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Dot Sweater
August 27, 2021

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Total of 474 Entries
Congratulations to Kelly McGrath Grimes, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the You Dot This Sweater!

Don’t ever dot me sweater
Dana Zieroth
 [08/29 8:51:58AM] XL black

In the DOT light!
Jolene Knowles
 [08/29 8:41:47AM] Black. Small. :) Thank you!

Dot me pretty
Angela Ostrom
 [08/29 8:37:59AM] L black

Dot it like it’s hot
Jessie McDonald
 [08/29 8:34:33AM] 2xl off white

DOTing over you sweater
Angela Nichols
 [08/29 8:31:07AM] Black, size Medium

Just Dotty for you
Jacqueline Munro
 [08/29 8:24:31AM] Off White - small

Dot Right
Pamela Kraik
 [08/29 8:23:41AM] Small black

Dotty Over
Pamela Kraik
 [08/29 8:22:06AM] Small black

Dotty About
Pamela Kraik
 [08/29 8:21:28AM] Small black

Laura Silvers
 [08/29 8:14:32AM] XL Black

Party Dot Sweater
Kelly Sheehan
 [08/29 8:11:55AM] 2XL Spicy Rust

Dotted all up, dots for you sweater, dare to dot it
Jen Gibson
 [08/29 8:10:47AM] Spicy rust, small

Dots all folks
Deana Snowden
 [08/29 8:10:31AM] XL spicy rust

Plenty of dots, Dotiful sweater, Polka around fall.
Cathy Pike
 [08/29 8:06:37AM] Spicy Rust size L

On Point Sweater
Ashley Warkentin
 [08/29 8:03:06AM] XL spicy rust

Charlotte Greenwood
 [08/29 6:23:26AM] Large off white

Button Up, Knot up with you, Make your Dot, Dot it or flaunt it
Leigh Hudson-Templeton
 [08/29 4:55:38AM] Off white, M

Knot to have this sweater
Debbie McMillan
 [08/29 4:43:43AM] Off white small

Dot-licious Sweater
Sandra Devost
 [08/29 4:36:02AM] L - Black

Bubbly top
Natalie Labranche
 [08/28 11:06:54PM] Small off white

Dot Calm, Dot Com, Hit the Spot, Dot You Love It, Spot On, Connect, Connect the Dots
Vanessa Wickey
 [08/28 10:48:22PM] M black or blue, either is nice

Dot-light-ful sweater, Dose of Autumn sweater
Tracy Dubois
 [08/28 10:42:18PM] XL, Spicy rust

Dots up to you
Carolyn Ferguson
 [08/28 10:02:44PM] Spicy Rust, Large

Dot Your Grandmas Sweater
Katherine Kawecki
 [08/28 8:16:34PM] XL & Spicy Rust

Dot on the town, dotted and crossed sweater, dot dot love
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [08/28 7:42:31PM] 2X rust

Fall for dots, falling for dots, dotted with love, top of the dot, dot another day
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [08/28 7:41:20PM] 2X rust

Popping Polka-Dot Pullover
Janine McDuff
 [08/28 7:38:26PM] XL light blue melange

Dot to dot
Bridget boudreau
 [08/28 6:54:05PM] Large black

Spot on
Bridget boudreau
 [08/28 6:53:20PM] Black large

Dotted Flare / Dotted sweater
Angela Mitres
 [08/28 6:43:48PM] X's, off white

Spotted at the hottest shows, walk the dot
Tamara scutt
 [08/28 6:35:17PM] Grey 1x

First date sweater, Emily sweater, Fall days sweater, falls a callin' sweater,Dotted bliss sweater
Sheryl Bauder
 [08/28 6:32:44PM] Spicy rust ..large

Spot On Sweater
Deanna Miller
 [08/28 6:19:11PM] Black large

Connect the dots
Chantal Malboeuf
 [08/28 5:26:30PM] black, xl or spicy rust xl

The Dot
Kelly Marlin
 [08/28 5:07:00PM] XL spicy rust

Dot it sweater
Shannon Bailey
 [08/28 4:49:33PM] Blue in med

Autumn Leaves
Valerie Bellemore
 [08/28 4:32:29PM] 2xl & spicy rust

Cozy up sweater
Theresa Enns
 [08/28 3:27:38PM] Xl black

My Popcorn Sweater
Theresa Enns
 [08/28 3:26:47PM] Xl cream

Pretty Polka
Jenny Almeida
 [08/28 3:01:33PM] Small white

Hug me sweater
Melissa Flaman
 [08/28 2:19:01PM] 2 XL Light Blue Melange

Alicia de Jager
 [08/28 1:43:51PM] Spicy rust, XS

Spot On Comfort
Nicole Buchanan
 [08/28 1:38:56PM] LARGE, BLACK

The Dorothy sweater, the Sweet Dot sweater, the Sweet and Sassy sweater, Don’t Dot Around
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [08/28 1:24:26PM] XL Black

All Balled Up Sweater
Melissa Walkem
 [08/28 1:23:55PM] Off white small

Dots For Days; No Dot About It;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [08/28 1:20:18PM] XL, black

Spot On
Krystal Westerink
 [08/28 1:18:17PM] Medium Off White

Polka Dancing Dot Sweater
Lilliane Hradecki
 [08/28 12:14:42PM] Light blue melange in Small or medium if fitted

You'll Always Be Spotted
Carrie Sjolander
 [08/28 11:42:00AM] 3X Black, please

You Had Me at Dots Sweater
Melissa McCracken
 [08/28 11:39:58AM] Small blue Melange

Connect The Dots
Carrie Sjolander
 [08/28 11:38:22AM] 3X Black, please

Dots Your Way Sweater
Melissa McCracken
 [08/28 11:38:15AM] M blue Melange

Dots the Way I Like It!
Melissa McCracken
 [08/28 11:35:36AM] Med blue melange

I Dot You Babe Sweater, Power Puff Sweater, The Right Puff Sweater
Monique Neufeld
 [08/28 11:33:59AM] Large, Grey

Spot the Dots Sweater
Melissa McCracken
 [08/28 11:30:40AM] Medium Light Blue Melange sweater, "I can see dots" sweater, Follow the Dots to Fall Sweater
Sandy Reely
 [08/28 11:12:17AM] 2xl rust

"Fall" for you sweater
Laurie Vaughan
 [08/28 10:24:01AM] Large spicy rust

Feeling me softly
Lynn MacGregor
 [08/28 10:08:18AM] Spicy rust medium

On the Dotted line
Tovah Staudt
 [08/28 9:59:41AM] Spicy rust. M.

Dot do it
Cathy Pike
 [08/28 9:48:30AM] Spicy Rust size L

Dot to it Sweater
Cathy Pike
 [08/28 9:47:38AM] Spicy Rust size L

I’m Falling For You Sweater
Fiona Smith
 [08/28 9:41:47AM] XS Rust

Dot Go Breakin' My Heart
Lisa Serdachny
 [08/28 9:23:02AM] Black - L

Dotted with love, fall feels, connect the dots
Gina Bergman
 [08/28 8:38:47AM] White medium

Spot/Dot on Gorgeous Sweater!
Sandra Devost
 [08/28 8:36:50AM] Spicy Rust Size L

Spot On, Right on the Dot, Dot Me Up, Dots of Glory, Puff Ball Magic, Cozy Dots,
Jody Ergang
 [08/28 8:21:45AM] XL spicy rust

Spotty Dotty
 [08/28 8:15:24AM] 2xl white

Right on the Dot
Larissa Zaychuk
 [08/28 8:13:07AM] Small , black

Spot on Sweater
Tracey Anderson
 [08/28 8:12:39AM] White XS

Popcorn cozy
Gail Butt
 [08/28 8:12:00AM] Spicy Rust XL

Cuddle me Cozy
Trudy Lucas
 [08/28 7:58:08AM] Small orange

Fall Into Cozy
Trudy Lucas
 [08/28 7:56:59AM] Small, orange

Power Puff Sweater
Jesse Mackin
 [08/28 7:52:47AM] Large Black

Dot All Day Sweater
Krystal Rodney
 [08/28 7:49:26AM] Black XL

Dots for Days
Tracy Hulton
 [08/28 7:48:13AM] XS light blue

Dots for Days
Tracy Hulton
 [08/28 7:44:39AM] XS light blue

Sweet-Dot Sweater
Krystal Rodney
 [08/28 7:44:19AM] Black XL

All the dots for you sweater
Serena Bennett
 [08/28 7:38:25AM] Xl Black

Bubbling Over
Debbie Slater
 [08/28 7:35:43AM] Xl black

No dot about it
Meghan Schuler
 [08/28 7:30:09AM] Medium, black

Spot on sweater
Meghan Schuler
 [08/28 7:28:05AM] Black, medium

Fall Fabulous Sweater
Kristen Kringhaug
 [08/28 7:25:26AM] M- white

Connection Sweater
Michelle Cowan
 [08/28 7:13:26AM] Medium rust

Dotty Sweater
Lindsay Docherty
 [08/28 7:00:12AM] S Light Blue Melange

Polka Pretty Sweater
Lindsay Docherty
 [08/28 6:59:01AM] S Light Blue Melange

I’ve got a soft spot for you sweater
Brette Bickford
 [08/28 6:52:32AM] XS and black

I’ve got a soft spot for you sweater
Brette Bickford
 [08/28 6:50:15AM] XS and black

Spot on sweater
Verona jungling
 [08/28 6:31:28AM] I white large

Dot On Sweater
Jen Emond
 [08/28 6:30:21AM] Off white large

Fall into dots sweater
Kali stow
 [08/28 6:16:45AM] XL black

Alottadots, dotsalot, meet me at the park, let’s wander,
Lana Baker
 [08/28 5:58:49AM] Large light blue melange

The dotty sweater, the Pom dot com sweater,
Allison Cray
 [08/28 5:51:45AM] XL - light blue melange

Poppin Puff, Puff the magic sweater, Poppin poplin puff, Polka dot puff
Alyssa foley
 [08/28 5:06:47AM] L, blue

Staccato Sweater; Spot Me Sweater
Candice Daniels
 [08/28 12:43:05AM] Medium Black

rock around the dot
sara doolittle
 [08/27 11:33:51PM] Off White Large

Dot your Eyes Sweater
Tara Babcock
 [08/27 11:02:02PM] Black - Large

The Hampton Pullover
Jenn MacDougall
 [08/27 10:59:36PM] Black XL

Dots your number, Soft dot days sweater, What the Dots
Valerie Simpson
 [08/27 10:38:33PM] Light Blue, Large

In the clouds
Amie Bowlby
 [08/27 10:13:24PM] Xl baby blue please

Take Me Out Sweater
Carrie-Lynn Stryletski
 [08/27 9:52:03PM] Large Black

Hello Dottie
Karen Wallis
 [08/27 9:26:14PM] Small, off white

Rock a Lot of Dots Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [08/27 9:00:50PM] XL, BLue Melange

Polka Dots and Daydreams Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [08/27 8:55:34PM] XL, BLue Melange

Dancing with Dots Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [08/27 8:50:47PM] XL, BLue Melange

Lovely Lady Bumps Sweater
Rosanna Fiorino
 [08/27 8:37:14PM] Black xs

Dot to Dot
Laura Lundy
 [08/27 8:06:50PM] Size M in Off-White

Sweet spot
Alysia Dagg
 [08/27 7:56:10PM] White medium

Equinox Splotch
Breanne Couperthwaite
 [08/27 7:53:17PM] Small, Black

Dot to Dot Sweater
 [08/27 7:49:59PM] Medium spicy rust

Dot you wish
Charlene Thomas
 [08/27 7:47:39PM] Off white , XL

Dots for Days Sweater
Samaya Holmes
 [08/27 7:46:40PM] XS cream

Fun fall knobby pullover
Brenda Todd
 [08/27 7:33:11PM] Size M...spicy rust

Spot the Dots, Speckle Fall, Fall Bespeckle, contrast Dots, Fall Dapple
Michelle Evans
 [08/27 7:14:43PM] 2XL black

Fall Dots
Michelle Evans
 [08/27 7:11:54PM] Beige

You give me goosebumps sweater
 [08/27 7:05:48PM] Xl black

Dots of fall sweater
Stephanie coker
 [08/27 7:05:06PM] Orange xl

Dot your eyes
Darlene Nisbet
 [08/27 7:04:06PM] Spicy Rust in a L

Popping’ like it’s hot
Cat Affleck
 [08/27 6:50:29PM] Spicy rust in small!

Pop me on
Chantal Lindsay
 [08/27 6:45:24PM] Med

The Noddy Dotty
Tina porter
 [08/27 6:31:06PM] XL or 2X if available in Black

Sweet as caramel popcorn sweater
Natalie Ducharme
 [08/27 6:27:23PM] Xl black

Fall for dots
 [08/27 6:27:02PM] Off White small

A sprinkle of dots
Wendy Sanders
 [08/27 6:25:17PM] Xl black

Rain drop sweater
Wendy Sanders
 [08/27 6:24:04PM] Xl black

Dot to Dot Sweater
Rachelle Parsonage
 [08/27 6:23:55PM] Medium off white

The cloud sweater
Wendy Sanders
 [08/27 6:21:39PM] Xl, Black

It’s a sweater dot dot dot…
Keree LaBelle
 [08/27 6:14:54PM] Medium black

Right on the Dot crew neck sweater.
Tracey Fraser
 [08/27 6:12:09PM] Off white medium

Cuddle me sweater
Melanie Rumley
 [08/27 6:09:33PM] S, black

Darling dots sweater
Patti sexton
 [08/27 6:04:13PM] Xl white

Dottie dreaming
Patti sexton
 [08/27 6:03:33PM] Xl black

Spot On Sweater
Barbara Quibell
 [08/27 6:02:06PM] XL Light Blue Melange

To be or dot yo be. / Dottie for you
Patti sexton
 [08/27 6:01:50PM] Xl black

To be or dot yo be
Patti sexton
 [08/27 6:01:02PM] Xl black

Dot your eyes cross hour tees
Patti sexton
 [08/27 6:00:05PM] Black xl

"Chic happens".
JoAnne McLean
 [08/27 5:58:56PM] XL off white

Dot your eyes cross hour tees
Patti sexton
 [08/27 5:57:22PM] Black xl

Dazzle in Dots
Kelly Black
 [08/27 5:53:35PM] Medium & Black

Spot it Everywhere
Natalie Ingelbeen
 [08/27 5:46:16PM] Small, Black

"SPOT-LITE sweater
 [08/27 5:44:41PM] XL Cream

Dotty and nice, Dots around the block, Don’t be so dotty
Carolyn Kenney
 [08/27 5:43:24PM] Spice size small pls

Dots are us
Angie Fogarty
 [08/27 5:42:56PM] Xl white off

Softy Lofty Cozy
Angie Fogarty
 [08/27 5:41:03PM] Xl off white

Dots the way I like it sweater
Charlene Huizinga
 [08/27 5:40:55PM] 2xl off white

Spot On
Angie Fogarty
 [08/27 5:39:33PM] Xl off white

The umbonate experience sweater
 [08/27 5:39:32PM] Off white 2xl

Dot, skip and a jump into fall
Amanda Proulx
 [08/27 5:38:59PM] Small

Miss Dottie
Angie Fogarty
 [08/27 5:38:58PM] Xl off white

Dot to the heart
Angie Fogarty
 [08/27 5:38:21PM] Xl off white

Spot the Dot sweater, Dots of Fun sweater
Tracey Fraser
 [08/27 5:38:04PM] Off white, medium

"Movie night "
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [08/27 5:36:53PM] XL cream colour

Nubbin Quite Like It Sweater,
Samantha Sham
 [08/27 5:34:42PM] Xl light blue melange

Fit for the queen
Tiana Phillips
 [08/27 5:28:00PM] M blue

Tea with the Queen
Tiana Phillips
 [08/27 5:27:29PM] M blue

Dot Go Breakin' My Heart
Lorraine Robak
 [08/27 5:25:43PM] Medium off white

Puff Dotty
Amanda Dykstra
 [08/27 5:21:34PM] Light Blue L

Dots on the mind
Meghan Friesen
 [08/27 5:18:51PM] Black Small

Ball Me Up
Sara Vanderwal
 [08/27 5:10:19PM] XS/S Blue

Bonfire, Cabin Fever
Katy Geh
 [08/27 5:07:03PM] XL, Spicy Rust

Fallin’ in Love, Cozy time, Autumn Kiss, pick of the patch, Happy Fall, Fall in the city
Katy Geh
 [08/27 5:05:35PM] XL, Black

In the spotlight
Stephanie Beacon
 [08/27 5:04:32PM] Black 2XL

Bedotted with love, good day to polka dot, connect the dots
Stephanie Beacon
 [08/27 5:03:20PM] Spicy rust, 2XL

Dot the 'I' top
Jeannette Wells
 [08/27 5:01:37PM] M Black

Dotty Dream Sweater, spotty dotty, quinconce quality, dare to dream of dots
Stephanie Beacon
 [08/27 4:59:45PM] Black, 2XL

Dotted Swiss Miss (dotted Swiss was an old time name for polka dots)
Stephanie Beacon
 [08/27 4:57:12PM] 2XL spicy rust

Hardcore Chill, Swag n Fun, Sassy Vibes
Melody Habibulayev
 [08/27 4:51:49PM] Spicy Rust 2XL

This dots for you
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [08/27 4:51:34PM] L spicy rust

Poppin' right to fall sweater
Marysia Waritsky
 [08/27 4:42:40PM] Off white- XL

Poppin' into fall sweater
Marysia Waritsky
 [08/27 4:40:04PM] Off white- XL

Poppin' around town sweater
Marysia Waritsky
 [08/27 4:39:45PM] Off white- XL

Dotted Dream Sweater
Angela Branchaud
 [08/27 4:11:18PM] Black, 2xl

Polka dot pop
Jessica Haldenby
 [08/27 4:10:03PM] Medium spicy rust

Tammy Larson
 [08/27 3:41:55PM] 3xl black or blue

Dot's The Way It Is Sweater
Karen Carvell
 [08/27 3:37:23PM] 2XL Black

Speckled and free
Melissa Favel
 [08/27 3:33:41PM] Black large

Dots of a sweater stick together
Gina de Roos
 [08/27 3:28:24PM] M & off white

Dots of Love sweater
Kim Buckle
 [08/27 3:24:14PM] Black, XS

The Cozy
Melissa Bodiam
 [08/27 3:11:50PM] Medium, Off-white

The Cozy
Melissa Bodiam
 [08/27 3:11:01PM] Medium, Off-White

The Cozy
Melissa Bodiam
 [08/27 3:10:43PM] Medium, Off-White

The Cozy
Melissa Bodiam
 [08/27 3:10:12PM] Medium, Off-White

Spot the Difference
Stella Madsen
 [08/27 3:06:14PM] Large spicy rust

A lot of dots
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 3:04:25PM] Xs black

Dotted over here
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 3:03:22PM] Xs light blue

Your Spot On
Stella Madsen
 [08/27 3:02:10PM] large spicy rust

Dotted all over the place
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 3:01:31PM] Xs spicy rust

Put Yourself in the Spot Light
Stella Madsen
 [08/27 3:01:00PM] Large Spicy Rust

Dot Knot sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 3:00:51PM] Xs black

Love you dots!
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 2:58:49PM] Xs white

Spot the Dots
SueAnn Deeble
 [08/27 2:53:57PM] blue - m

Spot on Sweater
SueAnn Deeble
 [08/27 2:46:17PM] s - Blue Melange

Dots a lot Sweater
NIcole MacKenzie
 [08/27 2:45:55PM] S (burnt orange or cream)

Dot by day
 [08/27 2:42:04PM] Off white large

A Cozy Spot Sweater
Fiona Smith
 [08/27 2:34:52PM] XS Rust

Ultimately Umbonate Sweater
Charlene Huizinga
 [08/27 2:30:36PM] 2xl off white

Bedotted Beauty
Darquise Brisson
 [08/27 2:29:28PM] Small Off-white

Spot On Sweater
Shannon Baquie
 [08/27 2:26:27PM] XL Rust

Marks the Spot Sweater, Connecting the Dot Sweater,
Shannon Baquie
 [08/27 2:24:54PM] XL Spicy Rust

Connect the dots
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 2:22:51PM] Xs spicy rust

Puffy and Fluffy Sweater
Lindsay Dahlen
 [08/27 2:16:23PM] Blue Large

Hello sweater weather
Aniko Izsak
 [08/27 2:15:05PM] Rust medium

Hearts a Flutter Sweater
Lindsay Dahlen
 [08/27 2:12:28PM] Spicy Rust Large

Fall in spot sweater
Jessica pringle
 [08/27 2:11:24PM] Lg black

Falling for Polka Dots, Cozy Chic Sweater
Sarah Armstrong
 [08/27 2:08:30PM] Medium Spicy Rust

No Dot About It
Tonya Di Vito
 [08/27 1:43:44PM] 2XL black

Connect the dot
Kerri fahey
 [08/27 1:39:56PM] Xl light blue malange

The “Dotty” sweater or Bubbly like Champagne ?
Tammy Chapman
 [08/27 1:39:52PM] Off white size small please

Snuggly Spot Sweater
Fiona Smith
 [08/27 1:39:41PM] XS Rust

The “Dotty” sweater or “bubbly like champagne”
Tammy Chapman
 [08/27 1:37:44PM] Off white size small

dot your average sweater
Jennifer Murphy
 [08/27 1:34:10PM] small grey

dot calm sweater
Jennifer Murphy
 [08/27 1:32:49PM] small grey

Connect the dot Sweater
Jennifer Murphy
 [08/27 1:32:25PM] grey small

Belle of the ball sweater
Cheryl Alford
 [08/27 1:32:15PM] Small, cream

In the Game
Shannon McCauley
 [08/27 1:28:04PM] M Rust

Dot it like it’s hot; dots are hot; dot love; dot love?; cozy dot top; sweet dots sweater;
Jessica chilton
 [08/27 1:11:00PM] Large black

Love Dot Com
Sara Carisse
 [08/27 1:10:05PM] Black XL

Dots Over You Sweater
Sheena MacDonald
 [08/27 1:07:20PM] Medium & Blue

On the spot sweater
Jennifer price
 [08/27 1:06:26PM] Black medium

Soft Spot Sweater
Lisa Sahli Graham
 [08/27 1:03:45PM] Black Large

Peek A Dot Sweater
Jennifer Simpson
 [08/27 1:01:46PM] Black XL

Polka Dot Party Sweater
Natalie wild
 [08/27 12:56:09PM] Black, large

It's All About the Dots
Cheryl Hudson
 [08/27 12:47:05PM] XL light blue

The Julie
Cindy Meek
 [08/27 12:46:45PM] Blk white s-xl

Coffee Date Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [08/27 12:41:35PM] XL, black

I only dot eyes for you
Suzie McIntosh
 [08/27 12:36:48PM] Small off white

Dot your eyes top!
Suzie McIntosh
 [08/27 12:35:35PM] Small, off white

Spotting fall sweating
Maggi Bruce
 [08/27 12:34:05PM] Rust medium

The “Lottie, Dottie & Softie” Sweater — or — “Say Yes to the Dot”
Zahira Amir Ali
 [08/27 12:32:55PM] S - Spicy Rust /or Light Blue Melange

Dotty But Nice Sweater
Karen Carvell
 [08/27 12:27:40PM] 2XL Black

Chic Popcorn Dot
 [08/27 12:27:07PM] M - blue melange

Dot to have me sweater
Yvonne stewart
 [08/27 12:17:42PM] Medium/large Rust

Dots of Happiness
Angela Walker
 [08/27 12:15:57PM] Off white M

Bubbles Baby Sweater
Sherry Drost
 [08/27 12:14:20PM] XL Off White

Campfire cozy
 [08/27 12:13:29PM] S black

Bubble Wrap Sweater
Sherry Drost
 [08/27 12:12:49PM] XL Off White

Dot Off the Press, Forget me Dot, You’ve Dot A Friend in Me, Hot Dotty, Dot Autumn Girl, Dotting into Fall, Falling in Dot with You
Sophie Lott
 [08/27 12:12:05PM] L

Dots of fun!
Karen Bodenheimer
 [08/27 12:10:26PM] Size large, black please :)

Bump me to the weekend sweater
Jasmine Elsayed
 [08/27 12:09:21PM] XL - cream

Puff It Up Sweater
Sherry Drost
 [08/27 12:09:19PM] XL Light Blue Melange

Bubble Up
Jennifer Gran
 [08/27 12:09:16PM] spicy Rust. Medium.

Spot the Dot
Evellyn Coleman
 [08/27 12:08:50PM] Spicy Rust XL

Connect the dots sweater
Shontelle Benard
 [08/27 12:07:58PM] Off white Xlarge

Dainty Dot sweater
Sherry Drost
 [08/27 12:05:02PM] XL Light Blue Melange

Elegant Dot
Michelle Piggott
 [08/27 12:04:13PM] XL black

Fall into sweater.
Wendy Dolton
 [08/27 12:00:42PM] XL Spicy rust

Invisible Dot Sweater
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [08/27 11:58:03AM] XL - Off White

Falling for Dots Sweater
Erika Crowley
 [08/27 11:55:58AM] Small, white

Soft, Sassy and Sexy Sweater
Rose Kellington
 [08/27 11:54:06AM] XL Light Blue Melange

Happy Days
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:53:04AM] M- off white

Popcorn frenzy sweater
 [08/27 11:51:09AM] M

Everyday elegance sweater
Carolee Malley
 [08/27 11:47:27AM] Large, light blue

Toast to the host sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:46:03AM] M-Blue

Bubble wrapped
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:45:04AM] M-Blue

My Knotty sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:42:49AM] M-Black

Dot’s the Spot Sweater
Lisa Pittman
 [08/27 11:39:23AM] Black xxl

Dawn till dusk sweater
Katie Britz
 [08/27 11:38:30AM] M-Blue

On The Dot Sweater
Melissa Comeau
 [08/27 11:36:53AM] Large, Light blue

In the spotlight of fall
Teriena Smith
 [08/27 11:35:18AM] Black-2xl

Bobble Queen
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:35:13AM] M-Black

Autumn Comfort
Sherri Reynders
 [08/27 11:34:00AM] Xl black

Besotted Bedotted!
Katherine Sutherland
 [08/27 11:32:52AM] Off White Size: small

Perfectly Polka Cozy Sweater
Alissa Matheson
 [08/27 11:32:11AM] XL & Black

Connect the Dots
Kendra Fraser
 [08/27 11:31:53AM] Rust L

Everything starts with a dot
Paula Bass
 [08/27 11:30:10AM] Blue 2xl

On the Dot Sweater
Katherine Campbell
 [08/27 11:28:29AM] Off White Size: Small

Snowball sweater
Ora-Lee Hankins
 [08/27 11:24:36AM] 2xl black

Chic & cozy dot sweater
Becca bolt
 [08/27 11:20:38AM] Xl orange

Dot You Want Me
Becca bolt
 [08/27 11:18:00AM] Xl white

Celebration top
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:16:57AM] M-Blue

Perfectly popped sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:16:05AM] M-blue

On Dot of the World Sweater
Shannon Dufour
 [08/27 11:14:23AM] L Spicy Rust

Pop it like it’s hot
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:14:10AM] M- Black

Trend Spotter; A Spot Above; Simply Spotted; The Dottie; Spot, Please; Dot, Please; Dottie Mae.
Rebecca Jans
 [08/27 11:14:04AM] Off White, size xl

Dot to have it
Kirsten Todd
 [08/27 11:11:50AM] Off white large

Spot-On Perfect Sweater
Meryl Rannankari
 [08/27 11:11:49AM] Rust large

Hooked on the Look
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:08:01AM] M-Blue

Dot to have it all
Kirsten Todd
 [08/27 11:07:27AM] Off white medium

Cross the t's and dot the i's sweater
Sarah Elsasser
 [08/27 11:06:44AM] small off-white

Belle of the Fall
Olivia Meyer
 [08/27 11:05:19AM] Orange XL

Luxe & Dots Sweater
Renee Prevost
 [08/27 11:03:33AM] 2x rust

Dots of fun sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:01:44AM] M- Black

On The Dotted Line Sweater, Dotted Love Sweater
Terri Grey
 [08/27 11:01:40AM] Light Blue size M

Pop the Bobbly
Kate Britz
 [08/27 11:00:41AM] M- Black

Lady Dot Sweater
Renee Prevost
 [08/27 10:59:43AM] Blue 2X

Ditty Dot
Maria Gee
 [08/27 10:57:49AM] Medium and black

Balls of fun
Kelly Kennedy
 [08/27 10:56:49AM] Size 2X cream

Dots amazing!
Jessica Bethune
 [08/27 10:56:47AM] Xl black

Best of the season sweater
Kate Brotz
 [08/27 10:56:36AM] M-Black

Feelin ‘ a bit dotty
Natasha Janzen
 [08/27 10:56:15AM] Medium spicy rust

Day Dreamer Sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 10:56:07AM] M- Blue

Katie Britz
 [08/27 10:55:28AM] M-Blue

Modern Knits sweater
Kate Britz
 [08/27 10:55:03AM] M- Blue

Knit for you
Kate Britz
 [08/27 10:54:39AM] M- Blue

Falling for dots
Michelina MacNeill
 [08/27 10:54:28AM] Xs spicy rust

Kate Britz
 [08/27 10:53:38AM] M- Blue

Fall into autumn spectacle
Amy Laporte
 [08/27 10:50:28AM] Small; Spicy Rust

Dot You Love It?
Jessica Laforest
 [08/27 10:45:58AM] Medium/Off white

Knot today bad vibes. Knot today!
Grace Pirri
 [08/27 10:44:05AM] Small off white

Spot the dot sweater
Marlene Fisher
 [08/27 10:43:44AM] Medium rust

On The Dot Sweater / Dot-ing Good Time Sweater / Falling For Dots sweater / Dots of Love / Dots to my Heart /
Lynne Burnham
 [08/27 10:40:24AM] 2xl rust please

“Dots” of fun
Stephanie Koval
 [08/27 10:39:49AM] 2XL & Light Blue

“You Had Me at Polka Dot” Sweater
Julia MacEwen
 [08/27 10:38:38AM] Large black

I love you a dot
Andrea Reid
 [08/27 10:36:20AM] Medium in rust

You've got that knubbing feeling sweater
susan chan
 [08/27 10:36:04AM] cream, med

Dotted Days or Dotted Daze
Stephanie Riley
 [08/27 10:36:04AM] Black size Large

Fall onto me Sweater
Katie Hirvi
 [08/27 10:34:57AM] Light Blue med

Dots For Days Sweater, Connect The Dots Top, A Lotta Dots Top, Dots on Dots on Dots on Dots
Emily Langman
 [08/27 10:34:40AM] xl Rust

Best Friend - suggesting sweater is cozy friendly bc secure and full of love like a hug from your best friend
Kelley McReynolds
 [08/27 10:28:35AM] Copper or white size medium

No Dot About It Sweater
Emily Langman
 [08/27 10:27:21AM] Xl rust

Spot On Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [08/27 10:26:38AM] Off white, small

Dot of comfort
Kate Britz
 [08/27 10:24:22AM] M- Light blue

No Dot About It Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [08/27 10:23:54AM] Off white, size small

Dotted Daydreams
Liisa McInnis
 [08/27 10:22:41AM] Small black

Perfect polka
Taira axton
 [08/27 10:21:27AM] Xl black

Dreaming of Fall Days
Katie Weishar
 [08/27 10:19:26AM] Off White XS

What’s popping, pocket full of posies sweater, simply stunning sweater, serendipity sweater
Jenessa Talbot
 [08/27 10:19:17AM] Large , black

Dot take me for granted
Melissa Goldie
 [08/27 10:18:49AM] Xl blue

I Dot you babe
Patti Walton
 [08/27 10:18:18AM] Spicy Rust in medium

You Rock Polka Dots Sweater
Sherri Rogers
 [08/27 10:18:00AM] Large, black

Dotty by Nature
Melissa Buhler
 [08/27 10:17:12AM] spicy rust L

Autumn Perfection Sweater
Becky Harnett
 [08/27 10:17:01AM] 2XL Black

Dots of Fun
Lindsay Lefave
 [08/27 10:16:29AM] Off white - large

Dots n Cozy sweater
Riekje van Delst
 [08/27 10:16:26AM] Spicy rust in large

Picture Perfect Polka Dot Sweater
Becky Harnett
 [08/27 10:15:00AM] 2XL Black

Dots of Love sweater
Tammy Peterson
 [08/27 10:13:54AM] Black XL

Dots it!
Dena Duchesne
 [08/27 10:12:54AM] Xl cream

Dot to dot sweater
Dena Duchesne
 [08/27 10:12:22AM] Xl cream

Comfy dots
Julianne mcnevin
 [08/27 10:12:22AM] Orange size m

Dots to you
Dena Duchesne
 [08/27 10:11:43AM] Xl cream

Fall clouds
Marithza Castillo
 [08/27 10:11:33AM] Small rust

Cool and cozy
Dena Duchesne
 [08/27 10:10:58AM] Xl cream

Puffed to Perfection
Jennifer Hanos
 [08/27 10:10:25AM] Black XS

Dot Me Up Sweater
Jennifer Parker
 [08/27 10:09:44AM] Large

Spot a dot
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 10:06:54AM] Xs light blue

Dotty in love
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 10:06:02AM] Xs spicy rust

Dot Dash Dot
Rebecca Armstrong
 [08/27 10:04:34AM] Xs black

Sweet spot
Natasha Lloyd
 [08/27 10:02:31AM] Large off white

Spot on
Natasha Lloyd
 [08/27 10:01:39AM] Large off white

Dots of Love Sweater
Sarah Sinton
 [08/27 10:01:38AM] S Spicy Rust

A pop of fun sweater
Jacqueline Boates
 [08/27 10:01:31AM] Black

Popcorn Comfort
Stefanie LeBlanc
 [08/27 9:59:48AM] L. Blue

Dot On Sweater
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [08/27 9:59:37AM] Rust L

Bubble Knit Sweater
Kiessa Kranenborg
 [08/27 9:57:10AM] Spicy Rust xL

Do the polka
Shona Smith
 [08/27 9:56:57AM] L Black

Right on the dot
Taylor lupien
 [08/27 9:56:35AM] Med. Spivey rust

Dot Dot Dash Sweater
Kiessa Kranenborg
 [08/27 9:55:13AM] Spicy Rust xL

Dot your I’s sweater
Nicole Froment
 [08/27 9:52:55AM] XL light blue melange

Cloud 9 Sweater
Jessica Harrison
 [08/27 9:49:02AM] Light Blue L

spot the dot sweater
Heather MacKenzie
 [08/27 9:49:00AM] black, large

DotCozy Comfort
Cathie Pardy
 [08/27 9:46:29AM] XL spicy rust

Speckles-all day!
Fatima Montellano
 [08/27 9:45:18AM] Small any colour,surprise me

Right on the Dot Sweater, That's the Dot Sweater, Dots of Love Top
Mackenzi Costello
 [08/27 9:44:23AM] Black XL

Dots of Love Sweater
Angela McKean
 [08/27 9:43:35AM] Black XL

Dottie Sweater
Kayla Lutz
 [08/27 9:43:05AM] Medium, Spicy Rust

All About That Dot
Tina Knowles
 [08/27 9:42:37AM] Large - spicy rust

Having a Ball
Cherie Inwood
 [08/27 9:42:32AM] XL Rust

Soft Spot Top, Spot On Top
Selinda Lye
 [08/27 9:42:13AM] Black small

Perfectly Polka Dotted, Doting Over Dots, Dot your Typical Sweater
Rachelle Douglas
 [08/27 9:42:03AM] Light Blue Melange XL

Doting on you sweater
Kelly Viljanmaa
 [08/27 9:41:24AM] L - black

Delightful Dots
Lesley Wilson
 [08/27 9:41:16AM] Off-white XL

Sweet Spot Top
Selinda Lye
 [08/27 9:40:59AM] Black Small

Autumn go Lightly
 [08/27 9:40:53AM] Small spice rust

Penny for your Dots top, Train of Dots top
Selinda Lye
 [08/27 9:40:22AM] Black small

Having a Ball Top, Having a Ball Sweater, Straight Ballin', Totally Ballin' sweater
Cherie Inwood
 [08/27 9:37:56AM] XL Rust

The Aero Sweater
Kerri White
 [08/27 9:37:37AM] Black LARGE

Falling for You or Falling for Me Sweater
Sara Lawson
 [08/27 9:37:28AM] Off-White size small

Your Favourite Hang-out Spot
Emily Vanderstelt
 [08/27 9:37:18AM] XL Light blue melange

Polka-dotting Around Sweater
Heidi Dietrich
 [08/27 9:36:51AM] M - Spicy Rust

Fall’n for you sweater, Dot it like it’s hot
Nicole gamble
 [08/27 9:36:41AM] Xs rust

Lost in Dots Top, It's the Dot that counts Top
Selinda Lye
 [08/27 9:36:30AM] Black Medium

Always Dot On Sweater
Jessica Bradey
 [08/27 9:36:29AM] Large, Black

Vintage Dot Reclassifiied, Love the Dots, Embrace your Dots, Cozy Vintage sweater
Carey Dingsdale
 [08/27 9:35:53AM] Spicy Rust, small

Hold That Dot Top
Selinda Lye
 [08/27 9:35:26AM] Black Small

Having a Ball Top, Having a Ball Sweater, Straight Ballin', Totally Ballin' Top
Cherie Inwood
 [08/27 9:35:08AM] XL Rust

Dot On sweater
Melissa Stallaert
 [08/27 9:34:44AM] Black 2x

Dotumn Sweater
Victoria Zaharichuk
 [08/27 9:34:30AM] XS spicy rust

Pom Pom perfection sweater
Caitlin Gillis
 [08/27 9:33:23AM] Black XL

The Polka Dance Dot sweater
Lilliane Hradecki
 [08/27 9:32:55AM] Small to medium depending if relaxed or not in light blue

Dotting me crazy
Carrie Lessing
 [08/27 9:32:53AM] Spicy rust L

Fall’n for you, Dot it like it’s hot,
Nicole Gamble
 [08/27 9:32:39AM] Xs rust

Spot on Sweater
Caitlin Gillis
 [08/27 9:32:21AM] XL, Black

The duchess
Tiana Phillips
 [08/27 9:31:43AM] M white

Dreaming of dots sweater
Chelsie Hubick
 [08/27 9:31:09AM] Large - spicy rust

Beautiful Bobbles Dot Sweater
Beth Rose
 [08/27 9:29:28AM] Small - Off-White

The duchess tea time
Tiana Phillips
 [08/27 9:28:53AM] Medium white

Stippled Sistah
Jessica Sowden
 [08/27 9:28:35AM] Black 2xl please!!! Love this! Totally ordering a couple!!!

Lexi Nichols
 [08/27 9:28:34AM] Large rust

Dot the sky sweater, Dotting around the block sweater, Your so Dot sweater, Dotty Love Sweater, connect the dots sweater
Julia Langley
 [08/27 9:25:45AM] Blue XL

Connect the Dots sweater
Deanna Hill
 [08/27 9:24:45AM] Black xl

Dots of perfection, Falling for dots, Falls perfection,
Brenda Villena
 [08/27 9:24:21AM] S off white

Cozy Up with Me
Melissa McElwee
 [08/27 9:24:01AM] XL black

Its my go go top!
Tricia Wood
 [08/27 9:23:36AM] Rust small

Dots of fall sweater
Julie Hoar
 [08/27 9:23:24AM] Xl black

Dot on your Life
Nicole smith
 [08/27 9:23:07AM] Rust medium

Shari Maclellan
 [08/27 9:21:48AM] Off white M

Dot to Dot
Joëlle Bakker
 [08/27 9:21:45AM] M, black

Connecting dots sweater
Julie Hoar
 [08/27 9:21:28AM] Xl -blue

Fall into me sweater
Trista Taylor
 [08/27 9:21:16AM] Xl black

Dot Your I's
Alanna Eadie
 [08/27 9:20:44AM] XL - Spicy Rust!

Dots of Love Sweater , Pop on Over sweater
Gagan Gill
 [08/27 9:20:35AM] Blue melange Medium

Connect the dots; I'm dots for you; No dot's too small; Dots all around
Valerie Friess
 [08/27 9:20:12AM] Light Blue Melange XL

Dot dot calm swester
Tracy Henn
 [08/27 9:19:56AM] Small white

To “DOT” for sweater!
Laurisa Bonk
 [08/27 9:18:39AM] Small light blue

Tania Chiella
 [08/27 9:18:11AM] Small off-white

Droplet Bubbles
Ashley Kehoe
 [08/27 9:16:18AM] white in a small please !

Dot For You
Courtney Lee
 [08/27 9:16:03AM] S / Blue

Dots of joy sweater, head in the dots sweater, Jump into fall sweater,
Kristin Frombach
 [08/27 9:15:38AM] Rust Large

Autumn Love Sweater
Angie Coolin
 [08/27 9:14:54AM] Spicy rust, xl

Dot You Love Me
Tracy Fisher
 [08/27 9:14:52AM] Small- White

Dot That Right Sweater
Nikkita Da Silva
 [08/27 9:14:39AM] Large & Rust

3D Dotted Sweater, "Dotting" Uptown Sweater, Dots for the Win Sweater, Dot to Love Autumn Sweater.
Nicolle Parsons
 [08/27 9:14:29AM] Blue Melange, XL

All the Warm Feelings
Tracy Fisher
 [08/27 9:13:29AM] Small - White

Fall for the Dot Sweater
Sarah Blondheim
 [08/27 9:13:06AM] Large Rust

Spot On Sweater
Kalli Ingram
 [08/27 9:13:04AM] Large rust

Spot of Elegance
Joëlle Bakker
 [08/27 9:12:16AM] M, black

Connect the Dots Sweater
Sarah Blondheim
 [08/27 9:11:52AM] Large Rust

Shake your pom pom sweater
Jennifer Love
 [08/27 9:11:45AM] Cream xl

Dot On Sweater, Dots of Fall Sweater, Dot You To It
Courtney Lee
 [08/27 9:11:20AM] Small / blue

We’re all a little Dotty
melanie Barnett
 [08/27 9:10:51AM] XL Black

Make an impression
Alicia Shelton
 [08/27 9:10:49AM] Size Small & off white

Dots of Love Sweater - The Dotted Chic Sweater - Dotted with Love - Dotted to Perfection - The XoXo Sweater
Whitney Dillon
 [08/27 9:10:34AM] Rust - 2XL

“Dot” get me wrong sweater
Kimberley Templer
 [08/27 9:08:48AM] Off white medium

Bubble Beauty Sweater
Sheryl Kuiper
 [08/27 9:08:31AM] Large Spicy Rust

Dots of Joy Sweater
Tara Macaulay
 [08/27 9:07:59AM] Rust medium

Waffle into fall
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [08/27 9:07:45AM] Large black

Dotty About You
Andrea Haywood
 [08/27 9:07:28AM] Black, Size S

Love at first Dot sweater, Always in my Dots sweater,
Angela Smiley
 [08/27 9:07:25AM] Black L

Lots of’ dots sweater ; not your average polka dot sweater ; dots of love sweater ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [08/27 9:07:16AM] Small ;cream

Dot to love Fall
Jelaine Ralph
 [08/27 9:07:02AM] Rust Large

Cover me in DOTS!
Andrea Haywood
 [08/27 9:06:55AM] Black, Size S

Connected dots sweater
Samara Worth
 [08/27 9:06:55AM] Xs off white

Bomb dot com sweater
Jina Clarke
 [08/27 9:06:54AM] Black xl

Dot to the Future, Connect the Dot’s, Dot Today Folks, Dot your Typical Sweater
Brayell Dengler
 [08/27 9:06:02AM] Black - medium

Dotty sweater, Bubble to Fall sweater, double Bubble sweater, Dotty in Love sweater, Bubble Fun Sweater, Dot in to Fall,. bubbles for you
Lyndsay Russell
 [08/27 9:06:00AM] 2XL off white

Sensational Sweater
Karli Owens
 [08/27 9:05:19AM] Spicy rust xs

A dot above the rest
Karli Owens
 [08/27 9:04:30AM] Spicy rust small

Comfy Confetti
Jen Srinivasan
 [08/27 9:04:23AM] XL, off white

Hot dots sweater
Tara werning
 [08/27 9:04:14AM] Cream medium

Dotty for you sweater
Karli Owens
 [08/27 9:03:45AM] Spicy rust small

Dot Calm Sweater, Dorthy Dear Sweater, over the rainbow sweater, less dot com more dot calm
Nicole Gregg
 [08/27 9:03:38AM] Large Spicy Rust

Comfy Confetti
Jen Srinivasan
 [08/27 9:02:46AM] Xl , off white

Comfy Confetti
Jen Srinivasan
 [08/27 9:02:26AM] Xl , off white

You Dot to Have it Sweater
Dianne Deley
 [08/27 9:02:10AM] Large/Light Blue Melange

Dot com sweater (an online company with a dot sweater!)
Megan Dorman
 [08/27 8:50:35AM] Medium, black.

Cheryl Richardet
 [08/27 8:49:18AM] Black medium

Dots on Spot Sweater
Shannon Strachan
 [08/27 8:44:30AM] Off white, size XL

Lunares Sweater (it’ll “polka dots” in Spanish)
Kara Ridgway
 [08/27 8:38:32AM] Medium/orange or white

Fall for Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:29:56AM] spicy rust, medium

Dot me right sweater
Heather Stanley
 [08/27 8:29:05AM] 2XL black

Fall For Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:28:53AM] Spicy Rust, Medium

Spot on!
Melanie Rhude
 [08/27 8:28:50AM] 2xl spicy rust

Fall For Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:28:13AM] Spicy rust, medium

Cute as a button
Jessica Wierenga
 [08/27 8:27:26AM] M blue

Fall For Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:27:24AM] Spicy Rust, Medium

Spot on style
Jessica Wierenga
 [08/27 8:26:29AM] Mblue

Fall For Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:26:22AM] Spicy Rust, Medium

Fall For Me Sweater
Mary Thomson
 [08/27 8:25:34AM] Spicy Rust, Medium

Dot to dot
Shauna Brady
 [08/27 8:25:16AM] Medium - light blue

You DOT this! sweater
Kelly McGrath Grimes
 [08/27 8:24:03AM] Small, cream

Dot To It, Fall for Dots
Tasha Kelly
 [08/27 8:23:01AM] Medium, blue

Perfect polka, dot diva, dancing dots
Krista McLay
 [08/27 8:22:50AM] Orange XL

Connect The Dots, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Aunt Dot, Dot The I, The Bomb Dot Com
Nikki Graveline
 [08/27 8:22:17AM] XL, black

Make Your Point Sweater
Jamie Johnstone
 [08/27 8:19:23AM] L Spicy Rust

You DOT It!
Michele Meier
 [08/27 8:17:35AM] XL Spicy Rust

Dots for Days
Tara Kemp
 [08/27 8:16:56AM] Rust/Lg

Loving Dot Top, For the Love of Dot, Sweetdot Sweater
Jill wilkinson
 [08/27 8:16:47AM] Small, white

Dot Com Sweater
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [08/27 8:15:54AM] Large black

Right on the Dot Sweater
Natalie Goudreau
 [08/27 8:15:46AM] Large Orange

You Dot Me at Hello
Carol MacPherson
 [08/27 8:15:44AM] Black XL

Dot Shot Sweater
Natalie Goudreau
 [08/27 8:15:05AM] Large Orange

Hit the spot top
Rana Thomas
 [08/27 8:14:42AM] Rust size small

On the Dot Sweater
Natalie Goudreau
 [08/27 8:13:57AM] Large & Orange

On the Dot sweater
Lisa Cleveland
 [08/27 8:13:34AM] XL off white

Dot On Sweater, Just Dot It Sweater
Jill wilkinson
 [08/27 8:10:27AM] Off White, Small

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