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Floral Leggings
September 10, 2021

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Total of 716 Entries
Congratulations to Rachel Tourville, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Budding Romance Leggings

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/12 8:31:09AM] S 9.5

Flower Glame
Nicola Curtis
 [09/12 8:20:20AM] 8-9

Floral Fling
Jamie Strong
 [09/12 8:13:50AM] M 12” waistband

Wicking & Wonderful
Susan Juhlin
 [09/12 8:02:41AM] Large 9.5"

Blossom Power Leggings
Karen Carvell
 [09/12 6:45:56AM] 12inch XL

Gray Matter leggings
Charlene Barnes
 [09/12 6:25:32AM] M 12”

Andrea Meredith
 [09/12 5:53:43AM] Medium 12”

Flower power, power of flower, From the Blossom of my heart; Petal your heart out, petal power,
Angela Roberts
 [09/12 5:07:23AM] Sz L, 12inch

Blooming Babe
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [09/12 4:16:02AM] L

Radiant Roses
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [09/12 4:14:35AM] L

Radian Roses
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [09/12 4:14:02AM] L

Bouquet of Sunshine
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [09/12 4:12:24AM] L

Wonderful World
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:27:08AM] Small 12"

Radiant Rose
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:25:48AM] Small 12"

Beauty and the Blossoms
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:24:51AM] Small 12"

Silver Blossoms
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:24:00AM] Small 12"

Blissful Blossoms
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:23:27AM] Small 12"

Blissful Beauty
Danielle Veitenheimer
 [09/12 3:21:18AM] Small 12"

Paisley Collection
Linda Marion
 [09/12 3:05:29AM] Small

Petal to the metal
Dana lean
 [09/12 3:03:19AM] Large 12 inch

Lauren Friesen
 [09/11 11:41:06PM] XS, 12”

Fierce Floral leggings
Clarice St Pierre
 [09/11 9:08:40PM] Medium 12 inch

Potent Punch; Potent
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/11 9:07:01PM] Small, 12"

La vie en Rose leggings
Clarice St Pierre
 [09/11 9:06:38PM] Medium & 12 inch

Babe in bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/11 9:03:48PM] Small, 12"

Turn over a new leaf
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/11 9:00:17PM] Small, 12"

Come Into Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/11 8:59:46PM] Small, 12"

Come into Bloom; Turn over a new leaf; Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/11 8:58:19PM] Small, 12"

Blooming potential
Amber MacEachern
 [09/11 7:52:00PM] 2xl 12”

Botanical Leggings
Shannon Reynolds
 [09/11 7:45:53PM] Medium 12”

Blooming Awesome!
Shanie Rhodes
 [09/11 7:42:09PM] M with 12" waistband please

Fearless in floral; fearless and floral; fearlessly floral; feisty floral; fearless leggings; fabulously floral;
Jessica Chilton
 [09/11 7:24:10PM] L 12 inch

Rebel Rose
Nicole Gregg
 [09/11 7:16:33PM] Large 9.5”

Beauty Behind the Thorns Leggings; Every Rose has it’s Thorns Leggings; The Rose Must Move On Leggings
April Hunt
 [09/11 6:58:41PM] 9inch XS

Tough as Thorns Leggings ; Look Beyond the Thorns Leggings ;
April Hunt
 [09/11 6:54:49PM] 9inch XS

Dynamic Dove ---- Dove is a shade of Grey and Dynamic is for how they will make you feel !!!
Leesa Ferguson
 [09/11 6:50:23PM] 2xl and 9.5

Grow “Wear” Your At Leggings ; Bloom Every-Wear Leggings ; The Strength In Our Petals Leggings ; Petals Of Courage Leggings
April Hunt
 [09/11 6:50:04PM] 9inch XS

Feeling Fabulous in floral;
Michelle Horton
 [09/11 6:42:21PM] M

Feminine Flare / Feminine Floral Flare
Brandy Bayley
 [09/11 6:39:36PM] Large, 12”

Every rose has its thorn leggings
Ashley Alton
 [09/11 6:28:49PM] XL & 9.5”

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 6:28:25PM] S 9.5

Flower power leggings, spring into action leggings, be free leggings, summer vibe leggings
Ashley Alton
 [09/11 6:25:35PM] XL & 9.5”

Whimsical blooms
Jess Vallier
 [09/11 6:17:49PM] XS 12inch

Flower Through It
Dana Leidl
 [09/11 6:03:14PM] 2xl

Silver Wallflower, Wallflower, Silver Petals, Bold as a Rose, Life in full bloom
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/11 5:56:53PM] L, 12

In a Field of Roses, Rocking in Roses, Roses All Day, Silver Petals
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/11 5:51:14PM] L, 12

Pretty Petals, Secret Garden, In a Field of Roses, Bold Rose, Roses All Day, Rocking in Roses
Samantha S
 [09/11 5:48:56PM] L, 12

Petal pushers
Lana Baker
 [09/11 5:28:36PM] Large 12”

Flower power, elegant and edgy, passion & sass
Megan Winia
 [09/11 5:21:46PM] 2x 9.5 rise

Flowers of power
Jessica Harrison
 [09/11 4:53:14PM] XL 12”

Classic beauty
Jessica Harrison
 [09/11 4:52:04PM] XL 12”

Classic beauty
Jessica Harrison
 [09/11 4:51:42PM] XL 12”

Gone Wild
Mabel Skelton
 [09/11 4:43:46PM] Large - 9.5

Floral Enigma
Elaine Trappe
 [09/11 4:38:55PM] Small 9.5”

Gone Wild
Mabel Skelton
 [09/11 4:35:46PM] Large - 9.5 waisrband

Passion, Purpose, Potential
Kimberley Wheaton
 [09/11 3:46:59PM] Size Large 12"

Newsprint Floral
Jessica McCarthy
 [09/11 3:40:06PM] 2XL 9.5” waist

Rose-ily ever after, boldly beautiful
Jennifer Gibson
 [09/11 3:32:21PM] small, 9.5

Once and flor-al
Amy Libby
 [09/11 3:09:27PM] XS

Will you accept this rose?
Tracy MacPherson
 [09/11 3:04:19PM] Size large 9.5 waistband

Floral garden
Magan McDonald
 [09/11 2:55:50PM] 3xl

Flower wall, beautiful blooms, falling flowers
Sherry Moreland
 [09/11 2:31:44PM] Xs 12"

Flower power
Wendy Dalrymple
 [09/11 2:21:54PM] Medium

All flowered up,
Eliza Davies
 [09/11 2:17:28PM] XL 12”

Floral High into the Sky
Tania Isabelle
 [09/11 2:16:58PM] 2XL 9.5 waist

Pedal Power
Victoria Macmillan
 [09/11 2:10:43PM] Small & 12 inch

Paeonia Queen
Annette Bieberstein
 [09/11 2:08:12PM] 2xl

Silver Flower Collection, Silver Flower Pant, Warm Silver Flower Power, Warm Silver Flower, Silver Flower Power, Flower Power
Eunice Puetz
 [09/11 1:25:09PM] I fit into a size 20 real nice..

I rose above
Christie McPhee
 [09/11 1:16:12PM] Small 12”

I rose above
Christie McPhee
 [09/11 1:15:20PM] Small 12”

I rose above
Christie McPhee
 [09/11 1:11:09PM] Small 12”

Floral Funesse
Brandy Sjostrom
 [09/11 11:42:08AM] Large 12”

Floral Funesse
Brandy Sjostrom
 [09/11 11:39:50AM] Large 12”

Julia Langley
 [09/11 11:29:56AM] Xl 9”

Life Abloom
Julia Langley
 [09/11 11:28:03AM] XL 9”

Pencil me in Floral
Angela De Fraine
 [09/11 11:27:05AM] XS 9.5 waistband

Idyllic Life Legggings
Julia Langley
 [09/11 11:26:49AM] XL 9”

Idyllic Life
Julia Langley
 [09/11 11:26:25AM] XL 9”

Idyllic Leggings
Julia Langley
 [09/11 11:25:09AM] XL 9”

Roses are grey workout day leggings
Andrea Conley
 [09/11 11:21:32AM] M 12"

Stop and stare
Shantel Hrytsak
 [09/11 11:16:30AM] 9.5" XXS

Forever young
Leanne Stanway
 [09/11 11:11:51AM] XL 9.5

Fall Blooms , flower affair , She’s bloom-iful
Vanessa Pedersen
 [09/11 11:07:59AM] S, 9.5 coverage

Springtime in Paris
Kelly Condron
 [09/11 10:51:08AM] Medium, 9.5 rise

Rosa Blanca
Kelly Condron
 [09/11 10:47:29AM] Medium, 9.5 rise

Flower power punch
Jessica Cochrane
 [09/11 10:30:59AM] 12” large

Icy Garden, Winter Romance, Rebel Roses
Teri Hoogerdijk
 [09/11 10:27:53AM] Small 9.5 waistband

Everlasting beauty
Carey Dingsdale
 [09/11 10:15:20AM] XS 9.5

Bud to Blossom
 [09/11 10:15:15AM] L, 12”

Florally you
Lisa Hagen
 [09/11 10:11:05AM] Small 9.5”

Feelin aflorable
Lisa Hagen
 [09/11 10:10:07AM] Small 9.5”

Bloom of my heart
Caroline Charbonneau
 [09/11 10:09:15AM] XL 12" waistband

Icy rose
Lisa Hagen-Larocque
 [09/11 10:05:59AM] Small 9.5”

In Full Bloom
 [09/11 10:05:42AM] Large, 12”

Always Rooting For You Leggings
Stacey Ashurst
 [09/11 9:53:58AM] XL - 12”

Rock & Rose!; Stop & Smell the Roses; A rose by any other name; Bed of Roses; Paint the roses red!; Wild roses; Romance & Roses; Rosehips;
 [09/11 9:52:50AM] XS 12inch

Blooming Beauty
Janice Robinson
 [09/11 9:44:32AM] 2xl 12"

Floral Support Leggings
Nikki Joyce
 [09/11 9:39:29AM] XXS 12in

Flower power, All Coming Up Roses
Rachael Code
 [09/11 9:39:10AM] 12” XL

Subtle romance
Heather McArthur
 [09/11 9:36:14AM] 1x 12" waistband

You Grow Girl, Never Stop Blossom, Always Blooming, Petal Power
Lisa Serdachny
 [09/11 9:35:33AM] XL, 9.5 Waistband

Blooming Beauty
Sara Thomson
 [09/11 9:22:56AM] s- 9.5”

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:06:08AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:05:34AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:04:54AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:04:16AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:03:48AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:03:15AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:02:54AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:02:17AM] S 9.5

Be a Wildflower Leggings
Lexi Nichols
 [09/11 9:02:14AM] Sm 12”

Wildflower Leggings
Lexi Nichols
 [09/11 9:01:47AM] Sm 12”

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:00:36AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 9:00:15AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 8:59:28AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 8:58:41AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 8:57:48AM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/11 8:57:07AM] S 9.5

Forever Floral
Kayla Lutz
 [09/11 8:56:07AM] Small 9.5

Botanical Beauty
Bobbi Fournier
 [09/11 8:43:27AM] L 12 inch

Petal up
Janet Slemko
 [09/11 8:42:52AM] Size L waistband 12”

Gracefully Rose
Gaylene Morin
 [09/11 8:40:15AM] L 12"

New awakening leggings / you are blooming
Roxanne Boldt
 [09/11 8:40:14AM] 12

Fay Mcguffin-Unger
 [09/11 8:39:08AM] Large

Stunning Flower Power
Janet Slemko
 [09/11 8:38:45AM] Size L 12 “ waistband

Mighty Floral / Flower Force
Carrie Wall
 [09/11 8:36:00AM] Large, 9.5”

Flower power leggings
Lisa Cleveland
 [09/11 8:25:29AM] XL with 12” waistband please

Living life in full bloom leggings
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/11 8:09:26AM] Medium 12”

Rose-lution leggings
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/11 8:08:38AM] Medium 12”

I rose above it leggings
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/11 8:06:24AM] Medium 12”

From seed to bloom leggings
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/11 8:05:01AM] Medium 12”

Powered by Flowers
Denise Starling
 [09/11 8:03:23AM] Large 12"

Time to blossom; Floriography; floral soul
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [09/11 7:52:43AM] 9.5" Medium

Floral of the story
Bobbi Janzen
 [09/11 7:40:53AM] Xs 12

Flower Force
Carrie Wall
 [09/11 7:26:45AM] Large, 9.5”

Peony Please Leggings
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:25:16AM] M - 12"

Feeling Peony Leggings
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:24:39AM] M - 12"

Floral springs
Julie bell
 [09/11 7:24:06AM] Xl

Floral paradise
Julie bell
 [09/11 7:23:35AM] Xl

Floral magic
Julie bell
 [09/11 7:22:58AM] Xl

Bloom-iful Leggings
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:22:02AM] M - 12"

Blooming and free
Jenni casler
 [09/11 7:05:14AM] S 9.5

Wild & Free / Untamed / Untameable / Wild / Free
Lara Gray
 [09/11 7:01:17AM] 2xl 9.5

Florall You Do!, Floral You Do!
Valerie Gudmundson
 [09/11 6:59:53AM] Large 12”

Fall Foilage Leggings
Michelle Provenza
 [09/11 6:58:34AM] Med, 12

Flower Power Collection
 [09/11 6:56:50AM] Large 12 inch waistband

Paint the Florals, Blooming Petals, In a Field of Roses, Bold as a Rose
Samantha S
 [09/11 6:52:19AM] L, 12

Flower Power, Bold Roses Blooming, In a Field of Roses, Pretty Petals
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/11 6:49:52AM] L, 12

Lindsay Lefave
 [09/11 6:27:53AM] Medium bra, small leggings 12”

Floral Escape
Lindsay Lefave
 [09/11 6:25:20AM] Medium bra, small leggings 12”

SubRosa - roses are one of my fav and there is so much meaning behind a rose I think of it and see a binding of trust between friends, sisters. Here is the meaning behind subrosa Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. The term “sub rosa”, meaning under the rose, comes from ancient times. Romans would hang roses from the ceilings of banquet halls, and it was understood that anything said under the influence of wine was to remain confidential. In the Middle Ages, roses were also hung from the ceilings of meeting rooms. It was understood that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy.
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/11 5:53:37AM] 12" and a small

Fierce and feminine
Amanda Murphy
 [09/11 5:23:19AM] XL 12”

Boldly blooming
Amanda Murphy
 [09/11 5:22:42AM] XL 12”

Coming up Rosy
Cindy Carter
 [09/11 5:09:51AM] Med 12

Roses in bloom
Stacey Heuff
 [09/11 4:50:09AM] Large. 12”

Stacey Heuff
 [09/11 4:49:44AM] Large. 12”

Rose to the Top
Julie Odia
 [09/11 1:06:29AM] Xl 9.5

Chelsea wright
 [09/10 11:30:40PM] L 12"

Bold N Beautiful
Chelsea wright
 [09/10 11:29:36PM] L 12"

Renegade floral
Chelsea wright
 [09/10 11:24:06PM] L 12"

Epic blossom
Chelsea wright
 [09/10 11:21:06PM] L 12"

Flirty Floral
Nisha Clair
 [09/10 11:07:38PM] Medium /12”

Unbridled LOVE
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 11:04:41PM] M 12" waist

Blooming confidence leggings
Patricia Merrick
 [09/10 10:54:54PM] 9.5” M

Suspended Animation
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:39:01PM] M 12" waist

Passion Flower
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:37:21PM] M 12" waist

Make me and angel
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:35:44PM] M 12" waist

Kiss From a Rose
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:32:47PM] M 12" waist

Happiness Blooms
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:28:01PM] M 12" waist

Late Bloomer
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:26:18PM] M 12" waist

Climbing Rose
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:25:16PM] M 12" waist

Flower Me
Tessa Frangione
 [09/10 10:22:41PM] Small 12"

Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:20:32PM] M 12" waist

Excellence Shines
Irma Meachem
 [09/10 10:19:29PM] L 12 inch

Bloom Where You Are Planted
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:18:58PM] M 12" waist

Sign me up
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:17:13PM] M 12" waist

Kaen Henderson
 [09/10 10:06:45PM] M 12" waist

Pocket full of Posies
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 10:00:54PM] M 12" waist

Flower Shop
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 9:59:52PM] M 12" waist

Flower Power
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 9:58:51PM] M 12" waist

Come into Bloom; Turn over a new leaf; Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 9:58:25PM] Small, 12"

Come into Bloom; Turn over a new leaf; Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 9:57:49PM] Small, 12"

Love is a Rose
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 9:57:15PM] M 12" waist

Touched by a Rose
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 9:56:14PM] M 12" waist

Rose Hips
Karen Henderson
 [09/10 9:54:45PM] M 12" waist

Flower power
Sandra walker
 [09/10 9:31:22PM] M 9.5

Forever Floral
Nathalie Denicola
 [09/10 9:28:27PM] S & 12"

Rosie All Day Legging,
Sheila San Juan
 [09/10 9:13:45PM] XS 9.5”

Petal pedal leggings
Tanya Macdonald
 [09/10 9:10:37PM] XL 12”

Floral & Fabulous, Fabulously Floral
Sandy Trentalance
 [09/10 8:59:49PM] XL 12”

Jaime Burgoyne
 [09/10 8:55:44PM] S, 12”

Burst and Bloom
Julie Mitts
 [09/10 8:43:59PM] L 12"

Floral Peaks leggings
Fiona Poupart
 [09/10 8:43:31PM] Lg & 12

Wildflower Soul
Julie Mitts
 [09/10 8:42:30PM] L 12"

Wildflower and Free
Julie Mitts
 [09/10 8:41:28PM] L 12"

Smoke and Roses
Lori Campbell
 [09/10 8:34:54PM] 12” XL

Stronger Than Yesterday Leggings
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 8:27:51PM] 12inch XL

Burst into Bloom
Patricia Nightingale
 [09/10 8:27:32PM] Xl 12”

Sensually Floral
Shelley Stefanowich
 [09/10 8:27:06PM] Large, 9.5"

Floral success
Shelley Stefanowich
 [09/10 8:26:17PM] Large, 9.5"

Essence of roses
Shelley Stefanowich
 [09/10 8:25:36PM] Large, 9.5"

Blossom after the storm, Rose up from the flames, New Growth, Vine to Climb, Rise with the Rose
Jenna Mulholland
 [09/10 8:12:27PM] 12" - M

Flower Up
Megan Bulford
 [09/10 8:11:53PM] Medium 9.5

stay wild flower child leggings
Carla McKenzie
 [09/10 8:11:33PM] Xs/12

Flower power leggings
Tarra Mackinnon
 [09/10 8:03:21PM] 12” xl

Beauty & The Bloom, Beauty & The Blossom, Beauty In The Bloom
Amber Stevens
 [09/10 8:02:47PM] XS & 9.5”

Bloom Temperature
Amy Moore
 [09/10 7:57:20PM] S 9.5

Fiercely Floral
Amber Stevens
 [09/10 7:56:59PM] XS & 9.5”

Petal to the Metal
Amy Moore
 [09/10 7:56:15PM] S in 9.5”

Flower power
Kathleen Gibson
 [09/10 7:55:30PM] 2x 12”

Fierce in Floral
Amber Stevens
 [09/10 7:54:45PM] XS & 9.5”

Gray-tful floral leggings
Bonnie Fouladi
 [09/10 7:50:23PM] Medium/9.5

Knowledge is Flower
Amy Moore
 [09/10 7:46:28PM] S and 9.5”

Feeling Bouquet
Amy Moore
 [09/10 7:45:39PM] S and 9.5”

Bloom with Grace, Rose Up/Rise Up, Rise Above, Blooming Confidence
Johnna Somerville
 [09/10 7:45:08PM] M and 12”

Flower Power Leggings, Petal Power Leggings,
Tracey Dunlop
 [09/10 7:34:40PM] 12" large

Shannon Blanchfield
 [09/10 7:00:17PM] XL, 9 1/2”waistband

Floral Glory
Kristen Attwood
 [09/10 6:52:28PM] 3XL & 12”

Rise Up Leggings
Jeannette Wells
 [09/10 6:50:29PM] M 12"

Ashley mckone
 [09/10 6:49:43PM] M 9.5

Eternal, Eternally Rose, Rose Up, Resilient, Resilience, Resilient Rose
Valerie Quinn
 [09/10 6:42:36PM] 2XL, 12"

Coming up roses
Andrea Lausch
 [09/10 6:39:14PM] Xl 12

Let life bloom
Joanna lewis
 [09/10 6:37:03PM] M 12"

Bodly Etched
Joanna Lewis
 [09/10 6:36:01PM] Medium 12"

Remarkable Rose, Rad Rose, Radiance, Radiant Rose, Petals & Thorns, Rose by any other name, Roses are red, Rose to the occasion, Rose above the rest, Rose Above, Gals & Roses
Valerie Quinn
 [09/10 6:35:15PM] 2XL, 12"

Find your flow leggings
Melanie Rumley
 [09/10 6:33:06PM] XS, 12” waistband

Namaste Floral
Jenna McCann
 [09/10 6:28:28PM] Xsmall

Blooming with Confidence
Shelby Sukhu
 [09/10 6:26:25PM] Size XL 9.5 waistband

Botanical Balance
Jenna McCann
 [09/10 6:25:44PM] Small

Botanical Balance
Jenna McCann
 [09/10 6:25:07PM] Size

Silver Rose leggings
Serena Perreault
 [09/10 6:21:36PM] XL 12”

Floral Power
 [09/10 6:09:39PM] 2xl tops 14w pants

Flower Power
Cindy Schultz
 [09/10 6:08:39PM] L and 9.5

Come into Bloom; Turn over a new leaf; Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 6:04:13PM] Small, 12"

Feisty Floral
Wendy Sharp
 [09/10 6:02:09PM] Small 12”

Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 6:01:50PM] Small, 12"

Floral and Flashy
Wendy Sharp
 [09/10 6:01:31PM] Small 12”

Wild Rose Leggings
Susan Byrne
 [09/10 5:59:02PM] S - 12”

Bombshell in Bloom
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/10 5:57:03PM] Small, 12"

Bloom & Blossom
Carissa Hermary
 [09/10 5:56:18PM] Large 12”

Bloom N Blossom
Carissa Hermary
 [09/10 5:54:37PM] Large and 12” waistband.

You grow girl leggings
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/10 5:50:53PM] Medium 12”

Flower Empower
Susan Byrne
 [09/10 5:49:19PM] S - 12”

Flower Power
Susan Byrne
 [09/10 5:46:11PM] S - 12”

Be UnFLORgetttable,
Tovah Staudt
 [09/10 5:42:09PM] 9.5, XS

Floral Fruition Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 5:09:02PM] 2xl 9.5"

Untamed, Lush, Wild
Lara Gray
 [09/10 5:07:25PM] 2xl 9.5

Float with me florals
Brittaney Pregizer
 [09/10 5:03:37PM] Xl 12"

Lara Gray
 [09/10 5:01:25PM] 2xl 9.5

Wild & Free
Lara Gray
 [09/10 5:00:47PM] 2xl 9.5

Blooms away!
Debra Toth
 [09/10 4:54:22PM] XL-12" band

Flora Goddess Leggings, Briar Rose Leggings
Corrie Mund
 [09/10 4:54:11PM] XL, 12"

Flower power
Dimetra Karashialis
 [09/10 4:53:55PM] M & 12" waistband

Flourishing Leggings
Kim MacLennan
 [09/10 4:52:35PM] Small 9 inch

Be Bold
Cheryl Roddis
 [09/10 4:49:26PM] S, 12“

Efflorescence Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 4:44:31PM] 2xl 9.5"

Bodaciously Bold Leggings, Floral Fortitude Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 4:43:11PM] 2xl 9.5"

Floral your dreams
Christine Richardson
 [09/10 4:31:58PM] Medium 9 1/2

I'm bloomed away leggins
Denise Therrien
 [09/10 4:29:40PM] Sm, 9.5

Natalie Goudreau
 [09/10 4:22:41PM] Large 12 inch

Blooming Style Leggings
Terri Grey
 [09/10 4:22:28PM] 12" rise, Size XS

Nancy Twist
 [09/10 4:21:25PM] xl, 9”

Morning Glory
Linda Marion
 [09/10 4:15:46PM] Small 12"

Fantasy Floral
Kristy Anderson
 [09/10 4:12:38PM] Small and 9.5 inch rise

Flower power
Shelley Kemppainen
 [09/10 4:03:00PM] M 9.5

Kate Rosenthal
 [09/10 4:02:35PM] 12” medium

Make it Bloom
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/10 4:00:35PM] 12” medium

Floral Fantasia
Aurelie Reeve
 [09/10 3:59:26PM] XL 12”

Blossoming Fantasy
Aurelie Reeve
 [09/10 3:58:41PM] XL 12”

Bloom where you are planted
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/10 3:56:53PM] 12”, medium

Full Out Floral
Heather Trotz
 [09/10 3:52:13PM] XL 9.5"

Fresh-cut leggings
Margaret Layton
 [09/10 3:51:24PM] XL, 12"

Flourish leggings
Margaret Layton
 [09/10 3:50:37PM] size XL, 12"

Botanical babe leggings
Stephanie Evoy
 [09/10 3:49:24PM] Large, 9.5 waistband

Flor-ever Yours, Bloom into you, Pretty Petals, Blossoming Boss, Blooming Wisdom,
Tovah Staudt
 [09/10 3:44:07PM] XS, 9.5

Rose all day leggings
Chantal Ethier
 [09/10 3:40:14PM] Large 12 inch

Transforming flowered leggings!
Chantal Ethier
 [09/10 3:37:48PM] Large 12 inch

Flower do hundred
Richelle Andrews
 [09/10 3:37:12PM] 2xl

Fierce Floral Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 3:35:58PM] 2xl 9.5"

Helen Johnson
 [09/10 3:32:51PM] Large 12 inch

Power Flowers
Suzanne Joncas
 [09/10 3:28:54PM] , 3XL, 9.5” waisband

Soul Blossoming Leggings, Life In Bloom Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 3:28:52PM] 2xl 9.5"

Active Bloom
Rebecca Welch
 [09/10 3:26:48PM] Medium 12”

Beleaf in Yourself Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 3:25:53PM] 2xl 9.5"

Blossoming Goals Leggings, Blossoming Dreams Leggings
Selinda Lye
 [09/10 3:23:50PM] 2xl 9.5"

Pop or flora exclusives
Chelsea murphy.
 [09/10 3:18:54PM] 12 in. Xs

All About Floral, Bibbidi Bobbidi Bloom, You Grow Girl
Jessica-Lynn Gribbons
 [09/10 3:17:27PM] S 12”

Awesome Blossoms
Diane Picco
 [09/10 3:13:06PM] Medium 9.5 waistband

Wildflower; Happiness Blooms; Happy Blossoms
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [09/10 3:08:14PM] Large, 12”

Coming up roses
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 3:07:22PM] S 9.5

Fierce Florals
Tara White
 [09/10 3:06:14PM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 3:05:17PM] S 9.5

Flower Power
Olivia Meyer
 [09/10 3:05:00PM] XL & 12”

Flower Power
Nikki Leverton
 [09/10 3:03:51PM] Small 9.5 waist band

Serenity Leggings
Suzanne Forsythe
 [09/10 3:02:29PM] M, 12" waistband

Happy Pants
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 3:01:31PM] S 9.5

Live simply, bloom wildly
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 3:00:28PM] S 9.5

Flower Power-ful; Flower Power;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [09/10 2:59:23PM] Large, 12”

You Grow Girl
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 2:58:52PM] S 9.5

Rooting For You
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 2:58:31PM] S 9.5

Thornless beauty
Terri Johnston
 [09/10 2:56:24PM] Medium 12"

Sassy Florals
Heather Schimelfenig
 [09/10 2:55:56PM] L and 11”

Terri Johnston
 [09/10 2:54:59PM] Medium 12"

A rise by any other name
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 2:54:40PM] S 9.5

Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 2:53:43PM] S 9.5

In Bloom
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/10 2:52:32PM] 9.5 S

Roses for the win!
Terri Johnston
 [09/10 2:51:14PM] Medium 12"

Bloom for you
Brandy MacDonald
 [09/10 2:51:02PM] XS in 12"

Get your Bloom on!!
Terri Johnston
 [09/10 2:49:58PM] Medium 12"

Graffiti rose
Terri Johnston
 [09/10 2:49:14PM] Medium 12" band

Free love floral leggings
Chantal ethier
 [09/10 2:47:32PM] Large and 12 inch

Empowered by Flowers
Zoe Welsh
 [09/10 2:47:12PM] XS; 9.5 inch

You Grow Girl!
Kyra Mochizuki
 [09/10 2:44:38PM] xs 12inch

into the rose garden
Rebecca Krutow
 [09/10 2:44:29PM] size 3xl & 12” waistband

into the rose garden
Rebecca Krutow
 [09/10 2:44:00PM] 12” waistband &

"Petal" to the metal
Kyra Moc
 [09/10 2:41:06PM] 12 xs

Empowered with Flowers, Floral Empowered
Zoe Welsh
 [09/10 2:39:26PM] XS; 9.5 inch

Fashionably floral, flower power, power bloom
Jessica Chilton
 [09/10 2:35:31PM] L 12 inch waistband

Petal Power leggings
Marla Mayer
 [09/10 2:35:12PM] Small 9.5

Somerset Leggings
Lori Campbell
 [09/10 2:33:40PM] 12” waistband, size xl

Resilient Gladiolus leggings,
Michelle EVANS
 [09/10 2:31:04PM] 2xl

Gladiolus Leggings, Flower Power, graceful power leggings,
Michelle EVANS
 [09/10 2:30:07PM] 2xl

Floral Elegance
Krysta Beesley
 [09/10 2:18:20PM] L 12”

Elegance leggings
Sharmayne Colvin
 [09/10 1:58:07PM] Size XL, 12” rise

Power Flow
Clara Goodwin
 [09/10 1:55:53PM] Large, 12" waistband

Flower empower
Sarah Komadina
 [09/10 1:55:04PM] Large 12

Flower Power
Melanie Molloy
 [09/10 1:51:17PM] L 12"

Power through the Flowers
Katie Snodgrass
 [09/10 1:50:31PM] Size L, 12" waist band

Power Ahead Leggings
Lily Parrouty
 [09/10 1:47:19PM] Lg 12”

Bloom, Bloom, Pow
Valerie Friess
 [09/10 1:46:44PM] XL, 12"

Jump Start Your Day Leggings
Lily Parrouty
 [09/10 1:45:06PM] Lg 12”

Get your bloom on
Valerie Friess
 [09/10 1:44:00PM] XL, 12"

Petal Strength Leggings
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 1:42:07PM] 12inch XL

Flower Empowered Leggings
Vickie Adams
 [09/10 1:36:15PM] Med 12"

I feel pretty leggings, feeling pretty rosy leggings
Tracy Martens
 [09/10 1:35:33PM] XL

Flower frenzy
 [09/10 1:35:13PM] Med 12

Flower power leggings
Heidi Neels
 [09/10 1:30:22PM] Small 12"

Empowered Flower
Robena Mihalic
 [09/10 1:26:54PM] M, 9.5”

Petal Pusher Leggings
Sue Russell
 [09/10 1:25:09PM] Large and 12 inch waistband

Gladiolus exclusives (known as a flower that is symbolic of strength?
 [09/10 1:23:30PM] Small 9.5

Rising to the challenge exclusives
 [09/10 1:21:59PM] Small 9.5

Powerful & Pretty
Sarah Gourlie
 [09/10 1:20:47PM] Sm/med 9.5inch

Flower power exclusives
 [09/10 1:20:00PM] Small 9.5

Rose to the occasion
Crystal Mackie
 [09/10 1:19:20PM] Xs 9.5

Will you accept this rose
Sarah Gourlie
 [09/10 1:19:13PM] Sm/med 12 inch.

Lilac Heaven
Gail Butt
 [09/10 1:18:55PM] Xl 12”

You grow, girl
Crystal Mackie
 [09/10 1:18:28PM] Xs 9.5”

Beauty in Strength
Sarah Gourlie
 [09/10 1:17:52PM] Size sm/med and 12 inch

Stay wild flower child
Crystal Mackie
 [09/10 1:17:47PM] Xs 9.5

Blossoming dreams
Crystal Mackie
 [09/10 1:16:31PM] XS 9.5

In a field of roses, I’ll be the wildflower
Crystal Mackie
 [09/10 1:15:55PM] Small 9.5”

Blossom Beauty Leggings
Sheryl Kuiper
 [09/10 1:13:28PM] L 12.5

Silver blooms
Christina Souter
 [09/10 1:09:09PM] 3X

Bloom, Here I am!
Jennifer Simpson
 [09/10 1:08:03PM] M 12”

Rose Up
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 1:02:40PM] L 12inch

Girly Girl Crops
Jen kreklewich
 [09/10 1:01:55PM] 2xl 12.5

Nancy Twist
 [09/10 1:01:37PM] xl, 12”

Spring into Serenity
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 1:01:22PM] L 12inch

Spring Serenity
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 1:00:50PM] L 12inch

Flower and Power
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 12:59:12PM] L 12inch

Flower Power
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 12:58:55PM] L 12inch

Full Blossom
 [09/10 12:57:47PM] L 12inch

Full of Blossom
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 12:57:29PM] L 12inch

Feel the power of the flower, rainy day garden
Tamara scutt
 [09/10 12:51:41PM] 3xl 9.5

Bloom where you’re planted
Jennifer Shantz
 [09/10 12:50:50PM] 2xl 12 inch waistband

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 12:37:35PM] Xs, 9.5

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 12:36:39PM] Xs, 9.5

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 12:36:09PM] Xs, 9.5

Fleur de Vivre, Fresh & Fabulous, Floral Active, Bloomin’ Active
Kylie Hall
 [09/10 12:36:03PM] M, 9.5

Buns N' Roses Leggings
Melissa Johnston
 [09/10 12:35:50PM] Small, 12" waistband

Garden Goddess Leggings
Leslie Welch
 [09/10 12:34:45PM] 9.5 inch waistband. Size small

Fierce fleur d'automne
Heather Trotz
 [09/10 12:34:43PM] XL 9.5”

Flower power leggings, Floral flow leggings
Melissa Johnston
 [09/10 12:32:23PM] Small, 12" waistband

Grit & Grace, Full Pace with Grace
Cheryl Roddis
 [09/10 12:29:49PM] S, 12"

Its coming up roses leggings
Amanda Madill
 [09/10 12:26:55PM] xs 9.5" waistband

Rose To The Occasion
Kim Staudt
 [09/10 12:25:56PM] Large 12”

Pretty in Petals Leggings
Bettina Allen
 [09/10 12:24:48PM] XL, 9.5"

Beauty in Balance
Cheryl Roddis
 [09/10 12:24:29PM] S, 12"

Floral frenzy
Keree LaBelle
 [09/10 12:23:47PM] Size S and 12” waistband

Beauty & Beast Mode
Cheryl Roddis
 [09/10 12:21:40PM] S, 12"

Flor-ever Strong Leggings
Brooklynn Price
 [09/10 12:21:25PM] Large 12"

Full Bloom All Business
Tooie Casavant
 [09/10 12:18:31PM] XL high waist

Beauty within Leggings, Beauty within you Leggings, Natural Beauty leggings
Jana Marnoch
 [09/10 12:13:56PM] M & 12”

Competitive activewear
Jennifer Polson
 [09/10 12:07:25PM] Large or XL

Flower me anywhere
Monica Mikolas
 [09/10 12:03:24PM] 2X 12”

Zen Garden Leggings, Zen Leggings
Angela Smiley
 [09/10 11:55:55AM] Small 12”

Unruffled Rosarium
Sonia Di Nobile
 [09/10 11:53:43AM] XL / 9.5

Beauty in bloom
Carolyn lesey
 [09/10 11:52:21AM] M 12”

Pretty Defiant, Power Through, Cute Attitude, Petal Pusher.
Danyell Ochocki
 [09/10 11:52:06AM] XL 12”

May the floral be with you
Jessica Bethune
 [09/10 11:41:17AM] Xl

Strength n' Bloom Leggings
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 11:41:05AM] 12inch XL

What’s up buttercup leggings
Meghan Friesen
 [09/10 11:40:52AM] XS 12 inch

Walking me Floral
Denise Howat
 [09/10 11:34:51AM] Small

Efflorescence Leggings, Effervescence leggings
Angela Smiley
 [09/10 11:34:36AM] Small 12”

Color me Floral
Denise Howat
 [09/10 11:33:37AM] small

Strike a Posy
Kate Brotz
 [09/10 11:30:27AM] S-12”

Bloom and flourish
Kate Britz
 [09/10 11:30:00AM] S-12”

An aura of flora; floral aura; rose to the occasion; rose above; go with the floral
Leanne Duiker
 [09/10 11:29:37AM] Large 9.5"

She flourished
Kate Brotz
 [09/10 11:29:31AM] S-12”

Kate Britz
 [09/10 11:29:10AM] S -12”

Kate Britz
 [09/10 11:27:41AM] S- 12”

Beautiful Blooms
Michelle Provenza
 [09/10 11:27:29AM] Medium, 12 inch

Opal Bloom Leggings
Emily Buss
 [09/10 11:26:12AM] XL 12"

In full bloom leggings
Emily Buss
 [09/10 11:25:34AM] XL 12"

Bloom On Leggings
Emily Buss
 [09/10 11:24:46AM] XL 12"

Strength in Flowers
Yolanda Galambos
 [09/10 11:24:44AM] 12” S

In Bloom
Kate Britz
 [09/10 11:24:34AM] S - 12”

Lisa Brownrigg
 [09/10 11:24:09AM] 2XL. 12"

Rosie Posie Leggings
Emily Buss
 [09/10 11:24:00AM] XL 12"

Blooming Valiance/Blooming Inspiration
Yolanda Galambos
 [09/10 11:23:33AM] 12” S

Here comes the bloom /blooming’ incredible
Cindy Syrnyk
 [09/10 11:22:42AM] S 12”

Da Bomb
Lisa Brownrigg
 [09/10 11:21:39AM] 2XL. 12"

Yolanda Galambos
 [09/10 11:20:47AM] 12” S

In Full Bloom Leggings
Emily Langman
 [09/10 11:20:14AM] XL 12"

Valiance/Valiant Floral/Crowning Glory/Inspiring Floral/Passionate Floral
Yolanda Galambos
 [09/10 11:20:03AM] 12” S

Rachel Kelly
 [09/10 11:16:28AM] Small

Goddess Leggings
Nicole Froment
 [09/10 11:15:51AM] XL and 9.5

Flower Power
Michelle Pereira
 [09/10 11:09:57AM] XL

Beauty Gains Leggings
Wendy Unrau
 [09/10 11:09:20AM] Lg 9.5 please

Budding romance, once and flor-al
Kirsten Todd
 [09/10 11:09:13AM] M

Field of flowers,
Amanda Broad
 [09/10 11:06:51AM] 12' 2XL

Blooming magnificent leggings
Shannon Goodman
 [09/10 11:06:44AM] Xl and 12”

Believe in Bloom Leggings
Emily Langman
 [09/10 11:04:53AM] XL 12"

Floral Force Leggings
Wendy Unrau
 [09/10 11:04:41AM] Large with 9.5 waistband, please.

Bouquet of Comfort
Pamela Sheriff
 [09/10 11:03:59AM] XL 12”

La Vie En Rose Leggings
Emily Langman
 [09/10 11:03:32AM] XL 12"

A Leg Up Leggings
Heidi Dietrich
 [09/10 11:00:14AM] M 12”

Frosted Rose, Stormy Rose, Lavender Rose, London Rose, London Fog
Melissa McIntyre
 [09/10 10:57:37AM] Medium 12 inch waistband please

Bloom, grow, blooming
Leanne MacLeod
 [09/10 10:57:24AM] Xl (regular) 2x if whitebacked 12"

What in carnation?, Live like it’s Spring
Traci Tebb
 [09/10 10:52:51AM] 12” XS

Flower power
Kelsi Mari Chiarot
 [09/10 10:48:39AM] L 9.5"

FLORAL this way Leggings, Floral into fall
Bailee Weigelt
 [09/10 10:48:30AM] Medium, 9.5 " or 12" waist band

Petal to the Metal Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:46:26AM] L, 12 inch

Flower Powered
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [09/10 10:46:22AM] Xs, 12''

Budding Romance Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:45:41AM] L, 12 inch

Rose to the Occasion Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:44:39AM] L, 12 inch

Fabulously Floral Leggings
Carey Carter
 [09/10 10:43:41AM] 2xl 12 inch band

Camellia Crops
Traci Tebb
 [09/10 10:43:18AM] 12” XS

You Grow Girl Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:43:06AM] L, 12 inch

Floral me fitness Leggings
Michelle Holbeche
 [09/10 10:41:25AM] Large & 12”

Flora Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:41:09AM] L, 12 inch

Garden Queen
Kate Bertenshaw
 [09/10 10:39:53AM] Small-9.5 waistband

Flourish Leggings
Rachel Tourville
 [09/10 10:38:44AM] 12 inch, L

Floral Fantasy leggings, Field of dreams leggings
Angela Yamaoka
 [09/10 10:35:06AM] 9.5 S

Bloom from within
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [09/10 10:35:01AM] 9.5’ medium

Blooming Beauty Leggings
Kari Robinson
 [09/10 10:34:24AM] 2XL, 9.5"

Flower Power, Budding Blossoms Leggings
Terri Grey
 [09/10 10:33:32AM] 12" rise, size XS

Flower Power leggings
Melissa Kristjansson
 [09/10 10:32:30AM] Size S waistband 12"

For the bees Exclusives
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [09/10 10:32:15AM] Medium 9.5’

Bloom with confidence
Casondra Da Silva
 [09/10 10:31:56AM] Medium 9.5”

Floraly pretty leggings ??
Charlene Brown
 [09/10 10:30:08AM] Small 9.5”

Floraly pretty leggings ??
Charlene Brown
 [09/10 10:28:41AM] Small 9.5”

I CAN promise you a Rose Garden
Susan Bickford
 [09/10 10:28:17AM] Size L 9.5 in waist band

Power up leggings (as in flower power)
Crissy Green
 [09/10 10:22:33AM] 8-10, medium

Hello Floral, Floral me crazy
Melissa Renyard
 [09/10 10:22:21AM] Large , 12" rise

Forget me knot, why not floral
Shontelle Benard
 [09/10 10:21:05AM] 9.5 x large

Petal Power
Felicia Kalmanson
 [09/10 10:20:16AM] XS 9.5”

Ready to Bloom
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:20:00AM] S 12”

Feelin Floral
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:19:26AM] S 12”

Bloomtime leggings
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:17:56AM] S 12”

Mad about floral, To be or not to be floral, Floral me pretty
Felisha Flodin
 [09/10 10:17:48AM] Xl 12inch

Blossom Grey
Jennifer Garcia
 [09/10 10:17:25AM] XS

Some say love
Casondra Da Silva
 [09/10 10:15:58AM] Medium 9.5”

Flower Power
Audrey Johnston
 [09/10 10:13:59AM] Large

Rose to the Occasion leggings
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:12:03AM] S 12”

Spring into action
Tara Thompson
 [09/10 10:11:35AM] Medium

Best Bud leggings
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:11:21AM] S 12”

Petal to the Metal leggings
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:10:32AM] S 12”

Floral fit leggings, Fall florals, Wrapped in Foral leggings, Fab Floral leggings, Fabulous in Floral leggings
Stephanie Gemmell
 [09/10 10:10:04AM] XS 9.5” waistband

Happiness Blooms leggings
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:08:42AM] S 12”

Rose Again leggings, grey days leggings, floral elegance leggings, floral frenzy leggings,
Savanna Rave
 [09/10 10:08:19AM] S 12”

Divine Beauty Leggings
Marie Neil
 [09/10 10:06:23AM] 3X 12 inch

Fit as a Flower, Flower Power, Bloom Babe
Rachelle Douglas
 [09/10 10:06:15AM] Large 12"

In bloom
Karen gurney
 [09/10 10:05:21AM] 2XL 12”

Petal power
Sarah Multamaki Walker
 [09/10 10:00:24AM] Medium 9.5”

Bloom Where You are Planted Leggings
Kristina Kelly
 [09/10 9:59:21AM] M- 9.5”

Feisty; Feisty Floral; Budding Strength; Potency; Resolution
Haley Boland
 [09/10 9:58:35AM] Size L, 12” waistband

Empowered She Rose, She Rose Again, She Rose Up
Samantha Sham
 [09/10 9:57:01AM] Large 12"

Gladiolus Legging
Whitney Dillon
 [09/10 9:55:06AM] 3XL & 12"

Elegant; Elegance
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:54:50AM] Xs, 9.5

No thorns here leggings
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [09/10 9:54:20AM] 9.5” large

Flower Power Leggings!
Carrie Sjolander
 [09/10 9:53:40AM] Size 3X and 12" waistband, please

Floral paradise
Maria Finnegan
 [09/10 9:53:04AM] Small 12”

Flower power
Julie hoar
 [09/10 9:52:47AM] L-12

Life in Bloom Leggings, Sweet Stems, Fabulous Floral Leggings,
Jennifer Bien
 [09/10 9:52:24AM] 12” XL

Smell the roses
Julie Hoar
 [09/10 9:52:12AM] L -12

Ease on Down the Road Leggings
Carrie Sjolander
 [09/10 9:52:08AM] Size 3X and 12" waistband, please

In Bloom Leggings, Fashion Flower Leggings, Bloom Couture Leggings,
Jennifer Bien
 [09/10 9:50:09AM] XL , 12”

In Bloom Leggings, Fashion Flower Leggings, Bloom Couture Leggings,
Jennifer Bien
 [09/10 9:49:02AM] XL , 12”

Frolic For Floral Leggings, Bloom with grace leggings, Make it bloom leggings
Angelee Mora
 [09/10 9:48:11AM] XXS 9.5”

Power of Flower
Tina Groszko
 [09/10 9:46:14AM] Size 2XL & 12" waistband

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:45:12AM] Xs, 9.5

ashley manky
 [09/10 9:44:36AM] xl 9inch

Roses by any other name, flower power leggings
Marsha Foster
 [09/10 9:44:21AM] Size large, 12 " waistband

Sustain; Create; Advance; Expanse; Success
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:44:14AM] Xs, 9.5

Evolution; Evoke; Evolve
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:41:34AM] Xs, 9.5

Pick Me!
Marcy Andersen
 [09/10 9:39:22AM] Medium & 9.5 Waistband

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:39:07AM] Xs, 9.5

Enduring; Endurance
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:37:28AM] Xs, 9.5

Balance of Power, Flower Power, Blooming Strength, Confidence Blooms
Cori Oracheski
 [09/10 9:36:15AM] large 9.5"

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:36:12AM] Xs, 9.5

En-flowered power
Melissa Melideo
 [09/10 9:34:25AM] L

Serene; Tranquil
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:34:10AM] Xs, 9.5

Rare Find Exclusives
Nicole Gregg
 [09/10 9:33:49AM] Large 9.5”

Pick Me!
Marcy Andersen
 [09/10 9:33:09AM] Medium

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:32:41AM] Xs, 9.5

Blooming Flowers leggings
Alisha Tatlock
 [09/10 9:32:19AM] 12” XL

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:32:17AM] Xs, 9.5

Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/10 9:31:40AM] Xs, 9.5

Pick Me!
Marcy Andersen
 [09/10 9:31:26AM] Medium

Flor-al you love!
Shauna Brady
 [09/10 9:31:14AM] Medium 12”

Strike a Rose, By any other name, let love grow
Nicole Gregg
 [09/10 9:30:36AM] Large 9.5”

Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:29:29AM] S

Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:29:11AM] S

Bounty-full (bountiful)
Nancy wardell
 [09/10 9:28:40AM] L 12

Vintage petal
Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:27:28AM] S

Perfectly Posie
Becky Harnett
 [09/10 9:27:24AM] 2XL 12”

Impact leggings, petals with a punch, pretty powerful exclusives
Brittany Tait
 [09/10 9:26:48AM] XL 12in

She is beauty she is grace
Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:26:14AM] S

Flower affair
Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:25:34AM] S

Melissa McCracken
 [09/10 9:25:15AM] Small 12 inch

Strength in beauty
Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:25:13AM] S

Passion flower
Michelle Noel
 [09/10 9:24:31AM] S

Melissa McCracken
 [09/10 9:24:26AM] Small 12 inch

True to yourself leggings
Adrienne Damm
 [09/10 9:24:14AM] 12" xl

Flower Power
Michellene Hoey
 [09/10 9:23:55AM] L - 12”

With Purpose
Melissa McCracken
 [09/10 9:23:49AM] Small 12 inch

Melissa McCracken
 [09/10 9:22:47AM] Small 12 inch

Feels Like Paradise
Tracy Fisher
 [09/10 9:22:17AM] XS - 12"

Melissa McCracken
 [09/10 9:21:31AM] Small 12 inch

Race through the Roses
Toni Nameth
 [09/10 9:20:54AM] XS 12”

Winter icing
Adrienne Damm
 [09/10 9:20:17AM] 12" xl

Kelly Paryniak
 [09/10 9:19:35AM] Medium 12 inch

Pretty tough
Sarah Grayman
 [09/10 9:19:26AM] Xs 12"

Passion leggings
Brianna McRae
 [09/10 9:19:20AM] Medium...12 inch

Strength is blooming
Sarah Grayman
 [09/10 9:17:43AM] Xs 12"

Elegance Leggings
Jenn Haviland
 [09/10 9:16:30AM] 12” L

Life is Rosie leggings
Maria Lento
 [09/10 9:16:03AM] Med 9.5

Jenn Haviland
 [09/10 9:15:08AM] 12” L

In Bloom
Laura Peters
 [09/10 9:14:43AM] XL 9.5"

Flower fresh legging
Crystal McConnell
 [09/10 9:14:35AM] Medium- 12”

Room to Bloom
Kelly Shannon
 [09/10 9:13:55AM] M 12"

Petal me pretty
Melissa Goldie
 [09/10 9:13:49AM] 2xl 9.5

Happy Blossoms, beautifulwillowed dreams, endless field, infinity,
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 9:09:36AM] S 12”

Secret Garden crops
Samantha Peters
 [09/10 9:09:18AM] Xl&12

Bold and beautiful
Carolyn lesey
 [09/10 9:08:45AM] M 12”

Fuel your fire leggings
Gagan gill
 [09/10 9:08:19AM] S 12inch

Beautifully You Leggings, Garden Party Leggings
Abbey Dakers
 [09/10 9:08:06AM] Medium 9.5 inch

Cherry blossom, Sea of florals, Happily ever after, Gates to heaven, Among the thorns, Vibrant Stems Leggings, petals of Eve, enchanted garden, enchanted florals,
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 9:06:20AM] small 12”

Flora (Roman goddess)
Megan Summers
 [09/10 9:04:39AM] Small, 12 inch

Tonia Lenk
 [09/10 9:04:25AM] xl - max waistband size

Floral Persuasion
Candice Erdelyi
 [09/10 9:03:50AM] 9" large

Florally Justified Leggings
Nikki Joyce
 [09/10 9:03:05AM] XXS 12in

Bed of roses, field of dreams
Roxane nicholson
 [09/10 9:01:35AM] Sm 9 inch waist band

Everything's Coming Up Rosey leggings
Sarah Sinton
 [09/10 8:59:33AM] XXS 12"

Rose Pose, Rose Grind, Rosie Posie, Grow Strong
Bobbi Vojtko
 [09/10 8:59:29AM] L, 12.5

Bloom to boom leggings. Power to bloom leggings, flower power legging, bloom to the top leggings
Tamara Zaretski
 [09/10 8:59:25AM] Medium 12"

Petal Pushers
Tonia Lenk
 [09/10 8:59:13AM] xl - max waistband size

Flower Power
Krystal L Dary
 [09/10 8:59:13AM] Small & 12" waistband

Uplift Leggings / Flower Power Leggings / Petal Pusher Leggings
Ali Burton
 [09/10 8:58:41AM] Medium 12”

Spring Fever
Melanie Weiman
 [09/10 8:58:19AM] L

Petal to the metal
Lacey Bartholow
 [09/10 8:58:04AM] Xl 12”

Flower Power
Allison Cure
 [09/10 8:58:02AM] Xl 12”

Namaste Beautifully Leggings : Arise and Shine Leggings : Sunshine In Leggings
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:57:37AM] 9 XXS

Bobbi Vojtko
 [09/10 8:56:41AM] L, 12.5

You bloom you
Katelyn felbel
 [09/10 8:56:02AM] M 9.5

Bold and Beautiful Leggings
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:54:35AM] 9 inch XXS

Garden Zen leggings
Tracey Kotyk
 [09/10 8:54:00AM] L. 12”

Bobbi Vojtko
 [09/10 8:53:41AM] L, 12.5

Divinely Floral leggings, Florals of the divine leggings, love and light leggings, petals of life leggings,
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 8:53:37AM] S 12”

Namaste floral
Katelyn felbel
 [09/10 8:53:31AM] M 9.5

Rise to The Occasion Leggings ; Growing Together Leggings; Petals of Victory Leggings
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:53:28AM] 9 inch XXS

Silver petal
Taira axton
 [09/10 8:52:46AM] Xl , 9.5”

Go with the floral
Katelyn felbel
 [09/10 8:52:40AM] M and 9.5

Kayleigh Meyers
 [09/10 8:52:26AM] I'm not sure - medium - I don't know your sizing

Frolicking in Floral
Jeanette Mills
 [09/10 8:52:11AM] Large

Blooming beauty, fabulous floral, beautiful blossoms, Bountiful blooms, bold blooms,
Satu Spring
 [09/10 8:52:10AM] Large 9.5" waist

Botanical Sports
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [09/10 8:51:15AM] XS & 9.5''

Rise to The Occasion Leggkngs
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:51:02AM] 9 inch. XXS

Ferocious Leggings
Amanda Meers
 [09/10 8:49:46AM] Large 12”

The Robin, Floral with a chance of awesome, Strong is the new sexy, strong with a chance of awesome
Robin Parker
 [09/10 8:49:40AM] M

Blossom Where Your At Leggings : Time to Bloom Leggings
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:49:26AM] 9 inch XXS

Timeless floral leggings, classic floral leggings, shades of floral leggings, rosé all day
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 8:49:17AM] S 12”

Thrive and bloom floral legging
Amber Bremer
 [09/10 8:48:56AM] XL 12”

Blossom Leggings, Budding Beauty Leggings, In Full Bloom Leggings, Blossoming Strength Leggings, Powerhouse Petals Leggings, Coming Up Roses Leggings
Cherie Inwood
 [09/10 8:48:53AM] L 12" RISE

Flower Power
Amanda Meers
 [09/10 8:48:14AM] Large 12”

Coming up roses
Brenda Erlandson Tough
 [09/10 8:47:44AM] Large

Blooming Proudly : Garden Girls Leggings : Powerfully Blooming Leggings
Ashley Hunt
 [09/10 8:46:37AM] 12 inch XXS

Kaitlyn Lamping
 [09/10 8:45:48AM] Large & 9.5

Get up and grow
Vicki Hanson
 [09/10 8:45:43AM] L 12 inch

Belle Fleur
Nicole Kime
 [09/10 8:45:39AM] XS/9.5

Powerful Bloom Leggings
Karen Carvell
 [09/10 8:44:44AM] 12inch XL

Flourish and Bloom
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 8:44:02AM] 12 inch Large

Bloomin Beautifully
April Hunt
 [09/10 8:43:18AM] 9inch XS

Field of dreams leggings, fields of floral leggings
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 8:43:01AM] Small, 12”

Flourish and Blossom
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/10 8:42:55AM] 12inch Large

Nature’s essence
Nicole kime
 [09/10 8:41:49AM] S/9’

Still Smells As Sweet Leggings
Emily Buss
 [09/10 8:41:27AM] XL 12"

Flower power
Nicole Kime
 [09/10 8:41:02AM] S/9’

The Divine Leggings
Nikki weightman
 [09/10 8:40:40AM] Xs 9.5

Picked for me
Naomi Tappin
 [09/10 8:40:33AM] 2X & 12”

 [09/10 8:40:31AM] 12" MEDIUM

Ready to Bloom leggings
Nikki Weightman
 [09/10 8:39:56AM] Xs 9.5

Thrive Leggings
Nikki weightman
 [09/10 8:39:27AM] Xs 9.5

Fleur De Leggings
Maralee Fleming
 [09/10 8:38:43AM] L with 12” waist band

Botanic dreams
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/10 8:38:08AM] 12" large

Blossoming Beauty
Julie Odia
 [09/10 8:38:04AM] XL. 9.5

Garden of Eden
Lena Sampson
 [09/10 8:37:27AM] S/M or M

New Beginnings, Rebirth, Gratitude, Grace
Liz Roy
 [09/10 8:37:11AM] Medium 12”

New Beginnings, Rebirth, Gratitude, Grace,
Liz Roy
 [09/10 8:35:46AM] Medium 12”

Bountiful Crops
Jocelyn LeBeau
 [09/10 8:34:35AM] Large 12”

Floral Punch Pizazz Leggings and Crop
Taylor-Jean Kennedy
 [09/10 8:34:35AM] 3XL

New Beginnings, Rebirth, Gratitude, Grace,
Liz Roy
 [09/10 8:34:34AM] Medium 12”

Rare beauty leggings
Heather Stanley
 [09/10 8:33:52AM] 2XL 12inch

Flower Power, Floral dream, Laced in floral
Natasha Grammer
 [09/10 8:33:27AM] L & 11-12

 [09/10 8:33:13AM] 12" medium

Blooming Beauty Crops
Jocelyn LeBeau
 [09/10 8:32:35AM] Large 12”

Praiseworthy floral leggings, flourishing leggings, botanic goddess leggings
April Berry
 [09/10 8:32:02AM] Xs 12"

Pretty petals
Katherine Hobman
 [09/10 8:31:47AM] M and waistband

Empowered Blossom Leggings
Kristie Sereda
 [09/10 8:31:31AM] M 12”

Go With the Flower
Yolanda Galambos
 [09/10 8:31:14AM] 12”, S

Flower to the Top Leggings, Flowered for success Leggings, Full Bloom Leggings, Beautifully Bloomed Leggings
Mackenzi Costello
 [09/10 8:31:08AM] 2X 12 inch waistband

Tropical Paradise
Nicole Gulutzan
 [09/10 8:31:06AM] L and 12 inch

Wallflower leggings
Nikki Weightman
 [09/10 8:31:00AM] Xs 9.5 inch

Rose above leggings
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:30:52AM] 9.5 medium

Flourish Leggings
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 8:30:15AM] XL 12 inch rise

Blooming strength leggings
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:30:01AM] 9.5 medium

field of flowers
Jamie Cavanagh
 [09/10 8:29:23AM] 2xl

Bouquet of Paradise
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [09/10 8:28:38AM] XL - 12"

Graceful Supremacy
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/10 8:27:32AM] Xs & 9.5

Floral & flirty
 [09/10 8:27:29AM] XL 9.5

Bloom Yourself Leggings
Trisha Tahouney
 [09/10 8:27:14AM] Medium in 12”

Flourishing Florals
Nikkita Da Silva
 [09/10 8:27:06AM] Large -9.5"

Flower Power
Colette Radcliffe
 [09/10 8:26:41AM] XL

In bloom
Laura Pederson
 [09/10 8:26:07AM] Xl 12”

Ready to bloom
Carolyn lesey
 [09/10 8:25:46AM] M 12”

Floral Me All Over
Melissa Waterman
 [09/10 8:24:57AM] Large

Fiercely Floral
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/10 8:24:05AM] XS & 9.5

Strength in Flowers! Flower's Anyone, Flower Power, Love is in the Flowers, Field of Flowers
Valerie Simpson
 [09/10 8:23:42AM] Large, wide

Flower you everywhere leggings
Corissa German
 [09/10 8:23:38AM] M, 12in

Fierce and floral
Ashley Domagala
 [09/10 8:23:24AM] 12inch medium

Floral Fierceness
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/10 8:22:47AM] XS & 9.5

Floral maze
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/10 8:22:32AM] M 12"

Flourishing Possibilities
Brielle Hwalstad
 [09/10 8:22:15AM] Xxs 12”

A rose above the rest
Yvonne Stewart
 [09/10 8:22:11AM] Small 9.5

Generous roses
Shauna Sandy
 [09/10 8:21:58AM] 2XL 12 inch

Floral craze
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/10 8:21:46AM] M 12"

Earl Grey Floral Leggings, Floral Bliss leggings, Touch of happiness leggings, eternal love leggings
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 8:21:07AM] S-12”

Floral attraction
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/10 8:21:00AM] M 12"

Bloom into Fall
Dana Zieroth
 [09/10 8:20:19AM] XL 9.5 waist

Karen Mccarville
 [09/10 8:19:32AM] Xl and 12 inch

Feeling fancy
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/10 8:19:16AM] M 12"

Rose Above
Brielle Hwalstad
 [09/10 8:19:10AM] Xxs 12”

Flourishing blooms
Melanie Erickson
 [09/10 8:19:06AM] Xlg 12”

You got this leggings!
Chantel Dobson
 [09/10 8:18:41AM] XL 12inch

Flower Power Leggings, Petals and Thorns Leggings, Floral Energy Leggings, Botanical Dreams Leggings, The Secret Garden Leggings.
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/10 8:18:15AM] 2XL 12" waistband

Falling for floral leggings, flower power leggings
Laurisa Bonk
 [09/10 8:18:10AM] Small 9.5”

Keeping it floral
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/10 8:18:06AM] M 12"

Petal to the Metal
Michelle Berezowski
 [09/10 8:17:57AM] small 9.5"

in-powered , taking action
Holly coulombe
 [09/10 8:17:30AM] M, 9’5

Radiance Leggings
Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/10 8:16:04AM] XS ; 12 inch rise

Fall in Bloom
Melissa Short
 [09/10 8:15:43AM] XS 9.5

Beautiful Gardens
Shauna Sandy
 [09/10 8:15:43AM] XXL 12'inch

Reach for the sun leggings
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/10 8:14:18AM] 12” XL

You'll Blossom Leggines
Jamie Johnstone
 [09/10 8:14:07AM] XL 12" waistband

Watch me Blossom leggings
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/10 8:13:47AM] 12” XL

A new beginning
Cori Simmonds
 [09/10 8:13:37AM] S 9.5

Touch of floral
Suzanne Kempton
 [09/10 8:13:25AM] Xs and 9.5

What the bloom
Cheryl Richardet
 [09/10 8:13:20AM] Small

Petal Power
Janice Trenholm
 [09/10 8:13:14AM] Size XL, 12” rise

Cultivate confidence leggings
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/10 8:12:47AM] 12” XL

Ultimate win, flower power, taking over, take charge, fit to bloom,
Holly coulombe
 [09/10 8:11:42AM] M , 9’5

Top pick leggings
Lindsay Geist
 [09/10 8:11:40AM] Size small, 12”

Bloom where you are planted leggings
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/10 8:11:38AM] XL, 12”

Bloom & Grow Leggings
Lisa Gosse
 [09/10 8:11:33AM] 12” XL

?Cozy Rosey Posey Leggings! ?
Amanda Pierce
 [09/10 8:11:15AM] 12” XL

Shades of grey floral leggings
Nikki Robson
 [09/10 8:10:49AM] Xs, 9.5”

Rose me up
Michelle Baillie
 [09/10 8:10:46AM] Small 9.5 in

In Full Bloom Leggings
Taunya Kooiker
 [09/10 8:10:40AM] Small - 12”

Rose’ and play
Vicki Hanson
 [09/10 8:10:31AM] L and 12 inch

Feeling GirlY
Michelle Provenza
 [09/10 8:10:19AM] M, 12

Fierce & Femme
Ana Klovan
 [09/10 8:10:14AM] S & 9.5

Strong and Pretty
Cori Simmonds
 [09/10 8:09:33AM] S 9.5

Floral Fiesta
Michelle Provenza
 [09/10 8:08:47AM] M, 12

In Bloom Leggings
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 8:08:44AM] xl 12 inch rise

Focused Florista
Tara Macaulay
 [09/10 8:08:27AM] 9.5” small

Garden Party leggings
Jennifer Smith
 [09/10 8:08:22AM] Xl 12”

Blooming to action
Samantha Fosty
 [09/10 8:08:14AM] Large, 12"

room to bloom
 [09/10 8:08:12AM] medium 12”

Runaway with roses
Ashley Kehoe
 [09/10 8:08:11AM] Xsmall in 12 inches please

Diana Reyes
 [09/10 8:08:06AM] Medium, 9.5

Bloom Leggings
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 8:08:03AM] xl 12 inch rise

Tropic Like It's Hot
Tracy Fisher
 [09/10 8:07:51AM] XS - 12"

Floral Power
Angela Walker
 [09/10 8:07:34AM] XS 12 inch

Flower-me with sunshine / Complimentary Flowers / Flower for your thought / Blooming of Confidence
Lynne Burnham
 [09/10 8:07:33AM] Size 3xl and 12’’ waistband please

Runaway roses
Ashley Kehoe
 [09/10 8:07:33AM] Xsmall in 12 inches please

Radiance Leggings
Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/10 8:07:13AM] XS , 12” rise

Always in bloom leggings, Keep Bloomimg Leggings
Jina Clarke
 [09/10 8:07:06AM] L, 12”

In Bloom Leggings
Michelle Provenza
 [09/10 8:06:58AM] M, 12 inch

Touch of floral
Suzanne Kempton
 [09/10 8:06:35AM] Xs and 9.5”

Floral vibes
Tara Nestman
 [09/10 8:06:07AM] 2x

Blooming Confidence
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/10 8:05:39AM] xl 12 inch rise

It’s all coming up roses leggings
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/10 8:05:15AM] 12” XL

Petal Power Leggings
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [09/10 8:04:57AM] Size S, 12” waist

Watch Me Bloom/Blossom
Tonya Barich
 [09/10 8:04:46AM] M & 12"

flower power
Candace Theberge
 [09/10 8:04:37AM] Medium 12”

Floral energy leggings
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:04:31AM] 9.5 medium

Fiesty Floral
Kaija Riabov
 [09/10 8:04:24AM] S 9.5rise

Feeling Fiesty
Kaija Riabov
 [09/10 8:03:51AM] S 9.5rise

Flower Power Leggings
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [09/10 8:03:51AM] 12” waist size S

Flower power leggings
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:03:37AM] 9.5 medium

Flower Power
Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/10 8:03:17AM] Xs ; 12” rise

Flower power
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:02:53AM] 9.5 medium

Fiesty Floral; Feeling Fiesty
Kaija Riabov
 [09/10 8:02:30AM] Small, 9.5”

Flower Power
Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/10 8:02:01AM] Xs 12” rise

Flower Power
Kaitlyn Fox
 [09/10 8:01:46AM] 9.5” medium

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