Striped Tank
April 15, 2022

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Congratulations to Sandy Trentalance, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Top of the Line Tank

Striped to the top tank
Julie Borst
 [04/17 8:55:41AM] Large/Sage

All striped up and no where to go tank
Dana Zieroth
 [04/17 8:32:31AM] Large sage and white

All the right stripes, summer stripes, summer spirit stripes tank, it’s not a cruel summer tank, sassy in summer season tank
Jaime Christen
 [04/17 8:25:47AM] Lilac and white, xl

I’m On a Boat
Tracy Hulbert
 [04/17 8:20:03AM] Medium Sage

Alignment tank
Lisa Smit
 [04/17 8:06:15AM] Sage and white - XL

Stripe Above The Rest Tank
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/17 7:12:16AM] Navy & White...Medium

Colouring in the lines tank
Jennifer Jones
 [04/17 6:16:10AM] Sage and white size small

Tall oaks
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:59:39PM] M sage

Lined up just right
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:58:58PM] M lilac

Free spirit
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:58:19PM] M sage

On the rocks
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:57:39PM] M sage

Don't worry be sassy
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:55:32PM] M lilac

talk sassy tank
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:54:18PM] M sage

Take this
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:52:09PM] M lilac

Straight up fun
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:49:46PM] M lilac

Perfect fit
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:43:34PM] M lilac

Front of the line
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:42:52PM] M lilac

Changing times
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 11:42:15PM] Sage M

Easy breezey
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:27:36PM] Sage M

Earn your stripes tank
Patricia Merrick
 [04/16 10:24:49PM] M, lilac & white stripes

Can you feel the love
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:23:20PM] Sage M

Made with love
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:22:18PM] Sage M

Fresh air tanks
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:19:45PM] M lilac

On the boardwalk
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:18:43PM] M lilac

Beach bums
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:18:08PM] M lilac

Above the rest
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:16:28PM] M lilac

Straight to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:13:07PM] M lilac

Right to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:12:27PM] M lilac

Straight to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:11:46PM] M lilac

Straight to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:11:20PM] M lilac

Straight to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:10:55PM] M lilac

Straight to the point
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:10:37PM] M lilac

Follow me
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:10:02PM] M lilac

Along the line tank
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:09:30PM] M lilac

Out of the park
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:08:38PM] M lilac

Andrea's stripped tank ;)
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:07:59PM] M lilac

Looks shady
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:07:11PM] M lilac

Looking sharp tank
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:06:37PM] M lilac

Shark tank
Andrea Marshall
 [04/16 10:06:02PM] M lilac

Show Your Stripes Tank
Maria Boonstra
 [04/16 8:44:33PM] Medium, Lilac

Summer In Line, Sweet Fun Stripes, Straight through Summer
Samantha S
 [04/16 6:33:59PM] L, Sage

Straight to Summer, Summer In Line, Sweet Stripes
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/16 6:29:57PM] L, Sage

Tanks Ahoy, Stripe Up The Band, Towing The Line, Scooped Horizons,
Pammila Ruth
 [04/16 6:20:29PM] Sage/L

Candy Lines, All About The Stripes, Straight to Summer, Bright Lines
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/16 6:19:41PM] L, Sage

Scoop this up Tank
Dolores Wilson
 [04/16 5:51:55PM] Large navy stripe

Between the lines
Nancy Knight
 [04/16 5:30:11PM] XL anycolor

The White Stripes Tank
Nichole Cuomo
 [04/16 4:00:22PM] XL Sage and White Stripes

Reveal your Stripes Tank
Rochelle Garratt
 [04/16 3:09:26PM] Sage & white, xs

Perfectly striped tank
Angela Mitres
 [04/16 2:25:09PM] Lilac an white, small

On The Horizon Tank / Read Between The Lines Tank / Aligned Tank
Erika Just
 [04/16 2:12:25PM] XL Sage & White Stripes

Spring Has Sprung
Julie Tilley
 [04/16 2:05:06PM] xs Lilac & White

Spring Has Sprung Tank
Julie Tilley
 [04/16 2:03:24PM] xs Lilac & White

Spring Has Sprung Tank
Julie Tilley
 [04/16 2:02:22PM] XS Lilac & White

Between The Lines
Lindsay Docherty
 [04/16 1:37:14PM] S Green

Fitting start to summer
Jen o.
 [04/16 1:02:46PM] M, lilac and white

Jail House Rock Tank
Kim Thompson
 [04/16 12:43:35PM] Navy and White Xlarge

Jail house rock tank
Kim Thompson
 [04/16 12:39:20PM] Navy white xlarge

Round we go!
Sharie Rea
 [04/16 10:49:05AM] Sage & white, medium

Feeling fine in lines
Amy Moore
 [04/16 10:33:26AM] Xs sage

Summer line up
Amy Moore
 [04/16 10:32:11AM] Xs sage

It’s a stripe thing, A stripe in time
Jennifer Barone
 [04/16 9:08:39AM] Black and white size M

Read between the lines tank
Elisa Jackson
 [04/16 8:59:37AM] Sage and white stripes. Medium

Thanks for the tanks
Lenora Bufalino
 [04/16 8:54:56AM] Large, Lilac

Strut those stripes
Lindsay Lefave
 [04/16 8:46:43AM] Large lilac

Stripe it up
Lindsay Lefave
 [04/16 8:45:38AM] Medium lilac

It's a Shirt , stripe fun
Marsha Foster
 [04/16 8:32:05AM] Sage lg

Nauti Girl Tank
Mindy Beckett
 [04/16 8:23:19AM] 2X Lilac purple

Vertical Horizon
Debra Mac Donald
 [04/16 8:16:05AM] XXL Lililac & White Stripes

Summer Stripes, Stripes of Summer
Cori Oracheski
 [04/16 7:37:59AM] Medium Sage/White

Everly’s stripes
Andrea meredith
 [04/16 7:36:37AM] Lilac large

On the Horizon
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/16 7:35:29AM] Large Navy and white

On the Horizon
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/16 7:33:50AM] Large Navy and white

It’s all about the stripes tank
Christine salikin
 [04/16 7:09:44AM] Large green white

Stripe around Summer tank
Christine salikin
 [04/16 7:08:30AM] Large black white

Zebra strip tank top
Pam Galloway
 [04/16 6:55:22AM] Medium, navy and white

Stripes in the Sun
Brenda Todd
 [04/16 5:11:07AM]

Stripe right up
Jen Gibson
 [04/16 3:36:29AM] Sage and white stripe, medium

Spring is in the Air striped tank top
Chereen Koza
 [04/15 11:49:36PM] L - any colour

Sunny Days Tank
Angela Boss
 [04/15 10:25:30PM] XXL sage and white stripes

On me like stripes tank, all about that stripe tank
Makayla uphill
 [04/15 9:53:39PM] Lilac large

Sailed away tank
 [04/15 9:42:37PM] M

Summer Breeze Tanks
Sarah Thibeault
 [04/15 9:25:01PM] Navy and white stripe large

Stripe A Pose Tank
Anita Lee
 [04/15 9:02:00PM] Lilac & White size L

Sail away
Terry Sledziewski
 [04/15 8:24:32PM] Size medium, colour black and white

Striped Success Tank
Lesley Willford
 [04/15 7:55:30PM] XXL Sage & White Stripes

Fine align tank
Sherri Budgen
 [04/15 7:55:20PM] Sage white 2xl

Straight to Summer, Candy Lines, All About Those Stripes
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/15 7:53:14PM] L, Sage

All About Those Stripes, Candy Lines, Straight to Summer
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/15 7:51:44PM] L, Sage

Smile with Stripes
Nicole Payne
 [04/15 7:34:24PM] Navy and white. Size Lg

Stripeberry vibes
Brooke Hewitt
 [04/15 7:21:08PM] Xxl lilac

Stripe to the coast tank
Sabrina Reynolds
 [04/15 7:17:19PM] Small lilac

Snazzy Striped Tank
Maria Dobbs
 [04/15 7:13:29PM] XXL Navy & White stripes

Sail Away Tank
Annalisa Day
 [04/15 7:02:50PM] Small Sage

Move Over Tiger Tank ; Stripe as Nice Tank; Between the Lines Tank
Rachelle Douglas
 [04/15 5:59:49PM] Navy XL

Stripe beside me
Vicky Rose
 [04/15 4:49:39PM] XL Navy and white

Line time tank
Jennifer owen
 [04/15 4:46:18PM] Sage/white xl

Pin me up tank
Crystal McConnell
 [04/15 4:45:19PM] M Navy

Stripe it hot.
Lindsay Merrick
 [04/15 4:38:38PM] Medium and Green

Nadine McLellan
 [04/15 4:36:58PM] Xs navy and white

Heather Colley
 [04/15 4:29:04PM] Small sage and white

Stripe a pose
Lindsay Paterson
 [04/15 4:21:14PM] Lilac XL

Sweet stripes, summer stripes, stripe you later, stripes and sunsets
Jessica Ibey
 [04/15 4:08:42PM] Xl navy

Let’s Stripe It Tank
Wendeline Chan
 [04/15 3:38:17PM] L Sage & White stripes

Stripe A Pose Tank
Angie Armstrong
 [04/15 3:28:02PM] Small lilac

Top of the Line Top/tee
Sandy Trentalance
 [04/15 3:26:31PM] XL lilac

Stripe a tan tank
Diana Muswagon
 [04/15 3:09:47PM] Small sage

Stripe a tan tank
Diana Muswagon
 [04/15 3:07:04PM] Small sage

Sail on top
Sandra walker
 [04/15 2:06:34PM] Medium, navy blue

Stripe right
Brenda Macintyre
 [04/15 1:24:32PM] Sage xl

Seeing Stripes
Brenda MacIntyre
 [04/15 1:23:24PM] Sage xl

Gotta love those Stripe tanks
Darlene Ellis
 [04/15 1:22:56PM] Large Sage & White Stripes

The right Stripe
Nicole Gregg
 [04/15 1:10:55PM] Large lilac and white stripes

Striped tank of summer , striptease tank
 [04/15 12:50:36PM] Blue med

Ahoy Ladies Tank
Lise Lauzon
 [04/15 12:46:57PM] Lilac tank 2xl

Look to the Horizon Tank
Sara NJ Carter
 [04/15 12:15:24PM] XXL Sage

Refined Lines Tank
Jenna Carruthers
 [04/15 12:13:28PM] Sage, med

Stripe Right Tank
Emily Hadary
 [04/15 12:12:35PM] S, lilac

Stripe Me Rich; Thunder Stripes; Stripe of Luck
Lynne Burnham
 [04/15 11:50:28AM] XL in lilac or navy

Stripe Me Happy Tank
Sharon Franco
 [04/15 11:30:39AM] Lilac & White, Size: (either S or M)

Sunset Stripes Tank or Stripes So Good Tank
Melissa McCracken
 [04/15 11:26:27AM] M Lilac

Bar None Tank; A Fine Line Tank; Colour Outside the Lines Tank; Hook, Line, and Sinker Tank
Sarah Elsasser
 [04/15 11:25:55AM] Small, navy & white

Stripe spotting
Lindsay Collard
 [04/15 11:21:24AM] Medium sage & white

Candy Stripe Tank
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/15 11:20:31AM] Sage & White Medium please

All Striped Out Tank
Cristin Korchinski
 [04/15 11:18:30AM] XL, sage and white stripe

Stipe it up
Shauna Brady
 [04/15 11:17:21AM] Medium sage

Tanks Ahoy!, Striped Delight, Horizons Ahead
Pammila Ruth
 [04/15 11:12:22AM] Large/Sage

Stripe you to the finish line
Sherry Wentland
 [04/15 11:09:02AM] XXL navy and white

Parallel Piece
Terri Hansen
 [04/15 11:05:06AM] Large sage & white

Walking a fine line Tank
Paula Bass
 [04/15 11:02:04AM] xxl lilac and white

Step into Summer tank
Kate Rosenthal
 [04/15 10:49:53AM] Sage medium

Straight to the point tank, read between the lines, no curves about it
Kristin Frombach
 [04/15 10:47:36AM] Sage XL

Stripe for picking
Christine Duguay
 [04/15 10:46:04AM] Small navy

Let's be striped
Trudy Jan Davis
 [04/15 10:41:12AM] Lilac and white size xl

Read between the lines tank
Dana Zieroth
 [04/15 10:38:24AM] Large sand and white

Walk the Line Tank
 [04/15 10:29:50AM] sage L

Endless summer tank
Siobhan Smeets
 [04/15 10:24:32AM] Xl lilac

Stripes ahoy
Julie Hoar
 [04/15 10:13:32AM] L-lilac

Strips ahoy tank
Julie Hoar
 [04/15 10:12:27AM] L- lilac

Go to be tank
Carrie Dollard
 [04/15 10:09:00AM] Small sage

Show your stripes tank
Ebony Bullock
 [04/15 10:07:06AM] Lilac and white xxl

Blurred line tank
Lea Lianza
 [04/15 10:06:51AM] Sage & white - M

It’s a Fine Line Tank
Karen Otsig
 [04/15 9:46:40AM] M Navy & white

Fine Lines Tank
Karen Otsig
 [04/15 9:45:42AM] M navy & white

She got stripes tank
Christine salikin
 [04/15 9:45:39AM] White and green large

She got lines tank
Christine salikin
 [04/15 9:44:55AM] Large black and white

Fine Lines Tank
Karen Otsig
 [04/15 9:44:35AM] M Navy & White Stripe

Between the lines Tank Top
Lara Gray
 [04/15 9:40:10AM] Navy xl

Clean Lines
Lara Gray
 [04/15 9:39:31AM] Navy xl

Stripe up a conversation
Jeannine Krefting
 [04/15 9:31:46AM] Sage and white please, size large

Terri Burton
 [04/15 9:27:33AM] Black/white, xs

Headed in the Right Direction Tank
Lori Colley
 [04/15 9:25:35AM] XL Sage & White Stripes

Sails away tank
Sarah Joy
 [04/15 9:19:10AM] White and navy xl

Lines of comfort
Maria Lento
 [04/15 9:16:25AM] Lilac size small

Stripe a Pose!
Susan Schmidt
 [04/15 9:15:01AM] XXL Navy

It’s all About Those Strips!
Sandra Devost
 [04/15 9:09:53AM] Large, Lilac and White

Straight to the Heart Tank or Straight through the Heart Tank
Kari Lewis
 [04/15 9:09:27AM] small navy striped

Straight to the Heart Tank or Straight through the Heart Tank
Kari Lewis
 [04/15 9:09:03AM] small navy striped

Straight to the Heart Tank or Straight through the Heart Tank
Kari Lewis
 [04/15 9:08:24AM] small navy striped

Straight to the Heart Tank or Straight through the Heart Tank
Kari Lewis
 [04/15 9:07:47AM] small navy striped

Full Circle Tank Top
Lara Gray
 [04/15 9:06:53AM] Navy xl

Stripe right tank, Get in line
JoAnne McLean
 [04/15 9:05:52AM] XXL sage and white

The Stripe Stuff
Laurie Hadden
 [04/15 9:00:19AM] XXL, lilac and white

Smooth sailing
Kim Twyman
 [04/15 8:54:36AM] Small- lilac

Front of the Line Tank Top
Lara Gray
 [04/15 8:53:02AM] Navy xl

First in Line Tank Top
Lara Gray
 [04/15 8:52:15AM] Navy xl

Striped To Go Tank
Jennifer Simpson
 [04/15 8:51:59AM] Navy XXL

Nautical a Difficult Decision Tank
Kari Lewis
 [04/15 8:50:33AM] small navy striped

First in Line Tank Top
Lara Gray
 [04/15 8:49:45AM] Navy stripes xl

Present in the Moment
tanya gill
 [04/15 8:46:11AM] medium, lilac - with gratitude!

Stripes A’ Sailing
Tabi Galloway
 [04/15 8:43:12AM] Small Sage and white

Softee tank
Shelly Chubb
 [04/15 8:42:00AM] Sage and white large

Break Out tanks, Line by Line tanks, Line it Up Tanks, Even Keel Tanks.
Nicolle Parsons
 [04/15 8:40:37AM] Navy & White Stripes, XXL

All Way Round Tank
Val Simpson
 [04/15 8:40:28AM] Lilac, Size large

Bottom Line tank
Lisa Bowick
 [04/15 8:37:48AM] Lilac large

Stripes Ahoy!
Gillian Mullin
 [04/15 8:35:01AM] Med Lilac & white

Read Between the lines tank
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/15 8:32:22AM] XL lilac

Tanks for the summer
Cori Simmonds
 [04/15 8:31:26AM] M pink

Summer vibes
Cori Simmonds
 [04/15 8:29:30AM] M black

Summer vibes, stripes alive
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/15 8:29:19AM] Navy M

Stripe it up!
Cori Simmonds
 [04/15 8:27:54AM] M green

Candy striped tank
Candace Olson
 [04/15 8:26:23AM] Xl Sage & white stripes

Outside the lines
Marsie Fisk
 [04/15 8:22:28AM] Sage & white. M

Stripe in Time, Stripes of Summer, Stripe Now, Stripe to You
Lisa Serdachny
 [04/15 8:22:23AM] Lilac and White, Size L

Earned Her Stripes Tank
Ann Timm
 [04/15 8:21:46AM] Small - Lilac

Summer lovin’
Veronica kish
 [04/15 8:21:24AM] Xs, sage and white stripes

Earned Her Strips Tank
Ann Timm
 [04/15 8:17:35AM] Small - Lilac

Earn Your Stripes
Ann Timm
 [04/15 8:07:50AM] Small - Lilac

Stripes of fun tank, stripes of summer tank, stripe it to me tank
Shannon Davies
 [04/15 8:05:39AM] Green xxl

Stripe up your life tank
Jina Clarke
 [04/15 8:04:57AM] Navy/white - XL

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