Strappy Sandals
April 29, 2022

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Total of 705 Entries
Congratulations to Christy Fell, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Tic Tac Toes Sandals!

Happy Trails
Terri Hinds
 [05/01 8:50:30AM] Size 9 blue

We Belong Together!
Sandra Devost
 [05/01 8:41:53AM] size 38. Black Floral

Cross My Heart
Kim Albert
 [05/01 8:30:25AM] Size 9 Blue

Sassy Strappy
Jennifer Wilson
 [05/01 8:25:52AM] 41 black

Strap the sassy
Melanie Erickson
 [05/01 8:21:57AM] Black floral size 40 (size9)

Cross Comfy
Crystal Huggard
 [05/01 8:16:04AM] Black 38

Slappy Slipons
Paula Vinnick
 [05/01 8:12:00AM] 42 black

Strappy Together
Lorelee Hamilton
 [05/01 8:09:55AM] 40 burgundy or pale lilac

Happy and Strappy
Lori Stefanishion
 [05/01 8:08:12AM] 37 black floral

The only ones !
Stacey Allen-Cillis
 [05/01 8:07:44AM] 39, black

Cross Your Mind Sandals
Amy Tekatch
 [05/01 8:00:26AM] Black 40

Cross the Line Sandals
Amy Tekatch
 [05/01 7:53:06AM] Black 40

Buckle Up Sandals
Amy Tekatch
 [05/01 7:52:08AM] Black, 40

Strappy Days Sandals
Amy Icing Tekatch
 [05/01 7:50:52AM] Black, 39

Strappy sunshine
Jenni casler
 [05/01 7:44:36AM] 8 black floral

Criss Cross Cozies
Georgina Luscombe
 [05/01 6:14:14AM] Black size 9

Sliding in style, sliding into summer, sliding into comfort
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 6:10:14AM] Black 40

Links of love
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 6:06:08AM] Black 49

Lovely links
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 6:04:27AM] Black floral 40

Secure your style
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 6:03:28AM] Black floral 40

Tip toe through summer
Mireille Probst
 [05/01 6:02:24AM] 41, black floral

Strapping on summer
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 6:00:05AM] Black floral 40

Cross My Path Sandals
Cindy Sijpheer
 [05/01 5:57:26AM] size 39 Black

Find your shape
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 5:56:58AM] Black floral 40

Two legit too quit
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 5:55:30AM] Black floral 40

Hello sunshine
Carolyn Ferguson
 [05/01 5:53:37AM] Black floral, 40

Strap these on
Kara Vlasman
 [05/01 5:06:54AM] 8, black/multi colour

All Strapped Up Sandals
Ricki McLean
 [05/01 4:55:53AM] 8 / black

All Strapped In Sandals
Ricki McLean
 [05/01 4:53:17AM] 8 / black

Cruising into summer sandals
Veronica Keenan
 [05/01 4:40:19AM] Burgundy 38

Strap Happy Sandal
Tracy Andrews
 [05/01 4:39:59AM] 37 black

Walking in sunshine sandals
Loretta Rickard
 [05/01 4:34:57AM] 41 black

Strap n go sandals
Lauren Gould
 [05/01 4:34:00AM] Burgundy 9

Walking in Sunshine sandles
Loretta Rickars
 [05/01 4:32:53AM] 9.5

Strapped In
Jennifer Cox
 [05/01 4:11:39AM] 37, black

Canadian summer
Wan ting lui
 [05/01 12:41:12AM] 41 or 42 in black floral

On to new adventures
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:27:44PM] 39 blk floral

Andrea got style
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:26:54PM] 39 blk floral

First impressions
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:24:52PM] 39 blk floral

Dash into spring
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:23:32PM] 39 blk floral

Casual classic
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:22:52PM] 39 blk floral

Talk of the town
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:20:48PM] 39 blk floral

All tied up
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:19:34PM] 39 blk floral

Welcome back spring
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:19:09PM] 39 blk floral

Positive vibes
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:18:16PM] 39 blk floral

Positive thoughts
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:17:48PM] 39 blk floral

Prize of the day
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:16:16PM] 39 blk floral

Why not
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:15:34PM] 39 blk floral

Who's that girl
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:15:09PM] 39 blk floral

Pretty fly
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:14:29PM] 39 blk floral

Take it from me
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:13:46PM] 39 blk floral

Out of the ball park
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:13:21PM] 39 blk floral

Home run
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:12:55PM] 39 blk floral

Touch of personality
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:12:12PM] 39 blk floral

Unstoppable measures
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:11:05PM] 39 blk floral

Perfect touch
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:10:10PM] 39 blk floral

Strapped for love
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:07:10PM] 39 blk floral

Bending the rules
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:06:23PM] 39 blk floral

Gripping me tight
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:05:53PM] 39 blk floral

I got you covered
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:05:21PM] 39 blk floral

feelings to last a life time
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:04:49PM] 39 blk floral

Caught feelings
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:04:00PM] 39 blk floral

Anything is possible
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:03:35PM] 39 blk floral

Let's talk summer
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:03:01PM] 39 blk floral

Good morning beautiful
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:01:57PM] 39 blk floral

Good afternoon sunshine
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:01:32PM] 39 blk floral

Catch up to me
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:00:43PM] 39 blk floral

Walking in time
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 11:00:27PM] 39 blk floral

Walk the line
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 10:59:49PM] 39 blk floral

Im so fabulous
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 10:59:16PM] 39 blk floral

Heart of gold
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 10:57:41PM] 39 blk floral

Feeling fresh
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 10:57:18PM] 39 blk floral

Feeling fancy
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 10:56:39PM] 39 blk floral

Strap in the sunshine sandals
Naomi Friesen
 [04/30 10:25:28PM] 39 black floral

"Just gonna strap it!" Sandals
 [04/30 10:23:49PM] 39 black floral

Walking on Sunshine
Natasha Sharpe
 [04/30 9:02:26PM] 40 black floral

Buckles, Straps, Oh My! Sandals
Lesley Willford
 [04/30 8:49:28PM] 38 Pale Lilac

Komfort Kicks
Shawnna Capiuk
 [04/30 8:41:31PM] 41 Black

Cloud Comfort Sandals
Shawnna Capiuk
 [04/30 8:36:42PM] 41 Black

Cloud moulding sandals
Shawnna Capiuk
 [04/30 8:36:00PM] 41 Black

Soft Sunny Strap Sandals
Shawnna Capiuk
 [04/30 8:35:02PM] Black 41

Sunny Straps Sandals
Shawnna Capiuk
 [04/30 8:33:38PM] Black 41

Sunny side up sandals
Barb Langham
 [04/30 8:32:12PM] Size 7 black floral

Strappy Go Lucky
Lisa Giesbrecht
 [04/30 8:22:50PM] 40 & Burgundy

Criss Cross Summer Time Sandals
Stephanie Bailey
 [04/30 8:18:44PM] 40 black

Double cross sandals
Stephanie Bailey
 [04/30 8:18:04PM] 40 black

Strap it on
Amsi Caceres
 [04/30 7:59:31PM] 38 black foral

Criss Cross Spring
Sandra Rodrigues
 [04/30 7:35:19PM] 37 - black floral

Double Cross Comfort Sandals
Cindie Dunn
 [04/30 7:12:12PM] 48 Black Floral

X mark's my toes
Nita Mjolsness
 [04/30 6:40:44PM] 37, black floral

Walk the Earth Sandals
Stella Madsen
 [04/30 6:32:47PM] 40 Burgundy

Cross my heart sandals
Amanda Grant
 [04/30 6:30:46PM] Burgundy size 39 or 8

Sunshine on my feet
Chantal Ethier
 [04/30 6:15:40PM] 38 black

Open toe sunshine
Chantal Ethier
 [04/30 6:15:15PM] 38 black

"What Summer Dreams Start With" sandals
Joanne Rose
 [04/30 6:04:09PM] Black 38

"Feels Like Summer" sandals
Joanne Rose
 [04/30 6:02:42PM] Pale lilac 38

"Better Than Summer" sandals
Joanne Rose
 [04/30 6:01:12PM] Pale lilac 38

Better than Summer
Joanne Rose
 [04/30 5:59:42PM] Black 38

Strap to it
Brianne Aylwin
 [04/30 5:53:51PM] 11 Black Floral

Strap in your Step Sandals
Caroline Inkpen
 [04/30 5:23:02PM] 40 burgundy

Sun Kissed Toes
Paige Goll
 [04/30 5:06:12PM] 37 Black

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun!
Crystal Goll
 [04/30 5:03:23PM] 7 Burgandy

Criss cross sandles
JoAnne Swaine
 [04/30 4:51:04PM] 39 burgundy

Pretty feet
Suzanne Hedrick
 [04/30 4:44:13PM] Black floral size 40

CCSS - Criss Cross Summer Sandals, Slide Into Summer, Strappy Summer Fun Sandals, Sunny Daze Sandals,
 [04/30 4:38:19PM] 10 Black

Sweet & Sensible Strappy Sandal
Kim Streight
 [04/30 4:26:50PM] Black floral, size 38

Strap me into Style
Carrie Vader
 [04/30 4:22:06PM] 41 black

Bringing back Summer
Joanna Lewis
 [04/30 4:14:01PM] Pale Lilac 39

Step into confidence
Joanna Lewis
 [04/30 4:11:27PM] Pale Lila 39

Chasing Sunsets
Joanna Lewis
 [04/30 4:09:53PM] Black Floral 39

Sundance Sandals
Veronica Keenan
 [04/30 3:44:58PM] Burgundy 38

Scrappy sandles
Teresa Shield
 [04/30 3:26:58PM] 37 Floral

Summer Strappy Sandals
Lilliane Hradecki
 [04/30 3:12:05PM] 7 in pale Lilac

"Comfort on the Go" Sandal
Vanessa Lee
 [04/30 2:54:44PM] Black Floral 39

Crossroads Sandals, Across the Woods Sandals, Crossing Borders Sandals
Rachael Code
 [04/30 2:50:09PM] 38 Black Floral

The Crossroads Sandal
Carissa Carpentier
 [04/30 2:42:40PM] Floral, size 9

Cross by me sandels
Haley Goldenberg
 [04/30 2:18:41PM] 40, black

Strap in for summer
Julie Odia
 [04/30 2:09:58PM] Black 41

Just Beachy sandals
Bobbi Janzen
 [04/30 2:08:07PM] Black 39

Straps so soft sandals
Rachel Volk
 [04/30 1:54:35PM] 38 black

Stepping out in style
Wanda Tye
 [04/30 1:37:55PM] 38 Black Floral

Strap it up sandles, criss cross sandles, strap it & go sandles, slip into it sandles, cute & strappy sandles
Aaron Hansen
 [04/30 1:31:29PM] Black floral. I think size 36? Im a 6/ 6.5

serendipity strappy sandals
Sarah Thibeault
 [04/30 1:19:23PM] Pale lilac size 9

Summer Lovin’ Strappy Sandals
Sarah Thibeault
 [04/30 1:16:30PM] Black Floral size 9

Dualy Strappy sandals
Dolores Wilson
 [04/30 1:13:18PM] White 40

Chasing the sun strappy sandals
Jodi Dahle
 [04/30 1:03:51PM] 8.5 Flowers

I’m so Strappy Sandals
Laura Foxwell
 [04/30 1:03:07PM] 10, Floral

Double Cross Me Sandal’s
Laura Beth Foxwell
 [04/30 12:54:47PM] 10, Floral

Cross my Heart sandal’s
Laura Beth foxwell
 [04/30 12:49:57PM] 10, floral

XO XO pretty toe sandals
Rebecca Sayles
 [04/30 12:47:41PM] 10 pink

Because I’m Strappy; Kiss the Earth;
Susan Constantine
 [04/30 12:46:37PM] 10 Lilac

Road runners
Heidi dentremont
 [04/30 12:46:16PM] Size 37 burgundy

Go the X-tra Mile; Cross-Hatch; Double-Crossed; Second Times a Charm;
Susan Constantine
 [04/30 12:41:21PM] 40 Lilac

Strappy Goddess
Ann Timm
 [04/30 12:40:22PM] 37 Floral

Step on out Sandals
Debra Quessy
 [04/30 12:37:56PM] 38/black floral

Strap happy slides
Laura Peters
 [04/30 12:37:27PM] Size 40 - black

Criss cross sandal sauce
Katherine Craik
 [04/30 12:32:51PM] Black, size 7

Spring Lux Sandals
Wanda Ambeault
 [04/30 12:30:15PM] 40 & Black Floral

Stropping in style sandals
Shelley cygan
 [04/30 12:26:22PM] Size 9 burgundy

Fingers and toes crossed sandals
Christie McPhee
 [04/30 12:22:26PM] 36 pale lilac

Strap to it sandals, strappy flats, flat and strappies
Lana Baker
 [04/30 12:19:54PM] Size 8 black

Strappy flats, flat &Strappies, strap & go sandals,
Lana Baker
 [04/30 12:18:01PM] Size 8 black

Forever strapped
 [04/30 12:11:23PM] 9 red

Stepping out in Style Strappy sandals
Dorothy Mercier
 [04/30 12:07:40PM] 38 Black Floral

The Queen of Soul
Anna Gordon
 [04/30 12:03:28PM] 42 black floral

Crosswalk sandals
Veronica Keenan
 [04/30 11:47:55AM] Floral 38

Crosswalk Sandals
Veronica Keenan
 [04/30 11:46:18AM] Floral 38

Cloud 9
Lindsay mitton
 [04/30 11:41:47AM] Size 8 in lilac

Stepping Up
Nourra Poisson
 [04/30 11:34:10AM] Size 8 colour burgundy

Snappy Strappy Sandal
Valerie McCormick
 [04/30 11:33:15AM] Size 9 color white

Everyday Comfort Sandals
 [04/30 11:27:39AM] Pink - XS/S

Jacqui Pike
 [04/30 11:27:39AM] 41 & black

Kimberley Jones
 [04/30 11:25:00AM] 39 black

Walking on sunshine, or Strap on sunshine
Maureen Arseneau
 [04/30 11:22:11AM] Size 39 Floral

Summer Daze
Gerri Toews
 [04/30 11:14:05AM] black floral 39

Strapped in Love
Angela Brigiotti
 [04/30 11:11:55AM] 39 Black floral

Slide and Go
Gerri Toews
 [04/30 11:11:43AM] black floral 39

Crossing Paths Sandals
Angela Brigiotti
 [04/30 11:09:37AM] 39 Burgandy

Criss Cross I was taking a Walk
Gerri Toews
 [04/30 11:09:18AM] 39 black floral

Cross My Sole Sandals
Catherine Dixon
 [04/30 11:07:48AM] Burgundy 40

Comfy Foot
Sharon Dickie
 [04/30 11:07:47AM] 9 1/2 - 10

Straptastic Sandals, Cross My Soul Sandals
Catherine Dixon
 [04/30 11:07:12AM] Burgundy 40

Strap! In the Name of Summer Sandal
Angela Brigiotti
 [04/30 11:06:33AM] 39 Black

Beyond Strappy Sandals
Catherine Dixon
 [04/30 11:06:26AM] Burgundy 40

Summertime is Calling Sandals; Strapped Up In You; Strap Me Up; Crisscross Applesauce;
Ana klovan
 [04/30 11:04:58AM] 36 black

Strap Happy
Nancy wardell
 [04/30 10:59:38AM] Lilac 40

Straps & Sunshine
Nancy wardell
 [04/30 10:58:43AM] Burgandy 40

Buckle up!
Nancy Wardell
 [04/30 10:57:28AM] Lilac 40

Strapped In, Criss Cross, Interchanging Paths, Connected to Me, Connected to You, Connected to Nature, Make My Way, Cut Above the Rest, Crossing Paths, Footpath of Life
Erin Green
 [04/30 10:45:46AM] 40 Burgandy

Strapping My Way to Summer Sandals or Strap in Time Sandals
Angela Brigiotti
 [04/30 10:44:02AM] 39 Black

Strapping My Way to Summer Sandals or Strap in Time Sandals
Angela Brigiotti
 [04/30 10:43:26AM] 39 Black

Strappy me Happy
Nicole Craig
 [04/30 10:40:34AM] 37 Black

Crosswalk Sandals
Heather Moar
 [04/30 10:36:13AM] Black Floral size 38

Snappy Sandal
Maria McCarthy
 [04/30 10:35:45AM] 37. Black floral

Cross My Path
Lynn Cullen
 [04/30 10:35:11AM] 39 Burgundy

Criss Cross Strap Sandals
Arista Ethier
 [04/30 10:34:24AM] pink, size 40

Soul soft sandals, cross road sandals, summer souls,
Cindy Bennett
 [04/30 10:31:05AM] 6.5 - pale lilac

Walking on air
Jessica Wierenga
 [04/30 10:28:27AM] 41 pale lilac

Double Cross Sandals
Katie driscoll
 [04/30 10:25:16AM] Black size 9

Strap & Go Sandal
Kate Maitland
 [04/30 10:23:19AM] 38, Black Floral

Walking in luxury
Jacqui Pike
 [04/30 10:15:19AM] 41 & black ??

Straptastic sandals, Strappy and you know it, Strapalicious
Caroline Hultgren
 [04/30 10:10:32AM] Black, 39

Strap Happy Style, Strap Happy and in Style, Cross My Heart, Criss Cross Comfort, Criss Cross My Heart, Strap Happy Feet, Strappy Feet, Happy Feet, Kisses, Xtreme Comfort, Shape of You
Tara Kennedy
 [04/30 10:08:31AM] 38 Burgundy

Strap Happy sandals
Robin McGurk
 [04/30 9:40:50AM] 41 black floral

Miss Straps Alot
Cristin Abbott
 [04/30 9:34:19AM] 41 black or lilac

One Strap Forward
Lisa Hewer
 [04/30 9:30:48AM] 8. Pink

One Strap forward sandal
Lisa Hewer
 [04/30 9:29:51AM] 8. Pink.

Because I’m strappy sandals
Patricia Merrick
 [04/30 9:27:44AM] Pale lilac, 37

Hold On To Summer
Erin Dooks-Overton
 [04/30 9:27:40AM] Black, 38

Let the Sunshine In
May Larson
 [04/30 9:15:35AM] 41 and black

Strappin' on summer fun
Sarah Morrison
 [04/30 9:15:21AM] Size 41 Burgundy

Crossing paths sandlas
Krista foster
 [04/30 9:13:33AM] 9 pink

Crossing paths sandals
Krista foster
 [04/30 9:10:53AM] 9 pink

Anne McIntosh
 [04/30 9:10:19AM] 7

Criss Cross My Sole
Katherine Gavros
 [04/30 9:09:07AM] Pink size 39

Fun Sunnny day sandals
Terry Williams
 [04/30 9:07:25AM] 8 pale lilac

X marks the spot, most treasured sandals
Jen ott
 [04/30 9:03:30AM] 38 floral

Strappy happy
Francesca Kelly
 [04/30 9:03:02AM] ,39. Pale lilac

Cross my mind sandals
Nicole Gregg
 [04/30 9:01:20AM] 39 pale Lilac

Happy strap sandals
Voula Stojkovic
 [04/30 8:53:53AM] 38 Black Floral

Summer Vibes
Samantha Etheridge
 [04/30 8:40:28AM] Black Floral Size 38

Sassy Strappy Soft Sole Sandal
Alice Rempel
 [04/30 8:35:04AM] 39 in Burgundy

Beauty foot
Cynthia Giroux
 [04/30 8:31:58AM] 10 , noires

You got me at sandal
Sharon Smith
 [04/30 8:31:44AM] 7 pale lilac

Criss Cross Comfort
Cindy Beaulieu
 [04/30 8:31:44AM] Black Floral

Sunny Daz Sundles
Janet Ward
 [04/30 8:29:42AM] Size 40, Floral

Cross Roads Sandal
Jennifer Hansen
 [04/30 8:26:15AM] 39 & Black

Criss cross happy sole
Cristin Abbott
 [04/30 8:23:47AM] 41 black or lilac

Queen’s sandal
Claudine Gagnon
 [04/30 8:23:22AM] 36, pale lilac

All Strapped In
Lindsay Brown
 [04/30 8:22:52AM] Black size 9

crossed off my list sandals
Emma McMillan
 [04/30 8:22:08AM] 39, black floral

Sassy strap
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:18:44AM] 39 pale lilac

Toes in the “sand”als, Toes in my sandals
Dana Bellagamba
 [04/30 8:18:13AM] 38 black floral

Cross over to summer sandals
Julie Borst
 [04/30 8:13:13AM] Size 40 black

Soles for your Soul
 [04/30 8:13:12AM] 9 black

Cross my heart
Diana Rushfeldt
 [04/30 8:08:28AM] 40 floral

Freedom Sole
Cheryl Dumas
 [04/30 8:07:03AM] 38 pale lilac

Buckle up baby sandals
Tania Balverde
 [04/30 8:06:02AM] 41, pale lilac

Criss-cross summer time sandles, criss-cross happy sandles
Marsha Foster
 [04/30 7:57:19AM] 36 black

Strapped up for summer
Jennifer Ross
 [04/30 7:40:49AM] 8.5 lilac

Ready Set Go Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/30 7:29:17AM] Black 8

First in Line Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/30 7:27:44AM] Black 8

Line Leader Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/30 7:25:20AM] Black 8

Strap Happy Sandals
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [04/30 7:24:06AM] 39 Pale Lilac

Fun in the Sun Sandals
Sharon Kusiar
 [04/30 7:13:53AM] 41 Black or Floral

Step into Sunshine
Susan Schmidt
 [04/30 7:12:49AM] Black 41

Stepping into summer
Michelle Collins
 [04/30 7:11:34AM] Black Floral & 38

Spring Forward Sandals
Sharon Kusiar
 [04/30 7:10:20AM] 41 Black or Floral

Fun Filled Strappy Sandles
Wendy Riess
 [04/30 7:00:28AM] 36 & pale lilac

Sunny Side Up Sandals
Karen Carvell
 [04/30 6:58:54AM] 39 Black

Road to strappyness sandals
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [04/30 6:57:47AM] Floral 39

Summer Fun Sandal
Sharon Kusiar
 [04/30 6:57:34AM] 11 Black or Floral

Pretty Pedestals for your feet. Like walking on Rose Pedals.
Korina Cullen
 [04/30 6:54:14AM] 7 .5 light pink

Lake life sandals
Bobbi Janzen
 [04/30 6:50:57AM] Black 39

Let the sunshine
May Larson
 [04/30 6:48:24AM] 41

Double Crossed Happy Feet Sandals
kristina wall
 [04/30 6:47:18AM] burgundy 38

Summer Sunshine
Martha E van Dyke
 [04/30 6:36:48AM] Black Floral, size 10 equivalent

Criss cross applesauce
Nadine Flynn
 [04/30 6:33:59AM] 41, black

Criss Cross Summer Boss
Jennifer Perreault
 [04/30 6:28:21AM] 37 Black

Stepping time Sandals
Debbie Erickson
 [04/30 6:24:18AM] Size 8, black

Strappingly Beautiful Sandal, Summer Breeze Sandal, So Fresh Sandal, Feel the Breeze Sandal
Brayell Dengler
 [04/30 6:09:34AM] Floral, 39

Kris Kross sandals
Suzanne kempton
 [04/30 6:04:39AM] Black floral 40

About town in style
Marilyn Hector
 [04/30 5:30:29AM] Lilac size 7

Straptastic Sandals
Erika Crowley
 [04/30 5:30:28AM] Floral, 37

Life is sweet when feet are happy!!!
Toni martino
 [04/30 5:06:39AM] 10

Crossroads Sandal
Stephanie Craig
 [04/30 4:51:33AM] 37? Black

Strappiness starts here
Nicole Spencer
 [04/30 4:20:34AM] 8, floral

Criss cross my heart, Strap me in, strappingly dapper
Nicole Spencer
 [04/30 4:19:00AM] 8 , floral

Criss Cross Sandals
Elyse Picard Gareau
 [04/30 3:37:53AM] Pale Lilac - 39

Cross my sole
Sandra walker
 [04/30 2:17:58AM] 9, black floral

When love and comfy are combined
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:29:51AM] 39 blk floral

Reading between the lines
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:28:20AM] 39 blk floral

Happy feet
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:27:20AM] 39 blk floral

Up and down side to side
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:26:32AM] 39 blk floral

?iving life to the fullest
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:24:11AM] 39 blk floral

Call me baby
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:23:21AM] 39 blk floral

One direction forward
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:21:40AM] 39 blk floral

The right path
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:21:08AM] 39 blk floral

Ready to be free
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:20:26AM] 39 blk floral

First love
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:19:47AM] 39 blk floral

Crossed your mine
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:18:28AM] 39 blk floral

strappy happy, summertime strappyness,
sara doolittle
 [04/30 1:17:15AM] 38 Strappy Happy Pale Lilac

Cruising the globe
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:17:05AM] 39 blk floral

Uptown beat
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:16:01AM] 39 blk floral

Stand up, Stand out
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:15:18AM] 39 blk floral

Over the rainbow
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:14:29AM] 39 blk floral

In the blink of a eye
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:12:34AM] 39 blk floral

Hit em upstyle
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:11:05AM] 39 blk floral

Spring flings
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:08:41AM] 39 blk floral

Welcome back to summer
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:07:59AM] 39 blk floral

Sealed with a kiss
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:06:40AM] 39 blk floral

Blast off
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:05:57AM] 39 blk floral

Twisted beauty
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:04:32AM] 39 blk floral

Twisted sister
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:03:52AM] 39 blk floral

Ready for All seasons
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 1:01:48AM] 39 blk floral

Ready steady let's go
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:58:44AM] 39 blk floral

Light as a feather
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:57:10AM] 39 blk floral

Slight right
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:55:59AM] 39 blk floral

Off the rocks
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:55:07AM] 39 blk floral

Just in time
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:54:10AM] 39 blk floral

Sweet and low
Andrea Marshall
 [04/30 12:52:20AM] 39 black floral

Strappy Days
Morgan Christofferson
 [04/30 12:48:20AM] 9, black floral

Double Crossed
Gillian Gore
 [04/30 12:26:25AM] 8.5 and light colour selection please

Straptastic sandals
Tamra kruize
 [04/29 11:42:52PM] Black 38

Simply Strappy
Barbara Doherty
 [04/29 11:21:20PM] Size 9 no colour preference

Lasting Imprint or Mould to me sandals
Candace Rempel
 [04/29 11:19:17PM] Black 7.5

Mould to me sandals or Lasting Imprint
Candace Rempel
 [04/29 11:18:01PM] Black 7.5

You Make Me Strappy Sandals
Cristin Korchinski
 [04/29 11:07:26PM] 41 in black

fun has arrived
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:57:11PM] 39 blk floral

Todays Highlights
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:56:11PM] 39 black floral

Sugar and sweet
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:55:33PM] 39 black floral

Sweet Marie
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:55:02PM] 39 black floral

All lined up
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:54:38PM] 39 black floral

adventure starts here
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:53:53PM] 39 black floral

Strapping up for adventure
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:52:33PM] 39 black floral

Walking on sun shine
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:49:41PM] 39 black floral

Feeling sassy
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:48:38PM] 39 blk floral

For get me knot
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:47:59PM] 39 black floral

Crossing paths
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:46:29PM] 39, black floral

Kickin' It In the Sun Sandals
Caithy Boyle
 [04/29 10:45:36PM] 41 black floral

Criss cross apple sauce sandles
Andrea Marshall
 [04/29 10:45:27PM] 39 ,black floral

Let’s Go For A Walk
Sharon Pugh
 [04/29 10:36:51PM] Size 7, floral

Let’s Go For A Walk
Sharon Pugh
 [04/29 10:35:16PM] Size 7, floral

You had me at summer sandal
Tammy Enns
 [04/29 10:30:21PM] 41 lilac

Strappy straps
Krystal Hibbs
 [04/29 10:25:20PM] 8 and pink

Xs and Oh la las
Heather McCabe
 [04/29 10:14:31PM] 41 lilac

Sandpiper Special. A walk in the Park, summer Fun, sandtastic
Shawna Tohm
 [04/29 9:44:48PM] 38 lilac

Tic Tac Toes
Christy Fell
 [04/29 9:15:37PM] Black shoe size 9

Kayla pullen
 [04/29 9:14:06PM] 7 purple or black

Broke the mould Sandals, Two Step Sandals
Kristy Stebbings
 [04/29 9:09:44PM] 40, Black

Cross my Arch sandals
Dianna korol
 [04/29 9:09:35PM] Black floral 38

Cross my Arch sandals
Dianna korol
 [04/29 9:08:31PM] Black floral size 38

Pretty Pedi - Pleasers
Debi Inglehart
 [04/29 9:05:02PM] 8. Black

Strap To It!
Lenore Jaggard
 [04/29 9:04:03PM] Size 7 - Black with flowers

Criss Cross with make you jump sandals
Katrina Bernardi
 [04/29 9:00:31PM] 37 black

Good Directions Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:59:23PM] Black 8

Heading in the Right Direction Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:54:41PM] Black 8

Not to Strappy
Tracy Lawford
 [04/29 8:50:00PM] Black in size 10 equivalent

In the strap of time
Tracy Lawford
 [04/29 8:46:13PM] Black size 10 equivalent

Small Steps & Big Dreams Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:45:07PM] Black 8

Criss cross my heart comfy sandals
Dany-Elle Chamberland
 [04/29 8:42:51PM] Navy blue

One Step at a Time Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:42:18PM] Black 8

Strap and Stride
Amy Fraser
 [04/29 8:38:41PM] 37&Black Floral

Never Taking 'em Off! Sandals, Never Taking 'Em Off! Strappies, Strap It to Me sandals, Strap On a Pair, Can I Get a Sole Strap? Sandal, The One With the Straps Sandal
Camille Devost
 [04/29 8:26:58PM] 37, black please

Jump for Joy Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:26:46PM] Black 8

Criss cross sandles
Vanessa Harris
 [04/29 8:26:05PM] 41 red

Stepping it Up Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:24:28PM] Black Floral 8

A Step in Time Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 8:23:49PM] Black Floral 8

Boho Chic on my Feet
Lisa Sahli
 [04/29 8:17:11PM] Black size 8

Never taking 'em off! sandals
Camille Devost
 [04/29 8:14:22PM] 7.5

Criss cross strappy sandals
Courtney McAndrews
 [04/29 8:03:30PM] 40 black floral

Strap Happy Sandals
Felisha Flodin
 [04/29 8:02:36PM] Black Floral 39

Stepping it Up Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 7:54:55PM] Black Floral 8

Keep in Step Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 7:53:32PM] Black Floral 8

A Step in Time Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 7:52:25PM] Black Floral 8

One Step at a Time
Lara Gray
 [04/29 7:51:39PM] Black Floral 8

Here We Go Sandals
Lara Gray
 [04/29 7:50:50PM] Black Floral 8

Strap it to me sandal , strap on summer sandal
Carrie schmid
 [04/29 7:46:00PM] 39 black

Summer Staple Sandal
Jessica Sippert
 [04/29 7:37:49PM] Black floral 40

Christine Barkic
 [04/29 7:36:57PM] 41 pale lilac. <3

Simply Strappy Summer Luv
Danica Anderson
 [04/29 7:28:43PM] Black floral size 41

Straps of Sun
Bonnie Scott
 [04/29 7:19:34PM] Black size 11

Strapped in
Lindsay Swetman
 [04/29 7:16:34PM] 36 black floral

Step Outside sandals
Emma Hart
 [04/29 7:06:23PM] 36, black

Strap into summer sandals
Adrienne damm
 [04/29 7:00:52PM] Burgandy 40

Show Me The Sun Sandals
Megan Schultz
 [04/29 6:55:43PM] Pale Lilac 41

Strand by me strappy sandals
Trish Ramenda
 [04/29 6:53:54PM] Black size 6

Fabulously strapped sandles
Eileen Johnston
 [04/29 6:53:33PM] 9.5 black

Straps away sandles
Eileen Johnston
 [04/29 6:52:25PM] 9.5 black

Free To Be Me
Michelle Morgado
 [04/29 6:43:38PM] Size 40 Burgundy

Criss cross the road sandals
Heather Mollet
 [04/29 6:37:58PM] Black floral size 40

Strap Into Style sandal
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/29 6:27:33PM] 40, black floral

Don’t Worry Be Strappy sandals
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/29 6:26:08PM] 40, pale lilac

Feelin’ Strappy sandals
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/29 6:24:08PM] 40 burgundy

Best foot forward sandal
Erin Shantz
 [04/29 6:22:38PM] 8, pale lilac

Strap happy sandals
Gina Hildebrand
 [04/29 6:22:26PM] 40, black floral

Criss-cross awesome sauce sandals
Stephanie Hogan
 [04/29 6:21:35PM] Size 40 Black

Cross-Cross your heart sandals
Jennifer Tait-Sjogren
 [04/29 6:17:12PM] 37 Black

Walking on Air Sandals
Wanda Fiessel
 [04/29 6:16:47PM] Size 36, floral

Sassy straps sandals
Kim Cutting
 [04/29 6:13:31PM] 10 black

Cross my heart sandals
Isabelle Brulotte
 [04/29 6:06:27PM] 37 red

XX sandals
Isabelle Brulotte
 [04/29 6:05:01PM] 37 red

Spring Fling sandals
Jennifer Thomson
 [04/29 6:03:50PM] Size 8 Black floral

Summer fun
Amy elliott
 [04/29 6:02:01PM] Red 41

Soleil Sandals
Karen Carvell
 [04/29 5:58:29PM] 39 Black

Crossover sandals
Denielle vasiliou
 [04/29 5:45:38PM] 40. Pale lilac

Sexy strap sandles
Carla Fedchuk
 [04/29 5:44:04PM] Size 39 burgundy

Cross my arch, Arch rival sandals, crossing over sandals
Andrea klein
 [04/29 5:43:18PM] 39 black floral

Cross My Path
Debbie Slater
 [04/29 5:41:23PM] 39 black

Sassy strappy sandal
Jane Kennedy
 [04/29 5:34:18PM] 39 -black floral or lilac

Beach Day sandals
Cari Hemphill
 [04/29 5:30:01PM] 40 black floral

Strapped in for the Ride Sandals
Karen McKay
 [04/29 5:23:50PM] Black floral, size 8 1/2 or 9

Criss cross apple sauce sandals
Mandi savarie
 [04/29 5:22:47PM] Black 6.5

Pair-adise City Sandals, Cross Off the List Sandals, Cross the Line Sandals
Brittany Agnew
 [04/29 5:19:36PM] Size 40 Pale Lilac

Criss cross Buckle Sandals
Karen Bell
 [04/29 5:02:35PM] Black size 44 size 10

Stepping’ Pretty
Katherine Nixdorf
 [04/29 4:52:03PM] Size 6 black/white

Walkin’ on Sunshine Sandals
Michelle Fedorowich
 [04/29 4:51:11PM] Black floral 39

Cross my world ?
Sandra Reiser
 [04/29 4:49:14PM] Size 6 & Pink

Buckle Up!
Sandra Reiser
 [04/29 4:47:41PM] Size 6 & Pink

Sassy Summer Styling
Dawn Sylvester
 [04/29 4:43:28PM] Pink and black flora size 6

Stepping out in style
Brandie Bates
 [04/29 4:41:18PM] 7 and white

Summer twist
Diane Rawn
 [04/29 4:32:25PM] 8 any surprise me lol

Take me away sandals
Brenda Mears
 [04/29 4:24:12PM] 38, black

Cross My Heart Sandals
Cynthia Branigan
 [04/29 4:23:38PM] 39 Black

Heaven on Earth
Alice Hudson
 [04/29 4:22:45PM] 40 & burgundy

Sunshine of my life sandals
Cara Woods
 [04/29 4:18:20PM] 8.5 black

Strap on summer sandals
Cara Woods
 [04/29 4:17:12PM] 8.5 black

Buckle up sandal
Susan Shoemaker
 [04/29 4:14:31PM] Red (size 11)

Straps of Solace Sandals
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/29 4:12:39PM] 39 pale lilac

Step into Solace sandals
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/29 4:11:39PM] 39 pale lilac

Slip in solace sandals
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/29 4:09:20PM] 39 pale lilac

Summer tan lines
Kerrie Taylor
 [04/29 4:08:48PM] 36 pink lilac

Sand between your toes
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 4:08:19PM] 41 floral

Criss Cross Wanna Make You Jump Sandals
Lacey Whitt
 [04/29 4:07:52PM] 7.5 Black

Sunday stroll sandals, best life sandals, sound of summer Sandals, garden party sandals,, summer ready sandals
Shantel Hrytsak
 [04/29 4:07:18PM] Black floral 38

Cross my heart sandals
Shantel Hrytsak
 [04/29 4:04:49PM] Black floral 38

Slip into comfort sandals
Adrianna Smith
 [04/29 4:02:17PM] 39 pale lilac

Slip into something more comfortable
Brenda tough
 [04/29 4:01:19PM] 9 floral

A walk in the park
Brenda tough
 [04/29 3:58:48PM] 9. Floral

Cris cross comfort sandals
Adrianna smith
 [04/29 3:57:46PM] 39 floral

Strapped In Sandals, Locked up Sandals
Jana Mottl
 [04/29 3:57:32PM] Pale Lilac size 40

Steppin’ Out Sandals, Walk This Way Sandals
Sophie Lott
 [04/29 3:57:29PM] Floral 37

That crazy sun of a beach
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 3:57:21PM] 41 floral

No strings attached
Brenda tough
 [04/29 3:56:50PM] 9 red or burgundy

Walking On Sunshine Sandal
Matina Stamadianos
 [04/29 3:56:43PM] Black floral, 36

Just beachy
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 3:56:26PM] 41 floral

Stepping into Summer Sandals, Stepping into the Weekend Sandals, Walking On Sunshine Sandals
Sophie Lott
 [04/29 3:55:42PM] Floral - Size 37

Double Cross Sandals
Charlotte Spencer
 [04/29 3:53:57PM] 8 & Pink

Strap To It Sandals; A Little Strap In Your Step Sandals
Michelle Mayer
 [04/29 3:53:02PM] Black 40 or 41

buckle list sandal, cross my toes sandal
Rebecca Francis
 [04/29 3:49:01PM] 41 black floral

Strappy Happy Sandals
Kasha Sherman
 [04/29 3:48:14PM] 8. Pink

Crossing pathways
Kallyn strichen
 [04/29 3:47:41PM] 40 and black floral

Cross My Heart Sandals
Kasha Sherman
 [04/29 3:47:37PM] Size 8. Pink

Crossing paths scandals
Kallyn strichen
 [04/29 3:46:06PM] 9 floral

Friends for life
Cheryl Lendvoy
 [04/29 3:43:21PM] Size 40 Black Floral

Strappy solace sandals
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/29 3:43:14PM] 39 pale lilac

Straps of Sunshine Sandals
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/29 3:41:45PM] 39 black

Double cross sandals
Crystal Mackie
 [04/29 3:35:29PM] Black 36

X marks the spot
Bailey Kasner
 [04/29 3:33:49PM] 38 pale lilac

Lucky in Love
Jodiene Schaber
 [04/29 3:33:27PM] 38, burgundy

Summer lovin
Naomi Weber
 [04/29 3:21:33PM] Black 7.5

Summer vibes
Naomi Weber
 [04/29 3:20:30PM] Black size 7.5

Let’s get strappy sandals, strap to it sandals, sunny days sanda,
Nicolle Parsons
 [04/29 3:16:28PM] Black Floral, 37

Crisscross Apple Flats
Teanna Farmer
 [04/29 3:16:21PM] Size 9 , black floral

Soulmate sandals
Alisha Baird
 [04/29 3:14:53PM] 39 & black floral

Strap right up, put your best strap forward, Flirty summer sandals
Eliza Davies
 [04/29 3:13:17PM] Black 40

The X-factor sandals, sleek strappy feet, happy strappy, Eat your heart out ex sandals, criss cross sandals, sun’s out toes out sandals, live your best life sandals, summer striders, good time sandals, strappy love
Stephanie Beacon
 [04/29 3:10:10PM] 41 white

Free as a bird
Kayla Dalley
 [04/29 3:09:54PM] Black. Size 40

One strap at a time
Gillian Mills
 [04/29 3:01:20PM] 40. Pale lilac

Summer Sassy Sandals
Melanie MathersMah
 [04/29 3:01:10PM] Size 41 (10), pale lilac

Spring in your step sandal
Rachel Ostop
 [04/29 2:56:17PM] Black 38

Stroppy Trails Sandals
Linda Cassista
 [04/29 2:53:23PM] Pale Lilac. Size 38

Cool vibes
Krista Fontes
 [04/29 2:50:44PM] 41 floral

Because I’m Strappy
Melissa MacKinnon
 [04/29 2:38:16PM] 38, black

Island Vibes
Melissa mackinnon
 [04/29 2:37:16PM] 38, black

Boho comfort strapped sandal
Brittany Jones
 [04/29 2:31:53PM] Black 8.5

Feel free Sandal
Julie Odia
 [04/29 2:29:03PM] Red 41

Right foot forward
Julie Odia
 [04/29 2:27:05PM] Black 41

Criss Cross My Feet
Angelique Houlihan
 [04/29 2:15:05PM] Size 9 black and white

Cross My Heart Sandles
Karen Bemister
 [04/29 2:14:07PM] Black size 39

Summer Loving
Allysa Mercer
 [04/29 2:13:14PM] 38, Black Floral

Cross my feet for you comfort sandal
Krystie Rae Lalonde
 [04/29 2:12:36PM] 41 black floral

Double cross sandals
Nikki Weightman
 [04/29 2:12:21PM] Black 38

Cris Cross Comfort
Karen Bemister
 [04/29 2:12:18PM] Black size 39

Straps of fun
Kelsey Giesbrecht
 [04/29 2:11:58PM] Burgundy size 10

Stunning Soles
Jessica Foster
 [04/29 2:11:47PM] 40 black floral

Around Town Sandals
Nikki Weightman
 [04/29 2:10:50PM] Black, 38

Strapped In Sandal
Kelsey Giesbrecht
 [04/29 2:08:59PM] Black floral, size 10

Buckled Down
Jen Silverthorne
 [04/29 2:06:18PM] Burgundy 38

Strapping Good Time Shoes
Hollie Zinnick
 [04/29 2:04:09PM] 41 black

Paths Cross Sandals, Sun Crossed Sandals, Kits Crossed Beach Sandal
Amanda Asturias
 [04/29 2:03:26PM] 39 Pale Lilac

Strap Me In It’s Summer Sandals, Let’s Do This Day Sandals
Megan Kimball
 [04/29 1:58:51PM] 37 black floral

Crossed off the list, lattice love, cross my heart
TAmara scutt
 [04/29 1:54:32PM] Black sz 8

Star crossed sandals
Amanda emon
 [04/29 1:50:58PM] 9 black floral

Buckled up sandals
Jennifer Haley
 [04/29 1:44:50PM] Black 37

Buckles of love sandals
Jennifer Haley
 [04/29 1:44:02PM] Black 37

Criss cross summer fun
 [04/29 1:38:34PM] 39

Buckle down comfort
Taylor S
 [04/29 1:32:36PM] Floral, 41

Crossed with comfort
Taylor Saretsky
 [04/29 1:29:32PM] burgundy size 41

Sole to take Sandals
Kathryn Sheridan
 [04/29 1:27:24PM] Burgundy size 7

Crossing over sandals
Taylor Saretsky
 [04/29 1:26:46PM] Floral, size 41

Summer Lovin’ Sandals
Paula Potts
 [04/29 1:25:52PM] Pale Lilac size 39

Crossroads Sandals
Alisha Tatlock
 [04/29 1:25:01PM] Black 38

Walk of Life
Nourra Poisson
 [04/29 1:22:50PM] Size 8 colour white

Sophisticated straps sandals, snazzy strappy sandals, serene strap sandals
Megan wever
 [04/29 1:20:53PM] Burgundy 41

Walking on a Cloud
Nourra Poisson
 [04/29 1:20:10PM] Size 8 colour Black

SASSY STRAPS SANDALS, SASSY STRAPPY SANDALS. Slide into summer, slip into summer,
Megan wever
 [04/29 1:18:11PM] Burgundy 41

Criss Cross Sandal
Julie Tilley
 [04/29 1:06:27PM] 7 Pale Lilac

Summer Energy Sandles
Lisa Wou
 [04/29 1:06:15PM] Size 8 & Pale Lilac colour

Criss Cross Sandal
Julie Tilley
 [04/29 1:05:17PM] 7 Pale Lilac

Criss cross sandals
 [04/29 1:02:26PM] Pale lilac size 7

My everyday sandals
Chantal Lindsay
 [04/29 12:58:12PM] 7. Black florals

Feeling strappy
Erin Sebastian
 [04/29 12:57:25PM] Floral black size 8

Cross me over sandals
Lindsay Chartier
 [04/29 12:50:31PM] Size 41 Black floral

Crossed with comfort
Taylor Saretsky
 [04/29 12:49:12PM] Burgundy size 41

Strap to it
Krystel bennett
 [04/29 12:47:12PM] 39 pale lilac

Cross my toes strappy saddles
Sherry Drost
 [04/29 12:46:19PM] 36 Burgundy

Crossing paths sandals
Taylor Saretsky
 [04/29 12:45:57PM] Black floral size 41

Exploring in style; Ready for adventure
Nicole Barlow
 [04/29 12:44:06PM] 39, pale lilac

Cross cross my heart
Tammy Demers
 [04/29 12:43:26PM] Size 9 red

Made for walking sandals
Lori Earl
 [04/29 12:37:38PM] 41 Pale Lilac

Sunny Side of The Feet Sandals
Karen Carvell
 [04/29 12:34:53PM] 39 Black

Moving forward
Shauna Brady
 [04/29 12:32:11PM] 8, burgundy

Can't Strap Me Down
Dallas Smith
 [04/29 12:25:44PM] Black floral 38

Slip on sunshine sandals
Veronica Keenan
 [04/29 12:23:24PM] Floral 38

Cross My Heart
Dallas Smith
 [04/29 12:23:02PM] Black floral 38

Summer stylin
Aimee Olsen
 [04/29 12:21:32PM] 7 1/2 black floral

Walk In The Park Sandals; My Strap Ons; Best Foot Forward Sandals; Criss Cross Sandals
Rosanna Fiorino
 [04/29 12:21:03PM] Pale Lilac size 9

Strap happy criss cross slip ons
Melissa Flaman
 [04/29 12:18:07PM] 10 in black floral

Fit the mould sandals
Jenn Gibbons
 [04/29 12:14:23PM] 39 in Black

Angela Fogarty
 [04/29 12:03:47PM] 9 black

Criss cross applesauce
Angela Fogarty
 [04/29 12:03:16PM] 9 black

Summer Love Sandals, Beach Baby Sandals, Rosy Posie Slip ons, Make your Mark sandals.
Sarah McDuff
 [04/29 12:00:50PM] 38 Black Floral :)

Tropic like it’s hot
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:58:45AM] 41 floral

Here comes the sun
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:57:57AM] 41 floral

Stepping into the Sun sandals
Michelle Horton
 [04/29 11:57:40AM] 38 floral

Paradise found
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:57:21AM] 41 floral

Girls just wanna have sun
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:56:54AM] 41 floral

Strap into summer
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:56:13AM] 41 floral

Cross over sandals
Sheila Lalonde
 [04/29 11:56:07AM] 39 pale lilac

Ready for summer
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:55:50AM] 41 floral

If you are stroppy and you know it
Lindsey Bates
 [04/29 11:53:54AM] Floral 41

Steppin’ Easy Sandals
Laura Laferte
 [04/29 11:51:53AM] 38 Black floral.

Stepping into the Sun sandals
Michelle Horton
 [04/29 11:51:30AM] 38 floral

stroppy go lucky
Lindsey bates
 [04/29 11:51:05AM] Floral 41

Strappy Trails
Gerri Toews
 [04/29 11:49:50AM] black floral 39

Isn't She Lovely Sandals
Kerri Stanley
 [04/29 11:49:41AM] Size 7 black floral

Gerri Toews
 [04/29 11:48:54AM] black floral 39

CrissCross Applesauce Sandal, Straps for Days Sandal, Strapping Good Time Sandal, Sunny Days Strappy Sandal
Vanessa Riccio
 [04/29 11:48:22AM] Black floral 38

Cross my heart sandals, or wrapped in love sandals
Angela Jenner
 [04/29 11:47:42AM] 37 floral or lilac

Criss Cross Comfort
Gerri Toews
 [04/29 11:47:03AM] black floral 39

Criss Cross Apple Sauce Sandals
Kelly Rich
 [04/29 11:46:24AM] black floral size 39

Strap Happy Sandals
Megan Power
 [04/29 11:45:14AM] 40 black

Comfort Confession Sandals
Laurie Dix
 [04/29 11:44:23AM] 41 in black

Casual Crossers
Kristie Brunetti
 [04/29 11:41:15AM] 40 - Pale Lilac

Looking Strappy, Oh my Strappy Goodness
Terri Grey
 [04/29 11:38:59AM] Black Floral size 36

Slip into comfort
Angela Mitres
 [04/29 11:38:12AM] Black 38

Oh my strappy Goodness, Looking Strappy
Terri Grey
 [04/29 11:36:07AM] Black Floral size 36

Oh my strapped goodness, Looking Strappy
Terri Grey
 [04/29 11:34:55AM] Black floral size 36

Cross over to summer sandal
Debbie McMillan
 [04/29 11:33:44AM] 38 black

Strap happy sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/29 11:31:43AM] Lilac 39

Criss crossings sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/29 11:31:07AM] Lilac 39

Criss cross comfort
Monique Monast-St Denis
 [04/29 11:29:25AM] Size 9 black

Strapped into summer sandals
Julie Hoar
 [04/29 11:28:41AM] Lilac 39

Looking good strapped shoe
Sharon king
 [04/29 11:26:51AM] 39 black floral

Cross My Heart
Debbie McMillan
 [04/29 11:26:13AM] 38 black

Wish Me Luck sandals. Crossing Streets sandals, Strap Me Happy sandals.
Jaxsyn Lily Barnes
 [04/29 11:26:08AM] 39 Black Floral

SLIP into Comfort. Summers BEST Slides. Strappy Comfort. Love Me Some Strappy Comfort. Love Me Some Strappy Slides.
Darlene Rumohr
 [04/29 11:25:47AM] Size 6. Light Pink or Camo

Crossing By sandal
Deanna Miller
 [04/29 11:21:39AM] 39-lilac

Sappy strappy sandies
Shelby mast
 [04/29 11:16:48AM] 8 black

Sporty strappy slides
Kristy bouius
 [04/29 11:16:27AM] Burgundy and size 6

Summer lovin sandals
Erin Levesque
 [04/29 11:12:16AM] 40 black floral

Strap Happy, strappy happy
Tamara Quan
 [04/29 11:10:37AM] black floral size 10? 40/41

Strappy Comfort Sandals
Lindsay Martins
 [04/29 11:10:16AM] Black, Size 39

Criss cross makes the spot sandals
Victoria wild
 [04/29 11:06:25AM] 9 and floral

Fancy fasten sandals, fancy a fasten sandals
Tamara Zaretski
 [04/29 11:06:05AM] Burgundy, whatever size correlates to size 9, 40 I think..

Criss cross treasure sandals
Victoria wild
 [04/29 11:05:42AM] 9 and Floral

Walking on Clouds
Shellanne Langlois
 [04/29 11:01:12AM] Size 10/black

Strapped & Ready Sandal, A Strap Ahead Sandal, Beautiful & Strapping Sandal
Whitney Dillon
 [04/29 10:54:42AM] Black Floral - 41

Criss cross country sandals
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/29 10:53:18AM] Floral 8

Strapping Good Time
Jessica Stacy
 [04/29 10:50:48AM] Black, 38

Strap n go Sandles
Kim bessette
 [04/29 10:50:47AM] 41 burgundy

Strap n go Sandles
Kim bessette
 [04/29 10:49:46AM] 41 burgundy

Strapped into Summer
Basia Downs
 [04/29 10:49:12AM] Black floral size 39

Buckle up Buttercup sandals
Laurie Vaughan
 [04/29 10:45:39AM] Black floral size 41

Criss Cross will make ya jump
Laurie Vaughan
 [04/29 10:44:14AM] Black floral size 41

Strapping your comfort with confidence
Dawn O'Hara
 [04/29 10:41:58AM] Size 6 in black

Kimberley Jones
 [04/29 10:41:29AM] 39 pale lilac

Fun Strappy Sundals, Steapoy Sunny Sandals, Crisscross Sandies, Crisscross Comfort Sandals, Strappy Fun Slides, Fun in the Sun Sandals
Stephanie George
 [04/29 10:39:20AM] Black, 38

Strappy kicks
Marina Santos
 [04/29 10:38:00AM] 9 red

On cloud 9
Karin Rowe
 [04/29 10:35:04AM] 40 burgundy

Buckle Up Sandals
Kimberley Jones
 [04/29 10:34:54AM] 39 Black

Strapping Good Time Sandals
Kimberley Jones
 [04/29 10:33:50AM] 39 Black

Buckle Up Summertime, Slide Into Summer, Criss Cross Slides, Sunshine In Sand-als
Samantha Alexandra
 [04/29 10:31:15AM] 36, Black Floral

Better Strap Than Never
Wendeline Chan
 [04/29 10:30:25AM] 7 Burgundy

Criss cross like a boss!
Tracy Stieh
 [04/29 10:24:16AM] 36 Black Floral

Strappy Good Energy / Strap on Good times.
Jacqueline MacKenzie
 [04/29 10:23:41AM] 36/37 black

Strap on summer, pep in her step, sweet feet, everyday wanderers, keep it cool, summer in stride, step into summer, I’m on my way, best foot forward, “toe”tally free, “toe”tally fabulous, feel the freedom,
Breanne De Jong
 [04/29 10:21:32AM] Pale lilac, 39

Spirit of summer sandals
Heather Stanley
 [04/29 10:13:13AM] Size (whatever 9-9.5 translates to) in black floral

All tangled up sandal
Sherry Paterson
 [04/29 10:11:27AM] 41 black

Kiss across cris cross sandals
Ashley kehoe
 [04/29 10:09:45AM] 36-pale lilac please

Summer login’ sandal
Lauren simmonds
 [04/29 10:08:59AM] Black size 8 (38)

Crossroads of Comfort, Comfort Crossroads,
Cheryl Roddis
 [04/29 10:06:57AM] 6.5, pink

Sun n' Shade Sandals
Shari Maclellan
 [04/29 10:04:35AM] Burgundy 6

Ready, set, go!
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 10:02:55AM] 36 lilac

Pretty toes sandals
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 10:02:03AM] 36 black

X Marks the Spot Sandals
Barbara Howell
 [04/29 10:01:28AM] 37 - black floral

Oh My Sole
Shari MacLellan
 [04/29 10:01:11AM] Black 6

To Strap and Back
Denise Rideout
 [04/29 10:00:44AM] whatever a size 6 is in black

Criss cross flip-flop
Laura Kent
 [04/29 10:00:18AM] 41 black

Stroll in the sun sandals
Heather Stanley
 [04/29 10:00:17AM] Black floral size 9-9.5 (not sure what that would be).

Dianne Drodge/Lockyer
 [04/29 9:59:35AM] 41, black floral.

Strap happy sandals
Heather Stanley
 [04/29 9:58:14AM] Burgundy (9-9.5), not sure what size that would be.

Buckle up sandals
Tara Macaulay
 [04/29 9:57:43AM] burgundy 37

Stay Strappy
Nadine McLellan
 [04/29 9:57:29AM] Pale lilac size 8

Strut with me sandals
Heather Stanley
 [04/29 9:57:19AM] Black floral or black size (whatever 9-9.5 would be).

Best foot forward
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:56:05AM] 36 black floral

Summer fun
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:55:34AM] 36 black

Stepping out
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:54:58AM] 36 burgandy

Strap into summer
Ashley Kunze
 [04/29 9:50:08AM] 41-lilac

buckle bestie sandal, bestie buckle sandal, strapping love sandal, sun loving sandal, fun days sandal, summer stroll sandal, spring stroll sandal, sassy stroll sandal, buckling beauty sandal,
Adrienne Lipp
 [04/29 9:47:03AM] lilac, size 7

Time to Chill
Shari MacLellan
 [04/29 9:46:48AM] Burgundy 6

Cross Your Mind Sandal
Ashley Heggs
 [04/29 9:44:12AM] 36, Black

Strapped to the max
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:41:09AM] 36 lilac

“Sassy” steps
Laurie Jeffrey
 [04/29 9:40:19AM] 39 - Black floral

I Got Sunshine Sandals
Laurena Klassen
 [04/29 9:39:40AM] 40 - Pale lilac

My confidence stride
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:39:36AM] 36 floral black

Stride with confidence
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:38:48AM] 36 back floral

Walk of life
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:37:31AM] 35 black

All strapped up
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:37:02AM] 36 black

Cross cross sandal, simply strappy sandal, strap my heart sandal
Kristen Partington
 [04/29 9:36:53AM] 41 black

Casual comfort criss cross sandals
Pamela Riley
 [04/29 9:36:33AM] Lilac 39

Strapped up in sunshine
Jina Clarke
 [04/29 9:35:08AM] Black floral - 41

Cross my heart, casual vibes
Elaine Reinhart
 [04/29 9:33:15AM] 9, black floral

Cross Cross my Heart
Peggy Young
 [04/29 9:32:26AM] 7 flowers

Kisses of summer, XO summer sandals
Kimberly Gleave
 [04/29 9:31:41AM] Lilac size 38

Summer Zone sandals, Summer Vibes, Cool and Collected, Fun Times in the Sun
Melody Habibulayev
 [04/29 9:31:19AM] Black size 41

Let’s strap on comfort slides
Maria Lento
 [04/29 9:31:16AM] Black 38

Criss Cross Classics , Summer Breeze
Karen Bauer
 [04/29 9:29:35AM] Size 11 Red

Sassy strap sandals
Karen Healy
 [04/29 9:29:15AM] 8.5 pink

This Side of Sunday Sandals
Rachelle Douglas
 [04/29 9:28:12AM] 37 Lilac

Summer Strap Slides, Summer Slides, Sunshine Slides, Too Strappy To Handle, Criss Cross to Summer
Samantha S
 [04/29 9:25:29AM] 36, Black Floral

Crossover to Summer Sandals, Pedi Perfect Sandals, Toes in the Sand-als, Barefoot Bliss Sandals,
Caitlin Gillis
 [04/29 9:25:27AM] 40, pale Lilac

Criss-cross I'm the Boss sandles
Theresa Enns
 [04/29 9:24:58AM] Size 8 and Black Floral

Walk of life
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:24:43AM] 36 black

Strappy Happy
Stephanie Whalen
 [04/29 9:22:53AM] 38 - Black Floral

Cross My Heart Sandals
Emily Buss
 [04/29 9:22:34AM] Floral 37

Summer Lovin’ ; Oasis ; Pedi-cute
Haley Boland
 [04/29 9:22:33AM] 41 Black

All strapped up
Rebecca armstrong
 [04/29 9:22:08AM] 36 black

sun Catchers
Charlotte Mitchell
 [04/29 9:21:37AM] 37 pale lilac please

Walking on sun beach
Sandra Ross
 [04/29 9:19:55AM] Black floral size 9/40

Summer loving
 [04/29 9:19:33AM] 6.5 37 pale lylac

Criss Cross Applesauce Sandals
Emily Buss
 [04/29 9:16:31AM] 37 burgundy

The Robin, stepping in sunshine, walking in sunshine
Robin Parker
 [04/29 9:15:05AM] 41, black floral

Cross Over to Summer Sandal
Lisa Durnford
 [04/29 9:12:47AM] Pink size 8

Little Ray of Sunshine
Robin Parker
 [04/29 9:11:04AM] 41, black floral

Strap to the beat Sandals, Strap to my heart Sandals
Kaylee Moerman
 [04/29 9:10:43AM] Black 41

Strappy Lassie
Tracy Hulbert
 [04/29 9:09:22AM] 36 Black

Summer Daze
Emma Aspinall
 [04/29 9:08:08AM] 8 Floral

Comfy summer slippers
Dilveen Barzinjy
 [04/29 9:06:36AM] 36 floral or White.

Rebound Sandals
Sara Carter
 [04/29 9:04:34AM] 10 - lilac

Strap You In Sandals
Mandi Karn
 [04/29 9:01:28AM] Black size 11

Cross My Path Sandals
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/29 9:00:15AM] 38 & Black Floral

Sandy toes 2.0
Veronica kish
 [04/29 9:00:15AM] Black floral 39

Walk into summer, step into business, slide away sandals,
Veronica kish
 [04/29 8:58:41AM] Black floral, 39

Everyday Strappy Sandals, Best Strap Forward Sandals, Strap & Go Sandals
Christine Burton
 [04/29 8:57:46AM] 39 - Burgundy

Step into Summer sandals
Jacqui staples
 [04/29 8:57:02AM] Black 39

criss-cross summer
Darcie Anderson
 [04/29 8:56:55AM] All colors! Lol size 10/11

Cris Cross Adventure Delights
Debbie Backs
 [04/29 8:56:16AM] Size 38 - black floral

Strap Happy Sandals
Lori-Ann Hagen
 [04/29 8:52:38AM] Black or Floral 8

Slide Right In
Valerie Simpson
 [04/29 8:52:14AM] Lilac Size 36

Criss cross Chrissy
Sandra Nickel
 [04/29 8:51:34AM] 6. Black floral

Step into Summer
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/29 8:51:24AM] Pale Lilac 41

Sunswept Sandals
Emily Vander Heide
 [04/29 8:50:27AM] Black floral in 39

Sun Seeker Sandels
Denise Broydell-Robertson
 [04/29 8:49:49AM] Size 7 black

Comfy Classy Sandles, Travel the World Sandles
Sarah Verschuere
 [04/29 8:48:25AM] 39 Black

Strape attach sandal, no strings attached sandal, string you alone sandal, happy feet sandal
Kristin Frombach
 [04/29 8:48:00AM] 41 black or floral

Happy Feet Sandals
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [04/29 8:46:12AM] Red 39

Go anywhere sandals, classy and chic strappy sandals,
Christine Wilkinson
 [04/29 8:45:52AM] 36 black

Cross our Path Sandals
Tammy MacMillan
 [04/29 8:45:46AM] 38 & Black Floral

Strap Happy Sandals
Katie Quinsey
 [04/29 8:45:06AM] Black 38

Strap me in
Melissa Goldie
 [04/29 8:44:13AM] Burgundy 39

Girls Best Friend!
Moika Labrie
 [04/29 8:44:06AM] 39 black floral

crossroads sandals; crossing into sunshine sandals; I'm not cross, I'm happy sandals; slide into comfort sandals; slide into sunshine sandals; simply summer sandals; all crisscross no applesauce sandals
Kim Freeman
 [04/29 8:43:45AM] 41, black

Crisscross Sandel
Margaret Pyke
 [04/29 8:42:34AM] Size 8, black floral

Feelin Strappy
Cassandra Smallwood
 [04/29 8:40:44AM] 36 & Lilac

Happy days sandles
Nicole Braun
 [04/29 8:35:26AM] 39 burgundy

Cozy crisscross sandals
Cheryl Tait
 [04/29 8:35:24AM] 7/black

Sunday Relax Flats
Amanda Dekker
 [04/29 8:34:52AM] Size 41 or 42, Black

Sun on my toes sandals, Strapped in for summer,
Gina Bolton
 [04/29 8:32:47AM] 41

Slingin Strap Sandals
Amber Cruse
 [04/29 8:32:30AM] Floral Size 39

Strap it on
Karen Smith
 [04/29 8:32:09AM] Red 9.5

Step Into Summer
Kate Rosenthal
 [04/29 8:31:16AM] Floral size 40

Step into Style
Kate Rosenthal
 [04/29 8:31:01AM] Floral size 9 (40)

On the go
Kylie Mcleish
 [04/29 8:30:16AM] Size 11 and black floral

Strap Into Summer
Jelaine Ralph
 [04/29 8:29:51AM] 39 Black Floral

Criss-Cross Comfort Sandals, Strap Happy Sandals, Crosswalk Sandals
Kaija Riabov
 [04/29 8:29:46AM] 38 Black Floral

Sassy But Classy Sandals
Braelyn Taks
 [04/29 8:28:48AM] Black 40

Stepping into Summer Sandals
Lisa Kelly
 [04/29 8:28:08AM] 39 Black Floral

Crisscross Applesauce
Dawn Chicoine
 [04/29 8:27:50AM] Black 41

I’m strappy and I know it sandles
Nicole Braun
 [04/29 8:27:43AM] Red 8

Walking on sunshine
Nicole Braun
 [04/29 8:27:03AM]

You had me at sandles
Nicole Braun
 [04/29 8:26:29AM]

Strap Me In Sandals
Rachelle Lamontagne
 [04/29 8:26:23AM]

Summer Lovin Sandals
Savanna Rave
 [04/29 8:26:09AM]

Kushy -they hug your feet
Debbie Andrus
 [04/29 8:26:05AM]

Sun’s Out Sandals
Savanna Rave
 [04/29 8:25:26AM]

Cross Fit
Colleen Nixon
 [04/29 8:25:18AM]

Strappy and snazzy sandals
Tina MacDonald
 [04/29 8:23:58AM]

Cross my toes sandals
Savanna Rave
 [04/29 8:23:48AM]

You had me at sandles
Nicole braun
 [04/29 8:23:38AM]

Comfy slide sandal
Valerie McCormick
 [04/29 8:22:54AM]

Crisscross applesauce
Brandi Marks
 [04/29 8:22:35AM]

Sun on my toes Sandles
Kelly kennedy
 [04/29 8:21:47AM]

Explore more
Katie Zwarych
 [04/29 8:19:48AM]

It's all about the straps Sandal
Eva Visser
 [04/29 8:19:34AM]

Come Walk with Me
Nancy Hill
 [04/29 8:18:28AM]

Going places Sandal
Eva Visser
 [04/29 8:18:22AM]

Sun's Embrace Sandals, Warm Hug Sandals, X's and O's Sandals, Cross My Heart Sandals
Cherie Inwood
 [04/29 8:18:01AM]

Happy stroppy sandals
Joanne Warner
 [04/29 8:17:59AM]

Cross my sole
Sandra walker
 [04/29 8:17:46AM]

Strap me on for sunshine
Laurie etter
 [04/29 8:17:36AM]

I'm Strappy but Happy sandals
Nancy Hill
 [04/29 8:17:23AM]

Criss cross applesauce stroppy sandles
Kristy Abrams
 [04/29 8:17:21AM]

Happy strappy sandals, xoxo sandals, X’s and O’s sandals, strap happy sandals, crisscross comfort sandals
Jenn Bennison
 [04/29 8:16:51AM]

Walk to remember
Taira axton
 [04/29 8:16:12AM]

I'm strappy and I know it
Bonnie babineau
 [04/29 8:15:40AM]

Step Into Summer ?? Sandals, Strapped Up Sandals
Trisha Tahouney
 [04/29 8:15:32AM]

Workday, holiday, everyday
Carmen Eisnor
 [04/29 8:14:49AM]

Everyday Adventure sandals
Amy Salikin
 [04/29 8:14:27AM]

Cross the Line
Megan Bulford
 [04/29 8:13:58AM]

Strap One On Sandals
Denise Francis
 [04/29 8:13:48AM]

Cross Cross Applesauce Sandals, Strap To It, Straps of Summer, Strappingly Cute
Jenna Choquette
 [04/29 8:13:39AM]

Walking on sunshine, take a walk in the sun,
Vanessa Zulke
 [04/29 8:13:09AM]

Cross my Heart sandals
Amy Salikin
 [04/29 8:11:12AM]

Criss Cross Comfort
Tristan Harpe
 [04/29 8:11:09AM]

All strapped up sandal
Kaitlyn fox
 [04/29 8:10:52AM]

Buckle up sandals
Kaitlyn fox
 [04/29 8:10:10AM]

Practically perfect sandals
Kaitlyn Fox
 [04/29 8:09:46AM]

Strap on summer
Bonnie babineau
 [04/29 8:09:14AM]

Criss Cross Summer Sandals
Amanda Lusty
 [04/29 8:09:06AM]

Steppin Out
Karen Cone
 [04/29 8:08:18AM]

Straps Of Love
Amanda Lusty
 [04/29 8:07:23AM]

Wrapped with love sandals
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/29 8:01:54AM]

Stroppy business sandals
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/29 8:01:30AM]

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