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Say What?!
September 17, 2021

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Say What?!

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by Sunday, September 19th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 530
Congratulations to Selinda Lye, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Wait... Kevin O’Leary said WHAT to Christina?!"

Stop you are making me blush, Yellowstone is being released November 7th
Michelle Cowan
 [09/19 8:57:50AM]

HOW MANY days till Christmas!?
Gillian Martin
 [09/19 8:45:56AM]

Dare to be Pastel
Lisa Van Wert
 [09/19 8:42:42AM]

The look we get when summer packs her bags and leaves without even saying goodbye!
Shauna jessome
 [09/19 8:41:18AM]

I’m here
Kris Janz
 [09/19 8:39:36AM]

Seriously! My ex’s girlfriend is wearing the same outfit.
Angie Lundberg
 [09/19 8:37:06AM]

Seriously! My ex’s girlfriend is wearing the same outfit.
Angie Lundberg
 [09/19 8:36:44AM]

Country Autumn
Kim Rose
 [09/19 8:29:52AM]

Oh hey Brittany….?
Shauna Libbrecht
 [09/19 8:23:42AM]

Let’s get ready to fall
Jessica Billey
 [09/19 8:20:04AM]

Is that Sarah Jessica Parker?!
Annie Stephens
 [09/19 8:18:25AM]

I’m ready for you, fall!
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/19 8:16:25AM]

Is that you, fall?!
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/19 8:16:04AM]

Simply beautiful
Heather Stanley
 [09/19 8:10:38AM]

Is that from Silver Icing? I need it in every colour!
Hilary Bowerman
 [09/19 8:08:11AM]

Fall Lady
Linda Marion
 [09/19 8:02:09AM]

What? It comes in other colours?
Katherine Noga
 [09/19 7:48:58AM]

Ladies I see you looking, it's all from Silver Icing.
Katherine Noga
 [09/19 7:46:18AM]

“Is that a SQUIRREL over there?!”
Kelly Porter
 [09/19 6:46:50AM]

Sigrun Gunnarsdottir
 [09/19 6:44:10AM]

Say What?!
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [09/19 4:43:05AM]

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude too!
Vherra Salikin
 [09/19 1:08:26AM]

Pink is always in Season!
Vherra Salikin
 [09/19 1:06:58AM]

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
Vherra Salikjn
 [09/19 12:23:43AM]

Pretty in Pink
Vherra Salikin
 [09/19 12:23:05AM]

What do you mean it isn't sweater weather yet?! I will not Fall for that one again.
Tamara Zaretski
 [09/19 12:06:04AM]

What?? All these ladies want my Silver Icing style?
Annalisa Day
 [09/18 10:49:41PM]

Why hello !
Caroleen dyball
 [09/18 10:11:41PM]

I literally cannot right now with how cute I look I my silver icing entire!
Natalie Cooper
 [09/18 9:26:38PM]

My husband is going to kill me lol
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:10:16PM]

I didn't know it came in that colour too!!!
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:09:45PM]

Oh my god you got one too
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:09:20PM]

Don't make me blush
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:08:54PM]

Hard-core blushing over here
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:07:51PM]

No honey this is last years coat and boots these aren't new.
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:06:11PM]

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:05:18PM]

Don't FALL in love with this outfit too
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:04:47PM]

Fall is here even if it feels like 30 degrees out lol
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:03:28PM]

Silver icing...I put that sh*t on everything :)
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:02:31PM]

You have to shop this pre-sale!
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:00:53PM]

It's fall yall
Hope Farrow
 [09/18 9:00:06PM]

“The look on her face said it all.”
Megan Redmond
 [09/18 7:59:55PM]

What!!??!! Is that my bestie coming with my favourite coffee!!! Besties and coffee while rockin this stylish coat will always make me feel better
Daleene Kosinski
 [09/18 7:14:22PM]

Comfy cozy fall coat
Josée Dicaire
 [09/18 6:45:51PM]

Wait? What? This comes in more colours?!?
Nicole Wiseman
 [09/18 6:25:26PM]

Wrapped up
Katy Hillier
 [09/18 5:52:15PM]

When you have a full fall(winter) wardrobe but Silver Icing releases more!
Daniela Racco
 [09/18 5:48:46PM]

HUNNY I am not hiding my SI from you I look too good, but I am hiding the tags.
Jennifer Wallace
 [09/18 5:47:14PM]

Falling for pink
Jenn brown
 [09/18 5:41:31PM]

Ahh He's back
April Collver
 [09/18 5:40:12PM]

“It’s all new….don’t tell my husband (partner)”
Janel Matt
 [09/18 5:33:29PM]

Oh hey… silver icing is dropping more
Dee Hunter
 [09/18 5:32:52PM]

Kids back in school, let me check out the Silver Icing Presales
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:08:14PM]

Say what my husband said buy all the Silver Icing I want…
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:07:37PM]

OMG, HOORAY! Another Silver Icing delivery!!
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:06:58PM]

What, no way…..that’s what’s on Silver Icing presale!!
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:06:09PM]

I can’t believe how soft this Silver Icing jacket is
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:04:57PM]

You weren’t suppose to deliver my Silver Icing when my husband was home
Laurie Colhoun
 [09/18 5:04:09PM]

Some say PSY therapy.. I say SI therapy!!
Stephanie Neville
 [09/18 4:57:16PM]

Pinktastic trench
Patti Thompson
 [09/18 4:57:13PM]

Some say PSY therapy.. I sat SI therapy!
Stephanie Neville
 [09/18 4:56:39PM]

Falling in love with Fall
Irene Duncan
 [09/18 4:50:12PM]

Hello Pink Autumn
Leanne P
 [09/18 4:39:09PM]

Can’t believe you made it!
Paula Carlos
 [09/18 4:30:03PM]

Fall and cozy, spiced up jacket, autumn wrap coat, that's a wrap coat/ jacket
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [09/18 4:18:48PM]

Is that a Pumpkin Spice Latte?!
Sarah Storms
 [09/18 4:11:40PM]

Fall is coming...
Angele Taylor
 [09/18 4:01:55PM]

You’re here!!!
Karen Woloschuk
 [09/18 3:45:10PM]

Did you say ... Silver Icing?
Miranda Leanne Fiarchuk
 [09/18 3:27:43PM]

Cotton Candy Love
Robynne Barone
 [09/18 3:19:38PM]

Where are you going with my ladder?
Joy McLean
 [09/18 3:08:55PM]

Look! Leaves are Falling! Autumn is Calling!Stay Calmand Stay Cozy with Silver Icing Clothing!
Louise Rousson
 [09/18 3:01:32PM]

Why yes, I am wearing part of Silver Icings new fall collection!
Tasha Baillie
 [09/18 2:56:45PM]

We match!
Melissa Kristjansson
 [09/18 2:50:28PM]

Fall Fever
Nicole Sprieszl
 [09/18 2:29:18PM]

Pretty In Pink
Kathryn Crystal
 [09/18 2:23:52PM]

On the edge of pretty in pink!
Serena Perreault
 [09/18 2:16:28PM]

Snap. I've got this
Shelley Bartodziej
 [09/18 2:08:11PM]

Bring it on fall
Elena Swan
 [09/18 1:51:03PM]

Oh hey, fall!
Elena Swan
 [09/18 1:50:22PM]

OMG that girl so needs some SI clothing!!
Andrea Heard
 [09/18 1:45:29PM]

Sitting pretty in pink
Pauline Clarke
 [09/18 1:41:28PM]

Crisp Fall Day Coat
Victoria Hardy
 [09/18 1:39:30PM]

Wow!! Check her out, she’s wearing Silver Icing clothing!
Wendy Vollans
 [09/18 1:23:24PM]

The leaves are falling!!!
Julie Hoar
 [09/18 1:05:19PM]

Autumn:I'm here!!!
Julie Hoar
 [09/18 1:04:49PM]

Get ready to Fall into Winter
Kristy Anderson
 [09/18 1:00:09PM]

Don't act too surprised ... of course I bought this on Presale!
Amanda Proulx
 [09/18 12:57:49PM]

Omg is that a pumpkin spice latte you have in your hands?
 [09/18 12:55:58PM]

Swing into Fall Coat
Heather Prescesky
 [09/18 12:55:26PM]

Eeek Fall has found me!
Marcy Andersen
 [09/18 12:46:17PM]

Wow! Did someone say pink for fall? Oh yes All!
Rina Carano
 [09/18 12:02:32PM]

Did you say Pumpkin Spice???
Kathryn Goodale
 [09/18 12:02:03PM]

Just waiting for the girls. Kids are back in school.
Angela Rodgers
 [09/18 12:00:54PM]

You love my style? I know right, it’s SI snd I’m rocking it.
Elizabeth Ramsammy
 [09/18 11:40:20AM]

Just waiting for the girls. Kids are in school.
Angela Rodgers
 [09/18 11:32:59AM]

Ready for Fall!
Caroline Tiffin
 [09/18 11:24:19AM]

I See You Coming Fall
Jennifer Harrison
 [09/18 11:09:17AM]

It’s Contest Time? Your kidding me Right!?
Sandra Devost
 [09/18 11:00:44AM]

Wow! Are you also wearing this comfy cute coat!!!
Shelley Turnbull
 [09/18 10:59:23AM]

Fall’s coming?
Wendy Besner
 [09/18 10:41:37AM]

These boots are too cute to walk through the mud, as if!
Colleen Sheremeta
 [09/18 10:30:42AM]

Melanie Cunha
 [09/18 10:29:32AM]

Pretty in Pink!
Sandy Capa
 [09/18 10:09:52AM]

Love it and the color
Belinda legere
 [09/18 9:59:17AM]

Sasquatch!? Is that you? Long time no see!
Ashley Earp
 [09/18 9:57:57AM]

Pretty in pink
Maureen Roth
 [09/18 9:37:37AM]

Rosy cheeks and SI fashion on fleek!
Kelly Douglass
 [09/18 9:23:51AM]

Bundled and beautiful
Heather Stanley
 [09/18 9:21:27AM]

My face when I see the Fall line up.
Keelia Buchanan
 [09/18 9:21:19AM]

Bundled beauty
Heather Stanley
 [09/18 9:20:13AM]

Fall in love with this sweater coat3
Rebecca Rea
 [09/18 9:18:04AM]

I am not hiding my si from you, just the tags!
Jennifer wallace
 [09/18 9:15:40AM]

Acting surprised when another Silver Icing package arrives
Sarah Johnson
 [09/18 9:14:57AM]

"Pumpkin Spice and all things nice, I think we need this pop of pink"
Christina Anderson
 [09/18 8:53:43AM]

Is that another sale sneaking up on me?!
Joanne olorenshaw
 [09/18 8:51:25AM]

Oh my fall season is here!
Nita Mjolsness
 [09/18 8:37:16AM]

"It does look great snd I didnt spend a fortune on it"
Egerton boyce
 [09/18 8:29:55AM]

Mom! We're just taking pictures!
Carrie Sjolander
 [09/18 8:27:59AM]

OMG! Is that Wanakome Wednesday?!
Gina Bergman
 [09/18 8:17:57AM]

Is this jacket new? No its been in my closet since last year honey! Don't worry it was on sale!
Amber Fisher
 [09/18 8:14:34AM]

We’re doing what?
Kalma Arnett
 [09/18 8:09:46AM]

Wait what?! It’s fall y’all and I’m ready!!
Karen Otsig
 [09/18 8:06:29AM]

Wait what?! It’s fall y’all and I’m ready!!
Karen Otsig
 [09/18 8:05:18AM]

Waiting for winter
Angela Wonitowy
 [09/18 8:03:34AM]

Oh what?? I needed a mask?
Christa Skimmings
 [09/18 7:59:13AM]

Did you say, there's another contest going on? Maybe I'll win and get this amazing jacket with a gift card...?
Shannon Holick
 [09/18 7:50:14AM]

Me Pinks it’s fall!
Amy Cox
 [09/18 7:42:36AM]

On the Edge of discovery; Silver Icing Surprise; I can’t believe you’ve never heard of Silver Icing
Candice Daniels
 [09/18 7:08:52AM]

Pretty In Pink!
Patty Fellows
 [09/18 7:01:06AM]

Did someone say "pumpkin spice"?
Erika Just
 [09/18 6:12:19AM]

Did you catch that?
Angela Walker
 [09/18 5:56:37AM]

Watch me Now in my pink coat!
Angela Walker
 [09/18 5:56:14AM]

We’re going shopping?!?!
Linda Card
 [09/18 4:04:16AM]

"No way... did she get her hands on the Good day long vest already?!?!"
Jenn Noble
 [09/18 3:46:43AM]

"I know...cute outfit right?"
Rita Wouters
 [09/18 12:08:18AM]

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. Falling for fall fashion with Silver Icing.
Emily Newberry
 [09/17 11:33:48PM]

Cozy bliss
Kimberley Yuzik
 [09/17 11:26:21PM]

Ummm, the plan was not to be twinning again!
Candace Kwiatkowski
 [09/17 11:01:10PM]

The look you give when your husband notices you’re wearing a brand new si outfit.
Tarysa Luening
 [09/17 10:52:44PM]

“Are you ready for it?” “Oh Hello Fall, is that you calling?”
Sophie Lott
 [09/17 10:51:56PM]

What!!! Winter is coming?
Alicia Toniak
 [09/17 10:32:25PM]

FALL is coming!
Dorian George
 [09/17 10:17:13PM]

It’s a bird…. It’s a plane… no it’s new Silver Icing items!
Amanda Bulger
 [09/17 10:14:54PM]

Lovable outfit
Biljana Vignjevic
 [09/17 10:00:46PM]

Oh hey Karen! Yah, I’m kidless today and loving this look!
Tiffaney Gamble
 [09/17 9:30:51PM]

Fall into love with Silver Icing
Jennifer Ostoforoff
 [09/17 9:18:13PM]

“Oh this jacket!? No, it’s not new honey, I’ve had it for years! ?”
Sharmayne Colvin
 [09/17 9:00:51PM]

New silver icings?!? Where!
Brittaney Pregizer
 [09/17 8:56:46PM]

Is that you fall? I'm ready!
sara doolittle
 [09/17 8:50:46PM]

Pink A Boo
Catherine Williams
 [09/17 8:44:58PM]

Oh my gosh she looks like a SI sister, look at that smoke bomb in SI clothing
Michelle EVANS
 [09/17 8:44:02PM]

Snug as a bug boots!
Bobbie Treherne
 [09/17 8:42:02PM]

Waiting for my prince!
Jana M
 [09/17 8:37:41PM]

Pam Preibisch
 [09/17 8:31:21PM]

I'm just a girl, sitting on a wall asking for a new wardrobe
Debbie Currie
 [09/17 8:31:15PM]

Omg….look at the new silver icing fall wardrobe
Teresa lyne
 [09/17 8:19:22PM]

Fansy Free Fall coat!! Feel the fall in this fansy free fall coat!!
Kelly Strickland
 [09/17 8:14:09PM]

Yeah, it’s Silver Icing!
Charla Dease
 [09/17 8:06:55PM]

There's a chill in the air
Autumn Lillejord
 [09/17 7:59:39PM]

A presale…start the car!
Jennifer owen
 [09/17 7:46:45PM]

Say what it’s 11:59am? Bring on the presale !!
Jodi Zulyniak
 [09/17 7:34:50PM]

Say What you love my silver icing outfit I’m wearing ? me too ? and hey just a minute how do I get down from here now ?
Laurie McKamey
 [09/17 7:30:17PM]

Jessika Houston
 [09/17 7:22:54PM]

Wait! Is that Silver Icing?
Angela MacDonald
 [09/17 7:11:30PM]

Look At Me
Misty Hinz
 [09/17 7:06:33PM]

When Ryan Reynolds us shooting a movie in your hometown so you climb up to get a glimpse!! (He was in Moose Jaw I don’t know why this photo made me think of it?)
Brittnee Gilbert
 [09/17 7:01:12PM]

Jump Into Fall
Nicole Yadlowsky
 [09/17 6:55:57PM]

You caught me!
Brooke Burke
 [09/17 6:43:39PM]

I promise to order you some SI next order!
Mary Drake
 [09/17 6:42:37PM]

Dreaming in Cotton Candy
Jodi McNair
 [09/17 6:30:14PM]

Are there even more coats coming soon??!!
Debbie Slater
 [09/17 6:26:47PM]

I know right! Isn't SI the best?
Amanda middaugh
 [09/17 6:23:34PM]

What?! Give up shopping? I’m not a quitter!
Janeen St. Amant
 [09/17 6:17:53PM]

You bought what?!
Sandra Nickel
 [09/17 6:16:04PM]

Little surprises around every corner
Jennifer smith
 [09/17 6:10:48PM]

Let life surprise you!
Jennifer smith
 [09/17 6:09:36PM]

It’s the moments that take your breathe way
Jennifer smith
 [09/17 6:08:09PM]

What! There’s a unicorn in the bush behind me
 [09/17 6:07:53PM]

Did somebody say pumpkin spice?
Heather Vernon
 [09/17 5:59:44PM]

You’re just as surprised as I am , where did this new outfit come from?
Dominique Fraser
 [09/17 5:51:06PM]

Omg that’s the cutest Silver Icing outfit I ever did see!
 [09/17 5:48:55PM]

My Sweet Pea Coat!
Banti Labrie
 [09/17 5:48:32PM]

Eldridge coat
Jana Mottl
 [09/17 5:45:29PM]

Did you see that guy’s butt?!
Katie Blake
 [09/17 5:44:05PM]

The first leaf of fall!!!!
Amber Jones
 [09/17 5:41:52PM]

Oh snap, look at those sherpas!
Patricia Merrick
 [09/17 5:41:40PM]

Never have I ever… been so excited for fall and happy to have Summer behind me ? to wear all the things
Angela Mifflin
 [09/17 5:36:56PM]

Whenever you're caught…Always act surprised!!
Judy Mazurin
 [09/17 4:56:52PM]

Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?!
Courtney Lynch
 [09/17 4:48:56PM]

Did you hear? Fall is near! Season changes = new wardrobe arranges
Suzanne Murti
 [09/17 4:44:24PM]

What? A restock! The new fall colours are jaw dropping gorgeous!
Suzanne Murti
 [09/17 4:36:48PM]

Is that Autumn, I see?!?!?
Meagan Kontuk
 [09/17 4:30:30PM]

When you see the delivery truck with your SI orders and your husband arrive at the same time….
Katlin Burden
 [09/17 4:20:29PM]

Is that a sneak peek?!
Courtney Dhillon
 [09/17 4:17:36PM]

Look how high up I'm sitting.
Cheryl Hudson
 [09/17 4:04:03PM]

Cool , I wasn’t expecting you!
Yvonne Ernst
 [09/17 4:03:27PM]

I see you coming Fall, and me & my Silver Icing are ready for you ? ?
Kerrie Magee
 [09/17 4:01:35PM]

Catch me if you can!
Marielle Weiss
 [09/17 3:58:53PM]

Did someone say sale?
Amanda Murphy
 [09/17 3:58:08PM]

I WON ?!!
Kerri Mallett
 [09/17 3:51:31PM]

Did you say SILVER ICING???
Tina porter
 [09/17 3:43:34PM]

More SILVER ICING Coming!!
Tina Porter
 [09/17 3:42:18PM]

Oh! This old thing?
Stacey Ashurst
 [09/17 3:39:22PM]

Nice try Fall! Tried to sneak up on me, did' ya? But I'm ready for you!! (typo in the first entry!!)
Kari Lewis
 [09/17 3:24:40PM]

Nice try Fall! Tried to sneak up on my, did' ya? But I'm ready for you!!
Kari Lewis
 [09/17 3:23:41PM]

Call me maybe
Wendy Hanaka
 [09/17 3:19:19PM]

“ say what… a gift card!?”
Brandy Bayley
 [09/17 3:17:44PM]

Hurry up fall I’m waiting!, falling for fall with Silver Icing, looking fallbulous !
Nicole young
 [09/17 3:16:57PM]

You're beautiful ?
Wendy Hanaka
 [09/17 3:15:51PM]

You're wearing what??,
Wendy Hanaka
 [09/17 3:08:19PM]

Caught Autumn handed
Norma-Jean Chattaway
 [09/17 3:06:35PM]

What Fall already? That’s right I am ready in Silver Icing!
Maria Lento
 [09/17 2:56:56PM]

Oops, I Did it Again!
 [09/17 2:46:58PM]

“Hey! Nice rose-coloured cozy jacket.! We’re twins!”
Jill A. Herd
 [09/17 2:46:38PM]

Say what?!
Rachelle Dumoulin
 [09/17 2:44:38PM]

Yes, as a matter of fact this outfit is from Silver Icing!
Heather C Diewert
 [09/17 2:41:47PM]

Brad Pitt is where??
Carol LeFort
 [09/17 2:39:46PM]

We have the same coat!
Jacky McHugh
 [09/17 2:38:44PM]

Oooo...., did you say Presale?
Heather C Diewert
 [09/17 2:37:43PM]

Oh No! Here comes my guy, he wants the credit card back!
Heather C Diewert
 [09/17 2:35:52PM]

Fall is coming in fast!
Marcy Andersen
 [09/17 2:28:52PM]

Hey, you look gorgeous in that Silver Icing coat!
Shannon Mychan
 [09/17 2:07:18PM]

“Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?”
Randene Rishaug
 [09/17 2:05:20PM]

Crystal Davis
 [09/17 1:57:12PM]

Cozy, comfortable and cute coat
Chantal Malboeuf
 [09/17 1:57:12PM]

Here comes Winter- are YOU ready?
Linda Purcell
 [09/17 1:56:20PM]

Here he comes, thank goodness I’m wearing my Silver Icing outfit!
Kelly J Roy
 [09/17 1:54:50PM]

Life is Good!
Susan Ongaro
 [09/17 1:51:26PM]

You forgot to place your order and it was a Sell out?"
Melissa McCracken
 [09/17 1:51:07PM]

"Oh my! My Silver Icing Packages just got delivered and now I can't see my front door"???
Melissa McCracken
 [09/17 1:48:34PM]

Sitting On Top Of The World
Lily Parrouty
 [09/17 1:47:31PM]

At some point my husband is not going to believe me when I tell him I already owned this, when he asks if I bought more SI
Amie Bowlby
 [09/17 1:46:44PM]

My face during Fall Season Daily Presale Reveals
 [09/17 1:44:17PM]

It’s beautiful! I want this!
Lorraine Yakemchuk
 [09/17 1:42:44PM]

When you see the fall line up of SI!
Amber Silvey
 [09/17 1:42:13PM]

Pretty in Pink!
Tara van Drimmelen
 [09/17 1:41:07PM]

Blushing on the ledge
Patti sexton
 [09/17 1:39:16PM]

Fall is my happy place
 [09/17 1:36:28PM]

You mean I can help other women feel great about themselves in these clothes, be a part of this supportive, uplifting community AND get discounts and credits on these stylish outfits?!
Caitlin Gillis
 [09/17 1:31:09PM]

Winter is on my tail!!!
Kim Conrod
 [09/17 1:29:18PM]

I can be up here
Andrea Brandt
 [09/17 1:25:47PM]

Did you just say sweater launch? or OMG I need that!
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/17 1:19:53PM]

Ummm… is that Brad Pitt walking shirtless?
Melony Moeller
 [09/17 1:14:39PM]

Honest! didn’t buy it I’m just modelling it!
Michelle Carlin
 [09/17 1:10:44PM]

Pure Bliss
Jennifer Febbrini
 [09/17 1:04:41PM]

Kicking’ on the edge
Naomi Tappin
 [09/17 1:04:19PM]

Coat you by surprise
Naomi Tappin
 [09/17 1:03:43PM]

"You said What to that Bear?'' Run......
 [09/17 1:03:43PM]

Delivery from Silver Icing rep…Are those ALL mine ??? Yay!!!
Katt McCulloch
 [09/17 1:03:16PM]

There’s a Silver Icing Sale this weekend!?
Kristen Kringhaug
 [09/17 1:00:51PM]

Say whaaat?
Monika MacDonald
 [09/17 12:51:05PM]

Fall Pedestal
Dallas Smith
 [09/17 12:50:55PM]

Did you say more wanakome zipper no hooded sweatshirts for sale??
Madelynn nelson
 [09/17 12:50:51PM]

More Silver Icing coming?
Christine Bartsoff
 [09/17 12:46:59PM]

Cozy cliff hanger
Samantha Bilodeau
 [09/17 12:45:23PM]

Did someone say free donuts?! ?
Tayler Metcalfe
 [09/17 12:45:04PM]

Is that tree changing colour? Good thing I'm ready for fall in my SI!
Tawny Rother
 [09/17 12:42:51PM]

spook and sparkle
 [09/17 12:39:06PM]

No it’s not another new jacket! Why do you ask?
Laura Peacock
 [09/17 12:35:46PM]

Noo this isn’t a new Silver Icing Jacket, I’ve had it for years. It was in the back of my closet?
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [09/17 12:33:12PM]

Well look at you…you got one too
Jocelyne Bourque
 [09/17 12:25:42PM]

Pink is always the Champagne of Life
Pamela Mesic
 [09/17 12:22:25PM]

Good bye Summer...Well, hello Autumn
Deana Snowden
 [09/17 12:15:56PM]

Primed for the Cold
Gina Hormann
 [09/17 12:15:36PM]

"No babe, it isn't another Silver Icing jacket!"
Chantal Gagnon
 [09/17 12:11:37PM]

? Just waiting on a friend ?
Rae Thrasher
 [09/17 11:58:45AM]

? …just waiting on a friend?
Rae Thrasher
 [09/17 11:55:47AM]

Dream in Pink
Tiffany Meisters
 [09/17 11:54:38AM]

? …just waiting on a friend?
Rae Thrasher
 [09/17 11:53:51AM]

Pink Paridise
 [09/17 11:49:51AM]

Falling for you
Zsuzsi Abramson
 [09/17 11:45:32AM]

" I see you Autum"
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [09/17 11:44:20AM]

When fall sneaks up on you!
Kira Paterson
 [09/17 11:42:25AM]

"An unlimited SI shopping spree??? Thank you!!!!"
Satu Spring
 [09/17 11:40:50AM]

Where did I get my coat you ask, well let me tell you the story of Silver Icing...
Victoria Lake
 [09/17 11:32:05AM]

Sitting high
Nancy Miller
 [09/17 11:27:53AM]

Fall into beauty
Shontelle Benard
 [09/17 11:21:59AM]

Pardon, sure, I’d love to talk about my outfit!
Angel Brigo
 [09/17 11:17:43AM]

Did they just say there is a sale on the entire Silver icing website??
Sherry Glasser
 [09/17 11:15:18AM]

Surprised and in awe!
Jennifer Nixon
 [09/17 11:14:07AM]

Did you say silver icing discount??!! Sign me up!
Carrie Carpenter
 [09/17 11:13:31AM]

Silver Icing it’s here..start the car, start the car!
Mercedes Hyggen
 [09/17 11:12:39AM]

Fall Fantasy
Valery Knoop-Robinson
 [09/17 11:11:53AM]

When you spot another great SI outfit from across the park!
Megan Adelman
 [09/17 11:10:54AM]

Modesty is knowing you're rocking your outfit and still acting surprised when others compliment you on it.
Ina Hammer
 [09/17 11:09:25AM]

She has the car coat in the new colour. I WANT IT!!!
Karen Bemister
 [09/17 11:08:19AM]

Did someone say Pumpkin Spice?!
Ashley Hoffmann
 [09/17 11:07:27AM]

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.
Amanda Bolton
 [09/17 11:05:14AM]

Cozy Rose
Deanne Almond
 [09/17 11:03:10AM]

My face when I see the new silver icing presale!
Angela Smiley
 [09/17 10:56:41AM]

Pretty In Pink
Kendra Fraser
 [09/17 10:53:00AM]

I dare you not to “Fall” for all these pieces
Laurisa Bonk
 [09/17 10:52:35AM]

Pretty in Pink!
Debbie Russell
 [09/17 10:51:52AM]

“I can’t believe we bought the same gorgeous coat!!”
 [09/17 10:50:39AM]

Did you say SI sale?!?!
Nicole Ferreira
 [09/17 10:50:26AM]

Did you say BOGO sale!!
Mandie Burns
 [09/17 10:49:48AM]

How super cute is this jacket
Karen Milanovic
 [09/17 10:48:48AM]

Omg I have that!!! Silver icing right????
Suzanne kempton
 [09/17 10:48:04AM]

The moment you spot a Silver Icing outfit!
Angela Mitres
 [09/17 10:46:06AM]

?? ???? ? ???? ?
Tiffany Denny
 [09/17 10:45:31AM]

When you turn around and your boyfriend is on one knee
Autumn Hewitt
 [09/17 10:39:30AM]

Falling in love with Fall
Lisa Cleveland
 [09/17 10:38:30AM]

I See You Fall
Katheleen Mazurek
 [09/17 10:38:24AM]

The face you make when someone is rocking that presale you missed!
Tina cimaglia
 [09/17 10:38:17AM]

Oh no!! They are coming, better run
Brittania Pineda Antunez
 [09/17 10:36:48AM]

Omg is that tomorrow's presale?
Tina cimaglia
 [09/17 10:34:23AM]

Why yes, I do love the new Silver Icing Fall line!!?
Anita Banow
 [09/17 10:31:19AM]

When your favourite Silver Icing piece restocks!
Ashley Poole
 [09/17 10:31:09AM]

Cozy for fall!!
Sonya Boyer
 [09/17 10:30:51AM]

Did you just say "free clothes"?!
Tina cimaglia
 [09/17 10:30:32AM]

I think he noticed me! Or maybe it’s my amazing SI jacket
Liane Heebner
 [09/17 10:30:01AM]

Did someone say fall fashion??
Tin cimaglia
 [09/17 10:29:06AM]

What?! Silver Icing is having a sale!! (she jumps off ledge and starts running to make her purchases)
Jessica Ronald
 [09/17 10:26:01AM]

What?! Silver Icing is having a sale!! (she jumps off ledge and starts running to make her purchases)
Jessica Ronald
 [09/17 10:23:26AM]

Is that a new fall release!
Chelsea wright
 [09/17 10:22:23AM]

Falling for Silver icing
Chelsea wright
 [09/17 10:21:25AM]

What do you mean you don't own anything Silver Icing?!
Ashley Hilliard
 [09/17 10:18:49AM]

Falling in love with Fall
Chelsea wright
 [09/17 10:18:47AM]

Leaves are falling, autumn is calling!
Natasha Mayes
 [09/17 10:14:46AM]

 [09/17 10:13:58AM]

You heard that?
Amanda Madill
 [09/17 10:12:49AM]

Hey Y'all! It's delivery time!
Stacey Little
 [09/17 10:11:09AM]

It’s no SECRET garden, it’s silver icing.
Danielle banga
 [09/17 10:10:39AM]

Fall Blossom
Stacey Little
 [09/17 10:09:03AM]

Wrap in Comfort Coat
Cindy Lavender
 [09/17 10:06:32AM]

Sweet Seasonal Surprise!
Monica Sczyrba-Davis
 [09/17 10:04:13AM]

Tell me you are wearing Silver Icing without telling me you are wearing Silver Icing!
Jennifer Barone
 [09/17 10:03:54AM]

Don’t turn your back on gorgeous clothes!
Dana Bellagamba
 [09/17 10:03:37AM]

Fall into it with Silver Icing
Emily Langman
 [09/17 10:02:15AM]

When your friend shows up rocking the same Silver Icing outfit
Emily Langman
 [09/17 10:01:48AM]

I hope he notices my new coat!
Victor Denny
 [09/17 10:01:11AM]

I spy a Silver Icing outfit
Emily Langman
 [09/17 10:00:25AM]

Be your own silver lining with Silver Icing
Emily Langman
 [09/17 9:58:54AM]

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Silver Icing?
Camillia Whitehead
 [09/17 9:58:52AM]

But I love Fall most of all!
Noella Wright
 [09/17 9:58:37AM]

Do you see what I see
Angela Crevels
 [09/17 9:57:39AM]

OMG its fall yall
Angela Crevels
 [09/17 9:57:09AM]

When Silver Icing is your silver lining!
Emily Langman
 [09/17 9:57:02AM]

Cozy and stylish in my SI coat!
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [09/17 9:56:24AM]

Oh my dreams come true!
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [09/17 9:54:23AM]

City dreams Coat
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [09/17 9:53:19AM]

"Oh! Is that the Silver Icing delivery truck??"
Ashley Wilson
 [09/17 9:52:07AM]

With Fall around the corner, Silver Icing has you covered.
Gillian Kalman
 [09/17 9:50:50AM]

Oh yes I did!!!
Kali Stow
 [09/17 9:50:21AM]

Showing off your newest Silver Icing outfit!
Emily Langman
 [09/17 9:49:58AM]

Fall hugs.
KC vidal
 [09/17 9:49:30AM]

Kc Vidal
 [09/17 9:49:12AM]

Fall comfort.
KC vidal
 [09/17 9:48:49AM]

The icing on top.
Kc vidal
 [09/17 9:48:19AM]

Cozy in fall.
KC vidal
 [09/17 9:47:11AM]

Fall into Pink!
KC Vidal
 [09/17 9:46:37AM]

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Silver Icing
Alyssa Foley
 [09/17 9:43:37AM]

Pretty in Pink
Wanda Tye
 [09/17 9:42:42AM]

Living on the edge
Sherry Moreland
 [09/17 9:42:04AM]

Pink-a-boo I see you! Pink-a-boo I fall for you
Kim Dennis
 [09/17 9:39:57AM]

OMG Look how cute I am!
Brittney Tuccitto
 [09/17 9:39:08AM]

Me when I see the first sign of Autumn ?
Kristina Van Egmond
 [09/17 9:38:02AM]

Pink SI ?
Barbara Hagen
 [09/17 9:30:35AM]

Wow falls rainbows of colour
Debbie Gustafson
 [09/17 9:28:50AM]

Ya, I look good in Pink!
Barbara Hagen
 [09/17 9:28:29AM]

Honey, What do you mean..when did I get this new coat and boats? I've had them for years!
Cristin Korchinski
 [09/17 9:28:00AM]

Barbara Hagen
 [09/17 9:27:48AM]

Styling above the rest!
Andrea Eberhardt
 [09/17 9:27:43AM]

That’s Right! I said it! Fall sweater time ?
Barbara Hagen
 [09/17 9:25:24AM]

Mail day, gotta run!!!
Gina Caron
 [09/17 9:25:15AM]

Did they say pumpkin spice is back?!
Rebecca Welch
 [09/17 9:24:49AM]

Mail day, gotta run!!!
Gina Caron
 [09/17 9:24:16AM]

“On the edge of fall” “Living on the edge of fall” “Say what?! It’s fall!” “Did y’all here?! It’s fall at Silver Icing!”
Natasha Burian
 [09/17 9:24:14AM]

Wait...I get to model the new SI exclusives?!? Omg!
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/17 9:23:34AM]

Barbara Hagen
 [09/17 9:22:36AM]

I love this outfit!
KC Vidal
 [09/17 9:22:17AM]

Start the carrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Karen casselman
 [09/17 9:22:00AM]

When someone says you get ‘Free Clothes’!!!
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/17 9:21:07AM]

Cozy and Comfy
Lindsay Stevenson
 [09/17 9:20:22AM]

"Wait...What?!?! She's not wearing Silver Icing?"
Whitney Dillon
 [09/17 9:20:00AM]

The Best of Fall is yet to come from Silver Icing!!
Somer Dingman
 [09/17 9:19:59AM]

OMG! That girl really needs me to hook her up from head to toe in Silver Icing.
Bobbi Jo Johnston
 [09/17 9:19:10AM]

New Item Alert
Pauline chewka
 [09/17 9:18:19AM]

Did someone say I will get to model more new Fall Fashion Exclusives?!
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/17 9:18:04AM]

Check out that sneak peak!
Danielle D'Sena
 [09/17 9:17:40AM]

More new SI exclusives coming?!?
Samantha Alexandra
 [09/17 9:16:55AM]

Fall ya all! Silver Icing has me covered from head to toe.
Bobbi Jo Johnston
 [09/17 9:16:26AM]

Fall Blush
Tammy Tanner
 [09/17 9:15:31AM]

Would I trade my Wanakome's for this cozy cardigan?
Stacie Davis
 [09/17 9:14:57AM]

OMG, this shacket is my fall favorite
Elyse mantei
 [09/17 9:14:49AM]

When you get a peek of the fall fashion line up!
Joëlle Bakker
 [09/17 9:13:32AM]

Fall with us and shacket, rattle and roll
Elyse mantei
 [09/17 9:13:20AM]

Shut the front door!! All the models work at Head Office? Stunning!!
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 9:12:02AM]

Say whaaaat? Why yes this shacket is for sale
Elyse mantei
 [09/17 9:11:57AM]

"I know right!....I can be Cozy AND Stylish with Silver Icing!"
Sandy Reely
 [09/17 9:10:20AM]

Say whaaaaat? Yes this shacket is for sale
Elyse mantei
 [09/17 9:10:00AM]

Free Falling jacket
Shannon Greene
 [09/17 9:09:56AM]

In The Pink
Joan Barnscher
 [09/17 9:08:21AM]

1- Fall vibes- new season means new outfits :D ||| 2- fall in love with your new wardrobe! Just wait until you see what’s coming!
Stephanie paquette
 [09/17 9:08:06AM]

Oh you have pumpkin spice, yes please
Elyse mantei
 [09/17 9:07:54AM]

“Oh Cute outfit! Silver Icing too? Thought so!”
Maria Finnegan
 [09/17 9:07:06AM]

Bring on fall!
Cheryl Bertoia
 [09/17 9:05:39AM]

Fall for all jacket
Shannon Greene
 [09/17 9:05:26AM]

Say what… another new item available from SI…….
Sindy ferguson
 [09/17 9:04:22AM]

A cozy hug!
Cheryl Bertoia
 [09/17 9:03:57AM]

Autumn is a wonderful time of year
Irma Meachem
 [09/17 9:03:15AM]

You can join silver icing and it's affordable?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 9:00:04AM]

Fall is right around the corner?!?
Lisa Brownrigg
 [09/17 8:59:55AM]

Wait... Kevin O’Leary said WHAT to Christina?!
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:59:15AM]

You can same money and get free stuff by hosting a party?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:59:00AM]

Becky look at her outfit! She must be a stylist to look that good
Tiana Phillips
 [09/17 8:58:54AM]

Silver icing is affordable and fabulous?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:58:32AM]

Silver Icing presale got me like….
Becky Harnett
 [09/17 8:58:04AM]

Wanakome sale?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:57:51AM]

What am I doing?...just chilling out in my favorite Silver Icing outfit looking all fabulous!
Leanne Campbell
 [09/17 8:57:45AM]

Christmas in September
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:57:35AM]

My partner called and said I could buy all the SI I want?
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:57:06AM]

Excited for fall!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/17 8:56:37AM]

No way!!! We didn't break the internet with a Long Shot launch???
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:56:28AM]

Caught in nature!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/17 8:56:09AM]

I can use husbands credit card for silver icing
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:56:06AM]

I can use husbands credit card for silver icing
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:55:50AM]

Pumpkin ? spiced latte anyone!!?
Andrea Inglis
 [09/17 8:55:29AM]

You don't *NEED* anymore clothes?? Who ARE you even??
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:55:18AM]

I can have my husband's credit card for silver icing?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:55:15AM]

My face when the new Wanakome's drop.
Natasha Buchanan
 [09/17 8:54:41AM]

Silver icing sale? Say what
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:54:36AM]

Look out fall is upon us
Lori Cyr
 [09/17 8:54:34AM]

You've never heard of SI?! What rock have you been living under??
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:54:10AM]

Christmas is coming early?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:53:49AM]

What do you mean you've never heard of Silver Icing?!
Carolin Roemer
 [09/17 8:53:31AM]

Fall say what?
Dakota VanCaeseele
 [09/17 8:53:12AM]

The kids ate all their food without whining?!
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:52:36AM]

Wait ... the kids got to school ON TIME???
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:52:01AM]

Winter is Coming!
Nicole Gregg
 [09/17 8:51:48AM]

Christmas is in 3 months? Time to get shopping!
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:51:23AM]

Did you say there's a Silver Icing SALE?!?
Laurie Vaughan
 [09/17 8:50:35AM]

No way! That presale is mine!!
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:50:30AM]

Pretty in pink
Amanda cook
 [09/17 8:50:28AM]

Did you say a Silver Icing Sale? Say what- 50% off?? Did I just hear “First rounds on me?!”
Kaylee Moerman
 [09/17 8:50:00AM]

Did someone say Sale??
April Berry
 [09/17 8:49:09AM]

Did you just say I could buy all the SI I want? Yesssss
Selinda Lye
 [09/17 8:48:29AM]

Say what- A Silver Icing Sale?? Say What-50% off? Did some say Margarita’s on me?
Kaylee Moerman
 [09/17 8:48:26AM]

these boots are made for walkin'
jane gagnon
 [09/17 8:48:06AM]

New presales every day! Sign me up!
Maggi Bruce
 [09/17 8:47:32AM]

Cozy fall day
Jessica Holmen
 [09/17 8:47:07AM]

Omg another new release?
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:47:01AM]

Is that tomorrow's Presale I see??
Nancy Wardell
 [09/17 8:46:59AM]

Do you need silver icing to help you?
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:46:17AM]

Fall into WHAT!
Trisha Tahouney
 [09/17 8:46:09AM]

You mean there’s his and hers matching Wanakomes?
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:45:54AM]

See ya next year summer!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:45:19AM]

My look when I see fall coming!!!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:44:59AM]

Omg another sweater is being released?!!!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:44:28AM]

The flowers are copying me!
Sandra Lam
 [09/17 8:44:11AM]

Did you see that squirrel?
Kate Britz
 [09/17 8:44:08AM]

When you see the Fall Line Up
Tracy Fisher
 [09/17 8:43:41AM]

Wanakome, say what???
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:43:36AM]

Wow look at her SI outfit
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:42:23AM]

Get up here, I’m playing Eye Spy Silver icing, those girls look good!
Kate Britz
 [09/17 8:42:19AM]

My look when my stylist arrives with my delivery
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:42:03AM]

Silver Icing for the win!
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:42:00AM]

When your credit card statement is all Silver Icing! ; When your husband catches you bringing in your packages ;
Sarah McDuff
 [09/17 8:41:43AM]

Get up here! I’m checking out fall fashion in the park.
Kate Britz
 [09/17 8:41:38AM]

Did you say new styles drop at 12pm?
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:41:15AM]

Autumn Leaves and Fall Breeze
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:41:13AM]

Wow free shipping when I spend $100? Yesss!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:40:57AM]

A quick look back to see how far I’ve come
Adrienne Lloyd
 [09/17 8:40:09AM]

A little help here!
Nicole Hammond
 [09/17 8:39:56AM]

Breathless , can’t catch a breath, breath taking , star gazed, lotsa love, beautiful you
Holly coulombe
 [09/17 8:39:46AM]

Just my ride
Susan Benjamin
 [09/17 8:39:37AM]

Fall Vibes
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:39:29AM]

Did you just say I can't buy more silver icing????
Natalie McLaughlin
 [09/17 8:39:18AM]

Girl!!! It’s All from Silver icing!
Kate Britz
 [09/17 8:39:03AM]

Look no further
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:38:29AM]

Yes, fall is here….and WINTER is coming!
Charlene Barnes
 [09/17 8:38:11AM]

Hello Fall Y'All
Tiffany McVie
 [09/17 8:36:44AM]

Dang! I know I look good!
Lori Perkins
 [09/17 8:36:12AM]

Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/17 8:34:52AM]

Love at first SI(ght) <3
Amber Nina
 [09/17 8:34:36AM]

Look at that!
Kim Loof
 [09/17 8:34:34AM]

When my SI buddy arrives wearing the same coat <3
Amber Nina
 [09/17 8:33:45AM]

Did someone say SALE???
Emily Buss
 [09/17 8:33:45AM]

Fall is right behind you
Melissa Goldie
 [09/17 8:33:43AM]

With this shacket, we will all have a great fall!
Christie McPhee
 [09/17 8:33:08AM]

Stephanie Hedderson
 [09/17 8:32:44AM]

I love my coat too!
Leanne Stanway
 [09/17 8:31:10AM]

Rose' all day
Julianne Traczuk
 [09/17 8:30:52AM]

Hey we are wearing the same coat!!
Leanne Stanway
 [09/17 8:29:58AM]

Second Glance
Abby Crain
 [09/17 8:29:36AM]

There goes summer!!
Kelly Jo ONeill
 [09/17 8:29:20AM]

Are you Serious? Bundle & Save for Fall!
Wanda Ambeault
 [09/17 8:28:47AM]

Pretty In Pink
Melanie Berry
 [09/17 8:28:44AM]

Ana Klovan
 [09/17 8:28:32AM]

RUN! Winter will be here soon, get ready!
Riekje van Delst
 [09/17 8:27:49AM]

And just like that, there goes summer!!
Kelly Jo O’Neill
 [09/17 8:27:41AM]

My face when I see the new SI release.
Rana Thomas
 [09/17 8:26:18AM]

One Classy Lady!
Renee Prevost
 [09/17 8:26:11AM]

No You Can't Have my Jacket!
Renee Prevost
 [09/17 8:25:13AM]

Hot new fall outfit from head to toe!
Hayley Falzon
 [09/17 8:24:45AM]

Falling for Silver Icing
Kim Skerratt
 [09/17 8:24:41AM]

Another Wanakome!
Hillary Mahon
 [09/17 8:24:23AM]

Yes, it's silver icing, yes I may have an addiction!
Darby Demetet
 [09/17 8:23:52AM]

Omg Is That A Bear in the Park?
Renee Prevost
 [09/17 8:23:45AM]

You best get off, it has sold out already
Paula Fulthorpe
 [09/17 8:23:35AM]

Yeah, I always look this good, I wear sliver icing!
Kerrie Taylor
 [09/17 8:22:45AM]

Wow, what’s new for fall ?
Kim Skerratt
 [09/17 8:21:39AM]

Sitting pretty on the corner!
Shauna Brady
 [09/17 8:21:23AM]

Hurry up Fall, I’m ready for you!
Christine Richardson
 [09/17 8:21:10AM]

Hanging pretty
Laura Pederson
 [09/17 8:20:53AM]

Sittin pretty, Hey is that Fall calling, Feeling cute might get a pumpkin spice later
Angela Smiley
 [09/17 8:19:57AM]

When you see the days news releases
Nicole Froment
 [09/17 8:19:25AM]

Go ahead Jump into Fall
Daphne Deeble
 [09/17 8:18:38AM]

Wait until you see Silver Icing’s Fall collection!
Amanda Hynes
 [09/17 8:15:40AM]

Take me higher
Michelle Allain
 [09/17 8:13:34AM]

Dressed to chill
Amanda Hynes
 [09/17 8:13:31AM]

Something new is on its way!! Can you see it.
 [09/17 8:13:23AM]

I'm nicer when I like my outfit.
Amanda Hynes
 [09/17 8:12:38AM]

Is that the delivery truck?! Is my SI order here ALREADY??
Amy Salikin
 [09/17 8:11:36AM]

What!? We are falling into fall!?
Caddi Pelletier
 [09/17 8:10:50AM]

You said what is being restocked!
Lisa Moens
 [09/17 8:10:01AM]

"Say what?!" "Is that a new SI pre-sale I see?!" "New pre-sales? No Way!"
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/17 8:08:48AM]

Pink envy!
Patti Watson
 [09/17 8:08:33AM]

Who me ?
Jackie Fletcher
 [09/17 8:08:08AM]

What did you just say about wet paint?!
Lorraine Lowry
 [09/17 8:07:41AM]

Frosty pink
Krista Veenstra
 [09/17 8:06:55AM]

Pink is the new orange
Lisa Gosse
 [09/17 8:05:31AM]

When your husband tells you fall fashion isn’t important
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/17 8:04:58AM]

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back?!
Cat Affleck
 [09/17 8:04:53AM]

Oh my gosh she has the same outfit as me!
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/17 8:04:07AM]

Umm what?! You’re not going to help me down from here?! But it’s presale time!!
Laura Besinger
 [09/17 8:03:46AM]

Wow!!! Is that a Silver Icing photo shoot ? Look at all the new goodies ?
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/17 8:03:02AM]

A Heart Belt Surprise
Melanie Antunes
 [09/17 8:02:55AM]

Whoa check out her outfit
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/17 8:02:33AM]

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