Striped Wanakome Hoodies
April 22, 2022

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Striped Wanakome Hoodies

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, April 24th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 314
Congratulations to Nicolle Parsons, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "My spouse tried to tell me that I did not need anymore Wanakome hoodies – and then I told him that he did not need anymore golf clubs! "

Friends forever
Heather Douglas
 [04/24 8:37:20AM]

Camping at its finest!
Jen Messner
 [04/24 8:34:47AM]

My husband told me to stop buying so many Wanakome
Chantal Gagnon
 [04/24 8:22:05AM]

No stars but stripes wanakome
Jennah Francis
 [04/24 8:17:50AM]

My husband said I have too many Wanakome sweaters.
Verna Mabin
 [04/24 8:15:49AM]

A good case of the stripes
Tracey Bruce
 [04/24 8:14:06AM]

Laughter is the best medicine
Brandi Marks
 [04/24 8:04:21AM]

And then she said, she'd never heard of Wanakome!
Marlise Nordstrom
 [04/24 7:51:48AM]

And he thought I was going to only choose ONE Wanakome!!
Melissa Poirier
 [04/24 6:18:00AM]

Laughing Between the Lines Sweater
Megan Power
 [04/24 6:06:17AM]

Girl time
Kimberley Dumas
 [04/24 5:12:01AM]

“Girl you know it’s true!”
Ashlee plett
 [04/24 5:11:12AM]

Girl time
Kimberley Dumas
 [04/24 5:10:09AM]

Can you believe that?
Natasha Young
 [04/23 11:49:28PM]

OH, MY GOD, BECKY…..Look at these stripes!!
Brandy Bundt
 [04/23 9:58:27PM]

Oh…my…god …Becky…..look at these stripes!
Brandy Bundt
 [04/23 9:56:35PM]

Life is better in a striped Wanakome sweater
Tiffany Robinson
 [04/23 8:35:08PM]

And then he said "don't you already own a wanakome?"
Melissa Mohammed
 [04/23 8:04:15PM]

Styling spring stripes
Carla Fedchuk
 [04/23 7:42:42PM]

Have fun while on an adventure
Krissy Baldwin
 [04/23 7:00:07PM]

Me - “Seriously?” Sandra - “Nah….I was just trying to make you feel good!! I do look better than you in this bunnyhug!!”
Lorna Boryski
 [04/23 6:33:31PM]

Stripe this off the record and buy Wanakome!
Tonya Clair
 [04/23 5:57:39PM]

In the Navy
Tracy Cole
 [04/23 5:38:43PM]

Bon fire ready
Kelly cerenzia
 [04/23 5:10:00PM]

Anything you can wear, I can wear better!
Connie Knight
 [04/23 5:03:09PM]

Ship's Ahoy Hoodie
Shannon Culhane
 [04/23 4:51:11PM]

Oops we did it again!
Tracey Marcil
 [04/23 4:50:42PM]

Wanakome Stripes Again
Kate Maitland
 [04/23 4:46:14PM]

"Wanakone" laugh and live your best life in style with us?
Karen Heipel
 [04/23 4:42:10PM]

“But then, I told him I didn’t need another wanakome hoodie!”
Laurianne Desrosiers
 [04/23 4:41:02PM]

Wanakome stripe 1 Stripe 2
April Bolton
 [04/23 4:30:40PM]

OMG, I NEED that sweater!
Jana Lee Murray
 [04/23 4:06:03PM]

I told my husband I won this hoodie!
Lynn MacGregor
 [04/23 4:01:41PM]

This is my last Wanakome…I swear!!!
Angie Bouchard
 [04/23 3:18:26PM]

" so he said here's my card don't go crazy! And I just had to call and ask if you Wanakome shopping with me ;) "
Amanda emon
 [04/23 3:14:55PM]

Where’s the fun Sweater
Marie Neil
 [04/23 3:02:32PM]

Sailors Wanakome Hoodies, Captain striped hoodies
Christine Wilkinson
 [04/23 2:55:14PM]

Stripe A Pose
Kendra Fraser
 [04/23 2:38:02PM]

Laughing all the way
Joy Earl
 [04/23 2:35:23PM]

Embrace Your Inner Stripes
Cassandra Tavares
 [04/23 2:08:55PM]

Let’s be friends. Wanna Get To Know Me?
Karla Svensson.
 [04/23 2:07:22PM]

Cool spring nights brings out the stripes, so why not bring home a Wanakome!
Tonya Clair
 [04/23 1:50:08PM]

Winning in Stripes
Kylie Etmanskie
 [04/23 1:11:21PM]

Walk the line
Kylie Etmanskie
 [04/23 1:10:58PM]

Stripes away
Kylie Etmanskie
 [04/23 1:08:15PM]

The best kind of uncontrolled laughter
Lianne King
 [04/23 1:07:29PM]

For the love of stripes!
Helen Marche
 [04/23 1:04:14PM]

And then she .. “I only need one wanokome”
Nicole Craig
 [04/23 12:57:05PM]

“And then he said, “You have enough Silver Icing!”
Katie Foster
 [04/23 12:50:49PM]

Vibing on Stripes, Vibing Stripes,
Cindy Bennett
 [04/23 12:48:25PM]

Striped toir way
Tricia Wood
 [04/23 12:45:55PM]

Zip zap line it up
Chantal Malboeuf
 [04/23 12:35:02PM]

All Aboard Sailors
Duaa Affat
 [04/23 12:25:23PM]

All Aboard Sailors
Duaa Affat
 [04/23 12:24:02PM]

I couldn’t decide which colour so I bought both!
Lisa Gosse
 [04/23 12:13:29PM]

And then he said, “Don’t you have enough Wanakomes?”
Lisa Gosse
 [04/23 12:08:55PM]

It’s Wine Time! Your place or mine?
Becky Simard
 [04/23 11:48:23AM]

Casual with Friends
Annalisa Day
 [04/23 11:28:59AM]

Wanakome walk in the woods
Michelle Mulder
 [04/23 11:18:35AM]

Crazy about stripes
Diane Kotylak
 [04/23 10:52:12AM]

We do it every time, wear the same Wanakome hoodie
Sandra Vancoughnett
 [04/23 10:26:51AM]

"And then my husband said: no more Silver Icing"
Amanda Friesen
 [04/23 10:13:02AM]

"Do we need a new hoodie? No, but it is 'a gotta have it'!!" "Well when we look this good in them, then that answer can be a Heck Yeah!"
Sheryl Kuiper
 [04/23 9:55:06AM]

Lonna Genkens
 [04/23 9:39:06AM]

Walk the Line Wanakome
Amanda Mader
 [04/23 9:32:01AM]

A good cut and run
Roula Spiliotopoulos
 [04/23 9:06:30AM]

Stripe-a-licious Wanakome
Karen Capricci
 [04/23 8:56:55AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Lynnelle Friesen
 [04/23 8:45:39AM]

Wait until I tell my husband how many Wanakome Sweaters I own!
Leah Friesen
 [04/23 8:37:27AM]

Stripe Me Cozy
 [04/23 8:34:45AM]

I secretly want to be a zebra, that's why I wearing Stripes!
Nadia Saylor
 [04/23 8:11:57AM]

Places to go, People to see, Stripes to wear!
Nadia Saylor
 [04/23 8:09:47AM]

Nauti Girl Hoodie
Jill Dyer
 [04/23 8:01:47AM]

What Recharging Looks Like
Meghan Boast
 [04/23 7:52:07AM]

Stripe back at ya!
Meghan Schuler
 [04/23 7:39:56AM]

Hoodies and Good Times !
Joan Saunderson
 [04/23 7:21:18AM]

Stripes of love
 [04/23 7:00:15AM]

Get your Stripes on Girl!
Kim Thompson
 [04/23 6:50:45AM]

“Omg don’t make me laugh, I have to pee!”
Rachelle Lesy
 [04/23 6:33:05AM]

Utopian Comfort
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/23 6:31:38AM]

This is my LAST Wanakome hoodie! ? ??
Claire Pederson
 [04/23 6:30:30AM]

Feels like Bliss
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/23 6:30:25AM]

Sailing the seas(ons) of time
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/23 6:29:34AM]

Hug me all over Wanakome
Kelly Germain-Blodgett
 [04/23 5:50:49AM]

A fashionable walk with friends
Kaila Vrieling
 [04/23 5:43:32AM]

Let's catch up again, this was fun!!
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/23 5:23:19AM]

Friends of the Soul Stripes
Rebekah Newbold
 [04/23 5:10:05AM]

Stop making me laugh!
Cathy Drouin
 [04/23 5:07:00AM]

Buoy oh Buoy having fun!!
Dolores Wilson
 [04/23 2:57:57AM]

Girls, just wanna have stripes!!!
Valerie weir
 [04/23 2:40:03AM]

Playful and fun
Anna Spiliotopoulos
 [04/23 12:02:49AM]

And then he said I have too many Wanakome’s
Patricia Merrick
 [04/22 10:39:41PM]

Stripes just wanakome fun
Natalie Dunlop
 [04/22 10:36:22PM]

Spring Giggles
Pauline Clarke
 [04/22 9:45:24PM]

“He said I couldn’t have another” or “Girl! You had me at Wanakome”
Miranda Johnson
 [04/22 9:19:14PM]

“He said I couldn’t have another” or “girl! You had me at Wanakome”
Miranda Johnson
 [04/22 9:15:26PM]

“He said I couldn’t have another”, or “girl! You had me at Wanakome”
Miranda Johnson
 [04/22 9:14:21PM]

Laughter with Stripes
Valerie Boyd
 [04/22 8:42:41PM]

Fun Times with Stripes
Valerie Boyd
 [04/22 8:40:57PM]

We've been walking in circles for an hour, now these stripes are making me dizzy!!?
Debbie Slater
 [04/22 8:36:39PM]

Too fun
Kim Doyle
 [04/22 8:14:32PM]

You look like a sailor. No, I’m a pirate!
Karli Owens
 [04/22 7:55:17PM]

Here’s to the good times making memories with somebody I’ll never forget
Brittany Mackaracher
 [04/22 7:55:14PM]

Find the Wanakome Wednesday.
Karli Owens
 [04/22 7:53:46PM]

anchor down hoodie
kristy collier
 [04/22 7:52:08PM]

Where’s Kim? Found her!
Karli Owens
 [04/22 7:51:51PM]

Stripes are for Summer!
Katelynn Lanoix Morneau
 [04/22 7:30:37PM]

Sail Away with Me
Katelynn Lanoix Morneau
 [04/22 7:29:27PM]

And he believed me when I said this sweater was in my closet forever haha
Mandy Frampton
 [04/22 7:08:44PM]

Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
Kirsten Kocik
 [04/22 6:56:41PM]

Front Line Fun
Marlene Amato
 [04/22 6:44:31PM]

I love stripes
Brenda Todd
 [04/22 6:42:51PM]

Do you Wanakome Aboard?
Amber MacEachern
 [04/22 6:38:49PM]

You’ve got a friend in stripes.
Lindsay Zaik
 [04/22 6:25:50PM]

How Many is too Many?
Melissa McCracken
 [04/22 6:08:28PM]

Best friends Wanakome hoodies what more can a girl ask for
Angela Lalonde
 [04/22 6:03:03PM]

Wanakome Saves the Day!
Angela Lalonde
 [04/22 6:00:27PM]

Our matching Hoodies mixed with great friendship guarantees laughs and fun
Mardi Plomp
 [04/22 5:59:56PM]

Great minds think in stripes
Sarah Radley
 [04/22 5:58:46PM]

Oh stripe it!!
Shannon mango
 [04/22 5:56:02PM]

Let’s go captain!
Shannon mango
 [04/22 5:55:22PM]

You got this girl!
Shannon mango
 [04/22 5:54:25PM]

Strip twins!
Michelle Buss
 [04/22 5:53:03PM]

The Striped Days Of Summer
Angela Boss
 [04/22 5:52:38PM]

And then my husband said no more hoodies!
Michelle Buss
 [04/22 5:50:03PM]

“ So I ordered one in all the colours”
Tawny kerkowich
 [04/22 5:49:25PM]

#Canadian weather ready!
Sarah Radley
 [04/22 5:40:52PM]

“Nautical Nautigals”
Lori Campbell
 [04/22 5:31:27PM]

Strip All Day Long
Angela Boss
 [04/22 5:24:48PM]

No, you’re the cutest!
Shanna Jaap
 [04/22 5:15:08PM]

Stripe wars. Wanakome style
Julie Hoar
 [04/22 5:07:29PM]

Stripes are fun
Joyce Cuvelier
 [04/22 5:03:45PM]

I can't believe we matched!!!
Julie Hoar
 [04/22 4:54:41PM]

Stripes Ahoy!
Wendy Shank
 [04/22 4:53:34PM]

Giggles about spring
Julie Hoar
 [04/22 4:53:25PM]

Stripes Ahoy!
Beverley Turner
 [04/22 4:43:22PM]

Wanakome makes life more fun
Angela Lalonde
 [04/22 4:38:06PM]

And then I said “hey winter I’m breaking up with you! It’s time I saw a different season! Hahaha
Shantel Blanke
 [04/22 4:36:36PM]

Missed the boat - shopping for SI!!!
Andrea Heard
 [04/22 4:34:56PM]

He said "no more Silver Icing orders"!! Hahaha!!
Carolee Malley
 [04/22 4:21:09PM]

Fun times with good friends.
Lorene Casemore
 [04/22 4:10:03PM]

There is nothing like girl talk and a cozy walk!
Amy Fraser
 [04/22 4:10:01PM]

Where’s the yacht?
Kelly Thompson
 [04/22 4:06:25PM]

Ahoy Matey Hoodie
Kristie Lajeunesse
 [04/22 4:01:32PM]

Omg... like, I can't believe we are matching. *tee hee hee*
Tara Seitz
 [04/22 3:37:00PM]

Fun street stripes
Karen pettigrew
 [04/22 3:17:01PM]

Sailors delight
Kirsten Riendeau
 [04/22 2:58:01PM]

 [04/22 2:55:25PM]

"I guess you did snag the wanakome striped hoodie"
Lea Lianza
 [04/22 2:52:26PM]

Stripe A Pose
Melissa cooper
 [04/22 2:49:52PM]

Who needs a man when we have Wanakome!
Amanda Varma
 [04/22 2:49:22PM]

Wanakome Home With Me!
Sandra Devost
 [04/22 2:41:32PM]

And You Said We Couldn’t Pull This Look Off! ?
Sandra Devost
 [04/22 2:39:47PM]

And then she said she would only buy one wanakome hoodie because she doesn't have an "addictive" personality!
 [04/22 2:18:30PM]

Laugh Along Lines
Laura Dickie
 [04/22 2:17:57PM]

“Earn Your Stripes”
Karla Sastaunik
 [04/22 2:17:00PM]

Stripe a pose !
Jessica Wing
 [04/22 1:55:41PM]

Stripe a pose
Jessica Wing
 [04/22 1:54:36PM]

I told my spouse i wouldn't buy any more Wanakomes
Melanie Brennan
 [04/22 1:54:12PM]

Girlfriends Reconnecting
Ersula Damant
 [04/22 1:53:57PM]

Wait, what? You actually ask your husband first?!
Jennifer Simpson
 [04/22 1:50:51PM]

Budget? What budget?!?!
Jennifer Simpson
 [04/22 1:50:16PM]

We’re so looking Strip-A-Licious
Samantha S
 [04/22 1:36:17PM]

I swear! It was my foot squeaking in my sandal!
Amsi Caceres
 [04/22 1:32:23PM]

Matching again
Alisha Baird
 [04/22 1:18:51PM]

A Striping Good Time
Jaclyn Collins
 [04/22 1:18:14PM]

Stripe A Pose Hoodie
Jodi McNair
 [04/22 1:04:06PM]

Stripe a Pose
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [04/22 1:03:41PM]

“Can’t caption this” hoodie
Stephanie paquette
 [04/22 1:02:39PM]

“Can’t caption this
Stephanie paquette
 [04/22 1:02:00PM]

Pure Joy
Andria Gibson
 [04/22 12:56:17PM]

More rocks in my shoes!!!!
Laura Matson
 [04/22 12:44:27PM]

You’re kidding me ! She doesn’t own a Wanakome?
Corinne Guenette
 [04/22 12:41:12PM]

Stripes ahoy!
maura galway majano
 [04/22 12:38:15PM]

Strips ahoy!
maura galway majano
 [04/22 12:37:54PM]

I Got Stripes
Trista Hurtubise
 [04/22 12:34:38PM]

Follow me for the best style
Andrea Marshall
 [04/22 12:28:46PM]

Treasures found in Wanakome
Andrea Marshall
 [04/22 12:27:20PM]

Oh, stripe!
Rosanna Fiorino
 [04/22 12:26:28PM]

Full spirt adventures
Andrea Marshall
 [04/22 12:25:24PM]

Wanna come home with me
Andrea Marshall
 [04/22 12:24:27PM]

Laughing always
Pamela M syvret
 [04/22 12:21:00PM]

That’s what she said ?
Susan Rowley
 [04/22 12:15:35PM]

Strip stripe'in away
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [04/22 12:14:44PM]

?Girls just want to have fun ?
Diana Mazzuca
 [04/22 12:07:12PM]

We are so in-line and on-line with each other.
Keree Labelle
 [04/22 12:04:05PM]

I wear stripes all the time because I want to be spotted!
Louise Lafreniere
 [04/22 12:02:46PM]

Laughter soothes the soul
Mavis McCrea
 [04/22 11:58:59AM]

Friends we will be till the end
Mavis McCrea
 [04/22 11:58:04AM]

Get your stripes on
Kim Thompson
 [04/22 11:56:28AM]

Oops we did it again!
Darlene Ellis
 [04/22 11:55:22AM]

Great friends and laughs in nature!
Leanne Willshear
 [04/22 11:54:36AM]

Girl's Day Out
Krystal Rodney
 [04/22 11:54:30AM]

Oops I nearly lost my shoe. Hahaha your so funny!!
Deanna Bridges
 [04/22 11:53:17AM]

Live Love & Laugh
Sandi McLeod
 [04/22 11:49:25AM]

OHGirl, stripes are us?
Donna Duarte
 [04/22 11:48:26AM]

Stripe Out!
Krystal Rodney
 [04/22 11:48:07AM]

“Girl he didn’t even know what Wanakome was… can you believe it!?”
Jessica Ibey
 [04/22 11:43:40AM]

Stripes the limit!
Matina S
 [04/22 11:42:54AM]

Howdy mates Wanakome
 [04/22 11:42:16AM]

Celebrate in Style “ July 1 and July 4th Ready” with these Wanakome’s
Trisha Tahouney
 [04/22 11:38:55AM]

When your husband says you have enough Wanakome hoodies
Laura Onderwater
 [04/22 11:35:14AM]

Guess what? I’m breaking up with winter , I wanna see other seasons!
Shantel Blanke
 [04/22 11:31:28AM]

Twinning and Grinning
Kaija Riabov
 [04/22 11:27:18AM]

I’m feeling Nauti-cal
Amy Morose
 [04/22 11:25:56AM]

Wanakome Homies
Cheryl Roddis
 [04/22 11:20:14AM]

Oh happy stripes
Kylie Etmanskie
 [04/22 11:20:09AM]

Friends don't have to match, but it's more fun that way!
Julie Dubé
 [04/22 11:16:01AM]

We make this look GOOD
Lori Campbell
 [04/22 11:15:54AM]

"..and then he said, No more Wanakome!!! and I laughed and laughed ."
Kate McPhail
 [04/22 11:15:41AM]

Read Between the Lines
Laurie Dix
 [04/22 11:13:55AM]

No more Wanakome’s….. oh fingers were crossed!
Jelaine Ralph
 [04/22 11:12:49AM]

“ oh go on, just one more wanaokme”
Brandy Bayley
 [04/22 11:10:33AM]

When he said "no more Wanakome" I knew he had to go!
Cheryl Roddis
 [04/22 11:08:29AM]

And then he asked, “Don’t you have too many Wakanome hoodies already?”
Susan Smith
 [04/22 11:06:44AM]

Wana Cross That Line
Janet Sudds
 [04/22 11:05:47AM]

Then my husband said no more Wanakomes
Shannon Hayman
 [04/22 11:05:02AM]

Get cozy in line
Jenn Gibbons
 [04/22 11:02:12AM]

Seeing double
Lori McMinn
 [04/22 10:59:35AM]

Oh no you didn’t
Lindsay Massia
 [04/22 10:58:23AM]

Ahoy Spring!
Mandy Shuttleworth
 [04/22 10:57:45AM]

As if you said that haha
Lindsay Massia
 [04/22 10:57:42AM]

Striking in Stripes
Kelley mckay
 [04/22 10:55:48AM]

Wendy Graham
 [04/22 10:49:04AM]

Stroll in the Park
Anna MacEachern
 [04/22 10:48:58AM]

Work buddies be like...
Deanna goddard
 [04/22 10:48:44AM]

"Haha, no seriously, give me your sweater. I wanted the blue too, but it's out of stock"
Laurie Mitchell
 [04/22 10:47:13AM]

I’ve earned my stripes!
Peggy young
 [04/22 10:44:47AM]

Girl you got this!!
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/22 10:44:21AM]

Road strip and shirt stripes!
Shauna Brady
 [04/22 10:43:37AM]

No way!! Really!?
Paula Potts
 [04/22 10:40:32AM]

Stripe too it
Rosanne Forseille
 [04/22 10:39:13AM]

Then he said I couldn't buy more Silver Icing
Rachelle Douglas
 [04/22 10:37:26AM]

Stripe Won! Home Run!!!
Mary Drake
 [04/22 10:31:41AM]

Another wanakome, I just had to!
Amanda Madill
 [04/22 10:28:25AM]

I told you that you would love the Wanakome Stripe Hoodie!
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/22 10:28:16AM]

Can you really have too many Wanakomes??
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [04/22 10:27:22AM]

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy another Wanakome Hoodie!
Linda Gonzalez
 [04/22 10:26:08AM]

Only the best get noticed! #wanakome #SI
Angela Mitres
 [04/22 10:22:48AM]

Remember when I said we should match and you didn’t believe me. Well, look who’s right!
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/22 10:22:12AM]

Laughing with a friend
Trudy Jan Davis
 [04/22 10:22:06AM]

"My spouse tried to tell me that I did not need anymore Wanakome hoodies - and then I told him that he did not need anymore golf clubs!"
Nicolle Parsons
 [04/22 10:17:45AM]

“Ok. Seriously. No more Wanakomes”
Kass sutton
 [04/22 10:09:38AM]

Hating our friends say anything other than a Wanakome is the perfect hoodie!
Kass sutton
 [04/22 10:08:54AM]

Weekend Wanakome
Nina Perazzo
 [04/22 10:06:30AM]

Supreme Stripes bring Sensational Smiles :-)
Erin Valenzuela
 [04/22 10:06:18AM]

Thats’s gold!!! Actually, it’s Silver Icing.
Sandra Honsberger
 [04/22 10:05:02AM]

Style, comfort and fun times! This is worth the laugh lines!
Ann Timm
 [04/22 10:03:53AM]

Giggles, Stripes, and Everything Nice!
Erin Valenzuela
 [04/22 10:02:44AM]

Girls just wanakome fun
 [04/22 10:01:30AM]

Don't worry our husbands have the kids and I packed our Wanakomi's and mojitos!!!
Krystal Wilson
 [04/22 9:52:11AM]

Heather Stanley
 [04/22 9:50:24AM]

Great minds think alike ?
Melanie Ling
 [04/22 9:47:49AM]

Wanakome Homie
Natasha Lloyd
 [04/22 9:46:09AM]

Wildin' in the wilderness with my Wanakome
Natasha Lloyd
 [04/22 9:45:52AM]

“ And the icing on the cake is that I feel Amazing in it”
Melanie Ling
 [04/22 9:45:44AM]

Shiver my Timbers
Shannon Blanchfield
 [04/22 9:42:54AM]

Anchors Away
Shannon Blanchfield
 [04/22 9:41:35AM]

Ahoy Mate
Shannon Blanchfield
 [04/22 9:40:48AM]

Your so stripe!!! I mean right!!!
Allyson Plater
 [04/22 9:39:06AM]

You Wanakome? I Wanakome! We all Wanakome
Megan Johns
 [04/22 9:39:00AM]

OMG we match! #twinning
Lindsay Retallick
 [04/22 9:38:16AM]

Blurred Lines
Brenda Kaiser
 [04/22 9:33:45AM]

Wanakome in nature
Shannon McMichael
 [04/22 9:27:13AM]

Every time a new Wanakome arrives, both partners get lucky! That's why I call this one lucky stripes!
Tesa Steinke
 [04/22 9:27:01AM]

Wanakome and be my twin?
Tracey Kotyk
 [04/22 9:26:50AM]

Remember that time we tried going sailing?!?
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [04/22 9:26:29AM]

Weekend water cozy sweatshirt
Josee Zimmer
 [04/22 9:26:15AM]

Time for Sailing ??
Josee Zimmer
 [04/22 9:25:37AM]

Any time is girlfriend time!
Jennifer Jones
 [04/22 9:24:58AM]

My favorite winter hoodie!?! Naw, this is a year round hoodie, spring for the stripes
Adrienne damm
 [04/22 9:22:02AM]

“Remember when”
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [04/22 9:15:24AM]

Kanga what Honey? Kangaroo POCKETS
Natasha MacKinnon
 [04/22 9:12:59AM]

And then he said” you have too many Wanakomes”
Lacey bartholow
 [04/22 9:11:27AM]

Double trouble
Tammy Droeshout
 [04/22 9:04:45AM]

Is it pronounced Wanna Comb Me?
Liz Roy
 [04/22 8:56:06AM]

And then they said polka dots are in!
Sara Carter
 [04/22 8:55:00AM]

Is it pronounced like Wanna Comb Me
Liz Roy
 [04/22 8:54:59AM]

Stripe Zone Hoodie
Sharie Rea
 [04/22 8:52:14AM]

Wanakome besties are the best besties
Kaydee Mohl
 [04/22 8:51:45AM]

Partners in Crime Hoodie
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/22 8:48:42AM]

Stripe right
Nicole Jones
 [04/22 8:46:48AM]

Between the Lines
Victoria Macmillan
 [04/22 8:44:14AM]

When wanakome Wednesday comes around, and you just got paid!
Tamara Zaretski
 [04/22 8:43:41AM]

“…and then he said, don’t you already have one of those wanna-something hoodies?”
Shelly Hebert
 [04/22 8:41:09AM]

Then I told him I only have 2!
Julia Langley
 [04/22 8:39:48AM]

And those dragons told her to close up shop…
Julia Langley
 [04/22 8:38:21AM]

Little does he know, I have more in the mail hahaha
 [04/22 8:35:58AM]

“So then I told my husband I won my new SI sweater as a gift.”
Chelsea Wiens
 [04/22 8:35:17AM]

Don’t know about you, but I’m striped ?
Maria Lento
 [04/22 8:32:00AM]

Striped Delight
Debbie Sutton
 [04/22 8:29:07AM]

Girl’s just wanna have fun
Christine salikin
 [04/22 8:27:16AM]

And then I told him this would be my “last Wanakome purchase”
Haley Boland
 [04/22 8:27:01AM]

When you & your bestie show up wearing the same thing
Haley Boland
 [04/22 8:26:00AM]

You thought that was your last SI purchase?! Lol
Basia Downs
 [04/22 8:25:58AM]

These great shoes are not for hiking!
Mary Ellen Stinson
 [04/22 8:25:43AM]

And then he said you don’t need more wanakome
Carrie Lessing
 [04/22 8:23:19AM]

All striped up
Debbi pietracupa
 [04/22 8:23:15AM]

Stripes of my life
Trudy MacDougall
 [04/22 8:18:58AM]

The Stripe is Right
Trudy MacDougall
 [04/22 8:17:19AM]

Friendly bandits
Laurel Doll
 [04/22 8:16:41AM]

Twinsies Again!? ?
Carolyn Kenney
 [04/22 8:15:03AM]

“What?! You have this colour too?!” “Haha of course I do! How could I choose!”
Kristin Harcoff
 [04/22 8:14:43AM]

Wana kome for a hike with me? Girl these sandals aren’t meant for hikes they’re mean for fashion!
Maria Finnegan
 [04/22 8:11:30AM]

Stay in line
Candace Carriere
 [04/22 8:10:45AM]

The waters are calling
Delisca Seifert
 [04/22 8:10:35AM]

He said that I couldn’t buy anymore Wanakomes.
Vicky Leriche
 [04/22 8:10:03AM]

Tickle me Wanakome
Vicky Leriche
 [04/22 8:08:28AM]

Laughing is good for the soul!
Vicky Leriche
 [04/22 8:07:32AM]

Wild about stripes
Christine Ladurantaye
 [04/22 8:07:01AM]

Navy for you
Christine Ladurantaye
 [04/22 8:05:09AM]

"You didn't really think you weren't going to buy that Wanakome, did you?"
Tricina Milanovic
 [04/22 8:04:59AM]

Laughter is the best medicine!
Vicky Leriche
 [04/22 8:04:52AM]

And then I said “This is the last one I promise!”
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/22 8:04:16AM]

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