zippin’!
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [09/03 10:12:06AM] Burgundy XL

Zip Back into Comfort Top
Terri Grey
 [09/03 10:11:27AM] Burgundy Medium

Zip’ Back & Relax
Pierrette Marshall
 [09/03 10:11:02AM] 2XL - Burgundy

All turned around
Laura Malley
 [09/03 10:10:30AM] XL - Burgundy

Zip around back top
Jina Clarke
 [09/03 10:08:53AM] Black XL

Back in a Zip Top
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [09/03 10:07:55AM] XL Burgundy

Let’s Get Zippin’
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [09/03 10:07:53AM] Burgundy XL

Let’s Get Zippin’
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [09/03 10:06:37AM] Burgundy XL

Long way to the top sweater, zip it real good top, it’s all in the zip sweater/top
Abbey Dakers
 [09/03 10:06:37AM] Large burgandy

Can You Do a Back Zip?
Tracy Fisher
 [09/03 10:05:47AM] Small - Burgundy

Zip into Comfort
Christine Parfitt
 [09/03 10:05:28AM] XL burgundy

Zip Me Up, All Zipped Up, Zipped for Fall, Falling for Zippers, Zipped and Cozy, Zipped and Stylish
Sarah Armstrong
 [09/03 10:05:24AM] Medium in Burgundy

Zip Me Back Top
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [09/03 10:05:19AM] Burgundy XL

Open me up ?
 [09/03 10:05:02AM] Burgundy size medium

Zipping Back Top
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [09/03 10:04:39AM] Burgundy XL

Softly zipping into fall
Kim Watts
 [09/03 10:04:10AM] Large-black

Zip into Fall
Paula Potts
 [09/03 10:03:00AM] Large & Burgandy

Fall into perfection
Samantha Peters
 [09/03 10:02:52AM] Burgundy xl

Fall to zip Sweater
Meghan Abiodun
 [09/03 10:02:43AM] Black XL

Zip Back and Relax Top
Tarra Kettle
 [09/03 10:02:04AM] Medium, Burgundy

Watch me zip
Genista Richards
 [09/03 10:00:16AM] Pine xl

Super Fly top
Marie Neil
 [09/03 9:59:53AM] Burgundy 3x

Zip it Back to Comfort
Linda Marion
 [09/03 9:59:47AM] Small burgundy

Watch Me Zip
Melissa McCracken
 [09/03 9:59:30AM] Burgundy S

Zippity Do Dah Sweater
Wendy Jackson
 [09/03 9:58:54AM] XL burgundy

Fall into cozy
 [09/03 9:58:46AM] XL black

Zip me close
Shelby cyr
 [09/03 9:57:52AM] Xl black

Zip Back and Relax Top
Tarra Kettle
 [09/03 9:57:45AM] Medium, Burgundy

Zip Me Beautiful
Melissa McCracken
 [09/03 9:57:32AM] Pine S

Zipping into the weekend
Kendra Box
 [09/03 9:57:16AM] Xl black

Zipper of Dreams Top
Bettina Allen
 [09/03 9:56:58AM] XL, Burgandy

Zazzling Zip Back Top
Lara Gray
 [09/03 9:56:41AM] Black xl

Pretty Fly for a…Zippered Top
Lisa Sahli Graham
 [09/03 9:56:22AM] Black Large

A Zipper Runs Through It Top
Bettina Allen
 [09/03 9:55:11AM] XL, Burgandy

Zip and center; Back to Ba-zips
Megan Summers
 [09/03 9:54:44AM] Medium, pine

Fall into Comfort
Charlotte Cameron
 [09/03 9:54:05AM] XL-pine

Fall into me
Kassidy Armstrong
 [09/03 9:53:45AM] 2xl Pine

Fall In Love with Zippy Top!
Melanee Rogers
 [09/03 9:53:29AM] Burgundy 1x

All Zipped up
Tara Hrysak
 [09/03 9:52:57AM] XL Blk

Come away with me
Courtney bidwell
 [09/03 9:52:56AM] Black large

To the top
Emily Buss
 [09/03 9:52:36AM] XL wine

Zippie do da top
Courtney bidwell
 [09/03 9:52:14AM] Black large

You Must Zip It Top
Bettina Allen
 [09/03 9:52:10AM] XL, Burgandy

Zip into fall
Jennifer Nixon
 [09/03 9:52:05AM] Scarlette XL

Long Way Down Zippered Top
Emily Buss
 [09/03 9:51:49AM] XL wine

Oh So Cozy
Cindee Higginbotham
 [09/03 9:51:20AM] Large Burgundy

Got Your Back in a Zip Top
Bettina Allen
 [09/03 9:51:05AM] XL, Burgandy

Zip Me Up Beauty
Aimee Cowley
 [09/03 9:51:02AM] XS burgundy

Zip into Fall, All Zippered Up, Zip Me Up
Megan Blair
 [09/03 9:50:52AM] Black, 2XL

Shona smith
 [09/03 9:50:20AM] Black large

Zip Back to Comfort Top
Sarah Lennox
 [09/03 9:50:11AM] Medium Pine

Zip Me Up Beauty
Aimee Cowley
 [09/03 9:49:34AM] XS Burgundy

Zip To Be Hip Top
Kym Readman
 [09/03 9:49:02AM] Size XL, Color Burgundy

Put my thing down ZIP it and reverse it! Zip hop horray!! Good to the last zip! Zippy zippy shake! When I zip you zip we zip!
Leanne Vantol
 [09/03 9:47:33AM] Small. Pine

Back me up sweater, Zipped and Cozy, Back to Cozy days
Sandy Reely
 [09/03 9:46:43AM] 2xl burgundy

Race you to the top, zip zap zoo I choose you , zip zip hooray top
Jenessa Talbot
 [09/03 9:44:52AM] Large, burgundy

Zip zip hooray
Senny McNeil
 [09/03 9:42:22AM] Black large

Zip It
Ashley McLean
 [09/03 9:40:33AM] Small Burgundy

Diana. Mazzuca
 [09/03 9:38:49AM] L black

Northern Fall Sweater
Karen Moore
 [09/03 9:38:06AM] Lg, Burgundy

Zip It, Cutie; Zips Away; Come Zip With Me
Brittany Korver
 [09/03 9:38:02AM] Large, burgundy

Dreamy Days Top; Zippin' Along Top; Climbing Up Top; Soft & Sweet Top; Sweet Escape Top
Lisa Miller
 [09/03 9:36:59AM] teal XL

Zipped for success
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/03 9:36:45AM] L Burgandy

By the Fire
Sarah Moreland-Petrie
 [09/03 9:34:36AM] Burgandy size M

Zippin Cozy Sweater
Michelle Bryant
 [09/03 9:34:21AM] Med black

Zip to Lou sweater
Michelle Bauer
 [09/03 9:32:02AM] 2xl burgundy

Zippity Do Da
Desiree Davies
 [09/03 9:31:40AM] M black

Zip and Flow, Zipple Back, Fall Flair, Autumn Zip
Natasha Buchanan
 [09/03 9:31:16AM] M - Burgundy

Zipper surprise top
Jess Vallier
 [09/03 9:29:40AM] Small burgundy

Zippin’ around town top
Kim Fennell
 [09/03 9:29:09AM] Burgundy -Size Small

Zip into Fall
Tracy Simpson
 [09/03 9:26:14AM] Large pine

Zip Zip Hooray!!
Shealeen Braeuer
 [09/03 9:25:53AM] Large & Black :)

Zippity-do-da Day Top, Zipping Along Top, Zip Zip Hooray Top
Wendy Sargent
 [09/03 9:25:34AM] Small, burgundy

Let Her Zip
Stephanie Halldorson
 [09/03 9:24:50AM] Large, Black

Zippery Sweater, Cold as Zip, Zip zip sweater, warm and Zippery, Can you zip me up? sweater, zippery when wet, Zipper in to fall, Zipper is Quicker sweater
Lisa Noonan
 [09/03 9:24:42AM] 2XL black

Country in the Fall Top, Fall in the Country Top, Soft Fall in the Country Top, Feels Like Home Top, Zip me Home Top, Feels Like Country Living Top, Zip into the Country Top
Valerie Gudmundson
 [09/03 9:23:33AM] XL Burgundy

All zipped up
Morgan Krenz
 [09/03 9:23:22AM] L Burgundy

Zipped into You
Trisha Tahouney
 [09/03 9:23:21AM] Burgundy in medium

I’m bringing sexy back or bringing sexy back
Katie Lavergne
 [09/03 9:23:17AM] Burgundy- size small

Fall In Love
Courtney Dhillon
 [09/03 9:22:52AM] Xs, burgundy

Zip for your back, zipped for fall, zipped and cozy, all zipped up, zipped perfection
Jenn T
 [09/03 9:22:27AM] Any colour XL

Zip got your back,
Jenn T
 [09/03 9:20:58AM] Any colour, XL

Zip to it zippered sweater
Lindsay Simpson
 [09/03 9:18:40AM] 2xl pine

Zip-a-Dee-doo-dah Sweater
Lisa Noonan
 [09/03 9:18:38AM] 2XL Black

Twilight zone top
Kari Petrin
 [09/03 9:18:34AM] Xs pine

Zip It Good Sweater
Lisa Noonan
 [09/03 9:17:07AM] 2XL Burgundy

Zip perfection
Lisa mcilquham
 [09/03 9:15:51AM] Green large

Zipping into Fall
Lisa Cleveland
 [09/03 9:15:20AM] Black XL

Back Me Up Top
Mandi Karn
 [09/03 9:13:07AM] Black 2XL

Zipping into fall, zip zip baby, unzip me top
Laura Gray
 [09/03 9:11:25AM] Xl black

Zip into Fall
Kim Tuttle
 [09/03 9:11:09AM] Black. Medium

Zip into fall
Meagan cherry
 [09/03 9:10:59AM] Pine XL

Zip to the Fall, Reach for the Zip
Andrea Haywood
 [09/03 9:10:00AM] Black, S

Zip with flair
Shauna Brady
 [09/03 9:09:58AM] Medium burgundy

Zip it to the top
Tiffany matthews
 [09/03 9:09:27AM] Pine XL

Back zippered Flow sweater
Dawn Barker
 [09/03 9:09:09AM] Large in Maroon

Zip back to the future top
Laurisa Bonk
 [09/03 9:07:32AM] Pine xs

Zippy Do Da Top - Zippin' Along Top - You Can't Zip Me Top - Zippin' Along Top
Whitney Dillon
 [09/03 9:06:04AM] Pine - 2XL

Zip it up top, zip it back,
Laurisa Bonk
 [09/03 9:05:47AM] Pine xs

Back to Basics
Lise Theoret
 [09/03 9:05:15AM] M Burgandy

Zip To It, Bringing Sexy Back, Zip Your Lips, Can You Zip Me Up, Zip Code, Down Your Back Zipper Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [09/03 9:04:16AM] L, black

Flying High
Korin Yunker
 [09/03 9:04:10AM] Black, M

Step Up Your Zip Top, Every Zip Counts Top, Zip back and relax Top
Selinda Lye
 [09/03 9:03:53AM] Black XL

Zip, Zip and Away, Ziptacular Top, Zippy
Lacey Lavallee
 [09/03 9:02:41AM] 2XL Burgandy

Bring me back cozy sweater, Falling back into comfort, Zip me back to fall.
Jackie Blackhall
 [09/03 9:02:24AM] Large Burgundy

Zip, zip hooray!
Michelle Noel
 [09/03 9:02:03AM] Small

Zip me up buttercup
 [09/03 9:01:54AM] Large Black

Zipping into Fall
Brianna Maruca
 [09/03 9:01:49AM] Green Xl

Zipped comfort
Taryn Davis
 [09/03 9:01:03AM] 2xl Pine

The Zip Knit
Stephanie Young
 [09/03 9:01:02AM] Large- Burgundy

Zip Zip Hooray
Melanie Barnett
 [09/03 9:00:31AM] XL black

Zipping do da top
Stacey Nearing
 [09/03 9:00:25AM] Black size L

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-aaaaaaaah Zippered Top
Lara Gray
 [09/03 8:59:38AM] Black xl

Vertical parity
Lindsey reitsema
 [09/03 8:57:42AM] Small pine

Zip into fall
Darlene Biemans
 [09/03 8:57:29AM] Xl black

Fallin' for the Zip Top, Zip to my heart Top, Feeling Fall Ready Top, Save the last Zip top
Selinda Lye
 [09/03 8:56:51AM] Burgundy XL

Zipped n ready top, All zipped in n ready to shine top, Zipped n cozy top
Chelsea westbury
 [09/03 8:55:37AM] Burgendy XL

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Aaaaaaaah Zipped Sweater
Lara Gray
 [09/03 8:54:06AM] Black xl

Zip n Tuck , Top of Z list , Fall ZZ Top
Wendy Unrau
 [09/03 8:53:58AM] Pine: Large

Zip me up before you go, go
Cori Kay
 [09/03 8:53:42AM] Pine medium

Poppins Sweater (zippied do dah), All Zipped Up, Ready for Anything.
Holly Baker
 [09/03 8:53:17AM] L Burgundy

Zip Back at You Top
Renee Prevost
 [09/03 8:53:14AM] Cranberry 2x

Christina’s angels top
Suzanne kempton
 [09/03 8:52:14AM] Small burgundy

zip into fall
 [09/03 8:51:53AM] Medium black

Zip me up
 [09/03 8:51:52AM] XXL Burgundy

Zip into fall top
 [09/03 8:51:15AM] Black medium

Cozy up zip
Chantal ethier
 [09/03 8:49:36AM] Medium and burgundy

Zip me into Fall
Chantal ethier
 [09/03 8:47:53AM] Medium and burgundy

Zip me up
Chantal ethier
 [09/03 8:47:17AM] Medium and burgundy

Zip & go zippy, pretty & zip
Sherry Moreland
 [09/03 8:47:12AM] Burgundy small

Zip to my Lou
Shari Maclellan
 [09/03 8:45:36AM] Small burgundy

Stay cozy zip up top
Amber Bremer
 [09/03 8:45:07AM] Large burgundy

Zip zip away
Angel Brigo
 [09/03 8:44:45AM] L and burgundy

Back Me Up Top
Marina Paternoster
 [09/03 8:44:29AM] Burgundy L

Zipin’ Sweet
Naomi Tappin
 [09/03 8:44:04AM] 2x & Black

Zip Me Up When It’s All Over
Katy Kauth
 [09/03 8:43:34AM] 2xl Burgundy

Zip Away Top
Glenda Mollet
 [09/03 8:43:26AM] XL Burgundy

Zip Right to It
Tonya Barich
 [09/03 8:43:08AM] Burgundy - M

Zippidedoodah Zippered Top
Glenda Mollet
 [09/03 8:43:07AM] XL Burgundy

Baby got zip top ; Zip to the top pullover ; got zip pullover ; we zip together top
Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/03 8:42:57AM] S ; burgundy

All Zipped Up With Places To Go
Glenda Mollet
 [09/03 8:42:33AM] XL Burgundy

got your back top, dont look back top, Look Back as It top, back for more top, to the moon and back top, the queen is back top
Nicole Gregg
 [09/03 8:42:24AM] large Pine

Zippin’ Sweet
Naomi Tappin
 [09/03 8:42:02AM] 2X Black

Zip zip hooray
Maria Lento
 [09/03 8:41:30AM] Burgundy medium

Zippy zip, beautiful you, country time, feeling the zip,
Holly coulombe
 [09/03 8:41:16AM] Pine M

Zip into fall sweater
Meghan Boast
 [09/03 8:40:51AM] XL burgundy

Zip Up For Fun
Debbie Goodine
 [09/03 8:40:22AM] Size large, Pine

Be beautiful zip top
Vanessa Dallaire
 [09/03 8:39:56AM] Medium , black

“Zip me up buttercup”, “Zip it”, “Zip back and relax”, “Zip to it”
Natasha Burian
 [09/03 8:39:34AM] XS or S, Pine

Zip me up buttercup
Melissa Goldie
 [09/03 8:39:12AM] Green xl

Just zip it
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:39:07AM] Xs black

You zip up my life
Kimberlee Morin
 [09/03 8:38:45AM] Burgundy large

Fall For Me
Kimberley Stirling
 [09/03 8:38:24AM] XL Black

All Zipped Up Sweater
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [09/03 8:38:22AM] L Dark Teal

Zipped and Ready To Go
Carol MacPherson
 [09/03 8:37:39AM] Burgundy XL

Mystic Zipper Top; Party In The Back Top; Get Back To Me Top
Haley Boland
 [09/03 8:36:31AM] XL, Pine

Zip-A-Dee-Daa Top
Shannon Mellquist
 [09/03 8:36:08AM] Black in medium

Zip zop go!
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:35:10AM] Xs black

Zip me up baby
Kim Skerratt
 [09/03 8:33:36AM] Medium burgundy

Morning Zip
Debbie Slater
 [09/03 8:32:41AM] Black xl

Zip Top
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:32:20AM] Xs black

Zip back to fall
Kimberley Templer
 [09/03 8:32:04AM] Medium Burgundy

You got my back
Erika Schneider
 [09/03 8:31:58AM] Medium Pine

Zipped to the top
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:31:44AM] Xs, pine

Zip it good, Love at first zip, Catch you on the zip side
Monica Dion
 [09/03 8:31:21AM] Small & Pine

Zip back to the Future, Unzip the Possibilities, Unzip New Beginnings, Zip to the Future, Forever Zipped Together
Brayell Dengler
 [09/03 8:30:44AM] Pine, Small

I Don’t Give A Zip
Tamara Morrison
 [09/03 8:29:56AM] Burgundy xl

Zipee for Fall, Zipee Fall is coming, Zip me up
Dianna Hasley
 [09/03 8:29:47AM] Black, small

Zip me up sweater
Cori Simmonds
 [09/03 8:29:08AM] Black Small

Keeping it cozy sweater
Cori Simmonds
 [09/03 8:28:05AM] Red small

Zip back top
Magan McDonald
 [09/03 8:27:47AM] 2xl green

Zip me away
Farren Kerr
 [09/03 8:27:38AM] Burgundy xl

Falling for the zip sweater
Cori Simmonds
 [09/03 8:27:19AM] Green small

Zip into Softness
Meagan Clifton
 [09/03 8:26:53AM] Medium, Burgundy

Zipped Up Knockout Top, Zippingly Devine Top
Rebecca Francis
 [09/03 8:26:50AM] Black XL

Zip Up to standards Sweater
Cori Simmonds
 [09/03 8:26:32AM] Black Small

Zip into comfort
 [09/03 8:26:24AM] Xl

Zip to my Lou Top
Tiffany Payne
 [09/03 8:26:21AM] Small Burgundy

Zip me up and go
Ashley Kehoe
 [09/03 8:26:11AM] Black small please

Zip to my heart top
Kaylee Moerman
 [09/03 8:26:09AM] Black 2XL

Zipping through the day
Brittani Paquette
 [09/03 8:25:49AM] Black, large

Just a zip
Tiana Phillips
 [09/03 8:23:55AM] M red

Gone country, country gal, leave it to me, feeling beautiful, feeling flawless , hello tomorrow, bring it on,
Holly coulombe
 [09/03 8:23:51AM] Pine M

Zip to the top
Madison Wagner
 [09/03 8:23:40AM] XS, black

Zip To the Top
Bethany White
 [09/03 8:23:25AM] XL Pine

Get Your Fall ZIP Back
Wanda Ambeault
 [09/03 8:23:14AM] XL, Burgundy

Zip To It Top, Feeling Zippy Top, Autumn Zip Top
Chelsea Leiva
 [09/03 8:23:01AM] L, Burgundy

Gone country, country gal, leave it to me, feeling beautiful, feeling flawless , hello tomorrow, bring it on,
Holly coulombe
 [09/03 8:23:01AM] Pine M

Back in a Zip
Gina Caron
 [09/03 8:22:52AM] Size Medium, Pine

Zip me up top/sweater
Heather Stanley
 [09/03 8:22:29AM] 2XL pine

Elyse Sanders
 [09/03 8:22:01AM] Medium bergundy

Business in the front Zippin in the back
Melissa Short
 [09/03 8:21:37AM] Black / Small

Zip It E Do Da
Pam Pastirik
 [09/03 8:21:07AM] Medium or Large green

Zip me into fall; Zips away; zipping into fall; fall glam top; zipperoo jumper
Kim Freeman
 [09/03 8:20:51AM] XL, black

Zippin behind my back
Lori Stefanishion
 [09/03 8:20:12AM] XL burgundy

Zipped back to fall
Chelsea roberts
 [09/03 8:19:56AM] Xs black

Zip it good; All zipped up; Zippin Good ; Zip me up ; zip me back ; Cozy & Zipped
Melissa Short
 [09/03 8:19:41AM] Black / Small

Zip Into Fall
Megan Sparks
 [09/03 8:19:40AM] Medium burgundy

All zipped up
Chelsea Roberts
 [09/03 8:19:01AM] Xs/s black

Zip to the Weekend
Christina Reed
 [09/03 8:18:27AM] Black 2XL

Zip It Top; Hip Zip Top
Liz Roy
 [09/03 8:17:20AM] Medium burgundy

Party in the Back, Zippity-do-da, Zip to it
Rachelle Douglas
 [09/03 8:16:54AM] Pine Large

Love my Zippers
Bernice Twomey
 [09/03 8:16:34AM] 2XL

Zip It Top; Hip Zip Top
Liz Roy
 [09/03 8:16:18AM] Medium burgundy

All the fall feels/all the feels zippered top
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/03 8:15:57AM] Pine XL

Zip zip hooray
Chelsea Roberts
 [09/03 8:15:04AM] Xs/s black

It’s back baby
Diane Hayes
 [09/03 8:14:46AM] 2xl. Black

Zip me into the weekend
Jasmine Elsayed
 [09/03 8:14:23AM] XL burgundy

All zipped up
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:14:04AM] Xs black

Straight Up Top, to the top
Jenn Bennison
 [09/03 8:13:48AM] Burgundy, large

Let’s zip it
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/03 8:13:38AM] Xs pine

Zipped to Go
Bernice Twomey
 [09/03 8:13:38AM] 2XL

Zee Zee Top Or ZZ Top
Rhonda Mayer
 [09/03 8:13:10AM] Small Burgundy

Fade to Back
Angela Walker
 [09/03 8:13:00AM] Green Small

We’ve Got your back top, zip to it top, zip to the top
Victoria Melbourne
 [09/03 8:12:42AM] Teal large

ZipZip Hooray
Kelly Woon
 [09/03 8:12:40AM] Black 2xl

Gone country, leave it to me, hello beautiful,
Holly coulombe
 [09/03 8:12:37AM] Pine M

Zipped To Perfection, Party In The Back Top,
Deanna Hunt
 [09/03 8:12:11AM] Green, Small

Back to Fall Top/Zippin Back Top
Gina Bolton
 [09/03 8:11:54AM] XL Black

All Zipped Up
Kelly Woon
 [09/03 8:11:50AM] Black 2xl

In a zip
Natalie Goudreau
 [09/03 8:11:41AM] Pine Large

Gone country, leave it to me, hello beautiful,
Holly coulombe
 [09/03 8:11:30AM] Pine M

Zip to it Top, Quality Time Top, Falling for you Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/03 8:11:03AM] Burgundy, M

Zip to it Top, Quality Time Top, Falling for you Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/03 8:10:13AM] Burgundy, M

Inner Beauty Top, Zip Me Up Top
Sarah Snable
 [09/03 8:10:05AM] Xs pine

Zip zip hurray
Stephanie Wilkinson
 [09/03 8:09:44AM] Burgundy’s 2xl

Zip To It; Got Your Back;
Ana Klovan
 [09/03 8:09:34AM] Burgundy Small

Zip to it Top, Quality Time Top, Falling for you Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/03 8:09:29AM] Burgundy, M

Zip into fall, zipping into fall,
Stephanie paquette
 [09/03 8:08:29AM] Purple, large

Zip n’ Tuck
Tesa Steinke
 [09/03 8:08:02AM] Wine XL

Zippity Day Top
Jenn klassen
 [09/03 8:08:00AM] Black xl

Charlie’s Angels Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/03 8:07:50AM] S pine

Break Free Zip Top
Amber Cruse
 [09/03 8:06:44AM] Black XL

Zip to It Sweater
Ashley Haining
 [09/03 8:06:42AM] XS, black

I’ve got your back / I’ve got you covered / Zip back here
Lynne Burnham
 [09/03 8:06:35AM] 2xl burgundy please

Zip to It Top
Sara Lawspn
 [09/03 8:06:19AM] Small - Pine

Zip Zip Horray
Tesa Steinke
 [09/03 8:05:58AM] Pine XL

Behind my back Zipper Top
Rachel Friesen
 [09/03 8:05:22AM] Burgundy lg.

Unzip the Possibilities, Unzip New Beginnings, Zip to the Future, One Zip at a Time
Brayell Dengler
 [09/03 8:05:21AM] Pine, Small

Zip Me Top
Jenn klassen
 [09/03 8:05:10AM] Burgundy xl

Zip-a-dee doo dah top
Jennifer Smith
 [09/03 8:04:43AM] XL green

That Fall Feeling Top
Pamela Leitch
 [09/03 8:04:35AM] L & burgundy

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